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The Twentieth Annual WestVi
Fair Has Opened
' v
The Attendance Last Night .Was 0;
Sessions Have Made a Prononnc
Afternoon, and the Offering is ar
Comes Off at 3 O'clock This Ait
noon and Evening?The Entries
Before?A Big Crowd is Expects
4 7 a. m.?Grounds opened. 4
% 9 a. m. to 12?Midway $
<? Shows. <v
12 m?Dinnoron the grounds. $
2 1 p. m?Roman Chariot Race. X
$ 1:15 p. m. to 6 p. m.?Har- T
? ness races; 2:14 pace, 2:30 <?,
*> trot, 2:20 trot. <g
% 2:00 to 3:00 p. m.?Balloon
<y Ascension and Parachute Jump < >
by Prof. Hutchinson. ^
<!' 2:30 p. m.?Soman Standing &
?' Knr-. |
3:00 p. m.?Bahy Show, in ;
<? epeciai stand, near Horticul- <*> I
tural Hall. <| [
3:30 p. m.?Roman Hippo- $
f drome Race. <& .
6:00 to 7:30 p. m.?Supper <| >
on the grounds. i
8:00 p. m.?Roman Standing < >
v Race on the elctrically lighted $ !
,v, track. Z j
^ 8:00 p. m.?German Village ? J
<$> continuous Vaudeville Per- |> I
<y 8:00 p. m.?Midway Shows. |>
$ 8:15 p. m.?Running race on
y- the track, two heats out of < >
t thre?- |
4 8:30 p. m.?Roman Chariot &
% Race. Z
0:00 p. m.?Roman Hippodrome
Race. x
9:15 p. m.?Bicycle Races. v
V ! 'J'
The twentieth annual West Virginia
Exposition and State Fair arrived upon
the scene on schedule time bright and
early Monday morning, and the opening
day attendance was considerably
ahead of expectations, footing up about
3,000. Monday is always the llnal
day of preparation, it 1 Invariably
being the case that some exhibitors fall
to have their entries on the grounds
and properly classified before the actual
opening of the big show. But '.his very
thing of eleventh hour unprppnredneHS
Is an attractive feature for many cf
the first day crowd, and Monday was
no exception to the rule. Especially do
the town people find enjoyment in
watching the Incoming horses, sheep,
cattle and hogs. Jt Is a spectacle of
novelty for them, one that Is witnessed
but once a year, and, like Christmas, Is
always welcomed with vivacity and
Secretary Hook, President Reymann,
Director Paul O. Reymann, Director
Charley Schmidt and the superintendents
of the several departments
of the big fair were
the busiest of Individuals Monday.
Especially was Secretary Hook
In demand?If he could have distributed
himself all over the grounds at one and
the same time, there would proba'ily
have been a telephone call from town
for his pfir. Mr. Hook Is alwavs Inde
fatlgable, untiring nnd energetic, and
this year with the added care of the
night session* It Is an unsolved problem
when he finds the needed hours of
relaxation and repose. Like the Chinese
puzzle, It Is likely to remain unsolved.
The scene on the grounds during the
afternoon was one that had Its novel
features, when compared with former
fairs. Running through the grounds
were wires with their burden of Innumerable
electric lamps, which were
used for the first time last night in illuminating
the grounds for the night
sessions. Out In the track enclosure
were four large frame stands, and on
each was mounted a 16,000 candle power
arc-lamp?these to Illuminate the halfmile
track for the night session running
races and hippodrome races. In the
evening these search-lights were given
their flr?t real tent, and they Illuminated
the track in splendid shape and
moke It assured that the racing at
night will be a line feature of the fnir.
Under the grand stand the German
Village has been Inducted?with Its
commodious stage, excellent complement
of foot-lights and good Illumination
generally. There are many tnbles
scattered, throughout the commodious
space in front of the stage, with
benches and chairs, and here the audience
has refreshments served and
witnesses the excellent performance
given by the vaudeville company engaged
by the fnir association. The first
performance last night was witnessed
by a large crowd, and the real merit of
the entertainment was for the first
time realized.
On the Midway there are more and
better shows than at any former fair.
All were In full blast lost night, and
without exception they were well patronized
by the public. The-usual array
of fokcra were:on hand, and aa a mat
rginia Exposition and Slate
(A H?i\ X llnl 1 M-1 I Mil
ralityingly Large, and the Night
:ei IIit="Tlie Races Begin This
i Attractive One?The Baby Show
srnoonHiippodrom; Races After-:
Are More Numerous Than Ever i
:d To'Day.
ter of course there was the same old
harvest of the festive nickel and Its
bl3 brother, the dime.
In the main building the attractions
are' well up In comparison with past
fairs, and are most attractively placed.
Tn fhn nrf itflnnrfmoul Mica Kavmnnn I
and her able assistants have exhibits of i
unusual attractiveness. The amateur j
photographic exhibit was artistically
displayed in the afternoon by Supervisor
Fred. F. Farls, and although not as
large as hud been expected, contains
some tine examples of the photographic
art. The exhibit of Glflln, the photo
A Scene on
The Main Building In the Background,
grapher, Is sought out by every visitor; j
it contains some or tne portraits, that
were given the highest honors at the
recent national convention of the professional
photographers. In the north
wing Is located the educational exhibit,
with Superintendent of Schools W. II.
Anderson In charge; every district
school In the city Is well represented,
and the rivalry Is Intense, as It always
is In this department. The Jellies'and
cakes display, In charge of Mrs. George
W. Lutz. Is a Joy forever for the average
housewife who visits the fair, and
this year the department Is a winner,
and worth spending half an hour with.
Among the other exhibitors are the H.
F. Behrens Company, groceries; Meyer
fc Hadcllffe. bottled drinks; Reymnnn
Brewing Company, beers: W.L. Tanney,
signs; F. W. Baumer Company,
pianos and musical instruments:
Wheeling Business College and Elliott
Business College, educational; Wheeling
Tent & Awning Company, and others.
All In all, the main building is a
winner from wing to wing.
The horticultural department, under
the direction of Councilman Charley
Schmidt, is by long odds the llnest ever
seen on these grounds. Such peaches
were never grown before: such pears
and grapes and apples have seldom
been Been In a horticultural show?and
so it goes through the entire catalogue
of fruits and vegetables.
The dog show Is big and noisy. It Is
located in machinery hall, and the
hundred or more entrants are not at
all slow In letting people know that
they have made their appearance In
the llrst bench show given under the
nusplces of the fair association.
Jefferson Itlco has charge of an unusually
line poultry exhibit.
In cattle, sheep and hogs this fair
stands pre-eminent, and Superintendents
Jacob and Terrlll are more than
pleased with the volume and quality of
the entries that they have received and
Was a Complote Success, and It Attracted
a Good Crowd?The German
Village Attractions Made a
The first night session opened Inst |
night, and was a complete success In
every particular. A large first night
crowd wan present, and enjoyed the
fun on the Midway, the vaudeville In
the Oermun village and the tnngnlllcent
and brilliant Illuminations which turned
the night* Into day In every section
of the ground. ,
There were no races last night, hut i
the runners were exercised on the track
to see what effect the powerful search j
lights would have upon them. The
horses did not seem to mind the Hashes |
of light In the least, and every movement
on the track wafi ns plain to the
eye ns If It had been performed In
broad daylight.
The scene on the grounds Ih Indeed
a henutlful one. From the main entrance,
and extending In a double row
clear to the grand ?tnnd, are strings
of Incandescent lights, utfilch Illuminate
tho promenade In a very pretty
manner. In front of thegrand stand.'
are numerous arc lights, and under ,
the stynd, where the Gorman village i
Is located, the effect of the lights Is a
novelty that serves to attract the admiration
of all who visit that popular
feature of the..big show.
A large stage has been erected at one
end of the village, upon which the
continuous vaudeville performance Is
given by recognized stars, and the
Opera House band adds to the attractiveness
of the programme by discoursing
elegant concert music between the
Four large and powerful search lights
flash their brilliant rays from the centre
of the grounds, and attracted general
attention on this side of the river.
The Midway shows and the whole
"shooting match" will be on In full to
iuk'ii* u'iu mai me nigni serHiuiis win
prove most popular Is a foregone conclusion.
There Are Three Good Cards in the
2:14 Pace, 2:30 Trot and 2:20 Trot
There Are Many Entries.
The ruelng begins this afternoon at
1:15 o'clock, and the card is an excellent
one, including the 2:14 pace, 2:30 trot
und 2:20 trot. There are many entries,
as follows:
2:14 PACE.
Gladys, by Legal Tender Jr., R. C. Milllow.
Washington G. H.. O.
Kanawha Star, b. by Wilkes Hoy, C.
P. H. Alanpln, Arbuckle. W. Va.
Jesse L., I), in., by Montague, Western t
Reserve Stock Farm. Ravenna. O.
Nlcoll, k. r... by John Hell, C. A.. McMahon,
Canlleld, O.-'
RoMcmure, ch. g., by Wilkes Nutwood,
O. Elueman, Wheeling. W. Va.
DuIm.v Elder, g. in., by Uox Elder, A. S.
Byeraley, South Solon,.O.
.ri. J. i'., br. g., by Conclave, C. R. Jamison.
Butler. Pa..
W. II. P.. br. k.'; by Conclave, C. It. Jumlson.
Butler, Pa. *
Joe Rhea, blk. g., by Don Pergasso, '
George Castle, Chicago, 111.
2:2.) TROT.
Ellly D.. ch. g., William J. Kennedy,
Elm Grove. W. Va.
Hob Bell., b. g., by Bright Bell. J. C.
Condry. Clarksburg, \\*. Va.
Lee vvllkcM. b. h., J. ii. Wlsman, Lowhvllle,
W. Vu.
West wood, br. g., by Alllo- West,
Meadow Lands Farm. Pa.
Annie TrevlMan. b. m., by Trevlllan, The
Keteham Farm, Toledo. O.
Slmmontella, b. ,m.. by Simmontclla,
Vance Nichols, Glenvllle, Q.
Billy Boyle*. b. g., by Alfred G.. J. C.
I Wallace, Morgantown. W. Va.
| Percy, ch. g., by Egbert, J. C. Wallace,
Morgantown, W. Va. /Mercury,
b. g., by Mclvinney, O. Else1
rrnn. Wheeling. W. Va.
the Grounds.
From a Photograph for the Intelligencer.'
Pauline Dimple, b. f., by Nuthurst, Dave
McDonald. Pittsburgh, Pa.
John Webb. g. g., by Alcove, Dan King,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
BrookllfT. b. h., by Wlckllff. W. D. MeKee,
Now Martinsville, W. Va.
Quetzel, b. h.. by McGregor Wilkes, W.
E. Newbury. Hanover, Mich.
Sunalo Dudley, ch. g., by Sunalo, C. R.
Jamison, Butler. Pa.
Burgess, s. g., by Almont Jr., C. R. Jam*
Ison, Butler, Pa.
Stamboul. b. m.. by Stamboul, C. R.
Jamison, Butler, Pa.
Wm. Long, g. g., by Pilot Medium, Wm.
Long, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mamie Vincent, b. 111.. by Lord Vincent.
Ray tiz Waddle, Wheeling, W. Va.
2:20 TROT.
Gale, by Great Heart, Cort & Johnson,
Montana, O.
Spring Boy, g. s., by Archie Ham. W.
B. Allen, Pt. Pleasant, W. Va.
Spring Lock, br. m., by Hoppymetnrn,
W. AverIII, Maiden, W. Va.
Pure Gold, b. g., by Agate, Al. Mann,
Youngstown, O.
Sunerbn. br. m., by Macey, Guy M. Lee,
Mckees Rocks, Pa.
Josephine, ch. m., Al. B. Seaton, Manslleld,
Bobble Lee. b. h., James II. Nlssley,
Sprlnglleld, O.
Improve, ch. h., J. B. Wlsman, Lawsvllle,
W. Va.
King Humbert, b. g., by Hnmllton, E. M.
ChfMnuin, Pittsburgh. Pa.
Whet on Boy. br. g., by Elect wood, Barney
Knoll. Flndlay, O.
Wilholm Melster, br. s., by Aberdeen,
Henry Myers, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mlnnl b. m.. by Mlnnl, Georgo Shrengliost,
Du Bols, Pa.
Celeslty, b. in., Jolin Matliewa, New i
Cuntlo, Pa.
Thfklu, b. m., by King Roone, G. XV.
Klncoy, Wheeling. W. Vu.
Molo, F. P. Mitchell, Columbus. O. !
The association has always been par- J
ticular In Its selection of judges for (ho
races, and this year Is no exception. |
The personnel of the olllclals of the
track Is as follows:
Judges?Mayor A. T. Sweeney, A. H.
Darrah. of liellalre, and I. L. Jones,
of Washington, Pa.
Timers?Robert Dillon and Rudolph
| Schubart.
[ Starler?Al. Bernard, of Cleveland.
To-night's Races.
Entries for the running races which |
I are to be held every evening during
the fair, closed last night, and the
list denotes some very Interesting performances
on the track by the bang |
I tails. All the races wMl! be one-half
mile heats, best two In three, and the 1
races will bogln promptly at 8 o'clock
each evening. The entries are as follows:
Ada Russell, J. P. Morris, Union City,
Maud /Adams, b. h., A. Moffett, Pittsburgh,
Pa. Z
Shade, 1). m., A. luoirmt, I'uiKmirgii, i'a.
l'almyra. ch. m., Slcelly & McKee, Now
]Cod Star, Alley Chapman. Bonwooil.
Duplicate, h. m., 8. M. Lyons, California.
Maud otclln, M. W. Fahey, Whoellng,
\V. Viu
Probable winners of to-dny'H rncca
2:H pace?First, Joe Rhea; second,
Daisy Elder; third, Jessie L.
2:30 trot?First, Belle Onward; second,
Annie Trevllllan; third, Mercury.
2:20 trot?First, Gale; second, Mole; j
third, Mltnl. |
The dogs, with their terrible clatter,
ore a sight for the slght?seer.
A new feature or the fair Is a switchback.
It Is situated near the entrance
j and of coursu will draw a large patron- I
I A few pacers and trotters wero exercising
yesterday afternoon, and the
track seems to be in good condition for
good facing to-day.
If it Is as hot to-duy as It was yesterday,
those going to the fair are advised
to take more than one "sweat
mopper" with them.
The horticultural hall presents a delightful
picture to the eye with its
nobby decorations and displays. Charley
Schmidt never does things by
Two women connected with one of the
Midway shows went in bathing in the
river nt the lower end of the Island
yesterday afternoon. They wore tights,
and both Ohio and West Virginia were
shocked to such an extent that a police
olllcer felt Impelled to place thn pair
under arrest, but they were released
with a reprimand.
The "Wheeling Are department Is represented
on the grounds this year for
the first time with the Island reel, with
Captain Jimmy McCIement in command.
Emergency box 8.has been located
temporarily on the grounds as a
means of further protection. The fair
association Is under obligations to
Chief Cllne and the Are committee of
council for this act of consideration for
the large property interests located on
the grounds.
To BuhItimr TVTi>n
and others. If you wish any letters
written while at the fair, call at our
Booth In Exposition hall, and our stenographers
will gladly accommodate
you free, or any typewriter can have
use of machine free, to write his letters.
[city affairs.)
Council meets to-night, and there
will be another scramble for liquor licenses
upon the part of another batch
of the late rejected ones, who have
fresh hopes since a number of their fellow
citizens In distress safely weathered
the councllmanlc storm two weeks
ago. Last night the committee on
petitions and remonstrances met and
recommended to council for favorable
action the applications of J. B. Wllkle,
Otto Fish, \v. O. Walker and F. J.
llelsel. Councilman Hitter objected to
action on the application of Paul Blery,
and consideration of this one was postponed
until this evening, previous to
the meeting of council. There was a
meeting of the Church Federation yesterday
afternoon behind closed doors
' t the Y. M. C. A. building, and it is
whispered that Us purpose was to make
si effort to have counc.il reject these
.ppllcants for license to-night.
The council commlttec on fire department
met last night and audited bills.
The council committees on petitions
and remonstrances and on streets, alleys
and grades are called to meet this
evening before council.
Chief of Police Clemans, Humane
Officer Echols and Dr. "William Pelrie,
the latter armed with.chloroform, were
official visitors at the East End dog
pound yesterday afternoon, and they
took part in the execution via the chloroform
route of twenty unclaimed und
unmuzzled dog3. The carcasses* were
removed to the city crematory, the Fulton
fertilizer plant having refused to
receive them.
a CJreat Service.
The Wheeling Railway Company Is
giving a great state fair week service.
Commencing to-day there "will be a
two and one-quarter minute service to
the grounds from Wheeling, Bridgeport
and Martin's Ferry. Superintendent
Kerker says forty cars will be required
to give this Increased service. The
!ll?lll?lh"lll"Jl4. tTAJ?CV;i3 HI 11 il I 111 11 IIIU I<Wgcst
crowds of the week without dlfllculty.
That side-splitting comedy, entitled
"Hello Bill," opened a two nights' engagement
last night at the Opera
House, and what the audience lacked in
numbers It made up In thorough enjoyment
of the unending complications
of this clever piece of play writing. The
work of Mr. H. Blakemore, In the leading
part, that of the bogus General
Fuller, wus excellent, and shows how
good a comedian he really Is. The
supporting company Is made up of capable
people, and the staging Is In keeping
with the acting, and under the personal
direction of the author of the play.
Mr. Willis Maxwell Goodhue. There
should bo a full house to-night.
Tho Beat Yet.
It was the general verdict of the
crowd which literally packed the
Grand Opera House last night, that the
Braunlg Dramatic Company in the
very beat repertoire organization which
hnti vnl ti nnoiirorl lnirn m*nrl?inlnir hlrrK
makes weak women strong
| Men's:
* fl?V Silk Ti
$ ?I|i Night:
^ Ikf tfl Hi "" klnd^cvcr
?-. W, jtij | Br muslin, with
'? I8 SI kerchief pock
^ " WM W red or blue si
'SlTI? I pockels; nil f
% ilgjsi;! MchAJ
^ 1316 to I
During Fair Week
bring your visitors in ;
Haviland Dinner Sets
Porcelain Dinner Sets
Chamber Sets ? -
We have the largest 1
i in our line ever show
Bisque Figures, China
Library Lamps
class plays lit popular prices. "Credit
Lorraine" was on the boards. It was
presented by n competent cast, and
with an elaborate scenic equipment.
Miss Louise Mitchell is the best leading
lady seen here with a repertoire company.
Mr. Frank Munnell Is a talented
actor. Therv Is nothing mediocre or
poor about the cast. To-night a scenic
production of the splendid melodrama,
"Under the City Lamps," will be given.
Events of a Day in the Town at th?
End of the Bridge.
The funeral of AW \V. Williams took
place yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock,
from his late residence out the pike,
and was largely attended. The Forresters
and the Knights of Pythias turned
out In a body. The Interment was
made at Lii^vood cemetery.
The funeral of the three-months'-old
child of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Coon, of
Wheeling Creek, took place yesterday
afternoon nt 2- o'clock, and the interment
followed at Llnwood cemetery.
The funeral of Mrs. Samuel Newsom
will take place this afternoon, from the
Third Methodist Episcopal church, and
the Interment will be at Llnwood cemetery.
Mrs. Clyde McLaln came down from
Steubenvllle' yesterday, to spend the
week with the family of G. B. O'Kelley,
on Morgan street.
J. K. McFarland, of St. ClairsvIUe,
Republican candidate for county recorder,
was In the city yesterday, calling
on the boys.
Joseph McCdnnaughy returned to
MoundsviUe yesterday. after a visit of
o fnw ilnvu wltli Me fnmllv nut tVm tiiUn
Mr. and Mrs. William Howell and
Miss Maggie Howell returned yesterday
from a two weeks' tour of the lakes.
All members of the Republican club
are requested to-attend the meeting at
the city building, to-morrow evening.
John Glffen goes to Irondale to-day.
to attend the semi-annual meeting of
the Good Templars.
Mrs. John Davis left yesterday for
Empire, to spend a couple of weeks
with relatives.
A. L. McFarlund, of St. Clalrsvllle. is
spending the week with friends in this
Several peopje from here left last evening,
to attend the Smyrna fair today.
J. B. Nicholson, of East Liverpool, Is
the guest of his mother out the pike.
Adam Coss, of Coleraln, was a business
caller in the. city yesterday.
J. B. Reed has 'returned from a business
trip to Salem", W. Vn.
Doings of People in the Brooke Colinty
Dr. Hasklns, of "Wheeling, was in
town yesterday,' and with other physicians.
performed an operation on Edward
Hall, who for a week past has
been dangerously ill, suffering from
what was believed to be typhoid fever,
being delirious at times. He is now
resting easier, and it is thought his
brain trouble, may have been caused by
injuries, received by a fall some weeks
The Intelligencer's report of last Saturday's
senatorial convention was the
best write-up any Wellsburg affair has
received in many a year. Its portrait
of Mr. George was an accurate reproduction
of that, gentleman's well-known
The many friends of Col. W. W. Beall
are hoping to see him honored with the
Democratic nomination for Congress In
this district, by the committee nt
Wheeling, to-day.
The Wellsburg base ball club goes to
Wheeling on .Thursday, to play the
Inter-state lcafcub team. It will be accompanied
by a large crowd of rooters.
OIL CITY?River 3 Inches ami stationary.
"Weather, clear and warm.
BROWNSVILL.E?River 5 feet and
PITTSBURGH?River 2.2 feet and
slowly rising. AVeather, clear and
STEUBENVILLE-Rlver 1 foot 7
Inches and stationary, Weather, clear
and warm'.
WARItEN?River at low water mark.
Weather, clear'and warm.
GREENSBORO?River 6 foot 3 Inches
and stationary. Weather, fair and hot.
Adam Jacobs and Dewey down Tuesday.
Woodward and Edgar Cherry up.
MORGANTOWN?River 7 feet and
stationary. Weather, clear and warm.
A LITTLE life may be sacrificed to a
sudden attack of croup if you don't
have Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil on hand
for the emergency.?2
Ocean Steamship Tickets
To and from Europe, via all lines, can
bo purchased from T. C. Burke, Passenger
and Ticket Agent of the Baltimore &
Ohio railroad; who Is also agent for the
teat of all tours?Raymond & Whltcomb
-to tho Paris exposition*
75-Cent |
immed *
Shirts for 49 Cents. |
he easy fitting, roomy night shirts, 4
t man likes, made of good shirting A
vokes perfect fitting collars, hand- j
et, double sewed seams and pretty T
lk trimming on bosoms, collars anil A
izes from 14 1-2 to 17, for only 49c.
1322, Market Street, Wheeling. ^
and see our big stock of
from $26,50 on up,
from $ 7.45 on up.
from $ 3.45 on up,
/ariety of fancy goods
rn in the city at very
. Vases, Reception and
, Cut Glass and
t ro 1119
>" >?/ * ...Main Street.,,
Is fitting Trusses, Braces, Abdominis
Belts, etc. We make It a study, ,;nd &!
ways try to give you the best goods (oi
your money, xso goods leavo our hou^
thnt the purchaser doe* no^ know oxacllj
what he I* buying, and our guaruntce It
Lack of them. We rit both the cxp^nslvi
and cheaper kind without extra charm
You get tho best goods at the lowest
prices from us.
Tenth und Main Sts.
Farmers Have Been. Able to Pay OS
Tlieir Mortgages in Past Pom
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
S1STERSVILLE, W. Va., Sept. 10.F.
C. Bottenfleld, of Nelson, Nebraska,
who Is cashier of the First National
Bank of Nelson, is visiting near here.
He says that times are so much laproved
in the west that it is harto
to loan money at eight per cent tfcasif
was five years ago at ten per cer^u
the farmers have been able to payo3
most all mortgages in the last {0:1
years, and are so well nleased with
prosperity that he thinks Bryan wlil
have very hard work to curry his own
Many Populists refuse to vote the fusion
ticket. The Middle-of-the-Road
Populists have supported a state ticket.
but will support McKlnley for
Held lay Hon. E. M. Showalter la
Old Preston.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
T U NX ELTON, W.Va., Sept. lO.-Hon,
E. M. Showalter, the brainy young orator
of Marlon, held overflow meetings at
Newbury Friday and Tunnelton Saturj
day nights. At Newburjr M. J. Orr, |
member of the Republican committee
for Lyon district, acted as chairman,
and the speaker made a masterful presentation
of the vital Issues of the campaign.
At Tunnelton, the center of the Preston
county coal fields, he addressed a
larger crowd of miners on Saturday
night; this meeting was presided over
by Samuel B. Montgomery, president of
the Republican club here. Mr. Showalter
discussed state and national Issues
lucidly and eloquently and was repeatedly
cheered. Preston county will give
2,500 Republican majority.
Victim of Typhoid Fever.
Special Dispatch to thf? Intelligencer.
MARTINSBURG, W. Va.. Sept. 10.Mr.
William Henry Pitsnogle, a descendant
from the earliest settlers of
Berkeley county, died at his home here
yesterday morning. Death was caused
by typhoid fever, after a ten days' Illness.
The deceased was a son of Levi
Pitsnogle, of Little Georgetown. He
leaves a widow, to whom he was mar*
rled only four months ago.
Striking Weavers Return to Work.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
MARTINSBURG, W. Va., Sept. 10Presldent
W. H.- Crawford had a conference
with the thirty-eight striking
employes of the weaving department of
the Crawford woolen mills this morning,
with the result that they all returned
to work.
The employes did not get the Increase
they demanded, but will probably get
it at the end of the month.
Prevented a Tragedy.
Timely information given Mrs. Georga
vented a dreadful tragedy and saved
two lives. A* frightful cough had lonff
kept her awako every night. She had
tried many remedies-and doctors, but
steadily grew worse until .urged.to try
Dr. King's New Discovery. One bottle
wholly cured her, and she writes this
marvelous medicine also cured Mr. Lonff
of a severe attack of Pneumonlh. Such
cures are positive proof of the mulchless
merit of this grand remedy for curing
all throat, chest and lung trouble*.
Only SOc and $1.00. Kvery bottle guaranteed.
Trial bottles free at Lopan
Drug Co.'s drug store.?6
Bean tbo Kind Yo*j Hara A!mh BKJ?

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