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Struck Chicago During the Recent
Period of Hot Weather.
labor employers alarmed.
Threaten to Leave the City Because
of Difficulty of Getting Hands.
Lnck of Ambition Among Employes?Beer
Gardens and Concert
Hulls Filled Every Afternoon?Depreciation
in Real Estate Cuts
Down the School Eund.
CHICAGO, Sept. 10.?This town Is becoming
.famous for Its suicides. . It
averages out*-a day the year around,
ami during the hot weather there Is a
shocking Increase of these melancholy
occurrences. ' '
I: is seldom, however, that so esteemed
a man as P. 31. Follansbee. ex-Alderman.
young, rich, and popular, faces
conditions which Impel him to shorten
his e.frthly career. Hopeless 111 health
was th'-* cause. He simply hastened the
end which must otherwise have been
reached through fearful suffering, desiring,
no doubt, to save his family from
the slgnt 01 mis torture as mucn us to
spare himself. On the-name day, Frederick
'Hensell sat upon hia porch rendins.
unconscious of the fnct that his
wife and child were being asphyxiated
by gas in a room of his home. Mrs.
Hensell suite red from melancholia.
At the same time, in another part of
the city, a girl nanied Ettfel'lnglea left
the home of her parents and, in all
probability, drowned herself in the lake.
She left a pathetic and incoherent note
saying that there"was no use In "living
and wearing good clothes" when her
parents hated her. Just what she meant
by the last remark her parents, who are
distracted with grief, have much dltrtculty
in determining Sha' probably
took dc?p offense at some casual criticism.
A few hours before,A. C. Haynes
look laudanum and died at a hotel because
he was unable to support his wife.
"1 do not consider It at all unlikely,"
said a physician who is distinguished in
nervous uiscuatrs, wim inu buuuuu auu
cxcesive rise In the temperature hud
something to do with this record. Even
a well and fortunate person feels Irritated
at the heat; a person Inclined to
bursts of temper Is much more likely to
be subject to anger on a hot day; a melancholy,
person or one not In good physical
condition Is particularly liable to
depression when the air Is heavy with
moisture and hot and close.
"I have most sympathy with the
young who seek self-destruction. It Is
my opinion that few parents appreciate
the sensitiveness of the young, their remorse
for faults, or their profound despair
when anything goes wrong. The
old know that even despair cannot last.
The inexperienced think it must be
eternal. They have not learned to hope.
U I had a son or daughter, I would
never let the Hnv rlnno wlthrmfr n thfip.
j ough reconciliation If there had been a
s misunderstanding, and In the matters
I dear to them I would think a Ions time
| before I opposed them. There Is too off
ten a fatal lack of confidence between
parents and children, and during a long
life I have observed that In nearly every
case of youthful suicldovthe unfortunate
has been under the Impression that he
or she was not loved at home."
Result of Frequent Strikes.
The variety, duration and frequencj
of strikes among workingmen In Chicago
have become so bothersome that the
employers are feeling in many cases
that unless they can secure workmen
nothing remains for them but tc
quit the city. Seven hundred and fifty
woodworkers struck this week, making
demands of a particular sort, not of Interest
to others, apd, as these demands
cannot be acceded to by the manufacturers,
the mlllmen talk of removing tc
Michigan, saying that they have tc
compete with Michigan men, who can
get steady labor at reasonable wages
.1 nrj malbvlnt ? ""
IUuH.iiui ui vucapcr rail's. nil'
mlllmcn feel they cannot be handicapped
by continued strikes while the demand
for their produce Is as urgent as
it la .
The truth 1b, It Is difficult to get labor
of any sort In Chicago. The servant
question has become a truly serious
one. Many women who have never had
experience In housework llnd It necessary
to look after their own cooking and
to have a charwomen, working by the
day, perform the other labors of ths
house. The dressmakers appear to be
Indifferent to work, and In all, classes
of labor there Is Inanition. Never has
the city seen ?o many holiday makers
as this summer. The beaches, the beer
gardens, the parks, and all places ol
amusement jire thronged In the afternoons,
not by the well-to-do class so
much as by the working people. The
long strikes have unsettled them. They
are restless; infatuated with Idleness,
and apparently not anxious about-the
lumrt. uow Iargc u percentage 0f
these persons will apply to the county
for alt! nex? winter can only be conjectured.
less Money for Schools.
The schools'of the city are beln*j
opened a week later than customary us
a nii'a.Mure of economy. Owing to a depreciation
In real estate and consequent
decline of tuxes the funds avallnble for
school purpones this year are but JC,600.000
Instead of 18.000.000. n? was nr.
pected. The'consequence Is that the
teachers sufft'r, not only being kept
from their schools a week beyond the
time expected, but by being forccd to
relinquish the increase In salaries promised
to them. There will be accommodation
for 2r>ri?8fil pupils In the public
schoolrooms, but the enrollment will, It
la anticipated, exceed this considerably
and half-day attendance will be necessary
for the younger pupils. The enrollment
at the private and parochial
schools exceeds In number that of any
previous year.,;
A good many "fads" are likely to fnll
by the wayald'e this year. The l>oard
feels that It cannot afford to teach the
ftnv artH, for which only one pupil In a
hundred shows any Inclination, or to
teieh cooking to glrln whose mothers
'nlKht pi-rform the service, when many
children will be practically debarred
from school because of lack of accom'nwlation.
The night schools, It 1h felt,
Quit be maintained at any cost, since
t.hee.8offer the only opportunity for Instruction
to many hundred day Work*
?rts. The atendance at these Is not made
up or children alone. .'A few women and
many men who,have not had early opportunities
for education or foreigners
who wish to learn English grammatically
attend them .
It is felt by the broad-minded educators
thirt the schools In this too rapidly
growing community must minister to
the actual needs of the many, and thai
those who wish extraordinary Instruction,
particularly In branches not relating
to the three r's, will have to pay for
It in private schools. The fostering of
imaginary talents and the Instruction In
things for which the parent should assume
responsibility have become too
heavy a task. The city Is, moreover,
Impressed with Its Inconsistency In providing
truant officers and then not furnishing
school room for the truant3
when'they are brought to .terms.
Arranged Between Candidates for
Prosecuting Attorney in Kanawha
Special Dispatch to the Intolllrencer.
CHARLESTON. W. Va.. Sept. 10.The
county Democratic committee,
through Chairman Hall and Secretary
Carr, yesterday accepted the challenge
extended several days ago by the county
Republican .qommlttee for a series
, of Joint debates between Joseph K.
Chilton and S. B. Avis, the Democratic
and Republican candidates, respectively,
for prosecuting attorney.Postal
. Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer. ;
WASHINGTON, Sept. 10. ? A new
postolllce has been established at
Priestley. Lincoln county, "West Virginia,
and Fletcher M. Priestley has
been commissioned postmaster. Albert
G. Mitchell has - been commissioned
postmaster.at Bartley, W. Va., and Addle
L'. McNeill hns been commissioned
postmaster at Buckeye.
A change has been ordered In the
star service on Route No. 16,161, Elklns
to Rich Mountain, W. Va. He'reafter
the service will be six times a week,
scheduled dally, except Sunday, hours
aa at present.
A change has been ordered In the
star schedule on Route No. 16,157, Capon
Iron Works to Wardensvllle, W.
Va. Hereafter mall will leave Capon
Iron Works on Tuesday and Saturday
at 4 P- m., and returning will leave
Wardensvllle after arrival of mall from
Capon road, but not later than 8 p. m.
Have you Catarrlx Taint??Here's
strong evidence of the quickness and
sureness of that wonderful remedy. Dr.
Agnew's Catarrhal Powder: "For years
I was a victim of Chronic Catarrh?
tried many remedies, but no cure was
effected until I hud procured and used
Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder. First
application gave me Instant relief, and
In an Incredibly short while I was absolutely
cured."?James Headley, Dundee,
N. Y. Sold by Charles R. Goetze,
Twelfth and Market streets.?l.
The Features of the Money and Stock
NEW YORK, Sept. 10.?Money on
call steady at [email protected]^a per cent: last
loan per cent. Prime mercantile paper
4{j5U per cent. Sterling exchange
weak, with actual business In bankers'
bills at 34 SGH:?* SG%" for demand und
at $4 S3*[email protected] 83% for sixty days: posted
rates $4 84? 1 S5 and ?4 87\[email protected] 88U.
Commercial bills H 82%@4 83Vi. Silver
certificates 62&<&63%o. Bar silver G2&C.
Mexican dollars 49Vic.
Government bonds strong.
State bonds Arm.
Railroad bonds Irregular.
The stock market maintained Its
waiting attitude to-day. The Indlspo
sltion to make any market commitments
was emphasized by the new uncertainties
In the outlook particularly
> >.? flw. nl.n?
i donment of the? anthracite miners'
. strike and the very meagre news received
up to the time the market closed
1 of the extent of the. disaster In the
' Texas hurricane. The wild excitement
In the cotton market diverted speculative
Interest frcm stocks and caused
some disquiet, both by reason of the
1 possible misfortunes which might attend
such unbridled speculation and the
, demands which would be made on the
money market In order to carry the
1 speculation. The Texas storm caused
some positive depression In the early
dealings, but support was offered In
the Important stocks affected and they
rallied. The Kansas City Southern
stocks were raided sharply and lost 2
and per cent, respectively, for the
common and preferred, but It was evident
that this was a bear drive, Induced
by the rccent liquidation evident
In the stocks and they recovered all but
half of the loss. The anthracite coalers
wore favorably .affected by the
postponement of the strike and Reading
first preferred and New Jersey rose
respectively one and two ' points on
small dealings. Professional operators
uru meepeu in mc conviction mat an
nctlve speculation is waiting only on
the decision of the pending electoral
contest and they covered their short
, contracts to-day In the fear that the
Maine election might awaken the market
Into activity at their expense. The
resulting movement of prices was gen
erally very small and ragged. The Industrlal
specialties which have been
under recent pressure, notably Sugar,
People's Gas and Brooklyn Transit re'
covered. The only other movements of
Importanro were In stocks seldom dealt
In. Wisconsin Central preferred dropped
3sm on a few transactions, without
any other explanation than the decline
In earnings. The fall of 2s*!, In International
Paper was attributed to reports
that a rival company Is to be formed.
The furious speculation In cotton gives
point to the bank statement, and
arouses some renewed uneasiness as to
the ability of the money market to
meet the period of fall strain upon It.
A further shnrp decline In sterling exchange
due to continued heavy foreign
demand for cotton, disposed of any supposition
that sold might go out to England
this week, hut the sub-treasury In
the absence of the payments on account
of gold deposited at Pacific points and
for refunded bond premiums. Is beginning
to absorb cash on account of the
revenue surplus. The Interior oxchanges
continue to move ngalnst New
York and the movement of currency to
the Interior has evidently commenced
In force. Wall street wants light on the
question how far the bank note expansion
and the large supplies of money
In the west will relieve the usual pressure
on New York banks for funds
from the Interior.
The bond market continued quiet and
Irregular. Total sales par value, $945,ooo.
United States refunding 2s when Issued
advanced H and new anil old 4s
and the Ss Vi l>cr cent In the bid price.
TJ. S. Bonda.
U. S. refunding IT. S. new 4s reg.tfl
when Iss'u, II. S. new 4a con.Hi
registered ...JOtti 17. S. old Is reg.114*4
do coupon 10IU It. S. old 4k cou.lliiVj
TT. H. .la reg 1W I IT. S. 5s reg in
U", S. 3s coupon.IW I IT. H. 5m coupon..11:i
Atchison i.'7'il Mobile .M- Ohio,. M
do preferred.. 70U|Mo., Kan. & T.. !#*J
Hal. ft Ohio 7'.",do preferred...
Can. Pacific K7 IN. J. Central....131!1*
Can. Southern.. N. V. Central...VJQ**
Cho*. Ac Ohio... Norfolk ft W... Jltf
Chicago O. \\\. : >%! do preferred... 75
Chi., Flnr. & ?i.HV4l Northern Par.... 51%
Chi., Ind, & h.. 13 | do preferred... 71%.
No. 30 Twelfth St, Wheeling.
Business transacted for local brokers.
Stocks bought and sold for
cash or carried on margin. Far
ticular attention given STEEL
Telephone 1028.
Pittsburg Office, 323 Fourth Avenue.
3510 Market Stroot,
Opposite PostoWeo.
New York and QTOf Groin
Pittsburgh....011'*1*0* Markets.
Standard Investments Securities.
do preferred.. &7 Ont. & Western. 20%
Chi. & K. III.. %K Ore. It>\ & N... 12
Chi. & N. W....101V4 do preferred... 7U
Chi.. It I. & P.107K Pennsylvania ...12SH
C. C. C. & St. U 0!?l4 Reading lCVi
Col. Southern... ?? do 1st pre...... 56
do 1st pre 41 do 2d pre 20ft
do 2d pre l.'?V~ Rio G. Western. M
Del. & Hudson.110V4 *do preferred.. W
Del.. L. & W..17$Vi S'_ L. & San F.. 10
Denver & R. G. 19*i do 1st pre G7
do preferred.. 67J.? do 2d pre xi-li
Erie 11 St. Louis. S. W.. 12*;
do 1st pre L3Vr do preferred... 20**
G. North, pro...1624 St. Paul 1HV?
Hocking Coal... 1-fMt do preferred...171
llocklng Vallay. 3P? St. P. & Omaha.llO
Illinois Centrul.lKPH Southern Pac.... 33%
Iowa Centrnl... iSttfc Southern Ttv 11X.
do preferred.. 41 do preferred... 51%
Lake Eric & W. 2S Texas & Pnc.... ll*?
do preferred.. W4 Union Pacific.... K7?i
Lake Shore 209 do preferred... 74$
Lou. & Nash... 72-% Wabush 7
Manhattan L... 92 do preferred... 1S'5
Met St. Ry....l5l% Wheel. & L. E..
Mex. Central... Itt* do I'd pre 2T*i
Minn. & St. L.. Win. Central 13
do preferred.. f-3Vi Third Avenue....110
Mo. Pacific 52Vf,
Express Companies.
Adams 121 (United States.... 4:1
American 152 (Wells Fargo 122
Am. Cotton Oil. 22^? Laclede Gas 73
do preferred.. SS Nat. Biscuit 33*4
Am. Malting.... 4,/4 do preferred... M)
do preferred.. 23 National Lead... 17?&
Am. S. & Rcf's. SG do preferred .. HlVi
do preferred.. 5>3 National Steel... 25
Am. Spirits 1 do preferred... {5%
do preferred.. 17 N. Y. Air Brake.132
Am. Steel Hoop. N. American 15
do preferred., Pacific Coast.... 54'/j
Am. Steel & \V. :;<?% do 1st pre >5
do preferred.. 74ni do 2d pre
Am. Tin Plate.. 27a4 Pacific Mall '!?<,
do preferred.. SO iPressed Steel "J. SS?i
Am. Tobacco... 934! do preferred... 7lii
do prefer red..12S Pull. Pal. Car..lSG
Anaconda. Mine. 41 *41 Stand. R. & T.. 3
P.rooklyn R. T.. 55^ Sugar 120%
Col. P. & Iron. 35".; do preferred... 114*4
ConL Tobacco.. 2o~* Tenn. Coal & I.. 70
do preferred.. 78 U. S. Leather... 11
Federal Steel... 34-?i do preferred... 7?%
do preferred.. t?7 U. S. Rubber... 2?'.i
Gen. Electric...13S*4 do preferred... 02*
Glucose Sugar.. 51 \\estern Union.. 79%
do preferred. 04 I Republic I. & S. I"3*
Inter. Paper.... Iftlfcl do preferred... Kli
do preferred.. GGU|I\ C. C. Ac SL L. 5S
Total *ales of stocks 117,700 shares.
New York Mining Stocks.
Cholor $ 101 Ontario 5 M
Crown Point... l^Ophlr 4S
Con. Cal. & Va. 1 15i Plymouth in
Deadwood 40 Quicksilver .... l so
Gould & Curry. do preferred.. C SO
Hnle & Nor.... 22! Sierra Nevada.. rw
Homestake .... 50 Wl Standard 3 7a
Iron Silver fkMl'nlon Con 1G
Mexican 25| Yellow Jacket.. 20
Breadstuffs and Provisions.
CHICAGO?Higher cables and unfavorable
weather were factors In the
wheat market to-day, October closing
*4<fr\ic over Saturday. Corn closed *ic
lower: oats a shade up and provisions
from 2^c higher In lard to 32>~?i35c
higher In pork.
"Wheat was dull, but firm throughout
the session, speculative interest bi*lng
confined to the local account. A rea
son for tlic dullness was tne expectation
that the government report would be
Issued to-day and speculators were unwilling:
to commit themselves In advance
of that report. The market derived
Its firmness from higher cables, a
decrease In world's shipments and on
passage, smaller northwest receipts
and unfavorable weather In the northwest.
October opened H^ic higher at
73%$?74c: touched 74&c; dropped to
73%c and then recovered to 743ic, closing
firm and Vic Improved at 74c. The
visible supply Increased 1.441,000. bushels.
World's shipments were ">.46^.000
bushels, compared with G.G48.000 the
week previous. On passage decreased
2.600,000 bushels: primary receipts were
1.H2G.OOO bushels, compared with 1.439,000
bushels last year. Minneapolis and
Duluth reported 891 cars, against 1.2.1C a
year ago. Local reclpets were ninetyone
cars, twonty-slx of contract grade.
New York reported twelve loads taken
for.export. Clearances In wheat and
Hour were 373,000 bushels. Shipping
business was curtailed by hli;her lake
freights, the rate to-day to Buffalo being
two cents.
Corn was quiet and Inclined to be
lower, nlthough the close was steady. A
good shipping demand helping the market
toward the close. Liberal Receipts
and freer country offerings were factors.
October sold between Mc and
38tyc, closing %c lower at 3S%<ft3Svic:
receipts were SOD cars. Lack of vessel
room somewhat curtailed actual shipping
Oats were dull, but fairly strnnir
The visible decrease of -128.000 bushels
was a help. October sold between 2l%<fi>
21?f?c and 21H<9121?fic, nnd closed a shade
higher at 2l%@21?ic; receipts were 8S9
Provisions were strong and active on
a general speculative demand, the
strength being due to the excellent consumptive
demand. The close showed
some reaction from the top. but the
tone was decidedly strong. October
pork sold between $11 20 and $11 57,/&
nnd closed 32V?tf?'35c higher: October
lard between $0 82^r and $6 90,
closing 2&c Improved at $0 sr? and October
ribs between ST HO and $7 45, with
the close 7%c better at $7 3?H*.
Estimated receipts to-morrow;
Wheat, 030 cars; corn, .ISO cars; oats, '
D50 cars: hogs, lfi.000 head.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Articles, j Open. High. | Low. J Closo.
\Vhcat, No. 2. ~~ ~j
Sept 7W* 73?i 73*-', 7314
Oct 7.T- 7ta; 7:n, 71
Nov 71% 75?fr. 74% 71%
Corn, No. 2.
Sept 40?i 10% 40%
Oct as% 3s%
Nov SOU 3G% 30 * Lt?V?
Oats, No. 2.
Sept 21% 21 >4 21% 2L%
Oct l'l% 21 Ts 21% 21V4
Mess Pork.
Sept 11 ?7!fc 11 45 11 07IA 11 4 S
Oct 11 3) 11 &7V? 11 20 11 W)
Jan 11 32Vt 11 40 11 3) 11 37U
Lard. ;
Bopt c 85 (5 ST. n S*J?A| f, S2?A
Uct G S2Va C S7>.; 6 C ?
Jan C D7% 0 C7ii 6 57^ f?
Short Ribs. |
Sept 7 B2>4 7(5 7 51'U, 7 0)
Oct /. 7 7 45 711 7 37%
r, 1)7'4 rt<v."A & 117^1 r.:?7vg
Cash quotations were as follows:
"NVheat?No. 3 spring, 72?73,/?e; No. 2
red. 75?ic.
Corn?No. 2, 40%{M0%c; No. 2 yellow
Oats?No. 2, 2l%tf22c; No. 2 white,
24V4?25c; No. 3 White, 23'/{:<&25c,
Rye?No. 2, 53c.
Darlcy?Good feeding, 3S?33^c; fair
to choice m.iltlng, 4*tf4Sc.
Fl*XJeed~No. 1, |1 43; No. 1 northwen
tern, 11 M.
Timothy reei?Prime, M 20fM 40.
Mew pork, per barrel. Ill 45011 10.
Lard, per 2C0 pound*. |6 8V.zflt 874.
Short rib* ddr*, (loose), 17 4007 70.
l)rj' nailed shoulder*. (boxed). 6%
Short clear ?lde*. (boxed). *7 90CT8 00.
Whiskey ? Baals of high wines,
*1 2C.
Clover?Contract grad?, $9 50{?9 60.
Butter?Firm; creameries, 18%?21c:
dairies, 14?18c.
Cheese. 101&611HC.
Eggs?Finn; fresh, 14VWJ>15c.
NEW YORK?Flour, receipts 33.682
barrels: exports 6.163 barrels; market
fairly active and steady.
Wheat, receipts 132,275 bushels; exports
32.079 bushels: -spot market
steady; No. 2 red 78%c elevator; optlona
opened Arm and generally well
sustained; closed steady at ftc advance;
close, March 83tfc: September,
78%c; October, 79Vic; December, 81%c.
Com, receipts 256,275 bushels; exports
138,978 bushels; spot market steady; No.
2. 45%c; options opened Arm; closed
easy and unchanged; close: May, 50%c;
September, 45%c; October, 44%c; December,
Oatg. receipts 43S.200.bushels; exports
69,467 bushels; spot market steady; No.
2 oats 25c; options Inactive and barely
steady. .
Hay and hops quiet. Hides Arm.
Leather steady. Beef quiet. Cut
meats steady.
Lard firm; reflned Arm.
Pork steady. Cheese steady. Tallow
quiet. Cottonseed oil firmer. ltosln
steady. Turpentine Arm'.
Rice and molnsaes Arm.
Coffee, spot Rio quiet; No. 7 Invoice
8%c; mild quiet; Cordova 9%<5-14c; futures
opened quiet and unchanged, and
closed Arm at 20 to 25 points net higher;
sales, 23,750 bags.
Sugar, raw Arm; fair refining 4%c:
centrifugal. 96 test. 4 15-16c; molasses
sugar 4c; reflned firm.
NEW YORK?The statement of the
visible supply of grain In store and
afloat on Saturday. September 8, us
compiled by the New York Produce
exchange, Is as follows: Wheat, 51,730,000;
Increase, 1,450,000 bushels. Corn,
5.357,000; Increase, 44,000 bushels. Oats,
8.825.000; decrease, 428,000 bushels. Rye,
831,000; Increase. C2.000 bushels. Barley,
457,000; decrease. 92,000 bushels. No report
of Galveston stocks; treated same
as last week.
BALTIMORE?Flour dull and steady;
western super $2 40*12 50; receipts 10,590
barrels: exports 19,219 barrels.
Wheat firmer; spot and the month
7l%if|>7r%c; receipts 36,609 bushels.
Corn firmer: mixed spot 45%c; receipts
G.617 bushels: exports 85,714 bushels.
Oats firm: No. 2 white ,26%@27c; receipts
IS,470 bushelB; exports none. Hay
firm. Cheese firm. Butter and eggs
TOLEDO?Wheat dull and higher;
spot and September, 76%c; October,
77-}ic; December, 79'ftc. Corn dull and
unchanged; No. 2 cash and September.
42c. Oats dull and higher; No. 2 cash
22c. Rye, dull and higher; No. 2 cash
5lVic. Cioyerseed active and higher;
October. $6 '52%.CINCJNNATI?Flour
quiet: fancy.
$3 25*73 60. Wheat steady; No. 2 red
75<S"'75%c. Corn steady; No. 2 mixed 43c.
Oats steady; No. 2 mixed [email protected]^c.
Rye steady; No. 2, 54(fi;54\?c. Lard
steady at 36 72^. Bulkmeats dull at
*7 50. Bacon firm at 5S 05. Whisky
flrm at $126. Sugar firm.
Live Stock.
CHICAGO?Cattle, receipts 23.000
head; market steady to a shade lower.
Including westerns and butchers stock:
natives: best on sale to-day, four car
luaun ui ?uvv, iu I'lllllU DlCCia
$5G0ftG00. Cows, choice and poor
steady; mediums 5ftl0c lower at $3 75?
150: heifers. $3 OOftSOO; bulls steady at
$2 75<g>3 50; calves, $5 00517 25. Hops,
receipts to-day. 31,000 head; to-morrow,
15.000 head, estimated: left over, 2,500
head: market active; average 5c higher;
top, $5 60; mixed and butchers
$5 10(55 55; bulk of gales $5 20ft5 40.
Sheep, receipts 20,000 head; sheep
steady to a shade higher; western
feeders and export sheep 10c higher;
choice lambs strong; others steady;
good to choice wethers $3 COfa3 90; fair
to choice mixed J3 [email protected] CO; western
sheep J3 60?3 85; native lambs $1 25?
Wheeling. Sept. 10.
Following were the quotations that
ruled to-day:
Cattle, extra. 1,00 to 1,200, $4 [email protected] 00;
good. 900 to 1.000, J4 50(ff4 75; S00 to 900,
$4 00ft 4 40; 700 to S00, $3 505?4 00.
Hulls. $2 50ft3 50.
Cows, $2 00G/3 25. .
Hogs, extra, J5 [email protected] 55; good, $5 255?
5 35; common, $4 50(55 00.
Sheep, extra, $3 25-04 00; good, QOft
3 00.
Lambs. $4 OOfto 00.
Calves. J4 00ft 6 50.
Fresh cows, J25 005T35 00 per head.
FAST LIBERTY?Cattle dull and
lower; extra $5 [email protected] 85; prime $5 [email protected]
5 GO. Hogs active and higher; best assorted
mediums $5 SO; best light Yorkers
55 [email protected] SO; best heavy Yorkers
$5 70ft5 75; heavy mediums $5 65ft5 70;
pigs, as to weight and quality, ?5 [email protected]
5 70; common to fair Yorkers, grassers
and thin pigs $5 40ft5 50. Sheep firm on
sheep and slow on lambs; choice wethers
J4 20ft4 35; choice lambs $5 [email protected] 75;
veal calves $7 00ft7 50.
CINCINNATI ? Hogs active and
strong at $4 50ft5 50.
NEW YORK?Owing to the heavy arrivals
of tin and a shade easier market
ii ukiiuvmi, iiui iimina UC vciupcu a
weak undertone, closing easy for tin at
$30 00(030 25. The rest of the list were
quiet and unchanged. Lead and spelter
was unchanged, the former closing on
the basis of $4 37%. and spelter, though
easy la tone, closed at $4 07*r^<T?4 12U.
Lake copper was unchanged at $16 75.
Pig Iron warrants very dull at $9 37*?ft
10 37Vfc. The brokers' price for lead was
$4 00. and for copper $1G 75.
Dry Goods.
NEW YORK?Print cloths and other
grey goods In active demand and higher
prices likely. More Inquiry after heavy
brown cottons and market distinctly
firmer. Coarse colored cottons also
stronger. Bleached muslins unchanged.
Actual Increase In business moderate.
Prints are showing up better In staples
and tone tinner. No change In ginghams.
AVhlte goods steady; fair business.
Jobbers open the week with good
OIL CITY?Credit balances ?1 25; certIdeates,
no bids: shipments 248.509 barrels;
average, 01,973 barrels; runs, 260,1G4
barrels; average, 89,209 barrels.
TOLEDO?Oil unchanged.
NEW YORK?Wool dull.
DON'T delay a minute. Cholera Infantum,
dysentery dlnrrhoea come suddenly.
Only safe plan Is to have Dr.
Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry
always on hand.?4
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You iiavt, Always Bought
8trnm and Hot Water Heating. High
Oradf? Plumbing Fixture. Call and ??o
tbe "Llnke" Filters In operation*- Plan*,
specifications and estimates for any work
In our line furnished on application. Prlc?f
moderate, consistent with nr?t?claas work,
and satisfaction guaranteed.
No. 1155 Murkot St., WhoollnK? Vo.
Plumbing, Gas and Steam Fitting.
Dealer In all goods pertaining to the trade.
2012 Main Street,
Telephone IT. Wheeling. W. Vo.
Practical Plumbers,+++
Gas and Steam Fitters.
No. U Twelfth 8treet
Work done promptly at reasonable price*
MEDICAL. _____
$ Ib the tltlo of an Interesting llttlo
book that shows how $
% la LOST, and how It may bo $
X It Is sent securely scaled In plain &
Y envrtiopo Free. on recclpt of 2c Y
X stamp for postage. x
3, We are the leading: specialists In X
x curing all comhs of Kidney and a
Z Bladder trouble. Sexual Weakness
i. anA 1mtv>f#?tinv Rvr\httl> P.nnnr. X
X rhcen. Night Losses. Gleet and A
A Stricture quickly and*permanently. <?
A Wo have cured thousands at their ,1,
A own homes. All letters kept strict- A
? > ly private and aniwervd In plain A
A sealed envelope. Consultation by A.
A mall free. Write to-day. Address, A
| DR. W. H. SAUNDERS & CO., ?
ff Chicago, III. < >
Arsenic Deauty Tablets and Pills. A per*
Xfctly safo and guuranteed treatment for
nil nkln disorders. Restores tbe bloom of
youth to faded faces. 10 days* treatment
60c; ?0 days' 11.00. by mall. Send for olrcular.
HER VITA MEDICAL CO., Untoa k Jackson Sift.. CMur*
Sold by Chas. R. Gootze, Druggist. Market
and Twelfth stroots, Wheeling, W.
Va. fe:<-d&\r
ER, FATHER, or any of your rda- A
tlves afflicted with the Dlscuse of <?X
f? Dnmkenness? W? have a sure A
IV cure which can bp Riven with or v
ft' without the knowledge of the pa- ?>
IT tlont. Send for particulars, enclosft
Ingr 2c stamp for reply. Address,
T Dr. W. H. Saunders & Co., Chi- V
JT cuko. III. v*.'
11 111'lij ri\f n Hablta Gored at rar SnnalorU
B??5?UOH jam, |b 80 dura. Ilandrtxli
of referwaoea. 26 7?*r? a r*cUltr. Bookoa
Horn* Tt*atmTOl wnt FKEE. Addroi*
B. M. WOOLLEY, M. O., Atlanta, Qq,
Kr IT I CTV Cures Drunkenness.
UULC. I Cures Drug Users,
^ I n . Booklet Frcc.
42(6 Kirth Ai?n Bltubirr, Pa.
Salem, W. Va.
Newly furnished. Baths In conneotlon.
Leading Hotel of the County.
West Union . . . _ Wcat Va.
None Better.
Mannlngton W. Va.
tinTVT nnwurrunrAT
House Heated by Steam.
Opp. B. & O. Station. Kowlesburg. W. Va.
Centrully Located. Hates 52.00 Per Day.
Slstersvllle. IV. Va.
Under New Management.
Opposite Court House, Moundsvllle, W. Va?
New Martinsville. W. Va.
Home_for Conimerclal and OH Men.
Mldd'ebourne. W. Va.
Flrat-Claaa Livery Attached.
At Depot. Fairmont. W. Va.
Sample Itooms Opposite New Court Houaa.
Harrlavllle. W. Va.
Good Accommodations. Livery.
@Ponnoylvnala Stations.
Trainn Run by Central Tlo?
Dally, f Dally, except Sunday.
Sunday only.
Ticket Oinces at Pennsylvania Station on
Water itreet. foot of Eleventh street.
I wheeling. and at tho PennHvlvnnu nt*. i
Hon, Urldgeport.
From Wheeling to ^Ifm. A|u m*
WelUburg and Stcubenvllle. t 6:25 f 6:07
McDonald and Pittsburgh., f 6:2o
Steubcnvllle and Columbus, f 6:2s j 5*15
Columbus and Cincinnati... t 6:2j f 5*15
Wellaburg and Pittsburgh.. tlO:tX> f 6:ll
Pittsburgh and New York.. *10:35
Philadelphia unci New York. n?2^0 t' "i?
Steubenville and Pittsburgh fl2:;;o t '' 17
Columbus and Chicago Tli':3t> } 5:17
Philadelphia ana New York 2:&5 io'si
Baltimore and Washington, t 6:3d iq't;
Steubenville and Pittsburgh 2:S5 t k'S
McDonald and Dennlson.... f 2;&5 | 8:5J
Pittsburgh and Now York., f 6:30
. . . _ m
Indianapolis nna si. Louln. f 8:30[ t l-M
Dayton and Cincinnati j 8:30 1 6:ft
Bteubenvlllo and Columbus, f 8:J0J f e.*07
Pittsburgh and East t S:3o| fl:i5
Leave. Arrtvn
From Bridgeport to a.m. pm
Fort-.AVuyne'and Chicago... t 4U8 ts i3
Canton anil Toledo f 4:4S { jjju
Alliance nnd Cleveland f 4 US
Stoubenvlllo and Pittsburgh f 4US f 9-23
Steubenvllle and Wellsvlllc. t 9:09 M2w<i
Bteubenvlllo and Plttsourgh t 8:09
Fort Wayno und'Chlcago... D'i :, 8.M
Canton nnd Crestline 1:16
Alllanco and Cleveland 1 :ir, I S:V|
Stcubenvlllc and Wcllsvllle. 1:15 1 *:?
Philadelphia and New York l:i& } gly
Wollsvlllo and Pittsburgh... 3:.Y>
Toronto and Pittsburgh t-1:1S t ?' ??
Bteubenvlllo and Wcllsvllle. t 6:09 f 8:11
Baltimore and Washington. 11:16
New York and. Washington, f 4:63 t li'-S
Bteubenvlllo and Pittsburgh t 4:53 f cil'fi
"Parlor Cur Wheeling to Pittsburgh on
2:i?5 p. m. and 0:30 p. m. train. Central
time. (One hour slower than Wheeling
J. Q. T0MLIN80N.
Passenger and Ticket Agent
Agent for all BteanuhJp L1dm? ~*OAlw .
Arrival and departure of trains on and
aft*r Auk. 12. is*). Explanation of Neterence
Marks: "Dally. tDally, ?*c?Pl
Sunday. 1 Dally. exccpt Saturday. JDaliy,except
Monday. {Sundays only. ' *Satur?
days only. Eastern Standard Tims.
Depart B.&O.-Maln Lino East. Arrive.
12& am Wash., Dal., Phil.. N.Y. SUO am
5:00 pm Wash.. BaL. Phil., N.Y
t 6-iO am ..Cumberland Accom.. t 5'.50 pm
6:W am Grafton Accom 5:&0 pm
6.n? pm Grafton Accom *10:50 am
lO^O aro ..Washington City Ex.^lQUOpm
'Depart B7&0.--C0. Dlv., West"Arrive.
7:25 amjColumbua and Chicago 1:10 am
10:15 am ..Columbus and Clncln.." B:17 pm
11:40 pm Col., Cln. and St Louis 5:10 am
4:0? pm ....Chicago Express;.-.. *12:20 om
tl0:ir? am ..8t Clalm-lllo Accom.. fl2:l!0 pm
M:05 pm ..St Clalrsvllle Accom.. |5:17 pm
10:15 am| 8anduskv Mail nm
Cepart. IB. St 0-W~P. B. Dlv". "Arrive."
% 3:15 ami Pittsburgh ....... *10;1? am
7:3) ami Pittsburgh 6:85 pm
5:20 pm|..PlttBburph and East.. H'**? pm
3:15 i?mi..PUt?burKh and East.. *10:00 am
t 6:W pm|....... Pittsburgh .........
"Depart. IP., C., 6. & St I- Ry"| Arriva.
I Fast. I
t 7:3 am Pittsburgh t 9:53 am
111:00 am Pittsburgh t 6:15 pm
t 1:30 pm Pitts., Phlla. and N. Y. t 3:17 Pm
3:65 pmlPltts., Phlla. and N. Y. t 9;15 pm
t 7:i0 pmlPltts.. Hal., With., N.Y.|?ll*J3 am
t 9:30 pmlPltts., Bal.. Wsh.. N.Y.|ri:35 am
I West. 1
t 7:25 am ..Steub. and Dennlson.. t 9:53 am
t 7:25 am ..Steub., Col. and Cln..lt -:07 n?
11:30 pm ..Steub., Col. and ChL.it 2:1" P?
t 3:55 pm ..Stcijh. and Donnlson..|t 9:15 pm
i 9:30 pm|Steub.,_CoL, Cln.. 8t L.|t ?:15 pm
"Depart." I OhloRlvern.lt. I Arrive.
8:00 amIPark, and Way Polntsj*10:5Q am
110:00 amjCharleston and Clncln.l* 3:4o pm
*11:45 ami.Ctncln. and LexlnKton.lt 7:25 pm
511:45 am!....ICenova Express.... $ 7:25 pm
3:45 pm Park, and Way Point?!' 6:50 pm
t 7:00 pm|Park._and Way Polntslt 9tf5
Depart C.~& P.?Bridgeport/"! Arrive,
t 5:4S am Ft Wayne and Cnlcngo t 9:13 pm
t 5:48 am ...Canton and Toledo... t 9:13.pm
t 5:48 am Alliance and Cleveland t 9:1Vam
110:09 am Rteubenvillo and Pitts, t 9:83 pm
t 5:48 am Ft. Wayne and Chlcaso 110:25 am
t 2:15 pm ..Canton and Toledo., t 9:33 pm
t 2:15 pm Alliance and Cleveland 1" 1:43 pm
2:15 pm ..Steub. nnfl w?n? ?- -
- mil
5:53 pnil..Stoub. and Wellavlllo.. *11:68 am
t 5:63 pmlPhllndelphla and N. Y. 6:25 pin
t 5:M pm|..Baltimore and Wash.. G:25 pm
t 5:53 pmjSteubenvUle and Pitts, t 6:'Ji pm
t 7:09 pm|..Stcub. nnd Wc!lsvlUe..|t 9:13 pm
Depart. IC.~ L."& W.-Bridgeport! Arrive,
t 7:45 amlCIeve., Toledo and Chl.lt 2:0G pm
11:20 pm Cleve., Toledo and Chi. t 8:05 pa
f 5:30 pm ....Mnflslllon Accom.... tl0:40 am
t 8:18 pmj..St. Clalr.svlllc Accom.. t 9:41 am
tl0:13 am ..St. Clalrsvllle Accom..!
..St. Clalrsvlllo Accom.. t 5:07 pra
t B:C0 pml..St. Clalrsvlllo Accom..!* 7:25 pra
t!2:22 pm| Local Freight |tH:3Q pm
Depart. I W. & L. K. I Arrive..
7:15 amlCIeve., Tol. & Chi. Ex. *10:35 pm
tll:45 atn|Toledo and Detroit Spc. t 6:15 pra
til:45 amlCIeve. and Canton. Ex. t <1:25 pra
* 5:00 pml....Cleveland Special.... *12:50 pm
7:15 amjSteub. and Brll. Accom. *12:50 pm
tll:45 am'Steuh. and Brll. Accom. t 0:25 pra
* 5:00 pmlSteub. and_Brll. Accom. *10:25 pm
"Depart. B., Z. & C. R. R. Arrive.
Bellalre. Bollatro.
11:05 nm Mall, Express and Pa*. 9:40 am
4:55 pm Express and Passenger 3:60 pm
2:35 pm Mixed Freight and Pas. 1:15 pm
Departure and arrival
of tralnB at
Wheeling. East../yKMSafcfli
^ era Time.
(ffifl'fll'lSKWl Schedulo In effect
Aug. 12. 1900.
VaWnSmS7v/ Station corner ot
vSSy Twentieth and
Water Streets.
Leave. Arrive
From WhMlIng to J-tn- J. m.
Grafton and Cumberland... "12..J0 8.10
Washington ami Baltimore. ;l2.g 8.10
Philadelphia and New York L..20 8.10
p. m.
Pittsburgh and Cumberland * G:15 *11:30
Washington and Baltimore. 5:15 *11:30
Philadelphia und New York 5:15 *11:30
Grafton and Cumberland... t 6:50 f 5:50
Fairmont and Grafton G:50 5:50
Washington (Pa.) and Pitts. 7:20 643
n_ m,
Zanesvillo nnd Newark 7:25 i;io
Columbus and Chicago 7:25 * l:io
p. m.
Zanesvillo and Columbus.... *10:15 *5:17
Cincinnati and St. Louis.... *10:15 5:17
Grafton and Cumberland... *10:50 10.-30
Washington and Baltimore. *10:50 >10:30
p. m.
Zancsvllle and Newark * 4:05 *12:20
Columbus and Chicago *4:05 *12:20
a. m.
Washington (Pa.) and Pitts. * 3:15 *10:00
Philadelphia and New York * 3:15 *10:13
Grafton and Cumberland... * 5:00 *10:30
Washington nnd Baltimore. * 5:00
Pittsburgh and Cumberland 5:20 *10:13
Washington nnd Baltimore. * 5:20 *10:13
Philadelphia and New York * 5:20 *10:13
Zanesvillo nnd Columbus.... *11:40 *5:13
Cincinnati and 8t. Louis.... *11:40 *5:10
Pitts, nnd Washington (Pa.) J 6:00
Dally. IKxce^t Sunday. {Sundays only.
Pullman Sleeping or Parlor Cars on all
through trains.
City Passenger and Ticket Agent. Wheeling.
Agent for all Steamship Lines.
General Manager. Mgr. Pass. Traffic.
Oa oh|? r,ver
Time Table In effect May 27, 1900.
8:00 a. m.?Dally?For Parkersburg and
Intermediate points.
Nk00 a. m.?Dally exccpt Sunday?Fo*
Moundsvllle. New Martinsville. Sistersvllle,
St. Marys, Marietta. Parkersburg.
Ravenswood, Millwood,
Pomeroy, Pt. Pleasant, Charleston,
Gallipolls, Huntington. Kenova. Ironton.
Portsmouth. Hillsboro, Cincinnati.
and all points South and West.
Runs solid to Cincinnati. Parlor Car.
11:45 a. m.?Dally?For Sitfiersville, Marlettn.
Pnrkorsburjr. Pomeroy, Point
Pleasant. Charleston, Gallipolls.
Huntington, Kenova, and principal
intermedlnto points. Parlor Car.
3*45 p. m.?Dally?For Parkersburg and
Intermediate points.
7:00 p. m.?Dally except Sunday?For Slstcrsvllle.
St. Marys, Waverly, Marietta,
Parkersburg, and Intermedial#
points north of SlstersvUJo.
Gen. Pass. Agont.
p ? TtlXg 6CHC0ULC.
iM?ti m Mm iniunn, louauum i run m ninn, '
isttvspasisex. ^
Wheeling & Elm Grove Electric Railway.
Care will run as follows, city time:
Leavo Wheeling. Loavo Elm Grove,
a. m p. m a. m. p. in.
5:30 2:30 SMS SMS
6:00. 3:00 0:15 3:15
6:30 3:30 CMS 3M5
7:00 4:00 7:15 4:15
7:30 4:30 7:45 4M5
S:00 5:00 8:15 5:15
8:30 0:30 8:40 5:45
l?:00 G:00 9:15 . G:15
9:30 G:30 DM5 GM5
10:00 7:00 10:15 7:15
10:30 7:30 10:45 7:45
11:00 S:oo 11:15 S:15
11:30 8:30 H M5 8:45
ji. in
12:00 9:00 12:15 3:15
p. m.
12:30 9:30 12:45 9:45
1:00 10:00 1:15 lo.'S
1:30 10:3>> 1:45 10.\,
2:00 11:00 2:15 11:0)
Extras from Wheeling to Park anil Return:
a. m. p. ni. p. ni. * p. m.
6:45 3:55 4:65 5:15
7:45 4:15 6:15

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