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GEO. '?. STX
New Fall i
of" every description an
inspection. Impossible
one line of them justice.
New Tail*
New Dres
New Silks
j j New Draf
New Unds
j . : VNew
Everything for use for fa
and more varied assortn
Visitors to the F
I and the public in genera
! in?look around?ask t
where to buy to your fin
1154 to 1160 1
f Events in and About the City Given
in a Nutshell.
The council committee on petitions
j and remonstrances met last night and
acted favorably on the liquor Ucensc
application of Paul Blery. |
John Zarnltz entertained his youngj
friends at the home of his parents on
South Chapllne street Monday night. In |
honor of the sixteenth anniversary of i
his birth. .Music and games warts Indulged
In and at'a seasonable hour refreshments
were served. J
Going and Coming of Wheeling
People and Visitors.
* IT lo O Crt marnn mIW in
j town.
j J. M. Woodford, of Elklns, Is at th?i
f Windsor.
W. C. McWhlnney, of Mannlngton, is
at the RicLure.
S. W. Hall, of Fairmont, is at the
Grand Central.
T. E. Cole, of Grafton, is a business
caller in the city.
B. McLaughlin, of New Martinsville,
is at the Park Hotel.
Miss Mary Burke, of Huntington, is
the guest of friends In the city.
Alfred Whltehouse. of the South Side,
Is seriously ill of typhoid fever.
G. 0. Sinsll and Joseph Friedman, of
Grafton, are stopping at the McLure.
C. T. Whiting, wife and son. of Glenvllle,
are visiting relatives In the city.
G. K. MacLean and C. B. Heald, of
Mannlngton; are at the Grand Central.
John King and wife, of Weston, are
the guests of Squire J. W. Fltzpatrlck.
M. B. Cuckendnll and George H.
Cann, of Clarksburg, are callers In the
Miss Lizzie Zlmmer, of Charleroi, Pa.,
is the guest of friends on the South
J. W. Gaffney and Luke White, of
Tarkersburg, are registered at the
Miss Minnie Hamilton, of Steubenvllit.
Is the charming guest of Miss Bess
Hazlett, of the Island.
Frank Workman, a prominent mompor
of the Majestic Club, of Steubon
vine, if calling on friends In the city.
Frank C. Martin, the original shirt
waist man of West VlrKlnla. wan up
from Parkershurg yesterday, In attendance
at the tweeting of Insurance men.
Among the state arrivals at the Park
Hotel yesterday were Nathan Post nml
A. C. I.ynch, of Clarksburg; Howard
P".?t, of West Mllford: W. E. Jarvls. of
Waverly; W. E. Ferris, of Slstersvllle,
and W. E. Hensey, of Clarksburg.
Among the state arrivals at the WindMr
yesterday w?r? D. C. Jacobs, of
Clarksburg: P. A. Pugh, of Fulrvlew;
W. 8. Wiley, fat New Martinsville: E.
M. Martin, of Ihickhanon; A. .T. Smith,
of Parker&burg. and James McConch; of
Among the state arrivals at the
Stamm yesterday were C. M. Meshuy,
of Thomas; Dr. E. T. Martin, of Terra
Alta: Joseph M. Murphy, of Parkersburg:
W, L. Benedum, (if Cameron; Ii.
I). Bailey, of Weston, and E. II. Armstrong,
of Ravenswooil.
v AmonR the state arrivals at the McLure
yestenlay, wore Thomas F. Barrett,
of I'arkersburg; Clell Nichols, of
Hlxtersvllle; Harry C. Woodyard, of
Kpcncer; Mrs. F. G. Pappa, of Parkersburg;
R. E. Klnrald, of Cameron; J. IC.
Henle, of Parkersburg; V. T. CJayton,
of Mnnnlngton*. B. L. Beatty. of Park'rsburg;
F. E. Nichols, ol^Falrmont,
and J. M, Sullivan, of Mnnnlngton.
Rlvor Telegramn,
WARREN? Blvcr at low water mark.
w<'?tliCT. clear and warm.
? '11}' 1:NSliORQ?nivo r 6 feet 3 Inches
and falling. Weather, fair and hot.
JWOWNSVILLE-rilver f? feet and
tatlonnry. Weather, clear and warm.
JFE1 & CO.
nesday, September 12.
Soods :
j now ready for your ^
in this space to do any
jred Suits,
s Goods,
>> 1 |
series, I
wear, :
ill and winter in larger
lents than ever before.
il are invited to come
he prices. You'll find
ancial advantage.
S & CO,
Main Street.
- - II
========================== t
(Continued Trom Second Page.) ,
| was prettier, but these were the judges'
i favorites?that's what each particular .
| mother whose cherub uldn't get a prize ]
1 thinks, and she's not at all slow aboui
I expressing her opinion, In public or pri- ,
| vate.
Photographer Gltlin donates a special '
! prize of photographs to the winner, and
{ the "hoky-poky" man passed around 1
| his refreshing commodity, greatly to the !
enjoyment of the youngsters.
All In all, the baby show wns a |
"howling" success, and ought to be a ,
feature of all fairs in the future. j
The full list of entries is as follows:
"Walter Lee Smith; parent. Levi Smith, .
No. 16 National Road, Wheeling.
' Sarah V. Craven; parent. Annie V. Craven.
No. 15C. Eighteenth street. Wheeling. '
I'aul J. Vcusel; parent, J. E. Veusel,
Wheeling. ?
Catherine IF. O'Brien; parent, Charles ;
11. O'Brien, No. 4012 Wood street, Wheel- ;
Intr. 1
Nettle L. Woods; parent, John Woods, t
Upland. Ohio.
Eld a M. Carroll; parent, George Carroll; ,
No. <110 Jacob street, Wheeling. '
Paul Woods; parent, W. W. Woods,
Bridgeport. Ohio. l
Naomi Welsham; parent, W. J. Wei- t
sham. No. li! Market street, Wheeling.
Lenora Meyers: parent, Carl Meyers,
Moundsvllle, W. Va. ? 1
Frank E. II. Kreuger; parent. W. M. 1
?w -,uw UUUUI1 HVrCCt, W11061111?. t
William J. Poppart; parent, W. J. Pop- t
part, No. 2751 Ohapllne street, "Wheeling. S
Reed Sarvcr: parent, Edgar Sarver,
Bridgeport, Ohio. 1
Malvern C. McAfee; parent, D. V. McAfee;
Dallas, W. Va. ?
William Luckhardt: parent, Mr?. Anna *
Luckhardt. Forty-eight street. Wheeling. '
Harold Burkstummer; parent, George 1
Burkstummer, No. 1025 Main street, *
Wheeling. t
Mario T. Schaeder: parent. Vincent t
Schaeder, No 2631 Eoft street. Wheeling. .
Paul J. Beck; parent, G. M. Beck,
Hal 1*. Garden; parent, Alex. Garden, i
"Whetton, Ohio. j
Elsie M. Rlgle; parent, George Rlgle, ,
B?-nwood, W. Va. ;
Mary and Franz Nevll; parent, Joseph 1
Nevll. Benwood, W. Va. *
Joseph A. Junlnger; parent, Joseph A. J
Junlnger, Wheeling. t
Grace E. Locke; parent, Elmer Locke, >
No. 38 Thirty-ninth street, Wheeling. f
James Pearce; parent, John Pearce, No. 1
143 Merrltt street. Wheeling. 1
Carl Kurtz; parent, Henry Kurtz, No.
JSfi Sixteenth street. Wheeling. ]
Virginia Taylor: parent, Charles A. Tay- .
lor. No. 3579 Chapline street. Wheeling. \
Sarah Atwell; parent, George Atwell, J
corner Thirty-sixth and Wood streets, 3
Wheeling. 1
Mabel Ilalner; parent. Perry Ilalner, No. j
89 Seventeenth street, Wheeling. ,
George Schmalz; parent, George *
Schmalz, No. 923 Alley C.
Theo. D. Hohman; parent. Maud lloh- s
man. No. 620 Main street, Wheeling.
Jennie Price; parent, Charles Prlco,
George fl. Wolf; parent. Jncob "ft olf, No. ?
CM Grnndvlew street. Wheeling.
Joseph Blockmer: parent,'Joseph Blockmer.
No. 1500 Wood street. Wheeling.
Harry W. ITthtnan; parent, Harr" Uthman,
No. 9 Cromwell street, Wheeling.
Graco E. KIn?; parent, George S. King,
No. 40 Eleventh street.
Thomas Noble; parent, llarry Noble,
MeColloeh street. Wheeling.
Ilolen Hnnhrlirlit! titirnnf IVIHIium o??
bright, No. 2301 McCotioch street, Wheel- o
Ing. s
J,oroy Otto Werner;, parent, Then. "War- j
nor, No. GO Eighteenth street, Wheeling.
EtiBene Na?le. Wheeling.
Calvin M. Barnett. Whirling.
Clyde W. narthtbaiiRh, Wheeling. I
"William Mr,Cord. Wheeling.
CJuy Rhodes, Wheeling. ' ,
Walter L. Hmlth, Wheeling. J
J. Marsh Walton, Wheeling.
Threo Events With Largo Fields ol \
Entries. (
The following in to-dny's state fair
racing card:
2:30 PACK. I
MIhh Trilby, b. \p? by Shaker Roy, P. A. 1
Pugh, I-'alrvlew, W. Va.
Black Queon, blk. in., by Uro. Dlckcrtion
& Dlckerson, Now Athens, O.
At the Head of
Examined for Pu
r -r?- ; r*
Bessie Williams, b. f., by. Don Uadur,
iOxnucl Fisher, Smyrna. O.
Marietta, b. m., slro Happy West, C. B.
Itewart, Huntington, W. Va.
Ella II..' br. m., by Judge Swing, Ray &
Vaddle, Wheeling, W.: Va.
Olive Wilkes, r. m., by Black Frank, A.
1. Elsenbels, Allegheny, Pu. ,
Bell Pilot, k. m., by Pilot Medium, Vnncc I
fuckols, Gienville, O.
Tuscarorn, b. g., by Antonio, Western !
ieservc Stock Farm. Ravenna. O.* I
P. B. Conn. b. s., by Eglon. J. S. Gotchall.
New Cumberland. W. Va.
John Smith, b. g.. by Bill? Wilkes, Jay 1
2. Latlmoro. Cleveland. O.
Lady Perkins, b. m., O. Else-man, Wheelng,
W. Va. .
Tow.xberry, g. g., by Fore Runner, Dan
wing, Pittsburgh. Pa.
Ethel Eakln, b. m.. by Citizen, Justice
Jakln, New Martinsville, W. Va.
Gold Crown, br. m., by Mellowdalo
!hlef. F. H. Ellsworth. Wellsvllle. N. Y.
Gomez, ch. h., by Dictator Almont, John
)wen, West Unity, O.
2:'J3 TROT.
Charles D. Jacobs, 's. k? by Egotist, A.
), Overholj, Scottdulc, Pa.
Josephine, ch. m., Al. B. Seaton, Mansleld.
Bobble Lee., b. h., Joseph H. Nlssley,
Iprlngfleld, O.
Nelllo Emmett. b. m., by Thoroughbred,
letidow Lands Farm, Pa.
Anna. b. m., by *?runcllla, W. J. Thurer,
Allegheny, Pa.
Tuflcarora, b. g., by Antonio, Western
tenervo Stock Farm, Ravenna, O.
Moil nilft' r\i. f J.v Tlf.nnr Ci 15V Ttmnt
Snst Liverpool, O.
Blanche K., b. m.. by Fruntlc, Davo McDonald.
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Sunola Dudley, ch. g., by Sunolo, C. R.
amlson. Butler. Pa.
Bell Onward, b. m., by Onward, Fred
amlson, Johnstown, Pa.
Minnie'Elyrla. blk. in., by Elyrla, Fred
atnlson, Johnstown, Pa.
Guarnantor, b. s.. by Noblem, Greater
'Jttsburgh Stock Farm.
Thekln. b. m., by King Roane, G. W".
Clnsly, Wheeling. \V. Va.
Susie W., b. m., by Chittenden, Vance
'tickles. Cleveland, O.
Jim Spanker, b. g? Curry & Campbell,
Columbus, O.
Molo, F. P. Campbell, Columbus, O.
2:17 PACE.
Blasa, b. by Richmond. Loomls Bros.,
Vheellng, \V. Va.
J. R. J., ch. g.. by Tempest, Arthur Jack,
Chattanooga, Tenn.
Red Rock, b. g., J. F. Cherry, Lancaser,
Lucy Posey, ch. m.. by Blue Ball, Wlllam
Cobb Spring Mills, N. Y.
Daisy J., b. in., by Mount Joy, Vancc
dlckols, Glenvllle, O.
Imperial Hal. b. h., by Blue Biill <5, W. !
i. Wilson. Gahanu, O.
Col. Dick Thompson, br. g., by Dellncaor.
L. B. Murphy, Columbus, O.
Harold II., s. g., by Boadmaster, J. K. :
Jwartz. Mlnghaus, Ont., Cannda.
Roscmare. ch. g.. by Wilkes Nutwood, I
). Elseman, Wheollng, W. Va.
Black Cecil, blk. m.. by Elesslc Wilkes,
Delbel. Orrvlile, O.
Ida K., dun m.. by Scott's Bay Prince,
L W. Kelly, Marietta, O.Spreckels,
b. g., by Eplanet, Justice
2aken, New Martinsville. W. Va.
M. .1. P.. hr. ir.. bv Conclave C. R. .Inml
(on. Butler. Pa.
\V. H. P.. br. g., by Conclave, C. R. Jamson,
Butler, Pa.
A threshing machine was brought to
he grounds yesterday. ?
"Rube" and "Joshua" figured conipfcuously
on ;the grounds yesterday. .
The chariot races and standing races
ire exciting. Everyone ought to see
The race between a horse and dog
>vas won by one of the dogs, in a close
The horticultural hall presented a
line appearance with Its red, white and
)lue bunting.
Among the "Wellsburg visitors were
Sheriff G. \V. McCkary, Henry Zllllken
md Jay Cooper.
Dogs were judged yesterday and a
hard time the judges had. There are
some tiny dogs exhibited.
The display of the F. W. Bautner Co.
is pleasing to the eye. and a sheet of
nusle was given away to each passeray
Prof. Hutchinson was disappointed at
;hs failure of his balloon ascention yeserday,
but this Is another day and bet;er
luck is predicted.
Many people made themselves at
lome on the grounds yesterday, as
nany went in the afternoon, took their
unch with them and stayed for the
Two thousand people will be brought
o the city over the Cleveland, Lorain &
Wheeling railroad to-day, for the fair,
l special excursion nnvingr oeen arranged
for, from Lorain down.
Tn the nrt department there Is on display
some colored crayon drawings by
Dennis William*, a well known colored
:itizen of Wheeling. The exhibit is of
>s{teclal interest when it is known that
Mr. Williams is over eighty years of
The hokey-pokey boys: the lemonade
leller; the different fakirs; the shownen;
the drums, the band, the howling
if the dogs, the cackling of the geese,
intl clucking of the chickens; the mel- (
>dy of the pianos and organs?nil these
md more are a combination heard but
mce a year.
The balloon nscentlon was a failure.
JVhen the word cainc to "lot go" the big
'abrlc caught on the brick stack used
or filling It with hot air and partially,
oppled It over, at the same time loos;nlng.
the parachute from the balloon. I
aeronaut Walter Hazelton was not even I
aken orf his feet, but some of the (
jrlcks in falling, struck George Ballen,lne
and inflicted wounds on the face,
md head.
Among the visitors were-a.party of
Republican leaders from down the'
itate, Including Secretary Jnmos K.
Hall and Treasurer Harry C. Woodward,
of the state committee, and Judge
Reese THlr.zard, of Grnntsvllle. Mr. Hall j
a gratified over the prospects of Kelubllcan
success In the state?every-,)
vhere the party is lining up in good
hape for a great victory In November, i
SEE our exhibit at the State Fair this
veek. F. W; HAUMEK CO. j
Excursion to Ningara Tails |
-in. wneeung Lake Erie railroad,
o Clevoland and Cleveland & Buffalo
Ine steamer "City of Eric," Friday',
September 14. Faro, $5 round trip;
Ickets good twelve days, Train leaves
Vheellng at 11:45 a. m., city time. Call
n or write S. Sherman, traveling pas' nper
-agent, City Bank building,
'hone 924. _
BLUE and the Gray for Rcglna music
iox ut F. \V. Baumer Co.
Pittsburgh Exposition Excursions
Via Pennsylvania Lines,
'hursdays, September 13, 20, 27 and Ocober
4, 11 and 18, excursion tickets will
c sold from Wheeling to Pittsburgh for
he Exposition, good returning three
ays, Including date of sale.0-8-10-12-17-19.
Cathedral Suits
nade to order. Kneo pants suitB $7;
ong t>ants suits, 98.
\215 Market Street.
All the ' Waters
rity and Freedom
j .
I '
j The Charles Emory Smith meeting,
i slated for Thursday evening, September
j -0, has been cancelled, and it in now
I stated from national Republican headquarters
at New York, that the elo1
quent postmaster, general will not be
heard here until about the middle of
October. .With' Colonol Roosevelt and
postmaster General Smith fcore perhaps
the same week, the Republican masses
of the upper Ohio valley will be favored
Hon. .T. Hampton Hoge, one of the
most eloquent men on the stump, and
I the leading Republican of Virginia,
will speak In "Wheeling on Wednesday
I evening, September 19. This ought to
be a rousing meeting.
Assistant District Attorney E. M.
I Showalter is slated for meetings In
Ohio county on September 21 and 22.
The Republican judicial convention
j has been called for Monday. Septembar
17, at the court, house In this city. The
district Includes the counties of Han|
cock, Brooke, Ohio and .Marshall. There
ils no opposition, to the nomination of
I Judge Thayer Melvin.
Hon. C. H. Payne Coming.
Hon. C. H. Payne, the great colored
orator, has been secured as one of the
speakers for the tri-state celebration of
Emancipation Day in this city, on September
The Effect of Coffee on Highly Organized
"I have been a coffee user for years,
and about two years ago got Into a
very serious condition of dyspepsia and
indigestion. It semnsd to me I would
lly to pieces. I was so nervous that at
the least noise was distressed, and
many times could not straighten myself
up because of the pain.
"My physician told me 1 must not eat
any heavy or strong food and ordered
a diet, giving me some medicine. I followed
directions carefully, but kept on
using coftce and did not get any better.
Last winter husband, who was away on
business, had Postuni Food Coffee served
to him in the family where he boarded.
"He liked it so well that when he
came home he brought some with him. I
We began using it and I found it most j
excellent. While I drank it my stomach
never bothered me in the least, and
I got over my nervous troubles. When j
the Postum was all gona we returned to
coffee. then my stomach began to hurt |
me as before and the nervous condi- j
tlons came on again.
"That showed me exactly what was
the cause of the whole troubis, so I |
quit drinking coffee altogether and 1
kept on using Postum Food Coffee. The
old troubles left again and I have never
had any trouble since." Anna Coen, 3It. |
Ephraim, Ohio. j
A Strong Attraction.
In the strength of the company no
less than in the high class plays In its
repertoire, the engagement of the
Braunig Dramatic Company is the
most notable popular priced attraction
presented to nmusomonr Invnvo in
Wheeling In reccnt years. The artistic
excellence of the productions so far
given has really been surprising. Last
night "Friends" was presented, the bill
having been changed on account of the
Illness of Mr. Munnell. This afternoon
"Credit Lorraine" will be repeated, and
to-night there y. ill be a scenic production
of "Under tha City Lamps."
KOEIILER?On Monday, September 10.
1900. at 6:45 p. m.. MRS. SARAH
SHJ3FFLIN KOEHLER. wife of Henry
ICoehler. jr., aged 23 years and 11
Funeral from the residence of her fatherin-law,
Mr. Henry Koelder, sr., at
Boggs' R^n, Wednesday, September
12, at 2 p. m. Friends aro Invited to
attend. Interment at Peninsular cemetery.
ADAMS?At the* fnmlly residence, No. 9S
South Broadway, on Monday, September
19. 1900. at 4:15 o'clock n. m., ELIZABETH
R., daughter of Margaret and
the lato W. P, Adams.
Funoml services this (Wednesday) afternoon
at 2:C0 o'clock. Friends of the
family respectfully Invited to attend..
Interment at Peninsular cemetery.
RAYMOND?At 24GS EofT street, on Tuesday.
September 11. 1900, at 11:15 p. m..
F. W. RAYMOND, aged 47 years, 2
months nnd 1 day.
Funeral notice hereafter.
Louis Bertschy,
1117 Main St.?WostSldo.
. Calls by Telephone Answered Day or
Night Store Telephone 633. Resident
CQg. Assistant's Tclephono. 695.
Funeral Directors and Embalmcra.
Corner Main nnd Twenty-second streets.
Telephone 207. Open Day and Night.
Open Day and Night.
Corner Thirty-sixth and Jacob streets.
Telephones; Store. 1742; Residence. 1735.
Monday Nltflit, Sept. 17*
America's Favorlto Actress,
And an exceptionally strong supporting
company, presentlpp her now
Prices?25c, 00c, 75c and 11.00. Reserved
seat sale opens Hat unlay mornlnx at tho
Opera Uouho box ofllcc. bc12
An Expositi
Visitors to West Virginia's !
us and see the tremendous &
Fall Merchan
| we havo massed for your ins
view. All the new fabrics,
resented in our new' fall
Suits and Ov<
Our prices aro very low for :
ranging from 98.00 to $22. C
makes it an ideal place to I
Thrpft Parsons Hurt at McMcclien's
Canning Factory by a Singular Coincidence
on the Same Day.
Yesterday at McMechen's preserve
works, on the South Side, by a queer
freak of fate, three persons were hurt
In three BOparate accidents. Miss Llllle
Howell In some manner had her dress
caught In a belt and was hurled to the
floor. She received a severe shaking
up, but the extent of her injuries are
not yet known. Dr. Llntz was summoned
and had the girl removed to her
home on the South Side, where everything
possible was done to relieve her
suffering. It Is thought she was hurt
internally and though It Is not definitely
known, It is likely one of her ribs Is
Logan Howell, while descending the
building on an elevator, bad his foot
caught between the elevator and the
floor and had his ankle painfully mashed.
The blood vessels were torn and
several bones were broken. Dr. George
McCoy attended him and had him removed
to hls home on the Island. It Is
Impossible to foretell the result of his
Injury and It may result In the loss of
the foot, though a stiff ankle will more
likely be the result.
AV. B. McMechen, a member of the
flrm, was walking through the engine
room and the engineer, not seeing him,
threw a bucket of hot water, intending
10 anmpen tno coal, uut it caugnt air.
McVechen un the right arm, severely
scalding It. The burn will ke5p his arm
in a sling for some time to come.
, Colorado and Utah.
Special excursion tickets to Denver,
Colorado Springs, Pueblo and.Glenwood
I Springs. Colorado and to Salt Lake
GEO. B. Ti
our own me
on every suit
by us. This g
highest qualit;
I exclusive s
best \
Suit prices from
Skirt prices from
Visitors to the
arc cordially i
our store and s
displays of
Fall and Winter S
Dress Goods,
D ? 1 I _
i\eai L'd
ioo dozen Ladies' Fun
Hemstitched Handkerchie
50 dozen Ladies' Silk Fin
anteed Black Ilose ...?
I-3B0& '
? ?.?
x . -; ;
State Fair should not fail to visit
itock of
pectlon. It is worth your while
well as on ECONOMICAL point of
all tile new shape cut coats are repejreoats.
the cjass of merchandise we carry,
10. The central location of our store
eave your baggage.
; ?'s'. '.'V$,
? foresight C
J is better than C
I hindsight; , E
. you buy a school C
> ' shpe for that boy p
> or girl, see what.5
we have to show G
& vou. costs nothinc G
g but a little time and H
R may pay big earn- 3
? ings on the invest- fl
& ment. t3
F - "tonn tMnr/* - '^gj, M
City and Ogden, Utah, will bo Hold from
Chicago via Chicago, Milwaukee and
St. Paul railway, on August 21 and
September 4 and 18, 1900, at rate of
one fare plus $2 for the round trip.
Good to return until October 31, 1900.
For further Information call on or
address W. S. Howell, G. E. P. A., 3S1
Broadway, New York, or John R. Pott,
D. P. A., 43G William street,- Wllllamaport,
Pa. _ w&d
SEE our exhibit at the Stato Fair this
week. BAUMER CO.
^ 7 7T~
i made,and
skirt sold
umaiuuuo .
in in fit,
$12.^0 tO $100.
$7.50 to $75.
city this week
nvited to visit
ee the special
Furs, Silks,
ces, Linens, Etc.
rs 5c each
.ish G"?r" 12 I-2C
|'j / . '

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