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Pobllfthed Dally, Except Sundoy, br
Intelligencer Publishing Co.,
29 end 27 Fourteenth Street.
JOHN FREW. Pres. end Bus. Metietfer.
forms i Per Yenr, by Mall, In Adranco,
Postauo Prepaid.
Daily (0 Days Per Week) l Ycnr~.f5.20
Dallr, Six Months--.. ? 2.00
Dally, Throo Months-..?...? ..... 1.80
Dally, Tlireo Da}* Por Wook-.-.... 0.00
Dally* Two Day* Por Woolc-....?.. 2.00
Dally, Ono Month-.?..................... .45
Weekly, Ono Year, In Advance? 1.00
Weekly, Six Months.?-.. ? .00
by carriers In Wheeling and adjacent
towns at 10 cents per week.
Persons wishing to subscrlbo to THE
by sending In their orders to tno intclllgenccr
ofllco on postal cards or
otherwise. They will bo punctually
served by carriers.
Tributes of Restfcct and Obituary Notices
BO cents per Inch.
Corre8pond?nce containing Important
news solicited from every part of the
surrounding country.
Rejected communications will not be returned
unless accompanied by sulllclent
(The INTELLIGENCER, embracing Its
several editions, Is entered In the PostoDlce
at Wheeling, W. Vu., as secondclass
Editorial Room.. ....823 I Conntlnf Roots. 822
For President.
william Mckinley,
" Of Ohio.
* . For Vice President,
Of New York.
At Large.
Of Marshall County.
Of Kanawha County.
First District,
O. W. O. HARDMAN, of Tyler Co
' Second District, ?
N. G. KEIM. of Randolph Co.
Third Districts
J. L. BEURY, of Fayette Co.
Fourth District,
T. B. McCLURE, of Wayne Co.
First District,
B. B. DOVENER, or Ohio Co.
. .-Second District
ALSTON G. DAYTON, of Barbour Co.
Third District.
JOSEPH H. GAINES, of Kanawha Co.
Fourth District,
JAMES A. HUGHES, of Cabell Co.
For Governor,
ALBERT li. WHITE, of Wood Co.
For Auditor.
ARNOLD C. SCHERR. of Mineral Co.
For Treasurer.
PETER SILMAN. of Kanawlia Co.
For Supt. of Schools,
T. C. MILLER, of Marlon Co.
For Attorney General.
JIOMEO it. FREEH, of mtclllc Co.
Judges Supreme Court,
State Senate,
Of Brooke County.
House of Delegates,
SherlfT?D. H. TAYLOR.
Prosecuting Att'y?FRANK W. NESRITT.
Assessor (City)?ADDISON ISRAEL
Assessor (Country)?LESTER SMITH.
County Surveyor-ROBERT 11AZ LETT.
Tho Debs Movement.
Just what the promoters of the Dobs
movement expect to accomplish In thin
county Is hard to Imagine. It Is said
that already three-fourths of the nam*8
required to place his name on the presidential
ticket in this county have been
secured to a petition that is being circulated.
It Is claimed that Mr. Debs
holds views thut are peculiarly attractive
to the worklngtnan, and many
point with pride to his record as a
martyr for the cause because of the Just
punishment inflicted upon him for the
course he pursued 'in the celebrated
Pullman strike in defying the legal au
If the worklngmen think that an agitator
of this character la helpful to their
guild their eyeH will soon be opened tn
the great mistake they are making. Ar
ho ntands to-day, Mr. Dob? represents
only a distraction from the Important
Issues at stake, and his candidacy purtakes
of nothing less than a Bryanlto
side show to catch the Ill-Informed
voter through appeals to prejudice and
the propagation of hatred against organized
The Morning Perversion.
The Intelligencer could have told Major
Norton In addressing himself to the
IU'Klster. and exoectlntf fair and Iinnar
tlal treatment, that ho was laying a. decidedly
flattering unction to his soul.
Every person who has had any experl- ;
encc of like character with that paper
will testify that you cannot dynamite a
single chunk of fairness or common
courtesy out of it. In fact, you might
as well expect to gather Hks of thorns
and grapes of tlilsfles. It has made this
record in this communlty.and, to be fair
with It, consistency In this line has
marked a course In strange contrast
with its Inconsistency in others.
We do not know what sort of a constituency
It caters to that can swallow,
without fofne Indications of nausea, the
many Klarlng casea of garbling It hnn
been convicted of, and its vicious ad
hercnce to a misstatement win
oncu It appears In Its co
umns. The most profoui
silence Is a better aud more elbquei
answer to Its perversions than columi
of correction and argument, MnJ
Norton or no other writer can ever e
pect to obtain a categorical arisw
from Its stultified columns. In anoth
column of this Issue the major pays h
parting compliments to the esteemt
Morning Perversion.
Croker the Imperialist.
If there Is any greater Imperialist
the United States than Richard Crokt
of New York, we should like to ha
him pointed out. He rules the Dem
crqcy of New-York state with an Intc
erant hand, and Incidentally he exteni
ed the sway of his Imperial power
Kansas City and saved Bryan by for
lng the adoption of the free silver plai
In the platform of the Democratic n
tlonal convention. Thus Croker stan
close to Bryan, however objectlonat
that political propinquity may be to tl
apostle of calamity. Croker former
ruled In New York city alone but tli
year'he has become an "expanslonl3
and has incorporated the whole sla
under his despotism. If New Yoi
state goes for Bryan it will be pure
and simply Croker's victory,and as wi
thi>. hnAH nf Tamnwnv W?ill thr> snni
always boloni* to the victor, therefor
he will be closer than ever to Bryan.
In speaking of this state of affairs ax
the contingency of Bryan's election, tl
Democratic New York Staats Zeltur
says "Jie will be before the national ai
ministration the representative of tl
New York Democracy, and as such w
have the distribution of the patronas
Of that no doubt is possible, and Just:
every voter must clearly understai
that through every vote cast for Bry;
In the state of New York Croker*s mlgi
will be lncreas?d. Many will decide
take this in the bargain, but tin
should do it wittingly.
Croker's ostentatiously displayed e:
pectatlon of victory Is surely nothli
but a pretence,for effect. While It w
produce no results In this state, who
the man Is known, there may be a bell
that It will help the Democratic cond
dates in the west. It may be confide
ed of advantage by the campaign mai
agers, to create the Impression In othi
doubtful states that Bryan has a pro
nect of securing the electoral votes 1
New York, but they themselves c?i
hardly believe It. Since William J. Br;
an In his letter of acceptance has aga
openly defended and demanded fri
coinage, since through various utte
anccs he has demonstrated that In rels
tlon to this question he Is always tl
same Incorrigible and confused fanali
there Is no further hope for him her
The east Is too conservative and thlnl
too clearly to give a majority to a m:
who Is worse than Ignorant as to ecoi
oinlc questions and In obedience to h
deranged views would use the flrst o|
portunlty to pre'clpitatc a frlghtf
Bryan's Cabinet.
Mr. Bryan has taken extraordlnai
pains to deny that he has promised ar
man a position in the cabinet he wou
form in case of his election, declarlr
that he is entirely free and untramme
ed to carry out his policies without sul
milting to dictation from any single li
rllvMnnl nlncc ne xlllTnnw "U"Villi. M
Bryan may make these statements wl
perfect truthfulness, still the major!
of the people cannot believe that he w
be able to act In such an independei
manner should he be elected. In tl
first place he owes much to Towne fi
withdrawing from the Populist tJckc
Towne Is a rampant free sllverlte, at
would have the Mucking of the sllvi
trust and the Populists, and we do ni
see how he could get out of appolntlr
him secretary of the treasury. He ow?
much to Altgeld, the anarchist, who wi
largely instrumental In securing h
nomination In 189C, and who is by od<
the brainiest man In the cabal of tl
malcontents sailing under the name <
Democracy. He mu3t do something fi
him, and he could do no less than ma!
his secretary of state.
Then comes Tillman, the southei
fire-eater and red-shirt rider, who wou
in all likelihood be ensconced In the a
torney general's olllce, with Popull
Allen, of Nebraska, as secretary of wj
?for surely the Populist contlnge1
must be handsomely cared for. 1
West "Virginia we have a modi*hi stl<
of Demo-Populist timber that would 1
moat favorably conrfldered for cabin
furniture, and which would be suacept
ble of a high polish?Col. John T. M
Graw ,the eminent "Knight of the Pu
pie Pencil." He could be propped up
the postmaster general's chair, or son
place, "equally as good." Other nami
could be mentioned, including some <
the Ice trust Tummanyltes, wl
surely would not allow ar
fattening at the public cr
unless they got some of the usi
fruct. And It Is possible that our spa
modlc "llb-er-tay" shrleker, Web Davl
might crawl In under the canvass.
These are some of the most promlnei
people who are howling for "Bryan
election, and whnt a delightful list It
to contemplate, consisting of revolt
llonlsts, anarchists, malcontents, fri
traders and goodness knows what no
Will the American people vote to pi
In power such a horde of destructloi
Ists? Bryan, If elected, could not lie
himself, as he Is bound hand and foi
by tlicso discordant politcal elements.
A Libel on West Virginia.
To u correspondent of the Clnclnna
Enquirer, Vice Chairman Stone, of tl
Democratic national committee, unbo
umed himself as follows ubout Wc
"Wc shall carry Maryland and Wc
Vlrglna beyond a doubt, unless the Rj
publican* succeed In colonizing thcr
Hut lots of the minors arc bflng hui
tied into those states under vnrlot
[ rctenws, and there Is no doubi:>that ti
Kcpuoiiruns win aucmpi nonic wnoi<
pale colonization in Went Vlrglnl
Voters will bo taken Into the Htate fro
1'cnr.flylvaiila, Virginia and the noigl
borhooU of Washington. I have no li
toutlon of goliiK down thorp, but if
wore there I would use a shotgun ?
iiny other meaiiH to stop that sort ?
To say nothing of the unmerited,a
tnck on the laboring men of till* stat
the shotgun threat of Vice Chalrinti
Stone* place* him on a decidedly lo
level of political morality. The vl<
chairman hati evidently been Htuff;
/ ,.i-J
?n with some of the fireside legends of Co!
>1- McGraw.the national committeeman fo
id West Virginia, who has used his colonl
nt ration ghost stories t6 frighten the na
nx tlonal committee Into helping him carr
or the legislature. There Is no colonlxa
x- tion In West Virginia for the purpose
er stated by Mr. Stone. West Virginia ha
er been undergoing a wohderful develop
Is msnt since the abrogation of the Wll
i"J son-Gorman free trade bill, the heavies
development being in the opening o
coal .mines. All the men brought lr.t
this state are brought here to wor>
in Those who have been here long enoug
;r, to become qualified voters will vote 1
vc- splto of Mr.-Stone's "shotgun threai
o- Perhaps the vice chairman doesn't reul
,1- Ize that West Vinrlnfa Is not aulte fu
j. enough south to practice Tillman tac
lo tlca on.
c- The. only crime upon the ballot w
have Jo fear in this state will be th
n- methods employed In "McGraw's bom
ja county, where the purple pencil wa
tie used by-the creature3 of this stat^sma
he who haa a pernlcloua longing to can
ly the legislature thia year for his ow
ils pergonal aggrandizement.
to . business and Labor Interested.
The preaeut campaign Is of aa vita
Iy interest to the business men and th
th map who works for wages aa was th
1,3 campaign of 1S96 when sound money,
dollar worth 100 cents.was the domlnan
Issue. These conditions suggest th
ld propriety of the formation of bualnes
men's clubs, and of workingmen's clubj
all men who labor and do not want t
bo paid for theft* toll In 50 cent dollar;
j*? Better still, why not arrange for a mon
ster parade of employer and employe
such as we had in Wheeling a few day
s? before the election four yeara ago, who:
1 the capitalist and the day laborer, th
J" mill owner and workman touched el
lt bows In one of the most remarkabl
processions ever wlrneased in this cltji
That parade.undoubtedly,wielded mor
lmiuence man ait tne speecnes maue 11
!C" the campaign. If the employer take
jjj an Interest In these matters he will se
the employe to thinking. It Is Ume fo
rL' a show of hands, and men should not U
c ashamed of their honest conviction.1
The enemy of business and Industry I
r" perniciously active preaching the sam
ll~ Insidious demagoglsm that the evangel
er of free silver and free trade wer
s" spreading in 1S96. Let us by all means
0 therefore, have a demonstration of bus
n in ess and labor Interests against th
J'" elevation to power of a man who wouSi
n cripple. If not destroy both.
Pulton Smells.
zq The citizens of Fulton are complain
c, Ing of the pollution of the creek, glvinj
o. off obnoxious odors that smell to hlgl
n*s heaven. There Is no doubt that ou
m neighbors have Just cause for com
[i- plaint, for the noisomeness they com
13 plain of is wafted down the creek to th
[7- Inhabitants of the eastern section o
ul this city. It seems that no authorlt:
can be found In Fulton or the county t<
abate this menace to health, and th<
only remedy the Intelligencer sees fo
ry the t-alvation of the Fultonltes Is to an
jy nex themselves to Wheeling, then th<
Id health authorities of 'this city woul.
jg make short work of the matter.
1- As a matter of fact It would bo mucl
[>- better for Fulton were she merged lnt<
i. the chy. She already obtains watrv
r. from us, but in the case of annexatloi
th she would enjoy many'more privilege:
ty and conveniences, better Are protection
ill the better lighting of her streets and de
nt cidedly much better sanitation. Bette
le come In out of the?not wet, but th
ar smells.
:d Hon. T. R. Carskadon, the Prohibltlo:
er candidate for governor of West Vlr
ot glnla, semis the Intelligencer a length'
Jg challenge addressed to Senator Klkit.:
es and Hon. A. B. White, for a discusjJoi
is of questions arising out of the claims o
is the Prohibition party. The Intelllgen
Is cer respectfully declines, to publish th;
ie challenge, however much it would Ilk
of to accommodate Its quondam Rcpubli
ai" can friend. Nevertheless It gives pub
llclty to the desire on Mr. Carskadon';
part to meet Messrs. Elklns and Whili
rn on the stump. The questions the Pro
Id hlbtlon candidate would like to discus:
t- are abstract ones, and bear no relcvancj
sc whatever to the more momentous pollt;
ii" cal issues at stake. Such a debar
nt would only be a distraction without an:
tn tangible results. Mr. Carskadon know,
'k this himself.
30 *am
If the people of Colorado think the:
I" can silence Governor Roosevelt by tin
c" tactics employed by toughs at Victor, 01
r" Wednesday, they 'will 11 nd they hav<
'n run up against the "real thing" in com
1 - bativeness. In the meantime the Intel
es Jlgencer wishes to give Mr. Bryan du'
credit for vigorously and manfully re
10 buklng the methods of the tough In poll
y tics. It also acknowledges his gracefu
ll) action In requesting his political friends
to remove his picture from the window!
s" In Nebraska City during Governo
iS? Roosevelt's visit to that place.
To stiffen his backbone Bryan IncklCt
s the starch trust the other day. Whj
does he not try his hand on th Itouiu
lr Cotton Bale, the Silver and the lei
L'e trusts In which his near and dear pollt!
cal friends are Interested?
'* The West Virginia Democracy In
\ virtually abandoned Holt and Bryai
and Is now concentrating all Its effort:
on the legislature. The party Is badlj
Because a wholly discredited and par
-(tul oourt has convicted Howard of th
, murder of William Gocbel, It is no slgi
that he Is guilty of the crltno charged.
. Bryan's shifting from his parninoun
n issue of "Imperialism" to trusts showi
that he realizes the desperate charade]
|H. of the situation.
Next month, and it Is only a few d.iyi
^ ofT, will see considerable awakening it
m campaign matters In this section,
l- It
has now reached that point wltl
I the Hepubllcans of West Virginia whoi
)r it Is only a matter uf majority.
>f ??
The Joint debates between Judge Hull
t- aiid Hon. A. 11. White begin next week
t.% when the fur will lly.
in ?
w "Blackberry Dumpling" Holt Is meet
:tt ing with a frout in many sections of tin
d statu
r It la again reported that Mr. Grovei
Cleveland Is going to'flop: Look out foi
" the splash.?Btuefleld Telegraph.
y The real object of the "Kanawha Bal
lot" Is not the defeat of the county tickx
et no much as the defeat of a Repnblla
can senator. The cry about a fraudulent
primary and this false cry In favoi
" of a new primary, which they nevei
- asked for and don't want. Is all a subt
terfuge.?Charleston Mall-Tribune.
f Gen. Fltzhugh Lee expressed the opinion
In Richmond that the troops cannot
be withdrawn from the Phlllpplnes and
other newly acquired possessions unjtl!
Ii peace has been Anally established. The
n general was disposed to combat tlu
suggestion that in the event of Mr
Bryan's election his policy would be tc
- withdraw the troops In the Philippines
r Virginia Free Press.
A. B. While, Republican nominee foi
governor. Is making a clean manly canvass
of the state in his Interests. He li
c an honest, upright gentleman and nc
e Democrat will ever have cause to bt
e ashamed of the act If he votes for
g White. Holt Is the corporation candidate,
and the Democrats need not deny
n It. White Is the candidate of the comy
mon people, the farmer and the laboring
n man.?Mountuln Messenger.
Hon. M. D. Post, the author-orator ol
Wheeling, spoke to a small and listless
audience at Democratic headquarters,
the Olston opera house, last night. The
. speech was virtually a repetition of the
unsound doctrine with which Democra0
cy ls aiming, with little hope of success,
e to deceive the prospering people of the
a McKlnley regime. West Virginia Is
t not a receptive state for Democratic
balderdash, and of this fact the Hon.
e Mr. Post was given evidence last nigh I
s In the apathy of his auditors.?Tyler
County Republican.
A strong man without confidence la
s Perseverance often accomplishes more
n than power.
e It ill-becomes the dwarf to ridiculc
. the glanL
e A wise man never gives up a sure
, thing for an uncertainty.
' Good advice is often suspected when
w given by a disinterested person.
a Shut the door In the race of nature
8 and she will come in at the window.
1 Many a man's good name isn't j;ood
r for a pound of sugar at the corner tfroeery.
5> He who looks with contempt on the
' pursuit of farmers is unworthy of a
place on earth.
I? Partial payments puzzle the school
3 boy, and the older he gets the more
e they worry him.
5, It doesn't necessarily improve the
. morals of the bookkeeper when he turns
B over a new leaf.
, The youth who Is ashamed of his
father's business Jsn't ushamed to
squander the coin the old man made
out of Jt.
The man who Is always telling you
that the coat doesn't make the man is
- the first to crtlcise an ill-fitting gar5
!i When you hear a woman boast that
r she is going to marry a man to reform
him, the chances are she was unable to
get a man that didn't need reforming.?
- Chicago News.
3 After the Lord had made Eve, he
probably wished he had let well enough
e alone.
1 The average woman can never under
stand why men don't ever seem to :ieed
e hat pins.
J A pessimist is a man who believes
that if other people aren't as miserable
as he is, they ought to be made to be.
When you see a man with the ends
3 of his mustache twisted up with a hot
" iron, you may be sure he isn't married
1 yet.
a Before a woman gets married she has
an idea that it is almost as hard to
' .manage a man as It is to work a but
' tbnhole.?New York Press,
r ? ?.
How He Got to Heaven.
Slstersville Oil Review: Park's fine
doggie Is dead. He had loafed around
i a restaurant so long he had acquired
that sort of tired feeling movement so
>' prevalent around restaurants, and so
s was too slow to Ret out of the way of a
: train, but now he is an angel In dog
f heaven.
Dying of Inanition.
P.altlmore American: At this moment
untl-lniperlallsm Is dying of Inanition.
By election day It will be unnble to
a summon a decent burial party, and the
election will be decided upon the Issue
' of free silver, the only one In this cam*
pa Inn about which men may honestly
? differ.
y . ?
A Sneaking Act.
i Aiuboh ootiom correspondence or Rai.
venswood News: By the way. our old
bachelor friend, Hlratn Wheaton
3 sneokod off up the river recently wd
took unto himself a helpmate. We wish
them much happiness.
The Source of Supply.
i Chicago Record: European nations
, were obliged to rome here to borrow
" money because they found they were
not getting it rapidly enough through
- the marriage of their subjects to Amtr.
lean girls.
An Omission by Joe Bailey.
1 Kansas City Journal: The Hon. .Toe
Bailey has not yet risen to say that government
aid for the Galveston sufferers
5 Is unconstitutional.
r ?
A Hint to Mr. Bryan.
Washington Post (ind.): If the gen1
tlemen continue to add ta the para.
mount Issues they may confuse Mr. Agj
"My Country"?Bryan Version.
Poor country, 'tis of tlice,
So full of misery.
Of thee 1 sing!
Land where the l>o^t Is bad.
hand where we're all so sad,
l . Let nie reign, and be glad.
, Thou poor old thing!
0 luckless land, to-day,
'Neath hateful plenty's swnv.
I weep for then!
How run m?ni rare for what
1 hoy re promised or they've cot
Ah lowr as UiIiik?: are not
All run by me?
JPoor ltlrllaplnoo of our Hires,
'1 hey re nil Infernal liars
Who dare to :miv
Thy doom Is not ?t hand'
t Gloom spreailn o>r all the land\on
hear me shouting, and
i'm here to ?tay!
- ?Chlcairo Tlmes-HeraM.
Rheumatism Cured in a Day.
"Mystic Cure" for Rheumatism nnd
Neuralgia radically cures In 1 to 3 days
i Its action upon the system Ik remnrkn?
bio nnd mysterious. It removes at once
the cause and the iliunnu..
disappears. The llrst dose greatly beni
eflt?. 7o cents. So!d by H. H. List
, 1010 Main street, Chns. MenkempJler'
corner Market and Twenty-second
PtrcotB. dniKchts. nnv&f
' SOME lltislriess Schools consider *2.50
t to $4.00 per wwk Kood salaries-It Is
probably all thoy are worth?the ELLIOTT
SCHOOL rates ItH stndents much
higher, and the oalarles they an? drawlug
prow their worth. Yoircau com.
mand butter salaries by attending the
J31S Market street.
"I can truthful!
: say, Dr. Pierce's med
icines did me mor
: good than all I hai
: ever taken before."
. The* are words of Mr. 0. \
Copcnharer, of Mount Union, Huntin,
den Co., Pa. He ?ay? further:
L "About twelve year* ago I *u rod den
i taken with pain in the pit of the rtomai
which was to violent I ?
1 could not walk straight
I consulted a phjrtlban tSjjW
i and he told ?ae I. hud a jPtJJy
form of dyspepsia. und /Vrkihr/V-N
, treated tne six month*
with but little benefit. I
theu tried another phy- /^SV^al P
aiciau and he told me my i S*M{
livrr was out at order amipjMffu/l y
that I had Indigestion. butQf1 |Mu V
he didn't cure rue. I thenW,jttf//iWiyjp Jlgf*
1 tried another one who *ald |!1|'Jf//y/, 0?MA> x
I had chronic indiRtrtion. FtxQlflu1'
?flcrration of the lining or XOlfi
U>c stouiach. torpid liver VUial
ana Kidney snecuon. He
treated me for more than I ram/jy <fjn n
a year. I then took several fl W/yfl ilIII B
widely advertised patent fj jh|/7/U Jj u U
medicines, hut received no II ftj B //////}- |
more than temporary re- U Ml/I 7//// H
lief while u?5ng. I then B ffjff }( Li II
tried Doctor Picrce's medi- u ffil '/ U
dnes, using his 'Colden Ij /jfllJ 21 H
Medical Discovcrv/ and H ml U
the Pleasant PclteU,' and 0 '/ I
In two months' time I was jj QfiV f I
feeling better than I had Jj riff Vrfph. !
for years before." ? U
The "Golden Medical Discovery " is tl
moflt effective blood purifier and gcrmicid
timt modern medical science has produce*
It at oncc neutralizes the poisonous, fe
mentcd matter in the stomach, liver an
bowels, and as soon as this is removed I
the action of the " Pellets " it soothes tt
, in flammed membranes of these organ
putting them into healthy condition 1
absorb the nutritive elements of the foot
It aids and stimulates the action of tl:
digestive fluids of the body and is absorb*
1 into the blood along with the food. It ei
riches the blood, fillintr it wilh
strength-giving- properties. It product
sound, healthy fle%b?muscle^ow can wot
vrith. It is a safe medicine. It coutair
no whisky, alcohol, sujjar or syrup. It doi
not create a craving for liquor.
The maker must find a taker.
Good will preceded good trade.
Blessed Is that country whose defen
era are patriots.
Nothing wins In this world like Indu
i try supplemented by character.
Industry and character win In evci
contest and triumph In eery Held.
There Is no use In making a produ
If you cannot find somebody to tnk<*
Commerce Is a teacher and paclfllca
or. It gives mankind knowledge oi 01
God bless every undertaking whl<
revives patriotism and rebukes the li
different and lawless.
You will not employ labor to vnnl
a product unless you can And a buy
for that product after you have made
After home, our first concern Is com
try, and our country, with Its splend
Institutions and Its great possibilities,
. safe so long as virtue resides In il
home and patriotism abides In tl
hearts of the people.
God bless the school children of Amc
lea, and guide them to intelligence ar
virtue and morality and patriotism: at
with these elements dominating our el
Izenshlp, our Institutions nre safe ar
our republic will be glorious forever.
We cannot exalt patriotism too hl?jl
we cannot too much encourage love
country; for, my fellow citizens, as lot
as patriotism exists In the hearts of tl
American people, so long will 01
matchless Institutions be sccure at
Bpeclal Dispatch to the IntelUcencfr.
CHARLES-TOWN, W. Va., Sept. 2
?Mary Jessie Moore, daughter of M
and.Mrs. Boeteler Moore, was tnarric
yesterday at Halltown to Mr. Prestc
R. Millard, a merchant of Bakertow:
W. Va. The ceremony was perform?
by Rev. A. C. Hopkins, D. D., <
Charles-Town. Misses Lulu and Flo:
ence, sisters of the bride, served i
lirli?rsmji/f!s. The ron'mnnv w:i? fn
lowed by a wedding breakfast, aftt
which the couple left for a tour of Nia?
ara and northern cities. Upon their r<
turn they will take up their resident
at Bakertown.
Ellis Glenn Trial Postponed.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
PARKERSBURG, \V. Va.. Sept. 27.Ellis
Glenn's trial was postponed t<
day until October 15, pending the tal
Ing of Important depositions at Lyncl
burg and Hannibal, Missouri.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo,
Lucas County ss
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that 1
Is senior partner of the Arm of F.
Cheney & Co., doing business In tl
City of Toledo, County and State afor
said, and that said Arm will pav tl
for each and very case of Catan
that cannot be cured by the use <
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to ^before me and subscribe
In my presence, this 6th day of Decen
ber, A. D., 18SG.
(Seal) A. W. GLEASON,
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Interna
ly. and acts directly on the blood ar
mucous surfaces of the system. Sen
for testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O.
Sold by druggists. 7"?c.
nuns ruiiiiiy 1'IIIS are me DCSC.
THE principal of our Shorthand Di
pavtment is the author of Court Hi
porting Shorthand, the plainest, s!n
plest and easiest learned and wrlttc
system of shorthand in existence. Fu
information at
Corner Main and Twelfth Streets.
Ocean Steamship Tickets
To and from Europe, via all Hubs, ca
bo purchased from T. C. TJurke, Pasi??i
ger and Ticket Agent of the Baltimore
Ohio railroad, who Is also agent for tl
lest of all tours?Raymond & Whitcorc
?to the Paris exposition.
STUDENTS of GropgH Shortlmr
graduate in about four months and I1
good positions as stenographers. Tl
required speed for graduating at tl
Elliott School Is 1U". words. Oth.
schools graduate anywhere from T."?
100 words. ELLIOTT SCHOOL.
131S Market street.
Eay Fever.
We can cite you n number of CUR1<
wo have made In cases of HAY FJ
Tenth and Main Streets.
WE have 200 Stenographers I
Wheeling and vicinity who complete
their course of shorthand and typ:
writing in three to four months, an
s.iuniacuon nnu receive
Kootl ralarlrs from the first. AVe rha
lense any other school to show such r;
Corner Main and Twelfth Streets.
Rough Dry Washed, Starched nil
Dried 5 cents per pound.
Flat Worlc, Washed rtnd Ironed,
centA per pound.
All linnd work finished 10 cent
por pound. At LUTZ BROS'.
Home Stcniu Laundry.
V -*TrANTEi>-A good Jotin. tailor!
VV Cull at 1416 Market street, q ^
- e van a. Uhrtchiyllle, Ohio. >0.
8 >V Slate Roofers. C. KD. 8CHKKKR.
LEIN. W Zane street. Telephone *3.
* RED F I R E l
Free from sulphur, burn* brilliantly, ?R%.
does not emit any unpleasant odor. Prepared
& R. H. LIST, 1010 Main St.
Lime Juice.
.Rore's prepared West India
Lime Juice (unsweetened).
^ New packlns of fat auj
y Julc? Salmon Steak
you. Wo*Issue more accident policies
than any other, similar company in the
world, because wc Ihsuc tho mosUnonuhr
I and cheapest Insurance written. One dol".
Inr a year pays for a 5300 policy; oth'r
amounts in proportion. So nnst'ssm-:nt*
or dues. Death benefits weekly Indemnity
free ir.eillcal attendance; many, other .rljl
lnal and popular features. Klther m?x l*.
| tween 10 ami C yearn. 5100,000 dcpo.-<lt?d
with.New York Insurance Department
protects policy holders under our sytM^m.
All claims promptly and liberally settled,
ie Write for application blank. Reliable ron.
resentatlve.s wanted everywhere. TIfn
1S3 Droadway. New York, sq?
* ....FOR SALE....
STOCK.? ??.
^ Wheeling Steel
d & Iron Company*
- >
jj Industrial stocks "bought and sold
? direct on New York Stock Exchange.
A two-story frame of C rcoms, bath
, room and laundry, both panes- lot 20 loet
II" front, at a special bargain for a nhort
M_ A two-story frame of eight rooms, Lath
and laundry; lot Is 41 foot front. Will
sell you this property for Ions thnn It roxi
ry to build the house. and make you a prosent
of the lot. which Is worth nearly two
thousand dnllnr*.
fl A two-story frame of 10 rooms, hath
It. J room, laundry, river front lot. nt a liarK'tln.
Will pay you lo% as an Investment.
e THEO. W. FINK & CO.,
rh No. 1103 Market Street. .
^ of the Hamburg-Amoricnn Line
Id to the ,West Indies and the
Is Spanish Main, by the Twin
lie Screw Cruising Yacht Princesshe
in Victoria Louise, leaving
New York January 20, 1901.
r" For particulars call at
,d 2217 Market Street
^ Seasonable.
jrb! ^as Ranges.
"i . LiJ Gas Heating Stoves.
I "I" I PnKhpr fiao Tnhln/t
?! Coal Ranges.
*1 Coal Cook Stoves.
>. rj?! Coal Heating Stoves.
I2IO Main Street.
1 j fc
A Boon lo Novel Readers.
lH We have secured 500;Appleton's
BRARY," paper novels, publishj.
er's retail price 50c. This lot is ;j
j. shelf worn, but clean.-and com":e
plcte. j
WILL i ?
? Wheeling, " Old City...;..
>- W. Va Book Store.
Lot on North Front street.
A number of desirable building lota on
the Wheeling & Elm Grove motor lino.
A desirable brick dwelling ' at No. 2J
Thirteenth street.
ie .Business property on Main street.
J. Mrs. Lamb's residence at Echo Point. A
10 rare opportunity to secure a home.
t?_ No. -1071 Jacob street, a desirable modern
p dwelling; very cheap.
h No. 7S?t Fourteenth St.. brick dwelling
From October 1 to April 1, 1901. a desirable
residence In the country?furnished.
No. 120$ Main street, store room.
Room 1 City Bank Building. Wheeling.
id Wheeling Steel & Iron Co.
id Wheeling & Belmont Bridgo Co.
Wheeling Bridge Co.
Wheeling Pottery Co.
Riverside Pottery Co.
A few choice 5 per cont first mort
- gage Donas.
16 JJnt. Exchange_Bank Bldg.
"When Greek Aieets Greek"
trouble begins, but
tJVSi when a man meett ft
w rr.Tv shirt, collar or cuf!
1- Jxjss dono up at the White
& <WvSwan Laundry he
10 knows that all of his
ib troubles In finding
the rlcht *pot to
'.\\ S^//M have his linen done
yyvfnlj up have ceasod. for
id * - . . you can't mutrh the
,, work' done hen' In
M this town. Lnundry
l~ work Is our hu?lno?s. and we. make It
to our buv'.nesK to do work wtieh as no other
laundry can compete with.
Telephone 500. 30-32 Tenth SU
r. k. diKUUiJiaa, rrop.
Style Outside
J Con.fort Inside
Made In nil hrst Irnther*. Rox
Calf, Vici Kid, Genuine Kangaroo
and Velour Calf it
s AUKUM |\ Carl. 37?r JtcuhSt.
V I Prompt Completion uf Ordrn At It*
lntclUsciircr Jul) Wn.tlnc OBlc*.

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