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Actually Exists In tha Philippines,
Says Judge Advocate General.
Attempted to Deceive the American
People In Citing a Pretended "Decision"?Nothing
More Than tho
i Infamous Dred Scott Case-?True to
Democratic Principles, Mr. Bill
Also Garbled an Important SenHenfe?Doctrine
Framod as Safeguard
to Human Slavery.
To tho Editor of tho Intclllgcncer.
oiui?ivmuiy puousn the - following
article from the New York Sun of September
28, as the only reply I have to
moke to tho Register In Its attempt to
establish the "unconstitutionality" of
the acts of the administration In executing
the laws of Congress providing
for the annexation of Porto Rico and In
accepting the sovereignty of the Philippine
glands under the treaty of Paris.
.In Its article to-day the Register says:
That proposition is absurd and Is easily
' disproved. Quite recently several
officers-of the army serving In' the
Philippines were dismissed from the
army , by sentence of general courtmartial,
the proceedings and findings
of which were approved only by General
Otis as the commander of the military
division, of the Pacific, without
hiLVino* lipon submittal tr> V</*
for review and lipal action.. Those dismissed
ofllcers appealed for reinstatement
on the ground that the law did
not Invest General Otis with power to
dismiss an officer except in time of
war. The judge advocate general of
the army rejected their appeal and decided
there was a STATE OF WAR,
and that General Otis exercised his
lawful authority. So that question is
disposed of. As a common sense proposition,
I would ask If the contention of
the Register:1b correct, how the American
people would like the kind of
"PEACE" now prevailing In those Islands?
' In quoting, the decision of the
supreme court in (19 Howard, 393-447),
the Register reflects the legal Ion* of
Senator David 13. Hill, who In- his
profound researches unearthed the Infamous
Prod Scott decision.' and this Is
what the'New York Sun has to say
about it: .
Ex-Senator^ Hill Resorts to the Drad
Scott Game. j
Mr. Hill is a lawyer us wpII ns n nn. I
lltlclan, and It is to his shame as a
lawyer not less than to his discredit as
a politician that he should have attempted
deliberately, in his Elmlra
spcech, to deceive the citizens who
were Ustnelng to him when he cited a
pretended "decision" of the supreme
court of the United States a*i a bar to
national expansion.
Mr. Hill said at Elmlra:
"Third?There Is no place for American
? colonics under our Constitution.
"The supremo court of tho United
States has already decided the constitutional
question involved, and held (19
Howard, 323-417) that 'there Is no power
given ,by the constitution to establish or
maintain colonics, bordering?n the United
States or at a distance, to be ruled und
governed at Its own pleasure.' "
We observe that this pretended "decision"
Is.being paraded exultlngly In
certain quarters, as If it were a new
contribution to the case of the . antiexpansionists.
discovered by Mr. Hill's
persbnal researches and conclusive as
to the question involved. The World,
for example, halls the "decision" as
"impressive," and likewise as putting
"the ofiicial stamp of illegality upon
the administration's Philippine and
Porto Rico performances."
Democratic Position Sustained.
Continuing, Mr. llill spoke of the passage
:quofed by ; him from 19 Howard,
393-447, as "the time-honored decision
of that high tribunal expressly sustaining
the Democratic position in this
campaign In reference to the unconstitutionality
of American colonial governments."
Few and perhaps none of Mr. Hill's
hearers at Elmlra knew what he himself
knew perfectly well, namely, the
title of the case on which was render
ed the opinion from which he cited the
alleged "conclusive decision." It is'almost
enough answer to Mr. Hill to
mention the title which he suppressed
with dishonest Intent. The cast? reported
in 10 Howard, 393-447, is Scott
against Stanford, hotter known to fume
or Infamy as the Dred Scott case. The
opinion Is the notorious opinion rendered
in the slave-holding interests by
Chief Justice Taney; the opinion of
which Senator Spooner once remarked
in the senate that It sounded like "a
briof for African slavery."
Crime Against Truth.
Mr. Hill's crime against truth did not
end with his suppression of the* name
A druggist in Macon, Ga., says: "I
have sold a large quantity of Mother*o
Friend, and have never known an instance
where it has failed to produce the
good results claimed for it. All women
agree that it makes labor shorler and less
Mother's FrieocS
(s not a chance remedy. Its Rood effects
nrc readily experienced by all expectant
mothers who use it. Years ago it passed
the experimental stage. While it always
shortens labor and lessens the pains of
delivery. It is also of the greatest benefit
during tnc earlier months of pregnancy.
Morning sickness and nervousness arc
readily overcome, and the liniment relaxes
the strained muscles, permitting thorn to
expand without causinfjdistrcBs. Mother's
Friend Rives gri*! recuperative power to
tho mother, and Ifcr recovery is sure and
rapid. Danger from rising and swelled
breasts is done away with completely.
Bold by drugsUti for SI n bottlr,
tad for d<a Utt illutiiiu J buck for ? mctant mother*.
of the case. lie garbled the sentence"
which he quoted; cutting off Taney's
further denial that the government of
the United States possessed any power
"to enlarge Its territorial limits In any
way, except by tho admission of new
states." . The clause of the sentence
which Mr. Hill omitted to quote did not
suit his purpose. It would have rendered
ridiculous the part of the sentence
which he did quote.
Tho third aspect of Mr. Hill's offense
against professional ethics Is the most
disgraceful. He offered as a "decision,"
"conclusive" as to the constitutional
question Involved, what waB In fact
merely a dictum. The real point In
Judgment In the Dred Scott case was
the exclusive right of Missouri to determine
and regulate the status of persons
within .her territory, and all beyond
that was obiter.
Guard to Human Slavery.
Chlaf JuBtlce Taney's elaborate doetrine
that tho authority of the United
States to acquire territory Is derived
solely from the constitutional power to
create and admit new states, was
framed specially to safe-guard the institution
of human slavery. In no other
caso ever before'that tribunal has the
doctrine been advanced. It was In
contravention of numerous prior declarations
from the same exalted bench,
and has bqen Ignored and repudlated'ln
numerous decisions since the Dred
Scott case.
What shall we think of a lawyer of
distinction and a politician of experlcnco
who goes on the atump to practice, ,
In behalf of.a political cause which he i
hates at heart, a trick so clumsy, so dishonorable
and so easily exposed?
In the greatest war of modern times
that so-called "decision" rendered In
support or the preservation and extension
of human slavery In this republic
was shot to death by the loyal and 11berty-lovlng
soldiers of the United
States'. T. H. NORTON.
In Tuclcor County by Hon. V. B.
Dolliver?Rough Rider Club Out.
Several Hundred Listened to the
Gifted Orator.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
PARSONS. W. Va., Sept. 29.-One of
the largest political meetings ever
known at this place was held here on
last Wednesday night. The meeting
was addressed by Hon. Victor B. Dolliver.
of Iowa, brother of Senator Dolliver.
The new court house was filled
to overflowing, and the audience was
estimated to be anywhere from T>00 to
700. The Rough Rider Republican
Club of this place formed In line about
7 o'clock, and went to the depot to meet
the Douglass band. After the arrival
of the band (he speaker was driven In
a carriage to the oourt house, followed
by the club In a torch-light procession.
The speaker was Introduced by
T..M. Austin, who was'made chairman
of the meeting. The meeting was one
or mo most attentive and entnusiastic
that'it has been our pleasure to -witness
for many a day. The speaker
defined the issues of the day In a. clear
and masterly manner that admitted of
no\ dispute, and* was greeted by frequent
bursts of applause. Mr. Dolllver,
as an orator, has but few equals,
and any one who failed to hear his
speech missed a great treat. Taking
it all In all it was one of the most enthusiastic
meetings that was ever held
in the town of Parsons by any political
party, and far exceeded his meeting
at Elklns the night before in size,
enthusiasm and attention.
The court house was beautifully deeorated,
and the committee, the Rough
Rider Club and the audience tendered
their thanks to the ladles and gentlemen
who so tastefully and artistically
decorated the court room for the occasion.
The Italian band rendered the
best music ever heard In Parsons.
Dismembered Her Husband.
Special Dispatch to the Intclllgcnccr.
PARKERSBURG, \V. Va., Sept. 30.?
F. V. McCafferty, while Intoxicated
yesterday, began, to viciously beat hfa
wuu. iiv uau losL uom legs, anu wears
artificial limbk. Fearing for her life,
his wife with a shrewd blow, knocked
him do\vn, and wrenching off one of his
artificial limb and threw it out of the !
window, thus rendering him helpless,
and then escaped to a neighbor's. McCafferty
was arrested later.
Shot Hi3 Wife in the Back.
Special Dispatch to the Intcllltrcnrcr.
KING WOOD, W. Va., Sept. 30.?
George S. Jenkins, a miner, living at
Newburg, quarreled with his wife, and
while she was standing In the doorway
with her back.to him, he shot her, fatally
wounding her. Jenkins Is In
custody awaiting the arrival of county
olllcers. The woman Is reported dying.
Electric Line in Fayette.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligence!.
HI N TON, W. Va., Sept. 30.?A corps
of civil engineers are now surveying
the proposed route for the electric
railroad from Fayette, on the Chesapeake
& Ohio railroad., to Fayettevllle,
th<* county seat, a distance of two
miles. The road will be built at once
by Baltimore capital.
Smallpox in Summers County.
Bpeclnl Dispatch to tho Intelligencer.
HINTON, W. Va., Sept. 30.-Slx new
cases of smallpox have appeared at
Glen Jean, a mining town, thirty miles
west of this city. Every precaution
1h being taken to prevent the further
spread of tho malady.
Por the Worriment of B. Joel.
Washington Post: Mr. Hanna's activity
In Missouri may pause the- Hon.
Hill Joel Stone some embarrassment
and inconvenience. Perhaps tho Missouri
racket is inspired for this very
Next Thing to It.
Chicago Tlmes-Ilerald: MildredHave
you ever been wooed by a man
In a shirt waist?
Alice?Nq: but once when I was visitlug
one of the museums the bearded
woman tried to flirt with me.
Chicago News: "Anything speclul
bout the political rally last night?"
"Yes, the grand stand didn't break
juruvu -iuuu x iiii
Victim* to stomach, liver and kidney
troubles, uh well as women, and nil
fuel (he result* In Iors of appetite, poisons
In tho blood, backuchc. nervousness,
headache and tired, listless, run-down
feeling. Hut there's no need to feel like
that. Listen to J. \V. (lardner, Idavlile,
In?l. Ho says: "Electric Bitters ure Just
the thing for a man when he Is nil run
down and don't care whither hn lives
or dies. It did more to ?lvo mo new
strength and good nppetlto than anfthlng
I could lake. I can now eat anything
and have a new Icqse on life."
Only CO cents, at Logan Drug Co.'s dru/r
storu. livery bottle guaranteed. 3
- . , s
??$ a day
Swift and Company's Bales for the 312
working days of 1899 aveaged over a
half million dollars a day.
Why buy unknown goods when the
name of Swift guarantees reliability
and highest quality in ever)* Ilam, piece
of Bncon, or pail of lard, bearing the
brand of Swift ?
Swift and Company
| Chicago Kansas City Omaha
j St. Louis St. Joseph St Paul
I Wheeling Branch, 50-54 Sixteenth Btraet
By His Speech in Tuckor County
Name of Agyinaldo Cheered Mor
Thnn the Hag:.
Special Dispatch to tlie Tr.telll^eneor.
PARSON'S. W. Vn.: Snnf. 2fl.?.Tnhn H
Holt, Democratic nominee for governoi
of this state, the defender and eulogls
of Agulnaldo, and the defamer of th<
United States government, has com(
and gone. He had a fair crowd. Hh
coming lost him votes at this place
lie mistook our people for uninformed
unintelligent and. unpatriotic people
I and-tried to cram all kinds of polltlca
I rot down their throats. His speed
might have taken well down In Nortl
| Carolina and other states where the
Democratic p.yty disfranchise the voters
and are given their choice of voting
the Democratic tloket or not voting
1 at all at the point of,a gun, but amonj
free and Independent citizens it had c
bad effect.
He didn't play the fiddle or make
blackbcrry dumplings while here, bui
had he done ho.he would have gotten
more votes this fall.
The name of Agulnaldo'was cheered
more than the starry banner. Ont
Democrat was heard to remark that "1
wish all our soldiers In the Philippines
would be kliled."
Holt flaunted before his hearers "Imperialism","
and said if McICinley were
re-elected he would feel Justified In Increasing
the standing army to slxtyoAt.nn
tlmnn a?a .-1 .U ?* ?
wmcs vnc iivinuiL'u uiuusanu, 01
six million, peven hundred thousand,
He said the Constitution was belnfi
trampled upon and the Declaration of
Independence disregarded. He favors
giving up the Philippines, Porto Rico,
the Hawaiian group and all our other
insular possessions, hauling down the
American flag and coming home like
a whipped cur.
Courting Easy Over There"Well,
ma," writes Leo Rogers from
the Philippines to his mother In Greeley
county, .Kas., "I was just Joking when ]
wrote you I was going to marry one of
thesf beautiful damsels of the Philippine
group'. Nnarly all the boys In my
company have married here, but Oh!
won't there he a lot of grass-widows
when Uncle ?am colls his army homo
from the Philippine* islands? You don't
have to go through any marriage ceremony
here. All you have to do is to
get the consent of the lady's parents,
and agree to take care of her and clothe
and feed her. There are some real
smart and pretty women here. These
women are. all crvzy to marry soldiers
and It was the same when the Spanish
soldiers were here among them."
Clcnrly Defined.
Chicago News: Miss Olive (of St,
Louis)?Say. cousin, what's a periphrasis?
i\!ics BrownSnsr (of Boston)?A ner5
phrasis Ie simply a circumlocutory cycle
of oratorical sonoroslty, circumscribing
an infilniteslmal Ideality Interred In a
verbal profundity.
Miss Olive?Thanks. T thought It was
romethlnc like that, but I wasn't -lultc
Not Unworthy of Anthony Hope.
Chlcugo Times-Herald: Young IUr.
Sothern jhas been playing "Hamlet" In
New York. We feel It our duty to Inform
the matinee girls that although
"Hamlet" was not written by Anthony
Hope it la well worth seeing.
Strange Neglect.
"Washington Evening Star, (Tnd.);
The playwrights in .search of unoriginal
material have been strangely lax. No
one has undertaken to dramatize Mr.
Bryan's specch of acceptance.
Blood Will Tell.
Chicago Tribune: Three hundred different
klndn of mosquitoes are known to
exist. They are closely allied to each
other, however, by ties of blood.
Wheeling Appreciates Alwnys When
Promises Are Kept.
Every time yoxi read about Doan's
Kidney Pills, you are told they cure
every form of kidney 111, from backache
to urinary disorders. How are
our promises kept? Ask any citizen
who has tried the treatment. Ask the
man who makes the following statement.
Mrs. Scott Llston, residing at No. 23
South Huron street, says: "My daughter
Bertie caught a heavy cold, which
settled In her kidneys and In spite of
everything we could do she got steadily
worse. Sh? had such steady bearing
down pains across the kidneys,
uii-uutui iiruuiiuiiL'n. rji'MlH U[ UlZZinCSS
that at times she couhl scarcely get
mound, was always tired and distressed;
restless und Irritable and arose In
the morninir uurefrcahed and weak; in
fact her whole system seemed to he affectnd
antl nothing seemed to do the
least hit of ?ood. I was Induced to
try Doan'u Kidney I'llla and pot a box
at the Logan Druj; Company for her.
She felt r.-llef after a few doses and
continued taking them until she ilnlshed
two hoxes. They cured her."
For sale by all dealers. Price liO cents
per box. Foster-Mllhiirn Co., Hufralo,
N. Y., sole u?ents for the United States,
Ttemeinbpr the name?Donn's?and
take no subntltute.
Red Hot From tho Gun
wnH tho ball tljat lilt cj. B. Steadman,
of Newark, Mich., lit thb oiyll war. It
caused horrible ulcers that no treatment
helped for twenty yarn. Then Bueklen'H
Arnica Salvo cured him. CuresCutu,
Hums, Bruises, Bolls, Felons, Corns,
Skin Eruptions. Best Pile euro on earth.
2f? cents a box. Cure Rtiarnnteed. Sold
by Logan Drug Co., druggists. 3
If llaby is Cutting Teeth
Be suro apd uso that old and well-tried
remedy, Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing
Syrun, for children teething. It soothes
the child, softens the gum, allays all
pain, cures wind colic and In the best
remedy for diarrhoea, Twcnty-llvo
centB a bottle. tmv&f
New and Important Aids to Safe Nav<
igation?Lakes Need Tkem.
Chicago Inter-Ocean: '"With the thousands
of reefs, shoals and bad spotj
abounding on the chain of lakes, .any
Improvement In day or night warnings
Is appreciated by lake navigators. It
has come to be known by them that
there Is an Improved gas buoy and t&c
matter Is much talked of among the
masters and they are asking why the
| lighthouse board doss not introduce
them on our crowded lakes and rlverB
and straits?crowded n6wN by finer, larger
freight craft than are to be found
on the Atlantic or Pacific.
It Is ascertained that experiments
with what Is called the Plntsch gaslighted
buoy-bell attachment have bsen
carried on for more than a year and
that the results prove It to be a perfect
success. Buoys of this type arc now
made that will not only-burn continuously
from eighty to 365 days, according
to capacity desired, but will ring a
* bell every fifteen seconds automatically,
thereby overcoming the fault of the ordinary
bell buoy, which is dumb when
the surface of the water is perfectly
smooth. This improvement to the
> Plntsch buoy costs but $300 more than
Q those without It and Is of Inestimable
value to the masters of all descriptions
of cruft, from the 50Q-footer down to the
nuiuiicoi. tuum > tiny* H BuBO
out saying that the great and growing
' yacht fleet of the lakes and the princely
private steam yachts are as much In1
terested as other vessels.
J When lake vesselinrm Know of somei
thing they need and want they are not
} backward In asking for It, and the Indications
are that the lighthouse board
will soon hear from the Lake Carrier*'
' Association In regard to the adoption
of this new Improvement on the sea1
coast or not. It Is said the new stylo
i of buoy would be muoh more servlcet
able In crowded channels than the eloc,
trie-lighted buoys, which are extinguished
and become useless during
gales, a time when they are most need'
ed. The Plntseh gas buoy never goes
' out during the time for which It Is con;
structcd to burn, while the ringing of a
l bell in a fog, In addition to a permanent
light, would be a boon the need of
, which has long been felt.
! Brother Dickey on Race Problem.
"Yes, sub," said Brother Dickey, "hit
1 do look lak' my race Is bavin' er a
ha'd time In the north! 'Pears lak' dey
has mo* er what dey calls 'de race prob1
lom' up dar dan what dey has down
yerl But lemmo tell you one t'ing?en
lilt ain't two?(Ie bes' place fed dc cullud
man Is down south, whar* he ralss
en bo'n! Mln* what I tell you! I raise
a fambly er sixteen sons an' three
wives?ef 1 don't disremembcr?en bless
God, none er 'em has bean lynched up,
. dat I knows on; an' dem what got In
do chain gang-?''r'Jeh wuz des a sorter |
side-Issue, so tor speak?Is now law1
abldln' citizens en makln' a dollar a
day, and Lawd sen' Sunday! No, suh!
gimme de south en civilization every
day In de year, en Chrls'mus glf w'en
de time come!"?Atlanta Constitution.
Famous Bandmaster's First Appoarcnoo
Slnoo His Ewropoan Tour.
The inimitable John Philip Sousa and
his wonderful band, fresh from a triumphant
tour of Europe, including the
Paris Exposition, where it scor'cjl the
; most remarkable hit ever ma'de by an
American musical organization abroad,
will be the special attraction of the
Pittsburg Exposition ucxt week. The
opening concert. Monday afternoon.
, Sept. 24, will be the first that the band
has given since its return to America,
i and it is sate to assume that it will receive
a royal welcome from its Western
Pennsylvania friendiv
t.. 1? i~ . n ?
iu istkbiuui:. iu-.1 v^uiiiiiiibbiuucr vjcueral
Peek, of the United States commission
to the Paris Exposition, appointed
Sousa and his band as the
official American band at the great
Frcnch Exposition. Nothing could
surpass the reception accorded to
the organization. Its catchy American
*nusic, particularly the compositions of
its leader, instantly caught the popular
fancy and became the rage of Paris.
French words were set to the airs of the
baud, and special tidbits were hummed
in the shops and cafes and in the street.
From Paris, the band went to Berlin,
where it took the Germans by storm.
In Belgium it inct with the same overwhelming
succcss, the Academy of
Arts, Science and Literature in Hainault,
conferring upon Sousa a grand
diploma of honor, and the decoration of
artistic merit of the first class. Similar
triumphs were scored in Frankfurt, Munich,*
Hamburg, Cologne, Dresden and
Lcipsic. Everywhere the perfect precision
and discipline, the refined ensemble
and the rich tonal quality of the
band created a seniation.
On Sept. t, the band sailed from Europe
on the American Liner St Louis,
receiving an ovation on its departure.
Its arrival at New York a week later
was the occasion of one of tVe mest
memorable scenes ever enacted at a
steamer pier. As the mammoth ves.it i
steamed up the bay, the band occupied |
the center of the promenade dock forward.
Three large silk flags, the Stars
and Stripes, presented by the French
exhibitors at the Paris Exposition; the
French Hag, a testimonial to the band
from the people of Paris and the olEclal
llag of the city of Frankfurt, wore unfurled.
The hand played "The Star
Spangled Hanuer." "The Stars and
Stripes RoreTcr," and otbrr patriotic
airs, while the naasengers jrnlhered about
and cheered. So rrinarkable was the enthusiiiHtn
aroused by tho Heme both on
the boat and ou shore that th?' event attracted
national. iittcutioii. Indeed, tho
entire tour of the bund was regarded
both In America and abroad an a matter
of international importance.
At the eloie of next week Sousn and
his band will go Hast for an engagement
of tw?? week*, returning to the Exposition
oil Oct. IN. and ri-innlninif until ?.?
end of the MfBMnn.
Tile Kperial attraction*. including the
Mexican village. Jim Key, (ho wonderffll
educated hone: the crystal Mare; "A.
I)ny in the Alp"; thr Cabaret dp In
Mori and I ho Cinematograph pictures of
tin? l'nrli Exposition have pleased thounundtj
daJ*y. The Philadelphia Commerrial
Museum exhibit hne nrored to bo a
most attractive educational feature,
New nttrnctlona Include two windmill*
in operation. the oldest piano in America,
the model of the great ocean greyhound
'm K?,l^r der Or owe, and a
auk mill in constant operation. Visltora
may also get n Hteocil of their uarne.
made tin IhcLlinotToc. machine.
Tho Kind You Havo Always
In use for over 30 years,
_/? - and ]
All Counterfeits, Imitation.'
pertinents tlint trillo with
Tnfmit.H and Children?Exj
What is C
Castoria is a substitute for
and Soothing Syrups. It ii
contains neither Opium, 3
substance. Its ago Is Its g
nnd allays Feverisliness. I
Colic. It relieves Toothing
nnd Flatulency. It nsslmil
Stomach and Bowels, givln
The Children's Panacea?T
Bears tlie
The Kind You Ha
In Use For C
J""" aMmmaiii
We pay the above reward fo
Dyspepsia, Sick Headach
or Costiveness w
!i T!??, BS- 1
utmiiii, iuu u|i-iuThey
are purely Vegetable an
25c boxes contain J 00 Pills,
boxes contain J 5 Pills. Bewari
Sentby mail. Stamps taken.
Clinton and Jackson Sts., Chi
Sold Tjy Chas. E. Goetzc, Druggist,
ing, W. Va.
Old Ace Postponed.
0r\TMxtMix.f? ;
Sold by Chas. E. Goetzc, Druggist, coj
Perfection Gas Ranges.
Fcmrond 8lxIIolo? Cako Grlddlo?
Water Houtor?Warinlna Ovou.... (
WrUe ftr Catalonia. JSC0-1502 Market itnet.,
de chantal Wheeling,
academy, wvaIN
Sisters of the Visitation, 5. V. M.
Fifty-Third Ycnr, 1900-1901,
Opens Wednesday, Sept 12.
Cllmnto doslrablu tbr Uellcnto plrls.
Ton nores bcuuttfiillr laid out. Golf,
Tounls, Croquet nud other uthlctlu
games. E*cclh?ui care; reusonublo
rnteu. Address
The Dlrcctrcas of
Mount dc Chcntal Acndcmy,
Sionr, Whcollnc. W. Vn.
the #
Ten Cents
A Week.
_0 0_
Mrs. \V. S. Hutchins
will Rlvo Instruction on the plnno to i
, n limited number of p\jplls nt her
resldoneo, No. 810 Muln street, ooin?
menvlnK tbo Arm week In September.
ArranR?montM enn bo mnda by willing
or through the mall, hct;lnnlni;
Monday. Pepti-mb?-r '!.
K' L" KT V FT V Curos OronVenntM.
C-L.L.L1.Y Cures Diuq Users.
^, m r Booklet Frcc.
aw vrok **?., imuburt, ? .
Bought, and which has been
has bonio tlio nignaturo of
lias been niado under his per.
supervision since itsinfancy,
r no ono to dccclvo you in this.
I and Substitutes are but Ex.
and endanger the health or
icrlenco against Experiment.
Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
i Harmless and -Pleasant. It
lorpiuno nor oincr Narcotic
uarantcc. It destroys Worms
t euros Diarrhoea and Wind
Troubles, cures Constipation
atcs tlio Food, regulates tlio
<g liealtliy and natural sleep,
lie Mother's Friend.
Signature of
ifl Always Bought
tver 30 Years.
mil inn
r any case of Liver Complaint,
e, Indigestion, Constipation
e cannot cure with
Date Lie Liver Pill
d never fail to give satisfaction.
10c boxes contain 40 Pills, 5c
; of substitutions and imitations.
Nervita Medical Co., Corner
cago, Illinois. Sold by
Market and Twelfth streets, Wheelmwf&w
The cent of Nervous Diseases Js nt base ol brain.
Then the nerve cells at this point waste, a terrib'.e j
ecline ol the system occur*. Nervous Debility,
ktrophy, Varicocele, Failing Memory.Pain ia Batt I
Jyspepsia, Insomnia, Etc., are symptoms of this
ondition. Neglected it results In Paresis, rrtnsanity,
or Consumption. Palmo Tablets[Julji
ure these ills by renewing the starved
ells, checking all drain* and replacing weakness
rith strength and ambition. 50c a box; 12 boxes
with iron-clad guarantee) S5.00. Send for Free
. Market and Twelfth streets. apl4
Capita! - $200,000
Surplus and Profits 60,000
J. N. Vance, John Frew,
John Wntcrhousc. John L. Dickey*
W. E. Stone. Geo. E. Stlfcl,
W. II. Frank. J. M. Brono,
vVm. Elllngham.
J. N. VANCE, . . . President.
JOHN FRENV. . Vice President.
WM. B. IRVINE. Asa't. Cashier.
oiisincBs cmruntcu 10 our carc win rc
cclvc prompt and cnrcful ottcntlon.
CAP IT A L-S17 o ,000.
WILLIAM A. I SETT... President
MORTIMER POLLOCK....Vice President
J. A. MILLER OaslUea
J. H. McDONALD Ass't. Cashier
Drafts on England, Ireland, Franco and
William A. Isett, Mortimer Pollock,
J. A. Mllier. Robert Simpson,
K. M. Atkinson, C. M. Frisaeli,
Julius Pollock.
CHAS. LAMB Assistant Cosliltt
CAPITAL. 9*00.000, PAID IN.
Alien Brock. Joseph F. Panll,
CI'oh. Schmidt, Henry Bleherson,
Howard Simpson, Hannibal Forbes,
A. J. Clark*.
Interest paid on special deposits.
Issues drafts on England. Ireland and
Scotland. J. A. JEFFERSON,
niyll Cashlor.
Real Estate
Title Insurance.
If you purohaae or make a loan on rtal
ciiutc have llio iltlo Insured >>* tlu?
Wheeling Title & Trust Co,
No, 1305 Market Street.
H. M. RUSSELL ?... Preset
U F. 6T1KBL I.,. Svcrrury
C. J. HAW LING ,Vlc? ProiUenl
WM. H. TRACY ?...Al?'t. 8ocr?tnry
Q. U. 13. GILC111U8T..Examiner of TUln

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