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The t-.tchers and papils of lUicblc
i>cbtK>] feel under obligations to the
board'of education for the two handyotne
niw flag* lately received, and
vhlrh are now floating from the bulldli;fr?v.
They are very beautiful types
.,! Old Glory." and they will be kept
i: :ng whenever the weather will peri.
. This Is one way of teaching pa- tri
Jtlsm, 1. e.. to keep the Stars and
Snipes nailed to the maNthcad. and
e;vr floating. In this way a respect
. our nation's banner will become a
j irt of the very being of our boy* and j
iris, and a generation will be reared '
*..it will 8oo to It that it will never be
huuled down where It ha.** bVien placed
by those having the authority to rainc |
These flags are not only an orna,\.
nt to our school buildings, but they
..:?o show that our board of education
inactive to the necessity of teaching J
irue patriotism to the coming men and
wojuen of our city.
it is n Kreai uuns 10 ue a icucner.
!s this true? It may be and It may
j:ot be. If it means a mere drudge, a
.*ichool keeper and a salary-drawer; If
it means this, and nothing more, then
it Jw no compliment to be a teacher.
Hut If It means one whose life Is given
for the good of others, whose whole
heart beats In sympathy for his fellow
mortals, and whose life currents flow
out Into thousands of hearts, making
them better, freer and happier, then
it Is a great thing to be a teacher.
There are hundreds and thousands In
our land to-day who arc up on this
high plane, and who can truly say It
Is a great thing for me to be a teacher,
while, perhaps, many can say, I am
but a school keeper; I never have felt
the heart thrills that come, from reaching
other hearts by my work or my example.
Such ought to leave the profession,
for none should dare to take
upon himself tho name of teacher who j
doos not Uo so from a sense feeling that
this Is* his privilege In so doing, to
work for the good of others; not only
bis privilege, but his duty, and his
pleasure, to do.
The longer the writer teaches the
more he feels the importance of liav- !
Ing u perfect understanding between i
teacher and parent. It would lighten
the work of our teachers very much,
and make-it a great deal more effective
were they to know personally every
parent. How many teachers In the
city of Wheeling know the parents of
all the pupils under their charge, 1. e.,
by the time the year is half over? We
venture the assertion that ther6 is not I
one. It is Just as much the duty of
the parent to know Just how those who
are teaching their , children are doing
their work. Corne and see them at
their work Just as often as possible.
It will do all concerned good.
Some one has said that our methods
of teaching grammar are all wrong. If
they are not, says the same writer,
then the graduates of our high schools
would be able to write a correct apI
plication for a situation. The charge is
made that they cannot do It now,
though they have studied grammar for
years. Granting this to be true, where
is the fault, for fault there must be
IcameWIicru; it muat ue in uk upjmv;utlon
of the teaching. One-half the
time"In every recitation In language
or grammar should be spent in composition.
If a definition Is cited, an
original sentence should be used by the
pupil to Illustrate It. It is all right
to know the definition, but the knowledge
of these. Is of no account unless
the pupil, knows how to apply them.
Take, ?or example, of what use Is it
to the pupil to know that every sentence
should begin with a capital letter
If he does not put It Into practical
use in his writing? Better, far better,
teach the use of good language without
the rules than to know all the definitions
and then violate every principle
learned In our writing or our speaking.
Some- few are taught the use of
good language at home, but the majority
are not. and It Is the duty of the
: teacher to lead these Into the formation
of the habit of correct use of our
mother tongue. The teacer who does
this Is doing more than- m*-ny of our
tcachers are doing. The Wheeling
schools are taking advanced ground
on this subject; this year there will be
better teaching In language throughout
our schools than ever before.
One of the greatest accomplishments
our young men or young women can
have Is the ability to express themselves
in good, plain English. This
cannot be secured in the study of rules,
as before hinted, but only in methodic
training In the use of language In composition,
In sentence building and In
reproduction. This, and this alone,
wll ido it. It Is the teacher's duty to
make every recitation In language a
rJnocnnt nnrl n< nrnflbihln onp to the
pupils. He should be trained to sec
the beauty of language, especially the
beauty of expressing a thought In
clear, concise English. He should be
taught that the simplest way of expressing
a thought Is the best way. He
should be taught to shun the bombastic
style of the stump speaker, but to
love the style that- will present the
thought so clearly that "he who "nThs
may read." Not every one can be a
great writer or a great speaker, but
every boy and girl can be taught to
express his or her thoughts In a manner
to be understood by the reader
or the hearer, as the case may be.
When our teachers become so permeated
with these truths that they will
^ act on them, then our boyn and girls
a will receive the Instruction that will
| help them acquire the ability to write
well. Many' a young man otherwise
bright ban failed to secure a position
from the fact that his letter of application
was so badly construotcd. These are
truths, and we, as teachers, may as
well admit them, and resolve to <lo
different work in the future as regards
I the teaching of language than we have
| been doing. We need stirring up on
this subject from tho lowest primary
grade to the highest school grade.
One month of school is gone. Is the
record Jujrt what we would have It?
We nil resolved to do better work than
we ever did before In all our Jives.
Have we done It? Won our work
better than during the cnrreHpontllng
month of last year? It ought to have
been from the foot that we have the
benefit of an entire yenr's experience.
If we feel that the record of the month
I* not JuHt what we would have It In
( very particular, let us make the coming
month so Rood that It will make up
for anything lacking. Wo can do
this. Let ui* do lt.
We are jfJad to *eo CommlfRloner
jM-hrcbe with u* again, after a vIpIt to
bin old German home. Ho reportH a
good time while gone, but Ih Kind to
?*; back ugnln. THE PEDAGOGUE.
' NTiY one remedy In tho world that
J'1 ' u orieo Htop Itehlni'Kn of the Rkln
"? any part <?f the body. Donn'H Olntnt.
At any drug store, CO cents.?3.
Within the next few month ta, the
management of the Pennsylvania/railroad
system west of Pittsburg will haw
acomplished what Is regarded as one of
the most pretentious undertakings at
wire-fence building ever attempted In
this country. For more than two years
the work of lining the Pennsylvania's
rights of way west of th<? Smoky city
with woven-wire fences has been carried
on as fast as condltos would permit,
and now almost 4,000 miles of fence
are up. The cost has been enormous,
for the wire is of the galvanlied variety
and the posts are of locust wood:
The wire fence*, when the work planned
shall have been completed, will
mark the company's rights of way on
all of the main tracks excepting those
In the large cities, where sufficient precautions
against accidents have been or
are being taken. The Pennsylvaule'8
line between Pittsburg and St. Louis i*
about C18 miles long, the Chicago and
Pittsburg being about 4CS mites In
length. These lines with the controlled
branch roads that feed them have a
milage of about 2,000.
New Equipment,
An unusually large amount of new
J equipment la being ordered this season
by railroads. Larger freight cars and
more-powerful locomotives are In .demand,
and the roads that have let contracts,
have stipulated that the locomotives
shall be ablo to outpull the powerful
moguls turned out a few years age.
The Kansas City Southern is reported
to have contracted for the construction
of ten compound locomotives, and the
Oregon Short Line has solicited bids for
ten "consolidateds." The Nihv York
Central recently has placed an order
with the American Car company for 500
box cars, each with a capacity of 60,000
pounds. The Maine Central is having
200 freight cars built, and the Toledo,
St. Louis &.Western is said to be
in the market for about 300 freight cars.
The Chicago Great Western has placed
an order for ten Baldwin compound lol
Millions Givon Away.
It Is certainly gratifying to the public
to know of one concern in the land
who are not afraid to be generous to
the needy and Buffering. The proprietors
of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Cold? have
given away over ten million trial bottles
of this great medicine: und have
the satisfaction of knowing It has absolutely
cured thousands of hopeless
cases Asthma, Bronchitis. Hoarseness
and all diseases of the Throat, Chest
and Lungs are surely cured by it. Call
at Logan Drug Co., druggists, and get
a free trial bottle. Regular size, 50c
and SI. Every bottle guaranteed or price
refunded. S
The Features of the Money and Stock
NEW YORK. Sept. 29.?Close: Money
on call nominal; no loans; closed
offered at 2 per cent. Sterling exchange
weak, with actual business In bankers'
bills at $4 S?% for demand und
at $4 82*4 for sixty days; posted rates
$4 [email protected] S3? and $4 [email protected] S7Commercial
bills S4 82U1P4 82%. Bar silver
G3%c- Silver certificates 6i?^0)6i^uc.
Mexican dollars 49Tac.
State bonds weak.
Railroad bonds Irregular.
The stock market was a narrow* and
professional affair to-day, which ended
with a show of animation and strength
on account of an active demand from
the short Interest, which covered on the
bank statement. This element saw en?
courageinent in the fact that the Inroad
upon the banking surplus was restricted
to less than 51,000,000, while a
much heavier depletion was expected.
This sentiment seemed not to be affected
by tho fact that a decline In the
reserve requirement of over $3,000,000
was responsible for this result which
was brought about by a contraction of
J5.6G8.400 in tho outstanding loans for
the banks. The actual decrease in cash
was slightly In excess of that of last
week, as had been expected. Besides
the liquidation in the stock market, a
large volume of time loans Is said to be
maturing at this time and the proceeds
of these the banks are Inclined to hold
for higher rates, as explained below.
The prospect of favorable developments
In the coal strike.situation over Sunday
increased the disposition of the
bears to cover, and the recovery in
prices from the early low level ran between
1 and 2 points under the principal
active stocks, not a few of which
showed net gains of a point or more.
The early selling of stocks was encouraged
by selling for foreign account and
by rumors of financial dlillcultles in
Merlin, where the exigencies of a settlement
rnusoil n 1utnn nf 9 nor In
the rate for short discount bills. The
steel stocks were rather Arm throughout.
Intimations from officials of, several
of the great trunk lines of an intention
to provide for the year's need forthwith
at the present price of 526 for steel rails
helped the group. Large receipts of
raw sugars, doing away with some of
the danger of a shortage helped sugar.
A feature was the further marking
down of sterling exchange rates by tho
exchange bankers. In spite of the
nominal, character of the Saturday
lVlces of stocks have shown some
violent lluctuatlons during the week
and mounted to a level considerably
higher than on last Saturday. The feverlshness
of the market has been almost
wholly due to the difficulties In
which the bear operators became Involved
throimh thoir too great eagerness
to discount the prospective decline
in prices. The unwieldy proportions
to which the bear account had attained
made it vulnerable to attack
and when the probability became
known of a settlement of the anthracite
coal miner's strike, there was a
powerful and Influential combination
of speculators ready to take quick advantage
of It and.help the up-turn
ngalnst the bears by every manipulative
device known to the professional
operator. .
The bond market wan weak in the
earlier part of the week, but recoveries
In some Issues made the market Irregular
later. Dealings were not large at
any time.
United States new -Is registered advanced
% and the old Is and 5s dcclin
uu vi 1'ur cum in mi* uiu priCC.
TJ. S. Bonds.
U. S. Refunding ) U. S. now in roj;.13J>tl
2h when IhhuoiI IT. h. new 4m con.134m
roistered lOt I U. K. old 4h rcif.Hfji
do coupon ....IOIVmU. H. old'4h cott.iIT7VI
II. S. 3H roK lOO'Uj U. S. 5M r?'K 113V.
U. S. 3a coupon. 105%| U. S. G.r coupon. 113*?
Atchlnon 27X1 Mobile & Ohio... S3Vi
do pr?fcrred.. KKV?|Mo. Kan. & Tex. 'J
Jlulto. & Ohio.. (' S'.4| do preferred .. 27%.
Can. Pacific .... Central....in.
Can. Southern .. -I!' N. Y. Central....127
ChCH. & Ohio.... 27** Norfolk At \VV.V.
Chicago (i. W.. lu do preferred .. 74
Chi. 1 i. & Q.....122H North. Pacific .. 4?i%
Chi. Ind. & Lou. 2h?/x do preferred .. C7->i
do preferred.. 61 It, Ont. ?Vr Western. 20
Chi. & M. III... M Ore. It. k Nov.. 4J
Chi. & N. \V....ir>o do preferred .. 70
Chi. It. I. & I'ae.lCI'jv Pennnylvanla ...127%
r. C. C. k Ht. L. filtf Itrndlntr lf.%
Colo. Southern., fi do ilrnt pro.... Ki)i'
do find pre.... :;7 dq'mecond pre.. 2S%
do Huconil pre. ]3Vt|lllo Grande W,. G3 ,
Del. lfudnon..U0 1 Mo pr#?f??rred.. flO
Del. Lack. & W.177 iflt. L. & Kan !?".. tV,
Denver & It. O.. W,i| do llrut pre.... f.1
do preferred.. Wi do mjeoiul pre.. 32%
Krlo 10L| 8t. Loulu H. W.. ll?5
do Ural pro.... S2MI do preferred .. 20}*
No. 30 Twelfth St., Wheeling.
Business transacted for local brokers.
Stocks bought and sold for
cash or carried on margin. Particular
attention given STEEL
Telephone 1028.
Pittsburg Office, 323 Fourth Avenue.
3/51J) MurJfot Stroot,
Opposite Postofllco.
New York and Groin
Pittsburgh.... OIUUIYO. Markets.
(Standard Jiivostraonts Soouritioa.
TELEPHONE 10.'] 7.
Q. North, pre.. 149*i) 8t. Paul 113%
Hocking. Coal... 1 'i\b do preferred ..173
Hocking: Valley. 3Hi St. Paul & Om.llO
Illinois Central. 115% South. Pacific .. 31%
Iowa Central.... 17% South. Railway.. 11
do preferred.. 37Mi do preferrod .. 53
Lako Erie & W. Texas tk Pacific. 14%
do preferred.. 93 Union Pacific.... u<J~i
Lake Shore ....205 do preferred .. 73
Louis. & Nash.. 71% Wabash C3^
Manhattan L.... StiVi do preferred .. 17%
Met. St. Ry 147% Whool. & L.'E.. 8%
Mux. Central.... 11 do second pre.,
Minn. & I5t. L.? 01% WJs. Central 10
do preferred.. 31 (Third Ave 108%
Mo. Pacific 4S%
Express Companies. "
;\dama 123 (Unitod States ... 45
Amorlcnn .lufl IJVaIIb Pari-n 1?.t
Am. Cotton Oil. 33 ILaclcde Gas .... 68 |
do preferred.. 80 iNutlonal Load .. 17
Araer. Malting.. 4 i do preferred .. W
do preferred.. 21^ National Steel .. 24??
Amor. S. & It... 3G% do preferred .. .SI
do preferred.. SsStylN. Y. Air Brake.115'
Amer. rplrits .. 1%|N. American .... 14%
do preferred.. 17 |Paclfic Coa^t.... 53
Am. Steel Hoop. 1SV* do first pre.... hO
do preferred.. 6416J do .second pre.. ?J3
Amer. S. & W.. 307k|Pnclllc Mall 29
, do preferred.. 71U| People's gU3 ? stft
Am. Tin Plate.. 26 IPressed Steel C. 34
| do preferred.. 79 | do proferred .. 70%
Amer. Tobacco. ?8*}i|pull. Palace Car.lS2
do preferred..128 lStand. R. & T... 4'i
Anaconda Mine. 41' y.ugar 116%
Brooklyn R. T.. DO^i; do preferred ..114
Col. F. & Iron.. 31 jTenn. Coal & I.. 55
Cont. Tobacco.. 24'/, U. S. Leather .. 10%
do preferred.. 75V4l do preferred... *>(?*;
/federal Steel.... 315i U. S. Rubber ...
do preferred.. <'c!% do preferred .. 02%
Gen. Electric... 131% Western Union.. 7S'4
Glucose Sugar.. 4S*^ Republic I. & S.. 1ft",
do preferred.. W>% do preferred .. 51*i
Inter. Pnpcr .... 17% p. C. C. & St. L. 47*;
do preterred.. 01%j
Total sales of stocks were 133,900 shares.
New York Mining Stocks.
Cholor 1 15|Ontarlo $ G C-tJ
Crown Point... lOOnhlr 12
Col. Cal. & Vn.. 1 05 Plymouth 12
Dcadwood 45|Qulck.sllver 1 50
Gould & Curry 30i do preferred .. C 50
irie & N'rcr'ns 20 Sierra Nevada.. 30
llomestakc .... Si On!Standard 1 00
Iron Silver fJfUnlon Con 1C
Mexican 28| Yellow Jacket.. 20
"Rrnn^efiiffa nrtrl "Prrttrleinn a
CHICAGO?Wheat dipped to-day on
easy cables,, good weather and large
Danublan shipments, but recovered on
local buying, October closing
lower. Corn closed %c and oats a
shade down. Provisions closed unchanged.
Wheat was dull. Liverpool was %d
lower at the close, the weather In the
northwest clear, an<I a private cable
put the week's Danublan shipments at
l,73C,ooo bushels, and the world's at
8,000,000 bushels. October opened at
[email protected]"6c, and on selling by eleventh
hour longs, dropped to 75%c. On the
dip elevator Interests bought and October
recovered to 7614c, closing steady
and lower at [email protected]&c; clearances
were 275,000 bushels. Primary
receipts aggregated 9S1.000 bushels,
compared with 1,255,000 bushels last
year. Minneapolis and Duluth reported
406 cars, against 4!?9 last week and
S76 a year ago. Local receipts u ere 27,1
cars, seven of contract grade. Seaboard
sales were 203,000. bushels and the export
here 65,000 bushels.
Corn was dull and weak on the receipts,
974 cars, 149 cars more than had
been estimated. There was plenty for
sale all day and the demand was
slack. October sold between "9?4c and
SS\4c, closing ric lower at 3SsiC.
Oats were also dull, trade being confined
chlelly to changing with the October-November
spread at %dJ>Vjv and
the October-December at Tb^Ic. These
operations are creating a large short
Interest. One house .changed 1,000.000,
buying October and selling December:
receipts were 236 cars: October sold between
21%c and .21%c, and closed a
shade lower at 2lftc.
Provisions were quiet, but the market
showed a strong undertone based on a
demand from shorts and fair buying by
outside Interests. The range- of prices
was narrow and the cloBe unchanged
from yesterday, January pork at 511 60;
January lard at $6 77^((T6 SO, and January
ribs at S6 20.
Estimated receipts Monday:
Wheat, 275 cars; corn. S15 cars: oats,
340 cars; hogs, ,">7,000 head.
The loadtnjr futures ranged as follows:
Artlclcn. Open. High, i Low*. Close.
Wheat, No. 2. I "
S**t 7fi% TTi'J | 7r.'i
Oct 70 76"i 7W; 7(P(,
Nov 70i{, 77 ? 7(H-| 77'
Corn, No. 2. I
Sept 40 40 3S% ' .'0
Oct :::? a;??i .w
Nov 3G',s SC-i 3fiii ,T3'.,.
OatM, No. 2. I
Sfpt 21 "i -1*1 21-V 21 Tm
Oct 21 22 2l4i| 2in,
Nov 22>i 22?;, 22>4| 22'i
Mens Pork. I
Oct 112 20 J12 20 $12 20 l$12 20
Nov. u no ii jr. ii ::o | ii.js
Jun 11 6T? 11 70 11 55 | 11 Ui
Lard. ;
Oct 7 12Vj 7 ir. 7 07?* 7 07*4
Nov 7 07Vj 7 in 7 or. 7 03
Jan C SO G 82% C 77^ G SO
Short Ribs. !
Sept H 37U. .S 37',4 7 K7Vil 7 S7U
Oct 7 SO 7 SL'fti 7 TP/-1 7 SO "
Jan. G 20 C 2T> | r. 20 "1 0 20
Cash 'qiiotatlonB were as follows:
Flour?Dull; winter patents $3 90?
1 10; straights, J.I 7(Kj3 SO; clears $3 20?
3 CO; spring flpeclais ft 70; patents,
53 GQTi4 10; straights, $3 1003 CO; bakers,
$2 2002 80.
I Wheat?No. 3, [email protected]%c; No. 2 red
| 76078c.
' Corn?No. 2, 3it%@3d%c; No. 2 yellow
39?39%c. ?
, ' Oats?No. 2. 'I'lVc?: No. 2 white 2GQi)
27c; No. 3 white 24025UC.
Rye?No. 2. 51 Vic.
! Malting?Fair to choice D4|ftf>7c.
Flaxseed?No. 1. $1 47%c;"No. 1 northwestern
$1 171$.
Ttmothyseed?Prime, SI !!?.
Mess Pork?Per barrel $12 20(fj>12 25.
thrd?Per 100 His., $7 1214?7 IB.
Short Itlbs?Sides (loose) SS 10<ii8 25.
Dry suited ahoulUers (boxed) 0U<3>
i Short clear Fides (boxed) SS 20{?-8 30.
I AVhlsUy?Hnsls of high wines, ?l 27.
Sugars unchanged.
I luttor?Dull; cronmorlcs 1G5?2!VjO;
.Unlrles 13tffll3o.
Cheese?Dull ttt 10%tfU%C.
| Kggs?FIrm; fresh lCl&c.
NK.W* YOHK?Flour very quiet and
u shade easier In tone, with wheat;
winter patents S3 70(fl>4 00; winter
straights S3 r>0?>3 G5; Minnesota, patent
($4 10?4 DO; winter cxtrus $2 70(ft'3 00;
Minnesota bai:eis .52 &5?3 S5; winter
I low grades $2 4.*.<j,2C5. .
"Wheat, spot eurlcr: No; 2 red S0V?<rf.
o. b. afloat and Sl?4c elevator; No. L
Northern Duluth j-6Hc f. o. b. afloat:
option* weak and tower: cloned a;@tic
net decline: March'. W\0g&^c; eloswl
at SS'/fcc; May. 85
nt E5Hc; September cloned ' at fcOHc;
October closed at SO*j,c: December,
S2H?&2 1M6c: closed at K%c.
Com, No. 2, 49c elevator, ana 47?t? f.
o. b. afloat nevt week; option market
dull and weaker; cloned net
lower; May, 40%<3*4015-i$c; closed at
tO^c; September, 4S*si? 4?c; closed at
48T;c: October cloned m 45Hc; December.
do/rod nt ?Kc.
Oats, spot dull; No. 2. 2Sl*?25i$c: No.
3. 25c; No. 2 white, 27%c; No. 3 do,
263ic: track mixed western 25ff2GK.c;
trnck white western and state 26(<f33c.
Hay quiet: shipping- T^'r^c; good
to choice 82%<392%c.
Deef stendy; family, 510 50011 00:
mess, 59 00&9 50; beer hams $20 OOfy
21 00; packet.510 00i?10 50; city extra,
India mess, J1C 00^17 00.
Cutments steady:' Mckled bellies 9?
lie: do shoulders C'/sc; do hams 9H?
Lard steady: western steamed 57 60;
October closed at 57 (jo nominal; refined
steady: continent, 57 85; S. A?
$8 50: compound 51 25(^6 37 Vi.
Pork quiet: fomlly.SlG 005*16 50; short
clear 514 OOtflG 00: meRs, 512 [email protected] 00.
Butter steady; creamery 17(&,22c; factory,
13^.(5)16^0: June creamery IS?
21'^c; Imitation creamery [email protected]; state
UUII j iuvsU4.iv.
Cheese firm; large white ll^igJllU'c;
small white large colored
lKrfll^c; small colored ll&c.
Eggs steady; state and Pennsylvania,
[email protected]; western, regular packing
at mark, 12Vt?lSc; western loss off, 20c.
Kosln steady; strained, common to
good, 51 W'C 1 53.
Turpentine steady .it 40?<0^c.
Rice firm; 'domestic, fair to extra,
4%Tt6%'c; .Japan 4%^'5c.
Molasses firm; New Orleans, opan
kettle, good to choice, 43(^53c.
Coffee, spot Klo dull; No. 7 Invoice
8M?e; mild quiet: Cordova [email protected]
Sugar, raw firm; fair reining 4%c;
centrifugal, 90 test, 5c; mousses sugar
4c; refined firm; confectioners' A S.Mc;
mould A, G.40c; cutloaf, 6.55c; crushed
6.55c; powdered, G.25c; granulated G.loc;
cubes, G.SOc.
BALTIMORE?Flour quiet; receipts,
11.1S2 barrels; exports 14,051 barrels.
Wheat steady; spot, 7r>@751,4c; October,
75(f?75V*c: December, 78'$7$,/ie; steamer
No. 2 red 73073~?c; receipts 48,040 bushels;
exports 20,000 bushels; southern by
sample [email protected]>76c; southern on grade [email protected]
7Gc. Corn unsettled: mixed spot, 47c:
October, 44-%<^45c; November, new and
old, 43c asked; November or December,
new or old, 40V4iHOMic; January, 3D%?
40c; steamer mixed 46c; receipts 10G.901
bushels; exports 90.50G bushels; south- J
em white and yellow, corn 47<ft48c; Oats
quiet; No 2 white 27\?(Q)2Sc; No. 2 mix- |
eu c; receipts f?3.?8l bushels;
exports 241,0S4 bushels. Hay firm. Butter,
eggs and cheese firmTOLEDO?Wheat
Gull and higher;
spot, 78"{,c: October 7S%c; November,
80Uc; December, Sl^c. Corn dull and
lower; No. 2 cash 4114c; September.
41%c; December, 3414c. Oats dull anil
unchanged; No. 2 cash 23c; September,
23c; December, 24c. Rye active and
unchanged; No. 2 cash S4,.AC* Cloverseed
active* and higher: October, $7 20;
December, $7 10; No. 2, $5 S0<jjc 22v?s.
CINCINNATI?Flour quiet. Wheat
firm; No. 2 red 78c. Corn quiet; No. 2
mixed 43c. Oats steady'. No. 2 mixed
23??c. Rye firm: No. 2. G6%c. Lard
quiet at $7 00. Bulkmeats firm at $8 20.
Bacon firm at $9 12^. Whisky quiet at
$1 27. Sugar firm.
Live Stock.
CHICAGO?Cattle, receipts 700 head;
market nominally steady; natives, good
to prime steers $5 45(5)5 S3; poor to medium
54 50(5*5 40; selected feeders $3 SO?
4 50; mixed stackers 52 50?3 C5; cows,
52 70(34 20. Heifers, 52 90^4 85; canners,
52 00? 2 65; bulls. 52 75?4 CO;
calves. $4 50?G 50. Texas fed steers
51 20$f4 90; Texas grass steers 53 2551)
4 10; Texas bulls 52 [email protected] 25. Hogs, receipts
to-day, 23,000 head; Monday,
35,000 head, estimated; left over, 0,500
head: best light steady; others 5c lower;
top, 55 55: mixed and butchers
55 05(<j'5 55; good to choice heavy $5 05(g)
5 47%: rough heavy 54 90515 00; light,
55 [email protected] 55; bulk of sales 55 20(ft5 40.
Sheep, receipts 2,500 head; sheep and
lambs steady: good to choice wethers
53 90114 20; ftilr to choice mixed $3 50(g)
3 90; western sheep $4 00?4 15; Texas
ahnnn ? > ~n/T. o r.ll* n..i.>n Ir, ? \... * I >;/?
r> SO; western lambs $4 75?5 3.r?. "Receipts
this week: Cattle,1 co,2(JO head;
hogs, 1T1.700 head; sheep, 70,600 head.
Next week: Cattle. 60,300 head; hogs,
135,500 head; sheep, si,000 head.
CINCINNATI?Hogs stendy at 51 35^
5 40. Cuttle steady m $2 75f$5 25. Sheep
steady at $2 OOtgW 75. Lambs steady ut
$2 7505 00.
Weekly Bank Statement.
NEW YORK?The weekly bank
statement of averages of the associated
bank shows: Loans. $817,472,600; decreased,
$5,668,400. Deposits, $SS4,706,800;
decreased, $12,764,700. Circulation, $29,SGH.WO;
Increased, $203,300. Legal tenders.
$61.1)62.900; decreased. $2,155,500;
specie. $169,156,400; decreased. $4,642,400.
Reserve, $ decreased. $6.80tf,900.
Reserve required, S221.176.700: decreased,
$.1.791.175. surplus, $12,942,000;
decreased, $3,609,725.
Dry Goods,
NEW YORK?Business In staple
cottons has again bt_-en on a quiet scale
to-day. Buyers are not going ahead
of current requirements to any extent
nor would sellers allow them to do so if
so inclined. PrJces are very Arm
throughout. Print cloths llrm but quiet.
No change in prints or ginghams. Cotton
yarns iu better supply than demand
and against buyers. Woolen and
worsted yarns quiet anil easy.
NEW YORK~VMg Iron weak: northern
$14 00? 16 00; Houihern $15 00(|T16 00.
Copper quiet; brokers,' $16 87&. Lead
dull; brokers, $4 00.
YORK?Wool qnlot; domestic
lleece 2uft2$c; Texas liifaiecPetroleum.
TOLEDO?Oil unchanged.
Working Night and Day.
The busiest and mightiest little thing
that ever was made i* Dr. King's New
Llfo Tills. Every pill is a sugar-coated
globule of health, thai changes weakness
Into ?tlength, llstlessnesa into energy.
brain-fag Into mental power.
They're wonderful in building up tho
health. Only 25 cents P^r box. Sold by
l^ogan Drug Co. 3
patents and
Proper protection secured In nil conntries.
Reliable service at moderato rates.
Advlco free. ('orrcHpontlcr.ce solicited.
II. B. DUNI.AP, Patent Attorney.
Itcllly linlMlntr. WI'ooIIuk. W. Va.
Beautiful Forms
and composition
Arc not mndo by chance, nor can
tney ever m any material bo mndo
at small nxponso. A competition
for cheapness. nnd not for excel*
lencc of workmanship, In tho most
trcattvnt und certain emmo of tho
rapid uocay "?d ontlro dc.struc*
Hon or urin and manufacture*.
For best (wblob in tho choupoat)
work, tho intclllconccr Job Print*
iny Ottlco is tho pluco to i;o.
plutcbino, etc.
Plumbing, Gas and Steam fittingpealcr
In all poodt pertaining to the trad*. .
3CI2 Main Strtet,
_ Telephoce J7. Wheallnf, W. Ya.
sanitaky plumbing.
Steam and Hot Water Heating. Hl*h
Grade Plutnbln* Fixtures. Call and *?e
the "Llnke" Flltera In operations. Plan*,
specifications and estimates for any work
In our line furnl'hed on application. Prices
moderate. consistent with Ant-class work,
and satisfaction guaranteed.
robert w. kyle,
Xo. ll.'.S Market St., WiooUnn, W. Vn.
ww. harif&so^
Practical Plumbers, ++f
Cas and Steam Fitters.
No. S3 Twelfth Strut.
Work done promptly at rtaaonnblo prlc*.
i "a warning voice" ?
,4> Ifl tho title of an Interesting llttlo <[>
# book that shows how <*>
% sexual strength f
& la LOST, and how It may bo Jx
i It is 8ent securely sealed In plain x
r envelope Frto, on receipt of JIc ^
stamp for postage. X
*> ? ? uro tho Uxdlng spoclallsts In x
X curlnx all ca?pg of Kldnoy nnd x
Bladder trouble, Sexual Weakness x
X and Impotency. Syphilis, Goxior- X
& rhoea, Night Losws, Gleet and Zv
< > Stricture flulckly and portnanently. X
<i> V? haro cured thousands at their X
& own homos. All Utters kspt strict- &
<d ly Private and anawor?d in plain <*>
v> finalnl onvelonn nnnaultntlim hv J.
f?> mall freo. Wflto to-day. Address, <?>
% DR. W. H. SAUNDERS & CO., ?
te> Chicago, 111. <^>
??ABTY, THE conqueror
Arsenic Beauty Tabids and P1U?. A pe*.
Xectlr safe and Kuarantecd treatment Tor
All efcfn dkordora. Restores tho blcom ot
E>u*b to faded faces. 10 days' trealratnt
c: w days' *1.00, by mall. Send tor circular.
KERVITA MEDICAL CO., Cllnloo 4 Jackson Sts., Cblcip?.
Sold by Chas. R. Gouts#, DrusjfUt, Market
and Twellth stroeta. Wh??uap. W.
Va. tc24-d&w
i drunkenness "^.ln i
? is your husband, broth- %
ER, FATHER, or uny of your rela- $
y afflicted with the olieuso-of <;.
*> Drunkenness? U'e have a sure < >
?> cure which can be ffiven with or ' >
R> without the knowledge of the pa- < >
& tlent. Send for particulars, encloa- < >
!$l U}r 2c*tamn for r?ply. Address, v>
y Dr. w. H. Saunders & Co., Chi- *>
3j cago, 111. $
Repairing of all kind* of machinery
promptly and quickly executed. oc28
Salem, W. Va.
Newly furnished. Baths In connection.
Leading Hotel of tho County.
West Unlon West Va.
None Better.
Mar.nlngton W. Va.
House Heated by Steam.
Opp. D. & O. Station. Rowlesburg. W. Va.
Centrally Located. Hales VL oo Per Day.
\V Vn
mound city hotel,
Under New Management.
Opposite Court Home. MoundgvlUe.'W. Va.
New Martinsville, W. Va.
Homo fcr Commercial ana Oil Men.
hotel morey,
MldUJebourne, W. Va.
rirst-Claaa Livery Attached.
skinner's tavern,
At Depot. Kalrmont. W. Va.
Sample Booms Opposite New Court Houao.
watson hotel,
Harrlsvlllo. W. Va.
Pood Accommodations. Lively.
f( Pennsylvania Stations.
Traiuo Run by Central Tim*
Dally, tDally, except Sunday.
"Sunday only.
Ticket ofllces at Pennsylvania Station on
Water street, foot oC Eleventh street,
WhceUnff. and at the Pennsylvania Station,
Leave. .CvrTvo
From Wheeling to a. m. a. m.
Wheeling and Stcubonvlllc. t 0:25 t .0:07
p. m.
McDonald and Pittsburgh.. t 6:25 j S:1I?
Steubenvlllo and Columbus, t C:~> 1 0:15
Columbus and Cincinnati... t C:2T? | 5:15
Wellsburff and Pittsburgh.. - f -5:15
a. m.
Pittsburgh and New York.. .'10:35
p. m. p. m.
Philadelphia and Now York. tl2:30 t 2:17
Steubenvllle and Pittsburgh tl2:30 +'^:17
Coluinbua ami Chicago tl-'-'-'W i 2:17 {
a. m.
Philadelphia and Now York 2:5T. *10:35
Baltimore and Washington. . | 0:30 . io.:,,V
Steubenvlllo and Pittsburgh 2:55 f 8:53
McDonald and Dennlsou.... t 2:55 t S:f>3
p. m.
Pittsburgh and New York., t 6:30 t 8:15
a. m.
Indianapolis and St. Louis, t S:30| t 6:07
Dayton and Cincinnati I S::w!. t 6:07
Steubenvlllo and Columbus, t S:30 t 6:"7
Pittsburgh and East t'8:3o( t 8:15
~7~ "777" Leave. Arrive
Prom Bridgeport to a. m. p. m.
Fort Wayne and Chicago... f 4:4S t 8:13
Alllanco ami Cleveland t 4:?s | S:ii '
Stoubenvlllo ami PlttNburgh t -IMS f 0:25
1>. m.
SUnibenvllle and WoIIbvMp. 0:09 112:10
Steubenvlllo and Pittsburgh 0:09 fl2:40
i. m.
Fort "Wayne and Chicago... 1:1D t 8:3,1
Canton uwl Crestline l:in tl2:40
Alllanco and Cleveland 1:15 f S:3.'{
Stmibenvlllo and Wellsvlllo. 1 :l& | 5:25 ,
Philadelphia and Now York 1:15 f 5:25 j
WoHrvIHo and rittBburRh... " 3? I
Toronto ami Pittsburgh.... 11:15 | 0:25
Stoubenvlllo and WellsvlMe. t 6:03 t 8:tl j
Haltlmore anil Wanhlngton. t 1:15 | 5:25 1
New York anil Washington, t 4:53 i 5:25
8toubcnvlllo and Pittsburgh f 4:53 ' t 5:25
Parlor Car '"Wheeling to Plttnburirh en
2:55 p. m. and 0:30 p. m. train. Central
time. COno hour Hlower than Wheeling t
PnsponK?>r ami Ticket Agent.
Agent (or all Steamship Llnca.
Arrival and departure of trains on and
after auk. 11 law. Kxplanatlou of Reference
Marks: "Dally. tDally. except
Sunday. jDally. except Saturday. iptllT.
rxcept Monday. IBundays only. *Satur*
day* only. Eastern Standard Tiro*- _ ____
Depart. H.AO.?Main Una East. Arrive.
i::20 am Wash.. Hal.. PhlL. K.Y. 1:10 am
6:00 ptn Wash.. Hal., 1'blt, N Y
t 6:60 nm ..Cumberland Acoora. jT 5:50 pm
am Grafton Accoro..... * 6:50 pm '
S.iJOpia Gr.iflon A<*eom *m
10:50 ?a!..Washington"City Ex.! 1*10 JO pis
&tMrt IRAO.-C.o. Wt- Writ ~Anlve.
M'T? tt,n Columbus and Chicago * 1:10 am
10:16 am ..Columbus and Clncln.. * B;17 pm
!H:!8 *>m Col., CIn. and St Louis * 5JO am
4:& pin ....Chicago Expre?.... *12:2U urn
110:11 am ..SL CUlravllle Acoom.. 112 JO pm
t <:05 pm ..St. Clairavllle Accora- ?&:17 pm
10:15 am Sandusky Mail ft:l? pm
S?P?rt. B. t O.-W., P. B. Dir. ~Arr|ye7 *
! I'lil 91X1 Pittsburgh ....... *10:13 am
am Pittsburgh C:3i pm
5:20 pm ..Pittsburgh and East.. *11'JO pm
ljm --Pittsburgh und East.. *10:00 aa
I Cn? pm ....... Pittsburgh
Depart P., C. cr& St."L By. "Arrive.
A - ,* East.
nm Pittsburgh t 9:53 am
m:00 am ....... Pittsburgh t 6:15 pm
t 1:30 pm Pitts., PhlUu and N. Y. t 3:17 pm
3:? pm Pitts., Phlln. and N\ Y. t 9:15 pm
1I?m Pitta., Hal., Wsh.. n.Y. *11:23 am
t 9:50 pm Pitt*., Ba 1.. W'sh., N.Y. ~l!8 am
1I*? .-Steub. and Dcnnlnon.. t 9:53 am
t 7:3 um ..Steub., Col. and Cin.. t a?
11:30 pm ..Steub., Col. and Chi., t P. 17 pm
I 2 "m uste.llb. and Dennlnon.. t 9:15 pm
9:35 pm Steub., Col., CIn.. St. L. t :t6 pm
.^art*L O^o"River R. R. I Arrive.
nm C"rk- n"d Way Polnts'*10:50 am
110:00 am Charleston and Clncln. 3:45 pm
,r ani -Clncln. and Lexington, t 7:25 pm
511:45 am ....Kenova Express.... 5 7:25 ph)
3.45 pm Park, and Way Points t 6:60 pm
t 7:00 pn> Park, and Way Points t Q:X5j?m
Depart. C. & P.?Bridgeport. Arrlvo.
t 5:4S am Ft. Wayne and Chicago t 9:13 pm
I r:1i Qm Canton and Toledo... t 9:11 pm
LS:S am Alliance ?nd Cleveland 19:11 am
tW:09 am Steubenvllle and Pitts, t 9:33 pm
1 o'lr fttn ^ Wayne nnd Chicago tl0:2S am
I niir I,,n -'Canton and Toledo;', t 9:33 pm
t 2.15 pm Alliance and Cleveland 11:43 pm
2:15 pm ..Steub. and Wellavllle.. tl0:2f? am
5:&3 pm ..Steub. and Wellsvllle.. *11:58 am
t fi:u3 pm Philadelphia and N. Y. t ?:25 pm
t pm ..Baltimore and Wash., t 6:25 pm
I pm Steubcnvlllo nnd Pitta, t 6:25 pm
t 7:00 pm ..Steub. and Wellsvllle.. t 9:12 pm
Deyart C.^L. &^V.?Br 1 dgepor11 ^ArrIvaT
? j uti-uu una lw< f pot
11:20 pm Cleve., Toledo and Chi. t 8:05 pra
t 5:30 pm ....Masslllon Accom.... tl0:40 am
t 8:1S pm ..St. Clalravllle Accom.. t 3:41 am
|10:13 um ..St. Clalravllle Accom
St. Clalravlllo Accom.. t Bt07 pni
t C:00 pm ..St. Clalravllle Accom. t 7:25 pm
tl2;22 pm Local Freight t!2:30 pro
Depart. I XV. & L. E. Arrive.
7:15 um|Cleve., Tol. Chi. Ex. *10:35 pm
111:45 nm|Toledo and Detroit Spc. t G:25 pra
tll:45 umlCleve. and Canton Ex. t <3:25 pra
* 5:00 pml....Cleveland Special.... *12:50 pm
* 7:15 amlSteub. and Brll. Accoin. *12:50 pm
tll:4u um'Steub. and Brll. Accom. + <1:25 pm .
5:0Q pmlSteub. and Brll. Accom.1*10:35 pm
^Depart. B., Z. & C. R. R. i Arrive. ,
Bcllalre. Bellolre.
11:05 um Mall, Express and Pas. 9:40 am
4:55 pm Express and Poasonfier 3:50 pm
2:35 pm Mixed Freight and Pa8. 1:15 pm
Departure anu &rrival
of trains at
Wheeling. Eoata
ern Time.
(Pr'-fl^wjiWP SchednJ? Jn^effect
Station corner of
Twentieth and
VySTSJ-' Water Street*.
Leave. Arrive
From Wheeling to a. m. a. m.
Grafton and Cumberland... ;12:? ; 8:10
Washington nnd Baltimore. *l-.20 8.10
Philadelphia and New York *12:20 *8:10
p. m.
rittsburnh and Cumberland 5:15 *11:30
Washington and Baltimore. * G:i5 *11:83
Philadelphia anil New York ">:15 *11:30
Grafton and Cumberland... t C:50 f 5:50
Fairmont and Grafton 6:50 6:60
Washington (Pa.) and Pitts. 7:20 fl:85
a. ra.
K&ncsville and Newark 7:25 i:jj
Columbus and Chicago *7:25 *1:10
Zanesvllle and Columbus.... *10:12 *'517
Cincinnati and St. Louis.... *10:15 * 5:17
Grafton and Cumberland... *10:50 *10;JW
Washington and Baltimore. *10:50 ?10:M
p. m.
Zanesvllle and Newark * 4:05 *12:20
Columbus and Chicago *4:05 *12:20 '
Washington (Pa.) nnd Pitts. * 3:15 *10:00
Philadelphia and New York * 3:15 *10:13
Grafton and Cumberland... * 5:00 *10:3<J
Washington and Baltimore. * 5:00
Pittsburgh and Cumberland * 5:20 *10:13
Washington nnd Baltimore. * 5:20 *10:13
Philadelphia and New Yorl: * 5:20 *10:13
Zanefcvllle and Columbus.... *11:40 * fijo
Cincinnati nnd St. Louis.... *11:40 *5:20
Pitts. and Washington (Pa.) _?_6:00
Dally. IBxceyt Sunday. {Sundays only.
Pullmnn Sleeping or Parlor Cars on all
through tralnB.
City Passenger and Ticket Agent. Wh?el?
Ing. A Kent for all Sto-mfhlp Linos.
General Manager. Mgr. Pass. Trade.
Baltimore.- -
Pjh oH!? r,ver
Time Table In effect May 27, 1VC0.
S:00 a. m.?Dally?For Parkeraburg and
intermediate point*.
10:00 a. m.?Daily exccpt Sunday?For
Moundsvllle, New Martinsville, Sls.
tersvllle, St. Marys, Marietta, ParkcrsburK,
Ravensw )od, Millwood,
Pomeroy, Pt. Pleasant, Charleston,
Gallipollii. Huntington. Kenova, Ironton.
Portsmouth. Htllsboro, Cincinnati.
and all points South and Weat.
Iiun? solid to Cincinnati. Parlor Car,
11:15 a. xn.?Dally?For Sistersvllle, Marl.
eita, Parkersburg, Pomeroy, Point
'Pleasant, Charleston, Galllpolls.
Huntington, Kcnova, and principal
Intermediate points. Parlor Car.
3*45 p. m.?Dally?For Parkcrsburg and
Intermediate points.
7:0v) p. m.?Dally except Sunday?For Slstcrsviilt,
St, Marys, Waverly, Marietta,
Parkeraburg, and Intermediate
points north of Ststcrsvllle.
-. Gen. Pass. Agent
L_! 1?J_ | [ "'' "l -l ^
jiffil' Jil |lj
[u? i-.v ! (Yfeia 3!k!
^ mum. Cii *j i'?rw*?tuii;^
U: IS.n ?c*w?L v
ft'hecling & Elm Grove Electric Railway.
Cars will mn n* follows, city time;
Leave Wheeling. 1/oavo Elm Grove,
i. in. ]>. m. a. in. p, m.
G:30 2:30 5:45 2:41
i?:iO 3:i0 6:15 3-15
fi:3.) , 3:30 CMj 3:45
7:00 4:iO 7 :15 4:15
7:30 4:30 7:45 4:45
8:00 rt:uO 8:15 5:15
8:30 r?:M 8:40 s C:45
moo ?:oo i?:in e:i5
it: SO r.:30 :4a 6:45
0:00 7:00 10:15 7;15
I0:S?? 7:30 10:43 7:45
11:00 S:00 11:15 8:15
11:30 j 8:30 11:15 S:43
p. in.
2:00 0:00 12:15 9:15
i?. m
12:30 0:30 12:45 9:45
1:00 10:00 l:is 10:15
1:30 10:30 1:45 10:45
2:00 11:00 2:15 H;N
Extras from Wheeling to Parle an4 ltoLurn:
? nu p. m. p. m. n ni
?:45 . 3:55 4:55 - PB:i
7:45 4:15 5:15

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