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Mrs. John H. Inglls, of Cla?irjlllei
- Pa., Graphically DMcrll>es 'lie
Siege of tUa
A Tale of Horror That HapP^y Elided
In the Belief of tb? fiesieged
by Allied
, Among the American ftiteslonarlC3
pooppd up In .the British legation jn pekin
during that reign 0f jtcrror tfjat
happily ended with the relief of the besieged
by the tailed forces. vv*n? Pr?
?uad Mrs. John M. inglld, 0f G,ay8vlJIc?
pa., who are well known m Wheeling,
especially among Presbyterl*1153Inglls,
In a letter to her father anrt
piother, graphically describe^ ijie
8lege. The letter, svhlch wft8 PUbiial?*#
i/i the Claysville Recorder, is given be'
PEKING, China* August 14, igoO'
Dearest Mother and Father wo
months yesterday since our honie **aa
burned and eight weeks to*morrow
el nee we came to the Brltl"*1 legatl?n?
but our relief troops Q-ro thls ftiorniPS
pounding away on the south city wall.
We have been under Are five do.ya ij0V?\
two days both cannon and rltles. the
last two nights we have the h3*dest
.attacks we have experlencfcd. L^at
flight they began before ?uh?et a*11^
ceased with dawn. But between their
valleys we heard the roll ?* distant
cannon and the rapid "dick," "cltek"
of a machine gun planted t?' ?Ur rd!?'
force at the Jung 'fieri Mcn? the fiI1"
trance to the south city. They vlll
have a double gate to Pasg through to
pet-here, but they Will eo^r right
the legations. None of us s^Pt, evpfVone
was excited. I saw ifidY McDfi.n*
aid, dart across tho court,- the bull*!-*
whizzing about her like ho*1, *Uid i*1'0
the main hall for the news.
Many, many limes there have bec-n
rumors of foreign artillery, until it grew
to be a standing joke, but 10at night we
all heard it roll nnrin iv?n volio..
VOltey. anil this morning- plaluer than
ever. Last night the firlflff was so
dreadful that I thought perhaps C?oU
took the baby to save her a ??orre
death, and I thought of her l'1 her t|U??t
little grave, the awful gups noyndlaff.
nothing disturbing her. Put whefl I
heard the artillery so n^nr? hoard hysterical
laughter and taUcin# *U around
I could only creep back, to t?cr bed ami
weep for the little ono> for, oh( how
we had planned to celebrate Ms
Bom in ChinaMrs.
Lowrle'a husband Was horn In
China, and he Is coming with tjie United
States troop3 as Interpreter. Mr*Ixjwrle
has not geen him sixteen
weeks,, and she is wild with delight.
In all these eight weeks we have been
able to get but four mcssepsera to '-T'ei1
Tsln and return. Think ot it! Our
refugees are almost starving. We are.
nearly at the end of our ll0^se meat,
having now killed elghty*f?u*'. Every
man who had a horse- or muU> gave It
The heat and dampness* fop three
days past has been moat enervating.
Our clothes are saturated moat 0f the
time. I have been ill for lho past two
days, but I will get up to-day to *>ee
the'troops come in. Word-canui on Friday
last to expect them pn lhe 13th or
J4th. as they were simply driving the
Chlnesu before them.
JJfe here has been very Unpleasant
for some time past. Fieo* Hnd mosqultos
are dreadful, and the sand fil^s
worse. Many are sick with diarrhoea
and a low fever. Dysentery haft attacknd
the Russian soldier8- The second
Russian victim was eXpeetetf t? die
last flight. Chinese babies are dying
by the score, but .they arc in a separate
Only Forty-Five EscapC(j#
Of the nearly 300 membership of our
Presbyterian churches jn Poking only
forty-five escaped here as refugees- We
have good reason to bcllcve that the
Others have been slain. t)n .iuly 2 the
empresfl issued an edict Paring them
to recant or be Killed. govot-a| times
There is no poison so highly Contagious,
eo deceptive and so destructive. Don't be
too sure you are cured bccfl?lSC all external
signs of the disease have disappeared, and
the doctor says you are well* Mnny persons
have been dosed with Mercury and
Potash for months or years,1 QQd pronounced
cured ?to realise when too late
that the disease tf?s only covered up?
Utro Begot* ?*o. *Jg"2g*J
out ngain, and to their sorrow and mortification
find those nearest ond dcarcSt'to
'them have been infcctcd hy this loath,
some disease, for no other poison is .so
surely transmitted from parent to child
as this. Often a bad case of Rheumatism,
Catarrh, Scrofula or severe skin disease,
au old sore or ulcer developing {n middle
life, can be traccd to blood poison conin
"arty Tho Sin of tho Paront.
life, for it remains smoldering in ilje system
forever, unless properly treated and
driven out in the beginning* S. S. S. is
tho otily antidote for this peculiar virus,
the only remedy kaowu ^t can overor?rnn
it nml driuf K rtf tilt* hloO'Jt Ond I
it docs this to thorou^ty ami effectually
that there is never n retort of the disease
to ctnburrass or humiliate y?u afterwards.
S/Z&, >$??? curea Contagions Blood
SjT^ Poison *n any and nil
xSk ?ta.j?c^ I contains no
m*nerfll't? break down
n$25y yonrcuu^titntioti I it is
purely vegetable ai>d the oaly blood purifier
known Jthnt cican?^ tho blood and
at the name/ time builds BP the general
health, (
Our lUtle book on contnJ?iouf? blood
poison Is-tbe most complete and Instructive
cver'iqiucd; it not only fellH nil
about tbfcodiseaflCf but ol?? botr to cure
yaurselfat ^hotue. It.is free and nhonld
be in the liiudfi of cvcf7?ae seeking a
cure. Send for it.
.me swifj snccinc ca. at&anta. c*.
the Tsung Li Yamcn demanded our
refugees, but the ministers refused.
Those* who escaped the Boxers 1 am
surp must have been killed under edict.
It tfl said the empress has fled to SJiaii
SI, the ancient capital of China.
It hus been two months and more
since we have had any news of the ouiaide
world, except Consul Ragdale's
note of McKlnley's nomination. Peking,
rtself, Is a sealed book to us.
What tales, wh3t tragedies we have yet
to JuarnJ And what of th?J poor Inland
missionaries? How could they escape?
We are almoat afraid to ask of Pao
Ting Fu.
August 27, 1000.
I thought I had lout the letter commenced
August H but found it In my
Journal to-day, so I will finish, even If
disconnected. It was Interrupted by
the cry of "The troops have come." I
Jumped up, dressed hurriedly and ran
out Into Lady McDonald's frorft hall lii
time to greet the British officers. The
court outside was filled with magnificent
Sikhs, all turbancd and Jolly looking
as could be. Oh, what cheering,
huzzas aiid tearg! Old General Gazalee
and the officers, bronzed and sweating,
all had trembling voices as well as tearful
Crept Through "Water Gate.
With them 450 Indian Sikhs entered
the southern city, after sending a few
shells through the gate and then Instead
of shelling their way Into the
North city they crept man after man
through the water gate, or where the
city canal runs through the city wall.
This canal la now dry. The British
were llrst In the North city. The United
States troops lost their way In the
South city and wandered about for two
hours, but the United States flag was
floating from the wall of the Chlen Man
gate, from which point we suffered our
worst attacks. As the cheering In the
compound Increased so did the flre from
the Chinese barricades, for not having
seen the entrance of our troops, -they
thought to silence a most unusual nosle.
One Indian soldier was badly<-wounded
.and a French woman was struck In
the leg by a fragment of a shell. A
shell exploded In Sir Claude McDonald'*
bed room. A bullet came Into our
room, so the Sikhs said, "We hadn't
any fun to-day,' 'and they picked up
their guns and went out and droye the
imperial soldiers from their barricades
without losing a man.
Eighteen or twenty British and United
States reporters came along, also
young Mr. Lowrle, who broke down and
wept when he met his wife and friends,
whom he had mourned as -dead. .It
was a surprise to us to hear the rumors
of our massacre in dctajl. Prison and
hanging are too good for some jouonalIsts.
Sick at IJpqrt. .
Our danger was Rreat, but God's omnipotent
hand saved us. The stories we
hear of missionary friends, their sufferings,
In many cases of their murder,
make us sick at heart. We cannot
speak of Pao Ting Fu friends to each
other. Their massacre has been proven
beyond a doubt. A trusted servant
came from there and relates that their \
homos were burned, then all were led .
In a company to a Boxer's yard, by the
river, and beheaded, except Mr. Pitkin,
who was executed in his own yard. One
small woman was so overcome she had
to be carried, l^r. Taylor's head wac
presented to the yamen authorities as
an offering. Fifty-one missionaries
were murdered in the yamen belonging
to the governor of Shan Si, whither
the empress had tied with hor court.
As I think of all these murders and
outrages I almost lose my self-control.
Our trip from Peking to Tien Tsln
was most uncomfortable. We were deserted
by the major in charge of the !
conwy, on a sandbar for ten hours, and
had a disagreeable time generally. The
river banks were strewn with the dead
bodies of Chinese. The river banks
were lined with corn, t'-nd the soldiers
fired at every rustlp among the loaves,
for they Intend to keep the way clear.
We left Peking ?I> the of August.
The ejty has been looted and a great
portion burned,
Foreigners to be Ordered Out.
A big English convoy came down today
and reported nil foreigners noon to
be ordered out. Our church expects to
remove me reiuKces 10 ine vjne x-oo uistrlct
where there has been no uprising
as yet. Consul Corles Invited us to
Tlflln the day we arrived at Tien Tsln
and we enjoyed It ho much?n tablecloth
and napkins, real beefsteak, etc.,
think of it! Kir Walter Hllller was
there, also Captain Bailey, military
governor of Tien Tain.
There Is no American transport here;
no steamers running, flo we all expect
to leave here on Wednesday, August
29, on a Urltlah transport that curries
us for $3 (Mexican money) a day. clear
to Calcutta. This Is less than by
steamer to Shanghai. We'pnlfur to-return
via Europe when we can do so
without extra expense and onl.V a week
or two difference in time. The thing
that recommends it most to me Is that
we can visit the doctor's parents tlrst;
then on home where I can stay a good
long time. I know that when I Ret
home I will wish to stay. This homegoing
is so different from what we planned.
God only knows how hard It was
to tear ourselves from our little darling's
grave In Peking.
AH Plans Gone.
All our plnns arc gone. We come to
you empty handed as we went out, but
we know we love you better and know
that you praise Clod for our deliverance
?a deliverance that grows more and
more marvelous an we gain new knowledge
wvory day of the empress' deep
laid plans. Her fuso was lighted Just
a little too soon or we would no* now
be alive to tell the tale. Love to each
P. 8.?Miss Newton, Mrs. McKllllknn,
Dr. .Leonard, Revs. Wherry and
Mackcy remained In Poking to look after
aur remaining fifty church members.
Mr. Walter Cowrie, of Pao Tin/? Fu,
who wok In T!en Tsln when the war
broke out, had o. place ready' for us to
stop when we arrived here. Mr. Miller,
of Pao Ting Fu, also Is here. He apd
his family escaped to Korea from Pel
Tal Ho. Last night V>'0 met for praise
service In the Hrltlsh park?the church
of England service, band music and an
address by Mr. Lowrlo. The Peking
refugees and the soldiers of all nations
were present to take part In the grand
services. How my heart turns homoward.
Both the doctor and mynelf
need to get away from Tien Tsln. The
Fenns are here. Mrs. Carr, a lovely
Engllwh lady, lost her beautiful baby
the day we l*ft Peking, Oh! how my
heart erles for niy baby, day and night,
but Mrs. Slmcox's wns brutally murdered.
Bo In this way T am led to
thank God for His mercy. Will write
again. THEODORA.
ONLY one remedy In, the world that
will at once stop Itchiness of the skin
In any part of the body. Doan'n Ointment.
At any'drug store, CO cents.?3.
Kentucky Justice seems to be a pliable
affair. A few days ago It was
confidently stated thut Howard, now on
trial for the murder of Goebel, had been
positively proven guilty; and a {lay or
two later It waa Just as positively
stated that Howard was talking to a
barber a block or two away at the time
the fatal shot was fired, the barber
himself testifying to it. Jt may, some
time, ba ascertained to a dot who killed
Goebel, but It docs not look as though
It will over be done by duo process of
Kentucky law.?Wellsburg Herald.
The barbecue at this place this week
promises to be the largest and best political
meeting ever hold In the county.
Groat preparations are being made and
no one can afford to miss it.?Tyler
County Star.
The Second congresHlonal district Is
only entitled to one congressman, but
should Colonel Tom be elected there
will have to be several go down to
Washington and tell him how to vote on
the different questions.?Davis Republican.
Hon. Wharton Barker Is one of the
most modest of the presidential candidates;
he only claims two states, Texas
and Ge'orgla.T-Martlnsburg Herald.
Mr. Bryan alludes to tbo soldiers as
an "Idle set" and to the money paid
pensioners as a "needless waste." But
as Bryan Is not eligible to a pension It
makes no difference.?Preston Republican.
Democrats who love good government
cannot ufford to return to power the
Chilton, MacCorkle and Chilton political
trust. Can any Republican afford to
do It??Charles Mall-Trlbune.
Hobson's Intimation that the Spaniards
sank their own ships at Manila
bay does not take on the significance It
might have assumed if Dewey had consented
to run for the presidency before
it was too late.?Blueiield Telegraph.
xvouacveit'H letter of acceptance
Is a modest manuscript, but It dJssaets
the Kansas City platform and the
false Issue of Imperialism so thoroughly i
thAl> "the wayfaring man, tho' a fool
need not err therein."?Putnam Itepub- i
That old political humbug, Nat Ward ]
Fitzgerald, occupies over two columns
of the Morgantown Daily Dominion to ,
show that Bryan will be elected. It Is
well understood that Colonel Nat Is
somewhat of an adept with figures. It I
was a top free use of his versatile pen |
that debarred him from practice before I
the United States pension commissioner
at Washington, and from which he
went into the "bloomer girl" restaurant
business In New York. A man who
has been in all the political organizations
known to the country is not a safe
prognostlcator as to coming events any
way.?Grafton Sentinel.
Postal Orders.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
WASHINGTON, D. C., Oct. 1.?The
following changes have bean ordered In
the star service on routes In West Virginia:
Route 16.397. White Sulphur Springs
to Columbia Sulphur Springs: hereafter
supply White Sulphur Springs at
site heretofore authorized.
Route 1G.437, Clear Creek tn Maedon- I
aid; from Octobcr 1, 1900, omit Maedonaldand
end at Maedonald railroad stotion.vwlthout
change In distance.
Route 16,411, Clrtavllle to Mount
Hope; from Octobcr 1, 1900, end at
Macdonald railroad station, omitting
Mount Hope, (discontinued), increasing
three-fourths of a mile.
Jtoute 10,442, Berkley to Mount Hope;
from October 1. 1900, end at Prosperity,
omitting Mount Hope, decreasing five
Route 16,314, Helvetia to Newlonton;
hereafter leave Helvetia daily except
Sunday at 2:45 p. m., ami returning,
k'nv> Newlonton on receipt of mail
from south-bound mall train, but not
later .than G p. m,
Killed at a Saw Mill.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
FAIRMONT, W. Vn.. Oct. 1.?Edwin
DeVault was accidentally killed at
Rogers &. Jacobs' saw mill at Smlthto'.vn,
Friday. , The unfortunate man
has a son who works at the mill and he
had gone there to take his placo while
the latter was absent for a short time,
lie was at work only a few minutes
when In lifting a log he slipped and fell
backward against the belt and wns
hurled upward. His head struck the
roof of the shed and his skull was
crushed. He lingered only a few hourn
after the accident, He was aged about
forty years. A widow and three children
survive him.
Postmasters Appointed.
Special Dispatch to the intelligencer.
WASHINGTON, p. C., Oct. 1.?Clifford
E, McDonald hap been appointed
postmaster at lllo, W. Va. A new pos*ottloH
has been established at Wade,
"Wetzel county, W, Va., and GeorRo T.
Wood has been appointed postmaster.
The postotlleo at Cokeleys, Hltchle
county, W. Va., has been discontinued.
Mall hereafter will be be Bent to Ilarrlsvlllc,
and supplied to Cokuleys by rural
free delivery.
An All-Day Picnic.
Special Dispatch to the Intelllfjonccr.
MARTJNSBUKG, W. Va? Oct. 1,-An
all-day plcnlo and Republican rally will
be held at .Tones' Spring, this county,
October 13. Governor Atkinson and
Hon, Charles Caldwell will speak during
the day. The people will take bnsketn
and remain ?u the meeting all day.
Hoth of the speakers will make redresses
In this city on the night of the
same day.
?! >-11111 n;? IIIIIJ, lliu
proprietor of the Exchange' saloon In
Marietta, la moHt nu familiar In Pi\rkersbunj
oh It la In Marlottn. Moat t;very
Parkersburrrer who vlwlts In Marietta
makes MqCurdy's pluce headquarters.-?Parkerabun?
Stop that Head Cold in 10 minutes
?or It will develop Into Chronic Catarrh.
Dr. Apiunv's Catarrhal Powdor atopa
cold In the head In ten minutes, and rellevew
piost uouto and doep. seated Catarrh
after one application. Cui-ch
qulokly and permanently, "I have uned
Dr. Afrnew'a Caturrlml Powder with
best results. It in a great remedy, and
I never cease recommending It."?John
E. Dell, Puuldlng, O. Hold by Charlea
It. Goetzo, Twelfth and Market atreeta.
Hay Fovor.
We con cite you a number of CURES
wo havo mado in cases of 1IAY FEVER,
Tenth and Main StrootH.
Burs tfao X?lk' K'cl1 1,111 HIM M?n Eo'-'^l
News Notes From tho Busy Marsha
County Town.
Work was begun yesterday tyy' 11
Wheeling Railway Company on: 11
connecting line on Kentucky Hejfcht
that will connect the Moundsvllle an
Wheeling lines. The citizens some tin
ago got out an Injunction ajfalnpt 0
company, which will prevent them Xroi
running cars straight through froi
Wheeling to Moundsyille. and It
likely thoy will transfer at sonpoint.
The company owns the proj
crty along the heights and the city car
not prevent the wprk o? connecting tli
two lines. For the benefit of the Bor
wood population, a car will run dow
through that city at Intervals.
While at work at the Riverside earl
yesterday afternoon. Theodore Cavt
naugh had his left foot mashed by bi
ing run over by a truck. Part of th
great toe had to be amputated and th
nails from all the other tocB >vere rc
The To tins Glen's SocJjil Club has sc
cured quarters in the PabBt buildin
and are having them elegantly furnish
cd. When completed they will rnak
the model cjub rooms of the city.
The mules that are used in the mine
at the Wheeling steel works have bee
sent for by tire company. This is take
as an indication that the mill wljl rc
sumo shortly.
Harry Leeds, of McMechen, address
ed the citizens at the Democratic clu
rooms last night. Leeds Is a Soclalis
and he has a number of followers I
this city.
The Empire Athletic Club entertalne
In honor of Joseph Gocke, one of thai
members, who recently become a'bene
diet, ut their club rooms Sunday after
The Republican drum corps gave i
well attended ni)d highly successfi
dance at the Blue Ribbon hall lapt ev
enlng Prof. Long furnished the music
The Epworth League will hold cabi
net, devotional and business meeting
at the Methodist Episcopal church.to
.Tames Hitchcock and wife, of Ne\
Martinsville, have returned home, af
ter a pleasant stay with relatives here
Mrs. A. Pelley returned from Ming
yesterday, where phe was the guest o
her son during the past few days.
A young son of Charles Curran ran i
nail Into his foot while playing in th
school yard yesterday afternoon.
MIkb Kmmu Price returned from Par
lccrsburg, where she took part In the W
C. T. U, goldmedal contest.
Harry Schwartz, of Pittsburgh, ha
returner] home, after a few days' vlsl
with friends In this city.
Miss Anna Crannen and Mary Mc
Cormlck spent Sunday with friends a
Pete Joyce has returned from i
pleasant stay with friends at Pitts
John Elchleay, of Pittsburgh, has re
turned home, after a brief business sta:
Oscar Schad has resigned his posltioi
with George M. Snook & Co., of AVheel
The Croatian Republican club Will re
ceive their uniforms this week.
Mrs. William Rude is the guest o
friends at New Martinsville,
John "Winning, of Brilliant, was call
lng on friends here Sunday.
Arthur Geraghty, of Mingo, spen
Sunday with relatives here.
wjiunm fjerip ana wire arc visiting
friends at Park View.
Matters of Interest in tha Hetropolii
of Belmont County.
The Germans of this city are taking r
great. Interest in the celebration to bi
held at Wheeling. October 8. At ar
enthusiastic meeting at which Dr. U1
rich, Dr. Zlmmer and others, of Wheel
Ing, wore present, It was resolved to engage
Heatherlngton's band to head th(
Bellalre delegation on that occasion
Carl L. Dorer will be marshal of th<
Bellalre division, and Messrs. Loub
Busche, Carl Jahnke. and J. P. Glnssei
will be assistants. J. U. Walehll, William
Sehlndewolf and Frank SastudI!
will look after the banners and decorations,
and John Steger, Louis Buscht
and C*. L. Dorer are the finance committee.
Fred. Rodewlg, sr., Wllllarr
Sehlndewolf, sr., Louis Long, sr., August
Kompart sr., and George Kern, art
vice presidents. C. W. Bente will mak<
the opening address In German.
Cnpt. J. T. Lune went to Barnesvlllt
yesterday, where they are trying to arrange
for a spcclal train to leave thai
town for this city about G o'clock or,
October 12. the data or Rnnatnr Fnm.
Iter's meeting* there. Ho speaks here
that evening and Barnesville wants tc
hold him during all of their afternoon
demonstration, which can only be done
by having a spcclal train.
The Republican committee ban the
the bills out for the Brosslus meeting
Friday night, nnd met last night to select
the gentleman to preside. Tho uniformed
clubs will both be out and the
Mechanic's band will furnish the music,
The outlook la for a big meeting.
Mosos Duga and Miss Albertlna
Stahl were married at the bride's home
Sunday evening*1 and a splendid company
of friends enjoyed the festivities
that followed the ceremony.
The funeral of Prank Norris yesterday
afternoon, wua attended by a largi'
crowd of friends. His sudden taking ofl
caused universal sadness In a wide circle.
Miss Bessie Iloge, formerly of thlf
city, but for eight years a missionary
In India, wrjtex an Interesting letter tc
her friends through the Independent.
Miss Alma Snedeker, stenographer In
State Food Commissioner Blackburn'?
oflleo nt Columbus, la the guest of hot
mother here, for a few days,
Charles J. Clements returned yesterday
from Detroit, where he attended
school for the past three months, tuklnfi
a course in language,
Mrs. Coffey, wife of Rev. R. S. Coffey,
of the First Presbyterian church,
will leave this week for a visit to her
old home in England.
Quite n crowd of Knights Templai
will go to St. Clalrsvllle Thursday evening
to attend the drill meeting. Train
returns at 9 o'clock.
The Shakespeare Literary and Soda
Pint* will moot this nt.nr.lnr. ?? 1
* ?* me nunu
of Miss hlxa Luzuro to reorganize for
this winter.
The collection In 8t. John's church foi
the benefit of Galveston sufferer;
amounted to $io?; 04, n neat sum for ont
John Davis left yonterday morning for
St. Mary's, where ho will look after the
construction of a water plant let to II
T. Day.
The Young Men's Club held nn Interesting
rally meeting In their rooms In
tin* hank building lust night.
.Tames T. Kelly, of the First Nntlonal
hank, has been laid up for a day or t\Vo
with a heavy cold.
Mrs O. E. Fmilkc, ot Grccnnclil. Ohio,
in visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M
v. imucr.
A social will be held nt the First
Presbyterian church Thursday evening.
The mayor's court was not a blank
yesterday, but It didn't pay anything.
CHAMPAGNE ns a restorer has nc
c(|ual. Cook's Imperial Extra Dry
Chnmpn??nc Is pure, dellcioip and
Rough Dry Washed, Starched and
Dried 6 cents per pound.
Flat Work, Washed and Ironed, 5
cents per pound.
All hand work finished 10 cents
per pound. At LUTZ BROS'.
Homo Steam Laundry,
u ?"
lo Tlio Kind You Have Alwaj
I* in use for over 30 year.i
^ All Counterfeits, Imitatioi
le periments that trttlo irit
Infants and Children?Ej
? What Is i
Castoria is a substitute foi
a and Soothing- Syrups. It
n contains neillior Opium,
i. substance. Its ago is its
and allays Fcvcrlshnoss.
? Colic. It relieves Tcotliin
t and Flatulency. It assim
n Stomach and Bowels, givi
The Oliildren's l'anacea?
a yri Bears th
I The Kind You H
In Use For
. Cure Jjuppteccy. flight Emissions, Loss
eases, all effects of self-abuse
A oerve tonic and blood
glow to pale cheeks and restc
mail 50c. per box, 6 boxes fo
kfcCJ able guarantee to cure or
Send lor circular and copy of c
Positively guaranteed cure for Los3 of P
Organs, Paresis, Locomotor Ataxia, N<
Paralyais and the Results of Excessive U
in plain package, $1.00 a box, 6 for $$.i
cure In 30 days or refund money pai
Clinton and Jackson Strcot3
Sold by Cbns. R. Goetze, Druggist
5 ing. W. Va.
vijcr to the whole fceinc. AUdrsl
are properly cured, their condition
Mailed scaled. Price ti per box; 6 t
money, Send tor free book.
Sold by Chris. R. Goetze, Druggist, c
Perfection Gas Ranges,
Four and Six Holo-Cafeo (irlddlo?
Viktor Hentor?Worminp Ovou.,.,
Wrifr tor Catal&tua. J5D0-1532 Mirfcct 3fre?t
Sisters of the Visitation, B. V. M.
Firty-Tbird Year. ID00-1D0I,
Opens Wc^nculay, Sept 12.
Cllmnto dcitlrnblo lbr dollcmto plrlH.
Ton nureH bountifully luld out. (iolf,
\ 'XcnnU, Croijiitit uud othor uthlotk
names. Exurtllew; euro; reasonable
rates. Address
1 Tl,#. nip#.rlr??
Mount dc Chantal Acndcmy.
^onr, "Whoollntr, W, Vn.
A book thnt has excited almost r
furor lu tbo locality where tin
story Ib sot.
By Mull, Postpaid, $1.00.
Address A. C. Hall Glcncoc, ill
i :ni'J7-d,tw
Mrs. W. S. Hutchlns
will rIvo Instruction on the rinno ti
a limited number of i>\ip!1n at hoi
rosldence, No. MO Main street, corn
monclnK the llrnt work In September
Arrangement)! can bo made by cull
Iuk or through the nuill beulnnlni
Monday, September 3.
s, Bought, and ivlilcli has heen
i, lias homo tho signature of
has hccn mado under his per.
il supervision since Its Infancy.'
W no ono to dccclve you In this,
is and Substitutes arc hut Ex.
Ii and endanger the liculth of
;perlcnco against Experiment,
Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
is Harmless and Pleasant. It
Morphine nor otljcr Nareo<lo
guarantee. It destroys Worms
It cures Diarrhoea aud Wind
g Troubles, cures Constipation
ilates the Food, regulates tiio
ing healthy and natural sleep,
rho Mother's Friend.
e Signature of
m Always Bought
Over 30 Years.
Pill (P "eSt0[e Vitalil*
11 i \ Lost Vigor
1 lis la H and Wood.,. [
of Memory, all wasting disor
excess and indiscretion.
builder. Brings the pink PJLLS
ires tlio fire of youth. By - _ \
r $2.50, with our bankrefund
the money paid. CTS
iui" bankable guarantee bond.
;tg extra strength
Immediate Results
ower, Varicocele, Undeveloped or Shrunken
jrvous Prostration, Hysteria, Fits, Insanity,
se of Tobacco. Opium or Liquor. By mall
)o with our bankable guarantee bond to
Id. Address
>ical company
Market and Twelfth streets, 'Wheel- ?
IOUBT, TRY Ther hare stood the test oryeaii.
_ _ . ana have cured thousands of
J f -A //rtait? of Nervous Diseases, inch
yMTlpS Debililv, DixzineiJ.Slcepleii^^^'ib^^J^^rneis
and Varieocele.Auophjf.lc.
* They dear the brain, ttrenjthea '
the circulation, make dic?*tioa
perfect, and impart a healthy
at and losses ire checked ftrmantnily, Unless patitstt r,
often worries them into Insanity, Consumption cr Death. i
>oxes, with iron<lsd legal guarantee to cure orxefundtha
Address, PEAL MEDICINE CO.. Cletjland, 0.
or. Market and Twelfth streets. ap!4
Capital $200,000
Surplus and Profits GO-OOO
J. N. Vance. John Frew,
John Wnternouse. John L. Dlekejr,
W. E. Stone, Geo. B. Stlfel,
W. II. Frank. J. M. Brown,
Wm. Elllnghatn.
J. N. VANCE, . . . President.
JOHN FRBW, . Vice President.
WM. B. IRVINE, Ass't. Cashier.
Business entrusted to our care will r?*
cclvc prompt ond careful attention.
CAl'lTAT.-Sl 7,1,000.
WILLIAM A. 1RKTT : Proildrnt
MOKTIMKK rOLLOCK....VIco President
J. A. MILLER Cm,hie.
J. H. MCDONALD Ask't. Ca??ler
Drafts on England, Ireland, Frinco an"1
William A. Isctt, Mortimer Pollock,
i: A. Millar. Robert Simpson,
L. M. Atkinson. C. M. FrUMll,
, Julius Pollock.
J. A. JEFFERSON Cashier.
C1IAS. I. A MB Assistant Caahlsr
CAPITAL, 9200.00a. PAID IN.
Allen llrock. Joneph F. Paull,
Ci'uh, Schmidt. Ilt-nry Woborson.
Howard Simpson, Hannibal Forbes,
A. J. ClarKe.
Interest ;uld on special deposits.
Issues drafts on EngUnd. Ireland &n&
. Scotland. J. A. JEFFERSON.
) myU ' CashUr.
Real Estate
Title Insurance. ?.sCc^
If you purchase or make n lou.t on resl
estate huvo tho title Insured by the
Wheeling Title & Trust Co,
No. 1305 Market Street.
II. M. lHtS8EI,L l>rp?ldfr,t
1* P. STIFUI B?cr.l?ry
; C. J. ItAWUNO Vice I'rmlJTl
ivV,' TKAPY An.'I. S.cntiry
a. 11. E. GlLCHIUST..El?mlnir ! Till"

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