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?? ' * BTOHrz Cc, THOMA&
Weather PorooAHt for To-4av?Fair.
Getting Ready
*JTo throw open the doors of the largest and most completo
business institution In this section o? t\x? country.
. Our large force of employes are kept busy these days re I
ceiving the immense shipments of new goods^an ^ g |
> . UU. Camrmtprw nr4 -I-**
jjiuiuwwj, vicwuiuiuuoy muchlnists,
etc., etc., are working hard that the opportunity
may he given you to participate in the GBAND OPENING
possible moment.
New and down-to-the-moment merchandise will be displayed
in QUaZ?titiM RilfflrlAnf fn inniirA +h? o^Anf?cf nno '
sibla choice.
Every Department Enlarged
And New Departments Added.
Through all this work, all this preparation, -we are busy
selling seasonable merchandise at prices only possible as
a result of cash buying in great quantities,
Is now ready on the third floor, where a complete line of
Boyb* and Children's Clothing la ready ior your Inspection.
" "Will toko placo next week.
I Until Farther!
\- We will give O
ri <fa j <i?
a discount or
Pi on all good purchased here! A *
ff few illustrations, showing just how
If" this cut works?the difference is
your gain.
85c Taffeta Silks 63|c yd.
r" $1.25 Novelty Silks 93|c yd. to tl
\" 50c Dress Goods 37fc yd, ,
y $150 Dress Goods $1.12+ yd. ^
48c Table Linens Sk yd. tem
75c Table Lincas 56+c yd.
>- C? Dn'nlr 24.* -A
IiJV 11 O^W JU,
$5.00 Curtains 53.75 pr.
8c Silkatincs 6c yd.
$3.93 Blankets ?2.98 pr.
$290.00 Alaska Sealskins 5217^9 ea.
$6.99 Jackets $5.17 ca.
$25.00 Jackets 518.75 ca.
$22.50 Suits $16.88 ea. ?jn
$6.90 Far Scarls $5.17 ea. nU 1
9Sc Kid Gloves 74c pr. gppl
$1.50 Corsets... JI.12* pr.
ijc Hose or Socks 11-Jc pr.
25c Underwear. 18fc ea.
$1.00 Underwear 75c ea.
25c Ribbons. I8}cyd.
$11.90 Dinner Sets $8.92 ea.
$98.00 llariland Sets $73.50 ea.
25 Additional Salespeople of Expcri
i WHAT {
| WE
$3.50 Shoe |
Box Calf, Yici Kid,
Enamel Calf, Velours Calf,
TanRnssiaCalf, Patent Leather, |
In 13 Different Styles. I;
1317 Market.
13 Extra flne, fat, whito and juicy. J
\\ Tho late catch?If you relish a Rood 5
H Slackorol, you'll ?ay they arc olmti
ply dollcloua. 'Twill over- iiiO,c -J
W ugo about a pound aplccc, B|Jfw ?
L] and tho price, each
Now York Btato Crrnin-mlld, roel- ;
low and rich?about 35% butter lat ;
?npeclally line for tvcloh I Cn
Rarebit?at tho pound I Uu ;
complete, the dozen AtOu *
$AM B. McKEE CO., |
.'Phone. 675. 2227-31 Market St. *
OHlcn: 25 and 27 Fourteenth Street.
New .aaverusDmenis,
Opera House?Hamlet?Fifth Page.
German Day?Third Page.
Peaches?Albert Stolze Co.
For Bale?Howard Hazlett & Son.
50c Saved on Each Dun lap Stylo Hat?
McFadden's?Second Page.
Red Fire?R. H. List.
"Winter Cruise?H. F. Bchrenn Co.
Seasonable?Geo. W. Johnson's Sons.
Stock* for Sale?Norton & Co.
"When Greek Meets Greek"?White
Swan Laundry.
Stylo Outride?South Side Shoe Store.
Special Bargains In Property?L. A. Rolf.
Stocks for Sale?Simpson & Tatum.
*,'0.000. '
Wo have fitted more thnn twenty
thousand pair* of Spoctnolos, giving us
ii record and experience unequalled by
any other optician hi "Wost Virginia.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
JACOli W. GltUJlli, Optician,
>'o. loOd Market Streor.
We-liave now on display our large
and handsome line of foreign and
domestic Woolens. The fashionable
cut arid superior finish of our garments
recommends itself to all fashionable
dressers. Prices reasonable.
j Fashionable Tailors and Fine Furi
nishers, 1321-1323 Market St.
i per. 1
? cent J
Ow;ing i
lie extraordinary cliar= "J
r of this sale, our only J
is are ^ '
r?et, i:
snoods will be sent on -<1
oval, none will be re= j
ed, none exchanged. J
encc* -^j
' I Wee 4
C. A. McConnoll, of Indianapolis,
Will Back His Reputation oa
18,000 Majority.
Is No Longer in Evidence?The Qas
Belt Vote Adds Strength to
the Republican Party.
It has been the general Impression
among Republicans that the State of
Indiana would return to its old love at
the approaching November election and i
cast Its electoral vote for the "Prophet
of Disaster." That belief has arisen .
from various sources, but the most po- i
tent argument bearing out the BUggCg- <
tlon is, that at heart Indiana baa. been
a Democratic state.
In contravention of this false convlc- i
tlon, an Intelligencer reporter had a
talk last evening with Mr. C. A. Mc- '
Connell, general agent of the Mosier
Safe Company, who has been a resident
of Indianapolis for the larger part of '
his life. Mr. McConnell was born "at '
Bridgeport, Ohio, and Is here combining
business with a visit.
When asked about the condition of
politics In Indiana, Mr. McConnell said:
"I will bank my reputation an a political
prognostlcator upon the statement
that the Iloosler State will give MeKlnley
and Roosevelt from 18,000 to 25,000
majority and the state ticket will go
through by a majority equally as good.
It may sound to those who are unacquainted
with the condition of affairs
in Indiana, that I am talking at ran
com, UUt my UUSlitcao ima I.UIICU i..s uu"
every county of the state and I believe
that I am conversant with the drift of
"Let me give you a few reasons why
Indiana has changed from a Democratic
to ?a Republican state, and why it
will remain in the Republican column.
The old 'copperhead' element that controlled
Indiana for so many years has
completely died out, and the descendants
of those sympathizers of secession
are, for the most part, supporters of the
Republican faith. The son of the late
W. E. English, and who by the way, is
one of the leading business men In Indianapolis,
Is making speeches for tho '
Republican candidates, and in addition,
I might name others who nave come
from the well known names of Brig- ,
ham, Mllllgan, Horsey, Bowles and
"The gas belt has "been the means of
Introducing numerous and varied manufactories,
and with the hundreds of
/.nini-nhiono ? vnot nrm? nf '
iloating voters who, at first, "were favorably
Impressed with Democratic ,
doctrines, but who. since 1S9G, have de- ;
veloped Into Republicans. The Gold 1
Democrats are also In line and will cast
their ballots against the apostle of freo ,
silver. Seventy-five per cent of the <
German vote will also be for the Re- |
publican ticket. That means many
thousands of hnllots for our party, for ;
the German vote Is by no means a
small factor. I
"And then there is Debs, who will
draw from the Bryan vote to the tune
of 10,000 to 15.000. He Is conducting a
personal canvass, and is scheduled for
a large number of speeches where he
has friends and followers. He is sawing
wood strictly on his own woodpile
and Is having absolutely nothing to do
with Bryan. No one can impugn his
personal or political honesty or question
the integrity of his motives. The
worst that can be said of him by those
who are put out by his candidacy is
that he Is fanatical and dangerous, and
the same can be said of Bryan.
"Taking all these factors into consld- .
oration, I am led to believe that the ma- Jorlty
for McKlnley and Roosevelt will ?
ue wnat x nave aircuuy inaica?-'U."
Deatli of Miss Leonhart.
Sunday night at 11:30 o'clocK, the end
ot this life came to Miss Lizzie Leonhart,
at the City hospital, after an illness
of a few months. Miss Leonhart
had spent her entire life In this community,
and through her devotion to
friends and family had endeared herself
to all who had the fortune of her acquaintance.
Endowed with a gentle
nature, and a thoughtfulnesS for the
wants of others, her presence brought
sunshine Into the paths of those with
whom she came In contact, and her too
s?hort life was an example of true womanhood
and genuine Christian character.
Many have been the deeds of
kindness performed in a modest Way by
Miss Leon hart, and they will be cherished
by her associates as a priceless
heritage and a sweet memory In the
Jays that are to come.
The funeral of the deceased will be e
conducted at her late home, corner of
Jacob and Twelfth streets, on "WednesJay
morning, October 3, at 10 o'clock.
OPENING Wednesday, Thursday ^
and Friday.
MISS S. A. KNOKE, 3921 Jacob St.
OPENING to-dfty, CARL'S.
"Why?" is tho Question. 1
If Gregg Shorthand Is such a poor, .
worthless system of rapid writing as
some would hnvc you think, why arc 1
schools adopting It all over the coun- C
try? Why arc court reporters changing \
to It? M It bUd been a worthless system 1
It would not have lived during the last i
fourteen years. If It was worthless, authors
of other systems would pay no attention
to It; but they nil realize that It
possesses merits which their own system
does not. And every attempt on 1
their pnrt to keep persons from learning 1
It. only makes Gregg's Shorthand more \
popular. No other school In the state ,
enn teach It without purchasing their
books from the ELLIOTT SCHOOL, <
131S Market street. j
Opening to-day, SWABACKER'S. 1
Opening. 1
Fine Millinery Tuesday, October 2. .
You are Invited. '
"No Cards." 1108 Main street. i
EAT Good Sausage made by Hofmann i
Bros., 2344 Chapllne street, and at stalls ,
In both markets.
SEE our display of Heady-to-Wcar
Hats, at our Opening Tuesday. October
INO uuruB. 1108 Main gt.
Opening to-day, SWAB ACKER'S. j
BTBINWAY Square Piano, K"ud con
dltlon, only $125. I
SKK our dtnplay nt Uoa<ljMo.-\Vcnr
Hat?, at our Opening Tticaday. October
~.,x, r. , ? r- sonnkuohn.
"No Cards. 110S Mala St.
Our Men'j
At $10 an
We haven't seen anything
$12.50 or $15 00, or even $16.
suits we're showing at $15 and !
tailor's at double.
Children's Perf
Stylish CI
cost so little in this store. Ha
All Wool Double Breasted Sui
$3.50, or our fine Astrakan Reef
If not it'll pay you to stop in a
at the largest stock of clothes
shown by any other half dozen
Greatest line of Children'
you've ever seen?every style
Step in?we'll gladly sho
want to look at?buy whenevei
A money back guarantee
Fourteenth and
Market streets.
is the true test of cheapness,
cheap clothing do not lose sigh
true test of value is. "qualit}
clothing you will find super
bottom prices.
Men's handsome Worsted, Vic
Thibet Suits, "Equal to Best Cnst
Stylish Worsted, Melton am
Serviceable Suits made of t!
Cheek and Striped Worsted; al
and Blue Cheviot Suits.
Good Business Suits, made of
Brown and Grey Cheviots and
Twelfth Street ClotI
Great Shoe
Men's Vici Kid and Calf Shi
Men's Vici Kid and Box Calf
Men's Shoes. All ncnpnHaiii
We want your trade on Mer
will guarantee you better sho
than any other house in Wh<
I Locke Shoe (
" Messr
ileet in Regular Monthly Session and McCo!
Transact Koxitine Business ? The ed.
Williams Damage Case Compro- Con
mised?The Lock Bill Up Again. tllc c0
Tho county board of commissioners damn}
net iti regular monthly session yester- ^IstrU
lay morning, President McGregor in :l
ho chair, and Clerk Moffat at the desk. tn ^
Bills, were ordered paid as follows: c?
;ourt house and Jail s mi xi Archil
iminuc M2 42 and d
?oor house and furin b7S tiS *rr- a
^ontlngont poor fund;.' niG 42
touds and bridges 1,117 TO oncd
Total TUBE
Captain A. A. Franzhclm, representitlve
of the Pittsburgh, ConneUsvlUc &; ?PC
Wheeling railroad, appeared before the
joard. and Inquired as to the status of ONI
the application of his company for right ^tebtl
>f way through the county lnllrnmry
farm, and It developed thai the nmttev
had been referred to County Engineer
Robert Huzlett for report on the curves jn foot
proposed. ;?l
Sheriff Klchartls reported county orflers
returned to the amount or 516.S40,,W,
and reported, In addition, returns
aggregating *8,Ofi9 11.
The superintendent of the county In- f *
Urinary reported ns follows for the vfcjW
month of September: Inmates, S5; reMilptH
for the month. $5 4f?.
Road Supervisor 11. J. lUdgoley, or
Richland, tendered his resignation. Con- '
ffldoratlon was deferred.
iv mm rwponcii mat William Will- whci
Ian if, (colored) had agreed to compro- th\n6
mine his unit for $5,050 damans, for in- benefit
juries received from riding over an unprotected
stone bridge on the national p^nt t
pike, for $200 and costs. \VF0?nr
An ordinance was passed, approprlat- a care
Ing 510,000 as a payment on the county
1?"' Tho S<
To fill vacancies on the county school bptlol
? Suits
d $12.
elsewhere better for
50. Have you? The
518 are like the custom
ect Fitting, j
.ve you seen our Boys
ts at $2.50, ?2.15 and
er at $2.50 and $3.00?
nd have a look around \
; for the youngsters |
s Novelty Headwear |
you can think of.
w you whatever you 1
yuu rc reauy.
with every purchase.
uJB, ;
Clothiers, Hatters
and Furnishers.
ity j
In your search for
t of the fact that the
r." In our make of
ior quality, yoked to
?',?'$ 15.00
ie latest
All Wool ftrj P|)
Cassinieres (pf ,uU |
\ER, I
[ling House.
? - I
u ?? i,im ? mm i m*~ri j
oes $2.00
: Shoes ...$2.50
e Leathers $3.00
i's Shoes, and we
es for your money
oolc board, caused by the resign11"
of Mrs. Emory and Prof. Dleh!, j
s. A. S. Bell, of Liberty, and A. ;
lloch, of Richland, were appoltitimissloner
McCurdy's motion thai
unty pay Richard Moxley J1G0 tor
;o to hlo property, in Trludelphia
it, caused by the construction of
Ige, was referred to the committee ,
ids and bridges.
u Muscovltch, of the Wheeling
Lectural Wire Company. appeared
emanded payment of his bill for.
ar work at the Jail. He threat-(
suit unless there is speedy payaiag
to-day, SWABACKER'S.
3 Capon Piano, Mahogany case,
y shomvorn. n? liss ni
K \V. BAU11ER CO.'S.
' Good Sausage made by Hofmann
~.H4 Chuptine street, and at stalls
n markets.
n you foci that you have tried every
and everyone, coneult us. A dally
ence is the surprise shown by (ha
ed patlcnta at our onice.
'ou have hradachef Do your eye<
Do they smart or hum? Doea tin
un together when rending?
my trouble of your eyre coneult 05.
ike Klansea at popular prices. Maka
ful examination free or oharge.
rianUQo Cor. Mali> nail

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