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Wcatbcr Torccast for To-day?Pair.
S. & T. i
Our second floor is a revelation to visitors
since the opening of the new millinery and ;
suit departments.
The elegance of the furnishings is in pleasing harmony 1
with the wealth of seasonable attire for women, trusses ana .
children on show. It's the section of the store particularly
attractive just now. ....
The entire floor is devoted to the display of millinery,
suits, coats, cape's, waists, separate sjcirts, and in tact
ready-made garments of evprv ripcrrinUnn w on c*"
w ir libit ?r V- OC4Jthetentire
second floor, we mean also the new building, for
we're occupying the new structure on every floor except
the first and the basement.
Our Millinery Emporium is one of the finest in the |
country, and the galaxy of "beauty hats" is most comprehensive
and satisfying?you'll say the same of the suit
We take especial pride in our own make of Hats,
Bonnets and Toques?those made by our own milliners,
we mean?made after the newest and prettiest of the
autumn and winter Parisian models.
We have the foreign-made fancies, too, made by
Camille Roger, Virot-Bertne and others, but you can hardly
tell the difference except by looking at the price card.
Sarah Bernhardt's latest, the Empire, is just out of our
work room, it is a pretty, swagger shape, made with tan
velvet and trimmed with shaded velvet roses. Priced at
only $7.98.
Prices in trimmed millinery range from $1.98 to $65.
tailored garments
The suit parlor is in the new section of the enlarged
second floor. The equipment is magnificent, the arrangement
Here and there, artistically placed, are forms clothed
in the new and handsomely fashioned suits, automobiles,
etc. Immense cases contain hundreds, yes, thousands of
iflckpte anrl Qpnorofo clrirfc nlfr\rA\r>rr ? u
J V...W. Ukb ^i\uio, unuiuiiig a dClCCUUll 5UL11 clb
has never been shown in this section.
One tailored costume, particularly attractive, is made
of Camel's Hair Cheviot and Imported Broadcloth. Blouse
jacket, handsomely trimmed with stitched taffeta to form
yoke, military collar, and chevron on the sleeves. Lined
throughout with best taffeta silk?flaring skirt. They come
in blue. Price $22.50.
Our autumn and winter suits range in price from
$10.00 to $100.00.
I- Not "Dollar" 4
i >- v 'iVWp Be/ (tP B> _^;r
Kid Gloves at $ %. 1
A make that is 3old under a different name in other cities v
g>- at S?1.25 pair. Wo have broken every previous record with -vj
L our present lino of "PRINCESSE" Kid Gloves to sell at $1.00 K I
;V Quality and colors you would not expect to -?
I find in dollar gloves! J
;/ Quantity and variety unknown to previous IS
(L collections! J]
A "Princesse" come3 in two styles?with Foster's new and fc, j
larger lacing hooks to correspond witli glove shades, or with ~^?j
three pretty self-colored imitation pearl clasps. \
^ See TShat
Insido of a pair of Kid Gloves it means the HIGHEST ^ j
quality?the CHOICEST colors?the MOST PERFECT fit?all -?j 1
these combined in this one make as in no other! The prico \ |
& is 92.00 per pair?worth every penny of it, and they're only "p
rto bo had from us in Wheeling. J) 1
Our ASTORIA Pique Kid Gloves for street wear are $1.75 j
pair. Thoy aro sold in Wheeling and elsewhero under sev- -^c
\ eral well known names, as high as $2.00 pair. Can match J|| 1
any of tho new fall drosses and suits at I
|L 68c, $i.00, $1.50 or $2.00 pair. M
p[ Capo Goat Driving Gloves for women $1.50 pair. Real l<j j
Mocha Gloves for women $1.25 pair. Men's Reindeer Gloves j
ET at $1.50 pair. Children's lined and unlined Kid Gloves and Jl
T.T<frt Vtill Una nf "Artlor'o" 3 ? 1
* - * ** u-uu m.no ior men, fwomen
and children. Jg
L [email protected]!e?y and j
tUffidemeaffo j
On our shelvos now, largo lines of tin ldnd that chock
creeping shivers nnd ward off colds and discomfort. Have J
roally too many different kinds to mention in detail. Hosiery J
and Underwear aro two great specialties with us. Como In
and ask for ANYTHING In Underwear-Silk, Wool, Cotton or
linen?whlto, black, grey or red?flat or ribbed weaves. A -V
rango of sizes extending from slzo 1 in infants' wrappers to }
size BO for men. The prlco rango 8c each to $0.00 the suit.
Tho line, of Hosiery is no less comprehensive.
More of those exclusive dulled Veltet Ribbons in Mack and colors. A
ft s/i. 4/ ^
"Tailor Made"!
New $3,00 Shoe j
F or Luuies....
I Ih rupeclally-well adapted to street 1
9 wear. Ladies who wear walking J
tj skirts should uhd the mannish last
I In tho new golf cut stylo?round
i full toes with extended sole*.
S WVAritm nt "Tiilli.r Mr rift" hnvrt :
Ed that Inward consciousness ih.it j
Ed their feet present tho stylish ui?- i
H p?arance which ?ood dresser* so r\
Hi much enjoy. "Tailor Made" Is rap- >j
M Idly winning Its way Into the affac- jj
y tlonn of feminine ahoe wearers of j|
B Wheeling, and undoubtedly will be s
H one of the most popular tthocr. rccn 3
on the street this fall and winter. "
1317 Market St. j
BaammBmagaBaggEaaaE J
?AM 33. McKEE CO.
Y Just received an Invoice of Ohio ^
A Cream Cheese, mild and of koo.1 i
T flavor. A decided chcese bar- I I p Y
gain. At the pound I lu v
"CLOVER IIILL" butter Is to-day T
"Ktandard for excellence." Made y
0 by tho most approved sclentlile A
a methods. In the most mod rn I
Y creamery In the world. QOo
G Fresh to-day at the pound.. OUO $
| $AM B. McKEE CO. g
1 "of course.** Y
Y 'Phone G75. 221T-31 Market St. Y
0<><><3>0<>0<1>0<?><V00<N-0-C<:- U'
SOkc 5Md%?ticcr
Onicc: 2ft and 27 Fonrtoenth Street.
Now Advertisements.
I Peas?II. F. Behrena Co.
I Good Chcese?Sam 13. McKeo Co.
DIM Pickles-Albert Stolxe & Co.
It Will Pay You?South Side Shoe Store.
Does This Interest You?McFadden's?
Second Page.
Red Fire?List's Drue Store.
Store Rooms to Rent?James L. Hawley.
Highest Cash Price?Alfred Dlmmack.
Wm, Brlceland?Fresh Fish and Oysters.
Real Estate Bargains?Theo. W. Fink
Si Co.
Looking: Backwards?White Swan Laundry.
Nine Notable Novels?Stanton's Old City
Book Store.
Seasonable?Geo. W. Johnson's Sons.
Wo have fitted more tlmn tironty
thousand puir? of Spcetaulcs, irlvlnir im
a record and experience unequalled by
any other optician In West Virginia.
I Satisfaction cnaranteod.
JACOB W. (JRUltH, Optician,
j No. 1JJOO Market Street.
Underwear and Half Hose a Specialty.
Wo carry tho best lines in the city
and will sell all our popular numbers
at old prices. Sizes ns largo as 50.
Agents for the Celebrated Jauos Hygenic
Underwear, non-shrlnkablo and
I non-irritating and most durable?also
| preventing chills from 3udden cooling
after perspiration. The best 25c cotj
ton, Merino and natural wool y. Hose
| in the city.
I Fashionable Tailors and Furnishers,
tu&f 1321 & 1323 Market St.
I Events in and About tho City Given
in a Nutshell.
The Independent Rod and Gun club
will give a benefit ball for John Franke
at Mozart hall November 2. Prof. Long
will play.
The handsome new brick residence
being crected on South Jacob street by
Dr. E. L. Armbrecht Is being pushed
to completion.
Evangelist Randall's meetings at the
work house are gaining Interest, and
ho Is meeting with great success In his
gospel work among the prisoners.
An aged resident of Bellalre slipped
and fell on the pavement near the Red
Lettrr tobacco works early last nigh:
and dislocated his hip. He was hauled
to Fourteenth stret In the patrol wagon
and placed on a Bcllalre car.
The Wheeling pottery was Idle yesterday
afternoon, on account of Colonel
Roosevelt being In the city. An endeavor
was made to run the plant, but
only a corporal's guard appeared for
work and It was decided to close the
plant for the afternoon.
Going and Coming of Wheeling People
and Visitors.
Michael Owens, manager of tho
Llbhy glass works, at Toledo, Is tho
guest of his parents, on South Jacob
Wellsburg visitors in the city yesterday
were R. II. Cotton. J. F. Cree.
S. R. Caldwell, J. C. Palmer, jr., and
Charles Dare.
Mrs. J. C. Milllgnn. of this city, will
leave to-day for New York City,
whence she will sail for Europe on the
St. Louis next Wednesday.
Col. Robert S. Irwin, who has been
"uoing uuropo ror the past six months,
ami Incidentally the Paris Exposition,
lins returned to his old quartets, at the
Stamm hotel. Col. Robert believes McKlnlcy
will be elected.
Mr. Richard Dunnlngton, of Fairmont,
a former employe of the Intelligences
was one of the visitors In the
city yesterday. Air. Dunnlngton has
been living In the west until recently,
and he thinks several states the Democrats
are banking on will surprise
SPECIAL prices on Fall Suitings niul
Rou^h Dry Waihcd, Starchcd nnd
Dried b cents per pouud.
Flut Work, Washed and Ironed, 5
cents per pound.
All nand work finished 10 cents
por pound. At LUTZ BROS'.
Home Steam Laundry.
When ynu feel that yon have tried evory.
thine HTid everyone, consult u?. A dally
occurrt-ncu 1* the nurprlau rhoivn by tjj0
benellU'd patients ut our oltteo.
Do you have hendneho? l>o your cye:i
wntor? Do they nniart or burn? Doeu tho
print run together wh"ti mullrjR?
For nny trouble of your yra'ronault us
We make planum at popular prices. Mako
a careful examination frco of charge,
PROF. li. SHliFF,
Tlio Soloiitlllo Cor. Main ami
Optician HlovciUhbU.
Hon. John H. Atkinson, a Delegate
to tho Fremont Convention of
1850, Talks Interestingly.
J Stands for Prosperity, Americanism,
Freo Schools and Protection
to American Labor.
One of the most Interesting figures
brought to Wheeling yesterday by the
"Roosevelt Day" exercises was Hon.
John H. Atkinson, of Now Cumberland,
West Virginia's only surviving delegate
to the First Republican national
convention, held In 1S5C, and which
named as Its presidential candidate the
gallant and chivalrous General John C.
Fremont, "The Pathfinder." Mr. Atkinson
was suitably honored by being
named llrst vice president of the Roosevelt
meeting at the state fair grounds.
When seen last night, he said he had
been delighted with his day's experiences.
Comparing the infant days of Republicanism
with conditions to-day, Mr.
Atkinson said:
"As I witnessed the Immense crowd
that listened to Governor Roosevelt, I
[ could not but contrast the conditions of
to-day with the convention of two hundred
that assembled In one of the halls
In your city to nominate an electoral
ticket for Fremont In 1856, then a hopeless
minority, now the dominating party
of America.
"Trntn the formation of tho stntn in
1SG3, to 1870, the Republican party had
control, but amending our statute law.
In 1SC8, so as to enfranchise those who
had gone Into rebellion, the Democratic
party came into power with a majority
of 20,000 votes. Outnumbered but not
disheartened, we have made an average
gain of 1,000 a year, until In 1388 we
elected General Goft as governor by a
majority of over 200, but a Democratic
legislature counted hlin out. In 1S0G
we gave MclClnley a majority of over
11,000, which should be increased In November
to 15,000.
"The Republican party has ever been
one of principle and progress. Coming
Into power In 1S61 as the champion of
liberty and union, she accepted the responsibilities
of the rebellion, and determined
that * all men were created
with certain Inalienable rights,' 3houId
not have been written in vain.
"Victory came to the Union cause
when 130.000 colored men 'with silent
tongue, and clenched teeth and steady
eye and well poised bayonet helped us
to this great consummation,' and again
they have been found side by side with
our white soldier in the war with
Spain and in the Philippines.
'The Republican piirty must never
abandon her organization until every
right is secured to the colored man, as
to the white.
"Let our party stand as she has In the
past, for free schools and free speech;
for honest money and protection to
American labor, for equal rights to all,
and she will continue to guide the affairs
of the state, and keep our country
as she Is to-day, the acknowledged
leader of the world In Christianity, civilization
and humanity.
; A "Last Call" for Five Dollar Subscriptions
Sent Out by the Ohio
County Leaders?The ILesponse
Said to be Disappointing.
T5v tlio admission of the finance com
rnittee of the Ohio county Democratic
campaign committee, the party in this
neck of the woods is badly in need of
fur.ds to continue the campaign. The
flnance committee is composed of
Messrs. A. H. Weidebusch, A. P. Garden
and John Waterhouse, and they have
just issued and sent out the following
appeal to the faithful:
WHEELING. W. Va.. Oct. 17. 1900.
DEAR SIR:?Knowing thm you are interested
in tho success of the Democratic
ticket, and leellng assured that you are
willing tc? back up your Interest In the
work for Democracy In a substantial way,
we have taken the liberty of enclosing this
circular to your address, with the hope
that you can seo your way dear to make
a liberal contribution to the Dcmocrntlc
committee of this county, which committee
la very much In need of funds.
Wo take this method of soliciting your
aid becausB of our Inability to reach people
nt their homes and places of business,
and for tho further reason that we have
corne to bo loo conspicuous in the work
of soliciting.
We hope you will mako your contribution
not less than five dollars, and that
you will send snme immediately, as the
campalKn Is rapidly drawing to a close.
You can send the money or hand it to any
of the undersigned.
Thanking you in advance for any aid
you may extend the committee, jind (rustIn::
that you will lend your lnlluence and
time to the Kood cause, wc are, yours with
much respect,
Finance Committee.
It is quite evident that the local DemI
ocracy doesn't know where It stands,
for at least one of these circulars c.ime
to a sound money man, who Isn't training
with the present day Democracy,
and ho has kindly turned It over to the
juicwik"-'".'-* mr i>uwiivu.uoii.
It Is said the response to the appsal.
so far. has been disappointingly small.
It Is further slated that the state committee
has told the Ohio county leaders
that they need not expect any outside
contrjhutlon--that Ohio county Is expected
to take care of herself.
Tlio Striko Still On.
Reports have been circulated that the
strike which ban existed since the RCh
day of July, l'JOO, has been terminated
by the committee resuming their positions
on October 18, 1900.
We, the employes of the Riverside
rolling mill, denounce the said report
as a malicious He. circulated for the
purpose of discouraging the men of the
Jtlverslde mill now on strike. The
strike still exists at that plant. Efforts
for the lust three days to settle the
strike have proved futile. Therefore,
tlio said strike lr. still continued by the
old employes nf the Riverside Iron
"Works, and all honorable men are requested
to stay away from the said mill.
uivkkiunj: iron works.
Full nnd complete lino of Fall Suitlags,
etc.. Ju?t reeiMve?l. nt
22C3 Market Street.
MY linn of Overcoatings anil Sult|ntn<
arc ulwayti of thr. cholrcst pattern*
McKinley 1
and Bryan I
both agree that prosperity is largely |
a matter of confidence. A man wfe 1
? I wears our clothinsr insniroc ...
fidence wherever he goes; "there!
Ssw fore your prosperity is largely,
m 1 'pjt matter of whether or not you we?
\S the c'othing. It'lltau
\ very little money to dress well i'
!fV- \ you'll give us a chance to show ym
\|/i j i | the best values you've ever seen
Vj 11 J This week we're offering a special
|' |= line of Suits and Overcoats at
that'll not only interest you, but
JpJ V-i more than please you. If you buy'
? and think differently after getting
them home, your money is here
waiting for you.
Greater Wheeling's Clothiers, Hatters
Greatest Store. and Furnishers.
u 'wgj' t v V/<uivL*a^a o
J? F^VERV MAN who has a preGreat
fl* sentable one left over from last
Weather ?J season *s 'n ^u<*k> anc^ ^ose
p who haven't want to be. If you are
T one of the latter we want to see you
* P at our store. A call will be to our
LGatS. mutual advantage. .It will lead to
. . . . r business for us and satisfaction for
4you. We have Top Coats and every
===== other stylish kind of Overcoats in
$1.50 1 ght, medium or heavy weights, and
, have them priced so they are easy to
buy.- Come and see 'em.
$15.00. _J
O -=^=^HOUSE,
1 Great Shoe Valines.
I Men's Vici Kid and Calf Shoes $2.00
Men's Vici Kid and Box Calf Shoes $2.50
Men's Shoes, All Dependable Leathers $3.00
We want your trade on Men's Shoes, and we
will guarantee you better shoes for your money
than any other house in Wheeling.
Locke Shoe Company,,
WaSS Paper,
We will give special prices on Wall Paper for
a few days. This is the time of the year we
wish to close out some of our Wall Paper,
both cheap and better grades, so come in and
see what we offer.
fejL Laiiglilin'e Infant Cordial
(J *r/ L 1 SaJ Softens the Gums, Allays the Pain, Reduccs Inflammation,
X'? Controls the Bowels, Curing Summer Complaint, D/sen/fr
s ^r/? Diarrhoea, Flatulence, Wind Colic, &c., 4 c.
v "\. V 'ff/\ Mother* will find it very valuable. The child will be relieved, *?t Into
I \V V'.v,/,lV \ "penile -deep, and wake up checrful, happy, anil feeling comlotucift
* ]& c Kuaran,cc cach bottle, and will refund the price of every bottle tH
Si M fgy doiCR *? we re?re\ent.
yjfpj tT !(\ PROPRIETORS,
Sold by nil druggists mid dealers gcnorally. _
ifS'V *( 't* " raiUblff, monthly, rxmlaUnr tnoJtotna. Only hanslcffl Ov
.T tho jturosidruganhould bj uooJ. 11 you vaciibo bc*t, rpI
Dp. PesS'o FsCTrays'tBwaS PilSs
They aro prompt, 5af<? and ortnln lu rrrult. T" w
* M ^^Tlau'oniiiuoCUr. iVnl'^ never (lUnppolnt, Sold for $1.00 per box.
Sold "by Chaa. R. Gootzc, Druggist, cor. Market ana Twelfth streets,

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