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ElBepiibllcan by 80,000 at tho Lowest
business men solid in line
Si labor and Agricultural Vote AbsoI
lntoly Secure?Eesults of Beglstxa1
tlons ? All the Business lien
I Awake to Their Interests.
J WASHINGTON, D. C., Oct. 19,-Tho
Eur says:
j? A gentleman In the government serH
vice, a resident of New York City, who
lis well known In Washington, and
?hKc views as. to the political situation
H.. v.w Ynrlc state may be occopted as
Ill ,
being absolutely, reliable, returned to
this city to-day from a trip to the metropolis
f?r thQ purpose of registering,
In order that ho may vote In November,
jn discussing the situation aa he observed
It with a reporter of tJic Star
this morning, he said:'
"New York City being ray native
heath, and having been raised In tho
Twelfth and Eighth congressional dls:
rricts, which are on the east aide, north
and south of Twenty-third street, and
embrace the Tenderloin and hotel sections,
I know something about the town.
I made it a point to' talk politics with
every man I met, and being a member
of the Republican organization of
my assembly district and also frequently
visiting the national Republican
headquarters, I had peculiarly favorable
opportunities of observing the Intensely
interesting political battle which is
now being fought.
"It Is my Judgment ,and my conclusions
are largely based on Inside information
which I received at national Republican
headquarters, that the Democratic
majority south of the Bronx will
not certainly be over 75,000. Mr. Croker.'s
kite-soaring figures and claims
to the contrary, notwithstanding. In
fact, Mr. Croker is a prince of bluffers.
Ills alleged heavy bets are simply part
of the desperate game he Is playing. He
Is. however, right up against the push.
Senator Piatt, Col. J. H. Manley, Senator
Scott and the other Republican
leaders can give him cards and' spades
at his own game and beat him, and not
only have the7 thus far forestalled the
Tammany sachem In many of his most
important playa on the political chessboard,
but they have again checkmated
and discounted him time and again.
This fact Alls New York Republicans
with unalloyed and uncontrollabla Joy,
and Tammany's chief and the Democratic
leaders at their .national headi
quarters with corresponding chagrin.
Large Majority for HcKinley.
"At this stage It is confidently be
llnvwl hv thn Pi>niihlli>nn mnnncnpu
IMadlso.i avenue that the up-state majority
will be at least 150,000, and that
McKlnley's majority In the state will
be from 75,000 to 70,000. The heavy Increase
In registration In Republican
(districts and falling off In Democratic
districts substantiates this view. The
'Democrats stand no more chance of
carrying my state than they do of carrying
Maine. These figures are exceedingly
conservative, and Jf the tide of
Republican sentiment which begins to
How strongly about the 1st of October,
snd which was running with Increased
and irresistible volume and force during
the time I was In the state and
which it Is believed will Increase at a
corresponding high pressure and ratio,
the President majority will be over
100,000. In fact, Committeeman Glbbs
bet with National Committeeman Norman
Mack, of Buffalo, 5500 even money
that the state would go over 100,000 for
McKinley, so you see my figures are
very conservative, as I am not permitting
myself to be nwayed by sentiment
"You see, there has been a tremendous
change of sentiment In New York
City and state within the last fortnight.
The astounding blufilng claims of
Mr. Bryan and Chairman Jones as to
their ability to carry the state paralyzed,
as It were, New York Republicans
for the moment bccause of their
monumental effrontery. When they recovered
their breath they started in to
give the party for which Mr. Bryan
stands as the supreme boss series after
series of solar plexus blows right where
It lives, and by election day It will be |
as limp In my state as the proverbial
The Business Interests Solid.
"I wish to lay particular stress upon
the strength of the business movement
for McKlnley which Is now In full swing
both In the city and in the state. The
business men constitute the backbone of
thi Republican party In New York
state. It Is a revelation to ride down
town in the Broadway cars and see the
countless huge American Hags with the
words. '.McKlnley and Roosevelt,' In
large letters on the pole end of the flag.
The regulation campaign banner has
been abandoned by the Republicans for
this emblem, though it Is still rctaJned
by the Democrats, and the only Democratic
banner I saw In all this great
district la the one nt the head of Wall
street and Broadway.
"The meetings of the Dry Goods Men's
C'lub, at SCO Broadway, are packed
dally. All the great industries, including
the hardware, the Jewelers, paper
and associated trades, leather, oil, clothing,
cloaks and suits, tobacco and the
different exchanges ere represented by
clubs, the membership of which runs up
Into the thousands, respectively. The
business men's parade on November 3,
In which every marcher, will carry a
small American flag, promises to be the
must stupendous outpouring on any one
particular day of business men that the
/treat metropolis has ever hocn, and they
ire used to big parades up there, too. It
Is expeeted thnt over 130,000 business
men will bu Ir. thc.niftr?h.
Same Sentiment Up-Stnte.
'From advices received nt Rcpubllenn
h'-adquarturs I learned thnt this overwhelming
swing to McKlnley Is partlc'l'ated
In by the business men In the
and towns throughout the state,
when? the sound money nnntlmr>nt in
v'-ry ftrnnjf. IVopic |n the south Jo
"?l comprehend tin- mnCTlludc of thin
v'ite. which, combined an It Is thin fall,
Prevents a solid wall of Irresistible
"rnni;th npilnst Democratic on"laiiKhin.
Furthermore, the nepuhllcars
la New York Mate are having ab?iutely
no trouble with tho labor voto.
This Is very slgmlflcant, and of the i
greatest Importance. There never was
a time in the history of the empire j
state when organized' labor received
higher wages than they do at present, |
"nor has there been a tlmo when the per I
capita of savings banks deposits were
as large aa now. This means thousands
of votes for the Republican party. The
farmers^ too, from accurate advices re- i
cently received at Republican' headquarters,
arc with'the party that stands
for national honor and expansion, and
it Is expected in the fow Democratic
counties up-state which heretofore returned
Democratic majorities that these
majorities will bo greatly reduced, and
,in somo counties entirely overcome.
There .is absolutely no anti-lmperialls^
tic sentiment in New York state. The.
DPonlR noflltlvplv rofusn to n^cent ttil*
Ibsuo at tho handa of the Democrats,
as they do the alleged Issue of militarism.
The great Issues seem to mo to
be sound money, prosperity, maintenance
of national honor, the unqualified
support of the President's policies and
the continuance for four year? more .of
the carrying of the full dinner pall. New
,York Is filled with men who work, of all
shades, classes and degrees, and they
all want the best dollar they can get for
their dally wage and the fullest dinner
.pall they can lug.
Foreign Voters Indignant at Jones.
"I will tell you of one very significant
fact. The so-called foreign vote is not
entirely with the Democrats.this year,
and thousands of these voters have
como over to tho Republican party.
The Republican managers are celebrating
by the hundreds of thousands
folders In twelve different languages
Chairman Jones' remarks delivered on
January 20, 1S97, In which occur these
words: "Hundreds of thousands of Ignorant
foreigners, who were taking bread
out of the mouths of honest labor, voted
at the last election at the dictation of
McKlnlcy's supporters. These foreigners
comprise fully one-half of the number
of votes received by McKlnley. Can
there be any doubt as to which will prevail,
the six and one-half ^millions of
Intelligent. Bryan voters or the three
and one-half millions of Ignorant foreigners
who voted for McKlnley?'
"These foreign-born voters constitute
a large proportion of New York's voting
population, and they are very sensitive,
and resent most keenly these
words of Chairman Jones, which they
take as a direct insult ,10 themselves, as
they are duly qualified citizens of the
United States, and arc very angry at
Chairman Jones' designation of them as
Ignorant foreigners.'
Heavy Gold Democratic Vote
"It is estimated at the Republican
headquarters that the'endorsement of
McKlnley by John D. Crlmmlns, a leading
Catholic, one of the largest contrac
tors ol the United States, and one of the
most popular and widely known men in
the city will carry with it at'-'least 20,000
votes for McKlnley Bouth of the
Bronx. Mr. Crlmmlns' reasons for supporting:
McKlmley were stated by him
very clearly and in a manner whieh
appealed with peculiar force to the Irish
American and other naturalized voters.
"There is a tremendous Gold Democratic
vote in the city and state. While
some of this vote was inclined during
the earlier stages of tho campaign, to
support Bryan, It is believed as election
day approaches and the disastrous results
of Bryan's election become daily
more apparent that the great majority
of this vote will bo given to McKlnley.
As to the business men who arc Gold
Democrats this Is absolutely certain.
Kings County for McKlnley.
"Brooklyn, which comprises Kings
county, will be carried by McKlnley by
a majority of from 10,000 to 15,000. Some
of the Republican leaders claim It by
20,000. Kings county has been normally
a Democratic stronghold by 20,000 and
over, but the sentiment this fall In the
city of churches Is very strong for McKlnley,
ns there 1b a very heavy and decisive
Independent vote there. Brooklynites
are terribly sore on Croker. As
a Democratic leader who stands very
close to Boss McLaughlin said to me:
'Croker hogs the whole push and glveB
us nothing.' In fact, three of the congressional
districts In Kings courtly
which are ordinarily surely Democratic
are now doubtful. Tho Democratic
campaign In Brooklyn Is lifeless and
listless, and It Is conceded to be the quietest
campaign cvor had on that side of
the East river. The city Is filled with
Sound Money Democrats, of which 05
per cent will vote for McKlnlcy.
"Queens county, which 1b a part of
Greater New York, and has a normal
Democratic majority of from 3,000 to
5,000, will probably go for McKinley for
the same reasons which obtain In the
II ?
' "Well, I say that the very
best of men don't know the
difference between their souls
afid their stomachs, and they
fancy that they arc a-wrestling
with their doubts when really
it is their dinners they're awrestling
"Take my old man. A kinder
husband never drew breath;
yet so sure as he toucH'es a bit
of pork he begins to worry
Iiisself about the doctrinc of
Election, till I say, " I'd be
ashamed to go troubling the
minister with my doubts when
an Aver's Pill would set things
straight again."
J. C. Ayi|l^Company,
Practical Caiemliti, Lowell, Mm,
Ajta't SirupuSlj A),:'. JlllrVllor
A ,'. rill, Ajff'. Cherry Pector.1
Ajct i Ajyc Cain Ajfer'i Cflmatcni
Axe Renovated, Regulat
Pelvic Catarrh Re
Mri. E. 0. Everly, J
Mre. E. 0. Everly, 003 Diamond Street, i
Philadelphia, Pa., aaya: "X fool wail, c
never felt better; thanks for your at- a
tention and Po-rn?na. I will bo glad to j
do all I can In tho way of advancing the 1
Balo of your valuablo rnedlclno. I do t
think Pe-rn-na tho beat medicine I have g
tried at any time. Sinco I began taking
Po-rn-nawehavo novor been without it." i
Read what an elderly woman ears?a I
Woman who has passed through all tho 1
phases, oriuca and oxperloncos of girl- c
bood, womanhood and motherhood:"I a
teally bolievo that every woman in the 1
World ought to have Pe-ru-na on hand I
ill tho time; for, If she gets tired, l'o-ru- t
na refreshes her; ifaho gets nervous, it 1
Boothcs her; If doapondant, It choers f
adjoining county of Kings, and for tho
additional reason that the Democratic
organization turned down John H. Sutphln
as candidate for reromlnatlon for
county clerk, which position he has held
for over thirty years. Inasmuch as
Mr. Sutphln was the Democratic leader j,
In the county for over a quarter of a A
century, and Is very popular with all *
classes, the probabilities are that his
friends will mercilessly knife tho ticket, r
and Boss Crokcr's majority south of the e
Bronx will be reduced that much." c
. , . K
Affects Business and Keeps Buying
Dowel to Only Immediate "Wants. a,
Cotton Declines?Moderate Gains j,
In Iron and Steel?Leather and c
Hides Improving. "
NEW YORK, Oct. 19.?R. G. Dun & Is
Co.'s Weekly Review of Trade to-mor- i|
row will fay: ^
A settlement of the coal strike satis- v
facory to all interests having been ef- b
fccted, business breathes more freely c
In the cast, and distribution of merchandise
Is Increasing slowly again, r
though the election excitement keops i
new buying In many lines down to d
wants for Immediate consumption. In ^
the west, 'there la not tho same hesita- ?
tlon, and there, as well as in the south, n
the marketing of the crops is rcsponsl- 1
ble for a feeling of much confidence In j'j
the movement of business If the nation
acts conservatively at the polls. Prices t
of commodities arc weaker, and the I:
caution so gratifying in a presidential ?
year keeps speculation at a minimum. u
Further Decline of Cotton. h
Cotton further declined, making the *
loss about 56 a bale In two weeks. Plan- a
ters are rushing work and picking Is
expcctcd to progress rapidly enough to b
save most of the crop from early frost. c
High prlccs make It possible to pay
good wages to pickers, and the movement
at receiving points Increase largely.
Domestic spinners are not liberal
buyers, but exports are only slightly
smaller than i year ago. Foreign buy-1
Ing Increased with the recent sharp de- j
cllne. Wheat has shown more weakness, j
due In' part to the creator activity at.
Russian ports, and Atlantic exports for I n
the week were only 2.647,325 bushels,
against 3,270,226 bushels a year ago. n
Corn also declined, but Is six cents I c
above last year, which may account for j ?
the loss In exports in three weeks, 7,654,- \\
765 bushels, against 10,924,406 In 1809.
Small Advance in. Bessemer. j p
Few Important fluctuations occurred ' ^
In Iron and steel, but there were small' a
advances In Bessemer pig at Pittsburgh '
and billets at Philadelphia. Moderate j E
gains ara reported in the volume of,
transactions, although the tendency Is; t]
to delay large contracts a few weeks. I
Implement makers take bar Iron freely, \ tl
however, and orders for pipe are urgent, ; Ci
with severe weather coming on. Struc- ! p
tural shapes arc taken for foreign
polrrtH as far distant as Egypt, and do- j e
mcstlc bridge builders buy freely. More j ^
mills have gone Into blast, and the gsn- !
eral tone Is improving. Production of j
cckc has Increased, but prlccs are cosy j ^
and many ovens are still idle. Tin declined
again, making the fall 1% cents n
In two weeks, and six ccnts from the Vi
high point In July.
Leather and Hides Firm
Leather and hides are firm and selling
freely bccause of steady improve- u
ment In demand for boots and shoe?.
Jobbers are placing large orders with "1
manufacturers, and demand is no longer j
liable to fall and winter goods. Con-1
tract grades are Increasing at an en- !
couraglng rate, although an effort la j
made to keen those saint an milnt :?? '
possible, owing to the cfteit on the mnr- |
ket for raw material. WhKs woolen "
mills nre not working at full capacity, r|
more seasonable weather has Increased j V
buying In this line, and purchases of I j!
wool at the thruc chief eastern markets ' ^
Increased to 4.524.000 pound*, thy best! rl
totnl for a long time, although still far j
below the amount taken through spec- J
ulntlve nctlvlty u year ago. Prices art'. c,
steady, and holders show no loss of ?
confidence. , t]
In other textile markets, cotton goods il'
nre rather freely bid for. and are sell-1
Ing well bnloiv parity with the raw ma- I!!!
terlals. Sellers do not wtakon In their I n
Ideas as to prices. Many mills which i '
recently shut down or restricted producHon
nro running nxaln on full time
but these arc making chiefly heavy \
Roods. G
Failures for the week wore 203 In the "
United States, against 145 lust year, ^
arid 26 In Canada, against 20 last year.
? 1 r?
"A DOSE In time naves lives." Dr. fi
Wood's. Norway Pino Cyrup; nature's
remedy for coliRh, colds, pulmonary w
discuses of every sort.?3. c.
ed and Restored by the
smedy Pe-ru-na.
ind invigorates. It in a panacea for all
rregularitjes of her monthly periods.
:t is a constant friend to tho oxpectant
nothcr; a never-failing stand-by to tho
mrsing mother, both for herself and for
?er child, and finally vrhen tho change
if llfo comcs on, no medicine on earth is
>f equal.;efficacy to tho -woman in this
iritical poriod. Suroly Po-nx-na ia th$
roman's friend."
That catarTh has any rotation to bar*
enness in women is surprising to many,
it ia ono of tho mysteries of catarrh,
rhis insidious disease penetrates to
iverv orcan of tho body. Mrs. L. M.
Jri filth,of Cambridgo,Neb., Bayai^Ycui
nediolna did
im thirty years &
en-pound baby
jlrl. She la now six months old, and
velghs twenty-flv? pounds. Myfrlcnde.
vore all surprised. Somo would not
jelleve It until thoy carao to seo me.
rty husband saya ho never saw such a
ihange in anyone os thero was In me
tfter I had taken tbrea or four bottles ol
Vru-na. I am stronger than I havs
>oen elnco I was qulto young. God
>lesa you and your medicine forever."
?Addres? Dr. Hartman, Columbus, 0,
or freo catarrh book.
tfews Notes From the Busy Marshal)
County Town.
Regular services In the churches tomorrow.
At the Methodist church the
lev. G. W. Bent will take for his mornng
topic, "Christianity?"What Is It?"
llss Dora Davis will have charge of tho
Ipworth League services at night, and
he subject will be "Our Stewardship."
lev. Dr. Moore will administer the sacament
of the Lord's Supper in the
venlng. High and low masses will be
elebrated by the Rev. Father Wernlner
at the Catholic church, and vespers
.ill be sung In the evening. The Rev.
'aul Mctzenthln will dollver the 'serlon
at the morning services at the
Jerman Lutheran church.
The movements of the Wheeling
treet railway are being watched by
he authorities. As Js well known an
ijunctlon was recently secured by the
ity, restraining the company from
inking a connection of the Moundsllle
and Wheeling lines. The company
i manifesting an Indifference to the
^Junction and going merrily along with
he work of grading the city's property
long Kentucky Heights. However, It
.'ill be some time before any rails will
e laid and then trouble may be expectd.
The Democratic candidate for goveror,
J. H. Holt, addressod a small
neetlng of Democrats at tho Blue
llbbon lmll last evening. A
emonstratlon of the clubs from this
lau* and Wheeling took place before
he meeting', and attempted to create
oine enthusiasm, but they failed Bigally.
Some one must have cornered
he market on enthusiasm, as It was
onsplcuoua by Its absence ai the meetsg.
Three mills have been In operation at
he Riverside platr. mill and an effort
i being made <o operate the entire
lant. The management makes the
lalm that the men gav-i up the strike
nd would not consider . man a scab If
,e worked there, while som? of the
trlkers say such Is not the case and
ave posted dodgers about the place,
nnounclng that the strike Is still on.
Great preparation* are being mado
y the Republicans of this city for the
ornlng of Governor-to-be A. B.
V'hlte and P. H. Shanor on the night of
ctober 26. A big street demonstration
rill precede the meeting, and the clubs
rom Wheeling and Bellalre will take
art. It Is predicted that the meeting
rill be the largest of the campaign
John W. Mather Division No. 22, TJnlnrm
Rank. Knights of Pythias, will
all a meeting soon for the purpose of
alnstatlng members and making prearatlons
for attending the nex't blenlal
conclave at San Francisco, In 1902.
The drama. "A Fisherman's Luck"
my be reproduced at St. Matthew's
hurch in a few weeks. This play was
roduced by the Young Feoplc'e Solety
of the church several times last
John Loy and John Swlneborger, Re- ;
ubllcan and Democratic candldatos, re- i
pectlvely, for constable, will enter Into
Joint debate at the corner of Sixth ,
nd Main streets. Monday evening.
The Rough Rider and other T3enwood
tepubllcnn clubs have chartered a spelal
car to go to Moundsvllle to-nlRbt,
} take part in the big Republican rally
City taxpayers should bear In mind
liat their tax*s are due and that they
;in nave a discount of 2 per cent by
aylng before the first of November.
A well known Republican of this city
agerod $100 even with a well known
democrat that this state would give
Iclvlnley 10,000 majority.
Thomas McCormlck has returned
rom a fishing tour up the Muskingum
Ivor, where he has been since last
Miss Llllle Meyers, of Empire, O., has
[ turned home, after a pleasant stay
1th relatives here.
Miss Annie McLaughlin, of Mnnnlng>n,
Is the guest of Miss Julia Barrett,
f McMechcn street.
S. H. Roberts, of Pittsburgh, Is vlsltlg
his parents on Marshall street.
'Jesse Burrls, nf Martin's Ferry, will
pend to-day with relatives here.
? o-o
(Tatters of Intere3t in tho IJotropolla
of Belmont County.
Mr. William F. Uoeil tin<l Minn W'llilnn
Glasgow, two well known young
eoplo of this city, were united In mnr'age
Thursday evening. by Rev. Te
Hnkle. Refreshments wore sorved at
home of Mr. Reed's parents. In the
'Iftli ward. Many frlnds wish Mr. and
Irs. Reed n happy and prosperous mured
Cleveland .-fe Pittsburgh detectives
ere In the city Thursday, looking up
vldenco In the matter of the accident
hlch caused the death of Conductor
avid Pennington, and It Is possible
lie men who left the beer keg on the
rack will have some trouble.
While witnessing the Roosevelt pandc
In Wheeling* William. Schlndowolf,
r.. of this city, accidentally stepped off
high curb and had the misfortune to
Islocate his hip.. Ho was brought to
In home In thin city and will be laid up
?r some time.
James M. Weeks, C. L. Dorer, Henry
'aupel, Clarence Simpson and W. ID.
iarven have obtained a charter and
111 organize a foundry company under
tie name of the C. L. Dorer Foundry
"nijiuny, in oo locntcu in tmn city.
John F. Itodcfor, of El wood, Ind., n
irmrr resident of thin city. In vlnltlnj;
rlcnd* nt hIn old home nt Shadynldc.
Contractor II. T. nay, of thin city,
ho in Kradlnc for the ntreot rallwny
mncctlon In Uenwood, loot nomc valu
able tools W-Jncsday night, by some
miscreant setting Arc to the tool house
in which they are kept.
Mr. S. J. Rockershansen hh's sold to
Mr.^O. O. Robinson the property owned
by Jacob Wasrer, Jr., in the Second
ward, for $900. and the McCaffery property
on Crescent street, for $800.
The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
William Piper, of 3136 Belmont street,
died Thursday night, from pnnumonla.
aged eighteen months. The funeral will
Capt R. H. Lane nnd wife is visiting:
his uncle, Capt. J. T. Lane, in the
Fourth Ward. Captain Lano has
charge of the marine'barracks at
Washington, D. C. \ .
Governor Nnsh and Food Commissioner
J. E. Blnckburn passed through
this city Thursday evening, on their
way home from the "Roosevelt Day"
doings at Wheeling.
William Parks, who has been suffering
for some time with rheumatism,
left yesterday morning to take special
treatment in a sanitarium at Hydetown,
The reception to Rev. E. 'A. Simons
and wife held in the First Methodist
Episcopal church last evening, was well
attended and was an enjoyable affair.
Black Prince Lodge No. 67, Knights
of Pythias, presented J. M. Keller with
an elegant past grand Jewel at the session
of that lodge Thursday evening.
Mrs. O. E. Foiilke, of Greenfield, who
has been visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. M. V. Miller, of Gravel Hill, will
return to her home to-day.
Mike Sabbak, an employe of the steel
works, was Injured Thursday, by being
struck by some fnlllng bricks. His Injuries
are not serious.
A very large part of Bellalre's population
attended the Roosevelt demonstration
at Wheeling, Thursday.
Rev. Doheney, of Bridgeport, conducted
services at the Second Presbyterian
church here, last evening.
Frank S. Shook, of Chlswlck, Pa., nnd
\Tloa Pnltinff r\f l?l? nllit"
have lTecn licensed to wed.
The "Woman's Relief Corps met last
evening at their hall and transacted
considerable business.
Carl Cunningham, of this city, Is lo
be married soon to a young society lady
at Toledo.
Harry v. Bowman, who Is attending
Bethany college, visited Bellalre friends
Pearly Pickett Is on the sick list.
Dally Items of Interest About Pooplo
and Events.
Charles HIrchs, prominent among
railroad men, and at one time fireman
at the Baltimore & Ohio shops, Is lying
very low with blood poisoning, at his
home here, with slight hopes for his
Fred. Carey has returned to work on
the Baltimore & Ohio railroad, after
being off for six weeks, on account of
injuries received in a wreck some time
W. H. Harris, Republican candidate
for house of delegates, was in town
this week, calling, on his friends.
Mrs. Ellen Taylor has returned to her
home In Benwood, after being the guest
of her son, Luke, and wife.
Fred. Eggleman left for his home at
Clarlngton, after spending the summer
with Fred. Shafer.
Carl McMechen left yesterday for
southern Missouri, for the benefit of
his health.
John Powell leaves to-day for a visit
of a week with relatives In Pittsburgh.
Martin Gosney and wife will visit
friends at McKeesport, Pa., to-morrow.
Earl Carman, of East Liverpool, la
visiting his uncle, J. L. McMechen.
John Maroney, of Littleton, was the
guest of friends here yesterday.
. Humane Officer Echols, of "Wheeling,
was a visitor In town- yesterday.
Ross McCuskey has returned from a
visit with friends at Cameron.
Mrs. Marie Lemmon Is very 111 at her
home at Benwood Junction.
Events of a Day In the Town at tho
End of the Bridge.
A meeting of the McIClnley and
Roosevelt marching club will be hsld
Monday evening, and all members are
requested to be present.
Air. and AlrR. It. R. Barrett returned
yesterday from a two weeks' visit with
friends and relatives in the vicinity of
Mrs. L. H. Palmer and daughter, Miss
Elsie, of New Matamoras, O., are the
gueEts of Kirkwood relatives. I
The household furniture of James
Cortland, of Kirkwood, will be sold this
afternoon at public sale.
Mrs. Fred Henderson, of Scio, is tho
guest of friends and relatives at West I
Wheeling for'a few days.
Mr." and Mrs. J. T. Davis left yesterday
for a two weeks' visit with relatives
at Cameron, W. Va.
Squire 5. Y. Douds, of Elwood City,
Pa.. 1b the guest of his brother, Marshal
Douds, in this city.
Regular services will be held at all
the churches to-morrow, morning and
Harry Rogers, of Warfleld, Ohio, is
the guest of his sister, Mrs. L. C. Lockard.
E. H. Stevens, who hns been 111 for a
couple of weeks, Is Improving rapidly.
J. E. Trueman is on the sick list,
t 2
Every woman loves to think of tho'
tlmo whan a soft little body, all her
own, will nestle In her bosom, fully
satisfying ihe yearning which lies In
the heart of everv rand n?i?
yet there la & black cloud hovering
about the pretty picture In her mlna
which fills her with terror. The
dread of childbirth takea away much
of the Joy of motherhood. And yet it
need not be so. For sometime there
has been upon the markat, well-known
and recommended by physicians, a
lln'ment called
(Mer's MtM
which makes childbirth as simple and
i oasy as nature intended It. It is a
strengthening, penetrating liniment,
whleh the skin readily absorbs. It
1 gives the muscles elasticity and vigor,
prevents sore breasts, morning slckI
nesa and the loss of tho girlish figure.
An Intelligent nother In Hotter, Pa.,
Btyn! "Wrrel tor?eedMother>rrimu
I *gain, I wouM ?ht*in 0 bottlos If 1 hftil
to pA>* $3 per kottU for it.
Got Molhtr'a Friend at tho drug
store. 5t per bottle.
Atlanta, Go.
WflU for oct frt? lUuitnttA book,n Effort
Dangerous Kidney Diseases.
Celery ltlng bus curcd mo of kidney dlflcnto.
Tho doctor feared Aright'* disease, and
tried many remedies that gave mo no help.
Celery King has mnfio me as ttoII a* over In
my life, and It ooemn nlmost oh though a
mlraclo had been wrought In my case.?Jen
nie u. ueicnara, apringxovrn, ra.
Celery King curesConatlpntlon andNervc,
Stomach. Liver and Kidney dlscaact. i
Tho Dally Chronicle of Wheeling's
Progressive Neighbor.
One of the interesting features of the
parade at Wheeling Thursday evening
for the residents of this city, was the
prominence of one of our stalwart Democrat
in a Khaki uniform and riding
a gallant Bteed. One that Is not only
prominent in Democratic circles here,
but also a city office-holder. It was the
principal subject for discussion 'on the
streets yesterday, the Roosevelt meeting
being a secondary consideration. Tt
is alto stated that that gentlemnn is on
the fence and 1.1 quite likely-to drop the
right way in a few days, being aware
of the fact that by so doing he has all
to gain and nothing to lose.
Through an error of one of the typesetters
yesterday morning the number
of people that had congregated at the
Wheeling & Luke Erie station to see
and hear Governor Roosevelt Thursday
morning was greatly underestimated.
The report should have read according
to the copy furnished, that 4.000
people thronged around the station Instead
of 200 as the article read.
Jamrs Johnson, a miner residing at
Ralney's, a few miles north of this city,
died early yesterday morning, after a
three peeks' Illness with typhoid fever.
The funeral will take place to-morrow
afternoon at 2 o'clock, and the Interment
will be made at the Tlltonvllle
The second meeting of the season of
the Woman's Club was held yesterday
afternoon at the residence of Mrs. M.
E. Cole, on North Fourth street. The
attendance was large and the programme
rendered by the members was
very attractive and Interesting.
The*concert given at the PresbyterIan
church last evening, under the au
fipiccs ot me iouhr xjiiuics .aju oueiciy
was one of the very best ever glvon In
this city, .and the attendance was pood.
Each and every performer acquitted
themselves with much credit.
John Metzger, who recently purchased
the Mears grocery, on Broadway,
will open the store to-day with an almost
entirely new stock of fancy and
staple groceries, and will be glad to
have the publ.c call and Inspect his
M1s3 Myrtle Lewis entertained a number
of her friends last evening at her
home on North First street. About
twenty couples were present and the
evening was spent very cnjoyably.
Judge John S. Cochran, of this city,
will address the Republicans of Coleraln,
Monday evening. Big preparations
axe being made for the meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Robinson, Dr. and
Mrs. F. S. Morrison and Mrs. A. "W. Dlven
go to Pittsburgh this morning, to
attend the exposition.
The high school football team goes to
Moundsvllle this afternoon, where they
will contest with the high school team
of that place.
Marshal Ervln returned last evening,
from Lockport, N. Y? where he went to
get "Button" Bllnco, who is wanted in
this city.
Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Williams, of South
Broadway, left yesterday for Pittsburgh
and other points In Pennsylvania.
The M. A. Hanna club will go to
Moundsvllle this evening, to take part
In the Republican parade at that place.
The "Colonel and I" Is the attraction
at the Gt.ir theatre this evening, and as
a fun maker It Is unsurpassed.
Regular services will be held at all
the church to-morrow, morning and
William Dawson nas reiurnea irom a
two weeks' trip of the lakes.
A regular meeting of council will be
held this evening.
Yesterday's News From Marshall's
County Seat.
Judging from present Indications, the
parade to-night will be the biggest ever
seen In Moundsvllle. The Six Footers,
I Elklns Cadets and a number of companion
of the Rough "Rider regiment
have notified the committee that they
will be here. Chief Marshal II. W.
Hunter has announced the line of
I march, as follows: Starting from the
I Baltimore & Ohio depot, on Thompson
avenue, to Thirteenth street, to Purdy
I'avenue, to Twelfth street, to Lafayette
avenue, to Tenth street, to Jefferson
avenue, to Second street, to Grant avenue,
to Third street, to Jefferson avenue,
to Fifth street to Tomllr.son avenue
to Seventh street to Lafayette
avenue and countormnrch. People living
along the line of march are requested
to decorate their houses and
placcs of buslncns.
I All clubs are requested to meet at
j headquarters at 7:30 this evening. The
parade will be formed on Lafayette avenue.
The members of the marching clubs
I who went to "Wheeling Thursday night,
are very Indlgnnnt over the treatment
they received from the Baltimore &
Ohio officials who had agreed to have a
special train leave here at 7 o'clock, but
It didn't*get hero until 8:30 and the
clubs did not get to "Wheeling until after
the parade had started.
The funeral of Mrs. Susan Carney
took place yesterday from the home of
her brother. .1. J. Price, near Sherrard.
Interment will be made In Mt. Rose
cemetery. Mm. Carney was the wlfaof
James Carney, who was formerly engaged
In buslncr-s here.
John D. Culbertson, assistant treasurer
of the National Tube Company,
and W. II. llearne. esq., were before
the county court yesterday, arguing h
plea for the reduction of the valuation
placed on property of that corporation,
located in Benwood.
Miss Mabel Barcus. daughter of Ron
Bareus, who committed su'cldc a few
days ago, has been taken to the Reynolds
Memorial hospital, for treatment
fnr rheumatism, ftom which she his
been suffering for several week*.
Marriage llcenpc3 have been '.saucd to
Ilnrry S. McGlll and Rena B. Shlmp
and Morris lliillett and 06sa May
Rlggs, all of Moundsvllle. and Cornelius
Wntah and Brldcot O'Brlfii. both of
.lames Fountain, Jr., lias been appointed
relief guard at the prison. The
Hdcctlon In a good one. an "Jim" will
make an efficient officer.
Judge Holt. Democratic candidate for
governor, Wft8 yentcrday.
SCALD head In an eczema of th?
acalpf-very severe sometime*. but It
can tye cured. Doan'n Ointment. quick
and permanent In ita results. At any
druR store, 50 cents.?I.
' S Situations Wanted.
For Rent.
Cent F?rs>i,>Etc.,
Et*?i Btc.
^ Tke One Coat a
Ward Colann of the
W7 InteMgtnter Brlagii
W 0i U Qu,ck an a
Small larestmant.
T at oncost C. Hass &' tons*. 1S23
Market street. '
V? Pittsburgh; wages J3.00 to J4.00 per
day; permanent employment. Apply to
Windsor Hotel Office. 2 p. m., Sunday, October
EKOET1C talesmen to sail tfco well
known Dlcterlchs VaWe-Gleum Lubricating
Oils it> tho consuming trade on
commission. AAnply to DIETEUICIIB
Building. Cleveland. Ohio. j>S9
femam; help wanted.
prepare for traveling. 8*lary and
expenses to begin; references. Bond relfaddrossed
envelope for reply. PftESlDENT
MacBRADY, 3SC Dearborn, Chicago.
for high grade lino appropriate
to nearly every department of trade, References.
Bond and entire, time r??pitrod.
Commlaslona 118 to JJG on each salo. r. O.
Box Three. Detroit. MIcU. octO*
1 mproved >fgoRollno lamp; sella at
night; beats electricity; cheajv-r than kerosene;
mail -4M.OO up; 12 different styles;
exclualTe territory. STANDAkD I,AMP
CO.. Manufacturers. Chicago. oci">*
ma? to prepnro for traveling; ?50
monthly und expenses. Promotion. Permanent
references required. Enclose selfaddressed
envelope for reply. SECRETARY
CARD, 3M Dearborn. Chicago. _
goods by sample to wholesale and retall
trad*. We are the largest and only
manufacturers In our line In the world.
Liberal nalary paid. Address CAN-DEX
MFG. CO., SaVannah, Oa. ocf-w&s
house, extending business In this section,
wants to arrange with capable man
of correct habits to manage branch. Salary
>1,600 yeHrly. Extra commissions.
Must furnish $SO0 and satisfactory r*rerenccs.
Opportunity, Drawer H, New Haven.
Conn. oclX)'
u) _L jj weakly, salary paid direct from
??".?> ?*i?suooa L-Aira cummimioni'. capable
men and women to represent us
appointing agents; rapid promotion and
Increase salary. New brilliant lines.
BUTLER & ALGER, New Haven, Conn.
trade. We teach the work by
constant practice, Instructions and lectures
in shortest time possible without
limit to term, two years saved; we furnish
free transportation to our college at
New York or .Chlcavo, as practice cannot
be obtained here. We guarantee employment
In shops or traveling with our demonstrators;
make application now If you
want one of these positions when competent;
catalogua free. MOLER BARBER
Ave.. Pittsburg. oc!3
"Springfield," ono of the finest farms In
the Shenandoah Valley, 3 miles from Berryrille,
Clarke county. Virginia (230 acres).
City Bank Building, Market Street,
Wheeling. W. Va.
First-class Coupon Bonds are better for
Investment than Real Estate Mortgages.
They are safe,, convenient and pay good
Interest. I offer at the present time Macbeth-Evans
Glass Company 6 % Bonds,
Trl-State Gas, Company 6 % Ronds, National
Glass Company C 7e Ronds and
Clereland Water Company 6 % Bonds at
prices netting, the Investor from 5 % to 6
Write for particulars, ROBERT C.
HALL, Member Pittsburgh Stock Exchange,
No. 331 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh,
Pa. Long distance telephone, No. 3,61.1.
Fo9torIa Glaus Company.
Wheeling & Belmont Bridge Company.
Riverside Pottery Company.
McCoy 8ho? Company.
Wheeling: Pottery Company. i
Wheeling Steel & Iron Company.
Wheeling Bridge Company.
20-year 5 per cent gold bonds.
Industrial etoeka bought nnd sold direct
on New York Stock Exchange.
Room 4 City Bank Building. Wheeling.
Manufacturers' Light &. Heat Co.
Btoubenvllle, Mingo & Ohio Valley Traction
Moundsvillc, Benwood & Wheeling Railway
Wheeling Steel A Iron Co.
Whltaker Iron Company.
Aetna-Standard Iron &. Steel Co.
Induetrlal Stocka bought and sold direct
on-the Now York Stock Exchange.
Wheeling Steel & Iron Co.
Wheeling & Belmont Bridge Co.
Wheeling Bridge Co.
Wheeling Pottery Co.
Biverside Pottery Co.
A few choice 5 per cent first mortgage
10 Nat. Exchange Bank Bldg/
We ofTor for sale at par urn teemed
Interest u limited number of
First Mortgage 20 Yonr
fl Per Cent Gold Bond*.
These bonds court the strictest Investigation.
ar? amply protected and h!ihlv
recommended hy l*'M tu;hontiej.
l*or farther drtall* nnd full purlieu
lars write or cull on
IS n*chnn?c Bank DulMlnC.
Telcphanc . . . N?. 62.
Wo or.? for >nlo *om? flro pf?r
cent first morUneo bonds. Wo
have examined the security behind
these bomS? nn.t we can recommend
them with coaCdtnce
to Ipvestor*.
l^arilculara upon proration.
The City Bank
of Wheeling.
'".n'tlni? Ttaon. llracts. AM?ratnnt
v?v. vfT4n?nu ti h fiuui}'. una ruways
try to |)ve you the best goods tor. ?
your money. .-/No roods leave our houao
that the nurdww does not know exactly
what lie Is buying, and our guarantee t?
back of thrrnu.^Wo (It both Uje'expensive ^
snd cheaper klpd without c*tra charge. .
Tou get tho '.best goods at Hh* lowest'
prices from us.-," , 'w?v
Tenth and Main Sts. ,
LOST. ' . .
ring and . money, on tho. WnWUn?
Golf Club Links. Saturday aftornoon.
Finder pleaso return to T. B. SWEJONEY.
1S1 Market stfeet. oclG %
Madame Carter, the world's greatest
1 ire-read ur, ,tells anything and everything
you wish to know. Can bo consulted dally
and Sunday fr^m 9 to 3. at 112D Eoff stroct.
Satisfaction guaranteed. oclS* "
/ibR RENT. '
Apply at lia.Fourteenth street. oclf- "T710R
X} rooms oretV Hold's restaurant. U?7
Market strewt'., ' odjjf {
Fon rent- DKsmilfliK boom.
centrally, located on fits Island;-both ,
gases, bath and wator closet. Cam. post
tho house. Reference required. ' Addnin '
M. n., caro Inlclllgcnflor oflree.- o?a0 ?
J' ' . y; ~" V J
12-room brick jresldenco, lot *J xeetiront,.,'.
very desirable property. On Chnpllnf .
street, between' Twcnty-rtrst and Twenty
third. A Special price for a few.days/
12-room brick.residence, all modern con? .
venlences; on-Chapllriu street, between *
Eleventh nnd fourteenth. "-t.x
K-room. two-story frame, modern Improvements;
on South Front street; rent?
lor *3 per month; price *3.000.
Business property on Market and Malo
No.Ml63 Market Street.
A substantial Investment property, Y?o.
G North Huron street. Will pay.
Double dwelling 345 and H7 South Penn
street. Desirable and paying; 13^7j investment.
The dwelling house? at 103, lCfi and 1G7
Thirty-third street. Clean and desirable.
~ ?v. ?..*<> pv-.m uiiu jw v uunuumu
street. ' V
Building lpls on Fifteenth street; $00 per
front foot.
GO S*JW1 T H J national excranqb
Country Residcncc for Sale.
Lentherwood residence of 3 room*, with
modern conveniences, at a bargain.
Echo Point fresldence of C rooms, nnd
hall: lot KhclOO; .price 12,250. This-Is ono
Of the greatest bargains of the season.
Pleasant VallAy residence of 7 roonii
nnd hall: modern' conveniences; lot large:
price J 1,500.
Park View rcsldcnco of 7 rooms: lot
190x13; prlco-ttSflo.
Elm Grove xesldenco of?S rooms; modern
Improvements, at a big bargain; largo
lot. Vi'i
Money to loan at f! per cent,
Flro Insurance a specialty.
Successor to Rolf & Znno, Nq. SO Fotm
teonth street. Office 'phone Z9i. Kesldence
'phone .68, Elm Oroya,
1 flno oflleo:room, most deslrablo nnd
cheap, In Masonic Tomple, IncMltfing light, '
heat and Janitor" service.
1 store room/_!2004 Main stroet.
54.000 for the two-story brick dwelling 743
Main street, 7 rooms; lot 25'*xl27 feet.
?.',500 for two-story brick No. 914 Market
street, frame, cottage of 4 rooms In rear
of lot.
$2,800 for frame dwelling, 8 rooms, good
cellar: H acre of ground; small fruits ot
all kinds; nc'Hr' Elm Grove; 5 mlnutot'
walk from mtjtor line.
The Ivenney.ale brewery property, vltl
dwelling hous6'-and stables, Is offered for
aal? for one .week.
1 building lot. Park View, 50x130, 1500.
A grocery brtAfriess. with poutojfflo* pjit
real estate. National road ana rallroau
station; a flno chanco for pemeono.
1 building Idt' on Llnd ?trect, J850. '
Telephone 117.
Wheeling W. Va.
ity virtue of a deed of trust mado by
John P. O'Malley to me. as trusteo, bear*
lnc date the 8th day of February, A. p.
ISsO, and recorded In the office of tho clerk
of tfce county court of Ohio c?u*ty.. West
Virginia, in Deed of Turn Book No.
page COO, I will, on
A. D. IfcO.
commencing at 10 o'clock a. m.. procwd'
to sell nt public auction, at tho north'
front door of the court house of said coun'
ty. In said city of Wheeling, the following
described part or parcel of the lot
No. In Chapline and Eon's addition to
said city, to-wit; Beginning at tho north*
east corner of aald lot No. 3?, running
thence westward on the line of Twenty*
thlt-il cfrn*f CT fhrnno Himlhu-nrd nn<f
parallel with Main street 21 font: thenco
eastward and parallel with said Twontythird
street 61 feet to Main street, and
thenco northward and parallel with Main
strewt 21 ftet, moro or less, to tho begin*
TERMS OF" SALE?One-third or aa
much moro a.*, the nurohaocr may elect
to pay. cash In hand on the day of sal<\'
the balance In two equal Installments,
payablo In one and two years, respectively,
with Interest. The purchaser toglvo
his promissory > notes for the deferred
payments, with security satisfactory to
the trustee.
J. C. HERVEY. Auctioneer. ac20
OlIERIFF'S SALE. ' """ "
Wm. Bailey & Son '
Rosb T. Chew.
By virtue of an execution to me directed
In the above entitled cause, I have levied
upon and will, on the
beginning at 10 o'elock n. ??,at tho stora
room. No. Twelfth strwf. In tfti city
of Wheeling, county of Ohio, and jjAtr of
West Virginia, proceed t*> .*ul to th? highest
and West bidder, the following described
personal property, to-wlt:
All of the stook-of wall paper co?alned
In the building known at No. S3 Twelfth
street. In the city of Wheeling, W. Va.
1 lot twin". 1 sample trunk. 2 utovoi, 4
ch*irs. 1 prlnrtm .machine. 1 cutting machine.
2 counters, l lot r.-.eX*. 2 office
dehkv. 0 chain. J tn>!es. 1 sample trunk,'
L' wheelbarrows, *hlll fden. 1 safe. I truck,
C display rackx, . . .- top Udders, paper tills,
and the lease of T. Ctoew from
Charles F. Paxtop, dated January 17. WS.
of the store hauae and premises No. 3$
Twelfth street. "Wheeling, W. Va.. ta
which said Chew has bean carrying oa
his wivll papar business.
l3k sale-cash.
u. c rtlcu.vnos.
oc!2 Sl.< rift ot Ohio County.
Mrs. \V. S. Hutcblns
will slv? lr.'triu-Uon c*i the Piano la
a Hmltttl ituraber of pupil* (it hft
rcslrtrnor. No. 910 ktnln blJi*t. com*
Hendry tVo 7tt-3t week Ifrifrr'.p Mber.
Arr*w?frr.?tt?i?can **> by callinp
??r tbt-ouifb* the mall, bcglonlM
?oi?2tor, Scjwcw^cr J.
- ?? ?(!' . ' .
V JW i

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