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Delivered at tlie Third Presbyterian
Church on Sunday Evening
A Returned Missionary?'Tells of the
Habits and Customs of the Peoples
of the Far East. :j
At the Third Presbyterian church last
evening, J$rs, Wary Halleck 3raddock,
of Steubenville, an. East India missionary,
who recently returned to America
from the far eant via China, delivered
an interesting and instructive lecture
on her travels. She gave some Interesting
facts concerning the habits and
customs of the Inhabitants of the
Orient at the present day.
Mrs. Braddock began by inviting attention
to the missions that had been
esiauiiHiicu in iiium uuu iiDuureu ncr
hearers that the natives fully realize
the material aid that Is being extended
to them by the Americans. She then
referred to her sojourn In Cfilna at the
time she was on her way home to
America. She spoke particularly of
the dlfllcultles In one section of that
country, where hundreds of Christian
missionaries had been massacred, and
thought that everybody should be in:
terested in China at present. However,
she wished tho congregation to not forget
India and to retain in their hearts
a warm sense of sympatny for the suffering
people of that land.
She had seen the Idol of the goddess
of their imagination anij which they
worship. She was a giantess and as
black as printer's ink could make her.
Around her reek was a string of
skulls, and around her limbs were circled
the ugliest and vilest of reptiles.
In describing the horrible conse
quences of the famine throughout the
country she pointed out the fact that
traillc Is everywhere disarranged and
cvery'llfe Is In danger. She was afterwards
asked ,1C the plague there Is
really as bad as Is reported and would
have to answer that man can only die
and that it was really an utter impossibility
to fully present a word picture of
the suffering and distress among those
"India really makes us," she continued,
"believe and approve of things
that we have hitherto thought impossible
or detested. Now I never did
believe In wlfe-beatlng until I visited
India. I heard one woman complaining
to her husband that she had no bracelets,
or rings or shining collars or belts
to wear like those possessed by one of
the native's wives, and when she was
.told by her hufband that he could not
afford to purchase such. Jewels for her
she went Into a fit of hysterics. The
woman threw herself upon.the ground,
and after rolling around and pulling her
hair, she ran to a well and Jumped into
It; She escaped uninjured in some man
ner, out it was Indeed a wonder that
she was not killed. Iler husband procured
a hand-bar switch and had to
resort to beating her with It In order
to pacify hsr. The women are not allowed
to go out In public. It would be
Immodest for a Christian In that country
to enjoy the same freedom In society
as we do and the courtship Is, of
course, under difficulty."
She explained that the natives engaged
themselves tJ each other by letter
writing and that there was therefore
vry. little courting. She realized that
those who contribute funds to the cause
of mission work are always very anxious
to know Just how the money Is
being expended and how the work Is
progressing. The natives are soon persuaded
to wash their fnccs, wash their
clothing and dreBs properly their children
and send them to mission schools.
Mrs. Braddock closed her address by
briefly reviewing: the excellent mission
work that had been accomplished In
India, especially during the pa?st few
years, and gave assurance that the
Christian religion is able to reach the
natives of that land.
Wheeling LeagueTeams.
Won., Lost. Per. Ave.
Wheeling l> 0 1.W3 . f'37
Terminus 9 0 1,001 M7
K. K. K 7 2 ,778 5*7
A. A. Hooters G 3 .GG7 *30
Rough Riders ' 4 5 .444 *9G
I'.lg Show 4 5 .411 >3*
Qcnol&a 3 6 .833 900
All Alike.i 3 6 .833 *82
Columbian 0 9 .000 73G
Sunny Brook 0 9 .000 731
Schedule for this weclg Monday, Big
Show vs. IC K. K.; Tuesday, A. A. Rooters
vs. Rough Riders; Wednesday, Sunny
Brooke vs. Columbian; Thursday, Occolas
v?.. Terminus; Friday, All Allkcs vs.
Averages of Individual players are as
Handlnn, Wheeling 177
llalser, All Allkcs 174
Radcr, K. K. K 171
F.rown, Wheeling 166
Kalck, K. K. Iv. 165
Carter, Oceolns * 164
WUholm, Rough Riders 1(>2
Stevenson. Wheeling 163
Hrartfi, A. A. Rooters 162
Delbrugjje, Rough Riders 160
rrnzier. Trrminun ICO
Cochran. All AllKcs 153
??A?muth, Sunny Hrook ...1 1M
llycoti, K. K. K
i>AUgh*nt Occolns 151
rrfttyraan. Terminus 154
uolvinicton. A. A. Hooters 1?5
Voider. K. K. K 153
Rlckmyer. K. K. K .- 153
Mnnichner, Wheeling 153
C. Northman. OceolR.i 153
I ;ilck. lloimh Hin?r? 152
;V Krflurer, Terrnlnun 152
All Allien lf,2
J>ls\vliirer. Terminus 152
flonnefHd. K. 1C. 1C 152
n*'d. Ilour.il Hlder* 151
( *wlkrr, Oeeolnn 151
JUhr. All Allk?!i 1M
P.nrp, fllg Shot/ 143
JtoBH, Terminus j<j
ji. Ivreuger, Tormlnun H7
jVHtiel, Wheeling 147
JOc*nln* 147
A. Nortemnn. Ooeolns 147
Hnnffr, Bl?: flhnw liij
J<nng, ni* fihow 14S
Kin*, Rough Hlrtnrii 143
Ht' n. nig Hhow 143
Hmlth. Termlntm 142
JJrMner, Ocoolnx 140
Rnhr, 111tr Hhnr 140
KmH. All AMkci 1*9
K Irohner. Hough Rider
V . .A- A. Rooter* l.v
Junklrm. Rough Rldurn ISd
A, A. Rootorn 13(1
u. Hull. A. A. Hooter* 136
IIo renter. Hunny fJrook 134
*"* '<k Show 13.1
Mnnrt, Bunny Iljook 133
Plfinkcy, A. A. Hooters ....v............. ?2
Millard. Bit Show ill
Marti, A. A. Rootera 131
Kenny, Columbia 131
Knoke, Wheelln* 13U
Kaln. A. A. Rootere .. ....... ISO
Moody, Sunny Brook 129
Arndt, All Allkes lis
E. Whltehouao. Columbia 129
Clifton, Columbia 121
Kaln, Sunny Brook , 1*6
Brott, Bunny Brook 120
Druitchel, Bl* Show 126
Hablf, Columbia ]2G
Springer, BI& Show .......V..122
LuuKhlln, Sunny Brook 126
Mitchell, Columbia 113
A. rette, Oceolas ?... us
Craver, Columbia 11S
vjcuer, ounny iirooK .116
Powers, Sunny Brook .................... 112
Cox, Columbia J10
W. whltehouB?. Columbia . 1M
Miller, 8unny Brook ...., 71
Agnlo, Sunny Brook .(U
Probably no playwright Is responsible
for so many smlJes as Charles Hoyt, author
of "A Hole .In the Ground," which
comes to tho Opera House next Monday
evening. The scenes of the play are
laid at a small railroad station In Vermont,
where thi* thirty or more characters
ore congregated and compelled |
to remain because of the ' dolay of a
train by a hole In "the'ground, which In
railroad parlance, means a wash-out.
The typical folks of this region and the
tyrannical train crew from tho characters
In the pity. The offlciousness of
the train hands, the resentment of tho
passengers, the recklessness of the
baggage smasher, the eccentric wit of a
stranger,' the ludicrous and always
welcome "Weary Willie/' the amusing
Incidents for which the. lunch counter
girl Is responsible and a .host of pretty
female passengers and commercial
travellers all contribute their portion in
the great festival of funi The various
characters arc In the hands of exceedingly
clever performers, in fact, the
cast is said to be the strongest and
most versatile ever seen in a Hoyt offering.
EBpeclal stress being laid upon
the beauty of the dozen or more girls*
the catchiness of the many vocal numbers
offered and the incidental specialties.
Hoyt's plays arc well liked by
theatre-goers of this city, and that "A
Hole In the Grcund" will call^out a
large and fashionable audience Is evU
denced toy the already bijjsk demand
for seats in advance.
Everything New and Bright.
Primrose & Dockstader realize that
those who cater to the.public In mifif
strelsy must have something hew and
decidedly attractive. This announcement
is frequently found to be meanf
Ingless when the show; materializos.
But in the case of the famous men who
havo Joined their fortunes tp Increase
them, if possible, they are fully aware
that public disappointment for them
means unpopularity and loss of patronage,
merit and dollars, which they do
not care to invite. This season the
Primrose & Dockstader Minstrels,
which come to the Opera House, on
Tuesday, October 23, is a combination
of beauty, merit and high artlstH excellence
that is better than its promises.
Everybody knows that men of such
long experience and of spch bright
minds and original Ideas as/those possessed
by Primrose and Dockstader are
eminently calculated to materialize
something pleasln?.- They know what
people want. They realize' that " the
minstrels;- of to-day must present
something pleasing! They know what
people want. They " realize that the
minstrelsy of to-day'1 must present
something entirely new and original In
fun and sentiment or it will not take.
They have gone to great expense In
making this season's entertainment
something distinctly new and original,
and they promise that.no disnopOlnt
ment will come. The great first part
scene alone Is bewilderingly beautiful
and Impressive. There are no gewgaws
or cheap tinsel. The accessories are
costly and artistic. The Jokes, dances,
songs and monologues are bright, witty
and very funny. In fact laughter
reigns from start to' finish.
The appearance of Madame Modjeska
at the Opera House, on Friday evening,
In the play of "Macbeth," has been
generally looked upon as-the most distinctive
feature of the present theatrical
season. Her great fame as the leading
tragic acf.rtss of the period would
alone warrant such an attitude, apart
from the fact that she Is now making
her farewell tour of the United States.
She has been associated with the stage
of this country for. twenty years and
to say that her Influence, both artistic
and exemplary will be sorely missed,
but mildly expresses the services *he
has rendered. 8he has dignified- her
profession not only for her genius, but
by her personal charm and worth as a
woman. It Is to women such as Madame
Modjeska that the theatrical profession
owes Its emancipation from ho
much of the old time prejudice against
It. as an honorable calling. Among the
players who v/111 assist her aro such
well known pec pie as R. D. MacLean
and Odette Tyler, who were seen here
last season, In "Phroso," as stars at
the head of their own company.
Isham's Octoroons.
A large company of forty people,
everyone of which Is a vocalist, and .1 ft
such takes some part In the chorus
singing during each evening's entertainment,
will be the offering which
Manager John "W. Isham Introduces to
our theatre-going public at the Grand
Opera House, the last'half of this week.
But beeldes being a company of such
As experience stands, the
most promising way to treat an
old settled rheumatism is: to
set up the general health.
Whatever makes health, in
other respects, is good for
We don't say it will cure it.
Sometimes it dock; sometimes
it don't.
VAiir ic
A V/VII V_,IKIIIV.\_ Id Willi
Scott's emulsion of cod-livcr
oil than with anything else now
Byand bythere will be a sure
cure; it will make a big noise
in the world.when it comes.
wtjd you a Utile lo try II you HVe.
5COTT A UOWNE* 409 I'eAilitrcet, NcwVoilu
TL- r>L! r?
x iic v^mncsc XLiuprcaa went
about it wrong.
The way to clean out " foreign
devils" is to use Ayer's
J. C. Ayer Company^
Practical Chemists, Lowell, Mass.
Ayer't Samparilla Ayer's Hair Vigor .
Ayer'r Pills Ayer'? Cherry Pcctoral
Aycr'i Ague Cure Ayer's Coraatons
.>0 . ^
musical ability, they will provide on
entertainment that has many features
to please?from; flrBt closs comedy to
dramatic acts. The olio contains several
numbers that are pretty enough to
please the most critical, the choice of
which may be considered'"The Opera
Portion," which with Its handsome
scenic environments and wonderful
electrical effects, Is a gem. This company
has won universal commendation
from both proas and public In every
large city -where It has played. The
Octoroons played Manlson Square Roof
Garden, New York City, all summer.
"Uncle Tom's Cabin."
A treat is in store for lovers of that
everlasting success. "Uncle Tom's Cab
In," which comes to the Grand, Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday. It will
be presented by Al. W. Martin's big
company of sixty white and colored
people, and with thousands of dollars
worth of beautiful scenery and effects.
Over fifty people are utilized ln~ th.*
production, and the cast Is In the hands
of competent actors. Every stick of
scenery used from the rise to the fall
of the curtain is carried by the company,
and several of the settings are
worthy of more than passing comment.
The transformation entitled "The Celestial
City," is said to be the most magnl
flcent'- tableau ever conceived.
Matters of Interest In tho Metropolis
of-Belmont County.
The annual district convention of the
"Woman's Relief Corps, of this district,
.Which embraces all the counties In
southeastern Ohio, will be held In this
city on Wednesday and Thursday of
this week. The convention will be entertained
by the Spangler Corps, W. R.
C], of this city. The opening busl"ness
"session 'will be held In G. A. R.
h'all," commencing Wednesday morning
at 10 o'clock. Dinner will be served
?&ch day at I. O. O." P. hall. A reception
will bo tendered the visiting ladles
at Odd Fellows' hall on Wednesday
The-local. Republican committee is
now resting on its oars,.as it were;
there being no meeting fixed for Bellaire
until,October, at which time Hon.
C. L. Wcems will close the campaign.
But the committee will continue to look
after matters needing attention In the
mnnnMmn Tho nnnnln r>f TJntlo I
however, are all right. They only
need'the opportunity to vote. They are
all ready.
.Tack Mullen will be given a hearing
before Squire Mason this evening, on
the charge of being Implicated In placing
the beer keg on the Cleveland &
Pittsburgh tracks the other night,
which threw the.car ofT the track and
caused the death of Conductor David
A young son of John Johns was before
Squire Richardson Saturday, on
a charge of truancy. The boy said his
father kept him out of school to work,
and the father was fined ?r? and costs
for keeping the boy away from school.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Earing, Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. Drlggs, cf the Fifth
ward, and Mrs. J. B. Drlggs, of Bridgeport,
attended a family reunion at Malaya,
Ohio, yesterday.
A. ,W. Hawk, the "Laughing Philosopher,"
will deliver a lecture on "Sunshine
and Shadow" at the First M. E.
church next Thursday evening.
.Mr. and Mrs. Mort Noll, of Marietta,
stopped over here yesterday, with the
family of D. H. Darrah, on their way
home from Pittsburgh.
J. W. Morrill has the contract to
draw plans for a new two-story frame
house for George O. Robinson, In the
Fourth ward.
oJhn.Beck and Miss Christina Beck,
of this city, wore married In Wheeling
Thursday of last week, by Rev. Mr.
W. C. Warnock, of the Fourth ward,
lost a valuable bloodhound, which
Btraycd out of his yard one night laat
Fred Mercer, who has spent a couple
of weeks with hla parents here, returned
to Harvey, 111., yesterday after?
George Arnold and C. C. Cutshaw will
open an ofllce for tho practice of law In
the First National Bank building.
The Blackburn Guards, of this city,
went to Moundsvlllc Saturday evening
to take part In the parade there.
Tnhn Dolan, who has been visiting
rnlMivca In this city, has .returned to
his home, at New Castle, Pa.
Frank Henthorn and Walter Flucher,
of the Third ward, spent Sunday with
relatives at Bacrsvllle.
Louis Kraft, wife and son Harry, of
North Belmont strent. are visiting relatives
at Decamr, 111.
"Mrs. John Dobler, of tho Fourth ward
I win leave to-day to vim rein liven and
friend* at Marietta.
Mrs. Frame and children, of Sluternvllle,
are gueiitii of Mr. and Mrs. Cyrun
B.trahl, of lloro Hill.
Misses Rone and Ignore Aplln, of
j Canal Dover, are visiting relative* in
the Fourth ward".
Minn Martha Kirkpatrick, of the
Fifth ward, Is home from a two weeks'
southern trip.
Harry flehorenberj;, of Stouhenvlllc,
wan a RUesk of Minn HIhIc Leo, of Rose
Hill, Sunday.
Miss Myra Gabhait, of tho Fourth
ward, spent yesterday with her brother
at Glencoef.
II. B. Miller; of the Third ward,? U
visiting relatives and friends at Barnes 1
Lawrence Castoe, who has been cf)erl?
ously 111 with typhoid feVer, Is lmprov*
Ing. ' .
W. 8. Carey, of the Fourth ward, spent
Sunday with friends at East Liverpool;
Henry Chandler, of^-St. Clalrsvlllej
was a visitor In this city Saturday.
Tho Daily Chronicle of Wheeling's
.ProgTesslvo Neighbor.
It Is thought by tho Martin's Ferry
high school team that the greatest gang
of squedlers In the country la located
at Moundsvllle. The local team early
last week arranged with the high school
team of that city for a gamo at that
place Saturday afternoon. The locals
secured a wagon and drove to that
city, only to' find the worst set ol!
"knockers" to bo found anywhere. They;
claimed all sorts of things; first, (that
they had arranged no gamo with the
team of this place, but when the captain
of this city's team produced three
letters from their captain, other methods
to knock out tho game were employed.
It Is a safe bot that the local
team will steer shy of MoundBVlllo In
the future.
The Democrats held a meeting Saturday
evening at Hlldebrand's canning
factory, out In the country, but no
business was transacted, as there was
none to transact. The meeting was
about an hour in length, and the principal
subject for discussion -was the
majority McKlnley would receive in
New York, Kentucky, West Virginia
and Indiana, and the conclusion reached
was that he would average 60,000 in
each state.
A regular meeting of council was held
Saturday evening, but litle business of
importance was transacted. The ordinance
was passed to it* second reading
granting tho Cleveland, Lorain &
Wheeling Railway Company a right of
way across First street, with a switch
to the National Glass Company's plant.
Council adjourned to meet Thursday
night, November 1.
Tho following voting places have
been named by council for the coming
election: First ward, hose house; Second
ward, Hatch's shoe shop; Third
ward, city building: Fourth ward,
Hayne's plumbing shop; Fifth ward,
hose house.
J. G. West, a highly respected- citizen
of Tiltonvllle, died at his home Saturday.
at the age of eighty-one. The
funeral will take place this afternoon
at 2 o'clock, and the dntcrxnent will be
made at the Tiltonvllle Mound.
The Republicans are arranging,for a
monster demonstration In this city
next Saturday evening. The night parade
Is expected to be the feature, and
all the clubs In this vicinity will bo Invited
to attend.
The M. A. Hanna Club will meet
shortly to dcclde whether to attend the
Republican demonstration at Pittsburgh
one week from Saturday. Tho
meeting may possibly be held this evening.
The Mark Hanna Marching Club, together
with about one hundred others,
went to Moundsvillo Saturday evening
The J. J. Gill Marching Club 4b called
to meet on Main street every evening
this week for drill.
Mrs. Earl Wells will entertain the
Thimble Bee Wednesdady afternoon."
WE have two shop-worn Upright
Pianos which we will offer this week at
great bargains. F. W. I3AUMER CO.
Events of a Day in the Town, at tho
End of the Bridge.
The following vice presidents have
been named for the Republican meeting
at Wheeling Creek to-morrow evening:
J. C. Curtis, Capt. John Smith,
John Co noway, Charles Dougherty,
Harry Rogers, John Harback, Samson
Scott, J. B. Pyle, tleorge Flrd, Edward
Stoker, Henry Evans, William Davis,
Henry Hoge, John Mentz and, August
Sullivan. The meeting will be held
at the Miners' hall.
Marlon Huffman, of Bellalre, the
Democratic candidate for Congress,
will address the Democratic club at the
city hall this evening.
Mrs. Emmett Ralston anil children,
ot Cloveland, are the guests of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Coflland,
in Klrkwood.
Mrs. Howard Bradley, of New Martinsville,
Is the guest of friends and
relatives In this city for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Clark, of Stcuhenvllle,
were the guests of friends and
relatives in this city yesterday.
A large number from here attended
the Republican meeting at Moundsville
Saturday evening.
Mrs. D. F. Holtz and daughter have
returned from a two weeks' visit with
relatives at Pittsburgh.
Judge Hollingsworth and wife, of St.
Clalrsvllle, were the guests of friends
in the city Saturday.
Miss Madge Sullivan was down from
St. Clairsvllle over Sunday, the guest
of her parents.
The "Alvin Joslyn" company will
open the local opera house Wednesday
The dance given at Donley's hall
Saturday evening was very largely attended.
The aicKiniey ana itooseveu MnrcnIng
Club will be out thla evening for
Lee Coon, of Irondale, was'the gueat
of relatives In the city over Sunday.
R. It. Mitchell and C. C. Cochran were
down from Mingo over Sunday.
Karl Sells has gone to Jewett, where
he has accepted a position.
Oeorge Fisher was down from Mingo
over Sunday.
Prevented a Trngedy.
Timely Information given Mrs. George
Long, of New Scraltsvllle, Ohio, prevented
a dreadful tragedy and saved
two lives. A frightful cough had long
kept her awake every night. She hud
tried many remedies and doctors, but
steadily grew worse until urged to try
Dr. King's New Discovery. One bottle
wholly cured her, and she writes this
murvelous medicine Also cured Mr. Long
of n severe nttack of Pneumonia. Such
cures are positive proof of the match
merit of thin Rrand remedy for curln;r
all throat, chost and lun* troubles.
Only noc and 11.00. Every bottlo sunranteed.
Trial hottles free at Loxan
Dru& Co.'s dniR store.?C
DON'T fall to see tho Nlchtlniialo
Guitars and Mandolins at J*". W.
SCALD head Is an eejtema of tho
scalp?very severe Kometlmes, hut It
can he cured. Doan'a Ointment, quick
and permanent In Its results. At any
druR store, CO eonts.?4.
Situations Wanted.
One Help Wanted.
; For Rent.
Cent Fors?,,!Etc.,
Etc.* Etc
3 j The One Cent ?
M,## Word Column of the
IUaWj1 Intelligencer; Brtntfs
W Olfl Quick Returns on a
ii Sn?U InvcatmenU
at once at C.Hess & Sons'; 1823
Market street. ;
-rr--v^iT-.T~.TTr?*T/tT7<T> ? XJf* WW.!
WAiu-t.u-fiAfOwom.ay ? - ? ?
ERGETIC salesmen to sell the well
known Dleterlchs. Valve-Oleum Lubricating
Oil* to the consuming; trade on
commission. Apply to DIETERICH8
Bulldlnc. Cleveland. Ohio.
New Whistling Toy; imitates ill
blrdv Good thin* from start, to finish;
anybody can work; S samples 10 cunts;
dozen 25 cents; mailed. TOY IMP: CO.,
Providence. R. I. oc22 .
preparo for, travcllnr. Salary and
exponses to begin; references. Sena pelfaddressed
envelope for reply. PRESIDENT
MacBRADY, 35<J Dearborn, Chicago.
house, extondlng business In this section,
wants to arrange -with capable man
of correct habits to manage branch. Salary
$1,500 yearly. Extra commissions.
Must furnish JS00 and satisfactory references.
Opportunity, Drawer 74, New Haven,
Conn. ocSO'
u) i j?l weekly salary paid direct from
office; expenses extra commission*. Capablo
men and women to represent us
appointing agents; rapid promotion and
Increase salary. New brilliant lines.
BUTLER St ALGER, New Haven, Conn.
s ocl
"Springfield," one of the finest farms In
the Shenandoah Valley, S miles from Bcrrjrvllle,
Clarko county, Virginia (290 acres).
w. v. hoge,
City Bank Building, Markot Street,
Wheeling, W. Va.
First-class Coupon Bonds are better for
Investment than Real Estate Mortgages.
They uro safe, convenient and pay good
Interest. I offer at the present^Ime Macboth-Evanx
Glass Company 6 T# Bonds,
Trl-State Gas Company 6 % Bonds, National
Glass Company C % Bonds and
Cleveland Water Company <5 % Bonds at
nrlcos netting the Investor from 5 % to 6
%. Wrlto for particulars, ROBERT C.
HALL, Member Pittsburgh Stock Exchange.
No. SCI Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh,
Pa. Long distance telephone. No. 3,?13.
stocks for sale.
Wheeling: Steel & Iron Co.
Wheeling & Belmont Bridge Co
Wheeling Bridgo Co.
Wheeling lottery Co.
Riverside Pottery Co.
A few choice 5 per cent first mortgage
16 Nat. Exchange Bank Bldg.
We offor for sale at pnr and accrued
Interest a limited number of
First Mortgage 20 Year
5 Per Cent Gold Bonds.
Theso bonds court the strictest Investigation,
are amply protected and highly
recommended by bosc authorities.
For further details and full particulars
write or call on
12 Exchange Bank Building.
Telephone . . . No. 82.
Wo offer for sale somo five pei
cent first mortgage bonds. \V?
have examined the security be
hind those bonds and wo can reo
ommend them with confldenci
to Investors.
Particulars upon appllcatloa
The City Bank
r TVTf 1?
oi wneeiing*
WHEELING, W. Va.. Oct. 1C. 1900.
Tho following bonds of the lonn of 1SS1
have this day been drawn by lot. according
to ordlnanco, and will be redeemed
on And after the first day of November,
19O0, at the l?ank of the .Ohio Valley. Interest
on tho snme ceases on that day:
Bonds 5100.00 each?Nos. 593, 237, 663, 191.
93. 1G6. 711. 515, 62S, <194, 425. 5G3.164, 4G1, 32L>,
ffS, 3u4, 603. Ml, 157, 600, 70. 281, 429. <10.
49. SIR.
Bonds #00.00 each?Nos. 840, 733, ?21, 7&>.
790, 752. 770. S17, SO*. 769.
oc!7 | Commissioners.
"Main Street Bridge Bonds-?Second
Tho underpinned commissioners of the
city of Wheelhy,, W. Va., appointed under
an ordlnfir/o of paid city, passed the
Sth day of September. 1S31. entitled "An
ordinance to provide for the Issue p.r,d
sale of bonds of the city of Wheeling, to
bo known as the 'Main Street Bridgo
Bonds?Sccond Series,' and for the redemption
and payment thereof." hereby
give notice that certain of said bonds
have been duly selected and determined
by <hem (In nccordanco with the provisions
of said ordinance, and with tho
consent of tlu holdern of all of said i
of bonds), for redemption nnd payment
at their par value on the first day of November,
1900, that Is to Hay;
Bond number one (1), for 1100; bond
number twenty-six (26). for $5i?; bond
number twenty-seven (27), for J500: bond !
number twonty-ol?ht (2vS), for J500, nnd I
bond number ekhty-slx (86), for 11 WO-1
1 ngirrogatln? I2,OW.OO.
The said bonds will bo redeemed nnd
| paid at tho Bank or the Ohio Valley, In
mild cltj* of Wheeling, on and after November
1, 1W0. ,nnd Interest thereon will
i cease upon that day.
. B. \V. PliTJORSON,
Commissioners Muln Street BrlJgo I,onn?
Second Series. ocjg
fi/ -For?
. Amateur
LaU Photographers.
Mnll Ordrrs Solicited.
w. C. BROWN, 12 2 2 Mnrket St.
is fitting. Trusses, Braces, Abdominal.
Belts, etc. We make It a study, and always
try to give you the beat good* for
your money. No goods leavo our. houtA
that the purchaser does not know oxnetly
what he is buying, and our guarantee la
back of them. We fit both the exponslvo
and cheaper kind without extra chargo. .
You get the bost goods at the loweit
prices from ua.
Tenth and Main Sts.
. LOST. .
J ring and money, on tha "Wheeling
Uolf - Club Links, Saturday afternoon.
Finder pleaso return to T. B. SWEENEY,
3221 Market street, oclS
ISth lnsL, a bunch of keys; alto on
the 8th a folding black leather pocketbook,
containing no money, but has ?the
full name of the owner inside. The finder '
will pleaso leavo them or either of th*m
nt this ofllce or at the drug store of.either
Goetao or Schnepf, and rccelvo auitablo
reward If desired. oc3)
/clairvoyant and palmist?
Mttdamo Carter, the world's greatest
life-reader, tells anything and everything
you wish to know. Can be consulted dally,
and Sunday from 9 to 9, at 1129 EoK street
Satisfaction guaranteed. ' ocI6*
rooms over Hold's restaurant, HOT
Market street. OdT
For rent - desirable room,
centrally located on the Islands both
gases, bath and water closet. Cars .para
the house. Reference required. AddrfM
M. H? care Intelligencer ofllce. oclO .
. HEAL ESTATE; - : V;\|
- ....foitrent....
Dcslrablo residence at Elm Grove, ftU
modern conveniences of gas,- clectrlQ
light and wntei*.
A. Dusch property.
No. 375 Seventeenth street, 2 rooms-^5;
No. 3527 Chapllno street, 2 rooms?JS.
No. 32 Sixteenth street, cellar?*10. , %
No. 130 "Virginia street?$30. - < >
Blacksmith shop on Market street, -north
BuilditVg* on 'alley la rear of Gormanta
Half Dollar Savings Bank.
Storo and dwelling on Eighteenth streot
Two six-roomed houses, Moundsvlllo, W.
Cheapest lot In Bolvedere addition; lays f
well; fronts on two streets and on altey;
price $125.
No. 2S and. No. SO South York street, a barBain
for SO days.
,No. 1123 Charles street. '
No.' 21 Maryland street
No. 26 Fifth street.
Ground . 60 feet square on Eighteenth St.
C-roomed houso on Main street
No. 32 Sixteenth street, store room.
10 rooms and cellar will be sold cheap If
sold In the next 30 days.
Storo room and live rooms, brick building.
a good location, with an old. established
Lot cn South Front street
No. 92 Main street.
No. 442 Main street.
No. 60 North Front street;
No. 32 Sixteenth street, store room.and lb
Real Estate Agents, Collector, Notary
Public and Pension Agent, No. 1613
Main street.
12-room brick residence, lot 36 feet front,
very desirable property. On Chapllnt
street, between Twenty-flrst and Twantythlrd.
A special price for a few days.
12-room brick residence, all-modern.,oon?
v?n|ences; on Chapllno ntreet, between
Eleventh and Fourteenth.
S-room. two-fitnrv frnnrn. mnrtfm lw.
prove merits; on South Front rtreet; rents
for J25 per month; price 13,000.
Business property on Murket und Mall
No. 1163 Market Street
A substantial Investment property, No.
5 North Huron street. Will pay.
Double dwelling 143 and 147 South Ponr
street Desirable and paying; Investment.
The dwelling houses at 103. 105 and 107
Thirty-third street. Clean and desirable.
Dwellings at 111 and 113 Fourteenth
Building lots on Fifteenth street; $50.pci
front foot
? U. Olul ( H | BANK BUILD1NCL
1 fine' ofUce room, most desirable an4
cheap, In Masonic Temple. Including light,
heat and Janitor service.
1 storo room, 2004 Main street
54.000 for the two-story hrlck dwelling 741
Main street, 7 rooms; lot 25?f.xl27 feet.
t!,ZOH for two-story brick So. 314 Market
street, frame, cottage of 4 rooms In rear
of lot.
52,800 for frame dwelling, S rooms, good
eiillar; *4 aero of /cround; small fruits of
all klndu; near Elm Grove; 6 mlnutea*
walk from motor line.
The Kenroy ale brewery property, with
dwelling house and stables, Is offered for
salf for one week.
1 building lot. Park View, 50x150. $500.
A grocery business, with postofllco and
real estate. National road nnd railroad
station; a lino chance for someone.
1 building lot on Llnd street, $350. ;If
Telephone 517.
Wheeling. W; Vq.
oTl E U IFF'S~S A LR ~~~
?Vm. Ballcy & Son
vs. .j
Ross T. Chew.
By virtue of an execution to me directed
In the nbove entitled cause, .1' havo levied
uronjand will, on the
beginning at 30 o'clock a. m., at the jtoro
room. No. 33 Twelfth street. In the city
of WbecJIng. county of Ohio, and ritste of
West Virginia, proceed to sell to the highest
and best bidder, the following described
prisonul property, to-wit: .
All of the stock of wall paper contained
In the building known as No. 39 Twelfth
btreet, in the city of Wheeling, W. Va.,
1 lot twine. 1 sample trunk, 2 stoves, i
eluilrs, 1 printing machine. 1 catting machine,
2 counters, l lot racks. 2 ofllce
desks. 9 chairs. 2 tables. 1 sample trunk.
- wiuxMUiirrown, t iuii men. i naio, i iruclc,
3 display racks, 3 stop ladders, paper tills
ft ml the Icnse of Rosa T. Chew from
ClmrlcN F. Paxton. dated January 17, isos
of the store houso and premises No. si
Twomn direct. wncenuK, w. Vm, tr
which said Chew has been currying on
his wall paper business.
11. C. niCITAUDS,
ocll! Sheriff of Ohio County.
Paid for Woolen nml Cotton Viae*. Copper,
lira**. Scraps of Leather and Old Shoos
Old Hubber, lionow, Hopo und all klnda ot
-403 Chapllno street; Telephone f?M.
Yards 2712 Main St. Telephone ?13. '
iC^R|5|8S|3 iHi
$ | T SOTS
M W of r^fercne-*. ? Hook on
&1\ B2 Tlonm Tron'nmt ??nt mcE.- Art.ln*:*
VOV n. M.WOOLL1Y, M.D, At??nU.C?,

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