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The Freo Coinage oI Sliver at the
Batlo of IB to 1.
An Able Artlclo Upon the Paramount
I sb us of the Campaign?A a to
"Wages and Prices?Every Import'
ant Nation Hub Adopted the Gold
jjffiawflnrrt-r-Mexicm Dollar Has q
Eangp of Three Per Cent.
. By Hon. George E. Eobcrts,
Director of the Mint of United States.
The gold dollar of the United States
contains 23.22 grains of fine gold, and
th? bllver dollar, 871%* of fine silver.
Dividing the-former Into the latter
gives 15.98 and a fraction, which 1b bo
near 1'8 that the ratio Is commonly said
t6 be 16 to 1. The relative contents of
our?goJd. and silver coins were fixed as
tlioy are because when the act was
passed these, weights were believed to
: give equal values. This was done In
1834, It eoon developed, however, that
either the Bllver coin was over-valued
.la the act, or silver Immediately afterward
advanced in value in the markets
of the world, for our silver coins became
worth slightly above their face
value, and were melted down and sold
Qb'rdad aa bullion. This condition lasted
for more than thirty years and existed'
when the silver dollar was dropped
from our list of coins, when sliver
began to decline and the present value
Of 371% grains of silver Is now under
* fifty cents. 1
| . Silver From Everywhere.
: To re-open the mints now at the old
ratio, sb though this decline had never
occurred, would be contrary to the
principles upon which the coinage ratio
' ifsxa originally established,* and In view
of the past experience of this and other
Countries, It must be assumed, would
result In expelling our gold from circulation
and giving us sliver only for our
metallic money. As about one-half of
all; the money In the country la gold,
the result upon tho business interests
of. the country of 6uch contraction
would inevitably bo disastrous. In
time, the vacancy in the circulation
would be supplied by silver coming
from all parte of the world, but It would
require several years to complete tho
transition from a gold to'a silver basis
and (;they. v.-ould be years of paraly'fJs
tnd distress. "Wncn the equilibrium
was fejjaineil' 11 wouid .be with a new
scale of values. Wages and prices
would have to adjust anew their relations
and, as commodities arc influenced
by world prices, they would reach
the new level flrst, and wagc-carnera
would lie under a disadvantage.
Coined Into a Dollar.
Under auch a policy, any one who had
271 'grains of silver could tak#? it to the
Tlnltwl KfntPl wlrif nnrf hnvo It (Vllnnd
Into a dollur and returned to him for
lila prlvato use and benefit. All debts
and obligations of every character, calll*g
for dollars, could be legally discharged
In the new dollars. Bank depositors,
the holders of life Insurance
policies. lenders of money, and wagoenfmsro
would ail fare alike.
Inasmuch as every Important nation
of the world, except China and Mexico,
hcu adopted the gold standard, the
United States, by leaving It would Isolate
Itself In trade relations from Its
chief, customers.
Broad and Stablo Baso.
The nations which have4a common
standard of value have a broad and
stable basis for mutual trade. Their
currencies bear such relations to each
other th&t the variations between them
can never exceed the cost of shipping
gold. The value of a certain sum in
the money .of one country can always
be calculated In the money of another.
Our salesmen are now In all parts ol
the world quoting prices and persuad,
lng buyera. Every risk that they He
under which does not also lie ngalnst
their. competitors, tends to reduco thclx
profits or excludo them from thn market.
Thn Mexican dollar last year had n
raare of 6 per cent as comparcil with
the money of ail gold standard countrio*,
end all the International transactions
or that country were Involved lr
Its fluctuations.
Itange of Three Per Cent.
The Uexlcan dollar hats had a ra.n?f
ot S per cent In the last three months.
"With flour at tt) per barrel, If an American.
mill with a capacity of 1,000 barrels
per day had a contract in Liverpoo
or Hamburg, for future delivery, r
fluctuation of 3. per cent in tho value o;
our currency to gold would make ji difference
to that mill of $150 per day. W?
cannot hope to become a great Indus
trial or commcrclal nation under ouch i
handicap as that.
TThntever ground thore may hav<
once b?en for the claim that the uupplj
of cold was inadequate, has b?:en re
movocl by the rapid increase In noli
production In recent years. The tota
'production of gold ami nllvrr In 1713
valuing Oliver at lfi to 1, was abou
In 1?DD the total production of go;<
alone, was about J315,000,00ft, and bu
for the war In the Transvaal, woult
llave reached 1341,610,010.
Production of Odd.
With all field* Increasing their out
puts, the production of gold ul.ne. nex
year will do'ubtlesR equal twice the out
put of both gold and silver In the yea
In view of this fact. It would seem t<
be clear that thrre Is no prospect for <
dearth of money and henr* no po??ibl<
ksllttv 11ra
"tXf 7 ' ?4 * * ?r, ji]
r??r tiiOinlit Fa
^P^lonsilino |
IfiSfvsf . wilt il-n??t l?iM??UttIr ' |(j
RVflS|".' Mrnlir?t? ! < k/ rta*?U| titc ?9
Kffyfrun, illir t'*aMiicw ?!Bh jfl
Efcttfir forai 2Se., I0?.atf?sf 4n>nlm T-j
KPSNtfi Tlx TMtflin* ? .,?? ? , OM? C3
^^^ctmwiiiiii iiii hmiiiiimb
warrant for such a derangement of
business relations, such far-reaching
Injustice, and euch a commercial convulsion
(is the opening of the mlnto to
the free coinage of silver at 10 to 1
would Involve.
??? ?.
An Old Citizen of Littleton Fassos
Away Sud'denly ? Soldier in Civil
Wor^?Held Many Offlcos of Trust.
Special Dhpatch to tlio Intelllccnrer.
LITTLETON, W. Vu? Oct. 21.?
The death of T. H. Melghen, which
occurred at his home at Littleton, on
Sunday, October 21st, 1906, at 3:30
o'clock, removes onu of the oldest and
most respected citizens of this section.
The circumstances attending his death,
wece quite a shock, as he had been In
his usual health, and was returning
from cnrly church, when within a short
distance from his home, he was suddenly
taken U1 and expired within a fev^
Air. MeJffhen was born near Waynesburg,
Pennsylvania, on the 5th day of
March, 1821, and was;, consequently, in
hla eightieth year. For many y6ars
prior to the late war i:? was wldfcly
known aa.an ardent opponent to slavery,
and took an active part ln.tjic
campaign that resulted in the election
of President Lincoln.
On the breaking out of the war he enlifted
on the lGth day' of September,
18(51, in Company P, Seventh Itoglmqnt
West Virginia Infantry, and . served
with his regiment until ,1863,^t which
time, by reason of permanent''loss-, of
health, he was obliged to accept his discharge.
The deceased was very active,' la\all
public affairs and had taken much interest
in educational work,and bad been
frequently elected to office. At the time
of his death ho was Justice of the peace
of this place.
He leaves surviving him his widow
and four,30ns and four daughters. Dr.
8. H. Melghen, of this city, and Hon.,B.
F. Melghen, and William M. Melghen,
of . Moundsyilje, art surviving
sons of the deceased. The funeral will
take place at his residence In Littleton,
on Tuesday, October 22, 1900, at 10
o'clock a. m.
New Electric Road.
Sppclal Dispatch to the Intelligencer. }
PARICERSBUrtG, Oct. 21.?A company
which proposes to build an electric
road between this city and Marietta,
net Saturday and elected a board of
directors and the following officers:
President?11.: C. Henderson.'
Afice-President?Max P. CSoodmap.
Secretary?'Thomas P. Barrett.
Treasurer?C." M. Mayhow.
The following compose the board of
directors: H. C. Henderson, C. M..Mayhew,
Jam^e A. GrllUn*. Thomas F. Barrett,
of Willlamstown; "Wm. H. Hyari,
Max P. Goodman and William Wel? of
Cleveland, Ohio.
The promoters claim they mean busi
ncao. The road will be of great benefit
to this cectlon of the country.
? /*
Pensions Granted. %
Bpoclal Dispatch to tho Intelligence?.
WASHINGTON, Oot. 21.?Pensions
have been granted to West Virginia applicants
as follows:
Original?Anthony Collins* Handler,
Increases-Robert Guthrie, Wlleyvllle,
(renewal) to 512; Edward Adams, Huntington,
to 510; Andrew J. Sheppard,
Redmud, to 510; Jackson D. Turley,
Lurd, to 512; Elijah Pitts, Frew, to 517;
1 Amaziah D. Field, Herring, to 514; Abraham
Bowman, WePaburg, to 58; "William
Adklns/ Huntington, to 512; William
H. Campboll, Tyrconnell Mines
(renewal), to 517..
Renewal?Israel Shook, Elm Grovo,
Additional?Levi Haught, Arnoa, 512.
Widows?Sarah J. Rowan, Cottagevllle,-58;
Angellne Scott, Paradise, 58;
| Elisabeth A. MUlender, Ceredo, 58, and
Caroline Phillips, French Creek, 512.
. A pension was also granted to the
mlnpr child of Stephen Hlnzman, New,
berne, for 510. .
Postofllce Changes. T
Spnclal Dispatch to tho Intelligencer.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 21.?A new post.
ofllce has been established In Putnam
i county, to be known as Frank, and Andrew
M. A i ford ha* been commissioned
. postmtlpter.
i ltural free delivery has been substituted
for star scrvice on two routes in
West Virginia as fallows:
Route 1G112, Elyrln to Darkesvllle;
} Elryla hereafter to be supplied by rural
free delivery from Martinsburg.
Routo 16680, Flickersvilla to Lowsvllle;
both offices hereafter to be mip'
plied by rural free delivery.
1 A change has been ordered in tho star
^ service on route 16393, Dennis to Lowinburg,
West "Virginia. Hereafter tho
route will beglu at Lltcle Sewell Mountain,
omitting Dennis, and decreasing
1 the distance ftve miles. The schedule
will bo dally cxcept Sunday, mail leav?
Ing Little Sewell Mountain at 6:G5 a. m.,
and returning, vrill leave Lewlsburg at
| 1:32 p. ra.
1 Holt Meeting a Failure.
Special Dispatch to tho Intelliccncer.
1 NEW CUMBERLAND, Oct. 20.?The
Holt meeting here thin afternoon was i
' a dismal failure. Th^rr was a very
1 small crowd nnd th~re was alno two Re.
' publicans to one Democrat present.
Undo Hank Convalescent.
Memphis Commercial-Appeal: Uncle
t Hank Watteraon It feeling almost
. strong enough to read a lot of Demor
crkta out of the party.
j After Twenty Years. ?
L ?t. Louis Star: Rip Van Winkle whs
p sent to Jail In a Brooklyn court for bur;
glary. Hip's (roubles came bccause
souis one ?lst woke up.
Story ot a SIcvo.
[ To b* bound hand and f.^ot for yt**rs
by the chains c? dls?as* { th? worst
fnr-a of_slavery. d. William*.
VI ftiftncft4?ttr. Wioh . ttll* tit-* uacU *
lave tru iu??ie fr?t. He aay*; "My
*ife h?? bo helr>!*?n for fly? y*ar?
xhmt ihf rojJJ not turn <i?fr In t?i
Jone Aftrr u?lns iwo betile* af El*rtrie
DtUcra ?h? la wonderfully |m.
proved a 1.1 able fo do h*r own work "
TN? t iprrmf remedy for female dlfu
?a?r? quickly ?rure? nervonene**, ?i?.p.
lr??n?a*. melancholy, hradacbe, bak.
a??hc. f.iinilr.K and ditty tp*Ua. Xhl#
miracle working mr<Ilclnt I* a co<SmiiJ
! weak, alckly, run down p^plf. E??rr
bottle fuarantred. Only !* centa. fluid
?y Los*n Dru* C<x#? Crujt nt<n*\??
: f, f
The Real Celery Heine.
: Carta Con*tlpatlon,
^crvouc l/lwriarat
. Rlok'UwulachOt
. Kidney DlseoflCBf
, Dyapopsta, .
Indigestion, nnd nil stomach/ liver and
boWfcld|3ca*oj. It la a Colcry ton lc. 5
1- j
MisB. Lillian Shaffer Married to Dr. J.
Oliver Lantz?Pretty Feature "Was
' Singing of Lohengrin Wedding
Bpoclal Dispatch to tho Intelligencer.
AURORA, W. Va., Oct. 21.?The social
event of the autumn,season hero
transpired Wednesday-evening, shortly
after 7:30'o'clock;'when 2klissx Lillian
llnnrlA. 'rinnifhtnr nf T\T?> Tomr.u TT
Shaffer, became the wife of Dr. J. Oliver"
St. Paul's church, where the wedding
occurred, was tastefully decorated with
evergreens, cosmos blooms and autumn
leaves of tho richest ^luefl, and was
crowded to the doors. The Rev. Dr.
Royer officiated. The &rlde was given
away by her father. / Miss Kollar, of
Hanover, Pa., a Bchool friend, was maid
of honor, and Mr. /James Albert Shaffer,
brother of tho'bride, was best man.
One of the pretty features of the
ceremony was 'the singing of the Loihengrin
-wedding chorus by eight
charming bridesmaids, who followed
tho ushers, proceeded the maid of honor,
In pairs, and carried two long ropes
of mountaln'ltturel, tied with whlto ribbons.
The whole affair was beautiful,
.simple and solemnly sweet. The bridesmaids
were Miss Wlngate and Miss
ppiech, oI Washington, D. C.; Miss
;Grady, of Baltimore, and Misses Addle
and Elvle Porter, Miss Nora Lantz,
Miss Zela Shaffer and Miss Gertrude
Scherr. The ushers were Messrs. Clarence
Lantz, Ernest Bush, Edgar and
George Bteaiplc.
After the wedding a reception was
held lit the home of the bride, followed
by a supper, at which about one hundred
guests were present. Tho decorations
were superb. Tho porches were
lighted with' Japanese lanterns and the
music room and' dining room were a
profusion of growing ' flowers, evergreens
and cosmos blooms, while in the
parlors, the walls were literally covered
with huge branches of the most gorgeous
vormllllon-hued autumn leaves.
And only thoso who'have been In the
mountains in the autumn can conceive
how rich they are In coloring.
Shortly after 10 o'clock tho bride and
grobm, amid a cyclone of rice and good
wishes left for Oakland, where they
took the midnight train for a trip cast.
Dancing and merry making, however,
were continued until after midnight.
Telegrams of congratulations were received
during the evening from a number
of persons who were unable to bo
present. ' , .
The presents were numerous, beautiful
and many of them rich. After the
honeymoon Dr. and Mrs. Lantz will reside
at Hartmansvllla, "W. Va., where
the groom has pr&otlced his profession
for three years or more.
- -I> O O iciijl
Express Themselves on the Campaign
Situation ? Description of How
They Ted Under McKinley Good
,The following taken from the Kansas
Mall and Breeze, describe* how the
farmers of that state feel on tho political
A farmer man from Kansas was
?t mil I nw rlnrwn fhu n??or.f V._ Un.i ?
uttbwi., lie *iuu nuiu u
load of good fat steers and a bully crop
of wheat. He wna tolerably happy, was
that sunburned farmer man, for he'd
just wiped out the mortgage and he
owen not any man. The wlnd3 might
blow like thunder and the later rains
might fall, but the faxmer felt ail hunky
for he had the whole world by the tail.
Then he met a politician with a mouth
some like a well, and he tried to make
that farmer think that things were going
to \ He aal-lt "If Mc's. elected
our liberty win die,' but that farmer
smiled a gentle amole and softly winked
his eye. "If Bryan doesn't win out,"
shrieked the man of ample Jaw, "farewell
to this republic and the reign of
I clrll ,law. The empire will be upon us
j and military rule." But the farmer
I only muttered: "Just listen to the fool!"
I "We will be Mark Hanna's serfs," said
I the man of eavem mouth. "If he wins in
j next November he will havo us going
| Then up spoke the Kansas farmer, nn
his face a pleasant grin: "Go give that
talk In Arkansas, for mo It sounds too
thin. I voted once for Dryan, and talked
sixteen to one. You yin still be a
durr.ed fool If you want to. but an fur
in*, I'm done. I have a Uryan banner
that I carried through the street, prcdlctln'
two-cent cattle and twenty-live
rent wheat. If you will head a Uryan
proceMlon a carryin* that this year, I
will mak? you out a dm* bill fur a sixty
dollar steer. An for this talk of empire,
go tell that to the marines. MeKlnltry
fought fur his republic when hi? was
I only In his 'teena. When Adllc was a
I plottln' with them Golden Clrtiu
| Knights, McKlnley A3ia rtghtln' along
Potomac hMghta. I calculate that this
republic Is safer In Mc> hands than In
the grip of any mar. who Jlned them
traitor bands. lmpi'rhUl>m don't vraru
... u. ->? -
--- * u wiiw iai?r tx'Mrr, when
Unco'i. saa thi' President nnii Orant at
Vickuburs'ft door. I hrv > boy tn Loxon
* foUorin' ut the fli? an' I ?ay jurn
Tour trallor party Ihat* a chenln' uv
the r??. l>on't ennv.- to me a pratln'
About despotic taw, J mar forglt mltxlin
an' .itrnt yon on th? Jaw."
There ivah a. eounj of hurrlwl footFitp?
(tnwii the alil?\?ik on Hit- mreot,
the man of mouth was coin*; hi- wail
healing a. relreaL Then tho farmer
softly,muttered, ua for home he began
to hump: "I'm shorL on education, but I
hain't no sol-durnc<l chump."
Of the Electoral Vote?McKinley,
284; Bryan, 11??Indiana and
Utah Added to the List of "Sure"
Statpc for tho RermMlenn r.
From the New York Pout: United
States Senator N. 13. Scott, of West
Virginia, member of the Republican
national committee, at headquarters,
to-day, gave out his first Official estimate
of the electoral voto next month/
In It he allots only eleven states to Mr.
Bryan, but with a bare possibility of
fourteen, and gives to Mr. McKlnley all
tho others, except .four, which he says
are doubtful, but probably will go Republican.
These figures give Mr. McKlnley
2S4 electoral votes, and Mr.
Bryan 112, with a sure majority of 172.
This Is eighteen votes more than the
estimate of his colleague, Joseph H.
Manley, of Maine, whose estimate.was
based upon the situation sixteen days
ago. Senator Scott has taken Indiana
and Utah out of Mr. Manley's "doubtful"
column, und placed them In the
column of sure Republican states. Senator
Scott says his figures are based on
careful and thorough reports received
In private and official communications
at Republican headquarters;" during the
routine work of the campaign. These
reports, continued SenatoV Scott, show
an overwhelming tidal wave setting In
in favor of McKlnley and Roosevelt,
and that this-tidal ^wave Includes all
divisions and denominations of voters
?Republicans, Silver Republicans, Gold
Democrats, old-time "Mug-wuxhps,"
and many out-and-out Brynnltes and
Southern Democrats. So far as the
client vote Isjconcerned, Senator Scott
says it Is composed of Democrats who
Intend to bury Bryan and Bryantem out
of sight, and Who are keeping qulot
about It In the hope of rescuing from
the wreck the remains of the Democratic
party for rcsuocltatlon.
Senator Scott's poll Is ns follows:
Suro Republican.
California 9! North Dakota 3
Connecticut 6| Ohio 23
Delaware 8i Oregon 4
Illinois 24| Pennsylvania 32
Indiana 15| Khode Island 4
Iowa ?. 13 South Dakota 1
Kansas 10] Utah 3
Maine Ci Vermont 4
Maryland 8 Washington 4
Massachusetts ... 1M West Virginia .... 'C
Michigan 34| Wisconsin 12
Minnesota 5>l Wyoming 3
New Hampshire .4 ?
New Jersey 30! Total 2S4
New York SGj
Alubama 11] South Carolina ... 9
Arkansas 8 Tennessee - 32
Florlda. 4|Texas- 35
Georgia ISt Virginia ........... 12
Louisiana *. tfl ?
Mifslssit.pl D| Total U2
North Carolina .. li|
Doubtful, With a Clianco for .the Republicans
to "Win.
Idaho 3! Nebraska S
Montana 31 ?
Kentucky 13, Total ?7
Doubtful, "With Democratic Tendcn-*
Colorado .......... 41 Missouri ........... 1"
Nevada 3| ?
Total .v.. 24
Indianapolis Sun: "Apppcarances
were ngain3t us last week, owing to a
blunder of nur compositor. ' We wrote
an article as follows:,^"Jameis "Wilson
called at our olllce yesterday and .renewed
his subscription. Mr. Wilson,
it will be remembered, raised this year's
prize-cabbage head. Little Johnny,
who accompanied his father, is a lino
little man." The above is the way We
wrote it. In setting It up, however,
our compositor omitted a period, which
made part of it read as follows: "Mr.
Wilson, It will be remembered, raised
this year's prize cabbage head, little,
Johnny, who accompanied his father."
We trust that Mr. Wi?son and our army
of readers will have !aith in our veracity
when assert that no harm was intended."
A Bit of By-Play.
Boston Herald: Said Mr. Bryan at
Alton, 111.:
"They tell us that w are loaning
money in Europe. All of you who are
loaning money in Europe hold up your
Not a hand went up, and ho exclaimed:
"Then It Is thoy, not we, who axe
loaning money abroad."
How's that for a cnndldato tor the
highest otllce In the gift of the people
of the United States!
"Death by Misfortune."
Providence Journal: The report of
Coroner Eugene H. Lincoln,- on his Inquest
Into the death of Kathcrlne McKennu
has been filed. Coroner Lincoln
onded his report as follows:
"After hearing the testimony and reviewing
it I find and certify that said
woman, ICatherlne McKenna, on the
24th day of June, 1900, at the Rhode Island
Hospital, came to her death a? the
'result of burns covering most of tho
surface of the body,* as confirmed by
the autopsy mnde by Jay Perkins, M.
D., and filed herewith, and I further
certify and report that upon the testimony
of the witnesses filed herewith
that said burns causing said death
were caused not by the net or neglect
of any perron or persons, but by misfortune."
Will Curb Hi3 Enthusiasm.
Kansas City Journal: The Honorable
Ben Harrison may, take some Interest In
the Indiana campalcn. but h* l? nimo.t
sure not to become overheated.
Appreciated Them.
n?!T?ln Exprots: A New York man
hni> hern arrrsieit for Meallnc twenty
bicycles tioni msny friends. This
howj the value of frlemli.
Bismarck's Iron Nerve.
Was the result of his splcnJlil henlth.
Indomitable will and tremendous
enerjry art? not found wher# itomjch
liver, kidneys and bowels are out nf order.
If you wam thes* quallUe* and
! he* iurrt-*<l >irln? >.. r>- i.?i I
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pover of bruin and body. Only ric. at
Logan Drug Co.'e drug si-Jre.?6
, , , I
Hough Dry Washed. Starched and
Dried 5 cent* per pound.
Flat Work, Washed and Ironed, ft
j .cents p?r pound.
All nani work finished 10 centa
per pound. At I/JTZ BROS*.
Home Steam Laundry.
If Baby Is Cutting Teeth
tlr euro and use that old and troll-tried
remedy. Mrs. Wlnslow'i So.?tli!n<
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the child, eoftrr.n the Kum. allay* all
pain, cures wind colic and is tho best
remedy for diarrhoea. Ttventy-flvo
cents a bottle. mvr&f
We pay the above reward for
Dyspepsia, Sick Headache
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Liverita, Itiellp-te-l
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25c boxes contain J 00 Pills, 1
boxes contain J 5 Pills. Beware
Sent^by mail. Stamps taken.
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Old Ape Postponed.
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Nervita Medical Co., Coroo
ago, Illinois. Sold by
H&rket and Twtlfth itreett, Win].
' -j
1 I A
The jeat of Nerawn Diseases !a at 0f fcrik
'hen t he nerve cells ut thi* point a ternS
!dine of the ayaicm ?ceur*. Herroui D?b|Kj,
trophy, Varicocele Failing Memory VdnlnjEfc
jr jpcpno, loaoranla. Etc., *r* symptom d tk?
indftion. Neglect?a. it result! ia Parcm,r a
isanity, or Conaumption. Palrao Tabieti|)||P
ire these ills by renewing the starved *?
Hi, checking all drains ana replacing w?klu,
Ithstrtngth and ambition. 50c a bo?; jibt*M
rith iron-clad guarsutoe) $3.00. 8tod f?r
. Market and Twelfth streets. apl4
"THE ~~
Capitol 5 2 0 0,000
Surplus 65,011
J. N. Vance, John Frew,
John Wntcrhouse, John L. Dlihi,
W. H. Stone, Geo. E.StHd.
W. n. Frank, J. M. Bronn,
Wm. Elllnghom. *
J, N. VANCE, ... President
JOHN FREW. . VIcc Prr.ldent,
WM. U. IRVINE, Aas't. Cathler,
Business entrusted to our coronlD ?.
cclvo prompt and caroful ottcntUn. ?
CAPITA L?$1T3,000.
J. A. MILLER Cuhltf
J. II. McDONALO Ais'l. Cutter
Draft# on England, Ireland, Franciitl [
William A'. Isett, Martlreer Pollock, g
J. A. Miller, Robart Slmpion, ?=
E. M. Atkinson, C. U. Frlasell, %
Julius Pallack. C:;
Allen Brock. Jo?eph F. Paul!,
Cl'as. Schmidt, Henry Blebfrwn, I
Howard Simpson, Hannibal ForbeJ. fc
A. J. Clarke.
Jnter^t paid on special dfpoMta |$
Issues drafts on England. Ireland ul i'
"Scotland. J. A. JEFFEJISON, fa
my 11 Caabllf^ Jf;?
Real Estate
Title Insurance.-^<4 j
If you purchase or make a loan on real I-.'
estate have the title Insured by M k
Wheeling Tile & Trust Co, [|
No. 1305 Market Street.
H. M. RUSSELL proliot 0
L. F. ST1KEL 8?cr<lil? C';:
c. J. HA TV LING Vice PmlJelL,:
W.M. H. TRACY' A??'t. S?riWB
G. R. E. GILCHRIST.. Examiner olTHlw fc
Perfection Gas Ranges.
Pour and Six Holp?Cake OrtMl*" j
Water H?ato*-Wcrttlttfl Oven..* I
Slatcrn ?f tk? VUttaMaa. f*- T* "*
rKtr-TUr* Yw,
(llmatw J?*lral>U ftor
T??u terra ,l".fcud?
Tuanli, Cr^uat *r* *tW
KaniM. Kar?Uro? c?r?;
The Dlrectren of
Monntdr Chants! Aeadrmy.
x?ar. wwiiag, rr. v>. _
Mra. W. 5. Hutchtns
will ft*-* Instruction on the nfe|J
a limited number ef pup"* *l
redden**-, No 119 Main ttreet.
menclnt the flr?t we#X In Vp""^
Arrangements can b? made '**
tnsr or through the null. be#tneal
Monday. September I.

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