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Th? local Republican eommtttera
Rav? fraeceeded in securing the Grand
Opera House for to-morrow night, for
the mass meeting, to be addressed by
Hon. Charles Emory Smith, who holds
the portfolio of postmaster general In
President'McKinley'scablnet, and who,
In addition to being one of the most
brilliant orators of the party, stands
very close to the President. His speech ;
here during the campaign of 189S Is
Still quoted by Wheeling Republicans
as a masterpiece of eloquence since un- i
equalled. There Is the greatest Inter- j
est In to-morrow night's meeting, and ;
it Is assured that Mr.' Smith will be I
greeted by as large an audience as !
the theatre will hold. The county j
committee announces Mr. John Frew j
as chairman of the meeting, and the |
following vice presidents will occupy
scats on the stage:
?jfr?d PfiuU. George Wise.
Will taker, I.eroy Millard.
Prof. Jno. M. Birch, C. F. Baehmann,
j antes McCahon, W. H. Woodruff,
Jos. Mansbarger. W. J. W. Cowilen,
Charles Mooro. Cecil Robinson,
Albert M. Schenk, II. B. Drobelle,
F. H. Crago, S. G. Smith.
David Hahne, Dr. G. A. Aschuman,
George Bell, I)r. K. M. Ulldreth,
J. Grilles. Dr. Monroe.
Nate Flel, Dr. H. T. Ford.C.
R. Goetze, Richard Robertson,
Samuel Boyce, George W. Baron,
J; V. Barton, Georne Harklns.
F. W. Bowers, Dr. N. D. Jobes,
A. L. Kelly, Simon Kline.
Jno. E. Schellhase, Teter Cassell,
E. Buckman, Richard Westwood,
^m. G. Caldwell. Geo. A. Laughlln,
Dr. S. L. Jepson, C. W. Franzhelm,
Gen. A. H. Beach, H. C. Mever, ,
H. W. McLure, Geo. II. FlaccUfJ,
T. C. Moffat, A. J Finclc,
^ H. W ells, J. X. Vance,
John Reeder, D. W. Martin,
Wm. T. McGannon. C. II. Hennlng.
George W. Otto, Wm. Schwertfegcr,
A. C. Davis, W. i:. Hlgglns.
D. C. Dinger. David Gundllng.
Will Dovcner. Otto Kalb>er.
Geo. B. Caldwell, Dr. W. C. ritzier,
R, M. Archer, Thomas Norrlf..
Charles Earp, R. X. Strange.
Wm. Murray, Dr. B. H. Stlllyard,
Will Gutman, Wm. Gundllng,
J. P. Maxwell, C. J. Rawllng.
Edward Hazlett, James Watler,
C. S. Greer, Henry Kern,
M. Horkhelmer, Henry Rosenborg,
W. R. Dudley. W. H. Klleves.
Dr. W. P. Megrall, Percy Callahan,
8. M. Chase. Godfrey Schul,
Wm. Robertson. W. H. Blon,
Charles A. Reed, Frank Edele,
A. H. Foruey. William Nolte,
Percy Norton. Nat. Mountford,
Martin Pebler. Jesse Jackson,
H. C. Richards, W. H. Anderson,
John Day, L. E. Drlehorst,
George Johnson, H. C. Underwood.
H. J. Arbenz. Charles Senseney,
T -T T-TiifrtjQ \v T> T?nc,v
J. D. Hastings, Augustus Pollack,
A. L. White. C. H. Watklns,
H. F. Behrens, sr., Henry F. Jones,
C. E. Noble, C. E. Van Keuren,
John Roemer, Henry Dannenberg,
Jos. H. Freeze, Charles B. Cooke,
M. II. Hercules, C. A. Helmbrlght,
A. C. Meyer. John Bodloy.
Robert Anderson, J. R Cardoiia,
Thos. Lelond. John Knox,
Robert Hazlett, John List.
Wm. B. McMechen.
Waters-Dovener Meeting.
Friday evening, at Turner hall, on
North Market street, there will be a
mass meeting under the auspices of the
colored Republicans of Wheeling, to be ,
addressed by Col. Phil Waters, of '
Charleston, one the state's most brll- j
Uarrt orators, and by Captain B. B. 1
Dovener, the Republican congressional
candidate. Mr. Waters is a son of
Rev. J. W. Waters, of this city, pastor
of Simpson M. E. church. Mr. Alex.
Turner has been choscn as chairman
of the meetkr.g, and the following vice
presidents are named:
R. N. Strange. Dr. B. IT. Stlllyard,
H. B. Clemens. Scott Taylor,
George McMechen, Charles Yates,
sBrown Berry. Charles Scott,
Alex. Arrington, 'II. Rodman,
J. N. Berry. J. R. Washington,
Grant Beasley, John Alexander,
James Branson, Frank Dollor,
J. D. Dlxson, Wm. A. Turner,
Huston Davis, Geo. W. Walker,
R. H. Grant. G. W. Johnson,
William Jones, Wm. Alexander,
W. L. Jones. Rev. Atkins,
I. W. Jones, J. S. Rainbow,
Ashby Jackson, Henry Dorsey,
J. O. Gray. Jeff. Woods.
Thomas Norrls, Wm. Woods.
R. A. Arrington, Ashby Jotters,
Samuel Rice, Nelson Starks,
Charles Lee, J. C. Peterson,
J. R. Mason, Rev. Gllmore,
F. B. Jones. Henry Alenworth,
Gabriel Jackson, Alex. Armstrong,
Andrew Thornton, S. W. Wade,
Joseph Verse, Kyle Wallace,
F. W. WrlRht, Ballard Olbens.
Thornton I'ates,
A Citizens' Club.
At the meeting of the Washington
District ReDUbllcan Club at the North
Main street wigwam to-night, a Citizens'
Republican Marching Club will
be formed to take part In the big
Rough Rider demonstration In North
Wheeling Friday night All Republicans
of North Wheeling, young and
old,who are not Identified with other
marching organizations, are earnestly
requested to attend to-night's meeting
and Join the new club.
On to Sistorsville.
All arrangement have been completed
for the trip of the Wheeling
marching clubs to Slstersvllle Saturday.
The special train on the Ohio
River railroad will leave the Water
street station at 5 p. m., with stops at
Benwood and Moundsvllle, and the
rate for the round trip Is $1. The
train will leave Slstersvllle for Wheeling
at 11:20, but tickets are good for
three days. The following local clubs
go to Slstersvllle: Center Rough Riders,
Webster Rough Riders, Ritchie Rough
RlderB, Six Footers and the Murk Hanna
Club, the latter of Martin's Ferry.
Tickets go on Bale to day at the Ohio
River road's city ticket oflkc, In the
McLure blockLabor
Commends Dovener.
There having been an effort to belittle
the efforts made In Congress by
Hon. B. B. Dovener In behalf of the
cause of organized labor, the Intelligencer
Is gratified to be able to print
the following hearty endorsement of
Congressman Dovener, fmrr. Federal
Labor Union No. 8111, of Washington
City, afTlllated with the American Federation
of Labor:
Federal Labor Union No. 8,111. Alllllatrd
wun me American Federation of Iabor.
WASHINGTON I>. C.. June 21. 1*0.
WhTfA*. Hon. 1J. It. Dovener, representative
from the Flr*t district of Went
Virginia, ha* proven himself to !? a
stanch, earnest and consistent friend of
organlzrd labor In hnvlng voted for bill*
favoring the working eliis.t; therefore,
be It
Jlesolred. That we appreciate the courtesy
and kind unnlxtanco extended to
worker* In the field of organized labor In
attendance fin trade matter* before Conrre.?*.
and that we extend to the Hon. II.
It. Dovener our slnrrre thnnka and best
wishes for n successful future.
(SEAL) J A. BUITHftON, President.
BAM It. 8EI.LS, Cor. Hec'y.
Now the South Side.
The third of the H'-ctlonal street
demonstration*! by the Fir ft West Virginia
Hough Rider regiment and othei
local Republican marching clubs takes
place to-night, over the street* of
South Wheeling, and the Indications
are that the turn-out will be the largest
of tho v/oek, especially ns there are
three Rouch Rider companies la the
district to be traversed, and all of them
wlll put forth the greatest efforts poflslblo
to have their full strength In line.
In fact, there will bo a good natured
rivalry between tho Centre, Webster
and Ritchie companies for the best
The companies will form on Chapllne,
right resting on Twelfth street, at 7:30
o'clock sharp, and the .command to
move will be given promptly at 8
o'clock. The Opera House band has
been engaged to head the procession.
The route will be as follows, and the
residents of South Wheeling are urged'
to Illuminate and decorate in a manner
that will rival tho grand reception accorded
the Rough Riders by the Island
people on Monday night:
Form on Chapllne, right on Twelfth;
on Twelfth to Market, on Market to
Twenty-first, on Twenty-first to.Main,
oh Main to Twenty-fourth, on Twentyfcurlh
to Chapllne, on Chapllne to
Thirty-fifth, on Thlrty-flfth to .Woods;
/ uii nuuuii iu x-uny-uiiru, on r onythird
to Jacob, on Jacob to Thirtythird,
on Thirty-third to Eoft and disband.
Why P
To tho Editor of the Intelligencer.
Sill:?The trades assembly endorsed tho
Democratic candidate for county commissioner
In Centre district. "Why didn't they
endorse Charles A. Dannor, the Ronubil-1
can candidate for commissioner In Washington
district? Danner Is as good a member
of the stogie makers' organization as
Byrne is of the strctt car workers' union.
Wheeling, October 30.
In answer to the above, when the Inquiry
was handed to an official of the
Trades Assembly last night, he could
only say that the assembly would have
endorsed Mr. Danner had his friends
brought the matter up. He added:
"Trades Assembly endorsements do
not amount to anything. I would not
be bound by Its endorsement of Byrne
if I lived In Centre, but I would heed
an endorsement" of Danner If I lived
in Washington district. Why? Because
1 am a Republican, and no organization,
not even my labor organisation.
has anything to do with my
politics. The only proper endorsement
for the Trades Assembly to make
would be one of a labor ticket if one
were in the field. These haphazard
endorsements of Republican or Democratic
candidates are really not considered
seriously by nine-tenths of the assembly's
The Pittsburgh Trip.
All arrangements have been made for
the trip of the local Republican clubs
to Pittsburgh Saturday. The transportation
committee of the Elklns Cadets
has arranged for a special train
on the Pan Handle, leaving at 10 a.
m., reaching Pittsburgh at noon, and
departing on the return trip at 11:40 p.
m.. with the round-trip fare $1 35". The
tickets are good for three days. The
Elklns Cadets, Clay-Union Rough Riders,
Clay (colored) Rough Riders and
Madison Rfcugh Riders will go in a
body, accompanied by the Opera House
Old Soldiers Invited.
For the North Wheeling demonstration
Friday night the Washington district
Republicans extend to the old soldiers
a cordial invitation to take part.
It is hoped to make this last demonstration
of the Republican clubs a big
Attention, Elklns Cadets !'
All the members of the Elklns Cadets
and the bugle and drum corps are
urged to be at the city building at 10:30
sharp this morning for the purpose of
going to New Cumberland to attend the
mass meeting, to be addressed by Capt.
B. B. Dovener there. The club will go
over the Pan Handle, the train leaving
at 11 o'clock. The members of the
club will be at no expense w hatever, as
the train has been chartered for them,
and dinner and supper will be provided.
Returning the club will stop en
route at Wellsburg, to act as escort for
Messrs. Dovener and White, and will
arrive In this city at 9 o'clock to-night.
"Woolley Arrives To-night.
The special train bearing John G.
Woolley. the Prohibition candidate for
President, will reach Wheeling to-night
and will be switched to the Hempfleld
yards, where, on Thursday morning, i
between S and 9 o'clock, Mr. Woolley :
will address the people on the Issues of ,
the campaign. He Is accompanied by
Editor Samuel Dickey, of the New York
Voice; Volney B. Cushlng. of Maine;
Chairman Stewart, of the national
committee, and others.
Over the River
Never was an election held when the 1
home ntretch found the Republicans so
confident, and ait the same time so alert
for any of the tricks sometimes resorted
to by over-zeaious party workers on the
other side. But the day for roorbacks
working effectively has long since passed,
and the people who decide elections
have had four dull years In which to
make up their minds, and they remember
quite well the false prophecies of
W. J. Bryan and the heralding of Wm.
McKInley as the advance agent of prosperity.
Prosperity has come to all In
this part of the Ohio valley, and the
steaming stacks and busy hum of the
wheels of Industry are ever present to
remind ovcry one of the splendid
ehnnge, lest they forget the dismal situation
Just prior to the dawn of new
confidence and all the blessings that
came with It.
In Belmont county the prospects ore
especially bright. The workmen In the
mills and factories niul mines have all
bc<n doing well, and the farmers have
fared ho much better with all their proI
ductH that hundreds If not thousands of
them will silently protest against any
I change In the political world that will
A certain young lady in delicate
health was advised by her
doctor to take a half-teaspoonful
of Scott's emulsion of codliver
oil after dinner?once a
day?and found herself almost
j suddenly growing robust.
So small a dose is by no'
means the rule; the rule is
whatever the stomach will bear
?not more. Another rule is:
take it on every least occasion,
but not loo much; don't overdo
We'll trtvi roti llilltio try, If yon Tike.
SCOTT U UOWNE, w l'url itrwt, New York.
" ' . .:: " : .?' *. ' I . .
'Maqrodeh, York Co., Va.
Dr. 8. B. Hartman, Columbus, 0.:
"I can scarcely find words to oxpresB
my gratitude to you for all your kindness
to me. It has robbed the gravo of
one victim, for I was in a critical condition
when I wroto you before. Thanks
to you,howovcr, my health is fully restored.
1 wish every young lady in our
town could read your book. Thore would
bo a great deal less sickness and puny
women."?Miss Bertha E. Sargent.
Navasota, Tex.
Dr. S. B. Hartman, Columbus, 0.:
"1 think it is timo to'let you know
wn?*t your treatment has dono for me.
i t am rid of that terrible trcjublo I had
when I wrote to you. "When I would
itoop over 1 could not straighten up
without the most severe pain. I am well
>f that, and am much better In other
tvays."?Mrs. F. &. F. Gille, Box 19.
Osvka, Miss.
Dr. 8. B. Ilartman, Columbns, 0.:
MI am sure that Pe-ru-na is ono of the
)est medicines on the market. I am
cause a disturbance of the present I
splendid conditions. well iniormea
Democrats put the Republican plurality
In that county at from 1,200 to 1,500.
The Republicans look for 2,000. The j
plurality for President Mckinley four |
years ago was 1,397. That for Governor j
Nash last year was 1,290. It Is a rell- I
ably Republican county but will be
more so this year than ever before, i
The silent voter will do his work effectively.
In the sixteenth district Hon. J. J.
Gill*will have not less than 6,000 and it
may be much larger. Belmont, Carroll,
Harrison and Jefferson counties are
good for 8,000 to 9,000, while down among
the* dark hills of Monroe county the j
Democrats are fighting among them- j
selves, and the sturdy farmers have!
done so much better the last four years
than during a like preceding period j
that they arc declaring they will let,
well enough alone and not vote at all.'
That county, Tvith its usual 2,200. may I
come up smiling with 1,600 to 1,800, but
this will be overwhelmingly wiped out
by the four other thrifty counties in
the district. Besides. Congressman
Gill Is such a clean, capable gentleman,
and so intelligent and etTicient in his official
capacity that he has won the admiration
of political opponents and cemented
the loyalty of his followers
BiclUand District Meeting.
The meeting at Morgan's school
house, In Richland district last night
was one of lhe best country meetings
held this campaign. The school house
was Jammed to the doors, many remaining
on the outside, unable to secure
admittance. Mr. McColloch was
chairman of the meeting, and Frank
W. Nesbltt and D. W. Martin were the J
speakers, each making an hour's talk |
and holding the crowd attentively
throughout. They both thoroughly
covercd the Issues, and were frequently
Mother Hubbard Parade.
In another column will'be found an
Invitation to the marching clubs of all
political parties to partlclpato in the
Mother Hubbard parade, -which is to |
take place next Monday evening, and j
it is a foregone conclusion that there I
will be n general response all along i
the line. The Mother Hubbard parade i
is distinctly Wheellngesque, and In- j
variably takes place the night before j
the presidential election, and for the j
past twelve years each succeeding one I
has been greater than Its predecessor. !
The general committee held a meeting
last night, and elected Mr. Frank M.
Church as chief marshal and Jesse
McCauslnnd chlcf of staff. Each club
will be entitled to . one aide, and will
report his name to the chief marshal as
soon as possible.
The Mountain State Electrical Company
has donated the use of the electric
appliance on the street arches and
the Wheeling Railway Company the
current, so they will be illuminated
Monday evening.
The horse "women" will ride with
side saddles, In riding habits, and one
of the CTftatMt and most unloue turn
outs In the history of the city may be
looked for.
The route of the parade and the place I
of forming will be announced through
these columns In a few days.
Big Bally at McMechen.
The Republicans of the upper part of
Marshall county had a big rally at McMechen
Inst night. A crowd of 1,200 ;
heard a fine address on the Issues of 1
the campaign by Judge J. W. Jones, I
j of Chicago. .)
A Monster Devil Fish.
Destroying Its victim, Is a type of |
Constipation. The power of this murderous
malady Is felt on organs and
nerves and muscles and brain. Them's i
no health till It's overcome. But Dr.
King's New Life Pills arc a safe and
certain cure. H*st In the world for
Stomach, Liver, Kidneys and Bowels.
Only 25 cents at the Logan Drug Co.'n
drug store. 1
Wanted in Pittsburgh.
Telegrams from Pittsburgh nre calling
for stenographers at salaries ranging
between $45 and $75 a month.
ELLIOTT SCHOOL. 1318 Market Street.
KEA.D Taylor uo.'S "au III ance.
WK have n few flfes and drum* left
which wo will clone out nt Kpcclal
prices this week.
1 F\ W. IlAtJMKR CO.
EMBROIDERED by hand Pillow
Shams nt ?1 <16 pairGEO.
\VE have o line Uprlcht Stclnway
Plnno. pin red with un to ?l>1I by n fnmlly
who lius left the city. Wo offer It
ut a rreat barcAln.
anro that I would have been In my gray* :
now had I
not uacd it. I
hayo told many
others tho good 'vl&nHr^ sf
it did mo.
Everybody said S&l ^ Wi
thatj had con- ???? 'r / ATS#
sumption, and I
unless I got remy
duty to ^S^^SalvxBST
give'praise where it iB due. 1 am and
over shall be, grateful to the man who
discovered Pe-vu-na."?Mrs. S. E. Dicker.
Nr?w Orleanu, La.
Dr. 8. B. Hartman, Columbus, 0.:
" 1 am feeling much better now than I
have for two years. I find Pe-ru-na to
bo the bestmcdlcomplaint,
ft *n cage6* ?'
e*trcmo weakness
I think it is
,n ^10 ^orltJ, 113
it has done mo
fffsigAt'B. Jt>ava^>aj? good. My friends
Ray that I am looking better now than I
have for years. They want to know
what I have been doing, I look so well.
I tell them that Pe-ru-na did it. I hopa
Dr. Hartman will live many years mor<j
to help others as he did me."?Mrs. H. i
Buthe, 1834 Sixth street.
Every woman should have a copy of
"Health and Beauty." This book con*
tains specific instructions for the treatment
and cure of female catarrh. It is
illustrated and contnlnfi muoh Informs !
tion. Addrofs Dr.IIartman,Columbua,0? i
= 1 RIVER NEWS. ;=
The annual report and recommenda- I
tlons of General Wilson, chief of engineers
of the army, just made public, .
has several Items of Interest to the peo- ;
pie of the Ohio valley. Among other
things. It is stated that 51,100,671 Is
needed for the completion of the dams
at Wheeling and Marietta, and that j
there is now available $563,550 for work
on these dams out of the appropriation '
secured through the efforts of Con- J
gressman Dovener in the last Congress. ]
Other estimates In the leport are as follows:
Ohio river from Pittsburgh to its
mouth?For completing the project, indefinite;
for work during the coming
year, $400,000; balance available,
$3Q7.G4t 11.
Movable dams on the Ohio river?
For completing the projact, 22.260.fiOO;
for work during the coming year, 3525,000
In addition to the balance. In detail
the estimates for dams are as follows:
Nos. 2, 3, I and 5, to complete the proj2Ct,
$930,000; balance available, $1,100,671,
which Is more than enough to finish
the work. No. 6?To complete the
work, estimated. $150,000: balance unexpended,
$142,784. Nos. 13 and 18?Needed
for completion, $1,130.000; balance
available, $505,556. No estimate for money
that can be profitably spent during
the year.
Hnrbor of Pittsburgh?Balance available,
$87,031 32; amount, estimated for
pnmnlpllnn nrwl innlnlnnonon Ai
'year. 310,000 in addition to the balance
Monongahela river l?j "West Virginia?
Balance available 38; estimate
for completion, $350,000.
Dangerous Snag Hemoved.
The steamer Levi, chartered by the
United States government, to operate
in the place of the snag-boat Woodruff
during the extreme low water, passed
up for Pittsburgh Tuesday afternoon at
R o'clock. Yesterday, at.the foot of the
Narrows, the Levi demolished a very
dangerous snag that has long been a
menace to navigation. It was a stump
nine feet in length, and it was necessary
to use dynamite In generous quantities,
the obstruction having become
well-nigh petrified. The Levi Is In
command of Captain James Sandford.
The Jewel Disabled.
The steamer Jewel came up yesterday
morning to enter the WheelingMarietta
trl-weekly trade. She departed
at 11 a. m. with a good trip, but at
the foot of Wheeling rltlle one of her
wrists let go, and she ran through one
cylinder totally disabling it. and cracked
the other cylinder. On the partially
disabled cylinder she went on to Mediation's
creek, where she went
aground, and was pulled off by the
Goetel, after an hour's hard work.
She then proceeded to Marietta, where
repairs will be made, but It Is feared in
her disabled condition she went
aground at Captlna last night.
Along tlie Landing.
Weather Tuesday, cloudy and warmer.
The marks at 6 p. m. Tuesday, showed
2 feet 4 inches and falling.
The F. A. Goebel cleared at 4 p. m. for
Clarlngton with a good trip.
The Telephone was yesterday's packet
for Mntamoras, departing at 11 a. ni.
To-day's packet Is the Gocbel nt 3:30 I
p. m. (or Clarlngton, and to-morrow's !
the Telephone for Matamoras at 11 a. in.
The II. K. Bedford started up the j
river to resume In the Wheellng-Parkersburg
trade, but upon reaching Marietta
yesterday the river was found too J
j low to come further.
Rivor Telegrams. !
OIL CITY?River 4 Inches and sta- j
1 tlonary. Weather, warm and raining.
WARREN?River .5 of a foot and
' stationary. Weather, cloudy and ralnI
Ing. '
MOROANTOWN?River 7 feet and j
stationary. Weather, cloudy and warm.
BROWNSVILLE?River 5 feet 10
| Inchcs anil stationary,
j I'AkKERSBUKG? Ohio river 2 foot !
i and rising. Raining and warm T,|ttle
1 lvanawhn rising. Up?Valley Belle and ,
j Bedford.
STEUBEN VILLE?River 2 feet r? j
! Inches ami falling. Weather, clear and
I warm.
Rheumatism Cured in a Day.
"Mystic Cure" tor Rheumatism and I
Neuralgia radically cures In 1 to 3 days.
I lin notion upon the system In remarka|
ble and mysterious. It removes at once
the cause and the disease Immediately
disappears. The flrst dose greatly ben- 1
ellis. 75 cents. Sold by R. II. List,
1010 Main street, Chas. Menkcmellor, j
1 -\r?t !
cw IIIL'I .'"mill uiiu inumj-ecKunu
streets. drucRlsts. mw&f |
IRISH Linehs at the prlcc of lmlf |
linens nt Taylor Co.'a.
MY line of Overcoatings niul Suitings
arc always of tl?o choicest patterns.
IN teaching 1,000 studentn tlio court
reporting system of shorthand we havo
never lmd a student fall to road hlu
Main and Twelfth Streets.
HAND Embroldored Dolllos, 18o
up, at GEO. R. TAYLOR CO.'S.
? \ ?
- ?
The ladles of the Second Unite*!
j Presbyterian church have completed ari
rangements for a supper and delightful
| evening entertainment for to-morrow
i evening, November 1, in the Odd Fel!
lows' hall, 1203 Chapllne street. A plI
nnola has been kindly furnished by the
l-\ W. Baumer Company, and an expert
operator win lurmsn a pru^'uniine oi
Interesting classic and popular music
throughout the evening. A voting contest
for presidential candidates will be
another feature and this Is made doubly
Interesting because of the rooters
and, so to speak, ward politicians of all
parties to bo represented there, and the
bids to be made for the exchange of legitimate
votes. The supper will be a hot
one, dellclously prepared and daintily
served, from 5:30 to S o'clock, and as
the entertainment will be the first In
the life of the new congregation there
is no doubt of a large and encouraging
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Brady. In
honor of their daughter, Miss Alice
Brady, and her'house guest, Miss leathering
A. Rhoades; Miss Eleanor Brlce,
in honor of the Rabbit's Foot Club, and
Miss Mabel Brown, In honor of the
Twentieth Century Girls, are the entertainers
of Thursday, at the respective
family homes.
Prof. George Delbrugge will entertain
the Cotillion set with a special Hallow
E'en party to-night at Arion hall. All
appointments will be In keeping and
Me'Btcr'a orchestra will furnish musl?.
The Cotillion club and Its friends, older
and younger, are Invited, and a gay
party will be the outcome.
The Splnters and their friends leave
the city this afternoon at 5 o'clock for
a farmhouse on Bethany Pike, where
all arrangements have been completed
for un All-hallow-e'en party, in all that
phra esimplles.
The Misses Cummins give a reception
at their home on North Chapllne street,
this" afternoon, from 3 until 6 o'clock.
Events in and Abi it the City Qivon
in a Nutshell.
The Fulton volunteer hose company
i will give Its third annual ball at Turner
hall this evening, with music by Bach-,
mun's full orchestra.
The Ladles' Auxiliary, Mullen Division.
Ancient Order of Pllbernlans, will
give a turkey supper at St. Mary's hall
on South Wood street, to-night.
The regular Wednesday evening serI
vice and address will be held at St.
j Matthew's church at' 7:30 o'clock this
evening, and Thursday being All Saints
Day, there will be a celebration of the
Holy Communion at 10 a. m.
' Miss Lizzie Nolte very pleasantly en(
tertalned a crowd of her ffiends at hur
home on SoutU EofC street last evening,
| at progressive"* euchie. Prizes were
given to the successful contestants and
at midnight a tempting luncheon was
There will be an Informal reception at
j the Arion club rooms to-morrow, evenj
ing. Cards and dancing will be the
J amusements and luncheon will be
served at a seasonaoie nour. l-rofcssor
Kllmeyer will make the melody for the
I Terpslchorean devotees.
I The kaffee vlsite at Mozart hall by
the ladlss of the Mozart Singing Soi
clety last evening, was a largely atj
tended and highly enjoyable affair. AfI
ter supper, which was from 5 until 9
o'clock, the hours were devoted to
j dancing, for which Professor Noite prcj
sided at the piano.
! "A Stranger in a Strange Land."
An attraction of exceptional merit is
I promised to the patrons of the Opera
House to-day, matinee and night, in the
coming of "A Stranger in a Strange
Land," the farce written by Sidney
Wilmer and Walter Vincent. This is
the same farce that kept New York in
good humor at the Manhattan theatre
for ten weeks last season, this being
its first representation in this city. It
is said an excellent cast will interpret
the various characters, while the same
magnificent equipment and environment
that characterized the Metropolitan
production will be placed upon the
/stage here. The play Is said to be one
great laugh from the very beginning.
Tt tells of the American Indian and
i shows what funny complications can
arise when the counterfeit article encounters
the simon pure Indian. The
i cast includes "William Friend, Charles
j Drake, E. J. Mack, Jos?ph Cusack,
Charles Lnm. Frank Gorman. Charles
Delahd, Beatrice Norman, May Ander!
son, Estella Wllmott and Otillie DeLa
no. The nlav Is snolien nf as hplntr
! on the same order as "My Friend from
India." "WJiat Happened to Jones,"
and "Why Smith Left Home."
"Shore Acres."
A theatre party of Sunday school
I teachers Is rather an unusual spectacle
and to think that they went to the
| play-house with their eyes wide open
I and with the consent and approval of
their minister, would probably shock
I some people, but such a party was
I actually organized and there were fully
fifty members nnd they all wont to s?*e
that great and beautiful homo play,
| ,-Sbort' Acres," durlnc Its late run at
the Boston theatre. They didn't sneak
In, but camc openly and one nnd nil
[ naId they were glad they came and believed
that such plays as "Shoro
Acres" could not full but do a groat
deal of good. "Shore Acres" Is not a
| religious piny, nor yet a ssrmon, but It
| makes a strong appeal to you through
I Its simplicity and orlRlnallty and when
| the tlnal curtain falls you feel that
] your evening nt the play-house has not
j been wasted or frittered away. ArI
rangements for the production of
| James A. Heme's famous comedyi
drama have be?n made at the Opera
| House for two performances, matinee
i QHj njght. Thursday. November 1.
| Monday Night, Ncv. 5.
I Following tho diatom of the pnst'twolve
years, It has boon decided to make a dom!
ouKtrntlon ot. the night before election In
honor of the woman's suffrage movement,
I and the general committee therefore Invites
all clubs ol all polltlo.il parties and
I citizens In gcnornl to participate In a
grand Mother Hubbard pa ratio In honor
I of Carrie Ohapnmn Catt. tho president
i of the association, next Monday evening
at 7:30 o'clock. Mr. Frank M. Church hc.s
been appointed chief marshal, and will
| have full charge of tho parade. All or|
ganlzatlons are requested to appoint one
member to act on the chief marr.hal's
stair. and communicate with him at their
earliest convenience.
It Ik also requested that all participants
conduct themselves properly while In line
and do nnthltiR to offend the spectators.
Nothing ol a political nature will bo permitted
In the procession.
The meeting place and route of parado
will be printed In tho local papery and
all participants nro requested to report
^promptly. By order of
Best $1.50
Working Shoes
McFadden's SI
1 131
$ tJLy$ Vegetable
ff ii j/\ or n
f v)& 1,0 w
^ ^ m0:
Sold by nil druggists
ammmmmaapmrnm >?* - xx - ? as gw-ggyai
Old Ajtp Postponed.
0r\ T!WXMPSy/n
Sold by Chas. R. Goetze, Druggist, cc
A special meeting of the stockholders
of the Wheeling- Railway Company la
hereby, called for the Oth day of December,
1W0, at 10 o'clock a. m. The place of the
meeting will be the office of the company,
National Exchange Hank building, wheeling.
West Virginia. By order of a majority
of the Board of Directors.
oc^9 Secretary.
Xtotice 'toVh^sicians.
The State Board of Health of West Virginia
will meet In the city of Wheeling,
November 15, 1900, for the purpose of examining
applicants for license to practice
medicine, surgery, etc., in this Ptate.
Examinations will commence at 1 o'clock
p. m., November IS, and closc November
17 at noon. Application for blanks or
other information made to secretary.
By order of the board.
A. R. BARBEE, M. D.. Scc'y.,
Point Pleasant, XV. Ya.
Headquarters of the Board at the McLure
House. oc21-w
"Main Street Bridge Bonds?Second
The undersigned commissioners of lho
city of Wheeling, W. Va.. appointed under
an ordinance of said city, passed the
Klh day of September, 1S31. entitled "An
ordinance to provide for the issue r.r.d
sale of bonds of the city of Wheeling, to
be known as the 'Main Street Brldgo
Bonds?Second Series,* and for the redemption
and payment thereor," hereby
give notice that certain of snld bonds
have been duly selected and determined
by them (in accordance with the provisions
of said ordinance, and with the
consent of the holders of all of sold series
of bonds), for redemption and payment
at their par value on the llrst day of Noi
vomber, 1900. that is to say:
1 Bond number one (1), for 5100: bond
I number twenty-six ("6). for $."00; bond
j number twenty-seven (27). tor ;fo00; bond
number twenty-eight (2S), for 00. and
! bond number eighty-six (SG), for $1,000;
| aggregating $2,000.00.
The said bonds will be redeemed and
> paid at the Bunk of the Ohio Valley, In
: said city of Wheeling, on and after Noi
vomber 1, 1DD0. and interest thereon will
cease upon that day.
Commissioners Main Street Bridge LoanSecond
Series. oelG
A book that has excited almost a
furor in tho locality where tho
story is set ?
By Mail, Postpaid, $1.00.
Address A C. Hall Qlercoe, III.
I r?r? -- ? .
v?.? iitivii nnu papor. undoes,
I'lnn, Lnnterns, Finns ami Novelties.
Have quite an nKsortment.
Hooks. Stntlonnry and
C. H. QUIMBY, HH Market SI.
The Intelligencer..
Job Printing Office
The largest and most complete
Job Printing Establishment In
the city and one of tho most
extensive In the Ohio Valley.
Possesses every facility for tho
prompt execution of nil kinds of
work, from a Neat Card or Cir
culur to a Monstor Poster, In any
variety of color*, at tho shortest
notice nnd on the moat reasonable
terms. Country merchants, farmcrn
and others requiring Store
lUlls, Public Salt* UIIIh, etc., will
And It to their advantage to call
at or address ?,Tho IntolltRcncor
Job Printing Onice.
i for $1.25.
for Iron, Steel and Tin Workni
Farmors, Miners, Butchers, Bnweri
Stone Masons and Teamsters, til
congress or lace style, every pair
thread sewed and have double lent,
er soles, tho boat ?1.60 Workiip
Shoo, for only $1.25
hoe Store,
S, 1320, 1322 Market Street. Wheeltit
in its Composition ; pleasant toff
1 -CT-l.-?l -
, auu encuiuai m us purpose,
ents, Every Bottle Wanantid,
5t Dealers. Manufactured only b
; nnd. dealers generally.
The Best Oooks
in the Country recognize the
superiority of *
THE ?Ria,N*?. g
He. For Game, Steaks, Roasts, Soaps, [ ]
0 t and every variety of made dlihei, :
'>//7^Vi^ Is moat Invaluable. #
?""i JOHK Dl-vcan'SSOXS, Acektj, NIW YOII.'^ f'i
The sent of Nervons Disease* Is nt base of brc; ra
J Then the nerre cells nt this point waste, a UrnS K
rcliue of the system occurs. Nenrous Debiljer,
Atrophy, Varicoccle, Failing Memory ^aininJiifr l
Dyspepsia, Insomnia, Etc., arc symptoms of Ujm
condition. Neglected. it results in ParesisTfl. 1'^
Insanity, or Consumption. Palcio Tablets!)lie l?
cure these ills by renewing the starred '[!
cells, checking all drains ana replacing neaha I'1
with str^n^th and ambition. 50ca box; iibs3g|
(with imn-clad guarantee! 55.00. Send for Prs?1
) r. Market and Twelfth streets. i;l( [yj
h oivTESFOR saleT
Fourteenth street residence, 7 rcc*
modern: very cheap.
Chapline street residence, bstia
Twentieth and Twenty-second strfeu,u
a big bargain this week.
North Main street residence, 8 rcc^
modem; cheap.
Leatherwood residence. 8 rooms, *3
every convenience; large lot; at a brpi
Money to loan on property.
Fire Insurance a specialty.
Successor to Rolf & Zane. No. S3 Fd-j.
tecntli Street. Office 'Phono 660. RoMucifE
'Phono C3 Elm Grove. t.!
For Rent.
Store room No. 2251 .Market street [
rent; possesion November 15.
S rooms, hall, both gases, No. lfiSsi t-j
Front street; river vlow.
fi-room house No. 12fl Elm street it&g
5-rooin house No. 044 McColloch fa
3 rooms In rear No. 11SI McCollodS ga
3 rooms on Llnd street
3 rooms on Vine street at 55.50. P
. 2-rooms near Thirty-first St.. rent tv]
Furnished room No. 40 Eighteenth I
Money to loan?5500 to 55,000.
Fire insurance a specialty.
Telephone 93G. No. 42 Fourteenth fcKj
2 lino office rooms, most deslrablf d 1}
cheap. In Masonic .Temple, Including f,
heat and janitor service.
C rooms second fioor 1502 Jacob street.
Building lot on Llnd street.
Building lot on East McColloch st**'j
52,500 for two-story brlclc No. 9H Mirks r;
> street, frame cottage of 4 rooms In rtv
of lot. S
??,ft)0 for frame dwelling. 8 rooms. tfj
cellar; ncre of ground, small fruits?. ?
j all kind*; near Elm Grove; 5 mlnutu i{
! walk from motor line. J j
| Double two-story brick house an! Kt
corner Baker and McColloch street*.
1 building lot. Park View, ROxlW. J5?.
i A grocery business, with postotflce
j real estate. National road and mllrcM
ohii jm. a urn? ciianee lor somtuw.
1 building lot on Llnd street. JSVL
Wheeling. TC'fthCne."I*. W.V^
....FOR RENT....
Desirable residence at Elm Grow. ?3
modern conveniences of gas, elkj*
light and water.
A. Dusch property. ..
No. 175 Seventeenth street, 2 room*-#*
No. 3527 Chnpltne street. 2 rooms-** 1
No. Si' Sixteenth street, cellar?JM- 1
No. 110 Virginia street?$10.
Blacksmith shop on Market street, n-J
of Twenty-fourth street. ?
Building on alloy In rear of GersUM
Half Dollar Savlnss Bank.
Store and dwelling on Eighteenth
Two slx*roomed houses, Moundsvlllfc *jVn.
Cheapest lot In Belvedere addition., wjfc
] well; fronts on two streets and on?w?B
price 5125.
No. 2S and No. HO South York street, a ?
gain for SO days.
No. 1123 Charles street.
No. 21 Maryland street.
No. zd Fifth street. _,v ;;
. Ground teet squaro on ElRntffnio
! C-ioomed house on Main street
I No. 32 Sixteenth street, More room*
I 3rt rooms and cellar will be nohl enw
I told in the next 30 days. .?rj.
Store room and llvo rooms. brick pInr.
a good location, with an o.u
tabllshed trade.
I.ot en South Front street.
No. 92 Main street.
No. 4IL' Main street
No. <i0 Noith Trout street. ijj
No. 32 Sixteenth street, store room
rooms. ___
Real Estate Agents. Collector, Jj
TuIdle nnd Tension Agent,
Main street. . ?
! 12-room brick resldtoico, lot V<
jvory desirable proprrtv. ^ On ^ uj?tp
atr?'?'t, between Tw'i nty-nrst an<?
third. A special price for a
12-room brlrk resilience, .nil nKuh<.?,tf?3
vrnliMieex; on Ohnpllne street.
Eleventh niul I-'ourtecnth. ^ lo?
S-rooni. two-story inime. J
provementu; on South y1
tor J:r. per month: price , yja
Huslness property on Market a
nlcrils. JJONKV TO LOAN".
TMEO. W. FINK & c?*?
No. 1U3 " ^"
Printing. An entire "'"i1,"' ,nJ J*
pica ot Hull rro*rawm?. ' ',,,I!i;l?titt?
JltMlnnn M all nrle?? at lit'
Job rrintlns OfJco

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