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GEO. '?. ST:
I fp J\ Floor II
8^/0. Fridav ?
1 More Golf
Another splendid assortm
H choice styles, more
>< elaborately, and to t
at the same low price
former ones I.
Better values about any o
>s any that we have bi
>s secure.
? I SO O I
P Lames'
| Rainy Day
1 SkirtsJs
Ladies' Heavy Black Cloth
<> Rainy Day Skirts, inverted
plait back, side fastenings
and side pockets, all lengths,
splendid <M AO
g SET M.Vo
5% Oxford Grey Short Skirts,
O flounced bottom,* inverted
plait back, trimmed all
<> around with stitched straps,
? tSsinEs- $19.48
Short Skirts of heavy brown
^ cloth,double stitched flounced
The saving on any one of the
O above will he very plain to
O you on sight.
1154 to 1160
5*5 v /vvvwvvvv\n/V\A/WWV
Out of
40,000 dollars' worth of
desirable Dry Goods
mnst be sold witliia
the next 60 days.
To Cash
DE CHANTAL wheeling
Sisters of the Vloltatlon, B. V. M.
Fifty-Third Year, ISOO-ISOI,
Opens Wednesday, Sept 12.
nimnto donlrnblo Ibr dcllcato jrlrTs.
Ton iioren beautifully laid out.. Golf,
Tuunta, Crfxjnot ana othop athlotlo
eiur.ru. Kxcnllcu* caro; reasonable
rnt?i. Address
The Directress of
Mount de Chontal Acodcmy,
Xpmt. Wheeling. W. Vn.
ait u qiiluJp& ST&S1 I
m THE BEST? ggf
f then wnr not
SlIIiStlilllR POIf
fgaa niu uauy timfc
{?1 Intelligencer? ffl;
<tf I' -vvt 5 i : i $ j/ V.
Friday, November 2. , 8
:ems for ||
and Saturday. |
Capes. |
ent just received. More :>;!
; colors, trimmed more >|
>e sold tPMO H
^ \|>5.9o |
ne you may select than
Ben fortunate enough to ?\
Ladies9 |
Jackets,, |
i A new Automobile arrived for
I this week?light tan, daring 5s
notched collar, largo lapolB, <>
| flaring cuffs. Collars, culls,
I lapels and around bottom
| stitched. Lined with best
satin. An ex- T A A O
ceptional good J JM!|I O
value. Price V?? *?*? O
London Box Coats?light tan, o
large revcrs, flaring slcoves, W
stitched all around, lined
II" $11.001
Three-Quarter Length Box O
Coats?light tan, turn-back Sj
cuffs, large revers, stitched 55
all nround, lined with 'best !
B:. $18.501
See them on display to-day. <>
Note the make and finish.
You'll not find their equal in 5 s
ttift Hfrr nf n cnm<v ? (?
Main Street. ~ $;
Events in and Abi at the City Given
in a Nutshell.
The brick Is on the ground for the
paving of Twenty-eighth street from
Alley D to Eoff street.
A new organ has been placed In St.
Mary's Catholic church, at the corner
of Wood and Thirty-sixth streets.
Mrs. Thomas Campbell entertained a
number of her friends with a "taffy
pulling" at her home, on South Wood
street, hallowe'en.
The ballot commissioners yesterday
completed the apportionment of ballots,
etc., for the sixty voting precincts
of the county, to be used at next Tuesday's
Last night, at the Arlon, an Informal
dance was given, Prof. Klllmyer furnishing
the melody. There was a large
murnuuncu, ana an evening of great enjoyment
The county commissioners' committee
on finance was in session yesterday
afternoon auditing bills. The regular
monthly meeting of the board will be
held Monday morning.
Miss Idolle "Worrell, of Penn street,
pleasantly entertained her friends with
a liallowe'en party on Wednesday evening.
Among those present were a number
from Martin's Ferry.
The election returns will bo received
by the Arion Society at Arlon hall next
Tuesday night, arrangements for a bulletin
service having been made with the
Western Union Telegraph Company.
Rome miscreant has made it his business
during the past few days to tear
down the cards that have been tacked
about the Fifth ward announcing the
candidacy of Andrew S. Hare for county
The funeral of Mrs. Katherine Archibald
took place from her late residence,
on South Wetzel street, yesterday afternoon
and was In charge of the Hev.
Joseph Spoers, of the Second Presbyterian
church. The remains were shipped
to Allegheny for interment.
Qoinp and Coming of Wheeling Feoplo
and Visitors.
Miss Ruth E. Kreitcr, of South Chaplino
street, will depart shortly for the
Captain George Cochran and wife and
Mrs. Charle P. Zlrnmer are spending
a week hunting and fishing at Mt Lake
Miss Katherlne A. Myers, of South
Chapline Rtreet, who has boon the guept
of friends at Pittsburgh, will return
City Collector .Tames K. ITall left yesterday
for Pajrlcersburg, where lie will
again assume his duties as secretary
of the Republican state committee. Mr.
Hall Is confident that Ohio county will
record a larger Republican majority
than that of 189G.
Volcanic Eruptions.
Are grand, but nkJn eruptions rob Ufa
of Joy. Bucklen'u Arnica Salvo euros
them all; also Old, Running and Fever
Sores, Ulccrs, Bolls, Felons, Corns,
Warts, Cuts, Bruises, Burns, Scalds,
Chapped II ands, Chllblulnn. Best Pile
cure on earth. Drives out Pal no and
Aches. Only 2f> cents n box. Curo
guaranteed. S6ld by Logan Drug Co.,
Druggists. 2
$1 00 Corsots, 75 Conta
at tho groat Inauguration Salo, beginning
to-morrow, Nov. 3, to and Including
Nov. 10. Everything at coot.
Nothing roscrved.
L. S. Good & Co's Now Store,
1132-1134 Main street
MY" line of Overcoatings and Suitings
are always of the choicest patterns.
Of the Campaign to the Citizens of
Benwood and Wheeling Last
Night Was a
Of the Issues of the Camoaicm?Geo.
A. Laughlln and Geo. B.
Caldwell Iilako Speeches,
The Republican campaign was closed
amid a blaze of glory at upper Benwood
last night. The meeting was held at
Holderman's hall and the room was
taxed to Its utmost capacity. Congressman
Dovener, Colonel George B.
Caldwell and George A. Laughlln were
the speakers and they raised the enthusiasm
of the crowd to the highest pitch.
It was one of tho largest and best
meetings of the campaign In Marshall
county. The Rough Rider companies
of Ritchie district and Benwood escort-ed
the speakers from Thirty-third
street to the hall and were enthusiastically
greeted. Charles Seabrlght called
the meeting to order and Introduced
George A. Laughlln.
The first address was by Hon. George
A. Laughlln, followed by Colonel George
B. Caldwell. Both made effective addresses
and Interested and Impressed
their audience.
Congressman Dovener.
Congressman Dovener was then Introduced
as the next Congressman and
he was enthusiastically applauded ns
he walked to the front of the stage. He
said he woull talk on practical politics.
He would only say those things that
they would only have to consult their
own recollections to see whether they
were true or not. He referred to John
O. Pendleton's speech of the previous
night and said he would have to place
him over his knee and spank him.
The Laboring Man.
We are ready to meet all Issues
When William Jennings Bryan advocates
anything that is right, we are
for him. Mr. Bryan told us he was in
favor of the laboring man, but he did
not tell how. "We answered Mr. Bryan
by saying, "So are we also for the laboring
man." and we told him how wo
were for him. We believed that he
should be paid an honest dollar for an
honest day's wages.
Mr. Dovener closed with an exposure
of the Democratic claims regarding the
tariff on sugar brought from Porto
Itlco. He proved conclusively that the
trust paid the 15 per cent duty and explained
how this money was used in
helping the Porto Rlcans from the condition
they were In as a result of the
ravages of the.storm. Mr. Dovener
closed amid thunderous applause,
mingled with hurrahs for Dovener and
cheers for McKInley.
Tlio King Dramatic Company.
There was a large audience at the
Grand yesterday afternoon to witness
a very elaborate production of "The
Silver King" by the King Dramatic
Company. The play was staged in an
admirable manner, and the costumes
were handsome and appropriate. The
work of Mr. Kirk Brown In the title
role, and of his support as well, was
I beyond criticism. This afternoon the
I company will repeat Its production of
"Faust," and to-night "The Sporting
Duchess" will be presented.
"Finnigan's Ball."
"Just for fun." one of the advertised
lines of Finnigan's Ball," seems to be
particularly appropriate and fits tho
case exactly. Apparently Murray &
Mack's comedians are just for fun, and
the ball Is a most appropriate vehicle
for their merriment. The new piece,
which means that all the old songs,
dances, etc., have been laid upon the
shelf, and their places filled by new;
up-to-date and bright material, will be
seen at the Grand*the first half of next
week. The company consists of fifteen
people, headed by Bryant and Moran.
The costumes are new as well as the
dances, and the Ball for 1000-1901 shines
like a new. dollar. The election returns
will be received over a special wire
Tuesday night.
Books for the Library.
The following new books have been
received at the Wheeling public libra|
Adams, B.?America's Supremacy in the
World's Politics.
Barrington, B. C.?Magna Charta.
Pascom, J.?Growth of Nationality in the
United States.
Dates, A.?Love in a Cloud.
Beard, D. C.?Jack of All Trades.
Besant, W.?The Fourth Generation.
Buelt, A. C.?Paul Jones.
Castle, E.?Consequences
Crane, S.?Whllomvllle Storlen.
Cran*1, S.?Woundn in tho Rnln.
CralRle, Mrs.?Robert Orange.
Cyclopedia of Classified Dates.
Dawson, A. J.?African Nights Entertainment.
De Forest, K.?Paris as B Is.
Farnham, C. II.?Life of Francis Parkmiin.
Fcnn, G. M.?Vince. tho Rebel.
Gaborlau, E.?Tho Honor of tho Name.
Guborlau, E.?Mystery of Orclvnl.
Guborlnu, E.?Monsieur Lccoq.
Henderson & Woodhull?Element of
Henry, W. W.?Life of Patrick Henry.
Henty, G. A.?In the Irish Brigadu.
Hon'ty, G. A.?Out with Garibnldi.
Hl?nt V*. r, A ?With tlnlW In Vnfnl
Hopkins, J. IT.?History of Political Parties
In the United 8tates.
Ily/lo, D.?Literary History of Ireland.
Ibsen, H.?The Master Builder.
Johnston, 11. P.?Storming of Stony
Jordan & KoIIokk?Animal Llfo.
La Flesche. F.?The Mlddlo Five.
Llllle, A.?Buddha nnd Buddhism.
Macphcrson, II.?Spencer and SpencerIsm.
Mnrvln, F. It.?Lnst Words of Dlstlnfnilplied
Men nnd Women.
Private Memoirs of Mndamo Itoland.
Boosevelt, T.?Oliver Cromwell.
x Howlandn, R. A.?Heart of Ilctta.
Scott, L.?The Cathedral Builders.
Sears, 12. II.?An Outline of Political
Growth In the Nineteenth Century.
Shaw, O. B.?An Unsocial Socialist.
Monde, L. T.?Light ?' tho Morning.
Moadc. L. T.-Wlld Kitty.
Stockton, F. R.?Aflold nnd Afloat.
Swift. M. L.?Imperialism and Liberty.
SymnndH. J. I.?Shnkenpoare'H PmlecesB(?rH
In the Hramn.
Taylor, M. I.?Tho Cobblur of Nlmoa.
Wlshart, A. W.?A Short History of
Monku and Monasteries.
Entlro stock at cont, beginning
to-morrow, to and Including Nov. 10.
. L. S. Good & Co.'o Now Store,
1132-1134 Main street.
CHOTCE lino of OvercoatlngR and
Suitings at
WHAT'S tho necret of happy, vlgoroun
health7 Simply keeping the ImwelH, the
Htomach, tin- llvor and kldneyM strong
and active. IJuiduck Ulood llltteru does
1U 1
A Largo Number of Foreigners Admitted
to Citizenship Yostetday byJudge
Melvin?Evenly Divided Botween
Judge He'rvey, of the Ohio county
circuit court, yesterday opened a special
term of two dtiys, for the purpose
of examining applicants for citizenship.
Sessions were held during the morning,
afte'rnopn and evening, and the following
were admitted to citizenship, being
divided about equally between the two
Ddlnr Vnh-irl. Hntl.M ../
John Boles, a native of Syria.
'William Brian, a native of Syria.
M. J. Pearlrriari, a native of Russia.
Joseph Bauer, native of German.
Isaac Thomas, native'of England.
Bartlln Montjegel, native of Germany.
Adolph Gebauer, native of Austria,
Nlc. Matesic, native of Croatia.
Ami Chelbulllz, native or Switzerland.
Patrick Coaklcy; native of Ireland..
Rudolph Blessing, native of Germany.
Thomas Evans, native of England.
Jacob Rocklnger, native of Germany.
Karl F. Sarla, native of Germany.
Gottlieb Blessing, native of Germany.
Louis Diss, native oC Germany.
James Timmins, native of England.
Stanislaus Luflwlg, native of Gormany.
Andmv Stryllch,' native of Austria.
Georgo Hopwood, Jr., native of England.
Joseph Hdlmeler, native of Germany.
William Jun, native of Austria.
Daniel Grub, native of Germany.
James R. Hawley, native of Ireland.
Ai'rr. Dlettrlcli, native of Germany.
Michael BroszskI, native of Germany.
Adain Miller, native of Germany.
To Republicanism is Ex-County
Commissioner Friend Cox, of
Brooke County, a Veteran Democrat.
Mr. Friend Cox, ex-Democratic commissioner
of the county court of
Brooke county for six years, has come
out for William McKinley. He Is seventy-live
years of age. He says he
never saw such prosperity in thla coun,
try as there has been for the past three
years, and says Bryan will meet a Waterloo
on the sixth of November. He
says the next Congress will be largely
Republican, and that West Virginia
will roll up a tremendous majority for
McKinley and prosperity. Mr. Cox Is
a prosperous farmer, and knows which
side of his.bread. Is buttered. He 13
also a far seeing man and tho father of
Dr.. Cox, of Wheeling.
But He Seem3 to Like It.
"We used to buy our coffee from an
agent of a coffee house In , who
came once a month to take our order.
When we would run out. we bought
package coffee from a local grocer and
"hubby" would always raise more or
less of" a row until tho coffee ho was
used to came along.
"One time I concluded to serve some
Postum Food Coffee, without his knowing
It. Hubby remarked that he was
glad to know the regular coffee man
had got along and he was very much
pleased. He had not the slightest Idea
It was Postum and I let this run along
for about two months, serving him
Postum every day. A lady guest at
our table remarked that she would
like to know how I made coffee, as hers
always had a bitter taste. I thought it
was a good time to tell the truth and
remarked thru 1 always took four heaping
teaspoonsful of Postum Food
Coffee 'What?' yelled hubby, 'JVhat's
that!* 'Yes, I take four heaping teaspoons
of Postum to the pint of water.'
(Hubby was still staring.) 'Let it stand
on the stove until It really bolls and
then allow the actual boiling to continue
thereafter for fifteen minutes.'
You can Imagine how he stared. Finally
he remarked: 'Well, If the coffee'I
have been drinking for two months, Is
Postum Food Coffee, that is the only
kind we will have In the houso hereafter.'
"I was brought to try Postum, for I
had so much trouble with my heart for
four or. live years, with fainting spells
and so many times a day was compelled
to sit down to keep from falling, could
not go up and down cellar on account
of dizziness and a sick feeling at my
stomach, could not eat anything greasy.
"After a thorough examination by the
doctor, I was told that I had catarrh of
the stomach In the worst form and he
forbid the use of either tea or coffee, so
I started in on Postum, leaving off the
mediately began to get bettor and now
my trouble.Is entirely gone and I am
well In every respect and able to eat
anything I want, without distress. I
. proved to my own satisfaction that coffee
was the cause of my tremble." Mrs.
F. Shurte, Sistersville, W. Va.
Great Inauguration Sale of Dry
Goods, Notions, Jackets, Suits, fine
China, etc., at ACTUAL COST, beginning
to-morrow, Nov. 3, to and including
November 10.
L. S. Good & Co.'s New Store,
1132-1134 Main street.
Belief in Six Hours.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder diseases
relieved In six hours by "New
Grout South American Kidney Cure." It
Is a great surprise on account of its exceeding
promptness in relieving pain in
bladder, kidneys and back, In male or
female. Relieves retention of water
almost Immediately. If you want quick
relief and cure this Is the remedy. Sold
by R. II. List, druggist, Wheeling, W.
Va. tth&3
City Taxes.
Discount will bo allowed on city taxes
up to and Including Saturday, November
3. J. K. IIALL, City Collector.
v , t (,
AFTER tho demonstration tonight,
attond tho Ball to bo given by
tho Morning Star Fishing Club at
Boabout Hall.
Rough Dry Washed, Starchod and
Dried 5 conts per pound.
Flat Work. Washed and Ironed, 5
cents per pound.
All hand work finished 10 conta
por pound. At LUTZ BROS'.
Homo Steam Laundry.
Louis Bertschy,
1117 MnIn St.?WontSl<lo.
Calla by Telephone Answered Day at
Night Storb Telephone G33. Resldonc<v
606. A^Blitant'g Telephone. 085.
Funeral Directors and Embnlmcrs.
Corner Market and Twonty-necond Sta.
Tolophono 207. Open Day and Nljfht.
Open Dny nnd Nlttht.
i Corner Thlrty-Mxth nnd Jacob street*.
Telephones: Stoic, 1742; Ronldonco, 1735.
_____________ KSATJS
Right in
Right in
Right in
Suits asid
We aro always progressing, t
ing prices as we onward mar cl
this store was last season, it's'
tho new Fall andi Winter Suit
tail of each garment is as neiu
chant tailor's, the only differ<
half of what they charge'. Coi
Ovcrooat&x We will gladly si
lookers here develop buyers.
Another installment of Fall 2
consist of the Buterfly and th<
window display.
rwi muo
>? tIT *$? ? }? rj? rfr ft
j* nigh Grade fresh Roasted
? Colfee 12c per pound, worth 15c. ^
Good Lancdrj Soap 2c a
* bar. ? **
* *
Diamond Finish Lanndry *3*
& Starch reduced to 5c a poend. ?$
* *
ft Fresh Oyster Crackers 5c ?$
3+ a pound. *?
ju Fancy Sweet and Sonr &.
rithies, Duuies 01 l uozen,
<r+ each 7c.
^ ji
r Handsome presents given free
^ with cash purchases.
^ 2261 Market Street.
TELEPHONE ... No. 210. ^
% 4? 4* 4' 4* H* 4* 4' 44 4* 44 4*
0/7E"E"B FV Cures Drunkenness.
BAf LLLu i Cures Drug Users,
h\\ gMn Booklet Facie.
4iic Fifth at*. VllUbmrf.f?.
Table Dama
and Towels.
From our spc
there are left si
spreads, shams, cove
also cloths and napk
will close at the greatly i
90x108 Embroidered Linei
hand work, $7.70 each. 0
80x100 Embroidered Lin
centre and edge, only one
One only, 90x108, very (
spread, also hemstitched,
One only, 80x100, Hand E
Spread, a most handsom
Plain Linen Hemstitched S
$7.20, $7.59, $8.25 a pair
Hemstitched Embroidered
terns, one pair each, $1.6
uaraasks?laoie lengths
one-third less than valne,
8, 10 and 12 qnarter cl
all sizes.
Round Doylies from 4-inc
ottering qualities and lower*
a, and-'eo near perfection aa
nearer now. You'll see it in
s and Overcoats. Every <* r.
perfect as uio finest mer-.
mco is the price?ours is just
ne in and ?ed some of the new
xow them. WhyP f Bccauoo
feckwear Just received. Thoy
? rour-in-Hand. Boo north .
Zx.3jf T.Y T T. Y.Y
| Shoe Snap.' a
N Just one lot of Men's 3
g Welt Shoes, Box Calf i|
f and Kangaroo, me- 3
g dium toes and extra ji
? wide toes, regular 3
& three dollar grade. 3
g This lot (J80 pairs) k
| au $2.65.1
Proper protection sccured In ,all countries.
Kcllablo service at moderate ratoa.
Advice free. ' Correspondence ollclted.
H P nilN! AP P?trnf AffnrnrV.
Relllr Building, Wheeling, TT. Vfl.
d Linens,
cial sample linen sale
orae odd pieces in
xs and circle pairs;
ins. These we
educed prices.
a Spreads, neat designs,
nly two left.
len, with hemstitched
: left, were $15?$10.18.
ilaboratcly embroidered
regular $17, for $11.10.
mbroidered nemslitched
le piece of work, only
sheets, 72x941, at $3.63,
Pillow Cases, four pat5,51.82
of 2-yard to 3=yard at
oths; also napkins in
li to 18-incli.
i ; Jm

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