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tury Mercantile
L 1
/ ^
.ICS. The Art
locks that justifies us in doing- a little celebrat- g tf
't feel sure has never been shown in Wheel- ?> w|/Cii
nc as at every other counter in the store this *
Special offerings f
rocades, harre, etc.?all shades. This p/i? Week Sale'
h4.fl 1,000 Tapestry ami C
u w : Covers in renaissn
.... , . ? , ; and oriental design
Mtmaae, an 85c value?in all colors, KCp I at each
"J" 500 size 18x54 S]
Wdcd effects pompadour, satin stripes Q r | cfoanstanl Co*
lha yard. 1 Ins week Olib at each
f, beautiful finish, only attained' in the QRf\l200 size 30x20 A:
Me. This week, per vard uUu stitched stamped.
... * Stand Covers >
de Leon. satin Duchesse, Armure, etc., 21 to , at each
arwrramwl; an 85c quality. l'er aq 100 s1zo 24x24 H,nl,
uUU broidered Mount V.
1.. v ., . Stand Covers,
- to be sold at these prices: at each
39c Stamping done FZIE
49c all goods bought h
Mc Kid
72C A
::::::: ? M
I,-:, , Men's Furnishings.
... Many special offerings for the "Ccl- Special offerings
I el; ration Week Sale." SaleWr'
Men's Natural Wool Underwear, c%- A great purchase ol
tra heavy?thirts and 21J.r ^ Gloves, ovsr .
drawers?rac1i 01 ?w blcs us to offer a
9V Men's Fino Cfirael's Hnir Underwear. it^per pair.?.0. I*"!
'ill a 08c value, per garment AQr j
this week "FowneV $2.00 3Ci
tlI? Piln- Mo?'k regular 15c Wool Socks, Qf J??, ^?rld over,,a?
\^y. j.) Celebration week Kid Gloves, will I
Ultr-r i,. ^ , -r. ? -ill during Opening VI
ir.Krnf " Fancy Socks, silk embroidered' nt per pair
?for ot nnd now vcrtlcf*l stripes, l()r
n" this week per pair 1/v 300 dozen Pique 1
Ts.aI|rr , Men's Lined Kid Glove.? In all 2Q,' black and ail col
:&n w. ' shades, special this weolc *"V qui\,-n ?
: , ' i Opening Week Pri
M nil <rl?;n s Finn Mocha nnd Doe* 7ftr nnr nalr
.. .uj Sjcln Drogs oiovos I7V
ri.'ty dozen Men's Colrrcl SbM* '
a. .... two r-npiirntc collars or colltir atvl./D
tnehed and separate cutfs, .w,- (k -ms
-.J all nizcH. tills week ^
f; i!- Men's White TJnlnundered Shirts,, kJ'va/ V V UlLI-jv
double yoko, reinforcod nplit button j ^
:?riv. holes, puvo linen-bosom and good
i o! muslin body, all Hlaes Jot mon O'- fgla
r r f |(nnd boy??colobratlon price... V/jj
urr Fine Percale Shirts for men, Mime IfJilUt
patterns ar.J duality at; the 31.00
f'Jr u;i. (Trade?only drffcrence, those are T, ?< Admiral " mr
closed fronts. Separate p?ir of dally tor t? by
: ' n.ir, with each Rhlrt. Jgc XYurlnV comor.
>V*: " Celebration prlco ,owl |?lud quite an ntci
? ' 1' 1 Tho onlnrgcd men's furnishing sec-1 or Columbia macli'
W'"7 tlon v/111 Intorost you. Everything intf and Howin^ q
irii.,1 -'e In fnncy and fashionable neck-; clas?i, and v/o gun
t! '-r-J. *hirtB, emoking Jackots, nigM good sMUfixetlwA.
un"'* ?r.'l bath rote*, etc. in irreat variety ] Celebration weelc
nnd r.ll moderately priced. j, price
'^1 jjj ' ^
I llca??c?
^ ! W-inch wid
Tabic dain;
Domestic Department. FIX
Mi Offerings for tho "Celebration "*L" <luarte
Opf Sn!e-" Napkins
V^?k tt One case, 3,000 yards, white Cotton
Shaker Iliuiuel, .it per yard? Twelve qui
iV 2 ti_ i-..
ui - - j-hut sets,
5,000 yards neat stripe and ciiecl sct . .
retonne Cushion : jiiunnei, at per yard
ncc ^ I'llic IlClllSt
; Two cases Heavy Outing Flannel in
nachtel Dresser great variety 01 patterns, luc quali? LUXC1I C
32 17 ? iy. at per yurd- stitdlc
Ilv' 8C. square
11 Linen Hera.' cases_10--l Cotton Blankets, at Mindless
...25C 46c. o-i inches s
10 balos SUkaline Covered White
stitched and Em- Cotton Filled Comforts, at each.?
49c 95c. |
j lrive bales of a special grade White H.
!E this week on Cotton Fined Siikalnio': Covered
i Cuiuiui't5j at each?
? 1 $1.25.
; 12 stylos Silk Embroidered and Hem- T7
j biucmd Vliito Flannels, at per |
I W a*/ v - 1A 11 U
100 pairs strictly All Wool Whito
<pr Blankets ut per pair?
W $3.75.
300 pairs pink and white, blue and
white barred Ail Wool Saxony
Y Blanittts, at per pnii>$3.95.
for "Celebration 1 ?
r Lndic3' 2-clasp Stationery Counter. ! ioo picccs
D,uuu pairs, cnu- r
? new uuru
lity 55C ^ worth ?2
d Gloves, known JS.OO Ilavi
one of tho best ' l6 inch
*"....$1.25' : ncr plate!
Walking Gloves, $5.00 and'i
trflft ':???-* tjons; scj
C.C'. $l?Ulf Plato Engraved Cards?finest IO-incll J
work guaranteed, best brlstol board
cards used. Colobratiou. Week
I,ricc~ ?C..ts Toilc
80C. jar; pre:
WhltiiiK'fl French Orpnndlo Corresi
po?dence, Papery hi stool, Quakoi
gray uihi uiuu liiiih, x<uriiu liimpc,
? 4 ordinarily 38c per qulro and x>aclL
Hurlbut'a Hookwnod PaporB In Tl?
umfuctured etfpo- gor'o Eyo, Aerial Blue, Sea Green and
prominent mnn- iri? tints, repulnrly 50c, tbis wco!<
n. It i? not fln- pgr nnck and quirt?
rtly nr. our Quaker nft
lues, but tho last- 38C.
unlithrs aro llrfitrruiteo
it to jflvo Crnno'n CliifTon Vellum In Dou?la3i
till Ml 1>or qulr" nnd Inck~ Table Tun'
vili/"' 350. engraved
v' S^rt \
3UT OCTOBER 1, 1847, over 53
years ago, E. J. Stone,, of Massachusetts,
and J. C. Thomas, of Ohio,
formed a partnership for the purpose of
dealing in dry goods, etc.?a partnership
yiqtpri unrlpr thp mp firm nnmp until thp nrs?
The founders have joined the great majority. The
neration is merely carrying out the policy of the old
J. Stone & J. C. Thomas. The growth of the bus
be better understood by a glance at the adjoining cut 1
iguage we can use.
ugh standard adopted by the old Yankee and Welch
arried out to the best of the present owners' ability.
e a store here to-day second to none in America in
i fixtures?larger ones, we. admit; none finer, non
A force.of twenty-five active, energetic buyers const
for the world's best merchandise at the lowest
absolutely ONE PRICE, GUARANTEEING every a
ise that leases our store, we enter our greater
vith the highest kind of hopes for the future.
ll Offerings for the "Celebration Week Sale."
leached table damask, 54 inches wide 25c
ight and better quality, GO inches wide; a fine line of
is, at 35c
e bleached tabic damask; a yard 44c
e linen bleached table damask, about half dozen depcr
yard 59c
ached table damask, ten designs; per yard..- 95c
\l-. ' :
Tiask?same on botli sides?72 indies wide and a
fine line of patterns; pcj yard $1.25
Napkins to match, per dozen $3.95
.Very fine ""-inch double <|amask, in a .splendid Stinsi
' assortment, of designs;'a yard $2.25 t
Full ij napkins to match, p.er dozen...:. .$6.00 Five
isk, 2i yards wide; per yard. $2.48
3LE SETS?Ready-made pattern clotlis, 2 yards V^iltc
beautiful designs . $1.98
r pattern cloths L $2.48 Hart I
to match at same pricc per dozen, : Extrtrter
pattern cloths $ ?3.25 t
beautifully hemstitched and finishes!, tip to, per
TA-!. $25.00
itched table cloths, with napkins to match,
$12.50,, $15.00 and $18.00 Lowc
'LOTUS?A splendid line of these, al|'nicely hem- t
(1; expressive and unique patterns; sor?e"3G inches ,,
$1.25 Lxtr:
quare $2.50 ,
quare $3.75 t
tllC I
(f , III fl Fancy Waste Baskets: ;
different styles; from 5cx
values, 44c.
/f"> Fancy Willow and Strav
^_/ vLHJ' ? *C? Baskets, in white and cclc
ial values, 39c to 65c.
Haviland China dinner sets; beautiful . ^ a" Mirrors, with oat
cr and wreath paterns; tfj I Q Qfl size 10x14, 26c.
7.50, at... .vp I b.oU rpea Kettles, size 8; nick
copper, 65c.
land China Turkey Sets, comprising
platter and one dozen din- (hp gn Mrs. Potts' Sad Irons
s CpD.OU plated; three irons, stand
die;.set, 6Sc,
$6.00 parlor lamps; beautiful decora- Cas Heating' Stoves; op
>arate styles, all fitted with rt\? n r for bed rooms, $2.35.
;lobes to match. Special.... (pf.'T J ^
Wood Fibre ; no
t Sets; 12picces, including (tjr QC l'I0P ?''' 1^c'
ty. tints vPU./-0 Bread Kaiser; 14-quai
tin, \vitli ventilated cover,
?1.50 Vienna China Pudding Garbage Cans, of galvan
Sets, nicely deco-(t\ 1 ir with covcr, 45c.
'( rated, 3 pieces.. $1 .1 0 , ? ..
Bread Boxes, of heavy t:
painted in oak color, 30c,
JTcrra Cotla Busts, copies of jOC_
famous bronze works oi
art; 14 inches nr. Carpet, Brooms; heavy
high bOG regularly 35c?26c.
Coffee Mills?"Arcade'
iblers of thin lead glass, with rn grinder; holds one pound
! initials; set of six OUu 35c
^|iiijjj| ifiA,,,y f /
' ; J J ! , n'lJt
S^^^/Ay Mr'.
rticle of -^4 -J?ffo
arpet j
Special Offerings for "Celebration Week Sale."
an & Smith's 10-\virc Brussels, /A ,ro-4
he 90c quality; . U/lpi J dl U
Frame Body Brussels, " AA _
he $1.25 quality -. VUl J dill
7Qc vard
90c yard
I Heavy All Wool Ingrain Carpet, ' ("ft _ J
he Goc quality.... -tJov J dill
Room Size Rugs. *
II Royal Wilton Rugs, the finest quality (Mft ("ft
uanufactiired, the $-10 quality, size 9x13 <j)^7?3v
i Heavy Oriental Smyrna, (MO rft
he $35 quality, size 9x12 tPiOiwW
l.'ool Smyrna Rugs, (J 10 <7F
lie $25 quality, size 9x12 'piUoa D
iags, BOOKS.
Copyright fiction of the best class, originally
copyrighted at $1.50; bound in attractive cloth
about 12 covers. Celebration week, 50c.
l0 75? , -The Choir Invisibile" James Lane Allen
j "Prisoner of Zenda" Anthony Hope
"Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"
v Market,? .
ir:; spec- ?
'Ltarrabas ...... Marie Lorclli
"A Gentleman of France... Anthony Hope
: frames; "Soldier Stories" .. Rudyard Kipling
"TlieS owcrs". Henry Seton Merriman
"The Damnation of Theron Ware"
:lc-plated ..Harold Frederic
"The Gentlemen Player" R. N. Stephens
"Soul of Lilith" Marie Corelli
; ntcklc- "The Gadlly" E. L. Voyricii
ana nan- "?\ Dash for a Throne" A. \V. Marchmont
"Caleb West"... F. Hopkinson Smith
en front' 100 illustrated pronouncing teachers' Bibles,
bound in morocco leather, limp cover; about 600
I original illustrations; published to sell at 3.00.
hoops to Celebratioin price, 91.90.
2-vol. sets "Wandering; Jew" and "Lcs Miserj
ab'.cs," bound in half calf, niccly boxed, $2.15.
40c convrieht books, 16 tuos., in handsome
cloth binding at 28c.
izej iron (".Suspense" Henry Seton Merriinan
"Prisoners and Captives"
Henry Seton Merriinan
in: nioelv 'The Phantom Future". .Henry Seton Merriinan
l?c alld An Original lJellc" .......E. P. Roc
"Chimmie Kadden H. W. Townsend
f , . "A Knight of the Nineteenth Century". E. P. Roe
litur-.iL, ?A Dravc Lj(tle Ql|akcrL,ss.. ; ,r ,, K>;c.
"Mis Sombre Rivals" E. P. Roe
'?Quick "A llorder Shepherdess" Amelia liarr
cotlec? "Love for an Hour is Love Forever"
Amelia Harr

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