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Wfontber Porocost ft>r To-dar?'1
m S The Grar
ESS 1 a
Ill I wgjeiiBBiy i
|| I Celebrati
B I ^a*e
g? Continue
H To-morrc
jj| and Satu
The full Opera K
j|S chestra will be in
ESS g both days betweei
|S5j I 5:30 p.m.
a?? | See to-morrow's
hgg | additional items a
J tion sale prices.
5 _=J^L
ll J Store Cl<
AH Day
I To-day...
* ?
- 1 ' J ' " 1 ?i com? cut j
for clerk o!
oeilf LI IIU J..
* Dclcjrnte
ty, declines
The Intelligenccr Is printing the The ^an ?
;;nt8 for tr
West Virginia, and Ohio county election of WheeMn
returns, official ami complete, in Brooke cov
pamphlet form, and copies may be had Benu-ood.x
on and after Saturday on application
at the Intelligencer counting- rooms. j/e0.
Th".? com;-iIa:ioa of state and county
rf-tunis is on a scale not before at- ts orJl"
tempted in this mute, and it is expect- Father -Iu
ed there will be a heavy demand for roado Miss
copies of the booklet. ^Ir- Dan Lc
?? South Side
Joseph Bero, ns predicted ten days formed In
ago. retires from the race for the Rc- the Immac
publican nomination for city sergeant, attended b
leaving three In the race, Chief Clem- ^j?g j0J.ct
ans, ex-Chief Bennett and ex-Grlicer
, "Joe" McCausland. I put so
Ilnme sacl
IV. K. Glasscock. of Morgantown, has 1 little ones.
f ^
r to
V India Silks fc
F Holiday Wosr
p yard. Somo price as lost year. Same <
here. Valao of this 24-lnch wido India
t:; yard, but -we'll sell you all you -want at I
pr Another Line 29c
ET*" yard. These are light colored brocaded
feL day Work, for Lining, for Tea Gown s an
r 30c yard, to-day, 20c yard.
Finest Taffeta Siiks 75c Ya
Every imnpinublc nhade; also laTgely us
fer special line of Batln-back
^ All Silk Ribbons,
|L to use in conjunction, now on aalo at the
??r 5c yd; No. 0, Qc yd; No. 12, 10c yd; No.
|1 yd; No. 40, 16c yd.
I , * Wonderful IUbbon Values at 25c yar<
\ idimi4ntnAiihdkirtln \hA*i\
3MAS. ^ Store ^ I
~~ 'Till f* I
| giving I
ld NAY'S,
Reliable Shoes. IJ17 Market.
on ! ?AM B. McKEE CO. j
Mado of selected White Corn, ground on
San old-fashioned water mill. "It's as
sweet as a-nut." Will maka "Suah QHp
Nuff Co'n Pone." At the peck..uUu
Pure Apple Juice Cider.
Made from selected runnel apples. Mellow
'tt and sweet. Has a sparkle ajid snap
that warms you up. OGn
At the gallon.* ZDC
\r*r\ ^A/ H FIRST ARRIVAL of new crop Tarragona
H Ujl (Dj V t> [j Almonds and Yarkcaux "French" Wal/
I nuts. Something new every dny.
| $AM B. McKEE CO.,
louse Or- Ei 'Phone 675. 2277-31 Market St.
ue??nd I ?*f3?klligen?r
Ofllctv. 25 nud 27 Fonrtoontli Street.
r 0 New Advertisements,
papers TO! H 0pera House-The AL Q. Fold Greater
B Minstrels?Second Page.
it CPlPbrR- il Store Closea at Noon To-day?Alexantc,CL,a
U\ der?Fifth Pace.
I 1 Store Open Till Noon?Nay's?Eighth
Glosenkamp Rockaways?Third Page.
# f j For Salo for Cash?A Good Safe.
The Grnnd Opening?Stono & Thomas?
M Eighth Page.
To-day ia Thanksgiving Day?Geo. E.
Stifel & Co.?Fifth Page.
Foot Ball Sweaters?McFadden's Shirt:
- \\ Store?Second Page.
Pittsburgh Securities?Robert C. Hall.
We Like to Trado at H. F. Behrens Co.'s.
Bonds for Sale?Simpson & Tatum.
H Money to Loan and FIro Insurance?L.
A. Roll.
Something to bo Thankful For?White
Swan Laundry.
* M Henry Ward Beccher?Stanton's Old
rvo PJ City Book Store.
LPoCU W Bargains?Norton ? Co.
Wo bar? fitted more thnn twenty
thousand pairs of Spectacles,Riving us
a record and experience wioqunllea by
any other optician In A Vest Virginia.
Satisfaction crnnrontced.
000 0 00 Li JACOB W. GRUBB, Optician,
>io. 1B0B Market Street.
r?v cry.Yriim:We have now on display our large
and handsome line of foreign *.nd
domestic Woolens. Tho fashionable
cut and superior finish of our garments
rccommends itself to all fashT3
Ti L ionabio dressers. Prices reasonable.
^ ( Wl A ^ C. HESS & SONS,
I T flX^A<wJo Fashionable Tailors and Fine Fur.
nishers, 1321-1323 Market St.
as a full-fledged candidate ? c ?
r the' supreme court o! np- Bartender Injured.
ositlon to which "Our Own Owen Greer, bartender for John Kinmnlnff
aspires. Like Mr. jpiberger, of McColloch street, Is at the
Jr. Glasscock 13 tt circuit Korth ^Th Celine hospital, suffering from
the results of an explosion of n seltzer
Grant, of Monongalia coun- bottlp' wWle c?pr-,n* lt' An ar?cr>" on
t to '.MUor the race tor the t,lc hand was severed.
> of the house of delegates. ? * ?
[ar.dle only has three osplr- Settled on Sixty Cents,
le speakership??. G. Smith, The creditors of Alex McConnouffhey,
p: Henry C. Hervey, of the Fifth ward grocer, who failed with
inty, and Joalah Sinclair, of 55,000 liabilities, have received forty-five
per cent In cash, with fifteen pvrcent In
' v two weeks on a sixty cent-on-the-dolMullarkey
Nuptials. jar gettlemcnt. The arangement was
.* afternoon at 5 o'clock, Rev. made outside of court, anil will meet
lien spoke the words which the referee's approval.
Bee Mullarkoy the wife of <> ?
e, a well known potter of the A Herren Kaffee Visite.
. The ceremony was.per- To-night the Moiart G'.r.tfng Soclct>
the parlor of the Church of wln give a "Herren ICaffee Visite," foi
ulate Conception. They were which a large number of the lecntlcmcr
y Mr. James Mullarkey and have been chosen to serve as waiteri
and cooks for this unique affuir. Tin
" * committee In charge Is as follows: E
methlne In the Children/!. nofreuter, H. W. Sclirebv. John Roth
1 to .apply the needa of the ^ ^ ^ ^
^ ,
ead it to-da.y?eveiy c
days ps
vill tell of the world's NEWEST?of Whcelin
Our shelves, counters, cases and racks ar
-DAYI We arc ready to supply your every
* Mn \ #| DOLL
. I for TSS) of this year We place
v ff y VXr i Sr/ A v". Why do we mention
'st^To-DAY0","'^ | l?f saved 20
39c yard. "^re 8e]fCted from t?io
J QHEATER vnriety, a
\ fll i der IN A MORE CA]
Silica, suitable for Holi- i \j \ stock goods ore mad
d other purposes. Value i Wh We l?alBt5d<ptli'
i Pyf fcy wigs, and pot them
way. "We secured fo
rfi body dolls with com
joints?permitting postures never befo
cd Tor holiday work. A WE BOUGHT DOLLS 1
Large Ones, Small Ones; with blond w:
tinn dolls with flne crochet dresses; j
we havo even secxired tho famous Eren
se prices: Nw. 5 and 7, prices of which start at 91-00. ALL
10, 12o yd; No. 22, 14c 1 If there's anything In dolldora thu
! about It. Remember, you save 20 per
i I. iiT-V-11 1 * V?ti ** 411
JbdbJLi?ihih J|iijLi
a ?
Beceived in the Natural Gas Explo- C
sion?Death Came at 1 O'clock
This Morning. g
That Were More Than the Human C
Frame Could Endure?Other Victim
Still Lives. I
At 1 o'clock this morning. In the
house which was -well nigh wrecked by ^
Wednesday morning's natural gas ex- ?
plosion, at No. 2005 ISofC street, South L
Side, details of which were given In
the Intelligencer yesterday morning, oc- j
curred the death of Mrs. Helen Flid!ng,
after the most poignant sufTer- C
Ings,"which were more thun the human
frame could endure. Her body was ?
burned from head to foot, and It was
felt by tho attending physician, Dr. H. \
P. Llnsz, from the start that the In- '
jured woman could not live.
The news of Mrs. blading's death will
re received with genuine sorrow. Sne
was a hard-working woman, who sup- J
ported herself by conducting a board- pHCC S
Ing house. Not only was her houae jjaoj. *|
wrecked and she Injured terribly, but "tai
now the Grim Reaper makes his appearance,
and the talo of horror Is ???*
The little girl, "Tony". Meyer, who
was taken to the Cltv hornltal. was
resting somewhat easier laSi.nlght, but
as fully one-third of her body is a B_u E
mass of burns, the fear Is expressed M B fil w
that she may die.
The house was damaged $500. and is
now being repaired.
Going and Coming of Wheeling Peo
pie and Visitors. A
Dick Hablg, of Mlltonsburg, is call- L^\. V1
Ing on South Side relatives. AVk. 1
Mrs. C. S. Greer Is seriously ill at her
home on South Eoff street.
Albert Capps, who has been ill lor
several weeks, Is able to be out again.
Messrs. It. E. Schubart, Hermann
Friederich and Harry Rogers are a W
hunting party that left for Washing- **'
ton. Pa., yesterday. in OnC 4
T. C. Murphy, a prominent contractor
of Mannlngton, who has been III of ty- you I13.\
phold fever at Hasklns' hospital during J
the past five weeks, returned home yes- QUcllitV
terday. * J
will ast
The Farmers' Institute.
The Farmers' Institute of Ohio county
will meet In Normal hall, at West
Liberty, December 7 and 8. A good programme
has been arranged and will be
published later. Mr. Charles Schuck ,
will speak on the subject. "As the Old I I.
Century Passes Into the New." HOt Onl
REMEMBER the Children's Home Korlr
with a generous Thanksgiving dona- l-,C4V-rw*
tlon. Sacks will be called for to-mor- "p/row.
? Wool (
Rough Dry Washed, Starched and UVCfCO
Dried 5 cents per pound.
Flat Work, washed and Ironed, B
cents per pound. xrr
All hand work finished 10 cents
per pound. At LUTZ BEOS'.
Home Steam Laundry.
MY line of Overcoatings and Suitings
are always of the choicest patterns.
When you feel that you have tried every. U
thing and everyone, consult us. A dally
, occurrcnce Br the surprise shown by the \\
beneftted paTlertt? iti our ofllct.
! Do you have hqfiache? Do your eyes fl
water? Do they smart or burn? Does tha
1 print run together vrhen reading?
i For any trouble of your eyes consult u?.
We make glasses at popular prlc??. Make
a careful examination free or charge. IT
Tlao Scientific Cor. Mnln nntl
Optk'lnn Klovc-uth SUs. ammmmamm
lay-especially d\
?eced!ag Chfiste
g's BEST?of merchandise with M
e laden as never before. Our facil
\\ 111IL 1 J LLjLlll U111L 111? )'UU1 III
g0 On March 23 ! S
thisP To inform you of the follow- j: ~ I ^
which are yours to reap: j R
per cent?so will you! jl
usands of samples, securing a i/?
rnd those wero mude to our own or- a./
KEFTJL MANNER than regular * J
u for them, of course) on tho finest
: many of them arranged in a new
r tho FIRST TIME a line of Kid
bination ball-hcnring and hinged
ro attained. Real Marten
3Y THE THOUSAND? But the r
Igs?with dark onca; dainty Lilipu- ' ^e^cen $1.0
,iant dolls with no dresses. Yes, NEAR SI
iclx walking and talking dollc, ct!?- This tel
nf nil*. A *11.. ol^n ? StllfTOR tin ?n
W?. V?v*?? I o i- *w
it we've missed, plense lot un know I SO-inch Near
cent hero. 22-inch Near
, be a great specialty! SW-inch Near
ftiiAiiifrii^ltirtiiiifrh lilhiiirtif&WiiliVi
e Blow
*reat deal
bout clothes?no more than we ought to,
hough. We have all sorts, from toughest and
oughest to'finest?each for its proper use and
:ach at its proper price. You can see in a few
ninutes all you need to see to pick out what
ou want. The salesman. knows, perhaps; if
lot tell him about what you want. He is quick
o see and as quick to find out. You go by
'our own taste and judgment on cloth, but by
>urs on fit, we suppose?that's the usual way.
Njcxt day or next week your money back if
rou want it.
adows tell part of the
torj?step inside and
le balance.
Fonrteenth and Market Streets.
/erdict That Settles
-< Tt
the Lase.
e want you to stand up in front of the glass
af our splendid Overcoats and Suits, and after
e admired the style and fit, and noted the
and workmanship, we will quote a price that
onish you. Your verdict will be:
It Can't Be Beat.
ie quality of our clothing is unsurpassed. We
y give satisfaction?we give the most change
ir good Overcoat value look at our $10 All |
Covert Cloth and Gray and Oxford Melton |
reat Shoe Values.
s Vici Kid and Calf Shoes $2.00
s Vici Kid and Box Cslf Shoes 52.50
c All nAn#?nriah!o I pnfliprc *s!?.00
uiiv/vo) r?n vpviiuuutv ^out.11 vi
/e want your trade on Men's Shoes, and we
ill guarantee you better shoes for your money
lan any other house in Wheeling."
ocke Shoe Company.
Bring these sttrrifigl
las! 1
IZRIT?of LESS priccs for such merchan- *J
lities have been largely increased. COME I
Dliday want.
Hardly a For J
Scaring- animal in this wide world -v
P. tut what has a liberal represents- Jj
tion here. We're in the fur business -?j
? yv to stuccoed?are winning trade no B
^ less with our SUPEIiTOR qualities
and assortments than with our IN- i
\ I'EHIOK prices. -J
ijirfitfKi s?>. 1\ Theso figures tell a portion of our ?
cto:7: 4
y "r^^L .?r ' // ^oal Hcrten Scarfs with six waiver- 5
J/ iue tails, very special at.... $3.95
if" \ Japanese Fox Scarfs with eight tails, ll
***** value $0.90, .at :.$4.93 A
bcarfs. with six wolverine tails, very special $"-50 J
q -? ,?? .v\LScarfs hcro ** "wonderful, embracing every price
? uuu 9'H.OU. W
-AL JACKETS?Mado by the bost makers oi KEAI. seal jacH- -a
Is the entire story. Prices start nt ?2S) and climb by c.isf J
finest Persian and Real Seal at S290. Theso arc special. _Aj
Seal Jackets, worth $-15.00, at $37.M>
Seal Jackets, worth $-10,00, 539.50
Seal Jackets, worth $5S.00! at:::::::::.: 542-5? j

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