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bellaire board of trade
3?et last Night and Decided to Iasuo
a Publication.
The Uollnlre board of trade held a
peeling laat night with tho full menibwliip
of the board preaent. The Htat|3tlcul
compilation Is about finished,
jnd thry will Hoon have out a circular
fjvInK wme Information about the city
,vat will no doubt attract attention,
/n addition they have a map In which
Pel la ire is .shown to be about midway.
j>ettwn New York and Chicago, a
point oi' some advantage to tnanufacturers.
Various matters of more or
jess interest to tho city claimed at ten*
They Will Turn Up.
A dispatch from Coshocton, O., aaya:
"Prof. II. M. Mantle, principal of the
commercial department of the Methodist
College at West Lafayette, and
j!t?s Mary A. Morgan, teacher of stenography.
have disappeared suddenly,
j'ruf. Mantle is from Belmont county,
find the hotnc of the lady Is In TJhrlchsv|!k\
Ohio." Prof. Mantle Is a son of
Ulrnn Mantle, an Intelligent farmer,
from the southern part of Belmont
county, and It la quite probable that he
nn<l his bride will turn up all right. It
is indeed probable he was attending to
his school duties yesterday, even
though he Joined the ranks of the benedicts.
Mason is "Willing'.
Mr. O. P. Mason, who was reported
us deputy recorder lender John K. McFarland
In Belmont county, informs the
Intelligencer that the announcement
was news to him. lie said he had not
received or accepted any proposition ns
yet. but had heard somo talk of that
kind. He said It was presuming a good
deal to assume that he would accept
when he had not yet been approached
In an olllcial way. "Lan" Is open for
engagement, however, and will bo glad
If a good thing comes his way.
Gypsies Pay a Visit.
A band of tough looking gypsies paid
Martin's Ferry and Bridgeport, a visit
yesterday- and made themselves very
obnoxious and annoying to the merchants.
In Martin's Ferry they were
flven Ave minutes to leave the city, by
the marshal.
Charles Heldt Dead.
Charles Heldt, an aged German resl-1
dent of Glenn's run, a few miles nortlj
of Martin's Ferry, died yesterday |
morning at 10 o'clock, at his home, after I
an Illness of several days. The funeral
will take place this afternoon at 2!
o'clock and the interment wlll.be matte i
ut Scotch Ridge cemetery. j
Hinton White's Lecture,
Tho sccond number of the high school I
lecture course of Martin's Ferry, will j
occur at the Star theatre in that city,
this evening. Hinton White, the noted
Icturer, will deliver his lecture on Now
r.-silnnd, and It promises to be something
extraordinary In this line. I
Christmas Entertainment.
The children of the Sunday school of |
the First Methodist Episcopal church of
Bridgeport, are making extensive preparations
for the productlor of the cantata,
"Santa Claus* Arrival," at the |
church, on Christmas evening. It
gives every promise of being something .
well worth attending.
Twentieth Wedding Anniversary. I
Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Woods, of Martin's
Ferry, will entertain a number of J
friends at their home on Washington
street, Saturday evening, December 28,1
hi Imnnr nf tholr lU'nntlpfh wnil/llmp !
anniversary. Quite a large number j
have been invited. j
Mrs. Jump Will Entertain.
Mrs. II. B. Jump, of Martin's Ferry, j
will entertain a number of friends
Thursday evening, at her home on'
South Broadway, In honor of Mrs, J, B.
Montgomery, of Pittsburgh, who Is now
the guest of her son In that city.
Had the Costs to Pay.
Joseph llartman was arrested yesterday
morning at Martin's Ferry, by
Marshal Ervln, on a charge of assault j
sworn out by Mike Klotz. "When Hartman
was arraigned before the mayor
the latter failed to prove the charge
end consequently had the coBts to pay.
J. H. Million 111.
J. H. Mllligan, of Bellalre, who has
b?en twice affected lately with something
like paralysis. Is able to be out
again. lie Is'one of the oldest residents
of this section, tuid until recently
was in business with bis sons here, but
about a year ago he retired, giving the
business over to his two sons, Will and
Herber Eaioased,
Henry Herber, the young man who
was sent up for sending obscene matter |
through the malls about a year ago, has !
l"cn discharged, and is now at liln
home In Bellalre. He sent the letters I
from Bellalro to a young girl on Wheel-!
ing Island.
Bellairo Briefs.
The Pittsburgh and Ohio coal miners !
have resumed nnoratlon. and tho mm
fire nil at work again. Work on tho j
new air shaft Is also being prosecuted
Prosecuting Attorney Hunter S. Arm- j
"trong went to Woodsflel yesterday, hut j
will return to-day to resume the grind
In the common pleas court. .
Thomas McGough, deputy mine In-1
Bpoctor, was here yesterday, on his way ,
out tho Baltimore & Ohio, on official'
business, j
Rev. o. W, Holmes, of Steubenvllle,
v.as In the city yesterday, calling upon
fcorno of his numerous friends here. j
How i?. s. Coffey Is spending a few
days with Rev. J. K. Fulton, at Adams'
The fchnk^speare Club meets tliln evening
at the home of Miss Elza Lazure.
Martin's Ferry Briefs.
A regular meeting of the Woman's
Home Missionary Society of the Merli?'llKt
Episcopal church irJII he hfld
next Thursday afternoon, at the i/jrsonago,
MIm i>r.s8l? Wright left yesterday for
Iter Imjixio at Pittsburgh, "dftoi* a week's
vlidt with her slater, Mlns I-orePa 1
Wright, on Washington street.
The f'meral of the nlne-days'-old {
'hlld of Mr. and Mrs. John Wed doll took i
l'lne?! yesterday afternoon at 1 o'clock,
the Interment followed at St.
y's cemetery.
A nu-otlng of the Oeneral Circle of
Muc'k Dauglm-rswns held nt the P;osrhin
church law evening.
' harles Hunter and C'lmrles Circle
[irn.??0,| yosturday afternoon, by
shni Krvln and OHJcer KreJgur for
signs on public property.
, 11": '.aughllii 'resumed in full yoaler'
several days'l dleues*.
' ivrortofl that .l young lady re'minj;
on tiouth Ih'oadwwv win ?<
ried to a business man of "Wheeling
during: the holidays. ,
Mrs. W. F. Barrett and Mrs.'Sallle
Dlttnuir returned last evening from . a
week's visit with relatives at Jewett.
Misses Ethel Crawford and L*nn
I-Iaverfleld return to tholr home at Cadiz
to-ilny, after a week's visit with
the family of \V. F. Barrett, of Jefferson
Mrs. Qeorge Barr leaves to-day for
Cambridge to spend a weeK with relatives.
The National Gloss Company'^ plant
?.wn UII tx tuu jcsimutty morning.
Bridgeport Briefs.
Miss Addle Farraen returned to her
home at Flushing, yesterday, 'after a
week's visit with the family u? T. C.
Farmer, in Kirkwood.
"We are selling an elegant chlnt cabinet,
worth ordinarily $25, this week
only, tor ilS. ? W. B. llALL. '
Frank Hathaway was arrested yeaterday,
on a charge of drunkenness.
He will be given a hearing this morning.
Mr. and Mr?. James Frnzler and son.
John, of St. Clalrsvllle, were calling on
friends in the city yesterday.
Revival meetings were commenced at
Lancaster chapel last evening, by Itev.
J. S. Secrest.
We are selling a six foot oak extension
table, worth $3, at S3 75, this week
, only. W. B. HALL. *
T. J. Shaw, of Louisville, Ivy., was a
business caller In the city yesterday.
I Contractor W. J. Berry, of Powhatan,
[ was in the city on business yesterday.
I C. C. Donaldson, of Pittsburgh. Is the
guest for a few Gays oE A. A. Hillyer?
Judge J. F. Driggs was in St. Ciairsvllle
yesterday, on business.
I Miss Mabel Smith has gone to Blaine
to visit relatives for a few days.
! Mlsa Lucy Neinlnser la slowly recovI
erlng, after a week's Illness.
Misn Dr?rn TTr>1l..?.l ??. ?n
home in the West End.
i Harry Cloke lias gone to New York on
We are selling a. fine oak folding bed
at 510 75 this \veek only: worth 515.
.* W. B. HALT*.
| Musee League.
Last night's games In the Muscc league
' resulted an follows:
; WHEELING. 1st 2d f,d Total
Sadler 371 ICS 233 574
Cochran 1?> 130 165 404
Handlan 145 17'.* 1SS 503
Hcrvcy iss 100 151 131
Knoke ry, is* . no 4f?i
I mind i?T isi ie; &u
Totals 36fi 1006 IOCS 2010
CRESCENTS. iKt lid ad Total
King 170 131 185 -ISO
Dayler 113 150 117 452
Sehafer 104 150 157 417
Fugate 137 171 111 449
P. NVilhelm 17S 133 isi 431
Gaston 133 12S- 102 423
Totals ,.... S71 S77 073 2721
Umpire?W. Wilheljn.
Scorers?B. Tannan and Edwards.
To-night?Benwoods vs. Black Cats.
Wheeling League.
Teams. Won. Lost. Per.
Wheeling 27 3 .ftXi
K. K. K 23 S .75S
TVrmlnus 21 0 .700
Osceola* 21 ,12 .037
Rough Hlders 1? - .11 .<M
All Allkoa 10 14 .MI
uig show ia 17 .r.t:
A. A. Hooters 0 21 .200
Sunny Brooks .1 27 .li?
/ .06/
OSCEOLAS. I8.1 ,;-. i77 GU
I c. Vcttc }?* J34 4?:
Caraon ^... *
tThe time f?
^ T
I 8 What is More tjsefii
gg* e .
Wheeler & Wilson, which wo
! lievo to be the best and big
I l5tr3 grado inachinc made. The macl
! }?|?rf has ball bearings throughout
j ftjTT) is practically noiseless, Inst
jjSi| tions giver- free.
II * "
" Store Open Eve
O. Mortrrrian ,...150 13S, ifo ?'
Guughan. 147 168*"; 176 482
Dotweller ; *J(>7 ICO 128 5f?a
Blind .' HO 188 'm 417
Totals S)7<5 id DIG SO
. K. K. K. . lHt 'Jd 2d Total
Raymond ,..175 174 101 BOS
Dick 12^ 127 -113
Sonne.foldt 1CI IS'J 163 49u
Fnlek 1W 190 1M 501
Vogler 162 147 157 4'*j
lllckinbyer 1CI ICS 143 474
Total*; .....i?si DS8 55 2sS
Rtorort?Bycott and Nolte.
To-iilgh,t?All Allkgs vs. Bough Riders.
"Villains," said William Gillette to n
reporter, ''hav.e come to stay. The
public loves villains anil Sherlock
Holmes has them tc* burn. While nil
the world mav love a lover It has a
passion for villains. It hasn't ever had
enough of them and I'm going in for
their further manufacture on a -wholesale
scale. Heavy weights, light
weights, blonde, brunette and red-heailed,
polished and In the rough, rich villains
and poor, but honest ones, handsome
and homely, bad, very bad, and
most bad. There are many kinds thp t
haven't had much show on the stag<*
and I'm going to start a school for
them. I feel it's the villain's turn."
"You seem to have favored them In
'Sherlock Holmes.'"
"Only a beginning. There are twenty
characters In the piece and only fifteen
of them are villains. My imagination
gave out at fifteen, so I had to fill In
with five virtuous charactcrs. But iny
next play will profit by my experience.
It'll be a necord breaker " as to villain?."
"How many?"
".All of them villains."
"What will you do ubout rewarding
"One of the villains may be allowed a
virtuous moment and be rewarded by
escaping from the villainous heroine Instead
of marrying her. Men are born
villains, bred villains,-mature into villains
and create little villains, who
grow up in crime by their own fireside
and get used to It?crime. There's
where I'll get my virtuous episode in
my next play. The villains will make a
virtue of necessity and be amply re
*??. tiitUI U?UJ> Ul ClIC tlHtain."
"Sherlock Holmes" comes to the
Opera House to-night.
"The Girl Prom ETasim's."
The Opera House, on Friday evening,
December 14, will have as Its attraction,
the newest farce, "The Girl From
Maxim's." which enjoyed such a long
and prosperous run at the Criterion
theatre, New York. It will be.presented
here; by the big cast, and It is said
to bo a sparkling play, flowing over
with fun and its lines brilliantly witty.
It has been said of "The Girl From
Maxim's" that it contains more ingenious
and laughable situations than any
farce .ever produced. Its story Is not
loss interesting in its sentimental phase
than it is comical. A very pretty love
story runs through it, which will be
found agreeable.
"The Evil Eye."
The famous operatic- extravaganza,
Charles JI. Yale'w "The 12vil Eye." Wider
the management of the author, Sidney
It. Ellis, will come here next Wednesday,.
December 12, for a matinee and
evening onKagement. ;it tin* Opera
ilO I iVL
or them is but a f
istmas shoppers
| ^jjf
6 ^BffigHS\gSSsSa^^L'Sg!! 3
^ YRiB/H&VV\'J*r' ^ >^-iisv*'VJ^ > '
I Carpet Sweepers
' |! arc a necessity in homes where
reci-A io fine furniture. A broom raise
n a dust, and then you have to clea
the furniture afterwards'. A sw
be- ,1' avoids this and saves both tim<
hest'v Iftkor. Wc sell the Bissell for
liine ?
~i $1.98.
|| For the Parlor.
What is niccr or will cot a parlc
hotter than a nice corner cliai
JgX divanP The cut illustrates our li
comer chair. It is a model of be
ffijj both as to general appoaranco
upholstering, and must be seen 1
appreciated. Our corner chairs ri
in prico up from
:nings. 1065 IV1
The Wonderful Curative Pi
the Great Kidney am
To Prove what 5wamp-Ro<
Reader of the Intcllige
Bottle Sent Free by M
It used to be considered tlmt only
urinary and bladder troubles were to
be traced to the kidneys, but now modern
science proves that nearly all diseases
have their beginning In the disorder
of these most Important organs.
The kidneys filter and purify the
blood?that is their work.
. So when your kidneys are weak or
out of order, you can understand how
quickly your entire body Is affected, and
how every organ teems to fall to do
Its duty.
, If you are sick or "feel badlv." boirln.
taking the famous new discovery, Di\
Kilmer's Swamp-Uoot, because us aoon
sis your kidneys uro well they will help
all the other organs to health. A trial
will convince unyone.
Among the many famous cures ol
Swamii-Iloot investigated by the Intelligencer,
the one which we publish tp?duy
for the benodt of our readers, speaks la
the highest terms of the wondernil euralive
properties of this great kidney remedy.
Mr. Geo. S. ChampUn, Ashway, R
r., writes: "When I sent for a sample bottlo
of Swnmp-Koot 1 2iad to make water
every two or threo hours through the day
and the night. 1 pa.ssed but a very small
quantity, but with a sculdlng and strainlag
at the end of each Our beat
doctor here prescribed for me. but his
rnedlelno did me nq good. 1 then began
your sample bottle, and before 1 got
through with It I felt a change. I would
not havo believed auch a small quantity
would have doae so much, but beforo It
wan gone 1 learned that our druggist kept
your Swamp-ftoot, aad ho got a largo bottle
for one dollar, but actually worth onu
hundred dollars. I only took one largo
tablespoonful three times a day. and before
I had taken one-half bottle I was all
right, and have beea since. My' urine la
ay light color as u.tual.
Jan. 4, 1000. Ashuway, R. I.
"Weak and unhealthy kidneys are responsible
for many kinds of diseases,
and if permitted to continue mueh suffering
with fatal results are sure to follow.
Kidney trouble irritates the nerves, !
makes you dizzy, restless, sleepless and j
Irritable. Makes you pass water often
during the day and obliges you to get
up many limes during the night. Unhealthy
kidneys cause rheumatism,
gravel, catarrh of the bladder, pafn or I
dull ache In the back, joints and
muscles: makes your head acho and
bade ache, causes indigestion, stomach
and liver trouble; you get a sallow, yellow
complexion, makes you feel as thou,
have plenty of ambition, but no strength
In taking Swamp-Uoot you afford natt
is the most perfect healer and genr,le aid t
ical science.
If there is any doubt in your mind as
urine on rising about four ounces, place it
twenty-four hours. If on examination it !
?iuot aL-uuuB. ui u Hinun purncies uoat ai
of immediate attention.
If you are already convinced that Sv
purchase the regular llfty cent and one-do
remedy, is so successful that a special a
all readers of the Intelligencer who hat
sample bottle sent absolutely free by mail. ?
bladder troubles and containing many of tht
nial letters received from men and women
mention reading this generous offer in t
sending your address to Or. Kilmer <5? Co.
House. This yea?4 the forces have been r
supplemented by the engagement of a '
number of very strong drawing cards. (
and Mr. Yale has gone into the Held for r,
comic opera for several of his star?. A s
noted compose*: has revised the pretty t
music of "The Evil Eye" and has add- 1
ed several new numbers, which have s
already been very widely praised. The '
ew days off, and ft
we offer a few su
I China Dej
Jfi; r M
Mix 1
1 Dinner
, ; Wo have nplcndid line of 11
there ;;, English ware, Porcelain, etc.,
(S the -v the city.
n the
cepcr !> CHAMBER SETS?We have n
2 and 'V 12-piece Chamber Set. at or
<:> The best bargain In the citj
J Fine (
We have a lorpe and compr
?$> pieces from the best potteries
X ^Tug-land, consisting1 of Chocolal
Sets, Odd Plates, Cracker Jars
<" DIpIicj. Comb and Bruah Trayf
r or * DAYS. SEE OUR 10c COUN'.
\tcst ?
auty < <z'\ \ ^
v, We have an entire new lino
< > styles and prices, We offer a
'V Rocker, either iu oak or mahoj
roperties of Swarap=Root,
d Bladder Remedy.
ot will do for YOU, Every
ncer May Have a Sample
Mj Kidney, Liver and Bladder jp jj
faj 5Tr7 <*le oa?, two or ttreo Sfljj
Eft! te*"|winfu]jbeXoroorafternicaia U
.[[? CUIIdrea less according t o ft fj9
fffi 3IZTCotwneaconlthuti&2}<l(40l ?j ;CJ
tkj aiul incrc&satafullduoormorr, Jfi U|-rt
r&, as tho cm a would eccra to require. I n fill
|k Th!i gr?at remedy curca ?U Hi
'ft klrftu-y. Urtr, IL-ulJer Mod Urto , Rlfl j
i? Acid ttouHci and dbordcrs duo E
lilt to weak Llilflcyi, ?uch nj catarrh jHj
ML of tbe bladder, trm*el, rhcumv
gf- tlxm, lumbk^o and Sriffhl'j Dl?
B? mw, wLlchu the wont form of
jj p It b pleasant to tak*. {
||R prepared only by j&jli
iljjf DR. KILMER &i CO. |g|
I I Solrt by all Drucclsia.
'^MEghai^fe* .
(Swamp-Root is pleasant to lako.)
gh you had hoart trouble; you may
: get weak and waste away.
jral help to Nature, for Swamp-Root
o the kidneys that Is known to modto
your condition, take from your
In a gloss or bottle and let.lt. s;tand
Is milky or cloudy, if there is a brickbout
in it, your kidneys are in need
amp-Root Is what you need, you ran
liar sine bottles at the drug stores
the great Kidney. Liver and Bladder
rrangement has been made by which
'C not already tried it, mav have a
Hlso a book tel/ing all about kidney and
thousands upon thousands of tesliviocured
by Swamp*Root. Be sure and
he Wheeling Daily Intclljgcnur when
. I) jug haw ton, N. Y.
low songs will be sung by Miss Mayme
\layo, Cius Bruno, Miss Lor a LIpb.
'harles Flynn and the great Pha&ey
I'roupe, The pre/it mechanical effects,
iuoh as the revolving wind-mill and the
llsappearlnij rooms, have been re-built
or this yenr and the sccnlc devices arc
laid to bo more marvelous than ever.
l'he advance mile in unusually heavy
| l|l|
)r the ben- 111
ggestsons. ||j
>artment ||
>V -ufy\ flt&'Mw;, PWJ
^$"^s ^|p|r{|^y| g||j
Sets. ||?
no dinner sets in Haviland, itjSw
and at prices tlio lowest in "gQJJ
icely decoratcd $ 2 9 8 j^^jj
*hina. 8
chenoivc stock of fine china rrW-tf
i of France, Qormany and Jgjy
to Pots, Salads, Ico Cream
;, Croamn and Sugars, Chop ???0,
i, jurciimoroa, etc., ctc. ALL
rEtt. ?$S3
of Eockcr3, nil rjw np
fine Cobbler Scat I / lynx
gauy finish^ for.. *+'* ? v }?gtf:
kill<^J?? m
'ash or Credit. Kg
1 | Situation* Wonted.
One Help Wanted. j
FQr Rent. .
Cent I Hor Solo. f
Etc., kite.. Etc.'
' The Ono Copt a
Word Column of the
Intelligencer ttrlntfo
TT UiU Quick Returns on a
Small Investment.
\Y Uouw.worK; tumlly of.thrye. Apply
nt No,J3^South Venn street. 0c7_
and newspaper man, capable lo act
nw innmiffor of Republican weekly* prefer
11, man that will take a thmnclnl Interest'
ln hUHlnfflH. J, R. W1 LLlAMS.
TV wants otllco mummer at Whoollni?;
$1,M0 salary and commission: <700 cash and
reference required. Pnxhinn nermanent.
Ailtirox* MAN'Ul'ACTl'ltElta, No. 131!
Ctiurry. PhihiUiilvhlu, I'u. delO'
UE.M man to take charts or the
Wheeling ngi-ncv of tho Mutual Tlflneflt
Life Inniirance Company, of Newark, N.
j. CommlH.wlon basis. No ha lory or advance.
Address C. S. MILLER. Supt. of
Afienta, General Dcllvory, "Wheeling,
salesmen to sell tho well
known Dleterlchs Valxr-Gleum Lubricating
Olle to the consuming trade on
comnilislon. Apply to DJETEKIOHB
VALVE-OLKtrM GlL CO., Ct'J Garfield
Bulldlntt. Cleveland. Ohio. 3a?J
J Improved gasoline l?mp: Hells at
sight; btatH eloctrlcty; chcqper than Kerosene;
rolull ROO up; 12 different styles;
exclusive territory. STAN DAI ID LAMI'
CO.. Manufacturers, Chicago. ?o3*
r prepure for any civil service examlnailon
without MceliiK our catalogue of Information.
COLLEGE, Washlngton,
D C. del* _
Mechanics, engineers, electricians,
Uremen, etc. a freo
scholarship In engineering will l?c uwurded
to a few wcll-recomnuMulecl nppUeantM,
american school op correspondence,
Boston. mays. no24
O 1 mu weekly salary paid direct from
otllco; expenses extra commission*. Capable
men sind women to represent 11.1
appointing agents; rapid promotion and
Increase Biliary. New brilliant lines.
BUTLER & ALGER, New Haven, Conn.
took holders' meeting.
. The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the National Exchange Bank of Wheeling
will be held at the banking house on
Tuesday. January S, 1031, between the
hours of one (1) and three (3) o'clock p.
m., for the election of director*.
L. E. SANDS. Ctttfhk.r.
"Wheeling. W. Va.. Dec. S. lfrjO. dc8
} Shop, with a good trade nt Martin
a Ferry. Inquire of G. W. ArbuuKh.
Murtln's Ferry. no30
. centrally loeated; modern convenlencc'H.
Enquire ut 1203 Chapline street.
? Alain and Fourteen ih afreets now occupied
by II. 1'. McGregor /i Co, Inquire
of J. C. BRADY, corner Nineteenth und
Jacob Ktret't:*. dt'7
.......FOR SALE....... ~
Vacant ground, fronting 10S foot on Ohio
street, can be bought for $1,500.
Storo morn with up-stalr dwelling, rent*
ing for S'Js per mouth, situated on Zanc
street, can be bought ?or J."000.
Real Estate nnd Loan.". 10^j Main Street.
| FOR SALE. ..
j ".Springfield." one of the finest farm*: In
the Shenandoah Valley, 3 mllea from BcrJ.ryvlUc.
Clarke county, Virginia CSO acres).
\V, V. HOGG,
City Bank Building. Market Street,
Wheeling, W. Va.
Stocks for Sale.
Wheeling & Belmont Bridge Company.
Riverside Pottery Company.
McCoy Shoe Company.
Wheeling Pottery Company.
wneollng aieei ?<c jron i_umpnny,
Wheeling Bridge Company.
"0-veur 5 per uuld bonda,
Industrial stocks bought and Hold direct
on Now York Stock K::ch;mjv.
I Room 4 City Dank Building. Wheeling.
We offer for talc nt uir anil accrued
interval a limited number of
I'irat .MorijJagr 20 Year
5 Per Cent Cold Bo ml?;.
These bonds court the Htrictext investigation,
aro amply pro; ecu ed and highly
recommended by bOM authorities.
For further dotuli.s and full purtlculaia
v.Tite or cull on
II'. B,xchnn?c Ur,uk Building.
! Telephone . . . No. 82.
Wo offer for .Rft1e nome ftro prr
I cent flmt mortg.'ixc bonds. W'a
I haw examined thu wcuilty be.
hind these bonds and wo can recommend
thera with eonrtdouco j
to investors.
I'ortlculara upon application.
The City Bank
of Wheeling.
$500, $2,000,
$800, 53,000,
$1,000, to $5,000,
On Real Estate Security.
Officc Open Evenings.
' Telephone 9.16. No. 12 Fourteenth Street.
J i'ftld tor Woolen and Cotton Hap*. Copper,
J )3rn*s, Scrap.*" of Leather anil Old Shoe:*,
Old ltubber, Honrs, Hope and all itlnd* at j
mo tul.
240?l ChnpllnA ntreet. Telephone Ml).
Vurd? 2712 Main St. Tulvuhono SIX 1
Rough, Red
mailtt to look vrhlto us the drtttn mow
and 10 tou to the touch as the ikln of a
Imparts \ volvcty nnooUroe* to the ikin?
Cries instantly and la pcrtocrty Invisible?
it la healing, soothing, protecting. !
WHCCVINO, w. va.
yl5 and a cents. At yonr PriggUt. ^
....FOR SAI P.
tots an follows: South aid? of 14th Bt.,
between Wood und McColloch Bta., 25 ft. .
front, JOth St., 30 ft, front. Cor, of lfith
unit Jacob Sin., 60 ft. front, with 14-room
nousq on name, cheap. Cor. of Main and
1st Sts,, eo ft. front, with 12-room homo,
cht'up. Ratf, between ttth und 29th. East
end of 2lth St. cheap, on easy payments.
Wilson St.. near 34th 8t., *350.00. Hlph,
near lUh St., at 540.00 each, on easy payments.
dirt cheap. Lots on Llnd, Chsrry
and Vino Sts., *115.00 to ISSO.OO each, chomp.
Jncob. Eoff and Wilson Sta., In Centre
Wheeling, *100.00 to tCSo.OO sach, McColloch
St.. J225.00 to *330.00 each. 11th 8t.,
5150.00. 23th St., 5165.00, very cheap. Near
east end of JIM St., 1300.00 tach, H00.0Q
cash, balanco easy payments. Water, Eoff,
Jacob, Wood. McColloch and Wetzel, Bta.,
Sth ward, cheap, on easy payments. Main,
between 1st and 2d Sts., 33 ft. front. Lots
In North Ilenwood on Eoff and Water
9tu., cheap. Money to Joan on Re(U Eg*
tutc, >100.00 to <7,000,00, in suras to ault.
' Phone 013. 1735 Market Street.
Property at No. 5 North Huron
street, consists of a first-class 7Toonied
dwelling, with all modem
conveniences, double sheeted and everything
about house is the very
best, nothing cheap. In rear is a
good 5-roomed dwelling. This property
is a good substantial investment
or home.
Building lot on Fifteenth street
for $1,000.
, U. om 11 n 1 bank puiutm ?
Fourteenth street resJdt-nce of 6 rooms,
modern, with steam heat; iposaeaalon at
Leatherwood residence, 8 rooms, modern,
lnr?o lot; very desirable.
Echo Point residence, 6 rooms, hall, now?
52,r,0u; on easy terms.
ll.&V) buys house of 7 rooms, stone foundation.
front and sldo porch, slate roof}
built two years; No. 19 Merritt street.
Money loaned on property, and fire In*
Successor to Rolf & Zane.
Telephone fiCO. No. 30 Fourteenth St
Desirable residence, with all modern
conveniences, one of tho most
beautiful locations in the city.
Possession given ut once. No. 70
South Front street, Island.
Industrial storks bought and sold dlrecfe
on New York Stock Exchange.
Fine building lot. Park View, 60 by 150,
$100 this week. A good bargain.
Building lot on Lind street, p)0 this
Building lot on East McColloch street,
nr. by sou, 51.200.
12,MO for two-story brick No. 914 Market
Frame cottage, 4 room and lot fronting
on Alloy C. $i)50 only.
Double two-story brick house and lot,
corner Baker and McColloch streets, 53,000;
less for cash.
Double two-story brick with two store
rooms, Centre "Wheeling, Main street, IS,OCO
51,500 for frame dwelling, four rooms an4
good lot. East McColloch street.
$2,500 for two-story brick, 7 rooms and
kitchen. 11C1 Eof? street.
The three-story Kenney Brewery propnrty
and frame dwelling, stabling, etc. Lot
CG by 131
Residences, two on Fifteenth street, ono
on Fourteenth streets; most desirable.
Telephone 517.
Wheeling, . . ... W. Vft.
...FOR RENT....
Desirable residence at Elm Grove, all
modern conveniences of gns, elcctrio
light and water.
A. Dusch property.
No. 173 Seventeenth street, 2 rooms?JS.
J No. Chrtfhne street, 2 rooms?15.
No. 32 Sixteenth street, collar?$10.
No. 110 Virginia street?HQ.
Blacksmith shop on Market street, north
of Twenty-fourth street.
Building on alley in rear of Germanla
llulf Hollar Savings Bank.
f%toro nud dwelling on Eighteenth street.
Two six-roomed houses, Moundsvllle, W.
Cheapest lot In Belvedere addition; laya
"well; fronts on two streets and on alley;
price $123.
No. 2S and No. 30 South York street, a bargain
for 80 days.
No. 1123 Charles street.
No. 21 Maryland street.
No. -6 Fifth street.
Ground CO feet square on Eighteenth St.
C-roomed house on Main street.
No. 32 Sixteenth street, store room.
10 rooms nnd cellar will be sold cheap it
sold in tho next 30 days.
Store room and Ave rooms, brick building,
a good location, with an old ej?
tnblblml trade.
Lot cn Sou il? Front *troet.
No. 02 Main street.
No. Main, straet.
No. w) North Front street.
No. 3" sixteenth street, store room and II
Real Estate Agent*. Collector, Notnn
Public and Tension Agent, No. 161J
M;iln xtn'i't.
DE CHANTAL wheeitat,
Sisters of the Visitation, B. V, M.
Fifty-Third Ycnr. 1900.1901,
Opcno Wednesday. Sept 12.
Cllranto doalrnblo Tor d?Hento c'rl?.
Ton mol'vn luuMUlfulb' laid out. (Jolf,
Tennln, Croquut and oth?jr nthletlo
emnes. Exocllciu c?ro| rcsaouabU
rutcm* Aiiil I'oh.h
The Directress of
Mount (Je Chuntui Academy.
STrnr. TThcolt.njr. Va.
' f
Ten Cents
A Week.
* m

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