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GEO. '?. STH
Holiday He:
:: T'^.? 2~
:i fi line IS
i; Getting Sh
!; now until Christr
I of vital importance to
> who can reach this store
1; At no other store i
> place before you such ar
> exclusive holiday merch
<; all of it the very best th.
; world afford.
: You'll remember th
<: this season a year ago.
; Unequalcd values a
! aggeration the secret of
<: But come here to-d;
;; now on, and you will fir
more enthusiasm and s'
\ any former holiday seasi
The Second
| Holiday Sec
\ Thanks to you for c
I this scction has been the
\ the city?not for one da]
j week.
Truly an exception;
tenelance steadily grows,
the new things, even if
c least of them. Just a fc
s i cut glass,
s music box:
* I ppnr.sTAT,
s and hundreds of other it
mention here. Look art
<; and compare, and you'll
|l above?the best values- i
; had in the city.
I Rich Furs for S
< An assortment of
s offers an unexcelled choi
| useful ones. Whether a
< a Sealskin Jacket, the Bl
s had here. We invite yc
| tics and prices.
5 cs< _ i mi
c3iiks anu ures
For Holiday Presen
If a fine Dress or V
<; you had thought of, we ;
;1 to supply your wants.
: black or colored, or whs
<; lutcly the best vajucs.
j Kid Gloves
| l or Ladies and Me;
j; Splendid assortme
;! kinds for the holiday tra
! for Misses and Boys. I
; csting prices.
:: GEO. E. STI
1154 to 1160 ft
ccmber II, slorc OPI
until Christmas.
FEI, & CO.
idquarters. f
iort jj
nas, and here is news
/cry holiday shopper :
in this city do they <;
1 array of useful and 1; '
andise, and any and
at the markets of the ;! :
e great activity here !;
nd absolutely 110 ex- :
if- nil >
ay, or any day from >
id the $
wifter selling than in <
Dn. |
Floor I :
fcion. I :
>ur efforts to please, ;> <
: busiest of its kind in j
f, but every day last ;! 1
il showing, for the at- : <
Worth a trip to see > !
you do not buy the : 1
w hints: <
;TS, i; !
E3, J- ,
SETS, > |
S, ?
BOBS, ?; 1
x-xo, ; ^
[PS, l > J
!lCKETS, i 5 1
S FOii. j 5
ES, > I
SIZES, |j 2 ]
lL toys, I < ,
AJJLES, ! J. '
! DESKS, : >
RDS, | < |
cms too numerous to >
3und; then come here >
find just as we said <
for the money to be s
^resemts. i
the good kinds that ^ !
ice for Xmas gifts, and ? 1
small Neck Stole or >
isr values are to be ?; J
)U to compare quali- t
s Goods I
Its. I
Vaist pattern is what S
;ire in splendid shape |
No matter what kind, <
it price, we offer abso- |
"" !
nts of all the good <
cle, also Kid L.loves s
Ml kinds and at inter- |
FEL & CO., I
Iain Street. |
id after Tuesday, DcBN
In the Pord Mnchlno 'stock Speculation
Syndicate Claims That
Tord Did
His Clients?The Machine Claimed to
Have Been Tested With "Wonderful
The exclusive publication In yester
uujr o .iiibuiuKviiver ui me uau iuck. 01 a
number o? Wheeling people In having
a large sum, suld to be $35,000,wiped out
through the failure of Broker Erastus
E. Ford, of New York, and the probability
that the money would be lost,
was read with the greatest Interest by
Wheeling people, and those who had
declined to become impressed by the
broker's- smooth talk last spring and
consequently did not invest in this twoper-efcnt-per-month
scheme were not
slow in congratulating themselves upon
a. lucky ..escape.
A gentleman who invested a considerable
sum with Ford two or three years
ago, when his spcculatlon-by-machinery
Idea was first sprung, in the course of a
talk with the Intelligencer last evening
No Intention to Defraud.
"I do not believe that Ford at any
time Intended to defraud us. I base
this impression upon the fact that after
the death of his brother and when
bis business became involved, he sent
back to a Wheeling man a check for
$1,000 that had been forwarded for investment
In stocks. Had he intended
to do us up he would have retained that
"The amount lost by Wheeling people
?If it is lost?is not, I believe, as large
as the Intelligencer stated by several
thousand dollars. There were not more
than eight or ten from Wheeling in the
syndicate, and although I do not know
ivhat each Invested, I believe the
imount will not reach $35,000.
Capt. Devoro Investigated.
"Captain D. B. Devord, of the regular
trmy, who was for several years prolessor
of mathematics at "West Foint
Vlllitary Academy, was.among the first
,o Investigate Ford's machine, and he
Irmly believed in it, and gave Ford a
etter of endorsement which the latter
iscd In London, where he took the rna:hine
and where it received a favorable
eception. The captain also invested
some money in stocks through Ford,
md the latter by reason of the captain's
indorsement paid him three per cent a
nonth on his investment for a long
;ime. Both Captain Devore and several
lere in Wheeling who invested at the
jtart have received in profits more than
vas originally invested. Here in Shoeing
we all received two per cent a
nontfr until tlie break-up last April,
vhen Ford's brother died and it devel>ped
that he had-been speculating unsuccessfully
on the side with the firm's
The Machine Tested.
"The machine was on'exhibltion in tlie
Stevens' Institute of Technology in
New York for some time, and received
the endorsement of the school authorities.
It was given a three months' tent
it the school, running ten stocks, and
)f these it paid 250 per cent on nine
stocks, and lost but twelve per cent on
"Ford's father-in-law is a New York
millionaire named Bogard, I believe,
and wo vxjhct ultimately to ?frcure the
return of the principal we invested. He
and his father-in-law, however, have
not been on good terms for s*>n\* years.
Mr. Bogard, as I understand It, hrul no
faith in Ford's invention, and objected
to him using up so much time ou the
perfecting of the machine while In his
Funeral of Levi Backer.
The last sad rites over the remains of
Levi Bacher were conducted at his late
residence Monday, r.t p. in. Mr.
Bacher was a defender of the Union,
and his death was the result of disease
contracted while serving the country,
l'he G. A. 11. and Odd Fellows attended
Lhc funeral in a body. Flowers In profusion
were contributed by the many
sympathizing friends, showing the esteem
In which the deceased was hold.
In food condition she is sweet and lovable,
and sinrs life's aong on a Joyful harmonious
string. Out o( order or un-trunf, there Is
discordance and unhappiness, Jt. t as there
Isona keynote to all mualoso there is one koy
note to heahh. A *voman might is v.':il try
<. #1.. (..1 ,.,.11 - ?J
well while the orparu that m*ke her a woman
aro weak or diseased. She must be hei.lthy
IriBida or she can't bo heslthy outsldj. There
are thousandsof -women suffering silently all
ovor the country. Mistaken modesty urges
theft- silence. While there Is nothing more
admirable than a modest woman, health Is
of the first Importance. Every other concldsrAlion
should five way be/ore It. Bradfic!i's
Female Regulator Is a medicine for
women's Ills. It Is v??3
thesafestnndqulck- frranv
est way to cure leu- k
corrhca, falling of wrf '
the womb, norvous- JgA i| \
ness, headtchc, fe3 ttl
backache ard jen- [( jl
eral woa'tnses. Vou |l 1
will be astonished j|
been experiment- 2i jS jrlvf j!)
Inr with other 30- jj|
called ramedlos. ll if>0/
We nre not asKtn^ pJ ll?g If
yoututryanuncer- lif /
uinty* Oradlleld's
Rcftulttprhasmade H^|y
happy thounandfl of tyfi'dJ
women. What it
has dane for others tfw
It can do for you. lify
Sold (n drugstores W
for$labou!e. W
A friw UlustraUd A? \j it!
book \/lU b? Mitt >714W /iilsjr Vv\vv?i7J
to nil wliowrltoiu / ' JtW^!\ijw'IW'jj
Atlanta. Co. ^
1 I
The musical event of the week comes j
oft to-morrow evening, in the Carroll |
Club auditorium when the, public at
large will have the opportunity to hear
sung "In a Persian Garden," Omar
Khayyam's beautiful poem known to all
llterateurs, and the music Is exquls'iely
in keeping. It 13 a song cycle for soprano;
contralto, tenor and bnss, which
I will be preceded by an Interesting miscellaneous
concert programme, which Is
appended In full. All the performers
' stand Jn the first rank of concert singers
of Pittsburgh and have given the
greatest pleasure by their artistic solo
and ensemble work wherever heard.
The company has been on the road all
season and the most flattering testimonials
have antedated their arrival In
this city. Tickets are on sale and season
tickets are exchanged, this morning
at Baumer's music, rooms, and a
large audience Is the outlook. The performers
and their selections are as follows:
Miss Rachel lioldon Frease?Soprano.
Mrs. V>'. A. Laffecty, Contralto.
S. T. Beddoe, Tenor.
David T. Aloore, Baritone.
Charles N. Boyd, Accompanist.
Fanlng The Miller's Wooing
Ml?s Frense, Mrs. Latterly,. Mr. I
Beddoe. Mr. Mooro. v
Flegler The Horn 1
Mr. Mooro.
nruhni3 ;.... The Little Dustman
Hawley Ah! 'Tls a Dream
Mrs. Lafferty. r
Hawley My Llttla Love ,
Mr. Beddoe. , 1
Hnhn SI mes vers avarlent des alios! c
Well' Ich wlo elnstmala alleln
Sawyer Spanish Romance
Miss Frease. c
"In a Persian Garden." '
A Song Cycle for Soprano. Contralto, Ton- c
or, and Bass, with pianoforte ac- f
companlmont. The words selocted
ironi the Kybalyat of Omar Khay- f
yam. The mu^lc composed by Liza v
Mrs. Zach Robertson entertains to- v
morrow afternoon, with a large recep- t
I/-." 1 ?r? K rv'olnnlr thr? "Rnhnrfr
son residence, on Sixteenth street,
Everything promises well for tha &
grand concert, by the Pittsburgh or- p
chestra, Victor Herbert, conductor, at c,
the Opera House, on Tuesday evening,
the 18th. The guarantors were fortunate
In being able to secure their s-^ats n
yesterday, and this morning the general ^
sale begins at !> o'clock at Baumer's g
music store. Of the artistic exccllence t(
of the programme there can bo no doubt
and It Is generally expected that
Wheeling music lovers will do thim- ei
selves proud on this occasion and give y
Victor Herbert and his great organ-za- tl
tlon a rousing welcome. tl
The wedding of Miss Laura Frew and ^
Mr. Charles Edward .Tones will be cele- ^
brated at the home of Mrs. Ann ElTza- ^
beth Frew, North Main street, to-mor- ^
row afternoon at 5 o'clock, in the prcs- ?
ence of a large assembly of friends A
reception will follow later.
The conccrt given by fho "Woman's ^
Musical Club last evening, In the A. O. ^
U. "W. temple was attended by an en- u
thusiastic and large audience. The p
performers were from the best talent ^
of the organisation and acquitted them- a
selves with distinction. The piano work
throughout was splendidly done. Miss *Gertrude
McConnaughey and Mis3 c
Edith M. Maskery, won the immediate
recognition of the audience, as worthy
of the trust imposed in allotting them
the place as soloists. Their playing was 0
line both In touch and interpretation. a
The chief accompany %vorlc was done 0
by Miss Emily Ray Pollock, whose rep- 0
utation as a pianist in this city is established,
and her playing: Inst evening P
was noteworthy. The duet sung by P
Mrs. Frederic F. Faris and Miss Flora 1
PhfoJ, and delightfully supported by r
Mias Pollock and TMiss Emma Roy- n
mann, was one of the features of the E
evening, being beautifully rendered In ^
both parts. The voices were never heard 1
to better advantage. Other ensemoie P
work were three choral numbers, with n
Mrs. F. Harry Travis and Mrs. Herbert ti
M. Riheldaffer, taking solo parts, and a
a quartet by Misses Alice Egerter, Fan- t!
nie Petrie, Martha Ott and Elizabeth J'
McLain. All were difficult selections P
and creditably given. The vocal sMo- b
ists were Mrs. Herbert M. Rlheldaffer, o
who, in singing the Jowel Song from o
"Faust," showed the purity and beauty s
of her voice to perfection. Miss Marga- h
ret Harvey was heard In two beautiful
songs admirably adapted to show the
unusual depth and grandeur of her
voice. The concert was up to the stand- t
ard of the club, and thoroughly appreciated
throughout. The rext re?ital I
occurs in January. c
Do not fall to get tickets for Saturday
night's performance at the Opera j
House. "A Night of Mystery" in all a
the name Implies, will be given for the *
benefit of the City hospital and a rush j
for seats Is assured. J
? v.. f.
Election of Officers. (1
On Wednesday evening will occur the
annual election of officers of James A. tl
Garfield Circle No. 1, Ladias of the G.
A. R. A full attendance cf the members
is urgently requested.
MORE for the money than you fin J
IClRK's, No. K'^5 Main street. o
Store open every evening. h
? ? P
COME In to-day and ceo our Display.
It'a worth while.
GEMS of the season.
ICIRK's, No. 1005 Main street. ^
Store open every evening. j
FINE Chatelaine Watches.
W. J. LUKENS, One Price Jeweler.
OUR Display Is worth seeing. Do pot
, . . K
GKAND Opening on Tuesday evenlag,
December 11, at 7:20 o'clock. Good II
music. Everybody skate, at the llygeia
lee Skating Rink.
i'nnON*Y Brushes, Coinlm and Mirrors.
W, J. LUKENS, One Price .lewder. SPECIAL
prices on Fall SultlnKsand
STICKLING Silverman kinds. C
W, J. LUKENS, Ofie Price Jeweler, 1
> Beginning Tuesday <N
Store Open Evenings.
I You Have |,
l a young lady on your a
E list of "people to fee re- ^
j membered" that would i
E appreciate a pair of pat- 2
E ent leather shoes. We a
E have them at all prices, 5
E but we have a special 5
Ej sljoe for the season at 3
E $2.45 that is very de- HI
I sirabfp. Ml
Council meets this evening In regular i
icsslon. Principally routine nslness will I
>o transacted. *
Tho council committee, on fire departnent
met last night at the city bulldng,
Chairman Baird presiding, and
LUdited bills aggregating $1,132 12.
It is specifically provided that the L
lection of fire chief shall occur at the
neetlng of council on the fourth Tueslay
of the month of December?as the
ourth Tuesday of December this year
alls on the 25th, Fire Chief R. D. Cllne
(/111 rcelve a very substantial and aceptablo
Christmas present. Mr. Cllne,
vho has made a fine record in this poslion,
has no opposition for re-election.
The council committee on claims was
o have met last nlglit, but in the abence
of a quorum, the meeting was _
ostponed until to-night Just before *~
ouncil assembles.
C. D. Kyle, the Second ward feed store rs
lan, has donated several tine cuspa- g
ores to the boya at the Vigilant en- ?
Ine house, for which they desire to ex- S
?nd a "vote of thanks. ?
"Old Bill," the fire department's ret- t
ran horse, which has seen eighteen
ears continuous service, and is now at
le Eighth ward engine house, is on
le siclc list, and It is feared that he
'III not recover. "Old Bill" Is about
wenty-four years old and has "seen
etter days." Yesterday it was reportd
that he would not eat or drink, but j
'eterinary Reefer hopes to pull the
old faithful" through.
It was reported to the fire committee
tst night that the appropriation for
tie year will not be entirely exhausted
nless thcr should arise unforeseen ex- E
endltures before the end of the month. j[
'his is an indication of the economical
nd careful administration of the afiiirs
of the department by Chief Cllne,
Jhairraao Baird, Clerk Nolte and the
"A Night of Mystery." ~
On Saturday night Mr. H. W. Rogers, B
C this city, will give an entertainment
t the Opera House which will consist
f revelations concerning the supposed,
ccultlsm of performers who go about
ho country Imposing on credulous peo<lc,
by claiming the aid of spirits In
resenting features of a mystical naure.
It is these deceptions that Mr.
togers will expose imd render the most
lyamyuiK tricKs as plain as daylight.
Ie has nothing to do with offending the
elievcr in spiritualism, but shows up
he fakir who claime to have esoteric
ower to work his wonders, and who
lasquerades before the public under
lie cloak of this belief. The perform- i
nee given by Mr. Rogers will bo for Jr
he benefit of the City Hospital, an obict
that commends Itself highly to the
atronage of the public. Tickets have
een rlaced at fifty cents to all parts
f the house, and are now in the hands
f the board of managers, and a ticket
ale at the box olllce will be opened
In Clerk Robertson's Ofilco.
Yesterday, in Clerk Robertson's office
he following were recorded:
Deed made November 24, 1900, by D.
'pple and wife, to Henry Helfenbln^:
onslde ration, $1,550; transfers a piece
f ground at Roney's Point. i
Deed made December'1, 1900, by A. S. P
lell and wife to r?arl Verse; consldertlon,
5327 f>0; transfers the middle onohlrd
of lots 61, 62 r:id 63, West Liberty.
Deed made December 4, 1900, by Mis.
Inggie Kemp, widow, to Lawrencc J.
IcCnrthy; consideration, J&50; trans;rs
lot G, square 30, in Buena Vista adItlon..
OVAL. framed picture, 50 cents. See
he window. NICOLL/S ART. STORE. j
GOOD things for those who think of \
ood goodH.
.v.^iv.1, aiu. *vu? Aiain street.
Store open every evening.
THE Hygela lee Skatta? Rink -will
pen for tho season on Tuesday even- r
December 11, at 7:50 o'clock. The b
nbllc Is cordially Invited.
CHAIN Purses and BngR.
W. J. LUKKNS, One I'ric* Jeweler.
_>ouis Bertschy,
1117 Main St.?WoHtSWlo.
Call? by Telephones Anawcrcd Dnjr or
light. Stork Telcphono 6K. Hoaldanc*
IS. Analatant'a Telephone 695.
Funeral Directors nnd Embalmcr*. Trorner
Market nnd Twcnty-second Stn.
Telcphono 207. Open Day nnd Night.
Open Day nnd Night. i
orncr .Thlrty-alxth nnd Jacob atrnctn. I |
'clcphonca: Store, 1712; lU-bldcncc, 173S. | '
F. "W. BAH
When You i
AlIkI Considk
the many Krakaucr;
in daily ^use in W
towns, and know the
tion, would it not be
select one of them fo
in and see them, anc
the great army of sal
V. A. Miiiigan, Manager.
john ran
Holiday j
(joods* * j 5
Suggestions for
^Dinner Sets,
argest variety In the state.
Fancy Plates,
Game and Fish Sets.
Carving Sets,
1119 MAIN i
-psaasisaaseKjaDMaa ooaaaaaat
^csecc see cec-c-c-c ce 5eceeKC?<
GEO. E. 1A1
at this store by the spec
ried on almost daily. (
with instructions to se
"hree lines of.
Black, White Red?-e1
cially for Waists. Pric
yard, on sale Monday
Every piece new good
V Special Purcha
Made the Past week o
inches wide, VENETI/S
day special. These
spect, retaiied all thiss
price on this lot only..
Either of the above make
til Linen Handkei
That's as Ic
go up at slow
MIV IOc, 12 1-2
v|\ 59c, etc.
MJ&L In every inst;
and the assc
the hundrec
x/ Duchess Laci
in Furs of every l<ini
Blue Fox, Lynx, etc.
Coats, Jackets and Sui
Store Open Evenings
xr&yd /SN> Sotno^noa nn?J? a tillable, roon
T the j?nrcndrnp?tao?l
fW di,
Tlioy zrr prompt, ssO Mil crrbi
r \ J( Tho .icnulnn (Dr. roul'flj never d
Sold by Chas. R. Gootso, Druggist, cor.
and Stultz Si Bauer Pianos
heeling and surrounding
:y are all giving satisfacto
your best interests to
r your own home? Come
1 get our prices, and join
:isficd piano players.
1310 Market Street.
:dei co. '
Buying, as wo do, In immense quantities
for our -wholesalo and retail
trade, and importing goods direct
from the manufacturers, we are in a
position to sell these goods a{ the
lowest prices in tlie city. #
Holiday Gifts.
Ornamental Goods,
Cut Glass,
Chamber Sets,
Placques and Pictures,
Umbrella Stands,
Souvenir Cups and Saucers.
tr you own a lot, wo Q
will make it easy ?4
lbr you to bulla o i )
jiiwrnn ?wi? iciOBi U
^ \?rlto for booklet, ?
:<3 C<- C <?GCCCC5C6e?OC?<P^
le more interesting than ever
:ial sales that have been carZonsigned
to us by a jobber
yening shades, suited espe-..Am
Ci nn ci oc ^
,c:> wcic yuuu awu *3
s. 48c a wd.
f fifteen pieces,' all wool, 57
iN CLOTHS, is another Mengoods,
perfect in every re;eason
for $1.50 a yard, Oui
98c a yard.
exceptional serviceable
rchiefs 5c Each.
w as we start them, but we
' stages, as
!c, I5c, 20c, 25c, 35c,
, up to $12.00 each.
ance they are PURE LINEN,
irtment numbers upwards to
I. Hand - Embroidered and
3 a specialty.
AC \rAi tine
/*0 TrtLV L/O
;!, especially Marten,1' Sable;
, also Ladies', and Misses'
Until Christmas.
ihly, r*ir?l?tlBC tnedlelit. Only htnatcea CDS
IdUojfii. lijauYmnuhtbeemet
Pennyrs^aS FEISs
tnlnrroult, *"
i?afr?lnt. 8old for $1.00 par box,
M.vket nna Twelfth rtrceti. ?plj

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