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Holiday PIci
that will be thoroughly app
on our first floor.
MEDALLIONS?At 98c, $1.25
genuine photographs on glass, colored
subjects, including: Baby Stuart, Pri:
Madonna, Countess Potoka, The Storr
mounted on white mats, neat ana ptoi
At $3.95?Some very handsome f
eluding: "The Cavalry Engagement,'
"Horse Fair."
The Book S'
It does not require you to be a be
going on in our book store in the base
er's copyright price, is lower than eve
above all else, are in demand for gifts
Look over our stock and notice tl'
classics, works of fiction, history, bio<
. ?ssLATES'
Ebcn flolden
Tbe Maid of Maiden Lane
The Man That Corrnpled Uaileybar
In the Palace of the King
Tie Beign of Law
Sfrin?town on the Pike
The Mention of E
brings a thought of rocking cha
book, a comfortable, easy rocking cha
ttikt follow Christmas?
Had You Thought of ?
Thought of how it's one of the m
house with too many rockers. Did y
some beauties, especially for holiday
terday. They're displayed on the thi
style and finish of rocking chairs?oal
dium, wood seat or cobbler.
Priced lower than you would ima
The Store Will Be Open E\
Events in and Abt jt the City Given Great Op;
iu u xiutsuuii. gai:
Grand to-night?"Poverty Row." The twe
Council meets to-night in regular ses- sale of Sht
Blon. jewelers,
Opera House to-night?"Sherlock ; among ho!
Holmes." { store roor
The Grocers' Protective Association with buy<
will meet In regular session to-night. ' unusually
The Carroll Club minstrels will give j
a performance at the auditorium to- J-"J
morrow evening. Sum"
The Atlantic hose wagon Is at the l0 obtain
shop of Walters & McCluskey, where { nn(j pfolld
repairs are In progress. the usual
Seats for the Cosmorama will go on plates buj
sale at House's music store this morn- take adva
Ing. Prices, 25, 35 und 50 cents.
The friends of Dr. and Mrs. Frank S. El
Morrison are extending congratulations
upon the arrival of a young son.
The funeral of the late David J. r > lur'
O'Neill will occur this morning from the no?n nddr
family home, and friends of the family school of i
arc Invited. "Stonillnc
First annual meeting of the board of ies8ona fn
trade for the election of officers occurs .
this evening, at the rooms of the cham- An(ir(?w ;
ber of commerce. tened to v
The Korn ICob Klub are making ar- on<; hundr
rangements for a stag banquet to be The inur
given at their "krlb" on South Jacob tlaq '"*? < !
street, Thursday evening.
,, .Yesterday, in the circuit court, an order
was handed down directing Justice
Fltzpatrick to grant an appeal in tho
matter of the petition of Margaret $3*
The funeral ot David J. O'Neill will j ($?&take
place from his late residence on ! . ij&wwb;
South Market street, this morning at 8 I
o'clock. Requiem mass will be celobra- '
ted at the Cathedral at 10 o'clock, af'er ' \f
which the remains will be Interred at
Mt. Calvary.
Going and Coming of "Wheeling Pco?
plo and Visitors. j
A young child of Charles Kornglver,
plpeman at the Niagara, la 111.
U. S. Kendall, a well known Fair- wf" ?
monter, was in the city Monday. gi
E. F. Thompson, of New Martinsville, [$?>- T
autographed at the McLure yesterday. 1
Harry Zeverly, of Pittsburgh, is the
Ifuest of his purents, in the Jiaat Kna. ET
Mr. and Mrs. c. A. Weaver, of i
...c, ??uru in unvn yen t era ay. yjr
IIIsfi Ida Harden Taylor Ik the: jiucnt fil
of.Mlria Gertrude Frew, of North Main U,
treet. BL ci
Mlas Grey Miller hnw returned home K^~
from a two weekn' vlBlt with friends at Is *MQ
Marietta, Ohio. j
Mli* Emina Yockey, of Falrvlew, 0., m
upent Sunday with her plater, Mrs. J.
Dinner, of Eleventh ntroet. 187^
Charles IT. Htrniih, of Grafton, and r*
Andrew Stoopn, of Bt. Mary's, registered Rr ^
at the McLure ln?t night. RV T
Miss Nettle Snyder, of Flndlay, 0.,
In the gu?*8t of her sister, Mrs. "Wllllain Er
Becker, of South McColloch Btrcet. BV. S
Superintendent L. V. Guthrie, of tin- j 5T 11
Srencer Inonne anylum, nnd W. II. "Wll80i!.
of Spencer, arc In the city, ns wit- Rr n.-i
nessc3 In the Hliwom case. & 1
Colonel J. Harvey Devorc and Colonel gf" ?
Morris llorkhelmer, membira of Qover- ft
nor Atkinson's staff, left lunt nlRht for (r?|>Washlngton,
where thoy will partlel* Kj
.pate In the Capitol Centennial exerclncB H
on WedncBday. Vy'
OUR Display 1* worth wclng. Do not K$r
OvercoutInKpiP' ,'-a" ""'1 EL
nvSVwt1' und sco our L"nplttlr- I"
Forecast for To-day?Fair.
& T.
reciatcd as gifts by your friends. Displayec
, $1.45, $1.85, $2.25, $3.45?A great variety o
by hand in natural colors. An excellent line o
-cilia, The Honeymoon, Nydia, Memories, Sickle':
n, and dozens of others.
and 98c?Some very choice landscape etchings
n black and oak frame.
Rotogravures, in fancy black frames. Subjects in'
"The Imperial Courier," and Rosa Bonheur':
!0k worm to recognize the under-price selling that's
ment. Our price, always lower than the publishr,
even now just before Christmas, when books,
lat we have nearly everything in the standards anc
^raphy, science, poetry and travel.
.5-50 Cupid's Garden $1.1
.1.11) j Richard Yea and Nay 1.1
.. 1.25 ; The Master Christian 1.1
.1.19 I; Tlie Lane That Had No Turning 1.1
.. 1.10 i: Philip Winwood 1.1
i in ii a
. I.iu i; lyiJUwi l VlilligS I.I
irs to mind, for what's more satisfying than a gooc
ir and a warm fire on those cold winter evening;
i Rocking Chair?
ost appreciated gffts one can receive? Never saw ;
ou? Our furniture buyer placed a large order fo
selling, away last August, and they just came yesrd
floor, and the collection includes every kind
cor mahogany, light or dark, large, small or megine?beginning
at $2.45 to $10.00.
ery Evening From Now Until Christmas.
NE-FOTJRTH OFF. ' on the third floor of the Hub bulldlnc
formerly occupied as a gymnaslutr
portunity for Jewelry Bar- Riving the .school 4,000 additional feet o
as at Sheff Brothers. "oor sp'"-'e' t
nty-llve per cent discount _ _ _ , - ,
-p ? ,, .. , 0. C. Genther's Jewelry Store Crowd
. IT Brothers, the well known , . , ?
has created a sensation e Holiday Buyers.
Ilday shoppers. Yesterday the The rush is on, and O. C. Genther, th
ns of the firm were crowded jeweler, at 10G9 Main street, is doing th
ni,,raln& M.? The lllBKC9? w?tch and Jewelry business I
tatlon of Shrff Brothers for town.
gives the very strongest as- Mr.%Genther's stock Is immense, an
r values; and this 2f> per cent Is replete with all the many beautlfi
ale is a bona fide opportunity things that make acceptable Chrlstma
the best Jewelry. Diamonds presents. '
ny Novelties at one-fourth off He is the only wholesale jeweler i
price. No person who contem- town, and his travelers visit the trad
ing Jewelry should fail to in six states. lBy buying In such im
ntage of this great sale. mense quantities for his wholesal
- m m. trade he is able to undersell any jewele
llott School lecture. In lh,c U"J this Is easily to fc
s?en by the rush of early buyers at hi
ieph Speers, of the Second store, eager for the great bargains no^
an church, yesterday after- being offered. t&s.
eased the pupils of the Elliott ?
diorthand, tnklng as his topic, OVAL framed picture, SO cent*. Se
*s of Purpose," and drawing window. NICOLL'S ART STORK,
m the lives of Napoleon and a ? 1
arnegle. Tlie lecture was lis- FINE ICE, Good Skating, music b
nth great enjoyment by over Kn''' KllncJ ,cver>" sess'or
. Everybody comn and bring youi* bes
eel pupils. friend with you on Tuesday evening
Ufeement of tTie Elliott school December 11, at 7:150 o'clock.
fiSi'fl il limcn fnr i..n - - - - ?
...v, ,i,m i-ivuiaiA ICK .SKATING RINK.
fimmr A\^IloS4
prr ,. i T
MEWS Effective! In
i..window displc
serve you fees
ilNTS- Relating to Various f
Furs, Jackets, A representative range of French Wnlstlng Fin
Copes, Bulla, brolnrert ..
Bklrta, A CLOSE INSPECTION In neccHnary to sot you
Petticoat*, on ? ??ev/ H?e of Outing Waist Flannels nt 1214c. ynr
WnlHtn. prlco were not mentioned youM think they wero all
Wrappers. French Flannels ut r.Uc yard. Designs, colorn and si
PKslng SacnucH. appearance of French Flannels nil there?the price
tlldrcn'H Rcefera, coIvcb you.
Infanta' Wear, Other deceiving waist materials nre polka dot and
ti'rt Mouhu Coats, cd VELVETS?5X00 worth of appcnrance In each
tUunkL't.i *?r M contH. And still another?a new fabric for
>yra Druggets, DOW DECORATIONS, pretty as sllk-co?t* you b<
Screens. yard. For Rift giving we MigRCHt ii BLACK or w
Fascinators. DRESS?Milk or wool. Aro felling all colored allk
egglns, Garters, Drcaa Goods at MARKED DOWN PRICES.
Drciis Goods. ^7 A
?il Up Staffs
Snrrad.i. A
II. H. Llnc'tiB. aro these, nnd they're well worth going uftcr:
pachtel and - A number of Circular Parlor Tabled, with mrta
tlsHanco Pieces, nn,j |,iK|, ,,0llMhod Wrd's-Eyo Maple. Mahotcanv or
Cushion Top#, est Green Hardwood Tops. Valuo *15.00. To close.
Pin Cushion*, tf.oo
ropers. Catchalls, Cotton Blankets *'Jr lo w'
I. H. Sheets and All wool Country lSlankcts, worth $3.&*. at.......
Pillow Canes. A new lino of absolutely fast nnlnrisl Tablo Co
pronH, uariers. alzon .........................
llaniiaoinc Couch Cowr.s
m\ MORE SPECIALS.^.*..*.*
Klncut Morccrlxoil UndorHklrtn, Hvo mine*. wort
Hufiled Orlentul TafTela Umlcraklrta, worth
! j The advantage of early touy- |
lnp for holidays Is apparent 9
to overy one who has "been ?
g through the eleventh liour g
6 rush whifch always precedes jj
t ChrlfitnmH. The early shop- 3
I per gets the choice of. every- |
B thing. We would advise you J
P to como to-day and make 9
ft your BClectlonW slippers and 3
. | shoes. Our goods now on 3
1 0 display arc tho handsomest 'A
1 wo havo ever yet shown our s
KJ patrons. Tho assortment of 5
H Christmas novelties aro un- 1
f va broken. Make your friends R
c Sj / twice happy by giving aoxno- ]
' jw thing both attractive and . i
> 0 useful j
. : NAY'S, 13 Market. | j
! i
$ California Naval Oranges. $
P Good hIsp, IiIkU color, "not a spoil," G
A sound, JukcIouh fruit. I Cft A
Y At tho dozen IOC Y
5 ^ Cream Cheese.* ^
. a Tho richest, creamiest and llnest a
V flavored cheese you ever nte. If Y
Q you arc fond of good cheese i 7^ V
1 a try some. .At the pound.... I lu ^ j
a New Nu(s, nll'klrids:-Dates, Figs, a i
j Y nn'* tllace Fruits, Table Raisins, ^ j
I $ and etc. $
I $AM B. McKEE CO., |:
_ A Grocers. A I
= Y 'Phono 073. 227-31 Market St. J j
[ ?ici3ntd%crim?
0 Oflldm and 27 FourteenthStruct.
New Advertisements.
An Ideal Christmas Gift?House & Herrmann?Stand
California Xaval Oranges?Sain 13. McKeo
Co.?Eighth Page.
For Kale?1Theo.' w. Fink & Co.
You Have?Alexander?Fifth Page.
1 For Kent?An Klghl-Kouin House.
1 Christinas?C. 11. Qulmby.
Glows 'loaned Free.
> 3'jtifburgh. Securities?Robert C. Ilall.
Chest Pioti-dors?rt. H. List.
specmmcK lor wome iuuue ?wceia?Alton
Stolzo & Co.
The UyKtln lee Skating Kink.
One Doxen?IT. F. Hehrcns Co.
Don't Blot?White Swan Laundry.
ISr.VKulns?Norton & Company.
, Holiday Pictures?Stone & Thomas?
1 Eighth iiu?e.
r Christmus Shirts ? McFoddcn's?Second
1 page.
> Wo have fitted more than twenty ,
thousand pairs ot* SpootaulcH, giving; us
n record iiztd experience unequalled by
any other optician in West, Virginia,
bntlblaclloa guaranteed.
JACOJi Vf. (ilitlJIf, Optician.
No. liiOO Market Street
Useful and Elegant Christmas Gifts
at Popular Priccs.
COLLARS?Always the vory newest
for Ladies and Gentlemen.
NECKWEAR?All the latest styles.
GLOVES?Kid, Moco, Silk and Wool.
HUEELERS and Iiludlexetts?Eilk,
'i "Wool and Cotton.
SUSPENDERS?Eancy Silk, Satin
and Worsted.
SHIRTS?Eighinies and Monarchs in
YT7% Un f!n1r?r?/1
_ FICE COA.TS?Wool lind Worsted.
Wool, Cotton and Jaros' Hygienic.
^ UMBRELLAS?Silk and Mohair with '
'* Fancy Handles.
A Suit of Clothes, Overcoat. Pair of ;
n Trousers or Fancy "Vest made to i
order, as we have their measures. '
e Fashionable Tailors and Furnishers, 1
r 1321 and 1323 Market btrect.
o D
,v "Water Itent3 Are Due.
Water rents for the six months
ending; March 31, 1001, are now ]
e ready. If paid on or before Decern- i
ber 31, 1900, a discount of 10 per
cent will "bo allowed.
j. ?Handlan,
City Hank Building, Market Street. All
trliunu'il Hals at Cost.
spiring! No descri
lys are a fitting ind
f rio4it now. Onp.n
" * o _ -J
"abrics. HIN
nnola hero?plain, printed em- Handkcr
UTV^e tp $1.50 yurd (;jr)V
flKht , (i'ur,
1 /%'?j S'mlVn
Mfu1c'? Susp?n
anU Y,' " l\,prN
A W , Mirrc
ff ff nrw"dS
-6 ? "r Calvin
_n Mool
*~*L. J\ I><>1IH
A \
1 lour /I \ X\V ? Mocha
For- jf.4\ \ -^v-P T<ni;liioN ai
Majjic I,
rarh Slo.:
* pair Crokiiiole
82-93 nil
vorn In S-l, 10-1 and 1M Mai
?-'.7S to SI.'.Vi Other A
$.1.00 to (7.0*) each
h 54.75, nt JUS ??urh V?/
, nt ^
In tho Person of- Rev. C. H. Robinson,
of Baltimore?There Were
Other Aspirants.
Tho Selection to he Ratified at a
Meeting: of Wheeling Presbytery
At a congregational meeting- at the
First United Presbyterian church last
nibiii., in'.- inumuum ot uie congreguiiuji
unanimously decided to Issue a call to
the Rev. C. II. Robinson, of Baltimore,
to the pastorate. There were seventyseven
members of the congregation
present and they voted by ballot, Rev.
C. II.. Robinson receiving the majority
of votes, his selection being afterwards
made unanimous by a rising vote. After
the result of the vote was known,
the members of the congregation all
signed the call. The call will be talcen
to the presbytery, which meets at the
Unity United Presbyterian church, Ave
miles from New Athens, Ohio, to-day.
The congregation will be represented by
It. K. Giffen, J. V. Dickey and J. M.
The Rev. A. R. Rohlnson, of Martin's
Ferry, hud charge oC last night's meeting,
and he preached a strong sermon,
bearing on the importance of selecting
a good man to the pastorate of the
The New Pastor.
C. II. Robinson, the new pastor, was
born in Beulah, N. Y., forty years ago.
Graduated from "SVcstmln3ter College.
Studied Theology in the United Presbyterian
Seminary of Allegheny. Received
and accepted a call to the United
Presbyterian congregation of Mum ford,
X. V. Later lie became pastor of the
First U. IJ. church of Baltimore, where
he continued for about seven years,
when he resigned to Take charge of the
new North Avenue Mission in Baltimore,
which had started under his pastorate
In the First church. Son of Rev.
W. J. Robinson, D. D., who, until his
death Jast December, was pastor of the
First United Presbyterian church of
Allegheny, which has always been regarded
as one of the leading churches
of the denomination. Dr. Robinson was
one of the leaders in the church, and
was moderator of the General Assembly
of 1S9!>. Possibly no greater proof of his
successful career could be given than
the fact that his three sons followed in
his footsteps and are nOw pastors in
me utiiL-ou jcrreauyienuii cnurcn, one oi
whem. George W., has just been called
to s 'ceed his father in the pastorate
of th3 First church, Allegheny, and
Rev. A. R. Robinson is pastor of the
First United Presbyterian church, of
Martin's Ferry. Mr. Robinson is a
clear thinker, n. line speaker, and a most
congenial companion. He is one of the
strong young men of the denomination.
It is earnestly hoped that he will accept
the unanlfnous call of an earnest congregation.
He will receive a hearty
welcome and generous support.
Wanted?At Once.
Thirty musically inclined boys, aged
twelve years, to sing in St. Matthew's
boy choir. Must be refined and of neat |
appearance. Musical training and sal- ;
ary at start. Apply to Paris R. Myers,
Friday evening, 7:30 o'clock, at chur'-.i. i
This week to the early Christmas buyers
wo nrc Riving "5 per cent off our regular
prices on everything in our stock except
diamonds, on which wc give 10 per cent.
Our dlamondu are marked so low that to
give per cent off would mean an actual
Joss on every piece.
We buy goods in largo quantities direct
from tilt* manufacturers lor both wholesale
and retail business, and this year wo
propose to give our customer;; the benefit
of the bargains we secured.
Wholesale and Retail (Jewelers, Corner of
Main and Eleventh Stre< t:-.
Alt el f
ptive language ca
ex to the GREA'
every evening.
iite. | hh'ls.
I Thoiiminils li >ro- lionchl they're
out of jJulobes.
hnndlcw. ."Material.", however
,r* as we ulwiiyn mrlvi* for th?
ml Cuff I nl,l';11, Worn,? <?r children. Tl
decidedly ornutu with a jiroi
jj.s ' prices uro numerous, -ISc ami
Dowa S
/ udn. in (ju, ituptMnoiU China It
lamfH, OAK AI'M <>r Water Mottle, ni
n. ',f! . renter may bt? unwnrewed to )
id ltoutn, and cut efforts
'* , They bring doublu tboyu i
boardH. ln;;ly prlccd.
' A table full of out kIuhs i
IV, , crystal Rlns* at very low nrli
rtlclcs. WHAT'S TUB MATTKll
eiiH, China, CJla.^s and Sllvei
ft MoriK .-yiPiuo:
}} Olvornnud'H Went Taffeta
' Klderdown Dr wring Haoqi
The beat at
a Thing
no doubt,
ing, we dor
mpnt crux Ac
in our store
holiday sha
buy for thei
they expect;
overcoat fo
derwear, tic
than you'll
pay, with a
back if you
I Good clothes that contai
I three most essential facti
j real,good, firsr-class clol
i look it through; see how
: quality, the style and t
down to rock bottom. (
where. If you are looki
wear until you've torgotl
better come and see us.
honest clothes of this so
Unnual HO
II Commencing Monday,
Dcccmbcr 25, to each
\Vc w
pur Beautifi
| Locke St
Headquarters f
.n do it justice
1 ER showing
Is, Yes? W
ippciiilly for Holiday selling,
ordinary?more style to the & )
. are hard to improve upon,.
host, \vhethor wanted for
ioho with bundles of gold or |""
Horn or Natural Sticks, are
;jouncod preference for gold comblr
$12.00 nr? the two extremes.
oom, among the many dally arrivals
;ade In two section:*; the sllver-plati
i?? rinlt tilling with lee?also facilitate
ICS nt
>rlccs ulncwhcre. Other up to 53.00
nt about HALF 1MUCI3. Durable i
?es. Special lot of China Trays, wo
with ut\ entire Table Sorvlec for a
rwaro? Uuy now; we'll stor" till w
ITndorskirts, all colors: Rpeclnl at.
tea?now. clean and stylish?oven at.
, Siich
li Luck,
but there's also such a thing as
If ycu trust to luck in buying cloih1't
know where you'll go. If judg
s you, however, we expect to see you
. We'll be crowded this week with
ippers. They know that what they
ir relatives or friends will prove all
, so if you want an elegant suit or
r cither man or boy, hats, shirts, un:s,
etc., you find a larger stock here
find in any other half dozen stores
it a less price than you expect to
guarantee that says your money
want it.
cnth and Market.
LCJUcll to
)m Made.
n warmth, wear and worth?the
di's that enter into the make-up of
thing. Pick up a Suit or Overcoat;
' it's put together. It's there?the
:he fit. The price is right?right
3an't find good clothing lower anyng
for a Suit or Overcoat that will
ten when you bought it, you had
The store is packed with good,
December 3, and continuing until
purchaser of
ill present one of
ul Art Calendars
FOR 1901. \
ioe CoiTapaoy9
or Useful Holiday Presents.
% Our five
within. Can 1
- _ 4
m HINTS. i
Cut Glass. /I
T^Ai ^ ' ft> , Urle-a-Brac. -<J
JV i^ninpK, Mobos. la
f /y Onyx Tables, Jj
/ W V/ Statuary. "\J|
A A Jurik-nlerea, H
1 A\ Pedestal*. JS
B Rmv Perpetuated "^3!
-rj c tJ pa I Mauls.
-) * \ Toilet ami J*
' Dinner Sot?,
latloni. Umbrella Silverware, 0
Candelabra*. ig
Mirrors. ;
Perfumery, Jf,
Tollrt Article*. }
Carving Sets, a
Ruckles. Ribbon*. ^
arc there: A now Ebony and sterling ^
ul metal rim near Silver Articles. I
-'m cleaning. Plain Atomizers,
Kflc each Pictures and
..SOc and IVSc' each Picture Frames. /;
each, correspond- Brooches.
Pompadour Scariff, \
hapoH In gold and l.ndles' J
rth C5c. Jit 10c Neckwear,
holiday gift?Lin- otc.t etc. |
itnted. A
::=::iS D 1
>3.75 P

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