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Daily intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, Va. [W. Va.]) 1859-1865, August 20, 1861, Image 2

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KbITOM A*U fVormtTjU.
MJIMJ,?idlvrMiaiUy, p*r ?mi.
builjbj BWl.tD tlnto, .... li.t*
7u-W?>str,by ?/???*?*... i.oo
WcULT.ty coul.lfifjrw-.. 1,01
Tneid?7 Morning, Ang. 20.1861.
Oo-t raa*l?"" ?**??>? ?i?r
KmL t'.xpt *? bright ?? u</? lb*; aattf,
it U make It i?4 W nr.i* Ir. ?tr.
Belli B<*t ??*/?? rath patriot'a crava,
D?<iL to it.* traitor lt<?l ??? ?M <Ura
T -tldl l? IhflMch tin* d*??t of abtiua
All lionet i.r*'ta |i? lot will ??. va
AuA (ull"? U Vj I mm tli of 1'au.a.
Tha Stat* of tlie War and lha I'roa
When the preirut war for the Union la
over, and when ibr Colon febill bave be*n
lared, aa wo trail an<J b*i:r*rc in a kind
I'rofldence It will be,mm will b ire learned
a great deal of each otbtr? mora than Ibia
genrratiou e?er knrw ln*f rr. They will
b <ve Irurned wbit material 11.?*v are made
of?how aubjetl they are to nl 1 the unrea
donabic and iinreaaonlu? I!actttatioui of
entnuai.iau) and deipoudency. Tuny will
rlei* themaelvea in all the itfceiiife phi
?e? of tbl? w.ir with ftrjr bumbled feeling
The J will nee bow very little, in the firit
place, they knew of Hie rbarueter of
tbi? rebellion?how deceived they wcro ?t
our time a* l?* it a weakfie** and ?t anoth
er tiiue nil to It* ftrenjfth. They will ae?
tbemielvfa, purtit ularly at thii very time,
nlmoit deapondent, when the truth waa
th-it at txi tim?* ulnre tint w.ir < omrnem ed
have thi-y bad m up tmnon to hope tor
g iod reault a. It w.-uM be without a hij
t irical parallel that A..people, ?i touted no
Were the people of the loyal State*, sud
denly callrd to nrou Iroin their peaceful
nvocntioria, should enter at once upon it
new aplirre of life, itud in a few weeks,
mid in ilit* face of odd*, and in the fare of
unexampled danger*, be uniformly aucce?'?
It Win not enough fur the loyal masses
Hint Orn. Jl.Clellan, despiio grcnt uaturnl
oliitnclfi, drove out the invnderi frotn
Western VirKini>t, ill ,i brilliant cnmpnign
of it few weeks. Ii ?ru> nut enough thnt
he wm nil the time *ncee?sfnl. The pen.
I'le eipoel ed no reverse anywhere. The*
desired iinil eipeotcd uniform ami rapid
t'ICCCSS ever, Tl|- w,rc
w",k ' i i """It f'?r It, hut Impatiently
noil Willi ly ru.heil iifier it without eile.
'|iut?preparaiion lu ntiliicte it, Aud this
limte lost them the battle of Ilnll's Ron.
Til. m.f., ion of that hettte ?u onthiog
-t II that the enemy got in the war of amis,
or provisions, or army Horn, m but a
mere drop in the bucket. In their killed
nnd wounded they lulTerei) rqnul, ir not
greater Ion. Tliev weie, during the day,
more than once, by their own confession^
on the point of rout. They were lighting
on their own gronnd, and yet almost driven
from It. In n wnnl, they barely escaped
that demnriliz ition which clunged over
to our side. So that. In actual results,
tlm contest was nearer a draw than'
It was anything else. It it only in
the moral or the whole thing that they
have g lined the advantage, and that
we admit, is no trifle to any army. Tlieir
spirits have I,ecu uueipeclrdly upniised.
The henry cloud of their Western Virginia
disasters was suddenly lightened, nnd it
came their time to be juliilent in their
speeches and j? tli,|r newspaper,. |,
tiiust be confessed they have tried to im.
prove their opportunity. From Davis
down to the .llnbnnja editors, the Simla of'
confederate superiority has been raised.
?No people light like the Sout'ierners. No
people ever had such a noble cause. .\o
people wire ever ?.? well appointed for a
?truggle. Thru tlitrr eon I. nhjuj.tlnl.
Ttiey must, in the usiore of things, tie ever
Victorious. This is the way they talk and
write ever since the battle, and such talk
nnd tttfh writing Ins lis effect, It
presses the I'nlon sentiment still ciuling
niuong them?makes the timid turn over
to then, and apna|t even the bmre
he.irts of ltotta nnd Brow n low and
othrrs like them. And it h?t Its effect
North, too. and the tr.ilt. ru there of the
Vallandigham school, and the Set Vurk
Den Wood school, who hare long , nee
bargained and told out to the conspirators,
and who look to their tn.ieets as their
only political hope, redonl |e thnr ejrr
tiont to spread di-alTei iion and despond,
eney auinrg the Cnion mja.es. The tax-s
are paradt d before their eyei, and the stag.
nant condition of business Is eternallr
harped npon. The hocrora of a long and
unsuccessfal war art studiously plied, and
every art ii retorted to to make the peo
pie believe that it wat within the power ol
Mr. Lincoln In have avoided all Ibis scene,
and to have restored the Tnioa back to
where it was years ago. So ndntously are
all these s.phi.trie, and lies d* ell upon in
little conclaves, and so skillfully are they
sugar-coated in certain newspapers like the
Cincinnati rafmere, the St.Ualmllli Oa- j
"aJ u,h" kindred prints, that many
persons always hitter and often Ignorant
partisans, really believe them, and yield
to the poisonous influence. When this It !
the caie there ii but one thing to be done
. <-??M effort, 0f ,teM tr,ttors !
Is to m overcome it all haiards.? '
No true nan would, under any false i
ynpathy, ley that the* conspirators
be allowed to tighten their grasp
CD the struggling eihtence of the Govern
Bent. On lh. contrary, every turh man
would l?y that It must be loosened, pence
ftlly If poislhle, but forcibly If neeeasary
Th? clotch must be relaied. If not by the
ugnaent of perfusion, then by the trgu
wit of force.
The present is a mast imporuot jooc
tore, t? Uct iti? rrrr crisis of oar rational
existence. The traitor* know it, and tb?
lojali?ts know it. If wa can k**p up (be
jpirii* of tba people for tbs next few w*ek??
ail it well. But the traitors era deter
mined that tl.ii rba!l not be d'?ae.?
Tbey are a', work now, for this it their fan
hbirjt, it i:<i tbey know tb?l if tbejr bil cow,
tbey iu 1 forever. Tl+j *now tli*t tbe re.
verae ?t Ball t Hun !??> east * abadow of
disappointment over the North, aad ren
dered it necessary to abstain from anoth
er advance fur i.me weekf. Tnejr know
that daring tbif period of apparent,
tboogb sot real military inactivity, there
eno necessarily be little to kiadlg tbe
enthusiasm of ?bit people into tbnt
glow which ?4i witnessed after ibe
full of Sumter. Tbry carcful!/ din
/'jue all the tremendous, tbe unequal
e l preparation! wbicb the government is
msklng Tbej never show them tbe im
m< i.-e quantities of arms, of men, of pr ?
visiuas that nre being sent forward. Th?*y
fcevsr tell them of tbe rigid ar J excellent
dr?'.l it)wt i? being iufu*ed by Oen. McGIe!
lttu. au^to what a state of t-tli-.?-rocjr ?ud
perfection he it bringing liii arm/ ?
Now it is e-.sj to see that ibis i- tin* junc
ture which is belt suited to the purposes
?.f t.se rorn vrbo wi?b to divide, dilbeartea,
discourage the North. A few short weeks
and ibearmy will be sieved fur beyond its
present proportions, nnd be in a vastly
Vlf!n r a'-it* o' efficiency, nn.l probably
will have achieved some victory that will!
send the bloo I coursing through the veins t
??f the urnst sluc^iib nod despondent
patriot. The nary too will have seal- j
ed up the creeks and inl- tsfrom wbicb the .
South sends forth her vends, nnd will,,
wc trust, tuve made privateering too un
plt .'.nit nod perilous a business fir the
most reck Iei<? adventurer. A column of
troops wil! probably be holeringalong the
Southern coast, landing here and there,
and drawing tbe forces nut of Yirgini*t
peihaps seizing a Southern city As the
heat* of August | <ts* uway we expect to see
everywhere nn activity which will fire the
public heart with j:>y and enthusiasm, nnd
enable eren the dullest and most cheerless
patriot to see that the work of suppressing
rebcKitui is rrally going on, and that the
day of deliverance from our troubles is
visibly drawing nigh.
Let no man be caught in th<* snare which i
tht-e prote??ed p *ace makers are setting j
for him. They mean milclm f, and nothing
but mischief. They are making the most I
ol these days, which seem to offer some'
peculiar advantages to them. They hope 1
to get men committed to their schemes
now, knowing tbnt when the first step has
oecn taken, when i* man once allows him
: self "to despair of the republic" and to
join the party of despphdcucy, his patriot
ism is paralysed, and the whole weight of
hi* name and inllueuce is thrown ugainst
the government. Courage then in nil
hearts. Let no man flinch or tremble oc
doubt. Let ns gather our forucs with re
newed energy; and show that the presence
of cruven hearted or traitorous men only
furnishes us with a new argument for ral
jiving with a braver spit it and striking
j with a mightier blow.
Monmay, Aug. ID, 1801. i
The Convention met nnd wm called to '
order nt hull pint I> o'clock A. M.
Prayer by Uev, Gideon Martin of the j
M K. Cluirili
Minnies ot" Saturday rend nnd approv
Tho President presented n commuffTfiv
tiou Iroiu the Governor, tendering his i"?
ignatiou as a menitier of tin? Convention.
Mr. Lrwis followed in sonv rem trk.-f up
on tin* form of tlie goverumeut here, and
?oic^est'd that tin4 executive nnd
ilvi-d 'pirtnHMit of ihe government "light
to ho entirely sepi rated, nnd that it should
lie brought back lo it" orlpinul reprrsenta
tiv?? character. The KM'hmoiid Contention I
h ?d plneed the supreme p 'Wir in the ex<c !
utive, nnd bo thought that in reconstruct
ing tins government they ought to remedy
theevilsbrougbtupon *?h by thatConfeniiun
We ohouid bo careful of patterning nflrr
the in in do<ti i>ying the representative char
acter of our government, mid inventing too
loueli ot the ?utliorily in the bund* ot hti
executive. I If tavored tlie acceptance of
tin- resignation.
.Mr. Lkwis went on it soni" length taex
plain ill? r .rd to which allusion b id been
mule in d b?te here, reviewed cir
cumstances which Induce I him to write it.
and defined wh<?t lie uu' tuliiy a divided
allegiance. lo be strictly in accordance
with tlm Constitution of tIn* tfnUed St ties
irid of the Stat*, lie took the position
he did at the time. b?c inv he understood
| the raovemeut then being inaugurated
j lu re ?* i\ rounter revolution, nnd not
whit it Iim sioue proved itself, the reor
I ganixing of the government of the whole
I St ??e ; and because be thought it proposed
: a disintegration of the State at n time
j when be thought tt would h;?ve been un
wise. "If that c?rd was nii-tnken in the
doctrines it annnhnced, if it wst impru*
dent In its inception, an.* ill-judged in tbe
time of its beiog put forth; it. as wis re
mark' d by the geutlrman from Oiiin, it i
threw impediments in the way of those !
who are engaged in this great movement. j
I will from this day make nse of all my i
powers, intellectual, moral and physical. ?
to undo what was wrongfully done in the j
writing of that card."
The resignation of Mr. 1'elrpolnt was nc-!
The order of the day came up, bring
upon the substitute as nmeuded by Mr
Mr. Hooto* proceeded to address the !
Convention. He believed upon tbe bar- j
monious settlement of tbi* vexed question ,
here depended tho we'fare of thi** govern- J
merit. Since .Saturday they had all had ;
time to reflect, and he came here this morn
ing holding out an olive branch to gentle- |
men who advocated the opposite tide of this
question. For this purple he submitted
I a proposition that this whole matter be '
| retern-d to a committee to consist of sis
members, three Irom each side, with the
I express understanding that tbe committee ;
I report to-morrow morning. He mo\cd .
that tlie whole matter be that referred.
Mr. raa.e?woaTS asked tbe nentlemaa to
j withdraw bit motion for a time.
Me. Hootos declined to do to. as be was
| aware that there were, at lentt, half a J
, doien prepositions to be offered. He could
I not consistently do to.
Mr, FaastwoaTB said his object was to |
present a modification ot hit proposition,
[.which be believed weald give geatral tat* !
ttfAction. If this should f&il he would
Ihta utor Im |?ro|w?ai9fl.
Mr. HOOTOS taid the geullrmo cou'i
prefect bis modified ;>'?f/o? ' on to tbe
committee for tbeir confident: ?o.
31 r. Boaeav* <?ij i;? vu vui.oc to meet
feaile'ne:? 00 tbe other #!d-r naif way, and
be tViu-ht r.tttj pr.pcsitioa hid mu-.ti
b*tt?r referred to the committee.
Mr i^UEV moved to amend tie motion
by interring a? the c jmmittre the u*?fS
of Me*?r?. Carlile. Lnr.b, Kmmer, Cask
ad >0 J tcksoa ?rni Borernto of Tyler.
Mr. Tabb moved to nmend bj making
the cumm.ttee coomt of teo, and thought
they should be tclected from et?r/ ?:de of
the IIun?e.
Mr Va* Wwiti remarked that in the
Convention u( lttSO, when the Compromise
Committee w:n appointed to couti ler tbe
?jQ<-itiono( the white batii, they were ap
pointed by ballot, e?cb member voting
for b?.f tbe committee. He did not make
tbe motion to telect them io tbi* war, but
merely m*de tar sujjtfeftum.
Mr. \V?sr eXpA'?aed a bope that the
pf'?po-ttsuo of (be gentleman from l'reston
would prevail.
Mr. isokxCY withdrew his motion
Jtr. PouLicv ro e merely, .11 lie ?uid, for
tbe purpose of c*pres?iag hii cordial ap
probation v( ;bu propokiliuu of tbi grntle
m t>i, from Preston.
Mr. T a in withdrew his aaaenira.'Ot to .
Ibe ni'Jtiou of llr. Dor*cy.
ilr l.AMtt suggested that each side of
tbeb.u-s.- upon the q;e?tioa ti be dster
mioed should select ks b.iif of the Com
mi* ice.
Mr. Uootox accepted thj suggestion.
Mr. liooTo.v i proposition us thus
amended w..? ndupud i.n-?nii300?'T.
Mh Lamb, from ti?.* C -a *i.? t? ? on Cre
dential*, ieport?*d that \\ !J. ll.il ??! Miri
Oti, wa? entitled to 11 ?eat in t:i? C01 * n
lion, to ti.1 the v-icancy created by tbeits
ignation of Mr. Peir point.
The report was adopted, and Mr. Hull
?worn in.
Mb. Kaogr presented tin ordinance t?>
provide fur holding v speci <1 t?rin of tbe
County Court 01 J ?ck?on county, to nun*
tnence <>n tint fourth Thursday <?! August,
ltj'il, which ordinlacew.ts pa?sed.
Mu. Van WtNKLC, by general ron^ent,
offered fi Dill ill*: Committee on 11 >H|ti ?**,
nu ordinance providing for the collection
"f trie public reveuue in cerl>tin cases,
which was laid uputi the table and ordered
to be printed.
Tiie C-nv ntion then took :? recess until
the refill ir hour, to nfford opportunity to
elect the Compromtc Committee*
A. 1CKVJON tfrg.SIOjf.
Convention met at hulf past two.
Jlic. Kkost h-?id the members on both
sides respectively had elected the follow
in*.' gentlemen :i+ t lie Committee on Com
promise: Mc?*rs. Faros worth, t* ?rlil?-t
I'axton. Vd'i Winkle, llufTner, and Limb.
Mr. V an Winkle said be was instructed
by that Committee lo recommend to the
Convention aii adjournment until to-tnor
roar morning, in order that all the proposi
tion* connected with the subject, which
are pending or may be offered, be referred
to that committee, and (hut they have lib
erty to print their report before submitting
it to tho Convention, if they can agree in
time. In that case thi* matter will be ready
tor your action ?t the opening of the mor
ning session, and will b'tnlly i?e got ready
before. In reference to the other business
Hint is pending here, I mentioned it to the
Committee, ami they suid they would lik*
to be present when it is acted upon; and
upon the wbole, considering Uu* state of
anxiety in tho minds of the member* upon
this one subject, it ?m thought If we could
dispose of thin in the morning, the other
business could be taken up mid dlupdiM
ot in perhaps a half hour or an hour.
1 therefore move that all proportions
and any propositions that may b? off-red
hi reference to a division of the State, be
referred to the Select Committee on flint
subject, and that they have leave to print
such report ns they may agree to by to
morrow morning.
Mr. Lrwis?in accordance with the sug
gestion just made, I move that the Con
venti- n now adjourn.
Mr. Kkost asked tiie gentleman to with
draw bis mot.on a moment to allow hitn
to make a personal explanation, which lie
proceeded to do n* follows*
'?Tho impression seems to have gane
abroad, sir, that on last Saturday, lifter
making the statement 1 did. that I had
paired off with .Mr To i l, ol Taylor county,
I voted upon tho amendment ot the mem
ber from l> 'ddridge. I distinctly stated
then that 1 believed under the arrange
ment I bad made Willi Mr. Told. I hud the
r gh', after the proposition of Mr H ?re
iu hi was voted lown, to vote upon any
?ub.?equent proposition, but I declined
?I ing it |e?it it might b'j misinterpreted.
I voted upou cue proposition alone, and
that was upon a motion to put ,'th ? m iin
question. I voted against tliat in order to
allow the member from D^ldridge nu op
portunitv to speak upon li s propos tion.
This impression seems to have git abroad
outside of the b ill from the report of mem
bers who seem to have misunderstood the
vote I ir?re. I mike this statement in
otd ?r that tin reporters tn iy make some
minute of it to show why 1 declined voting."
I w .<? m f?eor ot the motion of the gt-ntle
man from Doddtidge, an I should have
voted in favor of it. but for the reason
assigned I did not vote upon it."
.Mr. Ltwis then ru wed bis motion and
the Couveution adjourmd.
The S?w Svectilon 1'rogramme.
All the menu* hiving failed in Maryland
to induce the people to give up the the Un
ion, the seceiuinu leaders here are abiut
to iu?ke one more efSirt to deceive the
masses by proclaiming themselves at a
p*rtj who deplore the horrors of w?r to
th*t degree that they would do almost any
thing for "peace." In other words, ihevas
?utn<*tobea "peaceparty." \% ben we remem
ber that so short a t"neh\? elapsed line?
that whole organisationbri*tl*d with arms,
that these very same peaceable disposed
gentl'-m^tt-irere ready to whip tie General
Government itself, that their iuti nates and
co-worken are?(Urge numbers of them)
?fighting in the confederate ranks, and
thattlieir newspaper bulletins published
here are spangled all over with their names
and etploits, we turn lo the "forlorn hope"
which assumes to be the peace party in our
mid?t. and are constrained to wonder at
the childish treble that has taken the place
ol them inly hiss in their raoks.?liitu
more Anurifan. ?*
The Baltimore Sun, of whose secession
proclivities we need not inform onr read
ers, says:
"The southern rights men are about to
enter earnestly upon the fall campaign;
their caucus held to-night in the Sea ite
Chamber was attended by every member
of that party. Their platform will be
comprised in the single w*rd Peace, and
their solicitations will be addressed to
men of all parties desiring a discontinu
ance of the war, and preferring a peaceful
solution of the present troubles The
State convention ou Jer the auspices of this
party, for the parpose of nominating em
ulates for the State offl-es which will be
vacated in Use fall, will be held in Balti
more on Tuesday, September >Oth."
Any one ftmiiHar with the proceedings
of this new ,4peace ptrty** in Maryland can
judge how great is their natural si version
to bloodshed, aod bow irJeat is their ia.
stinctite lore of peace. Rem'sber their
lafijoajre their deeds ia April. Re. *1!
the wsrds of IL M. McI?*oet wbo threat*
eaed 19 ?hftht Sasq'uhaaas with blood,
if a Northern soldier uflkifcd to cross it
Tnink of tlie bridge burning accotap'i'hed
oj the M trfiouu. Uow U ;r?b*I Kac?
crjwled tbe police oScej of Baltimore wiib
mun-uons of war, aoi aided tbe traitor* to
the f?ll extent o! L * power. And above
?11, read tbe b'oojy pa-sage of tbe Ma-s*?
ebuistti *izth regiment through tbe ttreeU
of tbe city m which toia p?rty of peace
now talk# aj geotly as a sucking dove.
Tlit ftrn*ou yrhy the Confederate*
dill not Pnr?nc? riicy are urged "oil
to \V aalilogtou.
lk*r>Oi t.?t Kichrmio! ]
Tbe very worst couose lors for General?
in tbe held are au impatieut populace. If
we a-e to believe General ?c-<tt. tbe n
Inmitv t. it has recently overwhelmed tbe
grand Yenkee arm/ w.ii caused by surren
dering Lis own op.motjs ut policy and
obeying tbe order of ilie V i ike ? tuo'.?.
beaded by tireeler, Blair, nad Wilson,?
Tbe nioh, under lb-*e daugbty uiimumH*
er.?. .1: ,>e buo into a hatile which wn lit
tle better tbao aUu^btcr in i ruin
A like iru;> ?tieii-e prrVnils am iog tbe
S lutberii people f -r a forward moverne t
upon Wushiaxbm city. Tuis movement is
d t r' .tsj in preparation; but ?e had bet
ter leave it to our General* to choose tbe
time <ii'l mtuuer of it. It h tbe
highest wisdom to profit by an eaeoj'i ex
perience. and it w mid be .is tr:iuiiul a*
unlit-ir 1 of, if, after wiiner'iug so ?ifijjil
au in-iUnce of ruin from fi^l.tiu^ before be
114 ready for it. wj should commit tbe
name blunder and run the hazard of tbe
same di*i*--tusi:ure
Wbat tb-*ujeIi it isi^bl hive been possi
ble fur our (jeiicrals to have entered Wash
ington city upon tbeh**els of tbe fugitives
tbe otber ii*y ; duel tlie tact rut :i b at ap
parently *<> improbable anil certain1/ ?u
hixtrd (us :nnj.%i ij i?k heeo performed. c?hi
demn the generalship wbicti refused tot-m
ImtW in -urb a vi-iitu-c7 We think not.
I'be army at Mauassa* is now well ascer
tained to havr numbered less than fort*
tboiiiund. Of these ten or twelve
tb>usun I b.>d made u furccl inarch fiom
Winchester, and was almost Um exlian??ted
i" to into the eiifpigemeir. on the Ji t.-?
T::-'. fo-i?!.t tbe ti ml e all that dav until
, night, nt)U value out ot it absolutely ex
1 hiiu.-lcd and broken dowu. Were thoc
; men physically opiblc, in that erudition,
, ot pursuing a tlying ctioiuy twcniy-rfavcn
mi!es, tiiid (ii gtoriuio^ works on tbo I'utu- i
i iiiuc bri?tlia^ Willi artillery and manned ;
j by tuiriv to forty thou4.ui i fresh troops? j
I We < .tnnot imagine uii enterprise moruun
i promising, hazardous UDtl chimerical iImii
! tile attempt ut ies? than forty thous.tud ji* ,
j ded men to Horm works c!" the formidable j
character of those about Atliugt-n and
J the I?'?ug Bridge, having seventy thousand ,
| uiea behind tbem tin tin* side t%ud tb? oth
I er of the Potomac llin r.
j It our (Scourals had been gifted with
: prescience superhuman; if they Iwd known :
the utter confusion and ptnic with which
the enemy were tlceiug u.v iv ; if they bid j
been able t ? dctect ntadistuuco of twenty* j
live miles the momentary <i- iVncelcsnr.-- j
of the works on the Putt i mac, ?bey would j
?ijub'.lcaj bale marched lorw.rl their
twenty or thirty thousand mun, .-t inned
lh.? fortifications ot the enemy, and con
fronted twice their nmmber ?>f panic
?ir ek?r. regiment*. u.,t tu.y did not pos
sess (acuities tif (^reception thus pen?rt>Mi.
in*. and of course not arrogating the part j
of dctni-god*. they look the |*nrt ot Gener
als. Nomine is mure easy thm cm'usm
after the event?nothing more dilbcult than |
cboosiug the pro-inc moment tor tin* ?< ea- I
sion before the event. It N ipoleon bad tore- I
jsfentUe remissness of Groucbe before the I
j tact, nothing would have been more easy j
than to have avoided it, and nothing more |
; certain than a victory for tin* French at I
? Waterloo. Hut even the genius ot llona* 1
' parte could not penetrate twelve hours in* ;
to the future, or twelve miles into the dia* j
i tunce, anu in tonscqu-i.c-e the greatest bat. .
[ tie in history was lost by the greatest
1 general the world ever saw.
j It is doubtful whether Johnston and
I Beauregard would h ive pur.-u-'d the enemy J
j to the precincts of W isbington on the
i night ot the luttle. if tiny eould have ?
! known in advance, nn I at tii it distance ??tf j
' of the scenes that were atiout to transpire
! on the Potomic; fir their little ?rmy con- j
Utituted the s?>le barrier for Virginia
'against the invaders; it was undisciplined ?
I and unused to rapi I movements, and w i?
i liable to tall into utter contusion in the
| pursuit as the eociny was in the {light.?
lUpid movements lire very pructie-tbl * f.ir '
thoroughly disciplined regular*, lik ? the
armies of Napoleon, and are atti n le i with
little loss, disorder or huird. But rapid '
movements ?ver long distances amid mo- '
incut* of great c .vitement, invariably pro
du :e great disorder among n?-w an l unre
strained regiments. So far. therefore, i
irotn our Generals being liable to untavor-'
able criticism lor fit.log ta push on to
Wfl?hington on Sun l iy uight, leiving all
j toe outfit ot the mc i behind in the etnas,
i vve think they really deserve the laudation
j of tlic country.
j It is plain, however, that our true policy '
i n jw is a rapi l a id vigorous movement up
ion Wa-bi ii?t m. Strong reifor-etneits
[ have been forwarded to Manassas, end our
! army before that place must now l?e very
strong. We d?ni?t not that our Generals
see and appreciate the i uporUnte of a'ac.
ritjr and energy eren more fully thin the
politic; and as tbey have done tin ir whole
fuiy heretofore, we have unboanded con
fidence in tbeir doing it in the present
jeinergeney. That most important move-1
mcnts are going on in the country before :
Manas MS is clear, from the profound se- 1
cresy in wnich our Generals take care to
veil them. We shall res; nrsured that
when tne Hmoumcnt does come, the conn*
1 try will have reason to applaud and to re
! jotce
[Prom th* ?*TTje p*p#r,]
xonruwESTsiix riRotxta,
An intelligent gentlemin from North
western Virginia has given us some intee
' citing partk-uNr? of promiueot persons
? connected with the Sin. bo Panzi govern*
| uicnl set up by C*rlile & Co., in the North
MUis Excellency (Jar. Pinpoint." who
has the supreme modesty to style himself
the successor of cur -late Governor,''
John Letcher, is not a Massachusetts Van*
kee, as is commonly supposed. Our infor
mant sirs th?t. bad as the Yankee* are,
such nn imputation does tbem great injus
tice. Mr. Pinpoint is a n itive of Virgin
is. dad his father was a Vi trmi.in before
i him. His wtf?, however, is a Northern
J Abolitionist, ami bas converted him en
tirely to her faith. He is as rank an eoe*
' my of the South as can be found in any
part of New England. He is a lawyer, but
doe# not occupy a b>gh standing at the h??r.
Mr. Peirpoint is a on-mber of th* Metbo-1
di?t Protesuiot Church, and a fanatic in
John S Carllle is not considered a 5rjt
| rate msn in intellect, nor is he looked up
; on in Northwestern Virginta as any bat
the nominal leader of the present aov?- .
a*nt. Its 1*41 hrti *a 1 tinliw It a Melh*
o Hit Protectant prticher rend oc in
Wbft'. n/, who it laid to tare rn?.r* for*.
igitX, ?-idrc*? aad energy than nil tl?? rt it
of the traitors put topptbrr.
Col. K Her who puyetl the roit <>f nu'i
t.%rr chieftain at PLuippi, >? not a native of
Yirjini*. He married a Virjjiui* lady,
sow dead, and the fcrginning ?t the
\tir vr >4 of * $ utheru Kn r jad torn*
piny in Pbil ?Jel;i u. He cam* oa to
Wheeling and ?r-i.?:fd L>? forcr tberr,
which consisted priucu x iv of Gennaui
aad other foreigner* and naliyfi of Peai
and Ohio lino? in Wbetliof. one
fourth of the population of vuicb city are
o( (uUutfU hir;h.
Meeting of the t'nlon Mm of Pitt**
?uu Couui).
Putwu-t topuMlc Holier. * meeting of tb* I"r?l? e?
'I'll ?'t P1?v?ii!i f. ?bt) ???hrl l at lb?C"?r1 11 u e
ct> natmdajr. Af.u?tltib. *1. I r It* pur|??? .1
b?alii?ltu( fi* C??ntT"it ft*. i>ti too
tun H'jh* VlllumMO, K? ?a? calkdte il.?Cl.ar,
and V ' . T*)lor made fecj?urr. lt>a meeting Ur
Ikf arnt tli? ? Heel wf il rij.U'u. ?! pro
Cr Jot l' > Bat' t tl?* bll>?iof OomiMlrnlM, titnrly:
t.r PrvrcutiDit Atli>rary. ''key J -l.tiaon. ft.r-jff,
Z. Cain ; Cuuiaimi":?ref the I'twuu*. J 4io K??
t?r: (.u jnt* pur?**'>r, 1 I? (iorte.i; J ?ucr tlie
lW?-h>iii. .Nu. 1. S Iiu*n H til# *n4 J?fo K*l>
I r. l'i-irtct > ? iT l> limrtll ami L. M C*. h .
K<trkt So Z. >n?iA Cm-L rati. Jvlto K I'rioe* not
M?uUb?y k cr?.
N Urraac?u tUe fullv*iti|C resolution* trare uif.-reJ
Alid aj pt.'J ?
!?:. 111*! thlft meeting unqiaIAc'It er?l*r?e lh*
fwu'iilloiii i "??fr'l ti_f Wial iriierat'lr | atnnt ar?l
?tate*u*an. II* ru J. J. Crtttemlea. In tbc II *a?? if
Ittj.! -?entati?e* <?( ti-t t alt ti Mat*-*. -n l a?l -|-led
l?j itut ' \*ly <turmr tiir Ule of (* ujCT'-?a
'2 1. Tliti '??r lir tftilr nur? i.f the actu u ? I the
<ic rg\t**? ?jt ii.* |N*?i>le ?f lM< I omiii n?ra'ih a?
?r?uUte?l in Co'irvniton ?t Wljve'iDy, lb# llth cf
Juit? it<L la rv aihl r^ft(?rtn; o >r ."talr
Cfivnurut. ?i ninl .r>j-fl ?( in
il< ? 'ikiiu* I'T th" h*<!*rii V it<itiU oigrprti and
tr*i! r?. ? huM- unclr?n L"> ? Kavr hiiikIiI liir trati*
11: ( our lel'ifM Mair. t*?iy i?l V <il. to tli?* pie*
t^u-ir.) i>v/\rriiiu?at wf llum aicti-trailor*, Jeff, lu
A i'*i.
Tliat tin- ?ai>l ?? t. rnm^iil. ?> i^-'ivanlf- l, i?
entUlr?i iu. ui?-l ftJi>xjUi r*-o|t* tiir uittii* lilrO ?ut'|>"rt
I all t ..?! aii'l I xai Clt>i. au*l tl>al. tli< lef-ce,
will l?v fjtcr-l t>? Ticw Uitli ?? rn^i-lt
tuclr l"j tlty. alt lu ?iir wi*Ul. nlu> tt..*??tf)? ? l% i.-im;
I" ImJ L?III"III BtaO, rtfur* ?li a j.irj ?rlv rjUlrtl wjmm.
t-i tak'- I'.e ??tfli |>rt?? ril>?-l liy ill ??*<:? n<?ii? ^ ..? ?? 1
C< nrcutlou. or iu an v <4ti?r tuanuvr ?llli?
h ?l I t1 "r ?? ti^io */ulr t o( aoiJ ruloinl ?i"?
enini' i
i it. Wetakr H'<-*olUr plcwiri- m arknnvl-Heine
thi- !? ai.'l ffflcir it Ci litliirt of our Male a8til?.
!?; our esrelleat Uiifi rnor PrirtHiiii). K?i-?<ctalh dn
we ippo>tf? i ill 'Mr ? hit Oflcto) aetfl vbklilook
t.? t' ? . ruxlun; "ill ?( tlii? iin'. .lr r*>Uell>i>ii. ?ii'i to
tlii ????! #mti ? i >i unlrrit l ? i ??? > la>e
KiiiiJ* flint ih?-|>i.*???? iiujpi of ilu> nirr'.lnc l>*
f :'t if!? I t.i t lie Whf Ji I nlflli^^ii. rr f"i | '. r?t
**??11 I'n ' J MOS! 8 \\ If.l.lAM.* 'N.i. li'n.
K. C. TaTLoK. Ser y.
A (Jkkat Mi oicimc run Fkmalb* !?Iluu
dredi of stimulants have been invented '
an I sold, purporting t<? be specific in the
various diseases and derangement* to
which ll.c dcin rtte form of Woman render '
her luhj. t t. Tin- result of all these stim
ulant.- ii is l>c:i to impart m ipitnfttrii actir- ?
in/ to the ntrr-'Ui and false vigor to
the musrlrt; hut this relief linn been sue- :
ceede-l hy a depression and prostration I
greater than before; and the repented at- J
tvtnpts of iuvnlids to build themselves up :
by the false remedies, hate finally ended in
destroying what little \H;tl organisation
was Ifft. Cut in mine "IlarrJiar's ihl
hit;d liittrr.i" you will tiud no Mich di*ns
troits results. It is a purely Vegetable
?-impound, prepared on strictly scientific
prui' iples, after the manner of the cele
brated Holland l'rt ft ?sor, ilccrhave. t'o
der itis inflaeuce ertry nerve and tritucle .
receives new strength and vigor, appetite
and eieep return, and. fiually, perfect
health. See advertisement in another ??d
u tii si. nuy'J
Rvcx Timsi: *vho are in the enjoyment of
perfect health Ir <jueutly have need to Iihvc
recourse to tonic as preventive* of dis
ease. We are never t?*o well ar agrtinst i
the ussaulls of "the ilin th.?t lle<h is lieir
to." Such nn invigorator they toil) find |
In llumHTTis* UtTTSMM. a medicine that J
cannot he taken regularly without giving
vitality and elasticity to the system. At '
this season, particularly,' the strongest j
man is not proof agaitut the malaria in '
certain sections of the country. In all .
eases of fever and ague, the iiipkhs is i
more potent than any amount of qui* I
nine, while the mo.-i dangerous cases of j
bijlioun ferer yield to its wonderful prop- ,
erties. Time who have tried the medicine '
will never use another, for any of the ail* '
ments which the ll.isTf.TTru Uittsisk pro- |
fi sses to subdue. To those who huve not |
in*de the experiment, we cordially recom- !
meed an early application to the' Hitters,
whenever they are stricken by disease of j
the dige.-tive organs.
Sola hy drugging and tleiilers generally ?
See advertisement in another column. i
Mother*, .nut thl*.
Thcfallewiogi*an extract mm nlrttrr written by
tli?? 1'iutor ?<! * lUjitiit Church iu lb# "Jnsrnal tud
Me**emc?r,"CiiKhitutl. Ohio, and ?pe?ka *<dnm?aio
famr.if that wurld-rauowhed medicine? Mm. Wins*
advertI?ricnit in youreolaomaof Mrs
W in?l<<w*t .-yrop. N?iw iirVcr aaht *
*otiJ in favor of apatrut me?liclu* t>?*fnre In ear life
??i.t ?r feci corn pel led to nay b?y?>or remler*, that
tllWI* tl4linuiliQI-.?lHOI TKtlt' tT. **r> |mi* it ro
?f Alt IT CL?t\iN. It i* |iriil'?b|r, one nftheir.o*t
<itec?*?ful iiifeJhtne* ?>f -mi?e || 1? one uf
theiie?i. Am! tli..?' .if j.?ur rradrr* who have la
Wea can't 'li>t?rttrr limn t?Uy in aaiipply.*'
Read tha Following It is True
I'ARKOUtitO, April 16.
T II. Loo**, K?q, /Var Sir:
I wrote to yon a.nn- tune ainf* f.?r a D?tt|?ol
Oreatlinscr'a Huid Kx tract of Stm|?rilUao t Imo*
driion, an'l tno?t mj that it li%^ acte<! U|h>q toe lilt*
arturm I h?r? Uh-h *iUici? -J f ?r tiwtr two y#*r*
with I'.< twiMbirds of th? tltn* I Tomlted
fri?m 01? to three tia?s a d.\jr. 1 had f?ven op tba
Ida* >f *??r cvttloi; weJI. and lodged my friends Lad
IP all h tp?t of mr *??r iC'iting wall a$*iu.
Altai to thi?. I t'lffarel with th? >cr .fola *#ry
naicn. Sine* laat >*| temS?-r oa* aid# of or oa-it
w on* * i:i r* wfa. cunp.i of *otne v?en raoafiut
?<>re? Tt? u*a of ooa Kottla ha* ranch itnpro?*?l
in* Me?to-av:h ta raitsvad *aJ ray naek t.\? iu
pnrivl hajrofii m> m>tt a%nzoln? axpaetationa I
ran*h soooenrad ao-t think by Km o?e nf on* or
two b .tiiei ra^ra I ahall ba r*li*T*<l e&tiraly. You
w.i: ptfut?a ??n 1 tna two bottlea by th* tt->at.
Yuan raaptetrolly, .t Mr. H iMrr
Tha abjr* n?^|i;ma upraparal be F. A UftKVT
LIX"1 K A C<No. lil >lvk?-t atraat. Vtbvalla^,
an.l ? .11 by m ??t of tha Dra.'<t?t? .if tha clt y. np5
Photographic Gallery!
Largest and Mo?l Complete K*tabllah
ment In Weatern Virginia.
oor 'laliery. wa hare tfiarM no <?*!??????? in run- #
klnc It cnmplrtr for avary braneb of the Art and
tb? tomfa l "f ri*it>ira. ?
Oor new addition c,nt.\ina a LABOR PKY MOIIT 1
?n tt.e bank of the rlear. *T#ry adrautac*
Price* *? low aa at an* <7*5lery in tha rite. ?
Eatrane* 1JV Main *t., oppnait* Union.
_ T f of tb" mn. t
A UK deadly ln-trn urtj* v*rfirv. hot iv.t m.ir*
wuin or fatal, than --la^r'a LIUHTNING
FLY I'APfcR which KIU?< PI.IK* in a?a*r..?to, by
?fhrewatMiryelnek." For *at* Wh l?Ml*and Katail ?
by T. II. UlQ.iX t CO. and I?iAN, LIST A C??.
J*" i*ol# Aff*ntt. ,
&\J M blf bbla ?
? . - Whit* Piab,
k ** ^acateed and fi* ?aJs |
be (jaga) I.Tjrr. MnRKlxov A no
ROF. WOODS- KKftrORATlVft. Af?ta?id?ra fMU
araaan. Mr*. AlWu'atte tcraraadPranlBK. Dye*.
Female* aaJ OtU, Car aala by
. . ^ T H. LOO AX A CO.
j?U-d*w and UMAX. LIVT A CO
V HI ALL L?>T Of XONLT l*-?J , ? Marlat
*1 imi. ?bkh tbe o*rm (tg Ikm l ? yK'U*
j.j' jH-ctj au.| r*?>iar U tl?to *<!? rrii? u?m
>.B'|uur Li?t. Vlotr*. ?. n A 0?. ?i jr-V-V*
Trustee's Notice.
'P1IK b?^?hu??J baring Ulau ft<rM if tha
| ?i <. I urwrn iri \\ \ fa
*?nJi A Ur>.. io tkvraria <-?raer cf M?:t?t >a4 Mon
ro* ?t? . Will (if tb:> WJi? at ?b<|nMlt*l>J
Idaii, Mt> I ?rttW lie onUtiaUdlCg trtWU*** if ?? 1
C.'.n. WM^n; to protlUutt* a*<!? lit %dr*.i uf
tm*t c%\r I Jnlr 1M. . n recotU ift lL? Vl*? k ?
u?U"? o( Ob*> cs',uut?, \ trtin?4.
J. H.\CAHU\.Tri?.!r*
tflierlfc V*. Au,: ?t', ls>'.?
To help to bu:ld the Tables for the
Soldiers' Diuuer.
ClAKIT.NTKIi? aa?l???' *r* *??lllar to help t.? build
the t*Lir? for the 'le.V t*n?"-r, without pay.
ar* reqneated to be. at tU It. k lHj? t ratlj tLia
a?? "i i.z *t*l rej? M tJirm?rlrc?t.> Mr. Harriett.
lb<** ?by b**o miubl* t.vl? will |'lcn?f bring
tbrin * TALLAW.
au^.M Cl.urv.an > leoilbe Com.
Zounvo Jackets.
^ni.FKKlNO H.ANVKL a'.5 all *-I ??r Ulne.
iN rl|fht for 7*>u*Tr Jacket*. ju?t irrntJ
aufiv J.S.
Veil Grouadiues.
Rl'VN, R|itf,(irtfau4 K'.ack VflOn-mdlnfi
J i?*. received. J. ??. KllUl?r.>
aiitftj? ; l*ra*a c?j.t.}
Mrs. Boyd's School
\lrI!.I. ri? the flnt >| ?i ??% '?? ?.-;.tnu
f? be: corucr uf vj ?.iu?y an I ?*?eath ?ta.
Notice to all whom it may Concern.
WiutUyo, 14th Autfu?t. IMI.
IV pur?unt><? of *h? order of llrlg. tiuu I !!t>k.'rriui?,
command u.: the Ln to! !*Uln i nv- in \V i ?tern
\ ir^ ?m. if {?? t?n. will b?* a I ?"?! 1:. Ita*rl ?? He
c?r? i> th? Bottiui .rr A "bio K.tllrtwd * ?tlh*
uut it penult. wbirh Kill be gUeti pn'.j to* Irtlo 'ttd
I ymI t i'izen <<f th? Ciiioti. II< iil'it I I-Muhi M. l -,j.
t:..> \^-> t authorise-l t??!-*???? j-r- ..it- at \Wi. i I
in*: willHttrffl ?t litf IVjti t .,r f 1? r.*ltiin>' ?
liiulr^t C-?H'my, . fnmi > t.? I" oV'ltx'k * m
iiuijli I l.llt^
Grand Army of the United states.
HuaQCttTCtn C 'X?tU?ht !?* alTV *t, ?
V\ ??ut* -t ?*. I).August 7, 1 Mil. /
(lcnrr'%1 Orilrr >??.
I i irtiMllonlwTinn I??r'? ?ritli tlii* l??t?art
iiinii i.i th?? ? tfi-? t lliat tin wilitiisra hi tl<?* Atmy of
the Stnt''? ar- unrtvrinc. U?th In j??l.itc atjJ
?tuiutoh. fr<ijii the rtll rlfrcta ?if rating lioi?*y brp.uj.
I iktit witi)< ut >rA?t at ruing uf .im ??|I. K'k|l|C
iiv t'? Indigestion. diukrH Vt.iiu?,
11_* ???lit ft V. A i .
Til' nf ?rn. ti >Mre j? !irrrt>) tu all (JuaiN r
mifr-'iul tb>?r ?aai4tiuit?. .-utl?r? Ai inr t'.wLa
ainl all >>tb?ra wliiini It iimj eooerrn. Hint It !? "f tlio
uttii"?t i?i?|n>rt.wki . nn ie?pi-ct? both ?.v.?i.o?v *n>l
Hfi .A. that they should furuUb thriii?'he? with t!*??
I f..r tl.. ??b> (if ?lili-!i M.?r? T II L?Hi \S X ' ?>
?ui'l UHl AN. LIST k ?'??:? uf Ihr city *>f
\Mi?m'| hk *rr bcreb| appoint* <1 (Smrrol Apntti.
From evi?lriu?* in tin' |> ?n ??! tbta trt
?if?i't tln-y i*rr fully a?l|?fli?| tint the nrti. !?? in
, ?ji*r>ti'.n i* the "M>T RTUt.i.'i ;hi *!*!? l> t ?r."
| By unler. COL UU?)i> AVIICAT IlKKAH.
OomtniaMr) tieitoral.
I Maj >n MBum-Itiox Cstcxuui"
! nu^K Acting A??'t C<.nniiia?aiy.
Notice to City Tax Payers.
'MWO PKIl C?NT MSOU NT ia allowed on all
1 Tax bill* jui l in ir.'inrj l-rfire flu- -itli in?l.
Aftrr Nt, Iblrtvtl at tie n?t?- c.f tr* Kil
ctxr willI.? addod. II. l.. BoMTAM.
*>ul -td Collector.
Oftitv ? r .M ittli ?? ? A Co., Main 8tre? t
Ri;c 1:1 vi \<;
l> hhd* I'ortrt 1 I oand N 0. rojtri,
60 borrvla IteDued "?ipni*. at
?Mfl2 I.ISI . M'Mtni^ON k CP'S.
OUMJRIKS.-W) V-p- S. K>'a,
O ? ?" ' ?"'ait*.
Iv?ir? I'traonto,
!*?- Ikiim u .-?k'a ?o?p,
VS " Purify do
Ju?t wdifJ at
*ni?12 MM , MmKKI^OX A CO*f?.
?)||H MAU? Pltl.MK mo COKFUK,
"./ 0 lllftta JXXH t'.
Jlft ?????* n| I'V
?tiRli I ?M'. MOR01SOV A CO
Wcwi Ik.h (JnUutto Tobacco,
10 t?xe K?U> <1?
JW) bxa ?. tattler* <]?>
30 krjpHledireft fi t?|i| do
2* pn*e ??AndirwuV* ftdace Tobaco,
?-"? liltU Cut ami Drr Tob?i r.t, N(
ClOTTON ?<ti)l>*.
/ liv? ftur? Cfltl'ti Yarn* aeiortrd No'*,
lOObatr* family ISittiag,
6? ??
&0 " \\ irk up. nt
ftttgVJ I.I.-1'. M'?ltKIS'>N A n?<.
if>' Kanawha h'nlt.
2 Mil# Vxtrn I'ftiniljr I'lunr,
111 lierrtM K C. llama,
U ?? Drii-d tt .f. at
?ue12 LI > OIJH? IaOV * CQ'q
New Goods for C:;sh!
I Wild, receive thl? ww-k * general new nlock of
Maple OooiU. f-r which I 1mre to pnyiftali, an J
ui I ?HI tlii'iu f t Cniili only.
angio J.B.BHODKH.
Id n>?w at ill- M?nr>M> Ilunae. in thl? city, where lit*
it ready to "pi-.ntu upon th< TeHti Mnuj'tcelb.
though m ii h xyed hcnrviT llin msv ?ri r. can
bi .n. | n,t)i-nt >l<itr iviug the u?rtr The d?- ?
?trurti n of ti'f neir? i* the cu-t vf tnvrr ,
?f.i? i| |i?ln? 4lf?ut tli^ hfiMl ftml f?' o lli? hmJi- of
?'ttrni'tliiR i? IlKW ?Mf<; HUimmImI Wit*1 lllllCU
forcr n i l piln. tlmii bjr MftliM*>1??|x'ii(lMit.>ti kcynl
llHtnidifDl* pit lirnim <?< f .i.rj" Au>' wl>.. hare
jixiiM nil ?ut thrlr firr or limit. ??r?. ton
nrul>t ? r ?\ifi. wi.iiM well to ?ulim t t? hii
rrj?"?llil t???*?itit-fit, *?-?! if tli?-r will rotne ?ft?m!<d
vuli llirir |ili\-i<'i.iu tint will In* fuller ?t i
TIi? hi Mt ?ari'f?ctorr cwtlfloMe* nti-1 trf.Trncr* 1
run In? ?lumn i? le^rim lUUof Im< ?Mil In lit* ??r- ?
(finI .'t-Ttli >n?. if tb' il^ilr i* rxprfWfa! ftndftr*
r.tinc?-iu ?!?:* fur liiui lu ifci li? will, ?tilt *
I'liM-iif. pi**1 icnittiltini? l?turm In MpUonli m ? (
I'ii- cult"-* tli?< di??<u* <.f'|i? lr?tb. ftn l nl"? >it
tl?*ir IrrrjrnUiity, nn l the ronctliai (mtintut to i
.<..(? nii'l ? rrpci tlieui; IlkoHiH* < 11??* Ufrcta J
in tl??> n?u**l n>.-l?? rr? r?^t tu tonxtrnct twth. mid
nhow li'tw tlir lignriM they iu? Iklde to Inflict <?n I
midliow thryena <K??jtn?'l'd Willi com* ,
Tk??? f.ll 'Winr rrrtlfloitft* of MDio^nt I'hjr iri&aa
epr-i'., fir Ui?tifl*r?:
"I hi** ?-x<unitiH with Into D'.Cftldwfll'a
mnde fxtrwtinp ti**tl?: an.I Irnre tint only >*t
my?elf. I?jr dliHMKtion. of th*? e*lft?*nc? ?<f bia
I't-n'r.^iit. but h>i* pmrvl "ti Mr own |f r?<n tbe
aafrt* *o?l ?alneof hn-'?j^ratb.n."
PAIH. B. UODDi^n. Pnf.
Umren ty of PrrjoayUanl^.
wltn***?d th* ?xt'?rtlon ?if tretli ??% Dr. J F.
Caldtuil and Wf prniK?ubre him to I. the Prince of
Tooth Kztrftetor*. and th- t.hi?f?f rnrifH D*n
li?t?! 11' extracted noe for e?clt of tia. We mn?id
er Ma m*tl?ud '.riflnal. aoie and Im
fnl tiwn any o'har tbftt baa r??nw w^ hln ??nr n->ik*.
II* op-r*t#? wi?h .ut en<l4nx?,rin|t the p'tni nr Injnr
!&?; the law. and nv? apj-;?r'i.tly put little f >re*. and
con?M}aeQtly recanlln^ ?li tb? prlixiplea cf bU plan.
It i? evidcQtly the heat rluir ha* !??*n orc.xiLI be de
vi-ed i. rfiij ?*? te*th: all oth?r mrtli.-U when ?)??
pnrfd t"hl?. ar- raurderon* in th? operation, alarm
lof to the mind, and lmp?*rf?:t in tn?..n?r.
0. VT. SKTTLKTVlX, \f. D.
White Snlphor. Teb. 22,1^1.
We '?on^ur In th# ?l>ore.f.'r w?? ht*e #?p??lro?'ed
th# l/?>n?at nf Dr. OI't??li'i m Me ?t #xtrart|np
a:. I torr^ctinp v lunr iMth,modi to our r?-llrf and
?atl-fartion. tltber lH-nt??t* ba I codenniMl oar
achli.g t#?lb M paat renie'lr. and ?tb?r twth the?
tried tortlMCt. ?.??? ai-r^ ui.*(.!? to do It: but Dr.
f?.l Iwell did It with but llttl# f?te> orpaln. and w?
b ?i| tr?th ?hich ached tlMtotli?r Drat He *??#rte?t
r.?aM r. ?t be r^lc^Mor eared, which Dr.t'ald* 11
a xitbed an ! |4ugjed, and we xv?w tt? tb?m withoot
pain. WM. ^.OflMR.
owen Durrr.
Pindntkr. April 10.1*61.
Por tf*t|m'.ni?si ?+? anplO'tdp
1 8LKKP!?a f#nun m#eta. In the ram^Nint Brr?
?t:o. ?h<?*e nic'i*ly raid. ?pare? ael'het at? nor ?ex.
Detent*'* De*d ^bot la tb? bent llrdltax aeetn/jer
and prereotlre In n?e. Tbff will not atey or f*mie
ah^r It ho? been aee?l. 7*t it and -?l?*p in i^aca."
>or aale by .. M. UKJA.X *
Jy< 'and UriAX. M'T 4 00.
Oenllemen's Farnlshlns Goods
Merchant TalW.
f> KP1S p.b*?(TcATl?:i hw.
Prml.kr (IiOn l-l'T. ? CO.
Rtll.^G dklen ?yrnir. ItalrbbleGulden Syrap
recciteJ and f-raal* bjr
je2? LIST. MOI?IK).N * CO.
OfC^CITO JETTk-lo^lnr M^lto
Bora, opened UUe a.imiu*.
;1 000PKB A lUIDXT. ,
Furnishing Goods
iflMm 113 M AIN H
113 Mnrhrt St..
\* 111...I I.Mi. V ?
Odlcc and Iltkliirncr 14.1 Mmkrt.M.
wj/auisu. rj
that luivv l^:u llMtruugUlj ic?t? 4 will l>r pruaijit*
1> *J. fti-d lit I lii# oili.-r.
1'firr* ?? low <\? pi?l ?nd iwrtnftnoit ??rk r?r?
t'r;"xlnrnl. Al|v|>cr^(li|i<HMi!Ut?l
Fire Proof Salamander Safes
So. 50 Main Hi.,
I to*
*HF4rMfrT? \KI KN'iWN T?? It I" M'I'M'.lolt
i unjr of?????! fnr mIi> in tltr \1 ?*trrN Coniilrjr.
llit-y ?rr ?>?rr?uird t?> Im mtloW in-r tn-m rfan.p,
li.it <? iifvrr lulled In |ifr*rr*?" il.rli i-ntini-, m;>I m?
i. cmiol by tlj?- licit patent I'ondiT mid 1 lil?*l I'rool
I. H'l??.
T" purtlrr wl-Mnjjtn imtrliw ? flr*l tat* ntlirl*
of Slip. I h4I|14Ih>kIi i?* til l?*(i*l to tln< Im1I??IiK
firm#, w lin li???* tlii in in ux>, Mud CUu I. ?t ilj lu tin u
rrlUldlltJ t
M?mh. Hill).'VM?l?iini i < o.
M Noi I'Mi, Arlirwiti. A Co.
" !.i#l. Mi'irl?nn A t'o.
" Mi CUIlrli# A Kiiui,
" Pmn'llMt A S?D,
?' llri?ka II A >? i . rlncrti,
I J.Jinn A Itn.l fi. 1.1.
No. AO I'mlou't Itinv,
mli'il M.un l> tract.
^ >1 E. IIAI I'K Y.
fX.?^ tw / Win .it A I'ii lii?* H.?: '? ' -*?>-?
I'lir.'liMnl ll"- ?*?Sftl>ll."liiiirt?f krj.l lijr tl.v
* ' ' ' hIk.ii- imiiu-i! I>i ill. (? ii. ? (irr|mir.l innf
roimii.Mlntp Id* fil.-ndamid III* puliilc prnrmll> %? to
(punt llur*r?, ItllkTifli^ mid Cr?rrian? ?. on
Irrni*. ????! Ml tlw? ?liortint fiotlri*. Il'-r?i-* ta|>ifilo
hoard on nwl'inli1 term*. Tli? i* <>n Vnlii
tr?" I lu-idnurn *1mivo I.lot. Morilwiii A IW
Jp-f-Vn U >1. I: IIAIM Y.
OfflcuNo. ,VJ MiUn Mrwl. fliat doorHouth of lUnk o
1)1 M' o ii it I tlnya, \VcilnrMl?y?, 10 A.M.
fully mrivrd.
Ii.ti n-t |?mI.I on Fj.rf la! I)i j???ll?.
l.vrli incr ..ii ll.p Li.t n
l.\rh iii{;r ii
OiiliTt? M bonitof from *tiiswl, will rtc?lv?
proiu|il AtUutlun.
J. 0. Harbour, Jolin Yockler,
J. T. j?cot I. Ckri?tlau lli->?,
Klchuitl Carter. Lvi?-nn> l>. Walt,
J. C. 1IAKU0UK, I'rtt'l., pro Urn.
J.K. DICKEY, Oil A., j>Ul
HAYINO PUKCtlIIKD A un 01 CA6R8 ? - i
PRAMK* M PANIC PH1CK\ i>ttmm i- All
tlirm with picture* nt iiricea to utoitltb tha MIL*
Come In. Ladle* kiid Grntletnm. tlillrlh?uwrt*
ni?-nt i? complete an,| nvm|>oiiir>rh <* of tin* Ohl.A'l ?
K!*T II \ i iJ AI Nh ever oflrieil in >\ lit-? lit>ir.
I'hctitKtMpliMhimI I'lrlumiDl rtnyiiylt, aatienal,
m*it?iiilli? l?*l niMncr, A variety of L<<ki-t?niid
I'm* *t a?llwouiit, Alao, n Ur.i* and Imnutilnl
?nrt merit of IS fit Kr<?iii??.f jam'l
Something New.
12 puotmrans
No. 1 1 Ms 31 A I.\-ST., Kaet Hide,
nihil A few doora aiiove Monroe Bt.
1 > AR IRON. Konad.fioni 4-10 tu 3 In.
BAH IKON, .H<|narr, fr?>tn *<, l?>-U.
It A It I HON, FUi.frouiUX^ioftXU,
HA't I HON, Oral. fr-m J; to l'3.
11 Alt I?:??V. llalf?T*l. lri>ai % tu 1U,
HAH IKON, cut toleii^tha for tire,
II*Mil' IKON, from *? to 4U In. wide.
Norway and Slit Nail Hod, a large atock
en hand at rrduceil price*, by
P.O. IllLDKKTII A nno.,
U Main atreet.
Now Is the Time Tor Bargains!
?? lower than elaawher* In tin- rltjr. K**lt TAhll.
I will m-11 mything In lliaabote line nt ?t><h ni| re?
cwriniterfl) |r?? f.rl. ? ? 11 ill it will be to tie Itiifint
rf nil d* aire t<> buy to glra inr a call l*fr?t e f ?ir*
charing at any other *?tahll?hmeot. 1 i>ra dtter
mined to r?.i'icr my at??ek aa lew aa by the
l?t '-I Boptember.
P.?*? taken in exchange at the hi i heat rafea.
Jyll J<?I t'll 1, HIM r,
fpllR ANNUAL MKF.TJNO of tbe Mnekboldara of
I tl.e Cltitan*' Fire, Marine and Life In?i?rawe
Company will bel1 at tha i.H't fit aald Company,
In the city of M Leellng, Fr?taT, Annual iW, 1h?i|,
amt-:w \v. W. BlIKlVEK.gec'y.
Senior of Dissolution.
rpiIR CO-PAUTNF.Hgnil* heretofore uMinp nn
1 'ler the turn ?>f JoHWi* A Fao# , la hereby dia
anlvtil by mutual oon?ent. Leonard C, limt will
ootiriue li e l.iia.uexa aa muil anl I* herd*? author
ized toaettle all tb? avntt* of the late IWm
Jy LF< IN \ Kit (\ FHOBT.
S!.KKI?F.ll"? Mf.llTNl.Xi KlVv FA
CKH ?lll kill ru^re fliea in ?n h-nr bytlircbrfk,
than anr m Mitt In u?f. It i-nplt inkimiiry
taml'y. Fur lal* by T. II. U?AN A CO
Jy:* an'. U?OAV. 1,1 MT A00.
freab ?ui t-l j Juat rrcvned at
mutt I*. A V* Main ft.
B- OVK* Aff uliiuftics' WKAIl.-l'artlcn
lar atteutioB l?aa i?a?n heat awed upon tbia
de|.artment by ili'hUI flyAR-TAVI/IIL
|e4 J. A. MrTTAI.F.?* Malo ?t
OeiEKV-Ulw M.?-e. and ChiMrva'a.
Men'aaiwJ B*yt lloaiery, of all qaaliUa* ao4
Mi DICIXK tan U f. nr. 1 at Odl fillvw.1 Hall
Dti<.'tore. K. P'iCKlNO. Agt.
?ilea of b??th vhltaaod colored. fer?|T*d thla
?wimlnff by f JenZV H TAYLOR.
UAflBBIftedPernor: SObwieaOroond P*r per
wJ ?i bj*e% Urotuia Uiu?er. taceired and trr mit
by iim'Jti LlBT, MORR1S0* * Oft

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