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Cleveland, Pittsburg aadWheel
ing Bail Road.
VN AND AFTER MONDAY, January 20th. 1SC2
/ ?M*?npr Tnb< wCl leave Bri.igr-p-.rt mU
lan, (5niuUji exneptoi)
11:15 A.M. Mail Train, stopping at all stations, ar- |
rives at ttlUlurrii at 4:10 P. M.. aad I
10*) P. H. J5xpr*ss Train, stepping At all tattoo*, i
??pt Rush Ban and Leaver, anirM at
Fjttaisugh at JfcOo A. if. and Cler^aod
at K5 A. M.
U?t. Cleveland at ^CS A. 12. and 4:00 P. M-, ax
rive at Bridgeport at (h20 P. M, and &35 A. SL
Leave Pittsburgh at 1:40 A. M., awl U40 P. H., |
arrlre at Bridgeport at 6:25 A. 51., and <Jc20 P. H.
Connections ore made as Vollowss
At Pittsburgh with Pennsylvania K. R. Xjt llanla :
burg. Baltimore. Washington, Phila
delphia, New York and Boston.
Clcveland with Cleveland A Toled R. K. for San- 1
dusky, Toledo, Detroit. Chicago and j
all point* ia the Ii'ottH Wist. With
Detroit steamer* for Detroit. Jackson,
Chicago and the Nosth West. With
Cleveland 4 Erie R. R. for Erie, Dun
lurk. Buljalo and Niagara Falls. With
Colua?L?s Jk Cincinnati tor
Crestline, Delaware, Oilcmbus aod
At Hudson oUh the C.Z. AC. R. R. far
laBs, Akron, KBIershurgh
At A tiiarwe with P. Ft. W. A C. U.K. for Canton,
M*?ft Hon, Wooster, Sales, Enon, Co
lumbus, Ac.
At SUubecville with P. C. 4 C- Line and at Bniiii
with C.O. O. R.R. for ZanssvlUe, New-1
ark. Columbus, Xenia, Dayton, Indi
anapolis, Cairo. Cincinnati, Louisville,
St. Louis, St. Joseph and all points
Wtst and South West.
Excursion Tickets to Pittsburgh and return $3.75.
Fare always as low, and time much quicker than
any other route.
Through Tickets to all points In the West, North
and East can be procured at the office under the
M. I.ure House, Wheeling, with Freight
Agect at Bridgeport StativO- * - '
freight contracts will be made at lowest rates to1
any point acc*Mible by this rued and its connection*
to the East.North, West and North-West, at office
under M'Lure n*us?,orwith Ft. Agent at Bridge
port Station. WM. D.TERRY, A^ent,: ?
Wheeling. Va.
Bridgeport, O.
J. N. McCULLOUOH, President.
F R. MYERS,Gen'tTicket Ag*t. feh?
Baltimore & Ohio Hail Road
and Wous
Wauu>o. 12th April, 19?.
ON and alter the 14th of April, 1861, the passen
ger Trains will be run as follows. Tiz:
The Express Train leaves Wheeling daily except
Sundass at 10 A. M.. Benwood at l(h30 A. M.. arriv
ing in Baltimore at 4:40 A. M_ connecting witlithe
Express train for Philadelphia. New York, Bo^on,
and all the Eastern cities, leaving at 6J5 A. M.^ ar
rive* at Washington at 5:S0 A. M., making close Con
nection with the Southern lines for all {.arts oft he
South. This train sto|>e at the principal stations
from Wheeling to Cumberland.
Returning, leaves Baltimore at 3:45 P. M., and
Washington City at &U P.M.. arriving at Benwood
at 6 A. M. and Wheeling at G:'J7 A. M., making direct
connection with the Ex pre* train for all parts ofthe
Wert, southwest and Northwest. This train stops
only for meals and wood and water.
Th* Mali Train leaves daily mrhidfr.sr 9und\a? at
fieiT P. M., Ben wood at 1-Jti P. M- and arrives in
Baltimore at &15 P. M-. connecting with the Vail
train, leaving for Philadelphia. New York, Barton,
and all Easteru cities at 4:45 P. M.. arrives at Wish
ir.~tcn (StyatfcSO P. M., conneding Hith the SoStii
ern llnrs for all p&rts of the South. This train
the west end or th?roadat MouhdsviBe, Cameron,
Mannington, Water Station Fairmont and tiraftoi.
Returning, leaves Baltimore at 5:30 A. M., Winh
iujrton City at 4:25 A- M. and arrives at Benwood at
1<?:10 P. M. and Wheeling at 10:32 I*. M., connecting
with the Express train for all parts of the Southwest,
West aad Northwest. This train stops at the prin
cipal stations only.
The Piedmont and Wheeling Accommodation reus
daily, except Sundays, leaving Piedmont at 0:40 AIM.
and arrives at Wheeling at 8:10 IV 37.
J. B. FORD, Agent.
W. P. Skith. Master of Transportation.
L. M. Oil, GenT Ticket Agent. ap90
I860. ]
Tli? Capacity of this Boiul la now equal to any in the
Three Through Pa sender .Trains,
Connecting direct in the Union Depot, at Pitt*busgti,
with throughTrain* from all WMternCitiesfor Phila
delphia. N?w York, Boston. Baltimore,and
tun City; thus furnishing facilities for the tran?p<bt
tatlon ot Passengers, unsurpassed, for *peedandcpxu> 1
fort, by any other route. j ..J
E ipre* and Fart Line* ran through t? Philadelphia
without changeof Caw or Conductor*.
Smoking cars areattached to each train: WotidtdnV
Bleeping Cars to Kxprwte and Fast Trains. T~
Express runs Dally, Mail and Fast Line &
day* excepted. Thrw Daily Trains connect director j
New York. Express and Fast Lines connect for J"
timore and Washington.
Six dally Trains between Philadelphia and
York. Two Daily Train* between New York iuil
Boston. Through Ticket* (all Kail)areicoodon either
of the above Trains and transfers through New VtrK j
BOAT TICKETS to Boston are good via Nor
Fall Rivar or Stonington Line*. Baggage transfeii
TICKKTS may be obtained at any of the important
Railroad Office* In the West; also, on board any ofthe
regular Line of Steamers on the Mi?*totippi or C '
river*. ,
ETFu-e always as low ami time |t
quick as by any Other Route. \
The completion of the Western connections ofthe
Pennsylvania Rail Road makes this the
Direct Line Between the Baut wad 1
Great West*
The connecting of tracks by the Rail Road ]
at Pittsburgh, avoiding all dxayag* or feri
Freight, together with theaavingor time, ar
Ureadily appreciated by shippers of Freight,*
the Traveling Public. .
For Freight Contract* or Shipping Directions, aeply
to or address either ofthe following Agent* eft the
D. A ST*WART, Pittsburgh;
II. S. Pixacx A Co., ZaneavOle, O4 J. J. Johxstoj*,
Ripley, 0-_K. McNmi, MaysviUe, Ryu Ouilr A
Caerrxa, Portsmouth, O4 Pannoc* A Co- JefTeoson
ville. IntU 11. W. Bxowx A C<x, Cincinnati, 0- AtSix*
A IlikBxaY, Cincinnati. O. ;R. C. MKL&acM, Madison,
IniL; Jos. B. Mooax, Louisville, Ky.; P. O. O'IUlxt A
Co- RransTille, Ind., N. W. Gxahak A Co^ Cairo,! 11^
R. F. Sua. Shalxx A Glass, St Louis, M04 Joaf 11.
Usasr*. Nashville, Tenn; IIaxusos IIcst, Memphis,
Tenn4CLaau A Co- Chicago, IU4 W. 1LII. KOOtrrx,
Alton, 11L, or to Freight Agents of Rail Roads at
different points in the West.
The Greatest fhcUitirs offered far the Protection and
Speedy Transportation of Lite Stock,
And Goon AcooimoDATioxs with usual privileges
persons traveling In charge thereof. <
By this Route Freights of sll descriptions can be for
warded to and from Philadelphia, New York, Boston!
or Baltimore, to and from any point* on the Bail Roads'
of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin,
Iowa, or Missouri, by Rail Road direct.
The Pennsylvania Rail Road also connects at Pitts
burgh with Steamboat*, by which Goods can be for
wanted to any port on the Ohio, Muskingum, Kent ucky.
Tennessee, Cumberland. Illinois, MLsSsaippi, Wiscon
sin. Missouri, Kansas Arkansas and Red Rivers; and
at Cleveland, Sandusky and Chicago with Steamers to
all ports on the North-Western Lakes.
Merchants and Shippers entrusting the transporta
tion of their Freight to this Company, can rely with
Confl 'o-iceon it* *t>eedv transit.
Till. RATES OF FRElGUTtoand from any point In
the Weetbythe Pennsylvania Rail TUfdareatalltiwus
as favorable as art charged by other R. R. Companies.
?3_Be particular to mark packagee -vu Pxjraa.
E. J.SNEEDER. Philadelphia.
MAOKAW A KOOSS, SO North Street, Baltimore
LEECH ACOfNo.2. Astor House, or No. l^S. Wsa.
LXECH k Co.Ko.T7 Stota StrMtfSiton.'
n. IL HOUSTON, Gaii Freight Af t. FhlU.
L. L. notnrr, Otm'J ISdfert Jjrtfrhtlidtlphla.
THOS. A. 800TT, Sa'I Skpt, Altoonm Fs. Jtol-W
128th, the trains on this Road win run as follows,
ily,except Sundays:
Leers Washington TJ4 A, M. T r-.
Arrive at Wheeling 10 " .
? ? iagggfes?-t' *?
All freight to be forwarded from Wheeling must be
delivered at the depot before S o'clock P.1L to insure
its shipment the same day.
\wi*Ut W.D. BURTON. Supt.
?ton Mid for tale by 1
-??? : W.A.BPWAM8ABE0.
i CwteUted Ca*, tor writing on Llnm.Can
_jadln,Ae- without preparation, a most desir
' abl, artfcla, u the Variety Store of
. . t ?T7, ? -t/. I) NICOLL A BEO.,
?ars Trnvmyftf*.
*~r-i i-= ff
fluW iI :?? Km .V?im <tf U< Ttirt)h?iMt
P. !
AX ACT to rtfnd tad remit the duties on una 1?
to refund am^remjt
Be it eufttd by the Senate and Hoo??CB?pr*>
eentatives of the United States *1 Aauri^ in CO*
ti and 1
Assembled, That the S
id be is hereby antltoriaed an? directed to r?
fend end remit the duties end imposts on all ana?
Imported into the United State* since the firs* dej
of Me j last, or which mej be imported before the
&r?t day of January neat, by or for the eecount ot
any State; Provided, the Secretary of thelne?*j
thall be aaiis&ed that the nidamive Intended, in
g?d Uitb, tor the nee of the troops of any State
which is or out be engaged In aiding tosnppres*
the iuormtiun now existing against the Coiled
Approved, July 10,1961.
[FVKJC-?Xo. 2-1
AN ACT to provide for tho payment of the militia
and volunteers called into the service of the Uni
ted states, from the time they were called into
??tire to tho thirtieth day of June, eighteen hun
dred and stxty-ooe.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre
sentative* of tho United Mates of America in Con
rrees assembled, -That Jhere be end hereby is appro
priated, oaVefsay <sw*y tithe Treasury not otb
ervrise approprieted.-the rum fof five millions seven
tnent to pay the militia sad volunteers called into
set lice of the Cnited States, being en optional
amount required for the fiscal year ending Jabe
tbirtietb, eighteen hundred and sixty-one.
Approved. July 13,1861.
[Pcsuc^-No. 8-1
AS ACT ftirtber to provide fur the collection ol
dntiee on imports and for other purposes.
Be It enacted by the Senate and ILuuse of Repre
sentative* of the United states of America in Con
gress assembled, That whenever it.shall, in the
judgment ef the President, by reason of unlawfal
the revenue lavs and collect the duties on imports
by the ordinary means, in the ordinary way, at any
poet of entry U any eollectiirffisttfclCllefc author
ized to cause such duties to be collected at any port
of delivery in said district wutil such obstruction
shall ccase: and in such case tho nmuoaat said
poru ot delivery shall b? dot had with hil U? pow
ers and be subject to all the obligations ef collectors
at ports of snfry: and the Secretary of the Treasury,
with the approbation of the President, shall appoint
?uch number oP weighers, gangers, measurer*, In
rpector% appraise %nd clerks as may be necessary,
in his Judgment, for the faithful execution of the
srsittB vsusssssw &0R&
delivery are constituted ports of entry a* aforesaid;
and all the provision* of law regulating the Usue ot
marine peners, the coasting trade, the warrbonsint
of imports, and collection of dcties %hall' apply to
the ports of entry so constituted in the same manner
aa tbsy do to ports ?*f entry osUhlUhed by. the laws
o?wh)Litt ) Y >'? ' 1
Sec.'J. And be it further enacted, That i? from
the cause mentioned in the forgoing section, in the
(odpseet ot the President. the revenue from duties
on imports cannot be effectually collected a{ any
jort of entry in any collection district, In the ordi
nary way and by tbe ordinary meanf, or by tbe
coarse provided in tbe foregoiaRsection; tbin. and
in that case, he may direct that the custom-house
tor the district be established in any secure place
within said district, either on land or on board any
vessel in said district or at sea uear the coast: and
in snch ca#e the collector shall reside at such place,
or on shipboard, as the ca*e may be, and there de
tain all vessels and cargoes arriving within or ap
proaching said district, until the dotfes imposed by
law on said vessels and their cargoes are paid in cash:
Provided, that if tbe owner or consignee of the cargo
?n board any wd detained aa aforesaid, or the
master of said ve*eel, shall desire te enter a port of
entry in any other district in tbe United State# where
do snch obstruction# to the execution of the laws ex
ist the master of eurb Te?*l may be permitted so to
chanjre the destination of the ve?sel and cargo in his
manifest; whereupon the collector shall deliver him
s written permit to proceed to the port so designated:
And provided further, that the Secretary of tbe
Treasury shall, with the approbation of the Presi
dent. make proper regulations for the enforcement
on shipboard of sue** provisions of th* laws regulat
ing tbe assessment and collection of duties as in his
Judgment may be neceosary and practicable.
Sec S. Ami be it further enacted. That it shall be
unlawful to take any vessel or cargo detained a?
aforesaid from the custoly of tbe proper officers of
the customs, unless by process of some court of the
United States; and in case pf any attempt otherwise
to tako eucli vessel or cargo by any feme, orcombi
natloa. or assemblage ot persons, too great to be over
come by the officers of the customs, it shall and tnay
l?e lawful for the President, or such person or persons
as he t-hall Itaee empowered for that purpose, to em
ploy snch part of tbe army or navy or mailtia of the
United State*, or such force of citizen volunteers as
may l?e deemed necessary for the purpose of prevent
ing the removal of such vessel or cargo, and protect
ing ibs officers of the citrons fa retaining the cut to
dy thereof.
Sec. 4. A lid be it further enacted, That if, in the
fndcment efthe President, froat.the cause mentioned
in tne fir>t section of thin act, (he duties upon imports
in ut collection district cannot be effectually collect
* *arit4/Yf^e^>??cj yap-. or
? .. .. ? Mi
dent is hereby empowered to clote the port or ports
*j| <atn in said district, and in. casejrive notice
thereof by proclamation; arid thereupon alt right ol
importation, warehousing, aitfl other privileges inci
dent to j-orts ot entry shall ceaeg and be dlscontin
r.td at such |*jrt so clooed. until opened by order of
the President an the ccmsUop of ?uch c.bat ructions;
and it while eaid port* are so closed, any ship or ves
sel from bey ond the United State*, or hating on board
any srticiat subject to duties shall eater or attempt
to enter any such port, the *am?. together with its
tackl^ apfMrelyfarnlturc^ and cargo, shali.beforfeit
^3*56. And be it further enacted. That whenever
the President, in pursuance ot the provisions of the
wend section of the act entitled "An act to provide
for calling forth the maHtla to execute the laws of
Union, suppress insurrections, and repel inva
sions. and to repeal the act aovr In force for that pur
pose," approved February 28, 1795, shall hare called
forth the tnilitia to suppress combinations against the
law s of the United State?, and to cause the laws to be
duly executed, and the Insurgents shall have foiled to
dbpww by the time directed by the President, and
when said insurgents claim to act under the author
ity of any State or State*, and such claim is not dis
claimed or repudiated by the persons exercising the
functions of government In inch State or States or
in the part or parts thereof In which aaid combina
tions exists.norsuch insurrection suppressed by ?rid
State or States, then and in such case it may and
shall be lawfal for the President, by proclamation, tb
declare that the inhabitants of such State.er any Sec
tion or part thereof; where such insurrection exists,
are In a state of insurrection against t be United
thk*cWifD? of the rest of the United States shall,
rrase and be unlaw^qlso. long as such condition ot
hostility shall continue; and all goods and chatties,
wares and merchandise, coming from said State <
section into other psrti of the United States, and s
proceeding to such State or section, by land or water,
shall, togetlier with theiveasel or vehicle conven
ing the satnet or Conveying persons to or from
such State ftr aectloc, bp forfeited to the United
States: Provided, however. That the President laay,
in his discretion, ltesstke and permit commercial i??
tercourse with any such part of said State or sectldfc?
the inhabitants of which are Mdochndiik state ot
insurrection, in such articles, and for such. t^nw. and
by such persons, as hs, in his' discretion, may /think
most oondncive to the public interest; and "stfch in
tercourse. eo far ashy Mm licensed, shall be conduct
ed and carried on only in pursuance of rulCe ^nd reg
ulations prescribed by the Secretary of tlje Treasury.
And the Secretary of the Treasury may appoint such
1*1?" it ffiTwh'ry ^
officers of the custom and other officers shall ieceire
for services under this section, and under said rales
matlon. as provided in the last foregoing section of
this act. any ship or vessel belonging in whole or In
part to any citizen or inhabitant of aaid State or
the rest of the United State*, shall be forfeited to the
United States.
Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That in the exe
of duties on imports and tonnage, it may and shall
?a UwW far tb. to addition to Up rer.
?ne cutter. In imln, to .mploj tn aid thereof ruch
otbaraoltablaTaaaala u nay, In Majadcaantjba n
S?.?. A ad bo It further aoacttd. That tb. tbr
authority vested in the Secretary of the Treasury by
the act entitled u An act providing for or
remitting the forfeitures, penalties, and disabilities
accruing in certain cases therein mentioned," ap
proved March third, seventeen hundred and ninety
i, or in cases where special circumstances may
to require it, accnsdinr to regulations to be
prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury.
Bsc. 9. And be it further enacted. That proceed^
same as if the seixure was made in that district.
? ,1- mi - lr i ? JPthjo?No.4
AN ACT to proiMa (or tb. i
tank PaymaMn In tb. Kbry. ' "
Bo It mcM bjr tho Baaate and Hoom of Kapra
aantattraa of U>. Dotted 81aw at lamia fa Ooo
" thai tba groda of aaatetakt par.
r of tin United Itataa b* and bVi
i bji ?
aacaof tbla act tkaPradda<it<*tka?aited Statea,
bj andarttbtb.adTte.nad mnaw' cCtka Cate,
u'&ajAaK baa*
s j.i>? n asm
... t |
years; udthu, previous to 1?U appointment. hit
board of poj uast are appointed lor thtt purpose by
(Wte?ttqra( tbl!M7f ud ndir ttk^pk*
tkm* Mia?MTVnKdb?. ff
Sec. *. Afid be it talker enacted, That tboaaau
al pay of?let in pmyu tastiraahaii bo as follows, tHe :
On ilatr um, for Um tm flr* ;mi altar dale of
OMmabniea, on thonsaad three hundred dollars; af
ter fire years froea dateof o?a?isetoa, ?na thousand
five hundred dollars.
On other duty, for the first fire yean after date of
commHston, one thousand/fcdlars; after fit* years
from datoof oomni#?, on* thocwaii two tiudred
Ob leore of absence or viitloi order*, for the first
fire yean after da; of coiuUisIob. eight hundred
dollar*; after fire yean from date of commlviuo, om
thousand dollars; and vben attached to tmuIi for ,
?ea service, each aaristant paymaster shall be entitled
to oneretlou perstay.
dec. -4. And be it further enacted, That from and
?fter the patmge of this act a-* cmaiaa Tiding officer
of, aay vessel in,the navy shall be 'required to per
form the dotiee of pe'ymaster or awtmat paymas
ter; and when such office shall become vacant, by .
death or otherwise. In shlbeut tea 6r oh forei, n sta
tions* or oof the Pacific roast of the United States,
the senior officer present may make an actinic ap
pointment of any fit person tu perform the duties
until another. paymaster or a^istant paymaster
shall report for doty. Any person performing tho
duties of paymaster or assistant paymaster inaccor
danoe with, this tectlon (hot oof otherwise) shall bo
entitled to receive the pay of such grade whilst so
Sec. 5. And be It farther enacted. That each ?p>
sistant paymaster shell, wpon his appoiutment. enter
into bonds In the amount of ten thousand dollars,
with at least two . good nart-enacimtaKorlttea, for
the WUrfm performance of his duties. and that as
sistant paymasters shall have rank and precedence j
with assistant euigeous not pa seed, and tliat all ap
pointment* to fill vacancies In the corps of paymas
ters shMn be made by' regular promotion from the
list of assistant paymaster*.
Sec. 6. And be it further enacted. That within six
months after the cxphstLn of the present insurrec
tion the corps of pay mast era and assistant paymas
ters shall be reduced to tho? number of seveoty-flre
ia tho who)*. -
Approved, Jaly 17, 1S61.
/ , i: IPrauo^St:' S-l
AN ACT to authorise a National Loan and for
other purposes. ? i >
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre
lentativesof the United States of America in Con
gress assembled. That tb??eff*tary of the Treasury
be and bo isbereby authorised to borrow, en the
credit of the United States, within twelve months
from the ittssagt- of this act* a sum not exceeding
two hundred and fifty rofllJoni of dollars, cr so much
there#! as he may deem necessary for the public ser
vice, for which he is authorized to issue coupon
bonds, or registered bonds, or Treasury notes. In each
proportion* of each as he may deem advisable; the
bonds to tear interest not exceeding seven per cent,
per annum, payable senu-aonually, irredeemable for
twenty year*, ami after that period redeemable at
the pleasure of the United State*; and the Treuury
notes to be of any denomination fixed by the Secre
tary of the Treasury, not less than fifty dollars, and
to be payable three years after date, with interest
at the rate of seven and three-tenths per ceutum per
annum, papable semi-annually. And the Secretary
of the Treasury any also issue in exchauge for coiu,
and as part of theabove lean. or may pay tor salaries
cr other dues from the United States, Treasury note*
of a Jet* denomination than.fifty dollars, not bearing
interest, but payable on demand by the Assistant
Treasurers of the United States at Philadelphia. New
York or Boston, or Treasury notes bearing interest
at the rate of three and sixty-five hundredth* per
ccutnin, payable in one year from date, and exchang
able at any time for Treasury notes lor filty doilais
and npwajdsj issuable under the authority of this
act, and bearing interest as specified above: Provi
ded, That no exchange of such note* in eny less
amount than one hundred dollars -ball W made at
any one tline: And provided further. That no
Treasury notes shall be issued of a less denomination
than ten dollars, and that tl?e whole amount of
Treasury notes, not bearing inter est. if-ued under the
authority of this act, shall not exceed fifty millions
of dollar*. ? . . i: ?
See. i And be it further enacted. That the Trea
sury notes and bonds isrm-d under the provisions of
this act shall be signed by the Mrs* or bocond Comp
troller, or the Register of the Treasury, and counter
signed by such other officer or officers of the Treas
ury as the Secretary of the Treasury may designate;
and all such obligations, of the denomfnatioft of filty
dollars and upward#, shall be Issued under the aeal
of the Treasury Department. The registered bonds
shall be transferable ou the books uC the Treasury
on delivery of the certificate, and the coupon bonds
and Treasury notes shall be transferable ou delivery.
The interest coupons may be sifted by such person
or person^ or executed Id such fiirfnfter. as may be
designated by the Secretary of the Treasury, who
aliati fix the compensation for the nine.
Sec. 3. And be it furtfnrr enacted. That the Secre
tary of the Treosory shall cause books to be opened
for subscription to the Treasury notes for fifty dol
lars and upward*, at such places as lie may designate
in the United Statm, and under ?uch rules and regu
lations as he may prescribe, to be suiwrintendcd by
the assistant treasurers of the United States at their
respective localities, anil at other pTXce* by fiudh de
positories, postmasters, and other persons as he may
designate, notice thereof being given in at least two
daily papers of this city, and in otic er more1 public
newspapers published in the several places v hero
subscription books may be opened; and snbseriptiotis
for such notes may be rec*i?rd/nK* eUprraoaswho
aiMr?leaife.eoaahseribe.aay law to the contrary not
withstanding; aud if a larger amount shall 1*? sub
scribed iu the aggregate than is required at oiifi time,
the. Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to re
ceive the satne, t>nould he deem It advantageous to
the public interest; and if not. he shall accept the
amount required by giving the iweftrenc* to the
?mailer snbecriptiooa; and tho Secretary of the
Treasury shall fix the compensations of the public
officers or others designated for receiving said sub
scription*; Provided, That, for performing this or
any other duty in connexion with this act. no com
pensation for services rendered shall be, allowed or
paid to any public officer whose nary IS established
by law; a? dJhe Secretary C 'he Treasury rosy also
make such other rules ac-' emulation* as he may
deem expedient touching tho Instalment to bo paid
on any subscription at she time of subscribing, and
farther payments by instalments or otherwise, and
penalties for non-payment,of jaqy itutaiment,-aml
also concerning the, receipt, deposit, and safe koep
Ing of money received from such subscriptions, until
Sj5?ri?!!r ^e kJ?yiS5^^5s05the
contrary notwithstanding. And the Secretary of
the Treasury la also authorized, if he shall deem It
expedient, before opening hooka el subscription as
above provided, to exchange for coin or pay for
public dues or for Treastuy notes of the issue of
tw.ntjr-Uiird of Bmmlw, dghlera , knodral and
fiftv-eeven. aod falling due on the thirtieth of June,
eighteen hundred and sixty-one, or for Treasury
notes issued and taken in.excha^cefor such notes,
any amount of said Trftwnty 'notft Yor fifty dollars
or upwards not exceeding one hundred millions ol
Sec. 4. And be it fhrtMi* enScted. Tha? before
awarding any portion of the loan in bonds author
ized by this act, the Secretary of the Treasury, if he
deem it advisable to i?M proposals for-the nupe in
tiie Culled State*, shall giro not less than fifteen
days' public notice in two or more of the public
newspapers in the city of .Washington* and in such
dlher places of the United* States as'be may deem
advisable, designating the amount of such loan, the
and the time up towliich sealed propoMlswill
? mm Bent
_ iUa.
tobe paldAnd' the penalty for the noo-pAyment of 1
(h Justalmenta, and wheq end whta^ such pro
shall be opened in. the prceence of such per
sons ?? he may choose to at ten?l; and the Secretary
of the Treasury is authorised to accept the mo4 fa
vorable proposals "offered by responsible bidders:
Provided, That n i offer shall be accepted at less than
.&UibLl U? Seere
tary of the Treasury may, if he deem it advisable, >
negotiate any portion of said loan, net. exceeding
on* hundred millions of dollars, in any foreign coun
try, and payable at anv designated place;: either in
the Halted States or in Europe, and may issue regis
tered or coupon bonds Joe the amount thus negotia
ted agreeably to the provisions of this act, bearing
interest payable semi-annually, either in the United
States or at any designated place in Europe; and he
is further authorized to appoint such agent or agents
as he may deem necessary for negotiating such loan
under his instructions, and for paying the interest
on the same, and to fix the compensation of such
agent or agent#, and riial! prescribe to them all the
rules, regulations, and modes under which such loan
shall be nogotiated, and shall have power to fix tlio
rate of exchange at which the principal shall be re
ceived from the caotwcteP for the Joan, and the ex
change for the payment of the principal and inter-*
est la Europe shall be at. the same rate.
Sec. 6. And be it further enacted. That whenever
any Treasury notes, of a denomination less thaa fifty
dollars, authorized to be Issued by this act shall have
uccn twwaw. uia w mwah ? UIJ E
reissue the same, or may cancel them and issue neWi
notes to antaqnaiamqnnt:. Provided, That .the tg
gregate amount of boods and Treasury notes Issued
under the foregoing prnrite??of this a??shsll never
exceed the full amount authorised by the first seo?
tion of this act; and the power to'issne or reissue
such not .ishall cease and determine after the thirty-1
first of December, eighteen hundred and sixty-two. '
Sec. ?. And be it further enacted. That the Secre
tary of the Treasury-ie hereby authorized, whenever
he shall deem it expedient, to Issue in exchange for
ooin-or -1n -payment-for pub He dues; treasury r-**?1
oi any af the deaoMteatfons hereinbefore spec
bearing Interest not exceeding six-p? '
on date, provided that the amount
or isfcf shill'St no time exceed
?eft ^
twenty millions of domrsl
Sec. 8. And be it fhrther enacted, That the Secre
tary of the Treasury shall report to Oongrem, imme
diateiy after the commencement of the next swssioB?
BeoCOi. tnifMUgfcrthte.faactO, That an pro
visions of the art <mt?Uad, ,-An act to authorise the
Issue ofTisawif nfcrfte* apptmsd the
. . . 1 w
piled to lh? Brortaioin ot tM, act, aod not ?
xbI?rS drtnrj
d lb< U|?MtW m-T
tbti act U? MIS at w kaodnd lh??4 *iS?v?r
?a much th?r?of M m?j b? 1'iMg. J*"* ?* I
?all t.?r?br ?rpiopri?t?J, u>b? J*ld oat of ma;
oostj !? tb? TiiiMiy =?* ??b?wS? ?pp?>prUt?<i.
ApproMd, Jolj 17,1SSI.
rvciuo?Xo. K]
AX ACT making addltkml
? '* >tuoi]iri
I and sixty-two, and aj>
tor the fiscal ysar end
support of the army br fi* I
thirtieth, eighteen hundred a
i*upriations of arrearage* far . r
lag Jane thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty
one. '
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the Uttlted State* of America in Cou
gr?M iMtnbted. That tho following fcm be and the
Mime *fs hereby appropriated oat of any money in
(he Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the soj?
fiort of tho army tor the year ending the thirtieth
of June, eighteen hnndrad andsixty-two^
For ex pence* of saerulting. transportation of re
expenses atUtod&g the raising of twenty-tour thou
sand tiro hundred and eighty-five men. to bo organ
ized Into nine regiments ot ln&ntty, on* regiment ot
ravalry, and one regiment of artillery as per general
unlerannmber sixteen, dated War lMfaitment. Ad
iuunt UeneraTa Office, Washington, May fourth,
eighteen hundred and sixty-one, three hundred and
Bfty -eight thousand dollar*. *
l^rpucfakN of- books of tactics and instruction
tor the volunteers, fifty thousand dollars.
For pay of the army, three million nine hundred
. tour hun
dred and seventy-eight thousand three hundred and
seventeen dollars and. sixty cents.
_ Fpr commutation of torage tor officers* horses, ser
?hty-diree thousand and fifty-six dollars.
, lor payments In Uett of clothing tor officers' Mr
vauls, Any-seven thousand one hundred and eighty
.'or pav of the three months' volunteer^ two mil
lion five hundred and seven thousand dollar*.
For pay of the two and three years* volunteers, fif
ty-five million doUars. :
For subsistence in kind tor regular troop*, two mil
lion four hundred:and ninety-three thousand foot
hundred and niuety-*?ven dollars and fifty cmts.
For sabsisteuc*. in kind tor two. nnd three years'
volunteers, twenty-three million eighty-lour thous
and two hundred'and eighty-tour dollars.
For the regular supplies of the quartermaster's de
partment, consisting of fuel tor the officers enlisted
men, guard, hospital, storehouse*, and offices; of tor
age in kind tor tho horses, mules, and oxen of the
?luaxtermaatert department at the fevers! poets and
stations, and with tbs armies in the field; for the
horses of the regiments of dragoons and fcr the au
thorized number of officers* humo when serving In
the field and at the outposts, Including t?edding for
the auimali; of straw'lor soldiers' bedding; and gf
stationery, Including blank books tor the quarter
master's department, certificate* for discharged sol
diers. blank totins for the pay and quartermaster s
department, and fpr printing of division and'depart
ment orders and reports, fourteen million two hun
dred and sixty-five thousand fifty-nine dollars and
thirty-aeTeu cents.
For the incidental expenses of tho quartermaster's
lejsirtment, consisting of postage on letters and
{jackets received and sent by officers of the army on
public service; ex|*ensesof courts-martial and oourta
of inquiry, including the additional compensation ol
iudgea advocate, recorders, members, and witnesses,
while on that service, under the act of eighteen hun
dred and two: extra pay to soldiers employed under
the direction of the quarterma*ter> department in
the c-actioa of barracks, quarters, storehouses, and
lioepita&s, in tho construction of roads, and other con
stant labor, tor periods of not leas than ten days, un
der the acts of second of March, eighteen huudrcd
and ufnteen, and of tourth of Augu-t, eighteen hun
dred and fifty-tour, including those employed as clerks
at division and department headquarters; expenses
of expresses to and from the frontier posts and ar
mies in the field; of escorts to paymasters and other
disbursing officers, and to trains where military es
cort* cannot be tumiahed; expenses of tho interment
of officers killed in action, or who die when on duty
in the field,oc at the posts on tha frontiers, or at oth
er pusta and places, when ordered by the Secretary
?>f War, and of non-commissioned officers and soldiers;
authorized office furniture; hire of laborers in tha
quartermaster's department, including tha hire of in
terpreters and guides for the army; compensation of
darks to officer*of tha quartermaster's department;
compensation of forage and wagnn master.-', author
ized by the act of fifth July, eighteen hundred and
thirty-eight yfor the apprehension of deserters and
the expenses incident to their pursuit; and for the
following expenditures required for the regiments ol
dragoons nnd light artillery, viz: the purchase ol
traveling forges, blacksmiths' and shoeing tools, horse
nnd mules shoes and nails, iron and ateel tor shoeing,
hire ot veterinary surgeons, medicine* tor horse* and
mules, picket ropes, and tor shoeing the horses of the
corps turned, seven million six hundred and sixty-six
thousand six hundred and sixty-six dollars.
For the purchase of dragoon and artillery horses,
ten milliou five hundred and fourteen thousand fire
hundred dollars.
For mileage, or the allowance made to officers ol
the army for the transportation of themselves and
their baggage when traveling ou duty without troops,
escorts or supplies, fire hundred thousand dollar?.
For trahsportatlon of the army, including the bag
gage of the troops, when moving either by land or
water: of clothing, camp and garrison equipage,
I rum the depot at Philadelphia to the several posts
?and army depots, and from those depots to the troops
1 in the field: and snbsistenca from tha places or pur
chase and from tho places of delivery. umUr con
tract, to ?uch places as the circumstances of the ser
vice way require them to bo sent; of ordmtnre. ord
nance stores, awl small arm* frrua the touudries and
armories to the arsenal*, fortifications, frontier posts,
and army depots; freights, wharfage, tolls, and fer
riages; tho purcl.a>e nnd hire of horses, mules, and
liarncas, and thu purchase and repair of wagons,
carta, and drays; awl of ships and other sea-going
.vessels and .boats required lor the transportation ol
supplies and for garrison purposes; for drayago and
cartage at the several posts; hire of teamsters;
transportation of funds for the pay and other dis
bursing departments; the expense of sailing public
transports on the various rivers, the Quit of Mexi
co, and the Atlantic, and for procuring water at
such fioats as frna t he i rait nation require It to be
brought from a distance, and tor clearing roads and
removing obstructions trom roods, harbors, and riv
ers. to the extent which may be required for tbs ac
tual operation of the troops In the field, sixteen
million two hundred and twenty thousand nine hun
dred and ft fty-four dollars.
jror gunttoats cm the "western riten, one million
Hire of quarter* for troops; of storehouses tor
the safekeeping of military storos; of grounds foi
summer cantonments and for temporary hut rf, one
million five hundred Uionnul dollar*.
For clothing, camp and garrison eqnipave, thir
teen million four hundred and sixteen thousand four
linndredand thirty-seren dollar* and two rent*.
For contingencies of the army, two hundred thou
sand dollars.
For the medical and hospital departments, one
i million t wo hundred and seventy-one thousand eight
' hundred and forty-one dollar*.
Foranoanent of fortifications, four hundred and
I fifty-seven thousand six hundred dollars.
Itor the current expenses of .the ordnance ser
? * For ordnance, ordnance stores, and supplies, in
cluding horse equipments for all mounted troops,
: two million three hundred and sixty thousand dol
For the manufacture of arms, two minion fire
hundred and seventy-three thousand three hundred
and ten dollars.
For increasing the manufacturing capacity of the
national armory, four hundred and twenty-two thon
sandjfive hundred dollars.
Fpr the purchase of gunpowder and lead, four
hundred and fifty-one thousand seven hundred and
eiehty dollars.
For additions to and extensions of. the shop-room,
machtoery,lbols, and fixtures at the different ?rten*
als, one hundred and twenty-six thousand six hun
dred ami ninety dollars.
For the following fortifications:
Fort Montgomery, Lake Champlain, New York,
Main*, X?*?kou.
land dollars.
' Fast oaliog Island Ledge, Port land liaxbor, Maine,
"%5 WW, Khod. 1^
thousand dollars.
.Jfort JUchmoad, States Island, New York, ten
thousand dollars. , ..
Fort on site of Fort Tompkins, EtatenlsUndi New
York, fifty thousand dollars,
Fort at Wiilet's Point, opposite Fort Schuyler,
New York, one hundred thousand dollars.
' Fort Carroll, Baltimore harbor, Maryland, twen
five thousand dollars.
Fort Taylor, Key Wert, Florida, one hundred
?KS3?Kmi k
thousand dollars. -
a Fact at Port Point, Ban Frandsoo bey, California,
fifty thousand doOam T
Port at Aleatraa Island, San Tniidno bay, Cali
fornia; twenty-five thousand dollars.
? Fort at 8andy Hook, Now York harbor, oae hun
dred thousand dollpra. ( y
For refmirs and alterations of barrack quarters at
ifosts net permanently occupied by trovpe, Un^hou
^SgSSgJiZ cC fortl^onv ^ tbon
War surrsys for military defences, fifty
dollars. ' - ? ;
?Pbr amount required to refund to the 8tates ex
K&!&S$S$S?39& ,tu
Sec. 3. Andhe St further enacted, That the foV
.lpwtegsumsX>e and they are hereby appropriated,
S&52-Tr~DrT ~
ending thirttShof^Se, eighteen hundred sawfsix
^For snbsistsnoe In kind .foe tt
teers, ene million two hundred and s
twohnodred %aft> lotty-Ctx1 dollars and sixty-three
m.1 ? .... .)
i a tiu /id(y
?flTf thousand and
j mppum,
For transportation of officer** btgpg*,
nlMtT-men Ihooiu^'.tlff* hundred and thirty
Far doihtog; camp and garrison equipage, one
million, three hundred mo fifty thousand one huu
drri mad fifty oae dollar* and thirty-eight cent*.
Tor current expenses oT ordnance service, twenty
thousand dollar*.
For ordnance, ordnance stores,and supplies, inclu
dlng hone equipments lor all mounted troops four
hundred thousand dollar*.
For manufacture of arm*, sixty thousand dollars.
For increasing the maaufrcturinjc capacity of the
national armory, fifty thousand dollars.
For purchase of gunpowder and lead, forty thou*
Mad dollars.
For purchase of artillery horses, twenty-fire thou
sand dollars.
For hire of quarters tor troops, yf store houses for
the safe keeping of military stores, of grounds fur
summer cantonments, and for temporary huts, ooo
hundred and fifty-eight thousand two hundred and
eighty-thrt-e doiltra and eighty^fne cent*.
Sec. 3. And he it further enacted. That all Appro
priations and all provision* of Mw herein contained
applicable to three years' volunteers fthall apply ft
two years* volunteer*, and all other volunteers whu
hare been or may be received Into the service of the
United States for a period exceeding three month*.
Approved, July IT, 1861.
Wholesale Betail Dealer in
Cutlery A* Variety Good*,
AGENT for H*LlletvDawl*4fcCo'a
'Pianos. The above Piano?are fit ted
np with all the Improvements, in beau
tiful Rosewood cases. My assortment
e plain or sqw
f style.
? Prince's J
Also, agent for Prince's Melodeons, Car
rangtefrom the plain or square piano to the beau
tiful Loui* XIV. *
Also, agent for
hart'aMelede<ms,and Uughesd>Hale's
The largest stock of Sheet Muaic, Mutiral Works, A
In the Western country.
49-Utuic sent to any address, postage rree.-^g
In connection with the sbove, I keep every kind
musical Inst rumenis. and musical merchandise gen er
d^Pianoe, Melodeons, m d cr*eiy kind of-Musical
Instruments t nned and repaired.
All good* warranted at this establishment
nov&,*59 ?t -
- ?
Cor. Baltimore and Cl>arl?e-St?.,
1iH? lxsnruno.v is sow rx thb most
pro^rou. and flonrUldnt condition.
?wrySUtotaaTe wfnto^d""*' nemr,J
liahnlSSu tb?oSt juTuiST* *" "r "i""Ur "ub
. . K-K. LOSIKK.
. . 11-II.DAVIKS,
Lecturer on Mercantile Law
locluier oa Conimcrlal EtMtn
.. , ? _ trustees:
Eass=* sr^T?v
to W??i ?4 h ..p.
?J??8?S?u2S$? dUrtl"; So,!,,.,.
fJm fall?o^
A DlMJiS??ia awarded t??u Grvla?u,
Ahw,?j B?tillfan,OrMin7ntId a?,,i?
#?ts5^issr?f.*fwuh "??
L. .. .... R'UiumXi.
Clolhs, Cnsslmeres and Vestines.
AIjo, a compute aMortuient of '
^tlemen'a Furnishing Goods.
T*ytr? t" Wheeler A Latin.]
"1 f^'cta **n
?toclclattf^"?f.V?"i?L'0.q>11 *?"1 examine mi
y..?* '-"-a* ?uJ
establishment." JOHN T 0cw
?*o.*.joss?*. " ~
M e. w. JoirNsoN6'ioti,**''
?rr"or c-^. ??rt
?bett Iron Ware. *"?'
?nan a,,r to an .11 onJt? <;r'P?red now
tl? abore line of buinea rSL J' "' ""rk In
twde to order. Steamboat wnrt^l. Conductor*
<W ajd workmanliketo ? ">b.u"
cannetbe found ebevhen J^wnwnts that
complete, and the aMortxne^t i?^t i ?ck *f is
5^Partock ?f thelateet and awC* *' m11 t,3,e?' We
of and Wood 8t<^^d^;w~r? P.ttenJ
?? BOS i soy,
Jr2-d*irtf ^o.l.S Market 8qu*Je,
? ? Wheeling. Vai
<*?i? "d,aily express,"
PW?SS^J *?'??? afsi'j ^Jr"0" ?I
perannom,alwayspayabletaadrenee^ D?LLAE8
yireOopie. :~jJ g "? "man ^
*"^T5>pu^""5ri^TM"Ja 2L "
Specimen* emt eMb ,nl>^t>e^ fc at
to any ad
Bo"** ir-JSa?* W~kl7 """^aentSr one
J,*>? brooks
' J"? vi-?
Great Preparations for a Large Trade!
QTOJSK A TH03IAS announce to their friend#, and the public. that tbrr are in recei&r ,?..
O stock of Fall and Winter Good*, embracing DRV GOODS in eterr Variet j, UlCilVEltT n<V??e*
PKTIA'O, OIL CLOfllfc and SOflOXS, compr-.sing the Urtmt u?l b tooe mpcctt tl>? ftcit dh^'u ^
bar? ever brought to the city. Our customers may rest assured that tbey will have all the advm,t-.
a lamp crptrimce-. close attention to bvnnrrr, cartful Vvyirg. abd bujlng ?Hh Cash, in mo.t
from max.utacturersatsd importers, can give them, Well aire madesmple prrfiorst km* f,?r a htrve
TiiADK, and invito the attention of leaders to aa examination of our stock of goods brfore butfc*. i*
??. ?*... Tw-A*. **-4M I# to
FREXCII MHRIXOke. of all color?
llain and Printed Woolen Fabrics.
Plaia Goods, suitable for Frfeods' wear.
h'hawls and.Shawletts. of OTeraatjle.
Cloaks and Mantico,
Ribbons and Bonnets,
of an? house in the city. Our stock of FUR8 is birre and rfo-lr.t i. ^ tinted Cotton Fabrics sr
1 ? STONK A TlloK?
Ao?x?rIeuMdSnr?mnd F*ra*l* phy?icl?a,prwnu
to tti. nttrnllon of raoth*T?,>wr
which greatly facilitates the procc-- of teething, b>
softening the gnms, reducing all infiamniation?will
alley au PAix and-spasmodic action, and is
Sure to Regulate tlie
Depend upon it. mother*, it will give rest toyourselves
and relief and health to your lnfaut?>
We have put np and sold this artiele fur over ten
years, and cut ttzy, tn ortijidmc* ??? 1 <riith of it, what
| we have never been able to say of ?? ? ? -her medicine;
: Nsvz* bas it Fail&d, is a sjnglx i>.*axc*to0FIOT
1 a CUKE, when timely used. Never did we kuow an
, instance of diaaatisfaction by any one who used it.
Ou the contrary, all are delighted with its opera
1 tions. and speak in terms of commendation of it*
magical effects and medical, virtnos. We apeak in
this matter "WHAT WK DO KNOW." after ten
years' e*!- rience and pledge vttr rrnutati'Ht for the
fulfilment of what ice her* dcclare. in almost every
instance where the infant is suffering trow pa!n and
exhaustion, relief will be found in tifteeu or twenty
miuutesafter the avrup is administered.
Tills valuable preparation Is the prescription of one
ES in New ilugland, and has been used with never
failit.g tticcejs in
It not only relieves the child from pain, but invigor
ates tUestoruach an'I bowels, corrects acidity,and give*
tone and energy to the whole system. It will relieve
almost instantly
Griping in the Bowels, ft. Wind Colic
and overcome convulsions, which, if not speedily reinfc
died, end in death. We beieve It the BK*t aud atntEST
UVtDT iu the Wofttn. in all cafes of DYSILMERY
ASl. DIAKlilllSA IX CHILDREN, whether it arise*
from teethi ng, or from other cause. We would say to
every mother who oas a child suffering from any of
the foregoing complaints?do not let your pre
judices* nor tlie prejudices of other>t
stand between you and yoar suffering child, and the !
relief that will be SURE?yea, ABSOLUTELY SURE
?to follow the use of this medicine, if timely used.
Full directions will accomj fiuy each bottle. None
geunine unless the fao-*imile of CUllTIS k PER- |
KINS, New Tork, is on the outside wrapper.
8old by Druggists throughout the world.
Principal Office, 13 Cedar St., K. Y.
Missouri Mining Company.
Incorporated Feb. 22d, 1861.
CAPITAL STOCK-..: .. $500,000
pose of adeancilijfthe great mining interests of
our State. We do not profess to be governed by
purelv philanthropic motives In initiating this eh- I
I terpnse. We believe that the stock can be made to
I Ia7 large dividends, ai?d at the saunt time more real
good accomplished and greater progre.-** made iu de
veloping and making known the astonishing mineral
wealth of Missouri, than by the use of five times Jhe
ntnonnt'ifourcapital invested inany other busifKM.
We shall m%ke the office of our Company ?i ct m
plete mining bure^t^J tjte-miucral resource* ?. i the
State. We have power under our chart* i ,t'j j tar
cl*** and sell mineral land*vrherevt-Mvntf.1 in
Missouri, g^vat inducements will he offered to cap.
Ita'Utsand mining adventurers. who desire to par*
chase and *odt|mylug raine^ by dealing with this
y* respect fall y solicit the attention of all who
est cash price they are willing to take for said laud'-.
Wo shall work only, such mines aa pay largely, but
shall open and pVove moat of the lands we veil. The
| books fqr aubscriRtkpMo.tiha stock-am new open at
I the Office of the Company. Main street, northwest
corner of Locust, over Merchants' Bank, entrance
No. 21 Loopst street. All wbc fl?el an interest in this
bitslueaa. and have mouey, wUl do well to call and
subscribe. Those wishing stock,7 living out of the
Qfttyf can secure It by eneloeing ten per cent, of tlie
i amount wanted to the President or Treasurer.
H?>nry D. B^con, K*a, Matthew Butler, Xsq,
Alfred Clapp. Esq? L. B. narwood. vJq~
JosepJ. Lathntp, Esq., B. Ml Lynch. Esq., ,
L. A. Bogy, Esq., Joaeph i'ayne, Km!.
Henry D; Bacon, ' L. Oorv.
M. BOTLKR. Trta*. ALFRED CLAPP, Pres't.3
prospectus ha?* .np to this, date beeo
pnblMml In only one or our tolling papers for ten
?lays. No extra effort? to get stock taken liave been
rnaUe; yet ths public ?o welt appreciate the eonnd
. "Enterprise, that over two hundred thous
?n*l dollar* of the stock ha* already been taken. We
would briefly state that the sharea are each, paid
in mil. without further liability: transferable by de^
livery; registers! only when dividends are received.
Any pewop having money to spare, can. by the pur
chase of shares in the MUwuri Mining Company
All cujnmunlarilbnk to 0? imSdrat nromptl.
?ojwered luIOO-lliwjni
8t. Lonli, Jto.Vnrrb 22.IM1
Sew Stock of Fins Pianos
riTOE subscriber has just received * oew stock ol
J_ floe Piano*, fruu the .celebrated factory ol
Chickering k Soup, JkMton, which for beauty or firt
bh, power of tono and elasticity of touc h, arp supe
rior to auy Instruments ever brought to the city.
Tim* Piano* vm bought lot c**h ?n<] will be
?old at lees than Eastern prices for CASH and cash
only. Th? pnWlc are respectrnlly invited to call and
examine for themselves.
Old Pisuos takeh la exchange for new.
nov2 No. 189 Main st.
r /1. mTCUOOCK most respect tolly gi ves,notice
1. th*t lie bu opeofd an ofllr* ?t ?o. ?
xver the Savings Bank of Wheeling, for transiting
ihe business of a
in all Its branches?Bookkeeping, Commercial Cal
culation*. Redness Wtftind Act also In Political
Economy, Tfnance and Banking, Commercial Law,
Practical Business, and whatever constitutes a thor>
onjch preparation for acmrx icsunus un.
* coarse ot1 instruction Is intended -tq^ be as
comprehendve'aiid'tlit*i*gh A that of any of the
Osnmsreisl Colleges* while the expense to the stu
dent is much less.
T. 'T. H. bees leave to refer thoee to whom he Is
unknown to Geo. W. Smith, Esq., or to the officers
Abe you sick, feeble and complaining
Are you not of order, with your system 4tnn(
ed. and your feeling* uncomfortable* TL?? .J&P
t0m* tire often the prelude to serious illnets. s^r.?
fit of aickness is creeping apon van, and M U
averted by a timely use of the right remedy. T*kt
Aver*# Pill?.and ckanse out the disordered hum<.r<
purify the blood, and let the fluids move on r.*\.
rtrncted in health again. They stimulate th- fete,
lion* of the body into vigorous activity, purify th.
system from the obstructions which make dL<*?*
A cold settle* somewhere in the body, and obstruct*
ita natural functions. These, if not relieved, r**t
upon themselves and the surrounding organ*: prv
ducing general aggravation, suffering, and di*ea*?.
While in this condition, oppressed by the dtran^
meuta, take Ayer*s Pills, and aee how directly tLr?
restore the natural action of the system. and with it
the buoyant feeling of health again. What U tre.
ami so spjarent in this trivial and common cm
| plaint. ?s also true in many of the deep-seated *ri
idangctoas distempers. Tl?? ?m? purgatrie effect
expels them. Caused by similar obstructiou* iH
derangements of the natural function* of the buiy,
they are rapidly, and many of them surely, carol tj
the same means. None who know the virtue# of
| thee* Fills, will neglect to employ them when Rtfier
; ing from the disorders they cure.
Statements from leading physician* In some ?.f tie
l principal cities, and from other well known pel!*
j perse ns.
j From a Forwarding Merchant of St. Louis.
I Feb. 4, 1856.
| Db. Arcs: Your Fills are the paragon of all that ii
i great in medicine. They have cured my little dsurfc
ter of ulcerous sores upon her hands anJ that
had proved incurable for years. Her mother Ui
I been long grievously afflicted with blotches and pim
pies on lier skin and in her hair. After oar chili
was cured, sho also tried your Pills, and tbeyhau
cured her. ASA MORGRIMJK.
As si family Phytic.
From Dr. K. W. Oxrttcriaht, Sew Orltant.
Your Pills are'the prince of purges. Their excel
lont qualities surpass any cathartic we posse?#. The*
are mild, but very certain and effectual in their ac
tion on the bowels, which makes them invalaabl* to
us in the daily treatment of disease.
Headache, Sick Headache, Foul Sto
From Dr. Edicard Boyd, Baltimore.
Dear Bbo. Atzb : I cannot answer you tehct con
plaints I have evrref with your Fills 1>etter than t?
say all that ** crer treat with a purgative vxedinnt
I place great dependence on an effectual cathartic is
my daily contest with disease, and believing as I do
that your Pills afford us the best we have,l of coar*
value them highly.
Pittsbcbg, Pa., May 1.1S55.
Db. J. C. Atxb. Sir: I have been repeatedly cured
of the worst headache anybody can bave by a dew ot
two of your Pills. It seems to arise from a foul ?to
mach. which they cleanse at once.
Yours with great respect. ED. W. PRABLK,
Clerk of Steamer Clarion,
Bllllous Dlsordejs-Llver Complaints,
From Dr. Throdvre Bell, of Sew York City.
Not only are your Pills admirably adapted ro their
pnrpuse as an aperient, but 1 rind -their beneficial ef
fects upon the Liver very marked indeed. Th*J
have in my practice proved more effectual for the
cure of OtUivys complaint* than any oue rented* I
can mention. I sincerely rejoice that we bar* it
length a purgative which is worthy the confidents *t
the profession and the people.
Depabtxebt or the Ixttbiob, )
Washington. D. C? 7th Feb, 18tf>. >
Pia: I have used your Pills in my general and hos
pital practice ever since you made them, and canna
hesitate to say they are the beat cathartic we emp'.uj
Their regulating action on the liver is quick and de
cided. consequently they are an admirable remedy
for derangements of that organ. Indeed, I bar.
seldom found a case of bitHoux disease so obstinate
that It did not readily yield to them.
Fraternally yours. ALONZO BALL, M. 1?.
Physician of the Marine hospital
Dysentery, Diarrhoea, Relax, Worms
-FYom Dr. J. G. Green of Chicago.
Your Pills have had a long' trial-In my practice, and
I hold them in esteem as one of the' best aperients I
Ijaye \er found. Their alterative effect upon the
liver makes them an excellent remedy, when given
in small doses for biUicus dysentery and diarrhuo.
Then- sugar-coating makes them very acceptable an?!
convenient for the nse of women and children.
Dyspepsia, Impurity ot the Blood.
FromJiev. J. V. IJimes, Pastor of Advent
-Churchy Boston.
Db. Am: I have used your "Tills with extra..rdi
?y family and among, those 1 am
called to visit in distreas. To regulate the organs ot
digestion aad parity the bkKMl. they are the very be*?
remedj?I hare ever known, and J can confident!* te
cotnmend them to my frle&ds.
Yours, j. V.HIMES.
Wyoming Co, N. X* Oct. SLIStt.
i 8 *z J 5?.n*ln? y?ur Cathartic Pills in inj
practice and find them an excellent- purgative to
jjstem and purify the fountains of th*
hlood- JOHN O. MEACHAM, M. D.
Cora < pat Ion; Coltiveneas, Snpprcs
I sIob, Breumatism, Gout, keurslgia.
Prppay, Paralysis, yita. etc.
l?ri J aughn, Montreal, Called*.
cahnot'be said of your Pills for the cui
tSSfSrff^M olhef* of our fraternity have feaod
c?ftUB V 1 ?Te, they should join me la
benefitef the mulUtmWs r> ho
}& cpWpWnt, which, although l-ad
yyffl '!i t,i* P?>KenItor of others that are
its origiaate in the Ii*er,
t t your Pills affect that omn ami rnm th- .1?
j ?rem 3trt.lL Stuart, Physician and JUidwife-, Boston
j 1 find dtie or two hrgv dosesof your Pflbr. taken ??
j Ujc proper time, are excelleut promotive* of the nal
I tral gtcrrtion when wholly or partially rojiprrt'fl
md rlio very eflectnal to cfcame the stomach and t*
-W kvtmi. They ere so much the beat phytic *?
' Wrp lhiif I recommend ltd other to my patients,
'/rom the R&o. J>r, Hawl-rs, of like M*thodisl
Episcopal Church.
ItUlli Horn, Savannah. Gm Jan.6. IK*
11ox<?r*.i? Sliu I should be ungrateful for tiie r*li*?
your ikiO hw brought meif .l (Ud not report my rase
to yon. A cold settled in. my limbs and brought ob
excruciating nmralgicpains, which ended in cftrvuic
rhri itlism. Notwithstanding 1 had the best ot
hy?cbm* the dlseaae grew wonte'and worse, nntil
V th* udrire of your excellent apent in Baltimore,
r Mirkeusie, I tried your Pills. Their effects were
'off in-.tmi*. By persevering in the use of them, 1
nm now entirely well.
Skxatx CaAxaza, Baton Rouge, La^Dec. 6,16W.
Dm. Atul: I hare been entirely cured, by yonr
Pills, of Rhcnwuitic G&Ut?apeinful disease that bad
aflUctrt me for year*. YINCKNT SLJDKLL.
\sb Mont of the Pills in market contain Mercury,
which, although a'valuable remedy in skHKnl hminlt
is dangerous in a public piil, from tlm dreadful conse
quences that frequently follow its incautious use.?
These contain no mercury or miaetal substance
whatever. ^
Price 35 eta. per Box, or 5 Boxes for 91
Iiowell, Masn.
For sale by A. C. GOOD * CO., and by all Drug
gists. _ augll-ly_-3m
LIST, M0RR1S0X & Co ,
? Y LKBS, No*. 78 and 80 Main street, offer
"Uei60<!KdJ.SLrU?choiceN. 0.Sugar.
400 bbla. prime Molasses, (oak cooperage.)
>100 half barrel* ? da do
150 bag* Rio Coffee*
45 do Java do
lOO.bbU^altimor* and Philadelphia Syrups -
CHILDREN, Variety Store of
my4 D. NICOLL k BRO., 100 Main 8tTeet.
ALCOHOL .?25 barrel* 98 per cen^. Alcolio
Old Dominion brand* in first rate ooopersg*
Hair oils, soaps, coloosk.?t
'? *Dd'P,rfiunM *t ndUKd prim.
B. BOCKINO, Agent.
mjis ? OdjyritoW H?ll Dmc _8tor?. _
from the hot bads, and for sale by the thousand,
hundred mad doaen, at the lowest: prices, by

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