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Wednesday Xorning, Jane 4.1863
Sotlce to MM! Salwerltwrs* :
We wish oar friends who are tending at
subscriptions by mail, for less than a yeai
meat oat and bear in mind thia tariff ol
tatea, aid so avoid misunderstandings.
Weekly 6 months.. 60c.
'? 3 " ...35c.
Daily 6 months _$2,76
? 3 " - l,5p
?? I " ..................... 60c.
Vri-Weeklv 6 months ...$1,75
'? 3 " 1,00
1 " 36c.
^vlnvariablv In advance.
Horses Wanted.
^ iiOKSKS ,wanted, fn>m to 16 hands
^hfjrh, ??T Rood act ion. Whist* nrscS et
J 1 f * H Any parson having such homes
ir ulf tun find * purchaser at the Unluu Hon**,
i. i'?rk*r. t.k. Davis,
Purse and Money Found.
.m)CND on yrttVrtnjr rvemnjc, on Market street,
J by ths subscriber, a pur.e continuing money.
kb? luoeer ran obtain the said puree, and money by
.Ailing on John Ochsenkuhn, at the Poet Office Kx
?buf(e> opposite the Post Office, and giviag a correct
i??rriptijn of the puree and money. .
jt4*lt JOHN 00IISKNKUH3.
IP^-Brio. Gks. Carl Scuuaz arrived in
the city yesterday morning, and left .to jq|p
Geo Fremont.
jo^-The Rivkr was rising yesterday. ?
The StUie List left for. Cincinnati. The
Boston* arrived from Cincinnati, and will
leave again this evening.
jaj-TH* Hain Storm.?We learn that
the recent rainstorms have done consider
able damage to the wheat, kc., in the sur
rounding country.
ggy-MoaB Raix.?There was a drizzling
rain nearly all day yesterday. The recent
rains were much needed, bnt we are afraid
we are having a little too mnch of a good
thin*. .
isay-Tnn Baltimobk and Ohio Railroad
is new open to Hancock nnd beyond, and a
tew days more will suffice to have the road
in snrh a condition that the regular trains
may be run through to Baltimore.
Se8~ The funeral of Miss Pillsbury
and Miss Goodwin, the young ladies who
sere killed by lightning on Sunday night,
took place yesterday morning. Tbey were
hnrird in the 9i>me grave at Mount ood
Say- Asothsb Prisoner.?About the
hardest looking nut that we have yet seen,
among all the hard nuts which have come
in here from Secessia, reached the city last
night from Cameron aod was committed to
the Atheneam. The fellow is charged
with having made threats as to what he
could and would do in the rebel interest.
t&T Couldn't Take Them A large
number of packages, directed to different
members of the 1st Virginia Regiment, were
left at the offices of the Collector of Cus
toms and of Captain Downing.; Mr. Jacob
Hornbrnok was unable to tyke,anything
bat letters, and the packages therefore re
main. Those interested had better call and
get them.
&2f~ Stbawbbbbiss.?The atrawberry
mason Is now upon aa, and the crop prom
ilea lo be a very abundant one. Thus far
the brrries, though general]y Urge anil fine
looking, hsrebeen rather tart, owing to so
oach cool and cloud; weather, daring the
ripening. It requires a hot sun to ripen a
>?eet berry. The very heavy rain of Sat
urlav night bas doubtless dons some inju
rr to tbe the bads ; besides beating' down
tbe vines, tbe berries become filled witb
?and, rendering them less saleable, no mat
ter how large they may be.
0?~Stbawbkbbt Fbsti vai.?Our read
?ri Rill bear in mind Iho Strawberry Fea
ti?al at Washington Hall this evening, .for
tbe benefit of the Foorth Ward M. B. Sab
baib School. From the completo prepara
tions that have been made, we anticipate
that the festival will be a very pleasant af
fair, and a credit to all concerned in get
ting it up. Those not yet supplied' with
tickets can be fnruiBhed, we learn, by ap
plying at Reed & Kraft's, Center Wheeling,
the General Railroad Office, under the Mc
Lure Honae, and at the door.
, ^ ,
Abunuancb of FkliiT.?A., lit
tle twig, which was blown from a peach-''
'w, in an orchard over the river, and, ,
picked up by a friend, is now before usi?
Tbe twig is not more than two'feet long
and contains sixty odd well-formed peach
's. The gentleman"wfio'- brought us the
branch, examined sevepljOrchanJ^and be
assures us that this ia only a fair specimen
of tbe great abundance of fruit which is
promised. The fruit of all kinds is so far
advanced now that Jack Frost cannot hum
1'- Apples, peaches, plums, cherries, and
*11 the smaller fruits will be aheap and
-whin the reach of everybody. ,,
?ST Abbhst of Aittan) Rkbbl j 3ot
niSBS?Yesterday afternoon a Hibernian
gentleman encountered a couple of suspi
cious looking chaps, a short distance iast
of the city, and concluded to arrest them
and bring them to town/ The chaps upon
being arrested by the self-constituted offi
cer, admitted that they -Were-fcrtneHy. aol
diers iu the rebel axmy. The Irishman ac
cordingly brought tfa'em to the city, and
"king tbem tolSe; <?u**Jm' made
known what he had done and - what, the
. parties had admitted. He' was wlvised.to
take the men to the ; office of the Provost
Marshal, but the Hibernian having been
considerably annoyed by M? prisoners al
"?dy, replied that be was ' not going to
bnutallover creation tora puce to put the
men. He accordingly' told the suspicious
chapa to gol- which < th*y-did. The men
- ? w. ?- ?? - - 'l
went off so rapidly aad with suqh evident
tear, that it wa#itBoaght~advisable to in
form the Provost iiarshal of the circnm
Over to hunT^X&^^^^^^LjlreUy
diligent search resulted"In .nothing. The
??e? had escaped.'
Council, as noticed jreiterdaj morning
passed an ordinance on ' Monday night
Ieyriug a special to* upon the real, estaK
of the city, 10 enable tbe Finance Uomnili
tee tg carryoat the arrangement made fo
compromising and retiring the:bonds o
the city issued to the Hempfield, HarietU
& Cincinnati, and Cleveland & ' Pittsburgl
Railroad Companies. There was no oppo<
sition to'the ordinance, as tbe arrangement
made some time ago with: the bondholder)
rendered the levyihg'of the tax a necessity.
The members of the Council who-wen
most prominent ia the arrangement of this
bond question, deserve great eredit'lor tb?
manner' in which ihey have reduced onr
railroad indebtedness. A system'of grad
ual liquidation' has been going on quietly,
and in a little while our liabilities, which
used to so startle our property holders,
will not be half so great as some people
imagine. And in addition to this pleasant
prospect, whioh we hope soon to render
more apparent to the public, the city is
saved the disgrace of repudiation,- whichi
it wilt be "recollected, was once very serloas
ly and generally talked of. <
jj^-Thk Lun StiDK on the Baltimore
and'Ohio Railroad,' between Bloominglon
and Fairmont, which detained the. train on
Monday, vai' cleared away in an honr or
so. Owing to the recent .rains quite a
quantity of eatth and some rocks tumbled
down upon the track.
New Clothing House.
is oa.
Mo. ?0 Main Street, Centre Whttllnj.
rslKBMKHDOD8 STOCK of Mart and Boje' Wear,
i of boat material fend workmanehlp, at half-price.
FumUhlng flood., tlata. Cape, and Carpet-Baga, Kid
?nually cheap. It la very erldant that nonew honae
?Bt be eetabUehed now daring thiicriiii, except it
In fully able to compete with older dim, which
during the crlili all redneed prlcea; bat onr stock
baring been beaxht under vary favorable auiplcee.
we certainly will sell yon goods to ay the least,
utonlxhlngly low and leai than they can be bought
the stock N. tronbla
to-.owgood. ^".-"s&ssaat
O, ?? forgot. -PImm brinr jour money aloog.
-j.i? ?
L?rJ w ")
L I-,vrf-Y.n. :-.;,iiv;v;ri :-. i
. ~ jflr ??? 3 v.- *en* . - - c I
mHOWB'S" stasdard scales, ....
QAT *r Cttt*. Wfcra^ OwiUmi Oraort
i^LwarruUd. !-??? < .'? 01 * * 1 ', list. i
Wholesale Dry Goods.
Adapted to evkrt branch of business
wtier. * oorraet and durable Sc&leU n^nlnd.
Counter Scales of Every Variety.
W.reboua A Tr.uaporl.tlon ?c?l.i
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Scalea for Goal Dealers and Miner*?Cotton and
Sngar Scales?Farm and Plantation 8calea?
Poat Office Scales?Bankers and Jewel
lers Beams?Weigh Maaters* Besms,
Ac., Ac., Ac.
All of which are warranted tn owry par?icnlar.
Call and examine, or aend for anllltutrated and
descriptive circular.
N. B.?TheSe Scalea have ?tt stt&.btaringt, which
purchasers will find upon examination la net the caae
with other Scalea offered for aale in thia city, which
are represented to be "as good aa Fairbanks." A
Scale with caatlron bearings cannot be' dnrably ao
SAM'L OTT, SON & CO., Agents.
Cor. Market A Monroe sts., opp. McLure House,
mhH Whetllnn, V?.
tit "
Tobacco, Cigars, &c. &c.
Hoi SS Monroe 8tr?et?
M Uu TMMjormer ? occwp W J-Suth
.field, Druggists.
rpHE attention of Merchants and Sutlent i? MKflo*!
1 olarly requested to our .stock, whlcu liaa jnet
been purchaaed of fir than da, and la now being duly
received from Louiaville and Baltimore. None but
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down to A. M. Adainit', Ho. 30
^?t?r street* if you wiah. to nee the bait and
SHS9S ',L?S?s??aTSJ??
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wortaam"h'^ ct -J 'P CT O cr m T^3'
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lessons. .
lj The traveler and the soldier are very
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sarily subjected. An &eg/ut and effectual
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Logan's Essence of Jamaica dinger. This
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The Confessions and Experience of
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Published lbr, the J>en?flt: and as a warning and a
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Bedford, apl^lylO^^
"We are indebted, to, Messrs..?. Bprr k Co. for a'
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t, which
Inrthsvoice.i bti'j ?
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BDTTKH CRAOKCRH, * cttU p? ponl .
B0DAj-i?i,Jh.!i->'rfa?OU - r ?;{j !
sugar ??? .-,r - ts i ^
j.rarWAT*tt. - rto#k ? s
,.c.rK-i:ii- iiirsrv9fiijj& .i cD
Washington^ Jane^2.?In the House Mr.
Brown of Virginia, presented a memorial
asking rtat Western Virginia, b..admlttfd
into the Union as a Tree nod independent
State. The new State Constitution was
Further Patftioiilarii of the1 Battle
Hear Richmond.
Hkadqiartkhs or McClrllah's Abut,
in the morning papers, which was inter
rupted by the breaking of the telegraph
On^Sundaj as soonr daylight^
the fight was renewed bj Gen. Sumner
The rebels were driven ?v every point
with heavy loss. The ground gained by'
Gen. Sumner was about 2} miles. i Geo.
Heinulenian on Sunday mobbing .retook
the ground lost the day before by General
CTyV ? u l-V
Our loss in tbe two days engagement in
will probably .return h&ving-strayed away.
All of tbe enemy's killed and moat of his
wounded fell into our bands,
Tbe 'country in which tbe battle was
fought is swampy, with thick underbrush;
Host of the fighting was. in the woods.
Owing to the nature of the ground very
little artillery was used. Both balloons
were up nearly all day. Yesterday all the
troqps left Richmond and marched out In
the direction of the battle field.
The railroad has been of inestimable
service to us, the cars running within a
mile and a half of the bnttlc-ficld, bring
ing forward ammunition and supplies.?
Tbe wounded were immediately put aboard
the cars and sent U&tberWhito House.
Gen.'McClellan arrived on tne battle
field on Saturday efefalnfr,' where' he has
remained ever sirfcefall the
Four separate bayonet .charges were
made during yesterday. In brie instance
tbeqnemy were driven a mil2, during Which
173 were killed by bay one Wilone.'
I.ieuteuant Washington, aid to Gen.' Joe'
JohMou' was taken prisoner.
The enemy's dead left mi lb* field amount
to ovsp'1,200.
Geg. Howard was wounded twice in the
Uol. liuUer, of the 81st Fa., and Col. Hi p
ley, of Plttshurg,were killed.
Ool. Campbell, or Pa., was'wounded, in
tbe tbiirb.' .
New York, Julie 3 The TVmwskys of
the fight on Sunday :
Flushed with their seeming victory of
Saturday. the,reb?J? awoke ftUh'tMinfidsoqe
on Sunday to fellow up their movements,
and were aure"ot driving'us this time to
the Chickahomioy And beyond,^ but they
had made the unfortunate mistake uf esti
mating the strength of our reserves by the
weaknessof our advance. .Most bitterly
did thejr pay for their mistake.?
Pressing eagerly forward,, confident ol',
victory, tbey were met by tba trained
troops of Jleintzelman and Sumner, whose
unyielding columns checked their fierce as
sault, turning the tide of battle every
where against them, arid forcing them at
the point of the bayonet on toward' Rich-!
moid. It was their tuVri-ridw to break'mtd
run, and their losses of the Sabbath left
them Utile cause for rejoicing over the
trifling gain of Saturday..
Terribly did the rebels suffer on this as
well as the previous day from the well
directed fire of our nrtijlery, piling the
ground' with the slain. Terrible also to
them were the frequent charges of our
solid columns, pressing them back step by
step to the last point of endurance,' when,
ihey broke and run ingio'riously, leaving
behind them many of tbeir men, officer^
is well as prjr.ates, jijqisopers in our bands.
The number of,these it is not yet poisl-1
ble to ascertain; several days necessarily
lapsed after every engagement before a
full inventory can lie taken.
The New Yorlt Utrald has the following
special account of the fight on Saturday:
Headquartkbs of Gkx. Casry, 1
? Srvsm Pinks, Va., May 31, f
: The advance division of the ftmyif tha
Potomao, on the left, under command'Of
Srigadier-Qeneral Silas Casey .were at
tacked to-day by an overwhelming force of
;he enemy, and driven, back a distance of
,wd miles. Premonitory Symptoms of an
ittack had shown themselves for-two days
jrevious. aiid it was general!/the opinion
n cauip that the enemy contemplated sncb
\ movement.
.Yesterday.the enemy mat
wrice in fatciej aftft Jfarji^ejyct,., ~
iitlon of our line of pickets, as win as
he location'of our camp, and made tlfeir
^reparations accordingly.
At the time the attack was made. Gen.
Josey's qotposu, we're within about five
hiles of Richmond, near Fairhrook Sta
tion The position was'gained by tbe re
jonubissance made by Gen. Naglaeon Sat
urday, tbe 24tb lost., and . our General
lad orders to bold the position at ?ll baz
The rebel Generals undoubtedly made
made arcconnoia
,nJ. .WW ... ai,v. w>? .W?SVW^*a,'.tUIU jcaiu r
ir exact posltii^n.
The odWosU .onr jtieketi werel?ss
j&na mile .from ihe Generals ^encamp
ment aodrvery close ? to the. picketstof- ine
tnpmr " : - .
- ? ?
wom P^Sf
iJllllSl '& tji? m ? && ?
into the rebel ranks a perfect shower of
ate6Udnn?ed,-tijlstof ll^tcotnraenced to
*l*e.lrty;.i*K>uUeyvK^W'a|>oo onr bat.,
terif ? and succeeded Ins capturing- several
guns which we were uhable to remove nw
; ing.tb the boraes, haying been killed; The
I enemy were now in possession of oar camp
land had turned aur own gang tjpon our
retreading columns, while the Infantry con
tinned to follow up as close)}- as possible.
Oar men although compelled to fallback
idid so without any svmptoma of a panic,
hut still quite hastily.
j The enemy 'captured everything belonir
'iog to Casey's division, excepting what they,
had on their backs,, leaving them without
a tent or blanket to coverthem
The supply of commissary, stores was
very light in camp, and all the baggage
wagons and officers' bsggage had been sent
da?? PO
falls principally upon the men who had left
exptctedly that at'this time,-6 P. Mr,while
thi fiffht is still going on and all is confus
ion, it is impossible to give the exact po
sition which.each regiment held in the en
gagement. The position of the different
brigades before the engagement was as fol
lows i ...
Geo". Kaglae's brigade, consisting of the
104th--Pennsylvania, Col-W. B: il. Davis ;
Utb-Maine,< Lieut. Ool. Plsinsteed:'56th
New York, Ool. .0. H. Van Wick; 52d
Bibpsjlvania, Col. J.O.Dodge; 100th New
York, Ool. J. M. Brown, were on the right
of Willlsrnsburif. st the ? Richmond- stage
road, and extended. across the railroad
track some distance.' The '2d Brigade, un
der cojiimand pf den. Weasels, consisting
of the 85th' Pennsylvania, -Oolonel T. B.
H. Howell; 101st Pennsylvania, Oolo
nel T. H.WilBon ; 103d Pennsylvania, Col
onel M. H. Lehman ; 98tb New York,
061: J; Fairmsn, occupied the centre, and
guarded.the turnpike, wbils the 3>1 brigade,
Qen. Palmer oommanding, consisting of
the 8lst N. Y.', Lieut. Col. DePorrest, 85th
NT Y.; Ooli Belknap, 82dN. Y, Went. Col.
Anderson and the 08th N. Y., Lieut. Col.
Ddrkee', were on*the left of the road, and
joined the.pickets of Qen. Couch's diviei
i on.
It it Impossible fit this time to give an;
reliable account of the number killed and
wounded In Casey's division. These regi
ments.are mostly composed of compara
tively new troops and have been reduced
Tory meeb from sickness since tbey have
been on thePenlhsula. The whole division
conld not have numbered more tbaii 0,00#
effective men, while the force ot the enemy
was from 30,000 to 60,000. The officers
all, as far as I could learn, behaved , ia the
mostgellaat manner and (heir loss is large.
Geo. Casey was in the thickest of tbe
light and .was reported wounded, but after
ward learned that he escaped unhurt.
Otn. Palmar ?< reported killed and it'is
; Gen. Kagame bai bis"clothes riddled by
bullets tiul escaped almost miraculously
without any serious wounds.
Gen'. WesBells is reported wt>qiided.
Gasey's division fell back to the Seven
Pint's,' where tbe division of (len: Cdnch
w^drawn up behind rifle pits. ^
Ihe battle raged furiously - here for. a
time, when Gen.. Couch fell back with con
siderable loss a short distance, but finally
eu?M^ij(j)}^?ktngrft aacce^fuj;stand,
till the arrival of reinforcements from Gen.
Heintzlemaus, whose troops were pouring
in on tMm'ilrdail M 1 -left'the; field, and I
taKRtt aupyeed^d jom'ly .io:checkjug.if?e
enemy, and retaking pnrt of the groood
lost during the day. * 1 Ift U1 tfi iji .
What the oaaualilies were in Couch's Di
vision it la impossible to learn at time of
writlngj'afc it is near dark j and tbose whose
statements, can be relied upon areaiill nn
the field. I learn that Peck and Deven's
Brigades were actively engaged and suffer
ed considerable loss, but can learn nothing
reliable from tbe balance.
It isimpossible to fix accurately the num
ber of, our killed, wounded and missing?
they will reach 600 or TOO.
;Theenemy's loss must have been veiy
heavy, as tbey received the concentrated
fire:of our batteries for a considerable- time;
besides th" deadly volley poured into them
by our infantry. A large number of our
killed and woonded bave fallen into their
hands. "The'object of'the enemy in my
opinion was. to wake a strong reconaols
ance -in order to feel our position, and if
successful, to drive us back as far as pos
sible. If such was the object it was emi
nently successful as near as tbe events of
to-day are concerned, but what will trans
pire to-morrow remains to be aeen of.the
Prom a prisoner I learn that the advance
of "tbe enemy eonsisted of Mississippi 'and
North Carolina troops, nnder Gen Rhodes,
supported by 5<>,000.
' As the troops under ,Heintxleman and
Sumner were seei) coming up the railroad
spd turnpike" at double-quick, everv one
seemed to feel relieved/and felt sureftbat
rare that the day was ours, and that thn
enemythough temporarily successfnl.wonld
Boon be driven back beyond our former
?As-night' approached 'the -field presented
i dreadful appearance. Long linea of am
bulances could be seen conveying dead and
wonnded from the field, while those that
could not obtain coureyancee were being
carried by their comrades.
? --i. . . . ' ' *?* '
day... He saya that Jackson and. Ashby
were both at Winchester on Saturday At
one o'clock on' Sunday morning, tbe rebel'
frmy was pat Amotion towardsj3trasburg,
Ashby taking the ronte along the North
i After daylight on Sunday morning, he,
reports haviog he?c4,firing ip thedlrection
of iiiddletown, tili hei*ached Uartinsbnrg.
> The Secessionists told.bim that Jackson ]
epo<>ootMed. ,the1forces,of Fremont and
Shields at Middletnwu,- when Jackson wa^'
deftoatad sodkstiM(tuiUm.Iba name in
formation: say# that.Jackaon :bad 21 regi
ments of In tantry and S8 gtrosi
?eated. Tbe
?K*SS?? f
.were p?olfdt|only a: ?n>all poctIqn>f?tfiel
prisoners were takes along >with/the. nbeTi
that '^Veoi?iS%^^^JSvf^'inchtster
yesterday, and -was- retreating towards
Tucker's Ferry.'
Gen Slgel has t*k?M?; comawnd at liar
per's?erry. .
1 ,
witbstaodfngihe had^a nu tnericalljj far ia
ferior, force, ao<J 'U seriously emwS?M<S
bjedu&e rj) e fiU tao t($; ^ojcjldji o l1 Ia^yjE~unr
tit bis tapk was completed and tnaffielpjfl
retired. ??
this morning aaq , lbere are no Todlc&tftni*
of the cneipyia the iieighbbrhood.
WiLLiaxs'poKT, Johe 2.?Major Dwight
? -*
Additional Particulars of tlia Bat^
tlo near Richmond. >
ing to the great uumber of officers nick nod
unfit for duty. Some of tbs regiments
went ln^o action with one field officer, and'
very few of the companies contained.their
fall complement of officers. The division
has suffered more from sickness than any'
other on the Peninsula, from the faet of
its being ' composed of the , troops raised
last; some of the regiments',1 in fact, hav
ing beeu'iu the 'field bnt 'a few days, while
the other dirieions; had an opportunity,
while. encamped around Washington, to
get .'in'a measure scolimated and accus
tomed to camp l|fe.. ,
It mukt be allowed that the rebels fought
with great bravery, and there loss moat
I have been very severe
The rebels again succeeded in playing
the old'dodge upon our troops by display
ing' a flag of truce till they got within go?>d
range, and then pouring in upon them a
deadly volley. They;1 succeeded. in this
way at' oui time; ,In 'completely silencing
the Are of our batteries; ' '
Many of our wounded were Immediately
taken to the rear and placed upon cars and
carried to the White House, where boats
were writing to receive them. Arrange
ments for taking oare of the wounded are
ae complete as could be expected.
In summing, up the day's fighting we come
to the conclusion, although we weie tem
porarily obliged to fall back a abort dis
tance, and suffered a loss of T field pieces,
and all our tents, blankets, Ac., with a
probable loss in killed, wounded and miss
ing of .000 or 700, wo still have many
things to congratulate ourselves about and
to be thankful for.
Itmuslbe remembered that Oen. Uasey's
division went into, the engagement with
only 3000 strong at.the: outside/while tb'e
force of the enemy was at least four times
than number. .
We succeeded In saviu'g all the baggage
wagons, officers baggage ah'd'Josing only a
small amount of commissary storCj.
The enemy commenced the attack, about
1 p. m.j1 throwing bis whole f6roe against
Gen. Casey's position, with the hope of
causiog a panic in his ranks, which they
not only failed In dOiqg,' but was held in
check a long, timu until many of his' men
were made to bite'the dust uud till Gen.
Conch had time to prepare his forces to
support him. Then and not till then, when
we bad hardly officers enough to give the
sommand, did our braya men.give.way be
fore an overwhelming force of the enemy
aud fell back to the position oponpted by
Couch. As I left the field regiment alter
regiment was pouring in from ^Heiutzelmnh
and Humner. and though nearly dark fir
ing was still kept up. The battle will
doubtless be renewed in the morning and
the enemy driven hack.
Important from Qen. Fremont.
Woodstock, Va.t June 2.?The ewrajrt
w^re driven oat of Sirusburg last evening
byFrenout'a advance guinOujl har? bVn
closely pursued todsy hy Fremont's forces
and Qen. Bayard's'cav*lry: brigade. Tber
Bsynrd's command waB: killed, nod Col.
E'ilseu, chief Of Artillery, 'and one of Fre
mont's aids was wounded.
The. enemy are no* encamped about
three milea beyond Woodstock, we holding
the village.
v We have taken about 300 prisoner# anil
more are coostantly being brought in:
Hijldquabtbiir, Woodstock, Vr., June
}.^-tien. Fremont, after occupying Stras
l>urg last night was compelled by the dark
less, (lie tremendous storm and the fatigue
if his meo, to delayhis ad ranee tiUmorn
ing. At sir o'clock in tbe morning, howe'v
sr, tbe pursuit of tbe retreating enemy was
resumed and vigorously continued during
tbe day. General McDowell's .advance,
being part of a brigade, nnder General
Bayard, reached Slrasburg this morning,
?nd was ordered forward by . Geo. Fre
mont to join in tbe pursuit witb earalry
and artillery.
The enemy, to retard pursuit, endeavor
ed to make a stand in three strong; posi
tions, with artillery', but were driven rap
lE&srtt ?pmmm
Woodstock ibis afternoon, the bead of bis
solumQbavjogteacbed.it at sunrUe..
Col. Pilsen, Chief of Artillery on Fre
,reat skU,
bis horse,,
trbich was shot nnder bim, while recon
Cavalry, onder General BayarJd1ani the'
3th Ohio and Stewart's lndlaoa.Cavalry,'
ander Colonel Zagonl.' were'in the advance
1 riving the ent'my ? before theia,' anji.'jjiJp
porting-tbe batteries'.
The road) Md jfejods were strewn
irms, stores and clotbing. \ r
SKr jaoaneariSHt
Our loss was one killed and seven wouo
id with. General McDowell's movement, baa
?bolly ireliev?d Shenandoah Valley ,'and
Northern Virginia.
; Jackson will soon be overtaken and com
From til? '1' '' '
HaA0gcABT?RB Akmt os 'trs Potomac,
Monday-eve.; 9 P. M?Gen. Hooker made,
etiepr tbe enetnjit force..
rb# "
? ?RT So
?bi ^ ^ _ HB
r?wailedthe troops od oar left
:wirc?lTiwW?^ie#W ettftblaft+q a^dlbev
end were /breed to,retrept.J; ,.
'Aniobg our Wounded were Col. Hoot,of
the'bird Si V-, in tbe leg; Col. Pirry, 85th
jrf ' ? "? a?-* ?
^ triK'MecftiitafeV j0??.
Z.?Th?rebel officers, unaUr.lo rajqr tlieir
tkSdtfJrtbls-morainjrr'bawretrtatsd back
towards achmoo'd.^s~.^gr~^{
Our men have movedr tbrward io Fair
?nO&aadittJSiortU - _
~ ~~ h!mt
8t. Louis Judo 3?JxrrMi&goy Oirr, M?.,
.1on? t.?Tbe SUtvCbaTeotioQ met ber*alk
noon, President'Wfleonin tbecbair. Then
not being a quorum present the Convio
Hon adjourned till 6 P. M., wben the QA
vention re-assembled andproceedad talHft-':
iness, therebeiogi8 members mora that,*,
quotum present : . (yv
A communication from the Governor was
received and read. He reviews the history
of the State affairs for the paat In detail,'
especially in reference to provisional gov
ernment in' raising and supplying tronjfc.
and expresses the obligation' the Stata^H'
under to the general government for the
promptness and liberality .with -.which'{ta
wants hare been supplied. < Than, (haw
been issued to diabersingoffieera $720.QpB
in 3 tate. defence warrant!, and a further
amount of $550,000 will ban to' be ntold,
$I0e,060 hare'been redeemed by reoatpta
for taxes from 41 cohntiee. - 3 wo
1 The depreciation of this 'paper the Gov
ernor attributes to interested parties, bat
gives assurance that it isJistter-secured
than any hank paper-in the State, aa it! ia
receivable for taxes, and la one year -wUl
all ba redeemed. : Beaidea this, it haa tha
collatteral security of bank stock, aad t)ia
debt will beasanmedby.the Qenai?l.Gov
ernment. The Proviaionai_ Govert
k.'gao withan emptytreaa'uryl T6e
credit was gone, becauaa the' titter _
our debt waa not paid. SberiOa realgned,
rather than collect taxea, and even' op*
only forty-one counties have returned the
books fer 1861, and 'Out $640,220 due froW
them, only $253,386 bare been paid
From 75 counties not heard from the'eum
due is very large. Bat the officers are
finding it more easy to -make- collections,
and altogether the condition of things ia not
worae than when the-present imhoiHaa
received eontrol of the Government. The
bondholders will hardly expect the July in
terest to be paid,. bat i do .not doubt the
ability of the State to pay ultimately, o;
The appointments to fill ooanty odoes,
made vacant by inonmbenU. refusing,; to
take the oath of allegiance, have generally
been acceptable; in moat parts of the Butta
Courts ot Justice are open and laws prop
erly administered, but In others distil
cea and, crimes are perpetrated nnd
name ofguerrilla-wgrfare.' Suffioienif
is now ready, however, to compel the . _
j aation of aucb outrages. Troops hostile to
[the people and TEaitluUona of the State
hafe been supplanted by bo ran voluoteera,
wbo will be less objectionable*. T^epAUe
of securing peace and prosperity will M
due, under the Providence of God, to th<
patriotism arid wisdom of the Convention:
Much remains to be' done and nothing
must -be allowed to distract the attention
and energy of all elassea of the people fnw
the means beretoforo employed.
The Governor ia dpnbtful aa to the wla
dom ot election members of Congress sar?
enteen months before taking their seats, a#
queaiiona may oome up for consideration
different from those on which they wtri
elected, tint he ventured no rtcom^ienda
tioa on the aubject. 'uutnaem
Aa to tbe ordinance passed laft.Koveas
ber. ordering an -lection of Executive ofiiT
?R?&_?nd for tbe >a I iCostion of .thePro
visional Goverqrajtlit. which,WM postponed
till -the coming Aogust; he uabmits whether
it abou)d not be annulled, in viejr of tha
fact that 30,000 citiiens are absent/ron
loyally for the, qualification, of voters, he
submits tbe ijoestWn wiibWt Acommen
those wh'o hive been vecreant tb?lts?lnter
eata- ? v r
lUnolutions were pasaed authorizing tha
President to appoint Committees on Con
greaaionalDistrict Elections, KlectiveFn
I, ^Some of .the, liembara ?
question of emadctpilioB
of a consideration in. the convention, while
(itberi are eabguiue the Preaident'K^ropo
sitions will be disensaed and recommended.
All aeem resolved on strlogen? measures
the Mm* stripe. They were gni
WAiku^TOH, Janrfi.
,JIr. Grimes; oflowa, intr6daced a bill
to provide.for, the, raising of ;the\iiij|5fcjr
of the United States which-wus sank la
Messrs. Latham and McIJougalT
Mr. Hale, of- New Hampshire, epoke
again* jH<fiW|l j*a >rtun^ioh the fro and
tbati it wtMjld rendtt MW
, king a new oath; tf a man waa-to be'paa
iehed, let Mm h* panl.hed tboroogbijr. and
if fdrglTen.^et him be forgiven ^broujjhljr,
I and oot.hWB UwJfcej ofcbjs having been a
Mr- Sb.runn off??dtu ?ntaiMl thai
'! tbotason -whlakyibo lSucenta a gallon M
i all mapnf?ctared, before^.the^ng Jana
: ary, add ? 20 bent? oaaUattarUiat^, B?
k jetted. i 11Itntt Ok
' log the UI U naU n plea. Rejected.
?? . . ti5tB

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