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giuiU gwUUigmn
Satnrday Morning. Sept 27, 1882
Notice to Mail Subscribers.
We wish our friends vrbo are sending ns
subscriptions bj mail, for less thaa a year
cot ont and bear in mind this tariff of
rates, and so avoid misunderstandings.
Weekly 6 months .... 60c
?? 3 " 35c.
Daily 6 months -$2,76
" 3 " .. 1,50
" 1 " .. 50c.
Tri-Weekly 6 months.....' $1,75
" 3 ?? 1,00
" 1 " ... 35c.
f9*InTAriably in adraace.
' W&-A Victim or Ukreqcittbd Affkc
tion?How Hk Dkmeaxed Himself IX HIS
ArrLicnoM.?A German lady who kept a
prosperous Iftger beer saloon in this city
bas for a long lime been engaged to a gen*
tleman of Teutonic extraction who drives a
air of mules and hiuls lager beer, and
who was very much devoted to the mistress
of tbe saloon aforesaid. On Wednesday
last the lady, much to tbe surprise of her
friends went to West Alexander and mar
ried a widower with two children, leaving
her saloon in charge of a bar keeper who
waa instructed to deal out the liquid of
Gambrinus generously and abundant!/ to
all friends on tbe important occasion. On
Thursday morning tbe driver of the mules
drew op in front of the establishment and
waa surprised to observe that there was a
sound of revelry- and a clashing of glasses
going on within. lie was informed of tbe
facts in tbe case but could not be in-1
duced to believe the truth until the car-:
riage containing tbe newly- married pair
stopped at tbe door on its return from Hard
Scrabble. Tbe driver of tbe mules waB for
a time apparently insane with rage and at
once proceeded to treat the whole assem
bled crowd several times, after which be
rushed out, jumped into bis wagon and
drove away at a furious rate. An hour or
so later tbe newly married folks, in compa
ny with some friends, drove out towards
St. Clairsville, but they had gone but a
short distance on the road when the mule
team with the insane d:iver and a wagon
filled with kegs of lager beer passed them
at a break-neck speed. Everywhere the
wedding party stopped the man of the
mules with a "glittering eye," stopped also,
and resumed toe system of treating which
be bad commenced iathe morning. He.tnade
everybody drink with bim from tbe abund
ance of bis stock, and when the party start
ed he managed to get ahead and kicked up
stifling clouds of dust. He thus lead the
advance as far as St. Clairsville, and when
the party started to return in the vain hope
that tbe mules were exhausted, all were
shocked to hear the fearful roar of tbe mule
team, the rattling of tbe empty kegs and the
yelling of the disappointed, in the rear. It is
said that the mule team passed the carriages
on the road no less than a dozen times much
to the alarm of tbe women and the amuse
ment of tbe men. The mule man bas beeo
driving through tbe streets at the same fu
rious rate ever since and the circumstance
bas been much talked of among tbe Ger
man population. He is supposed to have
become partially deranged in consequence
of tbe affair.
SGS~ TuK Pebkit System.?The letter
of Thomas lleaton, special Agent of the
Treasury Department, instructing the Col
lector of this port to "allow no goods,
wares or merchandise to be shipped on the
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, unless ac
companied by a permit issued ftom the
Collector's office," has caused considerable
complaint among the merchants.
This action is in accordance with a law
of Congress and the regulations of tbi
Traisurj- Department. The restriction'
upon ibt shipmeot of goods are subject to
extention or reduction at the pleasuijof
the special agents of the Treasury Depart
ment, of which Mr. Healon Is one. The
add tional restriction to which Mr. Heaton
alludes, is made in conseqaenoe of the fact
that contraband goods have recently found
their way into the hands of the rebels.
The restrictions will, of course, cause
great inconvenience among the merchants,
and a meeting is called lor tbis afternoon to
take steps towards having the nm?, if pos
sib e, removed.
j?-Ste?udoatFibed On.?A member
of an Ohio regiment arrived in Cincinnati
on Tuesday, from Gnllipolis, and furnishes
the following:?We left Gnllipolis on
steamboat Olenwood Monday morning.
As we passed Hull's Landing, at 2 o'clock,
six miles this side of Guyandotte, about
fifty rebel cavalry hailed the boat It did
not stop, upon which they fired one volley
at the boat, whioh contained women, chil
dren and wounded. The fire was retur
ned by twenty-fivo Portsmouth Artillery,
who were armed with muskets. Several
shuts passed through the cabin. To day,
when opposite Foster's landing, at half
past three o'clock, a company of rebels,
about one hundred in number, were
drawn up in line, and as the boat passed,
poured a perfect hail of bullets through
and through the cabin, foro and aft.
About fifty Minie balls passed through
the boat.
a?- The Gbeat Feioht.?Since the
day*or Bull Run there has not been snch
? "big run" and "bewildering tramp" a*
occurred at Portsmouth, Ohio, on the riv
er. Oo Sunday afternoon, the impression
spread throughout the town that the rebels
were coming. Forthwith the belli were
tolled, crowds assembled, and companies
were formed and deployed along the Ohio.
Women, with quivering Hps, pale cheeks
and dishevelled locks, stood in groups,
terrified almostto insanity.
With nervous desperation a body of about
four hundred men embarked for Vance
burg, twenty miles below, where the rebels
were supposed to be. After a bold strike,
in which neither blood nor powder were
inrolred, some secesh were "bagged" at
that place, asd the Armada returned.
J9~FB0H Poimt PtlilAXT ? Lieut. Oor
ernor Poltlej <?? in the city on Saturday.
He left Point Pl?M*ot on Wednesday?
When he left Col. LlgUtbarn was at tb?i
point, throwing up lome fortiScetioni, and
felt comparatively ieflure. The rebels on the
Kanawha are supposed to be about seven
thoasaod strong. It Is said that there are
at least a thousand wagons, some of them
from away down in Georgia, at Charles
ton, loading with salt. 8ome of the rebel
t soldiers opon reaching Charleston actually
bugged the salt barrels iu their delight.
A dispatch was received in this city on
Saturday night from Col. Ligbtfcurn, who
says be is threatened with an attack from
the rebels.
yjjfTa. Post Orrics Dkpartmiht has
received information from various sources
that certain persons presistently divert
postage sumps from their legitimate pur
pose by circulating them io packages to
gether with cancelled sumps aa currency.
Owing to this use of stamps the Department
is embarrassed in the supply for mail pur
poses; the public, therefore, are interested
in discountenancing their circulation as
currency. In all cases of the infract o I of
the law coming to the knowledge '.of the
Department, the parties will be prosecuted,
as it is a grave offense. This, of course,
bas no connection with the specially desig*
uated stamp currency.
BSy TaAiH Stoppid it Fiaa.?A day or
| two ago a train of cars on the Cleveland
Railroad was stopped for almost one hour
and a half, between Ravenna and Atwater,
by a fire consuming the immense piles of
railroad fire wood piled tip by the side of
the track. About six bondred cords were
burned, and when the oars arrived tbe
whole track was covered with fire. Tbe
train waited until the flames bad lessened
somewhat, when the windows were all
closed and the train dasbed through at |
high speed.
A?-Lieut. Col. Richmond, of the
1st Virginia Cavalry, was in the City on
Saturday. He camo on businesa for the
Regiment There are eight Companies
of tho regiment under Col. Richmond
now at Fort Blanker, noar Washington,
and three Companies under Major Krepps,
at the same placo. They are badly in
need of horses. Tho regiment has been i
actively engaged of late and the loss in I
horse-flesh has been enormous.
jS^-Tue Military Dspartmht of Wes-1
tern Virginia bas been attached to the De
partment of the Ohio, under command of
Major General Wrigbt. Western Virginia
has heretofore been under command of
Gen. Wool, but wben the rebels recently
commenced making raids upon the borders
it was found that there was a cloud between |
tbe two Departments. Hence the change.
g^y-HnnnicM Dkatu.?Mr. John Redman I
dropped dead last evening at his residence
In East V, heeliog. In conversing with a
friend only a few minntes before bis death I
be said be felt first-rate. He bad been
suffering for some time with phthisic, but
his health of late seemed to be Improving.
B3f~Notiob.?The merchants of the city I
and others interested, ere requested to meet I
at tbe Court House this afternoon at three I
o'clock, to tnke into consideration tbe I
present system of permiu, to which they I
are subject in the shipment of mercban
dise. _____ ? H* I
jgy-FiRB.?We have had alarms offire
for three days in succession. The alarm I
on Saturday afternoon -was caused by the I
discovery of fire in an old stable, belong
ing to Mr. Marshall, in the First Ward. I
No damage was done.
jig* D?. Vas Burin can be oonsulted |
daily at at bis rooms on Main street, oppo
site the Monroe House, Wheeling.
Union Cane Mills,
Six tire*, lor
Alio, "Cooper'* Patent Union Evaporator." Or
ders promptly filled by JXO. TilOUURN,
*nK4 Car. Market *nd Qn'ncjr-et. Wheeling.
SEPTE M BKR 8 , 1863.
Tho First Stock of New
?epl3 ?
Family Groceries, Fruits,
Bacon, Dried Beef,
Smoked Tongues, Ac.,
Odd Fellows' Hall Building,
8. W. Corner of Monroe k 4th-st., Wheeling, Vs.
r AS constantly on hand all kinds of Teas,. Coffee, I
Sugar, Pickles, Fish, Cheese, Dried Frnlts. 1
w iced TonRues, Dried Beef. Bacon, Potatoes, Bol
ton Cigars, Cat and Dried Tobacco, or all kind* >c.
Price List or Crackers & Cakes. |
BUTTER ORACKCRS, cents per pound.
SUGAR " 6J? cents "
BOSTON " ?U?nt? "
WATER ** cents *
OINOKR CAKE?, cents p?r 100.
GINGER CAKES, large slse 30 cts per 100.
_9~For orders amonntlng to fire barrels and np
ward, TEN PER CENT. DEDUCTION allowed off all
articles except Qleges Cakes at 35c per 100.
S. B. corner ana Water St..,
Country Merchants L
ASS ISTlMd to cin .nd examine the Uufwt Woe*
of HATS aad CAPS erer be lot. l.tku
aagSf Betwess Mala aad Market sta.
MOT"When do tou Lkavb??Be aare and
take with you * bottle of Loqas's Eaanioa
of Jamajca.G xqib. it is equal to Brown's
and oolj ball the price! .
? ? y, ^ , ??
B9"*'A 8tjtoh n? Time."? Fdr Diarrhoea,
pains in the bowels, &c., use Gbosdy's
Cuolkba. Mixtcbs. Prlee 25 cents.
What's hkbName??A landlady up
town, or down towo, or botb, ?elt a good
I tabltl The praiae of ber biscuits and
griddle cakes ia in tbe month of aU ber
guest*. Aak ber about tbe Exoelsioe
i Baeiso Powdkb?superior to all others.?
Price 15 and 25 cents per box.
j|?*Who ia it ? That ia not annoyed
by fiiu, during tbeae warm, aultry days??
You may eaaily ri4 your house of them,
and in a very few daya, by naiog the
Liohtmixq Fly Killir. Price 5 cents.
06y?MAKB a Note of it ? That the
above articles, with a thousand other use
ful and ornamental can be had from T. Iff.
Looab ts Co., 47 Main at., and Loqajv, List
k Co , Bridge corner, Wholesale and Re
tail Druggists, Wheeling, Va
[email protected] World's Opinion must have its
due and proper course in its endorsement
of the wonderful virtues of the celebrated
Mrs. Gardner's Indian Balsam of Liver
wort and Iloarhound, which cures Coughs,
Colds and Consumption, and is doing won
ders. For sale by Reed k Kraft.
Tht Lightning Fly Killer.?For killing
flies. For sal? by Reed k Kraft.
Purify your blood by using Lindsey's
Blood Searcher, Brentlinger Fluid Extract
of Sarsaparilla and Dandelion, Ayei'sSar
sapariHa, Ivennedy's Medical Discovery.
For sale by Reed & Kraft.
Ueim*tr'itVa Inimitable Hair Rutoratioe.?
This article ia too well known to need re
commendation. It restores gray hair to its
original color. It keeps the hair healthy, |
stimulates its growth, renders it very beau- i
tiful, and removes dandruff. For sale by
Reed k Kraft.
Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, Beer
bave'a Holland Bitters, Hoofland's German
Bittters, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, Sand
ford's Liver Invigorator, Brown's Essence
of Jamaica Gioger. For sale by Reed k
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for chil
dren teething. Sir James Clark's Female
Periodical Pills, Dr. EofFs Pills, Todd's
Pills, Ayer's Pills, Wright's* Indian Vege
table Pills, McLane's Pills, Jayne'a Pilla,
Lee'a Pilla, Brandreth'a Pills, Seller's Pills,
Holloway's Pills, and Spanlding's Cephal
ic Pills.
John C. Baker k Co.'s Pure Cod Liver
Oil. For sale by ? Rend k Kuaft,
Centre Wheeling Drug Store.
WILLIAM A. BATCH KLOK'8 celebrated HairDye
product* a color not to be distinguished from nature
?warranted not to Injure the Hair in the leest; rem*
ediee the lit effect? of bad dyes, and Invigorate* the
(lair for life. GREY, RED, Or RUSTY II AIR instant
ly tnrns a splendid Black or Brown. leaving the Hair
?oft and beautiful. Sold by all Druggists, Ac.
The genuine U signed WILLIAM A. BATCH
ELOK, on the four tides qf (ich box.
FACTORY, No. 81 Barclay Street,
New York. I
(Laic 233 Broadway and 16 Bond St.)
2 my31-ly-dAw
[From the Daily Express, l^ancaxter, Pa.J
"We are indebted to Me?w. B. Bafr k Co. for a
?apply of Laaghlins k Dushfleld's Ink, an article we
have been using exclusively for the year past.
"It is manufactured at Wheeling, West Virginia,
by a Arm whose loyalty never for a moment wavered
??ud to whose patriotism the highest compliment we
could pay would be to say that It is as genuine, as
free, as nurading and permanent as their Ink, with
which we make this record
?We nee this FLUID because, after being tormeu
ed with many other black devices, we have found it
iuperior in every respect to any other, either foreign
?>r home make, and hence pronounce it the best and
?nost reliable in the market."
Wheeling, To.
Sold by J.O.Orr AOe.
Reed A Kraft,
Jos. Graves.
Wu. I*. MoKelvey,
And Book sellen generally. rohl
tV Rkaoxx, you can have an enduring, alway '
ready, and reliable Gold Pis, exactly adapted to |
rourhand and style of writing, which will do your j
<vritlng vastly cheaper than steel Pens. If yon
?rant it. see "The Pen Is Mightier than the 8word,* i
in another column. % mh25
The Confessions and Experience of
an Invalid.
Published for the beuefit and as a warning and a
caution to young men whe suffer from Nervous De
bility, Premature Decay, ke.; supplying at the some
time the means of 8elf.Cure. By one who has cured
himself after being pnt to great expense throngh |
medical imposition and quackery. By enclosing a
poet-paid addressed envelope, SIROLX copies may be
iiad or tbe author. NATHANIEL MAYFA1R. Esq.,
Bedford, Kings Co., New York. ap4-lydAw
Pianos, i'iuuos, Pianos,
rjlHB subecriber has Just received from
WH. BTKTABE Sc CO., Baltimore,
a fine stock qt superb
w!!h richly carved solid Rosewood mouldings, carved
legs, pedal and music stand, improved grand action
overstrung Baas, agraffe Treble.
These instruments contain many valuable Im
provements and are unquestionably the flnest Pianos
ever brought to the city.
Every instrument sold at manofiecturertf prices
and warranted tbr five years.
, f JE&3H B. MELLOR.
my33 189 Main St.. Wheeling.
Black 811k Lace Mantles for 5 09
That 1 mid last season at...?1ft 00
Past Colored Lawns, at. 1SU
( Summer Silks' at? SO
\ Early Price.. .. 76
Jy8 (Press copy) J. 8. RHODES
OA TONS MonroeFura e
ZKJbO " Kejstooe -
40 " Bloom ?
on consignment and tbr sale by
BBLS. ROSEN DAL* CEMENT, tbe only rell*
Ovf We cement in use, rec ived by . r
JytO *1 Main street.
From Washington
nf^A9n'?ro,!'' S?Pt- 2C?Th. Governors
or tbe following Slates arrived bera this
morning from Aitoooa, vii: Muss.. Pa
V?.t Ohio, Illinois. Wisconein, Iowa, Midi-'
g?n. New Hampshire and Indiana, the
c" Ro?" 8uie beIn,; rerr,aealcd by
Between 12 and 1 o'clock the* bad an
interview of an. official character with
? resident, ?nd presented an address
Fir.t, A cordial personal and official re
spect for tbe President;
Second, A determination, nnderall cir
cumstances, to support and maintain bis
constitutional authority?tba governors
therein speaking lor themselves and tbe
people of their respective States.
Third, Pledging to bim their aid in all
measures calculated to bring ths war to
an early termination, wbloh should be
rigorously prosecuted to nitimate victory
unless ail tbe rebels sb.ll return to their
constitutional doty and obedience
Fourth, Congratulating the President
upon bis emancipation proclamation good
"pirTh'n 7 0^j?",ice policy: and
dl.? -L u "ri;,ff '? lbe of tb. sol
aierg nrbo have fought our battles.
. .T?lt Governors were courteously and
kindly received, and their suggestiona lis
tened to with attention. It is ascertained
from those who had the best opportunities
for knowing, that their was no proposition
made at tbe recent Conference a: Aitoona
noreveo a suggestion ventured touching
the removal ol Oeu. McClellan, norwasn.jr
proposition offered or suggestion made as
to tbe promotion of Fremont to tbe bead of
gentleman?' " d'3p?,al ?f ,h"
The address to tbe President as agreed
to was written by Gov. Andrew, at tbe
suggeiiion of tbe other Governors present
7 c?0.nWr proposition or amendment to
the address was submitted. Gov. Bradford,
of Md? alone did not sign It, expressing a
r., ' ttl8 President's proclamation
migbt not prove as advantageous as tbe
Conference hoped, and regarding the mat
ft? Ul 10 jasU,Jr th0,n i0
side in its support.
In ',h-be COn.'erenc?'Tarlous details relating
.-i f "CrUI"nK' organisation, equipment
and transportation of troops were discuss
The Governors freely oompared notea,
?? .h*8 Upo.? Tariou* important poiota
in this connection which they agreed to
War. They did not, however, as to ".-se
lheved!rt Putanytbiog iu writing, because
tbey did not wish to appear dictatorial
believing that friendly verbal auggeaiioor'
in a polite nod respectful interview woulif
give them effect so far as they might be
regarded correct or beneficial.
Tbe care and removal of the aick and
wounded, and tbe aubject of furloughs, etc
attracted a great deal of attention, tbe ob
Ml.!ag "provide reforma, which all
felt to be needed to tbe end of happiness
" wPel[nre"r 'Oldies, and the
which ?ruthe, "m*< 10 <*"T
"h'^,.refurm?' ?hould tbe Goveromeul
adopt them, the Slates will cheerfully co
operate. It was unanimously agreed that
iurlougbs should be so regulated as to I
prevent future abuses. It was also agreed
to suggest nn army of reserve, after tie quo
E.I .h* 7 Cf d. r?r ,h"U be filled. of not
lees than a hundred thousand men, to be
dr led and disciplined at home, and to be
culled out in c?ses of sudden exigencies
at sucb points where they may be ueeded
and to be mustered for the 12 month unlcsst
sooner discharged.
The interview between the President and
theGoVeroOM this afternoon continued for
three hours, and they all represent it to
have been of a pleasant and gratlfyiog
a",0'"- ,Tb<'' P'"'0'/ in'imated ibeir
confidence in the President's integrity and
ability, and assuring bim of tbeir deter
Tbu7u,i?e.'UPP0rt Ui,? lD ll" d',chsrge
?Jb:irje,coranrdati?n' p,rtook of tbe
nature of friendly suggestions. Some of
tbe Subjects be said bad received Executive
lonslderation. but as others bad for the
first time been presented, be requested that
bey be reduced to writing, in order tbat
mm "["h tb0 BIt?o'ion wbicb
tbeir importance demands.
Tbe Governors having transacted their
left ,nh."1.',',.^lb8,PrMid"t of 'hem
live borne/. " *fl"000a
Bailroad Accident.
S'pt- 20 -This morning.
*b?ut ' ? olo<:k- "terrible railroad accident
look place on the Cumberland Valley Rail
S?ui h" ejood the b"dge crossing tbe
Susquehanna river, almost opposit* tbe
.1 . r \r?^p ,ral? oonsistlng or soma
twenty freight cars, containing the 20tb
Regiment of Pa. Militia, including tbe Corn
PM^af,1.??[DPaDy Hnd ,e"ral Guards of
Poiladelpbia was on tbeir way to tbia citv
from Greenoasiie, where they bad been en'
n,r*w1daJr?- Th? 'rain was be
bind time and bad been waiting tor a train
from Carlisle, but none comiog tbe train
proceeded. The weather beiog very foggy
it was W"h the utmost difficulty ihat Ob
Itilt e?frr ,h? disc"aed Mung the track,
I 8 weDt 00 "nooibly until
within about a mile of the bridge, when
the train came suddenly on ao engine
standing on lbe track. Tbe engineer of the
? ram reversed bia engine, but loo late to
?SHIS, 'h*!e'lllsion, and tbe engine, earn"
together with terrific foroe, tbe car imme
diately behind lbe tenderof lbe troop train
was crushed into fragments, and ita occu
pants either killed or wounded ; the second
5*r"" driren ">to the first and complete
i 5 *n " nan,ber of persons bad
ly hurt J the lb I rd car was thrown on top
?h . . ? tec;?d* lh0 whole crashing through
thetop. The most terrifying portion of
scene was tbe cries or tbe wonoded
nun,ber. *nd tbe aigbt or
'?d? ' ?ey were'all carried ton bouse
elose by and surgeons sent for from Harris
burg. The whole cause or lbe accident is
csreleasnesson the ptrt of the Cumber
laud Railroad officials.
Berald'a Special.
N?w Yok, 2? ?Gen. Sickles was to
| day placed In command of Hooker's old
division. Geo. Oarria assigned to tbe com
mand of the 1st Brigade of Geo. Groves'
? division. These assignments give great
satisfaction to the ranks of tbe division.
"beis left about 0000 wounded
; " 'b'?o0nur Tb'T begged for medical
attention. The enemy removed all who I
were wounded in the upper extremities.
leaving on the field only those who were !
wounded in the lower limbs?The tout1
loss of the rebels cannot be much less than '
5.000 killed and 15,000 wounded.
I*du?a?olis, Sept. 25 ? Gov. Morten
has not been at Alloona, as staled in yes
terday a dispatches. He returned from
Louisville yesterday afternoon, where be
LouIsvHIe. ,hr"len?1 d??? to
From California.
S*? F.Ajtoisoo. SepL 20?Tba Presi
dent a Bmaocipatioa Proclamation Is c.?. !
mented on in favorable terms by the press 1
Brilliant Victory in the Southwest
Jacksom, Tim., Sept. 6, 1962. /
Copt. M. J. Kimball, A. D C.:?
Sir: I have the honor to report tbe fol
lowing concerning the recent engagements
Along the line of the Mississippi Central
Railroad, lo tbe vicinity of Uedon station :
Immediately after the repulse of tbe ene
m7 at Bolivar, large horde* of bit cavalry
attacked tbe different detachment* station
ed along tbe line of tbe Mississippi Central
railroad, between Medon and Loone*g Sta
tion. The detachments being small, after
a sharp skirmishing, retired to Medon Sta
tion, at wbicb point and near tbe depot, a
barricade was constructed of cottoo bales,
under the direction of Adjutant Frobock.
At 3 P. M. August 31st, tho enemy attack
ed tbe defenses at liedon in force, estima
ted to be 1,500 strong, but were gallantly
I held at bay by 150 men of the-loib Illinois
Being informed of tbe attack. I immediate
I ly sent six companies of tbe 7tb Missouri
regiment by railroad to reinforce onr men.
Oo tbeir arrival, tbe 7th immediately form
I ed line and charged tbe enemy, driving
tbem from tbe town with considerable loss,
and takioga number of prisoners.
Tbe 30th Illinois was commanded by Ma
jor Warren Sbedd, 20th Illinois Col. Friz
bie, a section of two pieces of gunboat ar
tillery was commanded by Capt. Frost.?
Col. Dennis struck tents on August 3lst,
destroying such stores and baggage as be
was unable to carry, marched to within 12
miles of this post, when be was met by an
order from me, directing bitn to march for
Medon, to intercept tbe enemy near that
point. Dennis countermarched his com
mand. arriving in the vicinity of Denmark
that night. About 10 A. M. 1st September,
his advance guard reached the enemy in
strong force at Briton's Lane, near tbe
Junction of tbe Denmark at;d Medon roads.
Tbe enemy's force consisted of seven
regiments of cavalry, amouotiog to 5,000
men, under Brig. Gen. Armstrong. Tbe
aggregate of Dennis* force was but 800.?
Discovering be was outnumbered. Deunis
immediately selected tbe best positioo tbe
ground would permit and formed in line of
battle. Tbe greatly superior force of tbe
enemy enabled him to entirely surround
tbe command of Dennis, and early in tbe
engagement to capture bis transportation
train, taking with it teamsters, sick and
prisoners. Tbey also captured two pieces
of artillery.
During the engsgement tne artillery and
train were recaptured by Dennis. The
enemy made many determined charges.
Dividing their force and dismounting a
part, they attacked both as infantry and
cavalry, tbe latter charging so close as to
fall from tbeir horses almost within tbe
ranks of our men,
The battle lasted four bours, at tbe end
of which time tbe enemy left Dennis in
possession of the field, leaving 175 of bis
dead on the field, aod also a Inrge number
of his wounded. Total loss of tbe enemy
in killed and wounded, over 400. Loss ot
Dennis is 5 buried on tbe fied; the wounded
numbered about 65, who were brought to
tbe Geneva hospital at ibis point.
Adjutant Printon, 30th Illinois, was se- j
verely wounded, but refused to leave the
field.?Maj. Shedd was also wounded. Tbe
tneu acted with almost veteran couarge.
(Signed) M. M. Crocker.
Rebel Accounts of the Battle at At
Nkw York, Sept 26.?The Herald has
extracts from the rebel journals relative to
tbe late battles in Maryland. Tbe Rich
mond Enquirer claims the battle at Antie
tauj as a great rebel victory. It was di
rected by Lee in person, with 60.000 men
in his command. Bebel accounts makes
onr forces 150,000. Jackson commanded
tbe left of the rebel line, Hill the right, and
Loogstreet tbe centre. It is admitted that
our artillery was used with fearful effect,
and that upon tbe whole the battle was
tbe most severe of tbe entire campaign.
The followiu6 is a list of tbe command
ing officers killed and woond d in tbe en
gagement, Gen. Stark, of Miss., command
ing in Jackson's - division, killed; Brig.
Gen. Branch, ki led; Brig. Gen. B. II. An
derson. wounded in tbe bip, not danger
ouslj: Brig. Wright, flesh wounds breas
and leg; Brig Gen. Armstead, in foot;
Brig. Riplej, in neck, not dangerously;
Brig. Gen. Ransom, slightly.
Tbe Petersbargh Ezpretn makes tbe
significant admission that all bope9 of
Maryland uniting ber destinies with tbe
South must now be banished. Tbe exper
iment to ronse ber people to follow tbe
fortunes of the rebel army is proclaimed to
bave been a dead failure and tbe devoted
adherence of tbe State Government and a
majority of tbe people to tbe federal gov
ernment is acknowledged by tbe Exprut.
The victories at Boonsboro and Sharps
burg it declares to be unprofitable to the
rebel cause. Tbe same journal advoe*:rs
as tbe nest movement of the rebel army the
destruction of tbe Baltimore end Ohio
Railroad aod an attack oo Peirpolnt.
N?w York .Sept. 26 ?The U. S. gunboat
Bienville has been signalled below.
A dispatch from Louisville announces tbe
seizure of Suit's Salt Distillery buildings,
only thirty miles from that city.
Tbe gunboat Connecticut arrived at this
port this afternoon from tbe Gulf of Mexi
co. via Port Royal. Lieut. Walker, of tbe
gunboat Winona, is amoog her passengers, :
together with 25 officers and 203 seamen, !
invalids and discharged prisoners, and
seven refugees.
Tbe general health of our equadron in
tbe Qnlf is good.
Naval expeditions are being fitted out at
Pensacola and Port Republic, and tbe pub
lic will probably bear of an important
achievement by the latter in a week or
On the 13th inst., tbe U. S. gunboat
Winona, Lieut. Commaoding Thompson,
ran under tbe fire of Fort Morgan, below
Mobile, aod opened fire on a steamer wbicb
was lying inside, driving off ber crew and
damaging ber greatly by the explosion of
an 11 inch shell in her bow. Fort Morgan
opened a beavy fire on tbe Winona, but
she escaped uoburt.
The Connecticut captured tbe Boglish
schooner Rambler laden with cotton which
bad escaped tbe blockade at Sabine Pass.
Instructions were found aboard of her to
sell ber cargo at Havana and purchase
powder, medicines and army shoes and re
turn by tbe Sabine Pass. She was sent to
Ship Island.
Col. Jack Ha lUton formerly a memt r
of Coogress from Texas, bad succeeded in I
making bis escape from that State and ar
riving at the Southwest Pass. Be bad been
secreted in the mountains for 21 days and
was accomplished by six friends. He repre
sents that there exists a strong Union feel
io ib? weatern ptrt or tbe Slate of
New VoKK- Sept. 28 ?Tbere le not tbe
?lighted foundation io fact for tbe rumor*
of certain Oo.ernore eo leavoriog to ira
poee upon tbe ConTeolion at Altooaa, and
upon the Pre.ident'a action In regard to
any Genera) io the field or elaewhere. or Io
regard to other detail* in tbe management
of affair* of tbe war.
Ntw Yok, Sept. 2G?Stock* opmid
doll aod bear j, bnt doted active. Money
unchanged. Gold $1 lot. Sterling Ei
cbange$l 31}01 33).
WialKQTon, Sc?t. 26 ?Qot. Stanley
having transacted bis oBchl business, will
immediately retoro to North Carolina. - It
is understood that the relations between
himself and the Government are entirely
ft is evident that the rebel! bar* left the
line of the Upper Potomac, bat tbey are in
juriously operating on ihe Baltimore and
Ohio Iliilroad, between Harper's Perry and
Cumberland. They recently, it if believed,
destroyed some ot the important bridges
west ?r Martiusbnrg, including that over
Black river
Letters addressed to persons on board
any vessel io the Navy, sboald ba directed
to the care of theNavy Department, whence
they will be forwarded by first mail to the
f quad rod to which the vessel is attached.
Jli. a Oil. JOB. O. LITTLE.
J. C. ORE & CO.
B have jut rtt*ired> new mmd apleodid taort.
which we are prepared to offer at
Wholesale and Retail
ae low as any other home la the city.
and In foct everything to bo GnbI In ? j
We desire to call particular attention to oar Mock O I
1 which wo think will give entire eatisiectioe, mad
will be
Sold Very Low For Cash.
Onr stock of
t?Ye>a?t been opened and ready for inspection and |
?aU. Doat forget the place,
JAS. a ORE & CO.
1 Oft Main sticcC, Inlacn tbon iImH. ah.
? 8. Porter,
J?*eph II. Pendleton.
JoKpb C. Uarbonr,
Joseph H. PendletOO.
John T. Lakia,
Joseph U. Pendleton.
Kpraim II. B&ntes,
Joseph II. Pendleton.
Ad-un huhn, Administrator
ofBeiU. F. iJUfiej'i ee>
Ohio Ounotj Oonrt.
Order* of Sale.
Joeeph II. Psodlston.
T N pursuance of Orders of 8 Ue In theaboren?
i L"2& MandV? September 8, ISO*
front door of tbs Court House of Ohio counts. nro
MIJiJ?"eph 11' Interest In lot rto.
sixteen |16J. ?qoare two fS}. and lot No. fifteen (IV,
TV?!*?* 'JJ' ?? "?? citr of Wheeling, also bis
interest in three nod a half jsj^, acres of land.
B. w fcrm. dsscrlbod In deed of politico betwe?
Issac W. Mitchell, Joseph II. Pendleton and ZatIi*
riah jarob, recorded In d ed book Ifo. At, folio *S0
atUtiwda, thepr -perty of said Jo eph U.l?fiEZ
AlUt of Mid teal sstats can be ?een at the {sheriff's
Sale tOMmmeneo at 10 o'clock, A. H. Terms of
de: A credit of six and twelve months,
A V* *we,re iontta, with inter
est from theday of o?le, the purchaser or nnrrhssf ii
*>vius bond with approved security for the asc.ibr
litis being retained antil the whole of the
-tnoney la paid
"" h"b"? p?,p<,,,*d
AT. of tha Do.rd of School Comtbrios
m ol ?fc. ctty of WbMto?, b.ld o? tM*y, Uu
*.a day of AntMtt. it w*? amun/other thiacv.
. nutmtb. initmint oftb.5?rd
Pchool CommlMioDen. it te ?xp*d<eot Md
that th? promt OchoA District* h* mo mortified mm to
coortruet oat of tba lat, Sad, SnL 4tb ud Otb Ward,
threa School DUtricta, coataioftay mm nearly mm po ti
bia an equal population, and exc.adiajr ibafilh Ward
from tba City biatricta; aod ibai iba TmtM of the
aer^ral W-rdaba iaatraccad to call awMlanof ft*
CitlMM of tba Waid?, aod to prtseot to neb mm
Inga tbU action of tba Board of fTnmmi?*ii?i ? Urn
U??ir rejection or approval.
A Copy?Tola:
aa*.U-3t GEO.W 8T0RT8, Clerk.
Lixn^bei? Yard.,
Corner 4th and Center Sts.,
On* Square South efth* Court How
On hand* all kiade of
Drj Lumber, Worked Flooring,
Which win bo aold At moderate pricee for cash, or
18 A AC COTT8.
^ ^ 80 boxee, Jut rwcoiTod aad for
V/ prw mi raon of cvduc bus*, mmUdm tor
I rti aiming dr*mm. coopjik Jk fi*MSKVJCT.
l J TAnQjLOtL-*, at ISM Ceate.
Jut received at
cooper a szxsKnrrs,
-A-.m:. a T) A ATS,
om Ifc. marmmr, tmt ?> ??
Wo?ld eftU U. ?f Trill in ?f Ihm Uitla4
Sutaa Am; la h > Mask of
?M*ntw hrgMt ? md mi , mini n_| __
bra^kc u WmSr. Vbfl**.
"oIIEiVvLu.jl oJT^i1 slaj'jkuiT'
q?OMtoMd l^f>Oiw,Ow<l>n Uw.
? B? vol Term, Ba(j^
Ua? OuHi ud r?4h?L
WrMUhv CronC
la bet almost tmytklif hi tho mIUhj Maa.
m de to order oa the ehortsst ostSoa.
A*eat for A. B. QOirri
Excelsior Sewing HaeUnes.
Tom ai* miiAUj nqawud U can at
Wholesale and Be tail Fashionable
Clothing Establishment,
Higm ot tfco "Stars ??d Strip**,"
who hMjtut received on* ot the krprt ud Ma
lected stocks* of
erer brought to this city, consisting la port of
and piece goods ot all deaeriptlou*. for MIXH AND
VOVTU3* CLOTHING, which will bo made to ertSer
oo the eborteet notice and in tho moat feahsoasble
s*yla, at umu tow prieae for caab.
Union Clothing Store,
Wm bo fowad a largo aal eaperiec aeiorf at mi
ramlabiag Oooda of all hlnde. White Shirts. Uadsr
Shirts, Collars. Drawees. gnep.adtra, Stocks.
Craratv k Ties. Silk an4 Liaca Parke*
lUndkerchieb. Glnree, Hosiery. Uwb
Lire lias. Carpet, lacks, Ac, Ac, Ac.
7b Destiny .Hats, Roaches, ftc.
7b Destroy Mice, Molea, aad into.
7b Destroy?*-Bod Bscs.
7b Destroy?M'Kha in fon. Clothes, Ac.
7b Destroy -Moennltooo and Slsaa.
7b D-Hroy Insects on Planta aad Fowls.
Tu Destroy Itiaecte on AsIbsIs, Ac.
To Destroy *T-ry f,rca and apeciae of Ycoaa.
?? Coafnr's ?? Rat, Raacb, As. KxUf
*? Cotiar's" Bcd-Bnf Sxtsraitnalar.
" Coiiar'i" Klcetrtc Powder Tor la
seets, Ac.
1x29c. 5ic. mil 00Bottcss swartssxs.lt ss??
$5 Sixss roa Pujtatkwi, Bam, Boat,
Uotsu, Ac.
* Fras from Foiaoat.**
-Not danffsrooa to tho Haman Faaafly.
" Ksts do not dieon tb? ?rewisea."
"Thty come ont of their holes to dls.**
&T3ald Errry where?by
All Wuolxssls Dsucotn
and by Drcgouts, tisucsas, ?
ess genet ally, in sliCoontr
the United States.
Wholeeala sad Estall;
aad Retail;
Wholes], and IAD,
?>n> h KUIT,
wheeling, va.
WOnmr Duin cm. ? rt?r ~ ?bor..
* addnaa ordrr. dlnct-iut tm PrieM, Torn
Broadway, In York.
Copper Jin & Sheet iron Ware.
IXOW kMp the Ur(Mt uwrtmrt of WAU
that c?n be touA in the city, and mm ItaUy pre
pared to All all ord?ra at abort notice.
Mr itoek eoariitv is pwt of tU fellow in* goodm
All kind* of Plain Tte and Jitnnl Wan. all klode
of Fheet Iron Wat% Copper aad tan Kettle* of al
Merchant* aad others vUttaf the city will dad It
to their advantage to girtMaall Mm pailiei
Fruit Cans.1
""Alwaya on hand, a large a
aad Unttera conatnntly ea head.
-J0* wo"> rSJSSKHT
attention. B. F. _
Ko. C Main at^ ep. B. AO.&.ft.Depot.
mht-ly WI'iIhk. ?a.
?mr 0.0TT, tAK*L UMna]
Tobacco, Cigars, See. See.
He. as Imum Itrtat,
Whmlint, V*.
llwl mi ?Mt
Jcn ucmru, ??* ?r mm v?a
-? -

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