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NO. 221.
Exclusively for the Register.
U) itae Pacific and Atlantic Line.
k German Army on a Peace
Safety of Dr. Livingstone Assured
Treaty Ratified.
Rome, September 18. ? 'lhe new ex.
tradition treaty between Italy and Rus
sia baa been officially ratified by both
The Ufrman Army on a Peace
Bkklin, September 18. ? An official
order baa just been issued, placing the
Germau army upon a peace footing.
The total field force available for active
service hj? been reduced to 800,000
,nen* Imperial decree has been
- iTomu^ated, conferring on Count Von
Moltj^e tbe title of Cnief Marshal of
he German empire.
4 Frciu'b Fleet to t'o-operate.
"Shanghai, via London, September 18.
? The French Minister at Pekin has |
received a telegram from his Govern
ment to have tbe French fleet in
readiness to co-operate with the Ameri
cans in any further operations against
London, September 18. ? Mr. Young,
an American, who was lately sent to I
Africa to assist Livingstone, who was
' reported to be in a deplorable condition,
has been heard from. Young madej
forced marches into the Ujkeli country,
.as the quickest route to the point to |
I which Livingstone penetrated. Young
;uct with uniform kindness and hospi- 1
,;'y from the natives, and hopes to '
i ' ich Livingstone soon.
Tlie Newcastle Strike,
London, September 18. ? The pro
ved demonstration in favor of the
rikers has been abandoned. Many
?eign workmen are daily arriving at
vwcastle and Gateshead. At a mass
teeting of the Newcastle workmen,
yesterday, it was resolved to contiuue
on strike.
Paris, September 18. ? It is rumored]
that the elections for the Councils Gen-j
eral will be held in October.
The disarmament of the National |
Guard is progressing quietly.
The mortality in Paris last week was I
about one hundred less than that of the |
previous week.
('reparation for Republican Dem
The Republicans are preparing for a
manifestation on the 20th inst., the first
anniversary of the occupation of the
city by the Italian troops, but no dis
order is apprehended.
It is semi-officially stated that there
is a deficiency of revenue for the present
year, which will probably be covered
without the imposition of auv new
London, September 18. ? The Russian
press is generally vigorous in its attacks I
upon Prussian Germauy. '
Dr. Livingstone Saf<*.
Authoritative advices from Zanzibar]
announce the receipt of positive intelli
gence of the safety of Dr. Livingstone I
and party. Americans are hurrying to
his rescue.
Proponed .Military Keorgnnizitiion.
Thk IIaock, September 18. ? The
?e-wioti of the Ministerial States General
was commenced to-day. The royal
speech was delivered at the opening. It
proposes and strongly urges the adoption
of measures looking to a thorough reor
ganization of the military system of the
kingdom. The speech also touched
upon the cause of the late events in
Europe, and congratulates the country
upon the restoration of peace on the
Circular bring Prepared.
Vibmna, September 18. ? It is defi
nitely announced that a circular is being
prepared, and will shortly be issued by
the Austrian Government, communicat
ing to its representat^es abroad the
results of the conferences between the
Austrian and German Emperors, at Gas
trin and Salzburg, in view of the
important future political movements,
the details of which are believed to
have been perfected at those confer
ences. The appenrance of this official
.statement is awaited with no small de
gree of interest in diplomatic circles, i
Projected I'nmonii Reform.
Versailles, September 18. ? A prop-'
osition has been introduced in the Asj
sembly providing for a modification c
the customs convention between Franc*
and Germany with regard to Alsac ?
and Lorraine. It is understood how
* ever, that Germany strongly objects to
: any alteration in the terms of the treaty.
Detroit, September 18. ? The Detroit
imandery No. 1 of Detroit, the Saint
>ard Commandery No. 16 of Sag
* and the Adrian Commandery No.
'^Adrian, Michigan, arrived at the
l. lental Hotel at 2 o'clock this
qg, and left at 9 o'clock for Wash
Washingtox, September 18.? Secre
tary Delano returned to this city this
Naval Matters.
Lieutenant Commander McCook lias
been ordered to th? navy yard at
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and
the following officers have been de
tached: Lieutenants Hutchins, Emery,
Emerson, and Hazwell ; Masters Ball
and Delehanty, and Assistant Surgeon
Griffith, from the Relief, and placed on
waiting orders; passed Assistant Pay
master Conrade, from the Relief, and
ordered to settle his accounts.
General Spinner sailed from Liver
pool, in the China, on the 9th inat. ,
bound for New York.
A Slight ITn pleasantness.
New Orleans papers are filled with a
correspondence which recently passed
between Mr. John A. Walsh and
Governor Warmoth, relative to the
cards of the latter published in the New
Orleans Republican on the 8th inst.
Mr. Walsh opened the correspondence
j by a challenge to Governor Warmoth,
and the latter replied. He miscon
strued the challenge and proposed to
leave the question of veracity, on which
the whole trouble hangs, to the arbi
tration of five gentlemen, two to be se
lected by Mr. Walsh, two by Governor
Warmoth, and the fifth by the four
gentlemen. Mr. Walsh declined, and
I reiterated his challenge in unmistak
able language. Governor Warmoth
understood him and at once replied,
declining the challenge.
Treasury Balances.
The following were the Treasury bal
ances at the dose of business to day :
Coin, $92,701,157.53; Currency, $9,804,
179.07; Coin certificates, $15,930,000.
Important Decision.
The Solicitor of the Treasury decides
that under the new steamboat act sail
ing vessels whose cargoes might be en"
dangered by the use of torch lights in
warning approaching steamers, may be
modified to allow the use of globe lights
General Sherman, Secretary Belknap
and General Humphreys leave here on
Thursday next for the purpose of in
specting the engineer's works around
New York.
Oinbnriiinc Offlccr*' Account* to be
Secretary Belknap this morning had
a consultation with Acting Secretary
Uartley and Second Comptroller Broad
head, on the subject of introducing in
the strictest manner the preservation
of the regulations of the government for
disbursing of finance. The Hodge de
falcation was the basis of the argument.
The details of the duties of disbursing
officers were thoroughly discussed.
Neither of the above officials
would give the slightest information as
to the result of the conference, but it
has tianspired that a thorough over
hauling of all the disbursing officers'
accounts in the Paymaster's Depart
ment will be made without delay, and
such precautions taken as will hereafter
preveut the issue of money by govern
ment officials. A comparison of re
ports of disbursing by the Paymaster
General and the Treasurer will hereafter
be made.
A Jlyitery.
A negro was found hanging from a
tree in the woods at Georgetown to-day.
Judging from appearances the body had
been hanging for several days, possibly
for weeks. Most of the flesh had fallen
from his body. The bones of his arms
and legs were found underneath him,
looking as if the flesh had been torn
from them by anatomists, and holes
were picked in the sknll, as though
made by instruments. The physician
who madS the post mortem examina
tion expressed the opinion that the
negro had been foully dealt with.
Yellow Fever.
A dispatch from Cedar Keys, Florida,
announces the appearance of yellow
fever there in au epidemic form.
Twenty-five case? have already oc
curred", and there have been four deaths
from the disease. A terrible panic ex
ists among the citizens, who are fleeing
from the place.
Tbe Hodge Defalcation.
It id altogether likely that the Hodge
defalcation will have a Congressional
investigation. The Pay Department*
alleges that the performance of certify
ing accounts, if attended to b y the
Treasury Department, would have dis
covered the irregularities sooner; and
the Treasury Department reports that
the action referred to would not have
prevented peculations, and explains how
they could have been carried 011 in
spite of all the guards which the
Pay Department would have. It infers
that an investigation by a committee of
Congress would not bring back the half
aiillion of dollars lost, but it might fur
.nish a basis for legislation which will
make it impossible tor any one to again
I contiuue in the practice of fraud for
-four years, without detection.
j Verdict In tbe HcOeban Case.
| Cincinnati, September 18. ? The
! Times and Chronicles Dayton special
I this evening says: The verdict against
McGehan has caused deep surprise in
the community here, and yet it is greet
ed with expressions of profound satis
faction. The management of the case,
on the part of the State, was not gener
ally understood during the trial, on ac
count of an expectation by tbe public
and the defense that the coat question
would again be involved, which the
counsel for the State now assert to have
been, in their view, the cause of the dis
agreement by the jury at Lebanon. The
defendant beard the verdict from the
bench with his eyes suffused in tears.
Tbe motion for a new trial will be
heard on Friday next at nine o'clock,
when, if overruled, as it is generally
expected it will be, the prisoner will re
ceive hie sentence of imprisonment for
The Comptrollership.
Geo. B. M'Clellan Appointed to
the Office.
The Mayor Does not Recog
nize Mr. Connolly tu
Great Excitement in the City
The Connolly Case.
New York, September 18. ? Several
facts developed in connection with the
appointment of Mr. Green as Deputy
Comptroller, has led to the belief, ex
pressed in many places yesterday, that
it was brought about by the active
agency of the Democratic Central com
mittee. The new situation was gener
ally accepted, in view of these facts, as
the beginning of active operations by
the State Central Democratic commit
tee against the ring, or at least that
part of it which hoped to save itself by
sacrificing Connolly.
Announcement of the Appointment
of George B. Mel'l?li?n.
The announcement of the removal of
Connolly and the appointment of Gen.
Geo. B. McClellan as head of the finance
department, was made this morning by
Mayor Ilall.
More Trouble.
This morning, when Mr. Green of
fered his oath of office, as Deputy
Comptroller, he received a written
message from the Mayor's principal
clerk, which he threw disdainfully to
the floor.
It is rumored that an application
will be made to Judge Barnard for a
quo warranto to oust Connolly and Green
from the office, and for an injunction
against either of their ageuts continu
ing to exercise the (unctions of the
offices now occupied by them.
Sfet'lellnn Silent.
No reply has as yet been promulgated |
from General McClellan to Mayor
Hall's offer of the Comptrollership. It
is generally believed he will not accept.
Andrew H. Green, the new deputy, had
a large force of watchmen on guard in
the Comptroller's office last night.
There are rumors of a conflict between
the factions, should General McClellan,
or anybody else, accept the Comptrol
lership tendered by Mayor Hall. In
caseot any attempt to obtain possession
of the office, it is thought that the
Mayor will have the best of it, as he is
Police Commissioner, and a majority of
the police are under his influence.
The Comptroller has sent the follow- J
ing letter to the Mayor this afternoon : ?
Hon. A. Oakey Hall, Mayor.
Dear Sir: I have read in the morn
ing papers, your letter of this date, and
beg leave thus promptly to inform you
that, as advised, I have not, either in
fact or equivalent, resigned the office of
Comptroller of the City of New York.
I deny the authority of law in the
Mayor to exercise the power attempted I
by vour favor and, in partial support of
the denial, quote the words of your
former communication, "The Mayor
cannot suspend any Head of Depart
ments, not even pending an investiga
tion." My previously announced deter
mination not to retire from my official
position is still unchanged, and 1 ask
the support of the supreme power, the
public sentiment of the citizens of New
York city and the State. Very respect
fully your obedient servant,
Richard B. Connolly-,
The chief clerk in the Mayor's office
has sent the following note to all the |
departments this afternoon:
* 1)kar Sir : ? I am directed to inform
you that the Mayor does not recognize
"Richard B. Connolly as Comptroller,
nor Andrew H. Green as Deputy Comp
f Signed] Chas. 0. Jolink,
Chief Clerk.
Excitement over Green's Appoint*
The appointment of Green by Con
nolly as Deputy Cemptroller, has given
rise to a good deal of excitement.
Connolly and Green were closeted to
gether from 9 o'clock in the morning
to a late hour in the afternoon, and
surmises regarding their proper course
were numerous, and rumors of various
characters were floating about. It
was stated that the committee of Sev
enty had taken vigilant measures to
protect Connolly in retaining his office,
this being rendered necessary by the
report that Mayor Hall was about to
call on the police to remove him by
ritlienii' Committee In Soeret Ses
The committee of citizens on the
city accounts held a secret session to
day, and Deputy Comptroller Green
presented them with a number of docu
ments from the city and county bu
During the afternoon Connolly held
a caucus with some of his friends, the
result of which has not transpired, but
it is understood he adheres to his deter
mination to remain in office.
During the afternoon it was rumored
that General McClellaa had accepted
the Comptrollership, and that applica
tion would be made to Judge Btunard
to grant a writ of mandamus compel
ling Connolly to surrender the papers
and books of his office to McCIellan.
A meeting of the committee of Sev
enty was to have been held this after
noon but the members did not appear,
although it waa rumored they were in
session elsewhere.
It is stated that Connolly and Green
intend to remain in the Comptroller's
offios to-night.
Mr. Charles 0' Conor, tl is afternoon,
at the request of Mr. S. J. Tilden, gave
bis written opinion on the legal quea
tions raised by Mayor
letter this morning to Comptroller Con
nolly. The Mayor insists that Connolly,
by the appointment of a deputy to per
form all his duties and exercise all his
powers, really abandons his office. Mr.
(/Conor holds that this appointment is
in strict accordance with law. Hal
insist* that his own right toappomt im
plies and includes the right to remove,
and that he can, therefore, "move Con
nolly at will. O'Conor holds that the
statute confers no rightof removal upon
the Mayor, either expressly or by im
^'?DiVcase of Bouraugeubv Rorgo Colo^
came up to day at the common p ea
special term. Some time since Co ah
who is a wealthy Parsee merchant, ot
Bombav, exhibited signs ol insanity in
a theatre, and was taken charge ot by
the police. The French Consul and
Vice Consul have taken steps to have
him properly cared for, and ^ ^for
mation of the occurrence o > athanie
Jarvis, who was appointed cusUxlian of
bis property and Mr. Corselle, his
father-in-law, of his P"80". ^rr
Wadea, a Parsee of Bombay, has ar
rived here, armed with a power or
attorney from his wife to take charg
of his person, with the avowed inten
tion of taking him and his estate to
Bombay, alleging that the |
climate was injuring his health, .and
the want of friendly faces and never
hearing his own tongue spoken, con
tributes to his lunacy. Jarvis and a
constable have entered a protest against
such removal, claiming that his estate
should be placed under the care of his
own relatives, aud that his wife, who
grants the power ot' attorney, is a mere
child, and that, as a matter of law,
cannot remove the lunatic out of his
own jurisdiction. The hearing was
adjourned till to-morrow.
Iuqnent Held.
An inquest was held to-day in the
case of Henry Green and others killed
by the explosion of Union torpedoes in
Beekman street, on Thursday last.
Numerous witnesses were examined,
their testimony chiefly relating to the
details of the explosion. Chief Clark,
of the Board ot Combustibles, testihed
that he had revoked the permit which
had been granted to Goldscmhidt to
sell the Union torpedoes and that five
suits were pending in the Ihird Dis
trict Court against Goldschmidt, fo
selling them. The Jufy J"e"tie^ed
verdict holding Kleber & Goldschm.dt
responsible for the deaths of three per
sons killed and injured by the explosion,
as the torpedoes were *o.d in willful
violation of law. Kleber was then
committed to the Tombs to await the
action of the Grand Jurv.
The New llall of the Slock Eieh?o|[?
At half-past one this afternoon, the
hall of the Stock Exchange was formally
reopened for regular business. Venti
lation has been the main object of the
Buildingcommittee.who have succeeded
in securing a plan whereby fifteen
thousand cubic feet of fresh air per min
ute can be thrown into the hall. l?e
appropriation of sixty thousand dol
lars which was made to meet the altera
tions will be efficient to cover the ex
Attempted Suicide.
Yesterday, a woman named Connesa,
living in Millwood street, Hoboken,
attempted to commit suicide by taking
Paris green. The cause of the act was
cruel treatment received from a drunken
husband almost daily. She is not ex
pected to live.
Barne?l to Death.
A small house in Coyleiville, New
Jersey, occupied by an aged couple
named John and Bridget Iiiggins, was
destroyed by fire. The remains of Mr.
iiiggins and wife were taken from the
ruins terribly charred. The fire was
supposed to be purely accidental.
Reward Offered.
The Mayor will send a message to
the Common Council to-day, asking
that body to offer a reward for the de
tection of the parties who stole the
vouchers from the Comptroller's office.
Mexican Claim* <'oinmlN*ion.
The United States and Mexican
claims commission is expected to re
sume its session this week. There are
over a thousand cases still on the
docket, nearly equally divided between
these two countries. So far about eighty
have been decided against Mexico, in
volving $400,(KX)1 and thirty or forty
against the United States, involving
one-fourth of that amount.
Terrible Accident? A Boat Capwlaed
and Two Person* Browned.
Madison, September 18. ? A terrible
accident occurred here last evening.
Four gentlemen, Hon. Jas. Roa?i, Dr. J.
L. Wilson and Fred. Bellis, of Madison,
and Mr. Knight, of Milwaukee, were
sailing on the lake at Mendota, in the
boatrf'Lady of the Lake." One of the
gentlemen, in furling ose of the sails,
capsized her. They managed to get
on the keel of the boat, but about haif
an hour afterwards a heavy wave struck
her and threw them all into the water,
and Mr. Bellis, who was in an exhaust
ed condition, immediately sunk to rise
no more. The remaining three gentle
men remounted the keel, where they
remained, slowly drifting towards the
Insane Asylum. Shortly after, two
other waves struck the boat and washed
the nearly exhausted men into the
lake. Dr. Wilson, who complained of
being cold, did Dot regain the boat but
sunk. The other two gentlemen suc
ceeded in getting on the keel again
where they remained until daylight,
when a boat from the Asylum took
them ashore, where they were kindly
cared for by Mr. McDill, of the Asylum.
The sad accident has cast a gloom ovei
the city.
A great crowd witnessed the fourth
game, at Chicago, between the Athlet
ics, of Philadelphia, and the Whitt
Stockings yesterday. Athletics, 11,
White Stockings, 6.
The Late Expreaa Robbery? Farther
Particular*? Bod lea Faaad.Ae.
St. Louis, September 18. ? But lew
particulars of the robbery of Wells,
Fargo ? t Co.'s express office, at Ellis,
Kansas, on last Tuesday night, of $22,
000, are received. The money had
been sent by the Auditor of the
Kansas Pacific railroad, to pay the
hands on the Kaw Valley diviaioo of
the road. Reaching Ellis, it was given
to express agent J. A. Harvey, who
Cirried it to his office, in the store of
Hamilton ?fc Harvey, he being one of
that firm. Several persons were pres
ent at the time, and remarks were
made about leaving so much money in
the store. Harvey rolled the package
in a blanket, threw it under the table,
and went home for the night, it then
being about seven o'clock. Harvey
states that after going to bed he thought
that he had teen careless, and started
for the package, but became afraid from
the publicity which had been given the
matter and returned to bed. In the
morning tbe money was gone, his office
having been entered during the night.
Three men are missing who should
have been in Ellis, one of whom is an
engineer on the road, and suspicion
attaches to them. The railway com
pany will lose nothing. Superinten
dent Cooper, of the express company,
has been up the road, and leels confi
dent of securing both the money and
The bodies of three unknown men
were found yesterday near the Pitts
burgh coal dyke on the Illinois side of
the river. One of them appeared to
have been shot, and they were much
decomposed. An inquest will be held
The texas and a portion of the cabin
of the steamer Commonwealth, lying
at East St. Louis landing, were burned
this morning. The loss is not known.
Nplrltuallntie Shooting Affray? Mes*
aioti of the Grand Lodge of I. O. of
O. F? Committed to Jail.
Chicago, September 18. ? A fight
took place la>t night at No. 145
South Halstead street, during the
progress of a Spiritualistic Seance, in
which Miss Carrie M. Sawyer and
Benjamin K. Mitchell were shot by
Charles Baker, who claimed to be the
husband of Miss Carrie. Neither were
dangerously wounded.
It will be remembered that in the
Ilickey-Lanergan contempt case of
this city, that Captain Hickey and
Colonel Lanergan were ordered to tile
bonds in the sum of $1000 each, for
their appearance in the Criminal Court
for contempt. This afternoon Mathew
Talten, Captain Ilickey's surety, sur
rendered him to the Criminal Court to
receive sentence, which resulted in the
Captain being locked up in the county
At ten o'clock this morning the
Grand Lodge of ths United States of I.
U. O. F. met at the Sherman House,
and were cscorted by the Grand Lodge
and the Grand Encampment of Illinois,
to Metropolitan Hall, and were wel
comed, on benalf of these bodies, by P.
G. M. Rogers, and responded to by
Grand Sire Frederick Stewart, ot
Washington City. There are thirty
five Grand Lodges represented from
the different States and Territories, and
tweuty-five Grand Encampments.
- ^ ^
Kyiio]>?ls for the Fast Twcuty-Foiir
Washington, September 18, 7 P.M. ?
The highest barometer has extended
eastward over the Middle and Eastern
States but has fallen during the day.
A 6mall area of low pressure has ex
tended over Minnesota and southeast
erly to the northeastern part of Lake
Michigan with wind* circulating in a
small area around it, which amounted
to a northeast gaie during the night on
Lake Superior. Brisk southerly wind*
prevail on Lakes Michigan and Huron,
and light northwestly winds with rising
barometer in the northwest. Clear
weather has prevailed from Maine to
Virginia, andjalso in the Southern and
Gulf States until this afternoon, but |
cloudy weather is now reported with ,
occasional local rains. The barometer j
has risen at the Rocky Mountains and
Pacific station.
Probabilities. ? The barometer will
probably tall very generally on the
lower lakes and Atlantic coast, and the
disturbances on Lake Michigan move
eastward aud extend into the Middle
States on Tuesday. Cloudy weather,
with occasional light rains, is probable
for the Southern and Gulf State?; rising
barometer, with clearing weather and
falling temperature on the upper lakes,
and brisk winds on tbe lower lakes to
night and Tuesday morning.
A Wonderful Story.
Savannah, Ga., September 18 ? A
most wonderful utory is told here of a
startling phenomena in Florida. A
large portion of Orange count? has
changed to a lake, and has engulfed
bouses and people. There were many
witnesses*, one of whom says the first
thing that attracted attention was the
trees moving; first a general rotary mo- |
tion, some sinking gradually out of j
sight, the tops revolving more and more
as they sank and disappeared, the
others following, and as they fell, dash
ing a huge volume of spray up against
the sky; then the whole earth as far as
the eye could reach commenced sink
ing, and its place was supplied by a
sea of waters, rushing, seething and
boiling, with the souod of mighty can
nons, and ever and anon casting to the
sur'ace the roots and tops of mighty
pines and oaks. The country in every
direction is entirely submerged, and ia
now one vast lake. It ia rumored that
the town of Orlando is swallowed up.
and that the whole chain of lakes, from
' Apohka to Conway, are now united
1 and form an immense inland sea. The
i people are flying terror stricken from
the scene of the disaster.
Pardoned? lor Kllled-Fell la ?
Well? The Ha Iff Templar.
Pittsburgh, September 18. ? Wro. II.
McGee, a county convict, serving out a
term of imprisonment in the workhouse
for accepting bribes and corrupting an
officer, lias been pardoned by the Gov
ernor, as McGee's health was failing so
rapidly that he could not live out his
A lad named Wilkins, while stealing
a ride on a freight train on the Pitts
burgh, Ft. Wayne and Chicago railroad,
at noon to-day, was jostled off, and the
wheels of a car passed over his neck,
severing his head from his body.
Mrs. Wilson, a resident of the South
Side, got up this morning to prepare
breaklast for the family. When the
others arose the morning meal was not
in readiness. Search having been
made for her, her body was found in the
well, head foremost. It was covered
with water, while the feet protruded.
Upwards of one thousand Sir Knights
from the South and West, passed
through here last night and to-day on
their way to Baltimore.
Tbe Perjur.r C'a*e? Safe Itobbed.
Indianapolis, September 18. ? The
Court to-day granted a rule against W.
P. Fishback, the editor of the Journal,
to appear on the 26th and show cause
why he should not be attached for con
tempt for publishing certain articles
pending the trial of the Bright perjury
case. His Honor was not clear as to
the power of the Court. He believed
the press should be untrammeled but
as the usage favored the issue of such
a rule he would {.'rant it, so that a full
argument of the case could be had.
The evidence in the Bright perjury
case is all in and Prosecuting Attorney
Griffin is making his argument for the
The grocery store ol Geo. King A: Co.,
Georgia street, was entered last night,
the safe blown open and robbed ol'f-'xM).
The explosion caused a commotion in
the neighborhood. The robbers got
Oodbk, Nebraska, September IS. ?
Advices Ironi Pioclie, Nevada, give fur
ther particulars of the explosion and
fire which occurred on the night of the
loth instant. Every store and almost
every dwelling house in the place was
burned down. Several men were killed
by the explosion of the magazine. No
information can be obtained as to the
cause of the fire. Pioche is one ol the
most populous silver mining camps in
Nevada, having shipped more ore dur
ing the past year lliau any other place
in the Territory. It had 33 stores and
two bauks, and a population of 2r>,UW
PiiiLAOKLPiitA, September IS. ? St.
Johns Commandery No. 4, of this city,
left for Lancaster this morning, where
they will be joined by the Lancaster
Ccmmandery and act as an escort to
the Grand Commandery of Pennsylva
nia, under Grand SireS. B. McKean.of
Towanda. At Harrisburg they will he
joined by the Morton Commandery of
New York, and Commanderies from
Boston, Hartford, New Haven, Harris
burg, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Toledo aud
Oil City. The will proceed thence to
Washington, D. C., and from there
visit Mt. Vernon and other places ol
interest, and return to that city.
?crloniljr Injured.
Nkwakc, September IS. ? About noon
yesterJav, while a hognliend of lager
beer was being lowered from the upper
part of the brewery of Sanesboro, the
elevator gave way ami fell, striking a
Oerman named Chan. Bentz, who wan
standing beneath. His back was broken,
and the lower part ot his liody wan par
alyzed. He cannot pc>M?ibly survive.
1IU1>So\, .V Y.
Hcdso.v, September 18. ? Walter
Rogers, aged thirty years, a keeper of a
saloon in this city, while attempting to
alight from the 5:32 o'clock down train
this afternoon, before the cart had fully
stopped, fell and sustained such injuries
about the head that bia recovery is con
sidered impossible. The doctor has pro
nounce his injuries mortal and staled
that he caonot survive Rogers is a
son of Walter Rogers, proprietor of the
Hudson House, of this city.
? m -
Th? Latent Krwi.
Gold closed in New York yesterday]
at 1 14$.
A number of New York thieves are
in Cincinnati, attending the exposition. ]
The schooner Montana, from Chicago,
was run ashore at Picator, Canada, dur
ing the rale, oo Saturday night, on
Wilmington beach. The vessel is light
and her cargo in good order. It is ex
pected she will getofT without damage.
Leonard Jerome, Lawrence Jerome,
Henry Davis and Schuyler Crosby, for
merly of Geo. Sheridan s staff, and Ed.
Rogers and Carroll Livinzstone, arrived
at Chicago yesterday morning from the
east, en route for the plains to engage
in a grand buffalo hunt.
Pike's Opera House, Cincinnati,
under the management of John T.
Ford, a well-known eastern manager,
was opened, for the season, to-night,
with Joseph Jefferson in bis famous
Rip Van Winkle. He was greeted with
the largest and most enthusiastic audi
ence ever assembled in that city. Rob
ert Mc Wade has just closed a verv suc
cessful engagement in the same charac
ter at Wood s Theatre, aod he attended
Mr. Jefferson's opening night, applaud
ing him heartily. Mr. McWadt goes
heoce to California.
| The new market house now beinj
' erected at the corner ot Seventeentl
and Federal streets, Philadelphia, fd
yesterday afternoon about 5:30. burymj
"the workmen ^ were employed 01
the building ruins A number o
theofwere extricated and were found U
have received no serious injuries.
Two men were arrested to-day, Davu
Howard and William Johnson on sos
picion of having been concerned n th(
robberv of the cashier of the
ohs, Cincinnati and Lafayette railed
Their identitv was not proven, but thej
were ordered by the Chief of Police tc
leave the city within twenty-four hours
Tuk total of dry goods landed al
New York in the month of August wa*
nearly twenty millions, against fourteen
millions lor the corresponding period
of last vear. Since the beginning of
the current calendar year the imports
have reached the enormous amount of
$$7,676,708 against $72,164,835 in cot
responding time last year? showing a
gain of over twenty-five and a half
millions of dollars, bringing the eight
months aggregate to nearly one hun
dred millions. As showing the extra
ordinary demand for goods tor distribu
tion, the stock of dry goods in boud has
increased under this large importation
less than two and a quarter million
dollars. The Journal of Commerce says
there is now a large assortment on the
market, but the package trade there is
diminishing every year, owing to the
fact that so large a proportion is im
ported by those who break the pack
ages for their own regular jobbing or
retail trade. ^
It is feared that the eastern part of
Yorkshire, iu England, will, in the
course of tiuie? a very long time? be
entirely washed away by the sea. It i"
estimated that there is an average loss
ol two or three yards along the entire
coast everv year, and that about thirty
acres ot land disappear annually be
rween Spurn Point and * lamborough
Head alone. There was once an im
portant seaport called Kavenspurn on
Ihia coast, wh ch returned a member to
the Parliament ol Edward I.; but in
loO'J there was but little ot it left, and
at tiie close of the next century the
grouud upon which it once stood had
totally dipappeared. Several villages
which appear on old maps have been
destroyed by the encroachment* ot tlie
waves and" Kilnsea, which lost its
churches in 18U6, is likely soon to be
swept away altogether.
A NBW thieving dodge is practiced by
females who enter cars, and, finding a
gentleman sitting alone, ask if the
other seat is occupied. The gentleman
at once motions her to be sealed, when
she politely asks him .1 be won t allow
her to Hit by the window. Of course
this request is also granted, and i she
becomes seated. Presently she fiuda
that there is not air enough in the car,
and requests the gentleman to raise the
window, lie at on?e rises to do so, and
as he leans over her she picks his pocket
or removes his watch, which passes to
a male confederate iu the next seat be
hind her.
Tub Legislature ol Miuois, it is re
ported. will be placed in an embarrass
ing situation bv the action of the pre- 1
?iJing olficers ol the two bodies ot
which it is composed 1 be Speaker ol
the House ot K. presenlal ves, it is as
weried, intends to summon dial body to
meet in special session in Chicago, on
November 13, and Lieutenant Governor
Dougherty intends to summon the Sen
ate to meet at Springfield, the Mate
capital, on the same day. |
Following the lead ol New York,
the taxpayer* of Philadelphia have ap
plied lor an injunction to restrain their
city officers from proceeding under the
ordinance bv which it ha* been attempt
ed to place upward* of $y,0<J0,0UiJ at
the diHpoeal ot the water board for ex
penditure without any reetrcuon open
their action. A temporary injunction
has been granted, and tht case will
come ou (or hearing on the IMtb.
A man in Davenport, Iowa, offers,
through the coluinriH of a local paper,
to give $?*><> to any man wlio will elope
with his wife.
Two San Francisco girl# lately order
ed eighty-five dresses Iroin Berlin. The
"old man" struck pay gravel on Poverty
Anna Dickinson announced that she
will be ber own agent thin Reason,
whereupon the Chicago Pott says that
a woman who talks like a man ought
to act as a gent.
A widower wu recent); rejected by m
damsel who didn't want afecuoas that
had been "warmed over.'
A compassionate Boston lady
a vegetable huckster beating his horvel
' cruelly, cried out, "Haveyoa no mercyf '
: to which the astonished man replied, !
"No mem, I've nothing left but greens
I and cucumbers.
A Leavenworth paper publishes the
following advertisement for a wife: ?
A young and handsome man, who owns
j hundreds of lots in the town, will give a
lot to every single young lady who will
come tp Coo cord 1a to make it her home.
He will agree to share his .'ot with the
beat looking owe.
The last elope meat occurred in South
Bend, Indiana. A Ma Jost bis wife ?
the second within a year. Before tbe
end of two moatlM he offend himself
to his second wife's eldest sister, bat she
| refused him. He qwedy his ad
ter Msisr, Md m
' dresses to a younger
! late Sunday, while bis .
' and the elder sister were gmt t* the
' cemetery to visit the grave ot %iv will,
be eloped with tbe yoonger sister.
Da * ? ? ? -s -a el- ? k.
Fex'a llaelaaaU
J bv
aag)7 7 M.RBLLY
By authority of a
tueky, win gtva a
Grand Gift Concert
On Tue?d?y? Oct. Jl?
Under the direction of the beal Mu ileal
100,000 Tichtu of AJmiu,on IHIW
task in Currency; Half J****' * ?
( Juarttr 1\ckelt, fl.50.
I., ,...! wm con?ltt of tour qMtteWi
t>ch ruket entitled to
uuiuberlug from 1 to 1W.WU.
The Citizens' Bank of Kentucky is
T reasurer.
the Library. oV'tendg"**4
by the busiuaw Man
DurluK the Concert the aura or
AviUbe dlatrlbuted by lot the bolder* of
uS?u ?? u'"n *?
0Si:?*ASUUirt?? .V ajw
One Oin of Y ?aU0
One Ollt of T"-" 19 no
oue Gin of "'.V.... |N,uuU
One Gift of ? T* (7 ouo
Oue Olft of iiluuii
One Gin of. ? .. v lvou)
one Gift of - - |4,uuu
One Gin of uiiiii
Oue tillt of - "???*?? -
One Olft of
One Ollt of ? **" ldfc ?
One OUt of - - ?Jfc
OneUtfior *,0
One OUt of 7((j
one Olft of ? ?i,u
One Oift of \UW>
Oue OUt of - ". 4.UUJ
Oue OUt of - - S, wW
Oue Olft of , x,tM>
ES ate-issi- ??==? wg
Fifteen OUt* of ?****?*? ""'"S
Kl*hteenOin*of IW0?m:1i - u.uw
Twenty OIO" " nl'^r^i eich
?lweuiy-nve Gina ??M?w aaaii .... x
K-'"1 ;::::rr: SS5
TJIUm.m ?U - -~-*C
Alter paylug J ffSS&l ,u of the
boulavllle tu be called the
The < outfit and Distribution wlllUke
ni>uH> under the immediate mi per\ talon of
the Trustee* mentioned lu ?he act of Incor
^The ?'l'i uiiii* will ?* u-UUd l'? well
k.' town "'"I ' ??"?"' "li
t'~u\~ru.U-^ U'.a"*"!''*1""1
"^ST^s1- gs:
B::?' \t" 22Sf,: o.ih".s2" 1
?j ...Miiui Mtiiicv urden1! <?r
Will be |Mun,,.ll>
returned by mall, registered or? KpreeM!U, mm
dealt"! ,
Tlcketa are like Or.-elibarhi.-r**! "Uljr
l?bu'y era'wili note that there ar? only One
Hundred Tliouaand tlckeu, instead 01 1??
!!und^l hou?aud. ?? l? theHaj
1 1 1 * a 1 'oncer t. and that Iheie is W?i
Out ?-?>? . ? . j j t||Mt and made the
moradiatrlbuteu. 1
iiwatda iu four uiooUia and paid
in ticket holder* from November ^ . ^
wX*S turned over ???.??? tothehecte
u.y due ticket* not K,"M'll.lf^L. ?..> it u.
Ii will lm P?rU^.%TS|toiu!
mutter of UmH known
wiiiit ^ , .. -i.uwu iruiu
w U h? *111 of -uy numbar d.awji|'^?
vj: ?g?^ -? z:!r^ ?or.
1 1 !?),?> , neut urC.K-l-i.TKM.
.*?"?? - ?
blind rhlldreu ^JJf^W.^Uely pSbltah
The-drawlni wlll be e*ie w.i? _ ?/ wjj
kJ"1. ffifartSa I'arllea fotmlBC
fSiXSS"".","""' will iileaaa
addrewa thta otfloe.
I , Tlrkel. f.r fl?? 1 ^ekela. ???? ?
u"<r.T.v.?Su?* u?
ritrrta I ? ' may pena>ualljr aup?rlaUrad
tbe enUre affair.
?f lira wing.
Thara will ba IWOfka wherla. One wheel
will wUln MMH ?antor-rM, plainly print
ed on laaMar Ufk TIM other wheel will
contain 721 bo tea, ma containing a gin.
<me tag or uumkar will be drawn l?o ?u Uie
wheel, and tka flrat l?oi drawn from
the a??r>iid or 7311 box wheel will eoulala a
glfi, neatly printed and aealed up, and the
gift D drawn from theano/od wheel will be
the gilt of (he teg flrat drawn, w briber 9100,
llUJuTor liUJ.WJU, mm announeed.
14.364 Tickets Disposed of in July.
To I turn re ticket holder*, tl>? public in
iwurRd Umt If only 'A/MU ilffctu are Boid
ooly number* %u lu Umt Urge wheel,
the 71 1 glfta awarded, but dlraluiahed pro
rata. In caae 6U.0U0 tu-keUonly are aold'
only nurabera 1 to tMjMO go lu 1 be lam
Vb?el, and the 721 glfu diminished one- half;
?ad lu caae only h-j/W ticketa are aold Um
721 ciru will he paid Id full- It being
' that no nnaold ticket* ?hall par*
anager hu already paid Into Um
' Baafcf J>| toward* defraying >
thaatpeniMM, and doe* not depend on ?I?
of tU4te<* to pay bUnp?Mi 01 hisUH,
Ad veriialng, ac. 1 be public are Invited to
the uunoat arrutlny a* to the reliability o 4
the entire a (lair.
Persona dealroua of artlng aa agenla for
the aale of our tlcktU In any city In the
United Mtataa or Canada*, addrcaa
Manager, UMlnllle, Ky.
OFK1CK? lao Main ?t? Johnaouttock.
B. T. Bcaoarr
w. S.Haldkmam? .... Viee 1
M. W. CLl'MT
J. V. L. ROIXiKtUt, ,
Office No. a, McLure Horn'
Steam Engines, Boilers, Sbaliinr
?11X WMk, *?-,
T If Oft. (TBBIER,
omcx-cwroM books boilwjw
Wheeling, W. Va. _ ^ .
Buy. abd aell? Real Mdata. Moeta, fm
on ?mu>lMtoo.

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