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[Continued Frotn First Pagr.]
Mr. S'ngldten?1- do not propose to
discuss tbat question.
building a Snufhefrh Pkrtfle railroad. We
will leatfl it Itfl 9UF repoblicah fmpdijto j
do su.
Mr.lXnjgla* asked Mr. llalo by what
authority he spoke df the gentlemen
from Mississippi [Singleton} as the representative
ot the Southern Democracy,
Mr. Hale replied tbaf 'bis"authority
was the poaitioai which thai gesUleman
occupied as a southern man, bepauatfhci
spoktiMis^ineliy "fdr the southern Demoo-'
racy, llo [Sfcfilfeton} ha<! been elected
as <** of tho southern Republicans on
the money committee of the House
?-TVe Appropriation Committee.
Mr. Holman declared that the Democratic
party in t^he House was neither
for the Southern Pacific Kail road nor ior
refunding the cotton tax. , .
Mr. Douglass,denied the right of Mr.
liale, or any other Republican member
to designate tho member trom Mississippi,
or from any other State, as a representative1
n?a? of the Southern Democracy,
Ha iDoOgiass! represented a
part of the Southern canstituenoy, and
has w*s not prepared tb inform the gentleman
from Maine what might or might
not be tbo ultimate anion of the Southern
Democracy on this floor on the*
measures. He was not a member of the
Southern Democracy, but he was a member
of the National Democracy, which
I Lad come here to Teform some of tin
abuses of the government.
Mr. Hale?My' friend from Missis
aippi is more frank than the gentlemar
from Virginia, arid has given us th<
monitor oi wnai wo quiy uum ma
section. 1 did not expect by a siniplt
question to stir up so much of a hornet
nest m I seem to have uone. My frier*
from "Indiana [Mr. Ilolman] wh<
opposes the rtmithern Haeitle railroad
wants this discussion to stop unt
1 lave no wonder at it, but he must no
h>|d me responsible for it bo must settli
with his colleague from Mississippi.
Mr. Ilolman?I understand the gen
tleman from Mississippi menly to expresi
his opinion in favor oi the i>outi?ern Pa
nlic Railroad, [yeveral 1A raocratS'lhat ii
all,*'] and in favor of the reimbu$emerifc
ot the cotton tax, now is that not ail?
Mr. Hale?No sir.
Mr. ilollman?Kxcuse me, and alst
that the government spend money in improving
the Mississippi leves. Doe:
not the gentleman from Maine know
that the gentleman from Mississipp
was simply expressing his own Indi
vidua! opinion on the subject, and thai
time and again the Democratic party lr
the House has opposed all of those meas
ures, and will continue to do so.
Mr. Halo?-If the gentleman wants nu
to answer that question, 1 will say that 1
expect he will bo out-voted by bis owe
Mr. Blount, a member of the Appropriation
Committee, said that himsell
and his associates did not propose to slatf
what their action would be on the measures
until they bad had an opportunity
of considering and discussing them. The
gentleman from .Maine would find that
when the thno cauie, the South would
do what was right and proper, and that
the country would approve of its course,
Mr. Randall, chairman ol the Committee
on Appropriation, remarked that it
would bo time enough for the Democratic
party in the House to be held responsible
for its acts, when it had taken action
on the measure.
Mr. Singieton di-elainied being considered
a representative of his party. He
had simply oparessed his own view-, and
no body else was to be held responsible
for them.
Mr. Monroe criticised the economic
feature of the bill in the reduction of
salaries,and in the suppression of the mission
to Greece, liaytian and South
American republics. He expressed his
oeuei i:mi ihuhh iniiuvvimiuiu
features of commerce in the future would
he the State of South America,and believed
that the American people ought to be
possessor of that field, lie knew that
the existing commerce tbere was small,
but asked whether the United States
were prepnred to accept the low and poor
condition of its comfiun-i a as an uncbange.
able thing. Did Congress mean to proclaim
to the civiHred world that the
United States did not mean to be a great
commercial power, but meant to have its
name, erased .from the li-d of commercial
nations, lie could could not believe that
that was the opinion of this House.
Without action on the bill the committee
Tho Speaker then laid before tbo
House a
Jlriiwce from (tie I'rcslUcnl,
Returning without his approval, an act
transferring the custody of certain Indian
trust funds from the Secretary of
the United States, with a communication
from the Secretary of the Interior, set
ting forth that the act was rot sulficiontly
definite to accomplish the end desired.
The message and accompanying documents
having been read, Mr. Randall
stated that the bill had come from the
Committee on Appropriations; that the
?J ?r,l.A I , K?,l a.l.firMiilei)
otjurewrjr ui biio xum?? ?
the amendment to it; that the amendment
was Incorporated in the bill, and
that it was a very strange thing that it
should now be objected to by the department
at whosy instance it had been prepared.
The message was referred to t ic
Committee on Appropriations.
House adjourned.
I [ v Criiiilual Items.
M km nil is, February ? Dr. 1>. S
Johnson has been arrested fi r causing
tb? death of Kate McCorniick and her
child in attempting to produce an abortion,
and was he d in $3,000 bail to antwer
before the Criminal Court.
A man named Henry Hon has been
arrested here, charged with shooting
Hiram Harkelrod, as reported last night,
and committed to jail at -Marion, Arkansas.
It 1s probable that Harkelrod will j
recovered. His overseer, named Blaise,
was also slightly wounded by the wouldbe
as tags in.
KxlrnlofIhrSnon Storm.
' t has be op snowing since early this
morning. The weather is moderating
to-night, anil a rain will doubtless set in |
before morning. The snow extended to
Grenada, Mississippi.
iMflttrn In Ibe Vsrtbwril-IUIIrwa?I
n Ht 111 BI or k art od.
OuAbA, February 8.?The Union Pacific
train due from the' west to-day is
twelve -hours late. Beports from the
weet fhftwthe I'uino Pacific pretty clear
nott, though no freight baa arrived at
Ogden aiace January 31st. Tbo lato
storm was unparalleled in severity and
extent. The Central Pacific is still blocked.
It stornjed so bard that the shovelers
on the plains had to abandon the work
yesterday and la&t night,
i. John Kiine droro a wagon and tram
ifitfoan ain-bole while crossing the river
oil the tee, thia morning. Everything
bift.Kline was io?t. The weather is still
-a ? J V !_U Tbo
very ooiQ ana mgu WIHUP. -m itxr uirau
daily average temperature of January at
tbia place was 19J?. r
??.? Rock, February 3. ? No
t? ;1 has been received here from
;Dce Saturday. The 'Iron
*d ia submerged by water
-iff*, in Missouri, A posed
with people is water
and has been for sevsnow
and rain have
lor Ladies just rej
V. Blond's,
136 Main street
lifnorHlKbcrHMa Dwlincs the Prenf j I
811300113 4MIIJ
OolumbusjO, Februry 8.?James M.
St. Locia, February 2. 1'
Dk.vh SiBt^Your kind letter ;? just
roo-ivud., 1 thought avejfbpdy kMw my |
general opinion of the points of your enquiry.
1 ran not nesitate to answer you .
I in such a way ao to admit of
no misconstruction. I never have
been, am not now and never will be a
caadidato for tho^ high office; of Prteei1
dent before any convention ci the people.
M-sMrt-alva^ phrfef thanJfflce
tilled by one of the millions who in the
J civil war stood by the Union firmly and
unwpmodaHy, and of those i notice
l many narnu* willing and vupablc. Prominent
among them is the name of Gen.
Hayes, now Governor of Ohio, whom we
know as a fine officer and a gentleman
in every sense. 1 do not, however, wish
to be misunderstood as presuming the
advice of any one in hie choice of the
man. My wife and family are strong
Catholics, but I am not. That, however,
is nobody's business. I believe in the
common schools, and don't Slip the little
matters that seem to be exaggerated by
the press. In some quarters, however,
these schools -are extravagant, and indulgo
in costly buildings and expensive
teachers, so as to be too heavy a burden
oq the .tax payers. .This tendency ought
to be checked, which may easily "be done
without making it a practical question.
Self interest will regulate this and make
these schools frfe to all, and capable of
imparting the rudiments of a good Knglish
education. Yours truly,
W. T. Shkrman.
Loniswi ? Polities.
>'kw Orleans, February 8.?In the
Senate tc day a substitute for the House
election bill was passed. This bill provides
lor a Returryng Board, and enables
the Board to count out all the votes from
the districts where any intimidation has
been practiced against voters, especially
th.?e of the African race, either by personal
threats, discharge from employ,
ment, Jfcc. All the Democrats
and two white Republican Senators voted
against the bill, and expressed the
, opinion that its passage would bring on
1,1., ..,,,1 Kl.uwUhwl dnrinir the next
campaigti and election. Mr. Sypber
, (Republican) stated that the returning
hoard would be used by the Republicans
. as artillery against the shot guns ot the
r Democratic White Leaguers. As this
j bill cannot pass the House, a conference
committee will doubtless bo appointed to
^ frame a new bill that will he moreae,
ceptable to both parties in the House.
The corumitttce |to investigate the
charges against Judge Hawkins of the
, Superior District Court, reported to-day.
They mako twenty-eight charges agair.st
| the Judge and recommend his impeachment*
Mr. Sanor offered a resolution to
remove Mr. Hawkins from odioe. Both
[ the report and resolution will be acted
, upon to-morrow.
TbcOlno I.eiciMlatiire.
Columbus', O, February 3.?In the
Senate a bill was introduced to provide
' that nothing but paid up railroad stock
should entitle the holder to a vote.
In tbo senate a bill was introduced to
permit students to vote at places where
they are atteuding school.
Sy lor ? ordinal Lectindowwky.
Bkrlin*. February 3.?Thesmall town
of O.-Lraw, where Cardinal Lcchodowsky
is imprisoned, is filled with sympathizers,
gathered to testify their joy at his liberation
to-day. Among those present are
many ot high polish nobility, including
the Emperor's nephews and Princes
Edmund and Ferdinand. There will he
special thanksgiving services to-day, and
tne town will be illuminated. The
Cuttrnr's statement that Cardinal Leehodowsky
is to be imprisoned at the fortress
ot Targan, in the frontier of Saxony,
is disbelieved. Should it prove corroot
on Unocal will he made t? the Em
por?>c. Legal proceedings will also be
taken, since tbe imposition of any further
restraint without further judgment
would be unlawful. The Cardinal, upon
his reloaso, proceeded by rail in the direction
of LJrosIau. lie was informed if
! he entered the provinces of Silesia or
|'os<-n <>r the districts of Frankfort, Oder
or Mariemaerder, he would bo imprisoned
at Targan.
Funeral ol *1. I>enk.
Pkstii, February 15.?The funeral of
j M. D>-ak took place to-day, and was the
I occasion oi a moat impressing demon!
.-tration. Arch Duko Joseph, the Arch
[ Duke Clcthilde and an aid-de camp of
the Imperial staff were sent to represent
the Emperor arul assist at the ecromonies.
Delegations were present from
all parts of Hungary, lierr Shicxy i
! President of the Hungarian District, delivered
the tuneraluoration. w
London.January 1 ?A Timrx di-patch
from I'esth, describing the funeral oj .M.
'Deak, says: The route over which the
procession passed was three and a half
miles long, and was densely crowded
from one end to the other with spectators.
Every town and county in Hungary
sent a deputation. Doth
Houses of -the Austrian Keichrath
sent delegations. The members
of the Hungarian Diet were pall bearers.
I The Primate of Hungary performed the
service. -Count Anjrussy was present.
| The floral decorations were most elab'
orate. It was necessary to provide special
carriages to carry the hundreds of
wreaths contributed by the people. The
coffin was deposited close to liatthyanyce
Spanish Kcu .loriitl Klerliims.
Maakid, February 3.?Official returns
represent that the Senatorial elections
hpve resulted very latorably to the government.
Among the successful candidates
are two bishops, tlie .Marquis of
Mi.Ions and eleven generals, including
Kspartero, l^uesada, Lelona and 1'rimo
de Rivera.
PruioM'il t'nioii llctwmi I'rolcstmils
mill Koiiimii <?t nollow.
Rome, February ? It is asserted 1
that Cardinal Manning came to Rome
in order to defend, before the Sac-el
congregations, a scheme which has been
submitted to him. and on w hich ho has
been engaged for two years, for the |
union of a portion of the English ritual- j
istic* clergy with the Roman Catholic j
Church. The Pope is believed to favor
the scheme, 'out the Sacred congrega- j
tions are opposed to it.
The Tiirkinh Kchelllon.
IjONDon, February 4 ?A special from
Vienna says there wm tightingon Wednesday
on the Croation and Bosnian
frontier. The insurgents fl<vj into the
Austrian territory. The Turks pursued
them and attacked the Croatian village
of Topala. At last accuunts the fighting
continued. The Aostrian authorities
have arrested and disarmed th? insur- '
gent leader Huhmayor and forty of his
men. j
Second H and Pianos and Okuans.?
1 Schumaker piano, 7octavo - - #-50 !
1 Knabe ?? Ghale piano ... - 175 1
1 Nunns A: Clark piano .... 90 '
1 Blumc piano, 6 octaves - - - - 50
1 Kmcrson piano, 7 octaves ... 300 !
1 Haves A Kvder riiaiio 7 _ '>A/1 i
I Scliiedmever piano, 7 octaves 'J2~> 1
1 Taylor & Farley organ, G stops - 1(-Ht
1 American organ ...... yp 1
1 6 octave melotleon " - - . . Go ! r
The above instruments for sale or rent (
ois easy payments.
A I<AM? ifc Ll'CA.S,
1 'SI7 .Marmot St I
i' i
i i . , .1. I <
N*w York, February 3.?Moskt? _
JW aV [email protected] per cent. i'nme j ~~
nieKa^tihi paper per cent. Ons!omg
refliflpts $225,001)? "" Tt?fl Assistant"* " ?
Treasurer disbursed $>828,000. tKeeringi t ?
*25,000,000. Sterling dull at 485|?489. t u
UoLip-^teady at 113. Cafryfrtf rates j
2 to 4 per cent.
GoYCBn mints?Strong. *
DoiUd (States (is ot 1881, coupons ?122)4 w
Five-twenties, (1885) -...118 y
Five-twenties, (1885) uew. ..119% n
Flve-twentlea, (1887) ? 121 l/t .
Five-twenties, (1868) 128
New Fives ?
Teu-lortles. ?Ten
-Forty Oou pons ? -117% .
Currency Sixes ? 121^ |
Railroad Bomds?Firm.
Statk lioMDS?Quiet and strong.
Siocas?Opened weak and lower, and
declined, varying from } to lj percent,
the latter Pacific Mail. At tbe second
call prices were somewhat steadier, with
a recovery of J to J percent, tbe greatest
advance being in Northwestern.
During the last hour the market improved
for some western shares and was steadier
in tone on the general list. St. Paul
and Northwestern were features in the
late advance. Transactions 151,000, of
which 35,0d0 were Pacific Mail, 22,000
Western Union, 12,000 Northwestern
12,000 St. Paul, Lake Shore, and 82,000
Western Union- 77)4 Rock Island 108
Pacific Mall........ 35yj>?t. Paul-.....-...... ii%
Wells,FargoAOo 48%rtt, Paul prefer'd.. 78
Adams Kxpreas..l07!4 ToledoA WuliHsblUti
Amer. Union 08)4 T. A W. prefer'd..lV7
Uuited States 57V-Fort Wayne 101
N. Y. Central.-...Ill 'J i'erse Haute. 8)4
Erie lt?3/8T. H preferred... %iy4
Erie preferred 3.5 Chicago d'Alton.104
Harlem 186 C.&A. preferr'd.UM
Harlem preler'd 134 'OhioAMisxlslppl
Michigan Cent'l. 6(1 IndianaCentr'l... by4
Union 1'acltlc ??>? B. & tj 19
Lake Shore W?a H.AM. Joe 'i\%
Illinois Central... 97^ D. A Laokawana.ll(*)4
C. and P A.A P. Telegraph :1<>S
Northwestern C. 41%C, Paeilic bonus.. 104>?
Northwest'u pld..62t4 U. Pacldc bonds.lu3!5-g
N. J. Central lus>.j
Nsff 1 Okk. February 3?Cotton?
Quiet at 13013 3-16e; futures closed
steady; February 12 15-lGe; March
13 9-lGc; April 1HJo; May 13 9 lGc;
June 13 15-lGe; July 14 1-lGc; August
14 1-1G014 3-82c. Flour?Receipts
G,000 barrels; quiet; superflno western
and State $4 2504 G5; common to good
$4 4006 35; good to choice #5 4005 93;
white wheat extra $5 9507 75; extra Ohio
$5 9507 25; St. Louis $540ft;!) 00. Rvo
Flour steady at $4 0005 00. Corn Meal
? Quiet and unchanged. Wheat?Qui'; '
rejected spring 994c; ungraded spring
$1 12; Ho. 1 spring$1 3001 32}; No. 2
Chicago spring $1 1901 21; No. 3 Chicago
in store $1 02. liye?Quiet;.western
at 86088c; State 88090c. Barley and
Malt?Quiet and unchanged. Corn? 1
Firm; receipts 20,000 bushels; mixed no
grade 50056 }c; new graded G3c. Cats?
Quiet and unchanged; receipts 19,000 i
bushels. llay?Unchanged. Hops ?
Finn; eastern and western 10015c. Coffee?Quiet
and uncnangcd. Sugar?
Heavy; lair to good refining 7j08e; ,
prime 8}c. Molasses and Rice?Quiet
and unchanged. Petroleum?Quiet; 1
crude 8|08jc; relined 14}e; in cases 19
021c. ltosin? at $1 62}01 G5. Turpentine?Quiet
at 3G?o. Eggs?Firm;
western 19020c; State and Pennsylvania
20c. Pork?Firmer at $'Jl 50. Dressed
Rugs?Firm and unchanged. Beef?
Steady; mess 110111c. Cut Meats?
Quiet; middles firm; western long clear
nominally at 11 }c; city 1 lj|@12e, Lard
?Opened firm and closed easier; prime
steam lSjjc. Butter?Choice firm; me- 1
dium; western 15025c; State 20031c. I
Cheese?Steady at (>012Jc. Whisky?
Firm Jut $113.
Chicago, February 3.?Flour?Dull
and unchanged. Wheat?Finn; No. 2
Chicago spring 9tQc spot; 98}c seller
February; 97}e seller March; $1 ()2}c
seller May; No. 3 77}079e; rejected G4c
Corn?Dull; No. 2 mixed 39j|(rr39jcspot; ]
4'J^c bid seller rcuruary; aojc sener
March. Oats?Firm and in fair demand;
No. 2 31c spot; 31J(rt>11 jjc seller March;
34|c seller May. Barley?Firm; 78c
spot; 74c seller February; ti'Jjc seller
March. Rye?(^uiet and prices unehang.
ed. Pork?Dull and unsettled; $20 35
.-pot; $20 2|@20 45 teller February;
#20 [email protected] 70 seller April; #20 !H)($
20 05 seller May. Lard?l^uiet and 1
steady; $12 25(c ,12 30 spot; $12 30 seller i
Februay; $12 424(5 12 45 seller March;
$12 [email protected] t>0 seller April. Bulk Meats
?Firm at [email protected]|<a}ll?c. Whisky?
Demand good at lull prices, $1 00.
(Jail Board?Wheat?Lower; 07Jc seller
February; %|c seller March. Corn ,
? I^ower 39^c seller February; 40c sel- j
ler March. Oats?Unchan ged. Pork | .
?Unchanged. Lard?Weak and lower;
12jo seller March, half April.
Philadkuphia, February 3.?l'etroleuni?Firm;
relined 13;j(a}15e; crude '
12c. Flour?Less active; supertlno
$1 50; extra #1 50(5,4 75. Wheat?
Dow nward tendency; Pennsylvania red <
$1 1 40; amber $1 30fc,l 41. Rye (
? At [email protected],S8lc. Corn?Neglected; yel- j
! low 52^ijti0c; mixed [email protected] Oats? | '
Steady; white 44(a 47$c; mixed 42(?43c ! t
Whisky?Lower at $1 [email protected] 11. But- t
ler?Holders firm; New York and Bradford
county extras [email protected]'Me; firsts 28(a) '
31c; western extras 27(a)28e; firsts 25(a) '
26c. CheeM?Firta|"'New York 12 j(a (
13^c; western tresh 12.}(a 13c. Kggs?
Steady atid in light demand; Pennsyl- j
vania, New Jersey and Delaware fresh 1 t
19(,f,20c. t
Cikoixnati. February 3.?Cotton? 1
Quiet ut 12?c. Flour?Quiet ana unchanged.
Wheat? Quiet at $1 25(71 30.
Corn?Quiet at 41 @.4 3c. Oats?Steady a
at 35f<< 40c. Barley?i>ull and tint-hang- ^
ed. ilye?Dull at 80c. Pork?Dull at
#20 75(<i'22 00. Lard?Steady and io "
moderate demand; steam 12jSo 12Je; ket- ^
tie 13^i'.18jr.. Bulk Meats?Little doing
and nominal at
Bacoo?Demand luir and market linn at ] n
[email protected]}(?>I2(<i. 12Jc. Whisky?Steady and M
in moderate demand at $1 05
Hogs?Dull; common to good light e
$7 40(n 7 00; fair to srood parking #7 45 ?
@7 55; choice heavy #7 55(a) 7 '50. p
Bai.timork, February 3.?Flour? o
Steady; western superfine >3 50(<i 3 75, n
others and unchanged. Wheat?Quiet;
Pennsylvania red #1 38(71 40; other
grades unchanged. Com?Active and
firm; western mixed COe. Oats?Quiet j
at 45,% (a;46c; while 50c. Rye?Quiet 1 3
at 78^0,80c. llay?Firm at #18 U0(<? I:
20 00. Provisions?Dull and unchanged. ! ?
Butter and Ootl'ee?Fnchanged. Petroleum?Strong
and quiet; crude 8^o; re- 1 11
fined 14*e, Whisky?Steadv at #1 11(7; : fr
1 11*. * * ?
Nkw York, February 3.?The pack- xv
age trade in domestic dry goods dragged,
and the importing and jobbing branches
were dull. Cotton goods were quiet and P
unchanged. Cottonades in moderate re- tr
quest. Piaid prints continue in fair request ft
Passaic morning prints selling at 5^c
by the case and jobbing at tk\ Dress ^
goods more action. Woolen goods in is
better demand but selections small. Linen
gooas iow hi auction.
Toledo, February 3?Flour?Quiet
and unchanged. Wheat?Quiet and hi
weak; No. 2 white Wali-h $1 42; No. ^
1 white Michigan $1 28; amber Michigan
ill 14$; seller March fl 28J; No 2
amber Michigan $1 05. Corn?Steady: \'t
high mixed 46e; seller February 41Qe; Si
seller May 55c; low mixed 44.Jc; no Jj
jrade 43c. Oats?Dull and unchanged; \;
No 2 Michigau 35 Ac.
Pittsburgh, February 3.?Petroleum
?Quiet; crude weake $2 27$ at Parker's;
efined 14?(5Q4;|c tor Philadelphia deivory.
J. W. Ferrel's cheap counter for
treat bargains will beat anything in this W
Go and see the Cheap Counter ol YV
Dress GikhU at .1. YV. Fkhkel's. j tr?
Ulttliun Oi tug ueigu uoua wuftj. ^
The Police Court was a "whitewash1 (
yesterday morn inf. 11
The boys hare a chance to take their g|
girls a sleighing after all, h
"The beautiful" continued to fall steadsi
Uy up to a late hour last night.
^ t ^
Ir the "first fall" continues for a few ii
daj-s, the livery stable proprietors will ii
be happy. r
For the first time this winter the Street j,
Railway Company were compelled to R
bring out their "snew car" last evening.
"The snow, the beautiful snow." It 81
strikes us that we have heard the above a
before. S'
The g'round hog and the corn fed hog y
are expected to be in the Mardi Gras procession.
House banting, renting and letting *
aro again in order. Goin' to move a
Apri 11 st? ^
We can't all go to the Centennial on a
the same train, but we can keep our t|
sidewalks clean. w
How many can explain the reason of j'
February 22d being styled Washington's
birthday, when in fuct he was born Feb- a'
ruary 11th, 1732?
The weather moderated considerable ri
yesterday, ar.d late in the afternoon the tl
snow commenced falling in the old- si
fashioned manner. s<
Cumiikrdand has a surplus of poets,
In each issue of the Timer, ot that city, j
we find several pieces of poetry marked,
^ m a
Mrs. Katharine Gray was prevented c:
from filling her engagement at the Opera b
House, as announced, by a sudden attack rj
of hoarsness, but promises soon to bo relieved.
She will appear in a few days.
Due notice will be given of the event.
- - ^ ^
For young men about to marry. j
Marry on February 20, and you will u
only have to give anniversary presents w
once in four years. Hut to enjoy a golden c,
wedding a couple would have to live 200 h
years. ^ ^ _ ii
Swali.o\vei> a Pin.?A girl named w
Louisa Weimer, who attends the German
Lutheran school, swallowed a pin dumg h
school hours yesterday, and for somo h
.imo^ier life was despaired of. A physician ft
was sent for, who succeeded in relieving
.he unfortunate girl and saving her life. 's
Charged With Babtardy.?Martha ?
Chambers, who lives on the Island, ((
barged a rutin anamed William Bosley
>f Bridgeport, before the Mayor of that
,own, with being the father of an illegiimate
child, of which she was the moth- a
r. Bosloy was hold in thesumjof$300lo
uiswor before the , Belmont County w
Jourt. Ul
^ -- TiikDknmabsii
mil for the benefit of Frank Donmarsh j
akns place at Turner Hall to-night, and
t promises to be a big atlair. His friend*
lave done everything possible to make it ^
i success. Billy Scharft, the noted Pitts- M
urgh oarsman, will he present, aad with n
thers, will swing the Indian clubs. A
;oud time may be expected.
Gooskhonr weather predictions are al
noro closely watched in Kentucky than to
ny where else. The prophecy does not B
xtend beyond the year in which the m
oose is butchered. The goosobone h<
rophecy for the present winter is that
ur coldest weather will come after the | E1
fiddle of February, and our warmest i isi
res required for the Grst days of spring. ^
Assembly IIai.l.?'The entertainment th
lven bv Mr. Neuhausen at A-serably
lall was a most enjoyable affair. It q\
as given to the elder German citizens, to
nd it was quite a pleasure to see the old t0
ithers, and mothers too, mingling in the j?
cizes wf the dance, to music the sound of ],,
hicb must have aw akened memories cf W*
ir'.y days in the Fatherland. The super
was everything that could be expected
oiii Air Neuhasen, and that is saying tb
II that could be said. 1'roC Joe
ira infer and his unexcelled band furn- nP
bed the music. ] V
Letter Cakiers' Report.?During
ic month of January the letter cariers ;
andled the following amount of mail I 1
I ru
latter: . i 1
1 Tlj
-mstered letters 713
ail Mots.. r.9.716 j Vc
iiil postal cards.... I0,t3> I
rop letters 6,134 \'c
rop i>ostMl cards i,?C9 '
cwspapers Sl? W>4 i Or
Total? ICte,4al | Vc
?;ters from street Boxes, 51,004 P1,
stal cards M 3 j
M*-" - - ... 5?2S> Vo
Total - 64,8ufe 1 Qr)
hole number ot pieces handled 173a4C Vo
? ?^ Foa
Blankets and Flannels call at J Vl<
'. Ferret's, cornerj of, Main and fAlth J Vo
cadlong on the red hot mass of lime,one,
coke and iron, burning him in a
irriole manner. It is the custom for
n exchange of signals that all is
ight everj few minutes from
jo top of the furnace, but the
ignals failing to como, some men were
3nt to the top of the furnace to ascerlin
the cause, where they found the man
i the position above, described. Mrlodgkoss
served in the Union army
rith considerable credit, lie is married
nd lives in the Eighth ward. Pbysiians
were summoned, and every po?silo
care taken to relievo him of his teriblo
The P., W. & K. R. K. Stock.?A
2Cret meeting of the directors of the
'ittaburgh, Wheeling and Kentucky
lailroad Company and the special conilittee
of the Hoard of Commissioners,
rith reference to the transfer of Ohio
ounty's stock in said company, was
eld yesterday. As the meetig
was held with closed doors,
ro aro unahlo to give a report ol
30 proceedings. It is said the transfer
as been arranged satisfactorily and will
e reported to the Hoard of Commissionrs
at their moetingfnext Monday. Why
3esc conferences should be held secretly
i a mystery to us and the public generlly.
This is a subject that concern,
nd interests every tax-payer in the
junty, and they have a right to know
ll that transpires.
Personal.?S. M. Howard and bride
re at the St. James Hotel.
It is rumored that Major Sweeney is
riting another poem, in which he shows
s several slippery politicians.
Shoes with fur around the ankle lops
re the latest agony auioDg the ladies
hey are called Polish, but that don't
gnify anything alarming.
This is from an exchange: "The first
uits of leap year shine forth in the
ise of Miss Belle Harper, of Fuirhavon,
n'est Virginia, who shot a man because
. ?f i u it
; rciusou ucr uuci ui mniiiu^u.
Several well known gentlemen hercx>uts
are figuring around forthe Audi
rship in case of the removal of Major
ennett. Don't be in a hurry, gvntleen;
you may be counting without your
Pax-Handle Aorktlt hae Socir*.?The
Secretary'of State yesterday
ued a certificate of incorporation to the
an-Handle Agricultural Society of
r'est Virginia, au *aS"ciation formed for
e purpoee of promoting the agricultu
land mechanical interests of the county
Hrooke and the adjacent counties,
be principal office of the corporation is
be kept at Wei Is burg. The corporars
and shareholders are as follows, all
ling of Wellsburg. W. C. Barclay,
>hn M. Cooper, Cr. M. Steer. John
?wi?, Jr.. John McElrcy, Sarnuel
sorge and Thomas M. Lord.
? # ^ ?
Ladiks attend the auction sale of Dry
xkJs at S Kline A Son's, at two o'clcck
is afternoon.
Mm L. II. Morris is moving into his
w quarters, corner of Broadway and
irginia streets, where he can hereafter
found with an excellent stock of goods.
J'sciples' Church FIIIDA Yevening Kt !?ary
HK>r? open at 7, to commence at 8.
ie Lord limy s reugth Norello
>cal Solo?Consider the hi Hie* ..-Lop 11II
Mr*. Eofl.
>eal Duett?yut* K?t Nomo. Ko?slni
Mrs. Caldwell and Fin*. Whlltaker.
gau SoloMr.
Herman Ebeling.
>cal Solo?Ihe Grave on the Hearth.
Mis* Nellie Sweeney.
inoSolo?Trolseine M> lltailoa.- Jaell
Miss Katie Wheal.
cal Polo? Are Maria Uunod
Mr?. Whitney i violin obllgato.
jau Solo Triumphal Man n.. Buck
Mr. F. Bas-iett.
cal Solo? W ith Verdure Clad.. ..Haydeu
Miss Katie Wheat.
)11d Solo- Fanlasie Brilliant . Artot
Mr. Herman Ebeling.
eal Solo?My Heart Kver Faithful Bu< h
Mrs. Whltaker. \
MMiiig Register. ?
? i . - wa
Importers and Dealers in tbe beat ot
u 11 an Marble and
life size figures,
ud American and Scotch Granite Mono- tet
Lents and Tablets. This Arm will mrnlsh
uric In their line at the very lowest ratee.
r'ork guaranteed to give satlslactlon or K.
o pay, uo v?2eg th
FBI DAT. FEBRUARY 4. 1876. pt
. &
Index to Hew Advertisements. *
For (Jircinnati?Steamer Hudson.
Legal Notices. in
Tracing LineD?E. L. Nicol.
Stray Horse?Phil. Medert.
P. L". A O.?Mardi Gras. tk
Rioh Jewelry?Turner & Dillon.
Clean Tea?V. B. Hall & Sob.
W.-Va.Stencil Works. 5
Prescriptions Filled?Silvey. vi
It was rather ,4slickery" last night. ^
Last night wasa't first class for item &
snatchers, *
?' * SI
"W'k may expect to hear the tintinab g,
? -r a.'.i.:..!. L.II. ... A...
i . . .
Ph* auction sale of Dry Goods at S.
ine & Son's, is thronged. We would
rise those of our readers who are in j
nt of Dry Doods to attend the ?tlu j
two o'clock this afternoon.
Municipal Court?Judye Cranmrr. \
The Court met at the usual hour yesday
In the case of Lewis Jones vs. C'has.
Behler, the defendant was allowed |
irty days to file a special plea.
The case of Geo. O. Davenport vs.
itriek H. Quinlan, for there-setting of
e case on the docket. The argument
ill be heard this morning.
The rase of Phillips A Pond vs. Smith
Co., was re-set for argument to-day, to
t aside the judgment rendered on too
th of January.- t
The Court adjourned until t morng
at 10? o'clock. his
-? ^ ^
It was in a street car. lie was one of
lose wise old men, one who had no
mpathy for the trials of young men.
tie was a wise woman. Tney were conersing
on the follies of the youth of tony,
and were just making it warm for
im (or her.) Every time he made a
ood point the old man would cast a
lance at a quiet and sedato youth who
it in one corner of the car, as much as to
ly, "You are he of whom I speak." Now
11 this made the said young man feel very
heap but just as the s y m had so lowered
1 his own estimation that he would have
aid out for a canceled three cent postuge
tamp, something happened. The car
ad reached the old man's destination,
nd he gave the bell a tingle, raising up
oto do, still talking as he did so, when,
huck! the car stopped with a jerk, throwig
the old man square and plump
n the old lady's lap! Iloly Moses and
ent pocket handkerchief! how that
uiet, sedate, cheap-feeling youth, did
lugh, while merchandise l>egun to ductule,
he raising in value to twice what ho
ver thought ho was worth, and the wise,
elt-satistied old gent, after profuse
pologies and awkward bowings and
crapings, sneaked out of the car looking
s crest-fallen as any well-whipped baruard
fowl you ever saw.
? ^ ^ UoBRIBLK
Ilsbt Furnacjc.? Yesterday about
2 o'clock, William Ilodgkiss met with
horrible accident at tho Belmont blast
urnace, white attending to his duties as
"top feeder." The bell was charged
nd slightly lowered, and it is supposed
lat be was trying to light a picco of
ood, when a sudden escape of gas from
30 furnace suffocated him, and he fell
EBEUARY 4 1876.
NEiuiioKiioon xrws.
Mr. William Daiuuektit, of i
city, received yesterday by express, fi
his sister at Santa Barbara. Californi
glass jar containing some verynicesp
mens of the lower order of animated e
tion. nicely put up in alchobol, am
which was a mountain scorpion or tai
tula, a horned toad, Ac. lie prizes tl
j very highly.
Wk are glad to learn taat Mrs..K
! arine Gray, w ho had to cancel her
i gagements here and elsewhere for
week, on account of ill health, is aj
convalescent ana thinks she will be
to give entertainments during the con
' week. She is now stopping with frit
! in this city.
a*-- i r.?i? u-;il make its
A Ills. XJCliaiiO ^/V.rwv, .....
appearance in this city to-morrow in
ing, and from the "make up" of
editors, Messrs. Cochran and Uow
bespeak for our citizens one of the
liest papers in the county. They
young men of energy and intellig
and deserve to be liberally paUouizt
Thk Belmont Glass Work*
elected the following officers for the
suing year: Directors?E. G. Morga
W. Hoge, Isaac Booth, John Oritr
J. YV. Carroll, John G. Hodman, an
Hess. President, E. G. Morgan; S
tary and Treasurer, YV.A. Gorby;
sistant Secretary, Charles J. Gill; J
ager, Henry Over; Traveling Sales
vV. E. Boggs. The Directors vot
gold watch to Mr. Gorby, a suit of cb
to Mr. Over, and increased safari
Messrs. Gill and Boggs.
Opficrr Druoak still continues t<
m ? mm
Eroiu the St. C'lalrsville Gazette.
Tub trial of Robert Gardner, chu
with burning the barn of Harrison J
ler, near Hendrysburg, will be com me
to-day in the Common 1'leas Coart
large number of witnesses have
summoned. ~
We are glad to learn that there
truth .n the report that Rev. R. Ale
der is to leave us to lake charge of
1'resbyterian church at Cadi/.. We*
that we were induced to* give publici
to the report, therefore we gtadly i
the correction.
The lion, James Watson, Repress
live in the Legislature, from Mo
county, 's said to be preparing a bill
riding for the erection of a tobb
wurehouso at Bellaire, Ohio. Theol
of this movement is to obviate the
essity of Ohio growers and mereli
sending tneir tobacco to other Stales
inspection and sale.
A called meeting of the Presbj
of St. Clairsville was held at New At
I on Tuesday of last woek, for the pur
of taking action on the call troin
First Presbyterian Church, of Steu
ville, for the pastoral services of Rev
M. Crimes, ?i Cadiz. The call was,
duo deliberation, acceptod by
Crimes, and ho was accordingly aism
to the Presbytery of Steubenvilh
which the church calling him bel<
Kev. Crimes has belonged to this J
bytery for thirty years.
Ox Saturday Col. Benjamin Ma<
was re elected justice of the pea<
Warren township, almost without o
sition. Col. Mackall is also clerk of I
ren township, clerk of the town ofBa
Title, secretary of the Barne?ville
Somerton, and Barncsville and IIeu<
burg Macadamized Koad Compa
. This indicates ttiat the Colonel is
only a popular man, but a very u
citizen. As Colonel Mackall is a
Democrat and Warren a strong Hop
can township, we conclude that his
its as a man and publicotlicer are bi
appreciated by the people of that ti
Wr clip the following from the C
Jiejtultfican of last week;
"We are informed that Mr. A
Ilobinson, of Kavenna, Ohio, now (
Kngiueer of the W. and L. K. raili
has made a proposition in behalf of i
Cleveland manufacturers who rnadi
rangemeiits with some Knglish caj
ists, to build Hnd equip a first-class
row gauge road from Cleveland, thr<
Bowerstown, Cadi/., llarrisviilo uni
Clairsville, to the river, or to con
with the Beiiaire and St. Clairsville
row gauge, if we raise per mi
good ,-tock and secure the right of wi
Their object is t<> got cho.ap coh!,
ore and limestone into Cleveland,
would open up a large market lor
minerals, and as an udvantago over <
localities it would secure to us c
freights, which would enable us to
minerals upon the market at lesscxp
and consequently at a greater proM
would open up a great many niirx
would give eniplo' merit to u!I our
laborers; it would bring largo bodii
miners and business men; it would r
business here and in the surroun
communities, and all along the line
dure life and activity.
Let us all go to work at once an<
cure this road, a? it is the host offer
made to this proposed line. It is rr
! ing with a great deal of favor here,
all we have talked unite in faying
will do there share, and guarantee
aid asked."
Tiik Directors of the L. E &
Koad met at Alliance on Thurs< lay
to take into consideration the <-han
of their broad guage to a Narrow Gt.
We have not learned the result of
meeting, but for the interest shown
I narrow guage by the muji
| of the Directors wo pros
the change will be made If we
I get the Bellaire & St. CI
i? . i _ iL * _ - & l a i 'LI
t vine hi>iu reauy lur wie tarn wo navi
j doubt that a through !in? will bo re
to make connection with us via Boa
town?at that point we will have
diflerent routes to reach Lake Krie.
people .should make their subacrip
soon?as the election lor Directors co
otl in lour weeks and only stockhnj
can vote. If you want H voice in n
ing Directors, subscril>? now. D
J wait to be called on hut step up and
scribe and show by your works that
want the road. It is a matter of
greatest importance to this town.
^ Lw
k 11 frf.?Summer Si'ks foi
| cents per yard, to make a change in I
. nets, at J. W. ferret's.
I'.Ai.-E*?1 itfice-holders delight i
rai-e in their salaries; mechanics anc
borers are partial to a raise in t
wages; boatmen often wi&h for a rais<
tho river; roistering youngsters deli
in rni-ing Cain; busy-bodies raise
mischief: farmers arid stock-growers
nappy when they raise fine stock
j good crops; young ladies often raise i
the th.rd heaven of expectation, but
most contented of all is the happy ho
wife w ho raise- her bread with
Lean s iiakin^ Powder, that neTer ]
to produce the sweetest, lightest
rno?t h^lthv bread procurable?"bi
a.- i? bread."
Mr. L. H Morris, the popular Isl
merchant, w ill open out a full line gr<
ries. notions and t^jtple dry good?, Sa
day morning, in hu new rooms, cor
of Broadway and Virginia street*.
.J. W. Kkrrkll's closing out pr
on Dry Goods boats all auiion pr
for bargain^. Give him a call.
Lamp' Samlets Side I^ace Shi
ju?t received at b. V . BnojfD'a,
1 I'M Main Sir eel
( The marks at tha landing laat evening
. ; I indicated 14 feet 7 inches in the channel
this I .....
and Calling.
0D1 The regular packet* arrived and de- 1
* * parted as usual yesterday.
l6CI" | The Market Boy will leave for Pitta-1
re*~ burgh this morniog at 8 o'clock.
on? The Express is the Parkersburg packet
to-day at noon.
kfm i The Hudson is due this afternoon from
, Cincinnati.
Business about the landing is fearfully
this dull.
gain Woofi vs. IaoM llULLS.?fader this
able heading the Allegheny Mad has a letter
ling from bt. Louis dated January 24. as folinds
lows: The sinking ot the Carondelet at
Carroll's Island, has to day been a theme
first <>f much comment. The fate of this boat
J Lt ? s^laH tA JlWlL
urn- win no uouih c?u?c uuuo ~
ibe on boats of this class (iron) with much
, wu suspicion, and many discussions axe being
live- hold as to the adaptability of iron Teasels
are to the M ississippi river. The fate of the
ence Valley Forge and William French, both
xl. iron, is not forgotten; and the general
hgvo imprussioh appears to be that the safest
, en_ boats on the river for underwriters or
n (j shippers are such as the Yeager and Tolle
imel ?wooden boats, with water tight com4
(j partments. It is an interesting question,
and one which will be lookVl into closely
in the immediate future.
Uan- The Valley Forge, after running sevman,
eral years, was torn up at Pittsburgh,
ed a and the iron was disposed of to Uncle
jthes j Sam, and sent to Harpers Ferry and
- ! .-1
us to made into gun Darren, inc price pmu
for the old iron win 2? cents per peund.
3 As for the Wot. Frehcb, there was a
wooden boat of that name built at Louis1
villo. What she had to do with iron
boats is more than we can tell. The
writer ha* evidently boon drawing on
his imagination ?a very poor one at Deal,
rgod Pittsburgh Cutiunercial.
Fow- iBy Telegraph.)
need OlKCiNKATT, January 3 ? Hirer 42
A feet 6 inches and falling. Arrived?
l>eun Andes. Wheeling; Shinkle, Memphis.
is no Evaksvillk, January 3?It has
txan- mowed hard all day, with an hours lntne
terval after 2 o'clock. Mercury 2ti? to
gret 32?. Wind from the south west. There
ition is over 6 inches of snow on the ground,
nako River 41 8-10 feet and falling slowly.
Down?Morning Star, Lookout, Grey
>nta- Eagle, Arkansas Belle. Up?John
,nroa Means, J. K. Neal, Susie Silve, Aggie,
pro- Business very light in consequence ol
hcco the storm.
tijeot Cairo, February 3.?Arrived?Kd
nec- llobbs, Wheeling; Belle Shroveport,
ianu "New Orleani Hirer has fallen 3 inches,
lor and is full ol floating ice. The weatbor
moderated about 4 o'clock this morning,
tary and snow has been falling ever since,
hens It is still warmer now, and the indicapose
' tions are that the snow will turu to
the rain.
ben- Mkmi'Iiis, February 3.?Kiver risen 3
W. inches; 32 feet 7 inches in the channel,
after Weather coo), with snow. Arrived?
Itov. Barker, Cincinnati. Departed ? Mcissed
Comb, Mound City; Chester, Sit. Louis.
' f1' Nashvii.lk, February 8.?Hirer 17
',n^8' feet arid stationary. Arrived?Eddyri*"
ville, Cairo. Departed?B. H. Cooke
and Laura L. Davis, Point Isabel.
Cairo, February 3.?Arrived?Grand
.e ol Tower, St. Loui9. Departed?John A.
ppo- Pittsburgh., River 45 feet 2 indies
* *r" and rising. The snow continues; merrne8*
cury 30?,
and |
^r's* [From the Intelligencer.]
tofni 11KKL1NU.? Wo learn that twenty atu
True ^enls entered this institution during the
kjj_ month of January just ended. This is
r considering that studeBts are enteral
I i"g more or less every month in the year,
"wic- Hn^ ccrtH'n'y ?P?*ks wc" lor persevering
eHorts ol tho Principal, Prof. J.
, M. Frasber. lie is a bard worker and an
,'adiz efljCIOnt teacher, and well merits tho great
success with which he is meeting, By in?
dustry and porseverence and honorable
yhi,'f dealing he has worked up tho largest, and
"oad, noW j)Jts t^0 conducted school ol this
some i^iuj ttnj on the linuost and surest basis,
9 ar" that has ever been maintained in this
,lla'" city. He informs us that it is his intennar
lion to have it incorporated at his earliest
convenience, wnich will not only make it
' l>t" a permnnent institution, but one of the
irmt best and most useful in the city, tor we
nHr* hold that the importanco of a practical
'n business oducation cannot bo overestimated.
This class of educational inlron
utitutions is coming more and more
into public notice, and the gen,,ur
eral success with which they meet
>tber proV(>H that the people are recognizing
heap j t,|lu}r merits and securing for their
Pul son? and daughters the benefits they eon'
ri ,'i fur, acquainting themviivf's with commerli
j1 cut I lorms, and giving each an insight'
:S.'n into tho practical business transactions
of overy-day life of the business
M man. Kach will there acquire a
llrta'3 rapid. legible and bmutiful stylo of pen(3in?
manship, a knowledge of book-keeping,
Pro~ arithmetic, commercial law, commercial
correspondence, the science of accounts,
1 se" the forms of business transactions?in
ever everything pe rtaining to aad flttitg
ice- a j0ting roan or woman for business,
and We would also remind our readers
l'iay that this opportunity is not limited to
"1U young men. There are now many
branches of business, and their number
W. is increasing, which are open to the other
last, sex. There is much which has hitherto
ging been done almost wholly by men which
lage. it has been demonstrated women can do
the equally as well. Not a tew yojng wo.
fur men have availed themselves of the aridity
vantages of business colleges every where,
ume ai d we are glad to learn that several lacan
dies are now attending the business
airs- college here, and many more ought to
e no do so.
iady We take great pleasure in recommend- I
ers- ing this institution to those desiring to J
four attend a good school and in pursuit ol a ;
Our business education.
me* J. W. Ferrem. Is closing out bis !
dors Dress (roods at a dreadful slaughter, to
isk- go into the carpet business exclusively.
k>n't Call arid see tbem.
sub- _
yZ, state line
To Ulsigow, Liverpool; Bel teat and
Londonderry, Ac.
State of Pennsylvania, [ Htate ol Virginia,
r 35 Ktate of IxutHlana, ) Htateof Oeorgla,
usi i State ol Nevada, | Ktate of Mln Vaota
I u?>v ?. . 1 I OJ AltlJUUk,
8tate of Indiana.
Hailing every Wednesday from Eaarie !
Pi er, HoOoken, N. J.
I TiieacoofnmcMiaUoniand pro visionspro- |
1 !?- , vided on theae ships are unaurpajtaea by
heir those of any other line.
> ir , Kate* ofPawagu KimtOabln.tO.fW,MO;
r Excaralon TickeU. iijti. Hecou<Kdbla,??6:
iRDt return tickets, p*j. Hteera?e at loweat
the rate*.
ALHTIN. BALDWIN A Co., Amenta, Bfo.
hn, 72 Broadway, S. Y.; <iED. H. LEAK. W
?nri I Ch^fnot Ht? Philadelphia; or J. P. MER- :
is to HI MAN, A gent, Adam's Express Co"k oj- I
tb flee, wneeiina. W. Va. ihj? j
Manutactorer of the CeJebraled
r>CO- j .
tur- With thelow down Topper Reaervoir, lor
extension too*.
Tier _ .
: Alio a great Tarlety of other Took and
Heating Stoves.
Slate and Iron Mantel*; Marine*
"Ic, Slate, and Iron Hearth*,oonstantly on
Jot, m?ting done to order,
lull. 1<>H, Uil*. ItX and l?za Market street
anefflf ?r-d Mnfjhin* :.?bis *>Jan'.strty uc
vl XWIki. .'w*<uaHClluulH^Uu?a?w,lA (1
insurance! "" |
JBVJ&u - I
t Ui RNC m ? ? ??? * JIT. |
Fire and Marine Insurance Co, I
Wis. B. Bon-sow, W*. C. HAXB, .. H
Jmx K. Botsfor?, J. R. Met? ??? B
, Job* L. Hobbs, C. P.
1 mHIB COMPAirr HA8 BEEN !<* ,.,. HI
| to Insure inhit low or damag, t,y ? ?u<*
Bulldlngsoi all kinds. Manufacturing vQ V
, tabllahments, Household Furuiuir^ . H
i Personal Property generally,Hulls ??jrc B
goes on the western waten.ou a. f*% i!T,w B
i Urau as other sound Institution*. ' B
WM. B. HIM WON, iVwtdnu I
J. R. MILLER, ?NTrtorv, I
lanJ6 ?*?. I |
Germania Life InsTCoTof fj^v I m
M froin iMe Agency of thu r0mpl\L I I
we beg to Inform our asaurni and ih?Tf? I ft
tie t it..r art* hair* aniwtiiiftui It* u K ? ^B
Agent, and have conferred upon'ul!l? ? K
MWt r to act as euch from l*ceuiliM i B
.bkichahi. 4 ivfr'^ ifl
uo*' General aK
a tree t, X. Y. f
DO YOY M,*.le or ?*?dK I
WANT tbat "will b?u/^aT& [ I
money' ^^s.rssf
Jailb 173 Greenwich *t., niW Yur* t
1 1NO." How either aei H" I
nat^and gain the love and alTeci),,,,.
any person lh?y chousa tunnuiy v I
aluiple mental acquirement all c?n ' I
aeas, froe, by mall, tor Uf*\together win" I
marriage guide, Kgyp.lau Oracle, la?., '
llluta to Ladle*, wedding Mght I
Ac. A qaaur book. Addreaa T. WILLUm B
A Co., Publlaher?,_Ph 1 1 mloi phi a. Uui^| B
dispone ot Ilk) IMation mid Otv*n?." I
ft rut Class luakvrn, Inc.tiding W Al?lt> I
at lower prtcan Ummi ? v.^r before oB***,)' I
Monthly lnntallinriitn rcrclvisi rxnoui, B
from 12 to :M? mouth*. Warranted l?r ,u B
ycum. Second-Hand Inntriiiiiciin m M. B
tremely low pocen, for caah. I Imirat. B
CnUtloguen ilnll.il. Age U la uaaitd. B
warer?a?u?n ;W1 Ilrtaulway, N y m
1 l?2'h lIuKACK \V ATKlts A si'.\\ I
j IMMENSEHUtVhM8!W.000oiiheGfnuia, I
Already wild. The thrilling atory of tlr I
noble Hie In the wild land of Hit >
myalery, Opbini Gold, the Uona'lair.K 1 I
million* of nuporatlUou* being*. Omyi. I
dtwcripilou, apleudld lllnalxmUoua. m E
lloua want iu Wi> waul agunta 14.... a I
profit* hl^. Heud for teruia. B
HP BliA KD 11KOS., 1'uba., Tin San*>t v
Philadelphia, l'a. tadfu fl
For I
Ooughs, Oolds, Hoarseness, I
ad all TH ROAT AI8KAHKH, um I
Well's Carbolic Tablets, |
Put up only iu Illne boxna. I
1 For sale by Dninilats generally, ?r.: I
' JOIIMHTON. llul.UiWAl A Co , Plillndelpl , K
! Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. I
! Headquarter* S.I A 37 Vwy SI. 3. T< |
an organization FOR I
And netting direct to conatimer* for on* K.
mnall iiroflt. sixty Branch Retail Ator.s, E
Beautiful on CbntmOa, of different all |
presented lo purchiuurn of I, 2, S, I ui i r
pound* of Tea. 'the Company liiw>no? *
ready for delivery a anlenittil Chnnno #ntitled.
' NIP ANl> TPCK." a ii. w thr.
tx.nnu) picture,allowing a llvelvaklrmldi
f.et ween l.ahy and hi* pel .log for ttie |*?m?
"anion of a doll. It In no lull of roaring fin
that no ih-Hcriptloii can tell tin ninry ao ^B
well an the nlinple title of the nrffat. 1*
battle In Iunt Mp and Tuck, and MUtt* ^B
Been to be appreciated. Now rrady for
delivery at
FIFTH AfTtxr*.
pojglta PliufMinli. Pa.
?! I S
II , \ w
i? i w *
i 8 a s*. 2
;I 4 p? W K
s u S3 j l n
l? ? -51 fc *
Pjs ^ Is 9 ^ y
^a? ^ u j '
2*5 ft Jo ^ "
iff i ii ? u
?? j fP m
Sst ' f=5 H '
a si ? Is 2 h? :
>} ? P !
j Jj;S ^ *s J? 2 0
Sli l i ?*
h?= S : O
t^cs r# ?
5' B
5 = ?"
1 would reapertfulIy inform uiy 1*1'*
patron*, and the trade generally,
that I hare taken the
Agency tor
And I am now prepared V> Ml ord*rt
for I will
Guarantee this Ale,
And I tru?t that I will be accorded H*'
aarne favor from the public a* wbca
engaged in the hu*ia?*i at the
Wheeling Brewery.
I especially solicit order* fromfam'li'*
and thoae wishing Ale* for medicinal
feb2ra office at 1622 Main Ht.
Hu removed from 1118 to bis >'?*
Where be will be glad to see bu oil
customer* and many new onoa. <*H
New Sugar-Cured Beef!
< ure?l fatf. R. J. HM YTH.
aAPA a ril -Ar? nl? wanted ?*riv
'/f>| l?).rr?. Ituftjiu M Ix.iMrai r ?< I <"
wUwU J. WolUUf MJ..bL UtH*.*"

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