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Martin's Capital Restaurant ?
itrangers and 1*1 tors will do well to re- .
member that this Restaurant le one of the I
most popular and beet catered Institutions |
lu the city, and In good running order.
No. 1155 Market Street,
This la the Lenten Season and Martin'*
Is the place to get a good square Fish
Dinner. i
AKitltI? rtl?**tl.-NKWINVKN- '
TloN. Just what yoa want. Itellablo
Durable. Mailed on receipt of 75c. Ad- .
dress Dr. MOSMAN A CO., Mlddletown I
Coun. febajb
Mind reading, psychomancy
Fascination, Soul Charming, Mesmeilsiu
and Marriage Guide, showing how
either sex may fascinate aud gain the j
love and aflectlon of any person they
choose instaut)\ ; 400 page*. By mall 50c.
HU NT A CO., 134 8. 7th St., Phlla., Pa.
700 page*, low price, quick sales. Extra
terms. P. W. ZIEGLeR & CO., 518 Arch
St , Philadelphia, Pa. Ieb20h
?? ? o< i C\ 1
Wall sireei i/ancaiures.
A new Book, 4S Page?, containing 14 Engraved
Illustrations, with Information tor
Stock !>ip<*cu!ator?. Price 10 cents by mail.
TtJMBKIGE <ic CO., Bankers and Broker*,
2 Wall street, N. Y. feh'AJb
II |Macts," a Treatise on the
% Causes, History, Cure and
% Prevention otFILES. Pubbr
lTKtt ATO., sgWslkerMrwc
I II I.Vew York, rent KRKK toajr
R I Mparts oftbe fir ted Htatea OL
iXJJLI m^rscsiDt of a letter stamp.
A Farm of Your Own
Best Remedy for Hard Times.!
And the Be-t ami Cheapest Railroad ljind
are on the line of the
Union Pacific Railroad,
Full lulorniatiou sen FREE to nil part*
of World. Add rem, O. K. DaVI>,
Land Com'r U. P. R. Omaha, Nebraska
febolib ?
rid VHV Mil,e or Female. Send your
Ull lUl address and get something
WANT that will bring you In honorMflluCV
ablv over 1150 a month sure.
Ja21b 175 Greenwich St., New Vork.
CIV/PN We are giving ltd Sewing Maul
? C.I1 chines, Hunting ? use ? (itches,
rpc C Velvet Vests, and Black Htlk
n C. C, ltresses, iree with ou Greenback
Package*. .-end to Inven.ors Union
173 Greenwich street, N. ^. fe29b
Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness.
Well's Carbolic Tablets,
Put up only in Blue boxes.
For sale by Druggists generally, and ,
J oh N8TQX. Hollqway A Co .Philadei pit la
Agents Wauled. Medals <& Diplomas a warPICTORIAL
1800 lllustrattons. Address for new eircult.'S,
A. J. HOLM AN ?fc CO., 93; Arch *!reei '
Philadelphia. ffebSb
1\M' v" DENTS, Men and Women, wanted
tosell I E^TENNIAL GaZKTTKFP. ol the U.
H. Shows grand results ol luti Years Progress.
a whole Library. Iio.*ton uivbe?Not ,
a luxury, bat a necessity. iHter-oerem? '
Best sell ng book publistied. Good pay.
Wanted General Agent In every city ol
10,000. Address. J. c. McCUROY <S CO., I
Philadelphia, Pa. fs29b
Mystery Solved.
The Great Secret ot the Wonderful 1
It strikes at the root ot disease by purifying
the blood, restoring the liver and
kidneys to healthy action, invigorating
the narvona system. '
Reliable Evidence.
41K. H. R. STEVENS:? r
De vrsik?1 will most cheerfully add my
testimony to llie ureal number you have r
already received in favoroi your great and
rood medicine, Vegetiue, tor i do not
tbiuIt enough can be "aid lu its putUe, lor
I was trouoied over thirty years wlih that t
dre idful disease. Catarrh, and had such
bud Coughing spells that il would seem as <
tt oiirh 1 conid never breathe any more,
and V-gellne has cured me; and I do teei
to thault God all the time there is so rood r
a m-dacineas Vagetlne, and 1 also think
It one oft he best medicines 1 Troughs and b
wen t sinking feeling* at theworaacli, and
advise every body to take the Vegetlne, for
I can assure them that it is one of Hie best
medicines that evor was. ,
Cor. Magazine A Walnut sts., Cambridge, c
Mass. ,
Veg'-tlno is acknowledged ai d re com- t,
mended by physicians and upothecrle.i lo
be the best punth r and cleanser ol the
blood yet discovered, and thousands speak
in its "praise who have been restored io r
Krport from a Practical Chemist ami j,
Apothecary. ^
BesTryr, January 1, ]?71. }
Gkah Hxh?This i* lo certify that I nave "
sold at retail 151*6 dozen (IH52 bottles) ol
vour V egetine since April 1*. 1S"7(), and can
truly say that It has given the best satislacllon
of any remedy for ihs complaints 1<
for wnlch il Is recommended that I ever ..
old. Scarcely a day passes without some li
of my customers tesilfying to Its merits on .,
themselves or their friends. 1 am perfectly 1
cognizant of several cases of Scrofulous y
Tumors being ? ured by Veg? tine alone in
this vicinity. Very Respectfully yours, si
AI GI l.M AN, 4'il Broadway.
TV. W Rtnvenc. Ks.l, tl
V E C E T I N E Will
Cleanse Scrofula from b
the System. *
honest opinion. ;;
Sir?Tbiais to show that ray son
was taken sick in January, 1864, with
Bcrotula, vrhtch came out in largo sores
and ulcers nu his leg aud hip. His leg was
re led more than twice its natural size. t0
Ha had several doctors of high standing in
their profession?two from Boston and 1 H
three trotu t-'harlestown- without getting a
bit better. He was obliged to iie wherever
he was placed, for he had no use of his 0f
limbs whatever. When we it ad given up
all hopesoi his living we were told to try pr
vegeuuo, i?<-' sr*7"1 uu'wi rviiiTOv ; una lie i ~
had taken it nut a short time before we | ti<
oould see a great chaug?. The sores run so . ..
bad thai we had to cnango the eloths lour
or five times a day. Btili, he was getting b?
better; forhecould move hlsllmbsand
help himself a little. He was soon able to
ait np In t ed, and, by constant use of Vegetlne,
it haa cured him. He has a laine leg, j
which he will probably have for life; but tai
we all honestly believe If we had used i
Vegetlne before we had bothered with | wl
those doctors. It would have saved the use j .
Ol his leg. and restored It to natural liealtn. 1 "
I hope all thoso troubled with Scrofula ! of
will read this testimony of me and my son,
who Unow well and able to speak for him* Ui
self. CATHERINE MA HON h I', '
19 Trenton St., Charlestown, Mass. | . .
May 10. 1K72. I Is!
The above plain but honest statement
oonclnslvely shows the quick and i w
thorough cleansing eflecta ol tho Vegetiue no'
in Scrofula.
I a n
Vegetlne I' acknowledged by all classes '
ol people to be the best and most reliable am
blood puilfler in tbe world. . | too
Yofcetlue ta Sold bjr all Druggiata
teolSb . Mc
Wheeling Register.
[mportera and Dealers in the beat at' \
allan Marble and *
nd American and Scotch Granite Monu- .
enta and Tablets. ThU firm will tarnish
ork In their line at the very lowest rates. '
rork guaranteed to give satlal action or ]
3 pay, nov22eg(
3 leached Cotton L
Will Offer this Month
3000 YARDS
ixtra quality soft finished Bleached
Muslin at 10c per.yard.
5000 Yards Heavy Brown Muslin at
8c peryatff.
2000 Yards Heavy Cheviot at 12c
per yard,
A Large Lot of Dress Goods at 12 1-2
and 25c per yard,
Emsheimer Bros.,
1100 Main Street.
Tl'KSOAY. MARCH 21. 1*76.
fllndexto New Advertisement*.
Notice?German Squad of Mardi Ura=.
Attention, Bltick Hills Men.
Choice Island Property for Sale?
Peterson & Haker.
Grand Concert?Louis tiaus.
Beautiful New Style Shirtings?Lakin
& Pierson.
Festival?Fourth Presbyterian Church.
Pollard's Jubilee Singers.
^KonMnr Uruoi, Vlnnufm'tiirV
Highest Cash Price Paid for Old Stoves
?Oliver liawley.
First Spring Stock?J. S. Khodes &
Wall Paper?J. Friedel Ac Co.
Thk famous Mrs. Beagle entertained &
party of "sleighers'' last evening?t. e.
slayers of waffles.
In view of the coming event, good
healthy pound party conundrums will
he worth about live dollars a piece.
Does parting the hair in the middle
assist a young man when he attempts to
'-balance all" in the dance? Answers received
only lrom tho ladies.
m ^ Accident.?Yesterday
afternoon Mr.
Frank Bowers, Secretary of tho Wheeling
Butcher's Assoc'ation, while engaged
in shipping hides accidentally fell
icd sprained his ankle quito severely.
A Bakkk Shop Robbed.?Thieves
broke into the baker shop of Gustavo
Flo to, on 16th street, in tho Fourth ward,
night before last, and stole h lot of bread
iiitl cakes.
Giki.s save up your pin money. Forepaughs
circ us will bo here the
[Htter part of next month, and as this is
cap year the expenses will have to bo
>01110 by you this season.
Beautiful.?That "soap artist," Mr.
J. B. Guvett, iitu shown his ability in
lis line < y decorating the elegant mirror
n Caut. (ius Rolf's saloon, with a full
nasled ship. It is really beautiful and
nost artistically executed.
Festival To-night.?The fedivai
mder tho auspices of the ladies of tho
""ourth*lVcsbyterian church, for the bentit
of th?* church, will commence tolightand
be continued to-morrow. Wo
iodo to see a large attendance.
Concert To-night.? Prof. Louis
>RUVgivijs oneot his high-toned musical
oncerts ?t his "Centennial Saloon" on
larket street, this evening. Kramer's
rchestra will furnish excellent music for
lie occasion.
A tipst fellow with a touch of the j
heumatism, had his hat taken otl by the
?ind on Market street yesterday. After
obbling ?nd staggering after it for half
i square, he gave up the chase and went
are headed.
I'kok. Pollard and bin famous jubi- j
;e bhnd will give a concert at the Lug- i
sh Lutheran Church, on IGth street, i
[lis e\ening. They are highly spoken
f by everybody who have heard them j
ng. The admission fee is small, and |
iere ought to be a large attendance. j
A woman supposed to be dead drunk j
as taken to a house on Chapline street, |
Lit in a short time her husband appear !
i and upon examination, it was found j
ie was laKiring under the effects of
lorphine. A carriage was procured and.j
ie wai sent homo in charge of her hug- j 1
ind. j 1
An English writer declares laughter ,
be an absurd and uncomfortable habit, j (
e wou'd have nothing more hearty 1 j
an a smile. His opinion of the origin ! r
laughter is that it resulted from the (
notice of tickling babies, which prac- t
w ha< made it a oonfirmed habit on t
e part of the human race. That man r
is got the dyspepsia. ! c
Hakvkr'h Montuly for April con.
ins lire prolusely illustrated articles, of ^
nch that on the "Progress of the Fine !
rts" in the United States, with portraits j
tnanv eminent artists, and "St. John.
id,' an account by Dr. Osgood of Dr. :
uhlenberg's charitable retreat on Long ,
and, will be read with peculiar interest, i ,
orge Eliott's and Julian Hawthorne's \ "
vels are continued, and there are also
lUndier of short stories and poems; ^
ong the latter is one by Lord Hough- ?
, entitled "the Church of the "World.'
JLelvey has it for sale. J
Couktt Court?Judge Cochran. !
This Court met at the usual hour yes- i
srday morning. ' The
The last will and testament of Samuel b
Jldham, deceased, late of Ohio county,
ras proved and admitted to probate and '
ecord; John M. Oldham and James H. '
Jldham as executors. Bond, $10,000; no | ^,
?curit> required by will. Mathew Deninston,
Andrew Dennis ton and Samuel P'ev
Porter as appraisers. l*n
L. L Clizby, appellee, vs. Singer Man-; by
ufacturing Company, appellaut. Dis- !
missed at plaiotitl's cost.
Michael Schwinn vs. Citizens' Kail- j Kkq
way Company, was put on trial before tjnj,
the following jury: Zine Phillips, F. .
filbert, Jr.,-JHuics Emblem, Sr., W. H
Ex lev, Theo. Mouller, Peter Bononbar- it ti
ger, Daniel Maxwell, Kuben Wayt, Pat- Coll
terson Huff, C. Mabis, W. T. English, tbe
John Downs, Jr. . -.
The case wa3 not concluded when the
Court adjourned. viai
The following cases were set for trial by
to-day. Case No. 555, J. 11. Pendleton vs. .
Jau.es Wharton. Case No. 069, J. H. ( '
Pendleton vs. James and Silas Wharton, 'b0
Case No. 828, William Denniston & Son free
vs. W. M. Dunlap Case No. 843, John fan
Robrecht vs. James Conrad, et al. Case
No. 823, James Johnson vs. Matthew tda
Lucas. . bac
Court adjourned until to-day at 9 jea
o'clock a. m.
MunicipalCouht?Judge Cranmer. ^
Tlio Marco term of the Municipal
Court commenced yesterday. , ca'
The following cases were continued: sta;
August Weidbusch vs. Anton Yoke; jbe
Clark A Hubbard, assignees, vs. David
Crawford, and same vs. Thos. Sweeney ent
Tne case of Samuel McBride vs. the say
Citizens hire and Marine Insurance r0
Company, was set for Inuring Thursday
In the ease of John D. Arch bold vs. 115
the Peabody Insurance Company, judg- U!lt
rnent for the defendant. pis
In the esses of -Matthew oaroee vs. mo ^
Citizens' Fire and Marine Insuranee ^
Company, and same vs. Fire and Marine rus
Insurance Company, demurrers wero Qu
sustained. . on<
The ease of Thomas II. liurnes vs.
Samuel McCicilan and others, was dis- .
missed on motion of the plaintiff. wb
The case of J as. IJ. Summers vs. The yj;
West Virginia Insurance Company, was .
set for Thursday.
In thecase *>f N C.Arthur vs. John ,s 1
H. Down*, tho defendant plead non see
assumpsct and limitation. H]u
In the case of the Peabo'dy Insurance .
Company vs. William McNabb and "
others, judgment was rendered for the Eli
plaintift for $1,056.81 riv
An order was entered in the ease of ^
Louise Tappo vs. Hannah Gross and
others. * in
An order was entered in the case of sor
Ja;.H. Nichols vs. Nancy Ilollinger, jJ0
ct cl. ,
The Court adjourned until Wednesday
morning at 104 o'clock. thi
Removal ok .Mr. E. L. Bill.?On tw
yesterday Mr. E. L. Bill, who h&Si
for the last five years, been chief clerk in
the Auditor's office, was removed from
his position by Auditor Bennett. Mr. W(,
Bill has been an efficiont officer, hns been
a gentlemont of weil known integrity, ^ ,
a.>d was regarded as indispensable in the rjj(
Auditors office. We are not informed ^
as to th? reasons for his removal except
what is contained in the in the correspon- j
dence between the Auditor and Mr. Bill, jju
published Deiow. We suspend remarks
until we have further information. The
following is the correspondence: c(,i
.State ok West Virginia, j ti,c
Auditor's Office, v
Wheeling, March 18th, 1876. j
E. Ij. Jiitl, Esq.: Jus
Dear Sir:?For satisfactory reasons I
have determined to make some changes 0(-'
in the clerical force employed in this to
office, and with this view will accept D(1J
your resignation as lirst c!o*l; upon its
being tendered.
Upon receiptor your resigr uii-'Ti, if it Ian
is agreeable to you, i will name some (^u
time in the ;uturc at which It - I ?t?.k?
cflect, with a view to aflord yo : an opor- "K
tunity to make business arrangements Wtl
i.l?,.a.|iurn lro
Very respectfully, CJL
E. A. Bennett,
Auditor. lur
Whkelino, March 20:u, 1876. hir
Mo). E. A. Bennett.
Sir?Your noto of the 18th inst., was
found by mo in the letter box, and 1 was j
truly astonished at its content'*. ,
i i r i ?dt
1 know of no reason (or my resigning
uiy position as first clerk in the Auditors
office and of no reason for you to wish t
it that lias not existed lor live years past.
As you have never given me any hint '
that my position in the olfice would bo kit
of so short duration, I think after ia- Up
curring large pecuniary loss in coming j.
to this place, and still further re-potisibility
lor the fixtures, with little prospect
at this tune for finding employment, to
that I have a right to know the "satis- ^j,,
factory reasons" for mv being required to
give up my present petition. ^ca
Very Respectfully, one
Edward L. Bilu j ar,i
State of West Virginia, ] i wj4,
Auditor's Office, t j
Wheeling, March 2U, 1876. I nn
/;. L. Jill I, Esq : 1 Iial
Sir:?For satisfactory reasons, your ! kNV<"
services as first clerk in this office arc rftn
Hotionger required, and will be dispensed tie!
with from and after this date. [ pf,
Very Respectfully,
E. A. Bennett, \ nfu1
siuaitor. the;
. Aii?
Thk Jubilee Singers to-night at the j
English Lutheran Church.
m . m I and
Vernal Equinox ?To day we bnvo | brii
the vernal equinox?that is, the first 1 we
time in the year when the day and night :
are oi tquailengtb. According to exact j
time the sun rises at six o'clock a. m . | ^
and sets at tix o'clock p. m. Thi-> momen- f'
To t
tary truco between day and night occurs
when {he sun's centre drosses tho celes j
tial Equator. It occurs in the spring
about the "1st of March, and in autumn
j hsn
ibout the 21st oi September. The equi- j
loctial points are those points in the I
lelestial Equator at which the sun's; '
:>atb crosses the Equator or line ,
rhe equinoxes move on the
(cliptic (the great 'circle in the 1
leavens in tho circumierence of which L'ie'1
ho sun appears to move during the anlual
revolution of the oarth) a; the rate
- . n.j Vest
H OU:XU aogrew a Jwrj wuiwu ?i? taii?u
he procession of the equinoxes. The ; msn
bliquity ol the eliptic surfer? a monthly
ariation. but so slight that it ha> not *!-RI
saterially altered since the creation.
'his is proved bv the fact that the chief
*, , . . rq^ui
oast lines and mountain ranges eitncr j r
oincide with or are perpendicular to the
, JV'SlSl
ne separating lignt and darkness when
be sun is at the solstices.
m m 15, wc
For Salc.?One lot Men's Arctic that
v'er?hoee, 6 to IS; Ladies, Misses and ment
hildren's Overshoes and Ladies Sido n
ace Boxtoed BaU at * noW
Carnaha* & Co., tosaj
210a Main street. nate
Well-Known Pal Quinlan Shot g
T Xellaaa Koblnaon?Tbe Bo
alt of aa lll ipcal Lltf.
. h
nt night tbont 10 o'dlock, the ramor ) ?
tiled that the well-known Pat Quinhad
been shot and fatally wounded : c
the equally as well known, Mri.
issa Robinson. A reporter of the "
18TIB was despatched to discover the i
h or. falcity of the rumor,
upon inquiry s we found ,
50 true, Mr. Quinlan lying at the
ambia House, on Market square, in ^
agonies of death. * ,
rpoD inquiry we learn that Quinlan
ted tho house of ill-fame conducted (
Mrs. Melissa Robinson,situated on the (
trf, more familiarly known as the
at house." Quinlan had been ther?
{uently before, and had taken a great
cy to an inmate of the house named
i Florence. For some time
k be has solicited her to
ve Mrs. Robinson's and join him.
is Ida refused to do. Last night
inlan, who was greatly under the injnco
of liquor, visited the house and
led for Miss Ida. Tho two went up i
irs together and in a few minntes, as
story is told by outsiders, the Flor:e
girl commenced yellitg for help'
ing that Quinlan was kilting her. Mrs'
binson, the proprietress of the bouse,
bod up stairs, and discovering thesit,ion,
ran down again and got her
tel. When she re-ascended the stairs
in Ian let go of the Florence girl and
bed lor her. A scuffle ensued, and
inlan got two bullets into his body,
3 in the abdomen and one in too arm.
ran down stairs and out onto the
arf, and from thence to the house of
ss Jennie Gray, where he fell existed.
The inmates ot this house, which
n the story above Airs. Robinson's,
ing Rat's condition became very much
rined, and ran for some ol his triends.
a short time Messrs. George Watsom
gah Black, and a few others, ared
and had Quinlan carried to
boarding house.,the Columbia Hotel,
Market square. Dr. Gallegan was
it for who soon arrived and did all
could for the unfortunate man.
Upon examination it was found
it the most serious and perhaps fatal
und is situated in the abdomen about
0 and one-half inches diagonally above j
d to the left of the navel. The
ond i6 in the fleshy part of the right
11. The bone is not broken, and the
>und is comparatively of very little
iment. If death should occur speedily
will probably be from internal heniorige;
if at a later stage from inflamman
of the bowels.
Alter leaving the room of Quinlan, we
led on Mrs. Robinson at the City
ilding. We stated our mission, but
1 proved to bo very reticent. Officer
jlyers, who had her In
irge, requested her to state :
i facts without committing herself, as \
i reporter had no desire to do any in- [
lice to her. Shu then told us that |
inlan had gone to b?r house about
lock last night and requested j
see Ida Florence. *Thei
mission wai granted, and after j
iy had gone up stairs she heard Qui"- I
beating her. When she arrived I
inlan left Miss Florence and com nced
an attack on herself. Hero she
s thrown down and then the serious
uble commenced. Mrs. Robinson, of
:rsc, would not tell us anything
ther, as she did not want to commit
self. Alter interviewing the Madam
wont to tho .
titer considerable difficulty w& gained j
nittance and proceeded to interview |
girl who caused the difficulty, i
9 found her sitting in the
cnen of the house with her feet stuck j
against the stove in an apparent sta'e j
non-chalence. Upon questioning her i
stated that Quinlun had boon trying j
get her to go Laway with j
a, saying that he colud make a great
il of money out of her. Miss Flor- !
e told him that she would not allow i
f man to make money trom her, !
ereupon tjuinlan assaulted her, !
1 her calls brought Mrs.
binson up, and the scufflo ensued be en
tbem. The Florence girl said she
down stairs and heard one shot fired
ip was called lor, but the only
soa in ine nouse, a man
ned Wallace, ran out, anil
- - i re
was no* assistance , rendered,
a Florence is a beautiful young wo- 1
a and most proportionately formed,
why she would lead such a life to ,
ig her into trouble and disgrace
cannot understand.
.t last accounts tjuinlan was sinking, '
there was little hope of his recovery. (
>e candid, could we expect a man who
led the Ufo that he has, with ail his
artumties, to come to any othe'r
' The wav of the transgressor is ^
i."' i i
raike at the South Wheeling
i?s W okk.s ?Last Saturday. Messrs. r
>b?, Brockunier & Co., proprietors of ^
south Wheeling glass works, notified j
boys that hereafter they would be
by the -piece,1 that is, just what 3
would make, instead of by the week. \
erday morning, Mr. Russell, the forefound
a note on his desk, staling
they, the boys, intended to strike "
nst the new order of things. There *
between sixty and seventy of the t
>rs. and thev auit in a bodv. The
t was the journeymen of the class ^
ry proper, not having any
:ance, w??re compelled to go
also, oird the consequence o
>rk is suspended. "We understand f ^
the men who work in the establiahare
in sympathy with the boys, o
the strike may result we are unable j*
r, but certainly it is very unfortufor
ail concerned.
weather notes.
Thi ?now is a foot thick. tl
Good moroing, Mr. G H
bakal |
Thi Mason for sleeping spoon-fashion '
as not rat abandoned us. Lie overt I
Thi old weather roosters call it the;,
quine-ox-ical storm.
! c<
WiKTii having returned again, the I ^
oal jnercbants are doing a fine business.
Wi didn't see any duck pants or
pnng bonneu on the streets yesterday. t(
IT is not seasonable to sing 'Come ^
ato the Garden, Maude," just now. She f.
night catch cold. t
Thi boys dislike to pay five dollars to ^
jive their "Hannahs''a jleigh ride in the v
ipring time.
Tusks is considerable sickness through
jut the city, caused by the so many sud- j
len changes in the weather. t
There has been another rise . in the
price of brown mule skins, owing to the
extension of seal skin sacques. Oh hush! .
early last week the weather wa& so (
pushing that lilacs turned green, and j
telegraph poles almost budded. At this
time however, it is discouraging to forward
Many persons who were preparing to
have their yards sodded have suffered a
dead loss by the freezing of the sod piles
m thev stood on the pavement awaiting
to be turned up.
TBKKKisun idiotic weather proverb
that says, "March comes in like a lit n
and goes out like & lamb,'' but this month
is lyin' all the time, promising one kind
of weather and giving another constantly
from hour to hour.
Thk disagreeable weather continues.
We have now had three days in succession
oi the coldest weather of the season,
and as April is rapidly approaching, we
are naturally beginning to tire of it.
Old l'robs. should call off the dogs for a
while, at least,
Thjc outside world will probably
never know the self-sacritioe that tho
average newspaper reporter has undergone
within the last few days in refraining
from making that oft quoted and oft
appropriate remark about winter's lingering
in the lap of spring. Ifthe present
spell should hold on much longer,
it is bound to bome. There is even an
end to reportorial endurance.
Tii k merry jingle of the sleighbells
yesterday fully understood the sagacity
of the ground hog and the antediluvian
prevereity of Old Probabilities. These
worthies are running the weather to
suit themselves. A young man with a
solemn demeanor arid u largo portfolio
invaded our sanctum yesterday and began
to road as follows:
"She comes, the queen of all the realms,
The meek-eyed ma'.den, Spring,
A11 une your harps, yeavivnn onolrs,
And a warm welcome dng."
We stopped him at this point, and relerred
him to another newspaper office.
We have not inquired as to the particulars
since, hut wo a-ro convinced that the
Philadelphia Lei/yr man is the only
living poet who can do justice to his case
in rhyme:
"Put away his big portfolio,
lie will never want it more;
They.dmi'ineed spring time poetry
Upon the r tlier ah ore?
Uone to meet tli ground liog anil Old
Thk celebrated quartette of New Orleans
Singers have visited all the large
cities throughout the country, and are
received with the greatest of delight and
Put in Irons.?Captain Wils Ken- i
nedy, our good nalured jailor, has charge i
of the Marshall caunty prisoners during 1
the building of the new jail at Mounds- j
ville. There is a prisoner confined there j \
named Abraham Good, charged with j
house-breaking. He has been anything > 1
else but a good fellow, in fact he hat been !
acting very badly. Yesterday he commenced
bis tricks by breaking up the !
furniture in kis cell, and carrying on in i
an outrageous manner. Wils concluded 1 \
the only way to settle tho fellow was to 1
put him in irons and feed him on bread
and water lor a day or two, and the j ,
Moundsvillian was accordingly dealt
with. It will bring him to bis senses.
m m ? - ' PsdukkV
Partnkr Caught.?A
dispatch was received from Zanesville, ,
yesterday, statiDg that Peter Griffon, the I
follow who assisted "IVIuko" in robbing ; '
the old man Musser, in the Second ward '
market bouse ins*. Sunday a week, had ( (
been arrested in that city, and was awaiting
orders lrom the police authorities
here. Officer St. Myers will leave this
morning for Zinesviile, to take charge
of Griffon and bring him hero for. rrial. ! (
Personal.?Our friend Kev. J. R. '
Thompson goes to Morgantown. We
really miss a good friend.
Kev. C K. Manchester, formerly of \
the Thompson M. K. Church, takes Kev. ]
J. K. Thompson's r ? e in the C'hnpline i i
itr?et Church.
Dr. Gailegnn attended mo?t faithfully
upon poor Pat (Quintan last night. i *
J. S. y airfnx, Esq., the architect of' '
.he Capitol building, will le here in a
iay or two. lie has been the faithful
European eorrevj ondent of the Kcois- s
r?R for a lew months back.
Tni real i.'i plantation style of ren
Wing ?aered music may he witn "?d to- 2
-iiajl.t, at the English Lutheran Church, e
>11 Sixteenth Ptre-t.
Trampkeks ov Real Estate?Deed ^
nude March 17, 1876, by rS \V. Hoyd to 1
r. J. Berkley, lor th" Frazier ta-m on
Jaldweli* Ron. Admitted March 20?h; .
(3,250. \
Deed made March 11. 1876, by I-^ac ^
vopline and wiie to A. J. Lvda, for lot
1, in square 10. Joseph Caiuwell s estate.
Admitted ilarch 20tb; $2,200. i c<
We are sole agents for the ceiebratfxi
Lavini' two Button Kida, the best
1,25 Glove made.
Hamilton's celebrated Seamless Corset -A
be best dollarcorset in the United State*.
Th? largest stock of fancy Summer *
Bka in the city.
J.S. Rhodes A Co. ^
9 ^ ' f
J. W. Fkrf.ell's closing out price*
n Dry Goods beat* a 1 auction prices
>r bargains. Give him a call.
m i m 't
A Rare Offer.?A fine-toned, seven ~
ctave Piano, Rosewood caae, carved ?
>gs, front round corner?, nicely finished.
>r $265. Can be examined a: /
Adams A Lucas. V
1227 Market St [ a
MARCH 21 1876.
tie MmI EzI?uIt?6ow* FicklBC*'
"Now it the winter of our discontent.'' i
rTe need scarcely inform our Wheel-11
ig reader* of the fact that 1
nowed. ' Tboae who were caught j
nay from home by the storm, and were
impelled to return, or were at home ]
ad were compelled to go out, are painilly
aware of this fact. '
This has been an unusually mild win- j
sr, and the oldest inhabitant has not j
ailed to record his testimony to this el3Ct.
Indeed many say that it bts been '
be mildest (hey eyer saw. but there has i
teen very little snow, and conseque ntly
rery little ot the tun that snow brings
mh it. Sleigh bells bad almost forgotten
tho art of jingling and snow baling
had come to be regarded as an instiution
of the happy past.
But wc are having the snow now.
The little buds, that were just prep.trng
to burst with the display of spring
:olors, find themselves bound with the
icy clasp of old winter. "It inow9," the
people began to say at 8 o'clock yesterday
morning. "It continnestosnow.'' "0,don't
it snow strong!" They said at twelve,
"Well, 1 never saw the like at night.'"Old
Probs. didn't know what he was
talking about." "jDb, tho horrid snow,"'
-.ma cmH whilrt other* who didn't desire
to go out and who had quotations at their
fingers' ends, said "the beautiful snow
Well, it snowed until Jt covered the
ground, in this city, to the depth of about
ten inches. The flakes came down a*
gently as teathers, and with a regularity
that rendered the scene beautiful. This,
we arc inclined to hope, is the last severe
touch of winter, and this snow we hope
may be followed by the buds and flowers
of spring and summer.
So far as we have learned, the storm
has done no great damage. The street
cars were delayed some, and the trains
over the roads were about two hours
late, and that's all.
? m ? m
The marks at the landing yesterday
evening indicated 17 feet 5 inches in
the channel and falling.
The Andes arrived from Cincinnati
yesterday at noon.
The Express departed lor Parkersburg
at the usual hbur yesterday.
The Tom Dodsworth and Torn Reese j
passed up with empty tows.
The Ironsides ar.d Lion passed down
yesterday morning.
The -Kma was duo last ovening with
three barges of iron ore. two for Steu- j
benville and ono for Pittsburgh.
Th? Mallie Rngon will leave for Pittsburgh
this morning at 8 o'clock.
The Courier is the Parkorsburg packet
to-day at noon.
Tlio Andes will leave for Cincinnati at j
3 o'clock this afternoon.
The Market Roy has had her repairs
completed and will resume her trips in
the Wheeling and Pittsburgh trade.
The local packets are running as usual. |
Tho sn?w caused but liltlo business j
being done about tho landin g yesterday.
I By Telegraph.|
PriTHBUKuii, March 20.? River 8 feet
5 inches and falling. Weather cold this
morning. Arrived ? Carrio Brooks,
/Canesville; Exchange, Cincinnati; Mallio
Kagon, Wheeling; Fearless, St Louis.
Departed?Mullie Ragon, Wheeling.
Memphis, March 20.?River rose 19
inches during the day. Clearing this
evening; mercury 31 Arrived?Illinois,
Viekpburg; Garten and barges Cairo
Departed?Atlantic and barges, Belle
Memphis, and Bistnarck, St. Louis; Peyton,
New Orleans.
Kvahsville, March 20.? Weather
Ciouuv unu uuiu. rwivr auu lan*
int^ giowly. Down?bowling Green.
Up?John L. Rhode?, Cleburne, Geo,
Roberts, Grey Eagle.
Cincinnati, March '20 ? River 30 feet
11 inches and rising. It has snowed j
since last mid night. The storm is now
nbating. Arrived?Hudson, Wheeling. ]
Cairo, March 20.?Arrived?Jntnes '
D. Parker and Grand Tower. Memphis;
James Howard and Sam brown, St.
Louis. Departed?James D. Parker,
Cincinnati; James Howard, No. 8. River
18 feet 0 inches an J rising. Weather
slouay; mercury 3'2 degrees.
Louisville, March 20.? Weather ,
:o!d and * cloudy. Departed?Vint |
Shinkle, Memphis; baum, Robert Mitch-|
ill and Glasgow, Cincinnati. River 11 |
feet 0 inches in the caDal.
Vicksbcrg, March 20 ?Weather very
:uld; enow storm last night. Down? I
Dean. Arrived?Natchez.
Go and see the Cheap Counter of
Dress Goods at J. W.Kbrbel'?.
Great Bargains in Nkw Goods.?
lirenadines at b cent* per yard, Lawns at
5 cents per yard and Japanese at 1'2J
:enl? per yard; just received by
J. W. Ferrel.
Cor. Main and Twentieth streets.
La.-t chance to g'.t E. C. Burt's fine j
f.uttun Mioeg at lees than the co?t of.
Bariufacturing, at
.) erry Clemen*'.
m ?
Just Received.? Box-toed, Button j
md Side L.aoe Kid Shoes and Kid Opera j
Last Side Lace Shoes; prices a? low as !
iny house in the city, at
J erry Clemens'.
Great Bargains.?A full line of new
>ring Goods and Carpets just opened by
J. W. Ferrel.
J. W. Fere el's cheap counter for
;reat bargains will beat anything in this
For Blankets and Flannels call at J
V. Fermi's, corner of Main and '20th
reeU. ,
m m?
J. W. Fsrrell is cloeing out bis
)ress Goode at a dreadful slaughter, to
o into the carpet business exchuirejv. 1
'a1 i IwO t kr.ro
Fireside lace Shoes for Ladies just reaired
tt L. V. Blomi/s
3loo Main street.
m m
M e> % \\ ear.?The finest and most !
>mp!eto flock <?f Men's Boots andSh>>ef, ' I
:':xis and Hertome Ties in the city at,
Jerry CLEW EMS'.
radical Plumber and Gas Fitter,'
Orders Iroin the country attended to on
lort notice. . aug30
/ Main street, above 11th, Wheeling, W.
s. Nitrous Oxide Oa* and other aum- C
atlas administered ooUl b
New York, March 20.?Mokkt? j
kt 3tp 7 per cent, closing at &. Prime #
uercantile paper 4(2,6 per cent. Cusoms
receipts $537,000. The Assistant
[Ve&surer disbursed $91,000. Clearings
117,000.000. Sterling steady at [email protected] fc,
189*. n
Gold?Opened at 114| and closed at
L14J; Carrying rates 3 to 6 per cent.
(K irxKsatVTs?A traction lower, in .
lympatby with gold. i
[JuiukJ cwim tn ei um, eon pons... ltt^ J
Five-twenties, (iwti; ? 119ft
Five-twenties^ (lHb5) .?..1:9
Fl\fe-twentlea, (1*57) ??lSlft
Five-twenties, tlSbfc} ?IS
Sew Fives -119ft
Ten-tomes ?? _....^..ll?
Ten Forty Coupons. ?119ft
I Currency Kixe^ ? 128/1
Kaii.ruad Bo>ds?Actireand in some
cases lower. T.
State Bonds?Steady. ,
Stocks?Dull and in the main weak |
with a few exceptions. Fluctuatiohs
were slight. Pacific Mail was the feature,
decling 1 and } per cent. Transactions
were 95,000 tbnr>'-, ot which 20,000 i
were Pacific Mail, 18,900 Western Union, I
5 000 Northwestern. 9,000St. Paul, 9,000 '
Erie, and 12,000 Lake Shore.
Tne Bank ot the State of New York
was to-day paving certified check* to depositors
whose books have been balanced.
Western Union.. 67'4 Hook Island .110S ?
Pacitlc Mall ? li?-t. Paul s
Adams Kzprws.Utl't ;?t. Paul prefer'd. ??Vi <
Wells, PargoAUo 85V, roledoA Wahssh ^
Amer. I niou 63 I. A W. prefer'd..
United Slates.... 7J!v terre Haul* 4^ I
V. Y. Central li:? T. H preterred... 17
trie A) ,Kort Wayne J?HS
Erie preferred..... 31> ChicagodrAlton.ltMA. .
Harlem HO C. & A. preferr'd.l'Mi,
Harlem prefer'd l?t OhioAMisaialppi 20^
Michigan Oeul'l. M5? ludlauaCentr'l-. 4 ,
Union Pacific.... .6* U.A14 . .... 17
Lake shore *>P-V H.&st. Joe ?. 1?V4 >
Illinois 1 entral?.10:", D.<fc I-vekawana. 1W4 I
t*. and P H7- A.AP. Telegraph ll)1^ S
North western t'. <214 U, Pacitlc bouda..lu7V4
Northwesi'n pld. M's I7. Pacitlc bonda.KH.S
N. J. Ueutral h6fi j
Nkw York. March "JO.?Cotton?t^uiet
at 1281S2(SU8Jc; futures closed steady;
March 13JM13 9-3"c; April 13 9-82?
11 15-lCc:Ma\ 1 IJc June lSJffclS 31 3.'c;
July 14 *-32i; August 14J(^14 9-S2c.
Flour?Receipts 10 000 barrels;' opene.l
better with a fair business but closed <\
with the Advance partly lost: supernno
western and State $4 400,4 80; common
to good W 40;n.5 60; good to choice 1
66 4605 626; white wheat extra $5 30, I
extra Ohio 96 ([email protected] 7 25 St. L<>uis $6 850 '
9 00. ltyo flour steady at |4 2>05 40.
(lorn Meal?More active at $2 6503 20.
Wheat?Receipts 80,000 bushels; opened
n shade tirmer and closed quiet at about
lull prices; No. 1 spring nominally $1 35 ]
01 40; whitn Michigan $1 48: No. 2
Chicago spring, in store, $1 26; No 8
$1 [email protected] 17. Rye?Firmer; State 860
88c; white held at 90c. Barlov?Firm ,
and unchanged. Malt?Quiet and heavy.
Corn?Firm; receipts 70,000 bushels;
closed quiet; mixed no grade 61c; west
crn mixed in store 68c. Oats?Unchanged;
receipts 28 000 bushel*. Hay?Unchanged.
Hops Firm; eastern and
western 11017c.' Coffee? Quiet: jobbing
at 16|@19}c. Sugar?Firm; lair to
good refining "J07jc; prtmo 7|c. Molasses
and Rice?Quiet. Petroleum?
Quiet; crude 8J(e 8jc;*reflned 14J014Jc;
in cases 181021 jo. Ta'low?Firm at
9c. Rosin?Firmer at $1 GO01 65. Turpentine?
At 40<*. Kggs?Unchanged.
Pork?Quiet at $23 35(.i 23 37J. BeefQuiet.
Cut Meats?Western quiet; midd.e*
firmer; long clear western 12}0,
12Jo. Card-Firmer at $13 90314 00
Butter? Firm; western 16031c; state
303.3i>c. Whiskv?Decidedly firmer at
31 [email protected] 12 J.
Cincinnati, March 20?Cotton?
Dull at 12jc. Flour?Quiet and unchanged.
Wheat?Quiet at $1 1001 20.
Corn?Quiet at 48060c. Oats?Firm at
37043c. Barley?Quiet and unchanged.
Rye?Quiet and firm at 700
74c. Pork?Dull at23c. Lard?Steady;
13Ac: kettle 14o Bu'k .Moats?
Firm; shoulders held at 8jc; clear rib 1 lie;
clear 12Jc. Bacon?Firm at 9j(^18(^
1 3|e. W hisky? Quiet at $1 04.
Jlnirs?.Steady; common to good light
$7 60(n;8 25; Iwir to medium heavyIB
iO(>v.B CO.
Baltimore, March 20.?Flour?
Strong; western super $3 75(n,4 60; extra
$4 50a-5 60 Wheat?Firm; prime
red, 4Cf?,48c. Corn?Firmer and higher:
western mixed 61 Je Oats?Steady;
western mixed 63(n l6c: white 4HA',52c.
Rye?Nominally at 75 ii)80c. liny?
Firm; PennsyNania and Maryland
18(<iC4c. Pork?123 GO; bulk shoulders
clear rih 12|G?,121c: bacon shoulder?
106'lOJe; de vrrib 13(S,13Jc Lard?
Firmer at 14rS>141c. Butler?Firm: western
extra 80(a82c; flrau 27029c Petroleum?Crude
B|c; r-fined 1 JJc Coffee?
l^uiet; riocargofli 16j(Tr>lB]c. Whiskey?
Firm at $1 'J.
Tolkdo, March 20,?Flour?Demand
fair and market firm. Wheat? Demand
fair arid has advanced; No 3 white j
Wabash to arrive $1 28; j while
Michigan II 3G$; No 2 <lo. snot 41 16;
amber Michigan $1 2*J; seller April
|1 30; seller May 41 32$. Corn -l^iiet !
and firm: high mixed held at 49fc seller j (
April; bUc ?ell< r Ai?y; blJc seller June; I
low mixed held at 49jfc 4*c hid; no
grade i?t dtij. Out*?Quiet and tlrm; |
Michigan held at 3b Jc.
Philadelphia, March 20.? Flour? i
Firm; lupcrlin- i3 7504; Michigan $6 |
06 50. Wheat?Quiet und active; am- !
her 47c. ltye?80fa 82c. Corn? Wart**d; (
yellow 65007; whiU* 01c. Oats?Inac- f
tiv??: white 43((/4Hc; mixed 43c. Whi*ky j
?$1 O'J. Petroleum?Firm; crude lljc; {
refined 14gc. iiulter ? Unchanged.
Cheese?Firm; N'-w York 12)014c.
? Demand improving in I'ennsyJ. '
vanin, Now Jersey and iWawara: fresh <J
160ICc; western 15c.
Nvw York, March 20.?The dry
goods huriii<?s wm moderate with com- .
m!'*ion houses and importer* and the
jobbing trade whs more active; cottoh L
goods in steady demand and generally 1 (
unchanged. The price of A wi?P?ke*g and
Pearl river tickin-r* ha* been reduc^i by
agents. Prints in moderate demand from I ' *
flr*t hand* and active with jobbers at ir- '
ifgular prices; gingham* in steady de- tl
mard; woo;en* quiet; foreign gooda dull. <
PiTTsBL'ron, Man h 20 ? Petroleum? ^
Quiet but Arm; crude $2 25 at Parker's; ''
refined 14)(a Mjc, Philadelphia delivery. '*
Cleveland, March 20. ?Petroleum? 1
Firm and unchanged; standard whit* I1
110? te*t 11 Jc; prime white 150? teat,
I2L\ car hit*. ?
Ffiiihii nsn
I^xke HerTlnsr, Shad.
While Fish, ?
in half and (Quarter Barrel#, t
atirador Herri r.g,
Jlew Maekaral.CmiJtab, m
Y" - ,
mrl i jST, i>A VKNPOKT * PARKS. ,i
Carolina At I.oaialana Rice, m
J low by t'
200 Boxes Prime W. R. Factory. |?
60 ' Ji. Y. Oosban. p.
Fol sale by
Wholesale Grocers, !*
,6EirTi Miami Powdeit Oo. r?MT#od JJJJ
ntt OomtiliiAUon wttb HI
arouoi ^-n<l iUmp DEAN A (JO., New ' Ka
wUord, octlA.b I Prt
- . I
attorney at law, .
lo. 68 Twelfth Street,
(Next doer to Odd Fellow*' Hull, 11 ret
tx>r.) mrJl
OAoe on Purdy Street,
oct27 NMaiaTllld, W.v?,
mproved Quaker City
Carpet Chain
With rw^nt Improvement* made in
imoothne*a, strength and UrlllUnoy ei
:oiora, It I* now pre-eminently the
n the United SUIin and much Superior
o U)? Mayavllle chain. and which we wuj
?)1 irom
j to 10c per lb '.e;s
Wholesale price, 28 cU; Retail price, .t> ctt,
\S o are uow daily receiving Urg?
quautltiea of It, ai d aak dealer* In
and out of the city, WVaveta,
and all perilous using
Oarpot Olialns
ro call and examine the Improved vluabet
City, and got a
Setter Article for less Money
Than can be had anywhere elae lu^tbe
lot. 2019 and '2021 Main Kl,,
Centre Wheeling
=? ^
K =* 5T" w
U ? S CD "0 .
S a- ^ 33
ft T| " 7
~ CO PJ ?
O 3 W
' J w H
O S fm* ~J
? "n ? 25? ?
i = r 11 ?
" ' E CO n
C S B < * 3
Z 5 ftSL _ 30
o ? 2~ *
- a o T3 02 o5
^ 0 O 0? VI
^ 94 ~ ?
. ' f? 2; o
< * ^
> fa
i.. . ? i~913
scrofu|oii*di?< ??? .I.''
thorn's I in , Kiitj>ti
KprBj of thchkin, L"l( cnitioti
^ 'H of tho Liver, Stomach,
?"'m Kidneys, Lung*. i'mi&
l'los, i'li-tiilc*. iJoil-,
s Mat ' "telle-. Tumor-, i
tiT, Sail I?i'' tan.
Head. King worm, I'leei*, Son**,
Iklu umatism, Neuralgia,^'ain in li
Hone*.Side and Head, F< male W ea'
acts, sterility, Loucorrl.<Ta, aiioir?
roln internal ulceration, and ut< ritu
lisea.se, Syphilitic and Mercurial di4:a.?es,
Drop?y, Dyspepsia, Kmaciaion,
(leneral Debility, and for 1'uuryintf
the Klood,
This Sarsapariiia is acotnhinat i'-n of
vegetable alteratives?Stillincia.Man'rake.
Yellow .Dock?with the 1<?
)f Potassium and Iron, and is tie
moht efficacious medicine vet known
For the disease* it is intended Incur-Jts
ingredients nre so skilful!)'
ombineu that tlie full ult?-*
fTect of each is assured, nnd while
t is so mild as to be hiirmh ?< ? v? ti
o children, it is still so effectual ro
purge out from the system tie
mpuritics mid e< rruptiom wrbMi
levelop into loathsome disease.
The reputation it enjoys is derived
rum its cures, and the conlidtin*
rhich prominent physicians n I orrr
lie country rejwwc iu it prove- tlieir
xperiencc of it* n-efulm -?.
Certificates attesting its virtucavc
accumulated, and are rot.
tnntly being ie? <-ived, and a* man;
f these case* are publicly known,
bey furnish convincing evident! ' >
lie superiority of this Karon anils
ver every other alterative tnedieiii'
o (tcti'T ly is its superiority t?>
ther medicine known that we ici
o n<> more than to assure the pu> i
bat the i>est r|u;ditien it he
osscssed arc strictly main un -pnr.rAur.ii
\r. J. C. AYtR U CO., Lowed.
I'raciic.al and ftlr.-l Ch. i .
r.r aix DueooiaTs rvaaiwn!
IHQ." How either m-z may taseJtie
end gain the love and elWIont "f
17 person they choose Instantly. Th'*
mpie mental acquirement all ran
sa. free, by tnall, for 'JLc, -.oaether with
arrlaae gold*, !.gyp>(ai, Oracle. lir**n>%
Ints To Ladles. Wedding Mint Hhlrh
;. A queer hook. Address T. WILLIAM
Co., Publishers, Philadelphia. U'ltti*
/AMTPn aok.nth fok thk be?r
' tl/ e"i 11nie "stationery Packs***
the world. It ronlaln* 14 ah?-eUi pap
Knveiopea, gold?-n 1'ao, Pea-b-Wef,
ncll, Patent Yard M<-a*ore, ?nd a piece
Jeweinr. Single package, with pair of
scant Gold Stone i>irrvr Button*, poet
.Id, iie. Ave for ?ix*'. ThN pgtkip M
an examined by toe publisher of Brwiaa.
and fonnd aa represented?wortto tba
sorr. Walriiewgiven away toaii Aernta
rcnfafa free. tiHll'K A CO., 7fcV Hroad
ly. New York. ieb.4b
pfork* on that aobleet giving eonrlaa
d piainly written instruction* for tba
atmeoioi all ordinary aJImentaol all
zneatic Animals, are constantly ? ept la
dt, together witn appropriate Medicine
eat*. Tbaae boo* a ?re specially written
the Farmer*, .Stock Kaiser* or IJTery
ib.eman* um. avoi.llna a* for aa poMl'
r, sit technical trim*. for hmer.pUj*
ie? U?l rod sum p to lb* BALTI UuBJt
*tu rtml. BohJUCK.* * TA/K1*
iyrUtUtn. tatttb

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