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I c
I \<>l, I J.
I itlu-clin.i Agister.
H atathtr ki-day will be partly :loudy.
ncrt'-we.it tv sovlhtre&t -tnda,
rfat.Mory lemoeralurt and ram.
m m &
Our election returns which cover this
I of the Kkohtku, settle the tact
that Tli l'KN is to be the ijeit President
Z the I'm: iState*. >ew York is ours
majority; Indiana has inr
I proved upon her splendid performance
O. i 'her; Connecticut bit* stood true to
:tia and New Jersey cornea tij> no ,
v. Our returns indicate that Wisconsin,
a '.be "K?r West" has joined her Pastem
?i?ters m pronouncing for fcteforiu;
tfhiie '.be wires bring cheering news
jruui tbe golden shores of the Pacific,
iv Solid South" renders her verdict
isvorof peace, good will and pure
.verninent, and all join hands in reotcing
over a country rescued from
*. u v es and !'o in enters >( strife. The era
: ;vl feeling lias dawned, and all toutterirgs
ol conflict has been hushed.
]t is a 'Solid" victory.
^ m ?
\\ k cooked their goo?e.
mi, wa-n t >t a Happy night I
m -
(ii.aun reigned t-uprenie.
t ua.sm.kk got drunk and w< nt to bed
i'hk "'Dowiing mob'' took possesion
; ue kKiii> i kk office, iast night, and a
.onouslv happy crowd it was.
w a<v\. ra vi*Tvn
The returns from various sections of
Congressional District show that
A - > majority will be between 1,300
j.: ..ouo. (tloru)us.
OHIO ? Ot .VI'Y.
lie Democracy of Ohio county did
tebly yesterday. We gave Wilson
:-sr.y i>'?> majority and Tildkn soraein
rg more than this1 All honor.
How do our roosters look this niorn
1'uk quietest election day in Wheeling
ever known, yet each party was
wonderfully in earnest.
Hands of music and hundreds of
happy Democrats were parading the
?tre '.? at 'J . 'clock this morning.
Is wits the hour when grave yard*
yawn, and ttien the Democratic roosters
. c?: . tlap their wings and oock-a-doodie
1 iE lute '?je?rer has got an answer to
it-bitter appeal, of yesterday morning,
in tie largely ir,cr< a-od Democratic maJoritv
in nt< lllgei t conservative and
t V I: J U In eling.
ti-.N. It. F. Kki i v. of Maryland, yesterday
sw.re t -it ho is a resident ol
V\ u-- : g ' -<t to got to vole tor
Havks mi i S?.?rT. The game was
hardly w.i tn th- ammunition.
a i - --UTS look con-iderahlv
j X* a i ti.ior with their keeping,
? . " l. h-r election. Their aecks
* m..i.? h.as and their tails are
truiimed n little more pompadour this
tn "iiing than when they la-t appeared
' "an airing We think it gives them
luo.-eda-h and style than form*-tly.
- m
iui: verdict of the people le-reabouts
' that the InUllig'ncer has shown itself
* Utter, malignant and mischievous 4,ort'at.'
< t a had theory of governmental
pi icy. It has inculcated hatred and
t^tered strife. Ghoul-like, it has torn
vp-n the graves of buried animosities,
--'t to bleeding afresh the healing
sounds of sectionalism. It refused to
ditcuss the i-.-ues fairly before tho peo1
- tut tried to obscure them
exciting the baser pas
?'viis of the people arid arous1!>S
in Item a spirit of vengeance. It
ynomd the fact that you cannot oppress
lid r ?t tbe people of one great section
vi tt.e i( untrv, without affecting the prosperity
of the people of the whole: but. on
cr. t:i ntrarv, it tHUght that in order
ii "
i"h ivar. . the bu.-.n&s interests of the
^ rth it was our duty to make a I'oland
ot the South.
Now that the election is over, our peo*
*'i.l (?; :i.iy re fleet whether they can
I s:!ori to I,.. Governed lonirer bv the
1 l?ai tiing- ?.f juch an -organ."
5 A1 Bridgeport, Ohio, the election was
3 vsry exciting. Beth parties were conflI
^et"t of making gains. E.*rlv m the
1 w- rning, l-efore 0 o clock, more than one
B hundred Kepub'icans were present at the
I poli? to elect W.vkkes Hol.listKK one
of ihe judges, in order that they might
B h?v? ihe benefit of a majority of the
B Wrd. Five hundred ar d eighty-seven
B were polled. mx.'-.mi more than
3 al'.he State election, and much larger
B ever polled before. The tinal re
-i a Democratic gain of ton,
B l; ' than its share bv five times than i!
B r'ary to redeem the State. XeveT
a more earnest 'contest made. Th?
K l^mocrats held their own, and mainH
Uined their rights to a fair vote.
^ f'-w amusing things occurred, w hert
I " Ul? prominent Republicans brought up
S who in despite of everything
*oted for Tildes.
B Ou- friends at Martin's Ferry main
'ainsd u,e tight magnificently, and
9 ^ade more than their shars of the gain
1 riPessary to carry Ohio for Tildes.
1 Al St. Clairsviile, and in every preI
unci in Belmont oouaty, our friends
I .ought nobly, and in every instance
1 i aim made.
Joins the "Solid
South" in the
Cry tor \tletom.
New York, Connecticut, Ini
diana and New Jersey
Fall into Line.
The Augean Stables to Be
Swept Clean and !
Clear by
Large Democratic Gains in
Other States.
Tyranny Overthrown, Des-!
potism Denounced and
Misrule Condemned.
I'MMt It. Ohio county lor PrcNldeut
itud Menibtr. ol 4'ougrefta. KovrmI
bcr ?tb:
I a I ? ! c
; ? 1 ? 8 s
1>1 STRUTS. - i' i O
P I ^ I J V
I Washington 436 403' 424| 411
Madison 401 470i 38-1 4711
Oay : 41i: 397; :i87 416
Union 1 514 427 4144) 446 1
Centre I 300 188 3581 191 '
Webster _l 534 446 549 449 '
Kitehie ; 4251 lo.' 417 411 '
Triadclphia ?
Toll tiate ! 1!1| 33 ltn 38 J
f.i^.uhia 1M3 147 187! 151
? rel- ht>n'a J ?J i
Liberty? s 1
Liberty ~.
' l*ot< mac I
j Valley tirove _i ] ..
! Brick Kcho 1 House 12dj Stt Ii::{ SS j :
i Ulenn's Kuu ! 8jj 3u, 81 20 j
Total 1 I ' | ;
Bridubpokt, ()., November 7.
j rilden 237 I
I Hive* 350
Total voto 587
Hayes majority, 113; Democratic gain [
I of 10.
The vote here for Tilden was 412;
Hayes, 300; Cooper, 4; Kenna, 4UJ; Red- '
j mond, 301. Martin.
Martin's Frrry, November 7*
i Special to the Register.
Hayes 490, Tilden 453. a Democratic '
gain over the October election of 10.
St. Clairsvii.lk. November 7.
Special to the Register.
St. Clairsville precinct gives Tilden
122 majority, a Democratic gain of 9;
Warren township, 17 gain; Glencoe '
precinct, 21 Democratic gain; I'nion
township, Democratic gain 6.
C. N. G.
Special to the Register.
Bki.i.airr, (.)., November 7. ? The
, election in this city passed off pleasantly,
with the exception ot one little fracas
, at the township polls, which did not resuit
seriously. Both parties worked
hard, but the Democrats got decidedly
j the advantage. The largest vote ever
, polled was brought out. The following
j will show the official result: 1st ward,
Hayes, 185; Tilden, 75; 2d ward, Hayes,
[ 102; Tilden, 234; 3d Ward. Hayes, 157;
Tilden, 162; 4th ward, Hayes. 200; Tilden,
138; 6th ward, Hayes, 168; Tilden,
60. The '.ownship polls Hayes 201, Tili
den, 283. Net Democratic gain in city i
and township, 28.
Wilson's Majority Nearly
Tilden's Probably 20,000.
marshall county.
Bknwood, November 7.
Special to the Register:
Total vote of Ben wood precinct to-day
was 486. Tildon and Hendricks received
i34, Hayes '202; Wilson and Scott same
vote; Wilson's majority, 31.
Moundsvilli, Nov. 7.
Special to the Register.
Court House?Hayes, 269; Tilden, 149;
Scott, 272; Wilson, 146.
Latrobe?Hayes, 162; Tilden 1<?9;
Scott, 164; "Wilson, 137.
Ckntkai. Station. Nov. 7.
Special to ttie Register.
Hayes' majority in Central district is
lb, and Scott's 13. Democratic gain of
S>3 over the Congressional election of
1874. Wilson's majority will be at least
>15 in Doddridge county. A.
Special to the Register.
Glovkr's Gap, November 7.?Thi
precinct gives Tilden 103 majority.
Farminoton, Nov. 7.
Special to the Register.
Tilden and Hendricks, 186; Haye9 and
Wheeler, 116: Martin, Domocrat, for
U ingress, 187; Lauion, Republican for
L'or.gress, 115. Democratic majority of
\i, and a Democratic gain of 21 over the
State election. W. W. C.
Fairmont, November 7.
Special to the Register.
The vote at Fairmont is, Hayes, 301;
Tilden, 201; Cooper, 4. Lamon, Republican,
for Congress, 330; Martin,
Democrat, 206. The vote at Palatine
was, Hayes, 160; Tilden, 32; Cooper, 15;
Lamon, 169; Martin, 39. The vote at
Rivesvillo was, Tilden, 152; Hayes, 56;
Martin, 152; Lamon, 56.
Rowlksucro, W. V., Nov. 7.
Bpoclal to the Register.
Rowlesburg gives llayes 129, Tilden
64, a Republican gain ol 64.
Cramikry Summit, November 7.
Special to the Register.
Hayes, 630; Tilden 1M4. A Kepublican
gain of 9 over the October election
Nkwiil'ko, November 7.
Special to the Register.
Hay es, 241; Tilden, 97; a Republican
gain of 11 over the October election.
Independence?Hayes,j97; Tilden, 34.
wood COUNTD.
CLA Y8VILI.K, Nov. 7.
Special to the Register.
The vota in Clay district, as far a<
hoard from, gives Til Jen 119, Ilayes 39;
Wilson 120, Scott 47; Cooper 9.
Pktkolkcm, Nov. 7.
Special to the Register.
This precinct gives an electoral majority
for Tilden of 39; Wilson 34.
wrtzkl county.
Littlkton. November 7.?Tilden and
Hendricks, 73; Hayes and Wheeler, 58;
Scott, 72; Wilson, 55. Democratic gain
of 28over October election. O.
Burton, W. Va., Nov. 7.
Special to the Register.
This precinct gives Tilden 233; Hayet
83; Democratic Congressman Wilson,
233; Republican Congressman Scott,
83. Democratic gain of 41.
ritchie count*,
ispecial to tie Register.
Caiko, November?.?The official vote
at this place is: Tilden, 120; Hayes, 103;
Hendricks, 125; Wheeler, 104; Wilson,
127; Scott, 119; Cooper, 17; Carey. 17.
Cairo, Nov. 7.
Special to the Register.
Official vote at this place?Tildwn't
majority 23; Hendrick s, 21; Wilson's
8; Cooper, 17 votes
harrison county.
Special to the Register.
Clakksbuhq, November 7.
Judging by the vote cast here, Wilsor
will have at least two hundred in tliii
county, and the national ticket about tht
Coal District, Wilson's majority on<
hundred and fortv-flve, a gain for hiti
over the God vote of two hundred anc
Salkm, W. Vs., November 7, 1876.
Special to the Register.
Ten Mile district of Harrison counti
gives Wilson 32, and Tilden 28 majority
Clarksburg. November 7, 1876.
Special to the Register.
Wilson's majority at two voting
places in Clarksburg is 93. a gain oi
God's vote of 393 At Cherry Cam]
Wilson got 30 majority again.
Wkston, November 7.
Special to the Register.
Wilson's majority at the Weaton pre
cinct ia eighty-two. His and Tilden'
majority in the oounty will be about tw
qundred and flfty. T. A. ?
Piedmont, November 7.
(Special to the Register:
Piedmont district give* Tilden 269,
Haves 196; Democratic majority 64. For
, Congress, Martin 262, Larnon 194. Peter
Cooper received one vote.
Western port, Md., give* Tilden 40
j majority.
Flkmiwqton, November 7.
j Special to the Register.
1 Flemington district, Republican Elect|
ors 126 rnajoritv, Lamon 122 majority. !
BiciUANiN, November 7.
! Special to the Register.
The voteof fiuckbannan is568. Hayes'
: majority 158; probable majority of
Upshur county, 400.
^ i ? ?
M km phis, November 7.?Toe election
was unusually quiet. A very heavy vote
was polled, that of the city being over
10,000, or 1,000 over any former vot<?. It
is believed that Thomas, Independent
Democratic candidate for Governor, has
carried the county by over 1,500, and
that the Republicans have elected their
legislative ticket. The Democrats generally
concede the election of Randolph,
Republican, for Congress, over Young,
Democrat, the present incumbent. The |
official vote will not bo known until a j
late hour.
Mkmphis, November 7, II i\ u.?
The vote of this city is not yet counted,
and probably will not be till a very late
hour. The Democrats claim the election
of their county ticket, and that Young, )
Democrat, is re-elected to Congress by a I
small majority. Thomas, Independent
candidate for Governor, has undoubtedly
carried this county by a heavy majority,
and also Fayette county by 300 to 400.
There is immense excitement over the
election. Immense crowds are around ;
; the newspaper offices.
Specials from Mississippi show Demo- j
j cratic gains.
1 Nashville?1The election was quiet f
J in all parts of the State. There is no
! doubt of the election of Parker, Democrat,
Governor, and certainly eight out
I of ten Congressmen by the Democrats.
^ ^
Galvkhton, November 7.?The election
passed of! quietly without excite- I
citement at all the polls heard from.
Specials from the interior state that very
little interest was manifested and a small
vote polled. There is no question as to
the result in the State at large and the
' Congressional districts, except this
(Fifth) district. In this district the
{irobabilities favor Giddings, the regular
)eniocratic candidate, against Jones, InI
Galveston?The Democratic majority
in Texas will probably exceed 75,000.
Giddings, the regular Democratic candi
date, has 1,903 majority in this city,
which probably secures his election, and
returns a full Democratic delegation to
Congress srom this State.
| Charleston, November 7.?Unofficial
returns from various sections of the state
show large Democratic gains everywhere, j
compared with the vote two years ago.
No Republican gain is vet reported any!
where. The Democratic committee are
I jubilant. The Republicans are unwilling
I tt grant that Chamberlain's majority of |
i 1874 has been overcome.
Charleston?Unofficial but trustworthy
returns from about half of tho
state show a Democratic gain of 12,000,
compared with 1874, when Chamberlain
had 10.000 majority over Green. The
Republicans claim that Charleston
county will give a heavy Republican
1 gain to offset the Democratic gains. The
result hangs upon the coast counties, not I
accessible by river.
Charleston.?The Democrats have I
certainly elected Jivari9 in the 4th and j
Aiken in the 3d district to Congress, j
lhe State is probably carried for Damp- i
i j ton and Tilden by a small majority.
Louisville, November 7.?The fol:
lowing is from J. A. Brennar, tiuperin|
tendent of the Western Union Tolo
j graph Company at Augusta, Ga , has
been received here at 11 ociock r. m. |
Florida returns come in slow and the
southern and western counties shew large
' Democratic gains and the Republicans
; have small gains in the eastern counties.
, The state looks Democratic.
Lake Citt, November 7.?Returns I
come in slowly. The southern and 1
western counties show large Democratic j
gains and the Republicans have small j
, gains in the eastern counties. The
Democrats claim the state.
1 Akui'sta, Ga.?A dispatch from Lake )
i City, Fla., says: Returns from sixteen J
j counties in Florida (Republican strong- i
j holds) show net Democratic gains over i
j the vole of 1874 of 644. Columbia and
Monroe counties, formerly Republican, I
1 elect Democrats. Democrats claim the |
I state by a small majority.
Montgmsrt, November 7.?The elec- 1
tion is quiet throughout the state, as tar (
as heard troin. Hayes* majority in this '
' I city will be 1,600. The few boxes h<-ard
j from indicate a large Democratic majorj
ity in the state. It is safe to say seven ;
Democratic Congressmen are elected. j
Mokii.k. November 7.? Indications 1
are that Bromberry, Demoerat, has earI
ried this county by 8,600 majority. Til'
den's majority will equal if it does not
I exceed Bromberrj's. Everything quiet. ,
s M'Muomkrt?The returns show
j Democratic majorities from all directions,
indicating 25,000 majority In the state.
Seven Democratic Congressmen are cer5
; tainly elected. In the Fourth district,
i ti?rl?nn the colored member, is opposed
I by Rapier, coiorid ex-mem ber. Sneily,
Democrat. is making gain?, but enough
is not known to warrant an estimate
Alabama is the same a? at the last
election, the Democrats getting seven
I Congressmen.
Portland. Me., November 7.?Thu?
far we get only 100 towns, with little
' promise of getting more They give
i Hayes 33.236; Tilden, 23,642; Cx>per,
5 74 Haves' majority. 8.794; plurality,
8,720. In September tbe same towns
gave the Republicans 35 547, Democrats
27,394; Republican majority, 141.
h Puiladlpuia, November 7.?New
4 Castle county, Delaware, giv?* ? Democratic
majority of 700. Returns from
0 j other portions of tbe State indicate a
Democratic majority of 2.500
? ?
Oswkoo, November 7.?Hayed 176 to'
majority. Je
Ithaca, November 7?Hayes 18V ^
majority; Republican gain 121. 3<
Schenectady, November 7.?Tilden ^
267 majority; Democratic gain 3y9. j0,
Petersburg, November 7.?Tilden 50 ga
majority; Democratic gain 281.
Syracuse, N. Y.?Complete?Hayes i is
1,382 majority, a Republican gain of 405. lej
Pottsdam, N. Y.?Hayes 830 major- by
Ity, a Republican gain of 19.
New York, November 7.?Returns fea
from 176 election districts outside of by
New York city, compared with tho
Presidential vote of 1872, gives a total thi
Democratic gain of 5,658, Republican bri
gains 3,510(Jnet Democratic gain 2,148.
Rome, N. Y., November 7.?Tilden's frc
majority here is 450, a Democratic gain i 50,
of 386. Ti
Hudson, November 7.?Tilden 292 j
majority; Republican gain 256.
Auburn. -Hayes 660 majority; Democratic
gain 1,099. |
Klmira.?Tilden 166 majority; Dem- i
ocratic gain 232. Hp<
Brooklyn?148 election districts in
this city, out of 161, give Tilden a ma-j
jonty of 15,651. i UJI
Utica?Complete returns give Tilden . et.
94 majority; Democratic gain 319. oV)
Dunkirk?Tilden's majority 227, a .
Democratic gain of 34.
LocktokT?Tilden's majority 94. I De
N kw York?390 election districts of lid
New York city give Tilden 86,294, and j
Hayes 38,440; 247 election districts out- j in
'I- --C l?- Vou, anH Rrimif. I lid
MUC i?l HID Vlljui iion m. \jk ?? ?*.*. vv?
lyn show a net Democratic gain of $2,784 *1*
as compared with the Presidsntial vote gr(
of 1872, when Grant had 53,450 majority
in the state. The Democratic majority lie
in New York city this year is about dis
55,000, against about 23,000 in 1872, and J"
in Brooklyn about 10,000, against not
quite 5,100 in 1872. thi
Nkw York?With 18election districts 921
to hear from .in the city, Tilden's ma Do
jority is 53,000; 310 towns and districts 2,"
in New York state, outside of this city
and Brookh n, show an aggregate Kopub- 8t8
lican majority ol 23,970; Republican g|.
gain 0,158; Democratic majority 12,099; 55'
Democratic gain 9,090; net Democratic mi
gpin 3,538. 90
Saugkrtiks. ? Tilden 181 majority; tic
Democratic gain 355. co
Nkw York?New York county gives 0j
Tilden 112,208; Hayes 68,058; Cooper (jc
252; Tilden's majority over Hayes 53,550. j0]
Brooklyn gives a Democratic gain Bi
over last year of 1,500, and indicates a pU
majority there of 12,000 to 15,000, which
gives Tilden the state. co
Richmond county gives 1.500 for Til- rni
den, and Oneida county 2,000 for Hayes. Cit
N kw York.?Robinson is elected Gov- O'
ernor so far as Now York city returns gr
snow, but Morgan is running ahead of
his ticket. Ely polls nearly as large a co
vote as Robinson. The returns for 7,(
Mayor arc coming in fast. Ely i* elect- | Cri
ed by a large majority. ' i M
Ro< ukstkr?Greene county gives Til- g?
den 1,000; Democratic gain over 700. 11,1
Nkw York?Putnam county gives Pu
Hayes 200 majority; Democratic gain of
109 Cbernung county gives Tilden 465 | 1.1
majority. 1 ^
RomicsTitR?Haves has 176 majority j _
in Rochester, with two districts in Six- P"
teenth wards to hear from. Tiio county
gives Hayes 1875 majority, wild six districts
to hear Irotn. In 1872 the city gr
pave 1778 Republican majority, and the K'
county 3,772. ' P'
lit fk a to?The city complete shows j
a total vote ol 25.(550 for the national * V.'
tickets. Hayes' majority is 262, a Dem ?
ocratic gain over last year ot 3.452, and ..
a Democratic gain over 1872 of 8,417
Brooklyn?This county, Kings, gives I gei
Thiiden 17,988 majority. H
Is'aw Yore?Uswego county gives lei
3,000 majority for Hayes; Oaondagua I T'
gives 2,653 Rcgublican majority. | T'
T?oy, N. Y.. November 7. ? Tilden, I
1,267; Democratic gain, 1,702. ! j?
New York.?Albany county gives | ?p*j
2,200 Democratic majority. The 1> mo I ^
crats elect all four members ol the
assembly. <j>,
Brooklyn?As far as can be ascer- Jj
tained, Wm. D. Yeeder, Democrat, is
elected in the Second Congressional Dis- [ on
trict: S ii. Chittenden, Republican, in Ti
the Third, and A. M. Bliss. Democrat, i
in the Fourth. There are three towns to D
be heard from on the electoral ticket, j
which it is believed will bring Tilden's of
majority up to 20 000 in Kings county.
New York.?Hiscock. Republican, is |j?
elected to Congress in the 25th district, ti1
Townsend. Republican, is re elected to j
Congress oy abont 2,600 majority. I fo
Nkw York?fcieven lu^ni 01 ?miario |
county will give Lapham, Republican i
for Congress. 10.CHXt majority.
Roc a a -te a.? I>h vy, Republican, for
Ongress, is defeated. Jeflerson county
gives Hayes 2,100 majority; Democratic
gain 61.
New York?The Twenty-sixth Dis- ' C1
trict electa John H . Camp, Republican f0
for Congress.
Nbw York. November 7.?The fol- ' ],
lowing Congressmen were elected ia this
State.- Con gres-m?n-elect-?Republicans, | c(
Eighth district, Anson G. McCook; ,
Eleventh, Levi P. Morton; Thirteenth.
John H. Ketchum; Seventeenth, Martin T
I. Townsend; E ghte*ntb, Andrew Wil- L
liams; Nineteenth, Amaziah B. James; xj
Twentieth, John 11. Starin; Twenty- tr
first, Salomon Bundy; Twenty-second, CJ
George A. Baigely; Twenty-third Wm. l"
J Bacon; Twenty-fourth, Wm. 11. Baker;
Twenty fifth, F. Hiscock; Twentvsixth,
J. H. Camp; Twenty-seventh, ti
E. G. Lapham; Twenty-eighth, J. D jj
Wight, Twenty-ninth; John >. Hun- w
gertord. Thiriet'h, John M. Davy, Thirty- p,
first, Geo. C. Hoskint, Thirty-second, c,
E G. Spaulding, Th rty third G. W. T,
Pattersan. Total 20. Democrats?First, C1
Covert, Second, Ja?. Cavanaugb, Third, h
Thos. S. Dallin, Fourth, Archibald M. g
Bliss, Fifth Micheal Muller, Sixth, 6. S.
Cox, Seventh, Anthony Eckhoff, Ninth,
Fernando Wood, Tenth, Abraham S.
Hewitt, Eleventh, Clarksan N. Patter, F
Fourteenth, Geo. M. Beohe, Fifteenth n
Thoa, H. Temper, Sixteenth, J. (Juinn tl
j Total IS. ^
BER 8, 1876.
Hartford, November 7.?Fifty-nine
wns, including Meriden, the only city
t reporting, give H&yee 14,397, Tiln,
13,3555; Hayes' majority, 1,062;
lyes' vote over nooioson ia*t tjiriui;,
580; Tilden's over lngersoll, 1,190.
lt-se 59 towns gave a Democratic malty
last spring of 1,028, a Republican
in of 2,090.
Hartrord, November 7.?This state
Democratic by 3,000 majority. Hawr
for Congress is defeated by Landers
llAKTroRD?General liawley is deited
for Congress in the First district
about 150.
Hartkord ?The seems to be no doubt
it the legislature is Republican in both
Uartvord, November 7.?Returns
>m 238 out of 167 towns, give Hayes
922, Tilden 55,606; majority for
lden 4,684.
lOO Radical Hnjorlt) In Allegheny.
eoial to the Register.
Allegheny county gives about 8,000
ijority for the whole Republican tickKrrett,
Republican, has a majority
er Haskins, Democrat, of twelve hun?d;
Bayne, Republican, over Cochran
imocrat, of 2,500, a gain of two Repuban
Congressmen. D. O'NciL.
FittbburqH?Returns up to this hour
Allegbeney county indicate a Repuban
majority on the county ticket of
out 8,000. Bayne, Republican Conussman
in the Twenty-third district, is
cted by nearly 3,000. Krrett Repuban
for Dongress in the Twenty-second
trick claims 2,500, but the Democrats
n't concede the district yet.
Philadelphia?Eighteen ward* of
is city show a net Democratic gain of
8. Randall, Democrat, is re-eiected to
ingress from the Third district by
00 majority.
Philadelphia, November 7.?In this
ite Huntington county will probably
re 500 Republican majority, a gain of
3. Schuylkill county 1,400 Democratic
ijority, a gain of 162. In this county
0 votes were polled for the greenback
ket. Partial returns from Buck^
unty indicate a Democratic majority
between 600 or 400, a slight gain,
ilumbia county give a Democratic nitrity
of 1,800, a republican gain of 300.
adford county returns indicate a Reblican
majority. Heabout 2,600, a
jmocratic gain of 261. Montgomery
unty is estimated at 700 Democratic
ijority, a gain of 725. 25 wards in this
,v give a net Democratic gain of 1.138
Neil, Republican, is elected for Coness.
Philadelphia ?In this stato Berks
unty gives a Democratic majority of
XX), again of 431; Cumberland, I)emo.
stic majority 1,000, a gain of 300;
onroe, Democratic majority 2,300, a
in of 340; Northampton, Democratic
ijority 3,600, a gair. of 720; Blair. Reiblican
majority 500, Democratic gam
45; Dauphin, Republican majority
XX), Democratic gain of 270; York,
smocratic majority 3,200, a gain of 700;
ihigh, Democratic majority 2,000, Reiblican
gain of 100; Lancaster, Kepuban
majority 6,000, a gain of 900Phildklaphia?The
following Con.
essraen are elected from Pennsylvania:
spu blican. First district, Cbiptnan
rocman; .Second, Chas. O'Neill; Fourth,
rni. D. Kelley, Fifth, A. Charmer;
xtb, Wra. Ward; Seventh, Isaac N
- * ? tj
k'nris; ^iriiu, -v. u. .-umu, mtum,
. B. Payne; Fourteenth, John W
ollinj^or; Fifteenth, Edward Overton;
xlesntb, John J. Mitcebell; Twentycond,
Russell Krrett; Twentv-third, T
. Bayne; Twenty-fourth, W S. Shah
nbergi-r; Twenty-filth, Harry White;
wenty-sixth, John M. Thompson;
wenty-seventh, Lewis F. \\ atson.
Democrats?Third district. .Samuel J
uidaii; Eighth, ilicster t ymor; D-nth,
A. Bridges; Eleventh. K D Collins
Uirteenth, James B lidlly; Seven'
enth, John Redly; Eighteenth. W. S
enger; Nineteenth. 1a vi .Moish
wentietb. L. A. Mackey; Twenty-first
icob Turn?-y.
I'hi lai>klhuia? N orthumberianc
mnty is estimated at 500 majority toi
ilden, a Republican gain of ZOO.
Bedford county six districts, show i
emocratic gain of -?0.
Clinton county, Dem<-rratic majority
1,000, a Democratic gain about 'Jo0.
Montgomery county. Democratic ma
rity e-timatftd at 700. a Democrat <
tin of 726.
Huntingdon c uoty, 1,70J majority
r Tilden.
Piiilaiivj.piha? Returns from th<
itire city give a Republican majority
l the electoral ticket of 1*5,419, a IC-pub
:an loss ot 1,867. Wright. Democratii
mdida e for sheriff of Philadelphia. hai
: " -f l'. ')f?i tko r??ti rnikt^!
e Republican majority in Penr.syl
inia at 10,0?i0, while Forney'* I'rt*
aim? a majority of 15.000 and a gain o
iur Congressmen.
I'hii.akklfhia ? Labanon county
400 majority for Have*. Su?quehar.ni
luntv. six districts, snow a Republicai
nr. of 11. h,lk county is estimated a
rtween 700 and SCO Democratic. Lu
>rne county, it is stated tha
ilden ? majority will reach 3,000
yconiing county estimated at 1 101
eujocratic majority DaniwsoS. Cen
e county, ind cat#* that the Democrat
irried the county 10,000, low of 400
nion countv. Republican majority abou
FiTT'Bt KoH.? Return* received up V
so o'clock this morning from 100 town
i the 17 weetern counties or the ft tab
itside of Allegheny county, give a ne
epublican majority ct 1,564; being
ft RepuMica: gain on tbe eubernalorm
ute in 1 *75 of 531. The Republics:
aim Allegheny coanty by 8.000 &n>
ave probably elected both their ?V,
tram aa a Prophet.
Washinqto*, .November 7 ? Th
resident becomes a prophet h> th
??ult of the election to day aj.d ?ai
he chancea of Hayes bmn* elected h
uacaaaor are as thru U, e*?*
Indian*polia, November 7 ?Return* ! *u
from *i0 tnvnuhim viva Til.lan 3 044 1 13
Haye* 2,550. The lame places in Orto- m
ber gave Williams 3,004, Harrison 2,641. r>*
Indianapolih?100 township* in 64
eountie* give a Democratic gain oi *246. cr
Tkkre Haute?6 ward* and town|
ship* in this county show a Republican dc
| gain over October of *20. wi
Indianapolis, Novmber 7. ?In tl'2e
! township* in 39 counties heard from the A
Democratic net gain is 50. The indica- r#
tions now are that Tilden's majority will H
be between 7,000 add 10.000 in the State. c'<
Indianapolis, November 7?8:10.?
Returns trom 40 townships give* Tilden,
5,809 Haye*, 6,801. The same place* in <*r
October gave Williams, 5,789; Harrison, R<
6,898, U
Indianapolis.?Return* from eighty
township* give Tilden 13,676, llaye* 13,.
433. The same place* in October gave J*
Williams 13,826, Harrison 13,700.
EvaMsyiLLE.?Thirteen precinct* show bs
a net Democratic gain of 136. tvi
Indianapolis.?Returns from 140 precincts
in 58 counties, give a net Demo|
cratic gain of 869 over the vote lor Governor
in October. Return* Irom 180
townships give Tilden 35,494, Have* 86,.
j 834. The same places in October gave
Williams 35,141, Harrison 36,193, a net
Democratic gain of 667.
Indianapolis?Return* from 2*20
township* give Tilden 46 816 and Haye*
46,647. The same places in October
gave Williams 46,486 and Harrison 46,819,
a net Democratic gain ot 60*2.
.Vr.w Eavin?Gives the Demooratic
electoral ticket 1,874 majority. Phelps,
Democratic candidate for Congress in
this district is re-elected over Kellogg
by a majority something less than that of r<
two years ago. The State will he close,
I-..* mHI nitrn ?s dinal) maSnr.
UUV will UIIU47U WVTVAIJt |^l< V M mum. M.njv.
ity lor Tilden.
Richmond.?Almost every section of e](
the state indicates that Tilden is gaining ,^L
steadily He will carry the slate by a ]0
largely increased majority over any pr<- iu
vioua election. Goode* election is no* jtl
undoubted. If Hunton is elected in tl e td,
Second district, the entire Congressional ^
delegation will be Democratic. t'i
Ktansville?K?*turns from 1h pro- pi
cincta show a net Deinasia'ie gain of 172. D<
Pigeon township, complete returns, is b<
included in the above, and shows a net I'
Democratic gain of 172. Two precincts Pl
in the county are n?* vet beard from. P'
Indianapolis?Returns from 220 R
townships and voting precincts in 66 th
counties give a net Democratic g-in ol ri<
602 on the October vote. The Democrat- th
ic majority in the state will not be less fa
1 ! than 7.000 cc
| I Indianatolia?Returns from 240
] townships and voting precincts, give a 1'
Democratic net gain oi 476. The increase
1 in the vole in these townships is 1,080.
Indianapoi.ih?3 a. m?Returns from m
j 900 townships give Tildao 68,872, Hayes
: 67.083. Same places in October gave lr!
{ Williams 67,190, Harrison 66,916, Democratic
gain 736.
Indianapolis, 3am ?Reports from
260 townships and predicts beard from,
being 27 per cent of the October vote,
show a Democratic gain of 736. The fr
same rate of gains for the entire slate will u
give Tilden a majority of 7,861. 9(
- m y ?? o
OH I It. i'.
Columbi a.? Returas from 3 8 waids,
; townships and precincts in about 60 gj
! counties, including about half of Cleve- j
. ! land and one-third of Cincinnati, snow j y
, , Hayes gains to be 4,4u7; Democratic gain jj
4,666; net Democratic gain as compared
with the gubernatorial election in 1875, ,1
' IG9' H
Con nut's, 11:30? Returns from 608 m
townships and wards show a net Repuf;
| lican gain of 177 over 1876, when Hayes' n
; ' majority was 6,440. j y
CoLt'MHUa, O, November 7.?The i u
Republican Htate Committee c?racede I
Tilder.'s election. Returns up to 2 a.
' w. indicate that Ohio has gone Itepuhli'
, can by 8,000 to D.00*> majority
CoLrwHUe.?Th? following are the P
' returns Clinton, 4 townships and pre- '
cinta, Republican majority 876, Uepub- I'
I i can gain 19. Columbia, 6 townships and
. precints, Republican majority 248, Re- "
publican gain 134. Coshocton, 3 town- 01
i ships and precincts, Democratic majority
174, Democratic gain 28 Crawford, i e
. j H townships and precinct*. Democratic H
majority 1,425, Democratic gain l'Ji. I
j Cuyahoga county, 22 preriact and 1 ce
. | township*, Republican majority J I
2.671, Democratic gain 1,840 4i
Darke county. 8 townships, Democratic b
? ?.? n ? LI ..i. ii rw I
ZOA; w|iriin-?n ; *. .
, fiance, 7 townabipe, Democratic majority
906; Republican gain 67 Drlaware, 4
_ | townabipa, Democratic majority 404; Re,
I publican gain 82 Fairfield, 6 town-'ll
* ( iown*bip?, Democratic majority 572;
j Democratic gait. 52 Franklin, 19 '
! townahipa, Democratic majority 17; *
, Democratic gain 199 j b
k Baltimore, November 7?Official '
! returna from all tbe ward* in the city
l give a Democratic majority of 10,090
. In the Third Congrreeional Diatrict
I Kimmell'* Democrat) majority ia 5,827; r
i Fourth Diainct, Swar/a (Democrat/ ma- a
) jority ia over 2.500 Returna from everv j,
. portion ol the State ahow Democratic j
1 Bai'iiMoat?.Sufficient return* have 1
t been r> eived from the aeveral couotiea *
tbr ._'hoat the ?'ate to ?bow that tbe '
? Derno rata have elected tbe eotireCoo?
g'e?fjoral delegation and carried tbe
* auto by a large majority. The majority 1
t lor Tilden ia eatimat'd at 18 000.
a t _ J
LOl'fMlASA. |
d c
>k? Orlear?. November 7.?Tbe ]
Democratic State Central Committee baa j
diapatchea claiming 1.500 majority in ;
Clan borne parltb. and 1,000 majority in |
[9 Lincoln pariah, a net gain of over 1 800 j
|e in tbe two pariahea.
ra In'^rmation aaya Louiaiana baa gone f
ia D-mocratic, lb* majority in New Or* ?
leana being 10,Oi? s
. '3,J
NO. 96
Teknton, N. J., November 7.-The
it* hat cod* Democratic bj probably
,000 majority. Four, if out five, of tbu .
ven Congressmen ar* Democratic. The
it legislature, which will elect a
nited Senator u probably Denio
Tiistox.?New Jersey ia still iu
>ubt. with the chance* strongly that it
ill go Democratic. The Democrats
ive made MTirtl aalne is the
aaembly. Paaaaic countjr. which ?ii
lied on to give a large majority lor
ayea and the Congressmen, i* very
aae, and Culler it probably re-elected
Con great.
Tags tox?This date ha* gone Item
atic by probably 16,000 majority. Th?
?publicani elect throe out of aeven
)ngreaam*n, a gain of one; atate Senate
it in doubt.
Tkentok.?The Legislature remains
't in Joubt, and both aid? elalm It in
iv case the majority on either aide will
i very sutall, probably not more thus
ro or three.
?^ -
Ik* MUor mf Ik* "laUllltMrrr"
edlng Ik* *lr*lloM rriarM.
Sak Francisco, November 7.?The
action in thi* city and Slate wu very
liet and a heavy v< t* cs*t; I'J.ODll Iml
U were polled in thi* city. The reIt
here cannot bo known before morn
g. Both partio* claim the city, but
e defeat ol Pipe*. Democrat, for Conin
tbia Di*trict, i* conceded. I'ar
il return* from the interior iliow K>?
iblican gain* everywhere. There i?
> question that Pago, Republican, will
> elected in the Secoud I)i?lrict
1 the Third and Fourth the Reiblican*
are doubtlul, and can't *afely
'edict from present advice* In the
epublican State State Committee room*
e feeling if *trong that they have cared
the State by a fair majority, and
le pre** di?|>atch ?eem to indicate that
ct. Return* from lorge towne ar,>
iming in very alow.
Nothing from Oregon or Nevada mipt
the Democratic gain* reporte<l in
irgmin City.
Saw Francisco, November 7.?The
ate will probably give a Republican
itjorlty of ft,000. A di*pat>-b from Vlr
nia City to the Democratic State CVn
al Committee, concede* the *ute to the
epublican* by 800 majority.
? ?^
Littlb R?h k, November 7 - Return*
om five ward* and one town*hfp, are
i follow*: Democrat*, W2; Republican
14; for Cor.gre**, Stuart. Ilamocrat,$7'J;
raven*, Democrat, 801; McC'lur*. R*ublican,'JOft;
Riee, Greenback, 78 Nine
epublican ward* yet to hear Iroiu.
lection quiet and orderly.
Little K-ck ? Return* front 2 town
lip* of Clark county Rive Stewart,
lemocrat, 6W, Craven, Democrat,
IcClure, 887 On* township give.
emptietlCI, n<tpuuiK:wi. a majority
One township of Miller county ?
ongre**man Snyder, Republican, JW/i,
ItODOOl, iMmo '-rat, 1t\. Independ
nee county 16ft Republican. One townlip
of Phi lip< ' ounty give a Republican
lajorlty of 17. Liberty townabtp "f
Vhite county, Democrat* 78 and Repub<an*
m 1 - ? >
* ft. UK ANNA.
Ovaiia, November 7. -Tb? wtiou
*?? <! of) quietly. Heavy vote in tLi?
ity. No return* from tbe Male. Both
true* claim Douirlaa* county. I/?*I
iclion* rauae *ome scratch ing. The
.raigbt ticket ?o far a* counted in tbe
ity ?bow a Democratic plurality.
Omaiia?Partial return* from Collar
ounty ibow 68 Republican majority
luffaioccmnty 144 Republican majority ,
lodge. 110 Republican majority Netnab*
>ucty i* claimed by tbe Danomu, and
lelaine br tbe Republican* by about
r*0 The DernorraU ' latin Platte courtj
y 1 -70 majority. No official vote yet
Jackhow, Miaa., November 7.?Rear
na from various point* indicate tbal
se State ha* gone l>n? ratio by a
irceiy increaaed majority over tbe ia*l
lection. Five Concreeaiuea are elect**:
y tbe Democrat* with a strong pruba
11 itv out*ide tbeae counties and ?at
red over a large portion of the State
rhicb will give TSJden a jnajoritv <d
tt? A.
Dm Moisa*. No?enib?r 7.?Bui ftw
oturot are yet receired lr??o? loea, an.J
II indicate lacrenaed Republican to a
?ritiea and tbe election of all tbe K?
)Ut?lican Coni(r<-?*inee, Tbe majority
n tbe HUte Uck.< u estimated at froio
iO.UOO to 46.000. f-Xer Caoper ran
leaner tban vaa expected, and bi? Tote
rill probably reach 10,000.
? v?
BtauaoToa, November 7.?Kifbtj
eren to?n? (t?a Uajrea 26,266, Tllden
2 HV.* < altering 14; >an? town* fart
n 1*72: Grant 23,628, Greeley 6.810,
) O nnor 218. Him' majority oe?r
f I Idea, 12 H?,3; Haje?' rain orer (Irani.
C'bxtkv.m, November 7.?Return,
rum all bet a few preetccu indicate tbe
ileetion of CrWtl, Me publican, for Delegate
by 700 majority.

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