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1 11 wy *! r"
?j]C fir CSS:
.Abbeville, S. O.
. VV. A. LEE. EDITOR. > 1
TKRMS?Throe Pollnr* f? yenr in n<)vnnce
No 'Subscription# tukun for a uhorter
timo than six months.
* Friday, October 15,1869.
TV* A A r\ P 4 It A A l?Tl O ?
villo Banner.
Our frieuds will bear in mind that
wo have no control over the accounts
due the "Banner" office. Thoy arc
tlio property of the former proprietor,
Mr. W. W. Farrow. "We bought
only the material, and good-will, and
subscription list.
Election in Ohio and Pennsylvania.
Tho olection returns in Ohio and'
Pennsylvania lcavo tho result still
doubtful. In Ohio there will bo n1
Democratic majority in tho Legisla-I
turo, but it is doubted whether Pen-'
dlcton is elcctcd governor over Haves', j
In Penns3'lvania, tho ' Republicans
liavo carried the Legislature, and
probably elcctcd Geary over Packer, j
Tho following aro the returns:
Washington, October 13.?Noon.?
Careful comparison, based on partial!
returns from thirty counties, inciiifling
Philadelphia and Allegany, shows
a, Democratic^ gain of nearly. 4.000.
Tho remaining Counties must average
nearly 200gain to elect Packer. Geary's
majority in Philadelphia was 3,-339.
Cincinnati, October 13.?Hamilton
County gives Pendleton 500 majority, I
<ind elects the entire Democratic municipal
ticket. Pendleton is defeated j
by a very small majority; eorrcetcd j
returns may elect him. Tho House j
is Democratic; the Senate Ttcpubli-!
can. This defeats the State's sane-'
tion of the fifteenth amendment.
PiiTAErELrHiA, October 13.?Bolhj
branches of the J.cgislalurc arc Tic- j
publican. The Senate stands 18toj
15 ; House 3G to 17?giving 29 majority
on joirit ballot. All the papers
but tho Age give tbe Stale to (ioarjby
from 0.000 to 10,000. Tho Aye
claims 5,000 for Packer.
Cleveland, October 13.?Returns j
from the third district state that)
-Hayes losses 5,000. This average, if
carried throughout the State, will
vloct ITayes ty 6.000 majority. The
Democratic strongholds aro still unheard
X"1 - r> 1 "
in ??iujiry k nmjoruy in uur-|
ly-six Counties is nearly* 5,000. The!
remaining thirty Counties must average
157 gsin to elect-Packer. The
Viection will bo very close, bat the
^thancos are in favor of deary.
The few detailed returns from Ohio
indieato Pendleton's elcetion.
Oar District Agricultural Fair.
Last week wo published a list of
the committees appointed for our approaching
District Fair, and this
'week we are printing 1000 hand-bills
containing in addition to these, the
Preminm Lists, Constitution, Regulations
&o., which we liavo repeatedly
laid beforo our readers. These being
diasominated throughout the length
and breadth of our District, we leel
assured, will awaken a becoming in-1
^nracf 1 n ^aL?1P aP aiiw
Tho Fair it will bo recollcctcd avi 11
be opon for exhibition on tho 3d,
4tb and 6th November next. All articles
for exhibition must bo entered
Jiefore 5 o'clock Tuesday evening, the
2d November, except animals, which
may bo entered by 9 o'clock Wednesday
morning the 3d November.
}V? trust to seo on the occasion a
display of articles, and an attendanco
of spectators, which shall remind us
of tho days of our past prosperity.
To mako our Fair a sueecsa, let us
/?nlp it ito be so, and tho work
will bo doco.
Lot ub all turn out?old men and.
j^nptrons?youpg tnon and maidpns?
boys and girls?exhibit what wo can
,pnd if wo exhibit nothing else let us
exhibit ourselves. . *
? 4 ?
Death op Dr. Wm. Henry Calpao.UN.?A
private letter to his rola- i
iiveB hero announces the death of Dr. <
>"SVm. Honry Calhoun at his residency <
?n Mississippi, on tho 24th ult. His
juewn .\vas very sudden. lie had
?QBe with his brother-in-law, Dr. Orr,
Aq viait A patient, -vrhptn finding very iU,
liiey remained all night. The <
deceased retired to bed at about 12 i
.o'clock much indisposed, and 600n I
propped to ?leep. About two hours 1
after, ho was '.disQpvered dead?it is <
supposed from disease of tho heart i
' >Tho deceased was a nephew of tho 1
.jjrept Carolina statesman, a brother of 1
Jp9- A. Calhoun, Esq., of our District, ^
and t}?e tyrotherrin-law pf Judge Orr. i
Ho removed ironj. our District in 1845 ]
.and leaves here Jnpny relatives and i
friends to monrn his loss, i
- ]
<?BA&&zsTO!f Oysters,?An enter- j
pricing Charlestonian has .undertaken (
;tf> put these delicious bivalves within, j
;the reach of the benighted people of Ahe
Interior, and the first class nsjnes 1
'' .to which he refers are a gnaranteo i
that he ;i* all right. See advertisejgmjj&t&Xi.
P- * <*> \
. tit and Commis.
of CbwlMton, S. C. ;
i : ?#nSfcwa?n jt??h character and esrtp&tlrm,
wotakeplaaears .
' i*- thepatronag?$tfoor
people. They will muko
Jpptral advancements on consignments
^ or /Hends in $ew York. i
For the Legislature!
TIio Rev. J. N. Young, and Mr. F.
A. Connor, tho former nominees of
our people for the vacant seats iu the
Legislature, having declined for reasons
satisfactory to our citizens,.tho
delegates from the various sections of
urn- j-?i3iiivi met again on ueunesuay
last, and nominated Mattliew McDonald,
Esq., and Mr. "Win. K. Bradley,
as oiu-Btandard bearers iu the coining
.Let tljo white peoplo of tho District
go to work with tlie proper spirit, and
the success of tho ticket is assured?
assured by the combined support of
whites and blacks.
White men and black mon 1 "We
address }*ou the same arguments?
appeal to common interests, in support
of common ends. Here are men
born and raised among you; known
to you all their lives; and to whom
ever}* black man can say, as the men
of Israel to their prophet " thou hast
not defrauded 11", nor oppressed us,
nor takci) aught of any man's hand !"
They are .men that have common
interests with you ; will you support
them. We know that you will; and
with "a long pull, a strong pull, and a
pull altogether," wo will elect, the
people's ticket. Remember the 127(li
ATnnrr l#1* ruTrnurfnirn mT*r*
4'&</i/ki< i iv'.? r,r,i\j.>u is l 1 IJ rw
Ai.t.-deftnfy Party.?"Wo learn that
Messrs. T. A. Sullivan, and Pcm Guffin,
Radical candidates, for the L<^-ishttnre,
left tho vi.Iiige, on last "Wednesday
evening, freighted -with tTircc
gallons of whisltey, to hold n uiecjLjng
at Mr. John Devlin's plantation in the J
lower part of the District. We leave j
it to the imaginations of our readers
to eonecivc the character of si meeting |
lic.lil under such circumstances?at!
night, with the had liquor, and tliej
worse cunning of the incendiary on the ;
one side, and the simple faith, and excitable
passions of the blind dupe on
the other. The meeting was hold j
near the residence of the He v. -Mr. J
Sloan, who was disturbed by the carousals
of <hcs.c midnight brawlors, |
and adjourned at a lute hour, with a
discharge of fire-arms. Messrs. Sullivan
and Gnffin. if j'ou will electioneer,
please have somo regard for tho public
peace?select more seasonable
hours, and do not distribute your
liquor quite so freely.
< 4^
Death of Ex-Puesidknt PiF.ncv.-?
Died, on .the IOLIi inst, at Concord,
New Hampshire, Franklin H. Pierce,
15 j:-President of' the United Slates.
He was born in Jlillborough, New
Hampshire, in 1804; studied law in
tho offli'e oT Judge Woodburry; j
Hervcd successively in the State Legislature,
and in Congress ; was tendered
the post of Attornej*-Gcneral of the
United States, by President Polk,
which he declined; served as Briga
dier in tho Mexican War; nnd was
elected President in 1S52. President
Pierce, was a true i*eprescntativo of
tho better class of American Statesman,
a man of great'purity of character,
and consistency of life?of strong
will, indomitable energy, and eminent
flfinirtl fiilftlif Jna TKnuft l?r.*
wVV.... 4 IIV/OU laot AIM Iiiru
the elements of Lis succcss.
4^^ ?
Tut: Statf. Fair.?Our renders
Kill recollect that the. State Agricultural
Fair coincs ofF in Columbia, on
tho 10th November next, (-losing on
tbo 12th?being the woek after our
own District Fair. Ever}- preparation
is being mado to ensuro its succcss.
Ah attractive premium list has
been gotten up, large and commodious
building are being eroded, and
arrangements arc being made to ac
cuniuiuuuLc in pnvaio uouscs such ol
tho large crowd of visitors, who may
fail to get accommodation in the hotels
of tho city. Wo trust to see a
full representation from our District,
and feel assured that the success of
Dur own District Fair will impart, to
3ur citizens renewed interest in tho
Stato Fair.
Edgefield Cocrt.?Tho Court in
Edgoficld has been in session'during
iho past two weeks. Tho Grand Jul*V
Consists Of fMrrht. wliifro olmron
- ?- ?'v-"
alacks?one of tho Petit Juries ontirey
of blacks, tho other with a considjrablo
sprinkling. It. B. Elliott, a
legro lawyer was prcsont, assisting
iho Solicitor. Several mnrder cases
trero tried. In tho caso of tho State
Bleaso, for tho murder of Rutherford,
tho defendant was acquitted,
[n tho caso of tho Stato vs. Bootho
'or tho murder of Toney, tho defandwit
was found guilty of manslaughter.
In the case* of tho State vs. Geo. B:
xnd James Addison for tho murder of
Charles M. Cross well, tho Grand Jury
Rmnd "no bill." <
fiS is expocted that Judge Oft will
bold an Extra Court iiv^fttinarry next
for tho dispatch <?f civil ^uoyiess.
Ji i ? ; Ji'i 'it, ?
Soo notice of the ft.mynAl miot.
ing of the JBpar<l of Cfounty'CtaifttiiaBioners
on i&e X?: iCinaeci?y of ^py?mbe*?
nexfa/j AUrt jjioconate\ ag*Ui*k the
County- graft $e (presented yvtho
Clerk of the Btoffri'lfr. Ildbm jAAi*,
?y ;
' : i ?O.Mi) ni/.'.' .1.. r,r ' "
1^. Bee ndvovtigomonU of Sheriff's
>ale* for next Sale Day.
' V_
jjp*U We cfmipci<d |o the Attention j I
of our readers tho* advertisement of j
Messrs. ,Quai;les, Perrin &,:(V ?w^o|
are notv receiving their elegant Fall
and Winter Stock. Jt. lwfchcqii purchased
by Mr. Quark's with his usual
skill and will be found to cmbraccji
the latest and most select 2s pw ^*ork^H
stylos. Whether yon wish something^*'
ornamorital. or useful?the mosLelu-ji
gant or tho most substantial?you enn 11
scarcely fail to get here the best of (s
its Knni, at prices to suit the limes, p
Their stock of ladies' goods is large J
and select?laces, Niks and satins f
?shawls, cloaks and capes. (ienllc- t
incn will find a lino variety of cloth- *
ing and furnishing goods. Cull early j'
and the Messrs. Pevrin and Quarks j ^
will take pleasure in showing you;,
through their stock. |j
I Theso gentlemen advertise the best I
gunny bagging and arrow ties.
_ L;S 1
- ? t
-Mr. Enoch Nelson advertise? i
in another column his superior Fall 1
and Winter Stock which has been '
jselected by Capt. P. 1?. WilKams with (
his best cave and skill. Tso. 1 Gran- J
ite Range embraces all the latest and , J
most elegant styles of ladies' and j
gentlemen's dress goods?select and J
varied, in price and quality?some- ,
thing for each, and enough for all. r
^2s"o. 2 enfolds all the beautiful crealions
of the milliner's skill?lials.
!bonnets, flowers, veils, in charming
, variety and rich profusion. In Xo. H |
iyou will find an cxtensivo slock of
I the best groceries?all warraulcil
! fVrwl. <..> !
I It veil IUIM Ol'ivrtlr.
| Messrs. Williams, Dendy, and Allen r
will bo pleased to do the honors of f
the Dry Coods department?Mrs- t
I Cain, an experienced and skillful mil
liner, late of Baltimore, to exhibit '
whatever is lovely in her line?and ?
Messrs. .Rogers to show the best of I
solids and fluids, tJive them each i
and all a call. I
Titf. Election*.?In our last, we :l
published a new list of Managers of (
election appointed by L. L. tiufiin, 8
Chairman, of the Board of Commis- f
sioners. We have our doubts wheth- t
or CSuflin has an)* authority at.all in 11
the premises, but scarce!}* any doubt 1
but that lie has improperly instructed 1
the managers as to their duties with
regard to registration. It would
tako a Philadelphia lawyer to tell ,
what the present election law is. in
the ''confusion worse confounded" of ^
of tho present Radical chaos?but a
simpleton may tell what itjs not.
"We would adviRO the managers to
keep separate lists and separate boxes rfor
all names which do not appear on
their Registration Books?if they recoive
them at all 1
H&T II. F. Russol & Co., 200 Broad 1
Street, Augusta, Ga., aro one of.the
of tho most enterprising and liberal '
|of tho city firms. It is a pleas- 1
ure to advertise for them, and we aro
sure it is an equal pleasure to purchase
from them. They aro now re- '
cciving one of ,tho most attractive J
Fall and Winter stocks of Dry (Joods
ever brought to a Southern market. (
Read their advertisement and judge
for yourselves. With them will bo
found Mr. Perriu Wardlaw who will i
bo pleased tosco his Abbevillofriends. J
When visiting the city do not forget (
to call r.t Russell & Go's. * t
Ka^*" Thursday, (yesterday) was tho
grand opening day in the Millinery *
department of tho "Emporium of 1
Fashion." The beauty and fashion of J
Abbeville were there to do honor to
occasion, and amid tho profusion of
lovely flowers, natural and artificial ^
the scene was somewhat bewildering. \
It was diflicult to^ay which was most fbeautiful,
the observed or tho observers.
Messrs. Fowler & McDonald are
not only imitating somo of the city c
customs, blit emulating the city styles *
and cit}* prices. The taste and skill 1
of Mrs. Sassard and Mrs. "NVicr aro
guarantees of what may bo found in rj
their donnrtmont. n
? ?A
: _
BOg- The Abbeville correspondent of
Iho Charleston Jiepublican, thinks- Mr. J
T. A. Sullivan, a very intelligent consus-taker,
(ergo ergo, a proper representative,)
admits that he has no knowl- '*
edge of the people of Abbeville, but \
thinks' tho least ho knows, the better
of such a sot of " bushwhackors and
murderers," (yet those aro the very ?
people " whose goods and chattels "
lio wants to Represent') wonders
that they did not select W. K. Tolbert. 0
(Wo had supposod that tho Radicals ^
claimcd him?bag and baggage?body
apd eoul.) .? ' ' " 1 i
'WTo laugh were want of decency and ?'rafee, i j
But to be erave exoeeda all rx>wpr of {?/ ?."
By refer once to tho advertise- 1
roent of Messrs. MelJonAld, Norwood 1
& Co. it wiTJ to seen tfyit th6y arc .
daily receiving* additions .^o their ^
largo apd eelpet. etook of provisions t
and groceries. In addition to this
tliey havo laid trt a vory complete ;
stocW iff dr$f g&tftfiV and in 'both di^ r
partniontfi will fee able to Borrc their
friends, j)atronSt'^t]h:\ho l>est '6f
everything, at jfrlees to Buit.th* tlilaop. ?
&6KXM\&et 'U> gWotfilAnli ! A:
't-ii >:j, L
7 )&?/ President JXavis r?jwb&d Balli- '
more.on Saturday last, en Voutt ferhis y
in-ldEfsaieeippI, where it U-ffQp. e
posed he j j/'
4 <fc.v? C
ti^Tho Vfr^ma'ko&wtotajjfc ha?
ratified iho 14th and 15th 'Amefid- (
rnente. 1
,* i..
mperativ* B?l.u Relative to.eimuge pf.
t'inn ab Kestt'W Special Tax. - fie-,
assessments, Transfer? ;uidRef\imHjig.
' 'is f "
Off rev. iisjfjxnal JIevf.wce, /:>
\V wjf 1 ii) gVou, Sopt. 1. 2869. )
Sir:?On account of tho fivquent
nquirics made in regard to liability to
pecial tax upon change of firm, you
ii*o" v^^tf<|s^od tp freputdish tho ruling
)i \Iiih olfice upon tile suhjoet, as lbl-j
ow8: " Hvi'i'j' change of fu in whoro>y
a former partner retires from the
nine, or a now partner is admitted.
lOrtstitntcs iA contemplation of law,
1 new firm, liable to now special lax
or tho unexpired portion of the year
or which the same has been paid by
ho original firm, which should be asessed
from I he first day of the mouth
n which fhe change occurs.
There in no provision in the law by
vliich u person retiring from business
luring the j-car for which Ire has paiil
l?o can transfer his receipt to the
>crson succeeding him.
In the fast; of inaniifactarerg, dcnl rs,
apothecaries, confectioners, butch rs
keepers of eating houses. hotels,
nr.s or taverns, who have paid special
ax as such, if. at the time of change
>f tirin. the sales, products or gross,
eceipts, as the case may he, have i.ot'
xceedcd 81,000, the special tax willj
>o refunded upon application made in|
>roper form.
If the tax paid is that, of wholesale]
Icalcrs, and at the time of the change
he sales did not exceed 82f>,000, forty
lollars or fifty dollars will be refunded, i
iceording to whether the sales exceed
SI",000 or not." (8 Hwonn 110.)
Verv respectfully,
.1. W. Don
Acting Commissioner.
'. YK. Van "Wvck, Ksq,
Kditor Internal .Kevcnue Hccord. I
Tin: Fai.f. Ti:ai>f.?Our merchants!
ire nil receiving their Kail ami \Y inter j
slocks, and there has been a brisk
J i
ratio in "Pry CJooils and Groceriesj
luring the past week. It would bo
nuch livelier but for the depressed
ondition of the cotton market. Un- j
ess our fanners are prepared to hold ,
ititi 1 next Spring, they had better i
>rin?r on the cotton. At least cnouirh '
f r? |
o purchase "indemnity for the past
md security for the future.*' To our
ountry friends we would say that the|
tocks of our merchants were never!
incr or their prices more accomrnolating.
Head their advertisements I
md judge foryourselves. The Abbeville
cotton market is the bent in the
Messrs. White Brothers anlOllllOG
tO Dllblia ilinir I'm 11 nit/1
WintcrN Stock in ai? advertisement
vhicirppcnlcs for it soli*. It is one of
he most complete and select stock*
ivhich they have ever offered to the
Ybbevillo public, and this iH saying a
;ood deal. Read and digest, and then
all and examine for yourselves. Von
vill hardly fail to find something to
ill it in price or qualitj*. Call and exlining?and
then buy or not as yoy
>lease. "Wo think you will be pleased
They offer 250 lbs. superior Ued
"lover .Seed, which "\vo commend to
,he attention of our planters.
Ugu See notice of the sale on tho
?9lh inst of (lio personal prope rty of
personal property of tho Inle F. A.
Calhoun, consisting of horses, mules
?attle, hogs, corn fodder, cotton seed
fee., &e.
ftatT" Sco notice of vulunble lands jn
Vbbevillo for salu by W. K. liiako and
r. T. Parks, (Jreenwood, S. C. Pur:hasers
will find it to their iutorest to
>nquiro for further particulars.
EguSeo advertisements Qf Carponer's
celebrated oxtraets of Sarsapa nia
and Bucliu. A superior prcparaion.
For salo by our druggists, Partor
&. Tltoinson, and AV. T. Penney.
Tho citizens of Ninoty .Six, will |
ipply for a charter of incorporation at j
lie next session of the Legislature.
>ec advertisement.
Hr?r Seo notieo of settlement of
state of W. 0. Purseley, dee'd., on
ho 7th Dcccinbcr next, by Wm. llill,
?sq., Jndge of Probate,
President Grant has appointed
["hursday, tho 18tb ^November next,
,s a day of Thanksgiving and Prayor.
Tho Court of Common Pleas
t. in ?i.:- ?- xt?i i
j > DV,inii;u Hill* ni7Vlk. IU MVWINilTj',
"udge Orr, presiding.
$ ^ I ?
The communication from
Cnrltail". has b^en crowdcd out, but
vill appear in our next.
Bftk. Soc notice . of sale Of tract of
stato of Robt. KHis, dee'd, by II.' S.
Jason, Shoriff. ;
?^ 4 , i
See notice to lien creditors of
>f John Davenport, Bankrupt, by B.
iV. Ball, assignee.
, SOT See notice of sale of Real Esatc
of Mrs. Isabella Miller, bj- IT. S.
Jason, Sheriff. ' - See
.pdvortiscmenfc of Mr.
r)iot>.,J:)akin, offering \o sell or redt
lis AbbevUTo Stofre.
- _?.
' See notice of Wdditors of A.
IV. Sbillito, dte'd^ [by II. W. Law son.
^ . \ Markets. 1
ABnfcviLti, B, C , Oat. 6, 18<rt>i
C*tlott',-QH ?aaf; IU*An, t2i ? 2*. ! ' a
, Buttar.Sfi ? 901 Egg?. U ? #J? , ;' , ,,
8 *12; lhoqr $10 a 1ft p?r bt>L'
**Wd<?r,tJ.20m.fl80/;:Cctnr $1,7* ft-!.00;
fcado firkW, AMd {
ftlofl. of ?#)QObato?r
'Auouw^Octfllj^. fa-CptM>n' market
active? and prices steady, with
ales of 752 balfoV?.widdlinoB 241,.
' ^!4tCra^oi^:^Qi^<TOorl3,^:6ttijn in'
fcfiiirititi , 'Vrffcjf'6hfcs &t Wffi tfat&^rttfd-'
llfng* 24*@S8;< ' ; 'r'"^ "r'^\
Invikbbot, October T3.?3 P.
}otton opens quiet and easier?uplands
[email protected]
J?or tl^i Al'nv lie I'tcim D?ul?I',
j * > . J ? ? '
Pall ami Winter, 18G9?SpeotaltiesrDry.
Qoods and Millinery, i ]
Messrs. Fowixa & McDonald, are
now better prepared to show tl>o Tjs?dies
of Abbeville District n handsome
stock of Dry floods than ever before.
Tho IjfidicR are especially invited to
examine their stork before buying.
They will always striveto keep iroOuH
suited to tlio i:uste of the Ladies c?I
our District. In the Dross Goods Dopart
incut they have beautiful plain,
striped ami plaid Poplins, Do Lanes,
Kmpress Cloths, Bops, Flunuols,
Silks, etc., Black Alpacas, Opera
Flannel, DeBagea and Silks. Ihey
have a full stock ol' llouse Furnishin<:
Goods in Blankets, Counterpanes
Sheetings, Toweling**, Curtain Mate
rials, Shades, Table Damasks. Diapers
Long <'loths, Napkins, Doyhis, Lin
ens, Carpetings, and Wall Papering
Also. Hosiery. Gloves. Braids. Tapes
llankerehiels ami everything in
White Goods.
In the Gentlemen's Furnishing Do
; part men I they have a splendid lim
of Cloths, Cassinmres, Corduroys
.leans. Kerseys, Shawls, Collars
j Culls, Cravats, Hose. Suspenders
iShirt Fronts, Cloves, Shirts, ami
i Drawers.
Abbevillo can boast of as fine r
I Millinery JIouso as any in in tin
|State of South Carolina?in fact, a;
fine as any in any city, North 01
South. The stock will compare will
any Bet ail House in Charleston, Dal
timure or New York. The Ladies
can have no plea for sending oil' foi
their millinery any longer, for Messrs
j Fowler it McDonald can show as prct
I3* goods, as fine goods, as Ktylisl
Sjoods as can be found in Baltimori
'or Now York. And, beside?**, they
jean prove, their prices to be I'rom
I to f?0 per ecnt. lower than cilv prices
I 'i'liey lmve every style ol* 11 at :in<
j lion net that is out. Should any new
and m?vel stylo make its appearand
in New York, they have nrrtingc
ments hy which to /jet it immediately
; lieni-c there is no necessity i'or the Jjn
jdies ol'Abbeville to pay city prices
when they can do belter at home.
Mrs. ftassurd ban had experience
| both in Europe and America, and, wi
think, has the confidence of every
j fjady ol' taste in Abbeville. She i:
assisted by J\irs. Jno. A. Wier whos<
[ good taste and skill in this Depart
[mentis well known to the Ladies o
! Abbeville, ami will always bo pleasoii
to fcc her friends at I ho Emporium o
of Fashion. Mrs. Sassard aiul Airs
Wior will lake pleasure to show (Ik
Ladies, Flowers, Feathers, Bridu
Wreaths. I'luincs, Birds, Ornaments
Hibbuns, Sashes, (Juris, Switches
Chignons, Kmhroidered and Braide<
Voltes and Hands, Skirts, Corsets
L'adrt, Breast Protectors, Buttons
Trimmings, .Laces, Kd^inj^s, Cloaks
Shawls, .Nubias, Iloods, Fur Capo:
and Mlifts, Breakfast Shawls, Col
} lars, Cull's, Chemisctts, Necklaces
I Shell and Cold Beads, cut and uncu
I Velvets, Satins, Silks, trimmed anr
; milniniitiMi I'ultcrns lor all Kinds o
. Ladies' and Misses' CI undents I Von
, JO. liuttcriek it (.'o., ami Madam*
; Demoresl. of .New York, .Hunches
'^selts, Illusions, etc.. etc.
They j?ay particular nLlonLiqn t?
(ho gulling up of Jlridal Bonnet*
Veils, etc., and pro nip I ly allcud to nl
orders from a distance.
Salesmen in Dry Goods Deparlmcu
!?Jas. AV. Fowler, \V. T. McDonald
Marshall P. DcHruhl.
Millinery Department?Mrs. Sas
sard and Mrs. Wier.
By adhering strictly* to the cash syf
tern they arc enabled to sell fine good
at reasonable prices.
coisrsxoisri-cKS. _
TUo following liaincd portions liav
freight in Iho Depot at Abbeville :
W "Wilson, MeCaslan & Co, A .
Clinkseales. I) L & A B Ward law, ]
Calhoun. ^ A Hamilton, W V Clink
scales, C Mi I ford, S 31 Morrab, T (
; Perrin.
EXPRESS?II T Tnstin, J J Ward
l*\v, G MeD Miller, T C Haskell, J J
Calhoun, W C Wardlaw, S Ij Jones, .
Denson, L M Taltfot, J W Ifuckabcc
Dr I Braneli, Perrin & Cotliran, Ilei
M Brown, J W Thomas, W D Mars i
Co, C D Milford.
^ Agont.
The many friends of JOHN A
TALMA DOE would respectfully an
nouticc him as as a candidal? for th<
Jlonso of Heprcsentalivc8 of Soutl
Carolina, at the coming election to hi
holdon on tho 27th of this mouth.
As Important Coxsideiiation*.?Dr. Tutt'
Liver Pills are purely vegetable and nr
adapted to young and old, male nnd feuiaU
anil moj- be taken at all time*, without rc
^jtroiot vf oceupiuion, wllliont cliangc of liyin,
without diet and without tlie fear of tnkini
cold during all kinds of weuther, and in al
climates ; they contain no mercury.
This valuable preparation for salo by Tarkei
ifc Thoioson and W. T. Penney.
October 15, 1809?26-Et. 1
? .
INTotice to Creditors.
ALL persons having demands against A. XV
5I1ILL1TO. dcceasa< Will pr?reut the aame U
rue immediately for paymsnt.
ii. W. LAWSON.
Oolober IB, U5B?2(5?7JL
1ti tt" ...... - '
For the WuUrn District of So., Co.
In the matter of John DinveriportBankrupt?In
A,LJj q rod i tors haviogJicue again si
t , the estate i>f tbo e?id Bankrupl
we required to optabliih the uamo be
farelY. I^. CIawsaa, iicgister,! within
no month .from tho date of tjbje pmb
lidfttiop. pr he: barred .from,any heae&l
in, ^hfldcorop for. diatributiQft hprcaf
tprr^tp .he.madAiin tbe oase: ot said
Bankrupt. iy.,? ?.s{
. jV. .i.r-.iiB- iW^BAJiX*,,'.;
n*?ah? : J.. ..noun** i ASiigqjw^t
f? OcU 7ih, JM3 LrJ. ,2;>8f I.:
..I .. .* n'i ....j I i... .
THtiV 0v3 ;***; (ujt vitui*u . J&IMT tnivr.
' atari 4 promptly^'all efcl
" Ty"-'1 IfcctloAtytff t*-*ny''bdirirt?a?
eaanectod with'hie i'"-v !I '!-i
J. BAILEY, Ufagfetrklfc.
Oct. 8, 18C0, 24, 3t
?.4 '-i - - '-p 'M'*j
ii. jmdv
TTliird Door I3elo~
iWe are now preparcedL
and most attr
in n C
. At Prices which cannot fail
l! We invito nn inspection by the cihZ'M
in ovVry style, quality atitl prioo. HOf
ijWlHTB (JOOHS of own Direct Ini
|of every descrip ion. HLANKISl'S of til
<. White. A tremendous stock of 1>0MK
j MKIICHANTH will find our stork m
i , tiling has been selected with the utmost ca
I ^
- Oct. iisco, 2in
, P.Y PERMISSION of llio Ju.lgo of
;j Probate fur Abbeville County I will
.'At (lie late residence of FRANCIS A.
,! CALHOUN, all of I bo
jOf Paid deceased, consisting of one
11 HOUSE, FIVE MULES, a large lot of
NTlUlili, <fcc.
13ili Oct., 18G9, 25, 2t
| The State of South Carolina.
j | III the Court of Probate.
> Nathan A. Ivlwaid?, Adin'r, ic., vs.
N&rcis&u Pursely, Amanda Jylmson,
1 and others.
1 Petition to Sell the Land awl Set tit
I. the Estate of ]Vm. O. Pursleytdcc'd.
ON MOTION of Pcrrin & Colhrnn
Sols for reliiioner, It 5s Ordered, thai
i. the cie.Htors of W. O. Pursley, decM, tli
s present and provo their demands Iiefon
tue on or before the seventh day of De
~ cember next, (1869^ being the day appointed
to hear, ailjudge and settle tb<
3 Rsiate; and all tbo creditors and oilier;
0 interested in Ibe es'ate are required to a p.
pour in my office at Abbeville Courl
House on the day aforesaid, nnd defend
1 their interests ; as on that tiny n seltle*3
nient of the estate will bo iniitle, and tlx
> Administrator discharged frcm bis bond
2 unless good cause to the coulrAty i:
0 J. Pro. A. C.
F October 12, 1809, 2 5, Gt
,! Valuable Lauds for Mile lit Afo ,
bcvillc. Important to L:nu!
yS ik ACRE lot in Greenwood, with fin<
TtV improvements; SO Bern* in original
furcst?large youim orchard. This pluce van
. lie bought low, *8 the owner hasnouje for it,
Two 1C acre l^U on muiu aired, io same vil
laire, well improve J.
^Fhree vacant lots near di-pot, desirably loca.
teA', great?.! portion of each in forest, contnin.
iug from 30 to 200 acre*. One tmct of SOG
, acres. known as White Hall; 8o0 acres in for
eat, till acres prima bottoms; well improved,
1 and contains an ezee'Irut store house, aud is a
C good tnercliantile stand*
One farm en fcnluda river, of 3s0 acres, 3 2u
, in forest, 20 acres in new bottom*, 1 (HI ucrcs
of uplimde fine for cuttou, all utider good f?*rice,
8 comfortnbly improved for tenants. Excellent
e falls ou the river und well'adopted toniochinc'
ry- . .
One farm adjoining the above on Turkey
S creek, of 430 acres, J Ml) acres uplaud cleared,
* CO^cres good boitomw, buUuce in original for1
eat und pines, fencing good, and good tenant
" One farm of '22 acres, in Edgefield, five
mile# from Ninety Six depot, Co acres iu cultivation,
orthaid from 3 to 4 acres, trees iu good
condition. This place i? well improved.
One farm of 300 acres' in Edgefield?excellent
One farm of 900 acres?, in Abbeville, on
' Croiper'a creek. 100 acres in bottom^ well Im"
proved for tenant*.
One farm of 3Q0 acres, on same ereet, superior
cotton land Y25 acres of superior bottoms?in
fine condition.
Oue farm of 600 acres, on same creek, aupa,
rior improvements fur family residence; laud
' of the j^rst <yi*liiy.
The above lands can be bought lew."
For terms apply to the L^nd Compimy, at
Ctreeuwood.. J. T. l'ARKS,
W. U' Hunts, ' f Prraf(Jei>t.
, Secretary. , 25 tf ,
. . COLUMBIA, 8. C. II s
The old rhta bushed rtRrftruRE
M. H. BERBY; '
itJll kerfte rotetaiitly on'fiabd, nnd to tfo*r' W
I e?i*rng weekly Um UneMt (took of fcmitare
i hrdugHt tp CvliunkiU ?i?o? ikft iraiy from U>?
bwt Manufacturer* ,io Baltimore, Ne^ York
aod 8o?ton, con?i?'ting in pait'oT Pari or, Diu?
!rig RCKim and Bed toopi "Bill !a 'fcUfcfoganvV
Walnfrt, CWeWawt, *a4 PAtaUdL1 Abo d^Imm
atattk of Bnrfccua, < lab te% ^bam, Bddafauwttj
,?LiA rf',
, iViAitien mftf ogifia able fc> liftl
\ ** UW u 8?utfc ?f Balkknoi*.. ' > '
J - iLAUiin,A?;0<^n4i^^. u,t>rd]?x<lfe.:tb?
Oct, 8, 1869, 24-~l?n
?jurn iiiii
;; I L '
1 CI i
vv ISTatioTial lianlc,
to exhibit the Largest
active Stock of
to satisfy the most skeptical.
is of AlilxwHIe District. DRESS GOODS
SIEUY and NOTIONS in endless variety,
portal ion: CASSIMKUKS and CLOTHS
I widths and pricos in IJrowr, Grey and
dmirably adapted to their wants. Every
ro. \Yo solicita call.
J. D. AIKEN & CO.,
G33 3WER jA. Ii
Q ?.
fltg"' We will make liberal advances
r>n consignments to us or our liieiuls ui
Now York.
Out IS ISP9. 25?-It
m Wrn mm
Arrow Ties
Oot. 15, 1859. 25?If i
VKR SEEI> for sate by
Ocljlft, 1S60, *5?tf
t?nx% o * no
; Or Flout.
THE subscriber offers to rent or sell his
commodious STORE in Granite
. Range, on the Public Square, now occn-|
s pied by ltiin as a Grocery Store. I)esir.
ing to retire from business, be will ari
range to give possession ai an early day. j
| Persons desiring to purchase, will find the
. terms of tale Accommodating.
Oct. 15th, 1809, 25, tf
NOTICE is hereby given that the
County Commissioners will
: hold their Annual Meeting at Abbe,
j villo Court. House on the FIRST
J AH persons having bills against the
County are required to deposit the
same with tho County Clerk on or bc-|
i foro tho FIRST'DAY of November,!
and in default thereof such Bills will
not bo audited at said Annual Meeting.
Clerk of Board.
Oct. 13th, 1800, 25, 3t
BY virtue of oundry writs of Fieri Facia to
one directed, I will sell on the first MON
DAY. in NOVEMBER n?-xt, nt Abbeville '
Court Hsuae, ibe following property, to wit:
One tract of laud eontniuing 150 acres, more
or lesf, bi'UinleJ by binds of T. J. Mabry, J.
W. Hammonds anil others, levied on fis the
property of James M. Gillian), adu. W. II. '
P?? ker.
AWo, 1 bale of eotbm. levied on as lb# prop,
erty of James M. Gilliam, ails. D. M. Ward-'
law, Administrator.
Aluo 438 aorer of land more or less adjoining
lands of John Vance, Mattieon Grahntn.anri
others, levied upon as the property oi John D.
Adams, aria. Upper Long CuuoSocicty of Abbe
vjllo District.
2 inutes, levied on aa the property of J. D.
Adams, ads. Upper Long Cane Society of Abb?vlllo
Also, 316 acres of'land raor?.or lem, silnated
on Parks creek, waters of Little River,
bouudeJ by lands of Jas. Fair, John T. Miller
and John L? Ellis, levied on as the property of
Robert Crawford, ads. S. W. Cochran, for "noother
Terms Casb.
lit o> uoav/11,
Sheriff's Office, J 8. A. C.
October 11, 1889. J 26 Hf
Mill Pond and Channel Oystfrs.
AFTER Ihe Hi at of November, it is proposed
to furnish thMtt Outers, either .in the shell, or
opened, in quantities to- suit ynrchasers, and at
the lowestmarket prices. The Mill Poad Oyttf*
sftnpjieri, will be the eelebraled GULL A
BLAND OYSTER, from the Lucm WU'fond"
*t Charleaion, which lor flavor and plampnes*,
is well known to be unitirpaie'd. Ternia Cash
OHtrt aoliched from all parts of tbecoaatry.
Address, THOMAS McCRADY, Agent,
P. O. Bo* No. 3Sf-, Charleston, S, C.
, U^rjtajE.NCM: James Adger A Co ' Hoa. J. B."
CMfft'ubfH, vi. II. J. Rarensl, David Jeaninas,
U*Ctk*r A Bbn, mv 6. 'Dingle, John &. Rjm.
-K ...
,ry v^wtrrrt?? r? ).. ? -i . . i ' -.m?
''P&* ThtrCtLium of Ninety Six -riBng*. Abbavilt*
equity, jlv# notice, Uiat at tkaaext
Legislature, application will b? made to Incorporate
said village. Oct. IB, 1809?3m,
'...yjL'-J* ?1 'iJL L. J*
VlfOULD re*fwet fully oall the alien lion
|f of friend*, cUAtomeisand the public
generally lo iheir Block of
Among ibeir
M&SS &0MS :.
Aro lo bo found Blnck and Colored
SILKS, French MERINOS, all wool DeL
Wo sell t ho celebrated "Lion Brand'* Black
ALPACCA, which, in respect to color,
lustre and durability, wo regard snperior
10 any oilier.
Wo would call special attention to our
stock of
Wo have tbe genuineWelsh and Shaker
FLANNELS, which are better than any
other, because they are heavier, wider and
shrink less. Also, a good supply of
for Ladies.
Tweeds, Jeans,
And other Goods fcr Meu's and Boy's
Wear. Our atsorlmeut is unusually l?rg^
and attractive. We give this- Depart- \
uieiit special alleuiioti, aud our tlock in
this lino will always be found full aud desirable.
Our slock of
Eiubrac03 everything generally clashed
under ihia head. l'ltlNTS, Browo and
TICKINGS, LINSEYri, ?to., itc.,
Among our
Cun be found JACONETS and CAMBRIC'S,
Sufi lushed JACKONEL'S and
?fco., &o.
We Lavo *
From 15 Conta lo $4.00 each.
i . ..
We would respectfully call tbe attention
of the Ladies to our genuine ALEXANDRE'S
KID GLOVES. These cost a *
Rule more tbnu Kid Gloves of any other
make, but tbeir superiority it universally
acknowledged. Oue pair of tbem will
outwear two pair of tbe Kid Gloves tbat
are geuerallv eold.
We bnve a larger etoek of
Than wo bav^ ever kept before, and
feel satisfied tbat we can please any one
wanting goods in tbis line.
OVERCOATS, from $8.00 to $25 00.
Our stock of MEN'S AND BOYS'
XX at s
was never larger. It embraces all tire
novelties of tbe season, and we are prepared
to"fit any and everybody. If a Hat
does not fit, we make it fit. Besides tbo
above mentioned articles we bare all kinds
Boots tto SboeiBy
Wooden "Ware, Hollow
Crockery, Stationary,
&0., dfC.
We would invite tbo attention of purcbaiers
to our stock of r;
"" 7 ~'w . 1
, ? Both Ponble and SiogJe. i ^
JV *v ? * *
We respectfully solioit -m call from all
persons needing goocjji of' any digariptfon.,
We do not expect an/ one to bajr unless
they are pleased, but it Will gi?? us p^aa-.
ure to show our goods to eaoU aqd oyer/
one. * .< . . C, //*; j ''-ik j
Oome whils the Goods are fresh audita-.
fore the .assortment la brofcen< ,
? Oct. 1?, 18C&, 25," 81 *V . ^

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