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FfOl an* Winter, 1869-SpedaMeB'c.'
Dry Goods and Millinery.
Messrs. Fowllr & McDonald ai
"now hotter prepared to show the Jj
dies of Abbeville District a handaon
stock of Dry Goods thttA over bofot
Tho Ladies aro especially invited 1
examine thoir stock beforo buyin
They will always strive to keep gocw
suited to tho tasto of the Ladies i
our District. In tho Dress Goods D
partmerit they havo beautiftil plai
striped and plaid Poplins, DeLanc
Empress Cloths, Eops, Flannel
StIL'a nf/> "Rlanlr AUnA.in A
Flannel, DeBagcs and Silks. rlhc
have a fhll stock of Hon so Furnish it
Goods in Blankets, Counterpane
Sheetings, lVwclings, Curtain Mat
rials, Shades, Table i^raasks, Dialer
iLong Cloths, Napkins, Doylas, aji
cne, tJarpctings, and Wall Paporinj
.Also, Hosiory, Gloves, Braids, Tape
Han kerchiefs and everything i
"White Goods.
In tho Gentlemen's Furnishing D<
partment they have a splendid lir
of Cloths, Cassimeres, Corduroy
Jeans, ; Kerseys, Shawls, Collar
Cuffs, Cravats, Hose, Suspender
Shirt Fronts, Glovos, Shirts, an
Abbeville can boast of as fino
Millinery House as any in in th
State of South Carolina?in fact, ti
fine as any in any city, North o
South. The stock will compare wit
any lletail House in Charleston, Ba]
timoro or New York. The Ladic
can luive no plea for sending oft' fo
their millinery any longer, for Messrs
x owicr A' McJJonald can tshow as prel
ty goods?, as fine goods, as fctylis]
goods as can bo found in Baltimor
or New York. And, besides, tho^
cau prove their prices to bo from 2J
to 50 pcrccnt. lower than city prices;
They have every stylo of Hat an*
Bonnet that.is out. Should any ncv
and novel stylo make its appcaranc
in. New York, they have arrange
incuts by which to got it immediately
hcnco thcro is no necessity for the La
dies of Abbeville to pay city price
when they can do better at home.
Mrs. Sassard has had experience
both in Europe and America, and, w<
think, has tho confidence of ever]
Lady of taste iu Abbeville. She i:
assisted by Mrs. Jno. A. Wicr whos<
good tasto and skill in this Depart
incut is well known to tho Ladies o
Abbeville, and will ultra vs bcnlenspf
f y ? ~ A
to see her friends at the Emporium o;
of Fashion. Mrs. SaBsard and Mrs
Wier will tako pleasure to show the
Ladies, Flowers, Feathers, Brida
Wreaths, Plumes, Birds, Ornaments
Bibbons, Sashes, Curls, Switches
Chignons, Embroidered and Braidec
Yokes and. Bands, Skirts, Cprsete
Pads, Breast Protectors, Buttons
Trimmincrs. Laccs. Ed<rinrrs. Clonics
Shawls, "Nubias, Iloods, Fur Capes
and Muffo, Breakfast Shawls, Col
Jurs, Cuffs, Clieniisetts, Necklaces
Shell and Gold Beads, cut and uucul
Velvets, Satins, Silks, trimmed ant
untrimmed Patterns for all kinds o:
Ladies' and Misses' Garments fron
E. Buttorick & Co., and Madame
Demorest, of New York, Ilouchcs
Notts, Illusions, etc., etc.
They pay particular attention t<
. the getting up of Bridal Bonnets
Veils, etc,, aird promptly attend to al
orders'from a distance.-4
Salesmen in Dry Goods Dcpartmen
?Jas. AV. Fowler, TV. T. McDonald
Marshall &cDeBruhl.c " i.'/ *
Millinery /Department?Mrs, Sas
eard and Mrs. wier.
Byj# herj n g S^ric tly to'thqjQash sy?
tem they are enabled to sell fine good
at reasonable prices. - <">' >'V "V
Valnible Lauds for, sale lit Abbeville.
Important to Lau<
jM 4^ ACRE lot in Greenwood, witjj fin
^Improvements; 80 acrwi in origins
forest?UrM^oang . orchard. , This ptmje ca
be bonght low, u hi pvfiiir' ha# nieruse
Two l? oo main atreet, in santf w
lae? ^jetilmptoved.
"Three vacant lot# near deyot^ desirably loea
ted, greatea portion of eacli iri 'forest', contain
ing fronjk 4?./3Q0..a?rt?. One trtitt <VH$
acres. ktof* 800 '*fie Woir
e?t, GO acre? prim? ooltorftfc; weif. ltnpr?V??t
and contains an excellent store house, and, is
good werehaulile stand. ? ,? '>*.' 1 vi &.
One farm on Saloda river, of 3s0 acres, 12
in faxest, 20 acrea in new bottom*, 100 aor<
of aplanda fine for cotton, all under good fenci
One farm a$joitiing tlie above on Turk*
creek, of 450?ene?,'100 ftcreh npland cledret
CO acres good-bqlioma, balanc* in, origLnaJ,
eat and pines, fencing 'good, and gOod t?a4i
bonaea. MkMft ' x / jl ' ; \ ?\ rtl
One farm or ^22 aeres, in 2?dge6cld, fiv
miles from NinetyJ3i* depq?,.G6 acres in enUi
vation, orobaid from 8 to 4 acres, trees iu goo
condition. This place is well, improved.
One farm of 800 acres' in Edgefield?exce
One farm of 900 aeress, fa Abbeville, o
Cromer's creek, 100 *ores ia bottoms, well in
proved tor tenable.' H'.'. - ' > '
* One farm of 3Q0 acre*, on came oreek, $i
perior cotton land" 126 aorea of superior bo?
tores?in fine condition.
One farm ef 600 acres, on tamo creek, aop
rior improvements for family residence; lac
of the ftrrt quality. . ,
The above lands ean be bought low.
For terms apply to the Land Company, i
Greenwood. J. T. PAftKS,
W. K. Blakx, President.
Secretary. <. 36 tf
Mill .Pond and Channel Oysten
AFTER the first of November, it is bropon
fn?nt>k lltMA *" --
bv >?.?-- yy?v?ig, eiiner in the shell, <
opened, in quantities to soit vurchasera, and i
the to*?tflta?k?t'*riMi The Mill Pond 0;
?l*r WUI be t the eeloWaUd GULL
ISLAND OYBTfeR. fcom tbe Loom Mill Poi
at Cbarleeto*, WMeh (or -flavor and ptumpnet
it well kaevn to be nnrarpoMd. Terms Cas
Order* etBeiWd^ftwaM parte of the eoantr
Addtm, THOMAS MoCKADY, Afeot,
P. O. Box Wo. m, OtrlMtM, ft. c.
RsrmfKm: James Adger A Co., Roe. J.
Campbell. Dr. H. f JKavepel, Drf* Jeoninf
JJtjQndr A Son, W. O. DitgU, John 8. Kya
O^lg. 18M,*6-4t
WMH Brtthirtr
I in*' ,*
Jmt ^ t: r/
<> - "v. . .i4
-?? \
{X&R KB. JONES ha? just returnV_7
ed from the North, with a second
ro nud larger Stock of QOODS than usual, to
a* supply out trade vitb. Tbe most careless
10 observer .cannot but Lave noticed tbe deo.
cided decjiue in both American Dry Goods
to in. aympatby with tlfe raw Staple, and ForP.
eign 'Goods in sympathy with Gold tbat
Is baa takerf place within tbe last ten days,
of Our previous purchases are so far oleared
0- out (bat we can offer " our entire Stock at
n, tbe Revised Prices," including one of tbo
is, most completo assortments we have ever
Is, bandied.
ra Our Retail Stock is full as usual.
y Our Specialities.
Carpets, Oil Cloths, Shade?, Rugs, See.,
^ &c., at prices within tbe reach of all?Call
^ and see them?" Be to your advantage."
Our Wholesale Department.
? Ik full, weii *01 Jeted ; Goods selected with
8> care; bought right, ana Wh'! he sold cheap
n enough to be rebandled in this market.
R. C. SniVER.
c" R S.?Our Honsa is young and striving
10 hard to make a liviug, and ambitious to
build up a still -larger cash trade, Evory
8i customer that gives us a fair chance to sell
s> them their Goods, no matter bow trifling
<1 in amount, gladdens our hearts ; lighieus
our cares, and has a bona fide guarantee
a that Goods bought of us are at cheap and
0 good as can be bud in the State.
s Nov. 5, 18G0?28?If
i $5,000 KEWARD.
c "XT THERE AS, information has been reW
eeived at this Department, that a
' wilful and unprovoked murder was commilted
in Abbeville County, ou the morning
of the 2Stb inBt., upon the person of Henry
Thomson, colored, while at work iu his
' field, by two white men unknown.
Now, know ye, that I, ROBERT K.
' CPATT A - e .1 o. . r c% -
^ owii,v/uiieruur 01 me emtio 01 OOUID
% Carolina, in order that the ends of justice
may be subserved, and that tbe said murj,
derera may be brougbt to justice and con,
dign punishment, do hereby offer n reward
lor their apprehension and delivery in any
| jail of the State, with proof to convict.
I In testimony whereof, I have hereunto Bet
my hand and caused the Great Seal of
' ,the State to be affixed at Columbia, this
j 05 thirtieth day oT October, A. D. 18G9,
^.and in the ninety.fourih year of tbe In'
dependence of the United States of
' America.
F. D. Caudozo, Governor.
Secretary of State.
? November 5, 1809, 28?2t
i sniiTii pinni.iNi
; In the maUer of J. L. 81BERT, Bankrupt?
In Bankruptcy. '
' T^T OTICE ia hereby given that a General
1^1 Meeting of the creditors of the above
> named Bankrupt, will be held before W. I.
, Claweon. Register in Bankruptcy of said Coart,
] iu hia office, at Yorkville, South Carolina, on
the 19th day of November 1869, for ibe purpose
of dcclariog a dividend of the Bankrupt's
^ ertate, and for the other purposes named1 iu the
, '29th section of the Bankrupt Act of Marcli 2,
1867. R. H. WABULAW,
. .Abbeville, S. C., Assignee.
November 6, 18C9, 28?2t
? T^aiJPORlUM Of Fashion at Co
s JLi Inmbia, 8. C.?Mrs. A. McOormic
* would most respectfully inform the ladies of
. Abbeville and surrounding Counties, that she
has just returned from New York, and is now
| opening n splendid assortment of Millinery
and fancy goods* -In my millinery department
will br found hats and bonnets of tbe latest
* atjle, furs of all kiuds, feathers of the richest
l' colored flowers, French and American plumes,
P ornaments of the latest novelties, a varied as*'
aortment of embroidered cuffs collars and
t*' yokes, laces, libbdos,. trimmings, chignons,
curls, braids, switches Co., bridal wreathes
l*i' and veils- Dress making attended te with
' care and promptness. All the latest patteruB
V.' will be found in mv establishment. A pood
p" fit guaranteed aod satisfaction promised in
* price, style and anility of good*. Call and
a (?ee my stock on Muin Street, Columbia, 8. C.
' Nov. 6. 1869, 28?tf
0 ? ?*
* XTUWSiore and^uew Ooodi, by
f' 1.1 William Glaze.?I have'joht re|t-.
turned from tho Northern citieo, a?d opened
<* one of tho moat select stock of.goods brought
to Columbia since the w?? My stock is large
y and iu it will be found fine gold sod silver
? watches of all styles and prices a. splendid
f assortment of English and American Jewelry,
Grins, Pistols, with a fall assortment of gun
material, English powder, shot, cartridges ol
e ajl sites, a beautiful selection of eloeks, a
- spienaid siock or silver spoons, forks and oops
a fine English spectacles of gold silver and steel,
with the best of Scotoh pebble gtsssto suit all
* ages. Watches and Jewelry repaired by the
best of workmeo. All work warranted. Win.
n Glaze, 2nd door North Court House, Main St.,
H Colombia,' 8. C.
Not. 5, 1869, 28?4t.
The State of South Carolina,
* By WILLIAM BILL, Esq^ Probate
11 o; - Judgt. ^ ..
117" HERE A8Qporgfs W. Hollo way has made
u soittoroe to grant fcim letter# of Ad_
ministration of the Estate of Douglaaa W. Hoilo
way.dec'd., Ute of said County.
* Thesa therefore, to ctto'?ni admonbli
^ all and singular, the Crediton of the*atdX>oog->
,r lass W.Hofioway, dwfd, that they be and appear
st before are, is tbeCeuftofProbate, te be held
at Abbeville O. H, en Friday, tba 19tb
^ Not. nejtt, after pablkatioa Hereof at 11
,d 'clock, in the Coreaaon. to show cause, if any
*> they have, why th? i?ia Administration shooM
h not bo granted. .
1' Given under my hud, this Uh day of Ka-n,
Anno Domlal 1868.
n Published o? the 6th day /November, 184?,
in the 984 y*a> of America* Independence.
? l- SlLbi i- r. a.?? [a.- a-,}
* Kow.^^U-at '
^ . ' jfc fall asfortm&nt of/.i -T
, >( ? . > ; m* ?*? *. t: ?
The Waving Banner of Health.
Hflnltsh's Queen's Delight.
Tbe New Theory of Health.
The life of nil FleMi is Blood?The
Health of all Life ia Purity of
rie^u?without purity of
Blood no Flesh can be
free fioin Disease.
An Antidote to Disease. *
The Great American Alterative and Blood Purifier
For the cure of all those Diseases
whieh may be traeed to a vitiated
condition of the Blood.
The theory is that Blood is the Life of
of all Flesh, and if impure, Jbe Life of all
Disease. Life and Health is oni/ to be
maintained by the circulation of pure arte1*
rial Blood.
Such as Scrofula, .Rheumatism, Hepatic
Disorders, InQamations, Fevers, Lii*er
/"I ? . ^ - ? ? - - ? --
v^ompiairu, uonsumption, Kings .Evil,
Carbuncles, Boils, Itching Humor of the
Sltin, Erysipelas, Skin Diseases, Tetter,
Rnughcesu of the Skins, Pimple.B, Blotches,
Pain in the Bonep, old Ulcers, Syphilis ?ud
Syphilitic Sores, Indigestion, Inflammation
of the Bladder and Kidnejs, Pains in
the Back, General Debility, and for all
corapluiuta arising from deficiency and
poverty of blood.
Is the Wonder of Modern Science.
No medicitto has attained snch a worldwide
reputation as this justly celebrated
lis extraordidary healing powers are attested
to by thousands, and every mail ic
freighted with letters bearing testimony to
its excellent character and worth as a med
icme Orders are coming in from all quartcrs,
and all boar unmistakable evidence of
ils great popularity. Be sure and ask for
" IIeikitsu's Queen's Deliqht." And
see that bis name in on it.
Look out and avoid base imitationa.
Wholesale Agent?,
. Columbia, 6. C.
For sole by all Druggists.
October 29, i860, 27?1 y.
Grocers aM Dealers in Proiliice.
nuuuoi.'i., urA.
THE OLD established House of BAKER A
ROWLALD, being dissolved, the nnder
siguedbave associated themselves together under
the name and style of BAKER, PORTER
& CO. for the transaction of a GENERAL
at their Store No. 267 Broad Street, where we
shall take great pleasure in seeing our many
patrons ana friends, and offering them a selection
Crom our large stock of Groceries, Bagging
Rope, Tias, Salt, Bacon and Provisions.
And permit us to assure them that our former
reputation for having the finest quality of
goods, we shall ever endeavor to maintain
Augusta, Go., Sept. 17 1800, 21?2m. nb.
Acid. Phosphate of Lime
For Composting witfc Cotton Seed.
rVlHIS article is mant/actured at the CompaJL
pany'a Work*, tinder the direction-and
aurperintcndance of Dr. RaveneL
It contain! the same elenxents of fertility at
Soluble Pacific Guano, except that it is not furnished
with Ammonia, it is prepared expi ew
ly for composting with cotton teed, which fur*
imhea the element, of Ajmnonia; the objecbeing
to render that side product of the plantation
available to the highest degree aa an
element of fertility; For farther and particular
information apply to the unde-signed.
J. N. ROBSON, Agent for South Carolina.
1 and 2 Atlantic Wharf, Charleston.
General Agent, Baltimore. *'k
October 20, 1869, 27?3m . nb
To those having Cotton to Gin.
Has at his Mill, one of the finest Cotton
Gins now in use, and is ginning and
packing Cotton for the one-twentieth j
of the cotton. A penny saved is a
| penny made. The difference in a few
' mil'Rfi diotanfin ia a wlmn
cotton is on the wagon. The lint
from this Gin is of a superior quality
and commands the highest market
prico. [Nov. 5,1869, 28, tf
HE undersigned who is well known to
the cilizont of Abbeville, give? notice to
its planter! generally that he it prepared
to make advancementa to the extent of
three-fourtba of tbe value of produce oonstaoed
to Honeh. CleodenDlna Jt da..
Baltimore, > and Itold abj*&,86 or*
der. Add ft* b? m At Coktsbury 8. C. '
g. ir. COKWOB.
Oct. lit 1869, !??It
. Otter* for nk tUrgt nlMUlitoek
' 0LWHM6,
Forth OaroltM BtefcMUtifcMftoIf'.
? ,'11/3 T/
/- - ,i;s" I!?. ?! ?v / ?
PURS A ANT to an order of tbe Circu
Court, for tbe 7th Judicial Ciroui
tbe Executors of SAMUEL MARSHAL
DEC'D, will sell on tbe
1st Monday of December next, (6
Within the legal hours of sale, a tract <
land belonging to estate of said decease)
Six Hundred and Seventy-tw
More or less, situated on Curltail Creel
about seven miles from Greenwood. Be
longing to this tract is a
Known as " Tbe Marshall Mills;th
Machinery having been renewed in 1807.
Tile purchaser to pay in cash costs C
sale, for stamp ana pppers. Balance on
credit of twelve months, with iuterest fron
date, and secure purchase money by ap
proval bonds and mortgage of the premi
V Executors.
ALSO, at the same time and place thi
Executors of Samuel Marsha\l dec'J
will sell that valuable plantation known a
On which Mrs. E C. Marshall now resides
This tract contains about
Fourteen Hundred Acres,
Situated within six miles of Greenwood, ir
a healthy and good neighborhood, wel
adapted to the cultivation of cotton, corn
and small grain, with good improvements
consisting of a
Large and Comfortable Dwelling,
with all necessary outbuildings, suitable
for a well regulated plantation. Thi<
place will be divided and
Sold in Three or Four Tracts,
the plots of which will be exhibited on
day of Bale. These are valuable tracts o!
land?a large proportion of which consiatt
of fine wood lands.
Thete tracts will bo sold on n credit ol
one and two years, with interest from daU*.
and to be paid annually, the purchase
money to be secured by bond, and approved
security, and a mortgage of the
premises. Tbe purchaser to pay in cash,
for costs of sale, for Btamps and papers.
ALSO, at the same time and place, the
Executors will sell that
Desireable House and Lot,
in the Village of Greenwood,
Known as tbe Douelly lot, belonging to
the estate of Samusl Marshall de^d, and
now occupied by the Bey. A. A. Morse.
The improvements consist of AN EXCELLENT
and all necessary out-buildings.
This lot will be sold on -ft credit o!
twelve months, with interest from d?V?,ytb?
purchaser to give bond with approved security
and a mortgage of the premises, and
pay in casb, for costs of sale, for stamps
and papers. '' . :
> Eiecotofs
j. yr.%MARSHALL,)
November 5,1869, 28?5t ' .
BY ORDER Quarterly Conference, Alii
beville circuit.,, Tbat bouse "and loi
knovyo as tbe Methodist parsonage, in tbi
town of Abbeville will be sold at tpublu
sale, Sale day next, fri 'fronVoT'tbe Cour
House, U> tbe highest bidder., Term* p
sale on# baTf tbepurcbaatf' money ie b<
paid io cash, (be oUjer half credit o
twelve months with interest frOm daV o
sale, tlj? purcbaser to give, a mortgage Q
ibe premises to secbre tfc e pay caeot.
Nor. 6, 18??, 28?4t
NOTICE is hereby given that i
final settlement pf the estate o
T. W. Gaines dec'd, will bo made ii
the office of the Probate Judge a
Abbeville C. IT., on Thursday the 16tl
day of Dec. next.
W. A. GAIOT5S, ,:
Nov. 5,1869, 6t
J. M. * M. L wuirt,
We fcjw Jutt reecirod, tod ti&j k
SAuriaitifflkjy^ p?Oplft
fcwkftotArtl W?t ftJfcA
blbit, Aoariiliig of twjtJusg pwkfalf to
> ii f. ? * *? ( r *'
I III 1 ' I II
? Abbeville, 8. O*
it, ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' *
L, TERMS?Threa Dollars a year in advati
No Subscriptions take a for a ebort
time than at* mouths.
) ^
JFriday, November 12, 1869.
- ; L' - 1 ggggg
?f The Accounts of the Abb<
' " (.: ville Banner.
Our friouds will bear in mind tin
? we have no control over the acconn
due tbo "Banner" office. They m
the property of the former* propri
1 tor, Ur. "YV. W. Farrow. Wo boug'
only tho material, and good-will, an
subscription list.
The following List of Premium
f awarded, was unavoidably omitte
? in our last issue:
Household Department
Best sponge cake, Mrs J A Stew
Best sponge cake, Mrs A M. Ai
Best honey, Dr "W L Andersor
e Best collection of vegetables
? Mrs J M Richmond.
-Desi touot soap, Mrs W ii Anderson.
Best cooked ham, Mrs R A Grii
Best loaf of bread, Mrs G Mc]
1 Second beat loaf bread, Mrs J
1 B Wardlaw.
Best can lard, Mrs A M Smitb
Best butter, Mrs ABC Lindsay
Second best butter, Mrs "W A
> Best dor^oatic soap, Mrs A C
1 Dendy.
Best can sealed fruit, Mrs Jame
, Shillito.
, Best Jelly, Mrs A B "Wardlaw.
r Best raspberry jam, Mrs G G
1 Haskell.
Best preserves, Miss Annie "Wil
m- ' ^ .
f Best tomato catsup, Mrs *W Joe
s Smitb.
' Best cryBtalized fruit, Miss Anni<
Best sorghum sryup, Capt D M
Best pickles, Mrs JM Richmond
' Best sweet pickle, Mrs M Shilli
Best drum native figs,
r "We have been furnished alsc
with the following Reports of Com
' mittees which will be interesting
to our readers:
Report of Committee on Manufectnre
[{ of Wood, Tin and Iron.
[ , The Committee on manufaoturei
1 in wood, tin and iron beg leave t<
! report as folio ws:
.The Committee met on "Wednes
' day on the Fair grounds. Presen
Tbo$ ;G< Perrlu, J4 W. Fooahe, A
,T. 'W'idemfin,' James Pratt, C/C
t Ellipislnd Wlllis'Smitiv.and pro
ce^de^ to /examine and $ronpnoc<
a np6n su'cli toanufafitafda br tfiei
f line/ife- were shown to -ffttfai;' * "<f
?' Messrs. Seal, Sign & Kob6rt?oi
5 exhibited 1 buggy without top,'
t two-hor?e - wfcgon and 1 dne-horsi
J The twp-&orse wagon was th<
I only' one on exhibition. The;
f .were both'of excellent workman
ehip and fine finish, and seemed t?
' be suited to tbe {uses for whicl
tliey were made, and the Commit
b ted thought them deserving of th
premiums offered.
?> Messrs. Gordon & Aldous exhil
i ited three buggies without tope
These were all well made and Ver
1 creditable to tbe builders. One c
them was of v&y fine finish, ata<
entered aetiously 'in competitio
with, the buggy o? Seal, Sign <
- Koberteon. ;.Tbe painting wa
skilfully executed and was.beaut
fuL The Committee was divide
? ? 4tfM\ lin? viAti imi #Vi
W VU W?I10 Kf?v J*V0| wut vu
, majority pronounced, thatfthe bpi
gy of SmI, 8t$c * Bobettfen w?
n- the beet. i>: * ..\*-T. A,
J.(M. Matthew* exhibited ?co
* ton drill which it w*??ftid perihra
? ^elt. ?Th? Oommtffc
? <)id not rii^t\?ri0c?')mtirtt,I>?
. Atas*"Wtimell qp ctepuagpfeMt*
.*aok i$v?
2; ?.n,W.
Committee do not doubt but that
they would do good work, but as
~ they were all made by the same
party the Committee did not dis.?
criminate as to .which was beet, as
they all appeared to be alike.
Mr. T. F. Lanier exhibited a
H scythe and cradle of his own manufacture,
and was well made, aud
=? is entitled to special notice.
Mr. F. W. R. Nance exhibited
? a tread mill which was well suited
3" to drive machinery when small
power, only, is required.
it Mr. H. W. Lawson exhibited a
fcfl 1/lf aP fin Ap lilri AnvM ? ' ? ^
? IUV vjl liu VI -L1IO UtVU lllUUUlUUlUi'U.
There was no competition in the
B" tin. This lot although not very
k extensive was not without merit.
d and the Committee report favorably
upon it.
_ Mr. J3. L." Norris exhibited a
^ pair of horso shoes that were of
fine polish and turn, and although
there was no competition, the Corn^
mittee think that they were very
fino and hard to beat.
The wagons, buggies, cradle and
horse shoes were represented to be
r. of District manufacture.
All which is respectfully submit
! Chairman. ,
AWwvillo 4 1(5^0
Jl ~I
Report of Committee on Native Wines
and Apples &c.
p. 4
The Committee on premiums in s
-j the department of native wines v
and apples &e., beg leave to report ^
^ that they have carefully examined *
and tasted many specimens which 0
have been exhibited and submitted F
I ^
to their judgment. 1
I Of grape wines tbey have decided f
flinf a VtAffla r>i arl'nd 99 Tn "Mnir 1.1'
grape, 1868, exhibited by Mrs. C.
T. Haskell, ia entitled to the premium
; tmd that a bottle .marked e
No. 3> Concord, 1869, exhibited by ^
Prof. J. F. Lee is worthy of special I1
j, notice, as very little inferior to the n
premium bottle. t:
Of Blackberry . wine, bottle No. ^
32 exhibited by Mrs. R. H. Ward- ?
j law, was deemed best, and bottle 8
No. 29, exhibited by Mrs. I?. "Ward3
law Smith was very near equable
- it.
[ Of the Muscadine wines, inclu
ding Scuppernong, the best botj^k
was No. 33, exhibited by Mrs. W.
. Li. Anderson.
Two Lotties of Stawberry ^ine
a bottle of blackberry cordial, i
bottle of excellent blackberry vinegar,
a bottle of brandy, and a bis
kctof pomegranates were inapecte<
but no farther- mention of themi
- deemed necessary. ' !
3 ^????- w
Judge Oai?.?At a meeting of the | -
mr neia at iNowDerry uonrtnouse, on w
3 October 27, the following were adopt- a
5 ' I
Resolved,-That the Bar of Newbery g
- tender to his Honor, Judge Orr, their
t sincere thanks for holding, at their re- f(
, queat^ the special term ofj^he Court of
. Comraoa Pleas for this county, which ^
. is now dramng to ? close. i '
^ Resolved, That the manne* in which ^
r ho has discharged the laborious dutiei .
whtchthus devolved upon fciin, in dis- .
posing of the vast accumulation of
. business on our dockets, and ill the '
trial of cases of great magnitude and "
3 importance, entitles him to trar high- n
f est praise as an able, Impartial and 6p~ "
0 lightened jurist, and has won fbr htm t
y the admiration and osteopa of our peo^ a
- pie. v " o
3 ' Resolved, That the patience at\d n
ti courtesy which' h^Ve characterized q
> his conduct on the bench has made e
e his administration of justice and his * e
intercourse with the Bar and contmtf- c
h nity of the.'most agreeable' and pleas- ^
ant character. .. - e . '
> J , i r. * * . 1 / ' * ' P
y Hesolved, That our brother, Colonel
8. Fair,, be requested \o present th* ^
[| above resolutions to hia Honor in opebl ^
' oour$, and that they ber published in
^ the newspapers.
I- : T^oit^ia^ywpai^o^ I
4 adelf>bta biv? -fer&dden iW sale* of E
^' newspapers upon their ears. They
i didn't mind the tirade, but the local .
pa?s?qgenieU *
asleep while reading them, and were
carried io tnuch" further than th*y 1
fc? i ?..? *Z J>-r' : 1. < ?
- wan tea to go, *nat mo companies pe- i
1? gran to loose money. Henco tboir a?- 1
?tion. ItowwabQTiliafe.liebtfliiin- 1
r* 4igna0oa rating afcd We'g6|*$ 3
fe "pe*l to & editor* to maka more ro?3*ble t
*2 paper*. ???- j
ft. i
$ ^
fk Tom TbiimVf: tzviiMk dmt live 1
.-Jl j
Lying Abed in the Morning.
I lovo to rove in the aliady grove,
Where gentle zephyrs are floating;
I love to sit at the festAl board,
Where baokwheat cakes are smoking.
I love to gaz? at the golden blase,
Where Sol the West is adorning;
But this I love far better than all?
To lie abed in the morning.
That poeU should sing of the joys of Spring,
Js uot in the least surprising;
But I cau't conceivo why a man should weave
A sonnet to early rising.
Though Fanklin of old was a sage, I'm told
I can't go with him in scorning
The blisaful scenes in tho land of dreams?
When lying abed in the morning.
I love to lie when the sunbeams shy
Come peeping through tho curtain';
When phantoms bright regale the eight
With visions of coffee and muflius ;
When the bird's loud trill from the distant hill
The chorus of nature is joining?
If there's ought below can banish woe,
'lis lying abed in the morning.
Let tlioso who choose to retire to snooze
When tho ducks and chickens arc going,
And rub their eyes when forced to rise
At. Ainmnl ftwiminn .
? --'S ,
They loose the sight of the gorgeous night,
And ?pcnd their days in yawning ?
Till midnight damp I'll burn the lamp,
Aud lie abed in the morning.
- ^ I ?
'he Confederate Constitution?Interesting
As a piece of historical iuformaion,
the letter of Mr. R. Barnwell
lliett regarding the construction
if the Confederate Constitution is
10th curious and valuable.
At the outset the dilemma preented
to the Confederate leaders
pas this?whether, on the one
land, to cling as closely as possible
o the old forms and the "old flag"
>f the United States, to the apiroved
Constitution, and to the
umiliar divisions and prescribed
cope of executive, legislative and
udicial authority, or to strike out
11 some new path, and essay a
more perfect Union." The form- '
r method had the advantage of
amiliarity, tradition and long exlerience;
the latter that of boldees
and independence. However,
be former triumphed. The Con'derate
flag was substantially the |
Id "Star? and Stripes," with some '
tars blotted out and some stripes 1
oliteratad ; the national, State, j
Ld iv\ih liu t .1 . 1
I WMuwr yi! iteniiaw 1
Iter thftt instrument; ' and Mr. 1
ihett, as Chairman of the Mont- *
ornery Convention, appointed to' 1
ame a permanent Constitution (
>r tiie lConF6de?ate States^ if cjjjjneded
to have' been the author of ,
i?e most^ Important, part of the^e
l|eiS?ipa|f' /fence Ms ^jreapni't^. '
.mony is valuable as a 'co.ntrib.u-.
on tdvtjie. hiatpQr pf tho^e trout,
)UB times. . ....... i
Mr. Rhett declares that it was ]
be determination of the fiouth to
lake the Confederate Constitution (
simply the Constitution of the *
ruited States as the South had ]
Iways interpreted its powers, with ]
nly such alterations as would re- J
love ambiguity," The first great. '
uestion; hinged. on -the Govern- 1
rnment's power to levy taxes and 1
spend their proceeds. "One party, '
hiefly at the South," according to '
Ir. Rhett, held that dongress had i
ower to levy taxes merely for rev- 1
pue to carry on the Government,
rhile "the other party, chiefly at '
tie North/* held that "this power
hould be exercised for different
nd antagonistic purposes, to j^reent
importations on whioli taxes
say be collected, and thereby pro
Dote ana encourage auierqnt'br*n- J
hes of Industry, by giving them
he market* of the United States."
rVe do not think this to be an aboltrtely
correct statement of the
geographical katua otf the free tra#?
Hr. ititott* purpose,
ihow why the clause merftog to
Shf?,anbjert InlfieTloiis^lla^on w*s
ftw vfm
pwfr mrd o**i#e% W paytUe 4eU>
and provide ' for tlie common defence
and general welfare of tiio
United States."
And what Mr. Rhett did was to
substitute for the purpose* here stated,
namely, "to pay the debt," &c.
the words "for revenuo necessary
to pay the debts and carry on tho
Government of the Confederacy"
?which latter appears, in the Confederate
This however,- strikes one as '*>.>ing
"the difference betwixt tweed
dum and twcedledce becau.
whatever "misinterpretation" coiiJbo
made of the original clau.
could certainly bo made of tli><
substitute. The latter is quite a.
general, quite as ambiguous, an !
quite as pregnant with constructivepowers
as the former. Mr. Rlioil
himself was compelled to add,
therefore, specifically, a provision
that "no bounties shall be granted
from the Treasury, nor shall any
duties or taxes on importation.1
from foreign nations be laid to promote
or foster any branch of industry.
This, of course, was effectual
?the coup de grace to protection.
As a matter of fact, however, the
need of Soutii for the moment was
rather to offer a premium on for
oigu uiipuruiuous man to iovy a
tax 011 them ; and tlio provision in
the Constitution, therefore, became
important, the amount of foreign
commerce beiug small. The only
duties were laid by the blockading
squadron, and these were often so
heavy as to kill foreign trade, if
they did not foster domestic industry.
Mr. Uliett tells us also the history
of the internal improvement
provision. To the familiar clause
in the powers of Congress, "to regulate
commerce with foreign nations
and among the several States and
with the Indian tribes," under
which a constructive power to expend
money for internal improve1
? *
luema uus neen employed, was
added a proviso that the Confederate
Congress "should not appropriate
money for any internal improvement
intended to facilitate commerce;"
And it was provided t&at
sven in furnishing lights, beacons
tnd buoys, and improving rivers
ud harbors, the cost should be laid
on the navigation facilitated
tiilt was Mr. Rhett, also, who proposed
making the Presidential term
sis years instead of four?>a really
sensible suggestion, though to be
hite, it made little difference as .
the case turned out. ; And it was
rajj' too, that proposed the wellfiftfwn
provisions for removals
Sgypa. office.^bj the President,,pn(l
HJh making constitutional amendments.
Altogether, therefore,: this
^48 we have said, an interesting
pi*ce<of histofy, and the fact that
the instrument prepared with1'so
iiuch^care watf shortlived, d^^tl
iecreaseifcfr. interest. It s!i6v$&,;
ilso, that' thbilgh ^e ^eifr n\i|fcTi
jompiaint againstd~**c'orfiitlfatffeiidl
Iftikeringj" neithe* the SpntfTndr
i^EKnfta '"frai c[tii e; totls^e^tQ
live nndet/fhe (fionstitutipib^. ?s>.
ftte.?-2Vod York Times. .. >
- . S ? t7 " ' *? i -< -
| ., _ ; * ** -T-' . ' 9 " '*. *
, Since.. thaLorgaaisation ofj.j&ie
jrder qf Odd KcIIqws in this iCquu;ryt
in 1880, qp to end iflfcljfclnJrg
L869, the amount of revenueiSre>eived
by the ordeir harbeen$31;
(24,014.48. The> receipts1 'frorri
L860 to1880 amonnted to f
an increase =<Jtfer
ling' ten years of But jltSO^otjO.'
rhe amount of relief afforded', as
Appears Ijy the re cor ds of tTie orcten
frtyn 1830 to 1869,
DS0.42; and the ?un*bV of members
initiated 660,259. < - .&hfe-?t&a
years between and ioelodiflg ISfiQ
aud 1869 were the m^tft prosperona
the order has ever known ? ioi ^hie
country, - v-1* t*di hwt _
Two Pittiburg girhj,
men's clothes, and' "weut; <3tft -pne[
evening for a
by * policeman & ^BR^ctei,
would hfiy* *o fo,
house and aubraitJfci* *&&%/&**
tiou, they felt byk.ap thy knew it
waaM gat out* : ?i**j 4n^lfrt
ed Qvw iUe fean^'ao^-^e^n^
WO;^v.!i!? eftiwtq U4*r
?3fciit rrgim-u> vJ*l
am ?" Bftid one,. jffiow cau^ouoau
th^^ are differenV wayar o?#atbg *
jfwph^a>ae rey iMtagydypi ftp* .
ittthaftm of.hraudy/tc to
, .-; *

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