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/.The Press aail Banker.
^ .C.
Terms?Two Dollar* n venr. inartvnnoa
,?or Tw o Dollars and Fifty. Ceg&,':if payment
is delayed.
Advf.ktiskmknts will inserted at
he rate of One Pollir per inch for the
i -first insertion and.Fifty Cents lor each
. subsequent insertion.
Greasy reduced rates will bo Riven to
("those who advertise by the quarter or by
. the v^sr.
Ail obituary notices, tributes ol" respect,
; and other matter of a personal or private
nature will be charged for-at the usuul
:advertising rates.
Wednesday, April 10, 1878.
A tv're*; rresa*-sir. noou.
If there is one thing which Americans
.claim lis distinguishing the United States
i above all civilized nations it is the free1-doinoC.tho
press. Other countries may
have lighter taxes, and purer parliaments
mid less corruptible officials, but the pa trroic
American is ready at any moment
-to maintain that in this country the public
press enjoys more freedom than anywhere
else under the sun. Strong assertions
are too commonly only half-truths,
and if the above oft-repeated and very
strong assertion Is IMfcely scrutinized,
it wiilibe discovered to be true only to a
certain extent. It certainly is true that
I if freedom of the press means utmost
-liberty and license in criticising, censuring,
and abusing ail officials, leaders, and
^ newspapers of the opposite political
party, then no other country enjoys it so
.much or carries it so far into practicc.
If freedom of the press consists in a free
fight between democratic organs on the
one hand and republican on the other,
we aro safe in saying that in no other
country has it been ?o unbridled. The
c opposing organs beggar the copious voI
cabularv of abuse in their attacks upon
each other, and woo bo to all offlcla^,
even those in the highest places; newspapers
of the party not in power pour incessantly
vials of wrath on their devoted
Jieads. Their every action is misconstrued,
the;r every word misinterpreted.
It seems to be considered that no good
ttliiug can come out of the opposition.
At first sight, this seems to prove the
complete freedom of the press; but let
any journal presumo to point out the
faults of the public men of its own party,
and its editor will soon discover how
limited is the range of his freedom in
that direction. He is at liberty to discuss
amy measure provided always that he
approves every man and measure of his
own party and condemns the opposition.
But if ho ventures to mm at the luinuiuty
of men of his own party, tliey turn
again and rend him; they heap all man.
nerof hard names upon him and impute
to him all manner of evil motives.
This peculiarity in our press has been
made conspicuous during the sessions
ot the late legislature. Never before did
a General Assembly so much and ho frequently
avail itself ot the privilege of
I rising to a question of privilege. Unlucky
was the journal that dared to lift
- its voice against any man or measure in
that historical assembly. The News ami
Courier, the Rcyintcr, and "other small
fry" were brought as culprits before the
-i At.,. ?i./v
DVI1UU* IIUU lilt* HUU5C IU1 iUU llCilll/U.-3 1/11
fence of having discussed in a legitimate
manner the acts of certain of the members
thereof. As a consequence the
"small fry" were silent, or if they uttered
a sound, it was one of unqualified and
and ever acceptable prnise. Yet all the
while their columns were tilled with violent
denunciations of radicals and exposures
of radical frauds, just as if it was
of any use to throw stones at a dead dog.
Even when Northern journals were full
Of what purported to be disclosures of
questionable acts of some of our public
men, wo believe tho Presv and Bauner
wa* the only paper in the State that published
the articles.
The majority of our public men seem
to think themselves above criticism and
iueapablo of making mistakes: that they
enter the political arena completely trained
and experienced, and do not need to be
licked into shape like young bears.
They will brook no references to their
words and deeds unless they are eulogistic.
So sensitive are they and thinKkinned,
they will not allow a man to
j crook his finger or cotfto within a yard
of their tdes. All criticism they call perr
sonal attack, all censure they pronounce
violent abuse. They seem to suffer from
a constant appreliensiveness and morbid
sensitiveness as to their character.
We have been "forced" into this train
of thought by a letter in our columns this
* morning from Mr. Win. Hood of Due
. West. The late General Assembly, is a
thing of the past, but its ruling passion
seems to be strong in death. Mr. Hood
again rises fo explain. In our issue of
tl>o 97th lilt we rfifinrred to a letter of his
'wo published then treatingjof the l>ond
question. We excused ourselves from
p discussing the matter as it had been remitted
to a court of adjudication. We
gave our reasons for this course and
published the letter "without comment.''
What reference we made to Mr. Hood
was complimentary ; and yet, although
he says "very few things are more distasteful"
to htm "than a newspaper wranirle."
he has pleased to find himself.
"forccd" to engage in onethat is, if
we will bo so kind as to .engage in a
"wrangle" with him, for it takes two to
make a "newspaper wrangle." We are!
disposed to *>cfrieud Mr. Hood to a reasonable
extent, but really wo cannot
oblige him so much as to quarrel with
him. Wo regret his Donnybrook Fair attitude
of pugnacity and respectfully decline
his invitation to tread on the tail of
his coat. It would be painful to us and
not ploaaant to him to reply at length to
his letter. Wo should be "forced" to re,
jfor to bis violent, abusive language, so
(unbocoming In an instructor of youth.
If wo magnanimously wore to pass by
his ungenerous and so far as we are concerned
unfounded complalntjthat the boud
question wax "dealt with partially," we
should be "forced" to exposoliis trick of
"partially" quoting (which is truly iniscjuostiflg)
our word? ; and that would be
place the Professor in a most undignijjed
and ridiculous position before the
eyes of tho Pue West students. And it
jvould not be fair to "thoso who trusted
him with their interests" to show that this
'Representative of the county" i? a nubject
of that peculiar mental delusion
which make* a man suppose that everybody
is persecuting him. We have
heard of an old woman with a diseased
inind who chargoda town council with
having put up an engine to fill her bouse
with the fumes of sulphur aud brimstone,
said engine was really a public well of
pure water. Wo fear there are several
such old women of both sexes in Abbeville
county, whoso diseased minds cause
?hem to misunderstand and and misappropriate
our words. Mr. Hood is not
alone if) Imagining that harmless articles
jind paragraph* iu the Press and Banner
are intondo^ to be personally offensive.
)le has "gratyi^oipjly made" himself believe
thaf y.y caJJe^J )jlm a "malcontent'
and other bad namps, If we described
him we did it u^copsolously and unintentionally,
an,d he ought not to calj attention
to .the likeness. We are remind?
pd of the fact that when Pickens described
that cdjoutJ character, the schoolmaster
flqueora, a score of sensitive schoolmasters
wro^e indignant letters to the
novelist, each thinking himself the origI
ml Squeers. Mr. Hood should not have
pplied to himself expression* never in
1 cd for him- AVe arc sorry for him, anp
| we
! ?Pity l>a<diftil men, who feel the pain
I Of fancied scorn, and undeserved disclaim.
i Ami boar the murks, upon a blushinc fact*.
; Of needless shame and self-Imposed disgrace.
I The temptation iu great reply seriously
; and seriatim to all the unkind things Mr. |
i Hood says of us. It would afford us?!
I such is fallen man?a wicked pleasure to j
i dip our pen in gall and reply to him in I
i kind. But he is not only a Representa- j
j tive of the County, he is also a Professor |
j at Due West, and we do not think "a!
j newspaper wrangle" should find its home j
| in the academic groves of Erskine.
i The Fee Hill Lnw--Doubtful Econ- j
| We print this morning the text of the)
I bill recently made law which regulates j
and reduces?most emphatically reduces j
?the fees of certain officers. So far as it I
refers to the "regulating" of "the costs!
of Plaintiffs' and Defendants' Attorneys"
the new law is perfectly innocuous, and i
if it has any objectionable features, tlie1
lejral brotherhood will not grumble]
thereat Hut we fail to see how any real j
HAnAtnnlicfiA/l )iv Hiah unr
^UV/U ??H1 UU WVV'/4ll|/iw..w WfT ?..? r-. J
tion which "regulates the costs and feosi
of Clerks of Courts, Probate Judges,
Trial Justices, and other officers." * No
doubt it will reduce such costs and fees,!
and may by doing .so commend itself in I
the eyes of all them that think a penny
saved is a penny gained?a fallacious pro-1
verb. To pay lifty cents instead of a]
dollar is very commendable if you really j
get for your fifty cents what your dollar j
formerly brought you. liut there's the
rub. By reducing the incomes of responsible
officers, will 3-011 secure the services
of thoroughly competent and trustworthy
men? The office-seeker's name is
legion and doubtless hundreds of men
can easily be found who are willing and i
think themselves competent to fill all
these offices, liut will ii not be disoovor- j
ed when too late that the cheaper man is j
the dearer bargain,?that the penny saved
is really two pennies lost?
We need not comment on the law in
detail, nor even refer specially to each of
tho olllces. Suflice it to take for example
the Probate Olfiee. The aim of oar Legislators
has been to revive tho old law of
IftdA Af that. t?mo wa lisirl two liw?r:ifiv#? l
Dittoes, tho Commissioner in Equity unci
t)io Ordinary. Now the work of tho two
is almost entirely performed by the Probate
J udge, at a salary not equal to onc|
half the combined salaries. In 1840, estates
were larger and more valuable than
now. Markets ami rents were lower,
and money had a greater purchasing
power. Now the moderate income of a
Probate J udge, (out of which he has to
pay his clerk) is reduced?"regulated"?
to one-half; and }-et he has to do as much
and as responsible work. As for the poor
Trial Justices?the new law will "regulate"
them olf the face of tho earth.
Was it neglect on the part of our legislators
that made them leave out the com- j;
missions on all money's received and I
paid out by Sheriffs and Probate Judges,
?commissions on the settlement and distribution
of estates? This is a very im
i i 1? .1
puruuic \vur?w anu anuuiu uu autvjuaiviv
paid for.
The Gcnerul Assembly was no doub
trying to be economical when it enacted
this law. This praiseworthy motive actuated
them in everything but what
(touched their own daily pay. But we
[ l'ear.that it will prove to be extravagant
J economy. Public officers, from whom
j we demand heavy bonds in proportion to
their weight of responsibility, should be
paid not simply us clerks for mere office
work, but also as public fiduciaries for
their security which they give as responsible
The News and Courier.
I In our advertising columns will be ,
j found an extended notice of our Charleston
contemporary, the Neu-s and Courier,
which we commend to the attention of
our readers. That journal is well known
to the people of Abbeville to be of a very .
i liich orrW?r?Rnrmwl to 110110 in tho South
era States. Xot long ago, the editor of
one of tne moat influential daily newspapers
in a neighboring State assured us
that he considered the News and Courier
the only really representative Southern
paper, and that so far as its selection and
arrangement of news were concerned it
had no superior in the United States. Qf
the hundred and odd exchanges that
came to his office daily, the News and
Courier was the most welcome. That
was high praise from a disinterested man,
and we think that the freshness, and independence
of its editorial articles, as
well as the admirable management of its
news columns, fully justified it. It3
(editors and proprietors spare neither
! pains nor expense in their efforts to make
it worthy to take the h'ghest p'-^e, and
its reporters are ubiquitous. The News
| and Courier report of our late Hampton
meeting here was so full and admirable,
we copied it entire in these columns.
The acknowledged head of "the
Fourth Estate" in South Carolina, Democratic
to the heart and to its own hurt
.sometimes, sound and safe in its opinions
and fearless in uttering them, serving the
State best by being its own master, the
News and Courier should be in every
homo in South Carolina.
9 i
Attacks on Newspapcr8--Advice to
f Correspondents.
Correspondents who have unkind
things to say concerning other newspaj
pers will ploase send their communica!
tions somewhere else and not to tho office
of the J*ress and Banner. "We are
neither a tale-bearer nor a go-between,
and we have for years refusod to print
any letter reflecting unkindly upon a
neighboring journal. Our correspondents
will surely agree with us that the
manlier course for them to pursue is to
send their strictures to the journal they
condemn, and if its columns are closed
against them, then only will wo publish
the rejected communications as advertisements
to bt> paid for at the usual rates.
Tnnrnoli^u ll J*- - ?
uu^uuiuj ujuh iiir uiucrH in
nowise from that observed among gentle- '
men In ordinary life.
We hope the foregoing will explain to
one of our correspondent* why his communication
did not appear in the Front
and Banner of last week.
Maxwell for a Second Term.
At the last meeting of the Greenwood
Township Democratic Club, Capt. J. T.
Parks offered the following resolutions
which were unanimously adopted.
Whereas, the time has arrived when the
Democratic party of Abbeville County
should select its representatives for another
campaign, and whereas, our present
Senator, the Hon. J. C. Maxwell, combines
all the qualities for that exalted position;
therefore, be it resolved,
1st. That it is the duty of the Club to
present to our fellow citizens of Abbeville
county the claims of the Hon. J. C.
Maxwell for re-election.
2d. That in him we recognize the high
toned and fearless representative of the
people's rights, one in whom there is no
g-iile, and who while seeking the highest
interests of the Democracy, scrupulously
regards the interest of all irrespective
of party alttiiation.
3d. That we hereby nominate the Hon.
J. C. Maxwell for a second term as Senator
of Abbeville county and pledge him
our undivided support,
McEvoy Aoai* Respited,?In consequencc
of a communication from Judge Thomson,
McKvoy has again beeu respited by the Governor
until the 19th of April. The grounds ,
upon which the respite wos granted are purely
legal and technical,and those who are
prying out for tills man's blood may rest as- i
surod that the Governor is actuated by the
purest motives In grouting the respite,?Col- ,
umblfl, Jieglster. ;
It Issald that Judge Cooke contemplates ,
moving jo Abbeville with the intention of ,
being a candidate for Congress at the next >
election. *
F. L. Cardozo has been released from Jail on '
bull of $10,000,
Greenwood, S. C., April 6th 167?
Editors Press and. Banner :
The address of Rev. R. D. Smart, i
dor tlio auspices of the Hampton Ruadi
and Musical Club, was delivered, aeoo
ing to announcement in your paper,
Tuesday evening the 2d instant, bofon
' ' - '?? ?. IS fTU? / ?1
large aim nucuigeiu uuuieua'. mc v^<
had provided for tho installation of
newly elected officers to take plt?c<
the same time, which gave additio
interest to the occasion. Tho retir
President, Mr. T. X. Dcndv, gave qi
an interesting history of the rise ?
progress of the Clnb. * He demonstra
the necessity for its existence, point
out the beneficial results accomplisl
through its instrumentality, which i
evidenced, not only HJK tho*matter sel<
e<l, but by its rendering, and made so
valuable suggestion** for the future ?
dance of the Club. He concluded, by
troducing in an appropriate and dcliO
manner, his successor, Mr. Geo.
Hodges, who, advancing to the Pr<
dents stand, proceeded to urge tho mi
hers to renewed exertion, looking i
ward to tho ultimate object aimed at?
tollectual, moral and social improvcm
?regarding tho difficulties In tho v
only as so many stand points at wli
to renew their strength, and to rece
additional impulse to press forward
they had achieved success. To the mi
of the audience these two addresses gi
abundant evidence of tlie valuable w<
of the Club, and prepared them to apji
eiate the address of Rev. R. 1). Smt
which for the space of an hour, held
audience in breathless silence. I 1
prepared myself with paper and pen,
the purpose of reporting us accurately
I could what was said, but soon foil
myself captivated by tho flowing sU
the elegant diction, and the force oi'
lustration given to impress the truth
his subject, which the speaker said, v
suggested by tlie remark of a friend t
"our young men <io not aim hi
enough." A suggestive theme, inv
ving tho destiny of" the young, and
fecting alikethc well-being of society, i
State and the church. A mere sj-nop
of the address would convey little of
real merit. It was beautiful in conci
tlon, rich in illustrations drawn from i
cient and modern history, and from lit
ature, science and art; in fact, tho wli
address rovealcd a fund of resources
the command of the speaker, and a
pacity to wield them with power a
effect, which, in the judgment of yt
correspondent, is rarely met with. T
community did indeed" enjoy a rare
tellectual treat on the occasion rcferi
to. and we hone to eniov many moro.
A Bill to Regulate the Conts of Pin:
tiflV und Defendants* Attorneys a
the Costs and Fees of Clerks
Courts, Probate Judges, Sheri!
Trial Justices tinil Other Oflici
Herein Mentioned.
Section 1. Be it enacted bv the Sen
and House of Representatives of I
State of Soutli Carolina, now met a
sitting in Genoral Assembly, uud by I
authority of the same. That costs a
fees which plain tilts' or defendants' att
neys. Clerks of Courts, Probate Judg
Sheriffs, Trial Justices and other olHo
herein mentioned'shall be authorized
receivo in the several eases herein spe
lied shall be as follows:
Skc. Plaintiffs' or defendants' att
ney: For all proceedings where jut
uient is obtained by default, ?15; for ti
of the cause, 820; in all contested ca
$10; for commission to take testimoi
go; for examination of a party or witm
before trial, $3, for an appointiliout o
guardian for an infant $5; for maki
aud serving a case or cases containi
exceptions, $10. for procuring an ordei
injunction, $5; on appeal to the Suprc:
Court, $15; on argument in Suprei
Court, &J0: Provided, That if the plain
fail to recover judgment against any c
or more of the defendants in the cau
costs shall be taxed against the plain
by tho attorney of such defendant.
*Sku. 3. Plaintiffs' attorney only: Up
recovery of judgment in actions in wh:
warrant of attachment is issued, or ad,
dication upon a will or otlu:r instrumi
in writing, or to compel tno determii
finn of Halms to rpal nronertv. fnr 11
sum not excelling 400 dollars, 5 per cei
for additional amounts not excccdi
&300, an additional sum of 2J per cei
for additional amount not exceedi
$1,000, an additional sum of 1J per ce
In actions above named if the same
settled before judgment therein, like
lowancos upon the amouut paid or
cured at half the rates above specific
No commissions shall be allowed pla
tiffs or defendants in cases of foreclosi
of mortgage and partition of real esta
Sec. 4. Appeals from Trial Just
courts for plaintiff or defendant: For
proceedings before trial, $3; for trial
the cause, $3: Provided, That the app
lant shall not recover costs unless l
judgment appealed from shall be revi
sed or made favorable to him to 1
amount of ?10. In other appeals fr<
inferior courts to appellant for revers
?5; to respondant for "affirmance, $5.
Sec. 5. Clerksof Courts: For the tr
of every case, S1.50; for tiling all papi
in a case, 81.50 for the whole; for enteri
judgment, 25 cents; for signing and se
ing each writ, 25 cents; for administeri
oath, 25 cents: Provided, That no f
shall be allowed for swearing witnes
or jurors in the trial of a criminal cu
for taking and filing bonds in atUn
inents and other cases, 81; for signing a
sealing commission to examine witne
75 cents; for recording plats under on
of court, SI; for rule of survey, SI;
each certificate under seal, 50 cents;
issuing writ of attachment for conten
or other special writ, Si; for signing s
sealing writ of habere facias possession
50 cents; for receiving and paving o
money officially, 1 per cent.; on bill ?<
txofnrM rrl\*nn Aiif nn o 1
thrown out by grand jury or found ni
prosequi, abated, discontinued or stri
oft', S2; ou bill found on verdict by p<
jury, 2 dollars; issuing bench warm
II; "issuing each execution in sessions,
signing and sealing writ of habeus corj
81.50; issuing warrant, taking recog
zanco or other services, same lees as
lowed to Trial Justices; each writ
venire facias, including all services ir
dont to summoning jurors, 32.50; prep
ing and issuing certificates for grand t
petit jurors, and constables and witnes
and furnishing returns to County Co
missioners for each week of every te
of court, 85; furnishing advertisement
case of escheat, exclusive of prinU
bill, 81.50; for every deed or mortga
$3; for advertising and giving notice
managers of election, 85; for license to
attorney, all incidental expenses iuclut
85: filing, recording and entering not
of alien's intention of becoming a citi;
and filing report of alien, 81; administ
ing oath of intention', 50 cents; filing s
uiikviiii^ u|/^n?xtuvu iv utwiuo n uti<
and administering oath, Si, for taking
nunciation of dower or inheritance,
for official record of estray and filing ]
pers, SI; every search with a certifies
25 cents; swearing Trial Justice or c<
stable in office and certificate, and taki
bond, 81; recording the bonds of coin
officers and certifying to same, si;
every probate in "writing, 25 cents;
signing dedimus protest at em, 81; forcoi
ing papers, for copy sheet of 100 wor<
each figure counting a word, 10 cents;
signing and sealing each execution a
renewal, 60 cents; for copying and
cording deeds, mortgages and other ]
pers, per copy sheet of 100 wards, ef
ilgure counting a word, 10 cents; for ev<
certificate, deed or other papers, 25 cei;
on every appeal from Trial Justices,
servi(^8 included, si; for entering sal
faction on mortgages, 50 cents; for coj
ing and recording plats of not more th
six corners, 50 cents; for every cori
more than six, 10 cents; for filing evt
rule or order of arbitration, 50 cents;
tiling and recording affidavit for contir
auce when so ordored, 25 cents; for gra:
ing charter of incorporation, 2 dollars;
granting charter of incorporation
church. *1: fornuoli nthor vmnAru nnoniii
rv to he recorded, 10 cents per copy sh
of 109 words.
Sec. 0. Register of Mesne Canveyan<
For recording and copying deeds a
other papers, per copy sheet of one liu
dred words, 10 cents; for entering sat
faction on mortgages, 25 cents; for :
cording or copying plats of not more th
six, corners ?1; for every corner mc
than six 6, cents; for every probate
writing, 25 cento; for every certificate,
Bsc. 7. Judge of Probate: For petiti
for letters, &c., 50 cents; for citation,
cents; qualifying executor, administi
tor or guardian and issuing letters to t
same, $2; taking bond of administrator
guardian, 91; issuing warrant of appraii
ment, 50 cents; proving will in comm
form, ^1; proving will in solemn for
So; filing and entering renunciation
executor 50 cents; dedimus pdtestatem
prove will or qualify executor, 81; i
ceiving, examining and filing annual i
turns, si; order for sale of personal pi
perty 81; hearing and filing petition 1
guardian and appointment, SI; enteri
caveat and withdrawing same, 50 cen
hearing litigated cases, 83; ana 20 cer
additional for each witness examine
issuing summons for each witness,
cents; for issuing rule against each c
fblting witness or party failing to accdui
52; for every attachment issued on the i
turn of each rule, 81; for certifying pap<
and fnrnishing proceedings in case of a
peals, 83; for proceedings in partition
real estate, 82; and 25 cents additional
averySJOOor fractional part thereof 1
which the land may be sold; I'rovidi
!. That in no case shall the fees and alloy
uncos so received aggregate moro tha
in- H5: And provided, further, That in ca.<
ing of partition in kind only one-half of th
rd- above commission shall teeehargedon tl
on amount for which the property is assesi
> n ed: for appointing a guardian ad litem, g
Inb for certificate and seal, 50 cents, for tint
its discharge of cxecutor, administrator (
?at guardian, 82; for proceedings in dowe
mil inclusive of all charges where theamoui
ing js under $200, 85; when over that arnoun
lite SlC: for proceedings in lunacy, <*15; pr<
uid vided, where proceedings in lunacy ai
ted only had by certificate of physicians, 8
ing for "record ing all papers proper to bo r<
led corded, or furnishing copy of any pap<
vus in his office, per copy sheet of one liui
x*t- dred words, each figure counting or
me word, 10 cents; for proc eedings and se
:ui- vices setting off homestead, including t
in- tie, so; for every deed or mortgoge,?
ate Provided, That in ease the amount of tl
0. estate in tJie prolate court does not e:
jsi- ceed $250, the costs to bo taxed on tl
mi- case shall not exceed one-half of tl
or- amount above allowed.
in- Skc. 8. Trial Jnotices and Justieos of tl
ent Peace: Outh and warrant in an}' crim
,ay nal case, 50 cents; each recognizance,:
jc]j cents; commitment and release each 5
jvc ccnts; administering and certifying oat
tin in writing other than above, 25 cents; i:
iud suing writ of habeas cmyus by two Jm
ive tices jointly, 82, to bo paid by tho pet
,rk tiuncr; issuing summons and copy ford<
,re. feudant over one, 20 cents; issuing sun:
u-t nions to eacli witness in civjj cases, ?
the cents, issuing copy l'ur each addition!
1JW1 defendant over one, 20 cents; issuin
for summons to each witness m civil casei
as 25 cents; tor swearing and taking exam:
[lltl tion of each witness in civil eases, 2
rl0 cents; forgiving judgnftent in cases nc
jjl defended, 25 cents; lor giving judgmer
wj on hearing litigated cases, 50 cents; for i.'
va8 suing execution or renewal of same, G
I'? cents; report of case and taking bond t
lat 1 <X?
;,ru up|ivai, x uvjio^ a\'l aimv inner
"l returnable to court or justice, includin
all noticoH, 2; ior tiling Return of gai
tj ~ nishee and order thereon, iio cents; 1c
|S;.S proceeding in ease of ejectment, 50 centi
jtK for approval of indentures of apprentice
_ ship or servants, Si; proceedings in Core
.*T ner's inquest, same fees as are allowed t
~ Coroners; for proceedings in estrav horn
i" or mule, si; for proceeding* on all othc
_t ostrays, 25 cents; for taking and certifj
... jng renunciation of dower or inheritanci
82; for granting order of special bail, S
' for the trial of any criminal case, s:
which shall include all costs except issu
j " ing and scrvice of papers; for every pn
i liniinarv examination of any crimini
case, 50* cents; for taking deposition (
witnesses in writing as prescribed b
law, in each SI; for taking examination <
witness in writing as proscribed by lav
in criminal cases, 25 cents; in civil case
31; for attending and acting lor thepefsei
vation of wrecked vessels or goods, 5
per day out of the vessel's good an
nd effects; for proceedings against vagrar
of and roturnintf report thereof, $2, for qua
(ft ifving each appraiser in sotting off home
stead, 50 cents, and 5 cents nor iriilefor a
"rs travel actually necessary; for administei
ing oath on aflldavit, lib cents; proceei
. ings In bastardy, inclusive, 85; each juroj
T? 25 cents; summons for a juror, 10 cent:
me provided, In all cases whore (lie fees an
V" costs of trial justices arc paid by th
? county one-half of the above rates onl
' sliall bo allowed: Provided, further, Tin
no Trial Justice outside of ?n incorporal
Lh' od town or city shall receive from ll
cf,s county in any one year more than ?100; i
v] ail incorporated town more than $300; an
ICI* in cities having more than 5,000 inhab:
tan is not more than 5500: Provided, Thi
?r" the trial justice may receive from th
vv lines collected by him the necessary o>
ia penses incurred in sending the prisonei
scf to the county jail, said amount so r<
' served to be accounted for by him in hi
^ returns.
. Sec. 9. Sheriffs: For every wit, pr<
cess, warrant or execution and inakin
endorsement thereon, each 40 cents; f?.
" serving every writ or summuns, besid
? mileage, 91; for bond in any case, 1 do
ti(r lur; for commitment and release, each S
cents: Provided, That only a charge f<
the first commitment and release shall I
allowed; serving each venire for gran
jur}*, 20 dollars; for petit jurors, Ho do
lar?, for serving each bench warrant i'
| , sued in the sessions, attachment or cor
I tempt of court, beside mileage, 1 doll:i
Lit anc*,r>? centa > ,or search for goods or pel
J*sons not found, and returned on the e.\<
'" cution noil eat inventus or nulla bona, b<
J* side mileage, 1 dolfar; levying attacl
ment on execution, beside mileage, 1 do
'J* lar and 50 cents; dieting prisoners pt
in? cent-s ! l'rovideil, That the Slieri
P or person in charge of the jail shall mak
^ a monthly return, on oath, to the Count
, Commissioners of the name of each pris
" oner actually lodged iniail, together wit
thecommitment, and also name of eac
in- l>r*s0II0r actually lotl^etl in jail, togetht
" with the comitment, and also name ?
. each* prisoner dis<'harged, with the dis
ice charge, upon which return the Count
Commissioners shall, monthly, compul
- the amount to be paid, and pay the san
, within the month; executing eonvic
. * including all charges for burial and otln
' expenses, 20dollars; bringing up p "ison
j " cr under habeas corpus, to le paid b,
' prisoner if able, if not, by the county,
. dollar; for executing writ of habere facia
' possessionem, 1 dollar and 5 cents pc
j mile for all necessary travel in executin
the same; transferring money, bonds c
other securities for money to party, 4 (
Ijii. 1 l'fcr cent.; summoning Ireeholders t
" try suggestions of fraud, beside mileagi
pes ? ^?^Hr8! Irving any paper in civil c
criminal cases issued by Trial Justice
same lees as allowed constables in like ci
. ' ses; conveying prisoners from one plac
J to another, besides all necessary ex pern
' u going and returning, 2 dollars* per da:
each guard for a Sheriff in conveyiri
for prisoners, 1 dollar, and 50 cents per da]
j. but no fee shall be paid for any guai
t wlio hits not been actually employed i
ind assiyt'nK to convey prisoners; commi:
sions on all moneys collected by lien,
ver Per een^ 0,1 moneys paid out of o
,, fice on executions lodged, 1 per cent
, -M executions lodged to bind and order n<
H to levy, 1 dollar, returning defendant
k property, in addition to printer's bill,
dollar; drawing deed or mortgage, 3 do
t hi ; bill of sale 1 dollar and 50 cents
each notice served on managers of ele<
v ' tion of each election precinct, beside mi
eage, 1 dollar and 50 cents; in case
ejectment, ejecting tenant or others, 1 do
T. lar; summoning Coroner's jury and wi
. nesses, besides mileage, to be paid by tl
" county,4 dollars; to sell land under tl
md decree probate, in lieu of commissioi
and all other charges exccpt advertisin
3 dollars; mileage for executing wri
" process or other paper not hereinbefoi
l mentioned, 5 cents per mile going mi:
, returning for one travel actually mai
' and done.
iltd ?EC* Constables: Summoningeac
an w'tnoss *n civil case, 25 cents; servii
, summons, ruleor notice in any civil cas
ice ^ cents; summoning jurors or witness i
ren criminalor cases, 25 cents each; f<
' serving attachment on each person, J do
lar; for levying execution, posting adve
ten li,iement i;?r 8al? ur,d paymg over pr
ceeds, fifty cents, besides a commission <
2 per cent, on all sums collected, to I
***' paid by the party in execution ; for cvei
[1/ day in seach of stolen goods, to bo pa:
bv complainant. 2 dollars: for servir
w'arrant'in any fetate case, 1 dollar; f<
lt? selling estrays", 5 per centum on proceed
for ,or net'e9sary service in case of ejec
i. ment, as woll before as after judgment,
dollar; lor serving Coronor's jury an
witnesses, to be paid by county, 4 dollar
f ' in all cases, in addition to fees herein pri
n j scribed, the Constable sliall be entitled I
receives cents per mile lor all nocessai
travel going and returning; for convey
ich 'nF Pr'sonore t0 county jail, 5 cents p<
v inilo going and returning; Providei
Tliat the Constable be reimbursod for nei
i J essary ferriage in conveying prisonei
I to jail,; Provided further, That the Trii
' " Justice certify to correctness of his Coi
*" stable's costs before the account is passe
upon by the County Commissioners.
)rv Sec. 11. Notaries Public ; For takin
r0^ deposition and swearing witness, per cop
m_ sheet, 25 cent#; for every protest, 2 do
nt_ lars; forduplicato of deposition, prottM
j-or and certificate, per copy sheet of on
to hundred words, 10 cents for each attend
ance upon any person for proving a mai
Det ter or thing and certifying the same, 5
cents; for every notarial certificate wit
seal, 50 cents ; for administering oath an
affidavit, 25 cents ; for taking renunciii
na tion of dow'er or inheritance, 2 dollars.
l.n* Sec. 12. Witnesses in civil cases i
l8" Circuit Court, per day, besides niiloag<
ro" 5 cents per mile going and returning,
11 dollar.
?[e Sec. 13. Jurors, per day, besides mi
1" leage at 5 cents per mile going and re
^ turning 1 dollar and 50 cents; In Tria
Justice Courts, for each civil case tried
on and mileage as above, 25 cents, to bo pai<
50 by the party demanding the jury.
Sec. 14. Referee: For every da;
" spent on the business of a Referee, 3 dol
* lore; but the parties may agree in wri
ting upon any other mode of compensa
of Sec. 15. Coroners: For every inquisi
to tion, 10 dollars; the coroner shall be al
lowed no other cost or charges except re
re- eording; for recording proceedings ii
o- each inquisition in his book, per cop]
for sheet of 100 words, 10 cents; for perform
ng ing duties of Sheriff, same fees as an
ts; allowed Theriff for like services,
its Sec. 16. Physician for post mortem ex
?d; amination, where death was by violenci
10 and no dissection required, 5 dollars
le- where diesection is necessary and bod]
at, not interred, 10 dollars; same after on*
re- or more days' interment, 30 dollars; foi
>rs same when chemical analysis is required
>p- a sum not exceeding 50 dollars, with ex
of penses of analysis and mileage for everi
on mile traveled: Provided, When chemica
for analysavs has been made the phvsiciai
'd, who ma"kes it shall iuruieh to the County
it- Commissioners with his account a full
,n statement of analysis: A ml provided, Evcry
such account must have the
ic certificate of Coroner or acting Corole
s- Sec. 17. If any officer herein named
2; shall charge any other fee or fees for any
I other services than those herein recited
>r such olllcer .shall be liable to forfeit ten
r, times the amount sis improperly charged,
it to be recovered by suit in the Court of
t, Common Pleas, or attachment, or by sale
)- when the penalty does not exceed 820. In
re any ease in which the Clerk of the Court
3; of Common Pleas, or Trial Justices'
3- Courts, shall receive an execution, he
;r shall attach thereto a bill of each item of
i- costs therein charged, and shall on appli"
nf rlnfotulont in ovAniltinn fnY all
r- which accrue to tlio Sheriff for seri
vlWs on such execution.
:t: Sec. 18. Whenever a case may bo setie
tied ordetermined at the mutual costs of
t- parties, or discontinued or settled by
ie plaintiff, or the judgment shall be for deic
fend ant, or the execution against tho defendant
shall be returned nulla bona, any
10 of the olllcers aforesaid shall have power
i- to issue an execution for his costs, or the
IT) clerk may issue for thejwhole, directed to
lr) tho Sheriff, who is authorized and requirh
ed to execute such process as in other
j- cases of execution delivered to him.
Skc. 19. That all acts or parts of acts ini
consistent with this act are hereby rcj
i- I* the most tenia! balsam ever need by
f. sufferers from pulmonary diseases.
" It it componen of herbal products, which
0 hare a specific effect on tho throat and
,? lunjrs; detaches from the air cells all irrltntlnc
matter; causes it to be expectoU
rated, and atonce checks the inflammation
_ which produces the coujfli. A single dose
relieves the most distressing paroxysm,
1 and enables the suf
s; ferer to eujoynulet rest at night. B?lne a
, pleasant cordial, It touen the weak stom'
uch, and in specially recommended tor
>- children.
e What oth ers say about
'! Tutt'8 Expectorant
i; Had Asthma Thirty Years.
> Baltimore, February 3,1875.
, "I have had Astli ma thirty year*, mid neverlouud
a aiKdicioe Ui-t liad such a hannv effect."
W. F. HOGAN, Chariot Si
!! A fhilrl'c Idea of Merit.
y Nkw Ok leans, Jiovtmbtr 11,1876,
j) "Tutt'sExtv^ciorantis a fainiliar name in my house,
.. My wile tlniiKs it the best medicine in the world,
and the children my it is 1 nicer than molas&ei
? candy.1" NOAH WOODWARD, 101 N. Poydrat 81
? "Six, and all Croupy."
' "I am the mother of six children; all or th'emhsvi
it been croupy. Without Tutt's Expectorant, I don'l
[. think they could have survived some of the attacks,
. It is a mother's blessing."
MARY 8TEVEN3, Frankfort, Ky,
A Doctor's Advice.
I- " In my practice, I advise all families to keep Tutt'l
r, Expectorant, in sudden emergencies, for coughq
croup, diphtheria, etc."
(j T. P. ELLIS, M.D., Newark, N. J.
Bold by all^druggUU. JPri?o $1.00. OQict
y t>0 JU.lirr%*jJ aiww ?v?m
iu "Tutt's Pills are worth their weight in gold."
REV. I. R. SIMPSON. Loulsvillo, ICy,
. ? " Tutt's Pills ere a kpccuTblessing of the nine
~r teenthcenturyREVjF\JR. 08G00D,NawYork.
^ "Ihave used Tult'jn*!TTs7or torpor of the liver
'r They are superior to any medicine for biliary die
It' orders ever made."
1- I. P. CARR, Attorneys! Law, Augusta, Qs
to "I have used Tutt'i Pillshve years in my family
>r They arc uncqualed forcostiveneuand bilioumnets.'
F. R. WILSON^ Georgetown, Texas,
fl *'I have used Tutt's TTctTcine with great benefit.'
l" W. W. MANN. Editor Mobile Register
41 lwv**TBTutt^e PJ11* ta fire of ai!
there. ''?SAYRIi & CO^jCirterivillo, Oa.
"Tutt's Pill? have TnTylo be tried to establisl
their merits. They work like maeic."
[- W. H. BARRON, 88 Summer 8i, Boston,
2- ?> There is no medicine so well adapted to the curi
5- ?f bilious disorders as Tott's Pills."
i- JOS. BBUMMEL, Riohmond, Virgiala.
Bold by druggists. 95 cents a box. Offloi
11 3S Murray Street, New York.
;<? .
York, I
which restores youthtal beauty to the hair.
r That eminent cheuilit nas lucceeaea 111
producing a Hair Dye which Imitates I
nature to perfection. Old bachelor* may
>' now rejoice." I
1 I Price $1.00. OJJlc* 35 Murray St., I
,S H Jfexv York. Sold by all druggltU. fi
f, pATF-S RKDUCrr. >2.50, 83.00 and S4.(X
d ll l'ku i>ay, According to location o
n room, [Dccfmlicr 19,1K7R. :im.
} Ayer's
I Cherry Pectoral
**" For Diseasos of tho
of Throat and Lungs,
10 Jt suc^ 48 ^ousbs'
is BifflLfc Colds, Whooping
>g umption.
Pj The reputation it has attained, In
consequence of the marvellous cures it
I. has produced during the last half cen r'm
tury, is a sufficient assurance to the
[j. public that it will continue to realize
0f the happiest results that can be desired.
3e In almost every section of country
y there are persons, publicly, known, who
id have been restored from alarming and
ig even desperate diseases of the lungs,
>r by its use. All who have tried It ac?;
knowledge its superiority; and where
t- its virtues are known, no one hesitates
] as to what medicine to employ to red
lieve the distress and suffering peculiar
to pulmonary affections. Cherry Pectoral
always-affords instant relief, and
performs rapid cures of the milder va/
rleties of bronchial disorder, as well as
,r the more formidable diseases of the
it lungs.
[J As a safeguard to children, amid
rs the distressing diseases which beset
nl the Throat and Chest of Childhood, it
l- is invaluable; for, by its timely use,'
d multitudes are rescued and restored to
f? This medicine gains friends at
y I pvprv trial, as the cures it is constantly
producing are too remarkable to be
3t forgotten. No family should be within
out it, and those who have once used
t* it never will.
10 Eminent Physicians throughout the
j, country prescribe it, and Clergymen
d often recommend it from their kaowli
edge of its cffccts.
" Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.,
1 Practical and AnaljrtJoal ChexaliU.
I- T "
If Mark the Spot
v reposes the remains of your
' ?? friends by placlngti marblo Monumen''
* or Head Htono to their memory. At the Mar5 ,
- ble Yard can be seen a full line of all grades
of Marble?Also a large collection of the latest
designs from which we can at short notice
get up all grades of work. Our priceB arc
- us low as city prices, and work better flaiah_
ed than done elsewhere.
U ?
. TUST received a lot of beautiful Flower
r> y Stands. Something new. At
ure or pryrent 'j
1 W. T. PENNEY. Abbeville, 8. C.
J. F. T0WN8END, Hodges De pot, S. C.
Embracing full unci authentic accounts of
every nation of ancient anrl modern times,
and Including a history of the rise and fall or
the Greek and lloinan Empires, the growth
of the nations of modern Europe, the middle
' afres, the crusudes, the feudal system, the
reformation, the discovery and settlement of
the Xew World, etc., etc.
It contains 672 line historical engravings
and 12C0 larjte double column pages and is the
most complete History of the world ever
published. It sells at sight. Send for speci
men pages and extra terms to Agents, and
van ii-hv i? BfiiiH f.mtnr than anv other book.
National Publishing Co.,
Philadelphia, Pa.
March 20, 187fi -It.
stateTf south Carolina;
Probate Court?Citation for Letters of
By .T. Fuller Lyon Esq., Probate Judge.
WHEREA>Sf Robert Hutchison, made
suit to me, to grant him Letters of
Administration of the Estate and effects
rp..iioHm T?nrli>iiiVi?. lsito of Abbeville
' County, deceased. ,
These are therefore to cite and admonish
all and singular the kindred and creditors
of the said Tabo'a Uadclilfo deceased,
that they he and appear, before me, in the
Court of Probate, to be held at Abbeville
C. H., on "Wednesday the 17th of April,
1878, alter publication hereof, at 11 o'clock
in the forenoon, to show cause, if any they
have, why the said Administration should
not be granted.
Given under my hand and seal, this 2d
day of April, in tho year of our Lord
one thousand eight hundred and seventyeight
and in the 102 year of American Independenro.
Published on the 3d day of
April, 1878, in tho rrcxx and Banner and
on Uio Court llouso door for the time
required by law.
Hampton and Home Rule!
j The News ami Courier.
A Live and Fearless Democratic
, Newspaper.
' Ijirpcfit Circulation In theClty.
, Largctft Circulation In tl?c State.
Lnrgcst Circulation in the Cotton States
1 All the News about South Carolina.
All the News about the South.
All the News From Everywhere.
Pure and undefiled Temocracy?Union!
Equal Rights!!!
Rncmmlzincr the Paramount Interest felt in
the" approaching political
' By every Deinneratwho hopes to see the great
work of the Redemption of the suite made
complete and permanent so that the people
may !reap and fully enjoy the Fruit, of their
sacrifices, THK NEWS AND COURIER will
direct all Its energies and Resources to Presenting.'
from Day to Day, and from Week to
Week, Full and Interesting Accouuts of the
j Progress of the C'ainjwj;n.
To place the Paper within the reach of Everybody
during the excltlnjr contest we have
determined to oirer to mail subscribers the
Reduced Rates for the Campaign:
Dally Edition <> months............. 00
l ! THE XKWS AM) rorillKK TriI
Weekly Edition, fi months 2 Pfl
. | THE WEEKLY NEWS, U months "5
' SnbFcrlptlons will be received at these rates,
| May 1.'). In all cases the cash must accompany
the order. ?
I Friends of the Cause of Honest Home Rnle
> i In all the counties are Invited to aid us In
swelling our Campaign Subscription Lists,
! which ought to Include every Intelligent voi
ter of the State.
March 27,1S78. Charleston, S. C.
I Brandies, Wines, and Whiskies.
French and Peach Brandy,
C0cn Whisky, two Years Old,'
i w^eat" ? Good,
Cherry, Teneriffe.
March 25, 1878-tf.
, By Purifying your blood with
1 Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Radways Ready Relief,
Hepatine, Vegatine,
Queen's Delight,
Wades Liver Corrector,
Dr. Ed. Smith's Liver Tonic,
Lindsey's improved Blood
At D . rAitiiLK. '
March 25,1878-tf.
"Eugene 33. Gary.
Attorney at Law,
49*SpccIul attention to the collection x
yaluis. [Nov. 12,1870 tf
Cokesburv. Abbeville Coun
ty, S. C.
THE Eighty-third Session of twenty weeks
begins ou the second Monday, 14th of
January, 187K.
J. P. PRICHARD, A". M? Rector.
Dr. F. F. GARY, Secretary Board Trustees
Tuition, Primary Department, 812.00
" Intermediate " 15.00
" Senior " 20.00
Board per month, 10.00
Sons of ministers of the Conference, free of
Location, proverbially healthy. Easily accessible
by Greenville and Columbia Railroad.
Community, intelligent, refined and moral.
Free from dram shops, gambling saloons, and
their attendant evils.
For Cotalogue. address tho Rector or Secretary,
of Board Trustees.
October 31,1S77, tf.
Edwin Parker
Stationery and - Books
Wines, Brandy, etc.
THE undersigned hereby gives nothv
thut he is prepared to do all kinds
Carpenter's "Work and
He also repairB Cotton Gins, Thrashers
and Fans. A full supply of Gin Material
alwavs on hand. Farmers are requested
to bring their Gins up early in the season
to allow time to have them properly pre- .
Also Agent for the Taylor Cotton Gin,
the Brooks Cotton Press, and all kinds of
Rubber and Leather Belting.
D. B. SMITH, j
Abbeville C. H., S. C.
i It. >1* HADDON & CO. 1
My customers know that I have heretofere
in style, quality and prices.
Tho time has come when these goods c
tho North and West.
I dQ not go backwards, but continually rai
new styles. I have made reductions in prici
ponse to place in your hands a Price List tha
I respectfully invite you to call and exami
ins elsewhere. Orders by mail will receive
It would make tho list too largo to describ
Bedroom, Parlor Suits, Dining Room, Office,
Secretaries, Dwarf Libraries, and Book Case
this list contains only a low of the prices of
PARLOR SUITES.?Six Chairs, Ilalr Cloth L
or Itepf, $21, SM, $28. ?
PARLOR ROCIvERS.?Carved Top, Hair *
Cloth or Rep. SO.OO, 811.00, $11.00, S17.00. u
MATTRESSES.?Straw and Cotton, $3.50..
$4.00; Shuck and Cotton, 83.7"/, $1.25; Cotton $9.w ?
SI DEBOA RDM.?Marble Tops, ?20, S25, $30, $35, ?
$10, $-15, 850; Marble tops upwards to $150. a
l'ARLOlt SUITS.-Seven pieces, Hiilr Cloth I
or Reps, $45, $50, $00, $70,$t>0, $90, SlOO, $125; Nine S
pieces, Leather or Cane, SloO; Eight pieces, 6
Fine, upwards to $450. I:
CHAMBER SUITS.-Imitatlon Walnut or J
Oak, S2U; Ten pieces, solid head, carvcd top, 1
324, $2#,i34, 844J, ?45, SoO.
DRESSING CASES.?Ten pieces, $40, ?13, ^
$50,$55, SCO: Ten pieces Walnut 870, $80, $00,
$100, ten pieces Walnut upwards to $T>00. C
CHAIRS.?Cano seat, per half dozen $5.75, c
Cane seat, Dining half dozen, s.s.75, Cane seat 1
bent Dining per half dozen $10.00, Split scat
per half dozeu $3.50, Best Cane seat, ?4.75, c
Wood sea t, $.1.25. o
ROCKERS.?Wood Seat Arm, S2.00; Wood "
Seat Nurse, $1.00; Cane Scat Nurse, .32.50; Cane .
Seat Arm. $3.75. <
enclosed Wash Stand, $35. $45, $50; Ten pieces, t
Marble top, enclosed Wash Stand,$45, $50, $55,
$00, $05; Ten pieces, marble top upwards to 8125 S
No charge for freight, drayage or packing
Thanking you for past favors, I rc
October 31, 1877, 12 m.
rnnwnnv o ma
ruunimi oi m?
ALSO made to order Stenm Engines and bol
Horse powers, Threshing Machines, Pumr
all slses. Cotton Presses, for hand, Horse or Wi
Repairing done at very low prices.
RUSSIA Leather Gooods, Walnut Brackets, ^
CORAL and Pluted Jewelry, Ties Gloves, S
1 Collars and Cuffs, MILLINERY dec., at
Your Inspection an
At. .1
October 31, 1877, 12 m.
mm fcWRvji j| 11
i jj B
> III competitors receiving only in award I
He Wortawl Ha
Has Unlimited Capacity to do All kind
chine from running backwards, and o
from the machine to irind thread on tl
other Sewing Machines, to the great i
tucking hemming and raffling. It doe
of time than any other Sewing machim
f lhni Una Mian *31 it u n&
It requires no special instructions to
fbrnished with eaeh machine.
A properly exeeated Certificate is fori
to keep it in repair, free of charge, I
terms of payment, and delivered, free
United States where we have no Ager
Bead for Qlnitrttod Cfttili
For fUll particular* addre#?J
q gnxs
S? Bto^vtr, IZ7 YQBXj (Sum;
" WAGOir
THE Tennessee Wag
CHEAPER than over before, FOR SALE !
Oct., 13, 1877.
Steam I
Of which are Now W
in the County of A
fair Prospect ot as
fore long. A I
Terms can be
Oct. 31, 1877 tf.
Dr. H. D. V
ABBEVILLE, S. C., Office
4 NOTHER lot of tlie moRt superior goods
(\ ever offered fBenutlful Blacks] from 25 to p
5cts, Just received nt the ?
February 27. 1878. I
SOME and see the hand sewed GENTS
Augusta, Ga., Aupruet 1, 1877.
i led the "Furniture" trade of the South,
ail dc purchased aa cneap irom roe as ir
se the standard of my goods, and add
B9 wherever possible, and spared no exit
will help you to purchase goods,
tie my stock and prices before purchaeas
much attention as if given in person
e and copy all the different pneeat -o
, Standing Parlor and Ladie^ Desks
is, manufactured by me, and therefore
goods kept by me.
BUREAS.?Imitation "Walnut and Glas;
".75, 89.75, Walnut and Qlana, 813.75, 817.5
Vnlnut quarter Marble and Glass 319.00, 82J.0
ffl.UO. SH.OO; Walnut lull Marble and Gloa
nd upwards toSlOOJX).
BEDSTEADS.-No. 1 Bed 82.25, No. 2 Be<
2.75, No.3 Bed Solid Head.4feet,6 filches lilgl
No. 4 Solid carved topri ft. ft In. hlgl
1.00, No. 5 Bed Solid carved top, French 8S.0<
in. 1 Hf?d Will tint, nnrv/vl tnn A
7.75, No. 2 Bed Walnut, 60lld be?3, carved to
feet 6 In h lgh 89.75. No 8 Bed Walnut, solli
lead, carved lop, 7 reet# In bfcrftr9f!,75, No
led walnut, solid head, carved top. 8 feetfl lr
ilgli 814.0U.
WASHST ANDS.?Im Itatlon Walnut $1,71
Valnut encloBcd $4,00, Walnat Marbletop$6(
WARDROBES.?Walnut 817, Walnut tw
Imwfre Slfl, Walnnttwo drawer*drop handle
arved top 822, 830, Walnut two draw, dro
mndle, carved top, fancy panels 835.
TABLES.?Round or Square 81,50, Walni
:cntre. draw 83,00, Walnut Centre Marble to
7,(JO, 88,00,89,00,812.00,81*,00,820,00,825,00.
TOWEL RACKS.?Walnut 50, 81.00, 81,5
SOFAS.?Lareo Hair Cloth or Reps, carvc
;op 818. 822, 824, 830.
TETE-A-TETES.?Tcto 815,00 810,75,819.7
main, yours respectfully.
ta.9 ga.
otst planter
lers, Saw Mills, Grist Mills, Floor Mil
is, Iron Uniting, Water Wheels, Gin Gearli
iter Powers.
Oct. 31,1877 12 m.
kVall Pockets, Mottoc Frames. &c.
Ilk, Linen and Embroidered Hankerchlc
unusually LOW PRICES.
d Orders Solicited.
r. H, TRUMP'S.
a ..[ TiTrr^lllTli ;
ililkEATJAVUUUl '"f Til
for some special feature of their machine!
id Sbottle Sevins lade
I or Family Sowing and M*noflut*rta?,
?" on the head wheel prerenta the a*
briates the necessity of taking the wort
le bobbins, which must be dtne with al
anoyance of the operator, especially h
s one*third more work ta t gtrn liagti
mk ia eu dtj u fou tito Mu.
use It; an doitrated Direction Book 1
liihed with each machine, gaaraiteeii|
for fire years. Maehiiei Mid en eaq
or curge. it uj tuurtw ufpw u ?m
ego*. J9*A|Mti Waitoi*
ILi OHIOAeft ILL) eflAI PlUOfflOft oil
)NSEVER brought T? marke'
fon. Large Splendii
orking Successfully
Luderson, with a
i many morebe'rice
List and
had by ap'
( Over the Post Office.
Notice to Debtors.
"\EBTORS to the estate of Bannistei
J Allen deceased are hereby noti&ed
lat they must pay their debt* at once tc
has. P. Allen, Executor of said estate,
y doing so tbey will save costs.
Lowndesville, S. C.
November 21,1877, tf.
?ai?ww ...
State of Sotrtb Carolina,
County of Abbeville.
' S. S. Marshall and J. W. W. Marshall,
i Executors, Plaintiffs, Against John O,
Boozer, Defendant. I
Notice of application to Substitute Burn#
To Jofifl-6. Boozer, Defendants
m ,
XTX>U are hereby required to answer'
X the application in this case and tc
' serve a cop^ of yqjgr answer on the sub"
' scrlber at Im omee at Abbeville Court
House, within twenty days after the eer?
vfee hereof, exclusive of the day of seri)
viee: If too fail to answer the oppllcao
tion as aforesaid, the Ploihtiffs will ask
* leave of the Clerk of Co art of said cou?~ /
ty. to substitute a new judgment for tfiw
original, obtained against you. on the 8th
^ of March, 1807. for the sum of eight 1mm)
dred and filly dollars s
p i 2 . Plaintiffs Attooruey.
? To the Defendant John G. Boozer, who
is absent from the State* Taker notice,
that a copv of the aforesaid application
5 has been filed this day, In the office of tha
w Clerk of the Court or said Count*,
* Jan. 16,1878, Plaintiffs' Attorney.
d Bumble Bee,
5| . Home Again,
Durham Smoking Toboeeo.
OF all kinds, from 10 cento to 50 oenta s
Plug, from 50 cents to s #1.50 a
A new lot of Fancy Pipes just received
)(t October 17,1877, tf.
W TEA in large or small quantities. PLOWST0CK8,
CAHINS, Ac., to., ,
ALL the want* and necesssltiM of the
farmer carefully considered and prepared
N for. Special Inducements offered tue planter.
Before mak Lng your arrangements rise*here,
(five us a trial. We will exert ourselves to
give entire satisfaction.
Jan. 16, 1878.
BfftT V Titpmt? TXTkflAfl AAAV%M
miLLifl&tti, uitEss uwus
I A ND all kinds of WINTER GOODS, at
A. greatly reduced prices, at the
Jan. 16,1H78.
State of South Carolina,
County of Abbeville.
Ez-Purte?'Wm. WlckllfTe.
Petition of Final Discharge.
M. WICKLIFFE, having applied to th?
VV Co art of Probate for a final discharge
from the Administratorship of the Estate of
Jamox D. Hall. It Is ordered, that Wednesday
the sixth day of March next, be fixed as the
time for granting said discharge.
fj Feb. 6,1878. J. Pro., A. C.
43 Differ
exit kinds
OF DRUGS to arrive at PENNEY'S on or
before Saturday, next. When you call
PARAOORIC, Ac., 4c., yoa can har?
i them for the money.
Yours truly,
| January 30, 1878.
' avvhit ovnran
oiiii vau UCIA Viuim ;
ALL Administrators, Executors,Guardians,
and Trustees, who are required by law
to make annual returns of the receipts and <
expenditures of tbelr respective estates, will
, do mo at once, or be subjected to a role,
| Judge of Probata Court, A. C.
February 6,18T8. ' - .
i T>ETURNfl far TOWN ITAXE8 most be
'A IV mode to me bv the flnrt of March, next
by order of Conncll.
| January 30,1878, tf. Treasurer.
~w7cT benetTA
ttornfiv at Law*
' Law Hautel AbbeTillr C. H., S C.
Jilt, if
Feb. 6,1878, ; '
ran MflRF rnpiiiT
* ?-0-?a
I Intend hereafter to have tbo Cash for my
Urtlr* or keep them. This way of selling
Soo<ls on a promise, that will be paid next
ales-day and next week, and the tint time
I come to town, and all that, and then have
to beg and entreat, and advertise. to please
pay up Ac., Ac., and worst of all, never get
your pay at all Is down right foolishness on
the part of the seller and worse on the part
of the buyer.. 80 no more of It for me If you .
please. Konpect fully,
_ W. T. PENNr.
January 16,1878.
IS horeby given to parties on Judgment!
and Executions, both Plaintiffs and Defendants,
that L. D. BOWIE, former Clerk of Ufe
Court of Common pleas for Abbeville county,
has assigned to us for the benefit of a creditor,
his costs and fees. Payment thereof is roquirI
cd to be made to us.
February 13,1878. Abbeville, C. H.
Manufacturers of and Dealer* In
PACKING, 225 Broad* Street, Oppo ite
Central and Globe Hotels, Ai*
gnata, Ga.
We are now receiving a large and var>
ied assortment of vehicles for business
or pleasure. A full assortment of 1,2
and 4 HORSE WAGONS, best manufacture,
at the lowest prices. Call and examine
our stock.
Nov. 7,1877 , 3m.
26 Years in Bed.
IF a man lives 80 years, one ttyrd of
his life is spent in bed. In order to
make it comfortable, all persons should
use the spring bed, which is now sold so
low as to be within the reach of all. For
sale by
Oct. 17, 1877, tf.
BUY seed that are PURE AND RUST
PROOF. Such can be found In any
quantity at

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