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fie Press and Banner.
By Ilitg-li Wilson.
Wednesday, Jan. 9, 1884.
Sale Day? 0?id Wfatbcr-Xcau Whisker.
Monday was S-tie Day, mid. wIipii
^v? consider tho itiolemorn'v of th? w?Mh-,
or and thtu small amount of property to
bosohl, tilO nrowd was 1'ufly as largo us
*e could have o.Vported. It was the
coldest and mot d'iMt ~*oa!?le day that
*e have had fnr yearn, "id our friends;
from the couiUry, on their arrival, wore
almost frozen, and, without exception,
they Immediately Fought the warm others
and other comfortable places of business
in town. The crowds on tho pnbli.arjuaro
was no correct indication as to the
?ctual nun?her of persons in tiie village.
The warm tiros in every office, or other
place of business, drow great numbers
who wore constantly coming ami
going. The few sales which were made
by the Master and the Probate Judge
were soon concluded, Ellis G. (Iravdon.
ICsq., attorney. sold a small lot in town
undor foreclosure, after which the shiverins
crowds apsonililed around the auctioneer
and the old broken-down horses
and mules which had been brought to
him from every quarter. The eold
weather seemed to put metal into the
heels of the poorest of the poor "Old
Rips," and more than one man felt on
tint day the weight of a weak animal's
hoof, though we are not informed that
anybody was hurt.
In the early part of the afternoon the
effects of whiskey were visible everywhere.
There \va? much drinking,
and wo do iv>t recollect to have se??n sis
many drunk men on any other day as
wore here on Sale Day.
As night approached multitudes gal
lopec off in every direction, many of
whom gave evidence of being more or
loss under tlio influence of liquor, and
it was predicted thnt Coroner Shillito's
services would be needed next day, hut
wc arc Klad to state that no such unpleasant
event occurred.
The businoss houses in town, we believe,
nrc agreed in faying thnt there
never had been less business done on
Sale Day in January. Some customers
were able to settle their "old scores"
with their merchant, and start on the
"new year with a clean ^balance sheet,
but there is another class who are not so
fortunate. They still owe "a little balance,"
and will enter upon the labors of
another year with no other alternative
than to go still deeper in debt.
The shipment of cotton during last
reason being less than cne-half the number
of bales sent from this place during
the preceding year, speaks plainly as to
the present financial condition of our
people, and there is almost no cotton loll
in the country. I5nt, notwithstanding
the facts which would naturally discourage
a people, our farmers seem hopeful
* and will begin the work of making another
crop in the belief that better luck
awaits them next Fall. Their large areas
of small grain is aswuring, ard the feeling
of content among our colored citiz"ns
attest the honesty and fairness with
which their employers have treated
them, and there is among our colored
j?eople, so far as we cati learn, no feeling
of dissatisfaction with either the government,
their employers, or the country.
They seem to realize tho fact that
thh is the host country in the world, and
they are wiso enough to remain at home.
Our merchants having much capital of
th*ir own, and an unlimited credit Ht
their command, will he enabled to supply
the large demand which will be made
upon their resources by tho agricultural
interests of the country, and the demand
- J.._ ...;n
lor naio ctx'uus v?m w ?u?-a> them
to prosper while doing the country
a needed service. But the great mass of
tradespeople who are dependent upon
cash transactions will have a harder time.
The Public Schools.
We are informed that the public schools
in this county, were continued last year
on an average of from five to nine months
?or about twlee tho length of time for
which they wore continued before Commissioner
Cowan took a practical view o|
the matter and reduced the pay of teachers
from the former high prices to the
scale of rates which is now adopted.
The management of the schools is an eminently
practical issue, and one which
needs good common sense at its head.
Without reflecting upon any previous
management or assnjning to know more
about teaching than those specifically
charged with that business, the /Ves.t
and Banner stands pledged:
First?To make constant and unceasing
Avar Cure against tho present annual iniquitous
Constitutional appropriation by
the State for school purposes of an
amount approximating half million dollars.
Second?Failing in obtaining a Constitutional
amendment repealing the law we
shall ur^e the opening of the public
schools for the full term of ten scholastic
Third-Failing to secure (ho opening
of the schools for the full scholastic year,
we shall advocate and maintain that the
Public School Funds should be diverted
_ - for a sufficient timo to enable the School
Trustees to build out of that fund at least
one comfortable and commodious school
bouse in every School District or sub-division
We contend that it was tho duty of the
school authorities at their recent meeting
rto have further reduced the pay of teachers
to a figure which would require from
I then: ten months of actual service to exhanst
tho annual appropriations, and
they should have ordered that not more
than one-tenth of the sums appropriated
W: for any of the schools should be drawn
v by any tcacher in any singl? month.
Let the pay of third grade teachers, ii
necessary, )>o reduced to seven dollars a
month; thi?t of second gr.\de teachers tn
Ml ten dollars, while the salary ?>f rtrst grade
Hk| teacher* might be brought down to from
twelve to fifteen dollars a month, as the
BMP exigencies of thesituation might require.
HH The same authority should huve issued
bb a general order forbidding any teacher, or
any board of School Trustees to e.\c'ud?
any poorj child ten Ifrom the benefits o)
B9^V free tuition by any public teacher.
The plan which we believo obtains ir
Abbeville village of excluding poor chilHL
dren from the public school should have
beeu declared contrary to and in violalion
of the spirit, and prime motive
HHMT -whx-h the founders of the institution had
fn view. What we mean by "poor chilMH
dren" is the children whose parents an
BW unable to pay for tuiti"n for sever
H months, and then because of such inability
to pay, are excluded from the public
sohool on the ground that the school is
PT /uiK
[ Another mailer. Neither of the three
L teachers of the High School in Abbeville
B condescended to apply to the Hoard ol
w Examiners for certificates. The question
5^ will tKo pAm IniuainnAr
pay money to those teachers contrary to
law? If he does not par thorn, who is to
R, pay them ? Do the Trustees expect the
members of the Ahbevillfe School Asso LV
nation to make good, out of their own
H pockets, the dereliction of those whose
Bjj duty it was to apply for the public fund f
If so. then the exportation will not be
fulfilled. It is the duty of the School
Association to look into this matter, and
not allow it to go bv default. It' tho
| t?achers in the Abbeville IMgh School
I ^ persist in their refusal to go before tho
* Board of Examiners for their certificates,
A then wo say tho sooner the school is
K closed the better. If it is obstinacy that
V---. restrains them we aro not willing to suf|
for for it ourselves. If it is doubt as to
1 their ability to stand the examination,
*r then we fail to :*oe the propriety ot conu
tinning the school. In any event, wc are
B/ not willing to make good to them the
H amouotH which now stand to the?rpredit
F in tho public treasury, and which they
B from any toiiro refuse to comply with the
I Jaw which would authorLw* ulit'fu to refi
ctsi \ e.
K Mr. IIi >;t. oi:r> i'\mcs. son of f?|t.
R } r. Park-,.'.* n.?v\ ah.s;!*l;?ut Aniit 't. in
fe ?4u<.t. ol >u. !'. IVtijin.
' "" "L" ' """' ' "i r-?"1 Sleet?Suspension
cT lousiness. {
Tlic tomperntnie of tho atmosphere, al-j
i thing!) still buiow tho freezing p-nnt.j
i had greatly moderated by Tuesday |
i morning, mid this, too, despite the fact j
that tin- ground, during tho night, had
beoti coverod with "hominy" *leet to the
; depth of about three inches. Its appearjum-eon
the ground was that ofhnow
I but n-ne of was flinging to tho branchc*
, of the trees.
! The effect of the inclement wenthei
i was that nobody eamo to town and tho
! townsfolk remained closely in doors
There was a complcto suspension of busi
I noss. Early in tiie day our merchant"
I began to clone their doors, and it wa- |
only here Rtvl there that a hnlf open
shutter could be seen in the latter part of
the day.
The weather continued a! the freezinv
poir.t all day, and some work at shovelinn
the dry pebbly sleet oft' the roofs o!
the stores had been dona by night. After
sunset the clouds became thinner. tlx
j weather was colder, and tfie wind blew
ja Kale. A little while after twelve
j o'clock the sky was dear, and the tlierj
momctor'nt the Prcfx and Manner regis!
tcred 22 at two o'clock this morning.
Honest Advertisements.
i We had a trail last week from Mr.
i Philip G. lleekley, who traveling in the
interest "f I>nvid K. Fonts in the sale of
i his medicines - two of which appear in
Iour advertising columns. They do not]
i sneak in on the attention of the reader by j
jntiy fraud in appearing as reading matter I
in the local notices, lint appear just what i
i thev arc?as honest advertisements, in j
I their legitimate placid. Some of tlu* j
| newspapers which wo take arc ho full ot!
| cheats in tlio reading or local notices.;
; that have quit reading them. Life is tooj
i short to waste one's time in reading two |
jor three inches of apparently interesting
matter, to find nt the end that we have
! been ehented into reading an advertise-!
I ment, the tnanm-r of whose appearance j
' is?like the medicine it praises?only a
I cheat and a fraud.
j The Xtit-btfry Ofiscrrrr and the Co|
lumbfrt Register have been reading the
| New Year greetings of their exchanges. I
(Th* O'jKtrvcf now has its mind well;
stored with valuableiniortriHiion ns 10 uie j
historical facts which prompt us to col-:
jchrato the Christmas times with joy, and;
ithat paper is thoroughly acquainted with I
! the reasons which make us, on the New j
i Year, talk seriously anil look as solemn !
, as a mule in a snow storm.
' Fountains aud Lakes f'rozen Ovor-Shrubs
CrysiaIlized-?Fisb Killed by!
the CoId--Othcr Wonders of the
| Weather.
f.Wir* nnd Cburirr,]
I The freeze in Charleston yesterday was Hie'
coldest known in Die city for many years.;
At ! o'clock yesterday morninz the mercury I
j Indicated lt??, which whs 16j below freczlnc!
I point At 9 A. M. tlie mercury Indicated
' In the sun,and water in the streets was freezing
nil <iny. So cold was it th:it Hie plaster j
i was drawn from St. .Mlchnel's steeple All'
! the until* were behind time, and the street j
' ears were unable to run to tlie Batiery, owing i
' to tiie condition of the ground. At C'hisolm's
mill the salt wnter was frozen to t'ue depth of]
neirly Jin inch, and the Hinlcdue streel pond ;
wmmuIko frozen over. At Hampstcad Mall the :
fountain was solidly fiozcn, and nil the flow- \
crs <>ii the sou'h side of the Mull were crystal- j
j llzcd and covered with Ice. The ens meters Inj
the city were also frozen, am! all the cistern*.
I humps and hydrants were frozen. The plum-j
i tiers of Charleston will to-day have a picnic;
; in t!?c way of repairing pumps and hydrants.;
j The Gas Company will repair all the meters1
'that are reported at the ollieo.
! The minimum temperature reported at the
'Signol otttce yesterday was 1".?, which. In the'
j opinion of the oldest Inhabitant, Is the cold-1
i est weather that has been known In Charles-!
j ton for ISO years. On December 30, lP'O, the!
'minimum thermometer was recorded at 1"??.!
ibtit the "oide^t inhabitant'* doe* nut recall1
sueh a freeze as that of yesterday. So cold!
was II that the fish In the Itutledte street lake j
were frozen t<> death, and the colored people,
who watch out for the main chance, reaped a j
I rich harvest gathering in the fish which float-!
ied to the surface. A gentleman who lives
near the lake brought una number of fish |
I frozen hi the weeds at the bottom of the hike, j
I Yesterday Von Snnten made all Ills lcc cream j
with lee Irjzen on his premises the night be-1
1 fore.
| TheKlgnnl Pewlce ofllco makes the follow-J
' Ing ret>ortof minlmuiii temperature since the i
establishment of ilie bureau Itl this city: I
I 1873-JaU. 10 19?
1#"4?Jan. 1? 29?
?Pec. is 1',? !
I l."CG?Dec. 2 23?
| 1*77?.Ian. 8 26?
I js7S?Dec. 2S Vo0
r t a ?0
; .fill* I
1*0-Dee. 30 1*1? ;
I ls^l?Feb. 3 26?
18S2?I>ee. R 2?? |
i 1?0-Pfp. 12... 35P |
1 <t>4? Jim. 5 1'1? j
j It Is also staled that In" January, 1852. the J
mercury registered 16?, but thin wan thirty i
i years nun,and helore the Invention of se'f-;
: registering thermometers, and the statement
'should ?>f course.be taken with allowances.
It has not occurred within the memory of the !
' present generation ol Charl'-stonlans that thej
'fakes and mill ponds in tlie city have been !
! frozen, and It Is not likely to occur again, tin- j
: less there shall be a revolution in a meteoro!
logical sense.
The figures as Riven above nre furnUhcd by ;
the United States signal Bureau, and may:
therefore tie considered as official, Neverthe-j
loss, thermometers will vary according to ex-:
; posure and location, and It may be as we'I lo j
state that one self-registering thermometer!
j on the Hatt?r> went down U> 12? on .Saturday '
night, and that I?r. Blackmail's thermometer'
nt S A. M. on Peceniber 30. 1KS0. registered 13?, j
| which ts the lowest on record at that hour.
I A Freezing Day in Columbia?Snow'
in North Carolina and in Upper!
South Carolina?Other Matters.
; Col.CM hi a, January fi.?The state of the I
I weather Is the only sensation in Columbia to-!
day.* hast night was not the mildest we have
hail this winter, and this morning Columbia
woke up to find that during the night the
thermometer bad fallen to7? above zero. At
'.i o'clock ihe mercury marked 1!?, at 111
: oVJook, 20, una f??r the rest of the fifty it end .
> not, In the nhnde. got hicher than the freer- j
! In-,' point. Knrly masculine risers had their i
lifudfi II!led with frost, and every hydrant In .
tec city was frozeu, so that the plumbers ore j
; anticipating a' lil^h old time" when the thaw i
j comes. The sun shone brightly. but It could 1
.only melt a little Ice on the sunny side* of the!
' streets, lhe 'tf'se { ur.'Hln In the I'aik nt 5!
.o'clock thl* evening looked lovelj and very
1 arctic. 11 shot lis spray over a mound of Ice
and frost as white as snow, and the spray
turned to sleet as It fell on the frozen surface
! of the pond. There will be fine skatlnc to:
morrow If tlie cold spell lasts until then. |
l'lils Is the coldest weather Co'umUla has ex-i
perlenced for many yea's, with the exception
I of Christmas week. 1R-0, when the meicury|
ran dow n to zero, and there was a free full of
snow, which remained unmeltcd for a long
I time. No casualties from Hie cold are yet rt>
i ported.
All tralnR from the North entering Oolum-j
bla to-day were delayed by the snow in North 1
1 Carolina and Virplnla. Snow yesterday fell I
along the line of the Wilmington and Chur-I
1; lotte Kotut up to P'dnts a tew miles from Col- j
urn bla. On the Greenville Koad certain sections
had a considerable fall of snow, while I
o h'-rs had not a flake The south bound train I
i on the Charlotte Koad.duo here at 7:91 P. M..
twill not reach here until 1 o'clock, bavins j
' been delayed above Wlnnsboro' by snow and j
i the breaking of a picce ot machinery on the
engine. I
,! At 9 o'clock the thermometer marks 22?,
' and Is fn'llng steadily. Church services were I
! but slightly attended to-day on account of the j
! A petition for thcpnrdon of Adiim Dwlght,
i of <>ian;:ehurg, who was sentenced at the May
I term, lvsrt, io imprisonment In the penltentl- I
ury for one year lor hot; storllng. luis been !
11 filed tti Hip Uovrnor's office. Governor j
.! Thompson has declined lo interfere with the
j sentence of (he law.
>: Frank Smith.u colored convict from 1'lcknns
county,sentenced to eighteen months lm-'
> i prisonment for grand larceny, died suddenly |
I at Prlnicle'fi phosphate wotk? on January 1st.*
The t'onfederate Monument will soon he re- j
11 moved to Its new position directly In f/ont of
'tli* State House and further from it than it
'1 now Is. In this changed position the statue
;. will be placed upon the marble column.
The Freeze in Greenville.
?! Greenvim.k, January 6. ? Greenville Is
' hav Ins extremely cold weather. At 10 o'clock
I last nl^ht the thermometer ie*lste>cd t>? above
.1 zero.
i The Cold Snap in Orangeburg.
j OiianoKRVif. January 5.?The weather has
1 been hitter cold here during the p?st forty.
eight hours. Snow and sleet have been fall.
Iftcv tlliritior trultiv Ullil flilc ( vonli.rr ihn Ltir. .
! face of the earth and nil around 'in frozen.
.'The nky Is overcast by dark clouds, and a
j fiiiiw storin seonis threatening.
j An Unusually Heavy Fall ol Suow in
'! Edgefield.
Hidok Sprino, January 5.?We have Just
passed through the severest cold of the season
at this place. Cold ruin and sleet, setlnnt
, daylight, tliif* inornins, followed by u very
, heavy snow, eontlnulns for half an hour,
i The snow, while It- lusted, was unusually
heavy, some of the flames being as larfre a? a
guinea egif. It Is now cloudy and cold, with
( nioderute southwest wind.
Snow in Sumter County.
' i "Observer" writes ns follow* from Stnto,
burc. Huniter count v, under dale of January
5: We lipd a spurt of snow this morning;1
1' wind southwest. About 1 P. M. wind sudden-!
ly changed to north with increase of force to]
a stiff breeze, and now, at 3 P. M . tlie ther-l
! luonieter has fallen to2ijJ. At 12 M.It was 40?. j
The Appoinuttox Frozen Over. I
! Petkr-Sbtko. Va , January 6.?Ttfe weath-i
cr here Inst night was extremely cold tliCj
5? below zero. Many hydrants wer? frozen j
up. To-night tne Appomattox Klvor nt this
! point Is frozen over, and navigation Impeded. I
j Frozen to Death in Hed.
J Indehknuknce, Iowa, January C.?A l>oy i
and girl named HIiicb. aged kIx and nevenj
; years, were frozen to death in bed last night. j
- ? .
A 1*0 hit Well Taken.
[A'e wbcrry Of/xerrrr.]
The Atlanta Journal, speaking of a young]
man of Atlanta who had absconded with his ]
,' employer's money. Bays: "He had borne an j
! exceptionally aood character up to the time!
:of this trouble." That Is bardly possible.!
If the young man had borne a good' character !
n;> to the time he would no! have acted as he .
did act. The Janrnul falls Into a mistake
tl at Is common, lnapeaklng of reputation as
character. They are very ditterent. A
Imnn's repu'a'ion Is wli? people think him
. to be; his character Is what ho really Is. The
two usually go together, but not always.
A Hero he ( hrlMninn rush iti trade I here Ita
ci!in,..iid business is decidedly dull.
' t' * ' .....v.- . , . .. I
Orfliaansss of tie Town of Aimlls. J
i .
AN ORDINANCE Defining the Limits of the;11
Town of Abbeville and to Perpetuate tiie!?
Names of the Streets Thereof. lv
I b
Section L Ik il ordained by the Town Council ana by
the authority of the same: Taut the corporate limits of the ..
Town of Abbeville, pursuant to the Act of the General As- ^
semWy in reference 1 hereto, shall extend one mile and a
quarter, in the direction of the four cardinal points from the
Court House.
Sjy.\ 2. Tm<t the several streets of said Town are designated
and shall be known by the following names respectively,
First ?The street passing in front of the Court House from
eat1! to west is called Mi tin S!ree,'. -j
Second ?The street leading by the Abbeville Hotel to the ^
Depot is called Washington Street. ^
Third-The street leading from Ihc Public Square by
Mrs. White's is called Pickens Sired.
Fourth?The street leading from the Public Square by ^
McMillan's Mill across the Itailroad to the branch on the _
Cambridge Road is culled Branch Street.
Fifth?The street leading from Main Street by Mrs. A1s
len's via Knox's brick residence is named Pinekney Street.
Sixth?The street hading from Main Street via the Acad-! j,
emv to II. II. Ward law's is called Hurdlaic Street. \
Seventh?The street leading from Main Street between i
lots of Mrs. Jones and J. M. (iambrell is called Cherry
Eighth?The street lending from Main Street up by Mrs. j
McDonald's is called Magazine Street. j ^
Ninth?The street leading from Main Street via the Tan!,
- i c
Yard up into the Vienna Iload is called Walnut Street. jj.
Tenth?The street leading from Branch Street in front of j.
Jail to where it intersects the Augusta Road is called Poplar j
St red. j j
Eleventh?The street diverging from Poplar Street near!
A lfW?/l iriliunn'u or.,1 ]/,.wl!?,r t,. I?,i If/.r.!/ i;: /..llU.rl \
Street. c
Twelfth?The street leading from the Depot across Maga- g
zinc Street and in front of It. E. Hill's is called Depot Street.
Thirteenth?The street, running from a point on Branch g
.Street near the corner of MeGettigan's lot up in front of Dr.
Marshall's is called Buena VisUi Street, s
Fourteenth?The street lending from the Baptist Church ,
to the Episcopal Church and in rear of Mrs. White's to Walnut
Street shall be known as C/ntrch Street.
Fifteenth?The street leading from the Cambridge Road ^
west of the Depot up into the Greenville Road at W. II. ^
Parker's is called Chestnut Street. t
Sixteenth?The streets or roads leading from the Public!
Square or Main Street to Vienna, Moseley's Ferry, Ander-I
son or Greenville Court House, Cambridge or Augusta arej r
called respectively Vienna Street, Moseley's Ferry Street, J,
Anderson Street, Greenville Street, Cambridge Street and Au-\-,
gusta Street.
AN ORDINANCE to Regulate the Practice of!1
the Council. k
Be it Ordained by the Town Council of Abbeville and by ar
the authority of the same: | *
Seltion 1. That it shall be the duty of the Clerk of the f
Council to provide a book in which he shall make regular en- 0
tries of all cases, containing the names of all offenders who *
shall be summoned to appear before the Council for the violation
of anv ordinance now in force or which may hereafter be (
4 . .
ordained by the authority aforesaid with the specification of "
the offence charged and the time and result of the trial. *
Sec;. 2. Be it further ordained by the authority aforesaid, *
That the Town Council of Abbeville shall hold a regular p
meeting on the Fourth Friday in every month, or oftcnerp
if the Intendant or a majority of the Council require, in the 1
Court House, or other appointed place, for the purpose of.1
trying any person or persons who shall have been summon-1"
ed to appear before the Council for the violation of any of,*
the Ordinances of the Town aforesaid, and for the transaction'
of other business.
Sec. 3. Be it further ordained by the authority foresaid, j
That if any member of the Council shall fail to attend any J
o1 the regular meetings of the Council, for such absence he!(
bhall pay a fine of Fifty Cents, unless he can give a tatisihe- j
tory excuse. . j
Sec. 4. Be it further ordained, That the proceedings of
the Council in the matter of the investigation of offences
against the Ordinances of the same slu'.ll be somewhat similar
to prosecutions of offences against the State.
Sec. f). That if any of the Ordinances of the Town shall j1
be violated the person so offending shall l>e summoned by,
the Town Marshal, or other person specially charged by the.!
Intendant, or any member of the Council, with such duty,1
to be and appear at the meeting of Council specified in such j
summons to answer the charge preferred against him orj1
them ; that all persons so summoned shall give a bond with
good surety in the penal sum of Twenty Dollars or other
security for their appearance at the appointed time. And if i
any person or persons so summoned shall be unable to give''
such security, he, she, or they, may Ikj confined in jail, or j
other place of safe keeping, until such time as the Council I
can be convened?such confinement not to exceed twenty-!
four hours.
Sec. 6. That if any person or persons who may be sum-'
moned shall fail to appear before the Council at the time:
designated, the offence may be proved and a fine imposed]
as by default?provided always, that any and all persons^
charged with any offence shall have the right to summon I
! (
and examine witnesses in his, her, or their behalf. I
Sec. 7. That for all fines imposed by the Council under i
any Ordinance of the Town of Abbeville the Council may!
issue executions to be rated as Magistrate's executions, and
property belonging to auy one against whom any execution!.
shall have been issued shall he subjected to levy and sale, as;
in the case of levy and sale under tax executions. |'
Sec. 8. That the Council may have or issue such other pro-' ^
hofnro nr nftor PVfiflltinn AS thf* IjlW ofthe State lljaV ! .
permit for collection of fines and may, whenever the lawj'
permits, by order, imprison a convict until the fine has j
been paid or shall be discharged by order of Council or due
process of law. ]
Sec. 0. That if any person or persons who rr.ay be summoned,
by verbal notice or otherwise to appear before the
Council to give testimony on the trial of any cause shall J
fail to attend, such person or persons may be fined or ini-; ^
prisoned at the discretion of the Council. 1
Sec. 10. That any person or persons who shall, while the'
Council is in session, make any noise, curse, swear, or in!
any way be guilty of any misconduct, or shall show any,
contempt of the Council, may be fined or committed to the ^
jail at the discretion of the Council. i'
AN ORDINANCE in Kelation to the Duties of,I
Town Marshal.
lie it ordained by the Town Council of Abbeville, S. C.,
and by the authority of the same: j'
Section. 1. That it shall be the duty of the Town Mar- {
shal to execute and return on oath all summons, fieri facias 5
ad mthfaciedum or any other process that may be issued by (
the Council or any member thereof to execute the sentences
of the Council, and it shall be his duty to pay over all fines j(
collected by him to the Town Treasurer within three days (
after collected. !>
Sec. 2. That it shall be the duty of the Town Marshal to s
report to the Council all violations of the Ordinances within (
the corporate limits, that may come to his knowledge. Is
Skc. And be it ordained by the authority aforesaid,'(
That the Public Spring, the Public Well and Park shall be'
under the charge and supervision of the Town Marshal and 1
it shall be his duty to have kept the Public Spring and f
Spring House in good order and the Spring Branch free *
from filth and obstruction at and within twenty-five yards s
of name, and to sec that the Ordinances of the Council now *
in force a* well as those that may be here-after ordained con-'
ccrning the same are duly observed.
Skc. 4. No person shall wash or rinse or cause to be wash- 1
ed or rinsed clothes or anything whatever within twenty
five yards of the Spring or Public! Well; neither shall cattle
or horses or mules one or more be watered within twenty- (
five yards of the same. i
Skc. ;"> lie it ordained by the authority aforesaid, That (
for each and every violation of Section 4 of this Ordi-/
nance the person or persons so offending shall be liable to aj*
fine of not less tlian one nor more than five dollars or be im-j
prisoned at the discretion of the Council.
Sec. <>. Be U ordained by the authority aforesaid, That it *
shall be the duty of the Town Marshal to remove or have jt
removed (subject to the direction of the Council) beyond the t c
corporate limits of the said Town or to bury or have buried ! *
in some proper place within said limits any dead animal j*
whatever or any other offensive matter or filth (unless it be I
within or upon any lot or private way occupied by or in |1
the possession of any resident within the limits of the!
Town. I
Sec. 7. The Town Marshal shall, during his term of office 'a
. -S. - . ".v . . .
r service, have and excrci.se all the duties, powers, privisges
and immunities of a State Constable, and it shall be r
is special duty to disperse any crowd or collection ofper-|<
ons when seen standing together at the corners or any- ]
iiiero in or near the streets or public square in such num- I
ere as to amount to an obstruction of the same. <
Six;. 8. It shall bo the duty of the Town Marshal, and he <
i hereby uuthorizod to enter any building or private resi
.once or enclosure for the purpose oj suppressing anj um- i
urbance or violation of the peace or to arrest the persons ]
ngaged therein. 1
Skc. H. It shall be the duty of the Marsha! when so reuired
by the Council to take charge of and superintend the :
working of the streets, side walks, Ac., and !o summon the
'ouncil together when required so to do.
Skc. 10. For any refusal or neglect on the part of the!:
'own Marshal to perform the duties enjoined upon him in
his or any other Ordinance, he shall be subject to removal
ro:n office at the discretion of Council.
Skc. il. That any and all assistant Marshals who may be,
rom time to time, appointed by Council shall have, and are
icrcby clothed with all the authority and powers conferred
ipon the Marshal in this and all other Ordinances, and
hall perforin tiie duties enjoined upon the Marshal, when
o required by the Council. They shall be subject to like
ot. Ten* <in\r rffmutl or ne.'deet to iter
i>rm any duty enjoined upon tlu.ni by the Town Ordi-J
VN ORDINANCE C/o.weuxixk the Health of the
.Section 1. lir ft ordaiwd by the Town Council of AbK'villo,
That a committee of three member* of the Council
>f said Town shall, whenever in their opinion the health of
he Town may require it, visit any and all lots and cellars
n said Town ; and, if they shall consider the condition of
my lot, cellar or other place to be such as to endanger the
lealth of said Town, or any citizen thereof, the said com*nittce
shall give notice in writing to the owner or owners
/->> fi,o noi>:Aii nr nf?r?fum hfivinor the same in
UI.IW1, W? IV ...... ... t ^
iharge, to abate such nuisance, and if .such person or persons
o notified shall refuse or fail to comply with the requirenents
of said notice for a period of twenty-four hours, or
hall suffer the same to become a nuisance again from the
ame cause within a period of six months therefrom, he,
lie, or they shall pay a fine not exceeding Twenty Dollars
ind costs.
Sec. 2. That if any horse, cow, dog or other animal
ihall die, or be found dead, on any lot in said Town the
jerson or persons iri possession of such lot shall bury said
inimal or remove the same to some convenient place, so
hat it shall not be offensive to any resident of the Town,
vithin four hours of its death, if it dies in the day time,
?r if it should die in the night time, before nine o'clock the
lext morning, the person or persons so offending against
his Ordinance shall be liable to a fine not exceeding Ten
Dollars and costs.
Sec. ft. That if the owner or person having in charge any
<>t on which any horse, cow, or other animal, may he found
liseased shall turn such animal out of said lot, and .such aninal
shall die within the corporate limits of .said Town of
Ybbeville, such person or persons shall remove such dead
mimal so that the same shall not become offensive to any
:itizen of the Town, within two hours after notice, under a
>enalty not exceeding Ten Dollars and costs.
SEr\ 4. That if any person or persons shall kill any
lop, hop, cow, or other animal, or any bird, or fowl,
md leave the same or any part thereof upon their
)remises or within the corporate limits of the Town
'or the space of two hours after such killing, and the
iame should become offensive to the smell, such person or
jersons shall be required to remove such offensive matter
,vithin two hours after notice by the Town Marshal, or any
?nmW nf thfi Council, or be liable to a fine of not more
han Toil D )llar.s, or imprnonmont in the discretion of the
A.N ORDINANCE to Protect the Shade Trees,
Side Walks and Public Streets of tiie Town
of Abbeville.
lie if. ordained by the Town Council of Abbeville, South
Carolina, and by the authority of the same:
Section* 1. That any person who shall hitch a hor.se,
mare, mulo, cow, or ox to any shade tree wiucn is on tnei
side walk in the Public Square or any street or shall hitch!
to any railing or fence where there is a sidewalk shall fori
?ach and every such offence be liable to pay a fine of not less
than two nor more than twenty dollars.
Sit. 2. That any person who shall throw water on the
side walk from any door or window of any building on the
Public Square or any street where there is a side walk shall
for every such offence be liable to a fine of not less than one
nor more than twenty dollars.
Sec. ft. That all persons residing or doing any business
w hatever on the Public Square or any street be and are
hereby required to keep sewers or ditches bordering on the
side walks free from all obstructions whatever which will
prevent the free passage of the water the full length of
buildings which they may occupy and for each and every
violation of this Section the person or persons so offending
;hall be liable to a fine of one dollar and costs.
Sec. -1. Be it further ordained, That no person shall enTamp
with any wagon, cart, or other vehicle, either on or
x' r\f tlir? mmmrp nr en
tVllllin IWU liuuuii u #> en viii vr* ii.v - t ...
.'amp so near any fence or house as to endanger the same by
fire, that for every violation of this Section, the person so
offending shall bo line<l not less than two dollars nor more
than twenty dollars.
Sec. 5. ]?e it further ordained, That it shall be the duty
)f the Town Marshal to take into his charge all oxen,
horses, mules, jacks, jennies, or other animals running at
large or found hitched to any shade tree or in such manner!
that they could get upon any side walk and also any
wagon, cart, or other vehicle to which an animal is found
hitched or unhitched upon a sidewalk or left for a night in
the Public Square or any street and retain the same in his
possession until he shall be authorized to deliver them up
by the Town Council.
Sec. 0. That the owner of any horse, mule, or other animal,
or wagon, cart, or other vehicle, seized by the Marshal i
under the authority conferred by the 5th Section of thisj
Ordinance shall be required to pay over to the Town Treas- [
jrer the sum of one dollar and costs for each article so seized
before the same shall be released.
Sec. 7. That any person or persons who shall in any way
tear up or otherwise injure any side walk, or foot way, or J
pavement, or shall place any obstruction in any road or street
->r upon any foot way or side walk or shall cut or bruise
my shade tree within the incorporate limits, shall for each
ind every such offence be liable to a fine of not less than
1...... ?.?? ninm ftvnnfv rlnllnrs.
Sec. 8. That any owner or person occupying any lotj
Wonting on the Public Square or Main Street having there-,
apon any gate or door or doors in such manner as to open!
)ii any side walk are required to remove and replace the
same in such manner ns not to be any obstruction when'
>pen to any side walk as aforesaid.
Sf,c. 9. That any owner or owners or if such owner or
owners be non residents of the town the person or persons'
jceupying any building having attached thereto any
jrate, cellar-door or doors above the common level of anyj
side walk or placed in any such manner as to be the slight-1
jst obstruction to foot passengers, are required to replace J
luch grate, door or doors as aforesaid so as to form a contin-i
)us plane with the common level of the side walk.
Set. 10. That if any person ..Iiall refuse or neglect to renovo
such grate, door, or other obstruction, or shall liereifter
place the same in such manner as to be any obstrueion
to the side walk, such person or persons so offending;
ihall be fined at the discretion of the Council not exceeding i
wenty dollars and costs. ;
Sec. 11. That if any person or persons shall place wood,1
joxes, or other rubbish on the Public Square or anyi,
mblic. street, or on any side walk and such obstruction:
hall remain on the public street or side walk as aforesaid, i]
'or twenty-four hours, he, she, or they may be fined at the;]
liscretion of Council, not exceeding three dollars.
Sec. 12. That any person or persons, who shall ride, ij
Irive or lead any horse,.cow or other such animal upon any <
:ide wn'k or pavement shall upon conviction thereof be 1
incil not less than one nor more than live dollars.
Sec. 11$. That the Council may at any time order the re-j
noval of any thing of whatsoever kind it may be, which j
hall 1)C regarded by a majority of the Council as an obstruc- (
ion to any side walk, and any person or persons refusing to
oniply with the order of thc^ Council in reference thereto
hall bo liable to a line in the discretion of the Council or |
he Council may remove the same at the expense of such i
\N ORDINANCE to Preserve Quiet and Order ix!
tiie Town or Ajiueville.
Be it ordained hy the Town Council of Abbeville, 8. C.,
nd by the authority of the same:
t - ' - - " ?
Section 1. That if any person or persons shall commit
iriy assault and battery or shall in any manner whatever
engage in any combat or fight within any private or public
house or any other place within the corporate limits of Abseville,
such person or persons may be fined at the discretion
:>f the Council, not exceeding twenty dollars or be imprisoned
in lieu thereof.
Sec. 2. That if any person or persons shall by loud talking
or hallooing or by making any loud noise by firing guns,
pistols or by any other means and in any manner whatever,
or shall use vulgar or profane language in such places as that
it nrtght be heard by ladies or shall be drunk or cursing or
swearing in any private or public house or street in such a
XI t._ ... I.? !? 1 f.Unll
manner as to annoy uiusc wwu mity uc m uvaui^ ui onan
lie guilty of a broach of the peace in any manner whatever
suih person or persons may be fined not less than two nor
more than twenty dollars or be imprisoned at the discretion
of the Council.
AN ORDINANCE Pertaining to Indecent Practices.
Be. it ordained by the Town Council and by the authority
of the same:
Section 1. That if any owner or keeper of any stallion
or jackass, bull or boar, shall exhibit the same on the public
square or any of the public streets or shall let such jack or
stallion to any female quadruped or shall exhibit such jack
or stallion to any such female with a view of trying such female
within view of an inhabited dwelling within the corporate
limits or shall hitch any such stallion or jack to any
of the public racks, he shall upon conviction thereof be
fined by the Council not exceeding fifteen dollars or imprisonment
at the discretion of the Council.
Skc. 2. The owner or person having charge of a bitch
shall keep her confined while she is proud, and if a bitch
that is proud is suffered to run in the streets the owner or
person having charge of her shall be subject to a fine in the
discretion of Council, and it shall be the duty of the Town
Marshal to pursue and kill such bitch wherever she may be
found at large.
Skc. 3. That if any person within the Town shall be guilty
of any indecent practice violative of the common proprieties
of life for any such breach of common decency he
or she may be fined not exceeding fifteen dollars or imprisoned
at the discretion of Council.
AN ORDINANCE Pertaining to Hocses of Prosti*
tction* and vagrancy ix the town of abbeville.
Be it ordained by the Town Council of Abbeville, S. C.,
and by the authority of the same:
Section 1. That any person within the incorporate limits
of Abbeville keepinga disorderly house where dissolute and
debauched persons assemble together or gain their maintenance
by prostitution, and all inmates of such houses, shall
be liable to a fine of not less than three nor more than twenty
dollars or be imprisoned at the discretion of the Council.
Sec. 2. Be it further ordained, that a single room occu*
pied by a person or persons of this class, shall t>e regarded
as a house, and any person frequenting said room shall be
liable to a fine of three and not less than twenty dollars or
be imprisoned at the discretion of Council.
Sec.'. 3. That any person loitering within the corporate
limits who has no visible or known means of gaining a fair,
honest and reputable livelihood or any person who gains a
living by gambling, and all sturdy beggars are in the letter
of the law vagrants, and will be dealt with as herein set
forth, viz: They shall be summoned before Council and if
on investigation it appears to Council that they come under
the head of what is designated by the terms 01 inis urainance
as vagrants, they snail he {riven notice by the Council
to leave the corporate limits within six hours, and should
they not comply they shall he fined not less than two nor
more than twenty dollars or be imprisoned at the discretion
of the Council.
AN ORDINANCE to Prevent Chicken Fighting,
Gander Pulling and Horse Racing within the
Corporate Limits op the Town of Abbeville.
Be it ordained by the Town Council of Abbeville, S. C.,
and by the authority of the same:
Section 1. That any person or persons who shall hereafter
engage either directly or indirectly in cock, chicken or
rooster fighting, or in gander or goose pulling, or shall by
their presence give aid or encouragement to the same within
the incorporate limits of Abbeville, S. C., shall be fined
on conviction thereof in the sum of not less than two nor
more than twenty dollars or be imprisoned at the discretion
of the Council.
Sec. 2. Be it also ordained, that any person who shall be
engaged in a horse race or who shall permit his horse to run
a race within the incorporate limits of the Town of Abbeville,
shall on conviction thereof be fined not leas than five
nor more than twenty dollars.
AN ORDINANCE Against Violent Riding or
Tie it ordained by the Town Council and by the authority
of the same:
Section 1. That if any person shall ride any horse, mare
mule or any other animal, or shall drive any buggy, cart,
wagon or other vehicle over the public square or any of the
streets of the Town of Abbeville with such speed and in
such reckless manner as to endanger the life or limb of any
person, such person so offending may be fined not exceeding
fifteen dollars and cost or be imprisoned at the discretion of
the Council.
AN ORDINANCE in Relation to Killing on
Maiming of Birds, &c.
He it ordained by the Town Council and by the authority
of the same:
Section 1. That the killing or attempting to kill in any
manner whatever, or trapping of birds, robbing of birds
nests within the corporate limits of the Town be, and the
same is hereby prohibited, and any person offending herein
shall, on conviction before the Council, bo liable to a fine of
one dollar or imprisonment in discretion of Council for each
- 1 11 ^ f 1- " 1 " UamaKi* r?nrl nn/1
and every onence, ami mu .nursnm i? nacuv uumun^u ??.??
required to arrest all such persons as shall be engaged in
violating this Ordinance.
AN ORDINANCE to Prevent tiie Discharging of
Fire Arms, Fire Crackers, Rockets, &c.
Bp it ordained bv the Town Council of the Town of Abbeville,
S. C., and by the authority of the same:
Section 1. That it shall be unlawful for any person to
discharge fire arms of any kind whatsoever upon anvof the
public streets or within a radius of three hundred yards of
the Court House.
Sec. 2. That it shall be unlawful for any person to discharge
Fire Crackers, Rockets, Roman Candles or other explosives
within three hundred yards of the public square
between 7 o'clock in the forenoon and the same hour in the
Sec. 3. That for each and every violation of the first section
of this Ordinance the person so offending shall be liable
to a fine of not less than three nor more than twenty dollars
or be imprisoned in the County Jail at the discretion of the
Sec. 4. For violation of the second section of this Ordinance
the person so offending shall be liable to a fine of not
less than one nor more than nve dollars or be imprisoned at
the discretion of the Council.
AN ORDINANCE in Relation to Road Duty.
Section. 1. Br. it ordained by the Town Council of the
Town of Abbeville and by authority of the same: That
every male citizen of the Town of Abbeville between the
ages of sixteen and fifty years except such as are unable to
earn a support by reason of being maimed or other physical
disability, and also such as are specially exempt by an Act
of the General Assembly, shall Ik? liable to road duty.
Sec. 2. That all persons so liable as aforesaid shall be required
to work under the supervision and direction of the
Council or such person as they may appoint for a. period of
not less than five days in each year, or pay into the Town
Treasury the sum fixed by the Council as a commutation
for such duty in their annual supply bills.
Sec. 3. That if any person who shall he warned out to
work upon the streets or roads of the Town shall refuse or
neglect to do so or shall fail within three days thereafter to
pay to the Treasurer of the Town the commutation money
in lieu of such labor, he shall be liable to arrest as for a
misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof before the Council,
shall be fined in the sum of five dollars or confined in
the County Jail for a period of fifteen days.
AN ORDINANCE to Prevent Encroachments on
the Town Property and to Require all Per
sons BriLDixo to Give Notice to the town
Be. it ordained by the Town Council of Abbeville, S. C.,
and by the authority of the same:
Section 1. That every person before erecting a fence or
building or repairing or replacing either which has been dest
roved or removed in whole or in part, bordering upon the
public square or any street (or on or upon the plat of the
town) or any public grounds shall be required to report the
?ame to the Town Council so that the line between the public
and private property may be established before doing so.
Sec. 2. That any person refusing or neglecting to notify
the Council will be liable to a tine not exceeding twenty dollars
or imprisonment at the discretion of the Council for
L'ach and every offence against the provision of this Ordinance.
AN ORDINANCE Ratifying and Repealing Ordinances.
Jle if ordained by the Town Council of Abbeville, South
L'arolina. and by the authority of the same:
That the foregoing Ordinances be and the same are herc>v
sidmited sis the Ordinances of the Town of Abbeville
liid that all Ordinances and parts of Ordinances heretofore
?xistin<? in conflict with them ho and the same are hereby
Done and ratified in the Town Council, this 2;$rd day of
December, A. I)., 1 ss.'j.
ELLIS O. CiltAYDOX, Intendant.
It. E. II1LL, )
J. S. IIAMMONl), J , ,
W. T. HKAWH, i ^ai(knsA.
Mm nrnmn AFT CATHI
uumiu uJiUuiiiu uui duim
np TFTT ,
S3 r??r Cent,
RPJ.HW nnsT*
YORK STOHK Closing Out. The business must bo wound up by 2
of February, l.SSi.
Positively no Profits asked
A groat many Goods oflcrcd below cost. I will hare a
on Saturday January 12th, 1384, and will continue to have one every Saturday m
closed out. Now, hurry n;> and g?-t Uargains as yon never will got such n cjiai
Dee. 3, *s:'.
School Books! School Books
We have on hand a Large Stock of School Hooks adopted by tho
. . _ _ vj
We -Will H^elaetng;?
Almost any Cooks used in the schools heretofore, Wo also keep In stock F
SDA.TES, &C., &C.,
-A-B-Bii) V IIjLIS, S C.
Nov. 14, 1 W. tt
mwmm \i. i
it* n have tiif. following goods which must bk hold in the ne
>1 six W'M'Khmt bottom flg-;>r.-H tun ikc room for c.ir Junuiry con?i;niuent?. IU-*?
carefully. WeadvurlUe no goods Unit wo liuveift got.
175 Barrels Flour, 800
Bushels 0or
200 Bushels Fresh Ground Meal,
20 Barrels Syru
15 Barrels Sugar,
15 Sacks Coffe
50 Cases Canned Goods,
40 Dozes Soa
20 Boxes Crackers,
1,000 Founds Plain cand
r ..l. t. _?J
j-inrge oluck xrencu canay,
10 Boxes Tofeacc
TliottKandu of ollior gooHs too numerous to mention.
We appreciate fully the Mwirt crop* initl linrd time* and have marked oar good* to mitt
timr*. If ymi have done any ImmIiiwk vvitli n* slnee we opcnml aclept ninny thank*. We
| predate *ucli favor* very highly. If ,von have nut we would aHk thnt you caUl and price <
goods before buying. Itcpectfully.
Nov Mr iw, tr
i d ??a? ?a? rnmmmmm
liiijj. 1 am J.. UMU'I- JiB
Dealers in Grain, Meat, Flour, Sugar, Coffc
some of the lurpwit Grocery houxus North, E?*t and Wes^und can make It to your lnt
eaU to do some bu?ine?s with um.
A. E. SOGERS, AbbeTille, S. C.
Oot. 31,1883, II
it n nT :;:1
HAVE Jurt oponrd n elegantly fitted up DRUG
Under the Pre** and Manner office. mid ure now
receive their stock is complete a Hue
Drags, Medicines, Chemicals,
All the popular PATENT MEDICINES kept In a first
he good.
Wi ulso offer a well nelected stock of FANCY GOODS,
Colognes, Foreign and Domestic,
in great variety, Handsome
Our lino of P.RUSIIE8 AND SOAPS Is pimply complete.
MR. JOHN T. I.VOX, whn?e long experience In the Drug
Inw A Lyon, ko wo 11 known, will In- constantly In attendance. All
fully compounded at all hours, under the ftupervlslon of DR. TH08.
17,1N<3, if
B7k: BEACUiiill, ilgtlH
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Shingles, Laths, FlooJ
ing, Ceiling, Lime and all kinds of Wool
Working Machinery. JK
Oct. 10, 1883, 12tn
I "
No. 4 Washington Street. (Norwood Brothers old Stand
1 gOOllM.
Mumm's, Masson's and American Champagnes, Ston
Mountain and Sweet Mash Copper Distilled Corn
Whiskey, Mountain Gap, Gen. Bob Lee, Baker
and Paul Jones XXXX Bye t
Whiskey, Old Apple, Peach,
California, and French Brandies, &
best in the market. California and all other
best brands of Wine. Jamaica and New England
Rum. English, Scotch, and Irish, Porter and Ale
Bavarian aai Tivoli Beer. Also Beer on draft, fresh and cool.
"Belfast Ginger Ale and Cltib Soda.
| THOS. McGETTIGAN, Proprietor.
Auk. 22, 'S3, tf
Marble Works. j
117 E hnvron hand twelve beautiful Cottage | H - -1 M* _ I
W Monuments. Will be sold very low. I .Q 11 #| TAft IA
I The style* (he tiest In the up country, half of i JLaC41?.JI VX &V/1 mCvJLvi
them direct Importation from Italy. A complete
line ol Head Stones from SI .SO toyj.iM)
per foot two Indies lhl- k. The two Inch stock
is lower than Is sold In the up country for
Mil tie quality <>f marble, at
.1. l). CHALMERS Marble Yard. T OFFER for sole my tract of land wft
Sept. 19, ISJtt, II 1 I "welling Honse and Improvements, a
~ I ~ ~ 300 Acres,
Just Kecivea.
? , , It more or loss, 20 to.'10 ACRES of low groundi
ANOTHER lot of one. Two and Four Horse 40 .\CREK In original forest,
WasoiiH. all Iron ,a en. the best and For terms apply to W. H. PARKER, Esq.
euslest running \v o^onx In the country, which Abbeville C. II.
I will sell cheap forcash. v ** TITTH/^CT?
S-pt. I. I*?', tf Sept. IP, l?S.t, tf

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