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The Press and Banner
Wednesday, Jan. 9, 1884.
Tlx* "Ninety Six Hitjh Sehoo',
We ?*k attention to the fact that tlx
Ninety Six Ili^li School was bc^un lasi
Monday, under tlie jruidancw of I'rofos
nor George C. flodjje*, Principal. Ho b
assisted by an able carps of teachers and
wo know that the institution is a most excellent
one. Prof. Hodges tidies the live
lioxt interest in whatever tends to thewelfare
of schools, novi'r fails to attend t:u
meetings of the? Teachers Association,
ami his skill at impartiti:; knowledge tn
his pupils is inferior to none. Ileinir an
accomplished scholar, and thoroughly
Acquainted with the business, the yoimj
man is fortunate who has the henetii ot
liis instruction. Mr. ITodires can give a
Voting man education which will do him
gouU all the days of his life.
The Master sold property in the following
Henry M. Spikes against Thomas T,.
Moore et al, iM acres for ?GK(, to Lewis M.
II. ('. Henderson et. al. against f'orrin
Henderson, et al.. Tract X". l. to M. K.
M'Gee. 75 acres at cents per acre ;
Tract N'o. to Wade X. Tinslej', -SI J
acres at ?; 1.75 per acre.
TIip Pro ha to .Indire sold the real estate
of Mrs. Polly Hawthorn**. d??i**d : The
Murphy tract. 1MI acres to \V. 1'. Kenno?ly
for ?1.410; lot in West, one acre,
to Prof. J. P. Kennedy! for *-10.
Serious Loss.
Our friend Capt. E. C'. Simpkins of
'Troy, had the misfortune to have his
warehouse burnt last week, by which ho
unstained a hoavy loss. While this loss
will sot hiin back, yet his business fact,
p. his pluek and his energy will enable Inui
to rise superior to any misfortune. None
ran regret his misfortune more than we
do. hut none can have greater faith in his
_ ability to rise again.
^ Off to Charleston.
Mr. Thos. P. Quarles left ~"r Clmrleston
yesterday on business t the new
Ww lirrn of Quarles A Thomas?M\.. Quarles
and Mr. 1). \V. Thomas having formed
Copartnership in the mercantile business.
The old firm of Quarlos ?fc Co. was dissolved
by the death of the senior partner.
Look out for an advertisement by the
new firm next week.
Angels' Visits.
' Four of the loveliest and the best, the
Mwectost and tl>o prettiest, young ladies
that ever graced an editor's sanctum, or
made glad the heart of a lonely bachelor,
visited the Preax and Dnnnc otIU-e
last week?but our absence at the time
will bo a source of life-long regret.
Mr. Charles K. Rhite, the best shoe
maker in America, now lives in Fort
Pickens. He and his family livo iu the
dwelling recently vacated by Mr. Hammond.
Hut Mr. Rruce's sh'>p is on the
public square where he is always ready
to give a neighbor an excellent shoe or
hoot, which wou'd keep his feet warm
even in a sleet liko this. Call on Mr.
Rruce when you want a good shoe for
yourself or any member of your family.
EktrayKI> from Mr. W. A. Giles, at
Abbeville Court House, on last Monday,
b dark bay mare, with a white ring
around her" loft hind leg. near the hoof?
hged about twelve years, sixteen hands
high, valued at $12."?. Anv information
will be thankfully received by Mr. Giles
at Lowndesville. lit
Mr. W. J. Rogers sold sixteen car
loads of corn last week, but has plenty
more in store. These heavy sales by Mr.
Rogers speak very plainly that there is a
great scarcity of bread in tho country,
and these sales by Mr. R'?gen goes to
prove his popularity anl fair dealing
liiw ^lutnmprQ.
- Robt. F. Bklf., brother of Dr. J. II.
Bell, who went to Greenville seven years
P ago, has returned to old Abbeville, and
nays it is the grandest old county in the
world. He Ims traveled through Mississippi
and Texas, but will henceforth live
at Diamond Hill, Abbeville comity.
EutraykI) from Mr. Henry Ilall, at
Martin's bridge on Little River, last
Monday night, a small black horse mule,
with a roan or gray nose, age twelve '?r
fifteen years, value about $7o. Any information
of the mule will be thankfully
received by Mr. Hall at Antreville.
The Magazine Hill High School has
inoveil from Dr. Marshall's to the hand
Nome building on DuPre's bill. Mis*
Mamie Finger, the accomplished teacher,
W at lier post again afier a pleasant
Christmas in Willisunston.
CottJjlA Hampton, a colored woman,
froze to death on the streets of Ninety
Six on the night of the 2d instant. She
w is of unsound mind, and would have
Wen taken to the asylum the next day
if sho had lived.
Mr. Lowry, druggist, of Speed <?
Jjowry, can always be found at the Central
Hotel during the night and will be in
h* his store from 9 to 10o'clock A. M. and
from 3 to 4 o'clock P. M. on every Sabbath.
TitK regular monthly meeting of the
Abbeville Literary Club has been post)K>nod
until Friday night of next week
on account of the religions meeting
which will commence next Friday night.
Wk publish this week the ordinances
; of the town of Abbevill*, and It might bo
well for townsman and countryman to
glance over them, and bo forewarned.
VVantko.?One or two young men to
Jearn the printing business at the f'rct.i
and Banner olBce. None need apply
Vrbo u?e tobacco or drink whiskey.
Mr. Wortiiinoton, of White Hall
1 neighborhood died suddenly on Christ^age.l
butweon fifty and sixty
yaiM. * ? '
FL Mr. Andiikw Lyon, son of Jnd?g
IjVoii, has taken the place in the Probate's
ofticc, recently tilled by S. C. Cason, Esq.
They Map Oat Some Good Woik for
the .llay Meeting.
Aubeville (', II.. h. P.,
Jan. 3rd, 1NS1.
The Tf?"licni Association of Abbeville
County met In the Court House, I)r. W. M.
Orler, President. in the ehilr. The meeting
vus called to order at K o'clock p. in. The
l*re<ldeut staU-d Ihnt the object of the present
culled meet I ns was to honl a free conferfnce
of thcte-ichers of Abbuvilln County, av
b-' totliebeut time for holdlnc the annual sennlon
of the As.*oclat.lon and the be<t plans for
?waklng the Interest of the teachers In thHr
hluh vocation. The Secretary, Mr. Kennedy,
1 icing absent, Geo. C. Hodges was eleded Secretary,
pro tern. The minutes of tin: last
meeting were read and approved. The President.
alter explaining the scope and dentin of
the Ansociation, declared the meeting open for
?!>? frnnB!irtion of Klieh business OS llliuht
properly coinc before it.
The following whi were not present at Hit*
last meeting. were enrolled as meiub-rs of
the Association: W. H. <J.ourl?y,L>. It. Penny.
Ue?n. C. Hodges, J. T. Park*. D. \V. I?la< k.
Mr. Itenet thought tliat the film nttenilnnce
of teachers heretofore wan owing to the time
of the year when the mooting were held.
Geo. C. HotUes moved that Ihe next annual
session of the Association be hold on the 1st
and 2nd of .May INKI.
Mr. Ilenet moved to amend by sub>tltutlng
8th and (tli for 1st and 2nd.
The amendment was accepted, and the motion
parsed as amended.
Mr. W\ H. Uourley 'proposed the following
question for discussion "What Is the best
method of teaching children to read and
spell V
Mr. Benet, Chairman of the Executive Committee,
suggested that the Com mil tee would
offer that question for dlse?i*i?;on al the next
ineellng, and wo.ild request Mr. Goulrey to
lead the discussion.
The President stated that as the meeting
I was Informal, he would depart front the usual
etiquette of parliamentary bodies, and would
propose for discussion a matter which conoerns
every teacher In the County. He
thought that the law relating to the examlnntlon
of teachers might he amended In such a
way as to avoid the gteat Inconvenience and
mst to which leuchers are yearly subjected In
being required to attend the examinations at
theCourt House. H<* suggested that examlnations
might bs held In different parts of the
County; said examinations to be conducted
by* local boar-1 of reliable and competent
examiners. This was a matter that might
prctperl.v be discussed at this tneetlnir.
Mr, Cowan, the Scho >l Commissioner. snld
that he had tried to have the examination
ield in the Hummer or early Full. but hail
failed. He Intended to make another effort,
Mr. J. W. Perrln said that he had often
been Impressed with the unnecessary Inconvenience
to which teachers were yearly subjected
under the present law relating to ex
amiuauonn. nv, mi-icmc, ...... ^..?v ..
comn itlee be appointed to consider the
whole question nnd recommend a change In
the pro-en t pi mi.
Mr. lienet ottered the Pillowing as a substltute
for Mr. Perrin'* motion: That'a commit'
tee of threo members of this Association be
appointed to draft resolutions looking tn
some needed reforms In the present system ol
examination of public school teachers; and
to propone a memorial to the Legislature. kuK'
Resting Mime necessary changes In the pres.
cnt laws relating to schools. Ha Id resolutions
and tncnorinl to be submitted to the uextanDual
meeting of this ARsoclatlon.
The substitute was accepted and unanimously
It was moved and seconded that the Presi"dent
of the Association be exn0fc*i'?chalnnan
of the commitU*e. Mr, licnot put the motion
and It whs adopted.
The President appointed Messrs. Vf. f?'
Benet and Geo. C. Ho-I^es ns the other n??m
bertof the commltteu.
The meetlnz adjourned to meet on the fitli
and 9th of Mrty, 1HM4, at such place o? the executive
committee may appoint.
\V. M. GltlKK. President.
GEO. C. HODGES, Secretary pro tern.
"Business Troj."
New business opened by J. T. SOLOI
MONS. Household furnishing poods,
ft Viz: Furniture, every style and price,
single prices and sets.
9L Carpets, window shades, tinware,
crockerv, glassware, stoves, every style
and price.
Undertaking business a specialty. Cof
I fins from $10 to $73. ('all and satisfy
yonrself. Orders promptly filled. Price*
guaranteed with Augusta* freight waved,
Asbkstos.?Liquid paints in pints
quarts, half gallon and gallon packages
in every variety of color. Thos. Bsggs.
Call and see onr tobacco and eigarsthe
best in tbo market. W. S. Cotbrai
& Co.
Lively Dots from rowndpsvilfo.
' l'oify's letter In the STedium of Inst wee!
? crcnt^l ntueli surprise In Lowndesville, hk ev
" I cry one from thut place lias been silent and I
the young gentlemen hurt known nil the)
! nets ol" irhristnrvt* wre going to puhlNhc)
they would hove been more careful nbou
j having them known.
| roily w.-ts mijitnk n in saying that T>r. O. F!
I Ho: ton wit? iroin Ni w York. Ho hu? hcei
. j snendlngsoine time In Philadelphia in ehurgi
I of Vietoria Knir. the four legged and fou;
) Jinni-U eniUl, ii native of this eounty.
j lx.-v ....... ... k ?.k t,4,1 cuvinrr f!inrt
' Would lie two VI'l*>M>ls til il!
L Mivs I.lpford will trarh In Lnliincr'i
. family nilly.
' I*.illy m-srii'deil to mention Mr. C. F Ynnnt
. anion;; our dimin 1:11 Kited v'sltnr.s from An
' dersoti. which shou'd not have liceti done A'
- hi* attracted mu ll attention ill his new mil
., arm.
Mr. Frank <\ioley wlio Folly mivk created n
( sensation Miiioiiu tin* l.ownde^villt! jjirl.?
has returned to \Villtam?iou.
Mr. A. U'au and wife ot Ifartwell,'la, nr
1 rived Sal unlay, to whom all I<owndesvi:U
e.\t mKa cordial \v.*lc?iin?*.
M:>J. II. II. Harper has returned from Wll
Hampton to then d homo.
[' Mr.It. Kraiik* should he perfect in the art
of k-epim; bachelor's hall. a?"praetiee make>
, perfect," hat nevei tho'ess unexpected tiling:
do happen and .1 itit may Mime time Hud :i
, w i fe.
Hoping Folly will write no><n. I nm hoi
: Mend, TO 11 CUKilllS.
Our School Toacliers.
Tho following Is a list of teachers nwnrdeil
criitlntes a: the examination of the ;Jrd utnl
Ifl. T |U?| .
I'.'r.sf Grn-l'.
Miss J.ml M. Kihvauls,
.Miss M. li. Fiiv.'jT,
Miss I.ouk* ftiKiit,
Miss Anna l?.Jonexi
Mis* Funnit' K. I.It< s.
Mis* Alli-o Logan.
Mivs Miirv II. Millar.
Mis- l.irt" N. I.ip'or.Ji
Miss C?"H I.. Monovv.
Miss NclMe A. Prrssly;
Miss Mary Itoiors,
i iKwet' Hodges
.1. N. (Tnrwlle,
T. .1. Or'flln,
I!. R. Bel.
Wm. H. Oourloy,
J. W. MiiCnllucli,
]). 11 Penny
0. T. Purolicr.
,Second Grade.
Mi?< Mnttie A. Brown,
Mi< Mollle Wright,
New !l? Mercer,
Third Grade.
n. W. Hlaclc,
The following is a list of the colored teachers
awarded certificates by the Fxainining
Hoard January 4th. 1831 :
First Grade.
Mahalu Henderson,
Margaret Cling.
Second Grade.
J. 0. Turner.
F. O. Covington,
J. I>. Illack well,
M. >1. Washington.
W. T. Klnley,
Peter It. Jones.
M. M. Martin,
J. T. Donaldson,
Third Gradei
Ralinn R. Smith,
Indiana Butler.
HhUIp Kllllngsworth,
Surah Starlw,
J. II. iiiiu'kwcil,
K. J. Smith.
I A. J. Hamilton,
I W. M-.Makins,
L. s. Burnett,
R W. Cowan,
K. A. Viir.ec,
KtnmtiJ. Marshall,
Silvia Lomax,
J\inma Burton;
Klin llurton.
K. COWAS*. Chalrmnn,
Kx. Hoard.
: The Institute of the Immaculate Conception
ilnrned to the Ground?Nuns
: and l*upil? Leaping to tlieir Death?
The Mother Superior nud Many of
| the Smaller Girls Missing?Heart*
rending Distress of Parents and Rel
olives?Twenty-Seven Lives Lost.
| Rem.evii.le, IMm, January fi.?St. Joseph's
! Roman Catholic convent here was burned tft
! the i: round at an early hour this morning.
I Five nuns Jumped from a tilth story window.
! One of them was killed and another Is likely
jtod'e. In the convent were sixty pupils, all
| girls, from ten jvats to iidult ago, several
i teachers and a number ?>!' other Inmates,
i The tire i< said to have started In the rear of
the third story, which was used as n dorhlito|
ry An attempt was made by the Sisters to
extinguish the Haines, but ihK fiiiiuir. efforts
were made to save the puplN. The tire
j spread s.? rapidly ttiat order eould not be preserved
ami a panic sol zct both the children
! and the Sister*, all making a wild, confused
i rush to escape. Forty or more pupils are
! known to have gntiei out or were taken from
tl?e building Mint given sb'-lter in neighbori
Ing houses, but several In their fright Jumped
from the windows ami were eith'*r killed or
hadly Injured. Mist Mary Campbell, of Fast
' st. Louis, u teaeh'T, leaped from the third
| story anil died In a few minutes. Another,
i whose name has not been Ascertained, e linbled
to the root of the poitl'-o an-.l It-It T fell or
! was blown oir, su-tilnlng fatal Injuries.
; Am mj?others injurled by Jumping are Daisy
i hlhcrman, who resides four inlles from Belleville.
Allies Sehelder and Lou Mmtc, of Hast
j SI. Li.uU, Fanny Hanker, of Washington.
I M >., sister itepirata, Sister Styliti, and
I Mamussa, Sister Jerome, Ijidy Superior and
fifteen or twenty of the smaller pupils were
missing at a late hour iu?t night, anil it was
j fenced 8;>nit> of them hud perislied iu the
j building.
I Search In g parties arc Actively at work toI
day. The sc.-ne of the firo was on? of the
; wildest excitement and terror. The streets In
i the vicinity weirf thronged with pedp'c anxious
to Ive of serflce, but owning to the rapid
I spread of the (Vtniet thtfy Wert Helpless. while
terror-stricken parents rushed frantically
around searching for ml??lng children and
walling over their loss. The lire department
was ol little avail against the mad rush ol
the surging flames, and in one hour the entire
building was a mass of ruins.
I St. Louts. January 6.?The following illsj
patch fr??m Belleville to the Associated Pre**
i gives further particulars of the burning of
I the eonveut there last night. The eonv. i>i
j was known as the Institute of the Immaculate
| Conception, and was conducted by the Sister*
i Notie Dr.n-e. The tire was the most destruet!
Ive to the life and pr >pcrty that Belleville ha*
ever experienced. A visit to the scene this
morning showed fire department still on
duty, e i leavoring to ijn<>nc!) the flames.J sr
as to preserve in recognizable shape the
bodies of the victims. When ihc ruins were
sufllcientijr cooled a volunteer corps went If
work to bring out the bodies; It was a terrible
slg'it. At times the seajchers would find
. two or three charred masses, huddled closc
(together as if the *.Iciims had sought protection
from one another from the advancing
: thorn*. T?.u ho lies wore !he rear
I pait of the building burned Into an unrecognizable
mass, b'it the majority were found
; ociieuin wuere inn iiormu >ry win siiuuicj
I They seemed to have sought shelter in 1 his
room too lati' to recognize that it was Impossible
to escape fiom It. The flumes beneath
oatinu away the supports let. down the floor
inlo the seething vortex of tire and smoke.
The loss of llie Ik much creator than estlma'ed
lost nlnht. Instead of two, as at first
supposed, the total known deaths are twentyseven.
twenty-two pupils and five Klsteis.
Anion* the Utter is the Sister superior. On
'he fourth fli?or the pupil l>o?r?|pr8 with three
j Sisters slept. On the third Uoor the rem lining
.Sisters slept, and on tlie second, or floor
uhove the hispmunt. what arc termed orphans
and half orphans si pt. The Inmates
I on the second floor were saved.
I The Are was caused by the furnace in the
; basement, and when discovered the floorimi
mediately above was ablaze and volumes ol
i smoke were rapidly pouring through the
! stairways, corridors ami halls of the 1>iiiMitiir.
' 1 ty the time ttie Biropen* were thoroughly
i aroused all the avenues of escape were tilled
' with building smoke. A panic ensued and
Uie scene that followed was heartrending be
yona description.
j The extreme cold retarded the work of the
' firemen. ami even If they could him- reached
; the scene without delay they would havr
: been of little service In rescuing the v lot I inn.
1 There were no ladder* In the tire departineut,
\ and no provisions were made for so deplorable
an emergency by the managers of the Institution.
The unfortunate inmate* were
therefore powerless lo help themsot von, and
t those who were witness of the horrible holo
j canst wore unable to holp tliem. The man
1 tier of escape of each of the survivors could
| not bo learned. At 4 p. in. eleven bodies hail
i been rccovervd from the ruins. Tne b?k!U->
could only be Identified by portions of theli
I clothing which had escaped the flumes. A11
that now remains of tlie famous Convent o!
i the Immaculate Conception Is the charrei:
I and broken walls. The bodies 01 several o
! the victims are yet In the debris. The build.
i lug and Its contents weie valued at f.omtC.j
IXTJ to 8r5,iK)U. Insurance iio.OOO.
The Silver Weddins*
[Associate Reformed Presbyterian.]
Our pastor, Kev. W. I... Presley, and liti
wife-to not pass among us 'or old people
The good brother doe*, Indeed, don his glassei
at times, but none of us were thinking tha
either he or Mrs. P. wore anything yet bu
'young folks. It was a real surprise, then
! when, two weeks ago. the fact was extracted
; from them that th'?y were on the eve of tht
twerttjj.flth annlverslty of Ili'Mr marriage. Tin
matter at once awakened a lively interest in
. | the community ; and It was resolved that the
, occasion should be duly celebrated In sonn
way. The exact date of ttie anniversary wa
the :3id of December, this happened to b
sili 1 ft i >it f h nml km Snlnriluv tlir? whk rlifi
sen for the "silver wedding." A ad It wa
somewhat of a wedding ?ind a silver one
, > Karly in the afternoon, group after grouj
i began to pour Into the residence of Itri
| Prcs-dey, until the congregation nn,j COm
jmnnlty were well represented mid a iarg
part of them present In person. Kacl
} household brought Its offering of silver
,;,'lhe college girls" presented a heantlfti
I trlhnte of their own, the students <
| Krsklne sent theirs; nnd when ail had beei
i spread ">ut upon a t?l>le, the scene lacke<
! only the ceremony t<i be a bridal. At a f)
i time, Or. Boyce, In npproplau* terms made i
i formal tender of the various articles and ex
f i pressed the hearty congratulations of th
I (donors, and their earnest desire that the be
'loved pastor and wife might live long ani
: happily among us. For himself and wifi
tjliro. I', replied In chaste and touching word
graleful'y accep'lne Ihe testimonials an:
I reciprocating all the warm wishes tendere<
J thein. The whole occasion was one of cordl
|al good will and greai enjoyment to all con
cerned. It Is a good thing for p:tstor and pec
pie to dwell together in mutual affection an<
esteem. And it Is a good thing to etnhrac
lull pi .per occasions to show that tlioy do.
'I ?
'I A Terrible Affray at lied Hill.
jj [E'lyficUt Advertiser.\
By llils time? ns It happened on Monday th
2! tli December?most of our reader# hsve hej<r<
; Koiiit- version or other ol the terriblenlt'iny it
Heel Hilt, hi which young .-\gnew whs k>lie<
j nml his father \ery seilously wounded. Th
jAem-ws, It seem-, are Abbeville people whi
1 moved to our County on:y some two week
.' buck. We will not attempt to give the de
tails and canoes of thv.* afl'ray. We hav
' never bren aMe to learn them. It oecurre<
' tietween the three Hamilton brothers. Wash
I Ington. James and I'erry, on tlie one side, an<
, ' the two Agnews, falh'Tand son, on the othei
> The Hamiltons are life-long citizen* of'h
Hed lilll section. Young Agnew was stabbi-i
by James Ilarnllton, while the elder Aunev
' was beaten with a double-barrel shot gun
r The Hamiltons have repaired to our towt
i and snrrendered themselves. On Momin;
fllTcrnoon, aecoinnanieU by Lillet. Gov. Shep
( aid, they departc 1 for Columbia to apply to
ball before one or other of the Judges of th
i Snprnme Court. At the time wc write, the;
have not returned, but. there is no doubt tlia
' ball will be grunted them. They have retail]
ed theSheppaid Brothers to defend them.
1 i South Carolina is the only State In the Un
! ion which line nodi voice law.
k An Arctic Wave
, A nil from f Tie Atlantic to the Pacific?
j Unprecedentedly Cold Weather in
| all Sections. Kiisiitens Partially
*{ ParaKzcd iu Chicago and Other
*: Points in the West?Three Inches of
J Snow at Itlackstock.
j ICWiouhin lieijiiter.]
Pl.AfKSTIWIv. N. r. .Tit II tin rv .* ?Tl.*> nnlrl
wiather here to-day Is unprecedented, Snow
l covers the L'rouixl to the depth of three
i inch' s. At this hour(S.20 p, in.) the thermometer
is til. zero. i
. liisMAirrK, Dak, Jnnuury 5.?The coldest ]
weather kmi'vn In ten yours prevails here, i
Thursday nitcJit. I lie mercury descended :i?i <!? -1
. isrocx below zero and I>?vt nlahl to degrees!
In-low the Slunul oflicu thermometer. The
I weather is calm.
i Cincinnati. January rt.?The thermometer
i sit S o'e'ock tills iniirtiiii; stood '.'0 deiriv?s be?!
i, low zero whleli is the lowest point it has!
touched hoie for yours.
< 'i.!*v::r.ax:?. oi110. January .v?The wrath-1
or is the eo'de.t reported ill years. Th?t|ier-|
liloniet.T Iijis indicated us 1 >w as H decree* j
' 11.-|. .vr y.e'-u in miuic places. Theie K a clear!
sky and the a!r is full of fmst. There are|
. verv few pe ipleoti t.'ie streets. Half tile street. :
ears have stopped running and the ferry |
' boats camr.t run at u!l.
j CirtCAuo. January r>.?A dispatch from i
! Council Huffs. Iowa, says: At l'l o'clock last I
jnl.lil the thcrinom-ter recorded 2t degrees]
helow zero?the i oldest weather In twenly}
rive years. At I.lucoln, NeS., at Op. in., it!
; w is I'.l tii-1 ?w ; ;U (iuiney, III., ut 11 p. iii.. 21
.below?the coldest leirtperatisrh since l^TS,
I Cedar Itaplds. Iowa, at 12 n. In.. 12 b"low.
None of the towns lu the above list report
I any cases of freezing to death or an damage
to property f.otn frost. In Chic go there wijsa
number of casualties, Including the breaking
of plate ulass windows by the Intense cold,
j Jamestown, I>ak., Jan.. .r>.?Yo?te.-day was
the coldest day ever known In this locality.
I lb \v;in iit'^rt'rn uuiuw zero in inc mornuiK
i iiikI -12 at noon. The air was filled with frost",
but tin? still breeze from the northwest c:i|ini
ed down last evening and the weather moderated.
No trains have run on the Jamestown
and Northern road to Carrington sinco TuesI
Chicago. January 5.?The thermometer nt;
So'clock this mornim; dropped to 27 below ;
I zero, which, taken with the cold record o'j
I ,ve?terd:?y. makes it tlie severest showing In >
the way of extreme weather known here in!
many years. At 8 o'clock the thermometer'
wasstill 21 degrees below and at the same'
hour Kansas City reported 21 dPcrces helrlw, J
j St. Paul 20. Omaha .14, Dubuque 82. T)o.? j
Moines 21 end Keokuk 2T> below. The effect!
in this city ha* been to partially paralyze the '
ordinary <-ourso of business. A nnnber of
larue wholesale houses have not. sent out [
their heavy truckR, and those teamsters and i
street car drivers and conductors who are out]
brtivlnu the weather are suffering greatly.:
The severe weather caused a great many I
iwedy people and professional tramps!
to beselge <he relief agencies and police sta-j
tlons. Several trains loaded with livestock
Irom the stock yards. Some eattlo were froz|
en to death and others were partially frozen
I and had to be killed. Hojr suffered less thnn
cattle. Corn-laden cars wero on the sametrains
with the stock and the grain Is being
used for feed. Tho suffering for water Is j
ureal. Men sent to din out tlie trains werej
offered fifty cents an hour, hut were obliged I
to return to ihe city nearly frozen.
< 'liATTANOoriA, January 5.?The tempera-(
lure fell to two decrees above zero thl? morn-:
Inz. It Is t.hu coldest weather since 1*<77.
St, I<ouis, January .5.?The mercury fel' to
21 decrees below zero early this morning, but I
since then has been ri?in2, and at noon was
17 decrees below. Tills Is the coldest day
here since January 11. 18flJ, when Ihe thermometer
mtirkcd 2"> degrees below?the lowest
on record tit this point. V'erv heavy Ice
is still ritnhlng ihrongh tho harder. Xo
gorges are yet reported b<*low the city.
Kansas City. January 5.?A stock train
j hearing hundred mules, mostly weanlings,1
en route. lY<>m Austin .Texas, have been block |
aded since la?l nlglil at I.ee's Snmmit. on tho I
Missouri Pacific Ilnllrond. Tlie animals nre !
not acclimated and 100 of them have died j
from exposure.
Wilminoton, X. f\. Jrnnary . >.? Snow cov-:
ers the cronnd to a depth of two lnchcs and i
is htlll fulling.
Carolina, Cumberland Gnp and Chi*
cago Railroad.
[ Pickenn Sentinel.]
The Arqxui docs not reason well when It as-:
scris that the building of the roads mention-j
i*tl w'il not benefit the Saluda section <?!' Ah-1
heville county. The building ol a railroad I
throtiL'h nny county enhances the vulnc of.
property, brings In n desirable population,
, builds up sehoolR and chun-lics, and open* up
| markets nml facilities r?r the sale of the proiducts
of the soil thai would lie wanting In the
,absence of a railroad, and the Incidental adj
vantages extends to every nook and coiner of
the county. It Is true that the property of
those who live Immediately along the line of
' n railroad Is incua-et In value more than
those who live more remotely from It. but. it
Is equally true, that If the road Is built by j
taxation, that each taxpayer pays In propor- |
I tl'>n to the benefits derived for the more value'
of his properly is Increased the greater" j
amount ol taxes he will have to pay and in !
the < nd, each individual will pay only In proportion
to the benefit* derived. As a 'Vcarecrow"
the Argus makes the following reference
to t tils and other counties:
"Those counties which have experienced
the effect* of bonds hanging over them, warn |
us against such measure. \Ve have been as- \
sured that persons who would hive purchased
lands In Greenville and IMckons counties j
have refused to do so on account of the bond-1
ed debts hanging over tho-c conn tie*. Pickens
county has been time and again bHore |
the courts on account of her indebtedness to j
the Air Mne Railroad, or this Identical pur-!
po?e, and In the face or all this experience. I
Abbeville county Is to be asked to repeat the
Koine folly."
If It Is true (lint persons have refused ttt
purchase lands In this county on account of
the bonded debt "haniMng" over It, we only
have to say thit. they have missed their opKoriunlly,
for the price of Innd In this county
ns Increased ut least one hundred per cent,
i since the building of the Air Line ItallroadJ
und the tendency In still upward. It is true
that Pickets did go Into the court* on the
question of the validity of her bonds, but
that Is no argument acftlust tlie benefits she'
ha? derived iioni Ihe building of the rottd.
I People soineIlm',H do very looiuh thins*, and
I tlmt *vii? n very foolish thlnt; ihec>>unty did.
r but with her present experience, wcare sure
she would never repeat It.
We do not believe the people of the county
would to-day have the Air Line road removed
i trom her hordefnilf such a thing whs po-sl|
hie) and he without Its benefits and convetinlencet
for three times the amount ol her
i subscription to it. To (show the benefits of
1 the road to our people we will ulve one ?lmpl'<
I Illustration. Jlcfore Its construction, the
;; price of cotton in tills sei-tlon was from to
' \'l cents per pound lower than it wns In
i | Charleston. Now, with cotton buyers at ev?!
cry station along the road. the price ha* trono
': up to nearly tbo Charleston price; It has been
' Increased at least one cent on the pound Ac>
I cording to the censu? of 1879. the cotton crop!
of this county was 5 7.V1 bales,'the average of,
a bale of cotton In this county Nabout aOO ]
s pounds ) The increase In the pri-e, on ac-:
j count of the construction of the Air Lfno,
: ! Railroad, wasal least,one cent, on the Dhitiid.
|Thi< gives us a saving <;f .?5.01 or, the tiatci or |
ion theeiiilre crop of IH73. ?2<,7S0.
It will be remembered that 1>7S was a b'nc! j
crop year, mid Hint tin* crop of an nverngei I
1 good year Is considerably more tlinn was re- j
ported Tor that year. We think it wife to Buy |
tlint the average crop In thlseounty now, i
with n yearly increase, Ik, 8,o N) b:il?*s. This i
given iib a saving to the farmer* each year on |
I cotton nlone, of $40 OVJ. Therfi are a hundred j
j other ways in which money lm? been saved
, t<> our people by the building of this great ar-1
i tery of commerce, and we suppose the aggre-'
i cate would lie ST'i.ODO or S100.000 annually. !
Who In the face of these facts will dare say
that the hundred thousand dollars voted by
' I the county to the road has been money badly
As to what the county will do In aid of the
jr. r. d AC. R. It. we do not know, but we
j will stito for the Information of the Artfiu
land others concerned, that wo have heard
'someof the largest taxpayer* In this (Pickens,
i Court Houfie1 and Kasiey townships say that
they were willing to vote a tax on each of
! these townships to aid lu the construction of
: the road.
i The Grading of the Greenville and
| Laurens Road given out?The Road
to be Finished in a Year?A Line
! Across tbe Blue Ridge.
y-u? and Cburier.
[| Greenville, January r.-Tho executive
l< committee of the Greenville nnU Jjiurens
i < Railroad Company held a nicetlni; here last
nlcht or ihe purpose of opening tho bids and
i , awarding the contraclR for the uradlni: of the
f sections of road now ready for the contractor*.
I Siuart, Kusong Co., of Tennessee, were the
f lowest bidder*,aud were awarded the contract
- for th?* whole of the elirht and a half miles at
. the tireenville end of the line. Tor which bid*
i were received. The contractors are a compaI
ny of wealthy nnd experienced men. who
.will push the work through with rapidity.
They contract to begin the work by February
! firm and to complete It by the first of July,
j Their contract cover* the most expensive part
a of tho line and will be cxeruted at a c.ohI to
.. the company of ai> average of twelve cents a
k cubic yard for earth work. Including cuts nnd
t Alls, which amounts to about 83,000 per mile;
t.The railroad company havethc option of pny,.
Ing for the work, if they desire, in Greenville
; ;and I,aurens County bonds, at ninety cents
! on the dollar. This is a very satisfactory beE
ginning for the building of tbe r<>ad. Coni
tracts for the uradin-z of four miles of the
i i.Muren* division will be nwardc-l on the 'J3d
i Inst. The remaining twenty-four mites of
s road Is mostly on an ei??v rldze. and It Is tbe
e I It: litest kind of work. This will he graded
< by a construction force under the superlns
tendenceof Capt. J. \V. Kirk, the chief engl;.
neer of the road, who states tiiat the whole
? line will be L'ra-lcd nnd ready for equipment
\ hv* liilv 1 Mnnv phniKTAu In tho lino nrivl.
nnlly surveyed have been made by Cunt,
e Kirk. whose reputation mtnnflilrpt hi fltulfjijf
It easy cradesaml short lines Is unrivalled. The
; reduction in cost has been 110 great that It 1*
I now contcmpluted that the whole line of
if thirty-seven miles will be graded Rn?l Blip
II piled with croKStles at a cost of from 5W>.<*iO to
J J70.0fi0. This does not look reasonable, but It
t will be done, and the ro-id will bnve on hand
a a cash surplus of something like $75,0:0, with
which to extend lis line toward Asheville,
0 which It Is the determined policy of the
- Greenville and Tjutrens people who own the
il road now about to be built to do. The people
, of (Jrecnvllle are especially wide awake on
s the subject and fit the r'ght temper to pu*h
1 the road through the mountains without de1
lay. The survey of a line from here to Ashei
vII'e passing through the upper sfctlon of
i- this county via Marietta will be made by
i- ( apt Kirk and his corps In March or April,
i Ills knowledge of th" route already acqulreil
e warrants him in saying tl'.at he can cross the
l iii'MinUtltiK a' a urade of not more than sev|
en 1 y feet to the mile, with one slight tunnel.
| liefore the end of the present year the road
I from I.aureus to this city will be In operation,
I and the people of this section nro enjoylne
1 rational hones of the ultimate and early rcale
l/. itinn of the errand sch"cne of a railroad
across ttio mountainsand to tho West.
<?l Allendale's Trouble.
H. [Bttrnioell ft'iitinet.j
'*! Our sister town, Allendale," Is cither morfc
C niir .if AMP CflHlltV IflWI.S.
or then* Is an dement of h-r snrroundins;
' population bent on making her record one of
. Mood. The MinKiiary tight which occurred
thi-rcon the afternoon of I ho i'.th ult? has
j been written up bv our resident correspond'
ent, and appears In another pari of this paper
today. We are obliged to conclude tlier;1
from that If there had been no whi-kev
' there would huve been no h!ood spilled.
' T' c passions of men Inflamed only by
' thoughts of wrong done thein In the past,
, may always be curbed, but when the alcoholic
? flame Is inside to feed them, reason Is lost.
. and the "inevitable." ?t? our correspondent
1 terms It. is the result. There Isn point be*
.vond wlileh even a innn clmrg?d with whiskey
cannot tro. and if he is unfortunate
enough to not know when he has nenred that
i? point, why tho consequences arc his own.
i The good people of Allendale, through their
official*, have for wme year* employed Ml
Hewlett as one of their, tbwp iiirirnhalK, be
I chtise they supposed that he possessed th
'qualities for citinlml.ini,' the crowds tlitit utt
ualiy frequent tlie lH\Vn on public occasion
and cause the Interfere nee of their marshal i
, necessity, hut %nn thin occasion, when tlx
' streets liave been made to run with lil< od. In
was either powerless to restore order or elsi
his sympathies ran in the direction will
those upon whom the rospon-lbdit.v seem* t<
have tieen made'.to n-.t. and when the troiib
ie fairly started, ilk-- nil otiicr men woult
have tione, lie rusiied to the rescue of ill:
kinsman. At. the same time, as a marshal
or the town?an <?tHc?'r of the law?heshouh
have called to hisassistance the last man ii:
that community ii it was necessary to avcrl
the teriiliii' consequences tiiat might hav?
ih-i-ii iiin'MTii, i in* iiuiii's in n inwn nuir
Miall are often either poorly defined or hurt I}1
understood, ami where mch Is the ease, trouh
le issure to he the consequence.
Wo are exceedingly sorry that tills Christ*
inns tni?-'tly w:?s enacted, ami can only hope
I that ll may he the lest.
; Rules nnd Herniations lor Conductitig
lb?* I'ttble Stliools Cor Abbeville
j County lor tbc Villi- 1RS1.
1. The Public School* for while nnd a-i'ored
i ]>ii;.II.n r. s|>eeiiveiy, .-l.nll li l>c.td hy t ioir
School Trustee* <>: ilie respective School 1JI >ti
lets an convenient: v hm posssihlc. soihnl ail
|the children entitled to the Public School
fund enn ptinelunlly iitteml. The county
llnard recommends tint the Trustees place
the l'uhlic Schools u* f.iras practicable from
the houndry line of the county and School
Districts, m> as to prevent the transference ol
pupils of one county and School district to
2. The pay or Teachers in public Schools
shall he according to trade of certiflclate,
First Grade. Twenty dollars; Second Grade,
Fifteen dollars; Third Grade, Ten Dollars.
3. The Public School shall he cmitiHiied ns
lor.ff as tbc Public School fund will warrant.
4. The minimum average number of ruplN
In actual attendance, that shall entitle a
Teacher to full pay in the rural School l)lstricts
shall be fifteen; for Incoporatc towns
and vlllaccs, twenty. In eases where the
uuuiber la'lM below the minimum the Trustees
will pay a per capita share of the pay.
The Trustees nnd Teachers will remember
iiiui me ricnoinaiic ago orchliurem Is from 8lx
to 6lxteen,
l'upils transferred from one School District
to another by Iheconsontof tho Trustees
of both School District* will bo paid for by
the Scluml Fund or the District to which they
belong, per capita according to the number of
pupils attending the School.
6. All Teachers shall bo requited to enter
Intocuntract signed by them, and all or a
majority of the Trustees, before receiving pay
from the Public school Fund.
7. Tho School Trnsiejs of the respective
School Districts will hold a meeting ot their
noarrt several day* before the opening of their
schools, at which time and place, they shall
dcslgiiutu their Schools and elect their Teachers,
8. The School Trustees will prompt/ notify
tho Teacher of their re*pectlve School Dfstrifts
when the School* are to close, aod report
the sutne to tho School Commlssloher.
It. N. PR AIT,
Examining ttoard.
The man who revenges every wrong done
htm has no time for anything el*e. If one
makes u success In life, ho can ufTord to let
the dogs bark hs he goes by.
Now Is the tlmo to remove the mlstleto
whleh Is doing so much damage to many of
the ?hadc trees.
When anything happens In yonr section
worthy of mcntlonlnu lr. these columns, we
would eateem It a favor If you will send its
the partlculais.
MARRIED, hy Rev. J. Thos. Pate, January
3. 1BS4, Mr. JAMES W. PEAKE to Mrs.
JULIA PEAKE, both of Abbeville county
8: C.
PERSONS holding claims against, the estate
of W. M. Wakefield, deceased, will present
the same lo me wlthoutdelay. and those
Indebted to the istuto must make prompt
Jan. 9. 1X64. 4t
Debtors and Creditors.
PARTIES Indebted to the estate of Mrs. A,
W. Reynolds, deceased, mast settle without
delay, und creditors will present their
claims to
Jan. 4,1SSI.
Administrators, executors,
<? Hard ians, Trimtees and other fiduciaries,
must inake returns of their receipts
and expenditure!* as such before
the first dav of March, as required by
J. fuller lyon,
J udge Probato Court.
Jan 9, 18S4, tf
george c. hodges,
Assistant Tertchcrs.
Mrs. t. c. lipscomb,
Music Teatihor.
'pHE exprclfe* of the ftchiiol will b -Kin or
1 Monthly, Jmuiiirv 7th. 1X?H.
For lui liter particulars a'lilrcss
UKO. C. HolHillS, Principal,
Jnn. 0, 1881. 21
Sheriff's Said.
Edward Noble and others against Thos.
A. Watson?Execution.
BY virtue of an execution to me di?
reeled, in the above mated case, 1
will sell lo the highest bidder, at public
auction, Within the l?guf hours of sile,
at Abhevillw Court House, on Monday,
the fourth duv of February A. p. 188i.
all the right, title and interest of THrts. A.
Watson in the following described properly,
to wit: All that tract or parcel ol
laud, situate, lying and being in tho
county of Abbeville, South Carolina,
and containing
more or less, and bounded by lands ol
Vincent Griffin, John T. M'tKellor. R. R
Tolbert and others. Levied on and to b(
sold as tho property rtf Thos. A. Watson
to satisfy uie aioresaia execution anc
costs. Terms?Cash.
.T. F. C. DuPRE,
Sheriff Aqbeville Couuty.
Jan. 9, 1SS4, 4t
Master's Sale.
D. V. Sharp, Plaintiff, against Laetltiu
Sharp, et al., Defendants?Peti lion.
jBy virtno of an order of sale made ii
| the above stated case by the Hon. J. S
1 Cothran, Judge of Eighth Circuit, on the
3rd day of January, 1884, I will sell a
public outcry at Abbeville, C. H., S. C.
on Salesday, 4th day of February, 1884
within the legal hours of sale, the follow.
ing aeaeribod pror>erty, situate in saic
.State and County, to writ: All that tract
| or parcel of land, known as the Sharj
i place, and containing
| Five Hundred and Thirty Acres,
; more or less, hounded by lands Alex
j Agnew, G. B. ltiley, W. Z. McGlieo an(
i others.
j TERMS OF SALE?One-half cash
i Balance in twelve months, with interes
j from day of sale at ten per cent, per an
nuin, secured by bond of purchaser an(
j mortgago of premises, with leave to pur
j chaser to pay all cash.
M. L. BOnIIAN, Jr.,
Jan. 4, )8<<4.
Master's Sale.
i William Anderson against John M
j Leith and George A. Trenholm <fe Soi
I ?Foreclosure.
I Tl ir r r _?1? <?.,)? ;>
i vinuu ui mi uiuci ui omv ??i??uv
tlio above stated case by the Hon. J. H
Kershaw, Judge of 5th Circuit, on tin
27th day of October, 1883. I will sell a
public outcry at Abbeville, C. II., S. C.
on Salesday, 4th day of February, 188-1
within the legal hours of sale, the follow
iug described property, situate in sah
State and County, to wit: All that traci
or parcel of land,'known as tho William*
Place, and containing
Eight Hundred and Twenty-Five Aora
more or less, bounded by lands of Wil
liarn C. Barrett, Ueorgo Nickels, liober
Dunn, William Dunn and others.
TKKMS OF SALK?One-half Cnah
balance in twelve months, interest fron
day of sale, secured by bond of purchas
or and mortgage of the premises, wit!
leave to purchaser to pay all cash. Pur
chaser to pay fur papers.
Jan. 9, 1H84.
.Attorney .At LaMr*
No. 3. O'Nkai/h New Law Buildio.'
Will practice; In all the Courts of tho Strtt
, Jan. 2, IStH.
iRIt Mil.
Hue of?
I Drop, Paints, Oils, Toilet Sets,
! Soaps, Colognes, Window
; Glass, Prepared Putty, Dye
Stuffs, Brushes. Combs,
t? t?i_
JTfcJUb, lllii, DLctllUlieijr,
nod nil other nrfiele* ununlty kept. In nwll
re^uiuU-U iJHl'fi st'oKK. Wo keep a I .in u
f_l! line of
| ?consisting or ?
' !
Also, n nice lot of
cC'i:. Give us a call and examine our
Find door above Central note].
Jan. 9, 1883, tf
An Ordinance
To Raise Supplies for the town of
Abbeville, S. C., for the Tear 1884.
iBe it ordained by the intoudent
and Wardens of the Town of Abboviile}
S. C., in dbtincll assembled, and
by autHority of tbe saino, That a tax for
the glims and in the manner hereinafter
tiamod shall bo raised and paid into the
treasury of the Town Council for the dkm
and purposes therorf for tho year 1884.
Section 1. On evorv one hundred dollars
of tho cash value of all real and porsonal
estate within tho Incorporation of
'i the said Town of Abbeville tho sum of
fifteen cents.
Sec. 2. On each billiard or pool table
or ten piti alle}' kept for hire the stun of
Twenty-live Dollars on tho first table or
alley and Twenty-five Dollars for each
table or alley more than 0110 kept by tho
same otthcr. Oil cach bagatelle table
kept for biro the Hum of Fifteen Dollars.
Skc. 3. For each license to rotall spirituous
liquors in the Town of Abbeville
the sum of Two Hundred Dollars for tho
lyear, beginning with the first day of January,
1884, and ending on the first day of,
January, 1885. The said stuns payable in
three equal installments in advance, said
dealer or dealers to give bond and security
for paymont of said sum of money,
and if at any time during the year the
said dealer or dealers should go out of
; businoss tho whole amount of Two Iluti'
dred Dollars shall immediately become
due and payable, and any person or persons
doing business the whole or any
part of the year Bhall pay the whole sum
of Two Hundred Dollars.
Skc. 4. That all italo persons between
tho ages of sixteen years and fifty years,
except those physically unable to earn a
support, aro liable to road duty and shall
be required to work on the roads, sidewalks,
and streets within tho incorporation
of tho Towti of Abboville five days
under the direction of the Town Council.
I The commutation f.ir said rood duty to
j be tho Hum of two Dollars to ba paid at
i the time of payment of other taxes, to j
wit, on or before the first day of March.:
All pefsdns refusing or failitlg to work !
five full days to be accepted and approv
cd by the Council or pay the above com-!
mutation shall bo liable to pay such fine:
and penalty as the Council may impose, i
Sec. 5. That all itinerant auctioneers,!
poddlers, and other transient persons, except
venders of farm produce raised in
the County, offering at retail any good#
whatsoever for sale, shall pay a^Jconse of
uot more than Twenty-five Dollars nor
less than Two Dollars p6r day.
I Sec. d. That all circuses shall pay a
j license of One Hundred Dollars for each
and every exhibition; and nil other
! shows, Including what are commonly
: known as side-shows attached to a circus,
shall pay a license of not more than Fifty
nor less than Two Dollars for each exhibition.
Sec. 7. That all returns M/rtll bo made
under oath on or before the first day of
! reuruury, itw*, ana an taxes snail ue uue
, | ami pnyalilo on ?>r before tho first dny of
I March, 18S4. If rtny porHou or portions
j shall refuse or neglect paymont of tlie
taxes herein lo\ ied within tho tiirffe sneciiied
tho Troasurer of tho Tntfri Council
r ifi hereby authorized and required to tnld
twenty per centum penalty, and If tlu
tax with tho penalty is not paid within
thirty days thereafter, it shall be tho duty
of tho Treasurer of tho Council to issuo
p executions therefor immediately and col.
lect tho same by duo process of l.*w, as
! provided in the charter of 8aid Town of
I Abbeville.
Sec. 8 Tito Town Council or a quorum
thereof shall constitute a board of
Assessors to affix the value of property
returned for taxation.Sec.
9. II any person or persons shall
L refuse or n i:lect to make a return of
their propet v for taxation within tho
time prescri d herein, the return of last
1 year with t\\ nty per centum added shall
j bo deemed a <1 taken by tho Treasurer to
; be tho truo value of their property for
^taxation and it shall be assessed at that
I rate.
f I
,! Dono and Ratified in Council and the
j seal of the Town Council affixed this secl
: ond day of January, eighteen hundred
t and eighty-four.
j NE j cretary.
/V in I Ik* villitfcc of Ookesbury. with live
" aeres of lumt a'tached. Apply to No. to l'oft
Office Box. I'okesbury, S. 0.
Juii- IHS-t, lit
FIl the year lKm.tho flnc residence reeen
ly owned Hnil now occupied by J. D
TIIK DrPKE PLACfi, containing 11.1 acre*,
1 and well Improved.
For terms apply to J. F. (', DuPre, or to
KEV. Ws A. I r.AUKK,
Jan. 2, 18K4, 3t Columbia, S. C.
? KTotice.
VI* ILL be sold to the h Client bidder on Sat
nrday, iTiili day of .Immnry. 1HM. at
Greenwood, S. the I'AltHONAOIC AND
FTRNITIJItK <>f the old Cokenbury ('lreu)t of
" the MethodNl eliiireb. Thltt property is lo1
eated In the isrowlnr town of Greenwood, S.
mi... Ttr/I Af'WI.'J
? VJ, IIIU iuiuuilliiiitn iiinmv a ?t \y .ivtu- i.
Terms made known on day of haIo.
' If. I''. FULLER,
Chairman Board TrustGcn Cokoi-bury Circuit.
' Jan. 3. ISfW, 3t
. __ l miller,
Attorney A.t Law,
- Omco formerly occupied by Judge Thompson.
Dec. iti, 1W1. 6rn<w
I'on't forget tlio Eighniie shirt, if yoti
Have tried them yon know what tboy ore,
it' yon have not von havo but to try lliom
? Cu Sit ............ T t iu
andotibledly the best Ottint; shirt ever
made?always on hand at Smith it Son's.
New Fall calicoes just opened at 5, fij
' am! 8 cents; Wo also beg to call special
attcriffon to Ptlf stock of colored dress
goods, at 12A, 15', 20* nfrVd 25 conts. Colored
cashmeres forchildrfcn's and misses wear,
at 25 cents, at Ward hi& Edwards,
e "tfheri in town don't fail to buy your
school books of Wardlnvr & Edward's.
CdlilriiBitt and Greenville Railroad
NOVEMBER 18lli. 1833.
For the Information of the public.
Leave Columbia A- 11 ft) n m
Louve Alston 12 ">H p m
Leavo Now berry 1 50 p m
I .Oil v c Ninety-Six... 3 3) pm
lxmvn ilixixoH 4 25pm
Leavo Uultoii 5 p in
ArHveut UrconvlllH 7 02 p m
No: 52. tfflWN IMlfciKNUF.K.
LoJive Greenville ill. 9 35 ? ni
liPUVH Uflioti 11 25 a in
LwtVo 11 12 35 p in
LeuVfc Nitibty:Sljt_... 1 43 p m
Leavo Newberry 3 13 p ni
tovc Alston 4 14 p in
Arr. at Columbia 5 20 p m
Leavo Alston I 10 p m
Leave Ktrolher 2 <i:? p in
Leave Wheiton 2 4(1 j> in
Lcavo-Mantuc 3 :J2 p in
Leave Union 4 2o p in
Leave Jouesvllle 5 U6 p m
Arr. atNpartanbur? C 14 p tn
K?>. r,->. DOWN PASSHNGKll.
Leave Spartanburg It. A- I), <1e| ot H II 00 a m
Leave Spartanburg H.f.AC.depot (ill 10 p m
Leave lonexrlllo 12 21 |> in
Leave I'tlioil. 1 20 p in
Leave.Santnc 1 ?5 p in
Leave Khell?in ' 2 .">ti p ni
L-avfc Ktrolher 3 2!l p in
Arrivent Alston 4 11 p m
Leave Beltbn :: 5 SI p m
Leave Anderson...;:.. 6 p ?n
I,eavc Pendleton fl 4-1 p lil
Leave Bem-ca () 7 *? p tri
Arrive at Walhalla... 7 &4 p in
Leave Walhalla 8 13 a tn
Leave Seneca D 9 00 a m
Leave Pendleton..... 9 40 a m
I^ave Anderson.10 20 am
Arrive at Helton 11 05 a in
Ixinve Newberry...... 3 4-"> p m
Arr. at Luurons C. H 7 0*> p iti
i/vuve liiiuiuun v? xi, u <r; a m
Arrive at Newberry.. 12 3d p m
Leave Hodices i 30 p m
Arrive at Abbeville.. 5 30 p m
Leave Abbeville 11 30 p m
Arrive nt Hodge* 12 30 p m
A. With Routh Carolina Rallrond from
Charleston. With Wilmington,ColnmWaand
Au(junta Railroad from Wilmington and all
points North thereof. With Charlotte,Columbia
and AunuMn Railroad from Charlotte
and all points North thereof.
B,. W 'Ith Aslievllle and Mpartanburz Hallroad
for points In Western North Carolina.
(J. With Atlanta and Charlotte Division
Richmond & Danville Railroad from all
point*South and West.
j_). With Atlanta and Charlotte Division
Richmond &. Danville Railroad from Atlanta
and beyond.
With Atlanta and Charlotte Division
Richmond and Danville Railroad from ull
points South and Wo?t,
p. With South Carolina Railroad for
Charleston. With Wilmington .Columbia.in d
Augusta Knllrnnd for Wilmington nrtrt the
North. With Charlotte, Columbia nu<i Augusta
Railroad (til* Charlotte Alia the North:
0. With AHherlllc find Spartanburg Rail*
road from Hendercouvllle.
H. With Atlantannd Chnrlo?t? Division
imond and Daovlllo Railroad it Hii (Tharlotto
an.t hcyond
. Standard, time used Is Washington. P.
-rhlch Is tiftocn minutes faster than Columbia,
O. U. TALCOTT. Actlni: Snpt.
J. T. Men A NTH, Mnst'T of Trains.
Time?h minutes faster than Washington.
No. 4 Washington Street
Noneood Brothers Old Standi
The Largest Stock of Fine
Goods in the State.
rj^dm's Lest brands and goods all fine,
JJolland Gin and Sherry Wine,
Qld Rye Whiskey made cnt West,
Mumm's Champagne and Masson's
^^pplo Brandy, the best that's sold,
j^coteh Malt Whiskey eight year* old,
^^cBryar's Bourbon and hand in'ide,
^Jalifurnia Winos of every grade,
#^j_ingcr Ale and well assorted
Jj^ngHsli pale Ale the best imported,
rjllvoli Boer and Ryo that's white,
fjiocco Vtino and Angelica bright,
Jrish \Vhi?kcy and Willow Glen,
Good Mountain Gup and Planter's
good as gold and linker's Rye,
orth Carolina Corn and Werner's dry.
Cnil and seo tho mammoth stock of
pure goods. You will find everything
; neutly arranged und good order.
I IflTTAU A CI U . m TimiRT/t I IT
I xnum&a jncuAHiirari,
Dec. 12, 1883, tf
BY J. BALDWIN*. President Slate Norma1
School, at Kirkvllle, Missouri. Prlco Sl.M
For smIo iiv
Dec. 5,18W. tf
i fjERSONS holding claim* against the ostntf
! L of Wllllittii ('llrikHcatcs, dcciam.'d. will
I present the same to me without d-'lay, and
those Indebted to the estate must muki
prompt payment to
| f)*c. fl. MX 4t
Ai.l j'f.RSOXS dksiujno i.OANS OF
money lor a period of Ave ytrars may rf
i trect the Hiime by mortuaue of Improved farm
lands to the extent of one-third thevulueoi
Much land*.
1 am tho Attorney In this county for capl
tnllHts who hnve the money to In vest In this
! manner, and persons desiring to efl'ect loam
! can apply directly to me.
Attorney at Jjiw, Abbeville, S. C:
Nov. 28, IN-it, U
State of South Carolina,
Abbeville County.
Ex parte Ella Blyth. Administrates and IV
Petition for Settlement and Discharge.
1MIE above named petitioner as ad in in Intr..trlxof
the estate of F. M. BIytb, but
applied for settlement and dlHcharge.
It is ordered, that Monday, the 28th day 01
! January, lSrtl, lie fixed for settling said estate
and cruulin-j the dUeharee as prayed r..r.
J. Fl'l.LKK l.YON,
Judge Probate Court.
Dee. 22, 1SS", If
DR. !L. T. fllLX,
nAVINf? ?"lil hiw lulrre-^ in I In* ilrue vloro
will di'Viiii.* I' K ciitlr j attention to tin
I Practice of his Profession.
orplir; in rc ir or sprc<l ?v l.orrry n iirnc
store. At ill}.;lit limy be found at the liowit
Dec. ID, l? :i.
Try :i bottle of C. C. C\ A certain chill curt-,
lit WpC'-fl Jt Low ry's
C. C. C. will euro chills without fail. Try It
nnd be con vluccd. You can yet it at Speed A
Low ry's.
Oct a hcttlo of ('. ('. C. nml curc your chills,
j For snle at Speed A Low ry's.
I A beautiful lot of Celluloid Sets ut Speed Ji
Christinas Curds. A Large Assortment at
Speed A Low ry's.
New Roods ! New goods ! We are receiving
l new goods n I most dally. New ('ollnntts, crepe
lose rulflink's, silk hund kerchieft, colored bordered
haudkeichlefs Jersey collars, Ac.
R. >L Haouox A CO.
Mixses cloaks, black and colored ull numbers
s to ill veors. They tnusi fte sold. It. M.
Hiiddon .1- Co.
"Warners corsets" made of :he best "Caroline
mid Kvtiy" Corh'ut.i, warranted. it. >1.
Hoddori A Co.
Velvet*! velvets! velvets! blaek and colored.
11. M. Haddon A CO.
Misses cloaks at very low prices. Call early
and secure u bargain. It. M. Iladdon A Co.
Hals, feathers, ribbons, ornmnertts , Jewelrv
scarf pins, bracelets, necklaces, Ac., Ac.js
received. It. M. Iladdon A Co.
mm spicimrti muck hi l nriswnas poorif
will bo ii| in a few days. Call and net
jhom. W. S. Cothran it Co.
Wabdlaw & Edwards hog to inforrr
their customers and the public in genera
that their buyer lias just returned from
the North with a large and well scienter
stock of iron's, b'oys and children's cloth
ing. lyrices will be made to suit th<
Swinton school books at Wardlaw d
Abbeville, S. C.
Dec. 15, 1880, tf.
I J^EEP.-i on hund n full assortment of
from tho cheapc*t to tho best. Ileorje will
attend funerals, when rrtl.
He tfili also Contract for the
Erection of Buildings.
He in aecnt fo' tbo oal? of 8a*h. Doors
Bljndt, Muuldlocri*. HUilr-ralllng*. Hloortngs
and evcvythlng oortalulng to house building
April 7, i860, if
I HQRSE AWn PATTl P onu/nreo
No ri'Tss will d|* of r^Lrr. r<i? or Lrxo FtVEH,
If font?'* t'o?<I?Ti uro tird! !i: time.
J oi'fI'i>t.>)? * wltli-iiriMiin! ; >< < ,-iii (loornorrnA.
, ) >-:.: <; will pivvc.it in Kowia
J uiiK'i r.iwfl??r* \?f.l iti< n n ? llir oi:M>ti?.v of mil*
<md crenm twcsjij- p<r ctt:;., awt make tUe butter firm
and tvii
Font*'* l'on->lcr* wilt mri* or prevent almost evxht
, Ol*rA*K to ? r.n t i mile arc xilijoct.
KoLTZ'Jt I'i." !> ns V II.L OtVIC hAVlaFACTIOjf.
EoU c.iTi w!ii-r?i.
IiVi3 r. rovTE, Proprietor,
eaut:I:OEE. MD.
wm. ii. rAUKEIl w. c. meuowan*.
abdevillk, c. n., s. c.
\\J ILL practice also In the Circuit Court* oi
f v ine L mica muie* ior souin ^uruiuiuJuil
7, 1S$0; tf
State of South Carolina,
Abbeville County.
John P.; Maltison, Plaintiff,
B. \V. Mnttlson.O. W. Mftttlson, J. M. Mattimod,
M. E. Mutilnon, Mary scru-gs, M. o.
Kay, Pinfcney Kay. Amanda Pout, II. r..
Norris. L. h. Drunlinni, <?. P. Kny, C. N.
Kay, P?. N. Shirley, Nancy E. Crawford,
Catharine Burrla*, cnrrie Malllson, W. It.
MatUson, M. F. Fleming;, O. W, Ma'.tlson,
Margaret Clutworthy, Parric Muttisou, Li. N.
Munition, befeiidun Is.
To I he Defendants above named?
YOU are hereby summoned and required to
answer the complaint In thin action,
which Is filed In the ojnec of the Clerk of the
Court for said County, mid to serve a copy of
your answer to tlio s ild complaint on the subscribers
nt their ofTice,at Abbeville Court
House. S. C., witliln twenty ditys ufter the service
hereof, exclusive of thedav^f such a^rvloe;
and if you fail to answer the complaint
within the time eforeauld, the Plain HIT In
this action will apply to the Court for the relief
demanded In tnc complaint.
Dated Aujuit 24, 1333.
[L.S.] M. O. Zeioi.kr, C. C. P.
To the absent Defendants B. N. Shirley,
Otharlne Bnrrlss and Nancy E. Crawford.
Take Notice. That the summons of which
the above U a copy, together with the complaint
In this action, was filed In the olllae of
the Clerk of the Coari of Common Pleas for
aald County on the 12th day of October A. D.
1883. ..
p Nor. 21. IKS-t, fit
i I
i g * i
-j ; JlTQL l
| X !
'! |
I I i
ijChri S tmas.
i *j?
| |M|
'I /% I
S 1
IStore and look ut I ho churming
Clifirilinas goods. Tlio Celluloid Dressing
Cases are splendid: nlec Toilet Sets" elegant
Cut Ulass Toilet Mottles; Vaees in all styles
hand vory handsome; beautiful l'h'itograph
Albums, nil sizes and styles odor llo'.xes In
'great variety; l'utf Boxes,gome very handjsoine;
Putt's, as white and a? pretty as a
| feathered snow Hake. Ouf (,'hffatmas Cards
I are Just a* pretty as can be, and of all styles
Jand st7.es?some very Inrgfe and handsome.
' Colognes?'Taylor's, TuMow and Karl tin?perfeet
I y delightful. Handkerchief Kx tract in
great variety airl very nice. Soap, a full
. line from the cheapest to the finest. Whisk
, i brush Holder*? very handiomo and nice.
I Nov. 2tt, iiiss, tf
| "W oven Wire Mattress.
! ^ JtKI> that will Inst a life time. Almost
Willi HIV'B llllinri'w, < "IIU
jot tin- ino-t comfortable beds in use. rrlce
' to s.<i.V) cncli. hfcurcmic timl be comfort'|able,
at .). 1\ CJf ALMEKS ?t CO.
Sept. 19, IS?3, tf
; |?VA is lfii vi< to inform h?r obi customers
', aj tliai ?lii' i.->
Still in the Dress Making
! anil hopes that tlity will nil pntrotilze her.
f Cm liu-^ anil liltriii! tlnin% nt . II IIiiick at th'?
most iv!V?oii:?M?' lali-s. Sutl*Isicllon euanin,
tt'cil. she may by lotuiil al bcr lesiia-tue in
i Ni-w >rl?,ai '1.
, | |?rH 1,1st;!, tf
:i .T- TCLTT"E=a_525L
iBoots and Shoes, Harness
and Tanyard.
I I>KST material used. fine workmen employ
I) i'i!,custom work made promptly. and at
flio iovesfbottom prices foi cash, Hides nl.
ways bought at the highest market price for
cash or in exchange for leather or work,
j January US. IJteO, ly.
UIC'HAIID U A NTT, 1* now prepared to do
, all work in his department in (lie best
j nVanner and at- reasonable charges. Monthly
, customers shnvinir. hair cutting and shamp'ooitur
>1 per month. llasors honed and pu:
i in the bent condition lor ijeonts each,
i! ?Thop under the Press and Manner utile?.
J,. March 15,1$82. tf
; Starshall P. DeBrulil,
,j Attorney at Law,
V:- v', . r?*
^ T
Dry Weather
IS. it u ?HARD
Intend sol I ins their GOODS thin FALL \t
WINTER, will compel p?ople to drop tli
?ui?Jc<.t to wonder why they c:?i: nlfoid
(?i -is ?ucl? jfrout BARGAINS. Their prtc
arc such as to supply ilio wants of tho?? \vl
have little money uud u Kreatdeal to lm
Mil. ROSENBERG ! ?? remained North i
xummcr and lias selected with tfroat euro
most complete etock of everything In tlx
line And at Mieli prices as to enable them
rIv? entire satisfaction to all who favor the
with thilr patronage. lie has In most I
which has enabled them to secure a ?rc
many goods much below their market vnl
and which will l>o ?old by them according
Constant auditions tiro being made to tht
stock,and It will pay afty ono to call on the
and examine It before purchasing elg'evr^*]
They can positively sell Roods of any kind
their line as ch?np as any market Ir tl
Houtli, either WHOLESALE OK RET AI
Their stock consists in putt of
SILVEH WARE In thelatest
Also have on hand a complete stock
1NG and PISTOLS of all qualities. Th
make u specialty of
The abbvc goods are guaranteed to give *at
faction in every respcct. Give them a ci
and siv? money.
- Sept. 12, 1883, tf
Coumbia.S. G.
Agent for
I In 1H47 by Messrs. Geo. Sinclair and Jair
Anderson and purchased by me in the y<
ItSofl, and from that time (III now carrlcd
successfully by myself. My friend* and ci
tomerswlll boar witness or ihc large amis
pen do hn Jobs executed by me. It was at i
works where the latest and almost only J
of Its class ever executed In tlilsclty wasdoi
viz.: the making of the pipes for Ihc Ci
Water Works III the year Ix5s. In the brail
of HELL FOUNDING, I can say that 1 ha
j made th* larcext bells ever cast In IheSta
sueh as the bell for the City Hall In Colu nib
My stock of patterns for ARCHITECT
RAI? WORK. COLUMNS for Store fronts,
lartrrand various, and lu RAILINGS for 11
conic*. Gardens and Cemeteries I have I
largest variety and most modern pal ten
many of these are patented and 1 have p
chased the right f-ir this state.
I In th" machine line I can furnish mv |
j trons with STEAM ENGINES and KOILK!
I of any slzeand description. My CIttCUL.I
SAW MILLS have earrled ofl the prize at i
cry State Fair held In this clly, and III th
construction I have UiUen paijis to conibi
.simplicity with the most useful modern i
provemi-nls, and may Hatter myself that r
CIRCULAR SAW MILLS find favor with (
cry sawyer who understands his business.
The many orders 1 am steadily receiving
SUGARCANE MILLS prove that the pub
appreciate the mill-* of my make, and son
with my GEARING for HORSE 10WEI
I have the manafhetnrlng right of mn
PATENTS, such as castings for ROCK CC
TON AND HAY PRESS ?nrt three or U
dlir-ront FKK!? (.TITERS und other imj
i I will be pi eased to send my circulars fo a
j applicant, tocher with price llstoreslimn
: Sty prices are. moderate, and I assure the pi
I tic 111:11. nii'.v hi-* lower even man inose,
jN'oiMicrn in tin trad tirors, nnd that my wc
1 will compare liivoruhly with that of uny o
J er maker. Address
John. Alexander,
! Conoarek Ikon WORKS, Columbia, S.C
IdbTf. fTgait
HAS* moved to Abbeville for the praetlw
mcdicino. nnd otiers his professioi
j services to the public.
I Calls durlnt! tbe "lay may be left nt the
flee or Col. Eugene H. Gary or nt Ihe Torn
I ro8i,l?nce of Judtfu McUowan,now occup
I by l)r. fiary.
j Jan. 31,1IW5,12m
Ji aimxui kJctit
! J It) AI.'nES. lit White Pond, OD theS.C.
] K.. H-i inlloK from Augusta, (ja. In I
i center of the melon and fruitgrowing >
, tiitn of the State Most of the land in cul
i vhIIoi). Large barn and slablos and two bc
I teruint hon. es on the place. Hound on c
: side by the itallroa<i and on unolher by
j never failing stream of water.
I For further information uddress
Elko, S. C.
Oct. 10, is 3. It
j'The Star that Leads Them A1
THAT It Is the acknowledged leader In I
trade is a tact that cannot be disputed.
The Largest Armed,
The Lightest liunning.
The Most H<>nit111ul Wood Worl
i ?And is Warranted?
.To be mn?!eof the best material.
To do any and all krnd* or work,
To be complete in every renp<
Abbeville. S. C.
. A go nls wnnldil in unoocuj>loit territory. J
Richmond, Va.
! March 2S, ISS-!, If
SI L (Sy M iljil
JJaVKoh haiul almost every variety
; allien they oftcr to tliolr customers on I
> most uil van thge<;iis ti ruis.
iT?ffPATRT>ja A SPMil.T
Hill iJ.AJ.lJ.il U ii WA UUJ.JLJ.JJ A
Witli tin' t)cst of workman in every brnncli
onr business, i:ml mi n.lxintlant supply
lumhor. mid other materials, we are prepa
to (Instil k lnd*7 of repairing tit the very o
. m;innor, at the shortest notice, and on 1
niost necotninoUnling term*. All work fu
[ warranted.
tVashington Street.
New Carriage, Wagon ai
Buggy Shop.
I WILL open the new brlel; fliop M-lilel
now heirs built at .1.1?. linker's old *ts<
i where 1 will he able lo supply nil person* v
I limy give me i call, with Carrlngc, Wa;
?in<i Iluegy work.
,} " ' \v. a. citai'Ma:
t net. 1", 1WSI, 11
! I.AP Itms. ? Just ropoivod, a lot
! fancy phiuli lap ru^n, ami Cor .salo at
1 Cinciuuwi lN'pository. Thos. Jtctrijfn.
,. Dr. H. D. WILSON}
Abbeville, C. H., 8. Gil
^EtfOlDcc; Upbtnlr* over the font 01
JtV Jewelry l-n the brut manner at the inttvp
lY est price*. Long experience hiicI eloHeopplfr' 3]
cation to bUMlric*H merit roncMeratlnn froni
: those tin vine work to he tUtno in hU line. U? S
!, keeps Jewelry and .Silverware lor sale. ~ ;
| Feb. 11,188.}, liin . . V..v " ' :<fj?
,o The Place to Get What
g! You':Want!
J;' \ LWAYS in store.a complete otookoC -;
:tr all kinds. The i>e?t and cheapest CTfij#
T: | Sweet Mash Corn Whiskey
For medical purposes a specialty. AIroJ ^
! (,'hoici Liquors of any kind for medi<nl^3
I i purposes. ,
f | Give us acall. Satisfaction guaranteeiKfS
Nov. 10.1S31, tf
. " WANTED.^
\\ micIi nn?> LmMI.aI thk < 1A ZlAft
si/uNi)'7UtV*CO?to5" ?KRt),0^1vered'???$
us at this place before ttic* first of next N't* ?
vender. COTTON 8EEI3
*" SMITH & H0DGE8,|?J|
HDUIXV xjjusjf a,
on l^EItSONS WANTING . ,, :
?' 1 wAqdw;.ia,v'^
" y jiarn fSaC^^aS
ol- WHIPS.
uy nroot cushions,
VI- n.OW (tKAH,
I* Will do well to c*U before purchasing, n?
:'I- will not be undersold.
? TtfOS. BEGOB.il
,R. Ma*;hll,I8!B;tf v~^Vftl
eir Stale & Monro* Sis.. Chicago.
Ml- mL . band CATALOQUC.Y (JBi
11V (Mb IvO. '/Oil {WO. ill) tnpmrl<tl
/ >M "f Initruu.tnU. SulU, Cap*, BtlU,V *^Hn|
KiwilcU, Ctn-Urnia, V,
/|\5^SiaihIi. Di?m UtjorH Suffi. ?a4
for // Sundry B-ioJ OuttlU, Ktpdriaf /aHO
lip al?oIncliula In?tf?rt>on t?4 Kt- /<WKi
, i fix AiiwWnr foihli, tail ft CtUlcgumM^^BSBS
t? ,y? MWBRi
y iiArrrnAW own II
VVJ. ivii ij&w,
;\k I WII.L PAY (15c.) FIFTEEN nSNT^^Mg
lh" J nor bushel for 10,000 husl.etsKOUNI* ! &??
C01 TON HEED, delivered to inc at this pffiBfc
bi'furo the firm of next November. Wilt
| change Cotton Seed .Meal for Cotton Setd.^^^j
^ j J. R. SHEFFIELD, ;|||
J j Donalds, S. C.
I I Sept. 26,1S83,3m
'jState of South Carolina^!
led! Abbeville County.
Mary E. Brown, Jnne A. Brown. Ann Ti.%
k Thornton, Frances A. Cleveland, rlalntllrs
^a Inst
' 1 John Smith Brown, as Executor of ttebeeca; ?
j K. Brown, Harriet T. Brown, John LewU V
Brown, Thomas S. Brown and Elijah Lcgand
I Brown. Defendants.
Summons for Belief, &c.
ec- 'WWj
111-! To John Smith Brown, tm Executor of r?obe<^;
>o(l j caK. Brown, Harriet T. Brown. John I.ewli.~"'
?in Brown, Thomas & Brown und Elijah Le--:
^a| garni Brown, Defendant* In this action :
YOU areliereby smnmonadnnd required tO'
answer Ihe co.iipi .tint In this actlou,of
whleli a copy Is hL.c^'lh served upon yon," .
and to serve a copy of your answer on the, '
ubscrlber at his office, at Abbeville Court'
House, South Carolina, within twenty d?ys'?>
liter ilie service of this gammons on you. cxclusiveof
ihe day of service.
If you fall to answer this complaint within,
!lie lime afi?re?aid. the I'lalntltlV will apply U>
the Court for the relief demanded in thoconip f
' j plaint and costs.
Dated 10th October. 18S3.
j " ! rialntlfls Attoruoy. J
To the above nnmcd Defendants
Take notice thsit the summon?of which the
above Is a copy, together with the complaint''
I In this action wiim liled In theofllceof the .
'lerk o| the Court of Coimnon Pleas for AtoI
Seville County, on the lOtfj day of October,"
" i!W3.
rialullffs Attorney.
T! _
Since Die denth of Mr. Burt I have been cm?.
nloyed to represent the Plaintiff* In above" :
The Defendants will therefore eerv*
heir answer upon meat in.v office at Abbo- \
vJIle Court House Instead of Mr. Hurt.
Plaintiffs Attorney.
Dec. 19, 188-1, tf
) I " ' *0-1)
\Y received a large lot of Looking
I Glasses, the best goods sold In all Ibe coun
. . try, also Looking Glass Plate for r? rtlllu>f old
lU" frames, at J. D. CHALMERS <t CO.
Oct. 31,1SS3. t(
Hall Stands. '}
HAT KACITs, Hook Parks, and Whatnots, '
l"n!l s'.(.c'k uinl low price1- ft'
; J. Ii. <""H Af.VETtS A CO.
UjlMakc Your "Beds" Comfortable.
?fj * f ATT R EUSES at 63.00. S8,M. and ?4.00 >
i 1*1 Sprint? ltcdsat price* from fi.00 to ?9.00
! ui>n>e oi them will last.a life time. Secureoue
' for cach bod and live lonsrrr. For talc at
I J. 1).- L'fr.YLMEltS & CO.
I Oct. 31. IHSS, tf
Oil. I\\INTIXCJS, '.Ml Cliromos, Stereoscopic
Views, Storvosoopes. Just received,
Oct. 31, If*!, If
"j !
>hoj .Attorneys at Law,
r,14 1TDNN & CO.. of the Scisxnnc AMrnicxx, con' ' t
tlnne to act as Solicitors for !':<tents, Caveata, Tnula
Ihe Mark*, Copyright*. i'or tho United States, Canada.
11 v England, France, Germany, ctc. Hand Book about
Patents sent free. Tliirtv-'yvM reare experience.
Pmentnobtilni'd throuirn MLNN CO. are noticed
In tho Scientific American. the largest, host, and .
moat widely circulated sclentiflc paper. <3.30 a year.
Weekly. Splendid engravings and, Interesting In.
formation. Specimen copynt the JjcleMllflc A trierlenn
sent free. AddressMUSS& COy SCIENTITIO
American Ot2ce. 2C1 Broadway, hew lork.
TN* sj>uii Silk mul Vlnsh. Iltl" suit Is the
In test style, md \es\v in-ty, t:o two r-I<ei n
' In the suit llif Kiimi-. ():>? bl ick-, .Moluv'.r suit
, ; good style uud & ^ g
" ] Oct. ::i jivs, tf
WINDOW and Picture f;!a#R nil sizes, by
tlio box. tl<?7.i:n, or piece. An.v size gliisd
ot can be hail that is wanted, ulsopuity", at '
thu J. D. CHaLML'IU it CO,
Oct. 3!. isss.tr

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