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1 he Press and Banner
By Hugh Wilson.
c 1
"Wednesday, May 20, 1885. !
t'ol. KobfrNon.
Pol. J. T. Robertson Is si ill feeble from the
*?'.ta?'kof apoplexy which he had In Columbia |
h'nmc weeks ago. As reported In these col- j
ninns two weeks ago, he had so far recovered
as to be able to sit on the piazza. The fatigue
of the effort save him a backset front which |
he recovered but slowly until lie was able aj
??\v days ago, to *it lor a short time on the
ide of the bed with his feet oil the floor? lie !
not having entirely lo<t the use ?>f the arm j
Jind leg oil tiie aftlleted si-ie. Ijist Monday
lie was not so well, and somewhat more prostrated.
Heiss.iid to complain of an extcnNioti
of the peculiar sensttlon incident to
paralysis. His physicians, l>rs. Maliry it Ilill.
are giving It < nt every attention that anxious
care or medical Jskill can suggest.
Original Poetry.
We are in receipt of some beautiful verses,
which we arc requested to publish, but we
Invc long since adopted th ? rule not to publish
original poefry, although we may hare
made occasional exceptions. In this case the
merit of the piece strongly tempts us to break
our rule, but we hoi>e that the author will excuse
us, Under the rule some good poetry is
kept from the public eye, b jt we are saved the
disagreeable necessity of drawing the line,
xnd possibly from giving offence to tlie au"
* ...i.i-.i. mi>r.
111'UNlll n mrii >n.<j .. > *.
itorious, but which in fact ms?y he better than
others, Correspondents will please soul us |
news. We aim to make n n-u-x paper. without
any aspirations to the rank ot a literary
paper. j
The Jackson C?s?.
The conviction of Mr. Jackson, of Augnstn,'
on a charge or stealing money entmst-d to'
his enre, carries with it a sense of profound
regret. Mr. Jackson was honored an.I trust-!
<rd. ami for this reason had the opportunity to
commit the crime for which lie is sentenced
to the penitentiary. His responsibility is
infinitely greater than that of the sneak thief, i
or of the foot, pad, from whom, by reason of;
their needs and their associations, little of;
good Is expected. While, therefore, tiie conviction
of Mr. Jackson must move every one \
to a feeling or profound regrct.it is regret be- i
cause one who stood so liitrli has fallen, and
not because a Just punishment is!o he meted
out to the offender.?.Wirt <t>id Ojuricr.
Small (irnia.
The oat crop in this county, may be set
down as little belter than a failure. The.
grain Is heading very near to they round, and !
a great deal of It is too lo?v to he cut. Many
farmers will make but little more than the
feed which thev sowed last fall. The spring;
oats will not amount lo mncli.
The wheat crop is also short, but is better !
than the oat crop.
The area which was sown In barley and rve!
is exccedinzly small, our people have cot]
their cattle and horses so well accustomed to j
1.l.r,vr..n 1,111a. without e.tlV shelter. I
that they noeil nothing now hut a low hits of j
old worthless Northern or Western hay.
I5aso Rail
A base ball club wa? organized Inst Monday
afternoon In the Court House, with I,. \\\ I'errln.
President; M. h. ilonharn, Vice President;
T. C. Poriin. Secretary an.I Treasurer.
Kxecutive Committee-.!. \v. renin, \V. C.
MctJouan, A. W. Smith, Hertford Parks,
James Chalmers.
The Executive Committee will procure a[
a suitable ground, and the pimc will be;
commenced at once, to tie piayed in the evenings
after the close of the stores. It is to be
understood liiat this elito I* to be organized
simply for the benefit ot Its members They
do not seek challenges from otiier cluos, and
they propose to send none.
Plrnwnt IMenie at Venlcry.
T>st Frldav the young people had a delightful
Pirulcai the Verdery scho-ri house. Quite
a number of young gentlemen from Abbeville
village went down and their report of
the day i* most pleasant.
A kooiI and bountiful dinner was served nt
twelve o'c'oek, after which the young people
went to the patlors ot Messrs. (J. \V. l.omax
wt Urothers, where tiicv enjoyed the dance
lor severs t hours. One lady said that she.
never saw a more handsome assembly of
young people than were present on this occasion.
An energetic man, woman or youth in
*>vory town ami viiitige 01 uii? i inuu.v m >.rltcit
subscription.s for the (Wumbia Royintvr,
JJiiily. Trt-\\ eekly and Weekly. Twenty-Jive
percent, commissions allowed. A good chance
to iiiuk-j money now and kcit on mukiiiy 0.
Sample copies sent on application. References
required irouj those wishing to uet us
Agents. Address.
Columbia, a. C.
Anniversary Orators.
Walter K Miller, E?q., has consented to deliver
Die anniversary address before the Literary
Societies of the Columbia Female College
in June.
Colonel E. It. Murray of Anderson will deliver
the anniversary oration at tlio Commencement
of Ersfcine Coile^'r.
Impovtnnt, If True.
Al. Cirny, an Intelligent colored farmer, of
Magnolia, says that we will have rain this
week, and that the crops will not again suffer
for rain during the summer.
Ax Interesting and novel ease was tried before
Trial Justice E. s. K. C*lies, at Greenwood
last Wednesday. .v negr<- nimu-u ,ia mv> i
I?rooks was tried and convicted of prwlicl?IR
medicine without n license. It seems that lie
has been selling medicine wiiich he claims to
manufacture himself, and tlie doctors do not
like that klntl of a man to be Interfering with
their business, so one of iheOrrenwood doctors
prosecuted bint. The accused was represented
by Win. N.Grnydon, Ksij.,of the Al>t>evillc
liar, who gave noticc of appeal and will
take the case up to the Circuit Court.
The oat. crop is a failure and unfortunately
for the firmer corn is advancing daily. The
Abbe*'1^ Wholcsa'C Store Informs us that
they JaJ^sevcral cars of c >rn and meal to arrlvem^week,
and can (ill ail homo demands
nnd will ship promptly to any point on the
railroad. Any orders sent, them will bo tilled
at lowest market price on that day. This
house does a large business. Mr. Rogers buys
com In 5 to 10 car lots and can alwas otter
rock bottom prices.
Mit. W. T. Lxtimkr and wife, nnd their
handsome daughters Misses Mason and Ida,
of Honea Path, paid our office a short call 011
11st Saturday. Mr. hatlmcr 1? 0110 of the Oe;?t
farmers In that sectlou, and is also a good
Irieud of the Preu and Banner. No mau is
more heartily greeted within its portals than
Mr. Latimer and his household.
AN over production of pure bred Mock need
not be feared. When the majority of farmers
breed and feed no other, the skillful breeder;
? ?,* ,.i,,vo nr> There will al
Ways l>c certain lines or families more highly
yirlzed than others, anil in his efforts with
these he will find his pleasure and his profit. |
It".Tiie keeping of a colt on a farm Is one of!
those small things, the expense of which will
pass almost unnoticed, and yet the growth of'
the colt Is so protitable that In no way does j
the fanner receive any belter compensation I
for hay nnd grain consumed than from feed.
ing such hay and gniin ton lew good colts.
Tiie Municipal lioard of Health of Abbeville
nre requested to meet at the office of 1 )r.
<?nry this afternoon at 5 o'clock I*. M. I)r.
llenry D. Fruser, Sanitary Inspector of the
State Hoard of Health, will be present for the
purpose of a conference on sanitary matters.
It Is reported lhat the railroad authorities
on the Savannah Valley Road have determined
to locate a depot at Mt. Carmel. The next i
depot up the road will probably lie at C'apt. |
Haster's. It Is thought, that Dr. <Jibcrt will |
get a depot oil his place below Mt. Carmel. j
Conuksponni:nts will confer a favor by j
Rending their letteis in ns early ns conven-j
lent. Yesterday evening wo received quite u
number of communications, tome of which
It was Impossible for us to g;-t In the paper
this morning.
The Simms Sisters gave a performance in
tlie Court House last Saturday night to a full
house. The ladies were handsome and created
a ^cnsf.tlon 011 the public square as they
distributed their programmes and show-bills
on Saturday.
Messrs. \V. a. Lomax Sons arc enterprising
and energetic business men, who run
a mo?t excellent mlil at. Yenlcry. where tne
best of tneal and I lie of meal ami the best
of lumber may be had at any time.
Da. J, \V. Widkman, of Pue West, was in
town yesterday, who with r>rs. Mabry A Hill.
Inspected tho inmates of the poor house, to
ascertain if there were in ttint institution any
inmates who should be dismissed.
Mu. and Mas. Knox, Mr. and Mrs. Simmons,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Moore, Messrs. ('.
I). Allen, Ramcy Hushes and I.ewis Ku>-sell.
went to Trimble Shoals yesterday to spend
the day in fishing.
Tiik Spring has be(?n remarkably cold and
dry. Vegetation of every kind is backward.
Much of t he planted seed ha? not yet germinated,
and every thing seems to ho at a stand >
Thk number of deaths among horses and !
cattle has been remarkable recently, owing it
4j **"1 '* ?? ItifL' nf fiirtil !i lid t n thl? nn-i
wholesomcnessof tiie foreign-bought hay anil j
Tiik Presbyterian and Bapiist churches
were cloned last Sunday, and many Pre-bytc-1
rlans and Baptists worshipped at the Melh- I
odlstand Episcopal churches.
Rf.v. John Gass preaehed In the Episcopal j
church last Sunday, the Rev. Mr. Hanckel being
absent In altcndancc upou the Diocesan j
Lizzie Madden, the woman with a bullet |
in her brain, Is now up and sj<>1 ni? about, with |
never a thought of becoming a subject for the j
Tiik Inspection of the Rifle Club, which was j
to have taken place to-day has been postponed.
Thero will be a dress parade drill this af-1
Mr. .Toiin Fei.i.'s mule ran ofT with him ;
last Monday, near the depot, throwing him
out of his buggy, bruising him slightly.
Communion meeting at Rocky River Presbyterian
church will begin on Saturday morning.
Communion on Sunday.
Mr. B. K Beaciiam. contractor, will build
n shop of brick on th* lot where the Marshall j
House stables now stands.
Tiif. first part of Al. Gray's prophecy about!
the rain. Is true. Al. beats Vennor as a I
weather prcdlcior.
M'n w r\ Mc(5owan went to Spartnnbursr
yesterday, to witness the marriage of a cousin
in that city.
Correspondents nro requested not to use
the word "midst" when writing for the Prcsx
and Banner.
Mrs. Lor. RitowNr.ee of Duo West, returned
from a visit to her sons in Anderson on
last Friday.
Miss Emmie M. Carrington, of Milledge%Mlle.
f?a., is In town visiting relatives and j
. Ttie entertainment to be given at Lowndes- I
vllle on the 22d Inst. will cousist of charades, I
Oxe of the street lamps on the public square
was brokeu last night, The gas was too high. I
There will be a big mcetlnfr at Cedar'
Springs on the fourth Sunday In May.
. Mr. and Mr*. \V. A. Loma.t, Sr., of Vcrfdery.
were In town yesterday.
The Broadmouth School has been closed
for the Summer vacation.
Mrs. S. M. Thompson* of Birmingham, Alabama,
Is still quite low.
Mr. Sampel C. Turner went to NinetySix
one day last week.
Capt. John M. Cochran, of Due West, was
Mr. J. D. Chalmers has returned from bis
trip to Greenville.
The brick work on tho Catholic church has
been commenced.
A rabbit was caught on Main Street last
Monday night.
Dr. L. T. Hill now rides In a splendid now
fine top-buggy.
Hon. W. G. Rice, of Coronaca, was in
town last week.
.Cajt. G. M. Mattison was in town last
Next Sunday is communion day at Lebanon.
Mr, Benjamin F. Smita has been quite
Lvlv Hukst wilt be here to-night.
IMJ i II; H?I i"i ij
A t.octrire on Ro!nni>'
o:?I Excurnioii?Cio^iiiK' Exowlsw
C!'13ii> Tlioplttirlciil Np!i!janr,v?XfH
liiih's for Spi'Siins.
\r.iK \V ::sr. S. May K 1SS*.
Mr. AV. 1". ration spent a night in t'.nvn J;:st
week. !
Ui Poshing rains fel! durin:; t!?o first par! of
i Jn?t week. Wo hope that it will Mart tsieoatsj'
! id jjrowiie.:, as we have seen 110:1c over iificeii!!
inches lilsh. j
Mr. Fred. Darlinchm, son of Mr. .John Par- '
[ liiicton, who edits tin* //(?< ?/ Anrx in Virgin- j
I ia, left lor homo on Tlii'Osrta.V 011 account '
Of the Hitters of his mother. Mr. Darlington 1
has hern in oollouo for six or seven moeihs in
this plae?\ ami we hope that he will return. j
Prof. M'-Cain ifCPirod last Wednesday nlsjhi
ill the coli.'sie chapel, etioosin^ lor his subject
"Literature." We think that, till who heard 1
him will tie inspire,I to renew their etlorts |
mid strive with might. niiii main to learn i'
more of that glorious subject. The professor '
clearly showed us tint il ahoy is in earnest I'
nothing will prevent him froni gettinsr an od- 1
ueation, s:lvlii{? as an example a person with'1
whom lie was acquainted who tied a hook to 1
his plow handle and read while lie turned ills J '
horse at the end of the row. lie quoted muiio * 1
pieces which showed that he had i>cen prac- 11
tieinsi what tie was preaching, lie showed the; ,
foolishness of any one who desired only t >! J
know the practical things of this life. Tliej
lecture was streaked with a vein of humor!,
which added much to its merit, General vcr- j'
diet: too short..
The street l:tDtps serve a very good purpose 11
on a lecture or missionary meeting nitiht. but1
on other nights they look very lonely and al-('
w.ivs seem unsociable, standing -several hun-i
dred yards apart. j1
The closing exercises in the Theological!
Seminary will take place Wednesday "and >
Thursday, the '-"7t!i and 'Jsth, of tlii< mouth. J
Uurlii" 'tills time !>r. I/iilmu will deliver hls(i
inaugural, l>r. Hove" will make jin address.I,
and Kev. K. K. Ilojve of North Carolina, will .
prcaeli theoloMUg sermcii. I '
Messrs. .1. K IVrrin and .[. W.Thomson were
in town anil attcnd<-d worship In the A. It. J'. |
ehureh on la?t Sabliath. Nearly everj body ' 1
about Due West know tlice young swv.itk'tnen i 1
and are glad to see iheni. We see that the 1
.Vi'thni'1 is introducing some new spelling,.*
which we think is un-alled for. Kvery Ihnc j'
that the word through is used it is spelled thru, i,
and though is spelled tht. It is neirlv as bad j
as to teach children to say simply "yes" and , *
"no" to persons of all classes, ages, sexes,
races and distinctions, which we hear is the '
ease tit this town.
Dr. K. 11. Kdwants isnddihg a room to the|
back of bis store in which to keep ice and ij
such tilings. We suppose that In a few days 1 '
a per.s.in can get something to eat and drink '
that will make him feel like a pat t of the are- '1
tic regions. I'
As Ins been the custom for a nntnbor of.(
years, 1'rof. Hood took the junior c'a*s on!
thelratinitul botanical excursion last Friday.!
The objective point was Krwln's Mill on the,'
Saluda. The excursion was a little earlier 1
this year than usual, owing loan Invitation |
by the Temperance Iiivision of llonca Path :'
for him and the class to join the division in a j *
picnic party on the river, the 1 >th. For sever- ,
ill days before Hie appointed time a great Ural 1
could be hciird among the expectants about [
tlie line flowers that would be seen, anil the;'
fish that might probably be caught that didj
not live tn the river. <?n their return Saturday
afternoon they report all anticipations
more than realized. The picnic soems to have j
been quite a success. A number of speeches j
were mad", n nd no doubt some con tinned in;
habits o! sobriety, and others strengthened in j
their resolves to forsake the Inebriates cup. j
The division is earnest In its work, and Is j
doubtless accomplishing a reiormation. The
excursionists are loud i:i praises of the (rood
order, good dinner and prettv ladies. As Is
the case on all such excursions, the party re-j
turns delighted, not only with the trip, but:
with the uhboundrd hospitality ot Mr. Knvin
and his family. .Matters of camp comfort ami
necessity that may have been forgotten
or overlooked by the inexperience of the ex-'
cu'sionists arc supplied by Mrs. Knvin as
soon as known, and many things anticipated (
that no one can tell how she tinds out. If '
these young gentlemen have any poetic veins ! <
in them, would not I like to toss the papers j
over on their tallies In a day or two? \\ hat |
dulcet rhymes might be found to "The Water Falls,""'i'he
Klver's Hanks," "The Fair l'ie- j
nicer," and it may be a sonnet to the name {
that will rhyme with valle.v, and a stanza i
with lines jingling with rill, mill and liiil.!
A pleasant relaxation it is for the class to get
oil once in a course over hill and hollow, tield
and meadow on these charming rambles*
Cool Xlights --- Yon 11 sr Sl?n?l ? Jersey\ t
K:itter? Honored Visitor*?OIF for
tl?o <3enernl Assoinbly?Thc TI?omwpll
A car belonging to the United States Fish
Commission passed down tlie Coluinb'a and j
Ureeiivtllo Railroad a lew days ago, loaded
with young shad. Our curiosity led us to
make some inquiries and wo were shown
through by a polite attendant, who explained !
the motlttx iqh-r'in<ti, anil seemed ns nmah at ^
home among the tinny tribe as Mark Twain ! 1
amongst the heathen. !J
Kev. O. >1. Miller, of Washington, P. C.. Is',}
here on a short visit to his friends who are;1
legion in our community. He was formerly;?
pastor of the liaptist church at this place, and ,(
was universally liked, wo welcome him back, 11
and hope he will stay longer than at lirst Intended.
Kev. Mr. Carter who has been quite sick, Is, ?
we arc glad to stale, rapidly improving. "
I>un a two horse harrow diagonally across
your cotton rows, and you will tlnd it of great ?
advantage. It saves at least one plowing and |
one hoeing. '
Jersey butter readily brines thirty cents pen0
pound here when common butter is dull at c
twenty eenls. J
Mr. \V. C. McOowan's beautiful Irish setter *
Ik on a visit to Ninety-Six. Thin is a queer e
time to hunt-partridges, He Is very much admired
bv those familiar with the canine. s
Kev. \v. (.?. Neville left last week lor Austin, '
Texas, lie Is a delegate to the Presbyterian j e
(' ieneml Assembly. He will take in the t
World's Exposition during his absence. P
Miss Minnie MeCants, ot Laurens, is visit-,'
ins; her sister Mrs. A. Me. Turner.
Mr. J. 1). Moore, an etiicient salesman of the;1
im'rciintilc house of Mr. J. A. Moore, who has j "J
been sojourning in the Mountain City lor the j ?
benefit of liis health (ins returned to duty. ?
The Richland Volunteers passed down on I
last Friday on their way home from Mobile ''
and Xew Orleans. They attribute their fail- S
ure tojwin the prize to tho fainting of ftseigeant
Scott. h
Capt. U. O. Sams, of Cooper Limestone In- ^
Ktitute. was in town a few days last week vis- "
Iting Mr. 1*. Roberts' family. lie reports 1'
the young ladies from tills place as progressing
satisfactorily. This is one of the best 0
schools for the education of young ladles in
ttie Stale. j
The cool nights and a small striped bug are' ?
playing havoc with the young cotton In ouri J*
community. I"
Dr. L. T. 1Lill and Mr. Samuel C. Turner, of;
Abbeville, spent Sunday night with Iricnds ^
here. 1
Miss Florence Campbell who lias been ab- J1
sent for some lime, has returned home.
He v. \V. 1*. Jacobs, of the Thorn well Orphanage.
Clinton, S. will preach at t tie J v
Presbyterian church in this place on the Oth e
Sabbath of this mouth. Mr. Jacobs is engaged
in a noble work, that of consoling and caring
for tho orphans ol' ltils whole country. 1
We hope every body will turn out and hear
what this gnod in an Is doing for the helpless
Mr. E. II. Anil, of Newberry, editor of the
Prosjirrity li'}"irtcr was in town last Sabbath. I
The in taut child of Mr. James P. Harnett I
was buried last sabbath at Kim wood Cemetery.
Mrs. Wilson, of Calhoun's Mills, is visiting
Cant. McCaslan's family.
Mr. Samuel McCants, representing one of
the best grocery houses in the South is in our
Plant Conch peas and be hnptiy.
llev. o. M. Miller preached in the Ilaptlst.j
church on Sunday night to a large and appre- j
eiative congregation. i ];
lH-o tfi.l.nrtc l/*f? itn Miiml'iv t r\ vEc. ! ..
It friends at Uatlney City. KAST END. ja
" ' '* j )i
The Absurd I'olly of Niich mi Iinpo- '
sltion rptm a Tax-Kiililcn People,'
The People of Abbeville are Ad- 1 (
monlslicd to Ojton Tlieir Kji-s to
the Evil iv!ik!? Threatens.
Ktlilor Pre* and thinner: j'
We were proud indeed to rc?.l the "strong J
communication" in last week's issue against; 1
the "monstrous tax" t<> build the Carolina, >
Cumberland (lap and Chicago Railroad. j j
(jiciiitiue Itaitle. | '
Really the article had the genuine rattle i
about it, and was powerful enough to earry , (
conviction to any unbnis>'d mind of the id>
surd folly of sueli an imposition upon tiie tax- j \
ridden people. |
We assert that any voter In Abbeville town- {
ship will be benefitted by reading the com-it
munieation, and we do lutpe it will have the t
ell'eet of opening our eyes to the great dauger |
ahead. ] f
How Can we I'a.V u Tax? I1
It l? an e:isy mailer to vote a tax, but to pay .
it i? distressing in many instances, especially i {
double taxes?yen, fearful. ; j
Object oflhe Tax. , i
Wc quote Col. A. C. ll-isk<*ll, President of J
the ('olumhla and (ireenviile II?ad and mhoI Ii- ;'
cr monopoly on this matt'.T, who savs thiitjj
'Towns and villages on linos of railroads.'
commit a groat error when expending largo j1
sums, or voting taxes on themselves, to build 1
new roads when they already have sulliciciu I
railroad facilities."
Col. Ha>ke!l has been placed high in railroad
circles, and is therefore aide to advise us,'
and perhaps wo had better stop and think jJ
seriously before voting, (if course our object \.
is to cut our way out of our sunken condition, J
but after reading last week's communication r
and learning Col. Haskell's views, we now {
think that. t'? vote a tax for the Carolina, J
Cumberland Gap and Chicago nonsense will J
hurry up aqulckcrand surer death.
The Itoutc Propose*!.
The route proposed by way of Allton, East r
and North, and through tunnels and over *
mountains and gorges. West, will never do- i
liver lis from our bondage. This proposed, (
route will start at no point to give us reduced |t
freights, much loss a reduction of passenger! I
fare. Great Britain may fnrnlsh a few liun- 11
dred thousand dollars ei?riy In the work, in I
order tosecure thvposition.*, hut we may dread 1
these Greeks hearing gifts. The poor man J
had better make '"ea-y places" for biinself In-!.
stead of "Palace cars" lor blood and )tohilU>/. <
We deprecate such sentiment, but now see;'
the tendency of drifting man touvre. Voters!!
beware! beware!
Tin- Way out of our Trouble.
While we are no champion of Greenwood, |
we claim to be a sensible man, anil now ad-:
vise the voters of Abbeville Township to
think about putting their tax money In going
to that point.
We again refer to Col. Haskell who said?
"Greenwood on account of Its eligible location
must become a strong point"?then why
not go there and let our tax ridden people
have a quid pro quo for their hard earned
Greenwood Koute.
We will present the ail vantages of the flrcenwooil
route next week,and hope your readers,
will hear us for our cause.
Let us also thank you for your manly pnd j
bold effort to save us from ruin, ruin, ruin. We
know your every thought in this matter is'
actuated by the sublimest motive and purest
patriotism. 1'. T. L.
But President Hfigood in Ills Letter
of April 17ili, nays, Tlmt "Till*
Jlortjfujfo Shall be Hclenaed."
Tiie Fakmkrs Loan <fc Trust Company, |
20 <& William Stkkkt, >
New Yokk, May U, 1SST>. |
IJtiffh Wilson, Jr., Abbwillr, N. C.:
Drau Km?W'c executed the mortgage ot
the Carolina, Cumberland Gap and Chicago
1 Railroad Company on the 4th of December,
1S82, and returned U to Mr. W. II. f?clioflcld to
i have It recorded.
The said mortgago has not been returned to
us as yet.
No Honds were ever placed with us for any
i purpose. Yours Respectfully,
| W. I>. KEARIiS,
1 \>cc Tresident.
' x' ??-.
^ -VW-. ' ?V
\ ('orrr.Hponilt'iuit In Trouble?\r*
I'osf o'v xii Indian Doctor - - The
IScHi'lilM of ll:?Uro?d.??Xetv Rnlldiflcs?Inlercslig:^
ticuM of liencm!
Wevgrct to learn of the serious illness of
r. A. M. J'.l.ikv, with priv.iinonia.
I?r. C. Maxwell li;is 1 cen confined to I.is
lift! for several days with, bronchitis. We are
{l:ul !<> s'iite tlint tie Is convalescent.
Mr. Lawrence I'.liindaiul lainily have moveil
Imck to our town altera stay of several years
In Columbia. Mr. llland is eondoctorof a ma- !
lerinl train on Columbia .t (irccnvilie ltaltruiul.
We welcome liim hack.
C:i))t. W. W. Wotiitward lias been awarded;
I ho contract of building the college. Work I
wilt begin in a few chiys. '
Mi-s Kinma Major's new house will be
ready lor occupation next week.
Prior to the building ?>f the Greenwood,
L-inrens A Spartnhnrg Railroad we could ncv;rHilda
man wlio would acknowlcge living
II Itueklevel It Is now rapidly gaining a
notoriety that any one would be proud of. It ,
11 ready has two newspaper correspondents ;
inder the euphonious titles of "Shakespeare." 1
mil "Clodhopper." We have always heard |
hat a railroad was one of the most powerful ,
. naliies of ci vilization.
Work o:i the now depot for the Augusta A
ICnoxville railroad will begin at an early day.
I'iiey propose crectiiiii a handsome sti ucturc.
Mr. HI more has awarded the contniet for the
juildingof his new residence.
1'rof, lioozor will move into his elegant]
:>ii'ttw next wtck.
Mr. J. T. Llgon of Braillcy's spent Sunday '
n our (own. |'
Mr. and Mrs. T. I'. Uiloy visited Augusta j
last. week. |;
Mr. N. < i. Pyles is accnt for the bvst photo-:1
rraph company In Ainerica. Call on him If j'
rou want any photographs enlarged. We ;
tnow whereof we speak.
Mr. W. K. l.iakc lias let the contract for the
tuildiug of a dwe'ling for l'rof. lllakc of Da-1
ridson College, In Mr. W.T.Smith.
The cotton seed oil mill is now a eerlainty.
Our friend .1. it. Linvell tlie pilhy corrosion
pent of the McOirtiiicl: Advance, now ear- ,
les his arm in a sling Ironi an encounter
ivith n carving knife. Mr. Scott may eongratilate
himself that Ills reporter's right hand (
.sstill uniiurtnnd his brain perfectly clear. 1
Andy lingo has shaved oil' ills mustache,
rt'hat a cruel girl it must have been to make '
iueli a request. !
The asgrcirate weight of Miree of our cili
:ens ispounds. All of tliein arc waiting j
or "Lula Hears'."
This is what we saw In a young man's bug- '
:y a few evevenings a.*o, as iio returned from j
lis sweet heart's house; three dime novels,
me ?'") ecnt novel, one almanac, one copy Sun- '
lay School quarterly, one halter, one wrench,!:
no pleee plank, one pl|>e, one pouch tobacco, 11
mi- bouquet and one bottle?of oil. It's a fact. ]
(.Julie a nice crowd of excursionists from '
iVaterloo pic-niek?l on our square last Sat-j'
ird.iy. We would have given tlietn a formal |
linn bail u< been informed of their visit, i
Mr. J. T. Simmons has purchased two store
(its from J. K. Durst and will erect two brick ,
stores ut oilee. |
The out crop will be almost a failure In this:
oeallty. j
Some of your rentiers down here, wouM like;
o have a more explanation of the meaning
ir intent of "\\\ N. Evans" article in your
ast Issue entitled "The Lord's Prayer."
>Vhat '"error" does ho wish to correct.
Our boys will not be able to play baseball
his season because of their failure to secure
uitatde grounds. Tin y offered to nay any
ea-onable price fur tlie use ol the land but
:oiiid not tret it.
K was a dear creature of Ifi Summers, with
aiigsail down in front who said to her "felcr"
who had none to one of our soda founts
a "tr?ai" "I can't drink that thar stuff)
t'hile Its a bllln."
The liearo, alias, Indian Doctor who has
>ccn selling his medicine on our streets lor
eveml days wu? before his Honor 10. S. T.
liles, last week on the charge of practicing 1
without license, lie wa? convicted and lined
Vi.tw and costs or SO days in Jail. \V. X. (trayIon,
counsel for the defense gave not lee of an j,
ippeal, claiming that the State could not, nn-;J
ler the net, Imprison, for the llrst offense
iven if tlie prisoner c<?u!d not pay the time.
Mrs. Iloageand daughter of Hrooklyn, aro
"isiting a sister of the former, Mrs. C. M. CUIloun
of tills place.
Some parties who snw Mr. Seals hack ccmo ;
11 tow n Sunday mistook it for the advertising
V!'?ron of a circus. [
Mr. ami Mrs. K. A. Calhoun or Abbeville
pent Sunday in town.
Very few women can stand the smell of
vhlskey and onions, and when a man wanonly
eats garlick, he deserves to be drowned
n dish-water. .
The Georgia Courts are rneting out Justice 1
o ilie Atipu>ta delimiters. We suppose it is
nrtunate tor us that we were never president
if nnj thing but a debating society. (
'roquet nmt '\Speeehe.H**?The (Jrrcn- J
wood Baii(l?-I'l*ihin; for Turtle*?ij
ISueltlevel? limns. j
We congratulate Coronnra nr.d the commit-! c
ilty at large In having secured the services ol
>r. Austin, of Laurens county, who lately
raduated with the first honor at the Atlanta
Icdical College in a cisiss of thirty-eight,
lie Doctor comes highly rccotnmended not J
nly as a young man well po?tcd In his pro-1.
,'ssion, but as ;t man of steady lutbils and line!
itoral character. j.
Messrs. Klugh A Tiro's , have Just had their I,
lerchaut mill overhauled by Mr. lYitcliard, I
f Au'jnsta. and arc now well prepared for the .,
pproachhig wheat crop.
Miss liattie Sample spent several dnys with !,
ll?.s Kstelle Fonche last week. '
'I'll#. r.1,IV,vml Ikiniit ramp not Inst. ! c
'riday to attend .T. A. llamplor V school eel- ,
bration. Tin y were met by a large crowd of |'
rtlorcd peopleand escorted !o the school hou-e i
here they were entertained until night.I,
hey returned to Greenwood next day on the \
leven o'clock train. |
Miss ISeulah Jleriot, a young lady from the .
>ucen City, who lias 'jeen visiting Mr. \\r. T. | ,
Icnderson's lamlly for several weeks, return-i
d home last .Monday. L
The young people around town snont n very "
leasnut afternoon last Saturday, at Mr. \v. '
'. Fouche's playing croquet. Wc expect they I
liey wiil meet quite often now, as several ol'j
ho young men seem anxious to make the],
nine speech to some of the young ladies that 0
Ir. (iage made to a certain lady during 1 lie unda.v
School Convention.
There I* a good deal of sickness around ,
nwn just now, but Dr. Austin says no danerous
A negro cabin on Mrs. White's place was ,
urned down last Saturday morning. Jt '
might from a woman's pipe. Mrs. White's
ousc caught fire also, but fortunately it was ,
lit out before n.ucli damage was done.
Ml?s Lizzie Anderson, of Waterloo, ho# re
ently been on a visit In Coronaca.
The Ilucklevel correspondent had better c
:ecp quiet about selling rabbits in Coronaca, J
r ijuill will tell about the four pound hams
ome of them have been bringing over to ,
al ter for drv goods. .
Mr. W. T. Henderson went to his fish pond
few days ago to feed his fish. Willie there a ,
urtle came up to the top of the water near a :
tump he was standing on, several feet from ?
lie bank. lie stooped over to watch tho tur- ?
le and lost his balance, so in the pond he J;
i'ent. Ills wife says he looked like a drown-i
_... ...i? riiTff .r.
uiutnuvu iicswi h./.hv-, c
? C
_ f
T the Trains Ktiould Xot l?e Kloppwl,
Ibr Accommodations will be WrcHtly
Retlnrril if Its Business Is Diminished
by Aiio'licr I.ine?The
Koari Which our Fathers Unlit can
Yet I>? all of Our Business.
COWMTIIA, May 19, 1SS.">.
IJr. ITi';ih HVwii, Abbeville, ?V.
Dk.yu Silt?Your Iciltr of tlic 'JStli Instant
las been received. You say the fear line been i
xpressed in Abbeville that the Columbia*
ml (irecnvllle Itailroad authorities might j
liscontlnue the trains over tlic Abbeville i
irnncli road to Hodges In case another road j
i"as built to Abbeville, and you ask whether j
here is any ground fur such fear.
I answer, that no such course has ever been j
Ubmlttcd to our direction, and it would be '
ircmature for me to express an opinion as to|
vhat t heir action may be. I must say, how-]
(ver, that as the Abbeville branch does not t
tow pay expenses Incident to the running of I
be trains, that the accoinmodati<ms will of j
iceessity be much reduced if its business is '
iimlnislicd by arother line. I
YO'.i ai-k my further views with regard to
iiiildliig railroads by taxation. I can L'ivc|
on but a summary of what I said at Lauren*;
n 1SS7:
1st. That it is unwise, because the State has 1
11 ready buried too much capital in railroads |
I'lic lines now in oneratlon can carrv flvei
tines the freight and travel tlie country is 11
io\v supplying. Tlio rales can only l?c re- j |
lueed in proportion as tiie population and L
iroduction increase and give more business,, j
A-tiieli win bring into play the capital which j,
s now deatl. i
I'd. 1 have always entertained the opinion
hat town, county or township taxation for!,
,Ills purpose Is unconstitutioiiafiand that the
legislation to that end is a palpable churl to
vadc the provisions of our Slute Cunstltuion.
:'.d. Kven if the measure Is not in words proliidted
by our ('onstituiion. it Is directly op>osed
to the fundamental principles of a,
democratic form of government, and is now,
icuvily oppressing sonic of the best counties:
nthe State. Knllroads are like every other j
iraiich of business. 'J'iiey ought not. to be;
milt unless they will pay, and the best rule]
s to let private individuals risk their own:
ncansand not get. it from the people by taxalon.
Tcmpcrniicc People on a IJcmlcr.
Editor I'rrxx anil lUtnner : I
A Temperance plc-nieat Krwin'sMill,under :
ho auspices of the Honca rath Division of;<
tons of Temperance on Friday the Jotli In-'.
iUmt-n bouuiifill day,a beautiful plane and a I
icnuliftil assembly. There wereseveiity-tlve i
,,eliIel?K on the ground, and between three 11
in ml rod and four hundred persons. 'l'he;
ilace was a beautiful meadow Just next below i s
lie mill, with a beautiful row of water oaks''
ill along the rivor bank, making abundant I
;li:ido for Im)IIi man ami horse. The grounds I
ivore prepared for the occasion by the proprl- I
;tor, Mr. Krwln. He had erected a stand for I
;he speakers,seven lu number, and seats for ]
lie audience. The meeting wits presided over j
?y the Rev. Mr. McUeo of Honca I'ath, and <
ho services opened by Hie Rev. Mr. WIN 1
ougliby of Lancaster. The tlist speaker Ma- I
or Vandivor of Anderson, wa* lollowed by <
Mr.Smith of the same place, l'rofessor llood i
if Hue West, llev. Mr. Hurl, Hon. Mr. McGee '
>f Hodges, llev. Mr. Willoughby and llev. Mr.
Alter the spanking the meeting was dismissed
for dinner, for which every one pres?nt
seemed to have n keen appetite, which
mis soon appeased. After dinner the
young men present got up a game of base '
ijall, between a nine from Hue West and a '
nine from Honca Patli, which all present
seemed to enjoy. About tive o'clock
In the evening the vehicles with their live
Freight begun to move oir, and in an hour all
was quiet as before they came. It was without
a doubt a temperance gathering, as not a
dgn of liquor in any shape was seen. I believe
the neighborhood have an annual pic
IDC :il nils place, ami mi guests arc iixiumsiicu
Lit the unbounded hospitality of Mr. Erwln
und liis family on those occasions.
Mr. Krwin is at present engaged In building
[i rock dam about four feet thick l?y five feet
liigh, between his mill atidbrldge. making liln
property more valuable every day by his untiring
In passim? through the country I find tho
cry everywhere for ruin. U.
An exchangesays that the public schools in
Abbeville County are Ifi a very unsatisfactory
condition. The people of Abbeville county
are opposed to free schools and tho present
condition of the public schools is due to the
Indltlerencc and opposition of the people at
large. It can In no wise be attributed to Mr.
Hodges, the County School Commissioner, for
he is nn able and experienced teacher, thoroughly
competent, full Of energy and devoted
to the cause of education. He has a hard task
on his hands under the present state of public
sentiment on the subject of free schools In
his county. Ho would do a gocd work if tho
pcoplo would ouly sustain him.?Sumter Advance.
Look at our"towntalk" corset only 83 con ts.
II. M. Had don it Co.
"llest out" corset, for 50 cents, is a beauty,
try one. K. M. Haiidon <fc Co.
A large assortment of Hamburg edgings at
Cuuniu(;huw?fc Templeton's, j
'' I I II UlYMMlllll iilltf il I -I I Mil. ^
Interesting' S.etlcr from I<ntlinm, Alrxniidrr
A Co.. o? Xew Yttrh.
Latham, AT,i-:xA>:nr.i: ?fc Co.,
Bankkkm it cotton Commission* Mkrchants.
lti Jt IS \vai.r. KTItKKT.
N'kw Yosik, May )f>, 1S.n1.
IM*ait Pm?Tho cotton yt-ar is so tar advnneed
that the size of tlie crop now corning to
market can be closely arrived at: it will not
vary materially from bales.
Tills much being established, It is apparent
that the supply of cotton between now and
the incoming of the now crop will a', no time
be large and that with any revival in trade U
will tie inadequate lor the requirements of the
world, unless spinners' takings should be
cheeked by the usual result <?t light supply,
mi advance in price.
'J lie position of cotton hoth In price and supply
is exceptionably favorable now as coinpared
with former $ ears :
m? IPS! 1883 ,
Receipts at U. S. Torts I
since 1st Sept -I,fi 10,921..I,7;?T).'K7..5,T37;102
Total Exports since j
Kt Sent 3,'W,t02..n,l!K>,0S!)..l,202,718 |
Stock in U. s. ports 11*1,} 31.. ;V>y..ss?
Stock in Liverpool !?7S,(iu0.. JW.OOO.. Kif.OOO
Afloat for (treat Urltain
1:51,000.. 107,n0!)? 280,000
Total visible supply In
U. S., Europe and
a I. ."ea 2.281,501 ..2.592.203..2,081 .HCO
Price of middling nplai.ds,
New York... 10,'jJ. ll>4. 11
Price of middling up
lands, Liverpool... 5 15-Ifi.. fi'4.. '
Prices of cotton, basis middling, lor lutuiej
delivery in Now York :
Juno delivery r'-SI.. 11.01.. 1 t.ni
July delivery lo.it>.. 11.7.1.. 10.115!
August delivery 10. 111.. 11..*>7.. 11
September delivery.... 10.70.. ll.o'l.. M.571
October delivery 1?.:K. 11.05.. 10.-.'fil
November delivery lO.'JI.. 1'?.S7.. lit.ll;
December delivery 10.24.. lo.sii.. lo.is
January delivery 10.:;|.. ltl.li>.. 10.'.I I
The stock in Liverpool is lO.fMKl bnles less,
than last year, and only 18,000 bales mure than
in 1S7.I.
Stock In the United Stales ports Is "2 502
bales less than last year and bales less
than In issrj.
The total visible supply of cation In Ibe
wot Id Is :I10,.1!)I bales less I ban last year and
bales less than in 1S.S.).
Were general business In ti normal or usual
condition cotton with lis position so strong,
is shown above, would imiurally bo higher.
I tut various causes have proven led it from
feeling the inliuenec or its own exceptional
situation. I'lilef among tlicsecauses. and the
one dating farthest back, has been the long
felt and much harped upon dullness In trade,
hardly secondary to this In Its ell'ect upon
prices has for some mouths past been ihe fear
Unit England was about to bceoinc Involved
In war with KusMa. Happily, this great war
L'ioud that threatened Kuropo lias blown over,
ind signs of Improving trade are daily l>e oming
more apparent, only yesterday 20,000
packages of cotton goods?the greatest number
ever oll'ercd at a single sale?were sold at
public auction in New York at highly satisfactory
With returning activity In manufactured
joods, with peace seemingly assured and with
:-olton standing again on its own merits, the
>iulook for planters and merchants Is more
jhccrfui than It has been for many months.
I.atest accounts from the Kusl India crop are
o the clTcct tlint It Is baekwar I. In some
llslr.lctstho yield Is turning out disappointIngly
small, in others it Is only three-fourths
>f last year's, and in others again it Is repotted
as being very short, the shortage likely to
JUCrUflM; UK UIU nt'u^ni
At the opening of the planting season In
jur own country the ground was in unusually
tine condition, owing to the hard frosts of
the past winter. 1'lunting was satisfactorily
:omplctfd, wltliont decided increase In I lie
icrcage devoted to cotton, and the growing
sroj>. though late, has up to 11lls tinio processed
favorahly. J'ut no prediction ns to
lie ultimate out-turn of a cotton crop can be
made at tiiis early date. Yours t ruly,
? ?
Ifr. ICnoul Does Not Desire to Put
Any Jlonpy in n Ron<l to Abbeville,
I'nloKS it enn be Demon-1
? J ' 1 * * "? ! ? ? ? - - 11 ? If a H /\.i ni'
ninuvu nuu iir van
by llie Oprralloit.
okfick of pnusidkkt }
Centra r, Rait.uoad and Kan kino Co. V
ok <Ikok<;i.v, Savannah, May 13,1SS5. )
Ilitf/h Wilittm, / ><], AhbcvUle, G'.:
1)kah Slit?I Imvc your letter of the 11th. I
mve no disposition to put any money In a
'a 11 road unless there Is some protnlso of
>rotitable work. From mv present way of
ooklng at a road from Abbeville to the 8a annah
Valley or Augusta <fc Knoxvlhe, It
loes not occur to inn that there Is much hope
>f profit over operating expenses. If I am
sorrect in this supposition I shall not desire
o put any money in the road you speak of.
[f there is prollt In it, It might change my
:oncluslons. Kcspcctlully yours,
W. 0. HAOUL.
Railroad Ilnrnloyx.
The following statement of the rarnlncrs of
allroads in IhlsHtato for the month of March.
s-5, and giving the per oettti of increase and
Increase as compared with the same month
ast year, has been obtained from the liallroad
Ashevillc and 8part.?1881.52,411.20; 1885, ?2.111.55;
decrease, Sl'HUVi; cti.lll percent.decrease.
Atlanta anil Charlotte A. 1,.? S<4, ?103,730 8.1;
ft-.'i, SI 1 l,V)j.t'i2; Increase, ?10,821.7U; 10.13 per
:ent. increase.
Augusta an.i Knox.?1SSI, ?17,30.1.82; l8fi."?, Cll. js.si;
decrease, ?0,271.0;.'; 30.01 per cent, doirease.
Central of South Carolina?1881, ?0,787.f!);
885, ?7,504.10; Increase, 8710.07; 1050 rer cent,
Charleston and Savannah? lc81, ?4.">,8r?I 10;
8*5, ?10,105.31; Increase, ?001.15; 01,32 per cent
Charlotte, Columbiaand Augusta?1881, ?.*>>,11.00;
lss."i, ?58,010.12; Increase, ?3,293.13; 05.03
>er cent. Inerease.
Cheraw and Chester?1881, S3,101.32; 1885, ?!,I7.:t">;
Increase.?014.01; per cent. Increase.
Cheraw and Dar.?1881, ?7,012.21; 1SS5, ?7,315.7;
increase, ?27:1.30; 03.8S per cent. Increase.
Cneraw and Sallsb'y?18-1. S2,?IO.Dn; 188% 82,13.12;
Incrense.?123.22 ; 01.70 percent.inerease.
Chester and Lenoir?1*81, ?5,2i5.17; 1>K">, ?7,07.88;
Increase, ?2,212.71; 12.02 per cunt, in
Columbia nnd Greenville?1SSI, $40.G77.2S;
SS.5, S57>!W.7{; Increase, S?,222.15; 10.55 per
sent Increase.
Laurens K'y?ISKI. S2.9TiO.49; l!->5, S2,7.">0.G-1;
lecrense, S2U5.S5; 06.90 per cent, decrease.
Northeastern?18S1, ?57 3*40.69; lHwf>, $57,351.S9 ;
leercase, S1S1.K0; 0.32 por cent, decrease.
Port Koya! and Augusta?18S1, $f?.GI3.73; lSS-%
38.07l.UJ; decrease, 81,Ml.70; 03.8'J per cent, decease.
South Cnrollnn-lW4. SllO.OP.i.GO; 1SS5. Slll,12.21;
Increase, SI,716.61; (W.oG per cent, Inirease.
Spartanburg, Union nnd Columbia?1881, S7,$1.97;
|H#5, Stf.375.G7; increase, SI,211.70 ; 17.41
?er cent. Increase.
Wilmington, Columbia nnd Augusta?l.cfll,
<59,412.81; 1HJ-r>, SGI,316.0$; Increase, ?1,003.21;
W.25 percent. Increase.
Totals?ISSI, S57G.85G.72; 1885, ?Xtt,.r?PG.70; Inirease,
S37,107.09; decrease, $8,367.11; net lniiease,
82S,7."'J.'JS; net per cent, increase, 01.98.
The Thormvell OrpliPiinffc.
There Is perhaps no "country" Institute In
?outh Carolina, so well known as this, and
ret It Is Jusl about to celebrate the first deeaile
if lis existence. It was begun on tlio small
apltal of tlfty cents?the gilt of an orphan
?oy, but from that original fifty-cent piece it
ius grown until lis buildings are now the
nost prominent mark in the landscape of I he
,Milage of (.'Union, South Carolina, where the
Institution Is located. In these ten years
nany orphans have enjoyed its fostering esire
tnd a family of fifty is now sheltered beneath
is roof.
An ample fiirm of 12.">neres furnishes all the
Irownnil. nnstiirnirn. viMfi-tjihliXi. unit n tvirt of
,lie support. A large stone dwelling?the first
louse erected, conluins the girls, and "Faith
L'ottage" a neat concrete building Is the home
if the hoys. The school Is domiciled in n
landsoine house recently erected at a cost of
! '),(sod. Tfiere is also a solidly built house for
:he culinary and laundry 'work. Near by, a
new cottagc for another family of orphan
joys Is in process of erection.
The maintenance of this work exclusive of
[he buildings requires an nnnual outlay of!
\boutS3,500, and the mystery Is as to where
t comes front. As only poor children are rc-j
L-clved, there is no income from tuition ori
Lioard?the large majority of tlie orphans arc |
->C too tender an age to be able to do much to- j
w ards their own support. The older ones can i
.lo little more than to do all the cooking, ironing,
sewing, Ac.. for the establishment. This
lhoy do, runt fey do it with great regularity j
uid ehcctfulne.'".
The President of tlie Institution tells us that,
"the Lord provides" for them, but the Lord
uses means to do his work, and the means
I hat the Lord uses Ir this case to do his work
ire the gifts of the chat liable throughout the
liounds of our country. A gf>od Idea?for
I'ueh reader of these lines to sit down quickly
nnd to forward a donation for the orphans to
Wm. H. Hell, Esq., Clinton, .s. c. Let It t o
either provisions or money. * *
Blacks vs. Midiittora.
Charlotte Observer.
In oue of the colored churches in this city
something of a turmoil has lately been raised
aver the movement ou part of some ot the
members fora division 01 the membership on
Lhe .colored line. The project Is one of the
most remarkable that we have yet heard of,
Its aim being to separate the b'aelc skins from
the mulattocs, the ebon hucddesiring lo have
ii congregation all to themselves, anil the mulattocs
expressing a similar desire on their
nwn part. The subject wasdiscussed in a congregational
mcctinga day or so ago,and while
r?icli rmrlv vi*n? u-illimr fill* n (llviwimi tlio'
terms could not ho well agreed on. 'J'lie inln-!
Ister Is black sklntn d, and naturally enough !
the black skins laid their claim to him. In ad- I
lltion to the church and church fnrnlturo.!
Another trouble was the fact that some of tlie,
black skinned men hail mulatto wives ami ]
some or the black skinned women had tnulat-1
to husbands, and how to apportion them In
the proposed division was a subject that ere* j
uted a gooil deal of unsatisfactory discussion.
Hie dllllculty seems to be Insurmountable,
but both tactions are determined upon adlvls-j
Ion, and It Is believed that the Synod will
liavo to be callcd upon to act as a board of ar-1
Ditratlon. A thirddillleuity Inthewayof the;
proposed division lies In the I'acL that a smalli
portion of I he congregation iir(, neither blacks
;>r mulattoes, but come between the two, and
If the proposed color line Is stiictly drawn,I
they will have to be left entirely out In the
colli, and will have to seek soine other taber-i
nablc wherein such elevated ideas in regard
to tone and color do not prevail.
A font of pood brevier can lie bad on reasonable
terms, by application to the I'rcsa and
Runner olllce. tf
A varied assortment of second hand print"
I ni: material can be had ut the Press urnl Unit-1
ncr olllce, tf j
MARItlKD?On May III, 1SR5, by Rev. \V. F. I
Pearson, Mr. JOHN <!. SMITH to Mis* S. |
A DIME, youngest daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth j
THE following persons have been appointed
members oi l he Board of Health for tho
town of Abbeville :
G. A. Visanska, A. B. Morse,
II. T. Tustcn, J. i)l. Gnmbrcll,
F. F. Gary, M. D.
They wJP be required to look after the sonftary
regulations of the town, and will corumenee
their inspection of all the premises on
Monday 26U) May, 18!<o. Property holders and
re.sldeuls will govern themselves accordingly.
By order of the Council.
Clerk Town Council.
I Way 20, 1SS3. tf
'n ? vi :>7 ?^fr~irKirn -ir *
Reaper for Sale.
A XV one (tearing to buy a Oil EGG REAPER
in good cua MMiin will please apply
at this office. Ti.-rnis reasonable.
May i::, 1M>,2t
Sheriffs Sale.
Cliarlc3 F. Hammond against C. C. Maddox
]">Y virtue of an Execution to mo directed,
lJ in the above staled ens-e, I will seil to the
highest bidder,nt Public Auction, wltlilu the!
legal hours ol'salt1, at Abbeville Court House,
on Monday, the first day of June, A. 1). I8S.1
the described property to wit: All that, tract I
01 parcel of land, situate, lying and being
In tin? county of Abbeville South Carolina,!
and containing j
Seven Hundred Acres, j
more or less, and hounded by lands of Mary I
Maililox, I'egiry Maddux, theSnludn River and
others. Levied on and to be sold as the properly
ofC. M uldox, to sallsiy the aforesaid
Execution anil costs.
J. F. C. DuPre,
Sheriff Abbeville County.
Sheriff's Office.
May the Jth ltW5.
Sheriff's Sale.
Xiitcy J. Mars against T. W. Mars, as Exccutor.
BY virtue of an Execution to me mreci'-u,
111 the above hI.iitori ense, I will sell tn tliel
lushest bidder, at Public Auction, wllliin the
]ojjisiI hours of sale, at Abbeville Court House,
on Monday, the first day of Juno, A. 1>. JKS5.
the following described properly, situate In
Ahbevl'le county, to wit : All that tract or
parcel of land containing
One Hundred niid Eighty-five Acrcs,
more or le?s, bounded by lands of the Estate1
ofJosiah Wcil?, s. It. Morrah, J. E. Caldwell,
and others. Also, that tract or purccl of land,
Two Hundred Acrcs,
more or less, nnd bounded by lands of James
iMcCaslan, said T. W. Mars and others, and
known as tlie MeCelvey place. Also, that
tractor parcel of laud, containing
Two Hundred Acres,
more or less, and bounded by lands of James
M cCiis I a 11, A. IS. Lindsay and others, known
also as the MeCelvey tract, beln? the tract
willed to said T. \V. Mars by his father John
A.Mars. Levied on and t/? be sold as the
property of T. \V. Mars, as Executor, to satisfy
I lie atomnid Execution and costs.
TEKMii? Cash.
J. K. C. DrPRE.
Sheriff Abbeville County.
Sheriff's Office, Abbeville C. II., S. C.
Miy s, INS."). :it
State of South Carolina,
County of Abbeville.
Town ol Abbeville.
Council Chamber of the Town Conn-J
cil of the Town of Abbeville,
May 11, 1885.
of the town of Abbeville, now met and sitting
In Council.
That. In pursunneeof the provisions of an
Act of the State of South Carolina, entitled
"An Act to authorize Counties, Townships, |
Cities and Towns in teres led In tho construction
of tlio Carol Inn, Cumberland Gap and
Chicago Hallway Company to subscribe to the
capital stock of said Company," approved Dc^
ceinbcr 22v!, 1S81, and upon the written uppli1
cation of a majority of the owners of real estate
of said town, duly received by this Council,
asking that an election bo he'd to tmcortain
whether or not said town shall subscribe
the sum of FIVE l'EIl CENT. on the assessed
value of Ileal nnd Personal Fropcrty in
said town, in bonds, to the capital stock o< the
Carolina, Cumberland Gap and Chicago Hallway
Company, according to the provisions of
said Act; an election be held on the
29th day of May, 1885,
at AnilFA'ir.fJ^wiurr'house:. III I he lown
of Ahbovlli?*-fhc polls to open at 6 o'clock A.
M. and remain open until (I o'clock P. M., lit
which election shall be submitted to the qualified
voters of said town the question whether
or not the snld town of Abbeville, shall subscribe
the sum of FIVE PER CENT, on the
assessed value of Ileal and Fcn-onal Property
in bonds, to the capital stock of the C'aroilna,
Cumberland Gap and Chicago Railway Company,
according to the provisions of said Act>
The said subscription to l>e rtiade on condition
that the snld bonds be deposited in some
bank In trust nnd not to be delivered to the
Prceldent of the Carolina, Cumberland Gap
nnd Chicago Railway for the benefit of the
snld road until the said road shall be completed
to the town of Abbeville Court House,
and on the further condition that, said road bo
completed to Abbeville Court House on or before
the 1st January A. D. IKisS. j
That R II. Speed, J. C. Miller, L. K. Howie
arc hereby appointed the managers of said
election, with full power to hold and conduct
the same, count the votes, declare and ccrtlfy
tho result, according to the laws in force, and
the provisions of said Act.
That the voting at said elect ion shall be by
ballot; such of the said voters who desire to
vote in favor of (-aid town making the nforesaid
subscription, elmll vote n ballot having
written or printed thereon the word "Subscription,"
such of said voters who desire to
vote against the said subscription shall vote a
ballot having written or printed thereon the
words "No Subscription."
That nolicc of said election, staling tho
time, place, purpose, and form of ballot to be
voted thereat, be published, as by law directed,
In the newspapers published In the town
of Abbeville, In I ho County aforesaid, by three
weekly Insertions in each next previous to the
29tli day of May. lt-85.
JONES F. MILLER, Secretary.
May 11,1885, St.
* ? ? ?^ m
$25 Reward.
Office County CoMMi.ssioNF.ns,
AniiKVil.LK, S. C, May t, US3.
IIEREAS, Information 1ms been r^cclvod
at this oflice that some unknown person or
persons, on or about the 27th day of April,
lsW, removed a number of iron bolts from Davis'
lirldgo over Little River In this county,
thereby endangering said bridge and the public
safety; now In order that the Interests of
the county nifty be protected, Wo do hereby
offer a reward of TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS
for tlin apprehension and delivery to the
Sheriff of Abbeville county, of such person
or persons, with proof to convict.
James A. DlcCord)
William ltiley,
\V. T. Cowhii,
County Commissioners.
May fi, 1835. 4t
WoBfov'a Sola
F. W. Wagoner & Co. against T. W. Mars, In
Jic F. W. Wagoner .t Co. against Lucy J.
"I>Y virtue of an order made In ilio above
stated rase 011 the'.'Ist day of April, ISM, I
will resell at public outcry at Abbeville C. II..
S. on Mondiiy, Juno 1st, ItW, helm; Sale
Day, within tlie legal hours of sale, the following
described property, situate In said
State and County, to wit: All Hint tract or
parcel ol land containing
One Hundred and Eighty-five Acres,
more or less, bounded by lands of tlie Fstalc
of.Iosiali Wells, S. It. Morrali, .J. K. Caldwell
and ol hers. Also, taut tract or parccl ol land,
Ono Hundred Acres,
more or less, and bounded by lands of James
McCaslun, said T. \V. Mars and others, and
known as the McCelvoy place. Also, that
tiactor parccl of laud, containing
Two Hundred Acres,
more or less, and bounded by lands of James
McCaslan, A. H. Lindsay and others, known
also as the McCelvoy tract, being the tract
willed toHiild T. W. Mars by his lather dohn
A. Mars. Also, one undivided half interest
One Hundred and Sixty Acres,
more or less, known as the Covin Tract ^ind
bounded by lands or .Mrs. .1. ? . ?. ^numum.
Mrs. Jane Lee, and James Tnggari. The said
lands to bo sold in accordance with tlio Decree
of foreclosure heretofore passed 011 the
l:ith day of June, 1884, und at the risk of the
said Lucy J. Mars, former purchaser.
'i'KUMrt OK SALE?One-half cash, balance
on twelve months with interest from day of
sale, the credit portion to be seeurcd bond
with sutHcIent security and mortgage of the
premises sold. Purchaser to pay for papers.
Moy 6, 1SS5. 4t
Physician and Surgeon,
OFHEUS his Professional services to the
people of Greenwood, lie Is recently
| graduated from Jcltersoi) Medical College In
Philadelphia, and lias since had considerable
experience In the city hospitals.
May a, 1885. 5t ?
Tie AMeville Medical Society
1'2 M. \Y\ T. JONES, President.
John A. Roiuxsox, Secretary.
1 Dec. 10, 188i. lyr
Now is the Time
TO have your Waddle* and harness repnlrcd
and put in order for pleasure, don't put it
otr until something breaks and some one gets
' March 25,1883. tf
' V ' i *' - ~ . v. _
*f - > - - r ?
_ii i_ jj~r P..J.1L1 iT i
The Prospect of War
pnTWFxX r.ngland and Russia will not, nt
p raven t prevent
trr>ni offering to the publl? r.n immense Riock
of Spring tinti Summer Goods at astonishing* i
ly low prlcvs. They have on hand a complete 1
Hue of
Men's, Bay's and Youth's ClotMoi
Jnsf arrived, thnl. yon can't hc/lpbnvlngir yon
| only hear the price mentioned. White Vents
almost given away. Inspecting their stock ol
we find n beautiful line of figured Lawns nt
only A\S.cents per yard, Ginghams 5 cents
per yard. lllcaching from 5 cent* tiu. Calico
Horn to7 cents. All winter goods will he
sold at net cost. They can also siive entire
satisfaction in Shoes, Hats, Trunks, Jewelry,
Roger's Triple Plated Silverware,
, Crockery. Hardware, and an Immense stock
ot Groceries, Com, Flour and I'.aeon always
on hand at lowest mailed prices. Their
I "Celebrated Pearl Sliiit"
already takes the lead for durability, and as
|tliebrst titling shirt made. (inns, Pistols and
Cartridges. of all kinds, constantly In stork.
I In fact you can be supplied with nearly everything
by tlicm at most reasonable prices.
Don't delay paying them a visit.
April, 15, 1SS3. tf
Wc havo progressed so far in HI ting up
Oorxi XUEill
that we will grind lor the public on Tuesday's;
unfl Saturday's.
We have the best machinery and will give
prompt attention nmJ a full "(urn out" to all
our patrons.
When you come to town bring your corn i
with you and lukc it home in the shape of
good meal.
On Washington St. near the depot.
April, 15, 1885. tf
THE copartnership heretofore existing be1
tween SPEED it 1,0WHY in the Drug
business was dissolved by mutual consent on
January 1st, lssl.
I'. 15. SPEED,
r r,. r.owitv.
Wo the undersigned have this dny entered
intoa partnership under the linn name until
style of SPEED it NEt'FFEK, for the purpose
of carrying on the I>rui; business at Ab-I
ueviili; Court House. We solicit u share ofi
the public patronace and will deserve It by
close attention to business.
1\ H. SPEED.
April 8, 1SS5. it
HSJSASUKi'JK ? Ul' l' ll.-Ji,
Ai'im, Stii, 1885.
In accordance witii the act
to raise supplies for the fiscal yoar commencing
November 1st", 1881, approved
December 21th, 1SS1, notice is hereby
given that ttio Treasurer's Ollieoof Abbeville
County will be open for the collection
of Taxes
FEIDAY, MAY 1st, 1885,
and will remain open until Juno 1st, 1885.
Taxes arc payable as heretofore in two
equal installments. The llrst Is duo ilhd
payable from May 1st, until Juno 1st, and
if not paid until the sccond is duo 5 per
rentum will bo added to said first installment.
The second installment is due and payable
from the first day of September to J
the twentieth day of October, 1885. Tax |
payors can pay all in May if they desire j
to do so.
Tim rnfn nor oentnm for Abbeville I
County is as follows :
Slate purposes 51 mills.
County Current 3 "
Schools 2 "
Special 1} "
Total 12 mills.
Toll tax ?1.00.
Taxes aro payable in the following kind
of funds and no other : Gold and silver;
coin, United States ctirrenc}', Xftionalj
bank notes, and Coupons which shall become
payable during the year 1SS.">, on the
valid consolidated bonds of this Slate
known as "Brown Bonds," and on the
bonds of this State known as "Deficiency
Bonds" also Juror's certificates and the
' I
per diem of State witnesses in the Circuit,
Court will be received for County taxes,'
not including school taxes.
The Savannah Valley railroad tax in!
the Townships of Lowndesville, Magnolia,
Calhoun and Bordeaux is due and
payable at the same time with the State
and County Taxes, ana win uo coneciea i
subject to tho samo pi n dties. TIio levy j
for the railroad tax is 10 mills in each of
the four townships.
All information a* to taxes will bo freely
given by mail or otherwise.
County TreasurerApril
8, 1JSS5. 8t
Copartnership notice
I VTOTICE Is hereby pi von that Ibe underi\
signed have iIiIh day associated them*!
I selves together under the linn name of HELL
it (JAlil'IUX. for llic purpose of carrying 011
u MILMNEKY and DllV (KJOI)S business.
W. E. HKIJi.
JJ. I'.
Feb* 2*. IH85. tf
Yarb. Madden,
OFFERS lils services to the people of Abbe-'
vllle county, lie litis never mude a lullurr"
l'rices reasonable.
Jan. 21,1885. 3?n
aBk tm m
Every Corset li warranted antli/netory
to Its wearer in t7or7 vtf,
or the money will bo refunded by
the person from whom It was bought.
Thaonly cora?t pronounced by our lending phyfelcianis
sot IsjirloM to tlio wearer, and endorsed [
by ladles as the "most comXorUbla and perfect
fitting Coraet ever xuudfc"
Buggy and Wagon Maker,
Abbeville, S. CM
Has tiik hkst i'atkxt tirk adJlTsTKIt
tlint has ever been nseil in Abville.
II. tightens the loose tires of wheels l>y
?i?. ,.r ii...
11 new |irucws nun.il onmn iiiv urn < > ....
wheel to any tl?Ut?c?? desired, and is held
so by moans of washers placed on tho end of
the spokes. Tho miichlno works perfectly,
1 and can l>e used on any wheel. In half hour j
all the wheels any vehicle may lie tightened, j
without taking them otf the axle-trees. It Is
certainly the best machine of tho kind, and
the work is done at a ruduccd price,and iu a
j better manner thau by any oilier machine.
April L?, lss*., tf
.Attorneys at Law,
mm stir!
on strfs, in M'llmlr. Moiialr nn.l
plUsh ImntK One set in C'UIMSOX I'Ll'SH.
HV iind OAK, lutest styles.
CITAM1JEU SUITS, Tainted in beautiful
171 NT. SIDE IlGAllDS, anil CIlh'FONIEIlS
? SAFES, Ac.
Hull Stands arc new and beautiful poods.
X(T'l'?with fine FRENCH GLASS ill
tlie doors. .Splendid goods.
f/"\ BUREAUS nyieing In prices from &UXi
4 U to SIO.W), nil with the best of glass.
rtCft REDSTEADX at prices from ?2..">0 to
ZOU S.'O.OO. Rottoin figure.
4jU WOOD SIC ATS, at prices from 7o
cents to S12.00 each.
ana C0T.3. Wc sell u good Spring Bed
for SI.7").
NY, and GILT, front CARD sizes to CABINETS,
and PANELS. Fine Assortment.
; hand, from the lowest price to best, all
sizes, can be put up in best manner. PICTURE
WINDOW SUADICS, in "DADO" styles'?
latest and best?Just to hand. All sizes.
Call and s> c them. Very low In prices.
'I'O ARRIVE in a few days?The handsom]
esi lot of WALL PAPER In (iie ui>-country.
We are going to sell it at city prices.
1 you of a part of'the goods we have on
hand. We will soli them as low as the lowest
prices. Respectfully,
i rv rm i mcdc p, rn
j u- LnAMiLnj a
October 21i, IS.*!.
Thankful lo the public fnr past favors and
soliciting a continuance of the same, I would
announce that I have Just returned from the
Northern markets, whore I have bought a
largo mid varied stock of Spring nsirt Summer
(inotls anil would be pleased to serve
my friends and customers to the best and
cheapest good* In my lln?).
Mr. II. B. JOHNSON Is still with me In the
store and will always welcome his friends
wud servo thorn to the best of his ability.
Greenwood, S. C.t March 10,1885.
CAliF SKINS, Kip Kklnsand Harness leather
on hand and for sale by
March 24,1S85, tf TII03. I'EGGS.
IS now the favorite among Sewing Machines [
and Is certainly nbove^all competition;
i'(JIIJ?? IIIU WlllCSb KU'gU Ul ?" "J *-*J ? Krfcf
with nil the latest improved attachments, it
is beyond all dispute the easiest and lightest
running shuttle machine on tiio market, and
Is fast growing to be the most popular machine
sold. Parties who contemplate buying
a tnaehinc will certainly And it to tlielr interest
to see and try the Running:
Xcw Home" before buying. Sold upon easy
terms, within the reach of all, cither on
monthly installments or on time with a cash
nnynnent. Try the LIGHT IM'NNINO NKW
HOME and you will buy no oilier. For sale
E. M. KKATOtf,
Feb. 28,18?5. 10m Abbeville, S. C.
fPHE partnership heretofore existing he1
twoeii \V. S. COTHRAN nnd IC L. LYON*
under the tlrm name of \V. S. COTHRAN <i
CO., Druggists, Is this day dissolved by mutual
Jan. 2, ISSo.
The undersigned have this day entered Into ,
a partnership under the tlrm name of COTHUAN
?fc PKRRIN, fur tho purpose of conducting
a general DRUG BCSINKSX. They have
secured tho services of Mr. F. E. II ARUIsON*
a pharmacist of undoubted skill who will devote
his exclusive attention to tlie preparation
of prescriptions at any time of day or
T. C. l'ERKIN.
Jan.2*, 1SST-, If
.Attorneys at Laws
Will practlec in nil the Courts of the State.
February 1, 1SS3.
Well Boring.
1MIB undersigned with his large 1!) Inch
. anger,and tiic douhleglnml Terra Cotta
curbing can put yoti up a well that will last
forages, nt one half the price of dug wells.
He uses the ordinary size wood bucket for
drawing water. The denning out of theso,
wells is the work of a minute, by keeping a|
tin bucket In bottom of well to be hooked out
at will. Ho also lias t he agency for Ahbovlllo!
county for the colebrated Porcelain lined cucumber
1'iinip, which lie run furnish and put
In at less than Factory prices for a sins:io
pump. ( HAS. M. CALHOUN.
Grconwood, S. C., Jan. il, lcS4. lyr
Mo Hom wd! die of Colic. Dots or Ixng FtVkb,
If Foutz's Powders are used In time. i
" 1,1 - < u/vl /-ttrtt vdl |
f QUIZ 8 fUWUtnjwiiHiUL- iuiu i'm . - ......
Foutz's Powders will prevent Gapes ih Fowls.
Fontz"s Powders will Increase the quantity of milk
and cream twenty per cent., and moke the batter firm
and sweet.
Foutz's Powders will care or prevent almost bvebt
ClsrA8K to which Horses and Cattle are subject.
Foitz's Powjikrs will oivk SATiarACTioH.
6old everywhere. s.
CAVID S. FOX7TZ. Proprietor,
School Books!
School Books!
LARGE stock of all kinds or
School Books!
Jan. 18s">, tf
??7 1?~;
warden Seed!
Garden Seed!
yy* E b.ivc just received a largo stock of
jr. W. LAWSON & CO.
Jan.28,18fW, tf
r\? p, tt;ii
JJIb, XULdViy (X* JJLixit
WE havp tillsdav formed a copartnership J
nil lis branches. In cases where the attention
of both of lis may be needed no extra
charge will be made. i
T. .T. MARRY, M. D. |
L. T. HILL. 51. L>.;
Mnach 12, ISSl.tf
Second Hand Harness.
IF yon cannot nflbrd to buy anew harness
call on ll e subscriber, and lie will sell you
a second hand set In good repair.
Doc. 17, lSc.4, ll THUS. LEUCirS.
Are Opening
Their Large and Well
Selected Stock of
All Hinds of
And are Ready to
Will Advertise More in Detail
Next Week.
April. 1, I88.V tf
Columbia and Greenville ltailron*!.
ON iiml after Mny 111, 1SS5, PasixTjrer trains will
run as herewith Hulk-ale J upon litis rund und its
Ml. 63. VV PASSKNGC!!.
Lcnvc Columbia. 10 35 a m
Arrlvo Alrtmi 12 hi) in
Airlve Newberry 1 00 p in
Arrive Chnppell s 1 .'16 ji in
Arrive Ninety-Six, I) '2 24 [i in
Arrlvo Green wood 3 04 ji in
Arrive Hodges 3 '.'7 p in
Arrive DoniiuhU 3 4'J p in
Arrive Helton 4 31 p in
Arrive (irecnvl lc , C U0 p ui
L<?nve Greenville.i 1f> 10 a m
Arrlra 11. lion 1 I Jill o ill
Arrive Donnalds.... 12 16 p ui
Arrive Ilodgcs 12 43 p ir.
Arrive Greenwood 1 U3 j? it;
Arrive Ninety-Six, D 1 83 p r.i
Arrive Chappell'a 2 27 p m
Arrive Newberry 8 13 p ni
Arrive Alston. 4 12 j> m
Arrive Columbia.... 5 20pm
Leave Abbfvllle 11 30 a m
Arrive l)lrraiii;h> 11 53 it in
Arrivi^Hodges 12 30 p ni
Leave Hodges ; 3 30 p m
Arrive Diiraucb's 4 1)7 p m
Arrive Abbeville 4 30 p ui
Leave Helton 4 33 p m
Arrive Anderson 8 10 p in
Arrive Seneca 6 20 p ui
AtriVe Wiilhalla 6 SO p lit
Leave Wall) alia 9 08 a in
Arrive Senec* 9 2S a m
Arrive Andersoa 10.'4S a m
Arrive Lei ton 11 23 a m
Leave Newberry 3 48 p m
Leave Helena 8 82 p ui
Arrivo Clinton . 8 50 j> in
Arrive Lnuivns 0 15 p in
Leave Laurens 9 80 a m
Arrive Clinton 10 17 a m
Arrive Helena 12 20 p m
Arrive Newberry 12 80 p lii
Time?Kastern standard.
O. It. TALC'OTT, Superintendent.
D. CAUDWELL, Assist. Gen. Fas. Agent
In Stock and to Arrive!
25,000 ponnds Bacon,
1,000 bushels of Com,
200 barrels cf Flour,
60 barrels of Molasses.
will do well lo examine our Ktock.
W. Joel Smith & Son,
Jan. 14, 1S83.
WILL p^cHre rIro in the Circuit <poiirt?bl
the L'nltcd States for South Carolina*
Jan 7.18>;0. tf
For Sak
iJY virluo of an innnto desire to supply
tho demands of the trade, vr? will sell
that largo and desirable stock of
Ready-Made Clothing and
situate in the town of Abbeville in the
upper part of tho Dry Goods establishment
of W. Joel Smith & Son, and
bounded on tho right by their well known
and extensive stock of
Fine Eats,
and on tho loft by their immense reserve
stock of
Boots and Slices,
bounded in tho rear by a barricade of
Saddles and Trunks,
surmounted by all armory of Rrcech loading,
singlo and double barrel
Shot Guns,
and in front by a continuation of that
same immense "stock of Clothing till yon
reach tho rock wall of low living priccs.
Sold to satisfy the demands of tho trade.
Smith & Son;?Merchants.
Nov. ?ri, lSSI. tf
C, C. 6. & c.
ALL the talk, but ftK I deal In rhifrglos and
Harness I am an advocate of Retting
about the country In Iho old fashioned way,
so 1 have supplied myself with material to
make any kind of harness wanted. Call and
geta supply as the Spring Is about to open.
March 35, 1R-V5, If
?4,Xlt & &
1,000 Bushels White Corn.
* v? * ?ni
iuu isarreis x iour.
50 Barrels New Orleans
50 Barrels Sugar.
25 Sacks Coffee.
I tec. -1, ISsi.
The Place to Get What
You Want!
HAVING bought the interest of Mr.
JOHN' WILSON in tho business
formerly conducted by them jointly will
keep always in store, a complete stock of
all kinds. Tho best and cheapest CIGARS
Sweet Mash Corn Whiskey
For medical purposes a specialty. Also,
Choico Liquors of any kind for medical
(Jive him acall. Satisfaction guaranteed
$ ?>" All persons indebted to tho lirm
of Christian <k Wilson must make immodiato
. Abbeville, S. C.
Feb, 13.1SS1, tf
! Constantly on Hands
a Largs Assortment ^
Bry Goodsiil
.Notions, Domestics, -i -M
EatS; :J
I Clothing, Boots and , I
Slices,. ,-J|
! Groceries, and , - '^8
I KearlMi
Everything w
Wanted :
by th o v-Jjg
T r a d e.
Abbeville, C. Si, S. C.
Oct. i, ij?i, tr
m niFiiif imniT 1
Abbeville, Si C. :>
tucwinmodullon of guest*
Rales: $ J*|
Foard by tlm day A 2 00
Hoard l?y I lie v.'oelc ... 10 (W . ''JaH
Hoard by the month 80 (if) - _>^H|
Table board per moiiLIt 20 (?
Proprietress. --Km
Bin nagcr. V'?JI
January 7, tf
Seal^ J
Mcllwaine 1
yj AVE on hand almost every ytirlfely 6t:v^
which they oficr to tholr cmtotncra on tSn ;-sli
most advantageous terms. '-'SBESPilRIliS
With the best of workmen In every branch of-iM,
our business, and an abundant supply of Am
lumber, ntid othpr-mutprbilH, we are prcpared?3s ;
to doall kinds of repnlring in tho very UertrjSsi
manner, at the shortest notice, and <>n, tb?jggl
most accommodating termi. All worlt roily. raW
Washington Street t |
Something: Mow Uunder tk?f||
I WILL bo ready on anfl nfter the 1st o? < i",
March to do any REPAIRING wUMj??jf9
may lie wanted to your SADDLES and HAR^/Jm
NKSS. Don't postpone the nmt^tr tW 23D
Ion?. Tho cyclone mny come aTong. JB? j*l
ready far the emergency ;
Feb. 27th, 1881. tf * -?5R
1> announcing the arrival of an ulrractlvd>|29
Consisting of a fall assort-. 9
nient for Men's, Ladies's anc?/J[
Children's wear, in all th$ |I;
Latest Styles.
SInrrh 20, 18W. tf .;?jS
Land for Sale. I
We are authorized to sell the
following lands: 1 Tract
Two Hundred and Twenty-Six Acres, -"3
near Phoenix, known as Chipley land,-' 1<3
hounded by land." of Chiple}', Talbort,;^M
Estate Hutchinson and others.
One Hundred and Twenty Acres, ,
part of tho America Hacket Tract, bound- ^
oil by lands of S. B. IJrooks, Talbert, j. St* jj
Chiploj, Sr., and othors. Also, lot in tho - '38
town of Troy, known as
Lot G. Block Bk ;'C|
Also, the Simmons Lot near Hodges vjjl
Thirty-Three and Three-Quarter Acres/;- J|
moro or loss bounded l>y T. J. Ellis, W. .3
C. Norwood and others. Also,
Store Eouse and Lot)
in town of Bradley, on Main and Grll)3ii"<?9
Streets late owned by Thus. H. Walker.
Parkfir & MftGowan. J
Atty for F. Jj
Nov. 19, 1SS-I, tf
PAINT and Whitewash brusnes for snlo a
clii'iiji t>y
Dec. 17, list, tf TUGS. EEGCS. *rr3
Sprr? 151S. Jefferson St., CIiicagfc|fcftn
"Little Dctcctlve" K 9* to 23 ~*j
* Should be In every Hoitsc tad OiUce., -VgMJSg
P2M Faaily or tea
6p<v1?l rrl'TS to Agrnts and
90o diCeaat alzcs and varieties, lncJrajjKHQ
Connter, Platform, Hay,
rain, Htock aud Mill Scule#. ^
t>I?D VTnson Scnb, OxlS,fl|fl|l^^|
Be?m Box and Bra*a Beam laclndofc -'<*
lir^AFarmers' Portable Forge, Vmm
Forgo and Kit of Toolg, 123.^
J/iSfcflBW A.H Tool* u^ded for Repalra.
n ??rvP AnrlKVl?ottHnmmer?| l^fo
f / \Tongt,l>plll?. Bellow* aaa
?" All U of MA' Wl) /M
And handped* of tueful Article# ?.
Retntlcd les* than Wholesale
Prlcoa. Tomca fop *11 bind* of
hop*. Foot^Power liattiet nnfl
Tools for doles repairs In small Sbopfc
wga Improved Iron Corn-Speller*
yA; TTefcht, 180 lb*.,
'Mfjfr PRICE. S6.50: ' j
fy/wru Shells a btuhel a mtnntcs FaanJoa
// h \\ MIUj, Feed Mill*. Farmers'Feed Cocker,
Ji cii \\&C? . fiaYSinoacy and ?end for circular. ;
For $i8> - I
r^n rWnJ&j Dro^-Lcnf Tahl?, Fir*
E%H>IsHctR Drawrri. Cover Box ?cd
fpjb^ ~2%K*& ell alturlimeau. Hay tl?o
k JWH Latoit, >c*voit and Be*U
I All Mr.clitnei V'r.rrtinVcl to giv*'
WaJlta) 1 tJ&tisiacTioa. iLooarxugoia. U) I
vl ^igoto ?!:part?of tficConotry. ""1
Address CHICAGO SCALE CO., Chicago.
WK have this day formed n partnership for
tin- priiciirc of law under tho tlrm nitino
' of <\\soN it HoNIlAM. Mr. Jionhnni hits
retired from the Master's oilico and will dcvotf
hU whole attention to t)i?: praetico,
iu> OllleeO Xelll Kaiig?.
T;l. L. BONHAM, Jr.
January > >, tf
AJCOTIIF.I! lot of all kJpeolIrtrstoflt horses
or msi'ex for sale l>; Tllos. HLGliH.
J ice. 17, i>M,tf
Gonn nn li.'ne n.tu'e hnP'o-^forsrleehenp
l?y Tll'j.~5. tiIjC'ji-.
' ice.117, Ixi. tl.

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