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The Abbeville Press and Banner.!
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Foreign and Dc
give special attention 1
Lint of (be Delegate* anil the Hoi
L. W. Perrin I
\V. T. Pen ney \
J. Y. Jones V
F. Y. Pres-s'y F
J. T. Robertson F
k mcuowhii e
I. w White J
(tporgp While J
W.J Hmltb H
W.J. Smith I)
J. A. Smith P
F. Henry J.
T. P. Thomson G
T. P. Quarles T
Lu H. Russell A
Mis* E. Parker M
H P Mdlwalne V
M Iks E. Parker C
W. E. Hell C
T. P. Quarles J
W. O. McGowan M
B. K. Beacham R
S.O. Thomson C.
J. H. Latimer B
J. M. Gumhrell \\
B. K. Beacham R
G. A. NeuOVr M
F. Y. Pn*ssly J.
L. W. Perrin R
S. C. Cason C,
J. Y. Jones G
J. L. McMillan R
W. T. Branch J.
W. A. Tempieton Pi
Georgft White- i J.
O. V. Hammond \V
J. M. Gatnhrell VV
u. a. i>euner /n
H. L>. Reese J<
D. A. Allen Ui
J. C. Kingh....: J'
MIsb E. Purker M
A. B. Morse R
L. W. While M
R. M. Hill n
Wra. H. Parker. T.
' W.A.Templeton R,
J.M. Klrby R
J. A. Smilh \V
F. Henry E.
C. V. Hammond I).
D. A. Allen E.
H. P. Mcllwttine Di
J.C. Klagh J.
J.8. Colhran B.
\ir f \(?nnn>.tn u
h.' i).'
J. E. B?yd W
J. 8. Cothran .T.
W. E. Bell J.
T. P.Thomson R<
J.L. McMillan J.
j. 8. Cothran a,
L. W. Perrln W
S. McGowan J.
E. B. Gary W
R. M. Hill ?
A. B. Morse M
Wni. H. Parker R<
E C. Gloert C.
J. 8. Cothran E
A. B. Morse R.
s. G Thornton J.
G H. Moore R*
J.T. RooertBon W
To Buy Anyl
in 111 a T?IT
Ill L11U JL U.
Beds, Burea
n i
Pillows, Spi
Where you have the
Where the prices a
Where the best a
This place say:
Positively no go
for over 30 days.
fc&Co's (
Are now prepa
imestic DRY GOODS, D
EE LOWEST. Large warehouse I
. To
rues fo which Tliey Have Been A?Ni|r?e<l.
Guest. Residence. ?bt
. O. Allison or Wm. H. McLeod, Beaufort
V. H. Austin Cross Hill.
V.G.Austin, Greenwood. Car
lev. O. Y. Bonner, Due West. Till
P. Blalork .. Longmlre.
t. L. Bent.v, Bucksville.
(lss Beaty can
. L. Berjj Un
lev. J W. Brussey,
i. R. Brown. Cottagevllle.
rot A. G. Bowers _
. \V. Berry Little Rock. For
r C Bradley Troy. And
. S. Bryan, Columbia.
. M. Boozer, Columbia.
IlKxAucuKta Barfteld Charleston. Rob
J. Cheatham Lonemire. And
i>1 R. L. Coleman, Union.
. I>. Curry Laurens County.
H. Chiles,
[. A. Carlisle Newberry.
ev. J. E. Covington,
. H. Carlisle.. Spartanburg.
ishop \V. W. Duncan
K H. Howling, Hampton. The Jl
ev. W. T. Derleux
[r?. ? Dantzler, Hodites.
C. Domlnlck - Newberry. Whll
ev. W. \V. Daniels, Newberry. of plat
, M. Kflnl, Lexington. in rron
t-o. W. Farrey FortMott. both fl
ev. W. A..Gaines, Due West. aquarii
W. Greene Greenwood. centre (
rof Hamil) away 1
K Haco'?l, Jr., Pickens. aquarii
'alter J. Herbert a Liurens. withou
r. H. Hfxices, Greenwood. mers w
rs. J F. Hodges Hodges. keeplni
>hn Holland Lonttroire. Hon at
r. \V. A. Hunter Bethla. either.
?v. W. I'. Jacobs ... Clinton. their flf
>hn Kerr Bradley. era! h<
iss Marc.v Nanneau, Charleston. well air
ev. Thos. H. Law, Ladle
idy..' Buck8vllle. having
Iss aquarlt
r Mood Sutnter. cause 1
L Moore Ninety-Six. main r
. G. MoLees Greenwood. riutn.
IW. Mnior# Greenwood. aquarii
rn. A. Mchrtlson Union. showln
Norton, Conway. Fish wl
I. Peepiwi -..Estill. Ing to t
, L^e Pitts, Clinton. erect, If
. W. E. Pel ham Newberry. the plai
T. l'ark? Greenwood. light, 01
M.P*rhnm Columbia. air unl
, E. ltaven??l Spartanburg. quaint
C. Robinson, ......Pickens. these tr
m. Riley Mt. Cnrmel. for you
II. Randolph,.. Union. watch i
\V, Shell, .. Laurens County. conditli
?v. Sloan, Troy. ly be be
L. SI fly Fish i
, B. Towers Anderson. will lasi
m. Tumble, Columbia. to two
E. Tindull Columbia. food thi
. H. Tlmmerman Edgefield. water h
- Wilcox, Marlon or Darlington. if allo\
rs. Msry H. Wbillen trial* w
?v. A. G. Ward law, Laurens. Never
R.Wallace Laurens County. Fish h?
W. Watson, Bradley. sotneth
R. Wood Columbia. ly I wc
>y . WHIIacn , ;vukuow>. um j tviiuiu j
v. Herbert NVIIlson, Prest Barnwell. aquarlt
. H. Yeldel), Longmlre. watchli
| kept tli
? ?1?M ban HUC<
a pecul:
of life.
while bc
thing; You Want S
ment lc
which t
rniture Line. ||:
seeks to
The grei
tore bee
a man i
~~~ bank Is
zen sboi
to whlc!
any tim
rainy di
11 r< too soor
U.O. maybe
The 01
The ne?
ds, Chairs, iHTr
/ ' liave mi
, Tables, AN
Mattresses, ^
' original
I Alter
Ik JT i i gunnel
ing Mattresses s-1
_ , and up
;hmg, is, S
w / / from ai
best stock to select from!:
! Marcli .1
re lowest! Lsrs
I ^~W
ttention is shown yon ! |
! Miss Mi
; ris, Mis
3 all the customers, is, j son.M r
' IJacksoi
I K?Jt
I L?Cf.
_ _ _ Lutriax
TERS 'i?
JL II JL v 1^ ! ''rs
: Einina
: M rn. Mi
Huck ^
: M Ibs AI
ods charged to anybody r w"
J. 15. M. LxT
red to furnish their patrc
[)S, and respectfully ask
or the storage of Cotton,
~T7"7 ~ I
upip uuierN,
Do any hearts beat faBtcr,
Do any fuces brighten,
hear your footsteps on the stair,
meet you,greet you, anywhere?
Are you so like yuur Master,
Dark shadows to enlighten?
any happier to-day
ough words that they have heard you say?
snme are so siul and weary!
Home are so often falling!
i you not speak a word of strength,
stumbling ones grow strong at length?
Life Is so dark "and dreary!
so many tempters calling!
yon not stand beside some heart,
til its lonely fears depurt?
Life were not worth the living,
If no one were the better
having met the on the wuy,
I known th? sunshine of thy stay, (
Give as thy God is giving;
To no one be a debtor?
lesr's shall faster beat fnr thee, (
faces beam tby light to see.
m ? ? I
[anageiiicnt or Aquaria Without
e it Is well to have a beautiful growth
its In an aquarium, standing directly
t of a window It will be def tructire to
Ish and plants to have plants in an
irn which is intended to stand on a
ur side-table In any partol the room
from the window; and although an
lm with plants will stand much longer
t. change of water, many of my curU>
ho use no plants are very successful In
5 their finny pets in splendid condlid
not change the water very often
But there are people who not only for
shes1 sake, but for themselves and gen>alth,
keep their rooms well lighted,
ed and never overheated.
s often come to my store Just after
purchased or been presented with an
im, much annoyed and worried be,helr
fish do not swim much and renotlonless
at the bottom of the aquaThls
is, however, a sure sign that the
im Is in good condition, and tbe fish
g it by being perfectly contented,
len very restless and continually comhe
surface, sometimes standing almost
i a sign that the water is Impure, that
its are decaying for want of sufficient
r that the room is too warm and the
lealthy. A little study will soon acyou
with whatever be the cause of 8
oubles, and it may be easily remedied j d
r own and the fishes' sake; for, If you H
well and beep your apartments In a t
3n to suit the aquarium, you will sure- <
jnefltted yourself. r
equire but little food. A ten cent box ^
t lor a small aquarium from six weeks i (
Iljuutua. i^CYCI kivc juui aiou iiivjio g
nn they will eat from the surface of the t:
tonce,as It will make the water milky j"
ved to remain and dissolve. A few
111 teach you how much to give them. c
give Ash crackers or bread crumbs. e
jar well, and, like some animals, have v
lng more than natural instinct. Plain- e
)uld call it sense. A friend of mine t
[ presented with a laree and handsome t
im, and who takes much pleasure In {,
ig the actions of Its Inmates, and has t
lem over three years In good health,
seeded In making them familiar with ]
lar low whistle. t
- r
armerH' Bank will Receive It J
Deponit or Exctanugre Suite t
dH for It.
i investment, irom wnicu u cerium l
> can be derived at stated intervals is
by men and women in all the walks b
While risky ventures and less certain s
lents may promise larger returns, and b
jme men by their sagacity and energy a
<e the risks for larger profits, yet the t
y of us should seek the safer Invest- b
armers Bank has a savings depart- t
i connection wltb the business of the c
ion, from which they propose to pay "
)tb a small Interest, The chief benefit
he depositor realizes is not in the in- f<
by Interest, but his advantage lies t>
ict that he has saved his capital and g
ogether a little cash, which he will p
ppreclate, and to which he naturally s
i add other amounts as they come lu. t
at trouble with our people has hereto- g
n that there were few places In which s
night put small amounts at Irregular "
Is. .The Bavlngs department of the c
a long needed want, and every cltl- r
uld seek to have au account at a bank b
li he may add any spare earnings at
>e; so that provision Is made lor a r
ay, or 11 the rainy day doesn't come b
i, a safe and permauent investment, 'I
accepted if the opportunity occurs.
pportunlty to make a perm anent in- 11
at is also offered by the Farmers Bank.
v issue of the 4% per cent, bonds ol f
:e are on sale at their office. These 1
re free from all taxes, and self-iuterest v
as patriotism will prompt those who h
oney to inveBt in them.
i m r
" I]
?. W. Cochran In AHIicteil with
Painful Sore on the Foot. o
. S. W. Cochran has been suffering J
ig tline with a sore loe. He thinks it ?
Led from a brass tack in his shoe.
being sore lor some time eresypela? or i
le got into it. Theu it was cut off at !
- Joint, later it was cut off at the next ?
Lid last Sunday It was cut off at the s
Cochran Is one of our oldest citizens. "
to the time of his sickness was a failure
011 our streets. .
frleuds sympathise with him In his
>n, and wish for him aspeedy recovery *:
1 Illness which threatens serious re- '
f * ?
1'nclaf inctl Lei tern.
f letterR remaining in the postofTlce, s
iville C. H? S. C., for the week ending t
11,1893: n
itiry Adams. k
hn w. Harnes. u
iuston & Cranston, Miss Mattie Childs,
ambers. v
rs. Susie Dansby.
arren Eakln.
N. Fisher.
ke Oordon.
ither Henry. Singleton Hamilton,
tirie Hill, M. If. Hawkins, Will T. liars
Klla Hazel. ,
s. Hettie ..ackson, Miss Apiers John- 1
K liettie Johnson, W. 1*. Jacobs, J. W. j
ulge Kershaw.
\V. Lindsay, 1\ Under, M. D., Mary M.! .
lex. Mc(ilen. Jas. McCaslan, John Mo- '
>bt. Moultrie, EpU. A. Moore (2). I,idda y
ha Parks. Arthur l'adow, Miss Eliza, c
iss Cadic Klcltle, Sam Ilolhrock, Miss J.
Robertson, Mrs. L I*. Itichard.
s. Uzzle Smith, \Vm. Stniiherman,
ary Smith, Miss Hallle Smith. ?
if. Trosler, Annie M. Trowell, Mrs.1 ,
Trlbble. I *
hus, L. Wilson, Miss Vlrtrle Williams,1
iVllfred, Addle Wilson. Ida Whitney,
ice Wardlaw, MissSallle Wilson, Nan- f
te, Mists Muta Jime Williams. i:
T. N. Tolbert, I>. M. 1
k on tbe Associate Reformed Presby-',
churcli progresses. It will be u nice .
re wlieu ilulsUeU.
ms and the public with ai
THE BUYER. Give us
you to inspect our goods
Grain, Etc. YOUR PA
ftynopftiN of a .Sermon Delivered
Kev. M. W. Itrabhnm.
Greenwood, S. 0., March 27,18
Editor Press and Banner:
Your correspondent had the pleasure
terday of attending preaching at Jit. L
non church near New Market. The sere
a synopsis of which is given below, wai
llvered to a large and appreciative audit
by Rev. M. M. Brabhiim, pastor.
His text was the first four verses of
fourth chapter of Proverbs:
"1. Hear ye children the instruction of
ther and attend to know understanding.
"2. For I give you good doctrine, forsake
my law.
For I was my father's sou, tender
only beloved in the sight of my mother.
"J. He taught me also, aud said unto
let thine heart retain my words, keep
commandments, and live."
He said, it is no small matter to assume
responsibility of parentage. In the pr<
training of children It Is of vast Import*
that there should be co-operation on the ]
;>f the parents. As a rule, mothers are n
zareful aud more faithful than fathers in
proper training of their children. This 1;
doubt due to the fact that the mother Is
reason of circumstances, more closely a
slated with her children than the fathe
ind for this reason Is In a better posltlo
ippreclate the responsibility of their pre
Many good business men often fall bert
Lbelr wives do not co-oporate with then:
Lhey should. The wife, in her extra vagal
jften spends faster than the husband
make, thereby bringing him toan early ba
Sometimes a failure In life is due to the 1
sand's extravagance and bad managemen
To guarantee success in life there shouli
i hearty co-operation on the part of botb 1
jand and wile.
Partnts should teach their children to i
3are not only lor huh nre dui ror etern
The father and mother are responsible
:heir existeuce and for this reason, if foi
Mher, should feel It their most sacred dut;
iducate and protect the interest of their c
Iren whom God in ills divine wisdom i
goodness has seen fit to give them. Home
ents try to shift the responsibility of tri
ng their children on the teachers and S
lay School Superintendent. Parents, t
inn only aid you, but the responsibilitj
raining your children rests on you y<
ielves. Parents tiro required to teach tl
children becau.se ot the absolute ignoranc
he child who must depend upon others
nformatlon and protection. The child is
lolutely irresponsible for this Ignorance i
lependence. Another reason why pare
hould properly train their children is t
IjQir own children will exert an lnflue
iver other people's children. Your child i
nine are going to exert an influence overc
Iren yet unborn. The greatest talent t
Tod has given us is wrapped up In our c
Iren They are our children only for the tl
leing, but belong to God. The tendency
luman nature Is evil.
With rare exceptions, there can be no gi
baracter formed unless good impressions
arly made. The child, in Us fallen nati
viII not stop where it lias fallen if good In
inces are not early brought to bear upon
tut will fall to the very depths of degra
ion. We must begin to teacn our chlldrec
line and to teach them good doctrlr.e? m
each them by example as well as by prec<
We should use no unclean language. Wo
Ike the winds are physically transient
norally permanent. A mau has as mi
Ight to throw mud in my face as he has
ise Indecent language In my presence. I
, disgrace to use unclean words. Boys (
;lrls never use language that you would
shamed to repeat in the presence of y
nother. Be honest. It is a grand thing tc
n honest bov or girl. Some people tram
heir property to avoid paying their tie
,od still live in extravagance, we should
;ind towards God's creatures, both man i
There Is a tendency on the part of mat
ie cruel, especially to dumb animals. I hi
een men abusing their poor old mules v
lave no vice to remonstrate. A cruel mar
n abomination In the sight of God. Parei
each your children to be kind even to du
irutes. Teach them in the proper way, t
he proper way Is to Christ. Teach them t
bey must be born again?that they must
ept Christ as their Saviour. To teach th(
These things must be In their own heartR.
About the time gold was discovered in C
Drnla, a gentlemen who had. after year's
or, accumulated a considerable amount
old dust which he had secured In a t
laced around bis body, wason a burning \
el near land. When it was discovered il
be vessel would sink, a little girl looked
erly inio his face and asked if he cot
wlm. He anssvered yes. Then she ask
Won't you save me?" He at once saved i
hlid and let the gold go dowu. Many
anfo Huuo?'?ov/jrt ihp unlfl iind
Children, it Is your duty to obey your
euts because they cure for you. They hi
ad more experience than you have h
he best way to learn Is by experience. "]
erlence 1b h dear school, but fools can lei
n none otlier."
There Is no youne man but seen plenty
lowers scattered along his path way ihroi
Ife. There are plenty of pitfalls along 1
,'uj. You may think father is Ignorant. I
>e knows some things you don't know.
Undutllui children are a grief to their
ents. Parents love their children- Til
re many parents living disappointed beca
>f undutllui children.
Children, your fathers and mothers ol
nany prayers for you. God save these yoi
oys and girls, 'lo disappoint parents Is
isoUey God. Boys and girl?, if you are (
bedient to your parents you will have a hi
line in life. You cannot have an easy c
clenee If you disregard father and motto
Vhen they are dead you will as long as j
Ive regret your disobedience. You yoi
oiks now at Lebanon wilt he the parents
lie future and Just as you treat your pare
o your children will treat you. Childi
hould cheer and protect their parent".
:lnd to your father and mother, help th
rheu they need it.
Voiiipuliiiiu ij.ll nu nf a lrn? that, is nll'ens
o snakes. A traveller once saw a parent D
>ut three leaves in her nest to protect I
can g from a huge serpent which Ceil to
round the moment It had reached the in
'areills, try to repel the serpent we call
levil?counteract his evil Influences.
One word to Hie little folks. You musn't
elfish?give the best chair In the room to
her or mother. You remember the st<
bout the white man and the Indian who 1
:llled u buzzard and a turkey. The wli
nan wanted the turkey each tlnip.
.Selfishness Is oncol' the worst things in
rorld. X. O. I'ylei
Irr Pretty Women iiuil Her liu
While Hall, S. C.. April 1, 109:
Mr. J. W. Smith has com up ready for wo
le also has his cotton laud all ready lor pla
Mr. W. A. Lomnx ami futility paid a visit
ilr. Wilkerfion last Sabbath afternoon,
mmpnnled by Miss Walker, of Ml.Carmel
Miss Delia Smith and Mr. Horn, a yot
>entlst. or Atlanta, was out riding last Si
lay afternoon.
Mr. J. K. Grlflln spent several days with i
itlves near Cross Hill *ince last writing.
Miss Hettle Crist is on a visit to her sisl
Jrs. GeorgeTolberi.
Mrs. Heagan left yesterday for Georgia,
'isit her son. Mr. Joe Heagan.
Mr. and Mrs. \V. D. Chapman, made tli
iither's home quite happy with their presei
ast Saturday and Sunday. C. E. I
Arrivals at the City Urug Store: Hee H
tough Syrup, Hoschee's German Syrup, i
vOtm'H Tar Wiuo Lung Balm, Dr. King's N
Jjscovery, Fiso's cure lor Cousumplion.
re Store
ly and everything they need in
i a look. We will endeavor tc
j?and you will at all times
J". KL. 3
by Honorable Congressmen Who De
mand Everything: from Governoi
93, to Coroner Demand a Divide in
Washington?Xo Mention Is Jfadc
etfa of any Relinquishment of the
non Gideon's Band Postmasters thai
sde- Were to be Appointed.
2 n C6
Columbia Register,
tbe Washington, D. C., March 31.?The following
communication has been sent by the
a in- South Carolina delegation to President Cleveland:
not To Mr. President: You are aware of the
unfortunate factional division In the deraoand
cratlc party In South Carolina. It did not
arise by reason of any national issue, but
me, was the result of an effort looking to the reray
formation of the local government ol that
State. The factions are known as "reform"
the and "antl-reforiu."
iper xhe undersigned members of congress reince
present what Is known in South Carolina as
part the relorm element in local politics. We
jore have made every effort consonant with the
the dlcnity of the positions we hold In lairness
'no and Justice to equitably alvlde the patronage
.by or our State in a delegation meeting, butfallsso
ej on account of the minority refusing to cor
is, operate with us lu a proposition in Hue with
n to a custom that has prevailed lmmemorlabiy
>Per in congress.
[ It is now your province to settle tins matluse
ter according to what to you seems good and
1 as proper. At a meeting of the undersigned we
ace> unanimously agreed to recommend Hun.
w*11 Sampson Pope, ol Newberry county, S. C., for
the position of marshali; Hon. I. H. McCxlla,
of Abbeville county, S. C., lor collector ol Inbus
terual revenue; Hon. Joseph H. fcarle for
' United Stutes district attorney; and Hon. A.
* be M. Youmans, of Hampon county, S. C., for
au8* collector at the port of Beaufort.
All of these names belong to our (action,
Pre" except the Hon. J. H. Karle, who was the
ity- nominee for governor of the other faction
",r against Governor B. R Tillman iu 1S90. Hitr
00 attitude toward our faction since that time
y J.? has been that of a conservative in the stricl
sense of the word, and he occupies the pecuand
liar and striking position of standing bePa"
tween the two factious, enjoying the conflaln"
dence and respect of both. We concede this
un" position to him. because we know that his ap
>,0y pointment would give universal satisfaction
' ?* and pleasure to both factions. We honestly
5ur" believe that we are entitled to three-fifths of
Jelr this patronage on account of the numercal
e o1 strength of our faction, it being 60,000 out of
'?r the 00,000 white democratic voters of the
ab: State.
anu We iiope that you will regard this as our
!.n , appeal for the recognition of the democrats
"Hl whom we have the honor to represent In our
nci* State. With the hope that this unfortunate
*"}* division may be satisfactorily adjusted, we
I?'1" beg leave to subscribe ourselves very respectP?,
lully your obdlent servants.
""" (Signed)?J. L. M. Irby, United States Senani?
tor: John J?. McLaurin, member of Congress ;
' ?' Ti J. Strait. member of Congress; W. J. Tal
.! bort, member of Congress; A. C. Latimer,
,ou member of Congress.
are j^e f0|lowing endorsement has been placed
on the paper by Congressman Shell:
nr* "I endorse the foregoing with the except of
' "? I. H. McCalla for collector of Internal revenue.
I have already endorsed Mr. Perry for that
nrt p,ace-"
;pt. ? ?
i to ^
Tillman's Black I.lNt-Oilr Congressoar
in on Greatly IHslrexsod at lielnr
'be Compelled to Take Nome or Their
'bta Own Jledielne?Was Ever Congress[be
men in Such a Plight?
knc^ News and Courier.
1 to Washington, D. C., March 31.?It appears
ive now that Governor Tillman and Senator Irby
rho were the pioneers In the "black listing bus!
i is ness," and their representatives in the next
its, house are but receiving the same treatment
mb at the hands of the administration that Tiliuid
man and Irby intended for others. Several'
hat days ago I received an intimation that (jovno
ernor Tillman wrote a letter requesting the
jm, president to "turn the pictures of four men
In South Carolina to the wall." After consldali
erable difficulty I obtained the names on the
la- Tillman "black list," which areas follows:
of The first named on the list is James C. Hemp>elt
hill, editor ofthe News and Courier; second,
e8-| Henjamin F. Perry, who wants to be collector
bat of internal revenue; third, N. G. Gonzales,
ea- editor of the State; fourth, M. L. Donaldson,
ild | (president of the State Farmers' Aillanceof
ed. South Carolina.) Senator Irby added another
the I name to the list anil it turns out to be Robert
pa- Harris. (Harris halls IMm Uulon county
lid and voted for Cleve and at Chicago.
I was not certain how this "black list"
pa- reached the president urn" I mentioned the
ive subject to Senator Ii iiy. lit; was greatly surad.
prised to know that I was in possession of the
Ex- secret, and In bis zeal to ascertain where I reirn
celved the Information he said that he was
present when Governor Tillman wrote tbe
of letter, and that only Governor Tillman, tbe
igh president and himself were aware that such
the j a communication Is in existence. The govercuti
nor in his letter to the president urges that
none of the gentlemen named shall be recogpa-1
nized by the present anminlstratlon by Federo
eral appointment at home or abroad. Senause,
tor frby at once organized a guessing contest
I in an endeavor to Identify the person who
tfer' furnished me with the secret which he being
i lieved was so carefully guarded.
to! Future developments In connection with
lis-; this matter promise to be interesting. The
ard 1 "blacklisted" congressmen from South Caro- i
on- Una made another visit to the postofflce deicr.
partineut this morning to try and induce the
rou postmaster general to furnish some addition-!
nig I Information concerning the unevlable con-1
lu ditien. They saw Fourth Assistant l'ostmasnis
ter General Maxwell, who gave them but litreultle
encouragement beyond saying that the
Be I South Carolina case might be taken up next
em | week for consideration. He does not sub!
scribe to the story', that a clerk is responsible
ive | for the "blacklisting" of the South Carolina
iril! congressmen, but he declines to state who Is
< ?- (hula I 1,1,./I
Qer rBSpUIISIUIC !" HIS" biucoiu ?... .u.. v
ibc purty men. The indications are that the pre?si.
sldeut may deiertnlne to till the South Carothe
Una offices with men who are not actively
Identified with either of the contending fac,be
fa. Representative Brawley, having become
>ry convinced that the president does not Intend
iad ! to lake Immediate action upon the Mouth Carlite!
oltna appointments, has concluded to return
j home and await developments. He called at
the ! the war department to-day to urge Secretary
s. Lamont to detail Lieutenant Jenkins, of the
tlftli calvary, for duty at the Citadel academy
at Charleston, vice-Lieutenant Towers, do- j
ceased. There are certain legal complications
In connection with the proposed detail which
Mr. Brawley has hopes ol overcoming.
I!*>'; iti ley's Hippies.
U1 ley's, 8. C., April 1,1S93.
3. Mr. J. C. Agnew, who has been seeking forrl;.
tunes in Florida and other States for nine
,111-; years, is visiting kindred and friends.
I Mr. W. B. MoGec and Miss Sudie McGec re,
to cetitly passed through the community on
ac i their way to Greenwood.
I Our good neighbor, enterprising farmer,
ing merchant and stock dealer, Mr. W. J. McGee,
in-; lias a plantation hell. Who will he the next
| Mr. T.J. Beacham, a prosperous (unmarried)
rel- young farmer, has been repairing and buildling
tenant houses. The same has been so unLer,
' fortunate as to lose two Indispensable plantal
tlon amiurtoiiances?{four-looted beasts called
to | horses).
A great many agents have been let loose for
icir' a season. Lookout!
ce Mr. U. B. Klley Is preparing to build larger
i barns.
Mr. J.|R. McNinch still has cotton to gin.
NI<> You ought to see Aug. VV. Smlth'8 nice
ew line of ladles underwear, and Is selling
It cheap. A good vest for llle.
3, Green
the way of
) make it both pleasant and profitabl
2RE. We believe in CLOSE PR<
find us with a LARGE and com]
Latimer Up one Side and Down the Somei
" Other?Read It an yon Please, and
i Form Yonr Own Opinion.
Greenville Daily Nowr. Coun
Washington, D. C., April 1.?Much com* office o
t mentis caused here by an article that ap- rant re
Seared In The Evening News of this city slenati
[arch 28th. It will be Interesting reading to soldier
the voters of the Third Congressional district, w or b
and doubtless be received as Information, nontly
' "I dropped Into the National hotel last the ml
night, aua as usual met many prominent after b(
southerners. This hotel Is headquarters for Unde
the Tlllmanlte members of congress from those v
South Carolina. This delegation has received tlonot
considerable newspaper notoriety, and prom- rolled
ises to attract much attention in the next ses- artn or
slon. These gentlemen have been designated was pa
by their opponents as "third partyiles," mas- 000, no:
queradlng as democrats. " Hons.
"The delegation Is here to take a band in ture a;
the fight for Federal patronage now being which
waged between the reform and autl-reform was: tl
wings in South Carolina. the kn
"They are all members of the Farmers' AI- $00, beli
liance and intelligent men. The Hon. A. C. from $1
Latimer is, perhaps, the best known of any 8ent tb
new member from the Palmetto State. Adls- correct
tlngulsbed southern congressman, who knows anders
Mr T.alimop woll fifllrf tA mft'
"Perhaps no man In congressional life has the mo
been more abused and misunderstood, as to tbe exc
tils attitude toward tbe demoracy of this na- does m
tlon, than Mr. Latimer. He Is, and bos qever the Boj
been other, than a staunch and uncompro- lately i
mining democrat. ' ' Pleasi
"I spent much time In South Carolina dur- the blai
lng the last campulgn, and no speaker lm- at your
Cressed me more than Mr. Latimer. He Is a ]
old, outspoken man, who does his own
thinking and Is governed by a high sense of
right and Justice. He Is not a politician, and
possibly woulo have never been in State or
national politics but for tbe fact that a lot of
machine politicians, tried to run his State to
suit themselves and Ignore the reasonable and
sensible demands of the masses. He was one
of the prominent leaders who planned and A LU1
executed the overthrow of the dynasty that
existed In South Carolina from 1876 to 1SQ0.
He succeeds Mr. Johnstone. Mr F
"Mr. Latimer was called upon by the al- r fE
lianceto oppose Mr. Johnstone, and he ac- Xf/h"
cepted the call with dlffidenceand embhrrass- Mr V
ment. Up to this time he had never held an Rl:^av
office, nor made a political speech ; apparently Tnhn?f
he disliked politics, and preferred the comforts
of a happy home and a liberal fortune. .n?f f*h
Like Governor Tillman lie exhibited remark- Vi
nl.la ou a mmnolonor a rw? Klo "age 1M.
sary soon realized his inability to cope with vest*:
him on the stump. The race resulted in a ,,
complete walk over for Mr. Latimer, and It is ns a
probable he will remain In coDgress a long favorab
time. much it
"He Is a strong advocate of free sliver and
the sub-treasury plan, but always claimed ingot
that these questions should be debated and rUn-otr
settled within the party lines. He showed Tue
his loyiillty to South Carolina and the natlou nassed t
by publicly denouncing the ldeaof South Car- her 80n
ollna alliancemen going Into the third party, neare<i
and to him Is due as much credit as to any f,rro 'v
other mun In his State lor the defeat of the Theaut
third party in the last election. His affil- iolrbtia
iation8 have been, and will continue to be, u?avat
with tbe democratic party. The censure that fv ^her
has been been heaped upon him is uDjustand ?i0ned t
without foundation. He will, I believe, make a fond i
a reputation in congress." ' father's
has bee
It is estimated here that tbe article was paid, north, a
for at regular advertising rates. It Is believed HamDtc
that it was prepared hy Congressman Lati- much e
mer in room 19 at ihe National hotel, or there- and tb<
about. unanlm
The article appeared the day alter the "Re- Tbe lat
formers" discovered what kind of a poiitacal than tt
boat they were In, and somebody had to be- whom b
-gin. making explanation and writing eulogies, dlated h
The postmaster general has received more Ourfo
than one copy of The Evening News with red mer rot
Ink drawn around tbe "Budget of a Button smiling
Holder" and the ques'tlon is not difficult to to date 1
answer as to why aDd for what purpose it was Miss 1
written. But who sent these marked conies son rett
eulogistic of Congressman Latimer to Post- pleasam
master General Blssell Is a question that Greenw
some of the 'populists" from South Carolina Mr. Jc
might answer. city an
Fortunately, however, the postmaster gen- Stereosc
eral will have something to read besides tbe .Mr. W
EveningNews. A prominent gentleman of ting upc
SoutJi Carolina has sent him a copy of The lngton
Greenville News and written him calling his rolled, t
attention to tbe vote of President Cleveland ingthro
and Congressman A. C. Latimer In the dlf- not verj
ferent ser lions of the third congresslon dls- The pi
trlot. The returns show the fact that Mr. Lat- Our pla
Imer received the vote of the third party peo- deal of <
pie and ran ahead of tbe Cleveland ticket. that tbe
These are matters that will come up latter, The ga
however, and for the present "special confer- nlng In :
ence" will be held dally while "special condo- ness. U
lence" will be induced in all hoursof theday good gai
and night. cord to t
To sum the matter up, Latimer, McLaurin due ther
and Strait are at sea, whllest Irby Is sick we thin
and Is under the special care of his own phy- Mistress
slclan, Dr. Sampson Pope, who will likely her gooi
draw the office this time, it being his second responsl
effort. u. we are o
, to tell w
Results of the Trial or tbe Chairman
of BTorth Carolina'* People's Par- The
ty?A I.aw wmcb wan intenaea ior
Xogro Union Leneues, Strikes the
Chief of the Third PartylteM. Our fa
Raleigh, N. C.. March ;10.-The case of the aiEverv
Slate vs OtDo Wilson, who was Indicted at theearli
the last term of the Superior court of this. jflr fc
county, eame up for trial before Judge George hours in
H. Brown this week. jrtlss p
Wilson was indicted under a law passed by her brot
the legislature of 1S70-'71, prohibiting the ex- gtony p
istence of secret political societies in this ^ey j
suite. The defendant who is chairman of nextSu
the State's executive committee of the Peo- jillss >
oie's party, was charged with being a mem- e(i teach
ber (and generally understood to be the chief euestof
in North Carolina) of a secret order known as 2l?elit
"Gideon's Band," the chief purpose of wbicn Mrs J
wa? the defeat of Grover Cleveland for the SDendin
Presidency, all of its members, it has alleged, ^nderec
being sworn to work and vote against him. jj
A long and sensational trial was expected an)j {s
and a large number of people from a distance mi,|
nnmo here tr> witness the Irlnl. Mnf. thev went . u'_
? . ,7? . uurnuuu
away dlKappoloted as the case was disposed jh8S
of Inside of an hour. When the case was yerell, t
called one of the four leading lawyers en- horse ba
gag?d by the defense arose and said : jir> j,
"May it please your honor, while the de- Uy0fM
fendant protestes his innocence, he is willing Mr. W
to enter the plea nolo contendere and pay parents
the costs of the prosecution. If that be agree- jjr- h
able to the Stale." jn"the c<
The prosecuting attorneys stated that the jjr> j
State was abundantly able to prove the exist- btiifgy h
ence of Gideon's Band in North Carolina last jjev j
year: that its organization was a conspiracy town Mi
which the State would not tolerate; that the Miss E
chief purpose of this prosecution, the flrst jD yuck
one under the law, was to give notice that the Capt. *
statute under which the bill was drawn could overCoi
not be violated with impunity. lanan's.
"I am informed," hecoutinued, "that the
organization has been broken up? that Gideon's
Band has disbanded. Because of this ?
and tile further fact that it has been claimed
by some that this was a political prosecution. There
and the defendant having come into court ftnCo on
nnrt nrnetlnnllv cniifpsSPfT ills PUllt tllTOWS N'oshull
himself on the mercy of the court. I desire next, an
to ask your honor to suspend Judgment upon vllle Ri
the payment of costs, which are large." ments f<
The Judge then ordered that the defend- aji ^os
ant's plea be accepted, and that he be taxed tion.
with costs. Specln
Judge Brown, In speaking of the unusual offered I
plea, said: "By t lie plea, nolo condere, the de- 8ionfendant,
while averring his innocence, nev- great sy
ertheiess places himself at the mercy of the ! a.tl dcsir
court. He could be sentenced and punished ! ineKS th
as fully as if convicted by a iury, but' on q
the recommendation of the solicitor is j Agent (
usually followed." lilugPat
Ladles shirt front buttons from 75c. to 81.50 sterlli
per set. Keese & DuPre. '.SDuPri
SE. ; :$
. \Y
e for you. We have an
3FITS and will sell yon
plete assortment, and at
thing: of Interest to Those Who
Lost an Eye or a Limb.
Bullock, Clerk of Court Abbeville
Sir?There will be sent to you from the
f tbe Comptroller General blank war
ceipts, including oiannamaavit ror tbe
ire and affirmation of tbe Confederate
s of your county, wbo may have lost a
in arm or an eye, or have been permadlsubled
In leg or arm or eyes during
lltary service or tbe years 1861-1864, ana
jlng signed returned to tbls office.
r the Act applicants are limited to
rbo received a part of tbe approprla1879
8L There are 1175 applications enunder
these acts, 450 of wbom lost an
a leg and 725 for disabilities, and there
id to these applicants upwards of $22,t
Including some special appropria*
To do tbe same work tbe last Leglilapproprlated
85,096. Tbe basis upon
appropriations for 1879-81 were paid
3e loss of leg above tbe knee 9100, below
ee 875, loss of an arm above tbe eibow
r>w tbe elbow 810, and for disabilities
6 and np according to injury. We pre>ese
figures, wbicb are approximately
, that tbe applicants tbrongb you may
land tbe difficulties confronting tbe
In disbursing tbls Hind. It is coped
re able will not press tbeir claims to
:luBlon of tbe more needy. Tbe law i
ot discriminate, but it is the desire of '<
ird that tbe most needy or tbe absoleedv
be first supplied.
3 therefore aid tbe Board by bavins
[iks filled in and signed and returned
earliest convenience. . ,
Respectfully, B. R. Tillman,
Governor and Chairman of Board.
m i y
tie Spire Thrown In to Season
' tbe Whole.
fjowndeflvllle, S. C.. April 1,1893.
oster 8peer, Young Harris College, Ua.,
i on a short visit to tbe family of bit
Dr. A J. Speer.
L W. Speer, of Anderson, ran down
' on a sbort visit to bis sister, Miss
BHpeer, who is sick.
H. C. Fennell was called a few miles
e country Tuesday to unite in marr.
B. A. Uldrlch aud Miss Hattle Cochiday
closed tbe month of March, and
usually free from blgb winds, heavy
d damages by fire. It having been
le to farm Work. Our planters are
lore hopeful than tbey were a month
ne sections tbere seems to be a sort of
from-home epidemic among tbe boys.
sday a lady hailing from Anderson
lown our road to Augusta in search of
i, who a short time before bad dlsapSometlme
before two boys passed
i our section, beading somewhere.
hors of yellow back literature are no
irgely responsible, for these escapades.
home boys, stay f.t home, partfculare
a serving of home ties, is not sanc>y
your parents, other wise you wring
mother's taearL and mnv hrltwr enm.
gray haire to the grave.
utle cry o< '76 hurrah for Hampton !
u revived. Many of the newspapers
,mong tbOF" who were once General
m'sbltterefc. enemies, have expressed
(ratification at bis late appointment
i newspapers sontb, with singular
lty, have Joined In the thanksgiving.
er Is rather more to be wondered at
ie former when bis own State for
ie bad done so much, bo lately repuim.
. 'M
rests are beginning to don their sum>e,
and ere long nature will bave a
and beautlfnl appearance. Oar frnlt
idcla Moseley and Miss Nannie Jobnlrned
a few days ago from a very
t, visit to frleuds and relatives at
ood flt Abbeville.
?hn W. Bridges, of Gaflney City, bcIId
general agent for French Lens
ops visited our town Friday.
. A. Pressley, a few days ago was sitin
the wood pile at borne with a Remrifle
across bis lap, when the wood
be gun was discharged, the ball passugh
bis shoulder. It Is a serious, but
r dangerous wound.
anting of corn Is now being pushed.
ntern generally are planting a good
K)rn, and will plant all of the cotton
y can.
irdeus in and around town are beginappearance
to indicate luture usefulsually
the ladels *et the credit for a
-den, and whilst we are willing to achem
even more than all of the credit
n, in this and all other matters. Yet
k that in a majority of cases where
i so and so is complimented because of
d garden. Mister so and bo is largely
ble for it. Yet we do not grumble,
ne, though sometimes it may be bard
bicb one. Troupe.
ty and the People Photograph*
ed With a Pen.
Back level, S. C.. April 1, 1893.
rmers are bard at work, preparing lor
body Is trying to see who can have <
lest vegetables and the most chickens,
ira Cobb, of Greenwood, spent a few
our midst Thurwday evening.
arrle Hughes, spent several days with
her last week, Mr. E. H. Hughes, of
Ir. Vaughan will preach at Trinity
loorer Adams, the highly accomplisherofthe
Bucklevel School, was the
Miss Fannie Vercll, last Thursday
\. F. Buchanan of this vicinity, Is
e this week with her mint Mm H V.
>n, of Greenwood.
0. Verell has bought a new engine,
oing to put up a 8uw mill and grist
, will be a great benefit to the nelghMattle
Buchanan and Miss Leon a
wo charming young ladies were out
ck riding a few days ago.
B. Ellis and family visited the famr.
J. H. Verell last week.
. H. Buchanan was on a visit to his
last Sunday.
. H. Hughes has two of the finest hogs
ohnny Buchanan has bonght a fine
Ir. Wharton and wife passed through
Imlly Turner recently visited friends
1. N. King is now building a bridge
onaca creek, near Mr. T. P. BucbBrlght
nthern Baptist Convention.
promises to be a very large attondtbe
Southern Baptist Convention, at
le, Tenn., which will occur In May
d, as usual, the Richmond and l)annilroad
is making all the arrange
>r a comioriaoie ana pleasant trip for
e who wish to attend from this secil
low rates and excellent service are
.0 its numerous patrons for this occaL?y
of the agents or officials of this
stem will take pleasure In supplying
ed information, and will give the busetr
very best attention, write or call
L. Hopkins, Travelling Passenger
Charlotte, N. C.; R. W. Hunt, Travelisenger
Agent, Augusta, Ga.
ug silver lace pins very cheap. Reese

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