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The Press and Banner 1
^SfPublished every Wednesday at ?2
a year in advance.
Mb. ROSWELL T. LOGAN, of Charleston, \
Is not authorized to take advertisements for ?
this newspaper.
Wednesday, Jan. 17, 1894. \
Twelve 2Pages. J
__ i
Fault- Finding1 ? Besmirching tbe 1
Good Annie of tbe Ntate.
Id aDotber part of this issua of tbe Press
and Banner appears ono of those daily as- (
aniii's nnon the tjeoDle and tbe good name of
the State of South Carolina. This piece J
comes from Columbia through the News and t
Courier. t
"The whole head is sick, the whole heart is J
faint" with eo much grumbling and so much t
fault-flnding, *
Even admitting that we were badly governed.and
acknowledging the fact that the old t
set are all out of office, and that the horrible
dispensary law interferes with our whiskey ?
guzzling, is there any sense or reason in forever
holding up our grievances to the public *
and making eflorts to ruin the character and t
good name of South Carolina? Didn't we i
long since learn that It was bad policy to 1
wash our linen In public ? t
Every Carolinian loves South Carolina and 1
is proud of her record in all that goes to shed 1
lustre on the fame and glory of a people who i
are as proud and aschlvalrous as any that ever
lived. ?
Then why this eternal and everlasting
, fault-finding and sneering at Hie majority of c
the people? . *
Why the never-ceasing lament that s
we and our family, our set, or our coterie of i
the Lord's annointed, are out of office? Why 1
this constant talk, by reading through the s
lines, we may see that the "outs" consider t
themselves so much more respectable than J
the "ins?" t
"Lord bless me and my wife,
My son John and bis wife, '
Us four and no more?amen." J
Is It done with any inrane Idea that such 1
conduct and such disrespect for the majority t<
of the people will induce them to acknowledge
their own inability to hold office and to
draw salaries, and that they will forsooth vacate
and humbly ask the old set to take their 1
old places ? j
Law. (
II there is anything la the law with which
you are not familiar, this Issue of tbe Press
and Banner will be of more tban usual interest
to you. Several very able arguments ap- 1
pear this week, and we know tbat tbe argu- ;
ment on "suretyship" will be interesting and
Instructive. The argument for a new trial for
Mcintosh is well worth tbe reading, so are all \
the other arguments.
We wore busy printing arguments lost
week for the Supreme Court, and when the
work was finished, we found that we had in
tact the several arguments which we present 1
this week, and knowing that nothlug would r
be more appreciated by our readers we print
a lot of them. If we bad not distributed other
arguments we could furnish more of the
same sort.
Persons who want to go security for political
adventurers In buying type and printing 1
offices, will And the history of the Greenville
Daily Democrat of Interest. j
Absent Congressmen. I
Some of our brethren of tbe press bave noted
tbe fact that some of the Reform Congress f
men are absent from their scats in congress, c
and seem disposed to complain at the derelic- j;
tion. Speaking for the Press and HaDner, c
vre don't care a continental whether any of t
them ever go to Washington. If It suits them J
better, or is more convenient, to slay at home t
on their farms, or to practice law, or to go a 1
fishing, its all the same to us. We ilou't care. [
Some of the Anti papers are getting to be ex- t
acting. It would require more than the com- <
blned wisdom of our Congressmen to solve \
the tariff bill and the financial issues, to say t
nothing lof tbe trouble that is brewing between
Queen Lll and her little leland out |
In the sea. (
Itseems like a Joke for. any single Congress- e
men to pretend to understand any one or all (
these questions, and when an ;Antl newspa- i
t>er urees an Alliance Congressman is to be *
In his seat to settle ibem we are confused in
our mind. ?
The County Government.
We present this week the "County Government
Read it, learn its provisions, and lay it
aside for future reference. It is the most important
document that we could print.
The Press and Banner ;has been unusually
busy of late, and a full force of bands have
been faithful in every emergency. Resides
printing tbe Press and Banner and two other
papers, we printed last week a little over one
hundred pages of briefs, and nearly fifty dollars
worth of other Job work. Tbe good work
which we do, the fair prices which we charge,
together with the promptness with which the
demands of customers are supplied, has had
tbe result of bringing iu much work, for
which we are.'grateful to a generous public.
Abbeville's Sons Never Forgret the
Land ol Tbelr Birth.
Mr. A. D. Calhoun, of Shreveport, La., In a
private letter to us, among other things, says:
"I have travelled from the Atlantic to the
Pacific, from the Pacific to tbe great Lakes,
nnd from tbe Lakes to the Gulf, and have yet
to find a town I like as well as old Abbeville." 1
Abbeville always has a responsive chord for
those of her sons who love her so well. Mr.
Calhoun lelt us too soon. If he bad waited
until the completion of the ti., C. & N. road,
and the consequent growth of tbetown.be
would have remained with us forever. Good s
luck to him and his In his new home. ?
Rev. II. T. Sloan, D. !>., Paralyzed.
We learn that that venerable minister of
the gospel, Rev. H. T. Sloan. D. !>., of this
county, was paralyzed a few days ago, and
now lies at his home at Cedar Springs, in a
critical condition.
? Dr. Sloan has been pastor ol Long CaDe and
Cedar Springs congregation for fifty years,
and during all that time was greatly beloved.
He lias lived a long and useful life, and bis af- '
flictlou brings sorrow to many friends.
?i mi
Unclaimed Letters.
List of uncalled for letters remaining in the
post office at Abbeville, S. C., for the week
ending Jan. 15th, 1894 :
B? B. W. Brock.
C? Mrs. Btna Chiles.
D?Miss Flclnce Dalrlmple.
F-Eddie Fairel.
G?Lace Good, W. M. Giliard.
H?George Howard, Fidillle Henderson,
Mrs. Mary Hawkins.
J?Miss Lucy Jones.
L?Mrs. Jennie Lomax.
M?Mrs. Conelia Maren.
R?Chas. Robinson, Miss Delor Roberson. u
8? Mrs. Carry Sink ins.
T?Mrs. Maggie Turner. r
W?Miss Cora Wilson, Mrs. G. W. Williams.
Parties calling for these letters will please 8
say they were advertised.
T. N. Tolbert, P. M. '
* A Word About PaintM. *
Painters charge Just as much for putting a
coat ot common cheap Htuir on as they would s
for putting on a good paint. We shall only u
offer first-class paints, oils, white lead and
colors, and offer such at a close profit. When
you want the best, at best prices, don't forget
Harrison <t Game. 1
i& i ; IS
V Fine Newspaper?A <"?urt IloiifeI'oet'H
Lament?l>ea(li of the Old
est Hun ill the Comity?Sotillcs*
Corporations, dc.
GnKKNWOOD, S. Jan. 1G, 181)2.
The Headlight seems to be playing a name
)f anticipation with the Greenville News
vheti It calls that clean, honest and upright
lournal a vile, vulgar and dirty sheet.
Greenwood has the greatest population, largest
trade, more railroads, less taxes, bettei
>chools and receives 2,000 more bales cotton
han any town within a radius of Jorij
The i'ress and Banner is a household neces
iity on the Saluda Side, especially at Greenvood.
With a first-class paper here and even
i new county, the Press and Banner would
:ontlnue Its weekly visits to most of the
We regret that our absence Irotn home presented
us accepting au Invitation to dine
villi the Maxwell Guards at Hlley's hotel
Monday evening.
Greenwood has two business firms whose
iggregate auual trade amounts to something
>ver souu.uuu.
A movement is now on foot, and promises
;o materialize, by wbicii we are to have a
ir6t-class newspaper. It will be controlled
ind edited by Relormers, In short lis every
ibre will be of tone Reform, dignity, and
ruth will mark its course. Laying aside oar
jersonal preference In this matter, we say,
Here never was a more opportune time for
tartins a live hustling newspaper lu Urcenvood,
and the Reformers of no county In the
State stands more in need of a newspaper
ban herein Abbeville.
>lis? Susan Arnold and Miss Florence Riley.
have matriculated at Converse lor tne
Rev. Mr. Bratton held services in the Y. M.
J. A. Rooms Thursday night.
Hou. John T. Duucan ol Isewherry wns in
own a lew dayB last week. Greenwood has
i warm feeling for him because ol his tight,
or the New County.
It is reported here that our honored exownxman,
Capt. J. T. Parks, Iihh leased a
arge larm Just across Saluda river and will go
o (arming on an exleusive scale.
Miss Ida Calhoun is visiting relatives lu
The grain crop here abouts is looking well,
ind there Is plenty of hog and hominy In the
Mr. J. C. Caldwell, the polite aod elllclent
- . ? T ~ 1.11.-, tno huliovA thf
lepol agent ui uuukiu o, ..^
ildest agent on. the road, having held in,
brough all the changes, continuously lor
tboul u quarter of a century. Donalds, too,
ncludiug the business of D e West, Is one ol
lie most important agencies ou the line.
One of the candidates for the Post Office
eems to have divined who is to he the suc:esslul
one?or rather that he is to be urnong
be unsuccessful and has prepared Ills valelictory
in admissible rhyuie entitled, -'after
be race is over." Lest he should die of old
tge before the appointment is made,and the
ilerary world have one less gem in its galaxy
>fcholce poems he gave It to us with a request
or its otherwise premature publication,
tie claims that it Is adjustable and may be
lsed as u recitation, a ditty, a ballad or a
lirge by, expending or contracting its feel.
Here it is:
1. "Nine little candidates, (of whom I was
Entered the race for a post office run,
Each for himself tor the goal did make,
ioping, to the lust to win the great stake.
2. But one little candidate, more nimble and
)r else by the aid of our Senator great.
Beat all the rest in the memorable race,
^.nd now he is master of the Post Office place.
3. There are but eight?(of whom I'm another.)
iVbo can only surmise what was the bother,
That though they ran as Democrats bold,
} S in the office, they're in the bole.
4. But there's a bright side to our unwelcome
iVhich but to gaze on Is consolation sweet,
Although badly beaten in tne i&si uome
)nly one got the office while eight hud the
5. A lesson we'velearned, quite late 'lis true,
jut have it by heart and Impart It to you,
If ever you In politics, you seek a fat place,
To the man with the "pull"' and sue lor his
C. Convince him that of all men iu your
t'ou are the strongest, when elections come
Show that where his votes were once few,
tie can now carry solid if entrusted lo you.
7. Having done this you will have smoothe
Vgalnst lengthy petitions and letters prevailing,
And finally land with nothing amiss,
n the coveted haven ol 8 good office."
I am at Pacolet and will be for several d;iys
o come, doing work for the Cotton Mill Coin>uny.
I delight to work for this "houiUhs
orporation." They are able aud willing to
lay a lair price for work. As a laboring man,
consider moneyed men and corporations
lur best friends and any legislation tending
o hamper their enterprise and abridge their
Iglits tails heaviest upon us. Although
,'apt. J. H. Montgomery, president of this and
- c. *1111 t,, ? Inrcrn nl I it 1 i lit nil (I Hi
lie npnruui i?Illl in a mibv. V?I ?
be bead of perhaps the largest corporation
n the State, he Ih not better than bin huni>lest,
honest operative. He seems to know
hem all, >oung und old, and delights to adiress
them pleasantly by name, and often
tops and chats socially and pleasantly with
hem. He started at the bottom round of
he ladder himself and knows how it is.
One of Donaldsville's patriotic citizens said
o ns recently that lie intended to vote for
Jeorse Johnstone as long as he offered, be:ause
he was the only Congressman who had
tver sent htm any pullc documents.
The Reformers within the proposed new
iounty district of Editerteld and Abbeville,
epresents a large per cent, of the wealth and
itrength of the Reform Movement in their
espectivecounties. They will as heretofore
tsk tor their Just proportion of representation
n the legislature, but if by the combined inluenceof
the Antis, Tillmanites and courtlouse
politicians of the old county precincts
hey are puulshed. Ignored, "boiled out" defeated,
it will not deter, nor discourage them,
n their fight for the new county. The policy
>f the administration in the past has been to
ewardlts friends because they were perse
Mr. Stanley Crews died on the afternoon of
ast Thursday. Jan. llih. On the 17th of Derember
he flulshed the 92nd year of bis eartby
pilgrimage. Christmas day be speut In
he midst of a large group ol his children,
jrand-children, and great-grand-children. It
vas a day of quiet pleasure to him. Our
ownsman, Mr. Morris, took a picture of that
,'roup. Four generations are represented. A
are picture it is. Two weeks ago. Mr. Crews
ww< " * "*eHorV** ottonir of flrln Fnr Rev
iral days, he was confined to Ills room; but
*as then able togo around a little for a day
>r two, when, on Wednesday January 8d, he
*as auain sick enough to go bed. Two days
leforehls death, pneutnoula developed, and
le was too feeble to throw It off. Mr. Crews
>vas remarkable In several particulars. There
vas a remarkable physical toughness about
Jim as his long life shows. Strange to say,
le could lead au ordinary newspaper without
eyeglasses; and had always been able to do
io. Intellectually, he was marked by hard,
iound common sense. Morully he was above
eproach In every direction. Maturer, melower
he grew year by year till the heavenly
;overnor took him to another home, tiradlally
he grew out of earth Into heaven. S.
The People That Come nnil Go?Ah
Well un the People that Sl?y nt
Troy, January 15.
Dr, H. T. Sloan, of Cedar Spring*;, had a
troke of paralysis last Friday. His name Is
i household word In almost every family lu
his community and we know there are
)rayers being offered in every home for the
ife of this much loved aud useful man, that
le may be restored to health and streugth
rnce more.
Our town and vicinity was shocked and
addened last Friday by the very sudden
leath of Mrs. Samuel Young, Kr. She had
ooked dinner and ealled in the family to
:at, when she dropped at the table, dylug
nstantly. She was a christian woman, and
las gone to Join many loved oues "beyond
he river.'
a m.r n kpvpto Rnnll of la irrinoe. Mr. <J. C.
iradley is up again. He Is very much missel
in our town when sick.
Auditor W, \V. Bradley spent yesterday
lere with bis relatives.
Miss Khett Prentiss of Ellenton, K. C., Is
lere, visiting her brother. Mr. O. (J. l'rentbs.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McCasJan is visiting
riends and kindred at Ninety-Six.
Mr. W. T. Jay has returned from Florida
hlnklng there is no place like home.
Two more weddings are booked for Troy
his month. This tlmo the bells are ohitnnK
In the suburbs.
ltev. T. W. Sloan preached one of his best
ermons yesterday morning. His text was
1 am but a little child." we feel sure the
irayers of this good people have been answcrd
In keeping him as their pastor.
Prof. Blackwell's school is still increasing
n numbers. He and his able assistant are
[olng tine work now.
Mrs. s. A. Glover is iu Augusta visiting
We are sorry to hear Capt. A. W. Lites has
rippp. Hope he will soon be well again.
Th,, Mull.nrtlcl nunnlu t. r? much nlniuorl
irith their new pastor, Rev. Mr. Price.
Mr. Albert Blum lias moved his family to
own and we hope to hear of him opening
, butcher shop.
Dr. D. \V. Younablood and wife of Ridge
Iprings were up visiting relatives In town:
ast week. Nick.
Pistols! pistols! cartridges! cartridges! at
'. Rosenberg & Co.
-A Picture of I-lfc in the CIankIc City.
. Pne West, S. G\, Jan. 15.
Miss Minnie Muse of Verdery spent several
i days with relatives In town a short time ago.
Mr. James Magill Is visiting bis son, Mr.
Win. MnKllI, ol Atlanta. On.
The week or prayer was observed here last
werk. The services were well attended.
Mrs. J. R. Todd and children spent last
IT?UIr 111 Vomhnrrv nrlth flip llimllv of Rpv
E. P. McCllntock.
Mr. G. N. Nlckles has opened a sttvik of
groceries. He will occupy a part of Dr. Edwards
store where he will be glad to see and
wait on his friends.
Mr. A. S. Kennedy, after spending some
" Mine In Atlanta with* his brother, Dr. J. P.
Kennedy who has been sick with fever, has
' returned and brings the cheering news that
the Doctor Is now able to be up, and hopes
' soon tojnin his father's family in Dae West.
Miss Claudia Norrls has returned from a
pleasant visit to Florida. We are glad to
have her back again.
: Miss Zula Brock came home to spend the
1 holidays. She is very pleasantly situated in
Jefferson county, Ga. She lias a good school,
Mr. W. T. Cowan has bought out Mr. G. V.
Nlckles, or the firm of Cowan & Nickles, and
will continue the business at the same stand.
Mr. Olln Brownleo is clerking for him. They
will take pleasure in waiting on their friends.
The celebrated blind pianist, Edward Baxter
Perry, of Boston, will lecture and perform
at the Female College on the evening of the
22d instant.
Ilev. J. A. Brown addressed the Y. M. C.
A. at the last monthly meeting, taking for
his subject. "The Strength of \oung Men." :
Mr. Brown's talk was excellent and much
Dr. Kdwards has been kindly remembered
by his eholr. Last Tuesday uight tbey pre- (
sen ted hltn with a handsomely bound copy
each of the Bible Songs and Psalter. On the
fly loaf was written "From the Choir ol
18(13-4." Mr. J. V. Kennedy, In behalf of the
choir presented them in a neat speech. Dr.
Edwards, though much surprised, was equal
to the occasion and made a happy response.
Tbe patrons of the school in the Drake settlement
are putting up a neat and substantial
school house. It is a framed building,
16 by :J2, and will be used as a day school, and
also lor the use of tbe Sabbath school. May
It prove a great blesslne to all In that community.
Tbe lot was douated by Mr. Z. Haddon.
There have been several cases of la grippe
In town but none have yet been very serious.
AH are Improving Just now.
ltev. O. Y. Bonner, by invitation, preached
a speclai sermon to tbe Indies Mlssionaay
Society of the Baptist church of this place !
latt Sabbath night. All who heard him wore
delighted. I heard many expressions of appreciation.
The church was well filled. At
the close of the services a collection was lifted
including the Christmas offerings of the
members of the Society.
Dr. Sloan stricken with paralysis! This
was tbe startling announcement on Sabbath
morning to our people. The Information was ]
I Kut lha ivhnla r\f r\r\a uiHu wou a fTuntcH
of our people will visit the Doctor. Every
one was wanting the latest and fullest lnfor- |
The semi-annual debate In the Phlloraathlan
Society occurs on the last Friday night in ;
Mr. K. C. Browtiiee sold 13 tons of fertilizers
last week. He is a mover. R. S. G. 1
Abbeville, S. C., January"ICtb, 1S9L
The question now agitating the minds of 1
Abbevllie's best and most energetic business
men Is, shall we have a cotton factory in Abbeville.
Judging from the expression of our I
business meu and well lo-do farmers, who say ]
they are now willing and ready to subscribe ,
for a liberal share In the enterprise, which 1
they feel will be of great advantage to our
people at large and do more towards building
up our growing town than any and all other i
Industries uow In our midst. Look at the
growth and prospeilty of the counties in the 1
upper pari of our State and say if cotton fac- 1
torles have not been the great factors In their
upbuilding? No wis the opportune time,
while (he subject Is being agitated, and our
people are ready. Will the people of Abbevllle
let this opportunity slip? We think not, 1
and believe by your next Issue we will hear
sometblhg more encouraging about a cotton
factory to be established In Abbeville. Let
our inonied and business men lake holdaud j
others will become Interested and the result 1
will be one that will set in motion many Idle
wnues now in ADuevuie, besides bringing
many great advantages to the people of Abbeville
county. j
Mrs. JohuHon Mosely and children are here i
on a visit to her sister, Miss Ella Huckabee.
Mr. Walter Vlsanskajof Abbeville bas re- '
cently been admitted to the bar for the prac- ,
tlce of Law In Brunswick, Georgia. We congratulate
Lawyer Vlsanskl, aud wish lor hltn
great success In his profession. This is another
Abbeville boy climbing the ladder o
fume. Abbeville is proud of such worthy
Fire! Fire! was sounded through our
streets about Do'clocs Inst Sniurd iy night.
After looking nround It whs ascertained the
kitchen 01 Mr. J. C. Klugh was on tire, buvlng
caught from the roof, irom a deiectlve flue.
Timely assistance was rendered and the I
flames soon extinguished, with only the loss
of reps Irs. It Is fortunate the flre broke out
at Ibis early hour, as the kltoben Joins the '
dwelling, and at a later bour of tbe night, all
would have been consumed and tbe origin of
the flre unknown.
An entertainment, literary, musical and
humorous, will be given nest Friday evening
In the K.:bool building by the pupils,
supplement! ve, or assisted by "bright lights," |
and "musical stars" froru abroad. The entertalument
Is to raise money to make payment
on the beautiful piano Just bought by tbe
school. Our people need not be reminded
that they should turn out In round numbers,
as the object Is for the good of the entire
One by One Cupid Lend* His Victim*
to Marriage and llappinens.
Troy, 8. C., Jan. 13, 1894. !
A livelier; Jollier party never left our little '
town than on the 28th ol December. The
weather was flue, and o lovely afternoon, all
of which seemed to make the party happier. '
At 2 o'clock twenty-lour in number lelt for
Edgefield. After a drive of eight miles we ar- ,
rived at the home of the bride, and at 8
o'clock Rev, T. W. Sloan In a most beautiful
ceremony Joined the hands and hearts of Mr.
J. W. McCnslan, ot Troy. S..C., and Miss Abble
Harvley, of Edgefield county.
These were the attendants:
Miss Anua McCaslan, Mr. T. C. Lites.
Miss Edna Grlfllu, Mr. It. H. Griffin.
MlssJunio Robinson, Prof. D. J. Blackwell.
Miss Lots Davis, Mr. J. L. Taggart.
Miss Carrie Robinson, Mr. T. A. Dowtin.
Miss Minnie Taggart, Mr. Charles Kennedy.
Miss Estelle Banister, Mr. W. R. Bradley.
Miss Mamie Dowtin, Mr. John Banister.
After many warm congratulations we all
were Troybound. and it seemed but a few ?
minutes when w#arrivedat the home of the '
eroom, where the doors of the McCaslan
home were thrown open to receive, as well as
welcome, one and all that were Invited, where
all seemed to feel In the humor for fun. ,
At 9 o'clock we were invited to the most J
prominent part of the occasion. There was
turkey, bam. salads, pickles, and every thing
else thai goes to makea wedding supper.
They received many valuable presents in
the way or silver, china, ana a very Handsome
clock. <
The br/de Is one of Edgefield's loveliest |
daughters, and the groom one of Troy's most
substantial citizens. We wish for them a
long, happy and useful life. A Friend.
i ? r
Farmer*' Ansoolntion.
The Farmers' Association of Abbeville will
meet at the Court House on Haleday in February
for the purpose of reorganization and
to transact such oilier business as way come 1
before it. M
F.very Farmers' Club In the county is urped
to send r full delegation. It is hlehlv lmoor
tanl that there should be a lull meeting. The
proportion of repreHentatlon Is the same a* <
In the Democratic party.
President# of clubs will call meetings ou
Saturday, February lid, to select delegate*.
J. H. Morrah, President.
? ?
Clreenwooil Lender.
To the Public: Tills paper will be Issued
from Greenwood about the first week in February.
All who would like to see sample copies
or to subscribe can drop me a postal, aud
their desires shall be met.
Respectfully, P. E. Howell. (
A. It. IV Church Directory. I
Pastor?Rev. F Y. Pressly.
Service every Sabbath at 11 :i0 a. m. and 7.30
p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday night.
Sabbath School 10.30 a. in. Superintendent, '
C. D. Haddon.
All persons are cordially Invited to attend, j |
Col. H. T. Warduw and Mr. J. William j j
rower nave ueeu iu juiuuui, .
trip. <
Mk. William Perrin is in White's Gro- *
eery store. He bad been lu Atlanta for sever- '
al years before taking li Is present Job. J1
Mr. 1'errin Quakles is now in Harrisons
& Game's drug store.
Mr.and Mrs. J. R. (Jleen now live in tbe
bouse with Mrs. Alien.
his many irienuH in auuchud wm uc 6n?u .
'to leurn that Col. J. L. Orr is convalescent A
i and It now seems that he will soon be well
again. n
Pure fresh buckwheat and Florida syrup at 11
W. Joel Smith <& Sons.
Call on Smith & Sons for Dixie Boy plows j
and wheelbarrows.
Smith Si Sons have received their spring j
onion sets, and now is the timo to plant them.!
Dignified Reply to nn Irritating A
tack from Senator Irby.
News and Courier.
1'nriTunii St -Tantmrv 14.
Senator Irby tn a curd published to day hi
seen fit to accuse me of being responsible I
a very large degree for his political trials an
troubles. He does me too much honor whe
he Rays that I have "hounded, persecute
misrepresented and manufactured senl
ment" against him. Let me say that I a
simply a newspaper correspondent, not a pc
iticfan. As a young man, hoping lor succe
in my work, I realize that my first duty is1
give facts as they are found. If In doing th
.Senator Irby has not been pleased it canm
be helped.
I have no affiliation with, or interest, in tl
Senator, or In his political friends nor an
desire to be dragged into the squabble b
tween himself and his former political su;
porters and allies. It Is no fault of mine tbi
h is conduct has not pleased the masses of tl
Reformers; I am not responsible that tie h(
a "lot of enemies." or that be could Id
minute make n censns of bis political frlem
in the "State House." It was not at my cji
that "the clique of the Reform movemei
met at Columbia to name a candidate," et
I would, however, had been to blame had tl
news not been published as it came, and eve
then much that was said bas been reserved.
If Senator Irby has found objection to na
correspondence iu The News and Courie
which has every indication of being trna
worthy and legitimate news, it will occaslc
slon me no grief. My only purpose is to a
bure those who do not know ray sentimen
that I have no personal feeling or motive I
the matter?the honest newspaper man ca
not have?and that in this case, as in all ot
ers, I have given what I regard as plain, ui
varnished tacts. August Kahn.
A car of fine seed oata .to arrive next we<
a? Smith & Sons.
There are 2, 750 languages.
Envelopes were first used in 1839.
Telescopes were invented in 1590.
A barrel uf rice weighs 600 pounds.
A barrel of flour weighs 196 pounds
A barrel of pork weighs 200 poundf
A firkin of butter weighs 56 pounds
The first steel pen was made i
A span is ten and seven-eight
were first constructed i
A storm moves thirty-six miles a
A hurricane moves eighty miles a
The first lucifer match was made i
Gold was discovered in Californl
in 1848.
A UaiwI id fnil
A II a Li VA ^IIUXDC'IUCaoUiry 10 iv/v
Actions, looks, words, steps, form tb
alphabet by which you spell charai
We find plenty of people who don
average well; they know too muc
for one man, and not quite enough fo
A hog in a pen never tries to b
anything else, but the one in a strec
ear tries to pass himself off for
Do not neglect little things,
they can affect the comfort of othei
in the smallest degree.
?Time is a good deal like a mul<
Et is better to be ahead of time tha
behind time.
?"How can I expand my chest?
asked a stingy fellow of a physiciar
"By carrying a larger heart in it," wa
the reDlv.
Pistols, Pistols
WE have Just received a lot of 8. <fc W. PI
tola, single and double action.
AIbo a big lot of otber grades of Pistols.
We have also a full line of all kinds of Ca
[ridges. Call and see us. We can suppl
pour wants.
Jan. 17,18!H, tf
rhe State of South Carolina
[n the matter of the Estate of Mary W. Go
don, Deceased.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
A LL persons indebted to said Estate mm
ft settle without delay, and those holdtn
jlalms against the Estate must present tbei
properly attested to
Jan. 11,1S94, 3t at Wllllamston, H. C.
The Annual Meeting
Farmers Mutual Fire Ins. Awiatio
WILL be lipid the first Monday, SALEDA
In FEBRUARY next, in the Com
House at 12 o'clock.
J, FULLER LYON, President.
David Aiken, Secretary.
Jan. lti, 1SW, St
*?! mum mi IMMHflfl
m ?/ylii!i HI iiy-ljfitl
* y
cuted unto W. A.Stevenson, on the 13tl
luy of December, 1#!X), and.'recorded In the F
4. C. office for Abbeville* County, S. C., Ij
iiook I, pugc 231, I will otfer for Hale at At>b<
Mile Court House, on SALEDaY IN FEB
tUARY next, being the Sth proximo, at 1
>'clock or upon the completion of the publl
laleB for tbal day, at public outcry, to th
ilghest bidder, that certain lot of land, lyln
md belui: In Long Cane Township, Abbevlll
'ounty, la the State aforesaid, containing
Three and a Half Acres,
nore or less, and bounded byla'idsof Allei
fance, Frank Vance, and C. & G. R. R.
Such property being sold to satisfy the salt
rtortga?e, default having occurred In the pay
uent thereof.
R. E, COXE, Assignee,
Jnn.17.18H 8t'
1 %k,
' I
lH ______
^ I dow occupy the large and handsome
?e store on the corner of Main and Vienna streets.
!U The very bent store room in towD, and am bet17
ter prepared to serve the People than ever.
This Beform in prices ii doiog a mighty
111 work for this country. Below I sabmit prices.
Let those who can, meet them: They will talk
|D "trash" to yon, bnt come see for yourselves,
h- and be convinced onco for an.
k Homespun
8 4 Good*. Brown 25 yds for $1.00 "
4 4 * (t 20 " (( 14 1
3 4 ' Checked 25 " " "
4 4" ii gQ a a
3-4 " Bleached 25 " " " W
4 4 .i ?. je i. ? <
78 " Drills
o Ginghams D
h 18 yards for $1,00. These are the lOcts goods
n &
Calicoes ?
n All grades 25 yd9 for $ 1.00. Sets goods, In- g
digo Bines, the very beat Gets yd Oil Calicot*. ?
Beet values 6 1 2c. ch?
la Flannels
Red and White rednoed to almost nothing in j
16 price. A few of those Balmoral skirt patterns ?c"
left, but are going rapidly at 87 1-2ots. Ladies
Aprons in great variety from 13 to 24cts.
>? Ladies underwear a specialty. >
h "
r Corsets
>t from 20ct* np to 90nt?. Dr. Bui's celebrated
a cornet for 6!tot>>. Piicod the world ov?r $100.
fjandkercbiefrt. L?die? and Gents, a big Mock
always on band at prices Ibat cuut bo matched.
2. i
11 ?
53 per cent nnder regular oncorns comprising $
table dnruatk napkins. towels and crash.
I. '
18 Spool Cotton
J. & P Coats 3"? (l->z or 3 spools for lOcta.
Work Pants from 5"ol? to $1 25. Work or Top
birts from 2 ?o. up. Cboico of entire lot for
and unlanndrifd shirb- away nuder price.
Collars and Cn?fs lu groat varieties, latest tlw
styles and lowest prices.
CravatH of all kinds at balf price.
Kid gloves J
J Ladies and Gents come and nee tbem, my prices
will surprise you. r ,
r- The very bent one Jin town for 5c. Others e
y qually as cheap,
Hats, Men and boys, my prioes have been the 1 j
wonder of the country come and see them for j
Shoes, Shoes,
$1,25 Shoe for 99c.
l.RO " " 1.25
1,75 " 1.5ft tee
2.00 " " 1.60
2.25 " 1.75
2,50 ' ? 1.90
3,00 " ? 2,50
, Childrens shoes in great variety from 20c up.
1 Special attention is called to my whole stock
work shoe at 1,25. Try a pair of them. -p
" Tobacco
2 Chewing Tobacco, 2 plugs 12 in, long for 15c. o
3 pounds (Good chew) for $1,00. Special low
prices made on a box- Be sure to get them. T
Rmokinn Tobacco. Best 5c. package in town. U
' Cigars Q
5 for 5c. and a good pmoko. Traylors Hrke T1
Smith and I'ampa, a mont delightful smoke for
Y 5o. K. of P. a good thing for 5c.
Soap, Laundry and toilet, tne very best and
cheapest in town,
Now what do you think of the above prioes ? J. I
What are you going to do about it ? Are you
going to ignore me and my prices or will yon
do as others have and are doing ? Buy of me mai
and save your money. sale
I am as anxious to save you money as you are on
to save it yourselvos. I just tell you something the
-.sn I,*. hnno Vau will ftitllflr hftVfl to I Pr0
Will -JOVD IU UO uuuu. ...
1 buy less or buy where you can get it cheaper.
When yon buy and have it charged you seldom con
, ask the price, but are simply astonished when
b the blli has to be paid.
A word of admonition ! Tnrn over a new
>- leaf this the beginning of 1801. Bay for the moi
~ cash and the cash only. Aurt I will guiraatee Cull
c you a most pleasant surprise as its close. Junf
6 Thanking you for your pa-^t patronage and Sn
e | hoping my many cuKtomers will patronage me truc
j in the future; liberally. Wishing our friends T1
i .nJnnnn n h?nnv n.nd mrmt nrosnerous on
iauu UUDbVl?\.4u w I'J ?? ? ? I I
year. e8t 1
llecpeotfully Pur'
11 l'ur
!| M. T. Coleman _
P, 8. Toaitive ly no ?00d? changed to any ! Oi
j tno. | 'UKtl
J Prescrlptioi
e are still at the eld stand, and will t
fully and faithfully during '94 as
of the past. With us you can t
ry Goods, Clothing, He
Kinds, Wooden we
30 barrels Flour. All grades.
:ar load or New Orleans molasses just in.
Ve have a delightful Florida syrup.
ast received another lot of pure mountain
?kwheat at 5 cents per pound.
liver skin and red onion sets.
lacon, corn, oats, meal, bran, bay, lard,
>ese, molasses, Ac.
Come in and trade with us. We
an. 17,1894, tf
The Best Shoes ^ ffl
jfo for the Least Money. jU
W. L. DOUGLAS Shoes are
isfaction at the prices advertised than an
iced. The stamping of W. L. Dougli
irantees their value, saves thousands of i
alers who push the 6ale of W. L. Doug
rease the sales on their full line of goodi
1 we believe you can save money by bay
?d below. Catalogue free upon applicati
A. W. i
Lumber !
all kinds of Lumber.
nw mill locatcd on land of J. O. KLUGH.
lurch 2,1892, tf Medium copy.
Stone Cutter and Quarryman,
Quarry P. ()., S. C.
i prepared to fill all kinds of orders on
short notice for first class granite of every
crlptlon, either rough or dressed. All
nlte delivered on board oars.
rifles given on application. Work unaran
d to be satisfactory. r?ct. 26, 1893. 12m
Locks and Bicycles
specialty. Work guaranteed by
Greenwood, S. C.
ept. 27,1893, Cm 7
? ? * t __
J\?a star's rr>ai^.
le State of South Carolina,
1. Franks and T. Baker against J. M. 15aker
et al.?Foreclosure.
de In the above stated case, I will ofler for
jat public outcry at Abbeville C. II., S. C.,
legal hours of sale, the following described
perty. situate in said Stale and Couuty, to
: All that tract or parcel of land, known
Lhe Latimer Savannah River Plantation,
One Thousand Ciuuu; Acres,
e or leas, bouuded by landH of I. H. Mca,
W. F. Clinkseales, II. 13. HutcbliiEon,
ies M. Young.
ild tract will be divided Into two or more
Us, and plats exhibited en day of sale.
SRM8 OF SALE?One-half cash, balance
a credit of twelvo months, with interfrom
day of sale, secured by bond of the
chaser and mortgage of the premises,
chaser to pay for papers.
J. C. KLUGH. Master.
n. n. 1891. 4t
e?h bread received three times a week at j
ugston <t Perrlu's.
lly flrut class groceries to be had at Llv*
itou <ii l'errill's. I
; ' ' * -~!l
1 & GAME, I
i Druggists. J
- s. c. r
r:' -V-i
ry to serve our friends and customers as
we have through the long years
klways And what you most need.
n< o n
its, shoes, Groceries ot an
ire, Hardwaie, &c. M
Dixie Boy plow, wb^eltmrrows, well flx-'Jf'.
tures, garden and farming tools of all kinds, y' '
We carry a big stock of shoe*, hats, cloth-"
log, and can give you what you want.
' Ball Dog breeches, Elghmle shirts and
Means shoes are specialties with ub.
Trunks, valises, harness, saddles, bridles*
collars, &c.
will be glad to see you.
[TH & SONS. ;ll
iff n A1IAI I A
5, $4 and $3.50 Dress Shoe.
$3.60 Police 8hoe, 3 Soles.
$2.50, $2 for Worklngmen.
$2 and $1.75 for Boys.
$3, $2.60 $2, $1.75
CAUTION'.?17 any dealer
Vl^ offers you W. L, DoagUi
shoes at a reduced price*
r~- V or says he has them with"^.ii'iSgy
oat the name stamped
t on. the bottom, pnt him
1JH Hn?iu?rtW
stylish, easy fitting, and give bettei
y other make. Try one pair and be con- ^
is* name and price on the bottom, which
dollars annually to those who wear them.
;las Shoes gain customers, which helps to
3. They can afford to sell at a less profit,,
tag all yonr footwear of the dealer adver> t
on. W. X. DOUGLAS* Brockton, Mass.
m oil! m
In order to advertise and bring before the
public the stock of goods at the
j to choose a present worth
. \ ^
on each dollar's worth of gooods purchased
Ii tie Droj Store Department
from this clay until this notice is withdrawn.
PRICES guaranteed to be as LOW as the
LOWEST, and all goods as represented.
March 8,1898, tf
Give Your Orders For
July 12,lflOtt, tl
Bank of Lowndesville,
Capital Stock Paid in $20,000 00
Surplus - 3,500 00
Airorda bes' security aud facilities
for depositors. ^
Issues time oerllflcates of deposits bearing
Interest as follows: six months 4 per cent.,
twelve months 5 per cent.
BOOTS, has Ills shop In the office once oc:uple<l
by Colonel Orvllle T. Calhoun, where
?viii ho d!pusp(1 to receive order* for all
kinds of work In h is line, which he will do In
satisfactory manner, ou short notice, and at
;ow price. [Feb. 13,1898, tf

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