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* *
"He leadeth uie
Anil so I will not seek my own wild way
Across the desert wide;
Heknoweth where the shaded pastures lie.
Where the still waters slide.
And how to reach the coolness or their rest.
ISeneath the calm hill-side.
'He leadeth me!"
And though it be by rugged ways,
. ' Where thorns spring sharp and sore.
No pathway can seem strange or desolate
Where Jesus "goes before
His gentle shepherding my solace is.
And gladness yet in store.
mi - i i .ii. n.ni"
?>, L?vo that draws. but never drives inn mi,
Close by my following;
In blessed fellowship of joy or pain,
Tutight still thy praise t? sint:,
And never thorn shall wound my way-worn
But lirst He felt its stilts.
"He leadeth me
1 shall hot taUe one needless step through all.
In wind or heat or cold,
A lid all day Ions (Ik sees the peaceful end
Through trials manifold.
Up tue far hill-side like some sweet surprise,
Waiteth the quiet fold.
" ?Copied from *Wiliard Tract lJepositorv's Aitnana
for 1SU*>.
? * ?
Address by J. V. ltlnck. Krskiur Tli
oloeicnl Seminary.
The world loves compromise?seeks t<
often for policy to the disregard of truth ai
morality. Yes. polioy causes man to d
throne the right altogether in order that 1
may be able to satisfy bis own carnal app
tite. "In the lusts of the ilesh, the lusts
the eyes and the pride of life.-' These tw
principal and policy, have in all the agi
formed a pair of balances, but to tell whi<
is in the ascendency on any great moral (jut
tiou we must first feel the public pulse. VVI
a certain cause meet with popular approva
In it expedient tor me uihi i nuvumvc ? .....
hI issue? If I sit as judge must I decide :
accordance with the evidence, iu accordum
with truth and justice ? Or to follow the e
ample set ;by Felix, who being willing
show the Jews a mere pleasure would leai
, Paul bound? Or yet in the after course
Pilate when be had rendered his verdict
regard to the Divine Christ. It is true, as fi
\ -as human power was concerned he did bo
in his bands tbe right to pass Judgmeut c
all within his jurisdiction. And as such I
exclaimed "I find no lault in this man." B
policy now enters in aud he by his words at
actions says, "Ob, Countrymen," I am hut
weakling in your nauds. I;seek your;wlll,
court your favor, I desire your pleasure evi
to the crucifying of the Sou of God. .So tal
ye him. Oo, crucify him." Calapbas thoug
it expedient that one man should d
lor tbe people, but bis policy brought d
order to the Jewish race. Yes, policy lbundi
on wrong principle ever has, and ever wi
ring desruction knell, to tbe individual at
to the nation that seeks such ends. .In
boam sought tbe sceptre, yes, he won 11
throne. But he to spught policy, too muc
Oh, countrymen, is it for you logo up to Jer
salem to worship, why, behold these tv
calves of gold that 1 have made. These a
thev that brought you up out of tbe land
Eygpt, and nbw I will place them convenie
for you, one will be found at Bethel and tt
other over yonder in Dan. Oh, policy, pollc
what ruin thou hast wrought to the indlvl
uals and nations of the world.
Jeroboam thereby lost the love and fav
of tiod without which no kingdom can stan
Bringing irreligion among his people whi<
caused their moral deterioration and whii
undermined the very foundations of nation
prosperity and success.
But let us take a more modern view, In
more modern period, view the reigns of tl
kings previous to the French revolution, ai
what a sad spectacle we behold. Charles at
Louis were seeking self aggrandizemec
while the nation's bosom was heaving wl
tbe sacred principles of truth and rlgl
French policy was forming an ideal gover
ment, "French statesmen were wearing tl
glittering jewels and diadems that hail bet
wrung from the God' fearing middle clai
Statesmen to whom right was unknown b
with whom vice was virtue. So it was uui
*' nlni-ooc in hfklv 11 n If
IU6 U1IUIII? OUU woooco ...
and taught all sovereigns that tbe peop
rule and that kings must be subservient
their will. Ob that all people and natioi
and races under the wbole heaven from tl
time that God placed Adam and Eve in tl
garden of Eden had made every action, eve!
thought, every word, to conform to the pri
/ clplesof truth and right and then, oh he
different would the pages of history ha
read to-day.
Principle Indeed is the source of true po'
er. Principle builds up character makes m<
manly, makes true manhood. Indeed thr
*rreat principles build up the man hoc
Knowledge, will, these two are strong, b
stronger still the third, obedience. It is
great tap root which knit around the rock
duty is not stirred though storm and tei
pest spend their-utmost skill, true manbo<
rests there still. Devotion to principle is t
secret of true power. It !s the leading .spii
iu each and every reform. The songs
love and ascriptions of praise that daily a
cend to the throne above are but evident
of its power. '
We are now in the closing hours oft
l'Jth century and many of us are abont
place our frail craft of life out ou the sea
time, preparatory.to meet the great (juestio
and problems that will come with the da\
of theUOtb. .Shall we ioilow policy or prlu
pie in tbe handling and deciding of th(
vexing problems? It is.for us to say. '1
lives of great men gone on before us shoi
warn us against running against the stun
ling block and stumbling stone of polii
Yes, the following of principle oft costs
something. We may lose by it some of t
glitter of time temporally but it will win
us giory in niue eternal, vyuwiu iwoe ?uu
tbing of earthly honor at times, earthly pi
tlon, wealth and power. The world will fly
against us and naturally so, but yet it w
respect us.
7 It is said-that when prince Lorenzo of Fl
ence lay dying he sent for the Monk, I
Priorof San Marco, saying "This is the 01
tnoDk 1 really know, There were ma
monks In Florence at the time, but none U
ed say a word against the liie of profligt
that the prince was leading, save this c
man. The others had fallen in with the sa
vices that had befalleu the prince. But wh
the last bitter hour came as a blight over 1
prlnce's.Kpirit he sent for this one man 1
Prior of San Marco which was none otl
than Italy's great minister and teacher !
vourarola. Yes, he sent for him becwuse
kuew he stood by principle, by what
thought and knew to be right. The . wo
however may perhaps not wreath for us a
beautiful laurels, or sing lor us any sw
hosannas, or form for us any triumphal p
cession, but it will resnect us. The poet t
ly said,
"Truth is upon the scaffold
Wrong upon the throne
Yet that scaffold sways the future
And behind tue din we know God is sun
ing within the shadow.
Keeping watch above hiB own."
You and I have a part to do, a part to pi;
Hut we can never accomplish it by follow
policy. No! No! But let us follow prlncii
and it will be a .hastening of the day wt
"the sceptre shall Indeed return to th<
crowned truili, when we shall conquer <
selfishness with love, the rule of gold w
the Golden Rule; Gibralter's power with
Kockof Ages and In that grand and glorii
day the glow oi blood red Mars" that il
mines the sky above us and frets the do
of heaven with its bright star tire shall fi
away, amid the brightness of the glory of
second advent, when Christ shall come, wl
peace and Joy shall reign and the prlnciu
of justice rule in the heart and lives of m
Oh, may God help us to hasten on this <,
rlous day.
Feraonnl Paragraphs and I't-iici
Troy, S. C? Feb. -1,18!'
Kverythlng is ill a stir this morning look
for t.he show.
Kev.T. W.Sloan preached a fine sermon 1
Sunday and his talks every Sunday night ]
v treat to any one.
i'rof. McElroy has beeD elected superinte
ant of the A. It. P. Sunday school, and Mr
W. Mullinax was elected superintendent
the .Baptist.
Mr. P. H. McCaslan was in town last wi
and gave us a dying call.
The Young Workers of the Baptist chu
gave the Connie Maxwell Orphanage $21 I
year. This is a good step for the little ones
on last Thursday, January :!lst, Mr. I?
Hollingswortb, of Edgefield county, sent.
West to Troy with a load of cotton. On
turning home that evening at about. 4 o'cli
with three other darkeys in the wagon w
him about live miles below here Joe was a
ed by three men to hold up his hands,
this the darkey jumped out of the wagon i
run Thpv fired at him twice with a don
barrel shot gun, and on the next morning
win dead. Trial Justice Killchrist held
iuijuest. The shooting took place in At
ville county, but the darkey died in Edge/I
county. The verdict of the jury was that
came to his death Irom a gun shot wouik
the hands of unknown parties.
Miss MajjgieSibert, of Bradley, is with r
lives and friends in town.
Mrs. Eliza I'oozer, of Ureenwood, was
towu last week.
There will be communion in the A. It
church next Sunday.
Mr. T. M. Jay.one of the township su|
vIsors, promises to give us better roads i
tuore 01 them. He is Die right man in
right place.
Our town is Hushed with coffee pot?.
Mr. G. 15. McC'afilau is sick at Mr. A. M. K
nedy's. Nicl
If you have dress eoods. flatinelR or c!<
materials to huy, call at iladdous.
' " * . '
y j * ;i
Dispensary. or Xo Dispensary SI
Atfitate* the Scribe's Minil.
Xineiy-Six, s. C.. January '_'S, ISO.'
Ninety-Six has been unusually quiet sli
the new-year until tlie last week, when wi
out warning, a dispensary schemejwas spri
upon the town. Some'JO citizeus signed
and then it was submitted to tlie town eoi
eil, who refused to order an election.- Ho
matter stands, we are unable to foresee I
ouloome, but trust to Providence we will In
no dispensary.
Another ear load of Wyoming horses
rived here last week. Ninety-Six Is neau<|U
ters lor horses and mules this winter,
have plenty of hay ami grain to lt*e?t th<
.Miss Hattle Curtis tins returned home fr
a long visit to friends at, Limestone Sprii
'' and elsewhere.
Captain McCaslan spent the entire w<
at Abbeville. He had committed a numi
of wrong doers to jail lor trial and was lo
ing after the cases.
The "blind tigers" are in fall sway in n
around Ninety-Six. A good state const a
is needed here badly.
Trial justice McCas en bound over Flem
,? Butler. Powell Hates, Hubert Donovant u
c Charles Fulton, all colored, for their apt
ance at the June term of the court of sessi<
for compound burglary and larceny. Tl
oroke into Mr. J. A. Moore's corncrib t
carried olf several bushels ol corn.
Mr. W. F. Cobb had his meat house brol
open one night recently. He lost eight
ten pieces of meat, no clue iu the thieves,
p- M iks iji I lie Cromer and Bessie Hill are
home from Danville Female Academy, >
Some of our dispensary advocates think
10 will increase the trade of Ninety-Six.
e" wonder if competitive prices would not do
ie same till ug?
,e* There is a good deal of petty thieving
01 ing 011 in thecounty and we presume it \
?' continue and increase until the floating gi
.>f Idlers can get something to do.
Major Cad Waller of Greenwood was do
the past week.
? The women aud children of Ninety-Six
' opposed lo a dispensary.
Ir" Messrs H. I*. Galphin, W. 15. Anderson:
Charles 1'. Roberts are the liny Kinus
Ninety-Six. We have several baronets i
ind earls also in the hay business.
}? The Wyoming horse traders say it is che
er to feed their stock at Ninety-Six than
9' the far west.
,n The Kev. F. 0. S. Curtis preached a I
ir in^-t <nn,tuv llo iK an interest
'd speaker and calls things by their ri
>u uames.
Ninety-Six man went. to NValhalla recen
, ostensibly on business. The state constat
lounditout and the gentleman relume
? poorer if not wiser man.
I1 Miss Fannie Brabham of Edgefield who
been staying with lier sisle. Mrs. J. s. >
son. left for her home last Thursday.
, I>r. G. F. E. Wenck has moved his fait
back to Niuety-Six. They occupy his fori
resiaence on Teunessee street,
r" Mr. Pope Young is clerking for Messrs 1
lerand Nichols, where he will be glad to
bis trlends.
rf Miss Anuie Burkhalter of Edgelleld con
!e is attending the Ninety-six High School,
[J- We trust the largely signed petition of
. * good women of Greenwood will have its
<' feet on the vote io-m orrow.
[z. Mr. \V. S. Richardson has a berkshire
20 months old that weighs 0U0 pounds.
Those of our people wbo attended c<
last week, were very much impressed v
Jj' Judge Buchannau.
u" We suppose every cross roads town in
county will try to get a dispensary .you ki
it will help trade. East End
ch ? , ?
a' Kit; Prizes for Rig Pi??.
a [From The News and Courier. Jan. 24, IS!
id The News and Courier will pay S100 in g
id to the two farmers or other persons who si
it, raise the two heaviest hogs in South Carol
tt> during the year 1895. ThiR amount will
divided into two pri/.es. The prize for
n. biggest hog will be eighty dollars in gi
lie aud for the second biggest hog twenty (
>o lars in gold. A third prize for the hog sin
is. Ing the largest gain at the lowest cost, i
m be a complete set of the Americanized Cy<
til p;t:dia liritanica, bound in morocco and c
>n sitting of ten volumes.
fie The only condition of the contest is t
to eveiy contestant must be a yearly subscri
an to the weekly News and Courier. The c
it test will close ou December 25, 1S95, and
ae prizes will be awarded as soon thereafter a
ry is possible to compare the returns and asi
n- tain who have raised the winning hogs. C
iw testants will be required to send to the N<
ve aud Courier cot luter than January 1, 1
a certificate signed by three witnesses, i
sworn to before the nearest trial Justice, |
;n ing the age, gross weight and net weigln
ee their hogs, and statiug as nearly as poss
d. the methods employed in raising and fall
ut ing the hogs, the cost of raising them and
a breed of each.
ol The contest will be open to every man,
u. man and child in the State who lw a yei
ad ly subscriber to The Weekly News aud I
he rier, and who can own and cultivate ap
It the purpose of The News and Courier in o
ol ing the prize Is to encourage the people ol
Lg. Stale to raise their own meat and to si
:es that South Carolina leads lu the producl
<ir hrw iinri hnminv. as it leads in the proi
he i>on of cotton goods. Some days ago we
to celveil a letter from a Ham well County fur
of suggesting that The News and Courier c:
ns premiums for the biggest Hogs, anil we h
vn adopted the suggestion. Our Barnwell (\
cl- ty furmer said:
se "It Is gratifying to the friends of your
he per to see the iuterest manifested in the
lid fare of our farmers. Only a few years
ib- The News and Courier urged the peopl
cy. plant tobacco, which lrom all accounts,
us beeu a blessing to m?ny In the Pee-Dee
,be tion of the State. Now you are t>hov
for what our people can do in raising their <
ae- bacon. 1 would suggest that The News
?si- Courier offer a premium of 8100 to the
ht killing the heaviest hog next J>eceinbe
rill believe that this would have a good effect
cause many of our people to give more at
or- tion to the Hog, anil that uext JJecen
.he there would be bigger hogs killed in
ily State than ever be'ore. This plan would
ny low the smallest farmer to compete lor
Hr- prize."
icy The reports from all parts of the ?
>ne which we have published show that while
me people have little money they have r
en home-raisd hog aud hominy than in any ,
i,be since the war. Some of the reports ot
ihe hogs that we have received are almost s
tier ling, so big were the hogs, aud prowna
ni- little expense, it lias beeu demonstr
he that bacon can he produced in South Care
he at an average cost ol three cents a pound.
rid The News and Conrior will pay one I
uy dred dollars in gold to the two men, wo
eet or children who shall grow the two hit
iro- hogs this year. Kvery Fanner in the S
ru should enter lor the contest; every towi
the Slate should try conclusions with
country neighbors.
,en" Tobacco is one of the many evils thai
Jru consuming the money of our towns and a
jur tries. We go in some of the splendid I
id, houses of today?public houses meantime
what will you find smeared all over the<
au8 handsome walls? Tliat low degrading s
llu. tobacco. A man that does not care any i:
ves for himself than to be caught using the
tde sonous weed cures less where he throws
Hie filthy liquid. Tobacco habit is one of
,eil filthiest habits a decent man can get into
,leS he chews a great deal, he soils his c otbes.
en moreover his mould nas oeen compared
machine. Then, his teeth are ruined by
* contiuunl use of a weed which neither sai
nor nourish; but rather createsand takes fi
Tobacco is the root of falsehood, perha
young man has never told a story in ui
life till one day he is asked about usln
or smoking tobacco, and then he's soasha
of having been caught indulgent in sui
I habit? he tells his tirst by denying it.
Foster has beautifully expressed "In
majority of things, habit is a greater pis
5. than ever artlicteil Egypt; In religious cht
ing ter, it ia a grand lellcity." Also Dryden >
"All habits gather, by uqseen degree*
ast brooks make rivers, rivers run to seas." ,
is a iK the only animal who has intelligent'
make the pleasure attorded In the grali
ud- tlou of appetite a distiuct object of pun
. ,1. The animals less intelligent titan man,
' oi possessing this power, do not pursue plea
as an end, but when their appetites are s
?ek 'leu. are content to await their natural re
-not so with man; just as rooii asouea
rch tite is satisfied another arouses. Man's ii
last llgence was given as a guide, not as a ser
of artiUcial appetite.
ick I'.y law of reason and conscience, and,
j1)e rational master, reruses to surrender bin
re- to a sensuous slavery. As strong dr
ack ! weaken the mind, causing It to become
iHi "accute" so also does the habit ol stron
;sk- j baeco.
All We rtnd that no young man's concepti<
Hid | as clear as belore the use of smoking or cl
iblel ing tobacco. This has been well exempt
; he In college where some young men use
the I others do not. Then, too, the constant
ibe- leads to other evil habits, whiskey and I
eld { Phlne which not only weakens, but dest
, he tlte mind.
1 in ! How many strong and great minds I
I beeu completely destroyed by these low
..I.. ! 11 *<> .I I r > ip 'I'l..... rm.. mull will wl
O'U- , ...... "
up and say, '-they dou't hurt me! No i
; ja ! can do so, and at the wnne time know tin
| jury that follows.
.p.l A man once named his pockets, uatr
I''the world." When asked if lie had an:
r)er- baeeo he would reply, "None in the wor
md I He meant that lie did not have any In
the pocket?not that he did not have any ai
j So we see lie told a falsehood, and eh ewe
the same.
en _ > . ?
j Now Is the time to buy a winter wrap el
i;ik flt Haddons.
j See our rice, 20 pounds to the $1, A Mm"
yupply Co.
ill .1 <?ooil Way to Jtnin a Town?tiri
l?l?( Kverjborty, ami Fln<l Fi
' Willi Kven tliiiie-Look WInc n*
Mi- Owl and Act like an Idiot.
"'K No mutter how prosperous a town, or
11 bright the outlook, there are nl ways eroa
'V'" who are expecting evil lo lall upon tliern
L, tne whoie com in unity. They act and tal
"e if they had had a special dispensation wl
lVe by they are enabled to discern impendini
Inmitles or threatening dangers at great
:,r" lances. Kioto mistaken patriotic motive
'J?" well as from love of their (ellowman, I
" '' take great pleasure in painting these Hot
'*,u the path which tire as yet too faraway t
seen hy the unaided eye.
r)l'1 From the days when Adam and Kve wei
the garden, all the way down to the pre
. time, the country has been aJlllcted with
!e_. pie who see nothing but evil, mid Whose
'V dictions have been for evil, and who con
ently fall or refuse to see or acknowledge
. itive benefactions and distinctive blessin
l" ' lJeing birds of evil omen, they distort
uie good in to evii, and magnify thesllghtest
. r appointment into the greatest and mos
""J lamltousof dispensations.
mu There ate, ou the other hand, people
wr" would be cheerlul and hopeful, prospe
)nK and happy, if it were not for these blr<
'eJJ evil omen who throw a damper on every
111(1 posed enterprise and wbo belittle the sue
es that cotne to our door.
ien. Although Abbeville has never had a j
or prosperous period in her history than
been furnisned by the history of the last
., years, yet there are people who think we I
'lr" fallen far short of reasonable expectat
.. They seem lo think that Abbeville ougl
... two years to outstrip Atlanta in tride
e manufacturing enterprise, and they cib
the erytiiing short of that as evidence that *
not prosperous and go whiningaroupd
k,. long luces and woful chat.
The fact is, that every man at Abbe
,ue who is working energetically and appl
business methods in the conduct of his i
WP ness, is prosperous anil lias beeu prospei
There is no use to deny this proposition
are is true that many debtors have not pal
lull, but the unpxld portion st.lll stands,
will In runny cases be good at some fu
"J Liiiic. mere i* no use 10 say mihi we
4llt* losi thousands of dollars, when we have
failed locollect?and failed possibly toco
UP" the profits. In a case like this we lose mi
1 1,1 which we never had. On the same prim
a man might say be had a million doll
'Jne that is to say, he might say he had It to K<
'"8 Now, if we lose what we never had,
Sllt have what we never possessed, where are
One proposition Is just as reasonable as
' i'- other.
sles Take for Instance: Mr. George W. Loi
l? u a small grocer in lown, turned over hiss
last year thirteen times, tnade a sood pi
)fK and lost only S'iUO In bad debts. Then. a|
N "" Oale B. Harksdale, with a larger capital
Mr. Lomax had, turned over his capital ?
'"J six limes in the year with good prollt,
ner lost about SUM).
If Mr. Barksdale and Mr. Lomax cai
ul" that well with their capIUI, why can't e<
see body else make money, if they apply
ness methods, and conduct their buslnei
u,y an economical scale? Mr. Lomax, witt
smaller capital, made a hundred per <
ll1? Mr. Barksdale, with his larger capital, t
' el* forty-eight per cent, on the capital Invest
If you made bad trades aud lost mc
P'S don't injure your credit by telling everyb
There is no use laying the blaiue on the
times You just apply good judgment
"l11 business methods, and then you will hav
call lor croaking, fauit flndlug, or crylnj
the anuinst the towu or country. The unpro
,oW ous man makes a mistake in supposing
the world has combined against iiim.ai
devoting its whole energy to his destruc
Laugh aud the world will laugh with yot
go around with your troubles told toei
body, and the world will not weep with
? - The disposition Is to do as the soldiers d
the army?leave the lame ducks on the i
;old side while the great mass of the sol
iau marciieu 011.
ina m ^ m
Heartfelt Tribute to Col. and Mr
Ao on
Lnn on Tlieir Departure F
. , Abbeville.
ber Ooronaca, S. C , Feb. 4, II
on- Editor l'ress and Banner:
the Mr. C. C. Law, our neighbor and friem
s It twenty years and more left ukoii the 25th
i-er- Tor bis old stamping grounds on the Pee
,'on- in Marlon county to make it his future h
swb He carries with him the best wisbev oi
,8%, many friends for Ills future welfare. Hi
nud man of rare literary attainments, a ters<
l?iv- close reader and has t>een regarded by n
l of of his intimate frieuds almost asawal
Ible encyclopedia. A rare conversationalist t
en- most pleasant companion. The truth
the hardly ever made an acquaintance wit
intelligent, genial man out he made a lr
wo- It is hard to have the strings of attachr
irly cemented by so many years of nnadulte
,'ou- friendly intercourse, snapped asunder,
ig? such Is life. G. 1*. O'Ne
tier- P. S.?I will add my tribute to Mrs. La
the I see Mr. O'Neall has left her out.
low she is u highly cultured lady of grea
Ion sources in times of need, a fast friend, a f
luc- I cannot replace and will bean acquisltn
re- any community. She has been a leader
mer social events in the city of Cleveland, i
itl'er from whence she came, and I do hope
iave community to which she has now gone
>uu- appreciate her at her true worth.
Very respectfully. Mrs. V. O'Nc
pa- _________?
wel- - -
e to
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r. J
and u ^
as fcncyclopu?dia
1 ulMate
yea i Pqjoig
\*n- Ten Cents
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:geut B8RCTJTM3BfflimfB? rwlWjBVfjf
late i^^MvCSSW KIMeexjH?
i in
jnce WHS ^wUilli
no re ^M^PP'
11 Tiie most wonderful work oft
to H XIX Century.
t j^Vy " // ell other books ibeutd t
"om. destroyed, the Bible ejoctpte*.
ft," the world would tUffB h*t hi
k or little of Its Information."
K Without a Parall
*gue Id th? hiitory of t6uc*tlo?*l at*rp?k?? it
true- th* offtr of ^
uys, The Columbia State 10 its
Man thaufawis of frte?4s uti tutei. & ?!
L, ,D an offer has sever been made before. aai
lieu- should have your oarebtl caasMeratlon.
suit. Th* merita of tty llfcapal a?4 BasMMrtl
uol literary enterprli* ten wfy be Jo4f*d by
sure careful lavesCratkWL
turn Every re alar Is tbertfor* earnestly sail
ppe- to ei va the attention to tills otfar that Ha
ue|. Importance aad liberality deserve.
r It Means That
i'lTki! Th? ben and heretofore most
|(.ss explosive EncjplONrtt* '* within easy r
K i<). of *yen th* bo>* aQd girts.
Parents, encocurtfp jww chlliran In b?
111 ls of ecaooi&y for tba wfelett of all rucmw
[ hCWM; tar tlU saka cf adlicsjttfL J4*
)(llj thin*of 111 A??vlflf of oviy latantaa
use *?1 uciri you til* (Nat 3aajrtXjpu4i*
timr- SrtUsnic*, which fevers ewery*6Arti
'?>>> of ksoesUdge known ? isawhjhH M?
an aeeJs aay other Nfcrary; afc aaa caj
iinil have a better aa*.
i'in Bear in Mind
That this new edition Is comitate la at
?cjy. volumes. a a* Is th* oa+y EHuyclspMla t*
'|(j. world ^vliil < 4it?, wd It oUM tor *
dial *' lnti"?4i?ctaiy rftet t? *ub*croer* W 2
I a|| State only, for whom all freight
,1 tl|i ?kMT|M ?rtU be prtpftjd m uy reitrnu
UMoa in the (JnVtd
Writ* tor dMtriptto* or vvtaaa etytoe
Mlt^f r1*" Ac-. io
u(k, ^ - B COLUMBIA,!
Evaporated apples, peaches and apricots
! Abbeville Supply Co.
i Something new In ladles shoulder braces,
i Harrison <fc Game's Drug Store.
l,,n" !
Illlt | "
"?? When the School Commissioner
. will be in his Office.
1 ers office on Saturdays, except the 1st Sai|.
!lB ! urday In each month, and also on Saleda.vs
iere- ! anJ olh^r public days during the present flscal
year, for the purposp of transacting the
rtiH. business of the office. W. 1'. MILFOUD,
H ; .Ian. '2\ 1MI"). School Coinmlsslouer A. C.
o hp 010HARD OANrTT, Is now prepared to do
IV all work In hi? department in the best
I ! manner and at reaxonable charges. Monthly
sent 1 customers shaving, hair cutting and shanineo
pooing 81 per month. Rasora honed and put
?re[ in the best condition for 25 cents each.
idca-'! Dr. S. G. Thomson,
I Corner, Abbeville. S. C.
is of |
",?? S. r. Killings worth,
bave I Seal Block, Abbeville, S. C.
Ions.; ;
with j AT
' IS THE FUTURE I propose to Bins the eeli
It; 1 ebrHted Terra Cotta wells at a great rej
; duct Ion In my former price. So parties deslr;
Ingau everlasting supply of nood sparkling
j " water at a low price would do well to confer
. i with me before making other arrangements.
I'.'nTv an I propone to make It lo the interest 01 an
llect to do HO- WATER OR NO PAY-ls ray motonev
to> 1 havft lD ten years experience standing
clpal testimonials In six counties. Address
we? Greenwood, S. C.
the March 22,1S98, tf
IB. 1). REM.
? out countand will be glad to serve the public
sPPr. in every department of his business.
th?t In connection with bis repair work, he
ad Is IIPRP8 a fine stock of JEWELRY, WATCHES,
tIon. SILVERWARE., etc
d lers
y Grocery Store.
?. C. J
rom I nr. v,??? nn in Mip HOTEL BLOCK
H a lufi stock ?f
> Dee !
r0lhlt ! TO BE SOLD AT THE
isjg!Lowest Prices for CASH.
mil a i
i,8 u'n i Call on us when tn need of anything in our
lend ' ,lne ant' wo GUARANTEE to sell you what
nent y?" want as LOW hh llrst class goods can be
rated j "old.
Fresh Fish
i>n to SATURDAY. Yonrs to I'lease,
Id all I
;iSlH.W. LAWS01T.
sail. !
I Jan. 1G, 189.*). tf
j Alcoholism, Morphinism, Nemos
j Exhaustion and the Tobacco
j Hahit
neceHutiy for stimulants. The cure I*
made, the future Is with the ex-patient. It
does not put, brains into a man's head or a
| pad lock oil Ills month. After treatment his
a j condition ?b to the craving In the same as be
L ' fore ever using stimulants. We cure the dlsease,
our part is performed. The families ol
; Ihe ex-patients, the community In which
! they live, In fact all must give them encouragement
and moral 8upport. There would
I iheh be. fewer lapses. A smnll perentage,
i (less than 7 per cent,) only of those treated at
J i he Institute of South Carolina, have expertL
rnented with liquor, and less than 5 per cent
9 j have returned In tbelr old babits, and some
j or the worst and almost bopless cases have
been sent to us aod are living witnesses of tbe
|B ICEELEY CUKE. Canthe treatment of other
: diseases show a better result? For further
I Information and leaflets address the
j Keeley Institute,
th? Northeast corner Lady and Marlon
Streets, (or Drawer 27.)
m i Columbia, S. C.
. ! The Keely Treatment .is administered in
I? : South Carolina only at Columbia,
gf I Oct. 21, IS'll, tf
I V17-RITR TO OR CALL on the undersigned
i * * or to the Director of your Township
! Tor any information yon tnay desire about
j 011 r P,an (>' Insurance.
(KM \ye jasure your property against destruc:
tion by
i -ind do so cheaper than any Insurance Com1
pany In exlsience.
taei Hemember we are prepared to prove to you
that ours is the safest und cheapest plan of
insurance known.
** i Coronaca, S. C.
? ?? Tin T HT Tl
M*< | J. ? UiiJLXiK. iiiuiv, jrrca.
? I Abbeville, S. C.
| boardImrectors.'
S. M. Anderson Ninety Six Township.
itftt .1. M. Major Greenwood
ik ! P. W. Sullivan Cokes bury "
Bh* VV. B. Acker Donnalds "
1$. M. Clinkseales Hue West "
I T. L. Haddon hong Cane "
I J. \V. Seott .Smlthvllle '
K. W. WntBon While Halt "
" | Dr. J. 1). Neel Indian Hill ?*
(.'apt. John Lyon Cedar Spring "
' <\ K. Richie Abbeville '
; J. E. Wakelleld Diamond Hill "
. r H. I'mnkH Lowndesville "
* *" I (ieorge M. Smith Magnolia "
| Murcb 1U, ?#1.?12mo.
? J
: ~1_ ;i ~2l. '".V;'i'L '1Ij |i?1'
HAVING bought the beef market of
Van Straaten will henceforth furnl?h
kinds of FRESH MEATS at I he LOWI
specially. Give him your order*.
?T. P. (X)TH ItAN ?
Attorneys at Law.
Abbeville. S. C.
Ih a substitute Tor Calomel
a Liver Panacea that does
nauseate?at Harrison & Gai
Drug: Store.
i J. T. PARKS,
# Fire, Life & Real Estate Agen
S Cotbran's Hrick Oftice, Main Street.
0 Settings of Indian Game Fowls $2.00
0 SettlngH of B. C'. Brown Legborn, 1.50
1 Abbeville, S. C.t Feb. 7.189-1.
/. TAILOR, .\
HAS moved, and occupies the room rec
iy occupied by J. L. Clark, the t
smith, and Is now prepared to do all kind
repalriugand cleaning of gentlemen's clol
on short notice.
Samples of suits always on band. Chai
The State of South Carolii
In the Matter of the Estate of Joseph
Youngblood, Deceased.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
ALL persons Indebted to said estate n
settle without delay/and those hole
claims ngninst the estate must present tl
properly attested to
Jan. 16, 1895, tf Administrate
A onrl Fi
I r\ > / \J l I 11~> I Lv CU I I
Metropolitan Branil of MixeftPai
? OF ?
always on band at the
City Drug Stor
single can 81.25. A liberal dlscoun
painters using large quantities.
Oct. 25, 1808, tf
Port Royal and Western Carolina R
Augusta and Ashevillc Short Lin
.T. B. CLEVELAND, Receiver.
QUICKEST routo to Athens. Raleigh, Noi
Richmond. Va., anil Eastern cities. Scbi
in effect July let, 1894. Eastern time.
Lv Angusta 2 35 pm <1 5
' Ar Greenwood o 23 pin 12 1
Ar Anderson 8 115 jnii
Ar Laurens (I 21 pin
Ar,(}reenvllle 7 50 j>m
Ar Spartiinourg 8 U.'? pin
Ar Saluda V -18 ptu
, Ar Ht-ndersonvlile 10 22 pin ?
Ar Asheville 11 20 pin
Lv Ashovllle 8 40 ain
Lv Spartanburg .". 11 4ft am
Lv Greenville 11 10 am
Lv Laurens 1 28 pm
Lv Anderson 11 00 am
Lv Greenwood 2 28 pm 6 f
\ r Augusta 5 15 pm 10 1
Ar Savannah (i 01) am 6 0
Lv Greenwood ....'. 5 23 ptn 12 4
Ar Athens 3 0
Ar Iialeleh 1 26 am
Ar Noifolk it 10 am
Ar Old Point 11 00 am
Ar Petersburg 0 00 am
Ar Uichmond 6 40 am
Ar Washington 10 45 am
0.50 a. in. train connects at Greenwood for Will
and all points on Seaboard Air Line and Colu
and Greenville Hallways.
I For any Information relative to tickets, rates, s
I tiles, etc., address
W. !. CRAIG. Gen. PasH. Afrent,
K. L. TODI), Travelling Passur.?er,Agenl
Seaboard .Air Lir
Schedule In eli.-ct Dec. 23, 1SD1. "The At]
Special," build Vestlbuled Train?No Extra
Double Dally between Atlanta and New Vurl
No. 38. No. 402. Jentral Time. No. 403. N<
Daily. | Daily. Daily and Sundny Daily Dt
S 15lim 12 00 m Lv Atlanta Ar! 4 U'.tpm f> i
U.Depot,City Te.
2 3Sp.in.Ar...Winder....Lv! 3 42pm
I Eastern Time. (
11 4Sptr.! 3 03pm;Lv Athens Ar 8 03pm) 3'
12 57am 4 01pmAr Elberton Lv 2 01pm|2i
1 2yam; 4 27pm Ar CalhounKIs Lv 1 37|<in 1 t
1 42uin 4 88pmI Ar Watts Lv 1 27pin 1
1 Mini! 4 49pm Ar Shops Lv 1 lOpin 1 1
2 02am 4 .Viplti Ar Abbeville Lv; 1 15pm 1 !
2 15ain; 5 05pm Ar ( ana Lv' lOOpui, 1 ]
j Ar Salak Lv. 12 63pm
2 33am; 5 23pra Ar Green wood Lv 12 48pm 12 J
2 47amJ 5 34|im Ar Sanea Lv 12 86pni 12*1
2 49am| 5 36pni.Ar Lola Lv 12 34pui 12 4
3 HOainI 6 08pm Ar Clinton Lv 12 04pm 12 I
5 OOam1 7 23put Ar Chester Lv 10 51nm 10 f
6 8lliuii S45put|Ar Monri>e Lv| !l ,')7ain 9(
10 '2.5am 9 4flpm Ar Charlotte Lv 5 50nm 7 f
7 4Sain !) 48pm Ar Wudealmro Lv 8 .'57am S ;
8 30am 10 20piii ArKockln;rliau)Lv X I 5am 7 4
b 40an\ 10 30pm! Ar Hamlet Lv 7 54am 7 fl
12 30pui 7 50am ArVVilmtmrtun Lv 7 Sopiu 8 4
!l 40am 11 21pm Ar So. t'iriHM Lv 7 10am 0 2
10 .'Warn 12 Hum Ar San ford Lv Ii28am 5 !1
11 50am 1 20am Ar Kaleijili Lv 5 17am .'{.I
142pm 2 33amfAr Henderson Lv 4 10am 1 !5
3 12pmi 4 OSainlAr Weldon Lv 2 4Saui|ll {
5 60pm 7 30uin Ar Norfolk Lv !) 00pm 9 1
5 51 pin 0 OOiun Ar Pulerhhurir Lv 12 55am i? :
(i 48pm 0 40ain Ar Kielimond Lv 12 23am 0 (
11 10pm Hi 15am Ar WaxliinKtonLv 8 40pm 4 :1
12 4Sam lz 05pm Ar Baltimore Lv 7 31pm 2 4
:i 45am 2 20|>m Ar PlilldclpliiaLv 5 lOum II 4
(1 53nm 4 53pm'Ar New York Lv 5 2l)pin 'JO
Betwven Atlanta and Charleston.
No. 34. No 30. Diiilv Ceii. Time., No. 43. No
7 15am f3 45pm LvAtlanta,<\ii. Arjtx 00am 0 4
8 55am 5 30pm ArTucker.K.tl.Ar 8 O'.lfttn 0 5
10 4lam 7 45pm Ar Athens Ar Kx.Sim. 5 0
11 45am Rv.Sun. Ar Fllierton Arj ' 4 0
11 I3pm " ArCallioiin KM Ar " 3 2l
12 2t(m. " Ar Watts Ar' " 3 1!
12 35pin " Ar sli?r> Arj " 3 01
12 43pm " Ar AMn-vlllc Ar " 3 0
100pm " Ar Cima Ar! '' 2 5
" Ar 8nlak Arj " 2 4'
1 ISnio " Ar Greenwood Ar " 2 4:
I ;!5pnij " Ar Sal ilea Arj " 2 2J
I :?>pm " Ar loin Ar " ! 22
12 1 "pin ' Ar Clinton Lyj " 14!
I2.'?i|iui " Lv Clinton a r| " 121
I 15|>m Ar 1 oliimliia Ar II I
*>Mhon Ar S' inter Ar II 01
K<tO|>m Ar (!h:iHei>ton Lv T I.
Trains Nil*. 102 iiiul -MJ.'i are .solid veMihtile tn
with Piillfiiun ISutVi't (deeping cars between Atli
uml Washington, tlirun^li sleepers between Mpi
mil Portsmouth. Vii.; I'lihman iiulU-t parlor
between Washington and New York; sleeping
between Chailotte ami Wiln.iiijrton. Trains Nos
uml II. foli<i between Atlanta and .Vorfold, cairj
I'ii.Mii an sleeping altac ed. making direct eonnee
at Weldon \yiili Atlantic t-onst Lino J'??r Washint
anil New York, anil all points north ami rant j at 5
folk with siraiiiiT.s liir Washington, Bay Line of
tfiimri', Old Dominion |'i>r New York. Trains;;)
tf>, solid tralna between Atlanta and Columbia, v
through coaches tor Charleston. Tickets for sal
union ili'|iot or al tin* company's ticket office, at N
Kimball Ilniitu*.
JOHN II. WINDKIi. Gen. Mangr,
T. (. ANDKIiSON. Gen. Pass. Au't.
E. J. WALKED, City I'ass, aud Ticket A-j
"'! A Cotton
Purchase only such fertilizers
M[j| least 3 to 4<f0 actual potash'.
SB! For Corn, Fertilizers sho
,TV1' Poor results are due entire
[IN |
We will gladly send you our pamphlets on
I IT , They are sent free. It will cost you 'noth
ill | dollars. * GERMAN I
_ National Bank
I Ca-oital, "
: Surplus, ?Is
me. I j. AI.LEN SMITH. President.
M j
{ WM. H. PARKER, Abbeville, S. C?
T L. W. WHITE, Abbeville, N. C.,
t# BENJ. S. BARNWELL, Abbeville,8.C
^ rvOES a General Banking business, provides
i l_J Depositors. Is ready at any and all times 1
J a* our oonnty affords.
>, busts' fresh
I . '
rges j mmmmammmm
!We have just received a larg
1a,! All kind* that are used
H. W. LA^
d T5 ^3 . C
ri Jr> -Da k
J It j With a full an<
Drugs, Chemicals, 1
IltS Oils, - Glass,
Is in the market to down com
0. | making any purchases.
I am Bounc
_ President.
. R
This cotton plant wan fertilized with
cotton Reed meal.
The above cut is an exact reprr
i plants from same pic
Uly. !
! Hulls and M<
lOnin And will GIN your Cc
55am I
JgJE j Pay Highest Market
29tiui |
lOain ;
J),.,., i
(Ojlltl | ??'
ispin j
lpm For the purpose of accommodating th
ilpm j turns, I will fulfill the appointments b<
15,,ui i deputy. Note the dates and save yourse
(7pm | Iiemenil>er when you sign a return, f<
<)[!"? ! oath that you huve returned the propert,
i Remember also if you have credits, an
f5ani thereof, you lay yourself liable to an in\
* 11) i to pro6ecution before the Auditor. We
Jjla!" | The appointments are as follows :
ioai.i i Hodges, Saturday and Monday, 19th a
opin ! Verdery, Monday, Jan. 21st.
Bradley, Tuesday, Jan. 22d!
.-1.-,. i Troy, Wednesday and Thursday, Jan.
"'i'in MeC'ormick, Fridaj and Saturday, Ja?
Si Bordeaux, Monday, Jan. 2Sth.
vim! Willingtoi , Tuesday, Jan. 2ttth.
Ji"? Mt. Carniel, Wednesday and Thursday
7pin Calhoun Falls, Monday and Tuesday,
}j|J" Lowndesville, Wednesday and Ttaursd
*i'| j Donalds, Tuesday and Wednesday, Fe
Ipiu | Due West, Thursday and Friday, Feb.
J Mountain View, Jan. lltli and 12th at
fcim Antreville, Jan. 11th and 12th at MeA<
i ('edar Springs, Jan. 12th at Hunters st
, Long (Jane, Jan. 11th and 12th at res id
"'iiij Abbeville, from 1st of January until 2<
inn- *
unrs j day, Jau. Ifith, Thursday, Jan. 17th, Fric
Til j day, Jan. 19th and L'lst, ami Ken. -un, 5
j|n^ Auditor and his Assistant will l>e absent
ri"n Tax payers will observe the following i
toll-i Where you have land in more than out
?"jj returns, giving the exact number of acre;
. at Present your plats and deeds to the Ai
u ror in your former return, in order to vei
W. W.
for cotton which contain at
? ;
" . ' ; \
uld contain 6# Potash.
ly to deficiency of Potash.
,T. .'
the Use of Potash.
ing to read them, and they will save you >
1ALI WORKS, o.1 Nassau Street, New York.
: of Abbeville,
Lie, S. C.
_ cnr/fz AAA ;J
tJJ7 I t/jVVV ; -7/
- - - - 15,000
evs *
W. C. McGOWAN, Vice-President. / ^
VELL, Cashier. tjj
J. C. KLUGH, Abbeville, 8. C.,
W. JOEL SMITH, Abbeyille, 8. C?
!., W.C. McGOWAN, Abbeville, 8.C.
, Abbeville* 8. C. ->?r
the greatest security and convenience tor Its
Lo make loans based upon auch safe collatera t
Sept. 11. 1891 ly
_ . _
SON & 00.
;e stock of SCHOOL BOOHS.
in the public schools.
rSON & CO.
1 seleot line of
Medicines, Faints, , ;-|l
Putty and Specialties, ?
[petition. Call on him before v ^
i to Please.
I? illftlllJIIlW'Wh I
w.*l8SKSi. 'iM|
our " No cotton seed meal
whh used on Ibis plant.
iduction of photozraph of two
intation tbis season.
sal for Cattle Food. |
)tton at current rates.
; Price for Cotton Seed.
ax-payers. 1
.... ... , * '
e puonc 1U me ruaueroi luhiug re;low
mentioned, either in person or by ' t
ilf a trip to Abbeville. /,
ir 3'ourself or for another, you take an
y therein named at its true value.
id return none, or only a small fraction
'estigation by the Assessing Board and
wi?h only a fair and honest return.
nd 21st of January.
23rd and 24th.
i. 25th and 26th.
, Jan. .'iOth and ofst.
Feb. 4th and 5th.
ay, Feb. fith and 7th.
b. 5th and (>th.
7th and 8th.
Alliance Ginnery.
Jams store.
leuee of A. F. Calvert.
Uh of February, 1805, except Wedneslay,
Jan. IS, and tSaturday and Month,
fill) and Tth. On these dates the
tilling the above appointments.
nstructions :
i township don't fail to make separate
3 in each.
uditor where you have detected an er ify
a correction.
BRADLEY. Auditor,
. , , , *

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