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The Press and Banaes
{^""Published every Wednesday at a
year lu advance.
Ten 3r*?i^es.
Wednesday, March 6, 1895. j
"Alarum* at Oitr Chambers."
Something new In alarm clocks cuti Ik* veen
at It. C. BerintuV, the jeweier. They are l?e.?ulies
and do not cost any more then any oilier
first-cla^s clock. Any one needing such a
clock, or a preity little clock, should come to
K<*eihein. A'so u new loi of parlor clocks in
colored enamel. These clocks can not be notlen
out of order when shakiug or setting
sside when dusting. The peudulum arrangement
is a right new one, and th-jse clocks *vnl
<ertainly b<- appreciated. 11s It doe.s not require
a .jeweler to set them up as the old style i
trench clock.
A Knr?' Entertainment.
THE ladles of the Episcopal church will
give au entertainment soon after Kaster. The
entertainment will he something entirely
new for Abbeville, being "The Business Men's
Jubilee or Carnival.*' Tins entertainment
lias been most successfully presented at various
large towns and cities. The ladies are
most fortunate la having promised to them
i tie presence and assistance oi Miss Hall, who
lias Just conducted a ".Iubliee" mast success- ]
lully in Charlotte, N. C.
The underslsned was appointed by the K. !
of P. to solicit subscriptions from the citizens j
lor the purpose of erecting a opera house. ,
shurts to be ?.' > each, to bt paid in monthly (
installments, one dollar per month per snare. (
Kiiough share- have been sub-erlhed toeu- |
suresnccos. All citizens who have the Inter (
e-toi 'be town at heart are requested to re- ,
port at once to any <>t the undersign.
G. A. Nuelter, Ch'rtn'n. ,
' D. Brow, ,
We ask attention to the card of Dr. L. .1. {
While, wtio Das open u a ueniai uuice m
Whites Block. He coixh;k highly recommended
by Dr. J. S. Thompson, ol Atlanta, torineriy
of Abbeville. He ha* been In the prHc- '
li*e In Atlanta, and comes back well eijulp .
ped for the practice of ills pretession.
Religious services wilt be conducted sit
Warren ton church nexi Sunday afternoon at
three o'olock by Rev. L ithor Link. Sunday ,
school at half-past two o'clock.
Mrs. R. M. Haddok is In New York selecting
her spriug stock.
Handsome House to Mr. Julius .11.
Visauskn on hif A?rri?icc.
Mr.'Juliu? M. Vlsanska is to be married
this week. Hl? father will go down. Before
going be had recorded in the Clerk's oftlce a <
deed to his homestead on Mag?zlne Street, '
which he gives to his son us a wedding pres- 1
ent. Thin is a handsome present to a worthy *
young man.
Ij. W. Wliite'a I.ncals.
Ij. W. White bas just received the hand
somest line of mattings ever offered in this
town. Trie styles are entirely new and prices
are lower than ever before. Also a lot of new
The unprecedented Rale of full width brown
v and blenched sheeting still continues at tin
store of Li. W. White. He is selling ?n im- <
mense quantity of tn<-se goods, simply be- i
cause the prices are so low.
Some of those 5 cents outing arc still left at *
White's, but the supply Is being rt-duced
very rapidly. Tbe demand for tbein Is very *
1- w White has beautiful line of nercales
and shlriing prtuts, all of which are meeting ,
with ready sale because the styles are so de- ,
Just received?a choice lot of seed iri?h po- i
tatoes, early rose, earlv good rich, beauty i
Hebron and peerless, all for sale by L. W. >
White. <
L. W. While always keeps on hand h good 1
supply ot bl cksmiih tools, anvils, bellows. *
tonga, hammers, &c., Ac.
Don't forget the hainhurg trimmings and ,
torchon laces at L. W. White's. (
Don't ueglect the opportunity for buying
carpets and blankets at cost from L. W. |
White. Only a lew pairs of fine bed blankets i
are lelL i
Go to White's and you can buy the Chen pest
suit of ready-mttde clothing you ever had. j
Those black dress goods at While's are taking
well at the reduced prices.
Now is the opportunity anft White's store is
IUC pitttO IU UtIJ ? VIJVTUf/ wmtn UlriW. '
L. W White's ierocery store i< toe place to
buy coffee. You can buy rlo coffee six pounds 1
lor a dollar, five pound* for ? dollar. four itnd
one-half pounds lor a doliur. and lour pounds I
for a dollar. Beside* Java and Mocha coffees.
L. W. White has now on sal- a large supply 1
of fresh aud genuine garden seeds, also white ,
and red onion sets.
Crochet cotton or. spool all colore at Had 1
Columbia zephyrs, all colors, 5c. lap at Had- |
A few things left In winter dress good which
we still offer regardless of cost at Haddons. <
250 parasols ju?t In fronr. the manufactures.
Our leader 50. 75 and SI. The best goods at 1
the price we nave ever shown. At Haddons. 1
Tooth brushes. The nicest liDe In town at (
Harrison <fc Game. ,
S. V. P. for lean horses. Harrison & Game. 1
Ask Harrison & Game for a sample dose Of
Podophylln, the oeot liver renovator.
Mrs. Tacgart has grass and haircloth, collar
canvass, sateens and percullue tor dresses. |
Also leather bone lor bottom of s&irts.
.Mrs. Taggart will leave next week in the
Interest, ot tier business.
Mrs. Taggart has received one dozen pieces
of fancy veils, cbltfon uuJ silk crepon toi
Mock collars.
Remember the Racket store Is on the corner
near the botel, .so don't be tooled by other*
saying "ibis in the Racket store, walk
right. In. Be sure you are right theu go
ahead. ,
Be sure to eet you a sample package of that I
high grade smoking tobacco at Racket Store?
The greatest bargain of the season?3S In. ail
wool silk finished black hcnrietia at 50c. Just '
the think lor skirts.
All the new things in crepes, percales,
ducks, ginghams and shirting prints coming
in at Haddous.
Headache? Don't huve it. Take our headache
powders. Sure cure. Hnrnson Game.
Our prescription clerk rooms over Farmers'
Bank for night calls Harrison A Game.
Come and eee our dry goods Just opened.
Abbeville Supply Co..
Heavy, yard wide, Sea Island '? per yard.
A barualn. A heavy towel lor 10c A large
counterpane for 50c. Sen our line of 10c per
cales. Also 5c bleucht.-d homespuns. Abbeville
Supply Co.
Surprise u 5c pair stalnlpRR black hosp. A
heavy sock lor some money. AUn good children's
bose for 5c per pair. Abbeville Supply
Headquarters for canned aud dried fruit*'.
Abbeville Supply Co.
Garden seed on hand Bulsts all k tr.ds.
Abbeville Supply Co.
The best lot of high grade smoking tobacco
will be received this week at the RacketStore.
Call and get you a sample package Iree.
The Racket Store ha* Introduced the dupll- ]
cailng check system which guards against all:
errors that might occur.
The Racket Store Is undoubtedly the place;
to buy your goods If you want to make a lit-1
tie money go a long ways.
There Is not a store In town that will sell.
you goods as cheap as the Racket Store.
J^ow Is the time to plant Irish potatoes. If
vou wish the best varieties of most choice Be*,
lections go to A. M. Hill a Hons.
When in need of all classesof dry goods,'
always remember to call on Aug;. W Krnltb. ;
A merchant who wants your trade It Aug. I
>V. Smith. |
So the farmers- ! am selling lots of tobacco,
ana will be ?iad to sell you yours. Come in
and Just see what I can do for you.
The Racket Store is the place lor all close
m.h K..\crH tjfi snen<l their inonev. A Utile
money will go arther ibere ihMn at any other
store in town. You will always find the quality
at the very top, and the prices at the extreme
bottom. In another column you will
flud advertisementof some tbin^e kept ihere,
ptHtiog prices In defiance of competition.
>'ot airald 10 quote prices as you will see. ,
We bavea small lot of pure mountain buck
wheat Hour. Call and supply yourself before .
ills all gone. Smith & Sons.
Ladles look at our "sbow window" as you ,
pass by. A. M. Hill <fc fcons.
A magnificent llaeof tancy. sweet and plain |
pickle just received at A. Jt. Hill & Sons. I
If you wont a barrel of the finest flour in
Abbeville go to A. M. Hill & Sons
A choice utock of seed IrtRh potatoes just
received at A. M. Hill Sons.
Get your priming done at the Pre?6 and
Banner office. We can do almost anything
you may want.
Go to Ryfcard'fl tor speetArtec,
>Ii?ny Personal Piirnitrnplis ol" <;<
eri?l Interest.
(Greenwood, S. C-, .March 4, 1MI
'Hull for Braneh.
J,ois of people in town sntnnlay.
Mr.-. W. J. Me(>ee nnd Muster Sproles,
Ili'evs. were with us last week.
Mr. and Mrs. White, of Kdgefleld, viM:
ih??ir daughter. Mrs. Arthur Sheppard, 1
C. f!. Utilise, of New York, bought the
signed stock of .1. W. 1 mclceu for ]
cent, autl turned it over to Mr. DucK<
Hf.nofilnrtli it trill l?P f lio 4,\'pU' Vnrlf t *si
Company." J. W. Duel: ell. Manager.
We -.ire jz'ad To see our friend and neighb
Mr. Tbos. Jones, Sr., outasiilaHltera protrti
ed illness.
Kditor Carpenter, of McCormiek, was
town Saturday.
Master Philip, a little brother of Hugh \V
son Cromer, ?>t Smilhville, came to tot
atone Thursday, transacted the business
which he was sent and relumed to his hoi
silely. A manly little bov is I'lililp.
The Mis<es Kinard aud Mrs. (jeo. F. Mart!
of Ninety-Six, were shopping in town ii
Mr. J. W. l)uck<Mt bus moved his stock
foods into one of J. T. Simmon's stores
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Chiles, of Bradlf
visited their daughter, Mrs. \V. O. Caihot
>ai urday.
Capt. John Cothran and his bride were wi
liis sister, Mrs. IV. Hood. last. week.
The friend- of Rev. W. T. Matthews, rogi
to learn of their sore ailHctlon in their Fiori
Our Abbeville, friends, are hoisting oft
iinouni of tuish sent Irom here to tne dispe
<ary. Of course we obey the law. As it. nt
stands, it is rijjht lor every man in the conn
10 buy Ins whiskey in Abbeville, aud we ho
those in Greenwood, who must have it, w
['ontiuiiQ u> go; ir mere, wecuum jusi i-h-i
liave had u dispensary . hue a majority of o
citizens ski it no. Motives, moral and not t
L'liinury, prompted the .
We beseech you, clear friends, not to wor
over the little spat between our .Senators,
may t?e all In the play. At any rate ke
your laces to the Irout and register.
urn .1 uice .\xn had mtck.
Constable Mosley seized a box Sunday c
route to Ninety-Six by express. It was fro
Pendleton, consigned to "Tom Chuck," ai
contained about 1 gallon corn whiskey ai
ttie toliowmg note:
J'endloton, March '{, ISO,
my dear frean: "1 had bud look, it g
wasted; i dun the best i cood, I wish i co<
see yon : drink it rit suue."
Mr. J. H. M. Klnard, of the Observer, at
Miss Ethel, spent Sunday with hisdaughti
Mr-. E. s. McNeill.
MiskOIm Moore, of Anderson, is vistingMl
Matilda (jreene.
Col. J. \S*. McCullough spentSuuday in tl
.Mrs. Anna Oldham came from Alabar
Saturday on a visit to her parents Mr. ai
Mrs. J. W. Hill.
question for Tit?: supervisor.
To Supervisor Canville: Is a registrati<
:ertitlcuie, valid heretofore, good In the el<
lion for delegates to the con veutiou, or !i
lew and special one required? Please a
iwer. S,
i Pretty f?oo<l one on the Comity
Kiiuauay Scrape -People Goii
HIKI 4'omiiiK.
Lowudesvllle. S. Miircb 4th, 180.3
Mr. J no. McUalla, of Elbert county, Get
;iu, was over circulating among bis friends
,ms place Monday.
Mr. J. G. Huckabee and l>ls mother Mrs.
VI. Huckabee went to Abbeville Tuesday.
Mr. O. T. Baker weal to Abbeville on Tui
la>. Mr. Baker is readmit law under Caj
iV. H. Parker, at thai place.
About tbe first ploughing that was do
-Ince Christina-, in ibis couimunlty was doi
be 2f>lh oi lust nioiiin. Tbe planters w
lave to inovt up, to catch up.
School roiiiiuissluer W. T. Mllford was
[his part of the county Wednesday and Thui
lay, looking utter ibe schools. In iravellli
i road upon which there were gates to
Veucd, he got out of Ills buggy at one
iieui, opened n, lead his horse mrough, at
Hepped back to .-hut it, when bis horse Iro
mine cau-e ran off, and smashed up li
t>uggy. As smart a man as a school comm!
.toner oucla to be, ought to have a horse t<
iinart t'> pla> the fool that way.
On Thursday we heard a ra m say that. 1
nulled coi n l'uesdav and uicked cotton We
uesdav. Katlier lale winding the gatherii
A la*t yeau's crop.
Mr. J. J. Johnson made a business visit
Abbeville Thursday.
Mr. aud Mrs. P. B. Allen, of Starr, we
ituong treiuds in anu around here tor a ill
>r t wo last week.
Mr. ii. C. Prince, Jr., and his sister Ml
Carrie Prince, ol Wiiliamsion. came dov
riinrsday aud spent a day or two with kir
lolk herf.
Dr.J. B. Moseley spent, two or three da:
prolessioually at Latimer last week.
A lew days ago, two children of Mrs King
In theSbllob neighborhood were bitten by
Jog, supposed to oe mad. a* it hud been bilti
sometime before by a dog that was mad.
Sherjtt' and Mrs. F. \V. K Nance, of Abt
vilie. were visiting the families of Messrs. >
[J. aud J. \V. II uekabee, tor a day or two, la
We had some rain Friday and Siturday, tl
tli-Ki in almost a iiiniiih, unusual tor Februar
In tins section, dniini: last week more oa
were no wed than ever before, at the san
iiite. and In the same length of time.
Having a pretty good one. on the county
report, here it Is. A gentleman sometime u;
aid his tax. and after gelling home, exami
ed his receipt, aud found that he hud n
ueen charged quite enough, judging from t
unouutoi property returned by hlin.aud tl
10 1-2 mills to be paid upon It. He went ai
Had the mUtake corrected, us lie thought I
i;ould better atlord to lose it, than the coun
itid state could
Mr. W. U. Huckabee, on Thursday movi
from the A. L. Latimer house near tlie dep<
into the A. V, Barnes house near the I'resl
Lerian chutch.
Miss Lena Oglesby, ol Elberlon, came
Krjdiiy, to visit the family of her brother-1
law, l)r. B. A. Henry.
Mr. Calhoun Black, of Antrevllle, was
iiur mld-t lor a day or two last week
There w?-re several small mixed droves
horses and mules in this towu, during tl
pa?i week, but few sales.
Mr. M. W. Speer was bitten on the hand I
a vicious hog a few days ago, not serlousl
but enough so as to somewhat interlere wi
his tleing up of bundles.
Mr. /V. V. Barnes Is having some improv
merits put upou his house and lot, a hue pi
Ned ltiley, perhaps the most noted dark
in this part of the country, is on crutches, i
>ult of a broken ankle. He, poor old lello
raring for nobody,aud nobody caring for hi
is in a bad fix.
Kev P. B. Ingram, ol the Lowndesvllle c
cull, occupied the pulpit In the Method
church iu this place hist night, giving lot
hearers, a very good sermou. He was t
guest ol Rev. E. W. Mason.
In these days when South Carolina Is floe
ed with statesman, eager to guid? the old sli
ll in refreshing to know that there are a f<
in our county, wi>o are conscious of their li
bllliy (and so express th?misel ves) to rep
sent Abbeville county In the coining Cons
tullouul contention. Like Nchofleld ol ru
road notoriety, "We are still hopelul."
.Hcniiiiii; ol the Two Words Ma
1*1 it in.
A society writer in the Atlanta Journal I
underlaK>'ii lo make plain to popular eu
prehension the dlH'erence between u "ca
and a "snob" wiili tins result:
Webster says a cud Is "tt low bred, p
sumptuous person."
lie says, on the other hand, a snob Is
vulgar person who altecls to be better, rich
or more fashionable than lie realty Is."
A cad is vulgar on all occasions and eve:
where, being marked bj greal cheek and
geneiul InditJ'ereliee to l lie tituess o| tilings.
A cad is unable to conceal Ins great deliy
in bt-ing present at a gathering of rclluemei
culture and form ; a snob, on the other hat
in such presence, would seem :ar more acci
tomed than anybody else. Acad is elated
meeting anyuouy mere; a unoo is Hurpri>
to see "certain persons'' there.
Wheis your social leader speak* to c
about weaiher, call's veins swell on fore lie:
he bursts into merriment wben social le..<
s;nlies and dunces with joy wlieii social leat
laughs. Snob has hoard and seen ev. ryiiil
before, is a weaiy oi the Aorld and ciiiiu
positively cannot, eveu atrord to be bor
you know, by any one. Cad is delighted
t>e within hailing distance of snob, nut sii
does not care for cad. Cad Ik a dazzled fo
snob a glided hypocrite. Cad is an irresi
hie iiliiil kiimIi ??. vel (?jii
generally good natured ; snob generally gra
gloomy and peculiar.
These two words are frequently used sym
ytuousiy, but they have widely difleringi
The next time you are In town call at 1
kard'sand seta tine pair of spectacles che
Flour! flour! Hour! Aug. W. Kn>ltl) ha
bargain to otter you In Hour. Get the pri
and you ure sure to buy.
Aug. W. or.iitli oilers big reductions in
winterKoodH. A bargaiu in shoes for the u
UO days.
A car of flue white corn Just In at Smll
Spenk Nne III.
*">tlir?r people have their faults,
And ho liave ye as well,
>ii. j Hut all ye chance to we or hoar,
Ve have n? right to tell.
^ If ye am not speak o' good,
Take care and see, and leel,
Kurtli has all too much o' woe.
0f And not enough o' weal.
J5e careful that ye make nae strife
leu Wi> meddling tongue and hniin,
asi por ye W|u clntj enough to do
J f ye but look at hnmp.
It .ve cannnspeak o' good,
ns. Oh ! dinua speak at all,
r,er For there Is grief and woe enougli
!.u t)n this terrestlal ball.
lsIi jf ye should feel like picking flaws
1 fj ueuer k<?, i wecu,
O""- And read the book that tellsye all
lcl About the mote and beam.
in Pinna lend a ready ear
To gossip or to strife,
ril- Or perhaps 't will make for ye
vn Nae funny thing of life.
ne Oh ! dlnna add to others' woe.
Nor mock it wit h your iniitli,
in But give ye klndiy sympathy
iSl To suffering ones of earth.
:y. _ .
Happening* nml Incident* ot a Week
111 Around tlie City.
-,.t Last Sunday about mid-dny Policemen
j,j Klsher and Allen made a big haul. These
hawk-eyed officers learned that a "little
game" for money, was in progress in one of
< ? the vacant store rooms on Washington street,
. and immediately proceeded to trap the color.V,
cil gentlemen who were "fingering the paste
" boarus. t in iue appearance 01 me policemen
,v* the scatterallou began, but not before. five of
' ? I lie law breaker* bad been caught. Part of
this g?i)K spent the rest, of the day and night
' to the "cooler," uo<l Monday "danced" Sielore
'J. our mayor, with several who were in the
ur t^ame, but escaped in the rush only to !> ? tnk,e"
en the next morning. Net proceeds to ine
city about $75. A good day's work lor our ofliT;
11 Dr. D. L. Boozer. Jr., of Columbia, Is in
town. Dr. Boozer is the guest of his friend
nDd classmate L)r. L. J. White.
The crowd In town saleday was large and
on the whole, quiet and orderly. Not,a great
>11- amount of business was done for cash. The
m lieners showed up In great ghape, ai d from
nd now od will do so. Buying corn and bacon
id on time, to be paid for when the cotton crop
Is sold. No matter what the price it will sell
for. Bacon aud coin must be bought. As
ot long as corn-crib and smoke-house are both
ad in the west, and cotton worths .lis per pound.
bard-tiines will be with our people.
3d Mr. R. L. Dargan has accepted a position
it, with A Cohen, and will still be anxious and
ready to show his fr ends the latest, best and
iss cheapest clothing, and gents furnishings in
the city. Mr. Dargau lakes his new place tobe
Clinton Lodge has a very handsome streetna
lump at the entrance to the lodge rooms,
d fhis lamp jis | the workniau-shlp of Mr. J. M.
Lawson and Mr W. E. Hill and has appropriate
Masonic emblems painted this one.
Chief Kiley hasueen confined to his room
on several days,with the "grippe." Mr. C. 1) Al.c.
len Is on the force (and Charlie is a good one)
|H during theChlH's enforced absence from duty.
II. I'rol, Frank Griffin, ol Oxford, (?a.. is in the
| city, and Is lor the present with his triend
Mr. T. T. Q,'iarle8. Prof. Grlflln is an accomplished
musician, and will eudevor to get up
a class iu vocal music.
, A "street faker" did a rushing business
Monday, "One half of the world lives on the
credulity of the other half." Is a true saying,
, and most people are bargain hunters, the
A "bargains"are not the only sales made by
IC t.he-H traveling merchants, those who hu.v are
"sold" umcty-nine times out of one liundreds
whliejiietler goods could be bought for the
same money from our home merchants.
^r" Mr. Walter L. Miller went over to tlie Gate
ln City lasi weea and spent two days.
, Mrs. J. S. Norwood and her mother Mrs. L.
A* I). Walker were Id our city several days this
week the guests of Mrs. E. B. Colhoun. Mrs.
Walker will leave tor her home lu Baltimore
" next Friday. She will be accompanied by
her two granddaughters little Mamselle and
",1 .Sarah Norwood. '
Mr. Harry Cantey passed through town last
. Mr. A. E. Woodell was in tlie city last Sun-,
day. Mr. Woodeil's friends are always glad
rs" to see him ln Abbeville.
Mrs. Aug. W. Smith spent last week with
friends in Atlanta.
~! Dr. Lambert White is at home now. Dr.
111 While has Just completed a course In the At,n
>anta Dentil College. He will open an office
j1* over Mr. L. W White's store.
Is" Airs. Adger Calhoun and little daughter
"" Mary', came up from Greenwood Saturday
, and spent Sunday with Miss Ayletle C'hal
,e iners.
a" Mr. A. G. Faulkner Is now with the Abbevllle
Lumber Co.
. nesisirar ?_,)! wuc wa* ivcijl uunjr on ..?wu10
day and yesterday, principally by tbe colored
voters, who appeared In crowds, having all at.
once, beeu, as It. seems, struck with a bad case
SK ?
;s. Letter From Mr. Altlieus Johnson of
L>" WHHbliiKton.
Washington, D. C., March 1.1S95.
>e- As throwing some light upon tbe extent to
V. which an educatlonul ({ualitlcatlon would alist
lect suffrage in South Carolina, I call your attention
to the following figures:
lie The census returns of the United States for
y. 1890 show the population of the State, above
its ten years ot age, to be 802,400, of which 382,17-1
ue were white aud 470,232 were colored. Of the
832.174 wiiltes, '9,443. or 17.9 per cent., were 11to
literate; of tbo 470,232 colored, 301,202, or 04.1
go per cent., were Illiterate.
n The relative proportion of males and feitir
t h?? untrinin vprv
be close lu South Carolina, the excess of iemales
he beiug less than one and one-seventh per cent;
Jd and the relative proportion of Illiteracy, as
he between the sexes, is also very close, namely,
ty 12.3 per cent, ol the males ana 4T.6 per cent, of
ed The figures first above given will, therefore,
>t, pretty well uidlcate the relative ratio of 1111>y
teracy m the male population above twentyone
years of age ciaseed according to color,
in namely, 17 per cent, ol the white aud 01 per
n- cent of the colored are illiterate.
Illiteracy in the above figures means Inability
lty to read or write. That Inability, however,
ought hardly to be uikeu as decisive cl one's
ol fitness to wield tiie ballot; for many persons
tie whose Judgment In the practical affairs of
tile is excellent and whose moral character In
i>y good, are unable to read aud write; and yet
ly. nobody would regard It us Impolitic or unsafe
tb to trust such persons with the ballot. The
practical question is how to give it to such
re- persons without also giving It to others who
ir- are In no sense worthy of It. Permitting every
property owner to vote without regard to
ey bis educational attainment*, will answer the
re- question in a manner; and still there may be
w, persons here and there deserving of the bairn,
lot who are neither freeholders nor yet able
to read aud write. The only way to reach
ir- these latter persons If any such there be, i?
1st to permit some otlicer, or officers (for instauce,
lis the Supervisor, or Hoard ol' Registration,) to
h? hainuuciHl iiiniKi- the law with the Dower of
lining a little judgment or discretion m deid
terming the lnujiligenceaud fitnessof all Hilt
ilp erate non-lreeholders that may apply for the)
3vv elective sranchlse; and hence the alternative
a- test that 1 put into the educational provision
re- which I suggested last week, namely, that, if
Hi- a person were not able to read any article of
til- the constitution or any section of the statutes
of the Stale, he should be able to understand
and reasonably explain the same when read
to him."
In some constitutions a much great margin
than the above is left for the operation of the
Judgment of election otneers; for Instance, in
Connecticut, where the constitution prescribe-,
among other requisites for voting,
, that tbe person "shall sustain a good moral
character." It is nearly always the case that
something must be left to the faithfulness ol
las the officers who are charged with the admlnm
tstrallou of the law.
d" J. Altheus Johnson.
? Smith it Sons is the place to go for hats,
11 shoes, dry goods, groceries, and any and evier
ery thing you want.
ry- Our wagon sells kerosene for cash only. H.
a W. Lawson Jk Co.
^ Lawson's wa^on delivers oil every day.
In Ruy from the wagon.
One car good red rust proof seed oats Just
UK" received by W.Joel Smith it Sons, call on
them and supply yourself.
Always buy your lamp chimneys at Racket
:ad Htore at 4 and ;? cents.
iid, I Colgate's fine toilet soaps at Harrison &
ler | (?anm's l>rug Store*
*er | When you are In vbheville to buy goods, al"
ways go to see .-Vug. W.Smiili ami have him
?J- ijuote you prices on dry goods and groceries.
l'|*[, He wants your trade and will treat you right.
iot> i Very long white and cream silk wa ists lo
ol; evening wear at Mrs. Taggart's.
j4'.'" i Mrs. 'l'aggart has received a new lot of black
i is ve|vi.t surah, moire and morning silk.
nu'; Kiuicy scarf and set pins at Mrs, Tnggart's.
in-. Something new iu lace collars at Mrs. Tagiig
j Look out for our oil wngon, oil sold at the
same price as at store lor wish.
H. W. Lawson it Co.
[ y. Aug. \V. Smith wants your trndo.
ap. Something new. Mexican washable tics ou
sa sale at Aug. \V. Smith's. Cheap. See them,
ccs New lot of percale# from 7c to llj^c at Aug.
W. Smith's.
all Remember to call on Aug. W. Smith lor
est shoes, i>ats and clothing.
A new lot of tinware Just received at RackU
& et Store. See advertisement in another place
for prices.
City of Abbeville.
THE books for the city registration will hf
open on 12, Wand 14 of Marcb, 1895, foi
! the registration of voters,
j It. M. HILL,
; J. CHALMERS. Mayor.
March (i, 189"?.
Dr. L. J. WHITE,
| March 6,1895, tf
Ex Parte J. W. DUCKETT, Petitioner.-Peti
tion for Homestead.
Notice is hereby given to all persons con*
cern-.d, that J. W. Duckett has applied to m(
to have the Homestead exemption allowed
by law aet oil to him in real estate and personal
Dated March 0, 1895, and published once a
week for lour weeks in the Abbeville PreM
and Banner. J. C. KLUGH,
March C, 1 $!)">, * Master.
School District No. 1?Capt. James Rogers
Jr.,J.N. Lipscomb, B. P. Pluson, .NinetySix.
School District No. 2?John B. Sample, J. L.
Hutfhey, Greenwood; J. D. Fouche, CoreSchool
District No. 8?Dr. S. T. Lea, Cokesbury
: J. A. McCord, Hodges; G. B. Kiley,
111 ley.
school District No. 4?C. V. Martin, J. C.
Martin, Donalds : S. J. Hurts. Honea Path.
School District No. 5?J. A. Devlin, W. It.
Ellis, T. J. Bowen, Due West.
School District No. ft?D. P. Hannah,
Hodges; H. W. Bowie, Abbeville; M, G.
Smith, Donalds.
School District No. 7?R. D. Purdy. Verdery;
P. D.Klugh, J.T.Davis.Greenwood.
School District No. 8?E. W. Watson, Bradley
; Thos. J. Hearst, Verdery; Dr. P. H.
Adams, Phoenix.
School District No. 9?J. F Wideman, J. S.
Harrlu, J. W. Young, Troy.
School District No. 10?A. T. Brown, Hunter;
A. K. Watson, G. H. Wardlaw, Abbeville.
School District No. 11?J. G. Edwa.ds, Jas.
Evans, S. H. Cochran. Abbeville.
School District No. 12?A. M. Erwln, L. P.
Harkness, R. A. Haddon, Antreville.
School District No. 13?S. F. Epps, 8. S.
Boies, D. T. Simpson, Lowudesville.
School District No. 14?Geo. W. Speer, Monterey;
J. W. Boyd, Mt. Carmel; D. W.
Thomas, Walts, S. C.
School District No. 15?P. H. McCaslan,
Wideman; Wm. McNeill, Mt. Carmel; J. O.
Hcmmlnger, Link.
School District No. 16?Jas. Cothran, Jr.,
McCormick; W. H. Brill, Sandover; J. L.
School District No. 17?F? S. Hale, E. W.
Lipscomb, J. P. Phillips, Ninety-Six.
School District No. 18?C. A. C. Waller, T.
F. Riley, J. L. Kerr, Greenwood.
Scnoul Dist rict No. 19?W. A. Templeton, F.
B. G&ry, J F. Miller. Abbeville.
Scnool District No. 20?Rev. A. L. Patterson,
W. L. Miller, John W. Morrah, ML Carmel.
School District No. 21?John T. Cheatham,
R. W. Knox. Nicholas Scbram.
The diirerent Boards of Trustees are requested
to hold a meeting at an early date for
the purpose of organizing, by electing a
chairman and clerk (where thev are not already
organized), and to meet with the Board
of Examiners In the School Commissioner's
office on Monday, the 3rd day of December
nexi (Saleday) at 12 o'clocK m. togetTrus
lee's itecords ana arrange pians ror conuucviDg
the public schoolR during tbe present year.
School Commissioner and Chairman
Board of Examiners. Nov. 19,1894.o
Port Royal and Western Carolina R. R
Augusta aud Ashevillc Short Line.
J. B. CLEVELAND, Eecelver.
QUICKEST route to Athens, Balolgh, Norfolk
Richmond. Vu? and Eastern cities. Schedule
In effect July 1st, 1894. Eastern time.
Lv Augusta 2 35 pm 0 50 am
| Ar Greenwood 6 23 pm 12 15 pm
Ar Anderson 8 35 j>m
A r Laurens 0 24 pm
Ar Greenville 7 50 pm
Ar Bpartannurg 8 05 pm
Ar Saiuda 9 48 pm
Ar llt ndnrsonvllle 10 22 pm
ArAsheville 11 20 pm
Lv Asnevme o iu um
Lv Spartanburg 11 4ft am
Lv Greenville 11 10 am
Lv Laurens 1 28 pm
Lv Anderson 11 00 am
Lv Greenwood 2 28 pm 6 00 am
A r Augusta 5 15 pm 10 15 am
Ar Savannah 6 00 am 6 00 am
Lv Greenwood 5 23 pm 12 43 pm
Ar Athens 8 00 pm
Ar Raleizh 1 26 am
Ar Norfolk 9 10 am
Ar Old Point 11 00 am
Ar Petersbure 6 00 am
Ar Richmond 6 40 am
Ar Washington 10 45 am
6.50 a. m. train connects at Green wood for Walhalla
and all points on Seaboard Air Line and Columbia
aDd Greenville hallways.
For any information relative to tickets, rates, schedules,
etc., address
W. J. CRAIG, Gen. Pass. Agent,
R. L. TODD, Travelling Passenger Agent,
Augusta, Ga*
In a substitute for Calomel?Is
a Liver Panacea that does not
nauseate, at Harrison & Game
Drug Store.
Buy your soap at Racket Store. You will
And tbe quality at the top and the price at
the bottom.
Bargains in flannels and all wool goods at
Aug. W. Smltb.
Abbeville Supply Co. sells roasted coffee at
25c per pound. See our grades ol Peaberry,
rio, eto. Both cheap and good.
Paints, oil, window glass, etc., at Speed's
We are selling a splendid tobacco, five plues
to the pound, for 25c. A bargain. Abbeville
Supply Co.
Ited Lyon will cure catarrh of the head, and
all coets is a dollar a bottle. No cure money
refunded. For sale only at Speed's Drug
Store. ,
The Abbeville Supply Co. h$s reduced the
price of their jeans and other panls goods
one-fourth. A splendid goods for 25c, Kentucky
jeans, doe skins, etc.
Our line of notions will begin to arrive this
week and we ask our friends to come in and
give us ihe pleasure of showing our stock.
Abbeville Supply Co.
Fire proof oil guaranteed to be the best. G.
W. Lomax.
A few winter dress goods, selling at less
than cost, to make room for spring stock, at
Bruce has a fine custom trade In shoes and
harness. Try blin.
Have you seen Bernau's new line of sterling
HI I vur V 11C linn ('ici.cn biiat ni V uui ?v.^ ? ???
brought here, such hs cream pitchers, sugar
bowls, bonbon trays, large sonp bowls and
other handsome pieces In sterling. Call on
him; he will be glad to show them to you.
The next time you are in town call at Rykard's
and get a line pair of spectacles cheap
Wantki>?School and county claims. Taken
at lowest discount. School claims preferred.
O. W. liomax.
liruce's harness is all hand made. Try
? ?
Keep a pure heart and clean hands
Nothing will give one better standing
with men, or greater favor with
Did you ever feel the Joy of winning
a soul tor Christ? I tell you there is
no joy out of heaven which excells it?
il.ni.raon r>f ?h? hunrl nf nnfi who SaVS!
j llltjs.?K ?
'By your means I was turned from
Remember that religion in business
is just as important as religion in the
Some one wittily says that a large
number of people do their charity
work by advising others to give.
Mr. Spurgeon used to say that he
never had to exclude from his chqrcb
R person converted in childhood.
wr A tTmfin i
w Ajyimj:
LEASE have them properly
signed by Trustees aud reRiBtered
by School CommiKBioner.
Special Discounts in
Sums of $100,00 and
G. W. Lomax.
No. 3 Cottaran*8 Block.
. T\ T\
Down Down
We must have room !
We must have money,
In order to convert the remain.
dpr of our winter goods Into cash, we have
made sweeping reductions. From now till
Mowli ilia Id"
intum m\j lot,yon
can make one dollar buy from us almost
as much art two would a few months ago.
Call and nee goods and prices. a
The remainder ol our CLOAKS will be sold
regardless of cost.
R. M. H. & Co.
\ WIV MB W ^
# Positively? *
m I have the largest 0
0 stock of Jewelry 0
5 Id the county,and \
# will always keep W *m
0 a full line and up 0
J to date. i a
\ Positively? * I
# I do business up- T 2
0 on a close margin 4 M
5 of profit and eBpe- \
# clally in Sterling W
0 Sliver for WKD- 0
0 ENTS, and when W
0 buying a piece of 0
\ Sterling Silver- 0
J from me you can J
\ Positively? 5 T
5 certain it Is what 4 "
W I claim it to be, x
0 and the price aa 0
^ LOW as it is sold 0
W ' by any reliable x
0 concern, no mat- 0
J ter where It is. 0
5 Positively? \
W It will be against J
0 your Interest to 0
0 buy things of this 0
\ klud before see- ^
0 ing our stock and 0
0 prices. Remem- 0
T ber also I do re- ^
0 pairing of all w
0 kinds In my line 0
5 and am on the ^
0 Court House side. ^
# R. C. BERNAU, t ?
??tt: 1
{Seaboard, jf^ir J_jine. }
Schedule In effect Dec. 23, 1SD1. "The Atlanta
Special," oolld Vesttbuled Train?No Extra i'are
? Double Dally between Atlunta and New York.
^)KT"H50UNbT tibUTHBOUN b.
~N o. S3, i No. 402.1 Central Time. ' No. 408.! NoTif.
Dally. | Dally. |Dally and Sunday | Daily. | Daily.
S 15pm 12 00 m Lv Atlanta Ar 4 09pm 5 20am
U.Depot,City Te. |
2 38pm Ar...Winder....Lv 3 42pm
Eastern Time.
114Spm 3 03pm-Lv Athene Ar 8 08pm|3 40am f
12 57am 401pm|Ar Elborton Lv 2 04pmj 2 31am ^
1 L'flnm 427pmjArCalhouoFls Lv 137pm 153am ^
J 42uin 4 88pm]Ar Watta i.v I z I pin I l jam ay
1 55*m 4 49pm Ar Shops Lv 1 lljpm 1 30aro
1 02om 4 55pm Ar Abbeville Lv 115pm 1 20am
2 16am 5 05pmAr Cans Lv 100pm 110am
Ar Salak Lv 12 53j>m
2 33am 5 23pm Ar Greenwood Lv 12 48pm 12 57pm O
2 47um 5 84pm Ar Sa'tiea Lviia 86pm 12 44pm ^
2 49am 5 36pm Ar Lola Lv 12 34pm 112 12pm < -.
3 HUam 6 08pm Ar Clinton Lv 1204pm, 12 H pm U.
5 00am 723pmAr Chester Lv 10 Slain 10 50pm
6 80amj 8 45puijAr Monroe Lv| 9 37atn| 900pm et
10 25atn~9 45pin Ar Charlotte Lv 5 50om 7 5?|on j_
7 48atn~9 48pm: Ar Wadesboro Lv: 8 37am 8 11pm W
8 30nm 10 20pmJ ArRockin^'hamLv] 8 (5am 7 41pm ?
b 40am! 10 30pm! Ar^ Hamlet Lv. 7 54am_ 7 80pm \J.
i 12:10pm fSOim ArWilinlnaton Lv 7 30pin 3 -I5|>ui jy
: ~9 46am il^lp"i" Ar 8o. Pins* Lv 7 10am 6 27pm
| 10 30am'12 aiara:Ar Sanford Lv II 2Aim 5 31pm
| if 50am; 1 26am Ar Kalel^'U Lv 5 17ain 350pm U1
i 1 42pm I 2 38am Ar IIender?m Lv 4 10am 152pm ,
I 8 12pm! 4 05am Ar Wrldon Lv, 2 4Sam!ll 54ain
| 3 SOpin 7 30nm Ar Norfolk I.v !) ouptn y i.iam
r> 51pni 6 OOam'Ar Petersburg Lv 12 53am It 5Uam 63
C43pin| 6 40am Ar Richmond Lv 12 28am 9 05am
11 10pm 10 45atn'Ar WashingtonLv 8 40pm, 4 30am
12 48am, 1205pm Ar Baltimore Lv* 7 31pm 2 40aio
3 45am 2 20pm Ar PhlldelphlaLv 5 16am 11 47pm r.
6 53am 4 38pin |Ar New York Lv 5 20pm1 9 00pm .QJ
Betwuen Atlanta and Charleston. "Jr
HihU, No. 36. Daily Cen. Time., No. 43. No. 45.
7 15HMt'f3 45pm;LvAtlatitalc.t'. ArifS OOumj 6 45pui OJ
H 55um 5 3(ipm ArTuckr^E.tl.Arj S 09am! 0 38pm
10 41am 7 45pm!Ar Athens ArjEx.Sun. 5 OSpm pl(
! U 45ain Ex.8un. Ar Elborton Arj ' :4 01pm
1113pm " ArCalhoun KlsAr " I 3 20pm
12 21pm " 'Ar Watts Arj " 13 18pm
12 35pm " Ar shop Arj " ! 308pm
12 43pm 44 Ar Abbeville Ar " ; 3 07pm
100pm ' iAr Cana Arj '' . 3 &lpni
u jAr Salak Ar " i 247pm
] 1 18prii " j Ar Greenwood Ar " ,242pm I
j 133pm " Ar 8aluci> Ar! " i 2 25pm J
j 135pni| " Ar Lota Ar ' j H21pm
,11215pm' ' !Ar Clinton Lyi " j 142pm
1236pm w Lv Clinton Ar| u i 1 20pm
4 ISpmi Ar ( olumhla Ar' 11 13am
; 5 50pmj iAr Svmter Ar ...Ill 00am
I 8 40pm j ;Ar Charleston Lvj | 7 15am
! Trains Nos. 402 and 403 are solid vestibule trains
with Pullman Buffet sleeping curs between Atlanta
end Washington, through sleepers between Monroe
1 npd Portsmouth. Va.; Pullman Bullet parlor cars
| between Washington and New York; sleeping cars
| between Charlotte and Wila.tngton. Trains Nos. 3S
j and 41, solid between Atlanta and Norfold, carrying
' Pullman sleeping attaci ed. making direct connection
! at Weidon with Atlantic Coast Lino for Washington
j and New York, and all points north and east< 4|t Sori
folk with steamers for Washington, Bay Lino oi BalI
tlmore, Old Dominion lor New Yorl;. naS-l and
j 45, solid trains between Atlau^a and Columbia, with
i through coaches for Charleston. Tickets for sale at
j union depot or at the comnqny'a ticket olllce, at No, 61
i Kimball House.
JOHN II. WINDER, Gen. Mangr.
T. J. A^DEKSO^, Qpn. Pasa. Act.
E, J. WALKED, City Ptv*. a?d Ticket Agt,
i V
, ? 1 1
15th of 11
%%AT. T1
PL Wm U W\
im Hiii, u, uiij
Winter Dress
Regardless t
)ress Goods,
Cloaks, Hat
Shoes tor Lb
Children, I
bout the 1st of March
s to charge goods as we
ble to sell on time. 1
e able to sell on time, I
redit ourselves. We
>r the CASH, and the c
e stopped sooner or la
) pay credit prices as it
r or later.
Look at the number
ave gone under and tit
y this time-business.
Sfers to sell you on tii
ider. He will get you
Very Respe
?he Wm. E. B
ntil the%% '^||j
ie%% |
Goods Sold ^
of (Cost,
Wraps, and
Heavy -f||
tdies and ;v|||
'lannels, ?|J
:ry thing in %% ?f
Please don't ask .
s are positively not
TTe are sorry not to
?ut we can't get the
ttaii ftTifion
W 111 ooxJ. y \j ix
sredit business must
ter, you can't afford . j
will ruin you soonof
merchants that
lousands of farmers
Shun a man that
ne as you would an
i in the end.
ell Cash Co. :,J
' 'f*

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