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I'reHChcrs-Schiiol'i i$a>e Italls?1'orsonalM
Ami Oilier Things.
Warren ton, s. (July 'JT, is1.*;.
Sit til P ofour townsmen attended the picnic .
at Mean's Chapel Saturday ami rc|torl it unite 1
n success. i
Mrs. William Kennedy, who was visiting jn '
town week before last ami was taken very
sick, left tor home Sunday. though not very
well. but we hope soon lo hear oi her heinj;
Mr. l>. It. Penney, who has been visiting relatives
in Itarnwcll County this lust week, returned
home Friday ami report line crops.
Miss Ida Penney, who lias been teaching in
\ik*>n County this last year, came home Fri
Mr. .1. K. Crawford. of Little Mountain,
spent several da>s last week \vitti Mr. Sloan
A t'le.
Mr. It. Campbell was iho guest of Mr. .Joe r
Knox a lew days last .week.
Mrs. 1'. Roche and children spent Saturday
in Warren ton.
Mr. Sam Wilsou and wile, of Uralnridge,
passed through town last week visiting Mr.
Frank Wilson.of Fondville.
Mr. Sloan and family, of Columbia, are vis- c
iting relatives in and around town. {
Mr. F. W. Wilson spent Sunday down al ,
Little Mountain visiting his wile, who is (
there for her health. t
Mrs. Knox from Atlanta is visiting her sou, t
Mr. Joe Knox. t
ijuite a number of our young people are (
pieniclng at Little Mountain today. (
Thetiermau Club will give a dance tonight ?
in honor of Miss Annie Clardy, of Laureus, J
who leaves tomorrow forCorouaca. ,
Mr. J. C. Cheatham spent Friday niulit in ,
Ml Carmelaud while there took in the ger- ,
man. I
-Mr. fi fc. Wilson, who has Dcen nuite sick, is ,
somewhat better.
Captain Lyon was in town Friday receiving
bridges and electioneering.
How is this for doing the boys up? Mt.
Carmel 3 and NVarreuton 31. Game came oil
. Saturday. For seveu Innings they faced Wilson
but never reached the second base. They
scored three runs on the eighth, ?ud on the
ninth only three inen went to the bat.and
they never left tho home plate. Mt. Carinal
did hard work, but it was useless. Wilson was
too much for ttiem?ouly struck out seventeen,
while Mars of Mt. Citrine I scored success
by striking out one. Chief feature of the
"Hoys in Black" weie Knox's and Crawford's
long balls, Campbell beautiful run lor a lly
and holding it, and Wilson's fine play by
getting up a grounder and putting ball to tlrst
base. Mr. J. L. 'l'aggart. was umpire, and we
have never seen satisfaction more unanimously
What is the matter with Troy ? We receiver!
11 ( hullt-nue from them, accented it. allow
lug them to set date, ami wohave heard nothing
froth them. Come, boys, if you can't play
us don't take one's time, we can't waste it.
You have knocked us out of one game. Now
make up for it and play us Friday, July JJlst,
at Gilliam's gin house. A challenge.
We announce a picnic and barbecue at GilHam's
gin house Friday, July 31st. All are
invited, and bring large baskets. Candidates
will be out to give their views on the ieadiug
topics. .
It was our pleasure to attend the Sharon 1
School exhibition last Thursday night, and t:
we must say, though we have seeu only one lj
that would eijual iti we have seen none superior
to it. Tne program was admirably ar- *
ranged, and the selections of pieces showed \
study and taste. The children, though they ji
had not more tiian eipht or niue days for re- '
hearsing, could not have doDe better, and re- ~
lleeted credit both upon themselves and teach- I
Kev. U. M. Cheatham, the Principal, assistby
Miss Anthony Pope, of Greenville,certain- M
ly won the praise of all whose pleasure it was ('
to attend the exhibition. (j
For two years Mr. Cheatham has taught
t ills school aud has won the love of patron "
The program being finished Hon. It. It. \
Hemphill eaine on the stage and with a few
very complimentary remarks delivered a .
gold pen to Miss Lillian Power for the best l
ueueral record during tbe year. Miss Essie
McKeu/.ie and Miss Emma l'enney are lion- t
orably mentioned.
Rev. 15. M. Cheatham has been elected prin- j
cipaland Miss Antho Pope assistant, of the (
Sharon Higb School for another year. i
Clio. 1
. t
t'uudidntes Will Speak to the People i
?The l?eople Will Hearken to their '
Words oi Wisdom.
Abbeville, S. C\, July C, 1S9C.
The Abbeville County Democratic Executive
Committee met in tbe Court House at 11 ,
o'clock n. m., pursuant to the call of the chairman.
The roll of clubs was called and a ma- (
jority of the committeemen answered. (
On motion of M. E. HollinKsworth, a com- ,
mittee of three, consistinir of M. E. Hotlines- :
worth, D. H. Maglll and W. N. Graydon, was i
appointed by the Chairman to confer with a i
similar committee from the other counties ol .
this Congressional District in reference to the ,
appointment of dates and places at which the
candidates for Congress shall address the peo- ]
pie. ,
A committee consisting of \V. X. Graydon. ,
T. A. Graham and H. J. Kinard was appointed
to name the ways and means ol raising the |
necessary campaign funds.
The tollowing resolution was adopted after
some discussion: Be it ,
Kesoived. By the Abbeville County Pemo- ;
cratic Executive Committee that the following
named dates and places be and the same |
are hereby fixed for this county at which the
candidates for the General Assembly and for '
the different county offices shall address the <
people, pursuant to the constitution of the ?
Democratic party. ,
Lowndesvtlle, Tuesday. August 1th.
Mount Carmel, Wednesday. August 5th. ?
McCormick, Thursday, August tith. i
Troy, Friday. August 7th. .
Bradley, Saturday, August 8th.
Ninety-Six, Tuesday, August lltb. !
Greenwood, Wednesday, Aucustl'^th.
Houges. xnursaay, aususi i->lu.
Jones, Friday. August 14th.
Due West, Monday, August 17th.
Antrevllle, Tuesday, August ISth.
Abbeville, Wednesday, August 19th.
Little Mountain, in Cedar Springs township,
Thursday, August 20th.
Resolved further, That no ticket cast for
members of the Legislature shall be counted
unless it has thereon the names of live candidate#
who have filed the pledge required by
the constitution of the Democratic party.
The committee, on motion, adjourned to
meet at the call of the chairman.
l). II. Magili, Secretary.
TIip County I5oar?l Makes Important
In accordance with the "New School Law,"
the (bounty Board makes the following ap
pointments to nerve as School Trustees for
term oi two years: (
Ninety-Six No. 1?1 'apt. James Rogers, Jr.,
J. N. Lipscomb, B. P. Pinson, Ninety-six. ,
Greenwood No. 2?Capt. J. B. Sample, J. L.
Hughey, Greenwood; J. 1). Fooshe. Coronaca.
Cokesbury No. .".?lir. S. T. Lee, Cokesbury:
J. A. McCord, J. F. Hodges.
Donnalds No. 4? W. J. Donnald, J.C.Martin,
Donualds; S.J. Burts, Honea Path.
Due West No. &?M. (i. Donnald, J. W. Kills, ,
M. B. Clinkscales, Due West.
Long Cane No. G?1>. I'. Hannah, Hodges;
A. T. Mcllwain, Abbeville; 11. G. Smith Uonnalds.
Smilhvllle No. 7? P. I). Klugh, J. T. Davis,
Greenwood ; K. D. Purdy, Veruery.
White Hall No. i>? A. J. Pounds. Bradley;
Teos. J. Hearst, Verdery; Dr. P. 11. Adams, (
Indian Hill No. 9?F. A. Cook Esq., J. W.
Voung, J. C. Kenedy, Troy.
Cedar Spring No. 10?A. T. Brown, A. K.
Watoon, Hunters; G. H. Wardlaw, Abbeville.
Abbeville No. 11?P. A. Cheatham, C. It.
Hichie, A. W. lieed. Abbeville.
Diamond Hill No. 12?A. M. Krwin, K. A.
Haddou, L. P. Harkness, Antreville.
Lowndesville No. 13?S. F. Kpps, S. S. Boles,
1). T. Simpson, Lowndesville.
Maguolia No. 11?D. W. Thomas, Watts;
J.W.Boyd, Mt. Carmel; G. W. Speer, Monterey.
Calhoun No. l.r>?P. H. McCaslin. Wideman ;
J.O. Hemminger, Link; W. W. Black, Mt.
Bordeaux No. 10?J. B. Harmon. Perry Holloway,
McCormick ; J. L. Gibert Bordeaux.
Greenwood Special No. IN?C. A. C. Waller.
T. F.Kliey, J. B.Kerr. Greenwood.
Abbeville Special No. l'J?W. A.Templetou,
F. B. Gary, Jones F. Miller, Abbeville.
Mt. Catmel Special No. 20? Kev. A. L. Patterson,
W. Fi. Miller, J. 11. Morrah, Mt. Carmel.
Sharon Special No. 21?J. T. Cheatham,
Nicholas Sehram, K. W. Cnox, Abbeville.
McCormick Lpeeial No. 83?Dr. J.P.Bob- 1
insou, T. J. Price, N. G. Brown, McCormick.
Willlngton special No. 24?It. F. Morris, 1
J. A. Leroy, J. F. Palmer, Link. *
The above named boards will meet as early 1
as possible and organize, by electing one of
their number chairman, and another clerk of
the Board* After subscribing to the oath of
ofticeconimissions will be forwarded to each
trustee. If any one who has been appointed I
as trustee cannot serve, he will please notify |
Coanty Board at once
July 7. D9t> " W. T. MI LI-(HID.
County Board of Kducation for Abbeville
County. tf. j
ltrnco*M I.ocnU
(Jo to Bruce's for lee cream.
Itruce's Ice cream Is all O. K.
Bruct; will fiiruiKh you with lee civatu l?y '
toe glued or khIIod.
iut in put van
Jjlii UU 111 1UU
3n the Right Track.
We don't expect any man to buy here who
mn do better anywhere else, but he'll have a
'ruitless hunt. We put our whole heart Into
:lothes?buying iind sellintj. We employ
very taleut, profit, by experience, strive for
svery perfection, ami have got the art down
o; a nicety. While some are shoutim; how
iheap they've got, we want to tell you how
ine we've K?t. Anybody can sell cheap
?thorn's nn Ulliir-lr limit tlilil Wfc'VB
;ot suits as low us S">, but at ?7..'>0. $io, Sl'l to $! ">
inclSiii, is where expert ness counts, cleverles.s
Is taxed, where com petition Ik declared
>ut of the race, where its "neck and neck"
vith the best of custom tailoring. And just
hink of what a saving it is. A little more
lian is asked for the cheap truck, but a great
leal less than the tailors demand?about half.
bVliat worth have words when everybody
lalrns the largest stock ? Wiiat weight have
jubllslied prices unless you can prove the
'allies? You've got a standing invitation to
ook us over and see if weare not showing
liree times the variety ol suits that is to be
ouud anywhere elRe. You are assured satsfaction
in every purchase, not. the "as goodis-kind,"
but. a guarantee that there can be
>o better made." There's no chance of our uot
teing able to suit you. Such an immense
ine must hold everybod's size and every>ody's
style. Some of the "back-clothlers"
idvcrtise clothing in any shape as the fash
onable sort, but tneir idea is like their clothes
-ancient. The styles this season are of the
noderate sort in length, both cutaways and
:acks. This way for the correct style at low's
t prices that can be made for the best
r / 7VT
The Clothier and Furnisher.
Tlie l'liiiislimonl of I lie ltitiiKO.
In former times the punishment of
he Jiaugo (bath,) one of the most
leverly cruel inflictions ever divided
iy an official of the torture chamber,
^as admidistered in Italy, probably in
,'enice, where the water of the lagoons
ilayed so prominent a part in its penal
ystem. The punishment was as folows
The prisoner was placed in a vat, the
ides of which were slightly in excess
if the average height of a man. In orler
to hold in check the rising tide ol
i supply of water which ran into the
rat in a constant stream, the criminei
vas furnished with a scboon will
ivhich to bail out the water as fast as
t came in.
The respite from death by immeriion
thus obtained was more or less
prolonged according to the powers o]
mdurance possessed by the victim,
liut imagine the torture, the exhausion
and even hideously grotesque ef
ore, me incessant anu piuiui iuu uy
light and day to starve of the dread
nouient fast approaching, when, overtime
hy sleep and fytigue, lie was un
ible to struggle any longer against hh
A man visiting a lunatic asylum re
jently was conversing with some of the
mtdoor patients, when a man rode Uf
>n horseback. The pace called foi
:omment among the party, and one o:
.he patients said he had seen a horst
'unning much faster than that one
'O," exclaimed the visitor, sotto voce
'I have seen a horse Hying." "Diuna
let the doctor hear ye sayin' that, mj
man," interjected an old Scotch lunatic
"there's foulk in here for far less that
fleein's horses.''
Xo man says the Philadelphia lie
iord, has ever seen a Quaker beggar
rhe members of this religious society
ook after their own indigent quietly
lelicateiy, and none but the committer
>f relief know the names of those as
>isted. The late Joseph Jeans, i
Quaker of Philadelphia, left $20(?,0()(
.0 be devoted to the charity that be
i?io of imntu Vot flia OiinL'oru nn
not behind any other sect in deeds o
general bencvolence.
I n judging a man's conduct we usu
illy attribute to him the motives whict
consciously or unconsciously contro
>urown conduct under like circumstan
2es. We can often find out our rea
motives by observing the inotivei
which we attribute to others.
II INlidl!
$ 360,000.
WHITE TO OR CALL on tbe'underslgnec)
or to the Director of your Township
for any information you may deBire about
uur plan of Insurance.
We insure your property against destrue
lion by
ind do so cheaper than any Insurance Corn
pany In existence.
Remember we are prepared to prove to yoc
that ours is the safest and oheapest plan ol
Insurance known.
J. R. BLAKE, Jr., Agent,
Abbeville, S. C.
Abbeville, S. C.
G. M.Anderson Ninety-Six Township,
J. M. Major Greenwood "
1'. W. Sullivan Cokeshury "
W. B. Acker Donnulds "
M. B. Clinkscales Due West "
T. L. lladdon Long Cane "
J. W. Scroll Snilthville
K. W. Watson While Hail
J.W.Lyon Indian Hill "
('apt. John Lyon Cedar Spring "
W. K. Leslie Abbeville "
Dr. J. A. Anderson.Diamond Hill "
H. A. Tennent Lowndesvillu "
A. O. Grant Magnolia "
J. T. Ilorlon Calhoun "
T. J. Brltt Bordeaux "
Abbeville, S. (J.. Feb. IK, 1MI5.
Mr. J. It. Bluke, Jr., Treas. K. M. F. A. A. ('.
Dear Sir? Please accept our llianks for check
i>f S500 to cover recent loss of our dwellings tiy
lire. For cheapness and safety wo cheerfully
commend the Farmers Mutual Kire Association
of Abbeville County to all who desire Insuiance
on their property.
You can save:!- pounds of fruit for cents,
Call at Speed's and get the right thing.
You can get any kind ol good drinks at
Drink Vicky lemonade it is good for dispell
sia ju .Speed's.
Try sure kill fly paper at Speed's.
G<> t?? Jlruee's ice cream saloon and get your
ice cream. Kxlra lar^e saucer for .">e.
Fruit.jars. Now Is the time to buy fruit
Jars, and we have the liest. Call and yet a
supply. W. Joel Smitii <V Sou.
\vf stiII have plenty of ki raw hats ami n?rigee
ahiilL. (.'all an J be supplied:
Nothing so ill becomes a preacher as
glorying in the aristocracy or wealth
of his congregation and the salary they '>
pay him. The preacher who fixes 'vir- 1
ttially his own salary and says: "I
must have so much or I cannot serve," ,
had heller and some other place than <
the ministry, at least some other than
the ministry in the Methodist Church.
If a favored few are heard in this regard,
while the tireat majority are not,
so much greater is the reproach upon 1
Pray for your enemy, no matter
whether he is trying to kill you with
his tongue or a gun.
Surveying and Platting 1
Laud and Town Lots. Also Terracing, Lev
< .i liiiulliiL'. Accurate work done
when- local attraction mulces n Compass uureliable.
Feb..j, !S9(i, ly Ninety-Nix,.S. C.
Mil COME,' i
Sixtieth Year begins SEPT, 10th,
Eleyeu Professors and Instructors.
Whnno Pnniw fni* JlPflTPPQ
1 111 Oil UUU10UU 1U1 uu&i UUUI
Ample Cabinets and Laboratories.
Lacatiou HealM aoi Beautiful.!
Gyiiiasiai Complete.
Terms Reasonable. >
Send for a catalogue.
President, 1
June 32,1890, tf
/ -I" a m wm
1 New York, Washington, Norfolk
f Atlanta, New Orleans, Southwest.
Schedule In effect April 5th, 1800..
j. SOUTHBOUND. No. 403. No. 41.
Lv. New York, vlaPenn. li. K. :! *20 p hi *!) (XI pin
' Philadelphia, " " 5 15 p in 12 05 ngt
" Baltimore, " " 7 31 p m 2 55 itm
! " Wushhiiifrton, " " 8 40 ji in 4 30 am
" Richmond, " " 12 3U p m 9 03 am
Lv. Norfolk, via S. A. L *11 5W ? m *9 00 sin
rortsmouih, ' 12 01 n'(ft 0 15 ajm
Lv. Weldou, via 8. A. L *;T 05 a in *11 55 am
i Ar. Henderson, via' 4 .'12 am *1 !59 pm
F Ar. Kaleigli, via S. a. L. *5 55 a tn *o 34 pni
" Sanlbrd, ' 7 14 " 4 58 "
' Southern Pines, " 8 00 " 5 49 "
' " Hamlet, ' S 50 " C55"
" tVadesboro, " 9 62 " 8 01 "
" Monroe, " 10 40 " 8 55 "
[ Lv. Charlotte, via S. A. L *5 25 " 8 22 pin
. Lv. Chester, via S. A. L 12 03 p m 10 32 pin
' Clinton, " 1 20 " 11 58 *
" Greenwood, ' 2 33 ' 1 00 pm
i " AHBEVILLE " 3 00 ' 132"
" Elberton, " 4 00 " 2 36 "
" Athens, " 3 10 u 3 8S "
" Winder, " 5 53 " 4 21 "
" Atlanta, (Union D. Cent. T) 0 45 " 5 20 "
NORTHBOUND. _ No. 40&_No. 88.
! Lv. Atlanta,viaS.A.L.(Ccnt. T.j*ll 45 a in *S 10 pin
I " Athens, " 2 65 p m 11 40 "
. " Elberton, > 4 00 " 12 45 atn
" Abbeville, " 5 00 " 1 47 "
f " Greenwood, " 5 150 " 2 15 "
i ' Clinton, " 0 25 " 3 IS "
' " Chester, " 7 39 " 4 43 '
Ar. Charlotte, via t?. A. L ,10 20 p in *11 35 "
' Lv. Monroe, via S. A. L. 9 15 p in 6 13 am
1 " Ilarnlet " 10 31 " 8 15 '
7 " Southern Pines, " 11 21 " 9 15 u
" Kalelgb, " *1 20 a in ?11 31 "
! Ar. Weld on. " *1 05 " "3 00 "
' Richmond, " 6 40 " (140 "
Washington, via Penn.RR 10 45 " 1110"
" Baltimore. u 12 00 M. 12 48 ngt
" Philadelphia, " 2 20 p in 3 45 pm
. " Now York. " *1 S3 " ?(i 53
' Ar. Portsmouth, " 7 30 " 5 50 pm
? Norfolk, _ " *7 50_ * C 00 "
' *Daily. tDaily, except Snnday.
Nos. 403 and 402, "The Atlanta Special," Solid Vesl
tibnled Train, with Biiffett Sleepers and Day Coaches
I between Washington and Atlanta. Parlor and Dining
Cars, New York to Washington!. Pullman
" Sleepers, Richmond to Charlotte, also Portsmouth to j
i Monroe (open at Richmomfand Portsmouth !l p. in.) j
r Connection at Atlanta for and from Macon. Florida, j
Chattanooga, Nashville, Meiuj his, Texas, California!
and the West.
Nos 41 and 38, "The S. A. L. Express," Solid j
" Train of Pullman Sleepers and Day Coaches between
I Portsmouth, Weldon and Atlanta, also New York to
j Weldon and Cape Charles. Connecting at Atlanla (or
and from Montgomery. New Orleans, Texes, Mexico,
" Florida; at Portsmouth with Bay Line and coastwise
1 steamers and rail routes to tho north and east.
For Tickets, Sleepers, ami Information, apply to
. Ticket Agents, or to
15. A. NKWLAND. General Agent,
Wm ii. CLEMENTS, Trnv. Pass. Agent.
0 Kimball House, Atlanta. Ga.
E. St. JOHN'. Vlco-Pres. ami Gen'l, Mgr.
V. E. McBEE, Gen'l. Superintendent.
H. W. Ii. GLOVEK, TralHc Manager.
T. J. ASDEKSON, Gen'l. Pass. Agent.
Port Royal and Western Carolina R. R.;
Augusta and Asheville Short Line.
J. B. CLEVELAND, Kcceiver.
| Schedule In Effect June 21,1S96. Eastern Time.
Lv Augusta 9 40 am C :!0 am
Ar Greenwood 12 17 pin !) 08 am
' Ar Anderson 7 30 pm
Ar Laurens 1 15 pm 10 03 ain
Ar Greenville 2 55 pm
Ar Glenn Springs - 4 05 pm
A r Spartanburg it 00 pm 11 W pm
Ar Saluda 4 38 pm 1 15 j>m
Ar llendersonvllle & 51 jun 1 45 pm
Ar Asheville C 45 pm '2 40 pm
i Ar Hot Springs 4 03 pm
Ar Waynesville 4 as pin
Ar Morrlstown 6 00 pin
Ar Knoxrille 7 25 pin
Ar iMncinnatti 7 15 am
Ar Louisville 7 00 am
Lv Louisville K 15 pw
Lv Ciricinnutti S 00 pin
Lv Kiioxvlllc 7 :!0 am
Lv Morrlstown 9 S3 am
Lv Wuynepviile 1(1 2!) am
Lv Hot Springs 11 *?:! am
Lv Asheville 20 am :{ 15 am j
Lv llendersoiivllle !) 15 am H S7 pin j
Lv Suluda !) 45 am 4 20 pm I
Lv Spartanburg 11 45 am C 20 pin !
Lv Glenn Spiings 9 00 am
Lv Greenville 11 55 am 4 00 pm
Lv Laurens 1 80 pm 7 55 pin J
Lv Anderson 10 25 am :
Lv Greenwood 2 28 pm S 50 pin ]
Ar Augusta 5 05 pm 11 10 am :
Ar Savannah 6 30 um 7 30 am j
Ar Jacksonville 11 50 am j
Lv Greenwood 5 SO pm 2 15 am j
Ar Haieiuh 1 80 um li '?> am <
Ar Norfolk 7 .'Ml am 5 50 pm j
Ar Petersburg li (K) uhi 5 4|f pm
Ar Kichinond G 40 am li 45 pin
Close connections at Greenwood for all points on,
S. A. L. uud 0. & G. Railways, and at Atlanta to the !
Pullman Sleeping furs between Charleston, Su-,
vaniiuh and Spuruii.burg.
Kor Rated anil Schedules, a[iply to
W. J. CltAlG, Gen. Pass. Agent, Augusta, Ga.
% IF^"
1 Doors, Sas
Or unythiiig in the LlJMliEIt L
* Abbeville Lumber Co.
The Abbeville Lumber Co. has just received
i car load of sash, doors and blinds, which
Lhey will sell at bottom prices.
All kinds of dressed lumber at lowest prices
Now is the time to put up your blinds. Call
*nd buy them from the Abbeville Lumber
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take laxative liromo tiuinlne Tablets. We
refund the money if it falls to cure. 25c. At
lie staii rant.
I would announce to my friends and customers
that I have moved my RESTAURANT
to Cothran's Block, on Washington
Street, where I will be glad ro serve the publie
with as good meals as the provisions ol
the market will afford.
Oct. 1.1395, Cms.
Desirable Place for Sale,
WE ofler our homeplace at CokeRbnry for
sale or exchange. Premises In fine repair.
9:1 acres of ttrslclass land. Land well
idapted to fruit and all crops. Pure cold water
and perfectly healthy location.
wyatt Aiken, Abbeville, S. C.
J. S. Aiken, Cokesbury, S. C.
Sept. :kl, *95. tf.
Milk Cows.
For Sale or to Exchange for
utner uaiue.
and young calves to sell for cash, or to exchange
for other cattle on advantageous
terms. Apply to D. H. HOWARD, Verdery,
or at the Press and Banner office.
HAS moved, and occupies the room recent/
ly occupied by J. L. Clark, the gunsmith,
and Is now prepared to do all kinds oi
repairing and cleaning of gentlemen's clothes
on short notice.
Samples of suits always on hand. Charges
Livery, Feed and Sals Stables
Having bought the interest of
W. S. Cothran In the
Livery, Feed and Sale Stables,
I Will Continue Business at
the Old Stand.
Thanking my friends for the support in.th<
past, I solicit a continuance of the same.
_ J. S. STARK._
awn IT. inmnMHHiT i
U1 UUIflU lllUiuuiiuiJiiiiJiix ,
It Is n matter of satisfaction that the tnanj
and great bargains I have offered this Spring
have been appreciated and largely taken bj
the trading public. Our trade has never beet
better, and although we havo had a strong
and efficient force, many times, evtn whllt
doing our best, we have not been able to wal
on all our trade. I take this occasion to tbnni<
the people for their generous patronage an?
to assure them that during the month of Maj
iny stock will be more attractive than ever
Already I have had to order goods, and I wil
keep my stock full by making fresh orderi
from time to time.
My clothing trade has been unusually good
I still have many good bargains to offer it
this line.
Call at White's Block, Numbers 1 and 2, ant
you can always rely upon receiving the bes
attention. Respectfully,
L. VV. White.
GAFFNEY and Virginia Lime. noiimiu
and Portland Cement, celebrated Jellic<
and BlttC<8mlth Coal, best quality hard coa
and Cotton Seed Hull. All at KOCK BOX
TOM prices.
01(1 Depot.
March 31,189C, tf
H/TY HOUSE AND LOT in the city of Ah
bfivllle, bounded by lands of A. \V
Jones, Lewis l'arker. Trinity Church lot aix
others. Further Information glveu ou appll
Three Hundred and Forty-On<
(341) Acres,
more or less. In the County of Abbeville
Lowndesvllle township, bounded North b;
lands of Jacob Martin, South by lauds of G
W. Speer, East by estate of Thomas Cunning
ham, West by lands of William Cook.
Arthur Parker.
*- ' M1~ o / % A^iioo 1QQ l\ if
iiuuevuic, o. v>., *~t *v?w?
Apportionment of the School Fund
of Abbeville County for
School Year 1895-96.
Amt's Aml'sT.
Name ana No. of DlstrleL Ap^t'^^not T.
Ninety Six No. 1. .24 8.20 ??1658 .2
Greenwood No. 2 1293 8f> 00 00 129
:::::::: 88 8 iSiS i
BsrwSoX.:: ? ? ?>g?
Long Cane No. C 930 - j ?
Smllhvllle No. 7 J* ,J ?j joS J
White Hall No. 8 1875 41 14 l\ ft
Indian Hill No. #... ?fiO KS 36 41 991 d,
Cedar Springs No. 10 ill 22 4 0.1
Abbeville No. 11 23 6ol Diamond
III1I No. 12 9|0 05 1 50 #21 5.
Lowndesvllle No. 18 2& 33 39 44 262 T
Magnolia No. 14 170 02 B4 6, 230 0
Calhoun No. 15 Of) ? w ?* }'? !?
Bordeaux No. 10 1-21 ? > i
Ninety-Six SpecialNol7 5Kf <> ?97 i
Greenwood " 18 871 87 bo 78
Abbeville " " 1? 12$ ? J:
Ml. Carrael " " 20 400 87 400 8
Sharon - " 2 21 ? f
McCormlck " ' 23 2SI 13
Wllllnmon - - ^ ?id .?
The above apportion men t of the School Func
to the different School Districts in Abbeville
County in based on the attendance of pupil!
In the public school# of the County during tin
lant school year. The diirerent boards o
school trustees must not overdraw 011 tlx
amouns desigualeil for their school districts.
March 9,18DG, tf School Commissioner.
h, Blinds, i
INK are wanted, don't fail to see ^
A Oil MUTE ffll.,
ment for repairing buggies, S
but let us suppose havlDg your bug- c
gy repaired and Ihe workman
would make some spofees in the
wheels shorter than the rest, bore f
the hole out of center and out of I
plumb and have the axel crooked.
Do you think any workman could 1
o ?rm(. l
deal or expense, uew^'heele and so
on ? You know C&&1. yofi can ,
ee this. Jf on tho"oih'er hMlokyou
have your watch repaired and It Ih j]
done In a similar wny, and may lt
even he adjusted to positions with ,
paper wedges and the like; you 1
can't see It. but the defects are there \
and new parts will have to be sub- (
stltuted. We have all the tools to
repair your watcb In a workmanlike
manner, and having served a t
regular apprenticeship In (
are able to restore any broken part \
to Its original condition and guar- .
antee time. If you liaveany broken '
watcn, remember t
Watch Repairing 1
is my SPECIALTY, and will be
done as cheap as first class work
can be done. Satisfaction guaran- I
teed or money refunded. '
R. C. Bernau,
No. 5 Washington Street,
I 1 will carry a full
stock of
I W. F. Cross.
) "
1 liigstoi I Ptrrii.
Ill Vivian Af /InAnAYHACI
All M1UB U1 UIUUC11C0,
' of every description.
Fresh Bread
always on hand.
Give us a call when In need of anything In
our line. We guarantee NaUafactlon.
Particular attention
given to our
Remember tbe place, No, 2 Washington
^ Btreet.
fT^HE place to carrv vour ,SICK WATCHES
und BROKEN CLOCKS"-, where they will
- be looked after and attended to at all bourn of
the day with skill and experience. No turn[
lng you away or sending Patients off to have
them treated elsewhere, bat 1 will put them
going at prices to suit the times.
Well Presents, CMs,
; Prices Down.
A Complete and Full
Metropolitan Brand of Mixed Paints
? OK ?
always on band at the
City Drug Store.
i single can $1.25. A liberal diHCOiint to |
painters using large quantities.
Oct. 25, 1898, tf
' Drink Vichy water. Speed.
I We have a nice Hue of Nuually'H candy in
stock. Speed.
I Don't fail to get a glass of Vichy Lemonade
these hot days at Speed's.
I Save money and get the newest and most I
' stylish suit by buying yours of (,'oHen.
I We havo Just received a large supply ofj
Iron tonic. It is one of the best b.'oucl ptiri-|
tier. Speed. j
' We have Just received a large lot. of tanglefoot
tly paper, which we are sell ti ig at-toe ?
II box. Speed.
:t IIih. loinxtoeer, uo oouIh a dozen. .Aug:. W.I
jSuiltti. j
Wooden Nweuriuif.
A mother once said : "I hope, dea
hildren, that you will never let youi
ips speak profane words. Rut, now !
vaut to tell you about a kind of swear
ni? which T heard a good woman speal
bout not long ago. She called i
vooden swearing. It's a kind o
wearing that many people beside
hildren are given to when they ar
.ngry. Instead of giving vent to tliei
eelings in oaths, they slam doors, kicl
lie chairs, stamp on the floor, throv
lie furniture about, and make all th
loise they possibly can. "Isn't thi
list the same as swearing?" said she
Il's just the same kind of feeling ex
ictly, only they do not like to say mos
Lwftii words; but tliey force the furni
iire to make the noise, and so I call i
vooden swearing.' I hope, dear chi!
Iren, that you will not do any of thi
cind of swearing either. It is bette
o let alone wooden swearing, and al
>ther kinds of swearing.
Perfect, unquestioning trust is th
,vay to peace. Do not wait to see ; d
)ot ask to see; but believe in God, an
je at peace.
(TM. H. PARKER, President.
The Farmers' Ba
M9 at- <> w .
Does general banking bubinepi
lions. A Havings Department has be
wards, interest at 4 per cent. Payable quart
Increase rapidly. IMreetor*?W. H. Parker,
McUee, P. B. Speed, It. M. Haddon, Dr. ?. E.
la (l A '
* Proprietor.
n In
# We are prepared to i
J Rough Lumber, Doors, Si
a Brick, Lime, Cement, I
i construction of a House.
t .
T TT?! a TVacln
^ ib' HJ.W * A VWU
J Harrison
~^Thos. J
Tlie S/i
to make your feet look pretty and
the reach of the millions. Call and
Yours for Pre
National Bar
Surplus, ?
J. ALLEN SMITH, President
BEN J. S. 1J A
IB i W4
J. ii. El)WAHDS, Abbeville, S. C.,
L. W. WHITE, Abbeville, S. C.,
BEN J. S. BARNWELL, Abbeville,
DOES a General Banking business prov
Depositors. Is ready at any and all 11:
as our county affords.
| Bits' Fres
| H. W. LAI
W We have just received a 1
& All IrinHs that are i
J H. W. La
" ' '"'k'-' / '?
??I' '
r S. F. Killingsworth,
f | No. 4 Seal Block, Abbeville, S. C.
i Dr. S. G. Thomson,
rl Corner, Abbeville. B. C.
^ |)ICHAltD (iANTT, I* now prepared to do
1\ all work In his department In the best
G manner'and at reasonable charges. Monthly i
9 customers shaving, balr cutting and sham- 1
, i poolng 81 per month. Rasors honed and put
' | n the best condition for 25 cents each.
PjWAnted-anTdea of some simple fl
. 1 thing to patent? Protect your ideas; they may
' i bring you wealth. Write JOHN WEDDER>
I- BUKN & CO., Patent Attorneys, Washington,
s > D. C., for their $1,800 prize offer.
" M. P. DeBRUHL. j. fuller lyon"
e Attorneys at Law,
(1 \
| Office?Law Range, O'Neal Building No. 1.
A. W. SMITH, Ylce President.
DuPRE, Cashier.
,nk of Abbeville.
6,500 :j
Buys and sells Exchange and makes Colecen
established. Amounts received of SI and up;erly
-January. April, July. October. Small savA.
W. Smith, W. C. McGowaD, J. R. Blake, H. P.
Harrison, A. B. Morse.
Greenwood, - S. C.
are home folks . . .
uy direct from the Quarries, do flrsts
work and sell as cheap as auy firm
th or South,
Yours very truiy, g
Manager, J
inpit n
ill all orders for Dressed and #
ioK' "RIitkIc Pramfts. Shingles. ?
wu! o , n
short anything needed in the X
x% %%%%%
Fane7 Physic t
& Game. 5
R. Da
oe Dealer,
- - - - s. c.
* - Tnr-?T'?17^T>
J -JXJt" M. jlu.*.*,
1 comfortable and the prices are not out of H
see what he has to sell. B
tty Foot Wear,
ik of Abbeville, I
ill?, s. o. I
- $75,000
L?*?ac*ai s
L. >V. WHITE, Vicc-l'rcsidcnt. H
UNWELL, Cashier.
J. C. KLUUII, Abbeville, S. C., B
W. JOEL SMITH, Abbeyille, 8.
S.C., A. II. MOUSE, Abbeville, S. C.
Til, Abbeville, S. C. .
Idea the greatest security and convenience forita
men to make loans based upon such safe oollatera
Ii Garden Seed II
3LI) BY? J fl
ATSON & CO. il
4_ir rtf sriRnnT. EOOKS. #fl
arge siui/c. ui ^
ised in the public schools.
wson & Co. $1

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