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Drnnnner*" anil Automobile*.
It is written that commercial travelers
in England have discovered that
About half their time is consumed in
disagreeable and unprofitable waiting
on railway platforms or at junctions
for delayed trains. Commercial men
do not care to waste time. Many of
them are trying motor carriages and
motor-cycles for their work, and find
considerable saving of time results i
and that the enjoyment of driving a
motor relieves the mental ana puysical
Jstrain attendant on their ocupation.
Hi Cares Couch or Cold at once,
m Conquers Croup without fail. |Q]
M Is the best for Bronchitis, Grippe, igl
L3 Hoarseness, Whooping-Cough. and M
U for the cure of Consumption. M
P5| Mothers praise it. Doctors prescribe it. ful
U Small doses; quick, sure results. Jtm
k I# food for thought.
Costly Bridce* Destroyed.
The two bridges crossing the Or- j
ange River, -which have been destroyed j
by the burghers, were built by the j
Cape Colony Government at a cost of ;
$870,000. The one at the Orange
River Station was 1230 feet in length,
iad nine spans, cost $300,000 and was
i opened for traffic in 1885. It was
considered the finest bridge in South
Africa. The other was at Hope Town; j
*. -i JOA i c>-,7n rum !
11 WH3 JillU 1CCI 1UIII null vv?; v, v w
I !
The present Jewish population of
the United States is about 1,500,000.
Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Tour Life
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be magnetic.
lull of life, nerve and vigor, take No-ToBac,
the wonderworker, that makes weak men
strong. AH druggists, 00c or II. Cure guaranteed.
Booklet and sample free. Address
Sterling Remedv Co.. Phicaco or New York.
There are 10,800 lawyers in Manhattan,
Borough, New York City.
ClarUtmas Holiday Excursion
The Southern Railway, account of Christmas
holidays, announces a rate or one and
ane-third first-class standard one way fare,
via Washington, to all points south and east
of the Mississippi River.
Tickets to be sold December 23d. 38d. Sith,
Cth, alsrvDecember 3Jth and 31st, 1889, with extreme
linitt January 4th, 1900.
Tickets will be sold at one and one-third
fare standard one way from Washington to
all points south and east of Mississippi River,
-ickets on sale December 15th to 31st* 1899,with
final limit January 4th. 1930, upon presentation
of certificate s-igued by the superintend |
nt, principal or president thereof.
For .sleeping car reservations, rates,_etc.
sail oA or address Alex. S. THweatt, Jsast
irn Pass. Agt., 271 Broadway, New York.
The ordinary human cose is two lnohes
| To Core Constipation Forever.
fake Cascarets Candy Cathartic. 10c or 25c.
3i C. C. C. (ail to cure, druecists refund money.
, A pace i9 considered to be about twe
Acts gently on the
Kidneys, Liver
1 and Bowels
Ileanses the 5ystem
overcomes ^ 52?" i
cvy the otwuint-m*h*r o ?y
, #*SZ???r c\7c'^
j . j ro? >*u enr?u 0CTiy. rr?, mm sat hr eorm.
k Try Crain-0!
L' Tjy-Crain-O! .,
Lm /*Ask your Grocer to-day to show
you a package of GRAIN-O, the new
I food drink that take* the place of
I coffee.
| The children may drink it without
I injury as well as the adult. All who
I _ try it, like it. GRAIN-O has that
I rich seal brown of Mochu or JaTa,
but it is made from pore grains, and
the most delicate stomach receives it K
without distress, j the price of coffee. Ejj
15 cento and 25 cents per package. ?
Bold by all grocers. I*
Tastes like Coffee ft
nnk? like Coffee fij
LInBiitthttyonrgroccrgivMjonGRAIN-O K
Accept no imitation. K
"I bare gone 14 days at ^ time wlthoat m
lavement of the bowels, not beiug able to
move them except by using bot water Injections.
Chronic constipation for seven years placed me In
tbls terrible condition; during that time I did everything
1 heard of but never found an; relief; such
was my case until 1 began using CASCARET8. 1
now have from ODe to tbree passages a day, and If 1
was rich I would give (100.00 for each movement; it
Is such a relief." aylmekL.Kukt,
1CS9 Russell St.. i> trolt, Mich.
cathartic ^
tradi mark riaistcrcd
Pleasant. .Palatable. Potent. Taste Good. Do
Sood, Jievef Sicken, Weaken, or Gripe. 10c, 20c, 50c.
A ' (Mrflsc Ksks4/ Csapas/, Cbie*f?i Mmtrtsl? I?w Tsrt. SB
If Designs For Costu
i o i :? y. i!
New York City (Special).?Women
will bail with delight the fact that the
jersey, a garment of undoubted popularity
several years ago, is about to return
to them. Perhaps it would be
as well to eay that it is the same old
?i t 1?
jersey made more beautiful a thousand
times. The winter and earl#
spring models shown in a few of the
most exclusive shops are exquisite beyond-jfogcription.
They are made not
oa^iiK: bla<&, Jjut in solid colors of
blri6v|a?^&^ed, fawn, etc. Some of
the are braided '%nd
and PSr?an Iamb effeaR.-'90^8^'
them fire^Bor'ded and some are plain.
In fact, there is every possible style.i
It has been hinted that the jersey is a
garment for plump women only, but
the present fashions are becoming to
I tslan/lor fimiroq oc tupII
Three Millinery Triumphs.
Gray in all shades of ash, pearl and
stone is as popular as ever. The
charming hat shown on the left of the
m -gp
IsBBKHustration is oi velvet in a snvenP-?6han.
tone, with a rather narrow
ronnd$j*im and heavily shirred and
foldedSwown. Snow-white gulls are
set Icilos&duithei side of a tall velvet
bow ioJroBt and the combination of
de^a|^wHite plumage and silver-gray
SlSM&;of the hat in the centre
o^J^|^ |||in jtie large^picture is^ of
^^^^Gwing metallic $Iue, anffilllfiijead
white and rose, with the big black
model on the right of the group
is^lttjpery 6inarte9t toque of the seasOTff/lSrhe
fur is of otter, soft as down
and sheeny as satin, combined with
ve]r?+ of silvery lilac. The design is
ihe very perfection of simplicity, but
is none the less rich and beautiful as
a whole.
How to Utilize Lace Handkerchief*.
Who of us has not got one or two
cherished and delicate handkerchiefs
of priceless old laco that we keep
among our most valueC\H?jp08sessions?
and how often we pine for the
opportunity of showing them to our
admiring friends? A new use has
come in for them which is attractive
in the last degree. This is to remove
the cambric centre and to use the lace
as a yoke on a costly frock. Then,
again, we cau wear them as a frill at
-?'.1r oa a lrnnt nv fnlrl t.Wm fin
UUi UCV/b, ao u w
as to use as a collar to a silk or muBlin
Beautiful Gowns for Evening "Wear.
A very hancs>me evening gown is
of pale yellow satin, with a prettv
bodice tucked back and front, ai d
sleeves of cream net, ornamented with
waved lines of gathered cream silk
ribbon. Very effective, too, is an
evening dress of geranium pink satin,
with a deep flounce of the same satin}
round the hem of the skirt, trimmed
with black chiffon and pink ribbons.
This bodice has long mitten sleeves
of transparent black net, while in.,
front it is ornamented with levers of
pink satin, trimmed with black^Mf^
fon. '
Fashionable Puree Ila?i.,
"With the present pocketless dress^,
it is necessary for tho up-to-date
woman to carry some receptacle for
the handkerchief, purse, etc- Very
pretty small bags, soL?e of the reticule
shape, others of oblong form, are oon
sidered with ug the proper thing. They
are made in colored leather matching
the costume in color, with chased gilt
(or gold) clasp and chain, and contain
small interior pockets for smelling
bottles, watch and other sundries.
The New Fetticoatc.
Pietticcats are tighter than ever.
: fashions. ii
mes That Have Be- J
i the Metropolis.
shaped like skirts. The top is set in
simple bias or crosscut band, through
which a ribbon is passed. There are
no plaits, no gathers behind ; they are
placed beneath the corset fastenings
almost at the bottom of the hips, so
I as not to enlarge the figure by a line.
I The flounces are shaped and covereu
with lace like those of la6t year.
Long Capes In Favor.
Long capes have come to be very
much regarded with favor. Care
must be takeu to have the cape cut
broad enough. The stylish cape of
to-day does not reduce the width of
the, woman's .shoulders. It is the
misfortune of too many of *he golf
capes now worn that they are cut to
narrow in the shoulders.
4 fv ' '
Tbe Favorite "Far H*t.
'Mink remains a favorite among the
fur hats. A new Spanish torbtfn hasbrim
of mink, with loose ctown of
[pink panne'jtelvet. Two lar&e roses
of dull blue and red tints give the finishing
One of tfie- latest fashions shows
skirts with rather shallow folda resembling
kilting air round; the folds
or plaits are there certainly and give
somewhat greater flow to the foot of
the skirt.
i <L ?
A Toque Much in Favor.
A toque wl^ah-sfipds* some fkvor is
made of BH$k*gray velvet hand
painted V a letter -shade mixed with
w?ite. and completed with a gray tulle
rosette and two wing9 and two fancy
Tallpr Dresses With Piping*.
Pipings?>f#eiJk. aad velvet continue
to be mu|h>u:Wd. Many - garments
ana BnitB of'the strictly tailor-made
claw have-Beams .finished with velvet
pipings, and the effect is very good. *
-#/? f,
* jVV?:
Iloas and >IuR* to Match.
Tlie mdst beautiful boas are the
lone round ones, huge in size and
made of the fluffy fur of the cub bear,,
The muffs to match are proportion*
ately large, and are round and. plain. I
f/ $ f^p:
j f*
1 TV.a ClaAra tha F?fttnrP.
A feature of the new gown is, of,
course, the sleeve, that has been go-,
ing through the same process of evolution,
or rather revolution, on which
the skirts are just entering. There is
no question that fashion has gone
back again to the tight sleeve, and
now there is just as much attention
paid to having the sleeve fit closely
over the upper part of the arm as there
is to having a skirt fit absolutely
smoothly over the hip&. There are
many people to whom a close-fitting
sleeve is not becoming, and as yet
fashion is kind enough to allow a certain
amount of trimming?rows of
tucks, or soft folds, or even caps over
the very top of the Bleeve?but the
very smartest coats and -waists are
quite plain. Cuffs have come into
fashion again, that is, the cuffs of the
same material as the gown, or of fur,
or lace. They are turned back from
lue xjuliu auu are uunu? iu uc?(ju,
and even when the sleeve is cut very
long over the hand and in points, the
points can be turned back to look
like flaring cuffs. The coats trimmed
with fur are very much smarter this
way than they w^re with the plain
sleeves, bat on the sleeve of any
waist that has to be worn under a
coat the fashion is awkward.
In the accompanying drawing, taken
from Harper's Bazar, is shown a
child's frock of figured delaiDe. A
gored skirt is trimmed with band of
insertion. The pleated waist is
trimmed with a band of the material
outlined with lace insertion, _ I
The Decoy fteer of the Chicago Stotlt
Tarda and Hi* Work.
One of the sights of the pnreat cattle !
yards of Chicago is an old white ox I
named Judas. An ox may aise to
eminence by his cunning and wisdom
as well as a man, and Judas has risen.
Ho came to the yards a good many
vearR flpo. while he was vet a friskv
steer and be was immediately purchased
by one of the great packiiig
houses and driven from the train
which brought him from his Iowa
heme to a distant yard.
Ihe life of most animals at the
cattle yards is very short?a week at
the very most. A few days after the
arrival of Judas, the herd of cattle
which occupied the pen with him was
selected for killing. The way to the
packing house led down a long alleyway
with high fences on each side,
then up a narrow chute and into the
building. For some reason the cattle
seem to know what is coming, for
they always object to. being driven up
the chute. Judas was no exception.
He plunged madly about among the
herd and the cattlemen had more
trouble with him than with any other
animal. At last, however,-4ie seemed
to realize that soonier or later he mast
go, and .he made a virtue of. a necessity,
trotted quietly iup the chute and
the pthqr. cattle followed rapidly after
him. yThus he ran until lie had just
reache&ihe door pMJxfe packinghouse.
Then, 4uick ^ wipk, he'tnrned and
gallopeS down a side passage and
escaped, while the other cattle went
onward rata'the building.' 't,
Judas had b^n'bo clever that
the good-natured cattlemen let him ;;o
for that' day, for genius is to be appreciated
in a steeras well as in a
man. Thenext day, however, they
drove ,hinv up again with another
-herd.^'Tbia^Be ie made not the
slightest" objj&tionjV but trotted forward
quietlyjiind the other steers,
having ' a coAfldep^.'jleader, behaved
admirably. But jttfts Judas reached
the door Hf the^Twlding be dodged>
again, so suddenly that the men
fcfffi*1 and esoaped, as he
^ddohff bpfcnfa; while the herd be|Hm!
nim went careering Into the kill^^^Since
then Judas, hasten a regular
employe of the cattle yirds. Every
An** U,1 looilo nn ft Viord 'nf (infile nri(J
every day be dodges just at the door
of the building. He lias saved the
cattlemen no end of trouble and delay
with riotous herds since he began his
service. He has grown fat and sleek
on the good living of the yards, and
so highly are his services regarded
that the cattlemen provide him with a
white blanket on cold days to keep
him comfortable.
And thus ho is living to a green,
old age, but he bears the disrespectful
name of Judas?the betrayer.
Boors' Monument of Independence.
' i The sturdy Dutchmen of the Transvaal
have erected in the environs of
Johannesburg this pillar of stone and
dedicated it as the fetich of their free
life. If the British army succeeds in
reaching Johannesburg the first thing
i?they will do will be to demolish this
monument, for'the effect on the superstitious
Boers will be as bad as the
kioss of an important battle in the open
' 1.
In the Transvaal a superstition exists
that the liberties of the people
are assured as long as this pillar of
stone endures. It may be that the
British will regard it as a wise act to
commit an act of vandalism, just as
they were forced to become barbarous
in India and blow Sepoys from the
guns to destroy their caste.
British Squadron lu War Attire.
Nothing in the,military line is more
gorgeous than a British guardsman
in his shining cuirass a(nd burnished
helmet. One likes to'picture them
going into battlethus splendid. They
don't do that sort of thingW all, how-'
| ever. In South Africa they wear
cork helmets and khaki unit\?rni9, for
all thn -wnvlrl likf> nther f.rnnr)0.
A Red Hot Flood. ' \
An example of mixed metaphor wS^
lieard at a seamen's meeting at SoutlA
Shields last week, an enthusiastic
speaker urging the crowd to "take Vtie
tide by the flood and grasp it rei1
hot."?London Chronicle. ^
Pari* Preparing For tlie In'flux.
The omnibus company e> Paris, on
the occasion of the Exposition, will
have ninety-two lines ,oiud 1500 ve1
hides, performing 25,/f)00 journeys a
day, and capable of /transporting 1,*
| 0S2,000 passengers. /
Overw^'Mccil There.
The only place where a tramp was
ever known.-to be overworked is
the funny -fapere.?Si. Louis Jiepublic,
Attention Is called to tbe very useful
articles contained in tbe premium list of t?e
Continental Tobacco Co.'s advertisement
of their Star Plug Tobacco in another column
of thl9 paper. It will pay to save the
"Star" tin tups and bo take advantage of
(' v best list ever issued by the Star Tobacco.
The Name of Redvera.
Tbe uncommon name of Kedvern,
JUW 80 iauuutir IU LUIO- IUUUUJ, >IBD
jiven to Sir Reavers Buller by reason
if bis descent from the Conrtenay
'amily, whose ancestry was Earl Red/ers.
In Nelson's day every other
ooy for two or three years was christaned
Horatio Nelson, and Arthurs
nultiplied amazingly during the trilmpliant
days of Wellington. Probaoly
live years hence there will be many
nore bearers of the name of Redvers
vban there are to-day.?London
Morally a Hero
Our forecastle quarters, deserted by
Lieutenant S at the bombardment
of Odessa, were at this time
commanded by Lieutenant E . He
was universally popular; he was very
fat, and had the usual characteristics
jf fat men. He had often told me in
conversation of his great desire to
distinguish himself, and particularly
that he would like to belong to a HightA.nirl
Rnt ah soon afl the
Russian shot came flying about the
lorecastle he entirely lost his nerve,
ie -became physically incapable, the
perspiration streamed down his terri!Sed
face, and he became actually ill;
some of the .men even ventured to
jhaff him, advising him to put his
oead into a newly made shot hole, as
ae might be certain no second shot
?vould strike exactly the same spot.
3o it devolved wholly on me at Seoastopol,
as at Odessa, to fight the
forecastle quarters. Now, I have always
thought he was the bravest man
? have ever seen in action; incontestably
ill, paralyzed with terror, wholly
incapable, nothing would induce him
to leave his quarters; by a stupendous
and amazing moral effort he stuck to
his post, and remained on the forecastle
until the fight was^over. Not
many men would have had "this courage.?Sir
Edmund Yerney, in The
. Beauty Is Blood Deep.
Clean blood means a clean skin. No
beauty without it. Cascarets, Candy Cathartic
clean your'blood and keep it clean/by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all impurities
from the body. Begin to-day to
banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
and that sickly bilious complexion by taking
Cascarets,?beauty for ten cents: All druggists,
satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c, 50c.
Missouri sold ?221,447 worth of corncobpipes
in 1398.
SlOO Reward.. (100.
The readers of this paper will be pleased to
learn that there is at least one dreaded disease
that science has been able to cure in all
Its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is the only positive cure now known to
the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional
disease, requires a constitutional
treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and ecu;ous
surfaces of the system, thereby destroying
the foundation of the disease, and giving
the patient strength by building up the con
Btitntion and assisting nature in doing its
work. The proprietors have so much faith in
its curative powers that they offer One Hundred
Dollars for any case that it fails to cure
Send for list of testimonials. Address
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, 0.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Only in rare instances is eorporal punishment
permitted in Russia.
Vitality low, debilitated or exhausted cured
byJ>r. Kline's invigorating Tonic. Fue* 81
trial hottlefor 2 we'ks'treaiment. Dr. Kline
Ld., 931 Arch St., Philadelphia. Founded 1871
Each public school pupil costs Minnesota
12.73 per yet.r.
I am entirely cured of hemorrhage of lung;
oy Piso's Cure for Consumption.?Lovisj
Lindamax, Bethany, Mo., January 8,1S04.
The Great Eastern was G30 feet leng, the
Dceanic is CS5.7 feet long.
H. H. Green's Sons, of Atlanta, Ga., are the
only successful Dropsy Special sts in tlie world
See their liberal offer in advertisement in an
sther column oi this piper.
Bombay has a railroad which is used in
connection with the sanitation of the town.
Blow Are Tour Kidneys f
Dr. Hobbs' Sparaeus Pills care all kidney Ills. Sana*
fie free. Add. Sterling Beinedy Co.. Chicago or N\ V.
Opal mining is one of the latest Australian
mineral Industries.
r it
"I i?vc used Ayer's Hair
Vigor for a great many years
and it lias been very satisfactory
^0 me in every way. I hive
recommended it to a great many ,
of my friends and they have all
been perfectly satisfed with it."
? Mrs. A. Edwards, San Francisco,
Cal., Feb. 9, 1899.
About It
That's always tie way with
our Hair Vigor. When per- g
I sons use it they are always so I
I highly pleased with it that they I
I tell their frirnrls about it. t
If your hsir is short, too |
thin, splits at the ends, is rough, I
or is falling out, our Hair Vigor
will perfectly satisfy you.
If your hair is just a little
gray, or perfectly white, Ayer's
Hair Vigor will bring back to it
all the dark, rich color it had
years and years ago.
Write the Doctor
? If you do not obtain all the benefits ;.ou
* ire from the use of the Vigor, write
*" Doctor about it. He will tell you just I
I j right thing to do, and will send you B
his book on the Hair and Scalp if you 1
request It. Address, i
Dr. J. C. Ater, Lowell, Mass. |
"k?.'Sw?V I Thompson's EyeWstn
If silverware is kept c
to be polished. After usin^
be washed with a suds,
- shavings of Ivory Soap ii
dry and rubbed lightly w
skin or a piece of flannel.
All highly-polished mi
polish much longer if this ;
with compounds avoided a
' The Kvolution of the French ?CIinc.
The visitor to the coast of Maine is
Dften amazed at the surprising versa;ility
of the lowly herring. In many
Df the sea coast villages thousands ot I
jases of herring are shipped to various I
sections of the country disguised as
French sardines, brook trout and
The herring, when unloaded from
{be little steamer which brings them
from the weir, are separated into
three piles, according to size. The
avolution of the herring then begins.
The largest size rapidly develop into
mackerel, the medium size are soon
well on their way toward becoming
brook trout, while the smallest, in the
course of a day, are ready to be sent
into the unsuspecting world gorgeously
labeled in black and gold, "Fine
French sardines."
Some slight difference in the preparation
and the alluring labels are all
that distinguish the mackerel from the
brook trout and the brook trout from
the sardine.?The New Lippincott'a.
Married AcitJAi a Quarantine Line.
Charles Day and Anna Maltby, who
? 4.;T, o/) ;n Pnrninff Tnwa
were ^UOLUJlllutu AAJ w*?? ,
by reason of a Smallpox scare, managed
to communicate with the Kev. P.
| H. Mason, who appeared just outside
of the quarantine limits, as marked
by the yellow flags, and from that
point united th?m in marriage. There
is.no minister in Corning. ?Chicago
The Sunset T.imitcd For California.
Commencing Saturday, December ltitb, and
on every Tuesday and Saturday thereafter,
Special Pullman Drawing Room Sleeping'
Car-will be inaugurated between New \ ork
and New Orleans on the Washington and
South westeru Limited via Pennsylvania und
Southern Railway, connecting at New Orleans
with the Sunset Limited to the Pacific
The equipment of the Washington end
Southwestern Limited and Sunset Limited
is of the highest excellence. Address Alex. S.
ThweatT, Eastern Passenger Agent, "-Tl
Broadway, New York.
The first use of a locomotive in this country
was in 1829.
fcEdncate Yoor Bowels YTIth Ca?caret?.
f'TJandy Cathartic, cure constipation forever.
10c, ?5c. If C. C. C. fail, drncsrists refund money.
Cotton manufacturing is on the increase
. in Mexico.
l Vl w I qnicii r?*lief and curfs worst
I ?tife?- Book of UstimouieU and lOdayn' treatment
I rr?e. Dr. B. H. OEEEH'S BOMB, Vox B, AtUmU, ??.
*lSflVE OT
*1 YOUR W I ,
"Star" tin lags (showing sm
of tag), " Horse Shoe," "J. T.,'
*' and "Drummond" Natural Les
securing presents mentioned
Every man, woman ^id child Ci
that they would like to have, an
1 Match Box 25
5 Kn'fe. one blade, ?ood steel 25
3 Scissors, inches 25
*4 Child's Set, Knife, Fork anil Spoon 2i i
6 Salt anrt Pepper Set, cne each, quad- !
ruple plate on white metal M> |
G French Briar Wood Pipe -5
*7 Kazor, hollow ground, Ine KnglUh
steel M |
i Butter Knife, triple plate, best i
quality . <0
P Hngar Shell, triple plate, best qua].. 60 :
10 Stamp Box. sterling silver <0
*11 Knile, -Keen Kutter.'' two blades.. '?> J
12 Butcher Knife, "Keen Kutter," 8-iu I
blade <6
*13 Shears, "Keen Kv.tter," Much <6
14 Nut Set, Cracker and 6 Picks, silver
plated 80
15 Be.se Bali."Association," best qua).too
*1U Alarm Clock, nickel 150 j
11* Six Genuine Roller*' Teaspoons, be.>>t
i lated K?ods 150 i
is Hatch, nickel, - tens wind and set.. 2uu I
iy Carver?. Rood >>:erl. buckhorn
handle- -t o I
it' Six (Jeutiine Boners' Tabie Spoons, ;
tie-t plated foods 250 i
11 Six each. Knives and Fork*, buck
hornhandle" .. 250 I
22 Six each. Gen nice Ilocer-' Knives i
and Forks, l>est plated good" 500 1
'i Special Notice!
===== b it will Vie paid fo
Lendrec! if rectivwl by n? mi nr linfurv M i
L ITBEAK IN MIND ifcut n ilhne'?
y nill ln?l lontccr ntul afford mure pic
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California j
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: EXCUiMuiis J aa
Via the Santa Fe Route. j H|
Three tiine9 a week from ChieagJ and 2
Kansas City. j
Oncea week from St. Lools. ' <
In improvel wide-YestHraled J
0 Pullman tourist sleeping cars. <
Better than ever before, at lowest J
passible rates. ]' J
! Experienced excnwlon conductors. ?
J AIsd daily service be t ween Chicago J
and California. - J
? Correspondence solicited. ' ?
, J
JE. F. BUttNETT, 6. E. P. A.?
The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Bailvaj J
* ? *
Happy i
Treerr8.dyJorS,B 1 JOHNSON'S
Crippe and Liver Diseases. .<
COUCH Pwrwiti w OLp8
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$19,000 OFFERED
by heirs of the late Anthony Pollok, Eaq.. for be*
maritime Ufa-saving appliance. We can rornish rot
Information. MASON, FENW1C& St LAW*
RE.NCB, Washington, D. 0.
rtces tills. A trial la-ka^e mailed free. ' I
Collins Beos. Medicine Co., St. Loqi*, Mo I
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" "Good Luck," " Cross Bow," yf
if Tir Tags are of equal value ill ^
below, ant? may be assorted,
an find something on Vie list A } T|
d can have
l 25 Clerk, 8-day. Calendar. Thermouj- ? .
eter, Barometer WO -^r
' 24 tiun case, leather, no better made. 500 ^
; 25 Revolver, automatic, doable action, .
82 or 38 caliber WO ,^L26
Tcol Set, i:ot playthings, but real W*
t(M<ffl 650
2" Toilet Set. decorated porcelain,
very handsome 800
28 Remington Rifle No. i, ii or 32 cal. 800 T
29 Watch, sterling silver,full jeweled 1000 A .
30 Dress Suit ('use, leather, handsome ygf
ami durable 1000
CI Seeing Machine, lirst class, with ?
all attachments 1500 -^La
32 Kevolver, Colt's, 38-caliber, blued W
steel 1500 .
33 Kifle, Oolt's, te-shor, 22-caliber..... >"vK)
04 tiiiitur (Wp.shburn), rosewood, in- M
laid 2000 ^
35 Mandolin, very handsome 2000
36 WinclifsiM Keueatlhg Shot Gun12
gauge --OCU A
37 Remington. double-barrel. lia:niin.*r
Shot Gun, 10 or 13 gauge 20?0
:!8 BiVvrle, standard "take. ladies or A
gents 2500
39 Shot Gun, Remington, double barre!,
hansiuerless 3000
<0 Rpgitia Mu?ic Box, lj,^ inch Disc..5000
E"S NOVEMBER 30th. 1900. ^
Tags ftliat i*. S;ar tin tags with no sm ill ^
ider sldt* of t^g), ar<? net good fur pre<entti, A
riu (.'ASH on the basis of twenty ean!s|'er
i-di !?' 1H I?. ^
i %vor;h oi
n.wuri* than n dimworth of any '^ r'
E TEST ! ?
rOB lCtO CO., Sf. Louis, Mo. ^
. It contains 320 pages, profusely illustrated,
stal note or silver. When reading you doubt- lr
? ^ ^ m erences to many
I ill W* II1 A wliicb you do not
ILIIlbUIH which this book
yon. It has a cony
U referred to easily. This booX
J IB ^ ^ information, presented ir. an
^ well worth to any one ms.ny
ich we iisk for it. A study of this book will
ucation has been neglected, while the volume
cat not readily command the knowledge they
OUSE. 134 Leonard St.. N. Y. CItv.

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