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The Press and Banner
lyPubliRhed every Wednesday at S2 a
year In advance.
Wednesday, Feb. 28,1900.
The Llternry Club.
The Abbeville Literary Club met at the
home of Judge Lyon last Friday, where the
members were entertalued by "The Homeless."
Tne essay was by Prof. Hradley, who gave
us a very plea?aut paper about Father Iiyau
and his poetry. Id the discussion which followed
it didn't appear that this soldier,
patriot, divine and poet had written much
with which the gentlemen were familiar. A
listener would infer that the reputation of
the poet, was largely founded upon the "Conquered
The dinner was a Ruperb affair, far in excess
of the fare prescribed t>y the rules of the club,
but the youDg gentlemen were excused for
non-observance of the rule, and many pleasant
things were said to them about their entertainment.
Home Aicnin.
Mr. Aug. W. Smith returned from New York
a day or two ago, where he has been to buy a
charming stock of goods, while looking out
for the interests of the new cotton mill at
Woodruff, of which he is to be president. Mr.
Smltb is in the best of spirits both as to his
business In Abbeville and the outlook for the
factory. He Is a public spirited citizen, having
money and energy to push ahead any enterprise
to success.
While Abbeville regrets to lose so good a
citizen, yet we are al I glad to know of his good
fortune. If Woodruff stands to him the town
will have a good cotton mill, and a good cotton
mill is about the best thing on earth.
SacccMSful t'oioreu .nnii.
Anthony P. Crawford, owos 30-5 acres of
land on Penney's Creek. LaRt year, with
tbreemules.be mada 31 bales of cotton. He
paid for 175 acres, 8700. out of last year's crop.
Except about SiO paid for labor, be and bis
family did all the work in making and gathering
the crop. His prosperity should be an
example lor others.
Daughters or the Confederacy.
The regular monthly meeting of the Daughters
of the Conlederacy will be held on Tuesday,
March 6th, at 12 o'clock, at Mrs. F. E.
Harrison's. A full attendance is requested.
Lucia W. Parker, Pres.
Annual Celebration.
Tbe Press and Banner acknowledges, with
thanks, the receipt of tbe following Invitation.
Tbe Amellan Literay Society of Due West
Female College will welcome yoaat It* Annual
Celebration, Friday evening, March 2d, J
1900, at 7 o'clock. , '.v.
Due West. S. C. y'.if" j
Cabbage Plants.
Prepare your ground at once for cabbage
plants, as I will be receiving them now
weekly. Succession .and Wakefield are t!ie
varieties. Very Respect folly. <
C. P. Hammond.
Tfe? Alliance.
The Abb<TlU? County Alliance adjourned
at Central 8cbooipoo?e in Long Cane township
to meet tiextftt Donalds, March tbelOth,
Saturday. J. R. Kennedy, Sec.
For Sale.
A No. S BllckenBderrer Typewriter, cheap.!
Slightly used. K. G. Game.
Miss Belle Parker, a pretty and aocom- ;
pllBbed yotini; lady ox Augusta, Is visiting.
Miss Ollle Mcllwaln. . "i;>
Wanted?Local or traveling salesmen, Bali
ary or commission, to handle onr Oils, Greenei>,
Petrolatum .PalntB and White Lead. Good*' >
guaranteed. Prices low. Good freight rate*
and prompt delivery. Penn Petrolatum 0o.t .
Coraopolls, Pa.
Plow stockB, hames, back bends, ao., oldF
price at Glenn's. I
I have a full stock of combs, brhibes and ?
toilet articles of every description at Mil- ?
ford's Drug Store. Pbons 107. ' ' v: j
I make my owu Sarsaparllla and knotrtbecontents
to be absolutely pore, 36 cento <
cheaper than any blood medlolne on tbe^ i
market at MUford's Drug Store. PbondlQ7. i
if > t
Brace's Retttaarant. *(
Go to Bruce's Restaurant for meals at all .
hours. . i
Bruce's Restaurant Is open for the Fall and
Winter trade. . J
uiuv;o n ivooioutciuv 10 vpvu uiv, * *?? m?pw*
knock and the door shall t}e opened onto yon 1
All goods delivered free when bongbfatTbe
Speed Drue Co.
Persons bavlng business with Dr. Harrison^
otn find htm at bis office, phone'97, or The
Bpeed Drug Co. Phone 18.
Good seed oats at Glenn's.
The Diflerence Between Mining Gold i
and Picking Dp Greenbacks. !
Chief Biley, yesterday dlsoovered a suspl- J
clous looking package on the street. He gave ;
It a kick, and afterward oonoluded to exa- ,
mine It. In It be found a tax receipt. Bad ,
upon still further searcn be found 925 wrapped/ ,
In a rag. Chief alley Imparted the Informs- .
ttoo as to bis find,.and went about bis busi?
mbs. During tbe day Perrln Nance, a very ,
respectable colored man?respectable if the ,
testimony of $25 Is worth anything, came to
him In great distress. He described tbe pock- (
etbook and its contents, and tbe sight of tbe
lost treasure did tbe negroe's heart good lroin '
afar back. In the gold fields tbe precious
"metal is bid away In the mountains, bnt :
right bere in Abbeville greenback money may. 1
> be,found on tbe sidewalk, ready for commercial
- i i
. 1 J
ttxtt n i nnn momnT ' 1
uniiUAVAii rioiuu "
i . ' . u i
Ehklae Blake's Companion Fools |
With a Pntol and (he Ballet Plow*
a Hole la HI* Tblffb.
Master Ersklne Blake, tbe twelve-Tear old
on of oar fellow-townsman, Mr. John B.
Blake, Jr., and some of his companions went
ont yesterday toaaeoladed place to tool with
an unloaded pistol. In a little while tbe unloaded
pistol performed the accustomed act,
and now Ersklne Blake baa an unloaded leg.
The ball went betweeirtbe thighbone and tbe
artery, passing tnrougb asection of the flesh
best adapted for experimental purposes. The
wound Is uot considered quite as dangerous ,
as the scare. If Ersklne and bis associates
survive tbe scare they will be all right. Tbe
wound Is less serious than Ibeaoare. , '
Just arrived at Smith's Dry
Q and Mi'llinorn + V? o now
shapes in Ladies Collars.
City Registration.
S opened for registration March 13tb, 14tb
and 15th.
James Chalmers, Jones F. Miller,
Clerk. Mayor.!;
Feb. 28.1900. 2t
I.Ice on Poultry.
The advertised "lice killer" used for
destroying lice on poultry are made
principally with napthaline as the
main substance. Dissolve as much
naDtbalinein a gallon of kerosene as it
will take up, then add a gill of crude
carbolic acid, two gills of gas tar, and
a quart of crude" petroleum. When
wanted for use, painted it on the roots
or wherever lice may appear. The
napthaline evaporates and "penetrates
the featbersof the fowls while they are
on the roost, destroyed the large body
lice as well as the small mites. The
cost is but a small sum.
Of all the frightful things in this
world none is more frightful thau a
disorganized and clamorous household.
See where a road ends before you
take it, and to what anaction leads be
fore you begin it
Constancy is the complement of all
other human virtues.
Wlmt .".1" So1* iuuI llfiirs on Hi*
KouutlM About the City.
Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Morrow, of Coronaca,
afier spending several days of last week with
their brother, Mr. F. L. Morrow, returned
borne lant Monday.
Capt.J.B. Lyles returned from Columbia
last week.
Mrs. J. C. Spence and son alter a pleasant
visit to ber sisters, the Misses Matthews, returned
lust Monday to their home In Birmingham.
Mrs. M. B. Syfan had a very pleasant visit
last week to friends in Greenwood.
Mr. Will Syfan was in the city last Thursday
on persooal business.
Mr. P. B. Speed has just returned frotn a
visit to frieods and relatives in Lowudesvllle.
*ui. aiiuur o^iitu, wi vyiuiuuitt, bjjoui ? un^ i
in the city last week.
Mr. A. W. Smith returned from Northern
Markets last Sunday nlgnt. Mr. McGee is
expected home thin week. Mr. Sml'h has
bought a large and varied stock of goods, and
will show the ladles all the newest und latest
fads In millinery, dress goods, uotions, etc.
Mr. Lewis Blount, Sr., has just returned
trom a trip to friends and relatives in North
Carolina, and says "there's no place like old
Abbeville" where he expectB to make his
borne. This is complimentary to our city
aud her people, coming from a gentleman
like Mr. Blount who baa seen much of the
world. We are glad to number Mr. Blount
and family as citizensof onr progressive city.
Mr. aud Mrs. R. M. Haddon are expected
home this week from the North, where they
have been to purchase their Spring stockj
This old reliable firm Is too well known to
our readers to need any oommeut from us.
suffice it to say that R. M, Haddon &Co.
will present to the ladles of Abbeville counly
this season an unusually large and attractive
siock of up-to-date goods.' * ? .*
Mr. M. V.Lomax after spending last week
In Greenville, Is expeoled home today. }
X*? ,
A delegation from the K. of P. Lolge of I hill j
city went to Mccormick yesterday to organ- ,
lze a Lodge there. 'This Is a ldrge and/grow- |
ing order, and Abbeville hasasplendidLodge
with an Increasing membership. ,
Our readers will be glad to know that Mr.
Morgan Daniels, the father of the flvd little ,
children bitten sometime ago by * Tabid dog, ,
succeeded In sendlbg'tbem to-Baltimore lor.
treatment. They left last Batarday.r A calf i
bitten by the same dbg, and at the same tlfloef ,
is now showing symptoms of hydrophobia (
and Is kept close lor farther development* ,
This is Indeed g Md' case and manjjpfrlena*
hitno Iho lltllA nKMilran nrlll flAha<,S8hlrn 1 O i
' w ^ I
it the home (OfiBW goiv hod. ueoree wj c
Prlnoe of Andenton on February tb? 20th, ia
his 74th year* ' :
A3WotJEi.KP ^KE DTE. ' 1
The Court <rt pea?^??k)Ds Vor February
Dlot>ed last Saturday theMBrd, the last week
being taken np^tbolfffbuslness.
?^ - . t
BEgglS 100ft1 MONEY. \
Honey jjiokluv for Lawful Heir*, j
if^v^JSooHton, Texas, Feb. 9,1900. <
Editor PreMMftBanner: 1
Dear Sir?J&gpo looking for the heirs of t
lames G.MQpMDd Braddock Nyle, who are '
MuppOfl^&yjMMfc lived In your State about ]
1840. AnJ^lmormatlon will be received with <
thanks by-:.-.. Yours truly. i
Box 523. Henry Malragren. I
. Ilieifclmed Letters.
Letters i^>poslWBce for week ending Feb- j
B?Edltft Bero^gLevy Brown, Jos. Brown, j
H?H, Mies Rose Hill. Robt. j
J.~John bod, Clary Jenklnp. 1
Paten, W. C. Parker, Miss \
Bailie PoweSjpjit
B?Thos. EUonard60D, A. D. Richie, Robt.
Romans. 1
8?Re<r. J. T- 8te wart.
T?Hon. 8. H. Thompson.
V?Frank Vaughn. <
W?Thoa. W. Wideman. Lee White.
Robt.S. Link, P.M. 1
A1 ways '^^^thing newj|
be seen at Smith's Dry Goods
and Millinery. |
He who, in poverty, or eidkneea, or f
solitude, can preserve a merigt*heart ,
and a cheerful countenance is a ben*? ,
factor to society, a testimony
vjuu, auu nit; ucaiui an jjusisiuie iricJJUS
to himself. j
A man eogaged iu a controversey fa, j
apt to overestimate the number of life \
supporters. Those who agree with ,
him tell him so. Those who oppose
him talk behind his back.
The harshness and coarseness of
parents are almost sure to be repro- ,
duced in their sons and daughters.
tlnw It Was Celebrated l?y the Due
West Graded School ? Entertain,
ment ? Some SoicKeHllonat ? Other
Due West. S. t\, Feb. 26.19(i0.
Programme of exercises on Washington's
Birthday at Due West Griided School:
National Airs?"The Red, White and Blue,"
and "Dixie"? By the School.
Federatlou of the States by Ora Ellis, Jennie
McCiee, Eva Cllnkscales, Lizzie Hagan,
Jessie Epps, Anrells Anderson. Florence
Nickels, Gertrude Brownlee, Lavlnla Kennedy,
Irene McCain. Mary Galloway, Josle Moffat
t and Rosa Nickels.
Recitations?Our Government and the Republican
Idea, by Mark Ellis,Berto McDavId,
MV,fv v"v "?VIB UUUV^VU " * ? " ?? 1
ihelr anxious parents all rlgt?ti'?V
Mr. E. B. Burna englneer on",the Seaboard. ,
who was bo palflilully Injured In a fearftt '
wreck last week,?ls now able to be up^n<l j
about. Although sot entirely ieooverea'by ,
any means. / ,
abbeville VOlSdVTKERS target SHOoitNa,
On lastThursiw'jQie Abbeville Volanteeri
had.a target practvofcat Which eaqh member ;
had Ojhdia. viAlr. Ffink Jones woe Ibe gold
medal aa the crack shot of the company, <
knocking out; th*'?'bo)ls eye" wa distance
of 150 yards.. MEgffc-J. Brvsoa and Dendy ,
Miller were atnoosr toa.aut best Bhots, while
Suumbetf missedthtfMrget bOftnk These,.
;re wild shooters and wpwdiwPwIJt 'Jiave .
been "bored" had they been 'J?."!<xnlfllct with ,
those fine marksmen tbe "Bopw*;/Aft. Jones
has the honorable distinction ,'ofnvearlng tbe
medal for th* term, of 12 months, when it
will be agaio awarded to ttf&bpBl marksman
of the company.', 3
, w** i rowi
Last Sunday eight "Big Boti^-'sronded out
tbe alarm of Are to which were added nu> i
meroas pistol shots and oriee or Are. As ub j
ml the life cojmpany were on "quiek time"
a engine nouse at the I
Ke belt and rasnlng !
up and down hill for I
lagration. They were. .
red when about half
olored woman at tbe- i
. E. W. Williams who :
the building. The fire
fiends neai at band. <
extent of tbe lojurl^j :j
Ullle tsrowniee, Jimmie wiuemau, riuiumer
Blnckwell, Luther Marlln.
Souk?American Eras?1. The discovery. 2.
The Revolution. :5. The civil war and final
union, bv Misses Mary Pressly and Helen
Grler and a chorus of children.
Recitations? Duties and responsibilities of
Amerlcau citizen, by Robert N'^kelp, Paul
McCain, Lowry Pressly, Mason Young, Roddy
Devlin and Young Todd.
Chorus and Recitation?Young American,
by Young Todd, Walter Bonner. Lawrence
Brownlfee. Earl Cllnkscales, Conde Tribble,
Ersklne McDavld. B. Loner. Luther Martin,
Calvin Grler, Paul Martin, Lane Bonner and
Marcus ClinkHeales.
Recitation?The Union and the Flag as Its
Byrobol?Henry Young, Frank McGee, Fnrman
McGee and Crawford Cllnkscales.
Scene and Song?Our adopted citizens, by
Pre68ly Grler, Conde Tribble, Plummer Blackwell,
Walter Bonner, Young Todd, Otlle
Brownlee, Mark Ellis, Crawford Cllnkscales,
Jlmmle Wldeman, Lowry Pressly, Furman
Recitation by Jessie Boyce.
Bong?America, by the school.
The entertainment by the children last
rbaraday commemorative of Washington's
Birthday was Interesting and greatly enjoyed.
The audlenee onmbered about two hundred
and tweDty-flve. The children entered
Into the spirit of the opcaaloc a nd performed
their parts With credit to themselves and the
school. Everybody went awav pleased with
the performance, and boplngr that other entertainments
will follow. Bach exercises are
lesigned ana do fosier a splrli of national
prld^and patriotism in the children, and the
superintendent of Education of Abbeville
County should encourage the teachers of every
public school to hold some suoh exercises
svery year.
> Tbq public school building shows up welt in
Its new coat of (taint. Tbe trim mi ngB bar*
Wa mIav Af tho KnUillnff <tnrf
4dd8 heauty to that part of tbe town; The,
Dae Wfeal public school Is enthroned In tbe
Hearts/of toe people of the tow a and oommupity^
and is botrnd to be a suoceai.
ly-Slx, came to "Due \^e^al?ttday
rising ^ P?*bnrchl
telegram from (moSp.' G.. anntabciog
Lhe serious UluesiflfWB.wjiOir, Mtb, Kenaedy,
tbe architect of tbe WywHSome, IfeJidor'mlLory
for young ladies In Ersklha vOllege, 1b
expected in Due West this week.'
Farmers say the oats a'e badly Injured by
Lbe recent bard freezes. Wheat is damaged
jorae also, but uot so seriously.
Mr. A. D. Kennedy has been confined to his
tied a few days with pneumonia. It Is hoped
tbe attack will prove a light one. We called
to see blm Sabbath afternoon and found bim
ibeerful and chatty. Learning that be was
3UI ID nis 3 aru lue lukui ueiore suuuung ai a
chicken-killing dog we told him that we
would not call agalD.
Mr. S. J. Todd bought a good horse last week
from Mr. Joe Ligon of Bradleys. He proposes
to do bis owd drayageand, for aogbt we Know,
may have other thoughts In his mind.
Rev. E. L. Fatton, L. L. D., of Columbia, S.
u? will lecture in the A. R. P. cburcb Tbursiay
evening of this week. The lecture Is for
Lbe special benefit of the theological students
sut tbe public is invited to attend. Dr. Fatton
was once presiuentof Erskine College and
ror several years professor of Latin In the
;ame institution. For some years he has been
lllingachair in the South Carolina College,
rom which he retired a year or two since,
fie is recognized as one of the finest linguists
n the South and his scholarship suob as Is
arely found. No lecturer could receive a
norecordial greeting from a Due West audimce
than our venerable friend who still
slalms to be a young man.
Tbe celebration of the Amellan Society of
he Due West Female College will take place
>n Friday eveulng of this week at 7 1-2 o'clock,
tiles Lois Moffat will preside. Miss Sue
ilackwell is the Sophmore essayist. Misses
Sllen Sherard, Edith Little and Lizzie Nich>ls
are the elocutionists. Tbe debaters are
Hisses Rebecca Wldeman, Lillle Cbisholm,
iosu Brownlee and LunaTrlbble.
>ln the Eupbemlam Hall last Saturday
Saturday morning there was a contest in ora
ory for the Oaten medal wLlch Is offered 10
behest orator Id Erskine College by Mrs. R.
kf.Oates of Russell ville, Arkansas. Tbe medil*
wnicb is a gold one, will be delivered on
Jpmmenceinent Day. Tbe following young
ttntlemen were contestants : J L. Hempblli,
I^C. Knox, C. S. McClain. P. H. Moore, C. Y.
iove, W. J. Nichols, J. B. Pressly, P. A. Pressy,R.
E. Ranson.C. M. Boyd, T. W. Hunler,
5?1(.Kerr, E. E. McClain and W. A. MofTatt.
Cbere^nre some good speakers In the numoer,
iat many of them need tbe training of a good
lUxqaUTonlst. Contest not decided as yet.
? ' f?r-v
. ?
Exciting Scenes In tbe Cbase?Men
from Town Go Gunninir for tbe
^trange Animal.
Last Monday Mr. F. M. Crowther, living In
heOordon neighbor, CAme to town and reported
that a black bear bad crossed tbe road
, front tof bis team, near Cochran's branch
kboTfcilAog Canis church on tbe Due West
oad. Ia. order to have some sport. Dr. L. T.
3111, Messrs. J. L. McMillan and J. H.McDlll
vent snipe bunting. Tbey didn't bring home
be game. Tbe bear was gone as evidenced
jy the tracks. These gentlemen had a point;r
dog with them, but the dog couldn't point
:be bear. The tracks or the bear were plainly
leen until the animal reached the creek
where It seems the animal must have dlsappeered
in the water. After giving up the
ibase of the bear, they, like Mark Twain's
nan, got "something else" in the shape of
Last Monday morning Mr. Frank Robertson
round a big dog loafing about his premises,
ind concluded to give the strange animal a
quietus with his shot gun. When his fusee
uad discharged its load in the direction of
the animal th? flying shot came so near to
the dot: that be was greatly scared, and immediately
began to 'ran for dear life. In retting
away from the place belonging to Mr.
Etobertajpn, the dog in crossing LhQ road paid
no partiOQtar attention to the mule and wag3n,
nelthar'did Us regard thd pretence of ulr.
JrowthBr. Thtfttfl? folng at the speed of tb&
Wind; as be passiqJnftonvof the'mulelm>
parted to the lon^eared HBlartal something
sf his <wn frlghV ab d *e flttnw away front
^gQ speed0
If^ydu would know ^ow baee a
tbing Ingratitude is In yourself, then
study the manifestations,of it in other
Nev^f discourage an aspiring soal.
If you cannot be sympathetic, at least
be silept; if you. cannot inspire hope,
at least do no&sf&due it. Respect the
bigh ideals of otl^ets if. you do not
cherish them for ydurself.
Every mari is the architect,, of his
character. ?*
Intellectual activity fs' &e only wra
safeguard against intellectual stagnation.
jt&StAr li.,11 \
Spring Gai
V Yours respectful
W. D. B
-v- r
". j. 'v.\- : '
i?;:.'ir*. '< "> v ' -- '
. ' - '.'-k^v?
< ; _ . ?
? 3< Can of PoUod Ham t
' W a'fcWwsduShot Gnn, a H
(L or ^aple JDry Uoo<
rolesy telephone Jabtltre
In aDsweilng yonr bell, or
Me^Swbdlten ao not answer It at all, bat In
^i ll mmAt mail H# 410ontt<a |1' hna fAmynt.
laq Who It to. She has nothlDg else to dq
^Btojj^fa&reeelver big end up; as In this way
Bang onthe transmitter with a leid pencil
b4 though yot* Intend'tt> knock It through the
wall. This Invariably makes It talk better.
When through talking, drop the receiver or
throw It down. This allows the batteries to
run oat and breaks the strands In the receiver
Talk out of the door or window, anywhere
bat in the telephone, better tarn your back to
the phone, all your voice so apt to get to the
Ring In "Central" ear every time yon call,
bo pleasant you know. .
Open tbe generator box with tn knife or an
ax and take a look at tblngs.t Xjf tbe Interior
does not look right, pull out a few wires and
leave tbe door open, this Improves the service
Throw metal Inkstands, etc.,:on top of
telephone which will short clrcalt your Instrument
and then go to Bleep, nb one can call
you up.
Never ring oft when through Ulklng as
that would uotlfly "Central" you bad finished.
Let her guess at It. Never speak kindly
to tbe operator, Bbe sa more used to being
called names. '
Paste this on your telephone for future reference.
Arrived today at Smith's
Dry Goods and Millinery a
bfg lot of 15c Embroidery that
they will sell at 10c per yard.
No less by the 100 yards.
Each one of them carries a goaraptee.
\if/\/-vrvn\rnr a t?tt? mTVWiiDT? HD A V
"Everything in House Furnishings.",
? '* ijt * ' .fetor
tbe ladies cad. always be found at our
establishment. Wabave
H All Litest Fall Styles.
h . ' i < '
We have gathered them from the centers Of
ash Ion, and they form a
: .. __*
Offood things. Ladles, you can save money.
r'',dSftltenoej'lflme, by, buying your Mnilfc
'aecyof as. For your owd satisfaotloD,
pay us a vlsltMrs.
Mary TaggaiC
The Anest jlueof cigars you ever flaw?Cu
loo, Figaro, Washington'ir*ine, Bolg and
Portnen do?5 oenU. A spatial line of 10 oehta,
121.2 cents and 10 cents cigars. The Speed
Drag Co. ; ^
Prescriptions are fllled.'aoonratelj, quickly
and AtJ'be Speeajjrag
^ Those or our frl^iM.Whg QW%the ^ojd flrmfe
or Harrison & Game and P. B. Speed, can |U
tain a receipt for ihe same at the .Speed Drugl
Co. Call early nud uvold the rush.
Ve Guarantee this Powder
To be better than any 25 Cents Powder on '
the market. We make it ourselves and Kdow i
there Is nothing but the very best medicine 1
in It. You can furnish your own brand. |
Yours to pleAse, <
TJit; UKUuuiai'.
'RICE 15 Cts. Phone 107.
*den Seeds,
: SEED?2 for 5 ota. 25 cts. per dozen.
' .
; ? ^
JMm P s '
M A....?
/' *. i
o a Barrel of the Finest Floor,
ash Pot, Backets, Tabs, Ac.,
Is, Clotliiug Hats or Caps,
The itate of South Carolina,
Probate Court.?Citation for Letters of Ad- c
ByR. E. Hill, Esq., Judoe of Pbobate.
"TTC7HEREAS, Joel W. Fisher has made
salt to me, to grant blm Letters of
Administration of the Estate and effects of
rn?%rrn mnrr WD l??A A kKonl 1 1a f
jeinnlci ivfiuucitv, joio ui auvvva^io v,
County, deceased. ?
These are therefore, to cite and admonish a
all and singular the kindred and credltora oI
the said Jennie - Keller, deceased, that g
/they be And appear before me. In the Coort *
of Probate, to be held at Abbeville C. H., ,
on Saturday, the 8rd day of March, 1900, J
'after publication hereof, at 11 o'clock Id a
the forenoon, to show cause If any they have, r
why the said Administration should not be V
grunted. tl
Given under my hand and seal of the Court, r
tblB 16th day of Feb., In the year of f
[L. 8.] our Lord one thousand nine hundred tJ
and in the 124 year of American In< C
dependence. >
Published on the 21st day of February, IS"),
In the Press and Banner and on the Court House
aoor for the time required by law. 1
Feb. 19,1900, tf Judge of Probate, @
. D
Look Over These Prices of Watch [J
and Clock Repairing, Consid- r<
er we do only First-Class *
Work, and You Will Find tl
It Will Pay You to Let Us ^
Do Your Repairing. &
; . ! 'CI
Clean or Main Spring, One day rnPfc n,
mantel clocks.. ^uv^is. n
Clean or Main Spring, eight day , nr-Pfc n
mantel clocks /OVxip. P
Clean or Main Spring, eight day 4, T v
cabinet clocks * land up 1J
' D
Clean or Main Spring, Watches, ftc h
low grade .....75v-/, b u
Clean or Main Spring, medlam a t n
grade ......r1 * KJW. "
**iSSF%S? 25 and 5?Cts. 2
" vxusax, l'.fs cts. t? #i!
P'? to "c , ^ IoCtS. o
All Work Guaranteed a
, a
To be first-clan a. Oar1 cleaning la g
Dot merely tbe "brusblng-oot" process
bet a chemical cleaning tbat . u.
makes tbe watobea clean and look d
like new.
R. C. 13email,?
! 1 h
T ; D
Abbeville ?
S * a
hames, collars, traces, bridles, j{
backbands, plow points, '
plow steels. ?
black8mith8' tools, bellows, an- ,
vils, hammers, tong8.
osborne disc harrows, ?
' - avery's garden plows. c
common sense pectooth harrows. ^
rhmnflnv 1
"Reliable Farm Implements." J
A good Towel at 15c each is ?
something the trade has al- I
ways wanted. Smith's Dry v
Goods and Millinery are ]
showing an extra good one *
at 15 cents, v.;- t
. ^. . ' ;; J
' Calls for Dr. Neaffer,^r. Harrison, Dr. Hill 1
or Dr. Gambrell canbe left at the Speed 6
DrogOo. , - j
Dr. Mltehlner will be glsd to Me bis Irlends
and acquaintances?especially tbe young a
Jadles at tbe Speed Drag Co.
Mr. George Clark can always be found at e
<jttie. Speed Drug Co. He tsriow thinking up o
toe most enilolng. summer drinks you ever ]
Wood's Garden Seeds, tbe best on earth are j
sold bjr tbe-Speed Drug Co. Call and get 11
some before all are sold.
The young
bejilgbtof tbe i<t^BBfljH9|^HM^nHfl
i8(i a very euJoyabi^^^^B^a^^^^H|^H
Miss Annie and M
Latimer, came up and a^H^HMflH
Mentioned gathering of yooo|HnB|^^^^H
Miss Meta Brown lee, of PeanJ^^^^n^MH
ng been on a visit to friends arSfORBHI
:ame down a few days ago and spe^H^H^I
^nd_nlj?bt_wlth_tbe family of Mr.
Harper. , .
Capt.?W. G. Johnson and family, of AndeWB
Jon, wct6 In attendance upon the burial serv- ^
cee of Dr. J. T. Baskin last Saturday was a c
week ago. _
Mr. J. E. Allen took a business trip to Au- B
junta a few days ago. e
Messrs. P. B. Allen and Harvey Prultt, of ti
Starr, were In our midst tbe week before last.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Cllnkscales, of Little
River, and Miss Doela Brock, in charge of a n
lourlshing school near Mr. Cllnkscales, were t'
he guests of Mr. J. T. Latimer not many days t
igo. 1
Mr. D. L. Barnes, a few days ago was drlv- r
ng bis flue borne, a late purchase, coming fj
nto this place. 1 be horse began to run ana
Mr. Barnes Jumped out and let blm go. He r
-an through town, on down to tbe Iron bridge t
jn Rocky River. The river was out of Us t!
Danks, and tbe borse mired up, and when
'ound he and the buggy were wellnlgb cover- JJ
id with water. They, when rescued, were C
'ound to be uninjured, but tbe horse would e
lave soon drowned.
Prof. John G. Cllnkscales, of Wolford Col- a
lege, will deliver a lecture In tbe Methodist t
jhurcb In this place next Sunday, tbe 4tb of D
darch, at 11:30 a. m. Prof. Cllnkscales' repu- {:
halloo as a lecturer has spread far and wide, v
ind all will be well paid to attend.
Miss Elbel Speer left a few days ago for For- g
eston to spend sometime with the family of e,
ifer brother, Rev. Foster Speer. ll
At a late meeting of the stockholders of our t!
>11 mill It was decided to raise tbe stock from I<
.welve to sixteen thousand dollars. From
.his It seems that it has been a paying invest- P
neat. . < tl
The sabjeot of bnllding a cotton mill in this tl
jlace is being talked anout, and the tndica.ions
are good that before very long in the fa- *
.are we will have one of these very import- t!
tnt industries in fall blast In our midst. ]j
Some more very cold weather Jast now.
Daring the past week or two the cold spells
lave very materially Injured the small grain 8
:rops, particularly the oat crops, which in g
nany places are about all killed, and some
ire sowing again, where the condition of the
and permits. b
To date there has been a very small amount o
>f farm work done. A little cleaning up, bpt
io plowing.
It will be remembered that a short time ago ai
lve o( Mr. J. M. Daniel's seven children were h
iltten by what waa supposed to be a mad-dog. . <
Hr. Daniel made tbe matter known to Dr. 0. .
2. Gambrell at Abbeville, who Bent tbe brain it
>f tbe dog, which had in the mean time been
cllled, to tbe hospital authorities of Baltlnore.
Upon examination tbe brain was
bond to be affected with rabies, and Mr. Dan- tl
el was advised to carry his children on at g{
mce for treatment. A few days ago a sub- '
lorlptlon was started to aid him In tbe mat- "
er, and at last accounts near $200 had been C.
:lven. More will be donated and sent him, as
he above mentioned sum will not settle the ?
Ill for treatment alone. Mr. Daniel and bis u
hlldren left for Baltimore the day before yes- 84
erday, and It in to be ^arneptly hoped that
be trip and the eflotf to save bis children
rom an awful death, will be a successful u
me. Troupe, ai
;fg fil
Prohibitionists. p
The Prohibition conference held in iq
Columbia on the 152th of January, 1900, te
dopted the following : D
Resolved, That Joei E. Brunson, J. cl
1. AlofTatt, E. D. Smith, J. A. Hoyt, al
i\ H. Hyatt, W. C. Thomson and w
eremiah Smith be and hereby are a
ppointed to prepare an address to tbe ?i
eople of Booth Carolina, setting forth ci
be work and issues before us, and to ti
lan for and perfect an organization of
be Prohibitionists for the coming ei
ampaign.v _ g<
In'accordance with the above, we ic
ubmit the following address : tt
'o the PeoDle of South Carolina : pi
The Prohibitionists of the State are ai
couraged to make another appeal to 01
lie voters for , a supreme effort along yj
ie line'for the abolition of the manu- 01
icture and sale of liquor in South Carlina.
For many years the men aud
romen of our State have toiled
arnestly to effect legal prohibition of
ae liquor traffic, aud gratifying
rogress was being made not only in
anishing the licensed saloon from
11 territory without incoporated
>wns and cities, but there was much
eing accomplished in the way of
educing the number of saloons here
ud there, and also in securing control .
f the smaller munloipal ties through
ie ballot box or restrictive legislation. "
bis progress in temperance retorin in- X
uced an application to the regularly ~
instituted authorities of the Demo- R'
ratic party in control of the election ^
lachinery of the State for a separate .
ox in which to vote for or against ?'
rohibition, aud this privilege was I?
ranted In the primary election of u
892, resulting in an overwhelming *!8
lajority for the legal prohibition of Ia
tie liquor traffic, and along with tbis rL
esult there was obtained a clear P
lajority of members in the lower
louse, who passed a strict prohibitory ^
leaeure in accordance with the verdict 11
f the people. This measure was de- w
sated, however, and in its stead was
ubstituted the dispensary law for the *
egulation and control of the traffic, .
n importation that was recognized as I}
ontrary to the wishes of the people jV
nd in direct conflict with their 1
scertained verdict. Thus thedispenary
began its career as a supplanter, n
nd it has made seven years of uncail- .
iy~ record, marked by bloody aud 91
iairranofn I atonu fpnm f ha liairinniiiup "
The present condition of the liquor ?
mslness can hardly be said to be satis- "
actory to a single intelligent person in u
he State. When the dispensary law
fas first adopted, thousands of our a
louest people hoped for, and expected
ouch from it. They were told that
be restrictive features of the law ^
could be enforced by sober Slate
fficals, who, not having any financial
merest at stake, would labor to reduce
he consumption of liquor and make J?;
he dispensary system a stepping ?;
tone to prohibition. The dispensary
tad been in operation but a short D(
true before the greed of gold began to
aanifest itself among high offlcals,
,nd pressure was brougbt to bear
ipon dispensers to increase sales.
?be annual salary paid a common
ounty dispenser would buy thirty a
ales of cotton, and he was given to e.'
inderstand that his dispensary must 8*
le profitable to the State or it would
?e closed and himself dismissed from 11
he service. The sales increased at
nice and have increased month by rj
oonth ever since ; so that to-dav the r;
State is selling nearly as much liquor "
,s ever did the old bar-rooms in their ^
>almiest days. '
And how could it be otherwise ?
["he appetite for drink is the same 1
md every hindrance to the sale of P
iquor has been swept away. The .
loor of the dispensary stands wide a
pen to serve every one that will buy. 0
sTo knowledge of the purchaser necesary,
no inquiry as to the purpose for
vhich the liquor is wanted, and no 01
ignature to any request; simply pay Cl
rour money and take your liquor, as
nuch as you can carry, if you like.
Jo indifferent and demoralized have
tecome our 8tat? and county offlcals, n'
bat although tfitee ^violations of law c'
ire known to all of them, thev have 01
leither the manliness nor moral cour- f
ige to try to brffig the offenders to 11
Tourist hotel privileges and beer
hops have been,(and are still, conductd
under the very nose of the (Joveruir
of the State without a shadow of ir
aw, and no effort made to prevent it. b(
dispenser after dispenser has stolen or h:
Dst the money of the State and not n
ue has ever been punished or even yi
owns in Ir^Hffi^^^^^HBHflB^HOH
rach bv the^BHHnH|
he State, Mil.far
be money received
v. We state it modestTv^i^^^^I^^Bfl
be present system of liquor
obbing the people of the State
y dollars for every dollar
[> the State Treasurer for ednca^^^H
ional purposes. The State Board of
Jontrol is sending out of our State **
ueh year at least one million dollars '
nd in exchange for it bringing into J.%
be State and distributing to our peole
five times the amount in poverty, ,
wretchedness, disease and death.
We appeal to every newspaper in the
Itate that has a sense of honesty and
ilrness to lose sight of the few dollars
bat may come to it through those who
>ve liquor; to forego the imaginary
leasure of holding up the hands of
boee who cry "personal liberty,"when * i
bat personal liberty Is violative of the sfk
ierhts of others, and to ioin with ua in >-n
be effort to remove the -accursed '
quor traffic from our State. * , vm
We appeal to the good women of the
tate, and when have the women of .
outh Carolina ever failed in a good &
ause? You cannot vote, it is true,
ut you can give expression to your
pposition to the l.quor traffic by
'earing the badge ana by a thousand
cts of your life, and it may be your ?
and that shall drive the "tent nail" .
brougb the head of the monster that ?
i now actually eating your offspring.
We appeal to the Christian ministers
f the State. Shall those who preach vv 1
ae eoapel enter the field and 9peak
galoot liquor selling? See the Master
rith c. scourge driving out the money /'
bangt rs from the temple, overthrowigthe
tables and pouring out their
loney; and hear him cry, "Woe unto j
jrioes ana mansees, nypocmea yo
;rpents, ye generation of vipers, bow /
in ye escape the damnation of hell ?" (
ad you will see that He di<f not peem .
? have a sort of namby pamby citizen- 1
lip, nor to have been afraid of offend- :
ig against the proprieties of life,
.emember that this liquor-selliug and
|Uor-drinking is the one great bat- ;
iry of hell, manned chiefly by'the J
'evil himself, and is shelling the
lurch of Christ, slaying your brothers
11 around you, and you stand as
atchmen on the walls of Zion and
Lustcry out with warning to those
round you. Arise as soldiers of the J
oss and silence forever this destruc- I;
ve agency of the Devil.
Light the fires of Prohibition on
irery hilltop in the State; let the rays it
3 gliding down the valleys and floatik
on the bosom of every stream until
le healing - beams shall penetrate
'?rv nnnk and corner, everv crack
ad crevice in the homes and. hearts of %
1 r people. "Then shall the earth
ield her increase ; and God, even
ir own God, shall bless us"
Joel E. Brunson, Chm'n, f*
J. S. Moffatt,
E. D. Smith,
Jas. A. Hoyt,
F. H. Hyatt,
W. C. Thomson, ; ^
Jeremiah Smith.
What Ailed Oliver.
Get up, little boy ! You are lying in
;d too long. Breakfast will soon" be
ady. The cauary bird has taken his
ith, and is singing a sweet ?Ong. V
et up, ?et up, or I shall throw this . '.
llow at you ! " This is what sister >'
harlotte said to Oliver on4 morning.-'
When Oliver came down to. the
reakfast table his father said ': "finw 'l
- - ' - mm
this, Oliver ? You are late again."
liver bung bis head, and Charlotte
iid : "I woke him in ' good time,.
.iher; but he went to sleep again the
linute I left the room, though he
romised to be up in five minutes." , 2:
"Come here, my boy, and let me feel
our pulse/' said bis father. "I beeve
you are suffering from a disease
hich is very common at this time."
Oliver gave his hand to his father,
bo, after feeling his pulse, said;
Yes, it is as I thought: poor Oliver
as Slack's disease. Take him up to
ed agaiu ; keep bis breakfast warm by
le fire, and when he feels strong
uough be may eat it. Ht> may stay at
ome from school to-day."
Tbe little boy weut upstairs with his
ster, and was put to bed. He could
ot sleep, however. He heard chilren
playing out of doors; he heard
onto barking, and Tommy, tbe ca?5
* -- ? 11 rt/J ll id uiofni*
ary, singing, ne caucu mo ,
nd said ; "Charlotte, what is Slack's
i8ea.se ? Ih it dangerous ?"
"I rather think not," said Charlotte.
"You dear little simpleton, don't
ou know what father meant? He
leanr. you were troubled with laziness,
sad complaint."
Oliver saw that a trick had been
layed on him. He jumped out of bed,
ressed, ate his breakfast, and ran off
school. Since that day Oliver has
een the first oue up in the house.
Avoitl Temptation.
A misstep may destroy life. One sin
lay ruin your character. Did you
ver reflect on the consequences of a
in tTi'na 9 Tho Kooh
fmen have falleu through tbesuggeson
of another. How careful should
ou be, while in the freshness of your
ays, lest a blight fall ou your cbaracsr
and ruin you forever! Abstain
om the appearance of evil. If iuited
to places of resort, when it is
itieult to decide, take the safe course
-etayi away and save your reputation,
his ie a jewel of inestimable value, too
recloua to be put In jeopardy.
No man ever regrets that he kept
[oof from temptation, and to the close
Hife he expresses his joy that he was
ived from the path of shame by givig
a decided negative when the voice
f pleasure beckoned him on. Be ?ieded!
and you will be saved. Yield,
nd you may be lost. Watch with
iligence and guard every avenue
irough which sin may reach you. In
o other way will you be sure to over>me
the evil of the world. In no
:her way will you shield your cbaracir
frnm a hlamiah If if fa boa nn WftTSe
ijury, aDd build your life on a found;ion
which will stand every shock.
When you are in tbe humor for doig
a given piece of tfork, tbut is the
?st time for doing it; but when you
ave a given piece of work to do it is
?t wise to wait till the huuior seizes

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