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The Abbeville^Press and*^Banner.j
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?M" seen and J>?? 0% H In
Konuds About **e <"'<>
Abbeville, 8- C., Oct, 31, 1900.
Miss Ethel Perrln Roper willito (MBied
this (Wednesday) afternoon to Mr. SSffalfer
of Kock Hill, at the residence attK^UMfWe's
sister. Mrs. C. D. Brown. Tbe cexftfog+y will
be performed by Rev? J* Lowrte WTwon p??- <
lor or tbe Presbyterian Cbnreh pt this oMjr. '
This will be a quiet borne marriage with only <
tbe members of tbe family and a MW Intimate l
friends. Tbe home will be beautifully de- <
corated with cboloe flowers of aptaotfii. The
bride Is one of Edgefield's pratMMland most <
attractive young ladles, and baa.alwitys been 1
one of Abbeville'* most charming uuesi6,
having maayfilende bare, aa wall 8r in ber
OTDboota T%f groom is one of Edgefield's
prominent bocnees men and is indeed form- ,
nate in seeariD* tbe band and beart of such a .
lair and lovaly bride. Hostaof-fitonds In Ab- ?
beville exiaaalm advance their best wishes i
and i niif r^Hpynnn
mabjuaoc b*lls still king. ;
Miss Rebeooa Steal and Mr. Claude a Jones f
will ba married Ifanorrow. (Thursday) morn
lngaf tbe borne of tbe bride, by Rev. J. Lowrie
Wilson, pastor of tbe Presbyterian Church
vof this ?Uy.< ??ly ? few. intimate friends ?
with the frailly will wltneaa this interesting I
ceremony. The pretty home will be made e
mote b6SUtlfQl oo tDiB nappy oocaHiuu oy iuo i
, 'deeorntlon of beautiful flowers. The bride 1b t
one of Abbeville's prettiest and moat charm- c
Ingyoong ladles and la a general favorite. (
The groom la one of the oaoat^jfopalar engl
neerao/the Seaboard Air. idrifc aavlng'not
dairwa mpect and eate?B of hia^puBloyera.
but of this community a* well. Boats ol
friends wish for them every happiness for
many long years to come.
"The most notable wa^CUng In AMttOale ?
for many a day was tbafwblob was Wfefcrat- :
ect at 2 o'clock ?. m.. Octoteer Mtluvta tnc
Methodist Obanfe, when UlM Igmon Emmett
Douglass and Mr Frank WCOltey Lawson,
of Selma, were pronounoea man and
wife by Kev. J. D. Ellis. The ehurcb was 6
orowdad, and many .talgbt-uto^d children, \
forme* popU* of Miss Douglass, were eager s
and interested spebtators. Miss Douglass Is ?
one oT the brightest and mosi<mltared young g
women of^Alabama. For pt longtime she c
taught In the public school of Atndale, and r
has taken a prominent part lo *Pi 8?nday
School and otter work of tha; "Method 1st
Charth of that place. Mr. lAveotthMi young
man of oommjuidlng presenoe .and of the r
bright type of ohrlaUan manhood. He serves a
the Southern railway at tSelma Id a responsible
capacity, and Is regarded as having an as- n
aured future. Few yoohg woman ever re- v
oel vod more oonvfaaKw proofs of affection
and eateom that wars g^aa to the bride In t
tbe hours before me aipuau >uu ?? usoastoo
of them. PresenU'Were llteraIly.showered
upon ber. Many of tbeae were costly, l.
but noiooeof tbem oam^flroni otber tban a d
heart throbbing ?1tb lota." We take pleas- 8
ure In dipping to part W? very eostpllmen- ?
tan notice of cbemwrMRe of onr townsman,
Mr. Frank W. Xawaon, Wblab his mauy
friends will rtad wllb much Interest.
off TO ifeTATS fair. ['
Some of oor eltiians who left yesterday and P
will repreeeAV Abbeville at tbe state Fair: f:
Mr.and Mrs. P. B. Bp^ed, Miss S&rah Lee, 8
Ml&a MonnleSign, Mias Florlde and Ml us Willie
Calhoun. Messrs. W. M. Barnwell,-C. VV.
Kendall and Aug. W. Smith.
Tbe ladles of tbe Episcopal Cburcb will !'
' give a Chrysanthemum Show and OysterSop- '
per on Friday nlgbt, Nov. 9th, over A. M. I
Hill A 8ons store. A pleasant evening and J
good supper is promised to all.
Mrs. Dr. Marshall returned borne last Mon- d
day after a most delightful visit to Mrs. H. H.
Norwood of Calboun Falls.
Mm. Ella Latimer waa called to Greenville
last Friday on account of tbe critical Illness ,
? * 1 M f Thamoe Pnohr
Ol aer urutuu, ui < u?>u>o Vv..,,. ?
Mrs. 8. B. Rosser is quite sick, being con- ?
lined to her bed at this writing.
Messrs. Clarence Wise, Leo iJeaudro and
Oscar Anderson, three of Greeuwood's hand- 0
some young men spont last Sunday In the r
olty visiting the Misses HoJllngsworth.
Mr. Arthur By (an left last Sunday afternoon .
for Columbia. u
Miss Sallle Devlin was shopping In the olty "
last Monday. Miss Devlin has done her ,
shopping In Abbeville (or a number of years, c
and always receives from our merchants a
hearty welcome. ri
Miss Ollle 11111,of Greenville, was expected ,
In the city yesterday on a visit to bomelolks *
and friends. a
Mrs. Rebecca Wise after a weeks pleasant "
visit to her kinsman, Mr. G. H. Moore and ,
. fiimlly, returned to her home last Monday. "J
Mrs. Emma Cotbran after a pleasant visit
to her son, Mr. Wade Cotbran in thin, her .
former home, returned yest rday to Green- ?
ville. !
Mr. Gaines Hammond who has been At ..
homesick lor the past week, returned last
Monday to his business in Greenwood.
" Mr. Frank H. McUee, ol Spartanbung, spent .
last Sunday in the olty with homelolks. Mr. ,
McGee reports for the Aug. W. Smith's dry ,
goods and millinery store of Spartanburg a
Hoe busluess.
Mr. Will McKlnzie was la tbe city last .
Monday on business. s
Oar old friend, Mr. John Darraugh who
now lives near Greenwood, was la tbe city
last Monday shaking bands with many or
bis old friends wbo were glad to see blm. He
was accompanied by bis son-in-law, Mr. Tom
Moll wain.
Mr. W. EL Lesley was in tbe city on Monday
looking alter special business.
Mr. Tom Toibert was a visitor to our city *
last Monday.
Mr. R. L. Dargan spent last Sunday In tbe r
city wilb homefolks. <j
Mr. T. A. Andrews, of Wllllngton, was In t
tbe city last Monday to pay bis taxes. Mr. ,
Andrews Is one farmer wbo has done well and
la satisfied, having already sold over ?700 (
t wortb of cotton from bis 2 horse farm, wblcb
bas enabled blm to pay all of bis past and ^
present Indebtedness, and left blm enough to c
make blm bappv, nud In love and cbarlty t
wltb all mankind.
Mr. and Mrs J. N. DuPre have Just returned t
from a pleasant trip to Georgia, where they
* visited their daughters. Miss Fannie and Miss i
Daisy, after wUloirthey took In the Atlanta
Fair. > t
Miss Willie Wardlaw, a bright and pretty
young laiiy from Cross Hill, is In the clt.v as >
ttie Kuest of hereousln, Mrs. McDavld. Miss
Willie bas many friends In Abbeville her old ,
., bome wbo are glid to see ber. <
I'.-:1 Dr. J. Lowrle Wilson and Mr. A. B. Morse
returned last Friday from Florence, where ,
they bad been In attendance upon the Convention
of the Sute Synod of tbe Presbyter- ,
lan Church. Mr. MorBe reports a delightful
time, and had tbe pleasure of meeting Mr.
James Giles formerly of Abbeville, who In- !
quired about his friends of this city, to wbom
be begged to be remembered by one and all.
Mrs. J. K. Lyon after spending several .
months among the mountains of North Carolina,
returned bome lut week.
Mrs. 8. M. Pickens, of Anderson, was In the j
' oily last week In attendance npon the Taggart-Cbalroers
marriage, ,
~ Miss Janie Cason was among tbe IftUy visi- :
ton to oar olty last Satarday.
' Miss Neil Sign after % delightful visit to (
friends la Griffin and Atlanta, relumed borne
laat week. ,
Mr. H. D. Reese la "home again" from bis
traveling tour through Georgia and part of ,
South Carolina.
Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Cason, of Hodges, with ,
Mrs. Will Carlisle were among tbe visitors to
our city laat Thursday. ,
Mr. and Mrs. James Trlbble, of Due West,
were shopping In tbe city one day last week. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Charley Drennon were among
tbe many visitors to our city last week.
Dr. J. A. Wldeman, of Due West, spent ,
one day of tbe past week In tbe olty on business.
Judge T. A. Cater was In tbe city last week
- circulating among his many friends.
Miss Mamie Lou Smith, and mIbs Meta
Lytbgoe, with Mrs. J. M. Uambrell, spent a
most delightful day last Friday with tbelr
friend, Mrs. John T. Cllnksoales.
Miss Stuckey, of Anderson, was among tbe
ladles shopping ln'the city last Friday.
Miss Maude Kay, of Antrevllle, Is attending
tbe Abbeville High School, and is staying
with tbe family ot Dr. S. F. KUllngswortb.
Miss Maude Brownlee, of Antrevllle, spent
several days of tbe past week with friends In
the city.
Miss Effle Watson, was one of tbe pretty
lady visitors In the city last Saturday.
Kev. Charles Gardner, of Greenville, will
assist Kev. T. H. Plemmons, pastor of the
Baptist Church ol this olty In conducting a
series ot services during the present week.
The public are cordially Invited to attend.
Mr. Burton is now Master Mechanic at the
Seaboard Shops, vloe Mr. J. R. Turnbull, who
has been promoted to Assistant Superintendent
of motive power, having his headquarters
at Fortsmoutb Virginia.
Mr. Rob Jones Is now with the firm of Cobb
and McDavld, where he will be glad to see
hlB friends and fit them up In the latest
style of foot wear.
On last Saturday afternoon the following
persons attended the lecture at Greenwood
delivered by Itev. Dr. Andrews, on the life of
Robert E. Lee: Hon. R. R. Hemphill. Miss
Mary Hemphill, Miss Lucia Parker, Mr. C.
W. Kendall. Mr. W. P. Greene,and Mrs. W. D.
Wilson, is cbaperone.
On last Sunday morning about 3 o'clock the
iwelllng of Yarb Madden, colored, with all
aousebold furniture and wearing apparel was ,
ieetroyed by fire. Yarb Madden Is an Indus:rious
colored man and has the sympathy of
)ur citizens.
Mr. John R. Tarrant, of Mt. Carmel, had his
Swelling burned last week with nearly all hla J
lousehold goods and $300 In cash.. f
The large Pecan trees of Mrs. W. D. Wllspu t
ind Mrs. R. 8. Link are again yielding an t
abundant crop. The nutsare largeand of flne i
lavor, and bring the highest price both at
jome and abroad.
Mrs. W. T. Penny has a flne English. Walmttree
In her garden that Is now repaying ,
or the care and attention given It. The nnta t
ire large and flne. / t
Mr. Joe Able, who lives in Long Cane to\yn- \
thlp, Is a thrifty and properous farmer who t
lever comes to the olty without bringing
lomethlng to sell. * i
Up to this date for the present year he has t
ilready sold in eggs, ohickens and butter,over I
100 worth. No sugar, coffee, tobaoco are [
iharged on his account. This shows bow
'little things" count up.
* :
' beautiful flowers and palks.
M?. 8. N. Williams who has made beantt- t
q1 the historic hill of'Secesslon" with choice t
lowers and evergreens, has some large aiid c
>eautllul palms, a few of which she would sell \
it close figures. This is a pretty home hav- t
ng everywhere these emblems of culture and I
eflnement. J
The well-known Arm of L. T. & T. M. Miller ?
ire bustlers In the business olroles of Abbe- .
/llle. They are now receiving a magnificent _
took of fancy groceries. Log Cabin Maple .
Syrup. Buckwheat?and a whole, store of ;ood
things. They have last received the d
inly,and first shipment or new crop, N. O.
Doiasses. Open kettle goods, and very fine. 7
new stoke?new goods. a
Mr. Henry Qilllam, at No. 3, Hotel block, is
ecelvlng and opening a nice stock of staple p
nd fancy groceries. . b
He Is doing a nice bnBlness which he be- T
levee will be faily up to bis expectations, r
Vatch for his ad. ? o
11e abbeville laundry and dye "works.
The proprietor tells ns he is running on fall JIme
and is giving' entire satisfaction. His ?
yelng and renovating department is a great f
uccess and is already receiving orders from J:
broad. J
new lodge of i. o. 0. f. t
Hon. John J. Rose, of Charleston, and who
i Grand Master of the State for this I. 0.0. i
'. Order, was in the city last week for the par- b
ose of organizing a lodge here. This Is a ?
raternal society, and its organization will be- 0
in at once. U
Tbe above "musician" was carried away by ti
he sweet notes of a guitar belonging to some
ne else, and roand la bis possession. He tl
. as captured In Greenwood and brought back
ast Sunday by Chief Riley and tried before
he mayor's court last Monday, wben a fine of
10 or twenty days was Imposed, Change be- o
g scarce, Jim will now sing to tbe tutfe of I
wenty days on the city obalqgang. His song b
t the matinee was. "please give me llgbt tl
fork." .,1 b
Mr. F. C. DuPre went to Columbia yester- h
ay on special business. ' v
Mr. Charley E. Bruoo died at his borne in 5
his city last Saturday morning, Ootober 30, J
bout 5o'olook In his 58th year. His Budden >
,nd un looked for death was a great shook not ?
nly to bis family, but to his friends also. i
Mr. Bruce was known In tbe business circle r<
>f tbe community, keeping a restaurant and
warding house. V
He was a brave and gallant solldler, Joining
be Confederate army at the tender age of 18, c
md fighting through the entire war, being v
dgaged In many hard fought battles, and in j
be very last battle In North Carolina he lost t<
me leg. . b
Funeral services were conducted at his real- g
lenceon Sunday morning by Kev, Edward c
JcCrady. rector of Trlnlly church, after p
rhich his remains were Interred Id the Epls- b
opal cemetery. I
The following friends acted as pall bearers: |
. H. 8lark, W. S. Cothran, W. C. DuPre. J. L. t
lcMlllan. L. T. Miller and W. D. Wilson, y
'he Confederate veterans of which be was a a
ember, acted In a body as an honorary t
scort. The deoeased requested just before t
lis death that the shoemakers who worked In t
its shop years ago should dig bis crave, 6
rhich request was compiled with by Cnaney a
ones, Frank Qarret, Ben Brown and Ell p
lunter who performed this last Bad duty, g
Vm. Pope superintending the grave digging. I
leautlful flowers, tokens of love, affection, \
and esteem cover his new made grave. t
The sympathies of the community go out s
o the bereaved family?seven ohlldrens: four c
ons and three daughters. t
t - t
111 of (be News About tbe Little Towip 1
Troy, S. C., Oot. 29.?Mr. J. N. Dendy, our ]
lewly elected Sabbath school superlnten- i
lent was greatly encouraged at the large at
endance yesterday. Ere long tbe A. ft. P.'s j
rill have a pastor who will live amongst as. |
One can bardly realize this Is tbe last of
)otober,Judglng from the warm weather. \, [
Mrs. Sara Fisher, of Anderson, and her t
laughter, Mrs. Martha Templin and little
laughter, of Florida, have left after An extenled
stay among relatives here.
We are glad to hear that there soon will be
wo more mercantile firms opened here.
Mr. Tyra Jay, of Florida, has recently been
lere to s^e many kindred. j
Mr. R. H. Taggart, of Clear Spring, supplies
>ur town with fat beef at ti cents per pound.
Prof. W. R. Bradley, of Abbeville, visited
lis parents Saturday and yesterday.
Miss Blanche Wilkes, a successful teaoher,
vlll open her nobool at Bellview today. This
s her second term. ,
Miss Martha Reagln will soon open the l
^airfield school near here.
Mrs. Emma Kennedy will teach at Mr. R. R. :
?uckett's. , i
Mrs. J. W. Plerson will leave for her home '
n Augusta today. Hhe has been a pleasant j!
>oarder at the Park House daring ttie sum- {
ner. . ,
Little Hal Harris is improving from a spell {
>f fever. J
MesBrs. J. F. White and L. O. Baauford are :
n Georgia aud Alabama this week in tbe in- '
?rest of their machinery.
There will be a reunion of tbe 19th S. C. \
itegimentat McCormick on the 26th. A full 5
attendance is desired.
Mrs. W. H. Kennedy will teach the Pine '
irove school near Buffalo.
Rev. R. F. Bradley preached at Ora last week '
[or several days.
Mr. J. E. Taggart, one of Hopewell's best
farmers, wasdown Saturday and yesterday,
Some of our citizens are loBlng tbelr killing
bogs from cholera. f
Mrs. Jane Dendy.a dear sainted grandma, 1b i
oack lrom a long stay in Greenwood
Mr. and Mrs. Morey, of Washington, D. C.,
will make tbelr bome at Mr. W. P. Wldeman's ,
luring tbe winter months.
Mrs. J. B. Owens and little Kate, returned '
Saturday from a long stay at Cross Hill and
Maddens. i
Rev. W. W. Jones and sister, Miss Julia, are i
expected tblB week from TeuneBsee and Nortb
We are glad to know Mrs. O. Y. Bonner Is
Improving, at her father's, Dr. J. D. Nell's. In
this pleasant bome. there Is a balm in Gilead
for all wbo are fortunate enough to go there.
Fronna Cllnkscales, one or our brainiest
bovs, Is at Campobella at school.
Dr. Walter Outzs Is up from Elmwood, S. C.,
to see his brotber-in-law, Mr. J. T. Solmons.
We understand Mr. B. B. Harvley, of Hlbler.wlll
buy Mr. A. T. Robinson's place and
move here.
Dr. E. O. Jenkins has bought out Dr. J. B.
Owens, and tbe latter as yet bas not decided
where he will locate.
Miss Alllc May Henderson, of McCormlok,
will teach school near Mrs. J. W. Bradley's.
Mrs. A. E. Morris passed tbrougb here last
week from a visit to ber brother, tiberlfl Mo-'
caslau, at Greenwood. Her bome now is In
Macon, Ga. Nick.
If You Want?Dress Goods, Silks or Milll"
nery go to Haddon's.
I i
Cangrht In tile Act Near Lawrence*
vllle, Ga., on the Seaboard Air
Llne-?herl(r, Detective and Prinoners
all Board the Train.
An attempt was made to wreck tbe passenger
train on tbe Seaboard Air Line railroad, ,
four miles from Lawrencevllle Saturday
olebt. ,
Tbe men bad been suspected and watcbed,
md were caught In tbe very act of removing
Lbe bolts from tbe rails.
Tbe train which left Atlanta Saturday !
jvenlng at 8 o'clock with conductor W. A. J
Lane In charge, with R. G. Game, engineer, or .
fVbbeyllle, had five coaches all orowded.
nany of tbe passengers having been to Atlan- 1
la to attend tbe fblr. Tbe two men who bad .
plotted to murder by tbe wholesale for the '
surpose of robbery must have counted on 1
.bis, and selected a time when tbey believed .
here would be many to fall Into tbelr grasp '
is tbey lay dying at the bottom of the trestle. j
When all of this dawned upon the pas- j
lengers, among whom there were women and j
lelplesB little children, tbe feeling against j
be dastardly fellows became Intense, and tbe g
iberiff himself states that be believes there [
vonld have been no need for courts to deal
?lth the men If Lawrencevllle bad not been t
o olose at band.
Tbe two men who would have murdered T
nen, women and |lttle children for a few ?
inndred dollars, are John Dalton and Tom
'atterson. Each tells a story, and seeks to g
>lace tbe guilt on the other. (
" 1 .!<*?? ?v?t?oalf D f I? rn Kq tor r\f
"T or BOVOtm uaj a uij ao?i, u. * jl>< uoUUV> , v.
talelgb, N. C., the chief detective of tbe Sea- c
>oard Air Line road, have been working: on t
bis matter. It was reported to us over a e
reek ago that an attempt would be made to
preck tbe night train out of Atlanta. We a
iave been laying for them, as It were, and &
ast night we succeeded in bagging our game. C
ust after dark, last night, J. T. Byrd, John
>aks, tbe detective and myself went out to Y
he trestle, about four miles from town, It e
laving been reported to us that tbe time for
wrecking tbe train bad arrived. We station- &
d Byrd and Oaks on one side of tbe river 8
nd tbe detective and myself on tbe other. C
Lbontbalf an hour before tbe Atlanta train ci
/as due tbe wreckers were beard coming
own tbe track and Btrnck tbe trestle. h
"Tbe trestle 1b 450 feel long and 50 feet high. &
'bey walked on to tbe trestle and stopped
bout 150 feet from the side we were on and d
rent to work loosening bolts, etc. l<
"That was sufficient warning to as, and we
rooeeded to close In on them. I bad them b
otb handcuffed together in a twinkling. G
'bey bad a crowbar,' two blocks and two it
ocks tbat tbey were using to throw tbe Talis y
utof line. There was two oftb^m. 'John tl
>&lton, a yonng man about 82 years old, and
'om Patterson, a man about 28 yean old, di
)alton Uved on a farm about half a 'mile E
om tbe trestle. He is an unmarried man.
'attersonisa married man.With a family, 8
nd lives about one mile from the treetle,
be detective asked them who tbey were and b
rbat tbey were doing. Patterson replied 8
bat he was working on the flection and was Ji
zing the trestle. ' * ol
"It was not lonrnntil the train came along. ;
waivnd it. dnwn and we all ft
, UO ? w ?? M ? mp, .
oarded the train for ftawrencevllle. There ft
rere foar coaches fall or people and the -news .
f bur capture am} the - circumstances spread l>
ke wildfire through the train and caused n
reat excitement. I verly believe that if the n
istanoe had been ten miles; Instead of four, '?.
s Lawren'oevllle there wouid.bave-been a s
inching. I am thankful that we landed
tiem In Jail safely." 0
johjt d alton tjlls his st0by. 0,
"I was going to Glo&ter about half past 9
'clock alter cheese for my brother and met ^
om Patterson on the trestle. He Had a crow* ?<
ar, two block* and two rooks. He was Hit* B
Ing on the end qf the ties knooklng atttape on u
olts that hold the rails In place. I asked <*
im what he mi doing; and he said that he
ras tightening taps. I told him be would be
aught, and he.f?eplled *1 guess not.' I told
ilm he would kllltwOor three hundred peo- q
ile and that it would-be a banging crime. L
Ee replied that*'poor man.couldn't make a n
IvlngIn this Country, an'djl told him he ft
ould if lie WOOld work. . Tbis U th&.flrst C
imel have ever been aooased of crime hep. h
>re." 1 '' U
'"what tom pattkb80n says.
MI was born In Abbeville oounty, 8. C. I
ame to Gwinnett oounty In '98. 1 have 43
worked In factories, on railroads and farms. '
lot long &eo John Dalton and I moved a man
9 the Moffett farm above town, now owned
y M. E. Ewlntt. On that trip he suggested tc
everal things for as to do, suobiss stealing y
hlckens and tbe like. We passed a cotton h
en on the road and he suggested that we ft
teal that on oar way back. 1 told him that T
wa? no chlekeh thief nor cotton thief. That ft
r I stole anything It would be somemiog d<
bat would oount. Then be suggested the b
ireck, and told metbat be bad been thinking ig
bout It some time. He said that'bis In ion- s
Ion was to wreck the train on Yellow river o
reatle. He said that he would throw tbe
rain off the trestle Into tbe river, and would n
Mil all tbat survived tbe wreck with an ax, h
,nd tben rob the express car, mall car and o
tassengerq. /In this way he said he would b
Hat least three or four thousand dollars,
le said tbat he would hide tbe passengers'
patches, jewelry, etc., and sell tbem two or
bree years afterwards. He suggested' that
ifter we had divided the spoils we would fall 0
>ut to prevent suspicion that we were coo- >
lected together in the crime. This was such o
in awful tblng tbat I went to a relative, by V
carriage, Mr. BobMoffett.and advised'with r<
ilm about It. I was afraid tbe fellow mtobt ?
Sill me If I did or did cot Join blm. Moffett
advised me to report tbe matter* to "the
mtborltles, which 1 did. It Is a mistake
ibout Daiton meeting me on tbe trestle. We o
vent therfe together. I got the crowbar at ?
Mr. Davis' farm, where I live. I knew tbe b
officers would be there; Tbe whole program b
ivas agreed upon between tbe detective and p
tjyself. The reason I gave the plot away was s
because I wanted to protect tbe passengers'
Ives as well as my own."
His story about putting tbe offioers on to
* * *-v ">? '"fn ii hoiiAved to be j
.tie piUfc tu wma kus ?j .... ? rue.
- a
^ n
Ibbeville's Representative of tbe 8
Montbern Railway Faithful In All
His Dealings. ^
Ever since Mr. C. D. Brown has been In J
iharge of the Southern agency at Abbeville f,
ie has given entire satisfaction to oar people, B
>oth as to bis efflolenoy and as to bis dlsposllon
to have tbe company which be represents
reat its customers properly. As an agent,
ooklng out for new business be has been very
lotlve, and In bis dealings with the pu bile he o
ias been polite and agreeable. He Is enabled e
o.served the community acceptably because I
t deems tbat tbe Southern recognizes him as b
heir agent In fact. Wbile be contends for b
be rights of bis company to the last cent tbat t
nay be due to them, yet be never seeks to g
ihleld bis company from responsibility in ad- a
usticg charges or claims in freights charges I
)r other matters. If a customer of tbe road >
ias a claim against the road It will beadjus- I
*d with a proper and Just regard for the J
iqultles, without partiality or favoritism for u
)r against anybody. r
? ? ? t
L. W. White's LocrIn. I
Our clothing trade goes briskly on, notwlth- j
Handing tbe mild weather. Come and secure
pour suit aDd overcoat so tbat you will be pre- e
pare4 lor Wlntenwhen it does come. i
When in need of good shoes be sure to buy <
those made by Hamilton Brown Company, s
Sold only In Abbeville by L. W. White. i
Go to L. W. White's store aDd provide your- .
self with suits of underwear. Tbey will pre- ,
serve your bealtb aud keep you warm and ^
comfortable duriog the coming Winter. (
Tbe second installment of men's and boys' j
hate and caps bas Just arrived at tbe store of
L. W. White. If you want a stylish hat or a |
comfortable cap, tblB Is the place to find It. j
Remember tbat you can always find at L.
W. White's clothing store the very best as- I
sortment of shirts and collars, neckwear and f
We have more window!
shades and curtain poles than
we know what to do with.
Come down and get what you
want. McDill & Lyon.
A lotof copv-rlgbt Novels Just received at
DuPre's Book Store
Happenings and Incidents of a Week
About the City.
Mr8. Henry Tennant. of Lowndesville, Is In
the city visiting ber brother, Mr. Jobn B.
Mr. Amos B. Morse returned last Friday
from Florence, wbe-e he went to attend the
annual meeting of the Synod of the South
Carolina Presbyterle.n Church.
Miss Lena Brown lee has returned to hec
Domain Antreville, after a pleasant week's
jtay In the olty with her friend, Mrs. J. F.
McKlnnon. ? '
Mr. Wade C. Harrison, of Troy, was hfire
last Wednesday and Thursday visiting his
brother, Dr.Frank E. Harrlwon.
The Young Ladles WhlBt Club was delightnily
entertained Saturday afternoon, by
Miss Mary L. Robertson.
Mrs. Nell Plokens, of Klberton, and two of
ler interesting ohlldren, were in the olty
leveral days last week, the guest ot ber aunt,
drs. Chalmers.
Mr. and Mrs. Bobert S. Smltb gave an
tlegant reception last Tuesday evening In
jonor of Mr. and Mrs. William Bell Lawaon. <
Vmong those present were Mr. and Mrs. W.
). Wilson, Miss Kllen GambrellL Miss Nell
Sign, Mr. J. L. Dickson, Mr. W. J^Bryson. J
dr. William Penny, and Mr. Will Boea. ,
Mr. C. W. Kendall left Tuesday for Colam- 1
>!a. where be will attend the Fair. <
Mrs. 8alile McCI jng spent several/last week 1
pith her sister, Mrs. Benson, at, ber oooptry i
Lome. ' , , J
Miss Nellie Cociran spent Saturday and (
lunday wltb her pareau, Mr. and Mrs. A. *
Miss Liia Wilson was the guest of ber annt, 3
diss Maggie Brooks, several days last week. 1
Mr. Arthur Latimer, of Cheater, was In the lty
Saturday. Mr. Latimer has charge ot 1
he Sharon School this year and Is well spok
n of by bis patrons. 1
Mr. Robert Roper, of Bock Hill, is here to '
ttend tne raarriage or Alias jsiaei Koper, 1
Ir. Roper le tbe guest of bis slater, Mrs. i
iharles D. Brown. ; . > 2
Mr. J. Allen Sonittj, Jr.. entertained tbe
'oung Men's Daplloate WhlsJ, Club,last Tuee- a
veiling. * 'I
Mrs. J. M. Qambrell, Miss Mary Lon'Smltb, 1
Ilea Meta l^ythegoe, and Master W. Joel 1
mlth, spent last Saturday with Mrs. John1
MnkMales. at ber elegant- and hospitable 1
onntry borne. v ' x
Mrs. H. T. Sioan ban returned to ber borne 1
i Troy, after a two week*, stay here with 1
[rs. T. W. Sloan. > . : -1
Mr. H. D. Keaee arrived 1& tbe city Satnr- 1
ay, attar an extended business trip in tbe t
?wer part ofBouth Carolina.' ^
Miss Bettle Barksdale, who has been with t
er mother for sometime, has returned to i
reenwod. Miss Barksdale has been teaching t
i the Connie Maxwell Orphanage for several,
ears, and has given perfect satisfaction to
le managers. v -.< '' V " a
Miss Marle'Cromer was in' tbe city, several v
ays last week, the go est.of her apnt, Mrs. B. 4
mmetOoxe. ' rV *
Mr. Ran wick Bradloy spenV Saturday .aj&d I
anday with bl?;piaMitts at Cedar Springs.:
Rev. T. W. Sloan baa returned from a short <3
oslnees trip to New. York. Darine . Mr. t
loan's absence his pnIplt wan'filled by Rev. J
imee Boyce and D>r. Prank Y.Preesley, both g
r dq^'Whu
Mb. O. W. Speer, of Monterey, was In town I
aturttay and carried Mils Susie Speer home <3
>r aaeverai days visit. t. ' z
The Baskln home place In Monterey, has 1
een bought by Mr. and. Mra. Will T. Cun- d
Ingham,ahd'Miss Mary Baskln.and they, r
tllmove there In a few months* , ' t
-Mr. R. Lawton Dargan spent Saturday and p
anday here. "_i ?
Mr. Robert Simmons left Tuesday tor n
olumbla, where be will attend the Fair.
Mr. Mute B. Bradley spent Bandar In the C
Ity with hli brother. Mr. W. W. Bradley. . I
Was Docta Brock, ol Dae West, tailed Frl- a
ay for Porto Rloo, where ?be will tea^h I
jbool with MIm LUHfo ' McDavld. Miss a
rock baa I teen a ancceasfbl teacher in tbe h
lted States,and ber friends hope tor her ai
jntlnueauooese In her work. C
Saturday evening a party went over to P
reenwood tp attend a lecture on Robert E. 2
ee, by Prof. Andrews, of tbe Untveralty of a
ebraoka. Among those who attended were ?
Lisa Locta Parker, Mlaa Mary Hemphill, Mr. r
. W. Kenkall, Mr. W. P. Greene, Gen. B. R. i
emphlUl. Tbe party. we:re entertained at ?
le Oregon, and returned on the night train 1
ter the Seaboard. ,,
Mrs. Will D. Wilson left Monday for Colain- x
la: whereshe will be the gaeat or her friend, f
[las Blanche Jonos, during tbe Fair week, *
r* '
The marriage of Miss Etbel Perrln Roper, u
> Mr. Greene ftandlfer, will be solemnised m
Wednesday aflnrnoon at 3:80 o'clook at tbe b
otoe of Mr. and Mr*. Charles D. Brown. A ?
iw friends have been invited to be present
be yonog couple leave Immediately.for their ?
itnrehome In Rock B1U. Miss Roper has d
een a frequent victor to our olty, ana nam- p
ers ber friends by tbe Boore. Mr. Sandlfer &
a reliable business man In the employ ol si
mlthFewell, in Rook Hill. Tbe best wishes g
(their frieDds go with them. . > ,\\
Mr. W. D. Wllkeraon lost a valuable hone n
ist Friday, on bis fairm near Abbeville. Tbe
oree went to the weJJfo* water and stepped tl
the decayed oqrblng ahd fell In. Before f<
elp could be goti^n, the hor*e waadwd. n
The Lilliputian Wedding and Convention of ji
>ld Maids, will be riven Thursday night. ?
rov. 8tb, in tbe CoorrHouae, for tbe teaeflt ~
f tbe Long Cane Cemeteryt The Lflllinjtlan
bedding baa been given, bat la well worth t]
speatlng, and tbe "Convention of pid Maids"
i laughable from Btart to finish. v
I 1'
Dr. C. 8. Gardner, of Greenville, li In tbe
Ity, and will bold a series of meeting* In tbe
taptlstChurob here. .Dil Gardener fa an able ?
peaker and It is hoped that this meeting will ?
ring about good resplta In onr town. Tbe J,
ublio Is cordially invited tp attend every d
ervlce. ^ . ; . . r
Mr. Charley Braoe died at bis home Satnr* p
ay moaning, after a brief Illness. The funer- J
1 services were held from tbe house Sunday a
riornlng. Rev. Edward MoOrady , officiating, t
lr. Bruce was a Confederate soldier, having s
ost a limbic tbe war. His frlehds sympa- e
blze deeply with bis family In their amlo- l
Ion. .He leaves three danghterB and four
ons. v
.. < t1
Mr. T. Twining Cunningham died at bis o
ionae In Lowndesvi He. after a lingering ill- f
ieas. Mr. Cunningham Is tbe last of a large "
amlly. A wife and a son snrvlve blm. Tne *
amity and relatives have tbe slncerest sym- 11
atby of tbelr friends in tbls bereavement. 0
A number of new books have Just been f<
rdered for the School Library. Old Bubscrlb- o
rs are urged to renew and new ones to send to
n tbelr subscrl ptlons at once, so that more f
looks may be ordered. A number of new ti
looks are to ba ordered for the children, and ?
bose who have little folks In school, couId not c
Ive to a better cause. Among the new novels 1<
.re Robert Orange, by John Oliver Hobs; \
Saleanor, by iilrs. Humphrey Ward; Philip c
V In wood; A Gentleman from Indiana, a
jarklUKton : Tbe Reign of Law, Jamea Lane j
Ulen ;"Deacon Bradbury, The Benett Twins,
md a number of others which all wish to
Miss Lucia Seal and Miss Alma Garabrell, e
lave positions with K M. Haddon 4 Co. i
iotb of these young ladles are attentive and s
ourteous, and will be glad to serve their e
fiends In any way.
The people of the Baptist Church refused to
iccept the resignation of Rev. T. H. JPlem- (
nons. Mr. Plemmon has been in Abbeville g
or two years and has many friends who are .
;lad to know ha will still make his home in ,
>ur midst. )
Mloa Wllllo Worrtlmo. nf VII. narmel. Is In i
he city on a visit to her aunt, Mrs. A. J.
I ones.
Miss Annie Ferguson, or Warrenton, Is In
;he city, spending sometime with her aunt,
Mrs. R.C. Wilson.
Miss Maud Brownlee, of Antrevlile, was
.he attractive guest of ber friend, Miss Pearle
Martin several days last week.
Mr. Gaines Hammond, of Greenwood, spent
Sunday 1u the city with his parents.
MIbb Willie and Miss Florlde Calhoun, left
Tuesday for Coulmbia, whore they will attend
the State Ball.
Mrs. John F. Livingston, Jr., returned
Saturday to ber home In Columbia, after a
delightful visit to relatives here.
Miss Nelle Edwards leaves Thursday, for a
visit to relatives la Camden and Columbia.
"West End" has a pateat on a new flre
alarm, but unfortunately the alarm "goes
off1' after the flre is out. Ttie alarm has a
voice all his own. and is sufllclent to awaken
the seven sleepers.
Imitations are out to the marriage of Miss
Hebajca (Seal, to Mr. Claude Jones, at the
homeofMr. and Mrs. T. C. Seal, Thursday
morning, November th^?I?JfiJN-<&l el?ven
o'clock: \ _
Mr. H. Frank McGee.of SpartanbnrgKPent
Sunday here with bis family. "
Mr. H.O.'Cobb la traveling for a shoe flrBT
of Charlotte. Mr. Cobb baa only been on the
road a short wblie. Hla friends here hope he
will succeed In the new undertaking.
Rev. and Mrs. 8. L. Blackman, of Antrevlile,
w4re In the city Monday on bnalnena,
Rev. J. F. MeKinnon preached at Lebanon
Sunday afternoon.
Mlas Lizzie Glbert and Miss Bettle Evans,
of Lebanon, were In town Monday shopping.
Miss Glbert had the misfortune to have ber
right arm brokon sometime ago, but her arqa
Is rapidly recovering.
Marriage of Popnlar Toons People?
Unlqae Entertainment?The Stock
Show?Personals. Dae
West, R C., Oot. 80,1900.
W. Frank Pearson and W. OUn Brownlee,
ol Anderson, sent last Sabbath In Dae West.
Sheriff-elect Bob Kennedy and blB little son,
Panl Bonner Kennedy, were In Dne West last
UnndftT. ?v* '
Mleafsabellefrscalenti.ofDel Malr,Mexico,
who baa been attending the Dae West Female
College for the past two year*, will leave for
tier far away ootm on November 6tb. She
toee via New Orleans In company with Mrs.
M- E. Pressly. Taking a sleeper at Greenville
ihe will pot change can until she reaches San
Vntonlo, Texas.
At 8 o'clock P. M., Sunday, October 28th,
Miss Rosa Brownlee, daogbter of Mr. J. D.
Brownlee, was married to Mr. Samuel C.
rohnAon, .Of Westminister. Tbe marriage
ookplaoa at tbe home of the parent* of toe
>ride in the presence of tbe family and a few
Mends. The ceremony was performed by Dr.
IV. L. Pteasly. Tbe newly married oonple
eft on the a/lernoon train lor Westminister,
vhere Mr. Johnson has a business engagenent.
, .
Mr. Patton Kennedy has gathered a large
imonnt of crahgrass and swamp, grass bay to
feed bis stodk op this winter. He regards bis
lay. crop as worth threa or four honored doiars
at the prevailing market price.
Two graduates of the Due Wert Female Coleg?fere
attending the Peabody Normal lostl
dontlOeUO. Ark.' These fere ambitious young
adles and we sore pleased to see them *eachngopwarde
.after , the higher and better
M^uclan Ellis and Mr. Martin Elite atended
the Georgia State fair In Atlanta last
fete.. They were deligh ted ,wlth everything
bey saw on their, trip.
Mr. W. C."Haddon took his children to An-"
lerson the other a*y m oraer iaai mey migiu:
ee the prooession of theclrcaa.
Mra Vlmil Brownlee1 and her handsome
laoghter, Mlm Xntle Brownlee, of Donald*,
eere In Dae West shopping and visiting last '
frlday. ; Mr.
MoffMt Kennedy, of Yorkvllle, a stulent
In Ersfclne College, stood an examlnalon
before County Snperlntendeht Glbert at
ibbeylllea few days ago and soopred a first
rade certlficata.- Mr.
J. M. Knight, who live* on Mr. Larlcin
Lgnew's plantation, sold last year one honied
and eighty-live dozen eggs, and It was
Lot a good year tor eggs eltber.
Mr. Joseph Nance left for Columbia Satarlay
naoralngr. While away he will collect the
ents on his Richland County farms and visit
bo" Slate (sir. He is one of the most pros?roos
farmers of this oommunlty. has more >
nergy and oan do more work than two ordlary
M?. Jno, T. Darlington, of Leaksvllle, N.
has been In Dae West on a visit to son, Mr. ;
*red Darlington; who holds a responsible po- ,
itloa In thftoflioe of the Assoeiatje Reformed '
'resbyterlan. Mr. Thomas Darlington has
lso been in Dae WeeVfor the first time since
Is graduation In Ersklne College. He Is now .
nooeesfolly engaged In basinets in North
Carolina. J
Rev. 8. L. Wilson spent a-day in Dae West ,
ist week on his way to ittaeungof the South
Carolina synod at Florenoe. Mrs. Wilson and ,
lie children remained in town tor several '
'v*. William Rlphle, son of Mr. Enoch 1
Lichle, bu rented * part of Mr. R. C. Brown* ,
se's plantation near Capt. W. T. Co wan H.
#AI lloa atAna
Pben be moves down to that place be will
ike with blm one of the handsomest young
idles in the vicinity of Donalds as his bride. *
[e la an industrious and worthy young man
nd he and his bride will reoelve a cordial
rejoome Into the oommnnlty In w^ich they
re to live.
Rev. Mr. Braswell, of Bennetuvllle, .was In
lue West Monday. He preached at Anderm
on Sabbath, and stopped In Dae West on
(s way home to visit the family of Mr. A. 8.
Miss Doola Brock, daughter of Mr. ,W. C
rook, left Dae West for Pbrto Rloo last FrlAy.
8be went to New York, from wbloh
laoe she expected to sail on Monday* October
1th. We are pleased to see Miss Brook afeow
nob an enterprising spirit. She will be enaged'in
teaching. Her splendid qnaliflca
ons and engaging manners .will'soon win
er many friends in her dew bome. /.
Miss Georgia Johnston, who graduated1 In
luFDue-WeftPemalfeCollege, and wbo was
>raevertuy?wr?? teacher In this institute, la
ow engaged in school work at Manltl, In the
rorthern iMrt of the Island or Porto Rloo
ReV. I. N, Kennedy came to Dud West Priay
afternoon to visit bis mother, Mrs. M. ?.
Lepnedy. Mr. Kennedy has been In New?
erry for some days with his wlfeandlbe new
lember of bis femlly. ,
Rev. H'LEcholB, of Kentucky, preached In
be A. R. P. cburcb last 8abbatn morning. >
Sirs. Oalr Nickels and Miss Llllle Haddon
lalted their parents, Mr. and Mra-R. A. Hadon,
last Week. ' - .
The Eupbemlan Literary Society of Ersklne
Allege gave a literary entertainment to the ,
ublle last Priday evening. Mr. J. B. Knight,
f the Senior class, presided wltb grace and
limit*. .Mr.'Patrick.'of White Oak. a C..
Bprosented the Freshman, and Mr. Tom
vrlgbfc, of Woodruff"; the Sophomore class id
eftlamatlon. These young gentlemen give
remise of matin* excellent speakers. Mr.
. W.Simpson delivered tbe Senior oration
nd Mr. Carlton, of Georgia, tbe Junior orilan.
These two exerolSes were original and
howed macb thought on behalf of tbespeakre.
They spoke In an earnest manner and
Bft a pleasant Impression npon tbelr bearers.
The special feature, however, of tbe evening
pas tbe debai.e. Subject: Resolved, That all
rusts should be abolished. Mr, Lammas, of
Georgia, of the J as lor class, opened tbe disunion
for the affirmative and supported
Very position taken with a strong array of
iota. The position taken by Mr. Lammas
ras attacked In front and on flank* with serqbs
efleots by. Mr. James Patterson Preasly,
I Due W est, of tbe Junior class, who spoke for
be negative, Again tbe afflrmatlve was upield
In a strong debate by Mr. David Peden
'resily, of Troy, Tenn. Then moving himself
at tbe final attack, Mr. John Bonner Preasly,
1 ]?ue West, a Senior, brought forward bis
leavy artillery aod wltb arguments as foroeulai
the shot and sbell thrown by tbe Brush
In the South African war, drove tbe afIrmatlve
from their protected positions and
ompleted tbe work so well begun by his coleagae.
It wis af bard fought battle at every
>olnt and muoh credit belongs to the victors
if tbe negative. Tbe evening was pleasant'
.nd a large crowd was present to greet tbe
'oung gen tlemen.
What abont tbe Abbeville County Fair and
itock Show? We respectfully suggest that
be oounty officers take bold of this matter
ma pueD 1110 a snccesBiui issue. we wumu
,lso suggest that tbe merchants at Abbeville i
ifTer some prizes for the best yield of wheat .
n the county on one aore, the best yield of '
>ats on one acre, tbe best yield of corn on one <
,cre. Some such Inducement would likely i
esult In an Increased interest in grain ctu- ,
ure and prove beneficial to tbe entire county.
V good stock show at Abbeville would draw a '
arge crowd and prove to tbe world that the <
sounty has in It today more good bones,
nules, cows, bogs and poultry than ever beore.
Hut still there Is room for improvement <
n the stock and agrlcultual and, garden pro- i
luots In tbe county, and a vaBt Improvement ,
vould certalnlv follow a revival of the an- 1
lual county fairs at tbe county seat. We <
further suegept that the exhibit be made
in tbe square and upon the Btreets of tbe oity
ind not out of the oity In some inconvelnent 1
place. What do the correspondents of the
;ounty papers say about this matter? What
io the incomlDg oounty officers say? What
lo tbe business men of Abbeville say ? What
lo the citizens of Abbeville say? What do
Lbe farmers of the county say ? What do the
ladies of tbe county say ? What do the stock
raisers in the county say ? What do tbe editors
of the county papers say about reorganizing
and reviving the Abbeville Guoaty
4took aDd Fair Association ? J&T.
Would it not be well to organize and^tart
tbe ball rolling this fall ? It would only fce a
beginning but It would be a start In the right
direction. By Septemter, 1901, the county
could get up the best exhibit ever made in
tbe county. This is our opinion hurriedly
expressed. WhatlByouri?
%: -Jt
Lf or State mid County Offices and for
Aiji^ndnienls to State Constitution.
\ County or Abbeville, i
TVrOlflCE 18 berebK given that an election
IT will be held at tH& several preolnota established
by law Id ^bbevllle county on ,
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER\0,1900, for tbe fol- ,
lowing offices, to-wlt: Gov&rnor, LieutenantGovernor,
Secretary of State, Attwney General,
Comptroller General, Adjutant and In- 1
spector General, State Treasurer, State Superintendent
of Education, one Railroad^Commissioner,
one Circuit Solicitor, one Senator,
three Representatives in tbe General Assembly,
Saoervisor, Sheriff, Clerk of Court, Cow- s
ner and County Superintendent of Education. (
Pursuant to the Constitution of South Carolina,
and the terms of Joint Resolutions No.
310 and 841, approved February 10th. A. D.
1U00, [Acts of South Carolina, pp. 670 and 571,]
ao election will alio be h eld at the same time
and place tor amendments to tbe Constitution
of Sonth Carolina, as follows :
Amend Section 7, of Article VIII, of tbe
Constitution of South Carolina, as follows:
Add at tbe end thereof tbe following words :
."Provided, Tbal tbe limitation imposed by
this Section and by 8ectlon 5, Article IV. of .
this Constitution shall not apply to bonded
Indebtedness incurred by tbe titles or Columbia,
Rook Hill, Charleston and Florence,
wbere the orooeeds of said bonds are applied
solely for the purchase, establishment, maintenance
or Increase of water worka plant,
sewerage system, and by the elty of Qeorgetown,
when tbe proceeds of said bonds are
applied solely for tbe parcbase, establishment,
maintenance or Increase of water works plant,
sewerage system, gas and eleetrlc llgbt plants, wbere
the entire revenue arising from tbe c
operation of sucb plants or systems shall be y
devoted solely and exclusively to tbe maintenance
and operation ortbe same,and wbere
tbe question of Incurring such Indebtedness
Is submitted to tbe freeholder* and qualified <
voters of snob municipality, a* provided in I
tbe Oonstltatlon, upon tbe question of otber I
bonded indebtedness."
Amend tbe Constltatlon of 8oatb Carolina
by. adding tberetb tbe following to tye known
ax Article 1 of Amendment* to tbe Constitution:"
The General Assembly Bball provide ?
by law for tbe condemnation, through proper*1
official channels, of all lands necessary for tbe proper
drainage of the swaipp and low lands of
this Bute; and Bball alio provide for the J
equitable ?oesmetatof all lands so drained,
for tbe purpose of paying tbe expenses of soon
condemnation ana drainage."
' Tbe salaAdmendmenU shall be submitted
in snoh manner tbat tbe electors qualified to
vote for. Mem ben of the House of Bpresenta- ii
ttwes sball vote for or against eaeb of such
amendment# separately.
v^Linendments should be on separate tickets.
QaHots 10 flavor of tbe adoption of an amendmibtshould
oontaln tbe amendment voted i
ofxti lb lull, followed by tbe word "Yes;'1 bal- x
lot* opposed to tbe adoption of an amend- cl
medt should oOntalu tbe amendment voted ni
npon. Wlowed by the word "Noi" \
Polls at each voting place will be opened at
7 o'clock a. at* and oTosed at 4 o'clock p. m.
The following named persons have bee n ap- a
Slnted managers of Election for Stato and |
nnty offiofci and for, Amendments to State |
ConsUtatlon, t6-wit:
Abbevllle-G. D. Graydon, R. F. Pnrdy, L. n
V, Creaweliv *
AntrevJUe? , "
Olatwortby'sX Road?Jno. Brown, Jr? A.
cj* Liuwioru. dm;.
Donaldavllle?J. H. Sbaw, C. B. Martin, L.
A.. Shimon. ' 1
Dae Wast?Boyoe Ellis, P. K. Henry,- Arch
Kennedy. ' P
Iteowee?Will Ashley, Jno. W. MoMahan, .
Bate Hayoie. ^ f;
Bryant'sXBoad-W.A. Callabam, W. ?
Wilson. Jesse Pratt.
Central School Hoose in Long Cane Town- "P
ihlp?T. J. Bobinaon, Loolan Ellis, Jas. D Al
King. - v1
Lowndesvtlle?8. S. Bolee, Geo. Tucker, E. 4
Et, Horton. ' >
Magnolia?W. A. Lanier. B. O. Bell, W. B.
Boyd. . i a
McCormlok?M. L. B. Starkey, J. L. Bey- V
lolds, W. D. Harmon. I]
Mt. Carmel?J. F. Lntherland, G. L. Black- M
(pell.Tdos.Knox. .
Book Spring?M. J. Ashley, S. J. Burts, N.
E. MoCracken, B. G. Beese,
r. F. Palmer.
Op day of Election the Managers mast Jc
>rganl2e by the election of a Chairman and a
31e?k. The Constitutional oath mast be
aken by each Manager before he can act,
indtaleo by the Clerk, The Chairman elected
b empowered to administer oaths.
The managers have the power to Oil a ?
racancy, aodn oone of the Managers attend, ?
he'dtlKens can apoolnt lrom among tbe
jaaunea voters tne managers, woo, aiier do- v,v.
ng sworn, can oondaot tbe election. pt
At the close of tbe election tbe Managers ~
mdClertnuwtprooeed pobUcly to open tbe 011
>al>6t boxes and oonnt tbe ballots therein, P"
tod continue without adjournment nnttltbe re
tame Is completed,sod make a statement of T
.be reaalt for eaob offloe and sign tbe same. x'
Within three days thereafter, tbe Chairman C<
>f the Board, or aome one' designated by tbe ia
Bohrd,mnst deliver to the Commissioners'of M
E Lection the poll lists, the boxes containing 01
;be ballots and written statements of tbe remit
of the election.
One of the above named Managers at eaoh
precinct must call npon tbe Board of Com- m
mlnionen at Abbeville Court House on h
iatnrday, November 3d, 1900, to receive ballot OJ
x>xee, poll Hats and Instructions, and to be ot
)Qftliu6d? i
Commissioners of State Election. (
An Ordinance j
Tq Raise Supplies for the
City of Abbeville for the
Fiscal Year 1901.
Be it ordained by the mayor s?
ind Aldermen of the City of Abbeville, S. C.,
n council assembled, and by authority oftbe J
That a Tax for tbe sums and In a manner *
lerelnafter named, shall be raised and paid e
nto the treasury of the City Counoll for tbe
lies and purposes thereof lor the fiscal year f
.901, notice Is hereby given that the office of
31ty Treasurer of Abbeville will be open for
oollectlon of taxes for said fiscal year, A
from THURSDAY, November 1st. 1600, until
MONDAY, December 31st, 1900, WITHOUT
PENALTY. Bates per cent, of taxation are
is follows:
City Tax - 5 mills. w]
Water Works Tax (Interest ^
on Bonds and Sinking B(
Fund) 2% mills.
Total 7% mills, w
A Commutation Road Tax of Two Dollars kt
ind Fifty Cents (22.50) will be collected the
same time as other taxes, from all male citlsens
between the age of 18 aDd 55 years, exsept
such as are exempted by law. Unless kr
mid tax is paid by the flrBtday of January,
1901, SIX DAYS WORK upon the public
highways and streets of the city will be re- m
julred under the Street Overseer. ki
All persons falling or refusing to pay tbe
sommutatlon tax or to work six full days,
upon conviction, shall pay a fine of not more m
than thirty dollars or be Imprisoned for not tei
more than thirty days.
Done and ratified In City Council this 9th
lay of Ootober, 1900. c0
S. G, THOMSON, Mayor. ^
Oot. 16,1900. Ja
When you go home and your neighbor tells ^
you what tbe Speed Drug Co., did for him, PC
you may be sorry you did not look them up pi
for books, slates, crayon, glass or auy thing in
tbe drug line.
pretty Jardlnlers cheep at Morse's for the
balance of the season.
Tbe best line of Stationery ever brought to
Abbeville, ul DuFee's Byyk 8lore. I
J. B. Glen's Locals.
2 pkg washing powders for 5o, bluing 2 '
sticks 5c, soap 151x^8 25o, soda 11 lbs 25c. At ' .
Best vinegar, pure iploes, celer and mustard 5
Heed for pickling at Glenn's.
Ga., cane and Porto Rloo syrup at Glenn's ,;.J
Hams, breakfast bacon, sweet and Irish
potatoes at Glenn's.
Glenn guarantees every pound and sack of v bls
best patent flour.
New mackerel, white flsb, fresh oat meal,
cheese, macaroni, potatoes, cabbage onions , . ]
and apples.
. Br. S. 0. Thomson,
Corner, Abbeville, S. O.
S. F. Killingsworth, J
No. 4 Seal Block. Abbeville, a. O. r
PhysMan and SnrgeoD,
BT Office Id tbeitatlonal Bank.
May 25,1898. If
ittorasTS udtaellors atLaw, vj
Offloe on Li^ BANOE.
lay 4. 1898. tf
?he State of South Carolina,
pbobatfc. oottbt.
i ik. u.ii.. Af >h. r.i.i. nr . . .
* tliv umiiWi Ui kUU JUOMIIO \JL Tt III A/UU14?1U| . J '
Deceased. v
> Notice to Debtbrs and Creditors. i
I LL persons indebted to said estate tpnal &;Jt
settle wltbont delay, and tbose holding ^ ,
alms agalpst the estate mmt present them
roperly attested to. < C. W. Trlbble, - r %
Bept. 26,1900. Administrator,
'he State of 9^Kth Carolina,
Ex Parte Angelina Davis, Petitioner. r ijra
Petition fdr Homestead.
NOTICE Is hereby given to all persons oon? v"'t?
" oerned, that Angelina Davis has applied ... .J
> me to have tbe Homestead exemption al- i: ?
iwed by law set off to in real estate and per- W.'i
>oai property umeage a. uavia, laia or earn ,
Dnnty and 8tate, now deceased. .-V '- .'
Dated Abbeville, S. C., 1st October, 1800, and V
abllshed once a week for roar woeka In the \ a
bbevllle newspapers. L. W. PERR1N, , i
Oct. 1, 1000,? Master^ \|&j|
tate of Soatb Carolina, 1
' *'
>hn W. Morrab, as Execntor. of the Last \,f
Will of Mrs. 0. T. Rogers, Plaintiff, against ' Fannie
Maynard and Lacy Flow, Defendants.?Complaint
to Sell Lands to Pay .
Debts. m
inrt In the above stated case, I will tell at "l
ibllo Outcry at Abbeville Court Hoose, on |, |
Jeday In NOVEMBER, 1900. next, for the I
.yment of debts, the following described I
a l estate belonging to the estate of Oarolloa j
Rogers, deoeasfcd, sltvate in said State aod !
>anty, to wit: All that tract or paroel of ^
nd sltnate, lying and being in the town of : ; a,
oant Carmel, S. C., containing .
One (1) Aore, '
ore or less, with buildings thereon, bounded |
r lands of T. G. Baker, Mrs. MeAJister and i 7
bera. ' ,
TERMS?Cash. Purchaser to pay for papers
id stamps. J"; f 1
Oct 9,1900. Judge Probate Court. fl
Leal Estate of the Late J
Dr. J. T. Baskin. 1
County of Abbeville.
?en me by the heirs of Dr. James T. Bask In, I
ceased, I will sell for Cash at , I
(If not sold before at private sale,)
.t Abbeville Court House, J
on Saledsy in November j
Next, (Monday. Nov. I
; 5th, mOf) ; . ;$j
Itbin the legal honrs of sale, the following - ]
scribed real estate owned by Dr. James T. 1
iskId; deceased. . jl
212 Acres, J
ore or less, (late residence of deceased,) 1
lown as Home Tract. I
195 Acres, j
ore or leso, adjoining residence of deceased, --M
town as Hunter Traot. -uS
nnn i A i ]
zuz i-z iicres, a
ore or less, adjoining residence of deceased,
town as Martin Tract. J
110 Acres, . m
ore or less, being one-fourth undivided In- 9
rest In Estate James M. Baskln, deceased. V
House and Lot, -:.iS
ntalnlng two acres, more or less, Id the
wn of Lowndesvllle, 3. C. S
l'he first three tracts of land mentioned fl
tove lie near Monterey, S. C. Parties wish- V
g to look at tbeie tracts will please call on
tines T. Hasklu near Monterey, S. C. The
urth tract lies near Mountain View, 8. C.
ill on A. G. Baskln, who lives near that
tint. He will show It to parties desirous of :JH
ircUasint?. Plata of the above tracts of land B
III bo exhibited on day of sale. fl
Attorney. ?

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