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The Abbeville Press and Banner.|
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|i g 4.;,
Just received 1C
rf^ >, Worsted v#rtli 31
<* 3,000 yards $6-in
** 200
v ; t
g Big lot of
H . and
? New ship
I Wraps
' * -
L: rl}?. 1
Shoes! Sh
and sizes. 5 cases
for our famous Bat
King's Shoes. All
'if ^^^ssssss^SSSSSSSSSS^SSES^SSS^
What "M" Sees nnd Hears On Bl?>
Rannda Abont the Cily.
Abbeville, Si C., Nov. 7. 1900.
don't forget.
The ladles of Upper Long Cane Cemetery
? , Society will reproduce tomorrow night In
the Court House, tbe beautiful play of the
LUlpntlan Wedding, to which will be added
the laughable drama, entitled "tbe old Maid's
Convention." The entertainment will been.
Jivftned with Inspiring music, and beautiful
tableau scenes. Doors open promptly at 8:30 '
o'clock. Admission Zees, 25 and 15ctn., reserved
seats 35cts. Tbe play Is reproduced In behalf
of the Cemetery in which everyone is
Interested and tbe ladies will be disappoint,
ed If they do not have a full bouse.
chrysanthemum show and oyster supper.
The ladles ol tbe Episcopal Church will
have a "Uhrysauthemnm Show " and Oyster
Supper Thursday evening, fie 13th, id tbe ball
over A. M. Hill & Son's Store. The "flower
show" Is something novel and attractive, and
unould, of Itself draw a crowd. Tbe oysters
served In every style, will be tine, fresh "Nor
folk Oysterb" which will tempt tbe palate of
every one. Posponed on account of "Old
Maids Convention."
site for abbeville's ware house.
The Committee have selected the site for
. the Cotton Ware House oh tbe left hand side
of Washington Htreet, leading to tbe Soutb*
ern depot and Just above the Oil Mill,,which
will be very convenient for tbe public. Bulldinar
will commence at once, and be finished
lnllme to store some of tbe piesent crops.
bargains f&r all.
Mr. Aug. W. Smltb 1b closing out his entire
stock of goods at cost. Ou sale-day bis trade
was Immense, having the largest sales of any
one day daring his career. Mr. Smith Is one
of Abbeville's most progressive up-to-date
business men, and we regret to say is closing
up his business here, to remove from our
midst, where ne will be greatly missed In
tbe business circles, as well as socially.
personal mention.
. Mr. Henrv Gilliam has rented, and moved
Into tbe sto-e-rooms formerly occupied by
Mr. C. E. Bruce, and will continue tbe same
Hoe of buaiDesn. He has fitted up tbe place
anew and will oonduot a first class restaurant,
furnishing his tables with tbe best tbe market
atfords, and with efficient and polite
servants will do bis best to please his customers
at all times.
<* over 100 pecan trees.
Mr. Frank Nlckles. a thrifty young farmer
iioinir within 2l<c mliesof Abbeville was In
the city last week, selling fine large i*ect?D
nuts Irom his grove wblcb contains over 100
trees, many of which are now bearing. HIb
sales that day were over 100 pounds.
Mr. Richard Hlll^moveU toto the Catholic
pamonage 'ast w^k and Is nicely fixed up
for keeping bouse, being comfortable In the
ooey cottage, and convenient to bis business.
Salesday Id November usually brings a
large crowd to our city aDd last Monday wa6
not an exception, as there were crowds of peoFile
here from all parts of tbe county. About
1 o'clock tbe publlo sales began which will b
noticed elsewhere in the paper. The sale and
trading in live stock was right brisk, mules
selling from 81.30 to S3. The crowd was in a
jolly good bumor and tbe day passed off without
any special occurrence.
Mrs, Kate Jones, of Augusta, after a pleasant
visit to ber cousin, Mrs. I)r. Marshall, left
last Friday for ber home In tbe Fountain
Mrs. Evans after a delightful visit to ber
daughter. Mrs. F. B. Gary, returned to her
home in Florence last Monday.
Mr. Oscar Cobb came In last Saturday Irom
bis first "traveling trip" which was quite
satlBlactory. Oscar is a "hustler" and will
' L * - "U*""v Kiialnooo h/?th of linmp nnrl
nave urn Buuic vi uuo.uvou #?.?. ?w ???
on the road.
Mr. A. H. S. Day arrived In the city yesterday
looking after bis mercantile Interests
here. .
Our townsman and friend Mr. William
Stelts who has been In the employ of the
Southern Pacific railroad BhopH at New Orleans
for a year, is home on a visit. William
has not been back since he left, but could
stand it no longer, as fond and loving associations
cluster around this, bis old home.
Dr. J. B. Moseley with bis friend, Mr. Tom
Baskln, of Lowndesvllle, were among the
representatives Id the city last Monday.
Mr. W. T. Cowan, of Due West, was in the
city Monday shading bands with his many
Hon. W. D. Mann, of the "Nation," wus
among the welcome visitors to our city last
M ohdy.
W ?
)0 pieces of 40-incli I
> to 40c for 25c.
ch Homespun at 5c.
ts from 50c to $2.50.
3s 50c to $6.
Ladies Unioi
? cts. a Suit
tin Gilt of Bat
from 50c. up
mod We carry tb
P. i? the_county
3 of (Jaif Sinn .tsoots j
;tle Ax?, Bay State, B
the best brands you C?
Messrs. J. U. Ward law, J. L. Kennedy and
T. J. Brttt, were among the representatives of
Belle View, In our city Saleday.
The valley town, (Moaat Carmel) was up In
full force. Amoni those we met were:
Messrs. Jobn \V. Morrab, T. G. Baker and
John R Tarrant.
Link was represented by Messrs. Sutherland,
Tom Andrews and Jobn McCraoken.
Dr. George Neel, of Greenwood, was in tbe
city last Monday on professional business.
Mr. H. D. Reese left last week for a badness
trip through Southwestern, Georgia.
Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Edwards spent last Monday
In tbe city with bonuefolks.
Miss Lizzie and Miss Willie Abies, two
urettv vouni? ladles from Lone Cane town
ship, were shopping in the city last Monday,
and brought with them a magnificent bouquet
of lovely flowers for their friend, Miss Mary
Hemphill. Such flowers would adorn and
make beautllul any city garden.
Dr. Daniel will be absent next Sunday conducting
the dedication services of Malem
Cbarcb. His brother, Rev. W. W. Daniel, of
Columbia, will conduct services in bis stead
In the Methodist Church.
Mrs. Hosser, who has been quite sick for the
past week, Is up again and at her place oi
Mr. Tom Cosby, who has been very 111 In
the city ol Greenville, Is muob better at this
Tbe many friends of Mr. and Mrs. W. D.
Barksdale, of this city, sympathize with them
In the severe trial through which they are
now passing, tbe extreme illness of their little
(laughter of three years and sincerely hope
she will be spared to ihem.
Mr. W. P. Ferguson is Improving under the
electric treatment of Dr. L. T. Hill.
The Speed Drug Company have a beautiful
line of Cbrlsmas goods, h look at them will
convince you they are the firm to sell yon
anything in this line.
W. T. Branch hasJUBt received a present of
n splendid 10 pound cheese from his cousin in
Vermont. It is all cheese.
Tbe Speed Drug Company have just received
a lot of beautiful show cases 'which are Ailed
with fancy toilet articles and holiday
r*onfatn Whltn haa hlu "t.hrfift" lnrca stores
titled to overflowing with every conceivable
kind of merchandise which he is selling at
the right prices, as is evidenced by the crowds
of people that throng bis stores every day
carrying off wagon loads of goods. Bee bis
new advertisement in this iRsne. He is offering
bargains in many lines. In their clothing
department you will find a full line of
Htrouse & Brother's High Art clothing, also
celebrated "Vital" brand the best "tailored
clothing Id tb?i world."
In addition to the large stock ol general
merchandise kept by this old reliable
firm, they have added tbia season an Immense
stock of "Christmas toys" ?o please the
little folks. Give them a call when In the
city, and polite and attentive clerk6 will
show you through their stock and save you
L. W. White's Locals.
Our clothing trade goes briRkiy on, notwithstanding
the mild weatber. Come and Beoure
your suit and overcoat so that you will be prepared
lor Winter when ltdoescome.
Wbeu In need of good shoes be 6ure to buy
those made by Hamilton Brown Company.
Sold only In Abbeville by L. W. White.
Go to L. W. White's store and provide yourself
with suits of underwear. They will pre
serve yonr health and keep you warm and;
comfortable during ibe coming Winter.
Tbe second Installment of men's and boys'
hats and caps bas Just arrived at tbe store of
L. W. White. If you want a stylish bat or a
comfortable cap, Ibis Is tbe place to And It.
Remember that you can always find at L.
W. White's clothing store tbe very best assortment
of shirts and collars, neck wear and
handkerchiefs. '
We have more window
shades and curtain poles than
we know what to do with.
Come down and get what you
want. McDill & Lyon.
When you go home and your neighbor tells
you what the Speed Drug Co., dldjfor him,
you may be sorry you did not look tbem up
for books, slates, crayon, glass or anything in
the drug line.
Pretty jardinlers cheep at Morse's for the
balance of the Benson.
it ??
H !
; t
figured We hav0
$7 to $8. "W
line of Fine (
worth $2 to
: y
2 Suits 50 ct&
. . . . '':./ 5
)y Cloaks am
e' * '' 'J J-\ $ .
. )> ^ '
' *e>e*ev,?,vwervw*BV,c'*v.*V**wve**Te*eTW* w**
O ToWvAa* Si-nolr of nil
t? juuigutju k; uyyu.: v*
and can suit flill in pi
ust arrived ai! $S. (
edoocfe, Hopkinsville i
un biiy. , ,
* 7r?- :
*' . ..
The Best Place Jn Texas?Good Coaa*
try for s fl?n wlftt ' ikmwimj mnJ
Clebnrne, Texas, Oct. 81,1900.
Dear Mr. Editor:
I bave been very busy for the last lew days,
and 1 am afraid this letter will arrive loo late
for your next lusae.
As I told you1,1 arrived In Meridian a very
tired man, bat Bob and my sisterln-law
made It exceeedlngly pleasant during my
short stay of twelve days. I devoted most of
my lime 10 Quoting pecuu-iaueu iojt uquirrom,
catching channel cats In the Bosque, which Is
famous for Its channel cats,?and gathering
pecans. The crop of, pecane this year Is simply
out of sight and the flavor Is exquisite.
The result of this program Is a train of one
pound per day, and I feel now like a school
boy home on bis vacation, as full of life as
Ben Tillman Is of demagoguery.
About twelve or fifteen years aeo there was
a large gathering of bloated bondholders and
capitalists from the East looking Into the capabilities
of the West and Southwest. A
keen, shrewd unscrupulous, capitalist, Jay
Gould by name, rose in the meeting remarking:
"I learn from a friend that Mr Thomas Davis,
who is authority upon Texas, is present
If so, will Mr. Hill stand up. If agreeable to
Mr. Bill I would like to ask him a few questions
in regard to the Lone Star State."
An old gentleman rose to his feet 'remark*
"Mr. Gould, I am'the man and, will take
pleasure in giving you any information in
my power In regard to the Lone Star-State."
"Mr. Davis, bow long have you resided in
Texas?" .
"Forty years,, air."
"Mr. Davis, In yonr Judgment what county
or ?ection has the best water and the moBt of
it?" ?
Booque county, sir."
"What county Is best adapted to the raising
of vegetables, poultry, hogs and fruits?"
"Bopque county, sir."
'What county, Mr. Davis, do yon think
sheep, &a?''
'Boeque county, sir." 1
"What oounty do yon think the healthiest ?"
"Bosqne county, sir."
It may Bbund strange that a county In the
so called dry State of Texas should grow such
a LumerouB variety oMblnge needed by the
human family, but I find upon a close ancl
patient Investigation of the claims of Mr.
Davis for his favorite county, of Bosque,
which Is the Identical opinion now of Bob, Is
not far wide of the mark. Bosque county,
central Texas, is, in my Judgment, for the
farmer, planter and cattle man combined, as
near a paradise as Texas can afford. The
county has six towns, each large enough to
sustain its own newBoaper, and one town
with two?Meridian. The Bosque Valley running
nearly east and west Is fifty-two miles
long, and from one to five miles wide, and the
crops on It this year are simply immense and
overwhelming. As an Illustration I will give
you the result of one interview out of a 6core
that I had with farmers In this beautiful and
magnificent Bosque valley.
Mr. B. bad 180 acres In cultivation?GOO acre
farm. Four horses did the work. Yield:
80 bales cotton 9 2 GOO
2000 bushels cottonseed 600
1600 bu6hels corn K00
Beef and cattle increase COO
QrosB earnings ?8 1 600
2 hands G months at 312 30... 150
Picking cotton 4t><>
Gathering corn 32
Extra hoeing ?0 ?
Profit ?. S 3 m
This Is a fair per cent, on an eight thousand
dollar farm. It Is true the seasons have been
the best for twenty years, yet the crop suffered
both on account ot too much rain atone time
and not sufficient later on during the growing
season. This Is a fine showing for 19C
acres of land: a magninceni snowing compared
wlib crops grown in the Gulf and Atlantic
Slates east of the Mississippi. Mr. B'e
balance sheet would have shown up some
seven or eluht hundred dollars better bad he
planted wheat, but this crop be neglected
laHt fall.
Land in this beautiful valley Is out of sight,
These Itaw-Hlders know a good thing when
they see it, and I advise no one without at
least five thousand dollars in capital to come
out here. This Is a mighty good country foi
a poor and lazy man to stay out of.
J. Y. Jones.
Pictures of every description in all colon
anrt rugs to beat the band. J. L). Kerr.
If You Want?Dress Goods, Silks or Milll
nery go to Had don's.
A lot of copv-rtght Novels Just received t
DuPre's Book StoreThe
best line of Stationery ever brought t<
Abbeville, at DuPre's Book Store.
' . P ".'v* \ '
~.t; ?v . ;', r,
about 150 Men's Suits
re are closing out at $'
Clothing we are selling
$5 a suit more.
' ;? V- -V
m^mmtmrnrnmrnm ?
toes ^ , ".
rice} M "1
and m J. .
. . >
Happening* ?nd Incidents of a Week
i Arbnod (he City.
Abbeville, 8. C., Nov. 0,1900.
Miss Mary Loo Smith and Master W. Joel
Smith returned Friday from 4 pleasant week'a
stay la Colombia. While tbere they were the
gneots of Mr and Mrs. J. D. Aiken.
Mr. and Mi*. Wade 8. Cotbran aud children
have beeo spending the past ten days with
friends and relatives In Edgefield.
Mrs. Elizabeth Blake has gone to Greenwood
for a month's stay with relatives In that
Mr. Robert Jones spent several days In Colombia
last week. While there he met many
of his friends who are stndents at various lnstltntlons
lu the State. , , ,
Miss Mae MoLauglln has retarned to Abbeville,
after an extended absence. Miss MeLaughlln
has been the goest of Mends, in,
King's Mountain, where she lived before qom*
ins here. , j
Mrs. W. A. Templeton spent several days
last week with her mother, Mrs. T. A. Cater,
In Monterey. 1 \ ';. >J j
Mjr. M. P. DeBruhl spent lASt week in Columbia,
the guest of his sister, Mrs. Susie
Mrs. J. Fuller Lyon la'home again after
spending the snmmer with friends In Hen-!
dersonviiie, N. 0.
Mrs. James CHnksoales, of Monterey, was
lh the city Friday on business. ' <
( * ' i :'^?r
The Ohanoel Gall of the Episcopal -oburob
will give, a obrysantbemano show and am
n??iRr sunrwr Prldav nlcrht. November 9th.
3900. There will be a Beautiful display qf
dowers and a premium for tbe best collection;
Mr. C. W. Kendall baa returned after spending
several days last week with relatives In
Colombia. I
Mr. Jobn R. Blake was In Columbia several
days last week on business. '
Mrs!Ed Calhoun has stone to Selma, Ala,
to be with her sod, Mr. Charley Calhoun, who
was seriously Injured several weeks ago. Mr.
Cnlhoun Is In a hospital and It Is feared that
It will be some time before he will be able to
be ont again.
All as Morrlett Martin, an attractive young
lady of Newberry, is in the oity visiting lier
sister, Mrs. T. W. Sloan. /;
Mrs. J. S. Cothran has returned to ber home
in Greenville, after several week's 'stay with
r0l ati v6s.
Monday was Balesday and a large crowd was
in town.
The marriage of Miss Rebecca Seal and Mr.
Claude S. Jones was solemnized at the home
of the bride, Thursday morning, November
1, 1900, Dr. J. Lowrle Wllnon officiating. The
ceremony wan witnessed by a few Intimate
friends. Mr. and Mrs. Jones left immediately
for Atlanta, where they will spend about two
weeks. Mrs. Jones has always lived in Abbeville
and is a young lady of rare qualities.
Mr. JoDes has made this bis home for the past
five years and has many friends here. Mr.
and Mrs. Jones have the best wishes of their
Mr. Lewis Blount. Sr., has been borne for a
short stay with bis family. Mr. Blount has a
good position In Selma, Ala..
Miss Mabel Jones, or Georgia, was In tbe
city last week to attend tbe Seal-Jones marriage.
Miss .Tones Is a charming young lady
wbobas a number of friends here who are
always glad to have her visit our olty.
MlssFlorlde and Miss Willie Calhoun returned
Friday from Columbia, where they
were the guests of Miss Isabel Robertson.
The Misses Calhoun were the only young
ladles from Abbeville at tbe State Ball.
1 Hon. Mayes Cleveland, Masters Norwood
and Mayes Cleveland, of Greenville, were in
the city last week.
Mr. R. C. Brown lee, of Due West, was In
i town Monday on business.
Messrs. Auir. W. Smith, Sam McG. Benet,
I William M. Barn well and J. Perrln Quarles
were among tbe Abbeville men who attended
the State Ball.
i Mr. William Steltz has returned to his home
i In New Orleansalterspendlngsometlme with
i bis family.
Mr. Will J. Johnpon, of Due West, was In
town Monday on business.
Mr. fl. D.Reese has continued his travels
after a short stay with his family.
, Miss Jennie Harper returned Tuesday to
i her home In Lowndesvllle, after spending
some time here, the guest of Mrs. J. R. Blake.
Mrs. John Cothran left last Thursday for
Clinton, after a pleasant stay here.
Miss Essie Douglass has gone to Livingston,
Orangeburg County, where she will have
charge of a large school. Miss Douglass is a
i graduate of the Abbeville Graded School, and
Converse College, and Is fully competent to
. till any position.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E Burton, of Florida, have
moved to Abbeville, and have rooms at Mrs.
Blake's. Mr. Burton has taken Mr. Turnbull's
place with the Seaboard Air Line.
> Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Watson, of Lebanon,
were in town Monday, shopping.
?^ ?^W i^, ?^,
r'^ *r^*^**r**r
that are worth. g0cki
5. Also ha ve a , "M
at $6.40 to $9 liney
We have & line of
style at 50c
25 dozen Street H
Just got in a new !
If you want a prel
before buyiuj
JJr W t5V "r W W T?*<
m I.
? ? Ml
-' ' jys
' i'??V
, r. ,i ' :
' *.; .. / ' . '
!i ) . /
Mr. HartBaskln.-of Lowndesvile, was the
guest ol Captain J. Q. Edwards Monday.
Dr. and Mrs. S. O. Thomson hate a beautl
ful collection of ohrysanthemune. They arc
larger aDd handsomer than they have been Is
several seasons. Their friends have been lb'
vlted to go and see them.
Mtss Mary Lore, of Chester, ank Miss Bessie
Sundller, of Rook Hill, attended tbe Roper
Baodtfer marriage last Wednesday. Both
young ladles were tbe guests of Mrs. C. D
Mr. R. Lawton Dargan spent Sunday In tb<
dty. j \
. I
Mr. and Mrs. W. a. Turnbnll. bate gone to
Portsmouth, where' tbey Will make their
home In tb?fnture. Mrs. and Mrs. Turnbull
have many friends here wbo regret to see
tbem leave.*
Mrs. h. W. Perrl'n has returned Irom York
vllle, wbere she has been on a two week's
visit to ber mother, Mrs. Robert MoCaw.
Mrs. Mary Parker and Mr. Edwin Parker,
spent Sunday In the city, the guest* of Hon'William
Jl. Parker. '
Ulw AnnieCllnkscalea, of Lowndesvllle, la
thw charming guest of her friend, Miss Mary
L. Robertson. . ? .....
Tbe friends of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Barks*
dale, will regret to learn of tbe serloos Illness
of tbelr little daughter, Elizabeth.
Tbe meeting of tbe County teachers was held
Saturday on ^ccount of the weather.
The meeting that has been In progress in
tbe Baptist Cbnrch closed Sunday nlght? Dr.
a s.1 Gardner, of Greenville, conducted tbe
servloee. Dr. Gardner la an earnest speaker,
and la a thoroughly oonaecraied man. All
tbe meetings were well attended.
Mr. 8. Philip Verner, Missionary to Africa,
from tbe Southern Presbyterian Cbnrob, was
In town Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Verner
returned to the united States on ncconnt of
hta health. White In tbe city he was tbe
gnest of Mr. John R. Blake.
Miss Raobel Ra? n, of .Greenwood, 1? here
oil a visit to her l phew, Mr. W. D. Barksdale.
The Convention will convene at tbe Hall
Thursday night, November 9tb. and all tbe
"Old Bacbalors and Widowers" are respectfully
and especially Invited to be present, as
business of great well-fare will be tbelr transacted.
Tbe Lilliputian Wedding will also be
another attraction of Interest.
Mlsa Hattle McColium leavea Wednesday
for Summerton, Clarendon Coanty, where
She will attend the double.marriage of ber
Mrs. Carrie Morse left laat week for Branswick.
Ga? where she goes to spend somp time
with her dnngbter, Mrs. Way.
Mra. J. K. Durat. of Greenwood. Is here
with her daughter, Mrs. W. D. Barfesdale.
Miss Nettle Jones, of Jonesvllle, and Miss
wattle uanieis,-ei i^aoretis, uavo rtnurueu iu
their homes, after spending some time here
with Miss Bessie and Miss Alma Daniel. '
Graud Concert In Promised for Pecember
1, 1900.
Valentine Abt, of New York City, will give
a revival In Due West Female College, December
I, 1900.
Boston Prees extracts? Unquestionably the
greatest lining Mandollnlst In America 11
not In the world.
Lis Angeles?"Teohnlcal dlfaculties vanished
before bis skill like mists before the morning
sun." Western Graphic.
Indianapolis?The Orchestra, like volomns
of bis Instrument, when Inaccompanled
evoked admiration and surprise.
a. Faust Fantasia Gounod
b. Crad'e Song Hauser
(Duo for one mandolin.)
c. Perpetuum Mobile Ries
d. Fifth Air Varle Dancla
o Mfln/anllln Rob VII
f. Andante, concerto Mendelssohn
8. Annie Laurie, Var
b. Fantasia Abt
b. Serenade BadIno Gabriel-Marie
o. Slumber On, (lullaby) Abt
d. Valse Op, 64, No. 1 Chopin
e. Sounds from Churcb Abt.
| (In quartette form for one mandolin)
f. Caprice Paganlnl
} K. ValRe Brllllante Abt.
Tickets 25 cents on sale at Mr. K. C. Beinau'B
Jfwelery Store.
Miss Nelle Stack, Elocution teacher In the
College will give a number on the program.
Miss Stack Is too well known to need further
n ?'
' n BB
1 , ~^s"*v*
^e have just got in 50 d
a at. &FiC>. Thfiv ar? hea
[en's Ties?We can si
ou have ever seen in Ab'
5 pieces of the 12 1-2
lg at 10c.
. v * - i 1 . A;
y, . , | y
rT97 W'ttV W W W W
Street Hats that will si
to $2.50.
iats, silkband, 50c.
lot-of fine breast and fea
:ty, stylish Hat call ii
y f1'1 '
. ... .i.
nr< W W W W WVW
?&? . .,
'$m - -:;-'v w^m^]
aafetf ? ; .; 'Y-7 *' ;::V';-i. ' v., '
/ . .' "' ' * i
>' !. .., ' ' ? "
? Abbeville-Greenwood
I 111'*;
, r .
:' ) : .
YI7RITE TO OR CALL on the'UDderslgned
i" or to the Director >of your Township
for any Information, yon may detire about <
onr plan of Insurance.
We insure your property against deatrnc
tlon by " '
and do so cheaper than any Insurance Com
pany In ezlstenoe.
Remember we are prepared to prove to yon
that ours Is the safeat and cheapest plan ol
Insurance known.
J. B. BLASE, Jr., Agent,
Abbeville, S. C.
Abbeville, S. G.
WYE. Leslie.....~ .^..Abbeville Tdwnshlp
8. M. Benjamin............Greenwood "
J. Add. Calboun......~..*Nlnety-81x "
< W. B. Acker ....Donalds "
;M. B. Cllnkseales _...Dne West "
Dr. J. A. Anderson.Diamond Hill "
H. A. Tennent.........Lownde8vllIe "
j. D. Coleman Coronaca "
J. W. Lyon.. Troy "
J. R. Tarrarft Calhoun Mills "
T. L. Haddon Long Cane "
Joseph Lake Phoenix 41
J. H. Chiles, Jr Bradley "
P. B. Calllson Calllson "
K. W. TownRend KInards "
! A. K. Watson Cedar Spring "
, A.O.Grant Magnolia "
H.O. Harvey Walnut Grove "
W. A. Nlcfcles. Hodges "
>J. W. Soott....; Verdery "
J.T. Mabry - Cokeebury "
8. F. Cromer .Hmllbville "
O. N. McKlnney Bordeaux "
P. B. Calllson and Joseph Lake, YeldelJ
P. B. Calllson, J. Add. Calhoun and Joseph
Lake, Klrkseys Township.
J. Add. Calhoun, Joseph Latte and R. W
Townsend, Fellowship Township.
1 J. Add. Calhoun, Joseph Lake and R. W
Townsend, Brooks Township.
J. W. Lyon and A. K. Watson, Indian Hill
a n? a n ton 17 iflnn
Stockholders Meeting.
The amnual meeting of the
Stockholders of Abbeville Cotton Mills will
be held at the Court House ou
Thursday, November
15th, 1900,
at .*> o'clock p. m.
, Oct. 7, 11XW. tf |
Machinery O. K. at Abbeville Laundry, ane.
we want your work.
io^wn Men's Fancy *~'m
utieS* oee them. . > J|
i/vrrr -r^Ul tH? finest
beville, a?5 and 50c.
Trinrl Light Color ^HQj
" i *. * \
. *.v ' AVA -VV .iTt AV>Wb
v>\ {/t' \s, v>-y
lit you in price and.. i|M
there from $1 to $3. 1 ]
l and-see our line %% j
. . >> :. rwfflgSm
w w w ffc^i
' ' m
OtidtDHd Sohedole tn Mm( ''r
May 6th, 1900. , . gag
Lv. Charleston 11 00 p m 7 00 d M V-V-Vr
'* Bummerrillo. 12 00 n't 7 41 a za >.s. J!
" Branchvill?. 165am 8 B m
44 ^ ? 9 Rn a . Trt 0 vft A M mk
VIOiiKUUOi * ? wm-m4 ?
" Klngvllle 4 80 a g ^
r,y, R?g?TiTi?>i 1206 am
" Barnwell 'Hk
" Blackville.-. , 4 IS a m
Lt. Columbia 7 00 a m 11 06 a m
" Prosperity 8 14am 1210 11
" Newoeriy....,, 880am 12 25pm
- Ninety-Six-.. : 980am 120pm
" Greenwood. 960am 1 66 p m
ir 10 16 am 216pm
Lt.k\Stii. -TUTUTRpm ;;;
lr.'Belton.... U 16 a m >10 p a V
Lt. Anderson 10 46 a m 2 86 p m h
At, Or eenviUa. 12 20 p m 4 16 pa
j^Atlanta.(Qen.Tlme) m ftOQ p j|,v.
BTATiosa -CT, ;>3
^ asSf;:::::::::: !8SS-88:&|J
" 6 22 pm lOftaq^BStegM
Ar. Axideraon........TTT 7 16 p m 11 40
|rgI m la 26 WAB
Lt. Hodg??.............. 7 86 p m 11 66 a a
At. Greenwood 76ftpml2 20pm /JH
- Nlnety-Sl* 8 & V m *2 & * m 'JH
- Newberry 980pm 200pm
? Prosper!^ Bfipm 2 14 p.a
*> Oolnmbla?... 1180pm 8 W p m .|S
" Barnwell. - ? 20 a'? '.'*^9
" gavaanak.-^'. 6 16 a a V,< jjl
Lt Tringvilla. ~ 2 89 a m 4 43 p a;; jB
" Orangeburg 845am.68Spia^
" Branchvill# 4 25 am llSpSSLj^
" StunmarvUlftM 6 62am 7 28 pa j
At. Charleston 7 w a mi ??pa M
fettjjg stations, laal
11 OOp 7 00aLv..Charleaton..Ar 8 15p 7W?. .
lflOOn 7 41a 'Summerville " 7 28 p 5 68a '
1 66 a 8 55 a " .Branchville. " 8 15 p 4 26 a -ff|
9 60 a 6 28a " Orangeburg " 6 88p 8 41 a
4 00 a 10 16 a " . Kingville.. " 4 43p 8 83a B
12 06 ft 7. Lt..Savannah. .A? TToa X;
4 00a. * ..Barnwell" .. 8 20 a
4 16 a " ~Blackville? " 8 0| a ' M
$ SO a, 11 40a " ? Columbia - " S 90 p 9 Mp M
9 07 a 12 20p " ....Alitoru.. " 2 80 p8?*v?
10 04 a 1 23 p " ... San too... " 1 28 p 7 49*
lfl20a 2 OOp " Union?44 12 4flp 7 Up
ft 89 a 2 22 p " ..Jonesrille.. " U 26 p # Up
R 64 a4 2 87p " ^Paooltt.... " 18 Up i tip . |H
11 ?a 8 lOp Ar Spartanburg Lt 11 <6 a 8
"P' p. m. "A." a. m.
doublb Daily shbvio# botwok
Pullman palac? keeping care on Trains 89ud flfl
M. 87 and 88. on A. and C. dlviaten.
an then# trains servo all meals anrottw. (Hi
Trains leave Spartanburg, A. <S? Q dlvtaton, '
normDOHBu, i -y? ? ?? . ? ?? y ?*.i v.*u *? ?h bj
{Vestibule limited); southbound 12188 a. m.,<
8:15 p. m., 11 :B4 a. m., (Vestibule Limited.) KB
1 rains leave Greenville, A. and 0. ditfsiw, BS
northbound, ti iM a. in., 2 p. m. and 5:28 9, fla, W
(Vestibuled Limited) southbound, 1:80 ft. i,
4:80 p. m., 12:30 p. in. (Veatibuled Limited) H
Trains 13 and 14?Elegant Pullman Parlor .VB
oars between Charleston and Aihevllla will to jC^M
inaugurated about June 1st.
TrulriH 15 and Id?Pullman Sleeping: cars totvreou
Charleston and Columbia; ready lor 00- .^Bj
oupaucy at both points at 9.30 p.m. MB
Elegant Pullman Drawing-Room Sleeping
cars between 8avannah and AshevUle anroate
daily between Jacksonville and OinoianatL IB
Third V-P. & Qfn. Mgr.. Traf. Mjutanr, flH
Washington, D. C. WaahingtoiL p. Q. gj
W. A. TURK, S. H. HARIWM5, ' M|
wen. Paa. Agent, A. Gen. Pas. Agent fl^B
VnshiprtPgrp. Q. Atlanta, (H,
/.TAILOR,.*. W
HA8 moved, and occupies the rooms
stairs in Knox's Hall, and Is now
pared to do all kinds of repairing and^i^H
>ng of gentlemen's clothes on short
Hamples ol suits always on band.
,'j HHi

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