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The Abbeville press and banner. (Abbeville, S.C.) 1869-1924, November 07, 1900, Image 4

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The Press and Banner.
4VPablisbed every Wednesday at 82 a
V year In advance.
V. Wednesday, Nov. 7, 1900.
t The Election Yeaterdny.
Yesterday reminded us ot the Sunday
Br quietude. After Hie presence of such a multi^
'tude on Bale Day, the public square seemed
R almost deserted, but tbe voting went steadily
qn. And It was all one way. But a great
|S camber of our citizens felt 60 little interest
B In the election that they failed to appear
B at tbe polls. Tbere were no doubt
B some earnest Bryan men present, but
we are Inclined to believe that numbers of
them voted against their wishes, while a
L very large per cent, voted In a half-hearted
B way, not caring whether Bryan or McKlnley
was elected.
n The masters of the Democratic party have
ruled with aa iron band, while disregarding
W'the convictions of a minority who submit,
so to speak, under protest.
ja The fact la, the people must take a more acB
live Interest In politics to avert impending
|A danger. We have a great multitude of anregistered
people, and aB long as the white
people stand as a unit there Is no danger.
But when the people divide these people who
V have refused or neglected to register may
& conclude to take a hand iu politics, and they
may to some extent bring demoralization to
the oonntry.
If the men who are responsible for the
EH principles and platform of the party would
avert danger, they should not Ignore the preIndices
and convictions of their fellows. For
S|ljMt?noe, the Insertion of the free sliver
^TSITk wtBsa an error which even Mr. Bryan
i afterward acknowledged tearlng-up the
' platform, substituting,, "paramount" Issue
of imperialism. Mr* \Bryan required the
r National Democratic ^"^nvention to put the
free sliver plank In lll?ipiatform, and then,
without consulting any ?"ly. be changed the
' platform. Without J^JjPbange be stood no
' chance of electlo
countrv hArl raDnrll. I
!aat Idea, at^e bame on tbat line was
leQfl/mocraticConvention bad adopted
fprm somewhat similar to the platform
C Mr. Bryan later announced, the vote
ijlay wonld have been more in accor>
with tbe wishes of the people of tbe
ire can be no doubt that tbe aotlon of tbe
bltoans towards tbe Porto Rloans would
Appealed to tbe good sense of tbe peoklr.
Bryan had gone before tbe people on
ifagle question of Imperialism, bis vote
d have been lnoreased. ?
. Bryan should not have been bandied
by lagging after bipi the dead issues
the repudiated platform of 1896.
tb Imperialism and tbe Porto ElcauB as
iblboletb be would bav^tQoelved many
i wblob be failed t!o get yesterday..Bryan
has made a splendid fight, and
111 oommand tbe admiration of tbe peo.
or so gallant a fight under tbe most diskDtageous
circumstances. Nobody oould
i done better, handicapped aB be was,
an unwlee and Impolitic platform?a
form which Indeed run Oounter to a targe
wnt. of tbe rank and file-of the pafly at
se bead be bad been placed. Tbe first
lrement Is to be strong with one's own
M party, and then seek oonverts from the
enemy's ranks.
The Census?Representation In ConK;.
The total population of the United States,
B iwb, is 78,295,220. In 1890 It was 68,069,786-an
Increase of 18,-225,464. In 1890 Soutb Carolina's
^pjpopntetlon was 1.151,149. In 1900 It 1b 1,810,312
?an Increase of 189,163.
HL This increase wouid seem to mean tbe pos
slbllltyof an additional member in Congress
from this State. At present tbe basis of reK
presentation is 171,000 of population.
mm Bat U is probable that tbe basis will be
B raised toaay, 200,000.
It Is not, bowever, imposlble that Congress
may take Into consideration a re-apportion^^ynent
of representatives based upon tbe acvote
for Congressmen. Tbls latter move
^^^Luldmean tbe reduotlon of repreBentatlon
Kt^Vom tbe Soutb. Tbis because of tbe working
KgB tb? registration laws.
ES^brewspapers of tbls State bave been urglDg
Bg^Rers to go to tbe polls to prevent tbe posslol
too great a reduction of our repre9HBntatlon
in case a re-apportionment should
^Bike p'ace.
pWlt Is well that tbe Soutb should bave its
Bhst and proper power In both halls of ConHvgressos
well as In the National Nominating
H Convections, bnt there mast be a large per
cent, of the Southern people who are now
H not truly represented in either place.
Any idea that tbe coinage ol silver at tbe
ratte of 16 to 1 represents the business inter-1
^Aestaand tbe Intelligence of tbe South 1b falla^ clotlh.
Opposition to tbe Paris tready of peace does
OHot reDreSent ? lara? nar ??m o?
1. .OT.VV rv* vvat, V* IUC ouuiueru
osltlon to tbe Nlcarauga canal is conto
the best interests of tbe South.
loyalty to tbe government In the proseq
of tbe suppression of tbe Insurrection
te Philippines does not indicate the
ments of many Southern citizens.
8, therefore, but reasonable to suppose
those who are misrepresented in tbe
issues are not greatly exercised at tbe
tened reduction of southern representaa
matter of Justice and eqnlty tbe South
bas a greater representation than tbe forjlave
States are properly entitled.
9 Greenville News sees great evils in
by capitalist, but we did not notice that
d much to say about labor trusts. Tbe
e In tbe ooal' mines caused a rise In tbe
i of ooal. The higher price of coal Is a
us matter for many laboring people in
le cities. Tbe laboring man wbo is foroi
pay a dollar more for coal 1b as effectualibbed
by the strikers, as he would be by
crease of tbe price of kerosene.
e news is generally fair and forceful in Its
ranoes, and thinking that paper overed
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We learn from tbe newspapers that many
delegates met In Columbia last week, and bad
some hard things to say of the Cotton Seed t
trust. And no doubt all that they said was
true. 2be only difference of opinion that
oould exist lies In the tbe manner of defend- 1
log tbe farmers from robbery in the sale of j
their Cotton Seed. Tbe convention seemed
to adopt tbe "resolution" plan, which has so 2
often failed. *
On tbe priuciple of fighting the devil with <
Are, the Press acid Banner would suggest that '
they organize an oil mill In the difierent Court 1
House towDs so that tbey may make money
as easily as do tbe trusts. If there is from 86
to 810 a ton profit In crushing seed, then tbe
fanners can well afford to build a mill.
If the more able farmers and tbe -glnners
hereabout would organize a company to
build a new oil mill they would be lndepen*
dent of trusts that squeeze tbe life out of tbe ]
producer. Believing that there Is a profit in f
oil ibillB the Preis and Bannor will take stock '
in a new one which may be orgatWzed on
practical business lines. TbiBls a practical 1
way of saving to tbe farmer ever? cent of profit
that may be In bis ooiton'seed.
Abbeville needs no more ginneries, and
none should be built here if the glnners in the
neighborhood will oo-operate In . hoping
to establish an industrial or manafaoUiijiig
enterprise which will give every cant of profit J
in the ootton seed to tbe farmer.
Resolutions will have little or no other t
effect than that of letting off a little surplus j
gas. Those who mean business and want to t
get from their own seed, and are willing to 6
give to others, tbe full value ol their seed
should subscribe stock to a new mill wbloh
they can have and hold as their own.
/ J | Mi j
Fresh Prunes Just received at A. S. J.
Crookery and glassware in stock and to ar
rive. Call and see it before buying. L.T. & '
T. M. Miller. 1
* X Vt
J ..We mail our papery
* Wednesday morning, and i
* but little election news. | ,
* In case Bryan is'elect*
* will issue an extra and ser
% first mail. If McKinley is
* that our friends can wait 1
jJ; .
* hear the news.
* '
??_____ ,
/ i
Bryan Leads the State Ticket by a j
Few Votes?A Little Over- Half <j
Vote?No Negroes Voted. , g
The election passed off very quietly yester- a
day, only about a half vote being polled. The 0
weather wrb a perfect November day?as
pleasant as possible. Some of the citizens of
the town and many from the country failed B
to vote. The vot9 at Abbeville was as follows:
Democrat 313
Republican 3 ^
Merrick .... 2 *
Latimer 302 i .
Article 1. Yes 2M i
No 40 I
Article 8. Yes.: 238 1
No.... 28 t
State, County tlokets. 807 t
Only one negro proposed to vote. When 1
called upon for bis registration he went off
for It and forgot to come back. 1
There was some Interest in hearing the
news of the National election from other
States, and money whs made np to pay for
special reports. The Court House was opened t
last night, and those who felt sufficient inter- i
est In bearing the news went there. t
No disturbance of any kind occurred dur- i
Ing the day, and everything passed off pleas- s
antly. A majority or our people expect to do i
business at their old stands In the future, as (
In the past, without relerenceto tbePreslden- t
tial election. 1
a [ M t
- -
Tbe Pastor of tbe A. R. P. Church at
Leslie, 8. C., Falls to Encouraire a
Call to a Northern Presbyteralo
Church in Washington, D, V.
News and Courier.
It is learned that the Rev. Oliver Johnson, ,
pastor of the Associate Reformed Presbyte- ,
rlan Churcb, at Leslie, 8. C., was recently approached
on the subject of hl8 willingness to
accept tbe pastorate of one of tbe Washington
churches connected with the Northern
General Assembly. Tbe cburcb wblcb contemplated
making tbe call Is In a new and
rapidly Improving residence portion of the
city, affording a field altogether desirable for 1
church work. Mr. Johnson, however, did I
not entertain or encourage the suggestion of ,
such a call, not caring to give up bis church
connection with the Seceders of the South. ,
Mr. Johnson has several times preached in *
Washington and his hearers were captivated ^
by the force and simplicity of his manner.
He is evidently a man of scholarship and
broad mental grasp. The Psalm-slnging Presbyterians,
the body to which he belongs, have
no orgaulzed church In Washington.
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People from all Secllonn.
Last Monday the Public Square was ?1 lied
with people, vehicles and animals from all
iPctlODH of the county. There were few publio
baleR.tbougli t he stores did a good bu6lnes*.
The Probate Judge sold the real estate of
Mrs. Caroline J. Rogers In Mount Carmel,
aonBe and lot for 8840.
The real estate of Dr. James T. Baskln was
livided or sold by private arrangement
iinong the legatees, Dr J* B. Moseley acting
n the interest of all the parlies.
mm m 'I
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Abbeville Is to Have a Place in which
to Store Yoor Cotton. >
The ware bouse will probably be built on
beCabie lotbelow Dr. Killings worth's. $1000
s said to be the price for a fraollon less than
in acre, beltog a corner lot, facing, on two
itreets. The railroad will balld a aide traofc.
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54, the Press and Banner * '
id to every subscriber by J
elected we feel quite sure * v;
jritil neit Wednesday to
" I
' ^ |
Thirty thousand people at the recent State
'air in Colhmbla are charged with paying
10,000 worth of liquor; or on an average 83%.
ents for ^aoh visitor, leas the usual amount
bid to Columbians for a week. The News
nd Courier. Is surprised that: the average
ltlzen can. make way with tbiriy cents
porth or liquor in a week without making a
pectacle of himself. . ?>,
Willington School District.,
IV lUtJ nuuurnuit) uvnru vi ?iMuvn?.v?*?
for the County of Abbeville. '
We. the underplgned qualified voters residue
within the limitsot a certain district ia
bis oounty, a platof whlcb district is hereinto
annexed, would respectfully petition
rour board to form a new school district com>oslng
the above mentioned territory.
We, the undersigned agree that if the couny
boards grant the above mentioned district
hat the school for the new district be located
p old.Wllllnglon woOda. . , ' i
Beginning at Little River cornering on a
nrcb tree and junnlng along with the Maylard
line to the Abbeville road and thence
tlong the road to WllllngtOn station, cornerng
at a point on road between Bam McBrldes
tnd John Palmer's, thence a straight line .
unnliig south of New Wlllington church and ,
ieo. Hemmlnger's to the road and thence
ilong the road to Archie Andrews and from
here to a corner west of Mre. Porcber's garleu.
thence to a point on Savannah river In
he Cherry Hill plantation about three hnnIred
yards above Albert Glbert's plantation.
J. T. Black, W. G. Glbert.
J. ii. Porter, P. A. Tennent.
L. L. LeRoy, Wm. Tennent.
S. T. LeRoy, I. L. Porter.
8. S. McBrlde, T. A. Andrews.
J. A. LeRoy, J. B. Drlnkard.
I. L. LeRoy. Ham Lumpkin.
Albert Glbert, A. B. Andrews.
G. W. Cade, W. M. Andrews.
All who are opposed to the establishment of
.he new school district will take notice that
he matter will be decided at my afflce, Nov.
Otb, 1!H)0.
J. S. UIBEivx,
County Superintendent of Education.
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The State of South Carolina/'
Probate Court.?Citation for Letters'of Administration.
By R. E. HiLjy,EsQ., Judge OF Pbobatk^
T17'HEREA$i E. E. Brace ban m id e suit, to \
'? me, to grant him Letters 6f Administration
of the. Estate and effects of C. E.
Brace, late of Abbeville County, deceased.
" These are therefore, to cite and admonish
all and singular the kindred and creditors or
the sAld C. E. BRUCE, deceased, that
they be and appear before in the C<jurt
of Probate, to be held at Abbeville C. H., on
Toesday, the 13th day of' November, 1900,
after publication hereof, at 11 o'olock in
the forenoon,to show cause If any they have,
why tbe said Administration anoald not be granted.
Olven under my band and Beat of the Court, ,
this 80th day of Ootober In the year of
[L. 8.1 our Lord one thousand nine hundred
and In the 125 year of American In-'
dependence. ' ,
rUUHHUCU VI ii kuo UlOV via/ w*
1900, in the Press and Banner and on
the Court Honae door for the time required
by law. >' R. E. HILL.
Oct. 80,1600, tf Judge of Probate.
* ' , - ;
I CO-y
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he City.
Master's Sale,
'he State of South Carolina,
rancls L. Williford, Administratrix of the
Personal Estate of .Tane Gerk, deceased,
against Julia Morrison. ? Complaint for
lade in the above stated ease by the Court of
ommon Pleas, I will oiler for sale at
ublic outcry, at Abbeville C. H., S. C'., on
jlesday in DECEMBER (3), A. 1). 1900, withi
the legal hours of sale the following ue. iKasI
?a coit* AM that- (rant, or
arcel of land, situate, lylnz and being in
onalds Township, Abbeville County, State
Foresaid, containing
Eighty-Four (84) Acres,
ore or lens, and bounded by lands of Mrs. 1
illle Mattison on the south, Mrs. Emma '
umphreyson the west, Wards road on the
irthwest, by 13. L. Morrison on the east, or
i much thereof as may be sufficient to pay
e same due.
TERMS OF SALE?Cash. Purchaser to pay
r papers and stamps.
Nov. 7,1901). Master A. C. H. C. '
3ager to Sec
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No mixture about this, 60c per gallon. '
ine article.
II Packages. SJSjgsM
eded Raisins, New Citron, Shaved Cltetc.,
all fresh in stock. '
Staple Groceries, Canned Goods, Table I
r, that we have ever offered toadiscrim
7 Reliable.
Hotto.) ^
ne Groceries,
Hotel Block and Factory Hill.
Our floor oil cloth is the
prettiest in design and cheapest
in price on the market.
fl T
mcum oc r?you.
The only open kettle New Orleans syrup In
the city. Sold by L. T. <fc T. M. Miller.
Try our canned asparagus If you want
something line. L. T. a T. M. Miller.
Loaded U. M. C. Shells for sale by L.-T. &
T. M. Miller.
Mllford is up-to-date on school b xiks.
when In need of anything in that llr e call
and see him. Phone 107.
Patronize the Home Laundry as they are
turning out Hue work.
^ ii ?i

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