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The Press and Banner
E^Pabllahed every Wednesday at 83 a
ear Id advanoe.
' * *r r\ inni
Wednesday, hoy. o, iwi.
i: B?by Show.
P Tbere will be a Baby and Chrysanthemum
bow at Qlenns old store Friday, November
8tn, beglnlng at 4 o'clock and continuing till
about 11 o'clook P.M.. under the auspices of
tbe ladleo of Long Cane Cemetery Society.
I.uncb will be served during the entire time.
Five prizes will be awarded se follows: To
tbefinest baby, to ibe finest baby boy not
over three y?ars old, to the prettiest *lrl not
over three years old. To the best specimen
chrysanthemum?, to tbe best collection ol
Babies are expected to be on hand promptly
at four o'clock and will be detained only one
' hour. Admission lOcta, children 5c. Let all
come out and help a worthy cause.
Injustice to Abbeville.
Over half tbe cotton that Is grown In this
coun'y In sold at Abbeville.
PArhan* two-thirds of the mercantile and
business transactions of the county, Is consummated
at Abbeville
Over one-fourth of the entire vote of the
County Is cast at Abbeville.
Despite these fscts the crossing at DendyV
bridge Is often Impassible and trade that
Justly belongs to Abbeville must go elsewhere
Forbearance Han Censed to be a
The Intolerable and Inexcusable condition
of the public high way which has existed at
Dendy's bridge, for thirty years, has been
endured enough, and sell-respecting people
should demand that the resurvey or the roao
be made, and that a high bridge be built
across Long Cane.
To Patrons and Teachers.
The time for exchanging old school bookifor
those adopted by the State Board for thp
next five years closes on November lath. W*
bave books In the office and at Capt. J. O.
Edward*, also The Speed Drug Co., and Dr.
Mllford. The books will be exchanged and
and sold at the list price. After November
15th old books will not be taken In exchange.
J. 8. Glbert,
Oct. 9,1901. Co. Supt. of Ed.
Professional Notice.
I expect to spend several weeks In New
tnr thn nnmnHP nf tnklnr a sneclal
course In Surgery, and Diseases of Women
ftud Children.
Persons having business with me will
please call at the Speed Drug Company.
F. E. Harrison, M. D.
Bad Boys.
Bad boys must not forget their good manners.
Don't stand before pious folks during
% the parade. Bad boys can go to the circus,
bat then there sre others who can out look ai
the grand parade.
Not, 10, A. R. P. Church.
Service al the Associate Reformed Presbyterian
Church next Sabbath morning at 11
o'clock, preaching by tbe pastor. Subject:
"The Inner Light."
Tbe public is cordially Invited.
Tbe Sinfr of Lire.
The Abbeville Bakery has shut down, but
you can buy tbe best loaf bread that can be
bought, and that always fresh from
Thomson Bros. Phone 99.
COO turkeys. 1,000 chickens, and all tbe
ducks that may be offered.
r. T- ,|>a Millar Hntnl
D. XV* OCBVunui, cm iuv mhivi mv?v..
Mr. R. C Brownlek of Due West, was Id
towu Sale Day looking after business 01 various
kinds and meellDg friends. At one <
time we bad a bope thai be would make Abbeville
his borne. We know or do man to
wbom Abbeville would give a more hearts
welcome. If he ever leaves Due West ht
must come ibis way.
Mb. Howell Flournoy, of Atbeos, Ga.,
came to town yesterday evening He baH
business with the circus. Bad boys will please
not stand before bias while the parade Itpassing.
When be ban finished wltb the circus
be will set type for the Press and Banner.
Miss Gertrude Moore, a very pleasant
and obliging young lady will be round at Mr.
W. G. ( hapiuans. and will be charmed to
have her many friends give her a call, where
abe will be glad to serve them.
Miss Cora Russell has returned lo ber
home Id Greenwood, alter a weeks visit wltb
Miss Inez Scbroeder.
Mr. W. A. Lomax, or Smlthville section
was among those who were present at the
Court House last Sale Day.
Mrs. J. A. Harris and son of Gaffney. S. C..
arrived to the city Friday, and are the guest*
ol Mrs. Harris* sister, Mrs. W. A. O'Bryant.
5 shares of the Abbeville Cotton Mill (stock
for slae. Apply to Mrs. W. A. Lee, Abbeville,
8. C.
Mr. R. M. W. Hall, of Iva, was In the city
one day last week.
A Son of Abbeville Retnrim after n
Long Abneuce.
Mr. J. 8. Cotbran of Charlotte, N. C., wns
In towD Sale Day, buying prop rty. Mr.
Cotbran 1b Southern Agent for textile machinery
made at Manchester, England,
and Is doing a splendid bUHtnens, so reports
My, but be dldu't tell us about It.
i?'or sauuies, uruitues, wa^un
and buggy harness, call on
W. Joel Smith & Son.
Jndge Gary's AddrfH Will be Rend
With IolPM'Ht liy Ibc Yoonieer
Members or tbe Profession of Lhw.
Tbe Southern Law Review In discussing
the recent able address of Judge Gary before
tbe Summer Law School at Greenville, S. C.,
Tbe paper of Hon. Eugene B. Gary, one of
tbe Associate Justices of tbe Supreme Court
ol Mouth Carolina, on tbe Supreme Court of
tbe United States, will be read with Interest
by tbe younger members of tbe profession,
having 'been prepared for tbe purpose, and
having been resd before tbe Summer Law
School at Greenville, S. C.; but will lurnlsb
Instruction of tbe highest order for tbe older
members as well. Men who are capable, like
Judge Gary, of giving wise Instruction to tbe
rising generation, cannot do better than to go
back to tbe foundations of our government,
as be basdone, aud trace out tbe history of
our Institutions. Tbe more of this kind of
lnt.tH?A||/xna nt. Ko?o frnm unnh onlirnoa ihft
iunl>l UCVIUi'n no U(* ? v II VUJ omuu w<-m vv?|
better It will be for tbe country. It Is never
trite and male, but always new and refresh*
log. Great and fundamental truths cannot
be too fnquently staled or too much discusBed,
for, wnb all tbat can be said, attention Is
sot arrested and thought Is not sufficiently
aroused, and Ibere Is always danger of drifting
too far from tbe old moorings, and losing
lgbt too much of tbe old and well established
New arrivals in Ladies'
Broad Cloth, Colored Venetian
and Dress Flannels at
B. M. Haddon & Co.
? *
Brave and Courageous* Under Battle
Flags-Patriotic Under tbe Banner
of Peace.
Mb. Wm. C. Moore 1b np from McCormlrfe,
visiting relatives and Irlends. Mr. Moore
was a fa'tbful so'dler in tbe Lost Cause. He
followed tbe flag of Southern Rights until It
went down at Appomattox. At nome he Is
etlll enthusiastic for 8'>utb?>m rights, and will
nnrtnr fh? McLaurln hnnner.
xjgut. auu ?ww -----
HhiIUoo'k LoeaU.
Havg you seen tbo*e new arrival" In ladles'
clothes Id all colors and prices a* Haddon's.
A beautiful line of colored velvets for Ladies'
sblri wains at Haddon'a.
Just received a new supply of Percales and
Fiaonelettps for Misses and Children's school
dresses at Haddon'a.
Doyoowsnt a bargain in All Wool Dress
Goods In Skirt lengths, call at Haddon's.
i- . *
4% 1| I
Is now
All are :
xr _ ^ t
x ou fieiiyvt!
Your Own By
Don't believe what we te
want you to come and i
and see the quality and p
goods and prices elsewhe
will sell you.
We Quote s
Cotton Rope, all
Lamps from 20c
Men's Shoes froi
BleachiDg (4-4) <
12 pounds good ]
Woman's Kang
G pounds best R
We have no space to give more pric<
in all lines. Come and see for yoursel
T All on <5
u n"vn 4^
All (he Newt From lanud A round the
City of Due Went.
Due West, Nov. 4. 1901.
Mr. D. H. Maglll of Greenwood disposed of
at private sale, fifty acres of valuable Due
We*i laud to Mr. Sam Davis, a thrifty farmer
who lives In the suburbs of toe town.
Mr. J no. R McGee, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Ellis,
Mr. Paul Pressly and Foster Haddon attended
ibe Slate Fair In Columbia last week and bad
* Jolly good time.
Mrs. Ida Johnson Brodlr Is spending a few
<la>8 with her mother Mrs. M. E. Johnson.
Mrs. Jno. T. Darlington is wlib ihe family
of ner son Mr. Fred H. Darlington on upper
Main Street.
Miss Nellie Nlcfeles left for Seneca last week
Dear which place she Is to teaoh a large school.
Miss Nickels has bad experience id teaching
and her servlses are always in demand.
Mr. John M. Knight who lives on Mr. Ag-'
new's place has bold ibis year two hundred
and eight dozen eggs ana 11 uhs not oeen a
very good year lor eggs either. From eggs
aud chickens sold duriug the year be has realized
about twenty eight dollars.
Mls? Audle Ellis left for Edgefield last Saturday.
She will teaob school In that vicinity
md her friends wish tier the largest measure
of success.
The Due West public school now has an en
roliment of about one hundred pupils aud
still they come,
The teachers and pupils of the public school
have put In a spledld calender clock to keep
time time and dates.
Kev. J. A. Brown Is clerk of the Scoool board
for the L>ue West district.
Tbejfamlly of Mrs. M. J. Bowie now occupies
the residence of Miss Ola Debllo near the
Presbyterian printing office.
Mr Juo. C. Haddon has bought a hundred
and Ave acres of tine land from Mr. J. E.
Prof. E. L. Reld farms on the Intensive system.
He made twenty tlve bushels ot corn
on one acre. He has drilled three hundred
pounds of fertilizer on the same acre|and sowed
on It three bushels of oats. He hopes to
get from forty to sixty bushels from It.
Dr. J. J. Llndxay is still lu the hospital Id
Charleston, but Is doing nicely. He writes
that bis physician will allow him to sit up
Wednesday ana tie Dopes 10 reaen uomu on
tbe first of next week.
M 1km Alter John*on atteuted tbe marriage
of Kev. Oliver Johnson and Miss Christian
Elliot at Wlnsborolast week.
Mr. K. 8. Galloway, Pr. N, Y. Pressly, Mr.
C. M. Byrd and Mr. E. E. Strong attended tbe
meeting ol tbe second Presbytery at Wblte
Mr. Henry Agnew of Norfolk, Va. came to
Due West last Saturdry to see bis inotber.
Tbere were others here who are glad to see
him alsoDO
A Good Brother S?y? they nre a
Blight on ChrlNtlnu Beue voleuce.
Tbe Baptist Courier.
Now that tbe time has come when church
sociables and enteriaioment and suppers are
being held, for tbe purpose of ralsiug money
for tbe Lord's work, tbe following words from
one oi our exchanges will give food for
A church bought a carpet for eight hundred
dollars. Tbe women raised the lund by en
tertaluments. The preacher saw: Tills
carpet cost, not eight hundred dollars, but
four thousand dollars. To tbe bill must be
added tbe incidentals, work, worry, nervous
strain, bodily wearluess aud bearlacbes of
one hundred women. Add, also, tbe colds,
fevers, dooior's bills, and wbat you bave paid
to otber cburcbes; for wben tUey come to
your sociables, you must go to theirs.
" A mau buys groceries. His wife, at the
expense of fuel, strength and time, makes a
cake aud gives it to the sociable; then the
man, his wife and children go to the sociable
and eat the cake and pay for It. Suppers bave
been given that oost leu dollars, and only
netted five dollars.
" Demoralization of church, society, a curtailment
of legitimate giving, and otber
things lollow In tbe train. 1 am opDosed to
any more sociables as revenue producers.
'Yet, show I unto you a more exoelient way.'
It Is the way of Paul. "Now concerning collection
upon tbe first day of the week
let every one ol you lay by lu store, as God
has prospered him, that there be no gatherings
when I come.'"?Toe hresbyterlan.
Bro. Editors: The above extract needs no
sermon for Illustration or explanation, and
I T moroltr wluK an/lAcuu Ifu KPntimprilM nnrl
to add tbat from my observation the church
wblcb depends to any Appreciable extent
upon suppers or entertainments for obtaining
funds for church purposes weakens its
powers lor raising money according to apostolic
Injunction. These extraneous methods
are a blight to Christian benevolence and are
re?pon?lble for many churches now financially
dead. Ae well may the moroblne fiend
console himself for wrong doing by the feeling
of comfort which comes to him as a consequence
of taking the drug, as for a church
| to be satisfied with money obtained In a way
po foreign to Christian Ideals. The two tneth
ods for raising money : Church fairs, and all
tbat Implies on the one hand, and the plan
outlined for our guidance In the New Testament,
are not synchronous.
W. F. Rhame.
- ljl:
on exiuuj
invited to
res! I
II you about our goods. We ^
see them and examine them #
rices and compare them with J
r?, and we are sure that we X
I \ "
[ sizes, 15c per pound. # t
to $1.50. J
D $1.00 up. ? ,
iight kinds, at 5c. J
Rio Coffee SI.00. P
aroo Shoes for only $1.00. ^
io Coflee $1.00. ?
is, but will say our stock is complete a c
f and be convinced. J
?mith, Jr.i
Stock for Sale ss
at i.
Abbeville Court House, on Saleday in Decern- It 1h
ber next, the following described property be- A
longing to the estate of G. A. Douglass, bank- ofle
rupt, namely: ^
One share of the Common Stock of the cap- \yh
Hal of the Abbeville Cotton Mills. L<
TERMS-Cash. a J-f
Nov. 5,1901. Trustee. b^'
Annual Meeting $
w net
bevllle Cotton Mills will r v held oa
Thursday, 21st inst.,
at 4 o'clock p. m., at Mill Office. C<
Nov. 5,1901. Secretary. "y a
U ffllf BI ill. s
By authority conferred in and ?e<
by tbe last will and testament of Nelson Williams,
late of Abbeville Caunty, deceased, 1 p.
will sell at public outcry at Abbeville C. H.,
8. C., on Salesday in DECEMBER next, all A
that piece or parcel of land, owned by tbe
said Nelson Williams at the time of his ? "]
death, lying and being in Smithville Town- Ar i
Bhip, containing
Ten [10] Acres, iJi
Ar C
more or less, and bounded by lands of estate Ar8
of Rev. B. F. Miller, W. Joel Lites and others. ^
TERMS?Cash. Purchaser to pay for papers.
ellen williams, Lvi
- ?< IA/.i i?wnAM..iv Lvfi
\JV I. iO, 1WI. UACVUkllA, LV <
Lv (
Lv I
Lv i
, Clothing. Attend our cloth- j?j
ing sale this week as we UTi
have just received a fresh ah
lot of goods. P. Rosenberg ir i
& Co. ill
Lv i
W. I>. Barkwcnle'H Local*. Lv
Lv ]
New crop New Orlean's molasses,-lOcgallon. Lv ,
W. I). Barksdale. Ar ,
Cotton seed hulls and meal, get my prices. ?vl
W. D. Barksdale. Ar ]
1/ It 1b a cooking stove you want, come and kv '
see us. W. D. Barksdale. ?r j
You need heavy underwear thl? cold T*
weather. Come and nee our line. w. D. Ar(
Barksdale. ?
Santa Claus has arrived. Call on him at C
the ?tore of W. D. Barkndale. Full line of 8. .
Christmas toys for the children. w1''
Country merchants will do well to call on i.
W. D. Barksdale before buying. He has some ^
special bargains for them.
Bee our line of trunks.
New arrival of pickle.
WehaveJuBt received new supply of Log
Cabin maple syrup, and con also furnish you
a good stove to cook your buckwheat on. \V. p
D. Barksdale. btij
Don't forget our cooking stoves. They are l.
an acceptable wedding present. W. L>. Hark*- Rur,
dale. Sni
See our line of canned fruits and vege- n
tables. W. D. Barksdale. j,,
Grape Juice, the latest desserts. W. D. ?$m
Barksdale. . ., KOO
" "L T
Watch Losrn-Ladle's gold watch lost be- u g<
tweeu Abbeville and my house. Kinder will
be liberally regarded. James E. Taggart.
Abbeville, S. C. j,
Don't forget that I have "einokeleRP" shells fftn
as well as the regular kind. Amos B. Mor*e. pri<
Big bargains in unlauudered shirts, at P. l
Rosenberg & Co. tbe
I . . .. 9
Ition an
come a:
the Low
*%%%%%* %%%%%% ||
The Season is Here #
to the limit, if you have tbe ^ ,
right kind of a vehicle ^ A
We have tbe vehicles which will please J
'ou and that will wear loDger than a J tl
;reat many other makes. J
We bought these vehicles last fall and W 18
;ave the Manufactuera plenty of time W aJ
o paint them, so we have the ? "
Nicest Finished $I
goods which we have ever handled. # tl
We also bought in car load lots and 9 el
got car load prices and freight rates 4
and propose to give our customers m ji;
tbe benefit of these prices. ? aj
Give us a call before buying and. we () ^
an Interest you. () 11
J. L. HILL & CO. 11
Carriage, Buggy. Wagon and Harness v;
Repository. 0 g<
L. W. White'* Locftln. ^
le latest styles of ladles' Jackets, capes and rt
aretts are now on sale at the store of L.W.
Ite. u
you want a Jacket that Is up to date In ^
ry particular you can get such an article o
n L. W. White. C1
ave you seen those nicely fitting Jackets te
..W. Whites? If not, go at once and look o(
re you going to buy a wrap or covering of ?
kind this season ? If so, the place to get 81
the store of L. W. White. fd
splendid stock of black dress goods Is now gi
rMl hv 1j. W. White.
i selecting a dress pattern don't forget
<e extra wide all wool dress goods at L. W. J'1
ltes. O
>ok at those all wool plaids worth 40 cents C<
ird but now sold by L. W. White at 22 cts. b(
y are very desirable goods. gl
le greatest line of outings ever seen In Ab- t..
Ille Is now < ffered by L,. W. White. Prices 0
ge from 5 cents a yard. You can see ahout &l
hundred different styles to select from. Q
you want calicoes the place to ouy them
le store of L. W. Whit* /ou can there a.
the holc?wt styles and the greatest va- .
y. It
irpels, msttlnga am] rugs makean attract- bi
feature In L. W. White's stock this fall, q
ou need anything In this line be sure to
on him. "
su will find at L. W. White's the largest, "
ipest and prettiest stock of fancy china t?
glass-ware you nave ever seen. tj
ill at L. W. White'B clothing store and get
r winter suit and over coat, bat, shoes,
ler-wear, neck-wear, shirts, collars, hosle- a
md haudkerchlels. CI
Don't fergot that we will con- ti
iue to be headquarters for ?j
\s. Our stock is larger than u
er and more to come. So fa
len in need ol' toys come to 11
5 us. W. Joel Smith & Son. b,
irleston and Wes. n Carolina R. R p.
ngnsta and Asheville Short Line. 1}
In pffect Oct. 6, 1901. Ci
lugusta 10 05 am 2 55 pm J*
Greenwood 12 80 pm it
iarrln Springs 1 12 pm r<
kndarson 7 15 pm
aurona 1 40 pin 5 35 am v
Ireenville 3 25 pm 9 00 am tl
Honn Springs 4 45 pm D
partanburg 3 30 pm 9 00 am *?
ialada 5 88 pm C*
JendorBonville 6 08 pm il
.sheville 7 15 pm jt
Laheville T 05 am ^
Spartanburg 12 26 pm 8 30 pm
Jlenn Spring* 18
Jreenvllle 12 22 pm 1 45 pm p
^aarena 1 45 pm j
ind erson 7 25 am
JreenwooJ 3 07 pm 4 80 am P
LagustA 3 40 pm 11 40 am
Lugueta 3 80 pm
Mlendale 5 35 pm
Fairfax 5 47 pm
remaBsee? 9 00 am 6 50 pin
}eaufort 10 15 am 7 45 pm
fort Koyal 10 30 am 7 55 pm
Port Royal 1 00 pm 5 10 m V
Beaufort 1 16 pm 5 50 m
FemasBee 2 30 pm 6 40 am V
Fairfax 7 44 am a'
Mlemlalo 7 55 am t<
AntriifttA 10 0>> 11 J
Breenwood 4 OS am
Laurens 6 00 am ^
Laurens (j 15 am
ipartanburg 9 '0 am
Spartanburg 8 30 pni
Lf.urens fl 25 pm
Sreenwood 8 05 pm
lose oonneetlons at Groenwood for all points on ?
A. L. and G. <fe 6. Hallways, and at Spartanburg I
i Southern Hallway.
or any Information relative to tlokets, rates, scbed- 0|
etc., address
W. .T. ORAIG. Gen. Pass. Agent, Angusta, 6?. ,,,
E. M. NORTH. Hoi. Agent ?
T. M. EMEK80N, Trafflo Manager.
J. Allen Nmllh, Jr., LochIh.
o you chew Tobacco ? See our line before J
'lng. J. Allen Smith, Jr.
amps to barn. Prices from 20c. to 51.50, Be
ft und see thera berore you uuy. j. nucu
Itb, Jr.
o use to go barefooted wheu you cun get a I
! lbs. good Ulo Coflee for only |1. J. Allen *
Itb, Jr. Pj
d pair of Shoes for ?1, from J. Allen
Itb, Jr. r<
lo ware Is almost out nf sleht, but we have _
jod line at rlgbt prices. J. Allen Smith,Jr.
^ o
on'l decide that vou ar? not able to buy a j
suit until you see Hall & Anderson's y
owney's candy fresh every week at the di
up to datb drug store of C. A. MUford.
> : ' V " ' -V T?f .r. "
stock; OI
d Kfillin:
b VBi
nd see tl
est Price
* "'At? * nnr^iTTT T T? riAfTXTTV
inAllUn, ADD?i V iiiLliJ bUUlllK
Abbeville, 8. C.t March 6,1899.
Notice is hereby given that in accoriuce
with an Act of the Genera)
ssembly, and in conformity with the
;quirements of the State Constituon,
the books for the registration of
11 legally qualified voters, and for the
suing of transfers, ect., will be open
; the office of Supervisors of Registraon
in the Court House, between the
our 9 o'clock a. m., and 3 o'clock p.
l, on the first Monday of each
lonth, and kept open for three suc;ssive
days in each month until
lirty days before the next general
The Board of Registration is th?
idge of the qualifications of all
pplicants for registration every male
tizen of this State and of the United
tate, twenty-one years of age, who is
ot an idiot is not insane, is not a
auper supported at the public exense,
and is not confined in any pubc
prison, and who Las not been conicted
of burglary, arson, obtaining
aods or money under false pretenses
eijury, fcrgery, robbery, bribery,
iultery wife beatinir, housebreaking,
;ceiving stolen goods, breach of trust
ith fraudulent intent, fornication,
>domy, incest, assault with intent to
ivish, miscegenation, larceny, or
rimes against tbe election laws, and
ho shall nave been a resident in this
tate two years (except ministers in
large of organized churches and 1
tachers of public schools, and these i
ter six months residence in the |
tate,) a resident in the County for ,
x months, and in polling precincy
>ur months, and who cau read any
ectiou in the Constitution of 1895, or
in understand and explain any seeon
of said Constitution when read to
im by the registration officer or offijrs
shall be entitled to registration and
scome an elector upon application for
ich registration. If any person has
sen convicted of auy of the crimes
jove-mentioned, a pardon of the
overnor removes the disqualification.
In case any minor who will become
venty-one years of age after the closig
of the Books of Registration and
efore the election, and is otherwise
ualified to register, makes applicaon
under oath showing he is qualied
to register, the Boards shall regisir
such applicant before the closing of
ae books. <
4 ? ? !? a. ? a 1 A 9 5 An e% n a
Any person wuutw <juanuu?iuuD
a elector will be completed after the
osing of the Registration Books but
afore the next election shall have the
ght to apply for and secure a regisatiou
certificate at any time within
xty days immediately preceding
le closing of the Registration Books,
pon an application under oath to the
icts entitling him to such registraon.
The registration of voters must be
y polling precincts. There must be a
look of Registration for each polling
recinct, that is for eacn township, or
arish, or city, or town of less than
ve thousand inhabitants, or ward of
ties of more than five thousand
ihabitants. Each elector must vote
1 the polling precinct in which he
;sides. If there is more than one
oting place in the polling precinct,
je elector may vote at any voting
lace designated on the registration
jrtiflcate. The Boards must designate
i th? rpcriat,ration certificate the vot
ig place in the polling precinct at
rhich the elector is to vote. If there
i more than one voting place in the
oiling precincts, the Boards shall
esignate on the certificate the voting
lace selected by the elector.
S. 8. BOLES,
Board of Supervisors of Registration
Gents' and ladies' under*
rear. We are selling all
rool undervests and drawers
his fall cheap. A good unershirt
for 50c. P. Rosen- (
erg & Co.
rHE reuular Annua! Meeting of the Stockholders
of the Georgia, Carolina JeNorth ii
Railway Company, will be held at the
tflce of the company In AtlaDia, Ga., on
rlday the 15th day of November 1901, atJl
clock a. m. '
Oct 1C, 1901. Assistant Secretary. 1
/.TAILOR,/. ,
J AS moved, and occupies the rooms up
.J stairs 10 KDOX 8 nnn, Ituu in uuw ytvured
to do all kinds ol repairing and oleaniK
of gentlemen's clothes on short notloe.
Samples ol salts always on hand. Charges
When you come to the County Fair make
ur store your headquarters, you are more ,
mn welcome. C. A. Alllford, the druggist. > '
Dont fall to see our fine line ol pipes when
on come to the lair. >111 ford's drug store.
We are the people when It comes to up to
ate stationary. Mllford's drag store, | j?
I '
' F.' S
g very r,
le Choices
Isn't it De,
Why buy your goods be
?of Tom, Dick aDd Harr;
ant division, but isn't it c
We will guarantee to i
goods at the lowest kind i
Men 01 Qood
lYlClI Judgment
Trade with us. They And
the goods as represented.
They Buy
The best?the kind we sel
will take pleasure in shov
[t is only our low prices, and not our goo<
W. D. Ba
We bad ratber sell $100 in one day atid
week and make $20. So this is the place to
to see us before buying your
Flour, Sugar, Coffee, Meat, Lard, 1
Hosiery, Underwear, Hats, Caps, I
2 pair of Socks for
2 Towel9 for
2 Good Handkerchiefs for
Good Heavy Cotton Flannel I
We are strictly in it on Tinware and Croct
SHOES! SHOES! vincei
Come and see us, and be convinced tbat oi
Come to Mrs. F. L. W
- Bargs
Good Shoes for 50c a
All Store Fixtures,
Fine Scales, Oil Tank
One Horse Wagon fo:
One Store Room for J
Apply to ..... .
Mrs. F. L.
R. III. Ilaililuu A Co.'* Lattnld. A
The latest ideas In millinery. New shapes ceill
|ust out, shown lor the first time this week at
Haddon's. tllC
The trade Is fast crystallzlng, around wnats ,,
lo be the popular shapes of the season. If 4111 1
vou wish the latest out In millinery, call at ?An,
Haddou's. ttnl
Dress fabrlques, all the new shades at Had- moil
Trl mlngs Is necessary to complete a dress. 111 v
The greatest assortment at Haddon's. also
Jackets and fur collaretts, Just opened a
full and complete line at Haddon's. WOl*
Mercenlzed cottons?a silk finish fabrlque
for ladles underskirts and shirt waists, all
colors at Haddou's.
Dress goods?Special bargains In all wool
dress goods, '25,35, and 50 cents, at Haddou's.
Dayton sackings, 50-Inch all wool cloth,
finished flannel very cheap at Haddon's. lor
New line white and black silk appliques at ?Atu^i
Haddon's. giass,
1 " ' " ' The?
Dont forget our fine line of pocket books heSp
wben In the market. C. A. Mllford, the drug- The
?lst. otter i
ssphnni honks and siiDDlles in any Quantity den '
At Miliord's drug store. jjjl *
Ice cream and cold drinks oi every kind at ceM8a
Mllford'a drug store.
v ;:**
-1' >
? ? 'l
: ?
< .
' " ' ' %
' 'xM
?. Kmc
1. j'M
, . < }
' -ffiB
t Goods I
ar? . \ J
re, there and everywhere
V? It might be a pleaslear
sell you the best kind of ,
of prices.
1 oar stock complete and
1. Come and see us. We
ring you ore goods.
1 looks, that bring us customers.
,rksdale. J
make $5 than to sell $100 in one
buy goods cheap. It will pay you
ste. .1 M
'ante, Jeans, Etc.
5 cts.
- 5, 8, 10, 20 cts. /{M
- 5 cts.
)rawer8, - 25 cts.
eery. Call and get our prices.
l you see our $1 Shoes you be court
that they are worth yourmooey.
ir prices are right. ' >
'E & CO.
OUT . - '4
)ST! I
===== ;T^.
, 1
Elder's and get
" * ifjrj
lins. - I
nd 75c per pair.
, etc.
r Sale.
* * L
job lot ol' laces going at 5
ts a yard, worth three times
price. A lew hundred yards
?vool red twilled fianiiel at 15
ts, the best in town for the
ley. Some splendid bargains
rhite and red table damask,
outings, f)laid and solid
U l/Cl tjlllltll kJVflll
I farmers?Get
our price od Blue Stone
3 buying. TbeHoeed Drug Co.
'ill pay you to see us before buying your
paints and oil. The Speed Drug Co.
:es cheerfully quoted on any and all
s kept In tin up-to-date Drug store by
peed Drug Co.
most up-to-date candy sold Is Huyler'
eed Drug Co.
Continental Plant Co., KUrell, N. C
ill the leading shipping and fancy garvarieties
of strawberry plants, (nearly
rlettes). 1 heir practical 120 page Manila
how to grow all berry fruits with sue.
nd profit. It 1h ireeio Duyerw 01 pi?oia
> *'_0

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