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The Press and Banner.
WPnbllnheci every Wednesday at 82 e
year In advance.
Wednesday, Dec. 18, 1901.
About the funniest thing that wc have seen
In any paper for a long time was the Newe
and Courier's interviews with the visiting
brethren of the press, while in the olty seeing
the big show. Tbese Interviews, taken to
gether with some of tbe resolutions wblob
were adopted by tbe Press Association, were
distinguished more for their good humor and
their good intentions than for anything else,
Tbe "surprise" of the brethren at tbe excellence
of tbe show gave tbe best proof of tb<
wisdom of inviting them down to the city
that tbe soales mlgbt be removed from theli
eyes. Tbe various speeches of introduction ol
the different members were good. Without
tbese eulogistic or explanatory Introductions
A/tho oHIlrtril ftf fhlB fitflfft mlffht DOfiSl
bly have died unknown to fame and glory.
The resolutions In reference to the excel
lenceof the show was In good taste and was
very becoming.
Bat those resolutions which thanked different
people and different organizations lor
being civil to the gentlemen of the press ap
proaohed very near to the ludlcrons. It Is no
unusual thing for as oonrtly people as tho6e
of Charleston, to be polite and olvll to gentlemen
who come within their gates. If Roose<
velt and his Cabinet should visit Charleston
does anybody for a moment suppose that
they would assemble, and solemnly adopt
reaolatlons of thanks to the hotel people foi
being civil to them, and pnt in solemn
form their obligation to the Chief of polloe fo:
not allowing his polloemen to pot them in the
gnard house ? Would it not be ludicrous foi
Roosevelt to assemble his Cabinet to make
known that they were thankful for a fifty
cents ticket to the show to wblob their hostf
bad invited them ? If he bad done bo, an en
grossed oopy, without publication, would
have been sufficient, it occurs to us tbat the
city council, or the committee on guests oi
publicity might, with more propriety, have
have passed resolutions of satisfaction for the
presenoe of the receptive minds, which were
now enlightened, but which formerly held sc
poor an opinion of the great show.
Evldenoe of the good feeling which prevail
ed was the most appropriate and most plea*
lng feature of the affair, although no notice
was taken of those who offered drinks and
cigars to the members of the press.
- We have been accustomed to seeing fault
finding, and In the press so muoh bltternesE
of expressson toward each other, and toward*
anybody else who aspired to honorable things
that we oould hardly believe oar eyes as w<
read the Interviews. Harmony and good feel
log prevailed throughout, with never a word
to wound anybody's feelings. As a matter o
fact, we would love to eee a continuance o
these friendly or fraternal feelings among th<
Many of the names of those who attended
were strangers to ua In person. 8ome of tbeli
newspapers are received at this office, bu
others are not. In running over the namei
we were Impressed with the fact that tb<
membership of the Association has changed
very mnch of late years. Very few names o
the old members were seen In the list. Ai
, one time the Press and Banner felt that tb<
meeting of the Press Association was the
great occasion of the year, but of late years w<
have not met with the brethren In thes<
meetings wblefa are always pleasant and
Tbe Florida Editor's Card.
\ *
Some one has sent to this office a marked
oopy of The State, containing the oard of Mr
J. E. Smith, the Montlcello, Florida, editor
who has bad some agents in Abbeville doing
business for him. As we understand, foui
ciuue ui M tnuu, wcic ujuuc u>i mi uiui .?Abbeville.
Mlu Lon Va?s, a most excellent young
lady or this city, said yesterday tbat sbc
made op a club for Mr. Smith's paper lc
August. About tbe fourth of September, she
sent him 925 and twenty-five names of sub
scribera for his papers, and undertook then tc
enter upon the proffered agency at $20 e
month. 8he wrote letters during the month
of September to tbe number of 165.
8he says tbat she has repeatedly made
effort to get tbe promised premium, she be'
lng allowed choice betweeo a watch and a
bicycle, cbose to take tbe watch, which she
' bad not received at noon yesterday.
She further says that for tbe month'B work
during September. In sending letters or writ_
. log for Mr. Smith sbe has received not one
Mr. George Whltesays that he sent a club
of 25 subscriber and ?23. He received hie
premium. He worked some, but afterward
quit. He could get nothing for what he did
as agent, though be did get the premium 101
the clubs.
There were, we believe, two other clubs
made up at Abbeville.
As Mr. Smith protests his honesty and the
legitimacy of hie business, as a matter ol
Justice to their employer, bis agents hereabout
should testify as to their satisfaction
with bis method of doing business.
This newspaper does not characterize Mr.
Smith's way of doing business. We have
only attempted to show the facts connected
with bis newspaper agency in this section.
We have no doubt that Mr. Smith has a good
reputation at home, but *e believe that bis
sobeme for hiring agents at $20 a month Is not
on business principles. If he is very rlcb
and desires to distribute benefactions be can,
bowever, be of good service to many deserving
people hereabout, and elsewhere.
It has been sa!d on the streets that Mr
8mlth is a son of Bill Arp. If this is true, he
comes of good stock. He was born right.
Ononfil With I'ruwpr.
The Big Indian Show In Charleston wae
formally opened with prayer on the first o
the month. It was not until about the flf
teenth of the month, that the horseraclng
division of that big show was opened. 81x
dispensaries have also been opened. Tbc
Idea of opening shows, horse races, and dispensaries
with prayer seems to be an Innovation.
It was enoagh to jar the average oltlzeo
when the Legislature opened Itself dally by
prayer. . Bat now the good work Is extending.
It seems hardly fair that the Charleston
shows, the Charleston races and the Charleston
dispensaries should be opened with prayer
when we can't have a little cock-fight at
Donalds, or Calhoun's Falls, without even
benefit of clergy, unless somebody protests
against the sport. As this may be the last
opportunity that some of the members of the
Legislature may have, It might be well for
tbem to offer a bill to authorize the Governor
to appoint dispensary unapiains in toe diner
ent counties, whose doty It shall be to attend
any cock-fight that may take place In theli
own bailiwick. (
Greater Than BleL.aarln.
The Barnwell People has discovered three
men In this State who are greater than Mc
Lanrln, namely: Gen. K. R. Hemphill, Hon
W. H. Parker and Judge W. C. Benet. As w<
claim Judge Benet to be an Abbeville man, II
woald Beem that the men of this olty rank
high. The four men named are great Indeed
Messrs. Parker and Benet, we believe, favoi
the principles for whlgh McLaurln stand*
while Oen Hemphill takes a different view o
the matter, and supports Tillman.
[ If you are looking for a good overooat, call
I at D. PollakofTs Store.
I buy
i die
? in
Call a
I'bristmiui Greeting.
> The Press and Banner sends greetings and
. good wishes to all of Its readers.
, Since April, 1S59, many oi those who were
, conspicuous In the affairs of the town, have
, either crossed the River, or are quietly rest*
Ing in the evening shade.
I The Abbeville of today Is not the Abbeville
( of 1859.
And the editor today Is much older than
, was the young printer who took up the labor
, of printing this paper nearly forty-three
j years ago. He lq one of the very few of that
( day who are still living, and none living are
more profoundly grateful for the loyalty of
the people to him who has striven to do the
right, as he conceived it, whether popular or
, otherwise.
I . -
i Next Wednesday Is Christmas day, the
i most noted of all the festivals in the Ghrisi
tian calendar.
i Let each and all of us do whatever we can
. to add to vhe great Bum of human happlI
f Let us not desecrate the day by cruelty to
f any creature.
j Let us spend the day as beoomes rational
beings observing the day which commemori
ates the birth of our Saviour. "
Let ue not drink or eat to excess, or by
t wrongdoing to oorselveB or to others.
I Death of Mrs. O. Y. Bonner.
' A. R. Presbyterian.
Mrs. O. Y. Bonner died Sabbath morning at
two o'clock at the home of her father Dr. J.
D Neel, near Troy.
She 'had not been quite so well all the
week. Not until Friday did Bhe slop coming
down stairs from her room. Saturday mornI
log she seemed better and brighter than for
some weeks. She asked for alt the notices
about Mrs. Hunter and for a book given by a
friend, and spent the morning reading and
talking to her sisters. She was not eo well in
tbe afternoon and lay down about four o'clock
I suffering greatly with shortness of breath.
8be tola tbe family tbat she bad to sutler
many days yet. Later In tbe afternoon she
, asked tbat her husband be told that she was
, not so well, and also tbat be be told to remain
and preacb on Sabbath and come down
r on Monday. Sbe grew worse and at two
i o'olock passed away. Mr. Bonner was apprehensive
and left Due West Sabbatb morning
early and at eleven o'olock near Cedar Sprlug
' met a messenger wltb tbe 6ad news. Mrs.
> Bonner was thlrly-tbree years old the 25th of
, last Febrnary.
Sabbatb morning a message, sent tbe night
' before about one o'olock, said she was dying,
and It was not known here that she was dead
, until tbe afternoon. Her body was brought
to Due WeBt Monday for Interment.
1 The funeral procession reached Due West
i Just as the clook struck 3. Mr. H&yne McDlll
went down from Abbeville to Dr. Neei's on
Sabbatb evening. Tbe procesNlon started ear
1 ly Monday morning for Due West. The dls
tance Is 24 miles. The bier was taken direct
to tbe grave. A very large conconrse of peo
nlo oioronrpsflnl,. Thfi fihulr sane UDDrODrlale
' selections while the grave was being filled.
The congregation then went into tbe cburcb.
Dr. W. L. Pressly oonducted the funeral exerolf>e6.
making a tender, appropriate, helpful
address. Rev.T, W.Sloan made tbe oonoludi
lng prayer.
Mrs. Bonner's death came unexpectedly to
us. Mr. Bonner did not reach Dr. Neel's un1
til 10 hours after her death?owing to the time
ltoccured. Mrs. Bonner was very much beloved
In this congregation. She bad charge
of a Sabbath Bcbool class of young ladles at
the time of her sickness. Mrs. Bonner's heart
and band was In all tbe religious activities
of the congregation. A life full of promise
and usefulness Is cat short and a family circle
broken. Two beautiful children, James
Bonner and Llla Morse Bonner are berert of a
mother's love and care. Tbe hearts of tbe
people of this congregation go out to tbe bereaved
neporwu uy rr. u. ciuuuiua, oujrui ui w
Kinds of Country Produce and Dealer In
, Farmers Supplies.
Number of bales received since last Tues'
day 600.
Price raDglng from 7 to 8 8*16 cento.
, Market closing at 8 cents.
Cotton 6eed 21c. per bushel.
Estimated loads of bay 20c. Price ranging
from 40 to 50c. per hundred pouuds.
Cotton still in good demand and good
i grades very high and scarce, will bring good
high prices from now on.
Abbeville, steady. 8 3-l(Jc.
Atlanta, steady,7 7-So.
i New Orleans, steady, 8c.
r New York, steady, 81-2c.
Liverpool, steady, 4 5 8d.
Charleston, steady, 7 7-8.
Mobile, Dormal, 81-1(>.
Savannah, quiet, 7 7-8c,
Augusta, dull, 8 i-IGc.
Wilmington, steady. 7 7-Sc.
St. Louis, quiet, 7 3-4c.
Cincinnati, quiet, 81-Sc,
Norfork, steany, 8c.
Galveston, quiet. 8 8-16c.
Baltimore, normal, 8 1 4c.
Boston, quiet, 8 l-2c.
Philoriplnhia-nui^t. 8 3-4n.
Memphis, steady, 8c.
New Numbers Pat III.
W. P. Wham, residence 4 rings 78
Will Fergerson, residence 45
J. C. Utsey, residence 131
Abo. El. Power Co, office 82
" " ' power bouse 132
Dr. C. C. Gambrell, residence 89
J. D. Kerr, residence 129
J. D. Gambrell, residence 127
T. H. Maxwell, residence 180
Abbeville Warehouse 120
P. A. Cheatham, residence. 10
L. C. Haskell, residence S4
9 On and after Jan. let. 1902 the Due West
- line and connections will be opened to subscribers.
If subscribers continue to call up
ont of town parties for their friends their
' phones will be removed at once,
t. Abbeville Telephone Co.
Wm. Barnwell, Mgr.
W. Q. Chapman's auction sales every night
f during Christmas week. CbrlBtmas goods
must be sold regardless of price. Fifty dozen
dolls from one cent to live dollars, must be
sold before the holidays are over.
Come, come, to Santa Clause's store, for he
I Is always ready to welcome the little oneB.
W. O. Chapman.
rant the
direct from t
man's profit.
is, i Mailt
nd see me and get pri<
Prevalent Notions Are Generally at
Merlons Fault.
The following Bible study by Rev.
J. B. Mack, of Fort Mill and published
in the Charlotte Observer recently, is
quite interesting:
What is the greatest hindrance to
the triumph of Christianity ?
Tf ia nr>f ihu horrnnma llftf t.hfi
dance; nor the gambling saloon; nor
any of those lesser evils which some I
saintly souls delight to denounce.
It is the neglect of the Bible, the
failure to regard the Word of God as
the only sword of the Holy Spirit, the
adulteration of Scripture truths with
the notions of men. Both the church
and the clergy are prone to teach the
traditions of the tradition* of the elders,
or the relics of Paganism and
Popery, or the half trtfths of their own
denominations, as eternal verities,
and as the voice of God.
As an example of such erroneous
and injurious teachings, nee the common
idea of pulpit aud pew in regard
to Sal an.
If you ask, "Where is Satan's home
and what is his personal appeaiauce?"
at least nine out of ten will reply,"'His
home is in hell, and he is dark and repulsive
in his personal appearance."
Yet the Bible teaches us that both of
1 these answers are untrue :
1. Hell is not the home of Satan.
Yea more; it never bas been ; and the
Bible asserts that more than one thousand
veur? must pass by before Saton's
feet cau cross the threshold of bell.
To deny this is to deny the testimony
of the Holy Ghost as re-peatedly given
in God's word.
Six timed since Adam's day, in the
Old Testament |is Satan seen. Where
is he found, and in whose comany ?
In the third chapter of Genesis he is
seen in Eden, the garden of God;and
in company with Eve, a pure and holy
In the xxii chapter of I Kings he is
seen in heaven, iu compaoy with angels,
and is permitted, by the Lord to
descend to earth on. a message of deceit.
In the xxi chapter of 1 Chronicles
he is seen in the holy city of Jerusalem,
and in company with David, the
king's representative of God on earth.
In the first aud second chapters of
Job be is twice seen in heaven, and
both times with the holy angels, aud
also conversing with God.
In the third chapter of Zachariah he
is again seen in the presence of Jehovah,
and there to resist that One who
is the priestly representative of God
for man.
Not one iota of the Old Testament
has the slightest intimation that Sa
* i ;
can uas yei ever ueeu iu iuc uciguumhood
of Hell. Precisely the opposite is
true, for he Is always seen In heaven or
or on the earth.
Does the New Testament give the
slightest hint that Satan has as yet
ever been even one moment in hell?
In the third chapter of Matthew he
is seen with Jesus Christ in three places
: in the wilderness, on a mountain
and on a temple in Jerusalem. Next
he is seen near Christ and with Peter,
the leader of the agostles. Next he is
near, or in the room where Christ and
his diciples are celebrating the Passover,
and he is dealing with judas,
the treasurer and only official of the
chosen twelve. Next he is seen in the
great revival, where Auanias was
prominent. Then time and again was
he with Paul, so that in 1 Thessalonians
ii, 18, it is writteu, "Wherefore
we would have come unto you, even I, ,
Paul, once and- again ; but Satan hindered
us." . 1
Neither in the Old Testament, nor
in the New Testam ent is there one jot
or tittle of evidence to prove that Sa- ,
tan has as yet even seen a single
gleam of the lurid fires of hell, or even ,
un-ioHnno nartinlp nf thft fimnkfi there
of. To say that hell has been, or is
now, his home, is to discount and
deny the testimony of the Holy Ghost.
2. How does Satan appear? Is it
with a human lace and dark face,
wreathed with sardonic grins? Jsit
with scale-like flesh, with oat-like
wings, with sharp horns and cloven
feet and forked tail? Such is his appearance
as constantly told in prose
and poetry and picture. Our children
are shown such pictures jn the nursery,
and our youth read them in the thrilling
words of Dante, Milton and John
Buuyan, Being thus trained up in
the way they should not go, when
they are old they do not depart from
But how differently does God's Word
speak. The Holy Ghost, through Paul,
testifies that he appears as "an angel of
light;" and by Ezekiel that he is "a
perfect beauty." Hb is called "the
anointed cherub"?not an ordinary
angel, but one exalted above his-fellows,
being anointed like kings and
priests. His moral character is hideous
for he is a liar and murderer; but
his mental Dower is immense, and his |
personal appearance attractive and
'ITius the ideaa current among us
concerning Satan came not from tbe
Bible. They came originally from
Paganism which prevailed in Babylon,
the city built by Nimrod, the son of
Cush, and the grandson of Ham. As
he seems to have journeyed eastward
to reach Babylon, lie may have carried
this idea of a "black devil" (this zernebogus"
as he was called), with him
People c
that I
r ian<
he Factories,
Will have a f i
3,1 Banjoes, i
?es before buying elsei
from Africa. At any rate the dark
hue of the Cushite is on it, and the fetid
odor of the Negro is in it.
Let us accept the testimony of the Bible
on this subject, and realize who
Satan is; whence he came; what is his
mission ; where he dwells and whither
he will at last go. Then wil) we begin
clearly to behold the glory of his great
conqueror and counterpart, Jesus Christ
For as the shadows iu a picture bring
out more clearly and fully the lights
'hereof, and thus render that picture
more perfect; so the real character, history
and doom of Satan will reveal
morecleaily and fully the divine radiance
of our King and prove the infininite
and eternal greatness of his salvation.
J. B. Mack.
Fort Mill, 8. C.
Baby Dolls, Girl Dolls, Lady Dolls,
Dressed and Undressed Dolls, Laughing
and Serious Dolls, Blonde and
Brunette Dolls, have congregated Id'
oar store, where tbey will bold a doll
reception during tbe week, to wblcb
all little girls and boys are cordially
invited. The dolls will no doubt
each choose from among the number?
of little ones who look In upon
them the one they would most desire
to live with after the holidays. .
Daring the reception we will also
show a full line of doll fixings, consisting
of Stoves, Tea Sets, Building
Blocks, balls, Trains, Dogs, Wagons,
Rattles, Tops, Musical Toys, etc.
The parents are also requested to
attend the reception as we have
many articles on exhibition that
they will appreciate and find useful
In making out their Christmas lists.
phone 76.
Master's Sale.
The State of South Carolina,
B. S. Barnwell, as Executor, against Mary H.
Baker and others.?Partition.
By authority of a decree of sale
by the Court of Common Fleas of Abbeville
County, in said State, made in the aoove stated
case, I will offer for sale at Public Outcry,
at Abbeville C. H., S. C., on Salesday in
JANUARY (6th,) A. D.190J, within the legal
hours of sale the following described land, to
wit: All that tract or p<trcel of land situate,
lying and being In Abbeville County, in the
State aforesaid, containing
One (1) Acre,
mora or Iphh Arwl hounded by George White
BDd others, fronting on Cburcb Street, lately I
tbe dv/elllng of Mrs. Agnes B. Robertson, In
tbe City of Abbeville.
TERMS OF SALE?One-third cash, balance
on a credit of one and two years, In equal instalments.
The credit portion to be secured
by a mortgage of tbe premises and bond of
tbe purchaser, with interest tbereon at tbe
r&te of eight per cent, per annum payable annually.
Purchastoer to pay for papers and Insure
tbe dwelling against fire and assign same
to the Master, or Master Is to insure same at
Bxpense of purchaser.
Dec. 1(3,1901. Master A. C. S. C.
Master's Sale.
The State of South Carolina,
W. H.Parker, aa ExeAitor of last Will and
Testament of Simuel McGowan. deceased,
' against W. J. Hill.
by tbe Court of Common Pleas for Abbeville
County, In said State, made In tbe above staled
case, 1 will oflar for sale, at Public Outcry,
at Abbeville G'. H? S. C., on Salesday In
JANUARY (6th.) A. D., 1902, within the legal
hours of sale the following described land, to
wit: All that tract or parcel of land situate,
lying ?nd being In Abbeville County, In the |
Slate aforeeald, containing
One Hundred and Twenty-Three
(123) Acres,
more or'less, and bounded by lands of J.J.
HID, O. ?. Rogers and E. E. Williams, known
as Tract No. 5 of Roger Wllllams land.
TERMS OF SALE?One-third cash, balance
on a credit of one and two years, In equal j
amounts (%,) with Interest from day of Kale,
navable annually. Credit portion to be Be
cured by bond of the purchaser and mortgage
of tbe premises, wltb leave to pay all cash.
Purchaser to pay for papers.
L. \V. PEltRIN,
Master A.C. S. C.
Dec. 16, 11)02.
' v ' \
'' . ' " ]"
)f Abbevi
DS and
hence doing
nil line of snia
sphere. J J
Inman & Co. against J. Earle Allen andB.
Bolln Allen.?Execution.
by virtue of an execution to me
directed, In tbe above stated case, I will
sell to tbe highest bidder, at Public Auction,
within the legal hours ol ?xle, at Abbeville 0.
H.,S.C., on Monday, the (Jib day of January.
A. D. 1902, all tbe right, title and interest of B.
Bolln Allen In tbe following described property,
to wit: All that tractor parcel of land,
Five Hundred and Thirty-Seven
[537] Acres,
more or less, situate In Lowndesvllle Township,
In Abbeville County, South Carolina,
bounded on tbe south by lands of J.M.Young
and E. P. Speed, north by lands of J. M. Newby,
east by W. L. Hardin, and by J, M. Young
on west.
All the Interest of B. Bolln Allen In that
tract or parcel of land containing and measuring
Four Hundred and Fifty [450],
situate In Lowndesvllle Township, In Abbeville
County, South Carolina, bounded by
Rocky River, Johnson lands. B. Berry Allen
and lands of J. B. LeRoy.
Levied on and to be sold as tbe property of
B. Bolln Allen to satisfy tbe aforsald Execution
and coBts. Terms?Cash.
Dec. 16,1901. Sheriff A. C.
Ill ill
.. School District..
Of the Town of Abbeville will be held In
. . . . the Coari House ....
TnoaHcvTr "EvArriner.
At 7:30 o'olock to elect Trustees.
Tbe Trustees whose terms expire December
31, 1901, are 8. F. Killingsworth,
J. A. Harris, W. P. Greene, lor regular
term and J. A. Smltb for tbe sbort term,
These gentlemen are eligible for re-election.
Section 11 of School I.aw : Tbat the Board
of Trustees of said school district shall be so
constituted tbat the term of three-members
thereof shall expire eaoh year, and tbe quailfled
electors of said school district shall at an
annual meeting herein provided for elect
their successors. Members of tbe said Board
shall be eligible for re election. Tbe term of
office of said Trustees sball begin on tbe flrtt
day of January. The Board of Trustees shall
call a meeting of tbe qualified electors of said
school district on the Tuesday next precfdIng
the first day or January of each year and
shall give notice of the time and place of such
meetlDg by publication twice In a newspaper
published In said school district, which meeting
shall elect Trustees and transact any other
business pertaining to said school district
which may properly come before it. The
present Board of Trustees shall continue in
office uotil the first day of January, 1897, and
sball at tbelr first meeting after tbe approval
of this Act determine by lot which three of
number sball go out of office at said time, and
* * * '* "u"n IfiOft onH which
wniCU inrco sunn nu uuv ...
three In 1S99. The Board o/TruHtee* are empowered
to fll| vacancies in said Board for
less than one roar.
S. F. Kllllne?worth,
Dec. 18, 1991. (Jbalrmao.
A Cnre For Pnenmonla,
Take six to ten onions, according to
size, and chop fine, put in a large
spider over a hot fire; then add about
the same quantity of rye meal and vinegar
enough to make a thick paste.
In the meanwhile stir thoroughly, letting
it simmer five or ten minutes.
Then put in a cotton bag large enough
to cover the lungs and apply to the
chest as hot as the patient can bear.
When this gets cool apply another,
and thus continue by reheating the
poultices, and in a few hours the patient
will be out of danger. This
fatal remedy has never failed in this too
often malady. Usually three or four,
applications will be sufficient, but continue
always until persipiration starts
r?-I? r-^rvi oliMf. This nlmnle
I I CCIJ 11VUJ bUO vi?vw<. B
remedy, says the New England Grocer,
was formulated many years ago
by one of the best physicions New
England has ever known, who has
never lost a patient by that disease,
and won his own renown by saving
persons by simple remedies after the
best medical talent bad pronounced
their cases hopeless. Personally, we
know of three per.-ons who were saved
by this remedy last winter in Boston,
after their physicians had given them
up to die; and if a record was made of
all nimilar cases during the last six
years, it would fill a good sized volume.?The
World's Progress.
The only machine that does not. fall In any
point, Whealer & Wilson No. 9, sold by W. JD.
Just arrived, one lot Imported Malaga
raisins. Finest ever shown on the market,
W. D. Barksdale.
Try our seeded raisins, currants and citron
if you want to make good fruit cake. W. D.
' ( .
* ; '
r * ,
, I ^ ' *
. ." -*> ^:
.. ' ? -v
.lie to Kn
away with the
ill Goods, such i
STONE, w.Me,
' I
With your children? Of c
course it is your desire to x
ing the Xmas Holidays, ai
state that we have taken gr
way to New York-to sec
immense line of the newest
at first hand prices. We su
on exhibition hundreds of d
prices ranking from one cei
All are cordially invited
tions before the Xmas rush,
Tou will also be shown a
China and Glassware. You
newest and our prices the ]
W. Joel Si
H. M. TAr
Have ju-t received a nice of
to call attention to their vei
We also have extra low pric<
, were 50cta each, are now
each, are now 23cts. Every
you can save a few cents by I
will pay you to buy from the
OUR SHOES will surpr
Shoe for $1.00. Call and see
We also have Flour, Meat, Sugar and
pounds for $1.00. Soda 13-pounds for 25ct?
of New York salt and ij will pay you to gi
Our line is complete, prices are low an
call and see our goods. Yours
H. I
xt a n n
Sale Will Begin Next Saturday
You Need the Goods. We
of the Many J
The weather has been too mild to m
make the price move them. Short endi
these regardless of cost. Heavy material
Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!
Odd sizes and off styles c
on Bargain Couuter am
Regardless of Cost.
New Dress Fabrics, French Flannels, Si I
Underwear, Embroideries and Staple G<
every week. Bargain seekers will do v/
Glenn's Locnl*.
Raisins, currants, cltrorf, n uts, prunes, coco- .JJ
nuts, oranges, apples and candles. iro
Buckwheat, maple and N. 0. syrups. tl*
Powdered and loaf sugar, gelatine, Jelly ca(
tablets and Junkets. g
Boston and Milter beans, oat meal, maca- dlr
ronnl and cheese. er<
All kl ids canned meals, fruits aud vege- v
tables die
Bottom prices on oorn and flour.
... ti?
Boys' and Misses' Union
Suits! We have a full line of
boys' and mieses' union suits
and we want you to see them. Clg
P. Rosenberg & Co. v
302 and 304 Leonard Building.
Commissioner for South Carolina. ed
I mo
Augusta, Oa.
I 7I|||
?-jjfr' 'xdfcy j " sd
_ I
c I
ic. ? .
r Block.
otyse you are, and of
?An*. - JH
QftiLO lUCUi j u ndit
is our pleasure to
eat pains-went all the ; ^
are from first hands an
and latest Toys made
cceeded, and how have
liferent kinds of Toys at
it to two dollars.
to call and make selec*
beautiful line of Fancy
will find our goods the
itl & Son.
; ^ rK
& co.
' new Lamps and wish . J '
ry low prices on- them. ^
s on Uunderwear, Undershirt a ihtX'/ty
48ets. Undershirts that were 26cW'"#^:'|
cent saved is that much made. If
buying from H. M. Tate <fc Co., .ityS*
W "a
lee you. We sell a regular $1.50 V0
it and be convinced.
Coffee at very low prices. Sugar 17 \ y'
i. We have just received a car load ?'
etour prices before buying.
d you are sure to be pleased if yon : ,
to please, t ., '\y$f
tf. TATE & CO.
??1B?mmm ??wmmm^ '
ON'S , |
We Need the Gash and >;
t Mention Only a Few ,// ^
Bargains. * .
ove Winter Wrap and Fare, so we
i of Winter Dress Goods. Closing :
for Walking Skirts at cut prices.
lied from our Shoe stock. Nowr /
1 will be fold for the next 30 days <
\ v. 'M
k Appliques,
Kids arriving , /K
ill to look at ' ; tj
JJ cDllI A Lyon's Loeitli.
^earetbe right people to buy furniture
ra. * .. * j
'rice* and good treatment la a good adverement.
Abk your neighbors about us, in
e you are not acquainted.
ee our line of Sideboard", extension tables,
ilng chairs, parlor suits, folding beds, leath* r;ouche8,
Ve have Just received a nice stock of monl- "
ig in an ibe latest colors and designs.
ve your pictures fralmed for Xmaa.
Ivery body admits that we have the pretit
pictures ever seen In the city. They
ike nice wedding present*.
iur leather *eat rockers are creating quite
ensaUou they are cheap and comfortable.
I,. T.4T. 91. Miller'* Locals. )).
io to L. T. 4 T. M. Miller's for your celery,
nberrles etc.
i^e can sell you your fruit cake as cheap as
i cud uuy me irun.
all and see our stock of fancy groceries,
tin etc., before you complete jour menu
ample our fruit cake and see If It will not
1 mucb lo your menu for Thanksgiving.
brlstmas Is nearly here and we are prepar*
to gladden tbe hearts or your chlldreu.
ibave toys of every description, a Utile
ney goes a long way at our store.
W. Joel Smith A Son.
' '* -r

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