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_____ ' : ?Lsas^s???
The Abbeville Press and Banner. \
' "W^m
* . ' . y . . i *%'
Maadajr Itralai Mr. NIm* DrlitfrHl
Nlrtag and Kla^acat (krmoa la
a Large CaacrccaiiH Hli Text
waa ?'raa? Paula Kplill? ?o lb*
Cbareb at Pbllllpi-Tb* Brlotrd
Sa^rialradfal ofTbaraarell Orpbaaa*?.
Rrr. W. P. Jar?b?, Prrarhrd
lb?? laalallallaa Nrraiaa, Iclluwrd
bjr a (large It* ikr Pawtor by Brt.
U. Xajrea?Tb? Propl* Were
Charged bjr *??. Waddy UadMB.
Wreeuvllla New*.
The apaeloua cudlinrluna of lb* Klrat Preabytertao
ehureb waaooaipleieiy filled Mnuday
taorolDg ?beo kUv. T. W. Mloati, Ibe uewlj
wlecied p*?lor of lb I* church, preached bin
Ural aermou.
Mr. Mloan la quite a you UK man, nemg ?niy
?years old, boi col withstanding bla youth
lal 7bibu made for himself a wide mid
dtatlngutahed reputation Ma a preacher of eloquence
and power. Uo Hunday morning br
aoaialned this reputation Id a marked degree
aa be delivered to Die new people bla flr.t
mewatie In language clear aod eloquent, and
* In manaar earnest and perauaalva.
In ooaneetion with hl? sermon Mr. Hloar>
read tbe Aral chapter of Paui'a Kplatle to tbe
Cbareh at Pbillppl and selected portions of
tbeSTib verse o( lb la chapter for bla text, VU;
"Only let your pWMN he aa It becomeib
tbe go?pel of Cbrlat that ye aland
fiaat In one spirit, with one mlod striving together
tor lb# faltb of the toapel."
An Immenae congregation, crowding tbe I
ehureb and overflowing into tbe Sunday
achool room, were prevent at tbe evening ser-1
visa. Re?. W. P. Jacob*, D. D., tbe veuerable |
0lfIO9) WDOW UUtariUK UIUVII IU wvuku ?*
Tboravtll Orptaott*. Clin too, HC-. bn made
bla mm ? bmwboid word throughout the
Houtbem Preebylrrtao cburob, tilled the pulpit.
Dr. Jwntw alto look bin trxt from tbe
wruingaofihe treat Apoatle Paul. HeimlrcLk|
m DM anbject I Timothy. Oral chapter and
15tb vara*: **Tbta la a faithful taying. and
wortbj of all acceptation, (hat Cbrlai Jaaus
flame fn to tba world to aava el onera, of whom
PDr A lailta Or. Jacob* beld lb* attention
of bla hears ra aa bw patHwa wa tipable ol
doing. Ha baa not alroog voiee. but when
be faeaa bla aadtenoa and beglna to apeak. tb?*
aarnaataeea, the guudneae of the man la ao evident
> bat bla eaerv word la eagerly ilelened
for. Hla aermon from Oral to laat waa aim ply
that Cbrtot Jaana came into the world to ?a?e
In eioelng. Dr. Jaeoba referred In moat up
proprlate terme to Ibe relationship tbat
aboald ezlat between paator and people. At
n aummona from Dr. Jaooba Mr. Sloan aroe*
and waa naked tbe oonatnational qaeatlona.
wbtob ware pmpoaed by Dr. Jaooba.
Rev. O. O. Mayee tben ebanced tbe pa>t?r,
followed by Rev Waddy Hudaon, wbo cb?read
tbe people. Both Mr. Mayee and Mr. Hud
oa delitwvd their cbargea in a strong. amr
ud blfbl; eredliabie manner. Tbe Important,
tbe eertouaneea nod tbe solemnity o1
tbe oMkkhio vu tnphMlHd by tbem botb.
After tbla part oi tbe aervlee the offle*n oi
tb? ebarab eame forward nod gave Mr. Sloan
lbs rlgbt band of fellowablp.
Tb? feci thai See. E. P. Taylor, paator ol
tbe Plrat Metbodlat cbareb. vat preeent with
a larpe number of btu m#mb*ra. waa appreciated
by lb* member a of tbe Pint Presbyterian
ebsreb. Mr. Sloan and Mr. Taylor are old
frteoda, bavins heretofore aerved cbarebea In
tbe aame place.
Tbe eiioir, under tbe leadership of Tboa. P.
C nbran, rendered many beaQUful aeleeUona
during tbe twoaervioea.
What -1" lew mm* Hear* mm Hta
Benada la Ceaairy aad la Taw a.
Abbeville,H. C., September 9, Wi
ahbkvilu: ubaukd school.
Tbe fall eeeelon of tba Abbeville Graded
Softool will opeu next Monday tbe l<>tb Inat
and a full attendance la deelrrd by the leach
era, aa U la to tbe Intereet of every acbolar to
be preeent tbe very Aral day.
' tux SL'XXXK school.
The Hummer Seboul tUat baa been In aeealou
about Kmr aeeka will cloas urxt
Hamrday. tbe 13ib. About <0 teachers, aa papUa
nave been in attendance and tbe aeaaion
baa been one of great Interest and pcodt to all.
Our elty baa been ailve wltb the pretty lady
taiobera irom all parta of tbe oonnty, and
many bomea bave bean made cheerful and
happy by tbelr preeeuee, and In their depart re
they Will be mlaeed, but will carry wltb
'bem lb* beet wiebea or una people Kir tbeir
ft(aniaon?wUM;|o Into ibelr different
Held* of OMfttlOMa. *
We note wltb a degree or "cltv prlje" tbat
antae of our mrrebacu are Interesting lbtn>
elvee In tbe external, a? well aa lb* Internal
appearance of tbelr aioraeby repainting tbrlr
JrooU, il|u tie. Ti'ttt linprovamenlo oral
Mat Utile, yet are striking In appearance, pre
anting a reel etty boalneae look and wiibal
eeteblog Ibe eye of tbe passerby, at being tbe
place ot a live, np to-daie bualneea man. If
all onr merchants would tooeb ap tbe fionie
of tbelr etoree, tbe effect would be greater
(ban ooald be Imagined, presenting a brlgbt
and atrlklng oontreat to aome of the old
weainsr beaten dingy fronta I bat are anything
bat pleating to tbe eye.
Tbe "big*'bosseom?ide tell Ibe newa tbat
near fail good* are already eomlngln. Yee,
nor merchants are bottling for a larger buainesa
tbla aesaon. boplng tbat tbe prloe In artIon
will make ap Ior tbe abortage In pounda.
"liotdyooreottoo" U ibe good end timely
advtee given bv Theodore H. Price Cotton Kxpert
of New \ork Tbe report of tbe I'. 8.
government Heptember Mb indicate* a condition
of M. wblrb la tbe loweal on record lor
Heptember. He lurtber aaya owoert and pro
dnoera ere not gelling tbe price tbey aboald
bave, and will certainly get. II tbey do not
rn*b tbelr cotton on tbe market. Hold your
eolton and demand a belter price.
A bappy reunion of tbe Kakln family and
doecendanta look plaee leal week at Ibe
Tbomas Kakln bomealead.and waa represent
ed by WO direct mem bent and tbelr children,
grand children, and great, great grand obila#ma
n I? Ihla reimrvan* anlrf Ka autan Aa
beautiful picture of tDDoccot childhood In tbe
prattling bah* and tb* bsppy smite of tbe
great, great grand mot bur she looked wllb
eyes whose lustre Is still undtro medal tbo bun
ored age of M bask upon the 3rd tand 4lh generallooa
aa tbey grouped around lb* loan
lablee Mi wllb plaice, knives and forks, cup*
ud uonn for every one
Tbe dinner wasa magnlOclent spread, and
was supplemented by a lend id barbecued
dlnoer. Tble was a great feast of good things,
eoodsh and plenty for all. May tbls earthly
reaDion be typleal of tbat bappy reunion
that sball have no parting, but shall last lor ear
In tbe sweet by and bye.
DKLlOHTrULLY k.htkutainkd.
Mr. and Mrs, Foster McLano entertained
last Monday evening In honor of their charming
guest. Miss Fannin McNeill of Charleston.
The evening was brim fail of pleasure to all
pr?ot. After tbe pleasures of tbe evening
delicious refreshments were served.
mkw clem km.
Mr. W. M. Andrews, of Wllllngton. and Mr.
A. A. McOord. of Hodgee, are now with Mr.
A. B. Morse, where abey will give tbeir friends
a hearty wsioome.
Mr. (Jalbonn Line, the handsome sod of our
eeieemed friend, Mr W. L. Link of Wtlilbgton,
la with a. M. Health & t o., where be will be
glad to aee bla friends to whom be will extend
cordial welcome.
Dr. and Mrs. U. A. Xeoffer. after a most dellghUul
trip to tbe "laud o( aun?et" returned
borne last Monday, where they received a
hearty welcome from boats of friends. l)r.
talks vary Interestingly about bis trip, but
says "there's no place like home," old Abbe
Miss Kvelyn Kstell Koblnson Is the guest o
her cousin. Miss I ha be 11 Evans of Lebanon.
M*ss Carey Calhoun, alter s pleasant stay
wllb relatives returned to her hotnv at firm
eon last Saturday.
Mies Willie Willis, of Kiberton, Is tbe guesl
or her fiend. Mia* m>ii B?iw%ru?.
Mi<m Jeoole MnKellar, uf Urit>uutwkI, Ik vl?
ltlng MIm lone Miliar.
Prof, and Mr*. J. (?. Cllokftcal** aud cbil
drra. ol Npartanburt. are lh?* honorml gutnii
oflbetr k I unman, Mr. J. M. Oaiubretl him
1m tolly.
After spend log t be healed term of suromr
tu bU mountain borne, Mr. W. J. Hryaon b?
kfc- Lijdr ? . : tfiLA'-1 "a: .
To th(
We are determ
money. Come and
bare of tbe fall bunloeM.
lira. M. K. Neel and daughter. of High I
Spring*. Florida, art lb" gumHa of b<>?- aoo Mr. |
N. Seel mod family of Lebanon. Mm. Keel
but many friend* Id tbla her old borne, wbo 3
re |l?tl to nee her, i
Mr. and Mr*. H-m Able* and children. Jn
oompauy wiih MlssM*ggle a bin., M i*s Nettle,
and Mr. John Crawiord. after a pleamtnt
visit to \lr. John Able* aud laiully.of Lebanon.
returned home laat week. I;
OepL and Mrs. Joboaou, after a few day* \
?ery pleasantly apent wllb Mr. Will McKen- a
tie and family returned bom* laat week. t
Mr. and Mni. c. N. Thorn too and daughter, H
neeompanlrd by Mim Kate Bmmi and Mr*, t
Lewia Dansby. spent a delightful time laat
week wttb relatives on the Havannab ?ld?. *
Tbey were gueaia of Mr. Kll Thorn ton. Mr. I
Martin, and otbera. Tbey returned borne last
Monday. I
Miss Anna Baas Is spending a few daya Id
ibaeilv with relative*. i
Mr. Tom Lyoo is Id ibe CI'v poal oflloe dur- a
IDg Ulf llllirw Ul Ult BiBK.r, Mm JUIICi w im
many friends wlab for her a speedy recovery. s
Master Eddie Koch#, ttie polite and popular i
elerlrlo the Iwi Office left Tuesday for Ht. c
Mary ? School near Charlotte, X. C. lvldle la ?
bright young man aod bis host of friends d
follow him with beat wlsbea. 1
Maater Harry Hill, sou of our eateemed u
lowD'OM, Mr. K. it. Hill left Tuesday last r
for CI reason College. Harry baa a bright a
mind, la quick,and Industrious, a young man I
of good habits auda general favorite, aod will i
Iu time reflect credit upon bltrself aa a atu- t
dent of that splendid oolU-jju.
Mr. and Mr*. John A. Iomax with their I
bandaome aoo, worshipped la tbe M. K. \
Church of this city laat Hunday. !
Mr Jatnea Eaaon. after many month* of de- 1
cIlDlog health orratbed bla laat at bla home
in Charleaion, 8. C.. laat Wednesday morolng v
SeptemberSrd.(|Wi. Many Abbeville friend* *
extend their aiocere sympathy to the bereav- 1
Ml family, aa wen aa vo mo rvmna m iui> city.
On lest Hunday morning Dr. J. O. Wilson
prvMbHl an earnest and praotlcal wriD"D
from Joiibui siIt:15. "i.'boow you tbls
day wbutn ye will serve."
Tk? PrnMcal of Ike Awnelatloa If- .
^NNla r?rM?r> to PrcjMirc Exbl,mia?NfTfnil
HaadrMl Dollar*
Watlk ol PrfMlaa* Mwl?wl.
Editor, Press and Baouer: Aa oar Coaoty
Pair will be bald next month, I would call attention
ol tboeede?lrlDc lo contribute article*
lor exhibition, tbe Importance of beglnlng at
once to aeeore tbe beat specimens available for
the various department*. Tbe Executive
Committee baa purchased several hundred
dollars of valuable prvmiuma. and It .now
devolves upon the people of Abbeville County
to make tbe Fair an aaanted auoce?a
bet ibe farmers at ouce eelecl tbe beat aaeortment
of grain, corn, w beat, oats, peas, potatoes
and any otber products of tbe *oll.
It laearneatly dealred to make tbe live-stork
?nd oonlirv departments of special linpor- 0
tanoe, h*nw, tb'oa* bavin* auch~. abould begin
now to pal idem Id proper condition lor ixbl- 0
At our iMt County Fair, no department reflected
snore credit uimn Ibe Aaaoelation than
lb* lad lea* bouacbold and fancy department,
and we feel thai no suggestions are neceaaary
to encourage Ibem to accomplish atlll greater
recalls In.Ibe future.
Tbe Fair la a County enterprise, gotten up
tor Ibe purpuae ot bringing tbe people logettier
In aoclal Intercourse. of developing tbe materlal
reaourcea of tbe County, and o 1 stimulating
u laudahie competition In tbe varloua
departments of Industry. Let tbe people of
every section of the County take a personal
Interest lu I la aurcesa, and we will bave a Fair
not only creditable to tbe County, but to tbe
State. J. It. Blake, Jr.t
Srpt. !t, 1902. 1'reeldent.
_ . . ? ?
Aatrevllle'a Rrrord la the Bswbsll
Antrevllle baa won laurels In the base l>all'
treon, ui wdicu "iiduiu wen w prwuu, i
On tbe Wth of Auguai. Due Weal, filing ronndvnt
Id their victory over (irwnwixxl.
thought they would cotoe to Antrevllle aud
wlo nnntbsr game. but before * crowd ol
about NO apeclatora tbey tailed la their atteuipi.
The aoore wa* aa follows :
Due Went?0 I 2 0 0 0 2 0 U?5
Antreville?* l) 2 0 0 0 0 U 2 0
ISatierlea: Young, McDlll, Caldwell and
Knp" ; Krwio and Wllaon.
Strike ouU: l!" Young 0 McDIll .i, Cald-I
well 'j. Krwln 1. I'uiplre: Jouea.
Donalda tbluklng tbal tbey could beat tbe.
the country boya, luvlted ua to Donalda on |
ou tbe .'Ira of September. We acrepted tti** >
challenge and abowed them bow (o play tmll'
by getting ?eyen hlta of! of .Mr. TPlbble lu tbe j
tlrat IduIuk. Tbe acore waa ibua:
Donalda?o u I u o <*? I
Autrevtlle??( o o o 0 t>-?l
Halterlea : Trlbblu and Orubba ; Krwln and :
, Caldwell, Cmpire: Krwln.
On the oth Due Weat, not *atl>?tied with their >
former deleat. catue to Anirevllle determined
to beat tbe country hoya. Again they were
' aenl bourn lu defeat. The ?corv be Inn thu*:
Due Weat- 0 1 I 0 1 II 0 II o-:i
Antrevllle?1 1 ^ 0 :i 1 u 0 (J -8
Pitcher* for I>ue Went: Caldwell and<Hlton.
Catcher* : Kpp*. Caldwell. M.( Caldwell. I*.
. Battery for Antrevllle: Krwln ant) WiImhi.
. strike out*: Caldwell 7, <)dlou J, Krwln 7,
I Umpire: Krwln.
You will notice that we bav? to borrow a
catcher, but with the exception of bun we
' play atrlctly Antrevllle boy*.
After tbl* tine ruiu l*ju*t the lime to get In
your econd rropol lrl*n potatoe*. 1 liave the
I very beet aeed for you; "HIIm Triumph" lor
plautltiK M*coud crop, SUct*a peck.
| The people know a kinmI thin* when they
. 11ante It. tbl* account* for tlie crowd ulway*
k around tbe *oda louutulu at ?
\ TheMpeed Drug Co.
I When you are looking lor achool book*
| tablet*, pen*, etc., don't forget the speed Drug
I Co.. they can furulah wbat you want.
L B.
3 Peoi
We are n
and preparec
gains ever b:
see what we
Our goods a
satisfaction i
ined to forge to
i inspect our goo<
Imalonmrjr Coalrrrnrr -Rrllxl?a?Nri
n vIcMTNcbtMiliiOpralitK-UMMl Pro*
pccta far m? PmbjrlrrlRl HcimI,
Troy, 8. C.HepL 8.190i
Mr. W. T. Bradley, Abbeville county'* nt?
v circled Treasurer. wan down la*l weel
Vc?r?(l?d h? had *uch u ipajonty of voIm
tod tbe people have ? competent man. II
iall* from dear old Loo* Cane, where lb
Cotcb-Iilah abound, ibao wbom no belle
ilood aurgea through the vHun of any peon It
111* dow ibegin*and ibe brmtra nave fuI
way; next tbe merchant* and banka, un
ben ~whar will we all be?"
Mi?h Halite Lou Culbertaon, from Amity
??., b bere with relative*.
Dr. and Mr*. K. Y. Pre*?ly, of Due Weal
rere down laat wetK among many friend
,uil kindred.
Mr*. K. J. Taiwan and M1m Minn I* were t
ee Ml** hue Mc('a?lau la*l week, and alao ai
ended the mitatlouary meetlui; of Kopewel
The uiunlnli' under the auspice* of tbe In
Ilea of Ibe A. It. P. church al Mra. Khihii
'homaon'a on Tburnday waa a Mucoene. an
really enjoyed. Tbe program oon*l*ted <
nuale, (vocal and InalrumetiluL recitation
itd reading*, relreabmenta, Ac. Twelve do
ar* waa taken In, aud a pleasant eveblng I
ill. Mr*. F. Y. Pre**ly added tnueb with be
a HI-executed accompaniment*.
Mra. Liuuie K>oln*>n aud Mim UuiU;, am
ialph, nave returned lo ihelr home In Du
Veal, alter a two month* vlall lo her lathe
dr. T. M. Jay.
Mlaa lrby, a trained nurae from Lauren*, I
lere with dear little Mary Kennedy, who >
inlteuick wltb lypbold fever.
Our academy look* quite nloe In her coat o
rnlte. Pr?f. Ixtve 1* doing much i-nn vauiou
nd Ml km Weil* la ex peeled from Orangebari
bla week. School will begin Mooday. i
lent catalogue bat beeu gotteu out. which ba
tor plnc*a of bnaioesM well advertlaed.
Mibk Martba Iteagan l? home (rotn tbe f...m
uer school at Abbeville.
Mra. A. J. Davla retarued from Green w<xx
domlay, alter two tuoutba apeul with bei
turn Mra. W. B. Nell.
Or. and Mra. 1.. W. Hbeppard from Mbert;
-1 III were up Saturday lor n day.
Mlaa Nora Cuddy from Bellevuo will opei
ler school at Bordeaux on tba 1Mb. They an
ortunale to aecure her again.
It la pleaaant to know that Mr. J. K. Wide
nau baa auMclenlly gotten .well to act ai
aleatuao lor E. \V. Walton at Bradley.
Weareaorry ! h>-arof tbe III health of Mr
. It McCotnb. of Hopewell, and hope th<
aeaua being uaed wlil prove beneficial u
MUa Fannie Harrla of Abbeville wax wilt
ler uncle Mr, J. 8. Harrla and family la*
Ilev. O H. Waddell. of Epwortb Orphan'
ae at Columbia, will preacb here In *lb<
i? ihodl?t church on tbe Aral Sabbath after
oon In October.
Mr. aud Mr*. O. W. Long wore to aee Mra
L.J. I?avla laat week.
The oontluued drought throughout th?
xtny Cane acctlon la dlacouraglng to th<
irniera, and many of them are leaving loi
be cotton tnllla.
On next Sabbath morning Itev, H. B. Blake
y Bin [iiriicii ? nrruiuu ui iuo >UUI1|
?ople *od children, lod we bop? to aea a bit
I>r. w. L I'rtwly of Due We?t baa Jum
liMd aeveral day* rai?l I n* hi I trad Icy.
MIkm Alice Dendy 1? la Augunlu With bei
Inter Mr* W. \V. liackelt. .
(.'apt J. H. Iirennan uuw drive* a'fancy toj
>u?y. and noihettilng unuMual may hap|>eu
Juntntep in ii. I). I'uckettV. new atom am
ante bla freab groceries you will go a aecont
I me.
Now, laat but not leant, * < hope ere tlili
eacben your eye Wyatt Aiken will be oui
'ongreaaroan elect. The paper* are filler
villi bia praine. which be la worthy of. and hi
*111 be in seeping with bia far*pread goo<
Tbe Mlnalonary Conference of tbe Method In
liurcii which ban Juat cloned here, wua oneti
lie moat pleaaant and baruionloun meeting
we ever attended. Mm. J. W. Humbert, a
I'realdent. made a becoming one, an well a
?mpetent; la well poated on ber work, and I
? instructive and Interesting to bear her tall
Mra. J.S. Herbert, an Organiser, waa of fei
worda npiendidly cbnaeri. which were like u|
plea of gold In plcturea of ailver. Wo wer
iltraya Mirry when ahe bad tlnlnhed. Mra. >1
L\ Owens. aa Secretary, waa happy in ber ii
[nxluctloiiH. and her face beaming wilh amllei
It waa a delight to bear ber apeak. Mlaa Ai
nu Anderson, im Recording Secretary, haa u
?u per lor in her work, and can readily wleli
tbe <|alll. Her clear, dlatluct voice waa exalt
heard through a well tilled church. Tbe lta|
tlatchurcli rave a welcome bv the panto
lU>v. A. I). Woodle. Tbe A. K. I', church w?
represented by Prof. C. Y l?ove, who aald h
wan uol accgntomcd to addreMalng the ladle
but bin very iiameauugeata addre**cp,.vc. Tb
Juvenile Society waa rep-evented by Mb
Itona Bradley, who in u few clieerv word
bade them ull welcome. 31r*. ItitlI Jay fr??i
thin M. K. church, upfnfd the doora of tli
church, the home* mid hear I? of tIn* |t?ople t
delegate* and v lid lor*. Paper* wert> rni
which were well prepared. Sumiituou* IumcI
?* were pread, where all mut uiul luterchani
ed word* ol encouragement. Nabliath day, u
Mil day *ervlce, with m k<mkI wrmon by 1>
Humbert, and h upleixtid ImIIc by l>r. F. 1
l're**ly of hue Went. At < p. in. it niuut nice
IDK whern the children were irlven tbe frol
?eat*. Thu* clone 1 h nieetliiK which will I
hii oumm In the memory of. hII who atteudei
Twenty-live delegate* were enrolled.
Hrnln-FtMMl \on?eu*e.
Another rldlculou* food fud lot* Ihtii bran
ed by the inont competent author ltie*. Ttu
huve dispelled the billy notion that one kli
ol lood I* needed for brain, another for niu
cle*, and nilII unotiier lor bouea. A corre
diet will not only nourulth * particular pa
ol the iMidy. but it will r>m>lain every oth
part. Yet, however good your food may h
i ik nutriment* In deatroyt-d by lridlgeMllou <
?ly?pepKla. You muni prepare for their a
pea ranee or prevent their coming by tukli
regular done* of Green'* Augu*t Flower, tl
favorite medicine of the liealtbv iiilillonx
lew (lOMMtililn dlKCHttou, Htluiululm tlm II v
|o licHllliy action, purlflvo tin* blood, mi
iiimKvh you f?*vl liiiuymil itnil vigorous Yc
run x**! tliU rellnblf rnuedy nt Tlie S|h-<
J)rnu Co. (ifllireen'M SihcIiiI A Initioitc.
! m - ?
"Hurl o?U, hurley urn! rye need (or mile l?y
A 111 on B. Mufae.
liny your li Mery anil under*cur Iro
^ 1^ -C
JiU VI j.
ow in the Gei
1 to give the ]
rought to Abb<
nri 11 a n fnv trt
VY xxx uv xvx J V
re all new and
n everything.
the front and stay 1
ds. Our store is Ni
The Meeting m flaceeM?I afreelln*
f F?pfr?-Trtj i IloMpllnlltjr.
Tb" Cokesbury District met* tin if of tbe Wom^D't
Kuroico Mlaalonary Society ?u b?M <
mi Troy \ugu?t 29-31, incluaive. As soon aa (
we reached Troy were cordially received
r- by ? committee, who assigned ua to oar rcI.
soeetlve homes. We were made to lee I thai <
?, we were anionic friend* Irom the find. I
e Tb* devotional exercises of tbe ooenlngaer
e vtc* Hrl Jsy e?eolo( |were conducted by K?v. <
r J. W. Hauibert. Mr*, owens, Dlatrlct Sacrek
tary. then took charge of tbe meeting. Ad
II droases of welcome wore made by Rev. Mr. <
d Woodle. paster of the Baptlat Church, alao by
Prof. Ix>ve. who repreeented tbe A. K. P. ;
r, Church. Mrs. Jay. from the local Missionary
Soc<etv,an<l MlasRoaa Bradley, from tbe A. |
t, R. P. J oven I lea. each aeemed to try to ont>do I
a tbe other Id making all feel welcome. .
A Oiling responae prepared by Mra. John O.
o Wllaon, bat owing to ber abeence, wax read
l- by Ml mi Aland Hrabbam. A reeponae from
II tbe Javenlleawaa made by Mlaa Annie Tay.
lor. Mra. Humbert and Mra. Herbert each
i- gave ua abort talks. It la Insplrln* to bear i
e them talk on tbe great aubject of Missions, i
d which la ao dear to their bearU.
>f Saturday morning we aanerab'ed for ao all- ,
a day meeting. Miaa Annie Anderaoo waa ,
I- elected Secretary and well did abe do ber
o part.
ir Mra. Owena then made her report of tbe
work done In ber Dlatrlct. She reported
d 9002.17 ralaed from March, 1901, to March. W02.
0 Of this amount the Abbeville Society ralaed <
r 9M7.40. * I
Reports were read from tbe various Societies
- hv IIia HbIiwbIm Maihh mm vmv 0iwwI In. I
i All abowed tbey werefaltbful worker*. <
| Mr. Dendv.Maperlnteudent of the A. It I*. 1
] **. S^Mtiil Mr. Hlbert, Superintendent of tbe [
Haptl"! s. H.. each apoke worda of cheer and I
Mid tbey thought their community and their
< hurch would be made i>?Ucr by oar eomlng.
Dinner wan nerved oo ihe ground. Ad after-'
"i on aeaalon waa held, re porta from Juvenile I .
Hocietlm sod well prepared papers rwd bj | 1
Kime nf the ladlea. Mr*. Humbert talked on
<>ur work In China, Brazil, Mexico and Cub*. 1I
We bad an all day service Sunday. Jtowrtt
Were -j.s delegate* and ofllcera present, ^rov'* :
boapltallty did aurely aboond.and aa we torn- :
ed oar Urea homeward we lefloor beat wlabea J
behind and truitl good Impreaainna.
Maud Bkahiiam. ,
Ninety-Six, H. C\ Hept. 8tb, 1WJ. {
? t
Oar sola Water bualneaa increaaea every '
year. Th#re moat be a rca?on. Call and let t
na explain ft to you. It won't take long, and >
! Kay and X Ray will bedellgb'ed todoao. <
Mil ford'a Drag Blore.
"Uheumatacura"?a new remedy forrbeu
matlam A poaltlve cure Money back If It
lalla. Kor aale only by Tbe Uyeed Drag Co.
"All the go"?tlaaue paper bate. Make you J
one. You can get tbe paper from Tbe Speed 1
Drag Co. 4
" I
1 ?
l! Is receivinj
? to make it
k Season is o
to liis stor<
;; This is
: place whei
. now the be
i general cli
\ inense stoc
tli a lOt.li #11
Come t<
Your best
d- m
J supplied.
? We will do all in r
? the season oi>eneri.
tu h
/-l. " f i?L.-. ,v ' / *! i."jt ,
4 hhev
leral Merchai
mblic some o
Bville. Watc
)U in tne war
L fresh, and
there, by giving t
o. 1 Hotel Block,
Picked ap In ud Area ad tbe Cltjr
2iin Aonio I ?uimj rri.urum uoiuc muijlav
(root Greenwood, where abe li?<l sp^nt
? week moat pleasantly with Mlaa K'jm Car*
Rot. C D. Mann, of Main t Matthew*. preached
la tbe Methodist Cbbrob Thursday night,
Lo a lame aud:euce. R?v. Mann la an AbbevlUlau,
having MM born and raiaed lo (bin
-ouniy. While here, be was theguert of Mr*.
K. A. Hlmnmoa.
Or. E. ij. Wllaon baa opened ap a Dental
office lo tbe rooms recently occupied by l)r,
Klllloitawortb over Cobb's HDm Htore. Mia
many frienda we'eome bin back attain.
Mlaa Lily and Mr. Tbaraion Clark returned
Saturday tram Hickory, N. C.. where tbey
have he*n vlaltlng relatives and frienda.
Or.J N.Mann.a prominent young phyaician
of Brancnvllie, M. C, waa tbegueat of relative*
In lite rlty laat week.
Mr. Will Braxele and daughter, Mlaa Marion
vial ted relative* in Anderson laat week.
Ml?? Mary McMillan leftTaeeday for Madlloo.Kla..
whereahe will make her home In
LLe future.
Mr. Jeff Coleman and family of t.'oronam
pent Hatorday and Munday la Uie city, the
[Ohu of Mr. M. T. Coleman.
Mlaa laabel Kvana waa In tbe city ahopplng
ouit ait'k polks.
Tbe many frienda of Mlaa Antoinette Hammond,
will regret to hear of ber lllneaa.and
lope that ahe will soon be well again.
Mlaa Joale Lyon la quite Hick at ber home
Hwr many frienda hope for her a speedy re
"Clifton" flour always aatlafle* becaua* It la
ilwaya kept rlgbt up to Ibe standard?Ibe
ilibnl atandard of purity and excellence.
Clifton'pcjMM)?*eaevery quality eaaentlal for
naklng bread that I* while, light and aweet.
rbe rich flavor aoaeldom found In the tread
nade from ordinary flour?tbat delicious puie
lumi uavur? ?iwi17c iuuuu in lav urimu
nade from "Cllftoo." which la no ordinary
lour, a* mmt people know.
"Clifton" flour la milled from tbe pick of tbe
Ineat wheat itrowu ? milled aclenllflcslty,
sitb I be bsat of ok III and machinery in every
letall of Ita manufacture.
"Clifton" la easily a leader and la atandlng
be teat of tbonaiuida of families. If you do
io| use "Clifton," have yonr grocer send you
laack. Tbe aatlkfiactlon experienced by our
cany customers la aa?ured.
Bransford Mills, Owemboro, Ky.
We have a good stock ol school f?ooka and
icbool supplies on band now. Expect to
handle Ibem mor* extensively ibis tall than
>*er. Tbe 8peed Drug Do.
? new Goods every d
1 J.J XI %.
always attractive, n
>11 in full force, trade
58 whenever you will
the best evidence ths
e Goods can be boug
ist of Bargains can b
>sing out of Summer
:k of Fall and Wintei
F September next.
> see us one and all.
interests will be carc
You can always get
>ur power to maintali
W7". 1
Me Cc
adise Business
f the best barh
our ads and
y of bargains!
we guarantee
he public the best
and a warm wel<
i .
Come and Join the throng of well-pleaaed
hny?tr* to be neeu every day at the atore of L
W. Wblte.
We are often aaked bow Ilia we have built
' up aueb .1 large Du?inn?? in ao abort * time
Aoawer?(Quality. Promptoeaa. Poltteneaa, Accuracy
a oil attention to bnaln??a will t*ll.
Mtllord'a Drag Store.
Atk yoor friendsaboot Mnreaeo, we aell it.
The Hpeed Drag Co.
Wear* atlll In the lead on painta. Try ua
and *#.?The Speed Drug Co.
8. F. Killingsworth,
No. 4 Heal Block Abbeville, H. C.
Dr. S. 0. Thomson,
oornar. H. C.
Phyiician and Surgeon.
" ten* of Abbeville and surrounding coun1
try. Calls may be left at MUford's Drug Store
or at ufOc<? up lalra la Hauk building.
August 27. I90?, tf
1 mil find of drf?aniakln?. Price* rrasonI
able. Work gonrant*ed. Gfve tuo a call at
tbe rHldeDwof Mn.Ju. A. Hill.
Aug. 'JB, IHUi. t( Miss LENA MENDAL.
A GOOD PLATE- ~.$?.?0
Afum for Fire, Life, Accident. Bond and j
Liability Insurance.
ABBEVILLE, . . . N. ('.
July 10, 1902. tf
ay and liis stock is ke]
fotwithstanding the Mi
is still active and live
, you will find all ham
it the people have foui
lit to the best advant
e had, while there is \
Goods to make room f
l* Goods, that will be i
We will take good a
>fully guarded and all >
just exactly what you
ii the splendid trade w
* t
goods for the least
iome awaits you. !
Have just received'
a Car Load of.... Jg
And Other Articles,
Gall on Them J
ran ? 1
luraUbw my ouionn /
And Frail Loaf Brad * '^9
Freeh flah on Friday aod Hatordcy. HlftMlt
market price* paid for Beevaa mm tiogn and
Green Halt Hidee. t
Phono No. I. 1
Vou are ready to paofc your blank eta away.
You will oeed Motfaalloa aa tbla oao be plao>
ed on the moat delicate good* and not ataln
ibem. The Speed Drag CO.
pt up so as
'ly, and go
Is busy.
ml out the
age. Just 41
?oing ou a
or the im11
store by ^
[ire of you.
rour wants
e have had ever since
... , Jj
' |
ive. i

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