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? HMII I I H.tlL. -I =e
The Press and Banner
B^Pabllabed every Wadnaaday it P >
ear la mItum,
Wednesday, Sept. 10,1902.
Far CaacrfM.
With only about l,Mi troin to hear from In
tba various eoanliaa. the rvauli la aa follows:
Aiken. -tamo.
Ooonee 1031 14*7
PickeoM :??l 1M0
Aml?r?w IMu ItUI
Abbeville - IT* S7?
Urt*D*oau 1W1 4'?7
Newberry UQ nw
TWO ??1
Aiken to elected beyond t doubt, lud AbbeTill*
will be tbe borne of tbe next Coogreeeman.
tor. Md Mn. Jfr?ITi>r at Rtar
Alter b moat dellghtfol atay of flee weeks lo
tbe Waal, Dr. aod Mrs. O. A. NeufTer bave returned
bone to tbe delight of tbelr many
Dr. Nea0?r vent to Rao Krancl?co a* a delegate
to the Haprenae Lodge, Kolghta of Pjribmm.aad
after tbe adjournment, they visited
Yellow Htooe Park and txutuy of the Western
f tttatea.
Tbey are now at bome to tbelr friends on
Cbatch Street.
A Nad toealb.
Factory Hill, Abbeville.H. P..
Hep. V. 1902.
Hiram M. Clark, an old confederate vefe
ran, age, A rearm, and a man without reproach,
has Juat psased from this llle to bla
<ern?i home, where boaeatT. aprlahloeM
and gnodueea o! heart h?w tbelr n?*rd. He
vu true to bl? country In war and imm,
kind to bis friend*, and a loving father and
kwted, a mo of toll. He ban borne wall
tola part undsr severe trial*. He baa Buffered
sluoe tba war. from the effect of a wound received
Id tbe war
Am BalerprMsK Teaav laa.
Mr. A. B. Cheat bam, who la one of our moat
arofreealte and popular young men, baa gone|
into bualneaa tor himself In tba store reoeotly
oeeupled by tba Kteboleoe Furniture Company.
Mr. Cheatham la a young man of sterling
worth and bin baalneaa ean fall abort of notbIdk
bateueceea. aa ba la poaaeaaed of those
qoailfieatlona tbat go to make np a thoroughly
aaeeeeaful buaaneae man.
. Wat eh bis ads and aee wbat ba ean do for
yoa in tbe way of bargat**. It will h? moo
?y Id your pocket If you will vtelt ols eetabMMSl
He re'a Tear lletlm.
If yon waot tbe beat aod tba cheapest
e loth log to be Kmnd Id America, please examine
tba stock of tbe Guarantee Clothing
Co., wbleb tbey now bate oo exhibition.
They are new men and propose to make
boefncee whi?a hereabout. We can't tell It
all, bat you can look after your owo Id tercet.
To my friends aad customer* throughout*
tbeooonty. I have moved from tbe store I
knntn aa tba Raasaall
Bidding abort tb# Onart Hoaae, toone rr~
wolijr otfopM by H. W. L?w?oo. known r?
the Tin ud Hiovi man next door ibou MeDill
aad Lyon on Trlnliv Street. Gome
aroand nod aee me. Yonrs. Mike.
1 till carry lb? mom Hon of goods.
Pop Goods at tbe Lowest Men.
Mr. hillUoff la an an lerpr tains merchant
wbobnyaat low prices and sslls oo abort
prod I. Asatrtlgbtasasblngleand aa polite
aa a Frenchman, be will make It dellgblfal t?
spend yonr mooej wilb blm. Goto see blm
Tbe Cemetery AMoelatloa will serve a pie
al? dinner at Long Cane Cbnrcb Ob Mepiem ber
ltib. Tbe pnblie la oordlaliy Invited to come,
aad beip la a worthy cause.
The Flaw lai t)*l all ver-ware Cheap
I am la poaUion to late a pedal ordera lor
anything In silverware. My catalogues are
open at all ttmea and 1 will take great pleaa
are la abowlag anyone ibfoogb, who nil)
deeire anything In this line. All goods guarsntsed.
Very Respectfully,
T. G. White.
TMaker Waated. N
Teacher wanted at Cold (Spring. Apply to
either of tbe following troateea
K. H. Cocbran,
I A Win*
w. k Kali.
' let Tlckeli
All pirtlnbaTlBi lee ticket* ipinil u*lll
pi?t or lug iQen lu lor aettieiueut.
Tbom?on Broe.
For Rkkt?The rtaldroet of J. Fuller Lyon
On Ureeovllie Htreetla oflered for r*nl. For
MrMtppl; to J. Fraaer Lyon. Law Range.
For Bale?Tbe booee and lot which I now
occupy. Can give poeeaeion Ootober 1.
J. 8. HtRrk.
LOST?A small black eetiei dog. Reward
tor toy In lor mat loo. M. O. ^ to 1th, Abbeville,
8. C.
waittkii?Tbe public to know that I am Id
the ktock boatdom now and berealier.
I. 8. Stark.
For Bali-Hum, aarrlage Rod baroeee,
baggy ftod baroeaa, property of Mr. B. >.
Bailey. Apply to B. F. Gilliam.
Hlx-room bouae to rant. Apply to Bpeed
roR rxjct?A three ruom booee on Cbnrcb
BtreeL Apply to 8peed Drag Co.
For Rk-TT?Hoane on Magaslne Hill formerly
oaeapled by Fraaldent Bailey. Apply to
P. Roaeoberg A Go.
Hoi;u to Rrrt? Apply to L. T. Millar.
Ir the man wbo removed an old eerap book
" ??- ? ><! Uti.nar *111
irvm ibv uuico w vuv SWM Ml>-tl 1><twM a | [
Mud U>? Mar, do queetlooa will be aekfit
ad be mo Mk H for u; tnooot tbmt b?
thlnki proper. If
Kit. P. Y. Pmnily, the able and acceptable
president ol ICnklM College, rooducted
rellgtoae aervlcea Id tbe Atmlau Reformed
cbareb laat Hunday.
KurnJtore peeked tor ablpplng, banilog
done with proaiptoaM.AOd saieiy by tbe Ken
Paimllare Co.
2M poaods dried (rait for anle.?Mra. s. L
HsMoa i Uc?U.
J oat la it Haddoo'a, French Flannels foi
lad lea' walete.
Call aod aee tbe beeatlfol line of Flan octette
and oouoga at Haddoo'a.
Haujoa keen tbat beautiful White Kn?broldered
Flaone) at Haddoo's ?
A great bargalo Id 64 loeb heavy skirling al
Haddoo'a for only SO uta.
If lo oeed of aoy early Call gooda call al
All wool Trleot for ooly ? eta at Haddoo'a
We caa abow yoa aocae bargalos Id Percale
aod Madras for Watats aod Shirts at Uad
Our alock of Lad lee, Mlaaeaaod Cblldreu'i
aboaa aorpaaa any Jonnar Block ever aboaro a
at Haddoo'a.
A foil aupply ol all Ibe late atylea of Battel
lek Palterna cao be loood at Haddoo'a.
th* DniinMinr for Heoiember aod (Jctobei
for sale it Haddon'i.
ne'* Local*.
I wilt order on or before (September 1st. i
lot of vtoltr cabbage plan la, any oce dculr
log plan la win pleaae let ma Know at once.
Two Hlea Mack pigs (or sale.
A Die* cheap line of gralea. Call and ki
aamplea aod give me jour order. Will ban
tbem M Id your bomea at a very moderate
A few cboloe aaed potatoea for aeooud ero|
Prtea vary low to cluae tbem out.
A nloe line of freab goods la all kinds o
canoed meals.
Have you seeo my stock of fresh staple an<
fancy eracksrs. Ii not, you should.
Blx of the best varieties of turnip seed v
arrive Saturday. Amos B. Moiee.
Do not sutler with Indlgsstlon and dycpen
ala when Add Iron Mineral will cure you
and all U coata la 25cla. at Spevd Drug Co.
The old reliable American preserving pun
dar oat> be bad at Speed Drug Co.
It yon are running a summer aebool an
SMdoouka goto Tbe Speed Drug Co. Tbey si
ways nave mem ou baod.
Oar Prescription business Is Increasing rs|
Idiy. There mast be a reason. Judge ic
yourself what u is.
Mllford's DrncBtora, Phone 107.
Read the
50 Men's Suits, fancy Clays, nt
lo?? " " " worsens, in st
7."? * '* MLxed fancy worsted,
135 " " French black clay, al
150 Boys' " All sizes ami colors, ai
J;- 44 ,? 44 IS .. 44 #|
?9 .4 44 .4 4 4 .4 44 ?
75 ? " " " 44 11 a
150 Pair Mixed Worsted Pants, at
100 " Faucy " " at
135 " " French Clay Pauls, at
stock; hence
la a Few Bay* Ikr Ulrln *ad Boy* Will
bo CarrjrlBK mark* of Book*.
Tbe opening of the eleventh aenaloD of thi
Abbeville Graded School will lake plaoe nexl
** ??r UanfitmlMr.
fluuuar, ujt iuvw v> I, . ... The
Facility of the School is an able one
end tbe mkmIod will open ausplciounlj. Tb<
oblld reu bit* been rMtoj ilnrioc tbe bntec
term, and now wben cooler days and toon
comfortable nights bave come tbe little folk
xre ready for work. It la Important that jv
try scholar should he promptly on band a!
tuo appointed time. School children. Ilki
racer* on Itie track.Viou Id bave an even star
with each other. The boy or girl that lose* >
week's time at -tie beginning la at a Ulwd
vantage during the whole year By all means
lben. give your oblld a fan ?*?.
Each teacber of the faculty la efficient It
bis or her department. Highly recommend
ed teachers hive been elected to lake thi
places of tho?e l-acbers wbo resigned or de
cllned re-ehcUon for the current year, and ev
pry tb log po<nia In a successful year. Tb<
hearty co-ope rat Ion of psreotN and tbe abU
tflnris oi tea Cher* Insure good result*. Tb<
)ears are pa?sli>g and tbe cblldren have n<
time to loaa. I?ei them get tbe advantage o
a splendid school, which advantage may b<
of life lotig benefit to tbem.
Tbe facu Itj at present consists of a super!n
lendant and nine assistant teachers. Th?
Vt? loriurr ir?cuci?
SaptrloUDibnl, K. K- OlIlltKi AbbtTllto.
MIm Emma Wblir, Abbeville.
MIm Jeaonle Perrlo. Abbeville.
Mlsa May KoberUoo, Abbeville.
Mim Park*, Abbfvllie. <
The five new te?rber* are:
Vioe-Prlnclpal, Ueorte B. llooke, Lake City
S. C
MIm Margaret OIIBn. Doe Weat.
MIm Brofdoo, Richmond, W
MlM Kale 1. Ham*. Alabama.
Mim Wbam, Abbeville.
MIm Roaa Maxwell aod Mr*. Caaon vil
tearb tbeaebooi al lb* jollnn mill.
And ao It will be ?e<*n that Abbeville ba
made ample provlaloa for ibe education o
all ber cbfldren.
A Cam.
Editor l'ren and Baooer:
Tbe article m tbe laai Ueue of your pape
wltb tbe caption ol "Attempted Araou." 1
calculated to do me. amoog people wbo ar
unacquainted wltb me. freat Injuatloe.
Vim IImaSHa hnllM ftlftKfinfffl IO K. E. Wll
Iltai, dow occupied by W. K. Clark, wu m
on Are on the 3>th August, 1W2, and wan Id
urcd lor considerable amount?the lofei
eoce being I tired the houae lor tbe Inaorane
Yon further ray, Iq speaklog of tbe track>
that "Id I be aioda of Iboae wbo aa w (ban
there la do doubt aa to tba Identy of tbe pei
?od wboatiempled tbe arson." lam glad a
the lactaud truat Ibat you, or whoever eliw
may *<e lo po?ee*stou or the aame, will uae I
for tbe purpoae of brloglog ab-.tut tbe arren
and conviction of Ibe guilty party, aod prom
lee every aaalstance lu my power to pnnlhh
h wretch aa would, lo roldnlgb
*el Ore to a dwell lu wblcb alept human bt
It Mr. Clark la telling tbe truth when h
tella arorea ol people he can put hla finger ni
toe wpukJ-be house burner. I ray then, tba
Mr. Clark owe* It to aodety aod to bit Ood t<
proaecute tbe caae to tbe bitter extremity ao<
knowing tbe (acta, and wilfully refuse*
to proraoate the caae, la htmaelf no bet
ler, lo tbe eyea of booeal men, thai
itie man wbo attempted the deed.
Aa aoon aa 1 beard of tbe Ore, and by tb
way I would aay. that Mr. Clark did not ootl
fy me of tbe Ore till II A. M., tbe next day
wbeo be eame to my bouse in company whl
Mr. Will El Ha. 1 dropped everything aui
went Immediately to tbe aeene at d did every
thine Id my power to faateo tbe erlme on th<
guilty party.
Aa to the lo?urance oo tbe bnuae. I won It
ray that Mr. Heory Tenoent of Lowndeavllli
D. C.. an booorable man, after examining tb<
bouM thoroughly, insorea Mime n?r iiw am
almost contiguous to tb? dwelling, there ar
M>ver?i oat bouses, smoke boase. well boast
bed burn, dodo of wbleb are insured, and tta
wbole. Including Ibe dwell log, eoald ool t*
bollt for 91000.
Again, as Mr. Clark knows tbe toarty wb
Urnipled to baro bla houM, and betides ba
in bla poMWIon, tbe Jog, can and sack lei
by tbe party wbo wouid bnro op bla family
and reiuaaa to dlscloe* tb* Identity of lb
wretcb, I woo*d offer him or anyone ela
tbe aum of 1200 in eaab. for Ibe appreben
Ion and conviction of ibe parly or partle
wbo did on tbe nlgbt of August so, 18U2. c<
lire to the bouse now oceupled by W. 1
Clark and belonging to E. E. William-.
K. E. William*.
Note by tiik Eoitoe? In our notice lai
w*?k of ibe attempt to bnrn Mr. WIIllama
bona* we certainly meant no reflection or In
potation agalnat blm. We simply repeat*
Ibe reports on tb* streets. Mr. William*
life baa been a correct one and no one wool
suspect blm of wrong-doing.
JEefes** Alssg Boole No. a.
Mrs. Frank MrOnrd and her ibree lnterc?i
Ing children visited relatives near Hodgt
' last wuk.
MIm Amanda Foitescue of McCormlck, I
l tbe gueal of Mrs. Martba Bolls.
Mim Helen Frail will leave Wednesday fc
i Wllllauaton, wbeTe abe will attend tbe Wl
llarostoo Female College.
Mr. Fblllp Cromer will leave tomorrow ft
damson. Our beat wishes attend these lw
young neople In Ibelr Ural year of college Ilf<
Ml mi Virginia Lomax spent la*t week wit
Mlaa Emma Black.
, MIm Nannl* Nlckles returned home lai
aflar o nl^atunf visit la hor orunt
mother, lira. Mallie McCord.
Mr Horace Mct'alllster of Abbeville attem
' ed mi vicea at Ebenrxer last Monday.
Service* will be held at Beulab l/hurcb nej
r Monday morning. Before preaching tbe ue'
mimbern will bo baptised.
Mra. Fritz (Joers la very 111 with typbol
M Im Klla Monday will entertain a nonib<
of her friends at * lawn party touiorm
I evening.
Mra. W. A. Lomax, after a pleasant ata
wltb bar mother lo Edgefield, came horn
laat Tuesday.
Mr. Hob Klcbardson la at bome again afl<
' several month* slay In town.
i - - m mm >
Hsddoa i Laeala
A new aopply of muslins at 5 cut. at Uai
' don's.
White dotted awl?a ut 12 Kt and 16 els. for I
1 dies'waists at Haddoa's.
Just arrived, India Linens and 1'ersli
0 Lawna tor mid summer dresses at lladdon'i
A full assortment black, bine, while ai
f??* Iu/IImh1 aiimmni1 mIt Irla uI i
price* at iiaddou'*.
A Kood assortment of Covert Cloth I
aklrta at H addon'a.
While laco Curtain* at all price* at I la
r don'a.
A new aupply of Window Mbade* at i
rt price* at Haddon'a.
Youcau gel nome bargain* In Hllpper*
|f Mason'* Jar*, quart* uud half gallon* In ai
quantity and at right prloea. W. 1). Karl
>ney S
Following Prl
$ 2.48 !'
ripe*, at - - :s.s?n
at - - 4.40
i" - - .->.49
i .Oi>
t .!>S 'i
t . - - - - 1.4*
t 1.W8 t!
,!>8 |J
1.28 jj
1 - - - 1.98 ||_
SR! These arc
the resultant ]
IVORTH will be glad to wait on hi<
Tlrrd Toalgbl.
How many aonlaarc tired tonight.
And weary nnd cure-worn !
I Kach one la IIred- tired of 1
Tbe burden tie bu borne.
Come, tempted man, you're tired tonlgbt; 1
You long, yearn to <to right.
And yet you're overcome witb wrong ;
You'/e (alien In tbe Ogbt.
K-?l now on thla?'hat ?Hf ne'er can,
Ne'er did, ne'er will prevail;
But heaven can and doe* and will
Defend when alna aaaall.
Theatruggllngyouth la tired tonight;
He baa a lofty aim.
Tbe battle aeema ao hard und long?
Tbla battle after fame.
Heat now on tbla?the good'a not reached
Atjuat a leap or bound.
Be patient, then ; tbe ladder climb ;
Mlpr not a aingie round.
And bere'a another aoul; abe'a tired ;
Hniok earth woul'i nut tier ofT,
* Bbe'a peolteot, but oh ! m> tlrea
Of eoorD and wcowl andacoll. *
? Be patient, aoul; the deed* we do
> We never ran undo.
1 llut liKtvta beb?ld, and mill heboid*.
) Aod beaveo will aeeyoa through.
Tbe old folk*, too, are tired, tonight,
} Hut, ah* How patient??ee?
What onoe to tbetn wan pure delight,
Seem* oow but vanity.
Lite'* little day In almost apent;
It* huu alnka Id the went.
They're ready and they're waltlog for
The call: "<;onie borne and real!"
Tklan Tknl We All Nhaald Know
1 UAlhrrod From Oar Ciibmcp*.
* The new bmUlechln Maine underwent her
f trial trip amand Cape Ann off Boston Augual
28; It made higher Mpeed than any other ablp
in the navy.
Two at eel dtgealepi In the Delaware I'ulp
Ml I la of the Je?aup A Moore Taper Comyauy.
la Wilmington, exploded laat week, killing,
f aeventeen men.
* While rounding a curve on a high embankment
near Berrv Ala., laat hunday morning.'
the engine and four caraof auexcuralon train ,
" leaped from the track and rolled over and
over down an Incline amnalilng the coarhe* i
,* Into kindling wood and canning the Inatvut
* death of :W peraona and Injuring hi othera.
Ml?a Clara Belle l>avla of David, Marlon
>. county, left laat Monday on her way to Moo i
Chow. China, to marry Prof. < Jlat Gee, a grad !
'* uate of Woflurd college, aud now a proleaaor |
' In Hoo Chow ITnlveralty.
t Kepreiwntatlve Jamea M. Urlgga, chairman
I of tne l>emocratlc congreaatona I committee, i
i. haa made the emphatic prediction that the J
it Democrat* wouid carry the uext houae. i
II Chairman Urigx* h*a Juat returned from a I
f. trip in northern New York, Maine. Now'
Ham pah I re and Veimont.
? "Audrey" bus been dramatized and will he I
, preaeuied for the flrM time Hi Richmond, Va.
aome time in November. Itlcbmond l? now
J Hie home of Ml?o lohuaoo.
J Edward Kgu' Mod, the author, died at j
' Jnim Ijick. Ij.ki! HeDL 3rd.
The Mica of de?truciiou of the la?t eruption
e af Mont P?*lre, ik(mu<1 i-f Martlnque, paralleli.
ed that which deu'roj cd the tbwu of ML. Pierre
lant May. but It apread None Ave mlienmore
t> eamwanl., The projection of deatruetlve mat1
trr aoutbward from Mont Petee waa almual
Identical with that or laat May.
9 The drag coDtatnloic Prealdent Rooaevelt
i and Mm party on the way from Pitt Arid to
Leuoox waa tlrurk hy an electric car one day
, laat week and the president waa allchily cut
and brutaed. Secret Hervice Agent Craig waa
. killed,Hecretary Cortelyou waa nll|li|ly ln>
. tared and the coachman waa aerlouaiy hurt.
* Tbe motormau and conductor of the car were
e placed under arreau
Tbe United Statea civil aervtce commlaalon
0 la bolding public bearlnga In Ibe matter of
the propoaal to grant an eleetlin street rail1
road francblae In Manila. Two application*
r? for tbe francblae have already beeu bad and
e otbera are expected.
Governor MeSweeney hu revived tbe
question of building a new executive man't
alon. which be recommended In hla aiesaage
L laat winter.
A stock oomnnny la now being formed for
the purpose of purchasing and developing
11 Chick Springs near Greenville, and making
a It a health report. The capital slock of tbe
company will be IIWOOO.
d Ho far only one bid haa been anbmltted to
the I'nlted Htatea engineer lor tbe conatrne
tlon of tbe dam across tbe Congaree river Jnat
u below Colombia. The bid submitted waa
Ibat of the Evan?vllle Contract company at
I'ltUburg lor 8&>,87r>. When tbe dam la finished
the Congareee will be navigable for
craft and will made Columbia an **lnlaud
mm port."
L- It Nutated that them miy be a great rise!
m In cotton on acoount of the government's la?t!
report which places the average crop at HI
la per cent, while the crop in Texas la only one*
half. It la to l>e hoped that tbe good price
>r will be realised.
' Win. Nathaniel Itoach, who was I'nlted
,r Stat?*? senator from North Dakota from IHKP
0 lo l^J died In New York laat Sunday.
1* It Is reported from Naple* that large Jvol-,
" umes ol fUme waa Issuing from the crater of
Mount Vesuvius last Hatunlay evening,
1 The :Mth anuual Stale fair will be held lo j
Columbia the last week I it October, opening '
1- Tuesdity, the 3ith and rlo?lng on Friday the
31*1. KXienslve plans are being arranged and ;
Lt the fair will undoubtedly he a decided sue
w ce?K.
I'rwldeot Kimtvvfll whk entertained moat I
royally by t'hattauoogn laal Monday. Th?!
rT party vlalted Chfckatnauica park during the i
w day.
The double murderer, William Bartholin.
" whow# body waa found near Hloe?)lie la., ha*
>e been Identlfl*! an the man wbo killed two
men In t'btcago ruently.
A magazine exploded on Governor'* Inland,
upper liiNtton harbor, killing one man nod
injuring aeveral othera. (iranlte block* were
hurled a hundred nillea away.
A telegram from New Klver on Monday !
'' aaya Utal belwren WO nod SOU atrlklng mlrirra
returned to work at the varloua mine*. Mana
agera aay that the atrike In New Klver will
aoon be euded.
10 Governor While of We?l Virginia, Una or*
dered the algnal corpa and five com pit n lea of
id the mailtla away from Ihe New Itlver coai
ill flelda aa (tie turner* are liegluulug to leaume
or A fight on Monday bet wean atrlklng inlud
era at Mwltby, I'a., resulted In the death of
one mau and the fatal Injury of auother.
iU lloth victim* were Itallana.
Acid Iron Mineral lor wl? ouly by The
Sffed Druic Co.
jy Hot weather t<> talk about uluvm, but then
[ - thcae are cooklu* hUivo, regular hoi weather
lovea, <julck cooler*. U U. Barkadal*. ?
f'ti-k'mJ. . -ii:' * *?/. V1-. "fc ? tM 2X:. . . I*.
cg List and 6<
UN) Pair Youths' Fancy Wormed Paul
I V) " Mcii'h Jeans 1'ant.s, at
HNI " " All-wool Jeaus Pants,
300 Pair Men's 8hoes, Solid Leather, i
I'iO " " 44 Vici and Box C
75 " " " Vici and Box, a
100 " Ladies' Shoes, Dongola, Butt
100 " Vici, Button a
i NOT dead fig
Low prices. W
? iviivji
The Nlalf V?lf. ^
Partial return* from 28 Coon ilea, Including
tbtiui au.ooo votea for Hiate officer*, and aboot
,t7.ua) votea tor (Jolted Htatea Senator,give tbe I
following walla.
U. 8. Senate.
Evan* .. 15J? I
I ^a timer ? 21,Wt 1
Kor Governor. ,
Hey ward 1R.974 1
Talbert 14.822 1
Gary I6,*? (
Hloau l.r?,Mi '
(Secretary of Stale.
l.'iMj i
Wllnon II,?>1 1
Comptroller (Jcuerul.
J one* ? lS.ftZi
Walker .. ! '?,??
Adjutant and Irmpector General.
Boyd 18,827
Knmt ]6.>I7
It. K. CommlMloner.
Kvmi* 1S.TJI9
The I'lnl Prlaary Klffllon Xrm?? j
Aa Error (' rrwl?l ? rirfRag* , i
.Mrl la Nam Work.
l/OWnde*vlll*,N. C., Hep. 1,1UW. ]
Mrs. J. C. Lomax went bi Augu?U? oo Moo-' .
day to *pend wblle wilU relative ami 1
friend*. J
Mr*. T. B. Cllnk*calea'went to WiJtmiu'i ?
Tuesday, where *be will auytawhile With the I
family of lier brother ana and otuar ainnpeo- 1
pie. ' t
Tbe Hr*t Democratic primary electlou came .
oft here, a* elsewhere, on Tueaday, aod with
or two exception*, It wa* all tbat peace,order- !
loving and good feeling people con I a have *
desired. A lew reflecttooa aiong tbl* line are <
In order. Here, aod according to report* at 1
many other plaor*. It whm In evidence that 1
too morli of tbe ardent b>td been awallowed. ?
Whether thl* wn* oue of tbe mean* u*ed by f
any of tbe candidate*, or tbelr friend*, to *ecure
vote*. I* not known to tbe writer, yet J
*ucb a conclusion I* reached by many obser- i
vant people. If thla questionable mean* wa* 1
reaorted to. It la not at all creditable to any j
one concerned. It t* noticed thai aumtut our .
new* pa pet* are alive to tbl* great evil, alio 1
are condemning it in unmeaaured ierm*.iThe
ballot never can be made purer wblle tbe bat *
lot I* a medium oi exchange, wblle vole* an <
oouglit nn<l void. It ha* been *al<l that u< C
thing* are lawlui In love and war; election* i
may beaddo<i, making a trio, nui In c**e ot j
the I a?t en penally. lb* *nd by no metn? Ju?tlflea
tbe mean*. Wl^rre any Improper
mean* are uwd to bring about any re*uit. It *
I* wrong. l>o right and risk tbe uou?e<|uen- '
ce*. Z
Tbe Abbeville conntv Baptlat Aaaoclatlon <
mntjai McCorminK on Wedneaday. and L)r c
T. O Kirk pal rick and Mr. O. Johnson attend ,
ed it, a* delegate from the Baptlat church In ,
tbta place. J
Meaar*. .Karl WaUon. and Milton Lee of 1
Ander*on, came down Wednesday and atay- I
ed with the fMmlly of their kinaman, Mr. B.
Berry AlUn till Friday.
Word come* in u* that the moat remarkable j
election under Democratic uaage. look place
In Andernon County la*t Tue*day. There
were seven offieea to be Oiled, and twenty*
three candidate*. For two of them, there waa v
one candidate for each. For tbe other office* ?
there were *everal candidate* for each one, t
and yet by that election, all of tbe office* u
were Oiled, which relieve* the people of the *
county of any further election confaaion and n
excitement for tbla year.
A ml?take waa made by tbla writer lo bla v
report loai week which he baatena to correct: ,
Mlaa Adu Kennel graduated at Aahevllle Fe- m
male College aometlme ago, and a week or
two afo, returned to Kalamazoo, about K> 0
mile* from Aahevllle. to bacome aaalataot In
the High School at that place for another \i
MIm Bertha White of Abbeville C. II., came h
up Wedneaday to apeud awhile with frlenda
here. _
Mr. h. B. Cook of Troy, waa In town Friday j,
for a abort while.
Mlaa Ida Hawthorn or Latimer, came Frl- t
day, and remained here for a lew boar*. a
Mr war*. K. U. iJupre, nouiucir <> muuu, e
Commissioner, and Itevld Ullllam. for Supervisor.
were to our town Friday and Saturday. n
look lug after their IntereM*. ?
Mr*. It. Bollu Allen. Mr*. R. Berry Allen,
Mr*. O. Johnson and Ml** Susie Miller, re pro- \
nenled the Rnptlst church In thl* place, at I ha .
meeting of the Abbeville Association at Mc("ormtpfc
la*l week. They report a very
pleaaant Hone.
Dr. H. F. Hoyt, according to the appoint
ment, occupied the pulpit. In the Methodtat
rburcb in thl* place yesterday, at II a. at. and
M p. m.. and delivered an Interesting aermoa
to large congregation* at each hour mentioned,
and at "? p. m. he addreaaed the Sunday
*Chooi* of this place In the l'reaby terlan
cbnrcb. v
Mr. and Mr*, (j. W. Speer of Monterey, attended
servient at the Metuodlsl church yesterday.
Mr*. Kate Sadler of Moaeley, waa among
frlenda here yesterday.
Word come* to ua, that Mr. W. R. Clark,
who live* a lew mile* out, awaked one night s
Ia?t week, and lound bla dwelling on Are.
Fortunately. It was a damp rainy ulght, and
the fire luade but little headway 4>efore It waa
dlHoovered. '.Upon investigation, It waa
found that keroslne oil had been thrown 1
upon tlio corner of the hou*e. and then It
was set on lire. The miscreant who bad at- i
tempted to do the diabolical deed, had left
too nastily to carry oir the jug In which he
had brought the keroalne. li was lying near '
by. I
The writer apunt u day or two l*.*t wurk
nmoog the very clever people of Latimer,
and heard pome fine preaching by lie v. W.
A. Kelley, of Aiken, who carried on a pro- c
traded meeting at Halem rharcU, after dedl- i
eating It yeaterday a week ago. The meet- 11
Ing oloaed with the Wednesday night Mr- 11
vice. It
I)r. K. F. /jillmer went to Helton on Frl-11
day. and returned on Haturday. accompanied
by Mr. Andrew Holland, of WaahlnKlon, l>. (
a *? ? ? ?nfull mMV Unlliin . | I
I It Liu .IIIWWIlic u.?u>v ... ?
" , 1
Kvery worthless man increases theM
weight of the world's sorrow. Every '1
sellish man arid** to the pret^ure of the!
world's* misery. !i
The surest pleasure* lie uithin the
I circle ot useful occupation. Mere!
I pleasure, nought outside of usefuiuesa, i
, in fraught with poison. ji
If (Jod is really pre|?aring us all to'I
j l**c??me that which is the very highest
! ami Is-st thing possible, there ought
never to lie a discouraged or uucheer- ?
ful being in the world,
t <
If) dn/pn Mpn'ft Huti. All Colors, a
3 Convinced:
ts, at - - .SS
at ... .7s
at ,1>S
If, at - - 1.9K
t 2.4N
on and Polish, at .1)8
nd Policb, at - - 1.24
mrcio Wo mi
} tiX v?u. V V V/ UJk ?
re invite you i
low High Priced Beef and Cotton Seed
Are Related. I
The Texas Cotton Seed Crashers'
Association at a late meeting held In
texas, passed a resolution confirming
hat the high price of beef was due to
i shortage In seed products. The folowlng
taken from the Cotton and
fturm Journal, throwa some light upon
ills subject:
"The rules adopted by the Texas'
Cotton Seed Crushers' Association puts
t In line with the other associations of
i similar kind In the South. It Is prob-J
ible that there will be no more invason
of Mlaslsslpp! and Alabama by
rexas mills in search of seed.
'Hie cattlemen who were expected
lere to expostulate over their alleged
>ad treatment during the past year
tare not put in appearance as yet, and
nay not. "ine cruancrs uu aui acyu
concerned over the threat of some of
he cattlemen to operate their own
nllls. The fact that the Swift Co Damn
y has recently purchased half a
lozen mills at different points was,
lot commented on by any of the crash- !
irs to whom it was mentioned, save to 1
he effect that Swift would probably
? able to use more feed than those
nllls would provide.
"A resolution was adopted deprecatnjr
'any act of congress that may tend
o reduce the price of cattle and hogs,'
ind alleging that the present high1
3 rice of meat is due 'to a shortage in ]
teed products.'"
This would seem to show there were
wo sides to this question of high beef
md that in so far as Texas is concerned
he price of beef is bound to vary with,
he price of cotton seed hulls and *ot-;
on seed meal. In proportion as the
trass area of Texas has diminished,
he cattle-raisers have been compelled!
o buy feed stuffs, and the only avallible
feed-stuffs in quantity is cotton
teed hulls and cotton seed meaL Hulls
lave been selllnx within tne last year
>r two in Texas as high aa 114 a ton.
rhis means that the meat supply In
he future Is largely dependent upon
he cotton seed oil business, and that
he people of the Southeastern States
rill probably go much more extensively
nto the business of raising cattle for
>eef purpose* after they find out as
nuch about the values of hulls and
neal as the Texas cattle man has
ound out by the necessities of the
rase. It would seem ss though the
astern farmer now has the advantage
if the Texan in raising cattle for beef
rarposes and in handling cattle for
lairy purposes.
All the cotton seed products that are
>eeded for cattle raising and compeition
with other markets can be had
1ght at home through the Southern
Cotton Oil Company of the Carolinas
Li*d flMrtia. throuzh amr at its win?
ir its headquarter* at Colombia, 8. C,
Charlotte, N. CL, Goldaboro, N. C-, Atanta,
Qa., Augusta. OtL, aad Savaniah,
VaiMB Whip* her Unsband Lylat
at Ike Polat or Death.
In oneoftbe beat cnmmanl ilea of Abbetile
county lived tbla eoople, notll they
rev to the ripe sue of a boot alxty aummera,
ad never a croea word p?d between them,
ottl the other day when ber bmband refnad
either to buy ber a Wheeler and Wliaon
wlnic machine or to have ber old one fixed.
Shortly after the fray Mr. W. A. ArleJgo,
rbo repreeenla \V. 1>. Karkxdnie In the Hewng
Machine bualneaa appeared upon the
lie la a machine expert and aoon made the
hannv If thev were In their I
reel slxteens by placing a Wheeler and
Alison sewing machine In their borne.
Mr. Arledge repairs all kinds of machine*,
ells oil and needles at low prieea.
iMMlV ibere la a dee years guarantee
rltb every machine. Tbe machines are kept
i uood running order by your bome dealer.
Hold on e*sy term* for cub. or on one and
sro years time. Don't fall to see our salesibu,
W. A. Arledge before buying a new mabine
or having your old one fixed.
Kemember we are headquarters for sewing
lacblnes, stoves, heavy groceries, dry goods,
boee, hats and osps.
When lu town don't fall to call and see us.
V* solicit at least apart of your trade and
uarantee fair and square dealing.
W. D. Uarksdale,
Abbeville, M. C.
IUrkailsl?? Lsrsls.
Km r km I n prices In Hour, get them and be
urprlsed at the price ol such goods.
W. D. Harksdale.
A bis lot and line of SI .00 shoes, both men.
rotneu aud children. W. I>. ltark?dale.
Hot price* In ablrtH, .'jOe ?hlrt at Wc.
W. D. Murkudale.
PratU Food In ?tock- make lien* lay.
W. O. liarkmUle.
New Orleaoa molamte* all grade*. Cuba
ugar nyrupd at, W. I). Harkadnle.
Trunks all Rise* and kind*.
\V. 1). Harkndale.
Wheeler A Wlliwin new In* machine* are Ibe
wot. all guarauled. W. I?. Hark?dale.
Extra pur In for any machine made. Al
nacblne* are hauled, cleaned and repaired.
W. I). KarkMiale.
Come and *e? uh (or anything.
W. L>. llerkudalc.
Percale and mtmiln remnant* regnrdle** ol
mat, at lliiddon'N.
Ilecelved thin >nk,? nice lot of freah canhhI
meat*. Ham lour. vphI loaf, bote and
mmlny, KnglUb miummko, Vienna fuuimaife pote<l
bam, chipped beef, tripe, ratmed beef,
neb tongue. Anion I). Mor?e.
If yoa want to aee tbe most complete line
if palnta you ever aaw, go to Mlllord Drug
When you tmve to move you do not want
,o damage your furniiure. Have It hauled
n a furniture wagon mud by experienced
furniture men. See Tbe Kerr Furniture
Co.. they will do It for you and at reasonable
Trunk*? Trunk* to act. All alzea and all
vrlcea. W. 1>. Itaruadale.
(>reutue*8 of mind may provoke
jealosy ; but greatueiM of heart win*
love inatead.
A friend I him been defined an"! he one
who couieti in when everyUnly el*e
iroen out." JeMUH in such a friend. He
"loyeth at all time*,'' and "xticketh
i?lo*er than a brother."
! 10 ' " " " " a
10 " Stetson 8tyli
10 " " " It road llriin,
25 dozen Men's Negligee Shirt*, D
! ]0 ? a Working Shirts, i
Over-Alls, Union-Made, with or
ist make room
bo come and se
II Abbevi
1 Floral Pamdr.
! The Executive Committee of the Abbeville
County Fair dm decided to have another
Mural parade on the (ant day of the Fair of llila
year, wblcb will be on the 21th dny of ikv
A l|ueen of the Carnival will be elected Inpop
u tr vote. Any per?on may v?u> lor it
young lady of Abbevln? County unJer the
follow log condition*:
Write the name or me young uay in oe
voted for oo * allp of p-per and enclone It
wltb ten cenu In tin envelope Mod depoelt
the envelope lu the ballot box. If a person
dm Ire* to cant more than one >nt? lor a .vounc
lady the number of vo<e*?bou:d be indicated
on tbe allp of paper and ten cenlalortacb
vole encloned therewith. No vote will be
counted which I* not eucluaed with tlie
The iiallot box will be open at Mil ford'*
drutf More on Uieflr*tday of riepiemoer and
will eioee on the SMb. At the end or each
week.or ortener If Itahnnld be round deelrable.
tbe Secretary and Trwunrer will cuudi
the vole* under *ocb regulations aa may berealter
be decided npon and the number or vote*
received by each young lady will be pabllfcbed.
Tue one who reoefvee tbe blghe*t number
will be declared Qaeen of tbe Carnival.
Tbe floral parade 01 l*?t year we* a grand
event but It la purposed to uave cue thl* year
that will excel II. All peraoo* wboennpoe '
-? 1'? Ik. ... M#t* and hi.ll>
mill/ Ulir'MUUUlU CUWI lUv fHIKUV ??? MVI|F
to make It a aacreae.
Handnome prize* will bo awarded for the
be*t decorated vehicle* aod bornea. Now I*
tho tlm* to lay your plana for this oceaalnn.
For premium hat or ?tber lolormatlun apply
to J- FraMtr Lyon,
hee> >Uury and Treasurer.
Food Adulteration.
"Io a pure food caae that was taken
up from Philadelphia to Iba supreme court
01 fennaylvania, aaya Public rollcy. "the
plea waa made that lb* law la not violated
aoleaa ine qaiulllr of foreign imbalance on a
food aUnle la audition! to Injure healtti."
The aopreme court decmlon la that nay polaououa
lugredieut, whether lo quantity to Injure
brailb or nut, la vlolatiou of Ibeatatuta.
rbe cry goea up tbat Ibla "will affect 20 per
cent of tbe atoek of tbe average dealer.'' If
one-Oftb of the merehandlae aoid lor food
comma* poleonoua logredirnta, there la a
aiartllng nereMlty for active meaaur**. Tbe
atupld plea tbat tbe polaon la not enough In
any one ailicie to burl tbe eonaumer indieatea
tbat tbe vendora never give enough
tbougbt to any aspect of ibe queallon but tne
pursuit of ibe nimble dime and nickel lo
l*arn tbe effect of tbe cumulative polaonlnn.
Certain!/ when we bear from the trade Itaelf
that tbe practice of mixing polaon in food baa
attained a'JO per cent prevalence, It la time
for atrenuoua aoppreaalon, aimed wltb tbe
moat vigor at tbe manufacturer* of *ucb artlclee.
In view of tbe above, had you not better
buy nifU.ii flour,* flour guarauteed pure by
lbs Anti-Adulteration League?
I! rum ford Mills, Omensboro, Ky.
L. W. White'* Local*.
If you want white liwni. India linen*, or
wfcllf checked naiu*ook?, ibe place to buy
tbem la L. W. Wbile'a.
Ha v? you *een 111 two embroider)?* at
Wbite'a? If not. i? treat la Id arore for you.
Dou'i miaa the opportunity of aeelng Ibem ;
and you had hci(t-r ko al once. a* the aupply
la diminishing very-rapidly. *
A newsuppit* of lacea ha* Just been revived
at L. W. Whit's. Tbey arc cheap, pretty
aud attractive.
L. W. White baa sold more than seven hundred
yards of a pin cord, white lawn thirtyeight
Inches wide. Tbe price la 10 cents a
yard. Only a amall quautlty la left. Tbls
good* I* suitable for waist* and dreaae*. It la
very desirable. Look at II, and you will be
sure to buy It.
Now la tbe time to make forage. Nothing
moires haileP n<iV MAPM rtf II tilfitl
German Millet.
Bay yoar wd from L. W. White, and mw
while I be re la a good aeoaoo la the ground.
Sew Phone*.
Wm. P. Ureene, residence, J.'W.
A. li. Harnett, atore, 137.
Jobn McKee, atore, 139.
I'. H. Helleni, residence. 7.
M. T, Kakln, residence, Ki
John Wltlte, rtwldence, 1%.
Ktectrlc Llcht and Power CO, Kit.
M t. Carmel, 1 *2. 2 rlou*.
Jim. Tbornton, 3 rlufm.
Ml we* OoJeand Lacy Glbert, If.', * ringa.
I)r. Hhermrd. l.TS, "> ring*.
Major Arthur Parker, i:?, C rlnga.
Prrfcflloa AlUiard.
"Clifton" fancy patent Hour la ft Pcr(*?1
(lour. It li noi poMlble lo put more quality i
and partly Into your tban our "uuiioq umuu i
con Ulan.
"Clifton" la a aoft. wblie. fancy patent, and
la madv from aelect wheat, every grain of
which m grown on Kentucky noil?tbe inut,
wheat In tbe wide world. Only the choice*!
berrlea are selected. Tbeae are thoroughly t
cleaned, and tbeu by a apeclal proce*n of
gradual reduction are converted Into llour.
1 Tbe cream ol tbta flour la aepamini and nlfled
I gently tbrougb tbe fluent alik bolting cloth,
giving it a velvety aollnean Heldoru found lo
I ordinary flour. Tbat'a Clifton" and tbat'a
I why It la a perfect flour -the fluent product
' expert milling and a modern will can make
; from the wbeat grown.
I "Clifton" la a flour of quality at a reaaouable
price. You ran pay aa much and get an In-'
j ferlor flour, but you cannot get a better flour]
whatever you pay.
Hkakkkokd Mit.i.,
Oweuaboro, Ky.
llnrkadale Loral*.
Wheeler ?fc Wllaon aewlng machine, No. j
ball bearlug, warranted tbe very beat.
W. 1). liarlcadnle.
Seed oata, barley, home ralaed.
W. 1>. CarkMlule.
Syrucuae borae plowa for nale. alno flxturea. I
W. I>. Barkadale.
Klg line of ilioea, hatH and pan la.
\V. I>. Barkadale.
Big line of 5c. hoae and half hoae.
W. I>. Barkadalc. |
Bagging and tie*, tbe loweat. ? _J_1
? . I'. DHinnuniv.
Lot* of molaiutea at old price*.
W. I). HarfciuUle.
Si^eti'o t 'ouKb Syrup i? KU?renl?><>?l. Try a
bottle. The SpeeiJ I>rug Co. |
i Our regular good* nl regular prlre*ronrll'
luie ("Iter valtittt than peelui Ixir^Kinn"
i rl?ewhere. W. D. Hark Mlule.
' We have Tl**ue I'aper In 2! different color*.
; The .speed Drug t 'o.
J See our Candy. The Mock In the Irenhent
till <1 UlCtfHl 111 AI)IM*Vlf le. -1 UC'->|N-l-u l/l un vu.
! Smukr the tM>?i ctiutr* when you cun get
them lor Hit) kmuii< money. We ??|| mImiuI kIx
j thouMtnd t'iK?rx a inoutii. Tim In proof of
I IU menu Speed Drug Co.
i'MUdy frtwli every week at Mlllord'x Drue
Store. *'?"?De ,u;
t - ' .*?
it .08
e, at - - - .98
at - - - - . .78
ouble Collars and Culls, at - .48
*lnt; Make, at - . - .34
itbout aprons, at .39
l for our new
se for yourself.
nn Ethel Inn,
lln.?. a.
? I
MM Milt Ml,. 1
A eorp? UMbtri. Primary, Academlc,Collactate.
Mualc. Art Praparea lor JnnlOf mat
lc all Oollecea. Paplla board ad In prlvaU - . *,,
cheap. Para water, ellouoa, rallcloaa
_ D. W. i^CHARDttON,^
JUiy i?i I9uz? vi renuivwii, o. v?
Woiord College |
H. N. SNYDER, M. A., President.
HurruuDdingM. The beat lofloeneee.
N'mmtrj nptniM from |U0 to 1178 tor the
jrear. For catalogue or oUier InformaUoo,
apply to
J. A. GAMEWELL, Hecretary. )
Wofford College
rilling jtuuui,
Kiwnt new bonding. C?refol attention to
Individual xtodenl. Board and tuition fo*
year. 8110. All Information given by
A. M. DrPRE,
Julys. IttK. tf HwlMMUr.
uuLLtac ur umuuxdiuii.
Founded in 1785.
f CherolCMl. Phyalritl, nud Rtoioftrml Lftbo>
nitorlfn; Library of 14.0U0 toIubm* ; ttM 11 Mat
Mumn of Natural HUionr la Um 8oaU>.
...?.. 1 !__ nJ R
Mirim DUUITK inuiui av un I i.to vi
A.. B. 8. and M. A. Board wlU) furntabert
room Id College Dormitory mo be obtained
for $10 a mouth. TulUoa, M). One HobotarmIiIp
glvtoa free tnltion la aaelgned to eaeh
county if South Carolina, the bolder to be
appoluted by the Probata Jad?e aod Um
rounty Superintendent. Total mbwiw for
ScbolarablpHladeata.fUS toflM. All candl late*
lor admlaalon are permitted to oonpala
for varan t Koyee Hcbolarablpe wbleb pay ?.
fISO a yrar.
Eotranee Kxamlnatlona will ba bald at Ab
bcvllle. on Friday, July II, 1902. Next Hee
Hlon begin* September 2?. Par catalogue
Hah moved, and oocuplee Um room* op*
atalra In Knox'a Boll, and la now pre
pared to do all klnda of repairing and oleqp
loi or (?OllMII?a-| HOUM OB Hwn nmwi
Bam plea o t aulla always on hand, Otaast*
Charleston and Waiters Oaroliu &. R
aad Aakerllle Short Line.
io rff?ct Jaljr I, UQ2.
Lr AHUli n7~ i? 10 10 am ~?li6p5
Ar firrrnwood ll<4po
Ar Harris Mprinp lltpm ?
Ar Aadywua ......... 7 15 pm
Ar LAarvM...? ? .... 1 45 pa 0 95 am
i'Kni ID SO am.
ar pnwuniip ? ?~ w? _
Ar 6Icon HprtnjS... 4 00 pa
Ar BprUnborg S U pa U 0U ?
Ar Saluda SU pa
Ar UendfrtonrUla. lUpm
ArA*herilU_..7 16pro
LrAaiMville 7 Oft aa ?v
Lt Spartanburg? >. '.3 01 pm 4 0C ,ui
L? Glonn Spring*^ 10 00 pa
Lt flwt&u? 12 1ft pm 1 45 pa
Lr Laurcnj ..._ 1 S5 pa
Lt AD<l?r*aa 7 26 am
Lt Greenwood 3 51 pm 4 SO SB
Ar A acute. ft 20 pa 11 35 Mi
Lt Au*u?t?_ 3 8ft pa
Ar Allendale 4 SS pa
Ar Fairfax 4 44 pa
Ar YomwM 9 00 mo ft 45 pa
Ar Beaufort 10 IS ia 0 3ft pa
Ar Port Bora] 10 30 aa 4 SO pa
Ar HtTiaajkh .........
Lt Cfcarfeaton.. ?
Lt Port Koyal 100pa 7 05 ta
Lt Beaufort... 1 14 pa 7 1ft aa
Lt Tetniwc 2 30 pa X 05 ta
Lt Fairfrx 9 07 aa
Lv Allendale..., ......... 18 aa
Ar An?u*te- ......: ......... 1 30 *
Lt (Infiiwwid ? ? 4 06 am
Ar Lmmii-...?.m...~>. ?. I 00 aa
Lv Lauren* - 6 1ft na
Ar ttpartenbiin[....~~....~~... 9 00 ta
Lr Spartanburg. ..... 4 00 pa
Lr lAurcna. 6 95 pa
Ar UrMVouj 8 3ft pa
Clou- connection* at Oreenwood for all potata oa
8. A. I.. ?u?l C. h O. Kallwaya, and at Bpartaaboif
with Southern Bailwajr.
Kor any Information re LaUra to tlcketa, rataa,ached.
a!<\ etc., addreaa
KKNE8T WILLIAMS. Gen. Paaa. Aft,Aagvate,Of.
K. M. NORTH. Hoi. AnoL
T. M. KMEKHOX. Traffic Mas agar.
Nam mer Rr*orl t omrr ? ? ?>
Allan la. May 7, IMS.
Much valuable information milled free to
any addremi upon application to AfMU,
.Southern Ky. w. H. Teyioe. AaaL G?o. hwa>
Agent, Atlanta, l?a ; K. V. Hast. !)1t. P**?.
Agent, c'barleaton. H. C.. J. C. Btam, Dial.
t i'aae. Agent, Atlanta, Ua.
I Abbeville Lodge No. 45, L 0. 0. F.
?*a at r-iu o'clock In odd Kfillowa Hall. All
bn-ttiren, ami *t?ltoni upeclally, are moat oordl?lly
luviunl to attend.
.1. s. loch rim. (iambrelj,
Harrrury. Nobl? Urattd.

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