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WHITE spaw HCmi
Rear-Admiral Sumner Captures May j
aguez, Porto Bico.
It to Mated Tlat tk? Httd of limit* la
IcMttai aad a Qraatar Navy la Da*
sMrattd ? Four Slav fcblp* Saat
Oat Act XJka Seaata aad Lead tba
Blaa riaat Aatray.
Mayagues. P. R.?The combined
Booth Atlantic and European squadrons,
under command of Bear-Admirals
Snmner and Crown Innhleld, together
known as the White 8quadront have
captured Port Mayagues. The main
ship channel was completely mined j
bj the Illinois withis thirty-five min- j
? !*? ahlna ontttMwf tha lmrlior I
The scoots of the Bltfe, or defending
qoadron, and the lighter vessel* of
that squadron appeared later off the
entrance to the harbor, bnt not In ?ufHelent
force to. hinder the operation*
of the White Squadron. The mining
of the harbor was so expeditiously
performed that, under the rules of the
Search problem, the enemy cannot now
take the port with any force be can
bring to bear.
The ships .of the White Sqoadron left
Trinidad on Thursday. December 4.
When out of sight of land a division
under command of Captain Walker.
v consisting of the San Francisco, the
Atlanta, the Nashville and the Eagle?
these vessels being the slowest of the
sanAdron?waa detached, and. after
reaching the carve qt position from
which the problem started, went
through the Windward Island passage,
between 8t Lucia and St Vincent, to
make a feint on the southern coast of
Porto Rico.
The main force. Including the Iowa,
the Illinois, the Chicago and the Albany,
after reaching the curve of position,
made a detour to the eastward
and north of the Windward Island and
Porto IIIco. The squadron cruised at
high speed 200 miles off shore, and by
brilliant navigation passed Inside Desecbeo
at night. The ships skirted
along the coast of Porto Rico, completely
eluding the scouts of the defending
squadron, of which none was
seen until the attacking force was at
the mouth of the harbor.
In the meantime the detached division
had made a feint south of Ponce.
It was discovered there In the evening
by scouts of the Blue squadron. The
ships immediately withdrew to the
southward, in order to draw the Blue
forces in that direction. Then the
Nashville, commanded by Captain
Niles, and the Eagle proceeded Immediately
to Mayagues. which they reached
soon after the main body.
11 A .l.m
tiw w?u wurktu uui |wui VI, aiuiv>,
the splendid navigation of Rear-Admiral
Sumner's flagship, Captain Perry
' commanding, the high speed of the
vessels of Rear-Admiral Crownlnshield's
European squadron, and the
smcrt mining work of the Illinois, under
command of Captain Converse,
wen controlling .features of this successful
The Hist, the only vessel of the Blue
force Inside Maysgues harbor, escaped.
The problem Is held to be a further
demonstration of the need of exercise
' In scouting snd of a greater Nary. In I
fkt fSMvoif IpflKllltv a# < Aoet 1
Vanbuskirk quietly stole upstairs and
Jumped from a window.
Grether was found by David Smoke,
a young bootblack, and four friends j
near Spraguevllle. They discovered
him In a barn and pulled him oat of
the haymow. He was brought back
to tbe Stroudsburg jaiL
Ktotu Aldermea Also Sentenced For
Contempt of Court.
Denver, Col.?Mayor R. P. Wright,
Jr., and eleven Aldermvn were sentenced
by Judge Mulllns, of tbe District
Court, to serve four months In
Jail for contempt of court In disregarding
tbe injunction lssned by Judge Mulling
to rectrain the enactment In the
equal to that commanded by Rear-Admiral
Sampaon In the Spanish-American
War to prevent the seizure of one
of Are porta within an area of 1T0
ll?Mrtskl? Irltau Md kythtlMM
mC BipwmWIwi.
Washington, D. C.?The House paid
a remarkable tribute to the memory
of former Speaker Thomas B. Reed.
Hla death had created a deep impression,
and there was a universal desire
/ among the membera that the House
show a signal mark of respect to his
memory. For the House to take action
on the death of a former member had
only three precedents In its biatory?
the deatha of Benton, Blaine and Alexander
H. Stephens, when it adopted
resolutions trad adjourned out of re?
sped to .their memories. The House
followed these precedents in the case
of Mr. Reed. The chaplain at the
opening of the session made a feeling
reference to the death of the former
Speaker. No buatness was transacted I
except the formal reading of two mes- I
sages from the President and an ar- !
rangement to postpone tbe special or- j
der for the day until tbe following day. !
Then tbe resolutions, which enumerated
the qualities and achievements of
Mr. Reed and expressed deep sorrow
for his death, were Introduced and
adopted, and the House adjourned.
Pi Mldaat CnaitM RraUnn of Olilcoo
W. Marsh. Coavlctrd la Philadelphia.
Washington. D. C. ? The President
has commuted to a term of Imprisonment
to expire December 24 next the
sentence of Gideon W. Marsh, who
was conrlctcd In Philadelphia of violation
of the National banking laws,
and on December 13. ISIS, received
three sentences aggregating twelve
years and three months' Imprlnonment !
In the Eastern Penitentiary, at Phila- >
Marsh pleaded guilty to tkree indictments
consolidated, expecting to ;
receive one sentence. The Attorney, i
ueuerai recommended lue conimuw- i
tlon. as he believed that the usual pun- j
tahment of Are year*' Imprisonment ;
was sufficient,
Ifcuorock 1? Dmiw Vtom Fir*.
A Ore at Denny's shipyards. Dumbarton,
Scotland, did flOO.OOC damage
and came near destroying the Shamrock
III.. 81r Thomas Upton's challenger.
Although all the material
parts of the yacht* were saved. It la
thought that construction of the vessel
may be retnlrded and the International
races delayed.
IidnitrUl Stagnation In Denmark.
Intense cold and Industrial slagua- ;
tlon ure cncaing great suffvris? in ,
The mints of Slain have been closeh
to tbe free coinage of silver.
Eighty-two acres of London were j
old at auction for $2,825,000.
4 Confederate veterans in Virginia
hare started a fond for a monument
at Richmond. Va., to General U. S. '
Government naval prisoners will |
hereafter wear a uniform of plain i
dark gray, with a round hat of tbe I
same hue. '
Ronmanla has decreed that only clttens
may hereafter practice law or 1
net aa lawyers' delta, this being aimed
ftt the Jews.
The cold wave general
Snow, Wind and Frost Sweep the
Whole Country.
Bllmrdi la llw Woat aari Wow Tork sttli
-Cwl 8?pp!jr Short la Many
CUloo Ziro Wtalbtr.
New York City.?Snow. wind and
frost swept the whole coantry. and
from every quarter "the coldest weather
of the year" wag reported. Bllx
? J Voir
zarus rugeu iu uiuuj |wno vi ?v?
York State, and In some places the
thermometer bad dropped to zero.
Two feet of snow fell in Chautauqua
County, blocking street car lines and
seriously delaying trains, while the
country roads in every direction are
impassable. At Coxsackie the Hudson
River was frozen over from bank to
bank, and all traffic was suspended
above Kingston. v
From St. Paul, Alinn.. comes the report
of temperature twelve degree*
below zero, and the Weather Bureau
held out no Indications of relief. Five
deaths from the cold occurred In Chicago.
where the thermometer hovered
about the zero mark all day.
The northwestern part of Pennsylvania
was in the grip of a bowling
blizzard. A fierce wind piled the snow
Into dangerous drifts in many places,
und though the railroads bad kept
their snow plows in operation to keep
the tracks clear, trains on all the roads
In the district were delayed.
The heavy swirl of. snow that descended
on New York City was the
first bitter warning that the cold wave
bad reached this city, and a special
forecast was Issued by the Weather
Bureau ordering the display of storm
warnings here and at Sandy Hook.
Similar warnings bare been issued an
along the Pacific Coast from San Fran- i
cisco northward.
As notices foretelling tbe approach
pf tbe cold ware were seat out through
tbe interior there la hardly a Stnte in
the Union tbat could hope to escape
its taste of real winter.
Even In the Southern States the
temperatures bare fallen. From tbe
slope region eastward they range from
eight to thirty-six degrees below normal
arerage of other seasons, and tbe
slightly higher figures receired from
the districts west of tbe Bockies arr
due to a local disturbance of marked
All Northern New York suffered severely.
At Plattsburg tbe thermometer
was four degrees below sero. At 8aranac
Lake forty-two degrees of frost
were registered, and Saratoga was
caught in a sudden nip when the thermometer
dropped ten degrees between
noon and dark. Heavy snow bad fallen
and the same conditions prevailed in I
the Adlrondacks.
The blixxard. which struck Rochester j
with ft wind .blowing forty-five miles
an boor, caused great suffering, as the
city is almost destitute of coal and the
poor are in tbe utmost distress. .
Not more than tnree inches of snow
fell in Chicago, but with tbe thermometer
at sero the city was In the
grip of the coldest wave of the year.
Delay of traffic on the steam, street
and elevated lines was genera?, many
of the suburban trains being half an
boor late, wniie tnrougn trams iruw
the East and West were delayed aa
much as four and six hours.
The shortage of the coal supply was
felt In earnest for the first time, and It
la said to be Impossible to bay any coal
at all In some of the outlying districts. |
Throughout Wisconsin and the citiea j
of upper Michigan the thermometer j
ranged round and below tero, and there
are said to be heary losses of stock i
In the country districts.
Throughout Kanaaa and the Terrl- :
tories It waa the coldest day of the 1
year, and a further fall of temperature
waa expected. Along the Pacific
Coast heavy galea hare raged, with Incessant
snow. The steamer Cottage I
City, which reached Seattle from the i
north, reported a continuous gale since
December 1. and telegraphic communication
between Seattle and the country
north is suspended, as all the wires
are down.
Ontlwr Catches > K*ap?r Ntpplu Mid
Jotnpa From ? Window.
Stroudsburg. Pa.?Charles Grether, j
the convicted murderer of Constable
Adam Strunk, escaped for the second
time from the county jail. Daniel Vanbuskirk,
another prisoner, got away
with him.
After breakfast Grether was taken
to the bathroom by Reinbart, the
watchman, who then walked out of
the jail corridor to the reading room, !
falling to lock the big iron doors.
Grether was quick enough to notice
tho tvatollman's mistake, and be and
form In which It was presented of an
ordinance granting a franchise to the
Dearer City Tramway Company.
Mayor Wright signed the ordinance.
tkAM?k *HI? nnf tv<ifl onAMflonllv fnrhill.
den by the court. Tlio Mayor and
Aldermen will appeal from Judge Mullins'a
decision on legal points Involved
In the case and remain at liberty under
Doth F?r Boy Burglar.
Horl Whitney, aged seventeen, was
found guilty at LexiuRton. Ky.. of
complicity In the murder of the merchant
Addison Cbinn and sentenced to
death. Claude O'Brien, his companion,
who actually tired the shot, will
be immediately placed ca trial.
O'Brien is eighteen years old. They
were daring burglars.
Coventor Od?H'? Plurality.
The plurality of Governor Odell at
the recent election in New York Sir.re
was ?XJO
Personal Bleatlon.
The Duke of Portland Is said to be
the tallest man in England.
The Shah of Persia is one of the finest
chess players In the world.
The Rev. Hugh Priee Hughes, the
celebrated Wesleyan preacher, died
suddenly in London.
Lord Kitchener visited the Nile dam
of the Assouan reservoir the other day
and expressed great admiration for the
John 8. Sargent, the portrait painter,
will noon leave London for the United
States to paint a nortriit of President
*?.- *
tiiaLVsl,. ' , ..
Famous Statesman Expires at the
Arlington Hotel, Washington. 1
Hli Death Cawtd by Uraemlc j>
-Sllchl Attark of Appaadlclll* Brought j,
oa His ratal IllneM-TTIfa aad 3aajrh. j j|
tar With Him at t?a Kad-HU Loan ! t!
Sanrlea la Stata aad National Aflalrt. J j
Washington. D. C.?Thomas Brackett 1 1
Reed, the former 8peaker of the House
of Representative!, died here In bis 1
apartments in the Arlington Hotel, j ^
The immediate cause of bis death was j h
uraemia. 4 tj
With him when the end came were j E
Mrs. Reed, their daughter, Miss Cath- j
erlne; Doctors Gardner, MacDonald, j tl
Bishop and Goodno and the nurses. i fl
Mr. Reed passed away peacefully ! h
and without pain. His mind was In j d
such a state on the day previous to bis a
death that he did not realize the seriousness
of his condition. He was fi
cheerful and converted with those
about bis bedside. When it became
apparent that be would not survive
his illness, bis wife and daughter were Q
Informed, and they remained constant. ;
until th?? distinirulshed !
patient breathed his last
Mr. Reed returned to die la the city j a
where be bad made bis great reputa- j cl
tloo, first as member of Congress and ; C
tbe acknowledged leader of bis col- 0
leagues, later aa Speaker of tbe House, ci
and tben aa candidate for bis party's
nomination for tbe Presidency. Like ?
that otber "man from Maine." tbls last P
ambition never was realised by Mr. a1
Reed. b
Growing old and without financial &
competency Mr. Reed finally left tbe ; *
. . b
noiii a. bbso. si
- n
Speakership and Congress four years st
ago. His Income In legal practice since 0l
then. It Is estimated, had been between tc
960,000 and 1100,000 a year, equal at si
least to that of a President, and he dies N
tearing the competency he sought for a)
his widow and the daughter, who was i
his chtun. lc
Mr. Reed died of uraemls, which c<
means, as his physician said, that he a
had a chronic case of Brlght's disease ?
for many years, which bad broken
down his system, and which suddenly
became acute and deadly when
appendicitis wss contracted recently, xi
His kidneys suddenly refused to perform
their functions, and the uraemic
poison passed directly Into his blood. .
j All efforts to save him were futile. j y
I pj
Thomas Brackett Reed, member of D
Congress from the First District of q
Maine for twenty-two years, and
Speaker of the House of Represents' M
tires during eight sessions: lawyer, j _
public speaker, debater and author, : JJ,
and, in 1806, a prominent Republican j
candidate for the Presidential nomln* ; d
atlon. was born in Portland, Me., !
sixty-three years ago. He grew to I
i manhood in Portland, and began bis \
j business career in that city, which
j honored him with many offices of
! trust first making him Representative :
i in the State Legislature, and then |
j electing blm successively to the offices i
| of 8tate Senator, Attorney-General of I
| Maine, City Solicitor of Portland and i
member of Congress. Since 1899.wb<>n 81
i Mr. Reed resigned from Congress, be j
had been a resident of New York City t
and a member of the law firm of Reed. B
I Simpson, Thacher & Barnum. He cl
leaves a wife and daughter. j h
Mr. Reed probably will be remem- 't*
1 bered. more than for anything else, d
j for the revolution he wrought in par- s<
liamentary procedure while Speaker j ti
; of the House of Representatives. The b
, rigorous manner in which be carried j
i out the rules of which he was the au- si
tbor cause blm to be widely spoken of si
by his political opponents and others j It
as "Czar" Reed. i b<
\tr Roori wnn not In svmnathv with '
the acquisition of the Philippines, or i
with the expansion policy of the ad* !
ministration of President McKlnley. ' ci
Personally he was most loved by i
those who knew him best. He was >
bubbling orer with good htimor and 1 ,
| good fellowship; be had ready wit and
i keen sarcasm. In ordinary conversatlon.
no less than in public addresses. , *~j
; he showed a remarkable fund of In fori
mation, broad reading, a strong, pene- *
trating mind and a keen power of logl- *
cal analysis and analytical reasoning. I,
Bcwl'i Native Town Mocrm.
Portland. Me.?The news of the death
of Thomas B. Reed was received here r'
with general sorrow. Mr. Reed was 0
born here, and was personally known j *
to mnnv iM>r<ion? In the city. I "
Child's Life Lost la Ktorm.
Blinded by the driving snow. Bessie , 1
Hickson. nged fourteen years, of |
Kingston. N. Y., walked into Rondout j
Creek nnd wag drowned. The child >
was returning home with her little . H
brother from a grocery store with sup- ( *
plies for the family dinner. : ?
Carrie Nation In Jnil Aiala.
Carrie Nntion is in Jail at Topeka. k
Kan., on a charge of disturbing the t
pea<-e. She was forcibly ejected from 1
several drug stores and oue of the
most prominent hotels of the city. j *
I ... - ..? i
Minor Mention.
Cotton has boon found to grow weft !
on the west const of Africa.
A lire African lion has been installed .
as n model at the Munich Academy of , ?
Arts. I t
South Carolina has paid $200,227 this i t
: year in Confederate pensions to 7750 J
i persons. ! f
The coronation rejoicings in London ' j
have been followed by a wave of j
crime In that city.
Museums are mucb in favor in Rus? j,
sia. Even In 8iberia nearly every towii (
' of 10.000 Inhabitants has one. 8
lie Season's List of 140 Sailors
Drowned the Largest on Record.
ak? Krle Leads With the Lmi of Fifty 1m
llfn-iittmut la FatelltlM u
the Remit of CollUlons.
Chicago.?The denth harvest on the
rent lakes during the season of 1002
as been thr? greatest recorded. 340
ives having been lost. The figures for
be last sevim years are as follows:
896, 66 deaths; 1807, 88; 1808. 95:1899,
00; 1900, 110; 1901, 132; 1902, 140.
Lake Erie, which last year had only
1 deaths charged up against it now
>ads with 59. Lake Superior was the
ratery grave of 40. Lake Michigan
ad 14. Lake Huron 22. and Lake Onnrio
5. Ten sailors were lost in the
Detroit and St. Clair Iilvers.
Notwithstanding the year's large toll.
six more sailors went down with
heir ships In 1901 than In 1902. the
gures being 59 and 53. On the other
and. 47 men fell overl>onrd and were
rowned during the season Just closed, ,
big increase over 1901.
Loss of life in collisions increased
rom 5 In 1901 to 15 in 1902.
uka Society Womau Took Pi ty on Half*
Frosea Infi nt la a Street Car.
Omaha. Neb.?Bj reason of a little
et of kindness to a shivering, poorly
lad child on a street car Mrs. Harry 1
artan, a wealthy society woman of
>maha, is the talk of the city, and the
omments are all highly eulogistic.
A few days ago Mrs. Cartan got on
street car to go to her husband's
lace of buslnes* to join him in a Metrical
party. She saw on the car a laorlng
man with a young baby in his
rms; the child was poorly clad, nnd
feme.i to be half frozen, the weather
ping bitterly cold.
Mrs. Cartan arose from her seat nnd
ilmly removed her silk petticoat, then,
'alklng down the aisle, she asked the
tan's p< mission to wrap the garment
round 'he infant. He made no obaction,
and she tenderly took the
oung baby in her arms and wrapped
it? wurm, nun inrmruiti umuuu n9
ion laid It bark In the father's arms,
hen <?he quietly took her cent again.
ie admiring, approving gaze of every
erson In the car resting on her.
Mrs. Cartan was Miss Sadie Nash,
ie daughter of the Secretary and
teasurer of the 8melter Trust *
illMH Block Is Georgia City Enraed?
IMS Nearly 500.000. \
Atlanta, Ga.?Fire wiped out almost
block of business houses in the heart
F the city, causing a loss estimated at
etween $400,000 and $500,000. The
re originated in the furniture store
f Snook k Austin, on the Whitehall
treet viaduct It spread with great
ipldity to the Norcross building, six
torles high, taken op largely with the
Bices of physicians, dentists and atirneya.
Both buildings were defrayed.
The building adjoining the
orcrosa building, on Marietta street,
Iso was gutted.
The Williams House, a small hotel
>cated on the upper floor of the Ja>bs
Pharmacy Building, contained
boat sixty-live lodgers, all or wbom
ku Goad Hint to Walk m Itaapi Until
He DIm.
Blssbee, Aria.?Colonel Kosterllstski
is received from tbe Mayor of Rio
aqul, Mexico, a letter giving nn no>unt
of tbe tragic deatb of "Californin
an" Rjan. chief of scouts under
eneral Luis Torres.
Ryan and George W. Wilson were
>nt out on a scout. Tbey were surrlsed
and taken prisoners by the Yaois,
tried by a council of war. and
California Dan" whh condemned to
?ath, Wilson beins acquitted.
In the presence of Wilson the Yanls
with dull snws cut off the feet
f "California Dan" Just above the
nicies. Then they unbound him. and
r goading him they compelled him to
alk until he fell dead in the brush.
z Person*, Relative*. X?|rl<r All lnaured.
Paw Awmy In Eleven Month*.
St. Louis, Mo. ? Deputy Coroner
oogher. in an ofHclal statement flelared
that the result of tbe Inquest
pld over the lwxly of Mrs. Karl Smith,
hose death was tbe sixth occurring
urlng the last eleven monthM of |>er>ns
nearly related, revealed the fact
lat all of the dead, except a baby,
ad been insured.
Nearly all of the six persons died
addculy. The fact that they were inu-n/l
niul Hint Hipv nil oichlhited sinil
ir symptoms, caused the Inquest to
e held.
IU Coarse, Saddvnl/ Catting OB
\T*Ur Snttply.
Nebraska City, Neb.?Nebraska Clt\
without water, due to the Missouri
iver channel chancing. The water
Ipe which extended Into the river
:ick# out of dry sand. and there Is not
drop of water to come through it.
his condition of aftairs has been
rought In twelve hours, nnd the town
now two miles from the river. An
atlre new channel has l>een made by
le sudden Jump the river has taken
ir to the eastward of the city. The
Ity is without Are protection, and
liould a blaze occur, tin? entire town
'ould be burned up.
trip Sixty Mile* Wide Alans the Colo
ratio-New Mexico Boundary.
Washington, D. C. ? The fact has
ceil discovered that one statute cashew
the northern boundary of New
lexico Alone the thirty-eighth degree
f latitude, wiiiie another places the j
out hern boundary of Colo ratio at the
birty-seventh. No one here seems to
now which line is recognized, and
hat fact Is to be used in urging that
he Territory is so sparsely settled
lint it should not be admitted as a i
flportlne Brevities.
Tobln bronze will he used in the cor:t
met Ion of tbe new cup yacht by the i
E. E. Fnrnsworth has been elected
aptain of tile West Point football
cam. and C. C. Sonic. Jr.. captaiu of
he Anuapoll* eleven.
Cincinnati has eleven pitchers signed
or 1903? Hahn, Wiggs. Phillips. Poole
la r per, Thiclmnn, Vickers. Allemang,
Swing, Hooker and SutthofT.
The Westchester Racing Association
las acquired 040 acres of ground at
)ueuns, Long Island, and will con*;
truet an extensive race course.
British and German Naval Forces'
Capture Four Warships*
All British aid German Snbjre?a In Car* :
icm Apprehended?Th# O(Tended Got. j
aramentt Present Ultimatums to the '
South American Republic?Their Ministers
Leave the Capital.
London.?A dispntcn rrom unracas.
Venezuela, says that the combined
British and German fleets bare seized
the Venezuelan fleet composed of four
warships in the harbor of La Guayra.
Caracas, Venezuela.?All German and
British subjects in Caracas bare been
President Castro received a newspaper
correspondent, and In reply to
questions said:
"Tbe Venezuelan Government has
not received any ultimatum, properly
peaking, but rather simultaneous re
quests irum ureac omisiu mm unmany.
The claims Great Britain asks
this Government to settle are small,
and up to the present time we have
not been aware of them. Never having
been presented, Venezuela hag consequently
never refused to settle them.
Great Britain's action is therefore without
"The Venezuelan Government cannot
decide on foreign claims before the
revolution has been entirely crushed.
At present the only aim of the Government
Is the re-establixhment of public
order, and other questions must necessarily
l>e subservient to this object.
Nevertheless, to prove Venezuela's desire
to settle all pending claims in a
conformable manner, the Government
Issued a decree during the last session
of Congress, dated November 28, creating
a committee to which all pending
claims should bp referred. No claims
have been presented to this committee,
and no claims have been rejected.
There has been no denial of Justice.
Why. therefore, should foreign Chancellories
Intervene, thereby ignoring
our laws and endeavoring to violate
our National sovereignty? We cannot
understand this action."
The correspondent then said to President
"What do you intend to do in view
of the present attitude of the powers?"
President Castro replied:
"Enforce our rights and explain to
the world that Venezuela has laws:
prove that we have never denied our
The President was then asked what
reply the Venezuelan Government
would make to the requests handed to
It by the British and German envoys.
To this question President Castro replied:
"After reflection, the Venezuelan
Government is astonished that after
the notes which were transmitted to
It by the diplomatic representatives of
Germany and Great Britain, these en?
voys should leave Caracas without
awaiting the reply of the Venezuelan
The correspondent then asked President
Castro what course he Intended
to pursue should the powers declare
a blockade. The President excused
himself from answering tula question.
London.?Great Britain and Germany
have presented ultimatums to Venezuela,
which will he followed up by
a seizure of the customs, unless a satisfactory
settlement is forthcoming within
a brief period.
The ultimatums have a time limit,
but the exact date cannot he ascertained
here. The Foreign Office says,
with regard to the time limit:
"It Is a reasonable time In which
Venezuela can satisfy the injured Gov.
ernments. Both notes are practically
identical, although the amounts of the
claims difTer. The notes merely reiterate
the continued disregard of the Venezuelan
Government of nil our representations.
specify our claims and demand
Immediate action on the part of
President Castro's Government in connection
Caracas. Venezuela. ? The British
Minister, W. II. D. Haggard, and the
German Charge d'Affaircs. Von Pilgrim-Baltazzi,
left Caracas for La
Guayra. where Minister Haggard Went j
on beard the British cruiser Retribution
and Herr von Pilgrim-Baltnzzl
boarded the German cruiser Vineta.
Both the British and German legations
have been closed.
Washington. D. C.?The following
telegram was received at the State Department
from H. W. Bowen, United
8tntes Minister at Cararas:
"The President of Venezuela has published
a letter in the newspapers stating
that foreign creditors must await
the re-establishment of peace: then all i
promises will be fulfilled."
rb* Philadelphia Bunlnesa-Man-l(ur;rlar
Convicted of Crime.
Philadelphia, Pa.?George Dickinson,
alias Wescott, who was arrpsted about
ten days ago a/ter a desperate Ujrht
with a policeman, and who was discovered
by the detectives to bp a burglar j
by night and a business niau by day. !
was tried and convicted and sentenced ;
to tlfteen years in the penitentiary, j
The police accused Dickinson of i
nenrly sixty robberies, bur could ob- '
tain legail evidence In only twenty- I
five casPs. It Is said loot to the value :
of nrarly $10,000 was recovered by tlie J
Leniency For Convicted Borr*.
The report of the Royal Commission
which was sent to South Africa to re- j (
vise the sentences pronounced under
martial law shows that the commission
has dealt very leniently with
these cases. Out of 704 cases tlio com- |
missiou ordered the liberation of II!)
prisoners and made large r.'dii'-iioiia
in the original sentences uf others. . }
Burglar* Kurapnl on a Hand Car.
Bur^hns look S'JOOM from tii<> snrin::*
leink at Whitrville. 'i'enu.. and os
cupcd o:j a ha ml car.
To Try Major Glenn A{?ln.
Orders have been received at Manila j
from Washington direct iu:x iliiU Major
Kdward F. (?'h nn. of tlie* Fifth Infatt-(
try. shall be put on trial a second time ,
for alleged cruelty commit teil during <
the Kumar campaign. Major <?lenn in
commanding a post at Itayainhaug,
district of raiigatrinan. Luzon.
The New Hpt?nl?h MinUtry.
A new Spanish Ministry has been (
formed, with Seuor Silvcla as Premier
and General Linares, who was wound-1
ed at the battle of Santiago, as Mini* j
ter of War. ' 1
Desperadoes Led by an American <
Rob Passengers of $17,000.
fhejr Threatened to Kill All Hand* oa
the Uric If They I)M Not K#ep
Qoiet? Escaped.
Victoria. B. C.?The ateamer Slinrr- j
mut. from Manila. bring* news of pir- j
aey in the Philippine*. th<? desppradoes
beinir led by an American. The brls J
Marieia. from .Catanuan. Tayaban
Province, for Manila, had beaten up
the coast and was becalmed off Cavite
Bay. She had as passengers Ave Chinese
merchant*, who were on their
way to Manila to purchase good*. In
the night a sloop came alongside and J
six men climbed over the rail and im- |
mediately overpowered the Chinese j
crew, binding all hands with ropes. !
One of the pirates was an American j
dressed as an inspector of constubu- I
lary. Two of his followers also wore I
constabulary uniforms and carried revolver*.
as did the American. The re- !
maining three Filipinos' were armed I
with bolo*.
On the nlrate* reaehig the deck of |
the Marlcia. the lender said that lie
was n board of health Inspector, and
intended ro search the vesel for arm*
and Ammunition. When the crew was
overpowered the Chinese were brought
forth, and at the points of revolvor*
were made to give up their money,
about $17,000. The pirate* embarked
in their lwat again, and beading toward '
Cavite, threatened to kill all hand* on
the brig if they did not keep quiet, i
When the Mnrlcla arrived at Manila I
the customs officers were informed, hut
no clew was found to the robbers.
Governor Hani'* Report Show* Steady
Washington. D. C.?The report of
Governor Hunt, of Porto Rico, dated
July 10. 1002. just made public, is (he
second one presented since the inauguration
of elvll government. It advises
the President of healthy progress and
steady ndvr.ncement throughout the inlands
in all substantial respects. It
states that there has been progress in
Comprehension of the institutions of
the United States; that administration
in municipal affairs has improved: that
education Is spreading Its good influ*
? -1 ? I.
encw; inar more iniiu uuh uiruu iumrated,
exports anrl imports have Increased.
new roads have been built,
the telegraph system has l>een extended.
the health of the people id better
and the death rate has decreased.
Sugar is regarded as the principal
crop of the Island. and It is stated that
the crop of 1002 is thp largest save one
ever produced. In commerce and manufactures
a remarkable increase appears.
The value of Imports from the
United States for the last fiscal year
aggregated *10.710,044. Imports from
foreign countries amounted to $2.420.-1
000: the exports from Porto Rico to the
United States In the name period 1
amounted to $8,207,420. and to foreign !
countries $4,592,503. j
Sbedlr* Tains Key and DaehtH of CodLav*
Last Stone.
Assouan. Egypt?The great Nile reservoir
and dam were opened In the
presence of the Khedive, the Duke nud
Duchess of Connaugbt. Lord Cromer,
the Brtlsh agent Consul fleneral in
Egypt, and Lady Cromer, tho Ministers
and many other distinguished
The ceremony took place Id the afternoon.
when the Khedive turned a key |
which put the electric machinery In i
motion, whereupon the sluice-gates ]
were opened and a great body of
water rushed through them. The
Duchcss of Connaugbt then laid the
last stone of the dam. the found::ton
stone of which was laid by the Duke
of Connaugbt on February 12, ISiK).
4 StaamnUlp Ran Into the Leviathan.
KrMklag Its Back.
San Franclhco. Oal.?The steamship
Sierra, which has arrived from Austra-!
Ha. reports that while steaming at the j
rate of sixteen knots the vmwI struck
a whale, breaking Its back and cutting
it so deeply that the huge foody stuck j
firmly on 1 ho vessel's stem.
Th- steamer wa? Immediately slowed
down, hut tii!? whale's carcass remained
fast to the stem, and it was !
only upon coming to a full stop and
going some lltle distance astern that
the whale wan thrown off. The vessel
waa not damaged. j
Town Springs Up in a >'lcht.
Englo CItr. Oklahoma. .1 forr dar* |
ago. was corn fields and raw prairie*.
On the following morning it wan a I
to v.-u of 2fKX) hdiahititnts. with a corn- j
plete municipal organization. a banic i
In operation, a dailv newspaper e?!ab- J
lished. a fairly good hotel, four reslau- j
rants, heron saloons, at least a wore I
of mercantile cstaldislimoiiis. and no j
end of samhlin; houses. It looks now j
as if Easle Oit.v will have 40(K> r? *!- j
di nts soon. It Is to iio a division point 1
on the San Francisco line.
Mrvlco to Pay I*lon? Fund Award. I
Secretary of the Treasury L!a:a?v j
four has asked I he Mexican Cnnsrw j
fo authorize I lie payment of SI .4 20, 1
IIS2.?!7 In Mexican currency to the Fnifed
States <!oyernment. together with
$13,030.!)!) as interest thereon, in acconLance
with tho awanl in the matter j
of the Pious Fuui. The former pay- j
ment is to be made within oltjht |
months from October 14. ami the l:ir- ;
ter February 2. 100.1.
IXo More a Flthllns Ship.
The cruiser Philadelphia, once one of ,
file i rack ships of the N'av.v. is to 1*' j
converted into a training ship ai Mte '
Pi?2i't Sound tWash. Navy Yard. She J
will take the plaee of the training shin !
Nipsie, which i* of a type now <)!? > j
left*. i
I.orenz Knrountfr* Hi* W?r?t Cn*r. I
I?r. [.iirciK operale*I ?>n two pali<!i<* j
l:t I'a!timurc. Md. was smves-.'::! |
With one. but tiie other case, he dc- i
'i. was til-- wurs, in. hail cucuun* !
i?i the FliPed Suit. s.
Xfwi of th?? Toiler*.
AH flip carriase a nil wagou shops In
Albany. X. Y.. now employ union n:e?.
A n?*\v union of steel and Ironworkers
has been forneil in Southiufton.
I'nion moulders in Connecticut have
asked for a ten per cent, increase in
All the machine shops in Denver.
r*ol.. arc unionized with .1 nine-hour
Servant girls at Wheeling. \Y. Ya..
propose forming a union to regulate
tiours and wag^s.
Having faded of promotion, Naral
Paymaster John C*. Sullivan was or*
deretl before a retiring board.
Postmaster-General Payne will Investigate
the anonymous attack* by
mysterious letter writer on wealthy
families In Chicago.
Colonel H. C. Hasbrouck. Artillery
Corps, commanding at Fort Ada ma. B.
I., was promoted to be Brigadier-Gen*
j eral, preliminary to retirement.
Charles H. Butler, of New York .City,
was Appointed reporter of the decision#
of the United 8tates Snpreme Court
Governor Taft established concentration
zones in Biznl Province. Luzon,
P. I., as the first step In an aggressive
campaign against Indrones.
Fifteen organization of troops in th?
United States were ordered to ex*
change places with an equal number
of organisations in the Philippines.
Vlce-GoTernor Wright, of the Philip;
pines, sajs that an era of great indus|
trial development is just beginning la
the islands.
I Captain Steven*, of the American
i schooner John I. Snow, who shot and
| killed Frank 8toddard, at Fajardo, P.
I It., was acquitted, the evidence showI
Incr Mint tha ?hnnt n? *m in<!ripnfil.
| The wholesale purchase of rioe by the
I Manila Government and its dlstrlbn!
tlon among natlres has broken the
combination that was holding prices
Midahipman Richard Walnwright,
Jr., son of Commander Walnwright;
was stricken with fever as the result
at beading a cnnal digging party at
Culebra Island, P. L
Barry Johnston, nn actor, who killed
Mrs. Kate Haosctt. an actress, in Philadelphia.
confessed on bis death bed
that the two had discussed doable solclde.
and that during an endeavor to
force her to carry It out she shot him
and he then killed her.
Julia* A. Meyer, a New York dentist.
was found d*ad in the Harlem
River. Murder is suspected.
Dr. Lucius C. A<!amson. a noted expert
on religious mania and other
forms of Insanity, was sent to the in <ina
nnvlllnn nf Flpltpvtlp Hnxnital. hi
New York City, having suffered a men*
' tal breakdown from overstudy.
The body of Thomas B. Reed was
! taken to Portland, Me., the dead
statesman's home, where the funeral
was held.
M. Jules Cambon. retiring Ambassador
from France to the United States,
sailed from New York City, and expressed
his sorrow at having to leave
Struck by a street car James B. Hill,
a retired capitalist, of 8t Louis, Mo?
was instantly killed.
Having failed In business, Frank
Mummenhoff, a commission merchant,
of Indianapolis. Ind., killed himself by
cutting bis throat.
After six years of work, costing $L*
250.000. the water works tunnel undej.
Lake Erie for Cleveland, Ohio. Wfta
practically completedi
The schooner Aloha, given up for
JOHl OD L>Rte Jliirnignu, was pmcu ay
with the crew on board and towed to
George Bear, the Indian convicted
of murdering bin squaw, was hanged
at Sioux Fall*, 8. D. He behaved with
great stoicism.
Mrs. Ella Gallaugher, who was re*
! cently acquitted at Iowa City, Iowa,
of the murder of her husband, was in*
I dieted for perjury. She is alleged to
; have sworn falsely in her own de>
! fense.
At St. Lonls, Mo., the jury in the
' case of Charles A. Denny, on trial for
perjury in connection with the 8ubur*
ban Railway boodle deal, returned a
verdict of guilty and imposed a sentence
of two years in the penitentiary.
The statistician of Dun's Review
says the cost of living is one per cent
! In*. ?1,an Si roar
A skiff containing diaries Lore, aged
thirty-two years, and John Rock, aged
| sixteen, both of Rice's Landing, Pa.,
went over dam No. ?1. on the Monoagahela
River, and both were drowned.
, A bis windstorm swept over Northern
Mississippi and Houthern Tenncssee.
doing eo *idt>rable damage.
| The total vote of Tennessee at th?
last election wn* liiO.149. a falling ofif
of forty per cent, from 1000.
8econds of M. Syveton and the
French Minister of Justice favor arbitration
instead of a duel.
The Cuba Railway opened through
traffic, the Urst train leaving Santiago
for Havana.
Ecuador, appointed Alfredo Bacquerie
Moreno. its Secretary of Foreign
Affairs, to be Mluiiiter to the Unfted
States. n
The Pari* Journal Francala stated
that Joan do Rydzewskl will be proaecuted
on n ebarge of homicide through
Imprudence for causing the death of
Mr*. Ellen Gore.
The British aliip Tartar Prince waa
totally burned a: >ea ou a voyage
from New York City to Port Natal,
but all on board were saved.
Secretary of Legation Bailey at
Guatemala and another man wrote
that Godfrey Hunter. Jr., killed William
A. Fitzgerald In self-defense.
Colonel Lamb, a member of the British
rille team which visited Canada,
shot and killed himself on the Cunarder
Etrnrla as the vessel was enterics
the Mersey.
There was buying of thoroughbred
rattle on a large scale in the United
Kingdom for Americans.
It ti expected that Premier Balfour
?.r?i i * ? .? iMk'iiniikicInn nnnninK
III UU I l* (I I il| ? ??t,i liito.^a'u u|'j/uiu%
oil to study flip question of municipal
trailing iu t?riat Britain.
The Italian Government received renewed
appeals for prelection from
Mascasni. tin- composer. I>ut decided
to ignore them.
The French Government suspended
the salaries of several Unman Catholic
prelates because of ri:;-ir aetivlty in
oppnsin;: the law of ;:. -? Virions.
The llouse of Lords ;::*.>scd the sec*
on<l leading of the Kdu.atiou l?ill bj
147 votes to 'JT.
The Frcncli Chamber of Deputies ratified
a convention between France. Italy.
Belgium Switzerland, authorlsius
each muntry to bsr.e Additional
silver coins i<> the value of K),UK).
Prince Henry of I'lcs* is the Kaiser's
choiee for German 'Ambassador at
Wil.sliiu^loll 10 SlKcwU !?r. Vull UulH'-^H
.Mrs. Ellen Orl*v?on. wldoxv of JobnH
Harris, formerly I'ultrd State* ConsulH
at Venice, anil a distinguished CouiVd-H
eralc uurse, died at Kloreuec Italy. Sb?H
was eighty-six years of age. Hj

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