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The Press and Banner.
u 4*~PablUhed every Wedneedp ??. 82 a '
- year in advanoe.
Wednesday, Jan. 13,1904. <
PbiwIdk Away. j
Gen. John B. Gordon of Georgia Is dead,
aged 72.
Gen. James Longstreet or ueorgia, aiea a ?
week before the death of Gen. Gordon,
aged S3. ^
And bo It may be seen tbat tbe officers, as
well as tbe private soldiers, are passing over *
tbe River. Tbe racks are thinning out, and c
In a little while, when we close up, tbe lront t
will not make a long line. Only one-eighth
of those who volunteered Into the army are ^
living today. Very few newspapers are now
Issued In which one or more deaths of olo 8
sold lent Is not recorded.
Owing to the need of some of the veteraDs, y
It seems to be a pity tbat a liberal pensloD
should not be paid to all tbose who served
their oountry faithfully In the supreme struggle.
uo 10 ine jLteKisiNiure.
Senator Blake, and Representatives Mazy
Donald, M. P. DeBruhl and J. D. Carwlle are
off for Colombia, to look after our interests In
the law-making department. Having full
faith in their wisdom to take care of tbeli
constituents, we have no advice to offer, 01
requests to make. Tbere is, we believe, no
public demand lor further Legislation against
the rallroads.and the cotton mills. The cotton
mills are having a bard time of it, and it
would seem not to be quite the nice thing to
hit them and tbelr employees again. As {
tbere is a strong sentiment in favor of taxing ^
corporations. It might be well to induce otber ^
gudgeons to organize other corporations.
? t
Enforce tbe Law. 1
The Law and Order Leauge is demanding
the enforcement of our liquor laws. So say 8
all. Enforce the dispensary law to tbe let- 1
ter. e
And give all communities tbe right to do t
away with their dispensaries, whenever they
feel so inclined. l
This newspaper has not said what It wish- ^
ed to say on thts subject, for the reason tbat
we were afraid of being misunderstood. We
are standing for the dispensary law, but a
want to be Justin relieving communities of t
the dispensary. It ought to be as easy to
get rid of tbat institution as it 1b to establish t
It. b
^ ?
Dsnirer Threatens. d
Our friend, the Palmstto Post, thinks that v
we are all going to be impoverished by a
. tow sagacious financiers who may get all tbe f
money, and leave tbe remainder of us poor a
Indeed. ^
The historical matters whlob our brother
quotes are Interesting enough, but he need (<
have no fears.
There will be enough money In these parte c
lor mm to prosper ;ana 10 grow iai ror at ?
least a hundred years.
Worms and millionaires can't affect that
Sbonld tbe Price of Oar Grog be
Raised T
' In view of the lnoreased sales of liquor,
might It not be a good Idea to Increase tbe
prioe of tbe bottled stuff? The less liquor we
get for a quarter, tbe better It is for us.
Tbe Press and Banner office never bad more ^
Job printing than at present. Faithful ser- ^
vice, good work, and low prloes, are our win
nlng cards. We do not have to employ v
traveling solicitors. As our work becomes t
known tbe demand upon our resources In- f
* crease. fl
Tbe rldloulous practice prevails of speaking *
nfth? vltanra nhvnlnlnn m Mrs. Dr Sn And
So, or tbe wife of a professor as Mrs. Prof. So 1
and So? which Is wrong. But tbe height ol
the ridiculous Is reached when a cotemporary a
peaks of ?'Mr. and Mrs. Superintendent ol
Education Byrd."?Newberry Observer.
Tbe above mentioned practice is on
a par with tbe praotide of noticing a
birth to Mr. and Mrs. So and So, or tbat a sou
or daughter of Mr. and Mrs. So and So, ha*
died, gone abroad or come borne.
In a well regulated family In a Christian
land it may be safely assumed tbat Mrs. So
and So, la the mother of Mr. So and So'?
Simvelle's Gorgeous Revival oS
Nhakespheare's Host moving Play
of Love and Passion Will be Seen
Here Thursday.Night.
81 m velle's gorgeous revival of ShakespeareV
most movlqg play of love and passion.
"Komeo ana Janet," win oe given id lis en- i
tJrety at Opera House. Thursday, Jan. 14.
The present adaptation ol Ibis drama is
merely a slight curtailment of tbe original; l
only one nnimpostant transposition is made
Following are the beautiful sentence in which
tbe celebrated writer, Schlegal, seeks to dis
till the spirit of our play : "Whatever It
most:Intoxicating in tbe odor or a souihert t
spring, languishing iu the song of tbe nightingale,
or voluptuous on tbe tlrst opening 01 ^
tbe rose, is breathed into thin poem. But.
even more rapidly than tbe earliest blossoms
of youth and beauty decay. It burrles on from ^
tbe first tlmldly-bold declaration of love and
modest return, to tbe most unlimited pas
Blon, to an Irrevocable union ; then, amidsi I
alternating storms or rapture and despair, to t
tbe death of tbe two lovers, who still appear
enviable as tbelr love survives them, and as 8
by tbelr death they have obtained a triumph
over separating power. Tbe sweetest and
bitterest, love and hatred, festivity and dark r
forebodings, tender embraces and sepu'chers, ?
the fulness of life and self-annihilation are all
here brought olose to eaoh other; and all a
these contrasts are so blended In tbe harmonious
and wonderful work Into a unity of im
f>resslon, that tbe eoho which tbe whole 8
eaves behind In tbe mind resembles a single a
but endless sigh."
Seats on sale at Mlllord's. Prices, 50, 75, [
and $1.00. Children under 7, 35c. r
? t
Rev. Panl A. Pressly Called to the <3
Pastorate of the Associate Reformed
Church. ?
After service last Sunday morning a con- t
gregatlonal meeting in the Assoolate Reform
ed Cbnrch considered various matters,
and among others tbe calling of a pastor. A t
ffeasant interchange of viewB was had, when
t was determined to make a call to tbe Rev.
Paul A. Pressly now in tbe Seminary at Due {
West. He has conducted service several
VIujob at ium piaucy auu uio avwfuiuiiii-j uac
resulted Id as&lng blm to tafee charge of the
Of course the congregation understands s
that be caonol come before June, when he
will graduate at the Seminary. The call Is
made now bo that the congregation may ?
know how to govern themselves in securing t
a pastor. If Mr, Pressly will come, well and
good. If he declines no time will be lost.
When in need of wedding J
presents, please remember
that we constantly keep the ?
e\f f!llt niaocl 1
laucoi |>aviiciuo vi vuu wwwm
and Fancy China. Give us a *
call. A. M. Smith & Co. c
School books, at Mllford'a Drug Store. *
AO Anin^al story For
Little FoIKs
=Foolish Little Duck
Have you ever seen a duckling? A
luckling la a small duck, and they are
:he cutest, yellowest little things you
>ver came across, without a single
'eather, their little bodies being cov?red
only with fine down, from which j
he feathers later grow.
There was once a duckling?not a
rery old one either; in fact, he had just
jot his head thrust through the shell
rf an egg and taken his first peep at
he wide, wide world.
"My," he exclaimed, "isn't this grand c<
jo be able to leave this old shell and q
tee the sights!"
"But," cried a spring chicken who g
?as standing near, "you may not like
t after awhile. The rain may pour _
lown and wet you as it did me the first
lay I was in the barnyard." ^
That gave the duckling something to I
hlnk about Presently he made up his "
aind as to what to do.
"I shall simply stay in my shell,"
aid he. "When it rains I shall draw
n my head, and if the water rises
ibout me my shell will float like a
Of course Master Duckling was very
auch pleased with his idea, and he
1 1? V*? ATt/4 TiTAnf +A oloDTV
Lrtfw ill ma iicau auu ntut w w?vwy.
VTiile he Blept a great storm came op,
nd the shell, Instead of floating like a
>oat, sank In the water like a rock.
Master Duckling was sure that he
rould drown before help could reach
"Come out of your shell!" cried a big
luck, who was swimming about in the
Then the duckling, with a mighty efort,
burst the sides of his shell and in
few minutes was paddling around as
tappy as he could be.
"Isn't it a shame," said he to himself, -j
that I did not have sense enough to i
ome out of my shell before'?"?Detroit
AO Aolrpal Story For j
Little Folks
= Lions Love Letter
Soon after the lion fell In love he ^
bought it would be Just right for him
t> write a letter to his sweetheart, and
e started out to find pen and ink with
rhich to do it. Almost the first person
hat he came across was the porcupine,
rho was Just bristling with quills?the
inest sort of quills for letter writing.
"Hello, Porky!" cried the lion. "I
rant to borrow one of your good quills
o write a letter."
"I can't spare one of my quills Just
t present," replied the porcupine..
"OH, MYl OH, MTl OH, MEl"
But I'll tell you what I'll do. Jou can Jl
ell me what you want to say and I'll .
(rrite the letter for you."
"No, indeed," cried the lion. "I must
rrite it myself." "Not
with my quills," answered the '
orcuDlne. "You might break one of n
hem, and I would never get it back
?ain." D
"You won't let me have a quill! You <1
efuse me, the king of beasts! Then I ^
rill teach you a lesson. I will eat you *1
Jive!" 0V,
And with that the lion opened his s
Teat big mouth and brought his Jaws
lown with full force upon the little
Kxrcnpine. The next moment he was
low ling with pain, while blood flawed Tom
a hundred gashes In his mouth
oade by the sharp points of the quills.
"Oh, my! Oh, my! Oh, me?' he
<rrearned In pain. "What have you
"I haven't done an: thing," answered
ne porcupine, "i xiavea i uiuveu num
his spot" _
"Oh, my! Look at the bloodl" crlnd I
he lion.
"It will make good ink for your leter,"
said the porcupine.
"You are unkind to me,"~saidthe lion.
"And you tried to be unkind to me,"
aid the porcupine.
And then the lion turned on his heel
ind went home a much wiser animal
han ever before.?Chicago -Tribune.
Failure on the earthly side may be
uccess on the heavenly side.
Little minds are tamed and subued
by misfortune ; but great minds t
Ise above them.?Washington Irving.
we nave excellent memories lor an
ur trials and sorrows and losses, but p
ill to recall our blessings. y
When the church will put on the _
rorld the world will put on the I(
hurch^ Q
Bepalr Shop.
Furniture repaired, upholstering done, all
lnds. Mattresses made and old ones ret?>ckd
as good as new. Shop oQ Cbnrch Street. fi,
Terms reasonable. 'William Pope, o
' v
J.. .'.LL.-111 "" ??
jR||jtk DR. I.T0ECRIMM(
noted eye specialist,
* i9M And Have Your Eyes. Examined.
|||| He will Remain in Abbeville Until
^|^Hf Thursday, Jan. 21st.
Eureka Hotel, Ladies Parlor, First Floor.
dr. crimm. * Office hours from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.
Dr. Crimra is a graduate of one of the best schools of juurope ana or mis
juntry, and comes to Abbeville well recommended with letters from the best
nown professional and business men of this State. Dr. Crimm corrects the
lost complicated cases of errors of refraction, and guarantees satisfaction.
All glasses at the most reasonable prices. Cross eyes straightened by
lasses without cutting.
These letters speak for themselves :
Erskine College. Due West, S. C., December 5, 1903.
Dear Doctor Crimm?I take pleasure in saying that the glasses which you
itted to my eyes have given me entire satisfaction. They seem to be just the
ind of glasses my eyes needed, and I have beeu tryiug them for six weeks.
Yours truly, J. M. McCain.
, Greenville, S. C., December 15, 1903.
o Whom It May Concern :
I am using the glasses fitted on me by Dr. Crimm, and they are giving enre
satisfaction and comfort, and I most cheerfully recommend Dr. Crimm to
ae people. He has worked for many people iu Greenville, and I have heard
nly favorable comments on his work. A. J. 8. Thomas,
Editor Baptist Courier. '
I cheerfully testify to the satisfaction received by me from the use of
lasses fitted by Dr. Crimm. W. W. Keys, Editor Baptist Courier.
Sfext Monday the Last Day!
Next Monday will be the last day that H, M, Tate & Co,,
will be open in Abbeville, and tbey will give some good
bargains between now and then. Come in buy while the
' goods are going cheap.
They feel under many obligations to the people of Abbeville
County for their liberal patronage during the last
three years, and are going to give them some better bar- !
gains than ever before. t
Yours truly,
H. M. TATE <& GO. !
U)04-W. D. Barksdale-1904 '
I announce for the New Yeark of 1904 that J
I have farmers' supplies of all kinds coming
and now in stock, such as
}low Tools, Gearing, Syracuse Plows,
Collars, Collar Fads, Gantt Guano Distributors,
Axes of all kinds.
Roysters Farmers Bone, Acid, Kainit, Potash, Nitrate'
Soda, Cotton Seed Meal, etc,
Rice, Meat, Hulls, Oats, Corn and Hay.
Lots of all kinds of .Groceries, Canned
Goods, Tobaccos, etc., cheap. Come to
see us.
W. D. Barks dale.
FOR SALE. We will sell you a sewing L
COMPLETE SAW MILL OUTFIT?1 mSPhlUP for PQfiVl fir Oil tllf*
^ Engine Mill. Saw, Log Carte, Belt and Uld-LIllUe IOT L&SI1 OT Oil . tile
I necessary flxtureH for operating mill. I: inofallmPnt nlflTI Oni* TiriPflS
111 sell this outfit cheap. For lurther In- "InUillllieill pid.II. t?ur prices
irmation apply to j p bradley, are cheap and our machines
Jan. 12,1904. 2m? Troy, s.b. are good. See us before you
buy. We can save you money
FOR SALE. Thomson Bros.
One one-horse wagon and harness. ?
About 50 feet 2 lnoh shafting.
One 12 Inch pulley, Inch face. New Bakery Locals,
One 24 Inch pulley. C Inch face.
One 24 inch pulley, S Inch face. Flne Baldwin. Wlnesap and Ben Davis apOne
30 inch pulley, 8 Inch face. P|es at llie New Battery.
4 boxes and 0 couplings for above shafting. Pure home-made taffy, peanut, cocoanut.
ftiAl??l,Atifl Prt Fine oranges at 30c and 40c per dozen.
Abbeville Telephone to. Canned goods all kinds.
Jan. 12.1904. tf Fancy cream cheese 3 pounds for 50c.
? Chewing gum all kinds.
_ ' Fine chocolates and bourbons at 80e for hall
CYCLONE. pound: 50c per pound. A very neat package
will suit anybody's sweetheart.
MEAN TO ^ OU A GUANO AT A yyju have a good supply of roman candles
cost ot Five Dollars per ton. Now In your for oiirlatmaH dtty. 1 i
lance. Meet me at. your Court House on , J
fttiuurv 18i b You will hear th* new?. , ? arrive ?oou-udiod?, ineu potatoes, pig |
Jan. 12,1904. J. A. CANTRELL. feel and cocoauuU. Always fresh.
Give the old reliable Baker a call and be
convinced. Yours for business,
? m-r-n --- _ J. W. Brelhahn.
fV Greenwood C. H.. flrht Monday In Feb- Enifllnh Im predion* of Wm. J. Bryan
aary,19M, one tract or land containing 0n every hand the highest opinion 18
169 Acres. ex pressed of Mr. Bryan's oratory. His i
? . . , ? , speech at the Thanksgiving dinner of I
Ivlded into two tracts as follows: On east cJ
de ot Five Notch Road 105 acres, on west American Society is specially v
de 61 acres, a good sevtn room dwelling praised. 1 he .Nebraskan's oratorical r
ith out buildings on pjnce. ah buildings efforts strengthen the good impression ?
heha?m?<le in every circle to which
r Doualds and one one-half west of Ware's he has been introduced. Tile Times 41
hoals, adjoining land with Turkey Ureek calls attention to the eloquence, dignity
apt 1st Church. The property of Mr. L. Jud- otw1 Iltorup? ?r hf-.~JhJ.nS
>ii Rasor, deceased. TermH?Uasii. "uu."vv"J "f*" * ? V'' f
' c c garrison, deplores the fact that Lord Roseberry r
Jan.12,1901. tf ' Anderaon, s.C. is the only living English orator capa- v
ble of speaking in a vein of equal grace
and effectiveness. "Indeed," says the n
_ Time-, "the art of occasional oratory
BIT nil k ilVT I in jh almost lost in England, whereas in a
1/ l< IJ' H I 'II If II America it has been brought to a high
h I l ll llL ?,itch ot Perfection."
| 111 JJLJilvIlillHI Mr. Bryan has met many distin '
guished conservatives and radicals,
and has inspired them all with a conviction
of his sincerity. Conserva- lVTfTf>fMfl
flAWiPD A tives, however, think they can detect
iUILDINb tUIN 1 tlAt 1 Ull in him a vagueness of mind and in- T
stability of character which, they be- ?
lieve, prevented him from obtaining
And Dealer in Wire Fence. the presidency of the United States.
Radicals pronounce him the most sym- J
pathetic American politician who has
? > >, ever visited England, and affirm that
' I ljlj-fcjy C*. he belongs to that striking type of class
Jan 1? 1904 tf leaders from whom mankind has most
L" I J
Mr. Bryan heartily reciprocates the 10
friendly sentiments of liia English ad- ti
STERLING SILVER. mirers. He states that bis visit forci- ?
bly revealed to him the fundamental vi
affinities of Englishmen and Ameri- a
We are expecting: on every ciih*' a,id ha* fortified his faiih in the fil
, . r solidity of the foundation of Anglo- b.
rain a snipment Oi Sliver- American friendship.?Chicago Daily b
rare suitable for wedding News.
iresents. Call early as we ??
/ill only retain these goo 3s 'in the merry springtime.
nr fpn davs A M. Smith & Inthe nierry sprl'iKlime the festive maOi
IcU Udjf . ix. us., a larln mlcrobeRoeth forth, determined to col- J
' onlze every human organism. If thl? arch
'u* foe has invaded your system, allow us to sug- g
, - gest Rydales Tonic. This remedy frees tlie
blood trom malaria microbes, eliminates pol- y
Special sale dress Roods.?Some skirt length JpnouH matter fr&m the system strengthens
imn whirl waist naLterns all at. V. Drlcc for the nerves, and restores robust health. Ryneweek
dales Tonic is guaranteed. C.A.Milford.
Ki-; p g
^ "I TiMW
\2r 3' -3- -5" -5^ -5^ *
1 .A
I Chris
Property Insured, $925,000
January 1st, 1904.
WRITE TO OR CALL on the nnderslgnei
or to the Director of your Townshli
or any information yon may de?lre abou
inr plan of Insurance.
We insure your property against dilt'QC
Ion by
nu, wmim is mint, ,
ind do ho cheaper than any Insurance Com
>any In existence.
Remember we are prepared to prove to yot
hat on rait* the oafeit and cheapest p an o
neurance known.
r. B. BLAKE, Jr., Gen. Agent
Abbeville, S. C.
[Abbeville, S. C.
8. O/Major Greenwood
J.T. Mabry Coke*bury
W. B. Acker Donalds
W. B. Cllnkncales Due West
T. Ij. H addon Long Cane
I. A. Kel'er SmlttaviUe
A. K. Watson Cedar Spring
A. M. Held Abbeville TownHhlj
W. W. Biailley Abbeville City.
l>r. J. A. Anderson Autrevllle
H. A. Tenuent,... Lowndesvllle
A.O. Grant Magnolia
J. K. TarraDt Calhoun Mills
8. Ij. Edmonds Bordeaux
S O. Harvey Walnut Grove
W.L." Martin nouRtis
J. D. Coleman Coronaca
J.Adil Calhoun.. .Ninety-Six
J. M Payne Klnnrds
J. B. Taylor Kellowahip
Joceph Lake Phoenix
Rev. J. B. Mime Verdery
J. H.ChlleH, Jr Bradley
J. W. Lyon ; Troy
W. A. Cheatham Yeldell
P. B. Caillson ...Calllaoa
W. M. Outz Kirkne*'a
Caleb Wallon .Brooks
Ahhavlile. 8 C.. .Ian. 13. 1904
mm s ha
Have just received a fresh
car load of
Kentucky Mules,
which are on exhibition at
Hill's Stable, Abbeville, and
Dunn's Stable, Donalds.
i Ik Don cfrnl nr
j II lit! loll III
the voters in the City of Abbeille
will be open iu the office of the
Jlerk of the City Council from Janary
13th, 1904, uutil April 5th, 1904,
delusive. To entitle one to register
be following.is requisite :
1. The production of a certificate of
egistratinn from the Board or Superisorof
Registration of the County.
2. Residence in the city of four
3. Payment of all taxes assessed
cainst Hnnllcant for fiscal vear of 1903.
d ?r*c w
Jan. 4, 1904. Registrar.
istate of R. H. Link, Deceased.
lotice of Settlement and Application
for Final Discharge.
PAKE NOTICE that on the 30th day of
L Jan., 1904, We will rentier a 11 rut 1 account
f onr actings and doings as Administratrix of
KkihIh of R. H. Link, deceased. In the
lik-e of Judge of Probate for Abbeville Couny
Ht 10 o'clock a. m., and on the same day
111 apply for a final discharge from my trust
* Mich.
All persons having demand* aealnst said
?tate will prexent tnem for payment on or
efore that day, proven aud autbenlcated or
b forever barred. Susan Link.
Dec. 29, 1903. Administratrix.
We have a splendid line of
lubber Coats and Macintoshs
the very thing for rough
reather, come and get one.
Thomson* Bros. I
a_r-T-i.. 1-Til fit-II' - f- unit n n 1
' <" ' )
>tmas (
1XU X- JJiilU V/,
' 1
' ' 1
1 . m
1 '
t > t
' 'C
. I offer for sale house c
and lot on Vienna St.
This house is compar- g
atively new and is in
good condition. This
is a very desirable
place, being so near the
, business part of the
> TTTM1 11 _ J. _ "L. _ _
City. w in sen at a uai gam'
J. 0. ELLIS. (
' -I
/ ^
i a
I . $'
The following is the law of this State :
"Section 176. Every entry upon the lands
of another, after notice from the owner or
tenant prohlbltlug the same, shall be a misdemeanor,
and be punished by fine not to exceed
one hundred dollars or Imprisonment
with bard labor on the public works of the
, County not exceeding thirty days ; Provided,
That whenever any owner or tenant of any
lands shall nost a notice In four consploious
places on t.be borders of anv land prohibiting
entry thereon, and shall publish onoe a week ,
for four successive weeks such DOtlce in any
. newspaper circulating in the county where
such lands are situated, a proof of the posting
and of publishing of such notice within
twelve months prior to the entry, shall be
nnrt tntr?n an nntlna rnnnlnslvp
against the person making entry as aforesaid
for hunting and fishing."
Having compiled Rtrlctly with the above
. law any person entering upon my lands will
be prosecuted and punished as above provided.
W. A. Loroax.
R. R. Tolbert.
T. N. Tolbert.
A.M.Tolbert. ig
G. R. Tolbert. ?
L.. A. Miller. V
S. K. Morton.
J Y. Jones. al
I.A.Keller. it
Deo. 22. 1908, tf.
? 01
Tbe Spelling Book. ja
The corner-stone of the education of
the older generations of Americans
now living wa9 the old-time blue back
speller of Webster. Drilled and bicko- V
ried through that inspired lexicon of
the American language as it should be
spelled and written tbe sure founda- ic
tion was laid in the minds of the pu- w
pils for any breadth of after liberal
education. ..
Now-a-days our children are shut off 11
from the teu-cent blue-back speller, ea
and forced by the faddistic educators
of the day to pay from 40 to 60 cents (
for fancy pictured and phoueticized
language books that are a delight to the
artistic eye and daffy-dealing to the
children who are set to studying them.
Some of the specimens we have lately
seen would be good reference aud guide (
hooks to a postgraduate student of (
scientific philology, but for learning a ]
seven year old child to go with under- j
standing precision from a-b-ab to "in- (
compreheiudbility" they are the veri- ^
est gold bricks ever sold to "Reubens pe
come to towu."?Atlanta Constitution, s
Special Sale?80 to 40 Inch dress^oods (
Regular price 50c. closing price, 39o. Uji
Special Velvet Sale?for coxtd pieces Silk ,
velvets. All new winter shades worth 75o . 1
Mn^nlul nrloA fidft vd at Hflddon'fl "U
"rvv"" r-?' + ?
1 A
9999uj9999999W ;;'
istate of si'l McGowan, Dec'dNotice
of sAlement and Application
for Jinal Discharge.
PAKE NOTICE H?ton,lhe 8rd day ot Feb*
i iaaj rmai ?^a?. .
ruttry, router uuai wwuuv , ;
f my actings andv Aings as Executor of tb?
:state of Samuel ff jGowan, deceased. In tbe
fflce of J ndge ot PJ^bate for Abbeville Conn7
at 10 o'clock a. n , and on tbc^aame day : s '
'111 apply for a Una dhjdiai^efrom my trust
9 Huch Executor,
All persons bavin demands against said
utate will present uem for payment on or
eforetbataay, prown and aotbenlcated or
e forever barred. 1 1 W. H. Parker,
Jan. 2,1904. I Exeputor. ;. ?
*ea Vine Hay by\h? ton or less.
Jrab Grass Hay ty the ton or less.
lorn Stover by th< ton or less. >
Tbe above was oat before frost, bas .
bad no rain on It.
lest Timothy Ne.ll.
iweet Potatoes by ihe bnshel.
Jan. 4,1904. tf 1 t ' ^
. : ' aif
1 ' ' J ' ?|
to exchange! fob
)ld, Wom-Ont Fans.
1 ^
I have several nice Hobses in the / '
!ity of Abbeville which ilwill give in
xcbange for almost any on worn-oat
irm. If yoa have no worn-out farm
) exchange, will sell toK-ou on 50
r 100 years time, with low rate of invest.
\ . ' .
I also offer the following farming
ind for sale : L
330 acres, five miles from Due West
nd abfut 7 miles from lbbeville,
7.00 per acre. \
290 acres?$7.00 per acre. 1
400acre8?$8.00 per acre. : < .
All these lands are in <he same
eighborhood, are well improved and
ave good tenant houses, will sell
'ith small cash payment and will ?
ive long time on balance. ^
' ' v-.'/ca
i always fresh, light and palatable. '>
Ve> know bow to make it just right
ad heaviness or sourness is unknown
1 our wares. Our rolls are as good as . '
jr bread, and tempt even the moet
,ded appetite at the breakfast table,
1 is the custom for many stores to
ave clearance sales at this season.
fe have a clearance
i the yeer, and start each morning
ith a fresh new stock. We can send
>u what you require In plenty of
me for breakfast, no matter how
J. W. Breihahn,
Thomson Bro. Locals. .
Granulated sugar 18 lbs for 81.
Jo flee S 1-3,10,121-2,15 cents per lb.
Parched coffee lu, 15 and 25 cents per pound.
tlce 5 to 8 1-8 cents per lb.
J. Sugar 20 lb for 81.
tVe will sell you a good tobacco for 28 eta
r pound.
jboes tbat are Brood for 81.00, 81.25, 81.50,82.00 <
50, $8.50 and $4 00.
V good bat for 81.
;beese 31b for 50 cents and full oream at
Jet our prices on bacon and lard before 9

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