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K>.:" " \
if.'. . ' '
B^cn 11 rr
II \
t Be Quick and Save J
| MONEY! |
| We Are j
I I Trinity Street, \
^ Next Door to McDIll's Furniture Store. ^
^ 5
f | ViHIIIilM l
I 5 WILL BE! #
f 1 MARCH \
w W
p; 122 and 23j |
i * t
^ When our Stock will be most at- r
# tractively displayed. Join the "Big V
# Crowd" in their march to Our New f
# Store where Greater Bargains than r
^ ever await yon. Everything fresh, #
p. ? clean and up-to-date. ^
I I UWInn I Jinn I ... 1
| 5 Aran, Milt?! ? I
A &
1 ' 5 Our Grand Display is for your ?
S inspection. I *
If # You are especially invited. J!
\ A royal treat for every lady. %'
^ Something pretty to show you, #
j|> j And something nice for you. ?
s Remember the Days ! ?
^ , We are on the 20th Century move, and ask that W i
J you honor us with your presence. # I
A Mr. O. H. Ellis, representing H. J. Heintz Co.. ^
J pickels, sauces, etc., will be with us at our Grand ^ (
r .;. Opening. J t
4 Respectfully, V t
I l nil miui |
T nWWTYFQ!\7TT T"F always go into winter quartern, for two or
liv W Ii JL/Xio V lliliXii three months before the end of the odl year,
and for about the same time alter the beginning
of the new.
News from the Seven Hill City as Re- Modern machinery, has greatly simplified
J""" and hurried up the work 01 tne carpenters,
lated by Interesting Writer. It, In the days gone by, lor those engaged In
. ?x v.t.u imu this important rtne of business, could not get
Lownaesvllle, March 7 in, 1JU4. along without a hammer saw, square, and a
It began to look on Monday, as if we were chisel and an auger, but now the first three
on the eve of a Kerosine Oil famine. About seem to be;the only indispensable ones. With
all of our oil keepers were out of i?. and some those three almost any kind of a house can
of oar house-keepers were somewhat troubled be built, or they have beeo in useona nurnbecauseof
the scarcity of this latter day Deces- ber of places, adding conveniences, and
sary commodity, but the crisis is past and we improving those already built.
are all right. It would have taken several newsbaper
Mrs. Marie Watson, of Moseley, was In our reporters, and they with fertile Imaginations
town Monday, to have gotten up a lengthly and interesting
MlBses Annieand Pet Hawthorn of Latimer, report from this place for the wees ending,
came up Monday and were the guests of Mr. It was a very dull week, so far as happenings
E. W. Harper, for that day, have been concerned.
Mr. J. M. Huckabee. carried his son. Master Troupe.
J. B. Huckabee, to Atlanta, Tuesday, for treat- Lowndesville, S. C. March, 14. 1001, <
mwi <hir?(^0 r^niar18 Summer's ralu earlv Mr. Mac Horton, of Anderson, U. H. was in <
Wednesday morning. There was considerable our town a few days last week, on a pleasure ,
SKlSKHSl'S52l3&i,M1 tl.?ean "rS. B. A. Henry, of Ao.ier.on. S. C, i
been bat nine plowing aone, ?uu very iuu? ? <
gardening. Every day of cold weather Is In- dons, being called to nee Mr, E. W.|Harper's
creasing the chances for a good fruit crop, little child who was quite sick it is much |
' MaJ. J. G. Huckabee, was called to Abbeville better at this writing.
C. H. Saturday, on business. Sometime ago when cotton was about 10
Mrs. R. W. Barber, came back a few days cents per pound some of our planters, who beago
Irom a ten days stay, at Greenville C. H. fore that would have been glad to get that
Mrs. Tantie Huckabee, went over to Heard- price, though that, from tbe rapid rise In the 1
moot, a few days ago to take* charge of a price of tbe staple, It would go much blgber,
school at that place, held to their last year crop, and when, ,
Traffic and travel was somewhat Interfered It tumbled In price as rapidly as it had risen '
with on this tbe Anderson branch of the were not at all uneasy, and some of them have
Charleston and Western Carolina, Kali Road Bold in the past few days, at 15 1-2 c. and are
first of last week. A frleght that pulled out now easy.
from McCormick for Anderson at an early Mrs. John Hopkins, of Seneca, has been at
hour Monday morning, and soon reached the home ol her brother In law, Mr, A. V. Bartrestle
that had been weakened by a fire, give nes, for tbe past two or three days,
way after tht engine had crossed, and all of Hou. I. H. McCalla, has been quite sick for
the frieght cars went down. The conductor's the past two or three weeks. At this writing
cab and the passenger coach broke loose and he Is much Improved in health.
"were left on tbe track. Tbe down passenger Mr. Joe Hill, one of our enterprising and encould
go no further than tbe wreck Monday ergetlc young planters, is showing that farm 1
and Tuesday, and backed to Anderson those llle Is by no means a /allure, when properly J
two nights. Nobody hurt. managed. He Is up to date in supplying him- <
The Sundays ot last month, were not at all self with labor-saving machinery, that ol the '
favorable to the attendance upon church ser- greatest utility. His latest venture along this J
vices, by the good weather christians, and I line Is a corn mill, with which he grinds his '
from the start made by this month along the own grain, as well as that of a neighbor, when <
same line, it will not be an Improvement carried to him. <
upon the test. Judging from the few church Mr. D. N. Bowned of Sampit, near Gjeorge- <
: members, who are regular attendants, during town, came In Saturday and remained here '
tbe Winter, it would seem as if a large part of till today, .
the membership of some of the churchs Mr. W. F. Wright, quite an aged man, fell 1
"wou$ decide that all church work, had better out of his chair, early Saturday mofhlng and 1
/ *
L. W. W Ml
Are Now Filled to Overfl
Spring and St
In extent, variety and beauty
his present Stock exceeds
anything he has ever offered
heretofore. Dress Goods
are shown in all the latest
T7" 1 on TT'ol i on n ocj
iCXUl lUOj V UHUO5 xjvuvuuuwf
' Crape de Paris, G-ranites,
Mohairs, Batistics, and a
many others.
White Goods were never seen
in such endless variety.
All the daintiest designs
and most beautiful fabrics
in Mercerized goods are to
be found.
All the ladies of t
snfln^fuT/v invited
New Goods. B,
store f
L. W.
lied almost Instantly. His remains were WM. l?. PARKER.
ayed to rest, yeserday, In Bell's Cbap?l cem- DA"Dl/Tr,'D P
tary. Many friends were present, to pay the X AlviYlliV &
ast sad tribute. . _
- Troap" Attorneys and Gobi
? ? ?. - * /AA( KIta QA/tan?Q tat
iiiven a onnca oj rosea ui?/ icci nn.c m uuiuo uu ..n ,
The Best Cough Syrap. May 4. 1898. .tf
S. L. Apple, ex-Probate Judge, Ottawa Co.,
Cansas, writes: "Thin Is to *ay that I have
ined Ballard's Horebound Syrup for years, t ~ *f
nd tbat I do not hesitate to recommend It hh ADD8Vlii0 L0Ug8 W
he best cough syrup I have ever used." 25c,
Oc, $1.00. - Sold by 0. A. Millord.
J-'-"- at 7:80 o'clock tn 0(
brethren, and visitors sp
Jld, Worn-Oat Farms. J. R. Q
I have several nice Houses in the Anticipating the Ris(
Uity of Abbeville which I will give in Heavily?Is Selling
exchange for almost any old worn-out . n|. D . n,
arm. If you have no worn-out farm
.0 exchange, will sell to you on 50 than the Pres
>r 100 years time, with low rate of in- sale C<
I also offer the following farming " ?
^if0r9alei , n w f AtG]enD's-425bhlR. all*
330 acres, five miles from Due West or sacks, less than i
ind about 7 miles from Abbeville, AtGienn'F?zooo bu. cor
&7.00 per acre. bran and shorts.
290 acres?$7.00 per acre. At Glenn's?1.500 gal. syr
400 acres?$8.00 per acre. lo 40? Ral-by bbl*
All these lands are in the same At lb"' 8U
neighborhood, are well improved and At GleDD.g_20oo']bs. cofl
have good tenant houses. Will sell "Glenn's Fancy" 11
tvith t.mall cash payment and will At Gienn.'s-Pratt's catt
jive long time on balance. and lice killer, *ait
"n Anrr ci t TTiTT7 AtGIphd'b?Garden and
ROBT. S. LINK. Irish potatoes.
At G'enn's?1.000 lbs. in
5 pigs. to lb. 27>?c It
At Glenn's?Shoes from
clown to the best SI si
At Glenn's?Clothing. SI
cut In prices all suit
At Glenn's?Punts, men'
n* * n i i* ?1, overalls.
Iff f I AM At^nt AM At Glenn's ? Tbousandi
I j | l j | ! prices below presen
II I I %* At Glenn'e?Farm tools,
v II "l \ roIces, collars, pads, &e.
I || I \ At Glenn's?Guano, acid
I I | | . VI seed meal.
J I 1 J u 1/ u u The merchant who did n
J before tbe advances lr
offer any low prlc
position to pr
Books of registration of ^ the
voters in the City of Abbe- mj 9 xv? vJT-i
ville will be open in the olfice of the
Clerk of the City Council from Jan
uary 13th, 1904, until April 5th, 1904, ff g f|
inclusive. To entitle one to register H'AK l/
the following is requisite: J JL
1. The production of a certificate of " /II
registration from the Board or Super- * ( V
visor of Registration of the County. 1114 II vl \A
2. Residence in the city of four
month*. nave just reci
3. Paymeut of all taxes assessed par nf
against applicant for fiscal year of 1903.
james chalmers, keiltuckj
4, 1'-KI4- Itegiatrar. wMc)) ar0 on e
TO HAVE AND TO HOLD. Hill's Stable, A
To have and to hold a beautiful complexion i cu 1.1
Is desired by every woman, young or old. JJUDD S btElDlSi
Few women are blesaed with nature's most 1
leslred Kilt?a good complexion, but every MUSCLES SORE. JO
woman can Improve her complexion bv the RHEUMj
ludleiouH use of Rydiile'h Liver Tablets. These
I'abletN prevent (ho blood becoming ladened Sore Muscles or paltif
with bile which deposits In the Kkin layers, approaching attuck
musing that muddy aprearance callidaimd lion's Emulsified Oil I
complexion. They make the skin clear and the affected parts will
white, the eyes bright, the step bouvaut. soreness, and prevent rfc
rhey are pleasant to take, pleasant lu etl'ects. Emulsified Oil'Llulnieni
Fifty Chocolate Coaled Tablets in each box. blng Llnlnaent for all si
Price, '2i> cents per box. C. A. Milford. ' lameness of joints or mt
owing with the Choicest
^4^4^ r>4A C\r\r\Ao
U11111C1 VJUUWO^
Never before has there been a
finer display of Wash Fabrics,
fine Scotch Zephyrs,
Ginghams, < Percales, Madras,
Piques, Lawns, Batistes,
Muslins, etc., etc.
We cannot begin to do justice
to our Stock ofEmbrioderies
and Laces. We have
more of these than we have
ever offered before and
prices are astonishing low.
he county are reto
call and see our
argains are in
or all.
I Abbeville-Greenwo od
ism Law.
0.45, i o. o. F. ASSOCIATION.
Property Insured, $925,000
January 1st, 1904,
^on1!0?^?!!:. ?i* WRITE TO OR CALL on the nndersUr.e
eolally, are most cor ft or tQ the Director of your Townshl
for any Information yon may deilre aboq
H. G. SMITH, onr plan of Insnranoe.
Noble Grand. Welnenre your property against destrm
tlon by
T T?mT r!SE| ra ts LI5mffi|
X\| and do bo cheaper than any Insnranoe Con
?" pany In existence.
Remember wo are prepared to prove to yoi
; in Prices Bought * ingaSeknSwnr^*1 md cheftpeal piftn 0
j Many Articles
thers at Less J* BLAKE, Jr., Gen. Agent
ent Wh0,e- Abbeville, S. C.
[Abbeville, S. C.
wheat flour In barrels1 n
mill cost.
" 6? board directors.
up and molaaae., lte 8 ? ? Greenwood
s J.T. Mabry Cokesbury
m" hhl1' inniha nnrt xir n A?lror Donaldrt
w! B. Cllnkscales Due West
"ee. preen and roasted,. T. L. Haddon vl/ia
lbs nke 13c I.A.Keller . Hmlthviiie
P * . A. K. Watnon Cedar SprlDg
le, poultry powders; . .. Re)d Abbeville Tnwnshl
brick or rock salt. w* yj Braiiiey Abbeville City.
field seed, Bliss seed Dr. J. A. Auderson Antrevijle
H. A. Tennent Lowndesvllle
bacco, good tobacco- A. O. Grant.. r'aYhnnngM?nit
> bv box J- R- Tarrant. Calhoun irfills
?y . , a H. L.. Edmonds BordfjuiT
the best $3.50 shoe- ^ q yftrVey Walnut Grovo
aoe- W. C. Martin." Hodges
2 suits for $10, same- j. ?>, Coleman Corouaca
is. J.Add Calhoun .Ninety-Six
??? ?< ? <??? 250 w i ?&?>[Sr~~iiwto!Sft
, or r?rd, cioih ?t
It marke?. j H ChUeB, Jr Bradley
plows, hoes, shovels, j, \y. Lyon Troy
W. A. Cheatham Yeldell
Is, kainlt and cotton P. B. Calllson .Calllson
W. M. Outz Kirk Rev r
nait.*. Wniinn Brooks
ot use cash auil uery& *?
i the markets can't Abbeville. S C.. Jan. 18, J904
es. Glenn Is in
otect you. :
__ We are Sole Agents here for
LENN. w T # |
Wpp Vinol
IHl II I ' ')e most; ^an,0UH Liver Oil pre
III 111 11) Pa,"afi?t> known to medicine.
IllvllvV Contains ALL the medicinal eh
ments of cot! liver oil, actually takei
3ived a freafc from fresh cod's livers, but not a dro
of oil.
Delicious to the taste and recognize*
throughout the world as the greatest
xniDiuon at i:k khthk
ibbeville, and for old people, weak, sickly womei
p ,, and children, nursing mothers and al
uonalds, , ter a severe sickness.
Tnth PAjyFUJ~ furea Hacking Coughs, Chroni
vtism. * " J? Colds, Bronchitis and all Throat am
Ui joints may raMn Troubles. Utiequaled to creat
of rheumatism. El- appetite and to make those wh
.liniment, rub tied on are too thin, Cat, rosy and healthy.
leuinafism? s'mou'b il on <)ur guarantee to returi
l in a satisfaetory rub- your money if you are not satisfied.
lacles. 8' C. ^ MUford! Speed's Drug Store.
' 9
( Why Use Many Words to Tea You fhat J j
jj ' The Best . ' - p|*
t On Earth IS J
A? : ? y ?
? The .Virg'inia-Carolina t I
r * _ ? ^ * |
. ?* Chemical Co. * I
l4S -'v'-mM
. 0 j ..
' *
$Z They have the Best Facilities, use the Best Materials,. w
and maintain the highest reputation for the jf II
fj evenness and value of their Fertilizers. rijgM I
( 15he Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co. I
^ T-\ A T "KT m
? f A 1 IN X ! i| .|
| Mastic Paint?
/j\ Three Thousand Pounds of this famous bsand will be in this I
/i\ week to be added to our already large stock. A > B
? The Paint Man. '
If You Are Looking for Money Say^fB
ing in Line of I
Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Caps, J
Trunks, Valises, Etc., I
?r nirHiiuK
i Men's Suits in all styles an,d colors from $4.50 to $12,60. ;
Youths' Suits from $3.50 to $7.50.
Children's Suits, aged 4 to 16 years, from $1 and up, *
, Men's Pants equal to custom-made from $1 to $4.50. ? 'y *
Ladies $2 Shoes at $1.50. Men's $3.50 Shoes at $2.75. Men's $2.50 Shoes at $1.75 9
Men's $2 Shoes at $1.50. Men's $1.50 Shoes at $1.15. H
Men's and Boys' Negligee Shirts from 25c up to 75c. B
Don't fail to come and see our line before you buy elsewhere. M
Yours for business, \ I
(^ Caiv^^^ickles j :: I
Harness, Laprobes, etc. xi_ - - *
the system some good medicines should^,
_ be taken occassionally. The human B
I Calvert & NicklBS. strings become loose and may. be H
Feb.19M tf tightened by any of the several goodfcpflM
? ' tonics which form part of oar stock d&aH
? | ^CAN WE INTEREST YOU^ | Perhaps you have a favorite?some'^A
thing which j^>u used and found ef- V fl
I ^ 't ^ 1* fectlye. It is sure to be here and at yM
IwnTiri? ni? vwmimm
JHUliuia ur iinuxuxiuiAtvii ,.^
? x The boobs for the registration of H
. all legally qualified voters, and for the S
hege improved log-beam issuiug of transfers, ect., wiil be open.gl
P Ck A XJLT X/f IT ? O at the office of Supervisors of Registra- .'^M
A i tjon jn the Court House, between the
with the bour 9 .o'clock a. m., and 3 o'clock p
hcacock-king^varublcjeio works. m f 0- the fir8t monday of eacfi
Write "The Machinery People" for prices month, and kept open for three 8^0
mxr u v n n u? /*n /p i C69si V8 days id 6&ch moDth tin til .
W. n. UlDDtS ax CO. thirty days before the next general"-^!
Columbia, s. c. I election. HBj
engines, boilers, cotton oins. Anv person whose qualifications as H
an elector will be completed after the
closing of the Registration Books but H
before the next election shall have the |p
right to apply for and secure a regis- .--M
\/p(ypf of\fpC tration certificate at any time within vWa
sixty days immediately preceding H
the closing of the Registration Books, -.fiB
to bring good prices m JSt have upon an application under oath to the
; both size facts entitling him to such registra- H
andqual The registration of voters must be HB
, : "7- by polling precincts. There must be a Hi
Even ?ynrj?: Book of Registration for each polling Mg
! ! good soil precinct, that is for eacn township, or B|
is made parish, or city, or town of less than
, , five thousand inhabitants, or ward' of
better Dy cities or more than five thousand
, the use _/. > ^39* inhabitants. Each elector must v?te H
:: of a fer- H : iQ the polling precinct in which be
- resides. If there is more than ope H
:; tinzer
I voting place in the polling precinct, ?
ncn 111 i1 j the elector may vote at any voting
l> ; a -ri j place designated on the registration HI
I i: I J/\T gTM ^ l^| i {certificate. The Boards must designate
fl | _f\ | I lih the registration certifi ate the voti
: ? > " * * ~M. -M. . jnj^ piace ju polling precinct ait
. , which the elector is to vote. If there HB
We will send our books, giving full mfor- > jg more tfaan 0Qe voting pIace in tfce Eg
mation about the subject, to any fanner who pollin preci?ctS, the Boards sh*ll
writes for tncm. < 5 j. ,i 1 L r* A . i ,,
;: fiPDPiAN i/i 11 u/hdi^c : deslgnate 011 the certificate the voting Eg
GERrlAN KALI WORKS, i place selected by the elector. |B
II i Jicw York?US Xqhhuu Street, or ri nr AjfAnD'C ') MW
f.|; ; R O.MCADAMS, ;i |
wM, C. SHAW Sfi
" Board of Supervisors of Registration
du. s. f. Killlngsworth. Dr, c. s. Latimer ? j-?
o Killingsworlli & Latimer, DENTAL NOTICE. 'I
u dentists. Dr. S. G. Thomson, |g|
If.you want your dental done at home OFFICE CP-STAIRS ON MoILWAIN
see or write to ub\ Corner, Abbeville. S. 0. jjff
-? . Bttnl

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